Snake Pass

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Hello everyone and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough and Achievement Guide to Snake Pass! This is the first guide that I have written and this game is a lot of fun for platformers. Throughout this guide, I will break down how to get each of the 33 achievements based on an appropriate time you can get it, but that does not mean you have to follow it in the exact order I have presented. I have collected all the achievements once with my main account and again while making this guide using a separate account to verify some of the unknown questions about some of the confusing achievements (and possible bugginess of others).

The achievements are broken down like this.

  • 6 Achievements are Story Related (145 G)
  • 8 Achievements are Collectables Related (350 G)
  • 15 Achievements are Action Specific (415 G)
  • 4 Achievements are Level Specific (90 G)

The walkthrough is going to be broken down by each of the four realms within the game, starting off with Bol-Dor of the Earth Realm, moving onto Sog-Gee of the Water Realm, Cyn-Derr of the Fire Realm, and then Bloh-Wee of the Air Realm, as well as a cleanup section for things that may have been missed or require a little extra help or attention.

Each achievement will have a description explaining how to get the achievement, and each level will have a video showcasing the locations of all the wisps with a written description from certain points in the level. Some videos will also showcase a specific achievement, but not all of them will have one.

So let’s slither on into the general tips, and then into the meat of the walkthrough!

So we are going to start off with the basic controls of the game. You go through them within the first few levels, but sometimes, you forget about some of them later when it becomes important.

cn_A : Climb / Lift Head

cn_Y : Doodle Lift’s Tail / Set’s Tail Down

cn_Y on Special Pad : Doodle Carries Noodle to Other Pad

cn_X in water : Swim Down

cn_A in water : Swim Up

cn_RT : Slither

cn_LT : Grip to Surface

cn_LS : Control Noodle

cn_RS : Control Camera

cn_dpad : Make Expressions with Noodle

Each level has 3 different collectables, one of which is required for level completion, the other two for gaining achievements and unlocking a bonus post game. The Collectables are

  • 3 Keystones that go onto the End Level Gate (Yellow, Red, and Green)
  • 20 Blue Wisps
  • 5 Gatekeeper Coins

Two achievements require a bit more work and patience. The first is the Archaeologist Achievement, which is to disturb a Gatekeeper in each of the 15 Levels in the game. Each Realm has a unique Idol. Below is an image showcasing what each individual realm has their idols look like for a reference.

Image of the Four Idols seen throughout the Four Realms

The second achievement that is a bit harder to obtain is the Quetzalcoatl Achievement, which is to complete all 15 levels of the game without dying. This one will take the most time, but with patience and knowing the level, it can be done in no time.

There are also going to be two achievements that you have to do different things for. The two being Switch It Up and Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE! During the course of the walkthrough, it will refer to them as SIU and SSS respectively, as typing them out fully will take up extra time, extra reading space, and is a bit unnecessary.

Otherwise, not much to go on for tips, other than if you are going to go for a harder Wisp or Gatekeeper Coin, try to wrap yourself around the pole and keep it a tight grip while moving Noodle’s Head to point and reach out and try to retract back without losing any grip. I will have a video guide, as well as a written guide for each level, so you can pick either method of your choice when it comes down to collecting all of the Wisps and Coins.

Paradise Path

Alright, we are now making our way to the beginning of the game. Within the first four levels of the game, we should be able to gain a total of 14 achievements. We are going to start out with the first level Paradise Path.

After starting the level, we get a cutscene of a keystone going missing, and our Hummingbird friend Doodle is there to wake us up from a nap to go and restore it. Once you have full control of Noodle, pick up the first checkpoint, and then head towards the sign with the skull and crossbones. Climb over the ledge and fall to your death. Doing so will net us our first Achievement:

Can't You Read? in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 9,178 tracked gamers (53% - TA Ratio = 1.37) 17,407

This will also put us at our first progress marker for the SSS Achievement (1/4).

Seeing as we fell off the edge one time, we might as well do so another 9 times, as this will net us our second achievement of the game:

Punished Snake in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,671 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 17,407

Now, while we are at it, we might as well so some of the other simple achievements while learning the basic controls of the game. First, press up on the D-Pad 4 times and watch as Noodle makes a face. Do the same for the left, right, and down on the D-Pad. After making all 16 faces, we will gain our third achievement:

Expressionism in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,767 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.50) 17,407

We are now going to finally move on from the starting area and have Doodle teach us about how to maintain top slither speed. In order to do this, we are going to want to slither like a snake. If you go straight forward the whole time, you won’t make much progress. Now, while we are in this area, before we need to climb the wall to continue on, we will want to make several loops around and slither around the area for more than 10 seconds. When you reach an end, you can take a full U-Turn and go back in the other direction and this will keep your speed and not slow you down any. Once when you have maintained top speed for 10 seconds, we will have unlocked our next achievement:

Rocket Snake in Snake Pass
Maintain Top Slither Speed For 10 Seconds
  • Unlocked by 8,925 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.39) 17,407

We can now continue on with the rest of the level, collect the missing Keystone and place it into the monument, and complete the first level and another achievement:

Gated Progress in Snake Pass
The First Gate Is Still Broken
  • Unlocked by 16,668 tracked gamers (96% - TA Ratio = 1.02) 17,407

  • Wisp 1 - From the First Checkpoint (start of level) move forward a small amount
  • Wisp 2 - Right after Wisp 1
  • Wisp 3 - Right after Wisp 2
  • Wisp 4 - Right after Wisp 3 (on the first bridge)
  • Wisp 5 - Right after Wisp 4
  • Wisp 6 - Right after Wisp 5
  • Wisp 7 - After the drop from Wisp 6, learning to slither
  • Wisp 8 - Right after 7, learning to slither
  • Wisp 9 - Right after 8, learning to slither
  • Wisp 10 - Right after 9, learning to slither
  • Wisp 11 - Right after 10, learning to slither
  • Wisp 12 - Right after 11, climbing up the stairs
  • Wisp 13 - Right after 12, top of the stairs
  • Wisp 14 - After the Second Checkpoint, to the right on top of a horizontal pole
  • Wisp 15 - Right after Wisp 14, on top of a horizontal pole
  • Wisp 16 - Right after Wisp 15, on top of a horizontal pole
  • Wisp 17 - Right after Wisp 16, on top of a horizontal pole
  • Wisp 18 - Right after Wisp 17, on top of a horizontal pole
  • Wisp 19 - After the stairs down, it is in the patch of grass
  • Wisp 20 - Under where Wisp 15 is located
  • Coin 1 - Turn to the right at the start of the level, it is behind the tree with the poles
  • Coin 2 - To the right of Wisp 5
  • Coin 3 - Under the bridge that Wisp 4 is on
  • Coin 4 - Right under the ledge Wisp 6 is on
  • Coin 5 - From Wisp 20, go a little further to the right, it is at the end of a pole challenge

