Dreamfall Chapters

Walkthrough Overview

Walkthrough Overview

Dreamfall: Chapters is the third (and final) game in The Longest Journey series. The console release of this game has some cut content and slight changes from the PC version, but some of these features can be accessed via the main menu (if you so choose). This game features 45 achievements here on Xbox, while the original PC release featured 59 achievements.

This guide will help you earn all 45 achievements in this game. 16 Achievements are missable, 24 are story related and obtainable in playthrough 1, the remaining 5 achievements are also story related but require a second playthrough. This game is divided into five books. The second playthrough only requires you to reach the end of Book 4, allowing us to skip Book 5 altogether. All achievements are single player. I strongly recommend you stay connected to Xbox Live as there have been a few reports of achievements earned offline not registering when the internet connection was re-established.

The aim of this walkthrough is to help you achieve a full 1000 gamerscore in the quickest time possible; spoilers will be kept to an absolute minimum and there will be little to no discussion of the plot. I highly recommend you take time on playthrough 1 to listen to all dialogue and watch the cutscenes. If you haven't played the previous two games, a lot of the game's plot may be confusing... but it's still a hell of an experience.

Playthrough 1 should take roughly 15-20 hours. I managed to speed through the second playthrough in around 5 hours by skipping everything possible and focusing only on mopping up missing achievements. Missable achievements will be highlighted clearly for the reader. Major decisions that will affect achievements will also be highlighted.

General Hints & Tips

This game can be very complex. If not using a guide, some of the puzzles or objectives can take a while to solve. You should pay close attention to dialogue especially, and interacting with items can also provide valuable insight. If you find yourself unsure of what to do, remember to check your goals by pressing cn_Y.

When playing as Zoe, the game has generous map boards dotted around the environment. These are a massive help when first starting the game. These are named Crowbot stations. They will be referred to in the walkthrough as either Crowbot stations, or map stations. These stations will provide a map marker to one destination at a time. You should find that most locations in the initial area can be accessed from the river path, so head there if lost.

Choices in this game have profound effects on your journey and the characters who you will encounter. When making a decision you can press cn_Y to see how other people reacted before confirming your decision. Certain decisions also have an impact on our achievements. Decisions (in a lot of cases) are also timed, so it may be beneficial to read ahead or to pause periodically.

I will be providing an in-depth walkthrough, as most others that are available are in point form only, but will keep spoilers to an absolute minimum to maximize your enjoyment.


  • Move - cn_LS

  • Run - Hold cn_LT
  • Move Camera - cn_RS

  • Zoom in/out - Press cn_RS. This will change how close or how far the camera is from your character.
  • Quick Zoom - Press cn_RT. This will automatically bring the camera closer to the character. As soon as you let go, it will zoom out slightly. If you want to keep stay zoomed in, hold cn_RT.
  • Interact - cn_A. This includes objects, talking to people and making decisions.

  • Skip Dialogue - cn_B. The game doesn't always let you skip dialogue. If you can't, the "no" sign will appear in the lower right side of the screen. Otherwise, you can mash B to skip dialogue.

  • Menu - cn_back. While in this menu, press cn_LB or cn_RB to change tabs. Your map, character library and journal will be located in the menu.

  • Goals - cn_Y. You can see your goals if you are lost and cannot remember what you were doing the last time you played.

  • Open Inventory - cn_up. Within the menu, you can use cn_A to examine objects, and cn_X to combine items together.

  • Pause Menu - cn_start. If you want to pause the game, load a game, change your options or save and quit your game.


Book 1


When you first take control of Zoe, you will find yourself in a dreamlike hospital room staring down at your own body. Begin examining the items around Zoe's bed then turn around, walk to the edge and interact with the vortex.

Walk along the stone path, helping people as you go. Shortly you will arrive in a room with a small girl on a bed, and a wardrobe with tentacles. Speak to the girl first. Now interact with her again but choose the icon to read her mind. Look under the bed, Zoe will try to pick up the flashlight, but it's too dark. Interact again and use the light icon. You can walk to the other side of the bed to pick up the flashlight. Press cn_up to access your inventory. Press cn_A to examine the flashlight, then press cn_X for Zoe to equip it. With our flashlight out, be close enough to examine the wardrobe (without shining your light on it) and choose to slow downtime. The tentacles will not be able to retreat. Point the flashlight in the direction of the wardrobe, which will destroy the tentacles. Open the wardrobe and speak to the girl to end the sequence.

Head to the campfire, speak with the Vagabond.

Back in the room we started in, it's now time to wake up Zoe. Look at yourself in bed and use all of your dream powers. Then look at and interact with the life-support machine (to interact get close). A new option for "my vitals" should appear (next to the life support machine). Now, use your slow-time on the vitals screen to trick the life support machine. Use the slow-time power on Zoe's body, and then use your mind power.

Select "home" and "find out" to advance the dialogue to be able to make your first major decision.

You now need to choose which path to take. This does have an impact on which achievements you will unlock. For the purposes of this guide, we will be choosing Path of the Unknown for our first playthrough. IF CHOOSING THE FAMILIAR PATH, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

Whichever path you choose will unlock your first achievement.

The beginning of the end

Zoë left Storytime and was reborn.

The beginning of the end
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Friar's Keep

After some scenes you will now be in control of a new character KIAN.

Exit your cell and head left. Look beyond the first locked gate to see a prisoner and a guard lying on the floor, head to them. Push the guard off the prisoner. Talk to the prisoner, named Arn Stont. Take the key and the shiv from the dead guard. Ask the prisoner if you can help him, and he will ask you to deliver a message to his family.

You MUST agree to deliver Arn's message to his family, for a missable achievement later on. If you chose to simply thank him rather than ask to help, you will not be able to deliver his message.

He will then ask for one last request: to grant a quick death, the alternative is slow torture. Do as your conscience sees fit. This decision doesn't affect our later achievement.

Walk to the gate, push cn_up to open your inventory and use the key on the gate. Now head upstairs, and look for a sweeping brush/broom propped against the wall and pick it up. Walk past here to an open cell, head inside. Pick up the pillow, go into your inventory and combine the broom and pillow (using cn_X). Use the new device on the cell window to retrieve an arrow. Use the arrow to pick the lock on the gate and head upstairs.

The next gate is locked by the Warden Murron. Speak to him, and choose "reason", "practical" and "family" options in the conversation. Doing this will convince the warden to open the gate. Your first major choice as Kian is to be made now. Head up past the Warden and up the stairs.

Follow Balsay to the gate, which is of course locked. By the dumbwaiter at the top of the stairs, pick up the napkin from the table, and then interact with the dumbwaiter to lower it. Open your inventory and combine the napkin with the arrow to make a torch. Head over to the brazier high on the wall and light the torch. Use the torch on the dumbwaiters chain, to burn the oil away. When it has cooled, climb up the chain.

You are now on a rooftop, run straight over to the lever to bar the gate and pick up the sword. This section IS timed, and if not done quickly enough, Kian will be killed and you will need to repeat. After barring the gate and picking up the sword, speak to Balsay. You are now faced with a major decision. After the decision has been made, a cutscene will end the sequence and you will unlock:

The cold, cold sea

Kian escaped Friar's Keep and was reborn.

The cold, cold sea
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Therapy - First Session

You are now back in control of Zoe in a therapists office. Have the conversation with Roman. Once you take control, you can either speak to him again or leave his office.

If you choose to speak to Roman again, Zoe can make a decision here which can be used for a missable achievement later on. To trigger this, ask "busy?" and then make small talk. From here, Zoe can ask him to "go out". If you choose "confused" at this point, the game will register Zoe as flirting with the therapist.

This is the first of many, MANY decisions that Zoe can make throughout the course of the game that can be used for the same missable achievement in Book 4. I will point out all of these choices throughout our time playing as Zoe. We only need ONE choice for the missable achievement (called TMI), so do not feel pressured into making a decision right now. I will also be noting when the last possible choice opportunity for this later missable achievement will take place.

You can interact with objects in his office for some additional text before leaving, but there is nothing of significance to do here.

Food Delivery

Directly outside of the therapist's office you will see Nela's food cart. Walk over and wait for your boyfriend to call you and ask for lunch, then wait for the EYE operative to leave. Talk to Nela behind the food cart, choose whether or not to get involved. For your boyfriend's food, you can choose the cheese soup or sausages.

Choosing to bring Reza the sausages is the second of Zoe's choices that we can use for our 'TMI' achievement if you so choose.

With food in hand, you now need to deliver Reza's lunch. He is located at a building called The Hand That Feeds. I highly recommend you visit a map station and familiarize yourself. If you are lost, interacting with the map station will put a marker on your map of the chosen location. Choose to get directions to The Hand That Feeds if you are lost. The building is on the riverfront.

From Nela's food cart, travel north down the ramp. Continue down the next ramp, and take more two flights of stairs. When you reach the bottom, turn right and head down this street. You will come to a sort of three-way intersection in front of a large building. Head left and wrap around the building to enter The Hand.

<em>The entrance to The Hand is to the left of this giant statue at a three-way intersection.</em> The entrance to The Hand is to the left of this giant statue at a three-way intersection.

I recommend knowing where The Hand is located and how to get it without resorting to maps because we will be coming here a lot. Here's a video if you are really lost:

Once you arrive in the building, head to the left and talk to Reza. Give him his food to unlock:

Choice & consequence

Delivered the boyfriend's lunch.

Choice & consequence
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Once you leave Reza your goals will update, telling you to complete your work.

At Work

This next sequence is dependent on which path you chose at the start of the game. If you chose the familiar path you will be required to head to the Laboratory. This walkthrough follows the unknown path first, and so we will be working at Pandemonium. FOR THE FAMILIAR PATH SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

PANDEMONIUM is also on the riverfront, north of the Hand's location. From where The Hand is, keep the river on your right and head up the street. The building you're looking for has a huge garage door with Pandemonium spray-painted across it. It will be on Zoe's left if the river is to her right. Visit a map station if you get turned around to mark it on the map.

Once you see the garage, interact with the door buzzer on the doorstep to enter. Inside, talk to Mira, then interact with the robot, aptly named Shitbot. Zoe is tasked with taking Shitbot around for some testing, so you'll need to head back outside.

Your job is to test the four personality traits of Shitbot. This can be done in any order, however, the most efficient route is:

1. Choose 'Human Interaction' first, then follow Shitbot to a lost-looking tourist. Choose Direction 3.

Run through the alley, head up two flights of stairs (the same route we followed when coming from Nela's) and speak to Shitbot.

2. Choose 'Bot to bot' next. Follow Shitbot to the plaza. When here, you'll need to locate a robot doing some welding work on a window.

You'll need to position yourself close enough to be able to interact with this welding robot. When he's in range, interact with Shitbot first, then select 'interact' on the target welding robot. Zoe watches while Shitbot completes his task (the only one he's good at). When this interaction is done, it's on to the next task.

