Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen


Walkthrough Overview

For those new to the series, Dragon's Dogma is an open world RPG that brings medieval fantasy to life as you embark on a classic adventure to slay a dragon. On the surface, it's a familiar setting of ideas that are developed with expansive combat and exploration. You'll have the chance to slay monsters of various sizes and forms as you collect quests to help your fellow man, all the while preparing for the attack of the wyrm. It features a pawn system that allows you to recruit companions from friends and online, as well as possibly upgraded classes and armor. And, although it has its faults, many fans consider it to be a solid RPG experience at its finest.

For those that are experienced with the game, you'll likely think that the Dark Arisen add-on is the only difference to the original. However, the Xbox One version has actually included a good few changes. Combat, quests, and particular items are new to the game, and naturally there's a few extra achievements available too. If you don't have the DA version of the game, you can find the original guide here. It includes the DLC walkthrough with plenty of other details to use, just not the achievements. They've published a PlayStation version as well, so it's a great resource for interested players. Otherwise, this version of the walkthrough can provide the rest.

But a new player or not, just know that this is a very long completion that will need at least two full playthroughs. Estimates go from anywhere to 50 hours, down to well past 200 or more. It's not a game I'd recommend to play just for the points. Achievements are associated with difficulty, leveling, and the story line itself. Others are based on special occurrences which will all be explained before you play. Essentially, the only way to finish everything is to be incredibly efficient, or at least as you can be with each playthrough.

Walkthrough Overview

So for convenience, the walkthrough will introduce you to really everything you need to know about how to play the game efficiently while going through each game mode. And, of course, every achievement will be explained within as well as where there's a decent time and place to collect it. To break it down:

  • Walkthrough Overview: You're on it.
  • Characters, Creatures, and Basic Tips: A great start for anyone new to the series. Learn about some specific mechanics to the game, explore each character vocation and skills, and see some of the monsters you'll likely be facing along the way.
  • Additional/Accumulative Achievements: This is a list of achievements that you will earn along the way or after so much time. It's important to check this page periodically if you aren't following the guide. Achievements here require certain actions that are not part of the story.
  • Story Mode: This will walk you through your first playthrough and everything you need to do within it. This is where you should start your game and where the majority of achievements will be earned. There are still missable achievements here.
  • Bitterblack Isle: This is the section specifically for the DLC storyline and achievements. Not recommended for new players to begin too soon. In fact, it should be the last place you visit in the guide.
  • Speedrun Mode: This will explain the specific qualifications of a speedrun and give you the fastest route of completion. Recommended after one playthrough, and no real knowledge is needed to complete it.
  • Hard Mode: Just like story mode, but harder. You won't be reading the entire story again. Instead, you'll see specific tips for each battle in the game, and some pro tips that can make you into a more experienced player. Recommended after one playthrough.

The Story Mode is the most important, since it includes every quest you need for a perfect run. The Hard Mode and the Speedrun mode won't differ much from the Story Mode, however, there's still some tips on each page, as well as your basic needs for each journey. You should do the game in the order of the modes as well, and I will explain why in the next page. After that, you should have every achievement in the game. So feel free to start up character creation as you read the rest of the suggestions.




In truth, there's too much to cover about Dark Arisen before playing, but you should still know a few rules before starting. It'll save you time, naturally. For starters, it should be common sense to learn the combat, such as throwing items, mounting enemies, and using different tactics on specific monsters. I'll have the list of what abilities work best on each creature below. Furthermore, be sure to do all the quests available before moving on to another chapter, even notice board quests (you can find them at every major settlement, marked on the map). These will also be detailed in the guide. And last but not least, loot what you can. It's better to find ingredients than to have to visit a merchant after every quest for more supplies. Essentially, you just need to follow the basic ideas of every RPG.

The rest of the tips are more specific, but you should read them as well if you're new to the series. Because of the wide variety of topics to explain, I've listed a few of the most common concerns of the game first. Next will be vocations and what works best for your combat style. And finally, you can see the bestiary at the bottom, showing what monsters you'll be facing throughout the game.

General Tips



Short answer, yes. Never hit New Game unless you just started the game. Dragon's Dogma lets you store your data as a cache, meaning you can start a new game while still saving all your historic accomplishments, like Dragon Age: Origins. By holding onto a save, you can collect items for future playthroughs and even save equipment for new characters. That also includes Hard Mode or a Speedrun. You will keep your equipment and items from the previous playthroughs if you start again. The only way to start over without deleting all your historical data is to finish the game. Selecting New Game will delete all your data, including the progress you've made with achievements.


Yes and no for this one. As I mentioned, it's almost a better option to do three playthroughs instead of two. This is because only playing two means you'll need to start the game on hard, which isn't a good suggestion. And starting in Speedrun mode means you only have one life. Which also isn't very good for beginners. Furthermore, your items won't be saved in Speedrun. So it makes the most logical sense to do a single playthrough without any modifiers, and then try your hand at another. Starting the first playthrough means you can collect gear and equipment to use in the other two modes, and you will stay the same level that you beat the game from. So that's why I recommend the order of Normal, Hard, and then Speedrun.


Nope. DD has its own selection of pawns that you can use. Furthermore, anyone on your friends list that has the game (and is playing publicly) has a pawn that can also be used. This means if you have a friend who's beaten the game, you can nab their level 130 pawn for your level 12 adventure without any repercussions (besides the loss of experience). Players on TA have already set up a pawn sharing thread to help out. You do, however, need to be set to online for other people to use your pawn. If you don't have any friends who play the game, you're also welcome to send a friend request over to me and I will use your pawn free of charge (I also give away wakestones as gifts). Furthermore, any time you are looking for specific items, it might be worth making a forum post to see of anyone is willing to trade with you.