Before we move on, we are going to replay the first level two more times at the most, one time if you rock it out perfectly. Once you gain full control of Noodle, press Y to have Doodle carry the tail, and we are going to avoid the checkpoint this time round. Continue on until you are coming to the next checkpoint and pass along the left side, not hitting it, and we will have a small cutscene again. Once you have control again, press the Y button again to have Doodle pick up your tail once again and then slither on to get the Keystone. DO NOT move until the Keystone is in the inventory and we can have Doodle lift our tail once again and then head to monument. Let Doodle put the Keystone on the Monument and wait for him to lift your tail for the final time, and then move onto the platform to complete the level. If done right, we would have collected the following two achievements:

Danger Is My Middle Name in Snake Pass
Activate A Gate Without Activating Any Checkpoints
  • Unlocked by 3,082 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.37) 17,407

Need A Lift? in Snake Pass
Use Hummingbird's Tail Lift Continuously In Paradise Path
  • Unlocked by 1,130 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 3.92) 17,407

If you followed the video guide for Gated Progress, you should be at 7% completion for collecting all the Wisps and Gatekeeper Coins.

Courtyard Clamber

Now that we can finally move on from the first level, we make our way on and begin working on the next few achievements. This level introduces us to learning more details about wrapping around the poles and using them to our advantage. Before we do anything within the level though, we can work on another achievement. This one requires us to use Doodle’s Tail Lift ability 100 times. You could either boost it early on, or get it through natural progression (you will be doing this a lot throughout so grinding isn't necessary). The second achievement, we want to get to the highest point we can and leap off and land on the ground. If you want, you can do it the same way I did and try to just have Noodle’s head nick the edge of the lower wall as we fall to our death and we gained our next achievement:

Terminal Velocity in Snake Pass
Fall From A Great Height
  • Unlocked by 7,874 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.48) 17,407

Now, we move onto the main portion of the level. We are going to be working on two achievements here: one for completing a level that uses 3 Keystones and the other for placing each of the keystones into the gate without picking up another one. Progress through the main level as normal until we pick up the first of the three keystones. I would go after the green one first, and then after that we will head to the gate and place it there. After that, you can go after either the red or yellow keystone. After you collect one, return to the gate and let Doodle place it and make your way to grab the third and final keystone and let it get placed onto the gate. After completing the level, we should have gained the following two achievements:

Gate Crasher in Snake Pass
Place Three Keystones Into The Gate
  • Unlocked by 8,912 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.39) 17,407

Pedantic Progress in Snake Pass
Collect And Place Keystones On The Gate One At A Time
  • Unlocked by 2,490 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.64) 17,407

  • Wisp 1 - Right in from of you from the start
  • Wisp 2 - To the left from Wisp 1
  • Wisp 3 - Right up the wall after Wisp 2
  • Wisp 4 - Right after the ladder tutorial at the top of the ladder
  • Wisp 5 - After the ladder tutorial, down the path a bit
  • Wisp 6 - Right after Wisp 5
  • Wisp 7 - Follow the left wall to the left and it is behind a stone pillar after Wisp 6
  • Wisp 8 - After following the path, there will be 3 poles, look to the right and see a small path that you can follow
  • Wisp 9 - To the left of the Checkpoint
  • Wisp 10 - Right past the Checkpoint
  • Wisp 11 - Turn right after Wisp 10 and swim in the water
  • Wisp 12 - Climb up the ladders to the right after Wisp 10
  • Wisp 13 - Under the wall to the left after Wisp 10
  • Wisp 14 - You can see this one from Wisp 12 when looking towards the end on a pillar, you can jump to get over, or climb up the wall next to the Checkpoint
  • Wisp 15 - On the bridge going towards the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - To the right after the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 17 - Under the bridge that Wisp 15 is on
  • Wisp 18 - In back corner between Wisp 11 and Wisp 17
  • Wisp 19 - To the left of the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 20 - To the right of the yellow Keystone
  • Coin 1 - Climb up some more poles after Wisp 12
  • Coin 2 - Climb up the wall after Wisp 16
  • Coin 3 - Looking at where you started from Wisp 16, there is a pole to wrap yourself on below
  • Coin 4 - Behind the Yellow Keystone, on some Bamboo
  • Coin 5 - Past the Red Keystone, climb up some more of the poles

If we have been following the video guide for Gate Crasher, we should be at 14% for collectibles.

Gatekeeper Gardens

We are now going to be on our way to the third level of the game and work towards two more achievements. The first achievement we can get is for collecting two keystones without touching the ground. This one is a bit tricky, so make your way through the level as normal and then head to the right and wrap yourself up well enough so when you pick up the first keystone you won’t fall down and your tail doesn’t touch the ground. After that, have Doodle hold your tail and move across to the platform and get ready to make your way to the yellow Keystone. Be sure to wrap yourself very well at the start of the bamboo and then make your way over and up to reach the yellow keystone. If you have done it correctly, you should have unlocked our first achievement:

Floor Is Molten Rock in Snake Pass
Collect Two Keystones In Gatekeeper Gardens Without Touching The Floor
  • Unlocked by 867 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.47) 17,407

After that, we will continue to collect the remaining keystone and wisps.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, it is up the bamboo ahead
  • Wisp 2 - Left of Wisp 1, up the wall on the bamboo
  • Wisp 3 - Above the tunnel past Wisp 2
  • Wisp 4 - In the tunnel past Wisp 3
  • Wisp 5 - On the bamboo that leads to the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 6 - Past the Yellow Keystone on the wall
  • Wisp 7 - Look towards the beginning, you can see it up the wall
  • Wisp 8 - Just past Wisp 2, going down the other side of the wall
  • Wisp 9 - Up some Bamboo Past Wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - Up some Bamboo Past Wisp 8
  • Wisp 11 - Past Wisp 9/10 on main floor
  • Wisp 12 - Up the Bamboo past Wisp 11
  • Wisp 13 - Peak of the Bamboo past Red Keystone
  • Wisp 14 - End of the slide with Red Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - On some bamboo in the pool of water at the end of the slide, past Wisp 14
  • Wisp 16 - Down a secret tunnel at the back of the pool
  • Wisp 17 - Behind the rock the slide ends on in the pool
  • Wisp 18 - Behind a rock, left of Wisp 3
  • Wisp 19 - On the Wall going towards the Portal, right side
  • Wisp 20 - Behind the Portal
  • Coin 1 - Right of Wisp 2
  • Coin 2 - Behind the wall on the ledge next to Wisp 6
  • Coin 3 - Farther up the wall past Wisp 7
  • Coin 4 - To the right of Wisp 11 on the higher wall
  • Coin 5 - Behind the Tree climbing up Past Wisp 11 going towards Red Keystone