3. Select 'Repair Program' next.

Follow Shitbot as he heads to an alley. Have Zoe interact with the maintenance instructions first. Afterwards, have Shitbot interact with the burnt-out fuses. After he fails (miserably), talk to him to activate the final task.

4. Finally, test his security program. A small cutscene will play. Interact with Shitbot and you'll now need to head back to Pandemonium. Back at the shop, talk to Mira before you leave to unlock:


Completed work at the Pandemonium.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement is ONLY available through the unknown path we chose back at the end of the prologue. If choosing the familiar path, you will get a different achievement. This will be outlined in Playthrough 2.

On the Campaign Trail

After this, your goals will update, you will now need to find Campaign HQ. Use the map station to get the exact location if you can't find it. You'll need to exit Pandemonium and follow the river back towards The Hand. When you reach the large building where we turned left to find Reza, simply continue straight through to your destination.

Talk to Baruti here, he will give you a crypto-coin and ask you to meet a client named Queenie.

Queenie lives on a boat along the river. If you want it marked on your map, interact with a map station and select 'Chinese Market'. This is located just past Pandemonium. Keep following the river past Pandemonium to an area that looks like a market, with many Chinese lanterns on the riverfront. You will spot Queenie's boat, which has a giant glowing neon sign above it with her name.

There is a young blind girl standing outside of Queenie's boat. Speak to her. She refuses you entry until you bring a gift.

You need a bottle of Bajui (expensive wine). We are going to walk past the first stand that offers the Bajui and head to the second vendor that offers it. You'll know you're in the right place when you see a female merchant haggling with a man. Listen in on the bidding war. Once they reach a stalemate (their conversation will start to repeat), this will be your cue to butt in.

Stand next to the haggling customer, bring up your inventory and select the crypto-coin on the haggling customer. The female trader will then offer you the wine with a heavy discount, however, it is still too expensive. Head in the direction of Queenie's boat and keep your eye out for a man on the left who has a bottle of the Bajui that we passed earlier. Speak to him and Zoe will talk about the discounted price offered at the woman's stall. He will reduce his price further, but it is still too expensive.

Finally, head back to the female trader and tell her of the even lower price offered by the male merchant. She will reluctantly reduce her price to what we can afford. With the bidding war over, open the inventory and give the merchant your crypto-coin. She will give you the wine. Take the wine to the blind girl to be allowed entrance onto Queenie's boat.

Step onto the boat and talk with Queenie. Choose whatever options suits you best during the conversation. At the end, she will ask you to find a girl named Hannah. Be sure to accept her mission.

Your goals will once again update, and you'll need to find Nela. She isn't at her food cart, and you don't have to actually visit the cart to find out where she is. You can find out Nela's whereabouts the short way or the long way.

If you want to skip going to Nela's altogether (and what I strongly recommend), I'll tell you that she's at a food store called The Collective. I had a really hard time finding this if I'm being honest because I initially went back to Nela's cart. If you didn't go to find Nela's cart, you should still be at Queenie's boat. Turn left from Queenie's boat. There should be an alley to Zoe's right as you start walking. Walk straight down this alley into Kaprova. Stay on the sidewalk and go down the small staircase. Directly in front of you, Nela will be under the neon green sign for The Collective. Here's a video if you get lost:

You can either walk up to Nela to interrupt the conversation or eavesdrop for a while. After your interaction with Nela, head back to Campaign HQ. Once there, you'll walk into a bit of a situation.

The decision to not get involved is another decision that can be made to help us with the missable TMI achievement later on if you so choose.

After the confrontation ends, speak to Baruti. You will update him on the conversation you had with Queenie. Afterwards, you are given the option to either explore the town or to return home. Choose to return home to be brought there automatically.


Zoe and Reza will be at home. If you want to keep your relationship with Reza and/or want to end the sequence quickly, choose "tired" when you get your first option in the dialogue.

If you want a break-up between Zoe and Reza to occur, there are a variety of decisions you can choose here to make that happen. When you get the option between "tired" and "tone," choose "tone." Zoe and Reza will argue about Zoe's campaign work. You can then choose to let it go, or choose "disappointment." If you choose the disappointment option, Reza will leave the apartment. OR you can choose to let it go and then ignore Reza (by not going over to talk to him) afterwards. This will also result in him leaving the apartment. If this fight (alongside other actions) result in the break-up of Zoe and Reza, this is an option that can be used towards the TMI achievement later.

If you were peaceful with Reza, the sequence will automatically end after a few bits of dialogue. If Reza stormed out of the apartment, interact with the risotto on the stove to continue. Whatever your actions were, at the end of this sequence, you will unlock:


Finished today's volunteer work.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Interlude 1

We are now in control of yet another new character, a baby named SAGA.

Once you gain control, interact with your crib. Now pick up the pillow and interact with it again.

Follow the light orb into the kitchen. DO NOT RUN, or your Papa will hear you and bring you back to your crib. You must sneak behind/under the furniture. Turn right at the door frame into the kitchen and walk underneath the kitchen table. Walk past Papa and head towards Mamma.

Follow the light orb into the room with your Mama, and try to open the door. When it doesn't open, interact with Mama. After she asks you what you want, interact with the door handle again. Mama will then open the door for you.

Run to the light orb and interact with the rattle. This short section is now complete. After its end, you will unlock another achievement:


The Balance has been rattled.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You have now finished Book 1, you should have unlocked 6 Achievements worth 115 Gamerscore.


Image 1

The Resistance

Kian will awaken in a cell. Turn left and proceed down the hallway, past the two talking rebels. Walk past them, following the hallway into the open chamber.

There will be a cut scene where Likho and Sheperd will be introduced. They offer you the opportunity to join the rebels. You can earn a very easy but missable achievement at this point.

When given the option, REJECT the offer to join the rebellion. You will be brought back to your cell. Shepherd will visit and give you one final opportunity to help the rebels and leaves the door open for you to follow her. Stand still and the door will close. You will get a game over and will unlock:

Let the World Burn

Kian rejected the rebels and doomed reality to destruction. Good job!

Let the World Burn
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

At the main menu, choose to continue your game. You will still be inside your cell, but this time, leave. Follow the hallway back to the chamber and speak with Sheperd. Afterwards, you'll need to walk around the outside of this room and speak to Jakai, Likho, Enu and the General. All the required people will have a gear on them when you go to interact (with the exception of Likho since we've already met).

After a certain amount of time, a bell will ring. You'll need to speak to Sheperd in order to continue. She will give you your next mission.

Change your clothes in your cell. When you have spoken to everybody and are ready to leave, look for the staircase in the main chamber. Go down the stairs and take the first left. Interact with the boat to be taken to Marcuria.

Once the cutscenes have finished, check your goals and you'll see we have various objectives available to you. There is a map, but it's not as helpful to us as the maps we can check in Zoe's chapters. I will direct the best that I can (and provide a few videos). We will be visiting the Mole first, simply because it's the closest to us.

The Mole

From your starting position, take the first left. There will be a person standing outside of a door directly in front of you. This is the Mole's house. Enter the house.

Once inside, go down the stairs to speak to the Mole. After the conversation, you can leave. The Mole will mark a location on our map so that we can help her later. The checkpoint is going to be the key focus for the Mole's task.

After exiting the Mole's house, turn left and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, head left again to find the Magical Market.

After getting the view of the Magical Market, quickly pan the camera behind Kian. Interact with the child thief (named Bip) trying to pickpocket you. He offers to show you where the National Front meeting is held. Choose the option to go with Bip later.

Instead, take the left exit out the market and walk north. Consult the map that the Mole gave you, and you should be near the runner's path. The map location will change to The Bones if you've gone the right way. I followed the runner's path backwards to reach the checkpoint quicker. If you are following this path, turn right into the City Green. Keep following the path, going up the stairs. At this point (for me), I ran into the runner. I'll show a video of the exact path that I took:

When you run into him, you will need to follow him. Follow the runner until he stops to consult a sign.

You need to approach the street sign and swap the place names. Interact with them to put them in the inventory, and then swap the names. Watchers Court will go on the left and Uthrin's Ascent goes on the right. Once done, the runner will reappear behind you. Follow him to the dead end. After the scene, collect the letter from the runner.

We need to head back to the Mole. If you don't remember the way: take the first left at the sign to get to a junction with another sign straight ahead. Head left here and take the first right heading towards the Magic Market. You will see Bip. Head south of where he is standing, out of the market, and take a sharp right down the stairs. Follow the stairs down back towards the Mole's home.

Enter the Mole's home and speak with her. Once that's finished, we need to head back to Bip.

The Traitor

Bip will be waiting for us, right where we left him. Speak to him and follow him to the National Front meeting. When he takes a detour and asks you to meet him on the other side, simply walk forward past the guards. Bip will meet you here before leaving.

From where you're standing, head across the street to speak to the National Front guard. Choose the option to abandon. This prompts an angry woman appears to appear, who will tear up an invitation in front of you. Pick up the two pieces of ripped invitation on the ground, then follow the woman and speak to her.

She will give you the third piece of the invitation. Open your inventory and use cn_X to combine the three pieces. Examine the fully assembled invitation (with cn_A) and rotate it so you can see the back. You will discover the passphrase: honor & humanity.

Return to the guard and choose "humanity" when prompted. He will let you in. Once inside, approach the crowd to get a cut scene. At this point, we have the opportunity to get a missable achievement.

Watch the unskippable cutscene. After it ends and you are free to move, you will need to stand still and wait for Onor Hileriss to stop speaking. Simply stand here and do nothing to get this missable achievement.

Honour & Humanity

Listen to the entire National Front speech by Onor Hileriss.

Honour & Humanity
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

I timed it. This guy talks for about 7 minutes. This is a good opportunity for a bathroom break, or to get something to eat.

After you have this achievement, reload your save. I had to repeat the above sequence with the angry woman to get into the meeting. In any case, this time we need to actually complete the objective here now. Once we have control inside the meeting, will need to interact with all of the people in the crowd.

You have to get REAL close to each person in order to interact with them. Once Kian is close enough, he will make observations about each attendee. When the final person has been examined, the meeting ends. The key thing to note is the scent of lavender from one of the attendees. We can now leave the meeting. Before heading back to the market, we are going to talk to Arn Stont's widow for a missable achievement.

From the meeting place, take a right and then head right again. Keep heading up the hill and there should be an alcove on your right. There will be a woman sitting on the steps outside of a building with a sign that reads "Stont Family Carpentry & Construction". Speak with her to unlock your achievement:

Paying respects

Arn Stont's message to his wife Gerdi was delivered.

Paying respects
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now we can head back to the Market. It's pretty much a straight stretch if we head south from the widow's location. Veer right at the end to go through the gates that will bring you back to the Market. Likho and Enu will be waiting for you. Speak to Likho and he will ask you to head into the Market and identify the traitor.

