Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Hello and welcome to the Battle Chasers : Nightwar Walkthrough. This game goes back to the class 90s JRPG style of game with turn based combat, and characters with class-like abilities and roles. There's no difficulty scaling other than starting NG+ so how long it will take to complete all the achievements depend on how comfortable you are with attempting bosses. You can grind it out and make bosses easy or attempt to rush through and have a bit of struggle. All in all the difficulty spike from dungeon to dungeon isn't too insane if you re-do a dungeon once, until NG+ if you choose to do legendary dungeons. While some achievements have been marked missable, none technically are as you are able to continue your game post final boss without entering NG+.

The walkthrough will go through the story, and you should unlock some if not most of the misc. achievements naturally as you progress through the game but everything else will be detailed on the misc. achievement page. Battle Chasers : Nightwar will require at least 2 playthroughs as there is an achievement for starting, and finishing NG+. There are actually a lot of small details in the game that will help optimize your combat and make your game fairly easy if you wish to spend the time grinding out some components that I will go over on the next page. Let's dive in!


  • You have a party of 3 and a few characters to choose from
    • Gully - Your storyline base character (does NOT need to be in the party) she is a huge tank that can put out decent DPS as well as shielding the party. She's extremely useful but this game can be run without a primary tank unless you really want to.
    • Calibretto - A weird combo of DPS with heals. He is quite useful and can pump out some really good DPS as well as his passives to heal are extremely useful, you can almost never need potions as well as do lower scale encounters to just heal yourself up.
    • Garrison - a DPS & bleed debuff character. A great boss killer and general DPS character.
    • Knolan - A great support character, can debuff the enemy as well as heal up the party.
    • Red Monika - Another huge DPS character that can singlehandedly wipe out single enemies
    • Alumon - A hybrid tank/DPS/healer combo.
    • For the record I went with Calibretto/Alumon/Garrison for my party. They all can DPS very well, Calibretto and Alumon can also dish out heals, and with certain builds (I did stacking bleeds/crits on Garrison & spammed berserk, and Alumon I got the devestation II perk which made him taunt) the game becomes really simple. Honestly no party build is bad per se, but the game will take longer with certain comps so just play with who you like, and feel like suit your style.
  • Make sure to hit most encounters, not only does it count towards your bestiary giving you bonuses in the form of beast perks. As well as information on enemies so you can plan your combat appropriately but it is required for a few achievements

You're learning...

Unlock a Beast Perk

You're learning...
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevelShop

Little Game Hunter

Complete 50% of the Bestiary

Little Game Hunter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Big Game Hunter

Complete 100% of the Bestiary

Big Game Hunter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • When you complete a dungeon it will refresh vendors inventories and respawn enemies. As well as you cannot enter a legendary dungeon you must beat it on heroic or normal first. Obviously the higher difficulty the more stronger, and the more number of enemies you face.
  • When your party dies in a dungeon, it respawns at the boss crystal at the state when you STARTED the fight. If your party dies in a legendary dungeon than the whole dungeon will reset.
  • You can upgrade shops to sell higher quality items
  • The item rarity is as follows;
    • White - Common
    • Green - Uncommon
    • Blue - Rare
    • Purple - Epic
    • Orange - Legendary
  • Every weapon and armor can hold one enchantment
  • When your party dies, you respawn back at the inn but you lose gold
  • Make sure to allocate your perks, and depending on how you want to play each character on the perk screen in the menu you can press cn_Y to swap between 2 different perk abilities.
  • You can change your party members at the Tavern


  • Clicking cn_RSc while on the world map, will bring up the map and in dungeons it will bring up the dungeon map.
  • Map tiles where an icon is outlined is gold are item caches, make sure to grab them!
  • Every character has a specific dungeon skill that can be used a certain amount of times before a rest at an inn is required to reset it.
    • Gully - Ground Smash - Will stun enemies, and the stun will carry over into combat which can be useful, also is used to break down walls.
      Gully level 10 - Stoneskin - Becomes immune to dungeon damage and increases defense when entering combat
    • Calibretto - Revitalize - Restores HP by a decent amount to the party. An essential dungeon skill.
      Calibretto Level 10 - Cannon Shot - Fires a projectile that will damage, and put ignite debuff on them for the battle
    • Garrison - Quickstep - Using it will avoid trap damage, as well as adds Massive Haste as a buff to Garrison if you initiate combat with it.
      Garrison level 10 - Flashblind - Throws a flash bomb blinding creatures. Affected creatures start combat stunned.
    • Knolan - Arcane Light - Illuminates an area, stealthed creatures will be revealed and the party will have a damage shield at the start of combat
      Knolan Level 10 - Glyph Of Frost - Places a trap in the dungeon, and if an enemy walks over it they'll be slowed, and chilled in Combat. Very useful if you know you're going up against a tank or huge dps enemy.
    • Red Monika - Stealth - Reduces range at which enemies will detect the party but movement speed will be slowed
      Red Monika Level 10 - Pick Pocket - Steals gold and items from creatures in front of Red Monika, Will not break Stealth
    • Alumon - Life Drain - Shoots a slow moving projectile that will damage enemies and heal the party as it passes through enemies
      Alumon Level 10 - Path of Darkness - Leaves a trail of darkness behind Alumon as he walks, increasing movement speed and damaging and slowing any enemies walking through
  • Whenever you see an exclamation mark (!) it means that there is something new for you to interact with
  • Resting at an inn fully heals your party and respawns enemy encounters. Useful for grinding out some sections trying to up your bestiary.
  • Keeping in mind if youre low on mana in the world, and need to stock up you can quickly duck into a dungeon, assuming its easy/very easy and complete it, as before you hit the boss every dungeon will have a Red Crystal that will heal your mana and HP
  • While exploring dungeons, this is a legend for all the icons


  • Your abilities in combat obviously cost Mana, however your basic actions create overcharge as indicated by the orange overlapping your blue mana bar. Abilities will first deplete overcharge before dipping into mana, effectively creating unlimited Mana unless necessary. Mana is only recharged by using a potion or the Inn. Garrison's abilities are more effective when using Overcharge, so building it is encouraged, Knolan is better off using Mana and suffers penalties for using Overcharge. Calibretto is healed slightly when using Overcharge. Note that Overcharge only lasts for combat, and once the battle ends all Overcharge is gone.
  • Holding cn_LT will bring up information on buffs/debuffs

For a frame of reference here is a map of the world


After the intro cutscene you gain control of the main character Gully at the crash site. Follow the linear path to the right until eventually you run into Calibretto the War Golem (basically your resident cleric) who has a very useful dungeon skill that heals the parties health by a moderate amount so go ahead and use it now to heal your party. From here head up the stream and keep going up through a stone archway to find a chest. Keep going north under the left waterfall to find another chest and a note. Backtrack to the stone archway and take the path going left here and keep going along the linear path until it takes you to your very first combat against a green slime. A basic and quick rundown of combat is that your abilities have a mana cost which is the blue bar next to your character. However you can use regular actions to create overcharge which abilities will deplete before mana. So essentially unless you're fighting an extremely hard enemy I would suggest using actions to create overcharge in order to preserve your Mana. For now this is a tutorial so just whack away with your actions, or use an ability if you choose. Just a note that if you hold cn_LT during combat than combat information will show up for buffs/debuffs so you can plan your turns appropriately. Also on the left side of the screen is your turn order which is also very useful for planning out combat. After you kill the slime head up towards the blue arrow which will take you to the world map, also unlocking


Make it to the road

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You'll notice that the the world map is traversed by nodes, and that you can see at least one of the enemies being fought in combat situations and item caches denoted by icons surrounded by gold. Again you probably want to hit up all the combat just to try to get beast perks unlocked, as well as working your way towards bestiary completion. If you are overlevelled on the world map, you can simple walk over combat situations and the game will prompt you on whether or not you want to fight.

Head NE and the path will split into 3. The path to the N and the path to the E both come back to the same main path so choose either. You'll see Garrison in some village ruins, who after speaking with will join your party. Just behind Garrison you'll see your first piece of Lore : Spoils Of War : The General Returns (1/4). Keep heading east along the path until you come to a crossroads, then head North to Harm's Way. Harm's Way will act as the games main hub, there's shops here as well as the Inn to rest in.

