Outcast - Second Contact

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Outcast - Second Contact is a remake of a 1999 PC game where you play as Cutter Slade in the sci-fi world of Adelpha. After a short tutorial, the majority of the game world is open and accessible so there is no need to progress the story very far to obtain all the achievements. This guide will primarily focus on getting all the achievements, with a short summary of the remaining story at the end.

Due to its inclusion as a Games with Gold title in April/May 2019 the games Trueachievement score does not reflect its difficulty. While the combat can take some getting used to, this is a fairly simple and straightforward completion. Following the guide it could possibly take under 10 hours, but a more realistic timeframe is 12-15 hours.

The action takes place across six distinct regions. With the possible exception of a short trip to the region of Talanzaar to upgrade/purchase weapons, it's recommended to tackle one region at a time in the order shown. Be aware that it is easy to get bogged down in side quests that may seem important but remember, if it isn't in the guide, it is not required for achievement-hunting purposes.

So get those wise-cracks at the ready and load up your pistol, Cutter... the Talan need our help!

Outcast - Second Contact uses both auto and manual saving. The process of saving is a little different – you need to open your backpack with cn_B and select the GAAMSAAV item (yes, really…). Then press cn_X to activate it and choose the save slot with cn_A.

Players have reported that the game can be quite glitchy.

  • some achievements will not unlock when they should,
  • menu screens are blank - this may be linked to using the inventory screen (cn_B) to pause the game - DO NOT DO THAT! Use the menu button instead,
  • random graphic events like carts spinning around or, more importantly, NPC's getting stuck inside walls,
  • there is a side mission in Shamazaar that can be difficult to trigger - no known workaround as yet,
  • conversation options not appearing when they should.

For this reason, you want to spread your saves out, as it is possible you will need to revert to a previous save if things don't work as they should. In the worst case, you can start a new game and race through Ranzaar, then head to the specific region and complete whatever action you need. Or, just keep a save at the end of Ranzaar to use as a fallback.

One of the other controls that rates a mention is weapon selection. Pressing cn_RT will bring up a weapon selection screen, so choose whichever weapon you want (or to put it away if you already have one equipped). With the weapon at the ready, press cn_LT to aim and cn_RT to fire. Note that you only start with one weapon and can purchase others when you get to the region of Talanzaar. When in combat, pressing (rather than holding) cn_LT reloads the weapon.

For my achievement playthrough, I only used the UZA-SH1 as a slightly more powerful option than the starting pistol and, on one occasion for a specific achievement, the LN-DUO 500. The HAWK-MK8 would also be useful when the tougher enemies appear. Certainly don’t feel you need to purchase or upgrade all the weapons as the game is entirely completable with just the starting pistol. If you choose to finish the story line, consider some of the other weapons as the last few enemies are tougher.

Zorkins is the currency used in the game. You will likely end up with enough Zorkins to buy all the weapons, a Twon-Ha and many of the upgrades as well. There are some times when you will need to purchase story items from NPC's so keep around 300 Zorkins on you at all times.

The weapons available are as follows:


Starting pistol. Solid enough weapon. Resources for ammunition are plentiful.


Automatic pistol. Higher rate of fire and better for the tougher enemies like the Gamors.


Sniper rifle. Fires sleep pellets. While aiming, use cn_LS to change magnification. Even by sniper rifle standards, difficult to target moving enemies.


Heavy laser. Fires the green projectile that most soldiers use against you. Hold cn_RT to charge and let go to fire. Powerful but fires a slow moving shot so lead your target a little.

LN-DUO 500

A mine/grenade launcher. Used for one specific achievement. Fixed aim so you need to plan and put the mines ahead of your enemies or in choke points where they will pass. Hold cn_RT to charge and display the projectile path and let go to fire.

FT 74-X

Flame thrower. Very expensive, but a great weapon to use when enemies rush you. Sets enemies on fire and is a 1-hit kill.


Following on from weapons, ammunition needs to be found, bought or made. Throughout the game you will find ammunition for the different weapons scattered around, particularly in enemy forts and outposts, on roofs as well as underwater. You can purchase ammo from the traders in the Talanzaar region, but this is not recommended as you want to spend what Zorkins you have on weapons.

The third and most useful method is the make ammo via the Recreators. These are blacksmith-like NPC’s who you can find in 4 of the 6 regions. To have them make ammo, you must first show them a sample of the ammo you want (just the first time), then give them the required resources to make it. They will only be able to make a limited amount at a time and you have to wait a few minutes while they do their work. Early on you will be limited by the amount of resources you have, but once you get into the game you will regularly be able to ‘order’ the maximum amount.

The most efficient approach is to order another batch every time you collect, so you don’t have to wait around.

For this reason you want to constantly be collecting resources. Each type of ammunition has a different resource requirement, which the Recreator can tell you, so just get in the habit of collecting everything you can. Your scanner will identify some, but not all items so don't just rely in it.


cn_RS selects the type of map you have, scrolling though none, a minimap and a full screen, partially transparent map. Additionally, it will auto-rotate as you move around. The maps in this guide are all oriented traditionally, with North to the top, for consistency.

When moving around, holding cn_RB will make you run. A stamina gauge will appear in the bottom right. Often this will just not work - it seems to be more reliable if you run in a straight line.

Much of the game involves finding and talking to certain NPC’s. They are located on the maps with markers – generally green are generic while purple are named/important and red are enemies.

If you are struggling to find a particular NPC, you can ask anyone and they will point the way, literally. Just greet them and ask LOCATE TALAN. Generally NPC's are static and should be in the location marked on the maps in this guide but some may move around a little.

Conversation options that are important will be written IN CAPITALS. All important conversations should be details but feel free to exhaust all dialogue options.


Along your travels, you will collect a number of gadgets:

PROXI-130 HF - Tracker

Places an arrow on the ground showing the nearest enemy. Not particularly useful as enemies are shown on the minimap.

UBIK-0A - Hologram

Creates a hologram for a while that will confuse enemies, allowing you to flank them or get away if you are being swamped.

PPS - Invisibility

This makes you invisible for a while. You cannot shoot while invisible so it's better suited for sneaking past enemies or saving for a specific achievement near the end of the walkthrough. Save them up until then.

F-LINK - Teleporter

The most useful gadget in the game. You will collect 3 from the storehouse in the village in Shamazaar. If you look in your inventory, each will be marked with a different symbol (either 3 horizontal lines, 3 vertical lines or a square). To use one, select it in your inventory so it is in your hand. Press cn_X to place the yellow crystal beacon on the ground. This is the location you will teleport back to. The F-Link will still be in your inventory. Move away and when you want to teleport back to that spot, select the F-Link and press cn_X to use it again. You will pick up the yellow crystal beacon when you teleport and walking over it will also automatically pick it up.

You can place all 3 teleporters at once and they work independently of each other. If you forget where a teleporter is, the symbols will be marked on the full page map. You can only teleport within the same region - if you left a beacon in another region it will not work, but once you return to that region you can then use it.

THNDR-STP33 - Proximity Detonator

A mine that explodes when anyone gets close. Be careful as you can set off and take damage from your own mines! With careful planning these mines can be deadly.