This screenshot above will show the correct person you're looking for. But the clue about lavender is a dead give-away all on its own. Once Kian has had a good whiff, you can positively identify this man as the traitor. Doing so will unlock the following achievement:

The Test

Kian's first mission completed.

The Test
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

We can now head to the Rooster & Kitten. It's a fairly straight forward path from where you're standing. Head south out of the market and follow the path all the way to the South Gate. Turn left onto the street and you will now be in Ayrede Avenue. The tavern will be on the left side of the street and will be easily identifiable by the sign outside. If you do get lost, consult the map. Your location will be #4 on the map.

Once inside, speak to the bartender. He will tell you that your "friend" is waiting upstairs. She's the one standing against the railing. Have a seat and speak to her.

After the conversation ends, head downstairs and talk to Likho and Enu. Then follow them outside.

When we reach the Market, we will need to catch the arrow. Once that's done, keep following to the boat and return to HQ.

The Meeting

During the following conversation, we are introduced to Na'ane. Kian will immediately recognize her and you have the option to expose her as a traitor or to keep quiet.

Your decision here has a MAJOR impact on how characters perceive you as well as story related achievements. We will only be able to get one set of achievements on our first playthrough for our friendship with either Likho OR Enu. For the sake of this walkthrough, we will be making decisions to befriend Likho. FOR ENU, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

You have the following options:

  • Expose her and attempt to kill her (+Likho)
  • Expose her and allow Likho to kill her (+Likho)
  • Expose her, but allow her to live (+Enu/+Likho)
  • Keep quiet and keep her secret hidden (+Enu)
  • Keep quiet initially, but later expose her (+Enu)

There are multiple combinations here that work for either character. If you want to be absolutely certain you can befriend Likho, killing her is the best option. For the sake of this first playthrough, we are going to expose her and let Likho kill her. Attempting to kill her yourself has an added possible consequence that we can avoid if we simply let Likho kill her instead.

After making your decisions, watch the cutscenes that follow. The following achievement should unlock after the meeting if the right person was identified in the market:

The Right Mans

Identify the right Azadi collaborator.

The Right Mans
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

We are now done this section with Kian.

Zoe's Dream

This short sequence has no decision making to worry about. Turn around when you have control of Zoe and speak to Abnaxus. Follow him, then teleport across the gap. Speak to him again, then teleport over the next gap to join him. Finally, interact with Lux to finish the sequence.

At Home

Zoe will now wake up. After getting out of bed, interact with your dresser to get dressed. You can leave the apartment to head to your therapy session.

Outside, Zoe will be stopped by an EYE operative. After speaking with him, you're free to go to your appointment.

It's hard to get lost on your way to your therapist's office because much of the city's entrances are being blocked by EYE operatives. There are a few different ways to get there though too, however. Remember that you are heading towards the giant tower by Nela's food cart. Navigate your way through the streets until you are able to the therapist's office (Sashadri Tower).

Before heading inside, you will see Nela standing by the entrance (or at her cart, depending on if you eavesdropped earlier). Speak to her to get more information about Hanna. Afterwards, interact with the panel to go inside.

Therapy - Second Session

You will automatically be entered into a session with Dr Zelanka. Go through the session and then watch the scenes that follow.

Data Collection for Baruti

Baruti will call as you leave your therapy session. He will ask you to meet him at the memorial fountain. This is right next to The Hand That Feeds. You most likely passed the fountain when you were heading up to the tower. If you didn't, head down the ramp and then go straight down the stairs. Hang a left down another flight of stairs. Turn right on the street, and the fountain will be right in front of your face.

Near the fountain, you will see Baruti standing over the railing, looking down at the river. Speak with him and accept his mission. He will give you a crypto-coin.

Since you are right outside of The Hand that Feeds, we can go in and check in with Reza (if you want to, this is optional). We will be coming to The Hand later too.

Exit The Hand, and we will next need to head to Pandemonium. Turn right at the giant fountain and follow the river north.

A cutscene will play on the way there. Zoe will witness a young girl pickpocketing somebody and recognize the girl as being part of Hanna's gang. Run after her. She will disappear into a nearby vent.

There is a map station nearby (behind Zoe from where the hatch is) which we can use to get all hatch locations pointed out to us. Pick 'ventilation towers' from the map menu to have the WPG locations added to your map.

We are directly in front of Pandemonium right now, so let's go in there first. Wait for Mira to finish talking. When the robot leaves, buzz yourself inside.

Talk to Mira to get the data tracker, then head back outside. Open your inventory and activate the tracker. There will now be an arrow on the screen for you to follow. The first access point is at Queenie's boat, but Zoe will refuse to use it (and can't access it anyways).

Keep following the arrow after this to be brought to the plaza where your apartment is. Look upwards towards a huge artificial sun in the middle of the plaza. Examine it. Afterwards, examine it again to connect the tracker. This will allow you to access 37% of the needed data.

From here, follow the arrow. When faced with two sets of stairs, follow the staircase upwards. This will bring you to the walkways. The tracker will lead you straight to the door of the Lab. Examine it first, then connect the tracker. You will now have 81% of the required data.

If you follow the walkway to the end, you can look at the EYE logo in the distance. Although it has a signal, it's too risky to use it. Keep following the arrow. You can stay on the walkways. You will eventually circle back to where your therapist's office is. Keep following until you see a giant spinning WATI logo. This is your target.

Examine it and then connect the tracker to get all of the necessary data. It is unfortunately encrypted, as expected. We will not be able to return to Mira until we find Hanna, so that will be our next objective.

Finding Hanna

Load up the map, taking note of the hatches. There will be an area with three hatches closely clustered together on the north part of the map. This is where we need to head. Here is a screenshot of the fully filled out map with all hatches:

You should still be on the walkways right now. Head down two levels. Try to find the river. Once you do, follow it towards The Hand. Turn right to head through The Shuk and follow that straight. Once you enter Kaprova, turn left and head for the EYE headquarters. Every hatch that you interact with will update on the map. There are a few icons:

  1. Hot (this indicates that the tower is steaming, and is too hot to be used a hideout)
  2. Cold (possible hideout locations)
  3. Colored icons over top of hatches indicate that they need keys to enter, which we get by visiting various hatches

The cold hatch in this area is just to the left of the entrance to EYE headquarters. A girl will drop an item when coming out of the vent. Zoe will automatically pick it up and put it into the inventory.

The second tower we need to visit is near Zoe's apartment. Turn around so that the EYE headquarters are behind Zoe. Head straight to the end of the road, then take the staircase to the left up. Go straight (there should be a steaming vent directly in front of you). Then turn right to be inside the Sonnenschein Plaza. There are a set of three more vents here. Locate the cold one and examine the hatch. You will pick up a yellow key head. The vent is welded shut, so there's nothing else for us to do here.

Finally, we need to head back to the first hatch we saw the young girl go through (near Queenie's boat). It's a short staircase heading downwards in the plaza to be back along the riverfront. Turn right and walk through the market. When you see the hatch, walk up to it. Before trying to use anything on it, go into your inventory and examine the key handle with cn_A. Zoe will take the blue key head off the handle if you press cn_X while examining. Next, combine the yellow key head with the handle to get the yellow key. Walk up to the hatch so that the gear icon is available. Open the inventory and use the yellow key, then enter the vent.

Speak to the girl here to update your goals. She's not much help, but that's all we can do here for now.

If you want to, you can speak to Shitbot who is now welding outside of Pandemonium. We can't get in to talk to Mira until he is finished. Continue following the river to come across another usable hatch. Open the inventory and examine the yellow key, then disassemble it with cn_X. Now combine the key handle with the blue head to create a blue key. If you try to use it on this vent, the EYE operative across the street will stop you.

There is an Adbot who is patrolling in between you and the EYE operative. Wait for it to come between the two of you and interact with it. Ask it to give you the full sales pitch. With the guard's view obstructed, we can now use the blue key on the hatch. Once you've used the key, examine the vent to open it.

There are a few things you can examine in this area. The item that we need is a photo, which is taped to a wall behind some pipes. After you've examined everything and are done here, exit. Now, head back to the hatch where we found the girl in earlier and enter it.

Walk up to the girl (Abby) once underground. Open the inventory and use the photograph on her. After the conversation, examine the box and obtain the pink key head. Exit now, and follow the river (past Queenie's, NOT towards the Hand) all the way to a dead-end where the final hatch will be. Combine the pink key head with the handle and use the pink key on the hatch. Go inside.

Examine the pipe to find Hanna. Try to talk with her. She will give you a Dragonfly pendant that you can give to Queenie. After the conversations, exit the hatch.

Reporting Back to Queenie

Back on street level, follow the river path back to Queenie's boat. Talk to the girl outside of her boat to be allowed entrance.

During the conversation with Queenie, you have several options. Two of the decisions here can be used for our 'TMI' achievement. Telling Queenie about Hanna's location and the decision to accept Queenie's support rather than warn her are both decisions that can be brought up later for the missable achievement.

After the conversation with Queenie, you will unlock the following achievement:

Lost girls

Zoë completes Queenie's mission.

Lost girls
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Returning to Mira

If you interacted with Shitbot earlier, you will see him fly past you. This obviously means that he is finished his welding job, so we can now return to Mira. If you didn't talk to Shitbot earlier he won't appear, but we know where to go anyways.

Walk over to Pandemonium and let yourself in. Talk to Mira to hand over the data. She will decode it for you, and you now need to make a major decision.

After retrieving the data from Mira, you need to decide who to give the data to. These choices have major consequences and will also affect what achievements we get on this playthrough. For this first playthrough, we will be giving the data to Scully at The Hand. FOR BARUTI, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

Turning in the Data

Leave Pandemonium. Baruti will call with a meeting place, but we are going to ignore him and head to The Hand. Follow the river from Mira's to The Hand. Inside, talk to Scully. Choose to give him the data. Afterwards, we will still need to tell Baruti, so it's time to face the music and pay him a visit.

Leave The Hand and turn right. Follow the river path all the way to the end, then take the steps up to be in Sonnenschein Plaza. Baruti is by the Seraph Kavarna (right beside your apartment building). He's sitting at a picnic table outside. Speak to him and make a decision.

If you lie to Baruti about giving the data to Sully, this can be later used for our missable TMI achievement.

After Baruti leaves, you will unlock:

Data decisions

But did you make the right decision?

Data decisions
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

All we have left to do now is to return home. A short cutscene will end our segment as Zoe.

Azadi Invasion

After many cutscenes, we will take control of Kian again. We are now inside of the Rooster & Kitten. When you have control of Kian, try to walk out the door before you are stopped by Ulvic. Afterwards, leave the pub.

Outside, take a left. You'll be in front of a fountain, and you'll want to go left again. Keep following the path, and take a right onto the giant staircase. Keep following the path, going up multiple other staircases. You will enter an area called The Bench. You will see Anna with her hood up against the fence. I'll post where she is on the map below:

<em>Anna will be found exactly where Kian stands in this image.</em>Anna will be found exactly where Kian stands in this image.