Interact with each !, we'll first start with the building in the middle which is the tavern where you can rest and buy food, from here go to the building on the south west side and you'll have to knock three times which is Curio's Shop and you'll have a brief chat for now but in the future you can buy and craft potions here. Head to the building just to the east of the Inn where you'll find the town Smith and after talking with him you'll acquire a new quest to find the bandit messenger. From the smith head North to the building with horns and bones sticking out of it to find the Beastmaster. She'll give you a compendium which you can use to browse enemies stats, and look at beast perks and such. Beside the Beastmaster is the Enchantress' building, for now you can just rip down a sign for fun. Finally in the north west corner of town is a tent which houses the collector which you can buy high level items from with shadow coins.

After you've visited every building, it's time to find the bandit messenger. Head south from Harm's Way past 2 forks and you'll come to a new island. Take the south western path and as it comes to the bottom you'll see a tent with a ! over it, head into it for an exploration area. Head to the right and down the stairs, you can loot some of the containers around the campfire before you get ambushed into a boss fight!

Boss Fight - Vok the Messenger & Armored Eviscerator

The Armored Eviscerator has two attacks, one deals moderate and the other deals heavy damage, and Vok poisons your party and has an attack that deals more damage for every poison stack on you. The usual pattern of attack for these enemies is for the Eviscerator to use its of attacks to dish out damage, whilst Vok the Messenger uses his light attacks to place Poison debuffs on your party and then uses his Scorpion Strike to dish out heavy damage. Due to the damage and debuffs, It is best to keep Calibretto on healing and debuff removal duties, while having Garrison and Gully damage the boss. Keep Garrison's Bleed up on the boss and switch Gully to defense if the damage being issued by the mini-boss is too much to handle. It’s not a particularly difficult fight, just focus fire one boss down at a time and it should go smoothly.

After the fight grab the treasure chest to the SE and then head out of the camp and head back to Harm's Way. Talk to the Smith to get a new objective of going to the Iron Outpost. Now you can buy and upgrade weapons/armor from the Smithy. Head over to Curio's Shop and he'll give you 5 revival flasks and you can now purchase from him. Head out the North way out of town by unlocking the gate. When you come to the crossroads you'll have a bit of dialogue, and you can enter the Abandoned Waystation so do so. Inside head south, and up the stairs to fight a Lieutenant Crusher. Head to the west, and there'll be a slime or two as well as a fishing spot which is a nice mini-game tied to an achievement. You can take a break and try to catch all the fish shadows, but you need to rest at an inn to refresh the fishing spot. here is a spot where you can knock out all of the fish later in the game so I will address it there but feel free to start reeling some in if you wish.

Head north from the fishing spot and you'll find a chest with a Moss Covered Artifact Shard then head back to the world map. Head West and then head north at the fork, then west at the north fork and head north to find your first dungeon The Iron Outpost. A general tip for dungeons is to keep an eye out for the Dungeon Map and the Observer as it will reveal the map and give you information. Make sure to explore every room fully as there's a lot of hidden secrets and stuff to find.

Dungeon The Iron Outpost

More info can be found in the spoilers, I would highly recommend reading through this one because it has specific achievements related to events in it

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

There's no specific objective other than clear the dungeon, it's a rogue aspect of the game mechanic where no dungeon will ever be alike. As you progress through the Iron Outpost you'll eventually have a mini-boss fight with a Bandit Warden and two minions. The battle isn't too difficult just make sure to monitor your HP as the Warden doesn't have much higher stats than a regular bandit. Keep going through the random rooms until you finally come to the final room. Inside you'll come across a large red crystal. This can only be used once and will fully restore your health and mana and also serve as a respawn point if you die to the boss of a dungeon (unless you're attempting Legendary difficulty. After activating it, continue past it for your boss fight.

Boss Fight - Blade Fiend

This guy is actually a pain in the ass early in the game. I hope you've been hitting every fight possible, or even grinded a bit. His attacks are as follows

  • Perforate - An attack that deals large amount of damage over 6 hits and inflicts Bleed, causing additional damage over 3 turns
  • Blade Tornado - Deals massive damage to all heroes over 6 hits. Long cooldown
  • Blade Launch - Deals massive damage over a series of 11 hits
  • Curse of the Blade - Debuffs all heroes with a curse that makes them take additional damage when hit over 3 turns. Moderate cooldown

The strategy for Blade Fiend would be; You want to keep Calibretto healing/cleansing bleed/curse pretty much all the time allowing Gully and Garrison to dish out damage. Bleed from Sting works wonders here. This battle will also introduce Burst attacks to the game, I would highly recommend using Gully's burst to put damage shield on the party, or Calibrettos purify to heal and remove debuffs. Just keep pounding away and if you feel like you need to draw the boss to attack Gully or have her put up shields do so. Once you have defeated the boss you will unlock

It's Just Beginning

Complete the Iron Outpost

It's Just Beginning
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Head behind the boss fight to open the sarcophagus and then head back to the restore crystal to leave the dungeon. (If you want to run the dungeon a few more times to make sure you have all the Lore, and Bestiary available completed as well as to ensure you've gotten the Shade of Bevelros and then release him than do so. I would recommend it at least replaying to release Bevelros as you re-do it on Legendary for an achievement anyways). Head back to Harm's Way and talk to the Smith in order to further your quest, then head to Curio's Shop to talk to Quall and you'll get a Banog Gate Key and at this point he'll also give you some recipes and open his shop to you. Before we continue on with the main quest, head to the Inn and take a rest if you need to, but he will task you with entering the sewers for a side quest about spiders so head on in.

Once you are in the sewers, head down and towards the right to find a ladder that you can climb down. From here on, your basic objective is to clear out all the spiders from the sewer, but first head south and you'll find a run-down shack and a skeleton and if you go on the outer wall near here you should find a pump key, then head North and start running around killing the spiders. In the middle of this area you will find a lever that will open the door to the NW of the lever for a chest. In the NE corner is another door that the pump key will open for another chest. Once you have cleared up all of the spiders your characters will have some dialogue and its time to head back up to the Inn and speak with Dogan and he will give you your reward. Once you're back on the World Map and ready to go forward, head East out of Harm's Way until you come to a fork. You'll notice a cannon barraging the entry way east so head North, through the gate and enter into Banog Cave.

From the entrance of the cave head up the first bridge to an obelisk that you cannot do much about now, but head down the east side stairs into the crevasse and then north to find a chest. Backtrack to the stairs leading up to the obelisk but instead head south up the stairs to where the entrance is, but go East again and over the bridge to find another boss fight.

Boss Fight - Lesser Mana Elemental

This should be an easy fight, just use the same strategy as the Blade Fiend, have Calibretto heal when necessary, and Garrison and Gully dish out damage while Gully can taunt (assuming you have it by now) and help tank for a turn or two if needed. The bosses attacks are as follows

  • Fortify - Reduces all damage taken by 30% for 3 Turns.
  • Colossal Barrage - Deals heavy damage over 7 hits

After the fight you're given a Vibrant Mana Core, head back to Harm's Way and in the southeast corner of town underneath Curio's shop you'll notice that there's a portal structure. Head towards it and with the Mana Core now you can use the blinkstations that you've discovered in the world and for now go to the Rushlands Blinkstation. From here head to the fork for a bit of dialogue with Mercuri who turns out to be the Enchantress, she will then heads back to Harm's Way and you can use her services. Head west then North and you'll come across a gateway blocking a bridge which you can unlock on this side, providing a shortcut to Harm's Way. From the bridge if you head west, and then north at the next for you can see just east is a shrine that will give you a buff. From the shrine if you move your camera just north you can see a cave, that is used for the hunt Trial By Fire. Head back west, and then north to our destination, the dungeon Path of Fangs.

Dungeon Path of Fangs

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

When you first come into the dungeon, head east down the stairs and a friendly Lycelot will lob some conversation at you and open up one of the gates back up the stairs that was locked. Each of the dungeons inside the gates will have a mini-boss fight with some bannermens that you need to defeat, nothing too difficult, and then once you do you'll come back to the main room and head back down to the Lycelot that opened the gates for you and he will open a door for you. Inside will be your real boss fight for the dungeon.

Boss Fight Lycelot Chieftain

  • Commanding Slash – Deals light damage to a target and inspires an ally, increasing their attack power by 25% for 1 attack.
  • Unholy Blessing – The boss will kill his own allies, gaining boosts to both speed and power.
  • Call Reinforcement – The Chieftain can call another Lycelot ally into the fight if one of them falls.
  • Soul Rend – Deals heavy damage to a target and increases the power of his next attack.
  • Soul Vortex – Deals light magic damage to each enemy and curses them, healing the Chieftain over 3 turns.