Not at all. Neither yours, nor your pawn's vocation is dead set on what you pick at the start. However, changing vocations will cost discipline points, which is also what you use to purchase skills. Be aware that only the Arisen (you) can use hybrid vocations, though. Hybrids are Magick Archers, Assassins, and Mystic Knights. Pawns can still used advanced classes such as Warriors, Rangers, and Sorcerers. Just be sure you buy the correct weapons for each, since each class holds a different set. And what's even better is that once you've unlocked a class and abilities, if you ever decide to switch back to it, or switch your pawn's class, those skills will remain unlocked.


Your inventory works separately from your pawns, but you can have them hold items for you. No, giving an item to a pawn that isn't yours won't mean you've lost those items forever. Even if you fire a pawn with your items still on the person, those items will be transferred to your storage. Storage is accessed through Innkeepers and all the items within will be kept with your game cache. So it's a good idea to store quest items you don't need or already have into storage for another playthrough. Furthermore, if you find yourself over-encumbered (it's determined how much you can carry by how much your character weighs) you can just hand stuff over to the other pawns to allow for better speed. Just be aware that if you give your pawns curatives or health items, they will use them. You could also unintentionally give away or sell a quest item.


Besides playing the game? No, there's not very many ways to level up faster. However, you earn experience in a number of ways including your difficulty, your level, your pawns' level, the number of pawns you have, completing quests, and defeating foes. Despite this, many gamers choose to farm the Ur-Dragon later on, which is also part of an achievement, so keep that in mind if you're looking to get through a few levels faster. According to a few websites, getting rid of pawns also greatly increases the experience gains.


No, you do not. You got lucky, in fact, because the DA version of the game comes with this amazing item called the "Eternal Ferrystone" which allows you to fast travel as many times as you'd like. The original game doesn't have this and instead requires you to buy or find the stones over and over after each use. Furthermore, you can also find "Portcrystals" which allow you to make fast travel points. You start off with three permanent fast travel locations, which isn't much. So it's pretty useful to place these stones down on locations that you travel to often. They even remain placed with new playthroughs, but you can only use 10 total.


Obviously, some achievements are more clear than others. If you miss an ending, you'll just have to replay the game to get back to that point, since DD will often save over your progress. However, achievements like "Get 30,000" kills will be counted across playthroughs. This also counts for the Hero Achievement, which requires you to do every non-notice board quest in the game. If you miss a few in your first run, you can do the others in the next without having to repeat the entire list to get the achievement. You can pause the game and look under History to see what you've done so far.


Another yes and no question. Certain quests, such as the ones meant for the story, can't technically be failed. You can, however, botch up horribly, which results in worse rewards. Noticeboard quests, however, can completely fail, including a few non-essential ones too. "Lost and Found" is a good example of this. Each transition to a new chapter results in the remaining quests being removed. But no, you can't fail the game. If you get the ending that isn't meant to be, you'll just restart from the last decision. So it's very easy to just pick all the bad endings for the achievements before picking the good ones to beat the game.

Character Stats Screen


Although much less crucial than the other tips, setting up a decent team can take you a long way in DD. There are a few obvious things you should follow, such as selecting pawns of similar level and making sure both your equipment and theirs is somewhat updated. But you should also pay attention to their abilities and even their size if you're looking for the best options. For starters, you should have at least one character that's a decent height and weight, if not your own character. This is so you can have a pawn carry heavy items and equipment that will weigh you down as you go. Furthermore, having a healer or someone with defensive abilities makes all the difference when fighting higher level monsters. And finally, using your classes and equipment correctly can make things so much easier. You should always work to have a balanced team. You can also see your status from the pause menu.

If you've glanced at the vocations and you're not sure what's best or what skills to use, this small guide can help you. You should also note that most people generally believe there is no "best class" of the game. It's all about play style and situation.


Besides being a good default option for players, Fighters have the best choice of equipment throughout the game. However, you won't play it well unless you use it to its full potential. Fighters will also possess a shield with various abilities based on it. This means, while the Striders are often dodging and fleeing from battle, the Fighter will be required to counter and block. This generally makes it a nice class for both beginners and advanced players alike, since there's always room for improvement. Add that with the best stats to knock down or debilitate enemies, and the Fighter makes a great vocation for becoming a literal distraction in battle. There's no perfect skill to use, however, Skyward Slash and Shield Drum are pretty much a given.


The Strider vocation is a very good all-around class. Armed with both close and ranged attacks, it's one of the best options for someone who just wants to deal damage in whatever way they can without taking the heat of the battle. Combine that with the best speed of the set, and it's easily a vocation that can keep you alive through any difficulty, provided that you choose to flee when in danger. Perhaps the only downside is the lack of specialty. It's proficient at everything it needs to be, but it won't excel in any category beyond that point. The majority of players agree that the Ensnare skill is one of the best to use.


Naturally, this is a very good vocation for your pawn, since the majority of abilities are based on defensive actions or healing. The trade-off is being weak in every way, being unable to handle any form of damage. Furthermore, expect to be easily knocked down or thrown when against your enemies. This vocation isn't the best option for your character because of it. You likely won't want to play a class that demands support spells and distance in every other instance. It can get dull, and on higher levels, you become a walking target. However, a good strategist will likely enjoy the magic vocations the most. Must-have skills are High Ingle and High Anodyne.


If a sword and a shield isn't manly enough for you, the Warrior allows you to carry Greatswords and Warhammers to crush your enemies without hesitation. If you're looking for the good old "hack and slash" vocation, this is definitely the one. Easily defined as the class with the greatest strength and health, it's a great choice for those who still want the damage aspect of a Strider without the need for blocking. The downsides are similar to the Fighter in which they are still just as slow, and without the shield, they're always open for an attack. War Cry is one of the most useful skills to the vocation because it distracts enemies from your weaker allies.