Once the level is complete and we collected all of the wisps and coins, we should earn the following achievement:

Snakey Wakey in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,993 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.95) 17,407

Creeping Causeway

And here it is, the end of Bol-Dor’s realm. We have made it to the final level and we are going to be making our way through the final Earth Level. As always, you can follow my video guide below in collecting the wisps, and once when you have collected all the wisps of this level and all previous Earth Realm Level, you can complete the level by placing the three keystones onto the gate and will earn yourself two achievements:

Snakes On A Plain in Snake Pass
Receive A Gift From Bol-Dor, Earth Gatekeeper
  • Unlocked by 3,320 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 17,407

Rocky beginnings in Snake Pass
Collect All Of Earth's Wisps
  • Unlocked by 1,407 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.51) 17,407

  • Wisp 1 - Up the set of stairs, over the first hurdle
  • Wisp 2 - Past Wisp 1, over the second hurdle
  • Wisp 3 - Past Wisp 2, over the third hurdle
  • Wisp 4 - Past Wisp 3, up the wall you climb, over the edge
  • Wisp 5 - Under the bridge before Green Keystone
  • Wisp 6 - Past checkpoint, under the steps in the back
  • Wisp 7 - Up the first part of stairs, it is under the steps again
  • Wisp 8 - Top of Stairs, left of second checkpoint
  • Wisp 9 - On the Playground past Wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - On the Playground past Wisp 8
  • Wisp 11 - Under the bridge by the Playground
  • Wisp 12 - On the bamboo on the way back up from the Playground
  • Wisp 13 - On the bamboo, past the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 14 - Just past Wisp 13
  • Wisp 15 - Climb up the wall after Wisp 13 and Wisp 14
  • Wisp 16 - Past Wisp 15, above Wisp 13 and Wisp 14
  • Wisp 17 - On the Second Playground with the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 18 - On the Second Playground with the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 19 - Left side of Final Island
  • Wisp 20 - Right side of Final Island
  • Coin 1 - Just a little past Wisp 4
  • Coin 2 - Other side of floor form Wisp 7
  • Coin 3 - On the Playground past Wisp 8
  • Coin 4 - On a pillar looking towards the end of the level from Wisp 15
  • Coin 5 - Back of Final Island, in a small tunnel through the vines

If we have been following the guide, we should have unlocked 14 Achievements worth a total of 260 Gamerscore for completing the first 4 levels. With that done and out of the way, we make our way to the next realm, Sog-Gee’s Realm of Water.


Here we go, we are moving onto the second realm now, and unlike the previous realm, only a few achievements will be gained here. We have 5 achievements we are going to be working on, as well as make some more progress for 2 other achievements.

Starting off with our first level, we introduce ourselves to the fact that yes indeed, we can swim. Controls are the same and the only difference now is we can swim up and down, but the speed is going to be the same, so be sure that you continue to slither back and forth, otherwise you will go as fast as a snail.

We are going to make our way through the water into the underwater channel and find a switch up some stairs. Climb up and wrap yourself around it and this will give us progress towards our SIU achievement (1/5).

Let’s move on with the Green Keystone and continue until we find the giant marble on a holder. From here, you want to push down just right so it can go down the hill and go into the hole. If done right with only one push, you should unlock the following achievement, as well as made more progress towards the SIU achievement (2/5).

Hole In One in Snake Pass
Get A Hole In One On Crooked Canal
  • Unlocked by 1,329 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 17,407

Now, we will continue on and climb up the poles, swim under the rock formation, and climb up the same rock formation to find a lever. Once when you flip the switch, another formation will rise up, and we will have made more progress towards the SIU achievement (3/5).

Now, we can finish up the level after collecting the rest of the Keystones and move onto the next level.

  • Wisp 1 - On top of the Stone right in front of you at the start
  • Wisp 2 - Underwater right by Wisp 1
  • Wisp 3 - Underwater following the main path into the room
  • Wisp 4 - Turn left from Wisp 3 and stay underwater
  • Wisp 5 - Climb up from Wisp 4 heading towards the switch
  • Wisp 6 - After opening the door with the switch, under the green keystone
  • Wisp 7 - Just a litter farther past Wisp 6 underwater
  • Wisp 8 - After getting out of the water, it is on the wall past the checkpoint
  • Wisp 9 - Climb the bamboo by the checkpoint and wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - In the Stream after climbing the bamboo
  • Wisp 11 - After Wisp 10 in the stream
  • Wisp 12 - Before Wisp 11 and after Wisp 10 out of the water stream to the left
  • Wisp 13 - On top of the bamboo after the checkpoint and before the ball
  • Wisp 14 - After the ball gets into the pocket, it is on the left path
  • Wisp 15 - From the next checkpoint, turn left and go underwater
  • Wisp 16 - While climbing up to the lever to open the next gate
  • Wisp 17 - From the checkpoint, go across the water and turn left, it's on the wall
  • Wisp 18 - Under the water drum by the gate opened by the lever
  • Wisp 19 - Underwater past the open gate
  • Wisp 20 - Climb up the bamboo to get the Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 1 - Right behind the start
  • Coin 2 - Before climbing the path for Wisp 5, through any of the holes in the wall
  • Coin 3 - Underneath Wisp 13, down the bamboo
  • Coin 4 - Past Wisp 14, Climb down the bamboo
  • Coin 5 -Under the bridge before the end


Now, we can work on what is another difficult achievement. I would recommend doing this in a second run through of the level. So first, we will play through the level as normal to get a hang of how the levels are working really well and what parts we might struggle on. As always, collect all of the wisps and coins as I do and that will help us towards our 100% achievement, but also, right at the beginning, if you fall of the Bamboo and die on there, that will advance more progress towards the SSS achievement (2/3).

Just take your time throughout the whole level as there are a few trickier parts than have been seen in previous levels as well as some long, time consuming bits. Once you take the slides down to the lake, you will have to pull yourself up with the Bamboo as always and turn the switch so that it creates our path to cross to the ending portions, as well as add more progress towards the SIU achievement (4/5).