This fight can be really annoying. Not only does the Chieftain summon allies but he can kill them as you can see, to heal himself, to increase his speed and attack power. If not properly managed it can get out of hand very quickly. As with the Iron Outpost you want to keep Calibretto primarily healing if you can, sacrificing a heal here and there potentially to sunder enemies. Bleed will be primary here as when the boss drops to about half, he will drain his allies to restore his own as well as increase his speed and power. While he doesn't hit particularly hard to begin with it can slowly snowball out of control so I would recommend saving Calibretto's burst for when he curses you, otherwise I would suggest using Garrison's burst to inflict a lot of damage and bleed. Defeating the Chieftain will unlock

Trial By Combat

Complete the Path of Fangs

Trial By Combat
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After the fight keep heading east, you can go North to check out an area for lore/loot but you want to head south to exit back to the World Map. You are now able to head North through the structure and come around the back side of the cannon, interact with it to enter a small exploration area. Head through the small gate to the left and you'll enter into a combat with a siege coast cannoneer which won't last long because he'll end up running away once you deal enough damage to him. Now that the cannon is out of the way, Harm's Way is free to the west but we want to head North and then East. You'll see 3 different paths from here, there's lots to explore and quite a few new enemies to fight for the bestiary, but ultimately you want to hit the Pointe Break Cantina which is to the east on the middle path. Head forward into the bar area and you'll have some dialogue and lo and behold, Knolan will appear also unlocking

Barrel of Fun

Find Knolan

Barrel of Fun
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Choose to stay in the area and head through the doorway just west of Knolan, you can talk to the lone guy sitting at the table just to your right as you enter for a side quest. There's a treasure chest if you follow that path behind the bar to the right and up some stairs. On the left side of the bar is a gambler you can choose to fight if you wish, and beyond him is a stairwell that leads to a room where you can learn to craft OEM energy cell from the book. On the North East part of town is another door where you can find the Technomancer who will replay story cutscenes for you, and if you use a powercell on the machine in the back it'll drop a map for you as well as a ballad. Head back to the world map and you'll have to pick your party members, feel free to play with whoever as there honestly is no bad combo per se. From the Tavern if you head North you'll eventually find the Fishermonger's Wharf which is the penultimate fishing spot, and you can also find a treasure map in a chest. Ultimately what you want to do is head south east from the Tavern to find your next dungeon, Junktown.

Dungeon Junktown

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Junktown is kind of special, separate from the rest of the dungeons in the game as it has buildings inside of each room that you can explore and go into. As you enter you'll head forward and there'll eventually be an intercom, but the person will ask you for the password which you must go around the dungeon finding 3 different clues to before they let you in. Once in, head up the path and explore a bit of this area as there's quite a bit of loot around, before heading forward to activate the elevator and the dungeons boss fight.

Boss Fight Wargolem Lancer

  • Sentinel Stance – Puts up a shield, greatly increasing his defense. Each time he is attacked, his attack power will increase until the shield is lowered.
  • Guardian Stab – A melee attack that does massive damage, used following Sentinel Stance.
  • Shield Blades – Empowers his shield, dealing damage to any hero that attacks him for 3 Turns. Short Cooldown.
  • Impale – Melee attack that inflicts heavy damage.

This guy will be your first damage sponge of a boss, and not only that he hits like a truck as well. With the possible change of parties, it's hard to say what to do but the general sense is if you want to have Knolan/Calibretto heal constantly or throw a chill/ignite/sunder on the boss when you can. With Garrison I just kept up bleed and if you have Gully than taunt will be a godsend as it means you can focus your heals on one person, and with defense and damage shields she can soak up quite a bit. After the fight you'll unlock

Too Late

Complete Junktown

Too Late
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After a big of dialogue Red Monika will join the party as well unlocking

Seeing Red

Find Monika

Seeing Red
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

From here you'll want to use your nearby blinkstation to go back to Harm's Way Blinkstation, You can attempt some the two first hunters now Trial by Fire and Deep In the Mire but you want to make sure you're overlevelled for those 2 fights which are labelled level 10 and 12. Details for the hunts can be found on the misc. achievement pages.

To continue with the main story, you want to head South from Harm's Way back to the Strange Camp we first were tasked to go to by the Smith, however on the same island on the west side you'll see your quest marker over Southern Gate so enter the little exploration area. Head forward and talk with the NPC Alumon who tasks you with finding an artifact in the Rushlands before continuing, so head back out to the world map. Head back North to the other island, and continue on North towards Harm's Way and on the way head East along the bridge you opened up earlier to a new island. You'll remember this place from earlier, however the enemies have been refreshed to represent the dungeon near the north part of the rushlands we are about to enter, so I recommend doing a loop in order to update your bestiary.

From the bridge you'll want to head North, then at the fork go East, and then North at the next fork (east at the next fork is the place for trial by fire Hunt) all way and interact with the locked gate. After attempting to leave an NPC will show up (his tent is just to the south) and unlock the gate for you and right in front of you is a new dungeon The Dig which may be a bit difficult for you at this time if you're just steamrolling through the story so feel free to run through a previous dungeon to level up, and start working on taking out all dungeons on legendary.

Dungeon The Dig

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The dig goes back to a simpler dungeon layout, where you're just tasked with exploring until the end. As you get near the end you'll come into a large dark cavern and if you step on the glowing stones near the entrance it'll light up some spike traps, and a safe path. There are torches along the way that you can light to make it safe as well. Near the end you'll find an elevator, ride it down to your restoration crystal, so heal up and head forward towards the glowing skull and the boss fight will initiate.

Boss Fight Cadaverous Mound

  • Corrupting Spit – A projectile attack that deals moderate damage and applies a random debuff.
  • Cadaverous Breath – This is the boss’s burst attack. It unleashes a damaging breath attack that will hit eight times on random heroes and place a random debuff on them each time.
  • Cadaverous Split – The Cadaverous Mound will split into an extra Slime.
  • Impale – Melee attack that inflicts heavy damage.

This boss is king of debuffs and as such Calibretto is basically a must, for his level 1 burst. He doesn't hit too hard so its just managing your debuffs and making sure you don't get overwhelmed. He'll split into another slime twice during the fight otherwise its your standard fight, with maybe a bit more managing of support than offense to get you through. Once you finish off the fight you'll unlock

That's Deep, Bro

Complete The Dig

That's Deep, Bro
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Time to head back to the Southern Gate. Backtrack to Harms Way Blinkstation and head south to the next island over and into the exploration area. Once inside interact with the altar in front of you that was beside where Alumon was and you'll be transported to the dead realm. While in the dead realm, some areas in the world may be traversable as opposed to the living realm so while in the dead realm head down the left stairs and head forward, you'll notice that there's some new stairs built that you can go up to find a lever to open the gate, if you go down the stairs and to the left more you can find some loot and a treasure chest, but you ultimately want to go through the gate we just opened and interact with the altar so that you can return to the living realm.

Head out the exit beside it for a cutscene, and afterwards you'll be in a new area called the Southern Wilds. It's a pretty big area so I would recommend exploring so that you can figure out the enemies around as well as find some important stuff. From the Southern Gate head forward and at the fork head south, you'll see a deactivated blinkstation so walk under it and move up towards it and you should walk onto it activating the blinkstation. To the East is Caldeus' Tomb which we'll ignore for now as it's for Alumons tier 3 burst and we cannot accomplish that right now, on the way you'll see a treasure chest guarded by combat. From the southern gate when you go west, then north at the fork and then back east you'll find another chest. From the Southern Gate if you keep west at the fork you'll eventually run into Alumon who you'll speak with, and afterwards he will join your party and you'll unlock

Blood and Tears

Bring Alumon into the party

Blood and Tears
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Deadwatch will likely be a bit too high for you to take on at the moment, so I would suggest again re-doing legendary runs of The Dig as well as looking at what Hunts you can do from the Beastmaster and you can also take runs at the Arena by using the blinkstation. When you feel you're ready to take it on, head into the duingeon. Note that if you've been ensuring that you've gotten all lore, and all bestiary entries up until this point you will get the achievement for 50% lore, and bestiary respectively.