Essentially the upgraded version of a Strider, the Ranger is incredibly useful for taking out small packs of enemies. The stamina level is the best in the game and provided that you use special arrows for the job, you can take out enemies very easily. Unlike the Strider, however, the Ranger requires a better understanding of the battlefield. You think less as an archer and more as a sniper, which requires a good position and steady shots. There's less leniency to daggers compared to the Strider, but the faults generally remain the same. There are far too many useful skills to count, but investing in a multi-arrow shot is always a good idea.


Despite what you may think, a Sorcerer isn't quite an upgraded version of a Mage. You cannot heal, which is a huge downfall, but you still have the ability to give elemental bonuses to your companions. Instead, the Sorcerer vocation harnesses those same elemental weaknesses into attacks, dealing monumental damage if you understand the enemy you're dealing with. It's been my personal favorite throughout my time with DD specifically because of how powerful spells can be when used correctly, although there is still the downfall of low health and other stats. And it will naturally take some time to cast the spells needed. For abilities, Maelstrom might be the most OP of them all.


You might recognize this class as the one used by the default Arisen at the tutorial level. The Mystic Knight vocation is a nicely balanced one which has the benefits of a defensive playstyle combined with magic augmentations. You can cast spells to enchant your pawn's weapons or use them for your own benefit. This makes it a fairly balanced class, but also a bit difficult for new players, considering that you'll need to learn what spells to use and when. Unfortunately, the Mystic Knight has the weakness of both a mage and a warrior; slow in both ways. Furthermore, it's best to play other classes to up your abilities before attempting this one. All the skills are fairly even, but most people use the Great Cannon and Perilous Sigil.


A favorite within the community, Magick Archers combine ranged attacks with elemental damage to debilitate your foes. The drawbacks are that Magick Archers shoot noticeably slower than the Ranger class, and the damage dealt will count as magic and not physical damage, which means some enemies will be naturally resistant to the attacks. They also cannot use special arrows like the other two classes. Still, most players agree that it's one of the most unique and fun-filled vocations to play. Plus, you can use really any armor in the game. Two great skills are Ninefold Bolt and Grand Scension.


Finally, we come to the Assassin. It plays much like the original Strider, but better with damage. With a ridiculously high speed, Assassins can clear the battlefield before it starts, making them a very useful alternative to a Warrior. The downside is their typically low defense, and it's somewhat difficult playstyle. Their weapons and tools take a bit from each vocation and throw them into one class, so you'll need to learn what skills to use offensively and defensively. But one of the best parts of the Assassin vocation is its Strength Growth, the highest of the game. Invisibility is pretty nifty, along with Gale Harness and a few others.



And finally, if you're interested in learning how to handle each monster in the game, here is the bestiary. It reads by names, weaknesses of that family, and how many kills you need of each type of monster to earn bestiary knowledge on them. In other words, if you've slain a lot of goblins (500), your pawn will note this and will tell you specific tactics to use in battle, such as fire spells. This should help you fight more efficiently through the game. You definitely don't need to take note of every species and what to use against them like a Witcher on his Deathmarch, but naturally, exploiting the weaknesses does a lot more damage and will end the fights quicker. You can find scrolls of bestiary knowledge occasionally throughout Gransys as well.

Goblins, Hobgoblins, Grimgoblins, Greater Goblins, and Goblin ShamansFire, Ice, Blindness, Headshots, and Killing the Leader 500, 300, 250-285, 290, 100
Wolves, Direwolves, Hellhounds, Wargs, and GarmFire, Ice, Holy, Sleep, and Lightening 500, 500, 150, 200, 100
Skeletons, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Lord, Skeleton Brute, Skeleton Mage, Skeleton Sorcerers, and Silver and Golden Knights Holy, Ice, and Blunt Weapons 300, 275, 50, 250, 100, 100, 100, 100
Saurians, Sulfur Saurians, Geo Saurians, Saurian Sages, and Pyre SauriansIce, Fire, Dark, and Cutting of the Tail300, 150, 150, 100, 300
Undead, Stout Undead, Undead Warriors, Giant Undead, Poisoned Undead, and BansheesHoly, Fire, Ice, and Grapple 500, 150, 500, 100, 300, 250
Harpies, Snow Harpies, Succubi, and SirensFire, Holy, Dark, and Burning the Wings 300, 300, 150, 100
Gargoyles and Strigoi, Lightening, Ice, and Holy.50, 100
Phantoms, Phantasms, Specters, Wraiths, and Living Armors Holy and Magic50, 50, 50, 30, 50,
Wights, Liches, Dark Bishop Holy, Dark, and Silence

30, 25, 30

Cyclopes and GorecyclopesLightening, Ice, and Grapple50, 50
Ogres and Elder OgresSleep, Fire, and Party Specific Genders

50, 50

Golems and Metal GolemsMagic and Attacking the Weakspots15, 7
Chimeras and GorechimerasMagic, Holy, Silence, and Cutting of Specific Creatures30, 30
Griffins and CockatricesFire, Grapple, Lightening, and Targeting Weakspots15, 15
Hydras and ArchydrasCutting off the Heads7, 7
Evil Eyes, Vile Eyes, Gazers, and ManeatersHoly, Dark, Magic, and Targeting the Weakpoints15, 75, 30, 45
Hostile Soldiers, Hostile Bandits, Enemy Wizards, and Enemy PersonLightening150, 500, 150-200, 100-300
Drakes, Wyrms, Wyverns, Cursed Dragons, The Dragon, and the Ur-DragonIce, Holy, Dark, and Fire15, 15, 15, 15, 3, 15
The Seneschal, Eliminators, Death, and DaimonNone3-5, 60, 3-6, 10

Be aware that each monster has their own weakspot. Your pawns will note this as you fight. Other times you will have to try different tactics in order to learn something new with the Bestiary. And, once again, you don't need to follow the bestiary to get through a fight. It just makes it much easier.