O2K-Mini - Oxygen Tank

When swimming underwater, you have an O2 gauge that appears in the bottom right. When this runs out, you will normally die but if you have an oxygen tank the gauge will refill automatically, allowing for much longer underwater exploration.

CLAPR-T - Remote Dynamite Detonator

Does exactly what it says. Drop dynamite and back away. Use the CLAPR-T to set the explosive off. Can be used whilst invisible so it is most useful for a specific achievement, used in conjunction with the PPS. For most of the game just shoot the dynamite instead and save your CLAPR-T's.

Medical Kit

Self explanatory - it heals you!


Twon-Ha are the bipedal animals that you will see throughout the game. It is possible to purchase one from Zalinass, an NPC in Shamanzaar - this will place the Bought Gui item in your inventory. You can find your Twon-Ha in the pen to the south-east of the Shamazaar village. The reason you would want one is that you can ride them and move around a bit faster.

To mount the your Twon-Ha, stand on it's left side and an cn_X prompt will appear. Holding cn_RB will make the beast run. It will stay where you leave it but may eventually return to one of the pens in Shamazaar.


Your actions in the game will effect your reputation. Killing non-enemies and property and generally being unhelpful will damage your reputation. Since there is an achievement linked to having a good reputation, this walkthrough will assume you play nice. Check your shots if non-aggressive Talan are nearby and be cautious when using explosives in populated areas. Completing the quests listed in the guide will be more than enough to maintain a good reputation. NPC's will be more helpful and some prices will be lower if you have a good reputation.

A popup above an NPC will show a face that reflects your reputation with them and you can ask the Shamaz NPC's about your reputation if you want to check.

Start a new game. You begin with a long cutscene which sets up the story - skip it if you want (cn_B and press cn_B and select SKIP MOVIE). When you are in control, jump into the options menu and change Damage resistance to High and Auto-replenish health bar to On if you want to make things easier.

You will be in Zokrym's hut. Notice how your scanner will identify some ammo on the floor nearby. Grab the HK-P12 ammo from the floor inside the building by walking over it before heading outside. Just walk over it to pick it up.

Press cn_RS to cycle through the map options.

Find Jan – as you approach a figure their name will be displayed above their heads for a short time and he should be identified on the larger map.

Jan will move around a bit but he is most likely in the building to the south-east. Speak to him using cn_X. He will have 4 tests for you to complete, which are simple tutorials. Ask about each in turn and he will lead you to them. You can then ask again for *TEST* INFO. Note that there is no notification that you have completed a test but if you ask about test info again Jan will tell you there is no need to repeat it.

External image

Jump Test (on the right as you leave Zokrym's hut)– walk up the stairs and line yourself up with the gap. Press and hold cn_A to jump and glide over the gap and grab the treasure.

Target Test (on the left as you leave Zokrym's hut, near the circular portal)– there are 3 vases to shoot. First press cn_RT to bring up your weapons and choose the only one you have at this time - the HK-P12 in the top left. Hold cn_LT to aim and cn_RT to fire.

Swim Test (in the north-east corner)– as simple as jumping in the pool and swimming underwater using cn_LT. Note the O2 gauge in the bottom right. You will collect O2 cylinders that will allow you to stay underwater longer throughout the game. Grab the resources from under the water, especially the HK-P12 ammo.

Stealth Test (in the north-west corner) – press cn_LB to crouch behind the nearest box on the red cross. Jan will rotate through 3 angles. Move around to the right, going from cover to cover. Take your time and don’t try to move too far at once. You can press cn_RB to roll to the side if you need to. Get around to the opposite side where Jan put a piece of fruit. When you grab the fruit, you will complete the trial which unlocks:

Jan's stealth test! in Outcast - Second Contact
Complete the stealth tutorial in Ranzaar with Jan.
  • Unlocked by 9,184 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.05) 10,146

Once you’ve completed all the tests, talk to Jan again about RESULT to unlock:

Ready to leave Ranzaar! in Outcast - Second Contact
Complete all four tests with Jan.
  • Unlocked by 8,850 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 10,146

Take a moment to explore all of the buildings. Assuming you looted the pool during the swim trial, there should be plenty of HK-P12 ammo to collect and unlock:

Can't wait to use this in Outcast - Second Contact
Obtain over 300 rounds for your HK-P12.
  • Unlocked by 7,771 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 10,146

Now find Zokrym, the chief you met in the initial cutscene. Tell him you are READY TO GO. Follow him as he slowly walks out to the portal, which you will have noticed near the Target Test to the south of the village. Zokrym will start up the portal and it will shimmer blue, so walk through to Shamazaar.

As you progress around Shamazaar, look out for little spider-like creatures that look like this:

External image

You will find them in shambling masses of 5-6 creatures. Killing 25 of them will unlock:

Krakits in Outcast - Second Contact
Krakits49 (15)
Kill 25 Krakits.
  • Unlocked by 949 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.27) 10,146

They will appear in other regions but you will be moving around this region a bit so try to get it done here. You can always return at any time if you don't find any elsewhere.


You arrive in Shamazaar in a small pool located in the south-east of the area. On the north of the pool, next to some stairs, is a Talan by the name of Grazel. Talk to him and he will lead you to the village, which is over in the south-west. He will give you a short rundown of the area along the way.

External image

Follow Grazel over to the village. There are a few Talarn to locate here. Start with Clath, the Recreator. From where Grazel leaves you, head up the stairs to the west. You should see Clath as soon as you approach the buildings, inside his workshop. Ask him ABOUT RECREATORS to learn that he (and all Recreators) can make ammo for you. If you've found the required elements, you can start him making HK-P12 ammo. Otherwise, come back later. As mentioned on the General Hints and Tips page, get in the habit of ordering your next batch of ammo every time you collect some. You probably won't have enough resources yet, so be sure to collect as much as you can while you progress and come back later.

To the south-west of Clath is another hut with a light purple marker - this is Shamaz Zeb. Enter the hut and talk to him which will unlock:

Hey, Doc! in Outcast - Second Contact
Hey, Doc!25 (15)
Find Shamaz Zeb and speak to him.
  • Unlocked by 3,781 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.63) 10,146

Talk to Zeb for some story, then ask him about Naarn (this will be under the ...MORE conversation option). Zeb will suggest you find his brother Ilott. Be sure to grab the key to the right of the fireplace behind him before you leave.

On the east side of the village is a square building with no windows which you will have passed earlier. There will be a key near the door on the south side. Equip one of the keys - open your backpack with cn_B and select Door Key with cn_A. Now you should have a prompt to press cn_X to use the key in the door. Inside is a pile of goodies so stock up. You will grab your three F-Link devices, which are discussed on the General Hints and Tips page. Consider putting one down outside Clath's workshop if you want to save some legwork.

Before you leave the village, head north-west of Shamaz Zeb's hut to meet a rather simple Talan.

This is the leader in this area, named Maar. Go through the dialogue options asking ABOUT RISS and ABOUT SOLDIERS, then you can ask STOP RISS PRODUCTION for a reference to an Essence Stone. Ask ABOUT ESSENCE STONE and you will be referred to Zeo.