Little Game Hunter

Complete 50% of the Bestiary

Little Game Hunter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Well Read

Unlock 50% of the Lore Book

Well Read
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Dungeon Deadwatch

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The only unique factor about Deadwatch is that it utilizes the dead realm and the living world, so make sure that if you find an altar to swap between the two so that you can find everything unless you're just trying to power through the dungeon. About halfway through the dungeon you'll run down a corridor with a bunch of statues on the side, and a couple of statues will turn to face you and you'll be pulled into the dead realm. As you head forward you'll have to fight a mid-dungeon boss

Boss Fight Markron The Charred

  • Fireball – Deals light magic damage to a single target and triggers Ignite, dealing damage over 3 Turns.
  • Flame Wave – Deals light magic damage to all heroes and inflicts Ignite, dealing damage over 3 Turns.

Markron is basically a stronger version of the burning wizard which you might have faced by now in this dungeon. Basically just manage the debuffs he places on you and this fight should be relatively easy as he doesn't hit too hard. Once you do reach the final room of the dungeon, heal up at the restoration crystal then head forward outside for your boss fight of the dungeon

Boss Fight Verimatrax

  • Call of the Grave – For the next 4 Turns, undead allies will be immune to death. Long cooldown.
  • Unholy Strike – Melee strike that inflicts heavy damage and marks an enemy. They will be hit with a Sunder debuff and will have the next three attacks directed at them.

The boss will start with a Burning Wizard & Rattelbone Marauder, now you just want to focus down Verimatrax because any damage you deal to him is split 3 ways amongst the adds. If you've fought a hangman while going around this dungeon this battle shouldn't be too difficult. The only time you need to be prepared is when the boss uses Unholy Strike as it means that everything will be thrown on one guy and he can quickly go down if all 3 enemies attack at once, and you also want to be managing the debuffs from the burning wizard. Once you defeat the boss you'll unlock

Bad Moon Rising

Complete Deadwatch

Bad Moon Rising
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now I would highly recommend running through this dungeon a few more times for levels and loot, as no doubt it will require a few to get all the Lore and bestiary filled anyways, before continuing onwards. Once ready it's time to head to the next area so head back to the Harm's Way Blinkstation, and head south out of Harm's way to the island where the gate to Deadwatch was, except this time we want to go to the south east path of the island where Alumon will open another gate to the Moors.

Another large area to explore but one thing you should take note of when you defeat an enemy you get cursed, and take extra 1% damage per stack for a number of battles, along the path if you take the first SW path it'll take you to an encounter, which turns up a chest with a treasure map. Continue along the path to the East and when you hit the first fork go North, then you'll see the Moors Blinkstation just NE from that fork. From there head south west, and you'll find a gate that you can open. Head down and at the fork head south to find the Moor Shrine. To the East of the shrine is an exploration area called Derelict Ship. North from the shrine is Stonegrove ruins which is where you can find a hunt later, and finally from the blinkstation if you go southeast you'll find the dungeon, Strongmont.

Dungeon Strongmont

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

For Strongmont, you'll be tasked with killing 2 different mini-bosses that are liches in the dungeon in order to disrupt the summoning ritual located at the dungeon entrances. The dungeon branches off into 2 different paths but that doesn't mean that the liches are separated as it is always randomized. One super annoying note is that the room with the Lich of Shadows will always have one of the stealth undead chasing you around and the other one continuously spawns archer skeletons too. Good to farm the 5 kills necessary for the bestiary but its so damn annoying. I suggest fleeing and finding the lich so you can deal with them ASAP

Boss Fight Lich of the Tower/Shadows

  • Shadow Bolt – A projectile attack that deals light magic damage and heals the caster.
  • Corpse Explosion – The Lich can kill one of its allies, in turn dealing massive amount of magic damage to one of your characters.
  • Raise Dead – The Lich can summon a skeletal enemy (Bowmen for Lich of the Tower, Rogue for Lich of the Shadows) to attack alongside him.

Aside from summing different types of undead to fight with, the liches are exactly the same. Its nothing you haven't faced before as you just need to focus the boss as he will re-summon allies if you kill them off. Once you have killed off both liches return to the entrance room and you'll find the Restoration Crystal here to heal up, then head down one of the stairs to trigger the boss fight

Boss Fight Bhargus the Defiler

  • Rise my Minions – The boss will deal a heavy magic attack to all heroes and disappear whilst summoning minions to attack in his place.

That's right, this bad boy has a total of ONE attack. He will deal a decent bit of magic damage to your heroes, summon 3 undead enemies and disappear. To force the boss back out you have to kill the undead. Sounds fun right? This is one fight where Knolan actually can do a lot since his 60% slow can give you some extra pot shots on the boss without interruption. Otherwise just let loose when the boss appears, make sure to take the bit of downtime to heal up before he blasts you and re-summons the undead. Once you defeat him you'll unlock

Lich, Please

Complete Strongmont

Lich, Please
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

I would again recommend farming this dungeon for a few levels. The final boss fight alone gives a good amount of EXP since it continuously summons enemies to kill. Once you're ready to move on, go to the Siege Coast Blinkstation and head east all the way past the south path which would lead to the Path of fangs, and eventually you will come to an exploration area, The Iris. Head forward through the gate to the stairs, there's a treasure chest to the right of it, and up to the portal to be transported to your next area and keep following the linear path through portals until you find a ghoul at a fountain for some combat. The portal to the right of where you entered will take you to a treasure chest and the one to the upper part of the screen will take you to the exit to the world map after one more linear area and you'll be in Wintervein which is another massive area. Feel free to explore, as eventually all the paths in this lower area converge into a single path which hits the Central Wintervein Blinkstation. From the Blinkstation take the East path, and go around the south side and keep heading East to find an exploration area, The Winding.

The Winding is a maze section of the game necessary for some achievements. If you complete the maze while stepping on 3 pressure plates in a certain amount of time (approximately 2 minutes it seems) you will unlock 3 treasure chests after the maze. You do need to know the path very well so I would recommend either watching the video, or reading the text ahead, a video will be provided in the spoilers. Talk to the statue to start the maze, then head through the gate to the left of the statue and take the left path, following it to a fork, head left again to find your first Pressure Plate (1/3). From here we'll want to backtrack to the statue so head back right, and at the fork head right again following the linear path downwards which will take you to the gate leading to the square with the statue that we started with. From here head through the gate on the right side, and then head down and follow the path towards the right. You'll want to take the third fork heading upwards to find the next Pressure Plate (2/3). There should be a switch nearby so hit it, and go through the gate and head left through the thorny area (be careful of the Thorns as they will damage you, and your character will stop moving very briefly) and when you come up, you'll want to head left (there should be a lamp post right beneath you) and then head upwards towards the right along the fence, follow this path for the last Pressure Plate (3/3). From here continue on the path to the right (below the plate) and at the next fork take the left pathway and then take the pathway going up which should be the exit.

When you complete it you should unlock

Finders Keepers

Get all three chests in The Winding

Finders Keepers
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

Make sure to loot all the treasure chests as you'll get some awesome loot, as well as an item necessary for Red Monika's ultimate weapon (Crumpled Map) then talk to the statue to return to the start. This time we're going to run through and get the Lore pages, there are 4 in the maze and once again a video will be in the spoilers. Talk to the statue to start the maze and once again head through the left gate and head left, at the first fork this time head up/to the right then at the intersection, head left and you'll come to a pile of bones to find Lore - An Endless Maze - Moonlit Shadow (1/4). From here, backtrack to the intersection and head back down, then to the right at the next fork which will lead you back to the starting square with the statue, head to the right gate and then go down, take the last intersection heading up and if you hug the left wall about halfway up you'll find Lore - An Endless Maze - The Eyes of Everything (2/4). Keep heading up and at the next fork head left and in a corner you'll find Lore - An Endless Maze - The Chaos Underneath (3/4). From here head down/to the left and then at the next fork take a left through the thorny area once again, when you exit head down just a bit and on a sole hedge there will be a lamp post, and to the right of the post will be your last Lore - An Endless Maze - Arrival (4/4).