  • Wisp 1 - Underwater at the back of the first pool
  • Wisp 2 - Next to the checkpoint on top of some bamboo
  • Wisp 3 - Follow the path down the hill after the Green Keystone and it is on some bamboo, but you can just drop onto it
  • Wisp 4 - Underwater in the pool you just dropped into
  • Wisp 5 - Across the broken bridge
  • Wisp 6 - Behind a pillar swimming underwater after the broken bridge
  • Wisp 7 - Swim up from 6 and to the left, there is a bamboo pole to keep you safe
  • Wisp 8 - In a small tunnel toy underwater after the broken bridge
  • Wisp 9 - In the hole by Wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - In the middle of the ball puzzle on the stone pillar
  • Wisp 11 - On the Bamboo Cage before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - On the Bamboo Cage before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 13 - On the Bamboo Cage before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 14 - Under the first slide after the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Slide down the second slide, it is underwater in front of you
  • Wisp 16 -On some bamboo in the large pool
  • Wisp 17 - Under a ledge at the far end of the large pool
  • Wisp 18 - Follow the bamboo up making your way towards the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 19 - Follow the path all the way to the back before the shifting stones, it is on the wall lower down
  • Wisp 20 - On the bamboo over the spikes before the Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 1 - In the first pool on top of the third stone block
  • Coin 2 - Next to Wisp 4, there is a tunnel, swim up and pick it up
  • Coin 3 - After solving the ball puzzle, climb up the bamboo to the checkpoint, you can see the coin on the bridge
  • Coin 4 - Across the bridge on top of the stone right before the checkpoint
  • Coin 5 - Under the bridge in the water before the final spot

Once when you complete the level, we will want to go back in and work towards the No Diving Achievement. This one is a bit of a challenge as you cannot have any part of Noodle touch the water. I have created a decent guide of how to complete it the best way that I have, and I would recommend checking out the Solution Guide on the site for it as well to read what others have done as an alternate to my path with a little less risk, as well as other tips. If you are able to conquer this crazy task, you will net yourself the No Diving achievement, and quite a bit of bragging rights and glory along the way:

No Diving in Snake Pass
No Diving205 (30)
Complete Lazy Lagoon Without Touching The Water
  • Unlocked by 374 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.82) 17,407


This level does not have any achievements tagged with it, but it does have a few things to note. You have your starting point, and you will follow a main path that goes through the keystones. The main challenges that are going to be with this is opening both gates, one for the wisp and coin, and the other to get to the other keystone, as well as the lift back to the main pool. You will need to take the lift back, unless you don’t want to collect all of the wisps the first time round. Otherwise you can backtrack into the water and swim up to be safe. My main tip for taking the lift back would be to be patient and don’t rush into the spot. As you can see when I do it, I missed the first one and took my time to line myself up for the second attempt to wrap myself around well enough so that I don’t accidentally fall off the lift and have to go back to the checkpoint.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, right under the bridge
  • Wisp 2 - From Wisp 1, got to the right and swim to the bottom the water under another bridge
  • Wisp 3 - On the rotating Bamboo to go up towards the first Checkpoint
  • Wisp 4 - Right after Wisp 3 on a different rotating Bamboo
  • Wisp 5 - Past the first checkpoint over some spikes with the rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 6 - After the spikes, climb up the wall and take a left, it is at the end of the path
  • Wisp 7 - To the left of Wisp 1 under a grate of bamboo in the water
  • Wisp 8 - From the Ending platform, across the bridge's gap
  • Wisp 9 - Past Wisp 8 in the lake
  • Wisp 10 - Above Wisp 9 on the Bamboo
  • Wisp 11 - Climbing up bamboo to get to the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - Open the secret tunnel an it is across a bamboo bridge
  • Wisp 13 - From Checkpoint after Red Wisp, cross the bridge
  • Wisp 14 - Past Wisp 13, up some bamboo towards a lever
  • Wisp 15 - After the lever, follow the bridge out to get to the wisp
  • Wisp 16 - After opening the underwater door, it is right there
  • Wisp 17 - Swim up from Wisp 16 and turn left
  • Wisp 18 - At the end of the tunnel system
  • Wisp 19 - Up some bamboo heading towards the Yellow keystone
  • Wisp 20 - At the end of the launcher to get back to the main land over spikes
  • Coin 1 - From Wisp 2, follow the path to find a small hole in the wall, swim in and the coin is there
  • Coin 2 - In the lake past the Green Keystone, under a ledge
  • Coin 3 - Just past Wisp 12, end of Secret Path
  • Coin 4 - In the same tunnel system as Wisp 16/17
  • Coin 5 - Underneath Wisp 14, by a water drum


This level is a straight forward level. You start out next to the ending gate, and you will follow the main path all the way around and loop back to where we started. The first part is climbing up some bamboo to get across the path while letting your tail pick up the wisp down below. Beyond this point, there are a lot of moving parts and you just have to take your time and make sure you are wrapped up. A lot of the errors on this level will come from trying to rush through some of the moving bamboo bits, but if you wrap yourself around it at least once, maybe twice, you should be good and be able to cross through no problem. Once you have collected all of the Keystones, you can drop right back at the start, let Doodle place them in and watch a cut scene of Sog-Gee giving you their relic.

If we did everything correctly and stuck to the paths I showed to collect all of the wisps, we would have collected our final two achievements in this realm:

Blowing Bubbles in Snake Pass
Receive A Gift From Sog-Gee, Water Gatekeeper
  • Unlocked by 1,309 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.64) 17,407

Wet Wisp Wonderland in Snake Pass
Collect All Of Water's Wisps
  • Unlocked by 791 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.69) 17,407

With all of that completed now, we should have also completed our second collectible achievement, as we should now be at 54% if we have collected all wisps and coins.