This page will account for the miscellaneous achievements of the game that you can't receive via the main story. Most gamers will collect them on their own time, or on a different playthrough, so it's not necessary to actively seek them out. Instead, you should keep them in mind before each chapter and decide when it's best to take them on. The achievements on the list will have at least one of these traits:

  1. They cannot be gained at a specific time and are accumulative.
  2. They are easiest to complete during post-game or at higher levels.
  3. They can be done through any playthrough, but can be missed.

Each achievement on the list will have a short description, tips to speed up attempts, and a time frame on when it's a good idea to try them. Note that all achievements on this list can be done during any playthrough or mode and progress is saved across them. The list will start from the relatively easiest, then go up. Be sure to pay attention to any specific requirements to unlocking them. They will also be mentioned in the main story walkthrough, so don't worry about memorizing this list.

Local Recruit

Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.

Local Recruit
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Foreign Recruit

Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.

Foreign Recruit
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Both of these can be collected as soon as you reach the Encampment, so it's an easy grab. Once you've completed the trial (via the riftstone), you can collect new pawns. The first (local recruit) can be gained by speaking to a pawn that is not from the rift. In other words, they'll be wandering the camp. Speak to them, then enlist (you may need to find one that is the correct level). You can also do this at Gran Soren at any time.

Second, you need to access the rift stone inside the tent. This will summon numerous pawns from which you can pick through for whatever you're seeking. Approaching the stone once you're inside will also give you extra options to narrow the search. Speak to one, recruit them, and the achievement will pop. There are riftstones scattered through Gransys, so there's plenty of opportunities.

The Artisan

Combined two materials to make an item.

The Artisan
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Crafting is done through your inventory by selecting a material, then selecting combine. You can only create something if you have both materials. An easy way to get this achievement is to just buy a few materials from Cassardis and combine them, such as food and containers. However, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to collect things on your own. If you haven't crafted something by the time you reach Gran Soren, try it then. Any combination will unlock the achievement.

Human Resources

Changed your vocation.

Human Resources
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevelShop

Inhuman Resources

Changed your main pawn's vocation.

Inhuman Resources
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevelShop

This can only be achieved by going to Gran Soren, or by going to Bitterblack Isle. Changing your vocation requires speaking to the innkeeper (or Olra) and selecting the vocations prompt. Note that you'll need some experience first, you can't switch without discipline. You can earn this by just killing monsters. By the time you reach Gran Soren, you should definitely have enough. Just change your character, then hit the bumper to switch to your pawn and do the same. The achievements will pop soon after.

A Queen's Regalia

Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.

A Queen's Regalia
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

This is an easy achievement to collect, which can also correlate with a quest. Once you reach Gran Soren, find the Black Cat. You'll find an item labeled Set of Lady's Garbs. Equip this on any male in the party to collect the achievement. If you have a permanent male in your party (for example, if either you or your pawn is male) you'll also need this item for the future quest As Thick as Thieves, so keep it. You'll need a set for every male.

The Knave

Obtained a forgery.

The Knave
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Once you reach Gran Soren, you can head to the Black Cat to duplicate items. You can use really anything, but it's wise to do this during the Idol Worship quest. Just speak to him, then pick an item to forge. Note that any magical items won't have the same effect when forged, so you should pick something you need for a quest instead of something you need to actually use. Once you collect it, you'll get the achievement. It takes a day to do. Once again, you can do this in the main story.

The Escort

Acted as a reliable travel companion.

The Escort
Online/OfflineSingle Player

This can be collected once you've reached Gran Soren. You activate it by heading to the inn and then approaching the notice board. Note that there's plenty of Escort Quests available in the game. They continue to grow as you head through the story, and there's no reason not to do them since you'll need the achievement for notice board quests as well. Select one, then save. You'll need to keep them alive to finish the quest. Then head to the destination you need. It's wise to bring a portcrystal with you if you have one since many locations are those you'll be going to at least one other time in the game. Once it's complete, meaning the person makes it to the destination, the achievement will pop.

Affinity and Beyond

Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

Affinity and Beyond
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMissable

You can easily get this by following the story. Aelinore is a good option because doing her quests immediately raises her affinity to the max. So don't bother trying to seek this one out if you follow the guide. If not, know that there are two easy ways to raise your affinity with someone. One, to give gifts and two, to finish their quests. By the end of the game, you should have at least one person with max affinity.

The Philanthropist

Gave 50 presents.

The Philanthropist
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

This goes well with the Affinity and Beyond achievement because you can give one person as many gifts as you'd like. Just be sure you have enough items to do it. I personally finished a notice board quest to get this achievement done. By doing Bone of Contention, you earn 60 skulls as a reward, which can be given as a gift. Then, just find someone to give them to.

The Tourist

Visited 50 locations.

The Tourist
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectable

The Vagabond

Visited 100 locations.

The Vagabond
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectable

It takes awhile to collect all the locations, but following the story to the end should collect them. Be sure to do any side quests as well. Areas like Witchwood and the Abby can be passed up if you don't work towards them. If, for whatever reason, you don't unlock these achievements by the final mission, explore the map and Bitterblack Isle.

The Specialist

Learned all the skills of a single vocation.

The Specialist
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevelShop

Some vocations are easier to complete than others. For example, the Sorcerer vocation requires you to upgrade skills to unlock further advancements. Meaning you have to buy so many skills before more skills are available. This makes it a bit tedious, but some classes have fewer requirements than others. Furthermore, it's easier to advance your pawn's class instead of your own, since you'll have extra skills you could spend towards other augments.