Head back to the world map after collecting all of the lore and head back west, and then north at the fork, and then north again at the next fork until you see a building (with the Northern Wintervein Blinkstation just to the East) which is the Pale Cathedral exploration area which is where we find our characters ultimate weapon recipes with a few level 21 ghouls to beat up, so hopefully you''re levelled enough to head in. Head forward, and take the first left path killing the Vampire Ghoul along the way and when you enter the room, go to the upper side where there will be a table in the middle with a book on it, on both sides of it will be two candles. Light both of them with the Fire Lord's Ember (which is gotten from one of the Beastmaster's early Hunts, if you haven't been doing them) and then interact with the book to get a tome, and another map piece. Check the bookcase just to the right of the stairs which will have Lore - Armaments of Legend - Argeas' Hallowed Bulwark (1/6) which also happens to be Alumon's ultimate weapon. Head up the stairs now, and on both side of the walkway will be bookshelves and will have Lore - Armaments of Legend - Dragonkind, Ragnarok (2-3/6) which are the ultimate weapons for Gully and Knolan. Head back to the entrance, and this time take the right side pathway and enter through the doorway into the room. Inside you can search the bookshelves to find Lore - Armaments of Legend - Calamity, The Cursed Blade, Destiny and Destruction (4-6) which are the ultimate weapons for Calibretto, Garrison and Red Monika, and now we have all the recipes for the ultimate weapons. You can also pull a switch to open a wall to find a treasure chest. Head back to the entrance and this time go up to fight another ghoul, then up the stairs and at the end of the path you'll see a vessel which you can grab for one of the hunts. Backtrack to the world map and head East to find the dungeon The Crimson Garden

Dungeon The Crimson Garden

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

In order to complete the Crimson Gardens, you'll need to traverse the dungeon and locate and inspect three statues that tell the story of Verus. From the starting point the path branches off in 3 directions however that does not necessarily mean that the statues will be divided in the three wings. There is a possibility that one wing will contain more than one statue. Note that every statue will give you a buff, and a debuff so this dungeon can get quite annoying. Once you have gained all the information by the three statues, return to the entrance room and as you approach the pedestal in the center it will glow red and spawn a portal on top of it. Head through to find your restoration crystal and when you keep heading forward you find your boss of the dungeon

Boss Fight The Farseer

  • Shatter Essence – This attack will deal moderate damage to the target and apply Arcane Sickness debuff, increasing magic damage taken by 20% for 3 Turns.
  • Empower – This buff increases the damage of the boss’s next attack by 100%.
  • World Destroyer – This is the boss’s Burst attack. It is a breath style attack that deals a massive amount of damage to all heroes.

Once again Calibretto will become a godsend in this fight. Make sure not to allow the Arcane Sickness debuff to stack up too high, He has the potential to 1-shot your party if you allow it to stack, and he empowers before using World Destroyer so make sure you're using his level 1 burst, and his action to cleanse if necessary. Your party should be above 20 so Calibretto can revive, as well as Alumon and Knolan whatever your party comp may be, you probably have a set strategy down by now. Just make sure that those debuffs are taken care of. Beating this boss will unlock

Beauty is in the Eye

Complete the Crimson Garden

Beauty is in the Eye
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Return to the crystal to head back to the world map, and head back west, then use the blinkstation to travel back to the Central Wintervein Blinkstation and head west across the bridge, to the north is a chest if you have 5 infused crystal shards that you can open to get dragon scales which helps with Gully's ultimate weapon, otherwise head south and follow the loop all the way around and as it loops back to the east, make sure you open up the stone blocking the path to create a shortcut back to the blinkstation. Shortly to the west of the shortcut is the final dungeon of the game, Mana Rifts

Dungeon Mana Rifts

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Mana Rifts acts as a simple dungeon, just traversing from one end of the dungeon to the other, however there is a lot hidden as you approach the edge of tiles, new tiles or platforms could appear leading to areas that aren't obvious to explore so make sure to explore, explore, explore! Once you do reach the final room, hit up the restoration crystal and go beyond it to find the boss of the dungeon.

Boss Fight Shades

This fight can go a number of different ways, as you will have to fight shadow versions of your own party members so it can be varied how it will go obviously.

Shade of Gully

  • Shadow Punch – Deals moderate damage and reduces damage taken by 10% for 3 Turns.
  • Shadow Barrier Swing – Strikes one of the heroes, dealing moderate damage. Converts 100% of damage done into a damage shield which is applied to the ally with the lowest health at the time.
  • Dark Boulder Toss – Inflicts moderate damage to all enemies and Stuns them for a short time. Used after an ally falls.

Shade of Calibretto

  • Shadow Gut Punch – Deals light damage to a target and applies Sunder, increasing Physical Damage taken by 10% for 3 Turns.
  • Shadow Song – Heals all allies for a moderate amount.
  • Shadow Flame Slug - Inflicts moderate damage to all enemies and inflicts Ignite, causing damage over 4 Turns. Used at low health.

Shade of Garrison

  • Shadow Cleave – Deals light damage to the target and a nearby hero, inflicting Bleed causing damage over 4 Turns. Can stack up to 3 times.
  • Raging Shadows – Melee attack combo that deals heavy damage to a target. Starts at 3 attacks, but gains an extra attack for each critical hit, up to 4 bonus attacks total. If the target is Bleeding, crit chance is increased by 15%.
  • Dark Assault – Increases Crit chance of all allies by 60% for the next 2 actions. Used at low health.

Shade of Knolan

  • Shadow Flame – Deals light magic damage and Ignites the target, dealing moderate damage over 3 Turns. Grants 5 Overcharge.
  • Shadow Explosion – Deals moderate magic damage to an enemy. If enemy is inflicted by Ignite, explodes and deals light damage to all enemies. Grants 10 Overcharge.
  • Dark Eldritch Summon – Burst attack that deals heavy damage to all enemies. Requires 30 Overcharge.

Shade of Red Monika

  • Shadow Sting – Deals light damage and applies a random debuff (Poison, Sunder, Bleed, Ignite, Chill, Stun or Arcane Sickness). Grants 5 Overcharge.
  • Shadow Exploit – Deals heavy damage to a single enemy. Addiitonal damage if the enemy is Bleeding, Poisoned or Sundered. Grants 10 Overcharge.
  • Dark Love Bomb – Deals light damage to all enemies and applies Poison, Bleed, Sunder, Ignite, Chill and Arcane Sickness debuffs on all of them. Costs 50 Overcharge.

Shade of Alumon

  • Shadow Pact – Deals moderate magic damage and heals his most wounded ally.
  • Shadow Healing – Heals all allies for a large amount. Any overhealing is converted to a damage shield.
  • Dark Dispersion – Steals a large amount of health from an enemy and uses it to heal all allies. Used after an ally falls.

The most important part of the battle is to focus down whichever healer you have in your party on the shade side, as well as likely the enemy shade will resurrect their ally if you have that person in your party. From their you'll likely want to take down the major DPS or debuffer or whoever you determine to be the most vital target. I would recommend having a dedicated healer obviously, who can also take care of debuffs with his level 1 burst. This battle can be long and annoying but shouldn't be too difficult unless you're running along on Legendary. Once you defeat the boss you'll unlock

Vice Versa

Complete the Mana Rifts

Vice Versa
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Once you complete the dungeon I would HIGHLY recommend perusing the Misc Achievement pages and cleaning up those achievements as we are about to go and take on the final boss, before hitting NG+. If nothing else I would highly recommend that at least you seek out all of the level 3 Battle Bursts, as well as the ultimate weapons if you haven't already to make the final boss fine. If you want to see what carries over to NG+ take a look at that page, you can finish all the misc achievements on the regular game once you defeat the final boss or NG+ but a lot of the achievements will help towards the final boss, choice is yours. Once you are ready to take on the final boss head to the Central Wintervein Blinkstation and head North to find the last exploration area for the game, Night's Keep. Once inside the area, head forward and as it splits, the left stairs will have a crafting station for any last minute weapons or armors you want to go for, and the right stairs has a shrine you can use for the next battle. At the top of the stairs will be a Restoration Crystal should you need it, afterwards head forward through the door and keep going to a balcony and a cutscene, and the final boss

Boss Fight C'drall

C'drall is a demon lord that's a snake, bat, lady that's all part bad-ass as your final boss of the game and oh boy is she a doozy. She'll be quite the encounter even if you are fully decked out, her attacks are as follows

  • Mark of C’drall – Inflicts an enemy with a debuff that will trigger extreme piercing damage after 5 Turns.
  • Barrier Shift (Magical/Physical) – C’drall can keep a barrier up at all times and depending on which one she uses, she can reduce either magical damage or physical damage by 50%.
  • Embrace of C’drall – Deals moderate damage to one character and heals itself for each stack of Bleed on the target.
  • Sanguine Harvest – Deals light damage to each enemy and has a chance to inflict between 1-3 stacks of Bleed on each, dealing damage over 4 Turns.
  • Rapture – Deals heavy magic damage and stuns the target. Deals bonus damage for each stack of Bleed on the target.
  • Blood Fortress – The boss applies a large damage shield to itself. Whilst this shield is in play, the boss will siphon health from all characters, restoring its health.
  • Dark Star – This attack dishes out extreme damage over 30 hits randomly