Halfway Hero in Snake Pass
Halfway Hero134 (30)
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 877 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.46) 17,407

  • Wisp 1 - Behind the tree to your left at the start
  • Wisp 2 - Behind where the keystones get placed
  • Wisp 3 - Climb up the bamboo in the small pond
  • Wisp 4 - Just past Wisp 3 under the single bamboo pole
  • Wisp 5 - To the right of the first checkpoint behind a wall
  • Wisp 6 - Across the bridge past the first checkpoint
  • Wisp 7 - After the bridge, up some bamboo
  • Wisp 8 - After the Green Keystone, on the rotating bridge to the next area
  • Wisp 9 - In the pond next to the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 10 - In a tunnel behind the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 11 - On the Rotating bamboo after the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 12 - After the bridge, go down and under the four bamboo poles and to the left
  • Wisp 13 - Climb back up and go up the extra wall in front
  • Wisp 14 - Turn around from Wisp 13 and you will see it from where we got Wisp 12
  • Wisp 15 - Up some bamboo by the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - Next to the third checkpoint
  • Wisp 17 - Past the third checkpoint on the four point rotating bamboo piece
  • Wisp 18 - After the Yellow Keystone, right under where you drop
  • Wisp 19 - Where you need to push the boulder into position
  • Wisp 20 - Small tunnel after opening the door, don't drop down, as it is above slightly
  • Coin 1 - Past Wisp 9, in a small tunnel on the water surface
  • Coin 2 - Under Wisp 11
  • Coin 3 - In a secret tunnel under the rising stairs to the left
  • Coin 4 - Above Wisp 12 on the bamboo (have to cross over to get on top and then cross back)
  • Coin 5 - After fourth checkpoint, turn back around follow the path to the left

Now that we have completed Sog-Gee’s water realm, we are going to make our way towards Cyn-Derr’s realm, which the main theme here will be fire.


This is the first level in Cyn-Derr’s realm, and as you will see, we are going to be working with a lot of hot coals and fire. Right at the start, there are three fire torches, two in front of you and one behind. Choose one of them and sit on top of it. This will kill you, and will get you progress towards SSS (3/4).

Like most levels, this is a branched path level where the end is in the middle and you collect the Keystones on three separate paths. As you get to the start of the level, collect the first wisp and activate the lever so that it opens up the bamboo to climb up (as well as opening the coal pit). If you die in the coal pit, this will count towards your progress towards SSS (4/4) and should be the final death required for it:

Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE! in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,174 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.84) 17,407

There are a few tricky parts to this level, but if you are trying to do this without any deaths, try to keep your focus on only getting the Keystones from now on, as trying to collect everything and do it in a no death run now creates a larger difficulty than what you really want to deal with. Other than a couple of my videos, I struggled a lot to get the perfect no death run, collecting all the wisps and coins - so my advice would be to either focus on collecting and accepting that you may die and then do a no death run or go for the no death run first and then collecting. My best choice would be the first so you can learn the level and get familiar with what parts can be skipped.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, it is right behind down on the platform
  • Wisp 2 - In front of where you start
  • Wisp 3 - Past Wisp 2 after you put the bridge out
  • Wisp 4 - To the right after the bridge, don't open the pit, or you will have a hard time reaching it
  • Wisp 5 - Down behind the tree with bamboo
  • Wisp 6 - Past Wisp 5 in the large room
  • Wisp 7 - Right under the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 8 - On the Bamboo by the large tree when backtracking to the main island
  • Wisp 9 - Same as Wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - On the Bamboo by the lever to lower a bridge
  • Wisp 11 - On the Bamboo over the open void after the lowered bridge
  • Wisp 12 - Underneath Wisp 11
  • Wisp 13 - Down low on some bamboo by the large open lava section with the controlled rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 14 - On the rotating bamboo right before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Right past the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - Before crossing over the new bridge, go past it and turn right
  • Wisp 17 - Farther up the bamboo above Wisp 16
  • Wisp 18 - Cross the bridge and it is in the center of the island
  • Wisp 19 - Cross the Bamboo bridge, it is right underneath it a bit
  • Wisp 20 - On the bamboo right next to the ending platform
  • Coin 1 - On the rotating bamboo by the Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 2 - To the right of the checkpoint after Wisp 11/12
  • Coin 3 - Past the checkpoint on top of the Idol, use the bamboo on the backside to climb up
  • Coin 4 - Climb up the bamboo behind Wisp 18
  • Coin 5 - Climb over the large rock between the Green Keystone and tree to find some bamboo and the coin


This level has a lot of tricky parts to it. As you start in one branch, make your way to the center and then you can go to either of the other two branches. But that is not where it’s bad, it is the constant fear of getting stuck or rushing too much that you actually land on the coals or fall into the void. For the video that is below, this is the first level I gave up on trying to do a perfect run of (or at least collecting everything without dying). So with that in mind, the levels are starting to pick up in difficulty and it does take a lot more precision and patience to completely collect everything.

If you are going for my recommended route of doing it in a couple of different runs, just be sure you are hitting every checkpoint you can even if you just collected one wisp. Go and hit the last one again. It makes a huge difference and you don’t have to collect that one again. But as I go for the Yellow Keystone, take that climb up the wall rather than the rolling bamboo as it is safer. You won’t waste a whole lot of time attempting to stay on and fail. The only time I went for the rolling bit was for the wisps.

With that being said, the Coins and Wisps are not hidden too much. They are mostly in plain sight with the exception of one in a secret room, but the only way to not see it is if you aren't looking when you are climbing over it.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, it is under the wall above the lave to the right
  • Wisp 2 - Climb up the bamboo and it is over some lava by a large tree
  • Wisp 3 - After getting across, it is in a small lava open pod
  • Wisp 4 - Down the snake slide before the checkpoint
  • Wisp 5 - Past the checkpoint on the rotating platform
  • Wisp 6 - On the rotating bamboo with the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 7 - After the next checkpoint, it is on the bamboo steps going up
  • Wisp 8 - Under Where Wisp 7 is, there is a small cave, right by a lever
  • Wisp 9 - After climbing out from Wisp 8, there is a back area behind the checkpoint
  • Wisp 10 - Over some rotating bamboo, before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 11 - Over some rotating bamboo, past the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - Past the Checkpoint and Wisp 11, down a bit lower
  • Wisp 13 - Activate the lever to cross over to reach this wisp
  • Wisp 14 - After climbing up, you can see it on the edge of the map
  • Wisp 15 - On the stone path towards the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - Behind the Yellow Keystone, climb down
  • Wisp 17 - Just path Wisp 16, on some bamboo
  • Wisp 18 - Above the Yellow Keystone on rotating platform
  • Wisp 19 - On the right side of the rotating wheel bamboo
  • Wisp 20 - On the left side of the rotating wheel bamboo
  • Coin 1 - Turn left from the checkpoint and it is on a crossed bamboo over lava
  • Coin 2 - Same area as Wisp 8
  • Coin 3 - On the same Island as the Red Keystone, use the bamboo to climb under
  • Coin 4 - Climb up from Wisp 13 on the bamboo after crossing the lava
  • Coin 5 - Underneath Wisp 15, on the stone path


This level has quite a few different paths to take but they all link up in the end. This results in a sort of clover leaf shape. With that in mind, I recommend doing either the right path or the left path first. Going forward instead would require you to do some backtracking to take the previous paths. Not that the backtracking is hard, but backtracking would waste a few minutes of time swimming very slowly or risking getting caught on something else by mistake.