From Maar, head north. On your map you will see a cluster of red markers. These are enemy soldiers. Clear them all out. This shouldn’t be too difficult but you can retreat if you need to. It can be hard to hit the enemies who will run around madly - try to target them as they run towards or away from you. Also try to keep your distance and only engage a few at a time.

Keep an eye on the blue bar underneath the weapon icon in the bottom right of the screen - that is your health bar. With the settings recommended at the start of the game, you can disengage and let your health automatically replenish if it is getting low.

Once the enemies are all clear, check the raised area they were around for some loot. Now find Ilott nearby – he will be the green marker on the map just to the north. Talk to him to learn he is injured.

Go south back to the village and talk to Shamaz Zeb. Select the dialogue option to HEAL ILOTT. He will head up to Ilott and heal him. If you lose him or he disappears, just go back to Ilott and he will be there.

When you arrive, you will unlock:

Ilott healed in Outcast - Second Contact
Find a Shamaz and convince him to heal Ilott.
  • Unlocked by 1,631 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.50) 10,146

Ask Ilott about Naarn. He will refer you to Shamaz Mazun and talk about Magwa. He also mentions that the Riss Accountants can tell you more about Essence Idols.

From Ilott, look towards the centre of the map. There are 2 purple markers fairly close to the east. Find Corizel, who should be the northern of the 2. Ask him about Essence Idols to learn that they are secured in Riss store houses surrounded by soldiers.

Now find Zolass - he should be just to the south. Greet him and ask ABOUT ZALINASS. He will send you on a quest.

Zalinass will be back in the village. He roams around between the two pens - the first is next to Shamaz Zeb's hut while the second is just a short way to the south-east. (After you complete the next quest, he may also walk up near Zolass). Talk to him and select ZOLASS MESSAGE. When given the option, choose to help him. You will receive the item Zolass Gui. You are warned that the Twon-Ha will run away if you enter combat. Consider making a save here just in case it all goes wrong and the beast runs away and you can't find it.

Open your backpack and equip the Zolass Gui. Zalinass will tell you which pen it is in - you can spot it by the two 'saddle-bags' it is carrying. With the Gui equipped, the Twon-Ha will follow you. If you can't find it, just explore around the village area with the Gui equipped and eventually you will notice a Twon-Ha following you. It will have a green map marker but only when you are looking at it.

Lead it back over to Zolass, towards the centre of the area. If you get too far ahead, it will start to wander off, so keep an eye on it.

Talk to Zolass and select DELIVER TWON-HA, choosing yes when given the option. This unlocks:

Zolass's Twon-ha in Outcast - Second Contact
Deliver a Twon-ha for Zolass.
  • Unlocked by 1,382 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 10,146

Return to Zalinass and select FINISHED WITH ZOLASS to tell him the Twon-Ha has been delivered.

There is one more quest involving Zolinass but it will not be active yet. As you progress, a random Talan will call you over. He will tell you that Zalinass needs you. Once that happens, the quest can be started. It will be covered in a while but listen out for a Talan calling for you. When it does, select EVENT.

Now head up to the north-east of the area. If you skirt around the South-East and kill the few sets of enemies along the way, you should unlock:

Maar will be happy! in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat at least 20 soldiers for Maar.
  • Unlocked by 2,037 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.23) 10,146

There's plenty more killing to be done in Shamazaar, so if you don't get it here it will unlock soon. There is usually ammo near the small enemy camps. Given that you probably don't have the weapon yet, you may also have stored up enough UZA-SH1 rounds to unlock:

Feeding my UZA-SH1 in Outcast - Second Contact
Fill your backpack with over 250 rounds for your UZA-SH1.
  • Unlocked by 1,956 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.28) 10,146

Again, if you don't get it here, don't worry too much. It should unlock soon.

External image

Find Zeo at the Well of Essence. Be sure to ask him ABOUT MAGWA and he will refer you to Logar.

Logar is located nearby - back towards the centre of the area. Find him and ask LOGAR and he will sell you some Magwa. Depending on your reputation it will cost around 100-150 zorkins.

From Logar, look to the south-east to find a temple (you may have passed it earlier). Bozz the Overseer will be standing on the steps. Talk to him for two quests - the blocked path and the Gorgor. You can exhaust the dialogue but don't bother with CLEAR YOUR MEN OUT just yet.

Let's start with the Gorgor. To the north-east of the temple you will see a pair of lakes, indicated with blue outlines on the map. The first one, closest to the temple, has the large Gorgor in it. You may also notice dynamite scattered around under the water. You can actually jump in and collect some of the dynamite, but leave at least one still there.

Simply shoot one of the pieces of dynamite with your HK-P12 to dispose of the monster, which unlocks:

Doesn't sound like a Gorgor! in Outcast - Second Contact
Kill the beast in the water behind the temple of Ka.
  • Unlocked by 1,162 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.96) 10,146

Jump into the pool to the north of this one where you can collect some more dynamite, a strange stone and miscellaneous supplies.

Now you have some dynamite, go back to Bozz at the temple and select CLEAR YOUR MEN OUT. They will return if you take too long - just repeat the conversation if that happens. Head up the steps to the blockage at the top. Open your inventory and equip the dynamite. Press cn_X to drop it at the top of the steps. Back up and shoot the dynamite to clear the blockage and unlock:

Area cleared! in Outcast - Second Contact
A worker at one of the temples wants the Yods to clear away the debris.
  • Unlocked by 1,591 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.53) 10,146

Talk to Bozz again and choose ACCIDENT REMOVED and DESTROYED GORGOR for a small reward. He may be freaked out by the explosion so you may have to wait a moment before you are able to start the conversation.

Return to Zeo and ask ABOUT WELL, HISTORY OF WELL and ABOUT ESSENCE STONE. Now select STONE FROM WATER and choose to give it to him (this is the strange stone you just got from the northern pool). There is no achievement related to this but you will be able to weaken the soldiers slightly by stopping the riss production. It will also improve your reputation.

Find the temple at the north of the area, in the centre. Shamaz Mazum will be here. He asks for Magwa. You already have it, so hand it over. He will now answer your questions. Ask ABOUT ESSENCE, SEEN NAARN? and SANKRA TABLET.

You need to go back to Maar at the village. Consider dropping an F-Link in the north-east of the area as you will be back here shortly. You will once again be using dynamite so scrounge around for some more if you've run out. Ask Maar about MAZUM'S TABLET. Follow him as he grabs a chest from a building to the south and places it in a clearing outside.

Drop your dynamite next to the chest then back up and shoot it to unlock:

Boom! in Outcast - Second Contact
Boom!41 (15)
Use dynamite on a chest.
  • Unlocked by 1,364 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.73) 10,146

Pick up the Stone Tablet from the remains.

If you have unlocked the Maar Will Be Happy achievement you can talk to Maar again and select STOP RISS PRODUCTION. He will agree which will weaken your enemies. If not, come back later once you unlock that achievement.

Head all the way up to Shamaz Mazum in the north. Choose FOUND TABLET and ABOUT TABLET dialogue options.

It's time to get some of those Essence Idols that everyone has been talking about. They are located in the storage houses throughout the area. As you have learned, they are surrounded by guards. They look like the square, windowless building you raided for supplies in the village earlier.