C'drall has a large number of attacks as you can see, that restores health and inflicts huge damage as well as stack debuffs, she can also put up a shield that will drain your party's health as long as it is active and a barrier that will reduce damage she takes by 50% from physical or magical damage which she switches up during the fight. Whenever the boss activates Embrace of C'drall you need to wail on her and remove the damage shield ASAP because the longer she has it up the more she'll drain your health to heal herself. Calibretto's purify is a MUST HAVE for this fight as his level 1 burst to remove debuffs is absolutely astounding as well as his ability resurrect allies with abilities. I would also recommend having Alumon as he can hybrid all 3 roles of DPS/Tank and Heal and either Red Monika or Garrison just pounding away, dropping debuffs on the boss. Manage your debuffs and make sure your health is at least 50% at all times, if you need to dual heal do so. Keeping all 3 characters alive is infinitely more valuable than an extra turn of decent damage. Once you defeat the final boss you'll unlock

Queen of the North

Kill C'drall

Queen of the North
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

For completing the game, you'll unlock New Game +. Note that you can reload your previous save and you'll find yourself on the world map just outside the entrance to the Night's Keep exploration area, allowing you to continue exploring.

New Game+

From the main menu select NG+ and it'll prompt you that your save will be overwritten and it will also lay out what you will keep and lose, but I will still do that for you.

You will keep

  • Your party (Once you come to Harm's Way you can go to the Inn to change your party.)
  • Your perks/perk points.
  • Your Bestiary/Beast Perks
  • Your burst level stays at 3
  • Fishing Journal
  • Lore discovered
  • All miscellaneous information like time played and all that jazz
  • As well from the very beginning you can play dungeons on ANY difficulty including a new one for NG+, Mythic.

But you will lose

  • Levels, obviously everyone goes back to level 1
  • Items/equipment
  • Gold
  • Hunts completed
  • Recipes for all facets
  • Shop upgrades

So obviously for starting NG+ the enemies will have increased HP/DEF/Damage as well but if you managed to beat the regular game, this should be a breeze for you up to certain parts. For starting NG+ you will unlock

The Looking Glass

Start NG+

The Looking Glass
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Now I won't go through everything systematically again since you can just follow the walkthrough again but I will mention that for the final boss you WILL need the ultimate weapons, and your heroes will need to be level 30 100% for NG+ so if you didn't thoroughly comb through the game before, you really should now in order to ensure you can complete NG+. After it's all said and done and you complete NG+ you will unlock

A Fantasy, Finalized

Finish the game on NG+

A Fantasy, Finalized
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required


  • Kill 500 enemies, this will come naturally

Dirty Hands

Kill 500 enemies

Dirty Hands
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

  • One of your characters will need to hit level 30. If you're doing legendary dungeons as well as the Beastmaster's hunt and effectively trying to finish the Bestiary this should come naturally

Behold, My True Form

Reach level 30

Behold, My True Form
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

  • Every dungeon in the game will have the potential to have a floating cube appear, if you interact with it it will ask you place an item inside. If you place a weapon the cube will disappear and re-appear somewhere else with the item being a tier stronger. When you find it again you'll unlock

Mystery Solved

Recover an item from the Mystery Cube

Mystery Solved
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

  • There are pages of Lore Books scattered all across the world. Ones that are found in dungeon are randomly placed and potentially require multiple playthroughs to find all of them.
    • World
      • Doomed Voyage (4) All are found at the Derelict Ship
      • An Endless Maze (4) All are found at The Winding
        • Talk to the statue to start the maze and head through the left gate and head left. At the first fork this time head up/to the right then at the intersection, head left and you'll come to a pile of bones to find Lore - An Endless Maze - Moonlit Shadow (1/4). From here, backtrack to the intersection and head back down, then to the right at the next fork which will lead you back to the starting square with the statue. Head to the right gate and then go down, take the last intersection heading up and if you hug the left wall about halfway up you'll find Lore - An Endless Maze - The Eyes of Everything (2/4). Keep heading up and at the next fork head left and in a corner you'll find Lore - An Endless Maze - The Chaos Underneath (3/4). From here head down/to the left and then at the next fork take a left through the thorny area once again, when you exit head down just a bit and on a sole hedge there will be a lamp post, and to the right of the post will be your last Lore - An Endless Maze - Arrival (4/4).
        • Video in spoilers
      • Studies of the Arcane: Time Warp (3) Related to Knolan's level 3 burst, more details under that section of achievements.
      • Armaments of Legend (4) All are found at Pale Cathedral
    • The Iron Outpost
      • Bandit Reports (4)
      • Impenetrable (4)
      • Spoils of War (4)
        1. Found from traversing from the tutorial to Harm's way, just after Garrison joins your party.
      • History of the Iron Outpost (4)
    • Path of Fangs
      • Notes From the Dark Lady (4)
      • Traveler's Tales : Path of Fangs (4)
      • Tribal Message (5)
    • Junktown
      • Security Upgrades (4)
      • Blood and Water (4)
      • Jaredo's History of Junktown (4)
      • The Handoff (3)
    • The Dig
      • Miner's Ledger (4)
      • Mana Seekers (3)
      • Fortune Favors the Bold (4)
      • Mine Operation Reports (4)
    • Deadwatch
      • Verimatrax Rising (5)
      • Notes From the Order (4)
      • Last Testaments (4)
    • Strongmont
      • Diary of An Invader (5)
      • Choices of Men (4)
      • Defense Against the Territories (4)
    • Crimson Garden
      • Making Preperations (4)
      • The Pact (4)
    • Mana Rifts
      • The Calling (4)
      • Blood of Blood (3)
      • Price of Ambition (4)
      • Matter Over Mind (4)

Well Read

Unlock 50% of the Lore Book

Well Read
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

The Librarian

Unlock 100% of the Lore Book

The Librarian
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • Each character has a different skin you can buy from the Collector in Harm's Way that cost 100 shadow coins each, meaning you need 600 total to buy them. You can get shadow coins by finishing off dungeonos, fishing and the arena.


Unlock a Hero Skin

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


Unlock all Hero Skins

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • Every character will unlock 2 levels of their bursts by reaching a certain level, but level 3 requires quests of sorts to unlock, here are each of them
    • Gully - You will get it from the Beastmaster shortly after getting level 3 burst meter, it seems you need to be at least level 12 to get it, so just keep checking with the Beastmaster now and then she will unlock
    • Knolan - Talk to the Enchantress and she will give you a page from Studies of the Arcane : Time Warp lore book (which is also lore!) and must find the other 2 pages (also lore!). Once you find the pages return to her and she will unlock his level 3 burst
      1. In Deadwatch, After you beat Markron the Charred head towards the North to find a small room, with a book on the left side of it.
      2. In the Strongmont, down the stairs to the left of the boss on the ground in the same room
    • Garrison - Fight in the arena until you complete the Warrior difficulty, once you do go to the Beastmaster and she will unlock it.
    • Calibretto - Head to Stonegrove Ruins in the Moors and go to the very back area to find the Ancient Construct Alpha. He is a decently strong boss fight so make sure you're highly levelled with good equipment. After defeating him return to the Beastmaster and she will unlock
    • Monika - Defeat 12 bomb lycelots (any type) and then return to the Beastmaster and she will unlock
    • Alumon - You must find Caldeus' skull in Deadwatch then head to the Tomb of Caldeus which is also in The Southern Wilds on the SE island. Make your way to the far back part of the tomb where there is a set of bones and place the skull there. Caldeus will return and you must defeat him. Once again he is a strong enemy but if you're keeping on par with levels he's nothing special. Once you defeat him return to the beastmaster.
  • Note that once you unlock all the level 3 battle bursts you may have to go to the tavern, and switch your party of 3 to the non-active members so that the game registers that you have all of them unlocked, as I had to do that.

Battle Ready

Unlock a Level 3 Battle Burst

Battle Ready
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevelShop

Mass Ruckus

Unlock All Battle Bursts

Mass Ruckus
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevelShop

  • This achievement relates to gold gathered over time so don't be afraid to spend your gold. Make sure to sell off all items you don't need like lower level armor and weapons. Don't worry all the weapons you need for ultimate weapons are not sellable.