The hardest part of the level is going to be at the end where you have to get a ball to roll down a path to raise up a pillar to grab the last Keystone. Sounds simple, but it does take a little bit of setting up to do, all of which has to be done very carefully. The first part is hanging over some hot rocks where you have to turn a switch. For this, you will want to wrap yourself above for the prep, and then again slowly wind yourself around the turn dial so that it shifts the way the path is looking. The second part is to push a lever from one side to the other. Sounds simple again, but when the lever is in the middle of some hot rocks, it makes it bit of a challenge. Wrap yourself up with the poles, starting with one closest to the lever, and hold on tight and push it as far as you can. Then switch to the other pole and finish off pushing the lever. Take your time here, this is a challenge and could be the end of a No Death run if that is what you are going for. This will allow you to use the final switch to release the ball and it will follow the path and go into position. If the ball doesn't go into position, just push it into its place.

  • Wisp 1 - Going to the right of the large pit, it is on top of the first rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 2 - After Wisp 1, on the second rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 3 - After Wisp 2, hanging at the bottom of the bamboo before the platform, over some lava
  • Wisp 4 - After the checkpoint, climb up the bamboo and it is on the grass platform
  • Wisp 5 - After the checkpoint, climb up the bamboo and it is over the lava pit
  • Wisp 6 - Go up the platform that raises and lowers, on top of the bamboo, before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 7 - Down some bamboo to the left of the Red Keystone, before you cross back to the center Island
  • Wisp 8 - After the Red Keystone, as you cross back to the center Island
  • Wisp 9 - From the Checkpoint, drop down
  • Wisp 10 - Swim into the big pool to the right
  • Wisp 11 - Go through the bamboo underwater, left of Wisp 10
  • Wisp 12 - Over rotating Bamboo to the left of the large pit
  • Wisp 13 - To the right after Wisp 12
  • Wisp 14 - Climb up the Bamboo stairs that retract, by Green Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Go back to the checkpoint, it is behind the tree
  • Wisp 16 - To the left of Wisp 12, behind an Idol
  • Wisp 17 - Back at the checkpoint to the Bamboo launcher, left side when up in the air
  • Wisp 18 - Below bamboo to climb up main wall
  • Wisp 19 - Where the ball drops, climb up the wall to grab before switching which way it drops over the lava
  • Wisp 20 - In the middle of the center tower, can grab after Wisp 18 or Wisp 9
  • Coin 1 - Go forward from the start, it is in the large open pit
  • Coin 2 - Under the stairs under Wisp 9
  • Coin 3 - Cross over some rotating bamboo and stone, it is on the far side of the open pit, next to Wisp 14
  • Coin 4 - In an open pit in the final area, have to get it before activating any switches
  • Coin 5 - Right Above Wisp 20


And here we are, the final level of the Fire Realm. There are quite a few different parts here and each of them take what you have learned so far and implements them very nicely. The first keystone is right at the beginning if you go straight/right, and all you have to do is scale the structure. Be careful though as some of the walls move. Once you get to the top, you will flip the switch and then can drop down safely to grab the first Keystone.

The second Keystone is going to be on top of some towers. You have to turn the towers in a way so that you can cross over the bridges. Sounds easy (and you would be correct) as it only takes a few turns to get it to be done correct. Each of the turns though changes two of the towers. Therefore you have to watch and make sure that you don't turn one that you didn't want to turn.

The third keystone is going to be on the Windmill. To get up there, you have to activate a turn wheel that is just the perfect size for our friend Noodle, and as a result, we will finish off SIU (5/5) achievement. We will then climb up the windmill to grab the final Keystone:

Switch It Up in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 975 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.22) 17,407

After collecting all of the Keystones, we can make our way back towards the beginning where we collected the first Keystone and put them into the monument where we can finally wrap up Cyn-Derr's worlds:

Hot Potatoes in Snake Pass
Hot Potatoes152 (30)
Collect All Of Fire's Wisps
  • Unlocked by 676 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.06) 17,407

If we followed all of the videos correctly, we will also have collected every Wisp and Coin in the levels. We will also gain the Hot Topic Achievement:

Hot Topic in Snake Pass
Hot Topic127 (30)
Receive A Gift From Cyn-Derr, Fire Gatekeeper
  • Unlocked by 966 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.24) 17,407

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, climb up the stairs, it is at the top of a small piece of bamboo
  • Wisp 2 - After the first checkpoint, climb up the narrow stairs and wall all the way to the top of the structure
  • Wisp 3 - Next to the lever to drop the stone
  • Wisp 4 - Down some stairs to head back down to the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 5 - Over the lava pit that was just cleared out for the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 6 - To the left after the cleared path after the Green Keystone, under a small tunnel
  • Wisp 7 - Behind the first checkpoint
  • Wisp 8 - On the outside of the big lake after a large drop, or across the bridge and smaller drop
  • Wisp 9 - Just Past Wisp 8 on land
  • Wisp 10 - Underwater on the opposite side of the structures that Wisp 8/9 lie
  • Wisp 11 - Above Wisp 10 on some bamboo
  • Wisp 12 - Underneath the second turn switch
  • Wisp 13 - Up the stairs before the turn switches
  • Wisp 14 - Before the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Drop down from Coin 3, or slither back to the main rotating towers to the farthest tower
  • Wisp 16 - Climb the bridge and cross over the gap
  • Wisp 17 - At the Windmill Checkpoint, in the center of the windmill
  • Wisp 18 - Under the raising platforms from the Switch it Up Achievement
  • Wisp 19 - Cross over the bridge and it is on the right side
  • Wisp 20 - Go to the final checkpoint by the tower and look back towards the Windmill
  • Coin 1 - Cross a thin path to the right after the cleared path by Green Keystone
  • Coin 2 - Behind some vines on the same side of the structure as Wisp 10
  • Coin 3 - Past the Yellow Keystone, 2 towers over
  • Coin 4 - At the checkpoint, use the switch to ride up to the top (takes 2 trips)
  • Coin 5 - On the Windmill, on the far side from where you get on, on a small ledge with a bamboo to grab onto

Now that we have completed Cyn-Derr's fire realm, we are going to make our way towards Bloh-wee’s realm, with the theme of air.