Afterwards, we need to go to the Mole's house. Backtrack down all the staircases. Turn right and follow the path. You'll see those familiar horses! Take a left, to be back in the Magic Market. Turn right. When you leave the Magic Market and enter Shady Quay, take a sharp right and go down the set of stairs, which takes you right to the Mole's house. After speaking with the guard, enter.

Go downstairs and speak to the Mole. After the cutscene, you will be brought back outside. From here, walk straight forward and take a right. You will be able to spot the Azadi guard outside of a house. Walk up to him and you'll be turned away. Our goals will now update, and we will have to create a diversion.

Creating a Diversion

Head back to the Magic Market. You should be able to spot Bip, who is walking on the edge of the fountain. Speak to him and he will offer to help, which we will use in just a bit. Behind Bip, there are several stands. Go to the one that's illuminated by a few candles, the store owner here is a 'sand-witcher'. Speak to her. She will refuse to sell you fire-flowers, but offers to make you a sandwich. If you try to interact with the chemical supplies in front of her, she will stop you.

Ask her to make you a sand-witch. Follow her over to the other side of the table and stand in front of her. She will ask you what you want on your sandwich. None of the options are relevant, so just pick anything to keep her distracted. If you try to walk away during this (or try to take the fire-flower materials), she will stop you from stealing, or ask you to come stand back at the counter if you walk away.

Return to Bip and ask him for his help. He will follow you over to the sandwich shop. Talk to the clerk again and ask her to continue making your sandwich. Take your position. When she asks if you want moonseeds, tell her yes. The clerk will turn her back. Now, interact with Bip first. Once he's highlighted, direct him to steal the fire-flower ingredients off of the counter. Once he's successful, he will run away. The clerk will give you the completed 'sand-witch' and you can now meet up with Bip.

If the clerk sees Bip attempting to steal the supplies, she will shoo him away and you will need to re-try this section.

Bip is near the picnic table by the Marcuria map sign.

Easy but missable achievement here. Before speaking with Bip, get close enough to him to be able to interact with him. Open your inventory and give him the 'sand-witch'.

This will unlock:

Feeding the young

Kian gave Bip his sand-witch.

Feeding the young
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now Bip will direct you on how to make the fire-flower.

  • Glow-Balls, combine the toad testes with the sun essence.
  • Fire-Powder, combine the crimson crumb with the Irhadi ash.
  • Finally, put fire powder into the waxed paper tube, followed by the glow-balls.

With your fire-flower, return to where the guard is. Bip will be following right behind you. When you get close to the guard, give Bip the fire-flower. Afterwards, interact with Bip and then interact with the guard. Bip will distract the guard. Now you can enter the house.

Getting Information

The choices on what to do with the guard will appease either Likho or Enu. Because we are going to be going for all Likho based achievements on this run, we will need to TORTURE the guard and KILL him. FOR DECISION MAKING IN ENU'S ROUTE, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

Afterwards, it'll be cutscenes to finish up Kian's section. The cutscene with Likho and Enu inside the Rooster & Kitten will differ, depending on your treatment of the guard.


Back in Zoe's apartment, there will be a Dream Machine on the table. Interact with it to put it on.

Zoe will be talking to Mira about leaving work early. After she lets you go, exit Pandemonium. Baruti will call. The conversation will differ depending on what you told Baruti regarding the data earlier. Luckily, during this call, you can run... so run towards The Hand. When you get close to the building, you will see EYE agents. Never a good sign. You can go past these initial agents around the corner to where you'd normally enter The Hand, but no luck. It seems EYE has completely swarmed the place.

You'll hear Sully in the crowd. Walk up to him so he notices Zoe. The two of you will walk to a more quiet spot to talk. Your conversation will be interrupted by a phone call from Nela. You will say goodbye to Sully and agree to meet with Nela in The Shuk. After the game auto-saves and your goals are updated, you will unlock:

Stop the presses!

Zoë learns the truth from Sully.

Stop the presses!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement is MISSABLE if you gave the data to Baruti. It can only be unlocked by giving the data to Sully earlier on in Book 2.

The Shuk is the area with the green-ish haze that's dead ahead of us. You can literally walk in a straight line from The Hand to find Nela. Speak to her. Afterwards, follow her. Luckily, this is not one of these instances where Nela is going to look behind her and you have to stay hidden (Zoe will slow to a walk if you get too close anyway). Simply walk behind her until she stops. Then watch the cutscene.

You can try to stop Nela by running towards her, or you can run away. Running away is one of the choices that we can make for our missable 'TMI' achievement later on. This is also the second to last time that we can make a decision for this later achievement.

After the cutscenes, we will be finished with Book 2. You will get an overview of all your decisions before moving into Book 3. You will also unlock the following achievement:

Wait, what?

Completed Book Two. Completely confused.

Wait, what?
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After finishing Book 2, you should have 16/45 achievements, for a total of 320/1000 gamerscore.


Book 3

Interlude 2

We will now be in control of Saga again, who has grown up into a small child. Get up from reading your book and go to the kitchen to speak with Papa. He will ask you to collect all of your drawings, which needs to be done to advance. I will provide a video of grabbing all of the drawings:

For those who prefer text, here's a list of the drawings with screenshots:

1. In the kitchen - stuck to the black tea tray near the back door. You'll have to inspect the drawing first. Once Saga comments on the drawing being hidden, you can flip the table up. The drawing will then fall on to the floor. This drawing is called "The Big City".

2. Go back through the door that you used to enter the kitchen. On one of the dining room table chairs there is another drawing. This drawing is entitled "The Rolling Man".

3. Go into the room we started in where Saga was reading. There is a chair that Saga can sit on to the right, and another chair to the left (that we cannot sit on). The drawing is on the wooden beam behind the non-sitting chair. This one was driving me nuts, because its location was moved from where it used to be in the original PC version! This one's called "An Ancient Evil".

4. In this same room, head towards the opposite door to the one we entered from. On this wall, there is a drawing next to a portrait of Mama. I found this one hard to pick up unless I put Saga right up against the wall. This drawing is called "The First Shift".

5. Head upstairs next. Interact with the light switch on the wall. The photo is near the ground, leaning up against a low box in the corner. This drawing is "The Stone Disc".

6. Head into Saga's bedroom (go down the stairs, then head straight, open the door). Inspect the dollhouse to get this drawing, titled "The White Dragon".

7. Inspect the right door on the dollhouse to close it. On the outside of the door are a set of keys. Grab the keys, then use them to open the music box that is on Saga's bedside table. This one is called "Among the Stars".

8. Before exiting Saga's bedroom, close the door. The drawing will be on the back of the door, titled "The White Dragon reborn".

9. Head back to the kitchen. There is a drawing high above Saga on a high shelf (next to the sink where Papa was standing before). Examine the drawing first, then talk to Papa. After he's stood up, examine the photo again to have Papa lift you up. This final drawing is called "The Crow".

Now that you've finished gathering up all the drawings, speak to Papa. He will ask you to put all of the drawings in the correct order along the wall in your bedroom. You'll need to hover over the spot on the wall, open up the inventory and then place the right photo.

The correct order is:

  1. The White Dragon
  2. The Big City
  3. The First Shift
  4. Crow
  5. The Rolling Man
  6. An Ancient Evil
  7. The Stone Disc
  8. White Dragon reborn
  9. Among the Stars

After this, you will unlock the following:

The First Shift

Saga has left the House of All Worlds for the first time.

The First Shift
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

We are now done with the second interlude with Saga, and will switch over to Kian again.


When the chapter starts, we will be chatting with either Likho or Enu. If you've followed this walkthrough, Kian will be standing with Likho. After our conversation with Likho ends and we gain control of Kian again, the following achievement will unlock:


You bonded with Likho.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement is a MISSABLE achievement that will only unlock if you've befriended Likho. FOR THE BEFRIENDING ENU ACHIEVEMENT, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

Inspecting the Pipes

From where we are standing, head straight down the alley. Go right once you hit the road. At the fountain, turn right again to see The Rooster & Kitten. Enter to speak with Ulvic. We will need to find a way to get our hands on the maintenance worker's tools. Leave the R&K.

Outside, go left to get to the fountain and then turn left again. Following this road, there will be a large house to Kian's right. There are some goats in the yard, next to the house. Walk up to the goats, and a small scene will show the goats falling asleep. Examine the plants to pick up the Evensong herb. Head back to the pub.

Once inside, present the Evensong to Ulvic. He will lace the maintenance worker's drink with it. Once he's out cold, examine the toolbox that's next to him. Kian will pick up the pipe tool and the maintenance map. We can now leave the pub again.

Backtrack to the house with the goats. On the right side of the house, you will see your first access panel that was mapped out on the maintenance worker's map. Use the pipe tool on it. Afterwards, turn around. We are now going to head straight down the alley we came from when we started this chapter. There is another access panel at the dead-end. Kian will notice an item inside the pipe, but can't get to it.

Follow the alley back to the road. As you turn right to head to the fountain, you'll notice a cart. There is a box of angled pipe sections in a box that we will need to grab. We can return to the pipe now to get the item out. Select the piece of angled pipe out of the inventory and put it inside of the access panel. A metal orb will fly out for Kian to pick up. Once Kian picks up the metal orb, he will suggest following the pipe to see where it leads.

BEFORE WE DO THAT, we are now going to return the maintenance worker's tools, so go back to the pub.

I recommend returning the maintenance worker's tools now. If we continue playing without returning them, we lose our opportunity window to do so. There will soon be a "point of no return" on bringing those tools back. If you do not return the tools, you will miss out on a easy achievement. If you miss the opportunity to return the tools, you will either need to reload a previous save, or get this achievement on Playthrough 2.

Back inside the pub, go over to the tool box. Once you're hovering over it, select the pipe tool and the maintenance map out of the inventory and place them back inside the toolbox. Once both items have been placed inside, the toolbox will automatically close and you will get the following achievement:

Tool Time

You returned the maintenance worker's tools.

Tool Time
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Follow the Pipes

Now we can follow that pipe. Keep following it until you're stopped by a scene. Go up to the guards and attempt to eavesdrop on their conversation. Your goal will now change to get into the building. Head back towards the pub, where you will be stopped by Bip shortly in front of the fountain.

Rat Catching

There is a big group of rats behind the picnic tables in this area and our goal is to catch one. It's not as easy as it sounds because they are quick and won't go for any food left out (like the yams or cheese you can pick from the table) until Kian is standing far enough away. So here's what we are going to do: grab the piece of cheese off of the picnic table. Go back to where we got our piece of Evensong (near the goats) and grab some more. Combine the Evensong with the cheese in your inventory. Go back to the rat swarm and place the tainted cheese. When the rat who eats it falls asleep, Kian can grab it.