No matter what you choose, you just have to stick with a class long enough to buy all the skills within it. Head to any innkeeper to update them, but remember you won't be able to change your vocation at every chance. The achievement will pop after either you or your pawn have a finished vocation.

The Laborer

Completed 50 notice board quests.

The Laborer
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

It's definitely possible to complete this under one playthrough. All notice board quests count towards this, including fetch quests or escort quests. Just be sure to check the board in each settlement. Even the Encampment has one. Gran Soren has two. The more you take on at once, the faster you'll complete them. Escort quests are best to do once you have portcrystals down.

The Captain

Enlisted a large number of pawns.

The Captain
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

The total number of pawns that are needed to get this achievement is 75. You can do this online or offline, but being offline means you don't have to gift anything and it will load significantly faster. You can check how many pawns you've collected from history as well. Local or through the rift does not matter.

Serpents' Bane

Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

Serpents' Bane
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectableCumulative +


Defeated a hydra or archydra.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Both of these should be completed during Post-Game. There are specific locations where each spawn which allows you to collect the kills. Some enemies will obviously be harder than others, so it's wise to kill a Hydra over an Archydra if you're at a significantly low level. You should also note that the achievements are different. You only need to kill one of the Hydras. But you need to kill all three types of Wyrms. It's easy to get confused and kill the wrong enemy.

Hydra and Archyrda locations

  • Chamber of Hesitation, Everfall
  • Frontier Caverns, after accepting the notice board contract
  • Can occasionally be found wandering Gransys

Drake, Wyrm, and Wyvern locations

  • Drake - Devilfire Grove (this is the only location that does not require post-game status)
  • Drake - Estan Plains
  • Drake - Chamber of Fate, Everfall
  • Wyrm - Watergod's Alter
  • Wyrm - Chamber of Distress, Everfall
  • Wyvern - Estan Plains
  • Wyvern - Conquest Road
  • Wyvern - Bluemoon Tower

There's also Dragonkin available in Bitterblack Isle, in the Rotunda of Dread. However, they're much more difficult to kill. Furthermore, each creature has their own tactics. Wyverns are known to take flight more often than their kin, whereas the Wyrm uses magic and spells. Each enemy will respawn in so many in-game days, usually around 7. The achievements will pop after the kills.

The Veteran

Defeated 3,000 enemies.

The Veteran
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

There's no trick to this. Kill as many enemies as possible as you go through the game. In other words, you shouldn't run from every fight you get into, even if they get annoying. You're likely to collect it on your second playthrough, if not the first. To check on your progress, hit start and look under your history, then enemies. A good idea is farming specific locations like the Miner's Hut outside Gran Soren where the enemies always respawn.

The Coin Collector

Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

The Coin Collector
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

I personally had to get this over three full playthroughs. 10,000,000 gold is required to collect it. First off, it's good to know that all the gold you collect will count across playthroughs. You can see this in your history, then head to the last page to see the total. Second, you should always sell back the items you don't need or equipment that's no longer worth the weight. Items such as Pilgrim Charms can fetch for high prices, which is an easy way to collect gold. Third, playing on Hard will increase the gold drop of enemies. And lastly, if you attempt a speedrun, know that nothing you collect or gain will be kept afterward. So it makes sense to just sell your entire stock before finishing the run. These items will be there when you return, so there's no reason not to just clear your storage for the coin.

Well Equipped

Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

Well Equipped
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Although you can hold onto every piece of armor you find in the game, it's not necessary to get by, especially if you have a good memory. You'll find armor on your own, but usually not enough to complete the achievement. Buying through a merchant's stock works as well.

For example, you can give the Blacksmith a gold idol (forge it so you have one for yourself to get a discount) to increase his inventory. This is required for a full playthrough to begin with, so taking the time with the idol shouldn't cause any trouble. Then, once his inventory has updated and you've collected anywhere between 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 gold, just clear his stock of everything he has, putting the new items in storage. It's wise to save first. If you run out of gold after selling everything, sell it all back to him, then buy again. If you run out of things to buy, head to Madeline's or to the Black Cat. The achievement will pop once you have 350 pieces, whether it be armor or weapons.

Note that this works best on a Speedrun. This allows you to sell literally everything you own in exchange for weapons and armor, so it's an easy solution. Once you hit 350, the achievement will pop.

The Messiah

Defeated the Ur-Dragon.

The Messiah
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

The Ur-Dragon is essentially a post-game boss for those still looking for a challenge, but whether or not you play online or offline can make a huge difference on the combat.

When online, the Ur-Dragon is a multi-stage, cooperative event. The enemy will have as many health bars as possible and you will only be able to do damage a bit at a time before it leaves. However, you fight the same Ur-Dragon as everyone else playing online. So if enough people fight, then eventually it will be slain. You'll need to carry your weight for it too though, since the experience and rewards go to those who do the most damage overall. Furthermore, you will only receive the achievement by killing the Ur-Dragon, not just contributing.

When offline, there will be significantly less health, but you'll be alone to do it. I recommend this if you're going for completion, since it's still the faster path rather than waiting for players to pick up the pace. You can set yourself to offline/online by going to options from the start menu. This is also the best way to farm that players have found so far.

Both of these attempts will need to be done anywhere between 8-12 minutes or the dragon leaves. Another thing to note about the Ur-Dragon is that damage is accumulative. If you couldn't slay it the first time, come back in seven days in-game to finish it off. So even if you're significantly low in levels, your attacks won't be in vain. That being said, I recommend you be somewhere between 60-100 at the least. The Ur-Dragon is more difficult than Grigori, and attacking anything but the weak spots will do nothing. You can tell where the weak point is by the purple-blue glow on the dragon. There's multiple ones all around the body, so having someone to climb the legs and attack is wise. Otherwise, the Ur-Dragon is weak to Holy attacks, so equip yourself accordingly.