External image

Make sure to stock up on ammo in between each battle. You should be able to kill most enemies at a distance from across the water which can make it easier to avoid incoming fire. Run away if you think you might be about to die and don't forget you may have collected a medkit by now.

You will need a key to open each storage house. There will be a single enemy in each group who fires a grenade launcher with blue projectiles. Try to remember where he dies as he will drop a key.

In each storehouse you will find a differently shaped Essence Idol. You may need to shoot the blue containers to find it. Double check your inventory and make sure you collect one Idol from each storehouse.

Now is also a good time to destroy the three boats that are marked on the above map to unlock:

Boat Blast! in Outcast - Second Contact
Destroy the boats in Shamazaar to weaken the soldiers!
  • Unlocked by 955 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.27) 10,146

Of course, if you want to keep the boats to make travelling to the central area easier, just make a save, destroy the boats and reload.

With all three essence idols in hand, it's time for the biggest battle yet. You need to assault the large central temple structure, the Temple Fae. Access is from the north. There are a lot of enemies here! Work your way through and clear out the area. If you snipe from afar, they will all spill out of the temple and come at you. This can be a good tactic to spread them out and make things a little easier.

Naarn will be located by the eastern of the two portals in the temple. With him is the last Essence Idol.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

These two portals lead to Okasankaar and Motazaar, but in both regions you arrive in an area heavily populated by enemies. This walkthrough will not use these portals at all, but check the maps for those other regions to see where you arrive (Shamazaar Portal). If you clear out the enemies then these portals are a more efficient method of getting between those two regions later in the game.

Now it's time for a little puzzle. The temples are marked on the map above with "T". On each temple there is a slot for an essence stone. You can use the stone tablet to try and work it out yourself, or the solution is below. Drop an F-Link at the Temple Fae as you will be coming back in a moment. You have to leave the Temple Fae for last.

Visit each temple and equip the relevant Essence Idol. Climb the stairs/ramp to the top. There will be a slot in the stone beneath the icon at the peak of the temple. Get close enough and you can use the Idol with cn_X. Place the Idols as marked on the first three temples (around the north-east of the map).

External image

With the first three Idols placed correctly, a short cutscene will play showing some stone blocks rising up. You can now head back to the Temple Fae in the centre.

To the west of the portals you will find those stone blocks. At their base, on the east side, is another slot for an Essence Idol. Place the last one in your possession, which triggers a cutscene of a flame around a box dying down.

Now use the stone blocks to climb to the top of the temple. The box is straight ahead. Walk up to it for a quick cutscene where you will collect your first Mon and unlock:

So, that's a Mon, is it? in Outcast - Second Contact
Find the Mon in Shamazaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,025 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.15) 10,146

As you head back to the village, a cutscene will play and you will get a message from one of your lost teammates.

Hopefully you have been been waved down and told about Zalinass' problem. Getting him to give you the quest and spawn the Gamors can be a real pain. If you are stuck, just talk to every Talan that you see who waves at you. One of them will have an EVENT option that will be the one you want.

Once that has happened, find Zalinass and ask about PROBLEM. He sends you to kill some Gamors. They are located in the south-east, near the pool where you arrived from Ranzaar. They resemble canine's and will have brown map markers. There should be 5 or 6 - kill them all to unlock:

Gamors defeated! in Outcast - Second Contact
Kill the gamors far to the east of the village.
  • Unlocked by 1,382 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 10,146

Return to Zalinass to turn in the quest and receive a small reward.

When you are ready to proceed, collect any F-Link beacons you've left and head south of the village, past the Twon-Ha pen. If you didn't explore and take care of them earlier, a few soldiers will be gathered around a portal. Clear them out and head through to Talanzaar.

When you first arrive, you will unlock:

Talanzaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Talanzaar68 (30)
Reach the region of Talanzaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,965 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.27) 10,146

Note that you are facing south at your starting point, so pay close attention to the directions in the area and rotate the map to make navigation easier. Remember that all maps in this walkthrough are aligned with north at the top.

Nearby you will find Tenuz who will engage in some dialogue. You can then enter the town through the large opening nearby.

Head forwards a little, into the city. A Talan will walk over from your right and stop near the building there. He will wave you down and give a lead on Marion (story-line objective, ask WHAT IS WRONG?) and he will direct you to find Shamaz Zokrace.

Proceed over to the west. You will see two purple markers close together on the map.

External image

Inside the building is a trader who will be marked as Citizen – Water Essence . Talk with him to learn that he has some of your equipment and will be kind enough to sell it back to you. There are several of these traders throughout the city and each will sell different weapons, equipment and ammunition. I bought the UZA-SH1 from this first trader but it is optional.

There are numerous traders across this map - they all sell different weapons and equipment. It's a good idea to save some of your cash, though, as there are a few purchases you will need to make throughout the game.

Now make your way to the south of the map.

External image

You need to buy the LN-Duo 500. The two traders marked on the map should sell it (there may be others). It costs around 500-700 Zorkins. (If you don’t have enough, remember to come back later on – you’ll be passing through Talanzaar a few times anyway)

On the way put an F-Link by the portal to Motazaar towards the north-east (check the map above). Also there is an achievement for defeating 20 soldiers in this area, so don't shy away from combat.

Once you have the LN-Duo 500, go to the well located towards the south and talk to Zade, the water merchant’s assistant there. Discuss the well and the problem with it and tell him to clear everyone out. Use your new weapon. To fire this weapon, hold cn_LT and then cn_RT to aim – keep cn_RT held down while aiming. The path of the projectile will be highlighted. Aim so it’s landing inside the well and release cn_RT to fire. If you’re on target, the rocks will be blown away and you will unlock:

Well, I can fix it! in Outcast - Second Contact
Help Heza repair his well.
  • Unlocked by 781 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 10,146

Roam around the city taking out the soldiers marked in red on the map. Be sure to clear out the guards marked at the portal to Okasankaar in the south-west. Once you’ve killed 20, you will unlock:

Defeat soldiers for Zot in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat more soldiers to convince Zot to stop paying taxes.
  • Unlocked by 1,006 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.18) 10,146

Despite the achievement description, you don’t have to have spoken with Zot.

Take note of Gran, near the Okasankaar portal in the south-west, who is the Recreator in this area. Order more ammunition as required. You'll be passing through this area a few times again so it's handy to have some ammo ready to collect.

There are numerous side quests to be found here but none are related to achievements.

When you are ready to move on, go to the portal outside the walls in the south-west. Put a second F-Link here. Later on you will be going back and forth between the Okasankaar and Motazaar portals outside the city walls here, so having an F-Link at each makes the trip much easier.

Take the portal through to Okasankaar.

Your first visit to Okasankaar will unlock:

Okasankaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Okasankaar80 (30)
Reach the region of Okasankaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,423 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.67) 10,146

External image

Assuming you have come from the Talanzaar portal, you will arrive in between a small town to the north and a soldiers camp to the south. To save a little time, head east. There is a small, irregularly shaped lake here. On the other side of that lake, a new enemy will appear. These plants are called Zeedog’s and look like a cross between a plant and a snake. It's best to target the stalk near the base when fighting them as they swing around a bit.