With our drugged rat in hand, go back to the access panel beside the goat house. Send our rat friend to its squishy death by sending it down the tube, effectively grounding it into a fine paste. With the guards now busy trying to clean up our mess, we can enter the door to the building they were guarding.

If you haven't returned the tools, this is your absolute LAST chance. Go and return them BEFORE you enter the building the guards were, otherwise, your opportunity to do so will be lost!

Sneaking In

Enter the building when ready. Talk to the man (named Ferdows) inside this building. There is going to be a lot of dialogue and a few cutscenes. Walk up to your comrades back inside the pub for more dialogue to close out Kian's chapter.


When Zoe's chapter begins, TAKE YOUR FINGER AWAY FROM THE LEFT STICK. We can miss a very easy achievement if we move Zoe away from the stove. While Zoe is cooking eggs, we will need to follow a few steps to make sure her food comes out perfect. USE ONLY THE RIGHT STICK AND THE A BUTTON. Do the following steps in the same order:

  • Use salt ONCE
  • Use pepper TWICE
  • Stir THREE times

Once you've done these steps, finally move Zoe away from the stove with the left stick.

The following achievement will unlock soon after:


You made the best scrambled eggs in the history of mankind. Kudos!

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

As you head towards the sofa, the power will go out in Zoe's apartment.

Restoring the Power

In the darkness, there should be a red glow that you can see. Open the cabinet to see the power cell. Zoe will jiggle it, but you're still left in the dark. Leave your apartment. Talk to the robot and head towards Pandemonium. You'll notice that the city looks very different now. It's impossible to get lost because of the giant direction arrow on screen. Buzz yourself in to see Mira.

Talk to Mira and grab the fuel cell from a box beside the jukebox. Leave her shop to be directed back to your apartment. On the way, you will stop in at Queenie's boat to have a conversation with her. A scene follows. Afterwards, Zoe is automatically back inside the apartment. Replace the drained fuel cell with the new one that Mira gave you.

Dream Machine

Now that the power is back on, the last thing to do is to put on our repaired Dream Machine. Open the inventory, select it and then use it with cn_X. There will be a cutscene. Afterwards, interact with the Dream Machine on the table again. When Zoe wakes up in the dream, you will unlock the following:

Total Recall

You have finally embraced your memories.

Total Recall
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Listen to the dialogue before waking up back in your apartment.

Rude Awakening

Zoe wakes up in trouble. You will need to quickly make a decision.

We now have our opportunity for our very LAST decision that can be made to be used for the 'TMI' achievement. If you choose to distract instead of dodge, you can use this for our missable achievement later. THIS IS YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY.

Make your decision and then watch the cutscene that follows.

Going Underground

We will need to follow Hanna. There's a lot of plot dump here and not a lot of action. Make sure to hold the lever down at the gate when Hanna asks. When you hear a beeping, open your inventory and open the box. There will be a pin inside that will be beeping and also has a directional arrow on it. We will need to follow the sound of the beeping to get to our next destination:

  • From where Zoe and Hanna stopped to listen for the beeping, take the right gate.
  • Go straight down the corridor and open this gate.
  • Follow this catwalk and take the left gate.
  • From here, keep following until you reach the access point.

At the access point, use the pin from your inventory and listen to the message. Afterwards, follow Hanna through more gates until you reach the warehouse. Watch the scene as you part ways with Hanna.

The Warehouse

Walk up the ramp in the warehouse to be treated to a scene. We cannot waltz over to grab what we need because of the guard standing in the way. Head right around the shelving. Once you get round the corner, you are out of view. You can head directly forward into the lighted section in safety. You have to keep going through the aisles of shelves, moving to your right until you see a keypad and robots on the wall. You'll notice it's your old pal, Shitbot! Interact with him to wake him up. He's of no use to us right now, so we need to fix that.

Leave this area for now. Head left, then hang a right and go right into a slightly illuminated and large square area. There are three boxes of personality modules on a shelf. You'll want to snatch up all three and then head back to Shitbot. First, we will want to use the StealthBot modification. Once Shitbot is in stealth mode, go back to where we started in the warehouse, in the shadows between Mr. London's men.

Stay in the shadows so that you're not discovered. Direct Shitbot over to lower right set of crates (closest to the large group of thugs). He will try to move it but be unsuccessful. Fortunately, this still works as a distraction to the lone guard who was blocking our path before. Walk forward to access the aisle with the DEW boxes. Check the left side of the aisle first though to pick up another personality modulator for Shitbot. Now go over to the blue boxes. The correct box is in the second row on the very bottom (Penning). Zoe will now have the antimatter chamber.

Switch Shitbot's chip to the HaulBot chip. We can also get our Dream Machine from the same aisle that we are standing in. There are some large boxes with a bright blue logo on them. Direct Shitbot to grab you one of these boxes. Once he has set the crate down, grab the Dream Machine from inside.

So far, so good. Now go back to where we found Shitbot. Select the antimatter chamber from the inventory and use it on the scanner. Zoe will now have the Antimatter receipt. Now we just need to find out a way to get out of here. If you try to exit quietly, you will discover that there is an alarm active.

Change Shitbot's module to the CatcherBot. You can weave your way around the shelves so that we are very close to the man tied up in the chair while still sticking to the shadows. When you're close, direct Shitbot over to the man. He will catch the ball. Now walk Shitbot over to the alarm, then direct him to interact with it. Afterwards, watch all of the following cutscenes. When they're finished, you'll unlock:

A farewell to Shitbot

From now on, it's Awesomebot.

A farewell to Shitbot
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement is ONLY available through the unknown path we chose back at the end of the prologue. If choosing the familiar path, you will get a different achievement. THE FAMILIAR PATH IS OUTLINED IN PLAYTHROUGH 2.

Now all there is to do is watch a few cutscenes. As we gain control of Zoe again, we should unlock the following achievement:

A Whole New World

Zoë has crossed the Divide into Arcadia.

A Whole New World
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Whole New World

Well.... this is different! You can try all the doors and windows here, but everything is boarded up or closed. Examine the bird's nest on the bar counter to talk to Crow. There will be a lot of unskippable dialogue here.

After Crow finishes talking, look up at the ceiling to the chandelier above Zoe's head where we started in this room. There should be a metal object that Zoe can interact with. After interacting with it, interact with Crow. You should have the option now to send him to grab the object for you. He will grab the handle for you.

Grab the handle and go to the door on the right side of this room. Use the handle out of the inventory on the door to exit.

Finding the Rebels

You will talk again with Crow. It seems that Zoe has found herself in Marcuria! Follow Crow to the Rooster & Kitten. It's a long walk, and Crow will be making some stops along the way. Any time he stops, you'll have to talk to him in order to keep going. When you reach the tavern, you can speak to Ulvic inside. Go through all of the dialogue options, and then finally ask Ulvic about the rebels when you're ready to proceed with the story. Afterwards, leave.

Outside, Zoe will send Crow on a mission. We need to go to the City Green. Turn left towards the fountain, then head left again. Head straight through all of the market stalls, past the two sets of staircases. At the next open gate, there should be a dirt path leading to the right. Take this right path and you will see the path for the Smithy Green. Head through and knock on the door to be let inside.

Alternatively, here's a video:

Watch the scenes that follow.

Boarding the Airship

We are now back in control of Kian. You have the option here to speak to the Resistance members, if you so choose. However, this is optional. If you want to just keep going in the story, head down the stairs and through the tunnel to the boat.

Head through the South Gate for a cutscene. Walk towards the two soldiers to listen in on their conversation. One of the soldiers will walk away towards his post, leaving the other soldier alone. We're going to want to turn our attention to this lone soldier by the gate. He will turn away from you to answer the call of nature. Once he does this, Kian can sneak up behind him and choke him. There is a lever on the wall, next to the gate. Pull it, and the gate will open. There will be a small cutscene as you approach the open gate. After the scene is over, open the door to the City Wall.

Do NOT run in this area. The soldier will hear you and will try to arrest you, which will restart this sequence. Walk behind the guard instead and then choke him when you are close enough. When it's safe, walk on to the lift and ring the bell. We will be met with a decision here:

For Playthrough 1, BRING LIKHO WITH YOU. This first playthrough is our 'Likho' run, so this will allow us to get all Likho related achievements on Playthrough 1. TO SEE THE OPTION (AND ACHIEVEMENT) OF LEAVING LIKHO BEHIND, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

This also marks the end of Book 3! You will now get a summary of all your decisions for this chapter before heading into Book 4. You will also unlock the following achievement:

Up, up and away!

Completed Book Three.

Up, up and away!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After finishing Book 3, you should have 24/45 Achievements, for a total of 495/1000 gamerscore.


Book 4 (Reupload)

Rebel Headquarters

We start by taking control of Zoe again inside the Rebel Headquarters. First thing we will want to do is speak to Crow. He is perched on top of a barrel by the staircase that leads to the lower level. The rebel member blocking the stairs will be looking directly at him. We have a few missable achievements to do right now, so let's get those out of the way.

From where Crow is, head to the hallway across from the meeting table. Most of the doors here are closed. As you round the corner however, you'll see that one cell is open on Zoe's right. This is Kian's room. Enter it to find Jakai.

Interact with Jakai here. You will now have the option to interrupt him or observe. To unlock this achievement, you must INTERRUPT Jakai. Once you do, you will unlock:

Shady business

What was Jakai doing in that room?

Shady business
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Head to the right when exiting this room and follow the corridor all the way to the end to find the library. Enu is in the second row of books.

We can earn another missable achievement by exhausting all of our dialogue with Enu here. Choose "introduction" and "Enu" BEFORE you finally pick to "search". When the camera pans to Blind Bob, we will need to speak with him. Exhaust all of his dialogue here, making sure to ask about the key last. BEFORE RETURNING TO SHEPERD, SPEAK TO ENU AGAIN. If you've done everything right, this will unlock:


Got to know Enu properly and said your goodbyes.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Finding Abnaxus

Backtrack to the room that we started in and speak to Sheperd. Afterwards, the stairs will be accessible to us. Take the staircase down and go through the tunnel to board the boat to Marcuria.

You will reunite with Crow, who will lead you to where Abnaxus can be found. When you come to the fountain area, STOP. We will be able to get another missable achievement here:

There is a small group of people to the left of the fountain who are dancing. You need to position Zoe in the middle of group of four people dancing. Stand still for a few moments, and Zoe will start to dance if she is positioned correctly.

This can be a hard achievement to get, because the positioning can be tough to get right. I will post a video here, because that's the easiest way to show the proper positioning.

Once Zoe starts to dance in the group, it will unlock:

Not So Dirty Dancing

So You Think You Can Dance: Marcuria Edition.