  1. You should try to use bow-wielding classes for the fight. Mages do less damage and warriors will have a hard time reaching the hearts. If you use a sorcerer, be sure to outfit them with holy magic. The Ur-Dragon is immune to dark elemental damage.
  2. Avoid the fire, you can tell when it's about to spit. Don't stand in the line of its attacks (especially when it whips its tail) because the dragon can deal massive damage. These are obvious hints, but it's still important to know.
  3. Again, always attack the hearts, not anywhere else. No damage will be dealt if you miss. The hearts are all over the body, so if the dragon still has health, it's because there is still a heart somewhere on the body that hasn't been damaged.
  4. When it perches on the tower, try to use Maelstrom or any archer skills to get it to land. The longer it stays on the tower, the more time that will be wasted for the fight.
  5. You can either strike the legs first, since it will cause the dragon to tumble. Or, you can attack the hearts at the wings and move downwards. This is easier because the lower the health bar gets, the more dangerous the Ur-Dragon gets.

The achievement will pop soon after. If you were not able to slay the dragon within the timeframe, wait 7 days in-game and he will reappear.

Cheat Death

Defeated Death in Bitterblack Isle.

Cheat Death
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

This is the only Bitterblack Isle achievement that won't be unlocked by going through the motions. Death will appear periodically throughout the isle, meaning you are required to chip away his health every time he appears. There are a few things to know to make this easier, and there are certain times and locations that can be of value. To start, understand that Death has special abilities from his weapons. One, is his scythe which will insta-kill anything it touches. And two, his lantern which will put enemies to sleep. This is a very dangerous combination for obvious reasons. So even if the lantern isn't fatal, avoid it or he'll cut both you and your pawns down as you sleep. Pawns who are killed by death cannot be revived. You will need to find them at the next Riftstone. That being said, there's three ways to handle this:

PRE-DAIMON: On your first run through Bitterblack Isle, Death will always have select locations: the Garden of Ignominy, the Fortress of Remembrance, and the Bloodless Stockade. If you have the skills to take him down early, then all you need to do is enter the location, shoot 'em up as much as possible, and when he disappears just leave and return. This is a good solution for those who are trying to fit all the achievements in with the shortest amount of time.

POST-DAIMON: This is the solution I used, and it's most likely what people will recommend to you if you search online. Death is a necrophage, meaning he is attracted to the remains of other creatures. Using rancid bait meat will work just as well, and can be bought from Barroch at the entrance. To get Death to spawn, grab the bait, head to the Garden of Ignominy (the first location you get to) and slay all the beats inside. Afterward, save, then godsbane (or save and quit if you don't have the option) and reload. Lay down the bait and Death will spawn. Note that this will only work if there are Saurian's inside. If there are goblins, then placing the bait will attract Garms instead.

NORMAL ASSAULT: Just take the time to deal some damage to him as you go. You can run into death will grinding through the area at any time. So if you're patient and not out for the achievements, it won't be too hard. If this is your plan, know that light (so holding the lanterns) will increase his appearances. This works for Pre-Daimon and Post-Daimon.

Note that Death also has no debilitation weaknesses, but he can be staggered or stunned. You also cannot grapple him, so there's really no way to keep him on the ground. Knocking him into the water will also not work (with other enemies, you can toss them into the ocean and the brine will take it from there) so your only option is to fight fair. There is no direct location for stun-locking him. So just fire away.


Reached LV 100.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerLevel


Reached LV 200.

3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevel

This will be the most time consuming of the list. As noted previously, there's many things that contribute to the amount of experience you earn: the number of pawns, the level of pawns, the difficulty of the game, and more. Be sure that you take advantage of this as you play. Farm the Ur-Dragon and other high-level monsters in the Everfall. Furthermore, Bitterblack Isle provides the best challenge for those in need of different foes.


The remaining achievements will either be earned by doing the Hero Achievement or by completing the playthrough itself. So don't worry about any vague or non-descriptive achievements that aren't on the list. Just be sure to remember those that were mentioned before you finish the game. And with that out of the way, all you need to do is start the game.



Story Walkthrough

This is the most important section of the guide. When you are attempting your first playthrough, you should follow this page for all the quests in the game. I will also explain some important variables such as special shops, unique items, and a few tricks to make things a little easier for new players. There's plenty of content that isn't a part of the storyline, but that can still be of use to you. For those interested, the full story will also be explained at the end.


  • None: You beat the game and that's all you get. You will only receive special rewards when playing on Hard, or playing through a Speedrun.


  • None: This is the base game, and therefore, the rules are exactly what to expect. There are numerous tutorials within the game that explain how to play and what to do, so don't worry if you're confused at first.


These are tips for beginning players with their first steps into the world. If you're looking for a specific question or concern, you should see the full hints page instead. If you're looking for hints for certain playthroughs, you should see each individual page.

  • Be Wary: Don't charge into the game thinking you have it all covered. New players often forget little things that ultimately ruin their playthroughs. For example, a friend of mine played the entire game with Rook as their pawn. Rook will never level beyond level 8, therefore, my friend screwed himself over. Do not be him.

  • Story Now, Exploration Later: There will be plenty of time in between quests to wander around and explore the lands. The story will take you to nearly every corner of the map, so don't worry about exploring every inch of Gransys. If you go too quickly, you'll just get wrecked by high level enemies.

  • Flowers Are Your Friends: Pick up everything you see while exploring. Items can be combined to create curatives or other useful items. Even if you don't need them, you can always sell the items for a price later on.