Once a plant is down, collect a Strange Gland from it’s base.

Now head back to the town. Keep an eye on the mini-map as some of the soldiers from the camp to the south may sneak up on you, depending on how close you get to them.

There will be enemies in the town so clear them out. It’s easy to stay on ground level and wait for them to come to the edge of the perimeter wall. There may be one or two who stay in the town so eventually you will need to head in and take them out.

Around the time the town is clear of guards, you should unlock:

Building a good reputation in Outcast - Second Contact
Achieve the highest level of reputation by helping the Talans.
  • Unlocked by 921 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.33) 10,146

If not, it should unlock shortly, unless you have been sloppy with your aim and have killed random Talan.

Now you can explore the town. Elisee, the recreator in this area, is located to the south-east of the town.

On the west side of town is a small dock with two boats. In the right-hand boat you can talk to Sadar, the fisherman. Ask about PROBLEM. You should already have one in your inventory, so mention ZEEDOG and GLAND to hand it over. Sadar will fix his boat and you will unlock:

Sadar problem solved in Outcast - Second Contact
Help Sadar fix his boat using a Zeedog plant.
  • Unlocked by 780 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 10,146

Make your way up to the top of the town – there are several sets of stairs to choose from. You can find Shamaz Kaleb up here. Talk to him ABOUT MON. Go through the conversation, learning ABOUT ORU and ABOUT GORGOR.

Sadar will be happy to take you to Oru’s Island in his newly repaired boat, so head back to him and he will take you over, with a story on the way.

From where you dock, run over to the north-west. There will be many Zeedogs here. They are bullet sponges so it’s easier to ignore them and just run past. Oru is marked on the map as a red marker. Talk to him inside his hut. To progress, you will need to find his supplies - a gun and ammunition.

Run back to Sadar and get a ride back over to Cyana (the town).

Climb back up to Shamaz Kaleb and ask about ORU GUN. He will tell you that the gun has been hidden in a sunken temple.

Exit the town to the south. Stick to the shoreline on the west. You should spot the temple as a square-ish shape just off the shoreline. There will be a green map marker on the shore near it. Approach the Talan here, Egar. Talk to him and he will agree to help press the buttons required to open the temple.

The buttons are on a large rock to the south. Egar will count to three – press cn_X as he says 3 and you will see a very short scene showing the temple gate open.

Swim out to it and dive under the gate. You can surface to replenish oxygen inside the temple if you need to. Gather up the supplies along with Oru’s gun.

3 soldiers will automatically spawn on the shoreline and scare Egar away. Kill them then head back to town.

Find the merchant, Zele who should be near the docks. Ask him about ORU'S AMMO, ABOUT BOOYAT and ABOUT DAGUERACH. Also ask ABOUT ZORT so you can get a reward a bit later on.

Find the other merchant, Zafar who should be over towards the north-east of town. Talk to him ABOUT BOOYAT. If you ask WHERE BOOYAT GROW but decline his price, he will tell you anyway (the Darosham). Ask ABOUT ZORKATRAZ to learn that a Talan was taken there who may have 1 Booyat.

You can choose to help him with his problem to get his Booyat for free. Ask WHAT JOB? to learn about a thief.

Loiter so you can see the box on the south side of Zafar’s trading shack. A fisherman (green map-marker) will wander to and fro, stopping to steal from the box. If he sees you, he will stop and you have to walk away for a moment. If you go to the east side of the building to the south and drop down and crouch with cn_LB, you should have a good line of sight and he won't spot you.

When you see him grab something from the box, run up to him and you should have the option to say I SAW YOU! You can choose to turn him in or let him go - all options lead to a free Booyat. Letting him go will give you option of paying 100 Zorkins to cover the money he stole (in which case he will lead you to a secret treasure location if you talk to him again) or refusing (you take the money back from him). Whichever option you take, tell Zafar CAUGHT THIEF and then choose NO when talking to Zafar to get the Booyat.

If this doesn't work out you can just buy the Booyat from Zafar.

Next, head to the Darosham. This is located in the south-east of the region and is easily spotted on the map by the yellow lines.

Head inside and you will see a flame between two statues. Behind it is a rotating disc. Don' get too close to the flame as it will kill you instantly. You need to shoot the symbols on the disc in the following order.

External image

This will extinguish the flame and raise the disc for a short time, along with unlocking:

Wheel done! in Outcast - Second Contact
Unlock the wheel to enter the Darosham!
  • Unlocked by 719 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.76) 10,146

Inside there is a river of lava separating the two sides. You will constantly be taking heat damage in this area but it’s only a little so don’t rush and fall into the lava.

On the right side you can find some supplies along with a dead Talan and a Large Tooth nearby (this relates to a quest from a Talan you will meet shortly). Carefully jump over the lava to the left side. Towards the back you can find 3 Booyat, which look like sparkling purple mushrooms.

Jump back over the lava and head to the exit. Depending on how long you’ve taken, the disc may have lowered again. Simply shoot the symbols once again in the same order. 4 Booyat down, 1 to go.

Go back to the docks at the town. Make sure you have a good supply of ammunition and approach the boatman on the left, Zidar. He will take you over to Zorkatraz for around 120 zorkins.

To complete this journey, you need to jump into the water and swim alongside the boat. Stay on the left side of the boat as some enemies can spot you. Eventually Zidar will tell you to dive down underwater. You can surface and dive down again – the enemies will display a question-mark symbol but if you are quick you won’t set of an alarm. Alternatively, you will probably have collected several O2 cylinders by now - feel free to use them (just stay underwater and they will automatically be used).

Underwater, head straight to the wall in front of you at the south of the complex, then around the corner so you are facing west. Along this wall you will come to a cutting that leads into the prison.

Follow the cutting as it turns right and then left, into a larger area. There will be 3 gaps on your left-hand side. Ignore the first one and swim into the second one and surface. There will be steps to your left where you can get out.

You are exposed here but it shouldn’t be too difficult to clear out the enemies who will run around the outside of the area. If you struggle targeting enemies as they run around, follow the path below and hunt them down as you progress around the perimeter.

Killing all the enemies here will unlock:

Zorkatraz! in Outcast - Second Contact
Zorkatraz!95 (25)
Destroy the company of soldiers located in Zorkatraz.
  • Unlocked by 711 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.78) 10,146

Shoot the barrels on the platforms to the north to clear a path. Jump over to the north until you can dive into another pool. Swim to the north end of the pool and into the gap between the two large platforms to find another set of steps where you can climb out. Shoot the barrels to the north again and jump across. You will now be on the perimeter. Be very cautious of the external edge - if you fall off it will mean instant death most of the time.

Run back along the east side, then turn right at the far end, collecting loot as you go. At the south end, there is a small bridge over the cutting we swam through before and just after this is a cell with a prisoner, Martigar, inside. You need to find the Zorkatraz key which will have been dropped by one of the enemies. Continue around the west side if you don’t have it already (there are some supplies in the north-west corner you should grab anyway).