Fresh Mint

Acquire 100,000 gold (culmulative)

Fresh Mint
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

  • Like the gold achievement, this relates to shadow coins gathered over time. The main way to obtain coins is to trade the Collector items that interest thim such as items you get from defeating bosses, surveyors from dungeons and specialty fish. There's also completing hunts for the Beastmaster and completing the arena will give you some items you can cash in

The New Bitcoin

Acquire 200 Shadow Coins

The New Bitcoin
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


  • Very simple, there are 8 dungeons in the game total and you need to complete them all first on normal or heroic before you can beat them on legendary. I would recommend doing this before you switch to NG+ as they can be quite difficult on NG+ on top of them being legendary
  • Recommended levels at least for legendary are as follows

Brave by Default

Complete a dungeon on Legendary difficulty

Brave by Default
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty Specific

Must Be Bored

Complete all dungeons on Legendary difficulty

Must Be Bored
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty SpecificMissable

  • To get to Tolkas Arena head West out of Harm's Way, or just use the blinkstation. In order to get max score you must complete the Battle Arena on Elite difficulty which is level 25 recommendation, but realistically you'll need to be 28+ There's 9 fights that must be completed in a 20 minute span which increase in difficulty. I couldnt complete them at level 27, and even at level 30 I made the timer with only 2 minutes to spare. Make sure you know what abilities you want to cast so you can scroll through your options quickly. Also be sure to keep your bursts to a minimum as the timer keeps going through the animation cutscenes.

Warming Up

Get a Mid level score at the Battle Arena

Warming Up
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Are You Not Entertained

Get Max Score in the Battle Arena

Are You Not Entertained
Offline Game ModeSingle Player


  • Crafting 50 should be done easily enough, going for the other achievements should put you easily into the threshold where you only need to craft 30 odd more items. First you need to find the recipes of course, and then you can find a workbench in dungeons, or simply head to the blacksmith, enchantress or curio's shop to craft.

Apprentice Crafter

Craft an item

Apprentice Crafter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Master Crafter

Craft 50 items

Master Crafter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

  • When you are crafting an item you can use more than the required amount of components. In order to craft a Rare item you need to use anything under 200% but still over 100%, but if it fails you lose all of the components. Craft 10 items to unlock

Rare Crafter

Craft 10 Rare Items

Rare Crafter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

  • When you are crafting an item you can use more than the required amount of components. In order to craft an Epic item you need to use anything under 300% but still over 200%, but if it fails you lose all of the components. Craft 10 items to unlock

Epic Crafter

Craft 10 Epic Items

Epic Crafter
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

  • There are two methods of getting this achievement
    • You will have to wait until NG+ to craft legendary items, In order to craft a Legendary item you need to use 400%, but if it fails you lose all of the components. Craft your item to unlock
    • Simply craft a characters ultimate weapon. I would suggest this one as there is an achievement to craft every character's ultimate weapon anyways.

The New Standard

Craft a legendary item

The New Standard
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

  • In order to find the recipes for each weapon, you will need to explore the Pale Cathedral and find them
  • These are the components required to craft each character's ultimate weapon
    • Garrison - The Cursed Blade
      1. Artifact Blade - You start the game with this item
      2. Forlorn Soul of the Brave - You will obtain this by killing the King Slime on the hunt The Voice From Below
      3. Desecrated Soul Shard of the Powerful - You will need to get 3200 battle marks in the arena (basically beat the Elite difficulty of the arena)
      4. Epic Parts (40) - Common item found in Crimson Garden and Mana Rift
    • Alumon - Argeas' Hallowed Bulwark
      1. Argeas' Ruined Bulwark - Once you have the Dead Heart, go back to Banog Cave and use the altar there to enter the Dead World, then follow the path to the left until you find a chest with the item in it.
      2. Malefic Blood Essence - Gained by killing The Hunger on the hunt The Hunger
      3. Fate Stone - You will get this by killing the Farseer boss in the Crimson Garden
      4. Epic Parts (40) - Common item found in Crimson Garden and Mana Rift
    • Knolan - Ragnarok
      1. Killington's Restored Cane - Obtained by killing W.K. Killington on the hunt The Gentleman
      2. Phlyactery - Found by killing the Ancient Lich in Mana Rifts
      3. Elemental Core (2) - Dropped by the elementals (Blood, Ice, Mana) in the later dungeons of the game, Mana Rifts or Crimson Garden
      4. Epic Parts (40) Common Item found in Crimson Garden and Mana Rift
    • Calibertto - Calamity
      1. Twin Power Core - Obtained by killing Rukus and V.L.A.D. on the hunt Destructive Duo
      2. Salvaged Behemoth Cannon - Obtained by killing the pirate captain The Behemoth. He can be found in a floating ship on the world map randomly after completing Junktown dungeon
      3. Fate Stone - Obtained by killing the Farseer boss in the Crimson Garden
      4. Epic Parts (40) - Common item found in Crimson Garden and Mana Rift
    • Monika - Destiny and Destruction
      1. Resplendant Pistol Handles - Complete the optional quest in Wintervein "The Winding" to receive a crumpled map, then you will head to a small island by Mana Rifts to unbury the second one, and then finally the handles by the west lake in Wintervein south of the central blinkstation
      2. Artificer's Revolver Components - Obtained by fishing at Pointe Break Catina on the far back pier area. Must be obtained AFTER the Pistol Handles. Requires higher level fishing rod and lure to catch an Engorged Glowing Fish.
      3. Living Stone Slab - Found by killing the Stone Gargoyles in the Crimson Garden
      4. Epic Parts (40) - Common item found in Crimson Garden and Mana Rift
    • Gully - Dragonkind
      1. Aramus' Legacy - You start the game with this item
      2. Dragon Heart Phylactery - You get this for killing Lord Belevros. In order for him to appear you must first find him at The Iron Outpost trapped in a coffin and release him from it. Once you do he will then randomly appear in Deadwatch. NOTE that we will choose not to release him at first in order to get the Shade of Belevros for the Bestiary, then replaying Iron Outpost and releasing him a second time. Otherwise you have to wait for NG+
      3. Dragon Scales - Found in the top treasure chest above where Mana Rifts is located (Requires 5 Infused Crystal Shards to open)
      4. Epic Parts (40) - Common Item found in Crimson Garden and Mana Rift

An Unstoppable Force

Acquire 1 of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons

An Unstoppable Force
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

All out of bubblegum...

Acquire all of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons

All out of bubblegum...
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • You will need to take away components from an item so that it is under 10%. The easiest item is a minor potion as you just need to take away everything except for two common materials to get the success chance at 8%. Once you craft it successfully you will unlock

Risk Taker

Craft an item with less than 10% success chance

Risk Taker
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop


  • This should come naturally, If you open up your Bestiary if you look in the lower portion on the right there's a section called Beast Perks that give objectives in order to unlock a perk. You can grind one out early if you choose, but once you get one you'll unlock

You're learning...

Unlock a Beast Perk

You're learning...
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevelShop

  • There are a total of 153 enemies/bosses in the game that you need to find and defeat. First you need to get the Bestiary from Beastmaster Harm's Way. For most normal enemies you will need to defeat them a few times to obtain all the information which will be indicated by the bar at the top right of their screen is full, and all info is available. Note that you can fill in the blanks using Tolkias Arena as the enemies there are random set to whichever level you challenge.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

  • NOTE When you first encounter Belevros in the Iron Outpost choose NOT to release him and kill him in order to get the Shade of Belevros entry in the Bestiary, then replay the dungeon and release him the next time so that his Lord Belevros form will appear at Deadwatch later, otherwise you will have to wait until NG+ to get this achievement.

Little Game Hunter

Complete 50% of the Bestiary

Little Game Hunter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Big Game Hunter

Complete 100% of the Bestiary

Big Game Hunter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • There is an achievement for hunting down the Pirate Captain, which can be quite annoying. Throughout the game as you complete dungeons there'ls a chance that airships will spawn once you complete the Iron Outpost dungeon at the dungeons Mana Rift, Strongmont, Iron Outpost and Junktown. There's some rumors floating around on how to get the pirate captain's ship to be spawned, but the general consensus seems to be that you have to kill all the previous Sky Lieutenant enemies in order for his ship to spawn. He's one of the hardest enemies in the game so be prepared for a big fight, make sure you're at least level 30 and have your DPS' ultimate weapons.
  • It can be annoying to get this achievement so my suggestion is running through iron outpost quickly, then go to Central Wintervein blinkstation (using your cn_RS to look around, then The Moors, then Siege Coast and then if not, head back to Harms Way to rest then repeat.