  • Check the Menus: Lost? Don't know where you are, what to do, or who the heck you're traveling with? Hit the start button and check out the menus every once in awhile. Besides the fact that you should be saving periodically, you can also see your History as well, which can help determine your achievement progress.

  • Upgrade You and Your Pawns: Killing enemies will earn you discipline points which can be used to get better skills. Every chapter also updates the shops in Gransys, so you need to keep track of outdated items, even for your pawn.

  • Sneaky Corners: This game has the habit of sticking small valuables in tiny, unsuspecting places. Peak around a pillar, behind a set of stairs, or inside a box, and you'll probably find some free consumables. You can also find chests in nearly every location, usually filled with gear or gold.

  • Carry your Weight: Unfortunately, every item you pick up (equipment included) has carry weight. Don't become overencumbered because you're a hoarder. You can deposit items into storage when you visit any inn, or you can push it all on your pawns too. Weight affects stamina.

  • Fast Travel Forever: You were graced with this wonderful gift called an "eternal ferrystone". Use it. Furthermore, when you find portcrystals, you should set them up near important locations. Fast travel will be explained more as you play.

  • Beware of Autosaves: If you're the type of person who likes to reload their game for different choices or items, be aware that Dragon's Dogma will automatically save over your file. You can only have one save at a time as well. So if you miss something, there's a good chance you won't be able to reload to get it.

  • Tough it Out: Yes. It's going to be very tempting to take high level pawns with you as you play. But I highly recommend that you don't. The higher the level is, the less experience you earn. This can really hurt your playthrough when you reach BitterBlack Isle, as you'll be severely under-leveled.

You should also just follow the basic tips of an RPG, as I said before. Talk to people and check out each building or you'll likely miss something. Dragon's Dogma can be fairly daunting at first glance, but there's nothing that should catch you off guard.


No specific equipment is needed for your first playthrough. At this point, the equipment you gather as you play will almost always be better than what you start with. If you're looking to find the best gear in the game, see the Hard Mode page for some specific sets.


This is the full list of quests in the same order of the guide. Be aware that certain quests are specific to their chapter. If you do not finish a quest before moving onto the next act, it will automatically be marked as "failed" and you won't be able to collect the Hero achievement until your next playthrough. Every quest listed is required for the achievement, however, order does not matter. So long as quests are done within each act.

All quests that mark a turning point (will void other quests) is marked with an asterisk (*) so pay attention:

Act One

  1. TUTORIAL: The End of the Beginning

  2. Harbinger of Destruction

  3. Newly Arisen

  4. Lost Faith

  5. Grim Tidings

  6. Floral Delivery

  7. Upon a Pawn

  8. Save Reynard (unmarked)

  9. Search Party (ongoing)

  10. Call of the Arisen*

  11. Strength in Numbers

  12. Deep Trouble

  13. Guard Duty

Act Two

  1. A Rude Awakening

  2. An Uninvited Guest

  3. Lost and Found

  4. Off With Its Head*

  5. A Matter of Myrmidons

  6. Reaper's Scorn

  7. A Troublesome Tome

  8. Land of Opportunity

Act Three

  1. Lure of the Abyss*

  2. A Fortress Besieged

  3. Seeking Salvation

  4. The Cypher

  5. Chasing Shadows

  6. Escort Duty

  7. Deeper Trouble

  8. Dying of Curiosity

  9. Watergod's Altar

  10. No Honor Among Thieves

  11. The Ancient Quarry

  12. Of Merchants and Monsters

  13. Justice Done

Act Four

  1. Come to Court*

  2. Talent in Bloom

  3. Supplier's Demand

  4. Idol Worship

  5. Farewell, Valmiro

  6. An Innocent Man

  7. No Honor Among Thieves

  8. Witch Hunt

  9. Mettle Against Metal

  10. The Dragon's Tongue

  11. The Conspirators

  12. Nameless Terror

  13. A Parting Gift

  14. Rise of the Fallen

  15. Arousing Suspicion

  16. Supply and Demands

Act Five

  1. Griffin's Bane

  2. Trial and Tribulations

  3. The Wyrmking's Ring

  4. Pride Before a Fall

  5. Honor and Treachery

  6. Reward and Responsibility

  7. Bad Business

  8. Duchess In Distress

  9. Deny Salvation

  10. The Final Battle*

Act Six

  1. A Warm Welcome

  2. Fathom Deep*

  3. Final Judgement

  4. The Great Hereafter*

And, once again, look out for the additional achievements you need to gain on the way. I will note any good locations for this through the guide. From this point on, the walkthrough will follow the storyline and quests of the game. The links that are connected to the quest leads to the map of Gransys. Use it if you find yourself lost, or if you're looking to explore the map outside of the walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions


THE END OF THE BEGINNING: Before entering the story, you'll play as a previous Arisen some time ago. Just go through the motions the best you can. It's not very difficult and you'll have decent skills already at hand. This is merely an introduction into the combat and the history of the game. So enjoy it. Especially because it won't last long. When you reach the Chimera, a good tactic to have is to go for the snake, then the goat, and then the lion. Either way, even on Hard, this should be an easy feat to accomplish. Once it's over, you'll be able to create your character, and an achievement will unlock.

It Begins

Completed the prologue.

It Begins
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You won't be able to customize your pawn until later so don't worry about it. Instead, just have fun messing around with all the options to the game. There's additional options on top of basic customization, so be sure to explore first. You can even test their voice. The only advice to remember here is that size contributes to carry weight. If you make a significantly small character, it's wise to create a pawn with opposite attributes. When you're finished, you'll be placed into Gransys, specifically Cassardis.