Use the Zorkatraz key to open the cell. Talk to Martigar to free him. He will give you another piece of Booyat. His dialogue ties in with the dead Talan in the Daroshan earlier, so choose GORGOR TOOTH to deliver the bad news and receive a small reward.

In the south-east corner is a horn. Press cn_X when near it to summon Zidar and get a ride back to town. No need to swim this time! clap

Stock up with ammo before going any further. There is a battle coming up that can be a challenge. If you have the UZA-SH1 that will be useful, but not essential.

Speak to Sadar at the docks again and ride over to Oru’s Island. Head a little to the north, sticking to the eastern edge and you will see a line of large lily pads leading across the water. Save before you jump across because it’s an instakill if you fall into the water. It’s very easy to over shoot the jumps. Also drop your last F-Link here, if you have it free, to save jumping back again in a moment.

The island is populated by several Gamors. Clear them out and find Daguerach’s which will be highlighted as foreign vegetation. There is other vegetation on the island so double check in you inventory that you have five Daguerach before you jump or teleport back across the lilies. It is also easy enough to ignore the Gamors and just run around the island - they don't do too much damage.

Speaking with Oru will transport you to what can be the hardest battle in the game, so make sure you have plenty of ammo. Return to Oru’s hut and BRING SUPPLIES.

Watch the cutscene and you will find yourself going toe to toe with the Gorgor.

The trick to this battle is to quickly grab Oru’s weapon which will be on the ground nearby. Where the rounds land, there will be streams of smoke that will tranquilize the Gorgor. Shoot all 5 shots then lead the Gorgor through the smoke. Try to space the shots out rather than bunch them all together. When it is stunned, unload with your weapons. If it gets close, it will instakill you.

Once it is down, save your game here as the next section is a bit buggy. First, grab the Gorgor zort which should have fallen nearby (optional). Now stand next to the Gorgor so Cutter says, “Great, now I stink like that gorgor”. (you need to smell like the Gorgor to safely swim across to the island with the Mon). Make sure you can see flies buzzing around Cutter before you proceed.

Now race to the north-east of the island where there is a smaller island. Swim over there and collect the mon from a small box.

Got another one! in Outcast - Second Contact
Obtain the Mon in Okasankaar.
  • Unlocked by 687 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.85) 10,146

You will automatically be rescued and taken back to the town.

After the scene, talk to Zernar, the town leader. Ask about CYANA, BOAT LIGHT and BOAT LIGHT NEEDS. Carefully jump over the platforms to the tower north of the docks. Take the used crystal from the middle of the top platform. Then make your way back down. This quest leads to the next area, the mines of Motazaar.

If you grabbed the Gorgor Zort on the island you can give it to Zele at the docks.

The easiest way to get to Motazaar is to take the portal just to the south of town back to Talanzaar. Cross the town to the north-east side to the Motazaar portal - you should have an F-Link there if you followed the guide previously. Remember to put the F-Links back down when you use them. Head through to Motazaar.

As usual, when you arrive in the region for the first time you will unlock a region-related achievement:

Motazaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Motazaar82 (30)
Reach the region of Motazaar.
  • Unlocked by 1,368 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.72) 10,146

Make a save here. There is a conversation that may glitch in this area and you want to be able to revert back to if it does. Follow the walkthrough and talk with Ashkar immediately.

External image

There will be a friendly Talan, Moungree, nearby. Talk to him then head into the town over to the west.

The leader in this area, Ashkar, should be in town. More than any other NPC, Ashkar seems to roam around the area so you may need to go looking for him. He should be over to the west side of town, with a green map marker.

Remember that you can talk to other NPC’s and use their help to locate Ashkar if you can’t find him, just don't progress the story at all. When you find him, talk to him about BOAT LIGHT HELIDIUM, ABOUT MON, about SHAMAZ ZAGY.

This is the glitchy conversation. Assuming you have started the quest in Okasankaar to replace the crystal in the lighthouse, if you don’t have the option to ask about BOAT LIGHT HELIDIUM in this conversation reload your save. This should only happen if you don’t talk to Ashkar before doing anything else in this region.

Lor, Motazaar's recreator, can be found in one of the buildings to the north as you walk into town.

Take a look at your map. It will be split by a chasm, indicated by parallel lines running east-west. For the sake of clarity, ignore the area north of the chasm for a while. The directions given ahead refer to the southern area only unless specified otherwise.

Up to the north west you will see a green map marker. There is a group of Talan miners here. You will see one of the miners lying on the ground. Nearby is a Talan called Zine who will be waving at you. Talk with Zine to learn that his friend is injured. You will receive a task to collect Faenea plants to help him.

Head north to the aforementioned chasm on the map. Head through the narrow pathway leading to it. You will find 3 Faenea plants in the small area here, on the west side. They look like cactus plants and will eject spores when you get close. Move close enough to trigger them, then back off (although they don’t do too much damage). Collect them once they’ve landed – you only need 2.

While you are in this area, drop a dynamite near the small machine on the east side. Shoot it to destroy the machine and unlock:

Rift bridge down! in Outcast - Second Contact
Damage the rift bridge to slow the soldiers down.
  • Unlocked by 779 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 10,146

Return the Faenea plants to Zine at the mine. He will heal his friend.

Talk to Zine again and now he will respond to FIND LARGE HELIDIUM. He will agree to mine a large rock for you but it will take some time.

While you wait, head over to the north-east of the map. Clear out the enemies here and loot the buildings – make sure you head into the first building to the south of the portal. Inside there are three Stone Keys on the ground, along with other loot. Be sure to grab them all.

In the same temple, on the south wall in the centre is a map. It can be hard to spot.

External image

Grab it and talk to Shanaz Zagy in the room to the north of the portal. Go through the conversation until you can ask ABOUT TEST OF FAE and then ABOUT MAP (say Yes to give the map) for him to mark it with the route you will need soon on your quest to save Shamaz Keb.

By now your helidium should be ready. You may have to have the same conversation with Zine but he should walk to the rock crusher almost right away. From the miners, walk to the south and Zine will put some rocks onto a large machine that looks like a cross on the map. Once the rock crusher does its thing, the Blue Helidium you need is on the steps at the front of the machine so just walk up and grab it.

Head back to the portal you used to arrive in Motazaar and go through to Talanzaar. You need to find a Talan named Azirad, who should be towards the south-west of the map, next-door to Gran, the recreator. He is marked on the map on the Talanzaar page of this walkthrough if you need help finding him.

Talk to him and select NEW BOAT LIGHT. He will agree to carve the Blue Helidium.

Wait a short while and talk to Azirad again when he leaves his hut. Choose RETURN BOAT LIGHT to get the Cut Helidium.

The portal back to Okasankaar should be nearby (outside the walls in the south-west). Remember to replace the F-Link teleporters if you are using them. Head through and jump back up to the top of the lighthouse. Select the Cut Helidium from your inventory and use it on the light. This will restart the light and unlock:

Boat light fixed in Okasankaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Help Zern fix the boat light by providing a piece of helidium from Motazzar.
  • Unlocked by 679 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.87) 10,146

Optionally, but recommended since you've done all the work, you can talk to Zernar who should be by the docks. Tell him FIXED BOAT LIGHT for a reward. Ask about SANKAAR then ask him to STOP CATCHING SANKAAR and he will agree, which will further weaken the enemy soldiers.