Alright, here we are. We have made it to the final realm of the game. The only difference here is that instead of four levels, we only have three. The difficulty however has increased by a large margin. With that being said, we will go into our first level here and will be introduced to Doodle's newest ability. With that, you can go up to the bridge and he will carry you across the air stream safely to the other side. Once you have done this for the first time, you will unlock the Snake Wrangler Achievement:

Snake Wrangler in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 944 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.29) 17,407

The remainder of the level can be a bit on the tricky side now. A lot of the wisps are going to be hanging over open areas and it is pretty easy to fall off. But from here on out, it is all about taking your time and moving slow enough to not panic and fall off the edge to have to redo a spot. Be sure to hit the checkpoints frequently as it will save your progress at the time of hitting it (including everything you had collected). There are going to be a lot of wind tunnels that will blow you away, but if you wrap yourself up in a safe position and take your time, you shouldn't have any problems.

  • Wisp 1 - On the other side of the bridge after Doodles ability
  • Wisp 2 - Take the left path and Doodles carries you through it
  • Wisp 3 - Behind the big tree
  • Wisp 4 - Just past the checkpoint by the big tree
  • Wisp 5 - Just past Wisp 4
  • Wisp 6 - A little past Wisp 5, right before a checkpoint
  • Wisp 7 - Over the spike pit with the bamboo
  • Wisp 8 - On the ledge by the large spike ledge
  • Wisp 9 - Over a small gap right before the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 10 - Behind a stone with an arrow pointing up after the Green keystone
  • Wisp 11 - On top of a stone block after going up after the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - On the Windmill bottom layer
  • Wisp 13 - On the Windmill top layer
  • Wisp 14 - Down the bamboo that brings you back to the ending platform
  • Wisp 15 - Have Doodles carry you back over to the upper island
  • Wisp 16 - Climb the bamboo in the wind tunnel
  • Wisp 17 - Opposite side of the wind tunnel
  • Wisp 18 - Across the narrow path with a wind tunnel
  • Wisp 19 - Across the bamboo playground before the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 20 - By the windmill after the Green Keystone, to the right, hanging over the void
  • Coin 1 - Behind the big tree by Wisp 3, but down some bamboo
  • Coin 2 - Climb up the windmill and it is on a pillar to the left
  • Coin 3 - Climb up the windmill and it is on a pillar by the Pink Keystone
  • Coin 4 - After opening the secret door, slither down into it and it is on the left side
  • Coin 5 - On top of the Wind Tunnel, same bamboo to climb as Wisp 16


This level has three paths - each with its own keystone. I would recommend going in a clockwise fashion to do this so go to the left first, then center, and finally the right. Each time you complete a path, Noodles will drop you right into the pond right at the center of the paths. There is no backtracking required luckily. Again, this one is time consuming, as it will take some time for moving parts to line up the correct way you want them to and you have to also watch out for the wind tunnels. You will find some wisps in hard to reach spots, but just take your time when going for them. If it seems to be a doomed attempt, don't quit out, just take the death as you can always come back to do the deathless run later.

In my opinion, the center path is the most difficult of the three, but that is because of the difficulty to get all of the wisps and coins. The path itself is straight forward and does have many chances to prepare for what is coming up next. Once you have collected all of the keystones, you will go back to the center pond where a new path has been opened that will allow you to go to the end. Once you get there, we will now have only one level remaining.

  • Wisp 1 - In the main pool after you drop down in the start
  • Wisp 2 - Take the left path, wrap yourself on the center of the dropping pillars, it is down low
  • Wisp 3 - After climbing up a bit, take a right into the open area
  • Wisp 4 - Cross the rotating bridge before the checkpoint
  • Wisp 5 - Cross the rotating bridge after the checkpoint
  • Wisp 6 - Climb up to the lever, it is above on the right of the bamboo
  • Wisp 7 - Just past the Green Keystone before going back to the pool
  • Wisp 8 - At the start of the middle path, over some bamboo and a wind tunnel
  • Wisp 9 - Over the rotating T pillars, hanging over some spikes
  • Wisp 10 - To the right of the checkpoint, hanging over the ledge
  • Wisp 11 - After the checkpoint, go up and it is to the opposite side over the void
  • Wisp 12 - After crossing over to the rotating pillar, it is beneath the poles
  • Wisp 13 - Same spot of Wisp 12, just a bit farther
  • Wisp 14 - Just past the Red Keystone, on the next rotating pillar
  • Wisp 15 - Taking the right path, it is on the main path
  • Wisp 16 - After doing through the bamboo, on left before the checkpoint
  • Wisp 17 - Cross over the bamboo past the checkpoint
  • Wisp 18 - Ride the rotating bamboo portion up, it is on the side connecting to 2 rotating portions
  • Wisp 19 - Get off the first rotating area and it is up top
  • Wisp 20 - Right before Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 1 - On the middle path, it is on a small path past the wind tunnel
  • Coin 2 - Past the checkpoint with the bamboo that pushes and pulls through a spike pit
  • Coin 3 - Just past Wisp 17, on the ledge in the back
  • Coin 4 - Similar to Wisp 19, but climb up the second shifting rotating platform
  • Coin 5 - On the left path, just past Wisp 2 and the checkpoint, there are some bamboo that goes down, it is underneath that wind tunnel that blows towards Wisp 2


This is it, the final level. Everything that we have learned up to this point is going to be put to the test. If you didn't learn patience, then this might be a real struggle for you. This level is very linear but does have a few side paths. These side paths don't stray too far away though. The only problem with the paths are that they may be easy to get to for the wisp or coin. The path back is actually the hard part frequently for these.

You will be using every skill that you learned - including those from Noddles holding up your tail for a bit of extra support and Noodles carrying you across the way. If you haven't learned, you can drop yourself early from the flight. That is how you are able to get one wisp. The best way to deal with the wind tunnels is to be on the close side of the pillars and to wrap yourself around at least once.

Once when we get through all the challenges and problems, our journey has come to an end. Bloh-Wee will give us his gift, and we can finally go home. If we have collected all of the wisps across the three levels, we will also gain the achievement for that:

Easy Breezy in Snake Pass
Easy Breezy137 (30)
Receive A Gift From Bloh-Wee, Air Gatekeeper
  • Unlocked by 839 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.55) 17,407

Breezy Bonus in Snake Pass
Breezy Bonus159 (30)
Collect All Of Air's Wisps
  • Unlocked by 615 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.31) 17,407