Not So Dirty Dancing
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Keep following Crow through the market stalls. Abnaxus' tree is past the stalls and to the left. There will be a cutscene here. Afterwards, speak to Onor Hileriss. You know, that guy who gave the 7 minute speech earlier? Yeah, him. You'll have to exhaust all of his dialogue, so might as well get that over with before returning to Crow.

Interact with Crow and order him to fly over to Onor. Afterwards, go and speak to Onor, choosing the "bird" option. He will then ask you to point to where Crow is sitting. Point in the direction of the wagon (the one in front of Zoe along the wall, not the one beside Abnaxus' tree). One of the men will go and stand by the wagon to investigate. Run towards Crow (who is sitting safely on his barrel) and order him to go to the wagon. There will be a cutscene. Although we are able to get into Abnaxus' now, DO NOT GO IN. We need to do a step in order to get yet another missable achievement for this chapter later.

BEFORE you go into Abnaxus' home, head back to the road and turn left. Go through the open gate. Straight ahead you should see a green flag with what appears to be an eye from a distance. As you get closer, you will see that the banner says Fingerlings.

Speak to the young blonde girl in front of the theater. Go through all of her very unsettling dialogue until you've run through it completely. You'll know that this has happened when her dialogue loops.

Afterwards, head back to Abnaxus' place. Use the key out of your inventory on the door and enter.

Looking for Clues

Now that you're inside, walk straight forward and interact with the book. When we get control of Zoe, we need to look around for some clues. There is one clue in particular we need to find for a missable achievement.

Head upstairs. This note is wedged between the bed and books on the right side of the bed. It can be very hard to find the right position in order to interact with it, but keep adjusting Zoe until you get the prompt. I will post a screenshot of where I was standing to find it:

Go downstairs now and stand next to Brian. When you're close enough to interact with him, show him the note. Afterwards, you will unlock:

A Man of Notes

You found the well-hidden note.

A Man of Notes
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now we need to find the other notes. Two are on the floor on either side of the room. One is beside the striped couch, and the other is beside a pile of books on the floor. Beside this second note, there is another note on the bookshelf to the left. When you've gathered all three, go back to Brian and give him each note. He will be able to get information from one of them and there will be a brief scene. During this scene, a note will fall to the floor. After Brian is done speaking, pick up the note and then show it to him. This will give you the final bit of information that you need. Grab the map on the wall above Brian, then leave.

Fingerlings Puppet Show

There will be a small cutscene with Crow. We will now be returning to that theater where we spoke to the blonde girl earlier. Once here, go behind the theater stand to speak with Roper Klacks. To progress the story, ask about the soul-stone. Afterwards, there will be a cutscene where Zoe will watch the puppet show.

When you gain control of Zoe, speak to the blonde girl that we spoke to earlier. We will once again need to run through all of her dialogue until she starts to repeat herself. If you talked to her earlier BEFORE entering Abnaxus' house and now (after the puppet show), you will unlock:


Out of the mouths of babes, the future is foretold.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Make sure you speak to the girl BEFORE speaking to Crow. Speaking to Crow will end this section as Zoe.

If you accidentally speak to Crow before speaking to the girl, the game will auto-save right after Roper Klacks is taken away before you speak to Crow. You can always reload this auto-save if needed.

Cargo Hold

We will now see a scene between Likho and Kian. You can choose to sleep or to apologize. I recommend apologizing if you want Kian to sum up his journey (made through your choices) and to get a bit of extra dialogue between Kian and Likho. Depending on your choices, you might get an extra scene after going to bed. If you choose to go to sleep right away, you skip to the next section immediately.

Finding the Yaga

We will now be back in control of Zoe. Go through the dialogue here with Crow and our new character, Ben. Ben will eventually agree to lead Zoe to the Yaga.

When you gain control of Zoe again, you'll have to unfortunately walk slowly through this area. When you come to a house, clear the weeds away to reveal a door and knock. Afterwards, knock again. The third time you go to knock, a 'mind' option should appear. Choose this and watch the scene.

Walk towards the monster to be pinned up against a tree. Click on the house's door again and select the bottom option in the menu to push the monster back. Run towards her again and interact with her forehead (where the door used to be). Zoe should have the option of 'time'. You will need to use this to slow down time when the monster charges towards Zoe. If you time it too late, the monster will hit Zoe and you will have to try again. Even if you hit it early prematurely and run far away, you should still have plenty of time to run back towards the monster once its head is down.

There will be a hand icon above the stone on the monster's forehead when its head is low to the ground. Interact with it to get a scene of Zoe climbing on.

Back in Storytime

Nothing much to do here. Just keep following the pink stone in the darkness. Eventually, you will be able to interact with the stone. We will now be able to meet the Baba Yaga. When Zoe is prompted to feed the Yaga, here is where we can earn a missable achievement:

Remember when I kept mentioning choices that we were able to make for a later achievement throughout the guide? Well, here's where these choices are going to come in handy. If you've followed the walkthrough and done at least ONE thing throughout the course of the game that Zoe regrets/feels guilty about, you can now "feed" the Yaga these memories. You only need to feed the Yaga one memory in order to unlock this achievement.

A complete list of choices (to review them in order) are as follows:

  • Flirt with your therapist during your very first session (Book 1)
  • Buy Reza sausages from Nela's stand (Book 1)
  • Do not intervene when Baruti is being interrogated by Mr. London (Book 1)
  • A break-up occurs between Zoe and Reza. At the end of Book 1 in your apartment, argue with/ignore Reza so that he leaves the apartment (Book 1)
  • Tell Queenie where Hanna is hiding (Book 2)
  • Accept Queenie's support, instead of warning her about the campaign (Book 2)
  • Give the data to Sully, and then lie to Baruti about it (Book 2)
  • Running away from Nela during the bombing (Book 2)
  • Trying to distract Falk in your apartment, instead of dodging (Book 3)

Keep in mind that you can feed as many or as few memories to the Yaga as you would like. As soon as you give at least one of these memories to the Yaga, you will unlock:


Sharing is caring, except when you do it for your own selfish reasons.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Please note that this achievement may unlock later. For me, it didn't unlock until I finished this segment and I was at the loading screen.

The Yaga will then give Zoe the soul-stone. Go through the dialogue and cutscenes that follow to end this segment as Zoe.

The Prison Camp

After watching the scenes for the start of Kian's section, we will find ourselves on a beach. Climb up to the cliff face on the right. On the right side of the Necromancer's statue is a cliff face with rocks that we can use as foot holds. Examine it. Afterwards, interact with the outcrop to begin climbing.

Keep selecting the correct rocks to climb your way up the cliff (L, R, R). Kian will land higher up on this same cliff, near the statue's hands. Walk Kian all the way over to the dead end by the statue's other hand and climb the vines. Walk down to the statue's hand, then jump down on to the wall.

In this section, simply keep walking forward. Likho will provide enough of a distraction in the distance that the guards won't notice you. Running also doesn't have any consequences up here, as Kian will automatically slow down to a walk if he's too close to a guard. After looking at the horror below, continue along the path and jump to the next section of the wall.

When you land, do not go down the stairs. There will be a guard coming out of the door at the bottom of the stairs. You can see that he will interact with a panel on the wall and walk away. If you try to interact with the panel, Kian won't have any way of knowing the code. If you go back to the top of the stairs and try to observe from here, Kian will say that he cannot see from this distance.

Go back to where we landed when jumping and face the direction that we jumped from. On the left cliff, there is a ledge. Kian will scale the ledge back.

Now we need to go back to where the two guards were using the spyglass earlier. Luckily for us, they are still turned away from Kian, but have left the spyglass unattended. Walk up behind them and grab the farglass from the table. Then jump back to the previous area.

You'll need to position Kian between the two sections of wall here. From here, we should have a clear line of sight towards the tower's entrance. When the guard comes back through the door, use the farglass out of the inventory. There will be a small scene, where we can see the code that the guard inputs.

Now go to the code panel and press the following buttons: BR, TR, BL, BR, TR. The door will open.

Inside the Tower

Head up the stairs to a corridor with many doors. We are looking for the Office of Scientific Progress, which is most likely where the administrative records are being kept. The symbol on the door will look like this:

The door is obviously locked. If we stray away from the door, the camera will pan to a guard who is leaving to do night patrol. Make sure you avoid detection, but keep your eye on him. He will try to unlock a door down the hall when his key will get stuck. There are two braziers in this area. You'll want to find the one that is farthest away from the guard (so that you do not get caught) and push it over. As the guard comes to investigate the noise, head in the opposite direction, back to the door with the keychain. Kian will wiggle the keys loose. Once the keys are in the inventory, go back to the office door and unlock it. Afterwards, return the keychain to the door that they were stuck in before the guard comes back. You can finally open the office door. Be sure to close the door behind you so that you stay stealthy! Afterwards, head down the hall and open the door.

Administrative Office

Now that we are inside the office, we are going to get a missable achievement before carrying on with our objective. It's easier to provide a visual, so here's a video:

From where Kian enters the office, hug the wall left and look up towards the top books on the first bookshelf. You will see a hand icon when you find the correct spot. Interact with the book to pull on it, revealing a secret chamber to your right. Inside this chamber, investigate the painting to unlock the achievement:

Portrait of a Necromancer

You found the Necromancer King's secret chamber.

Portrait of a Necromancer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now we can go over to the desk in the corner of the room. There is a document on the top of the desk to read, if you so choose. Open the middle drawer. There is a document here. Close the drawer, and try to open the bottom drawer, which is locked. Open the middle drawer again. This time, you have the option to remove the drawer completely. Underneath is a latch. Pull the latch and the bottom drawer will open. Take the stone head.

Put the stone head on the statue in front of the desk. Now rotate to the right three times. The first two rotations you will have the option of looking at the things the statue uncovers. On the third and final rotation, a cutscene will take place. When it's time to act when things are in slow motion, turn Kian around towards the statue and rotate it to the left.

After the cutscenes, you should unlock the following achievement:

Bad Boys

You survived Ge'en with Likho's help.

Bad Boys
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement can ONLY be unlocked if you chose to bring Likho with you at the end of Book 3. FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT TO SURVIVE WITHOUT LIKHO'S HELP, SEE PLAYTHROUGH 2.

Afterwards, watch the scenes to close out Kian's chapter.

If following this entire walkthrough for Playthrough 1, this will be the spot in Playthrough 2 where you will unlock 100% completion, allowing you to skip the rest of Book 4 and all of Book 5.

Purple Mountains

We are now back in control of Zoe. Walk forward for a scene. Get a load of this place! Walk along the walkways, heading straight at the first fork. At the second fork, go straight again (not left). If you walk to the end of the path, you will spot a creature (the Oular) sitting on the edge. Be sure to WALK slowly towards it, otherwise it will climb down away from you. If this does happen, simply go back the way you came a little bit and then turn back around and the Oular will re-appear.