Make your way back to Motazaar, via Talanzaar, to continue.

Find Ashkar back in town. Tell him DAMAGED MACHINE and he will send you to talk to Zoran, the Talan who built the bridge who is not happy with you. You may have to exit out of the conversation and wait a moment before talking to him again for the DAMAGED MACHINE option to appear. Be sure to ask ABOUT ZORAN as well.

Zoran will be working at the windmill which you may have already noticed – it’s to the north of the Talanzaar portal. It’s near the larger irregular orange outline on the map.

There will be some enemies nearby so kill them and talk to Zoran. He will complain about your destruction of the machine. If you ask about SOLDIERS and ABOUT ASSISTANT he will send you on a quest to find his assistant, Makee and the machine part he is carrying.

You can find Makee back to the south near the portal to Talanzaar. He tells you that his friend was killed by gamors. Those same gamors took the machine part. Of course they did.

There is a trail of clothes that sparkle. You can follow the trail or just head all the way to the south-west. There will be some gamors here. Find the machine part by the remains. As soon as you pick it up, a cutscene will play showing the arrival of the High Soldiers.

Make sure you are stocked up on ammo as you will find yourself in combat shortly. Zoran can now be found working on the machine you destroyed. Return the machine part to him and he will send you to get a key from the High Soldiers.

This conversation will begin an attack from over the nearby chasm. While Zoran works to fix the machine, kill the enemies that attack. They all approach from the central path so you should be able to ‘spawn-kill’ them without too much trouble. Remember that there are cumulative kill achievements so don't hold back. Kill as many as you can here!

Eventually, Zoran’s work will be done and the bridge will move into place.

This battle alone should be enough to unlock:

Ashkar's request! in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat at least 20 soldiers in Motazaar for Ashkar.
  • Unlocked by 801 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.56) 10,146

You will also probably be close to unlocking:

The Yods will remember in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat 150 soldiers.
  • Unlocked by 874 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.41) 10,146

Go back to the north-east where you found Shamaz Zagy earlier. One of the soldiers here will have the key you need. Despite their name, these High Solders shouldn’t be any more difficult than the regular enemies. Check your inventory to make sure you have all 4 Stone Keys (they are shown in an image below).

Now head back through the gap and cross the bridge that Zoran has extended over the chasm. Proceed to the north and you will come across a series of raised pathways.

The way across is marked on the map in your inventory but is summarised here:

  • Turn right at the first intersection and follow this path as it curves around,
  • When you get to a T-intersection, turn right,
  • At the next T-intersection, turn right again,
  • Follow this path as it twists back around to the west,
  • Take a left path when you can,
  • This path will drop down and turn to the north, passing underneath the path you were just on,
  • Stay on this path. At the next intersection you can see the short path to the north (look for the rolling boulders).

It is possible to fall off the pathway, so be careful as you go. When you reach solid land, you can choose to help the lost Talan here if you want – you have no further need for the map.

Some more challenges await so this would be a good spot to save. First you need to time your run to avoid the boulders. At the first lava section, jump across the small moving platforms. In the second lava section just walk across the paths between the pools.

You will eventually reach a small area with 4 cells to the north and 4 stone blocks with key slots to the west.

If you want loot, open the 1st, 2nd and 4th (from the left) cells first. To do so, look at the symbol above the cell then place that key in the stone block slot. Grab the loot inside those cells.

External image

When you open the 3rd cell, you will automatically free Shamaz Keb in a cutscene and unlock:

Shamaz Keb Freed! in Outcast - Second Contact
Set Shamaz Keb free.
  • Unlocked by 718 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.77) 10,146

During the scene you will be transported back to Motazaar town. Shamaz Keb will hand over this area’s Mon but there is no achievement related to it.

As with the previous areas, you can return to Ashkar and tell him SHAMAZ KEB SAVED. Ask ABOUT MOTAZAAR and ABOUT MINES if you haven't already and he will now agree when you say STOP MINING which will further weaken your enemies.

Now make your way back through Talanzaar to Okasankaar. Be sure to stock up on ammo as you go as there are a few battles coming up and no recreator where we are going.

In particular, stock up on dynamite by searching or buying some from the vendors in Talanzaar as you will need some for another achievement soon. You also want several PPS and CLAPR-T – you have probably collected several but the vendors can sell you more if you need. 5-6 of each should be sufficient.

As you make the trip, you should pass through a portal for the 10th time, unlocking:

Daokas in Outcast - Second Contact
Daokas48 (15)
Travel 10 times through Daokas.
  • Unlocked by 1,007 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.18) 10,146

From the portal near the town in Okasankaar, head to the north-east of the main island where you will see a set of markers leading over to a smaller island (just to the north of an enemy fort and the portal to Shamazaar). Making sure to stay within those markers, swim over to that island where you can find the portal to the final region in the game, Okaar.

On arrival, you will unlock the last region-related achievement:

Okaar in Outcast - Second Contact
Okaar109 (30)
Reach the region of Okaar.
  • Unlocked by 766 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.64) 10,146

External image

Roaming nearby will be a red marker which is an odd Talan named Kyuran. Talk to him and tell him of Oru’s fate for a reward if you want. You can ask him about the region and the Mon as well.

Start by heading to the south-east. On the map you will see a building that looks a bit like a cross. On the south side there is a button which will raise the gate, allowing you to enter the arena.

There should be 3 gamors waiting inside. Kill them all to unlock:

Gamor Arena in Outcast - Second Contact
Kill all the gamors in the Okaar arena.
  • Unlocked by 725 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.74) 10,146

On the northern side is a viewing platform. Be sure to collect the Wood Pipe which is located up there (it will be marked as a key).

Return to the gate. There is a button on the left side which will open the gate and allow you to exit.

The next location to visit is further to the south-east. On the map there is a temple that is a light blue colour. On your arrival you will see that the locals, the Oogoobar, are about to sacrifice Shamaz Zave. Intervene and kill the three Oogoobar.

Talk to Shamaz Zave who will be your 25th "Important" Talan, unlocking:

Build up your social network in Outcast - Second Contact
Talk to 25 important Talans.
  • Unlocked by 883 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.40) 10,146

Talk to him about MON and MAP.

Now backtrack over to the north-west where you can see a large rectangular structure. Note that you cannot swim over the river (marked in blue) that runs through the centre of the map. You have to cross at the central bridge (just south of the blue map markings), or on the very south of the map, looking out for traps. There are some angry birds at the bridge but it’s probably not worth wasting ammo on them – just run over and you should only take 1 or 2 hits.

The entrance to the rectangular structure is on the south side. When you step inside, a large snake-like monster called the Achondar will rise up out of the hole in the ground.

This battle can easily be cheesed by turning right and running to the south-east corner where you can hide behind the trees. If you get in the right spot, the beast cannot hit you so kill it with ease. The UZA-SH1 is very effective here.

External image

When it falls you will unlock:

Achondar in Outcast - Second Contact
Achondar115 (30)
Kill the Achondar.
  • Unlocked by 696 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.82) 10,146

There is a second Wood Pipe here (also labelled as a Key). At the round disc to the north-east of the Achondar's pit, it will be just between the two trees nearby.