  • Wisp 1 - At the start, behind the tree on the right
  • Wisp 2 - Across the stone path with the open wind pushing you off
  • Wisp 3 - On the patch of grass before Doodles carries you over to the first checkpoint
  • Wisp 4 - On the rotating bamboo, it is hanging out of the second position
  • Wisp 5 - On the next set of rotating bamboo, it is on the bottom of the second one
  • Wisp 6 - After the next checkpoint, instead of going right to the Green Keystone, it is on the left
  • Wisp 7 - To the right of the checkpoint, right underneath the bridge
  • Wisp 8 - Across the large gap over some spikes and the open wind tunnel
  • Wisp 9 - After Wisp 8, slither to the bamboo and wrap yourself around when the tunnels are closed
  • Wisp 10 - After Wisp 9, climb on top of the structure and head towards the center where a Gate Keeper is also
  • Wisp 11 - Continue the main path, past a checkpoint over a Wind Void area, hang on tight to the bamboo
  • Wisp 12 - On the next set of bamboo poles and wind tunnel section, across from the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 13 - Past the next checkpoint, it is on top of some moving bamboo, wrap yourself up and be ready to reach when it stops moving
  • Wisp 14 - Past the checkpoint up top, wrap yourself up when the stone blocks the wind and travel across
  • Wisp 15 - After that go back and wrap up on the other side of the stone block and travel back to grab this one
  • Wisp 16 - From this checkpoint, it is hidden behind a pillar on the far side across the wind stream
  • Wisp 17 - Wrap up on the bamboo and cross to the island, it is under the bamboo, so wrap around it once
  • Wisp 18 - Climb up the bamboo, it is on top of the highest part
  • Wisp 19 - Keep climbing up the structure from Wisp 18, it is on top of the rock
  • Wisp 20 - After collecting the Yellow Keystone, , it is in the tunnel next to the final checkpoint
  • Coin 1 - After the Green Wisp, have Doodles drop you half way through the takeoff point onto the island
  • Coin 2 - After Wisp 8, take a left and crawl down the rocks to behind the wind tunnel
  • Coin 3 - Same area as Wisp 13, there are the multiple moving parts, wrap yourself up them good, as you will have to time everything correctly to not fall off when going for the lower bamboo path. I recommend going back to the checkpoint after this one
  • Coin 4 - Same area as Wisp 13, it is on top of a previous portion of the map (Wisp 4). I recommend going back to the checkpoint after this one
  • Coin 5 - Right before the end when the wind pushes you up, let it take you all the way up, don't get off at the end platform, it is on the right side

All that is left, especially if you had a hard time finding some collectibles like I did, is to collect the rest and clean up any other achievements that we are missing. These achievements are based on using certain abilities a number of times or collecting objects - so let the clean-up commence!

There we go, we have beaten the game and have done everything, or so we think. There are still some achievements we are missing (possibly) and here is where we will break down each of them and the best way to get them.

For the first two here, if you haven't gotten the Do You Even Lift Bro and Short Haul Flight, the best place to do these two achievements is within the same level, Breezy Bluff. This is great, as you can have Doodle just lift our tail over and over again until we gain the first achievement. You should gain it after he has lifted it for the 100th time. The second one, you can go to the air stream bridge and have him bring you back and forth. Again, after the 50th time, the second achievement will pop:

Do You Even Lift, Bro? in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,131 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 3.92) 17,407

Short Haul Flight in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 619 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.29) 17,407

Now, we are onto the final of the collectibles. If you are like me and missed a coin along the way, now is the perfect chance to clean up the final achievements that go with that. Once every level is beat, you gain the ability to use Snake Vision, which allows you to see where missing Coins and Wisps are within a level. To activate it, you press cn_RSc while you are not moving, and you can see it all. Once you move however, you go back to normal vision. So once you find that mystery coin or wisp that has been haunting you, you now have gained three more achievements!

Snake Eyes in Snake Pass
Snake Eyes425 (90)
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 779 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.72) 17,407

Totally Minted in Snake Pass
Collect All Of The Gatekeeper Coins
  • Unlocked by 595 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 5.40) 17,407

Total Snakeage in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 589 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 5.43) 17,407

And here they are, the real challenges. The first one is not as bad, but it is time consuming a bit. You have to go through each level and disturb the Gate Keeper. Sounds simple, but sometimes, they are hard to find. But with the video guide below, you should have no problems getting all of them.

  • Gate Keeper 1 - Paradise Path: From the start, follow the path until after you cross the bridge and drop down, it is to your right
  • Gate Keeper 2 - Courtyard Clamor: After going up the bamboo and going forward, instead of turning right, keep going forward
  • Gate Keeper 3 - Gatekeeper Gardens: Turn right around at the start of the level
  • Gate Keeper 4 - Creeping Causeway: From the Green Keystone, continue to follow the path, it is behind some leaves just a bit passed it
  • Gate Keeper 5 - Crooked Canal: After climbing up from the water room and before the canal, it is on the right side of the open hole in the floor
  • Gate Keeper 6 - Lazy Lagoon: After the Green Keystone when you drop down into the open pool before crossing the bridge, go to the side with the coin and go to the backside of the wall
  • Gate Keeper 7 - Risky Reservoir: After getting the Green Keystone, turn around and slither back to other side of the wall, climb up the farthermost wall, and drop on it
  • Gate Keeper 8 - Fumbling Falls: From the start of the level, turn around and it is right there
  • Gate Keeper 9 - Flip-Flop Foundry: cross the rotating bamboo, it is just past the checkpoint
  • Gate Keeper 10 - Toasty Trail: Climb up the bamboo like stairs, it is to the left of the checkpoint
  • Gate Keeper 11 - Searing Shrine: Taking the left path, go across and climb up the walls to get to this one, there is a Wisp nearby it
  • Gate Keeper 12 - Roasted Ruin: On the side of the pool area when you drop from the bridge
  • Gate Keeper 13 - Breezy Bluff: Right behind the final area
  • Gate Keeper 14 - Hurricane Heights: After hitting the switch, there are four monuments that raise and lower, it is in the third one
  • Gate Keeper 15 - Twister Tops: After the wind tunnel, climb to the left side and climb up, it is on the special podium

Archaeologist in Snake Pass
Disturb A Gatekeeper Idol In Every Level
  • Unlocked by 401 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.58) 17,407

After that, we can go through and play each level, again. This is going to be the hardest challenge, as you don't just have to beat every level, but you have to do so without dying. The best advice for this is to take your time on later levels, don't try to collect anything outside of the Keystones, and don't panic. The last level is where it is going to come down to, but if you take your time and move slowly when needed and not take any unnecessary risks, you will gain the final achievement and add another game to you completions.

Quetzalcoatl in Snake Pass
Quetzalcoatl688 (90)
Complete Every Level Without Dying
  • Unlocked by 299 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 7.64) 17,407

Hope this guide helped everyone out, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to send me a message and I will try to explain it in a different way, or if there is anything wrong, I will try my best to correct it right away.

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