Ask the Oular about Abnaxus. Then select "cane" for the Oular to point towards where Abnaxus is. Afterwards, he will disappear. Go back to the fork where Crow is now sitting. Turn right here, then take another right. There will be a ladder that Zoe can reach for, the Oular will come and take us to Abnaxus. Speak to Abnaxus and go through his dialogue.

Walk up to Lux and use the soul-stone out of your inventory on Lux. Some dialogue and a few scenes will end Zoe's chapter.

Interlude III

It's been awhile since we checked in with Saga, who is now a teenager. After the cutscenes, take Papa's glasses and then put them on. We should now be able to find the various wards that are hidden within the house.

The first ward is on the ceiling of the room we are in. Examine it and listen to the memory. Afterwards, some of the objects in the room are going to glow. Touch the photograph to Saga's right, the scratches on the floor and then the window to the left. Touching all three will dispel the first ward. Listening to each object is optional, if you want the memory of what you're touching.

From here, go into the dining room. There is a door right next to a painting of Mama. Open it and you will see that it leads to nowhere (a brick wall). Put on Papa's glasses again and you'll see that the ward is here. Examine it and listen to the memory. Turn around and look towards the dining room table. You'll want to touch the drawing to Saga's right, the trowel to Saga's left and the suitcase ahead of her. The second ward is now dispelled.

The final ward is in Saga's bedroom. Go through the kitchen from the dining room, it's the open door to your left in the hallway. Put on Papa's glasses again here, the ward is behind a photograph of Saga, hanging next to the large circular window. Listen to the ward. Touch the schoolbooks in front of you, the painting in progress beside it and the rocket ship on the other side of Saga's bed. This will unlock the final ward.

Unfortunately, there is still something stopping us. Open your inventory and use the pendant. Watch the scene, then interact with the shift. You will unlock:

The Girl Who Walks Between Worlds

Saga is walking the Songlines.

The Girl Who Walks Between Worlds
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

This is now the end of Book 4. You will now get a summary of all your choices before moving on to Book 5.

After completing Book 4, you should have a total of 33/45 achievements for 715/1000 gamerscore.


Book 5

Waking Up

We start as Zoe, waking up fresh out of her coma. To advance the story, you'll have to go back to bed. I'd recommend doing this right away, as we'll need to examine most of the things in this room anyways shortly. After waking up again, Zoe will realize that things aren't quite right. Here's a list of the things you'll need to do:

  • Talk to Wonkers twice. Afterwards, his dialogue will simply loop.
  • Press the call button on the wall next to Zoe's bed until the dialogue repeats (6-7 times).
  • There is a greeting card with the flowers and balloons next to the wardrobe. Keep examining the card until Zoe can grab it. Your screen should glitch a few times in the process.
  • Interact with the graduation photo on the wall near the front door. Your screen will glitch out again. Zoe will pick this up after examining it enough.
  • Repeat the same process we used for the grad photo and the greeting card with the photo of Zoe and Reza and the family photo next to Zoe's bed.

Open the inventory. We will have our three photos and the greeting card that we will need to examine. All of the photos and the card will change, and Zoe will remember everything. Talk to Wonkers. After he disappears, you will unlock:

The Watilla is a lie

Wonkers will live again.

The Watilla is a lie
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If you walk around the room, you'll realize it's nothing but a padded white-walled room. If you walk up to where the TV was, Zoe will realize it's a window. Turn around and walk behind your bed to find a door. Open it and walk down the hallway until you get a scene. We are now done with Zoe's section and we will unlock:

The Red Pill


The Red Pill
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Rebellion Gathering

After a lot of cutscenes, we take control of Kian inside of the Rooster & Kitten. Talk to Likho before leaving, if you wish. When you're ready to go, talk to Anna.

To the Tower

Head left out of the pub towards the fountain, then take another left. Follow the path until a cutscene with Onor Hileriss interrupts your travel. We now need to save Crow. Speak to him to update our goal.

Two more missable achievements to get here! To the left of Crow is a table with beer kegs and a flagon. Pick up the flagon, then pan the camera right. You should see a bird bath near a market stall and a pumpkin:

  1. Go to the bird bath, fill up the flagon with water and then drink it (ewwwww).
  2. Talk to the merchant at the stall right next to the bird bath and ask for a sample of wine (pick any kind EXCEPT for the Dragon's Fire). Drink the wine sample out of the small thimble sampler.
  3. Go back to the wine stand and put the empty tasting thimble back on the table. Talk to the merchant and ask for yet another tasting sample. This time, ask for the Dragon's Fire.

After drinking the Dragon's Fire, you will unlock two achievements:

Never forget

Wine, water and liquor? That's going to hurt in the morning.

Never forget
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


A thimbleful of powerful liquor awakens the beast.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

These are also the last two missable achievements for Playthrough 1. The remaining ones are all story-related from here on out!

Now that Kian has drank all sorts of questionable liquids, we need to get back to saving Crow. Put the empty flagon on the wine merchant's cart, then ask him for yet ANOTHER sample of the Dragon's Fire (this guy is really generous). He will fill up the flagon for us. Now we will need to pour the wine on the kindling, in front of the pyre for Crow. Things will blow up in Onor's face (quite literally), but we still need to get Crow free. There is a pitchfork nearby (near where we grabbed the flagon). As soon as Kian grabs it, we will free Crow and he will show us a secret passage into the tower.

Secret Passageway

We are back in the Journeyman Inn. Go behind the counter and to the right. Kick the boards in to gain access to the cellar. Walk to the end of the cellar and then go through the scenes/dialogue here.

The order of the notes for singing is: high, middle, high, low. We now need to look for the "magic egg". Walk back through to the previous room. To the left of the doorway on the wall is a lantern. Examine it once, then grab it. Go back to the wall, and use the magical relic on the hole. Runes will now appear on the wall. Click the runes in the following order: right, middle, right, left.

After a few scenes, we have to row the boat pressing cn_LB. We cannot hold the button down unfortunately. Listen to Crow's dialogue and keep rowing until you reach your destination, with more cutscenes to follow.

Shutting Down the Engine

When you gain control of Kian, follow the walkways here. Pull the lever when you come to it and keep following the walkway to the center of the room. Sneak up behind the wizard and grab him. Kian will then speak to him. When Roper tries to distract you by calling out, do not look behind you (you'll be stabbed). Keep your eye on him instead and then punch him. Start to pull the levers on the machine Roper was standing at until you reach Ferdows and Anna. We will now need to follow a few directions:

  • Go left to the next panel to see three red buttons. Press the middle button and then go back and speak to Ferdows.
  • Talk to Crow. There are three 'machines' on the opposite side. Direct Crow to the left one.
  • Go over to the panel and pull the lever.

Afterwards, we get some scenes before switching over to Zoe.

The Lab

Take a right down the hall into the Incubation sector. Examine all four pods here, then try to leave. A guard will enter behind you.

Run and then turn right, towards Sequencing. The door will be locked. You will see the guard's flashlight, but luckily he will turn around. Wait for the guard to move again and then follow him to the right. You'll see a corpse on the floor. Examine him, and then take the keycard from his body. Head back to the locked panel by Sequencing. Use the keycard on the door, and then beeline directly for the next door in front of you. The guard will appear behind you. DO NOT MOVE. Interact with the panel to close the door.

Keep running. Turn right and open the door to finish this segment.


Go through the conversation here, exhausting all of the available options.


When you gain control of Zoe, read the journal. Afterwards, leave the room and turn left. Follow the hallway to the next left. Approach the portal for a scene.

The Undreaming

We are now in the area that we started in during the prologue (it's been awhile). Walk to the edge of the cliff for a scene. The plot thickens!

Interlude IV

We are back in Saga's house and need to find a spatula, rope and an elixir. The rope is straight ahead as you exit Saga's room, coiled up on a hook by the front door. The elixir and spatula are both in the kitchen. The spatula is on top of the stove. Examine the potions set next, on the counter. Now, open the book to find the potion recipe that we need:

  • The blossoms are on the dining room table (examine the flowers)
  • The liquor (bottle of Baiju) is in the living room on a shelf near the door leading to the hallway
  • The leaves are on the night stand in your bedroom

Take the ingredients back to the potions area. Put the ingredients into the flask in the following order: baiju, leaves and then blossoms. Grab the flask to put the elixir in our inventory.

Now that we have what we came for, we need to get out of here. Go through the kitchen door into the hallway. There will be a sledgehammer propped up against the wall. Grab it and then use it on the brick wall.

Fulfilling a Prophecy

Run to the very end of this area. Examine the bottom of the gears, to see a gap. Go right and examine the torque modulator on the panel. Use the spatula out of the inventory and then pull the "lever". The gears will stop and Saga will crouch through the gap.

Follow the path to the end. We are inside the magical engine! After Saga jumps down, go right and follow the walkway all the way to the end. When you get to the railing, use the rope. When you get to Kian, use the Elixir out of the inventory to save Kian.

The Prophet

All we can do here is walk and talk with Crow as we learn more about what the Prophet has been up to. We'll talk to April at the end. Goodbye Crow. :(

After this section ends, you will unlock:

The Longest Journey Home

Best friends reunited, setting out on their final journey together.

The Longest Journey Home
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


Back inside the lab, Zoe is still trapped in the pod. So here's what we need to do:

  • Look at the vortex
  • Pan up to the ceiling and look at the reality distortion. At this point, Zoe will be able to use her powers.
  • Try to open up your pod with no success
  • Use your mind ability on Helena
  • Input the code on to the pod

When you're standing, Helena will move towards you. Then she'll stop and turn around. Use your power on the glass casing. Lots of craziness here before we take control back of Kian.

Finding the Prophet

Turn left on the walkway, follow the path to the end and pull the lever. Interact with the walkway here to shimmy across it. Follow this walkway towards the spinning gears. Grab the chains to ride them.

After having control of Kian again, walk towards Roper/Prophet. Roper will fire projectiles at you, but they're easy to dodge around even if you're at a full run. When you get close enough, Kian will be knocked down on to a walkway below.

Walk away from where you landed and look for a cable to climb on the opposite side. For some reason it took me forever to figure out where to go, so I'll post a screenshot of what you're looking for:

With Roper distracted, you can now walk up to the Prophet and take his spear. Bye-bye Prophet.

Stopping the Prophet

After Darth Vader here force-chokes Helena, it's time to act. Use all of your dreamer powers on Brian.

Put the controller down now for awhile, you won't be needing it. There are a lot of cutscenes ahead.

Rebel Headquarters, One Last Time

We are back inside Kian's room in the Rebel Headquarters. Walk into the main hall and you can see the memorial set up at the old meeting table. Because we chose to bring Likho with us and killed Na'ane in this playthrough, there's nobody here left except for Likho. :(

Speak to Likho here and make your decision.


Zoe awakens (for real this time). Nothing to do here but watch the scene/listen to dialogue.

We see a brief glimpse into Kian and Saga's fate. You will unlock:

The Bloodless King

Kian's future has been decided for him.