With that collected, step on the round discs at the corners of the pit to open the exit.

Head to the south. You will come across a clearing with 3 Gamors in it. Kill them, then find the next Wood Pipe on the west side between some trees. This can be a bit tricky to spot.

External image

Now head back to the east side of the central waterway, this time making sure to loop around the south of the map. Just to the east you will find a series of traps. Take care as the swinging logs here are one-hit kills. Save before you enter just to be safe. Head to the Pipe In Trap Area marked on the map above.

Start from the south end. There is a log swinging in line with the path, then a second one swinging across the path. Just after the second log, after a few arrow traps is the final Wood Pipe.

External image

With all the wood pipes collected, head to the Oogoobar camp which is located in the south-east. Kill the enemies here and place the wood pipes as follows:

External image

If you’ve done it right, a short scene will play – pay attention to the scene as you need to collect the key that flies out and it can be hard to find if you don’t see where it lands. It should land just to the west in the small outcrop of this walled area. This also unlocks:

Organ puzzle in Outcast - Second Contact
Complete the organ puzzle in Okaar.
  • Unlocked by 673 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.89) 10,146

Grab that key. Now cross back over the central waterway via the bridge. Find the Rock Structure marked on the map above.

You do need to be slightly careful here as the large rock can kill you here. Shoot the smaller rocks several times so they gain momentum and swing out of the way which will start the large rock in motion. It will roll into the river and eventually block the waterfall.

Follow the rock and jump into the water below. Underneath where the rock has stopped is some stairs to a short tunnel. Head inside and you will find a second wood key.

Swim south and keep an eye on the east side. You will come across some steps to get out of the water.

Head around to the south of the large fort on the west side of the waterway. This is a good spot to get dynamite kills. You just need to kill 10 enemies with dynamite.

Use a PPS to go invisible. Equip some dynamite and approach some soldiers. Drop the dynamite near them and back away. Use the CLAPR-T to detonate the dynamite. You cannot shoot while invisible which is why you should use the CLAPR-T. If you are lucky they will all bunch up in the inner area. Otherwise, take them out 2-3 at a time. Keep going until you have kill a total of 10 enemies for:

Supremacy! in Outcast - Second Contact
Supremacy!53 (15)
Defeat 10 soldiers using dynamite.
  • Unlocked by 819 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.52) 10,146

If you don’t manage it here, you can head back to another area and target random enemies with the same method.

Keep fighting through the remaining enemies until you reach the centre of the fort. There will be a door with markings on either side.

Match the two Wooden Keys to the symbols on each side of the door to open it and enter. Inside, collect the Mon in the box to unlock:

Yet another one! in Outcast - Second Contact
Obtain the Mon in Okaar.
  • Unlocked by 669 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.90) 10,146

The only achievements that may be outstanding is for killing 250 enemies. Depending on how much exploring you have done, you may have already unlocked it. If not, travel between areas and check the maps for red markers. This guide has left several forts and barracks behind, so there should be plenty of enemies and random patrols will respawn. Just target the red map markers. At your 250th kill, you will unlock:

May the Yods be Silent! in Outcast - Second Contact
Defeat 250 soldiers.
  • Unlocked by 720 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.76) 10,146


If you are just here for the achievements, congratulations on your completion!

The next page gives a rundown of the remaining story missions for those who want to play the story to completion.

If you have reached this page I will assume you are enjoying the game and have consumed at least some of the story/lore. As such, this page will be a summary of the remaining story missions in a more basic form. Note that the two portals in the Temple Fae in Shamazaar that were not used on the previous pages that may assist, so if you have not cleared out the eastern fort in Okasankaar you might consider doing that now (Motazaar will already have been cleared). Also spend up in Talanzaar, grabbing all the weapons you can - the HAWK-MK8 and FT 74X are both very useful in the final battle.

From the point of obtaining the last Mon in Okaar, expect the story to take a further 2-3 hours.

Side quests are not covered. The only one you may want to consider is the mission to convince the leader in Talanzaar, Zot, to stop paying taxes which will further weaken your enemies. Nice, but certainly not necessary.

Return to Talanzaar. Find Shamaz Zokrace who is located in a room attached to the central structure (the Palace Fae), on the north-west side. Talk with him about Marion. She was seen near Zelb’s Bar.

Zelb is located at the south end on this same side of the Palace Fae. Head down there and talk to him.

You are told Marion is in a house to the west of the Palace Fae.

Head north. On your map you will see small orange squares along the internal walls of the Palace Fae. The most northern one should be a little south of Zokrace. To the west of this northern orange square will be a building with a weapon trader in one of the rooms. In the same structure on the north is a closed door with a barred window next to it. Interact with this door to find Marion.

Wander around a little and eventually Marion will contact you again. When waiting for these messages, stay away from the area you will need to go to. So, on this occasion, don’t go to Shamazaar.

Marion tells you she is in the north of Shamazaar. Head over there.

Go north, where you will see the blue shield that blocked off the northern area before is gone. The enemies here are spread out around two pairs of connected towers. Clear out the soldiers and climb the northern tower (on the east side). Cross the bridge and press the button in the pit. Go back to the southern tower and cross the bridge to find Marion and complete this mission.

Once again, roam around until you get another message. This time you must go to the Darosham in Okasankaar.

Remember the Darosham? It’s the structure with the wheel puzzle and the lava pit in the south-east of the Okasankaar region. Go there and you will finally meet Kroax. Fight a battle with Kroax and some soldiers. Kroax will teleport a bit and can be a pain – if you have the LN-DUO 500 you can put down some mines where he appears to make things easier. Once you damage Kroax enough, he will teleport away. Go inside the Darosham to speak with Jan.

Head back to Ranzaar and tell Zokrym that you have freed Jan for a small reward if you want. Don’t stay there, though, as that will be your next destination and you won't get the next transmission if you are there.

Roam the other areas and eventually you will receive a final transmission and you will return to Ranzaar.

Arrive to find that things have gone badly. Take out the Gamors who will attack you and head to the red map marker, where you will find Jan.

The next mission in Okaar is the point of no return. If you have yet to unlock all the achievements or would like to continue exploring, make sure to save now!

Stock up on ammo and medical kits. The final battle is considerably more difficult than any so far (but still not too bad). Make your way to Okaar. Speak with Kyuran and ask about the Guardians.

Head east until you reach the boundary wall, then follow it south and you will come across a tall gate. A scene will play when you get close to the gate.

Exit the room and kill all the enemies. There is extra ammo spread out around the area. Once it’s all clear, approach the large gate for another scene, then a long unskippable scene.

Now you are at the final battle. Fortunately, you have your weapons and equipment restored.

Ignore Kroax at the start and head around to the south, where several soldiers will have spawned. Take them out first but save your HAWK-MK8 ammo. The LN-DUO 500 and the FT 74X are both effective against the soldiers. Remember to take a medical kit when you need to.

Use the HAWK-MK8 for Kroax once all the soldiers are killed.

Once you kill Kroax, sit back and enjoy the final cutscene. Congratulations!

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