No Parley

Defeat the Pirate Captain

No Parley
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


  • Easy peasy, catch 50 fish. Doesn't matter if it's all the same. You have to rest at the inn or finish a dungeon to reset them with new fish. Upgrading rods and lures will help in attracting/catching fish.


Catch 50 Fish

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

  • These are the fish that you can sell to the Collector for shadow coins. The first one you'll likely find is a Jub Jub as they don't require any rod/lure upgrades and are found fairly early.

Beginner's Luck

Catch an Epic Fish

Beginner's Luck
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

  • Buy the legendary fishing gear from the collector-Rod of the Fishbender and Vilgrum's Fish Magnet 5000 for 40 Shadow Coins a piece in Harm's Way. Take this gear, equip it and go to the Fishmonger's Wharf and go fishing (there are four different fishing spots in this area) until there's none left. Travel back to Harm's Way, rest at the Inn/Tavern overnight (this will reset the fishing holes) travel back to the Fishmonger's Wharf and keep going until you have the achievement unlocked. There are 31 fish in total and they are
    • Shrink-Wrapped Battle Chasers Anthology
    • Mr Crabby
    • Scooter
    • Sea Turtle
    • Spear Minnow
    • Bubbles
    • Jub Jub
    • Ocean Frog
    • Many Tentacled Shell
    • Small Metal Wyrm
    • Spiny Gloom Shark
    • Feathered Goldfish
    • Cautious Sea Slug
    • Stout Limbed Lizard
    • Rainbow Submarine
    • Unicorn Shark
    • Golem-Shoe Crab
    • Sea-Horned Frog
    • Jelly-Filled Catfish
    • Underwater Observer
    • Nightmare Shark
    • Decoy Angler
    • Metal Mohawk Trout
    • Skulled Tentacle Terror
    • Devilish Turtle
    • Sabre-Nosed Shark
    • King of Bones
    • Hardened King Crab
    • Mobius
    • Red Monstrous Wyrm
    • Strata Ray

Fish Watching

Complete the Fishiary (100% catch all fish)

Fish Watching
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


  • Close to when your characters are level 10 the Beastmaster will start listing targets to defeat under the hunts section when you talk to her. Each of them require you to first find them, then you are required to do a certain task to face them. Once defeated return to her and confirm that you've completed the hunt. I would recommend being majorly overlevelled when attempting a hunt because these guys hit hard, hit fast and can wipe your party easily if not prepared.
  • TRIAL BY FIRE Level 10
    • Location - Balefire Cavern - Almost directly north from the Rushlands Blinkstation which is left to the Path of Fangs. Inside you will need to light all 12 torches surrounding the lava pit in the middle to get him to appear (so you need 12 flints)
    • Boss - Fire Lord R'Zahl - A massively powerful Fire Elemental that can stack ignite debuff on you pretty hard, as well as attacking him will put the ignite debuff on your characters. As such Calibretto is an absolute must for this fight, his level 1 burst is a godsend against this boss and utilizing bleed will make the fight slightly more easier, as the boss will take damage without having to stack ignite debuffs on yourself. I would not recommend attempting this hunt until your characters are at least level 13+ as the boss can deal upwards of 400+ damage at once, and it can be a bit difficult knowing when to juggle DPS and healing/tanking.
  • DEEP IN THE MIRE Level 12
    • Location - Harm's Way Sewers - You must first complete the Inn Keeper's request to get rid of the spiders before you are able to go down a second time to deal with the slime.
    • Boss - Sludge Mound - Basically a more powerful version of normal slimes. Does decent damage and poisons and not only that, the poison hurts a lot. Calibretto is basically a must as his level 1 burst is so freakin good when your whole party gets poisoned. Keep Garrison and Gully on DPS and have Gully tank when you need to, simple enough
    • The Southern Gate - As soon as you enter head to the lower left area to find a well. You will need to throw in different amounts of money (100, 500 and 1000), Pauper's Slop (Bought at the Inn in Harm's Way), Junkers Stew & Scummy Grog (Bought at Point Breake Cantina at the bar) and a ladder (found in Junktown in one of the houses). Climb down into the well afterwards and just follow the linear path to the boss.
    • Boss - King Slime - He starts with 2 regular slimes in combat, but focus on the King Slime. The only time you want to focus him is if he charges the regular slimes into bombs as you will want to take them out before they explode dealing massive damage. If you kill one of the regular slimes he just brings them back.
    • Location - The Red Grave - Located in the Southern Wilds just west of Deadwatch, Head around the cemetary digging up graves which will result in either nothing happening, loot, or combat as you dig up a skeleton, but what you are looking for are 2 runestones to crush which then reveals a key. Head down to the right side of the map and exit into a tomb where you can interact with the sarcophagus with the key now. This makes the wandering spirit back outside solid, and fightable. Depending on what your dungeon skill is you can actually kite him around a lot and give yourself a hugely favorable start to the fight.
    • Boss - Grave Warden - He hits hard, there's not much to this battle but just watch your health as you fight.
    • Pointe Break Cantina - You will need to find two power sources for them. One you will have to craft which is the OEM Energy Cell. The power cell, can be found in the dungeon The Dig, as well as you can pick up 3 mana infused ores and then take them to Welt whose tent is just south of the Dig dungeon and finally the Wild Elemental Shard can be found from enemies in the Moors. The other is a power core from a S.U.S.I.E. robot you can repair in Junktown that explode right after activating. Once you have them both go into the bar at Pointe Break Cantina, into the bar and up the stairs at the back to find the room with them.
    • Boss - Ruckus and V.L.A.D. - Ruckus is a gunner, and VLAD is an armored impaler. Pretty much just an upgraded version of the regular enemy counterparts. Something to note about this fight is that when one of the bosses go down then the other gets a massive buff. I would still recommend taking down VLAD first as keeping them both alive will allow them to use a strong dual attack. Nothing else is special about this fight though, just keep your healing alive and keep pounding away.
    • Location - Stonegrove Ruins - Head to Stonegrove Ruins in the Moors and go to the very back area to find the ancient weapon trapped behind a door. Let him out to start the fight.
    • Boss - Ancient Construct Alpha - While this fight might start easily enough, once the boss dips below 40% life he starts pulling out the big combos, he has an attack combo that hits 25 times and can pretty much wipe your party so you want to make sure that you have some damage shields up, or Alumon to overheal before you get there unless you are super confident you can wipe the floor with him quickly near that point.
  • THE HUNGER Level 26
    • Location - The Pale Cathedral - You need to go into the Pale Cathedral and up the stairs in the far back to find the vessel above the pool of blood and take it. Next go to Crimson Gardens and find the blood fountain somewhere in the dungeon and fill the vessel. After you must get three ancient vampire teeth from killing ancient vampire ghouls, or buying from the beastmaster if they are in stock. Once you have both, head back to Pale Cathedral and put the items in the blood pool to summon the enemy
    • Boss - The Hunger - You want your High HP/DPS characters in for this fight as every time he attacks, he boosts his power. Eventually the enemy will just start slamming you beyond what you could heal. So you want to throw everything you got at him quickly, run up those crits/debuffs and hopefully you can take him out before he gets too strong.
  • THE GENTLEMAN Level 27
    • Location - The Red Grave - You need to first defeat the Grave Warden in order to obtain Edrick's Tomb key and then enter it to get the Distinguished Cane from inside. Return to the collector and buy the Fairly Dignified Top Hat from him, then head to Pointe Break Cantina and trade with the man in the top hat inside the bar. Next go to the Pale Chapel and pull on the books in the room to the right to find a chest hidden with the Winking Ring. Then head to the Abandoned Waystation, put the ring in the gate to unlock it and head upstairs to find the distinguished monocle. After getting all the items return to The Red Grave and go to W.K. Killington's Grave in the middle of the graveyard to summon him
    • Boss - W.K.Killington, Esquire - An extremely, insanely strong hitter with plenty health. I honestly would not attempt it without all of your characters being level 30 as well as your main DPS having their ultimate weapon. His attacks do around 3k damage, and once you get him below roughly half health he'll use his burst (which is highly comical in execution) that will deal absurd amount of damage.

Go On...

Kill one of the Beastmaster's Targets

Go On...
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Like A Noss

Kill all the Beastmaster's Targets

Like A Noss
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

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