The Bloodless King
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Afterwards, we see Zoe's fate.


We are now back in The House Between Worlds.

Light the fire, then go towards the chair. Before you can sit down, you'll need to open the window. Afterwards, sit in the chair.

When the credits start to roll, you will unlock:

Balance is restored

Our story comes full circle as the past meets the future.

Balance is restored
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

That's it for Playthrough 1! You should have finished our first run with 40/45 achievements, with a total of 925/1000 possible gamerscore.

Now that you've finished your first playthrough of Dreamfall Chapters, we will be missing the following five achievements:

She's so cute!

Completed work at the lab.

She's so cute!
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Dead ends

Zoë receives a recorded message from Baruti.

Dead ends
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


You bonded with Enu.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

A farewell to Kidbot

She was a good kid.

A farewell to Kidbot
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Single mans

You survived Ge'en on your own.

Single mans
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This second playthrough will cover ONLY these five achievements. Each book will be broken up into key decision making points and will go over anything new that we did not see in Playthrough 1. If you are missing any achievements except the five listed above, please look at the first playthrough. If you need a detailed and comprehensive step-by-step guide, please refer to Playthrough 1. This part of the walkthrough assumes that you have recently finished your first playthrough and are going for a quick "speed-run" to mop up these missing achievements.

Select a new game from the main menu and choose to start in Book 1. We will need to play until Book 4, but will be able to skip Book 5 completely, if need be. All of your choices will be rewritten for this run, allowing us to start over and get our missing achievements.



Go through the prologue again. The only important thing in this section is the decision we make at the very end.

At the end of the prologue, CHOOSE THE FAMILIAR PATH. This will allow Zoe to work at the Lab (rather than Pandemonium) and will allow us to get two achievements in later chapters.

Friar's Keep

Nothing different to do here in playthrough 2 as Kian except for finish this section before we go back to Zoe.

Zoe - Propast I

Go through Zoe's therapy session and then deliver the food to Reza. When we leave the Hand, we will be on a different path from last time in Playthrough 1.

Since we chose the unknown path and worked at Pandemonium in our previous playthrough, I will provide a walkthrough for this section. Choosing the familiar path at the end of the prologue has set us up for work at the Laboratory.

From The Hand, we will need to backtrack towards the therapist's office/Nela's cart. Take the three staircases and ramps back up to the Sheshardi Towers area. Head towards Nela's cart, but hang a left. Follow the balcony. When you come into a larger area, head right. You should see a poster on the wall that reads "Rent'a Lab Realty". Go left and down the stairs. This walkway is a dead end. At the end on the right side is the entrance to the Lab.

Remember to use a map station if you get lost. Or, look at the following video:

Inside the lab, wait for the sliding door to open and then listen to Ada. Examine the algae. Afterwards, more dialogue before we are introduced to Kidbot. You can talk to Ada here more if you wish, or you can leave with Kidbot.

Speak to KidBot once you are outside, then follow them. We will be led back to the start of the river, back near The Hand. Speak to Kidbot once you've stopped. Kidbot will do a fly-over on the river and mark a few areas. When Kidbot comes back, follow to the first grid area and speak to Kidbot again. Kidbot will then fly over the grid area, revealing a green area where there are pollutants in the water. When Kidbot comes back, interact with it and then point it to the pollutant spot in the water.

Move on to the next grid area after this. Follow Kidbot north up-river, we will end up right in front of Pandemonium's garage. Kidbot will scan the area. The pollutant area has two barrels in it though, which raises a problem. You can direct Kidbot to move the first barrel on the left, but the other barrel will be too heavy to move. Here's what we do:

  • Direct Kidbot to grab some coiled up rope on the ferry to the right of the barrel.
  • Open your inventory and use the rope on Kidbot.
  • Direct Kidbot to attach one end of the rope to the front of the ferry, then have Kidbot attach the other end of the rope to the barrel.
  • Direct Kidbot to ring a bell, located on the street level to the right of the ferry. The ferryman will be standing near it.
  • Finally, Kidbot will need to drop one of the lanterns onto the bell. Direct Kidbot to the interactable lantern above the bell.

The ferry will move and bring the barrel with it. We can finally ask Kidbot to now interact with the pollution area. After doing so, talk to Kidbot again. After a brief conversation with Mira, we will automatically be brought back to the Lab.

Inside the lab, talk to Ada. After finishing your work for the day, you will unlock:

She's so cute!

Completed work at the lab.

She's so cute!
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

As we finish the rest of this chapter as Zoe, there are no other changes from Playthrough 1 that we need to worry about. Play through the chapter as you'd like from here.


Kian - Joining Rebels + Marcuria I

In Kian's first two sections (joining the rebellions and entering Marcuria for the first time), there is nothing new to do on Playthrough 2. Play through until we head back to the Rebel HQ, after identifying the traitor in the market.

The Meeting

When we once again have the option of what to do with Na'ane, we need to make decisions to BEFRIEND ENU FOR PLAYTHROUGH 2. This includes ensuring that Na'ane lives. We will be choosing to STAY SILENT.

As soon as you choose to stay silent, the meeting will end. Afterwards, you can confront Na'ane. Leave the meeting room and make for the hallway with everybody's living quarters. Na'ane's room is on the left, just before Kian's room. Go through the conversation with her.

Afterwards, you are given the choice of exposing her or keeping her secret. TO BE ABSOLUTELY SURE WE WILL ALIGN WITH ENU, CHOOSE TO TELL NO ONE.

The biggest contributing factor to Enu's friendship is whether or not Na'ane lives, but I haven't tested out personally if exposing her has any really long lasting consequences on Enu's friendship one way or the other.

Kian's section will end after this.

Zoe - Propast II

Everything in Propast will be nearly identical as our first playthrough (gameplay wise). We need to go through our second therapy session, find Hanna and start the data quest for Baruti. MAKE SURE YOU ACCEPT BARUTI'S DATA QUEST. Even choosing to work at the Lab has subtle differences for the first part of Zoe's chapter. We will still have access to Mira for help on the data collection quest. Find Hanna, return to Queenie and then complete the data collection quest.

After obtaining the data from Mira, WE WILL NEED TO HAND THE DATA OVER TO BARUTI. This allows us to get one achievement later on in Book 2.

As you leave Pandemonium, Baruti will call. He will wait for you in the same place as before (Sonnenschien Plaza, where Zoe's apartment is). From Mira's, head left and walk through The Bricks. At the end, take the staircase leading up to the plaza. Baruti will be seated at a picnic table in front of Seraph Kavarna. Talk with him and give him the data. Your choices regarding quitting the campaign and sharing your opinion about handing the data over to The Hand do not matter.

All we need to do now is head home.... which happens to be right next to us. Enter the apartment building to go home and end the chapter.

Kian - Marcuria II

As Kian, play normally up until our interrogation with the guard. This happens after we get Bip to distract the guard for us with the fire-flower.

When we interrogate the guard, we will need to make different choices than in Playthrough 1. Because we are aligning ourselves with Enu this chapter, THREATEN him and SPARE HIS LIFE. This is the final step towards unlocking our Enu related friendship achievement in Book 3.

Your conversation with Likho and Enu will be different than it was in Playthrough 1, due to our difference in our treatment of the soldier for Enu. After the conversation, a few scenes will end Kian's chapter.

Zoe - Propast III

After we put on the Dream Machine, we will be back at the Lab with Ada. After the dialogue, leave the Lab. Zoe will try to call Baruti, but will only be able to reach his voicemail. From the Lab, we need to go to the Campaign HQ. I will be taking a different route than how we normally travel through Propast to get to Campaign HQ.

Turn left from the Lab doors, head up the stairs and then turn left. Go down the stairs here, then wind down to the next staircase and take those down too. You should end up in Kaprova. Run straight across the street to enter into The Shuk. Keep walking until you see the familiar memorial in front of you with a right fork. Turn right here, and then turn left. Turn right when you end up on the other side and you should be in front of the Campaign HQ.

Because this is a new path, I will also provide a video below:

Go inside of the Campaign HQ. Watch the cutscene. Once you are brought back outside, you will unlock:

Dead ends

Zoë receives a recorded message from Baruti.

Dead ends
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Remember that this achievement is ONLY OBTAINABLE BY GIVING THE DATA TO BARUTI EARLIER IN BOOK 2. If you want to see the achievement related to giving the data to The Hand, please see Playthrough 1.

Zoe will call Nela to come meet with her. The following sequence to follow Nela will be the same as before, as we close out Zoe's chapter and also finish Book 2.


Play through the interlude.

Kian - Marcuria III

As Kian's chapter loads, he should be standing with Enu.

After you gain control of Kian again, the following achievement will unlock:


You bonded with Enu.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Remember that this achievement is ONLY UNLOCKABLE BY DECISIONS MADE TO BEFRIEND ENU. We chose to befriend Likho in Playthrough 1, so all relationship based achievements to choose between Enu/Likho are now finished.

After getting this achievement, play through Kian's chapter until we switch to Zoe.

Zoe - Propast IV

There will be slight dialogue difference with Mira (since we were working at the Lab), but nothing has really changed here from Playthrough 1. Play through as normal: grabbing the battery from Mira, putting on the Dream Machine and going through the sewers with Hanna.

When we get to the warehouse section, we will find Kidbot (not Shitbot, like last time). The game play/objectives inside the warehouse, however, is identical to Playthrough 1. Once we finish in the warehouse, say goodbye to Kidbot and reunite with Hanna, we will unlock:

A farewell to Kidbot

She was a good kid.

A farewell to Kidbot
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement is ONLY UNLOCKABLE BY CHOOSING THE FAMILIAR PATH AT THE END OF THE PROLOGUE. This is the final unlockable achievement in the game related to working at the Lab.

Finish playing as Zoe when she finds herself in Marcuria.

Kian - Marcuria III

Play Kian's section until we are boarding the airship to Ge'en.

When given the option to bring or leave Likho, LEAVE LIKHO BEHIND. This is the final decision that we have to make in order to get our LAST missing achievement.

This will bring us to the end of Book 3.

Book 4

All there is for us to do in Book 4 is to play until we unlock our final achievement. There is nothing new throughout most of Book 4 from our first playthrough. Because we chose NOT to take Likho with us to Ge'en, the airship cutscene will be omitted entirely.

Kian - Prison Camp

Even without Likho's help, the prison section is nearly identical as before. After we deal with the crazy science officer, Kian's section will end and we will unlock our final achievement:

Single mans

You survived Ge'en on your own.

Single mans
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

You can ONLY get this achievement if you choose to leave Likho behind at the end of Book 3 when boarding the airship.

That makes 100% of all achievements unlocked! It is up to you if you want to finish playing the game. You do not need to play past this point if you so choose, but may want to see what different decisions might do for the story.

Congratulations on 100% in Dreamfall Chapters!

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