HARBINGER OF DESTRUCTION: Once your character has been created, this quest will immediately begin. All you have to do is attack the dragon (Grigori) and the quest will end on it's own. You are not expected to do any damage or put up much of a fight. In fact, you can let him step all over you if you really want. Once enough time has passed or enough damage has been dealt in either direction, the cutscene will begin and your character will become the newest Arisen.

NEWLY ARISEN: As with the previous quest, this is very easy to complete. When you wake from the battle, there will be numerous weapons laying on the table in the room. Select one to proceed. Note that choosing to walk out of the room will cause Grigori to give you a warning. Do it three times, and your vocation will automatically be set as a fighter. You will not receive the starter weapons either. If you are unsure what class to select, see the Hints and Tips page for more information.

Afterward, you'll have free reign of Cassardis. This is a good time to mess with controls. Feel free to grab and throw people as you see fit. Or at least until the guards yell at you. It's also very important to know that you cannot use your Ferrystones until you reach Gran Soren. That means you'll have to go back and forth everywhere until Act Two.

LOST FAITH: This quest is immediately available once you have completed Newly Arisen. When exiting Chief Adaro's house, head down the steps and into the market. From there, go straight, past the shops and up the hill. The chapel will be at the top, easily distinguished by its size and the stone walls around it. Head inside and speak to the preacher. You'll notice the quest icon above him. This is an easy way to distinguish important NPCs and quest givers. Green means they have a quest, Red means they have information for the quest to continue, yellow means you are currently working on a quest for this person, and blue means you are ready to turn it in.

Once you collect the quest, head outside and speak to the boy next to the doors. He will tell you that he lost some of the scriptures, but is unsure where. From this location, head right and onto the rooftops of the village. You can find them laying on the second building from the church, on the adjoining ledge of the roofs. Return to the preacher to finish the quest.

GRIM TIDINGS: This quest requires you to speak to a specific character in the village. Elvar can be found in his home by the docks, or in the Chapel sitting in one of the pews. Speak to him to learn about the death of Cortese, Merin's brother. Speak to Merin to give him the bad news. You can find him either in the ruined house (where Benita is) or in the ale house which is on the way to the chapel. Once you have spoken to him, return to Elvar to finish the quest.

FLORAL DELIVERY: From the same location where you likely found Merin, head into the ruins of the home to speak to Bonita. This quest requires you to explore at different times of the day, and you should complete it while running other errands. There will be two items needed to complete the quest. The first, Sunbright, can be found as soon as you leave Cassardis during the Upon A Pawn quest.

I recommend that, while you're scavenging, you pick up a few items to pop the achievement for it. It will also introduce you to crafting, which can definitely come in handy.

The Artisan

Combined two materials to make an item.

The Artisan
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

When you exit the village, head off the path to search near the large trees. There will be two. Collect all the flowers, even after you reach the quest checkpoint. You can use the extra ones to create an item for the achievement, so there's no reason not to. The second flower, Moonglow, can be collected in Cassardis, but only at night. By the time you return from the previous quest, it'll likely already be dark. From the gate, head down the path and to the shoreline. Continue along the edge, going right until the path curves around the cliff. In a small pocket in between the stone, you will see a glowing flower. You only need one of them, so don't worry about searching for more. Once you have both, return to Bonita to complete the quest.

UPON A PAWN: When you're finished with the business in Cassardis, head for the gates to exit the village. You can also pick up the quest Guard Duty at the same time by going to the inn (next to the Riftstone) and speaking to Madeleine. See the full quest below.

As you approach the exit,a cutscene will immediately begin where you will meet your first pawn, Rook. As a reminder, you will be able to make your own pawn later on, as well as collect new ones. Rook is only a mandatory companion during this quest. Once the scene is finished, and you've spoken to Adaro, you can exit the village and head to the Encampment. An achievement will pop.


Departed from Cassardis.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The path will take you straight there, so you shouldn't get lost along the way. Note the quest Floral Delivery. it's required to find flowers in the woods. You can get these by wandering off the path to the left, near the large trees. You'll also need to fight a few goblins along the way. This is a good place to test your vocation too, while the enemies are low leveled. It's also important that you follow the road to get to the encampment In the center of the path is another quest called Save Reynard which you can easily fail if you don't head to his aid. When you reach the encampment (it will be right in front of the path,) enter through the gate and the quest will complete.

SAVE REYNARD (UNMARKED): As stated in the above quest, it's very easy to save Reynard. If possible, use fire against the goblins to slay them quickly. Alternatively, just being considerably offensive can make the fight just as easy. Just be sure not to take too long, or Reynard will die, and you will fail two quests as a result of it. When you're finished, he will head to the Encampment, where you can buy goods from him.

SEARCH PARTY (ONGOING): This quest will reappear for a later act because it's takes multiple interactions for the quest to begin. As soon as you have access to Reynard through the encampment, purchase something from his inventory. Each time you buy an object, leave. Then speak to him again to make the next purchase. At lower levels, it might make sense to buy health poultices or consumables at cheap prices.

You will need to make 10 purchases total to meet the next requirement of the quest. Buying multiple items at once does not count, so be sure to leave and then return. Try to stop by often to purchase items. Peddlers won't stay at the same location for long. On the fifth act, I will explain the next step, but you can move ahead of it as well.

CALL OF THE ARISEN*: You will automatically receive this quest upon entering the Encampment. In the center of the tents is a Riftstone and up the stairs. Approach it, and you will hear a voice from beyond. Accept the call, and then a small cutscene will ensue. Head out the middle gates to face your first real battle against a Cyclops. You can check up on the weaknesses on the page before this.

At the moment, you likely won't have any real skills to defend yourself, so focus on generic attacks. Rook will heal you as you go, so don't worry too much about taking damage. Instead, attack the legs and try to get it to fall. This will keep you from taking too much damage. It's a fairly easy fight, so it won't be too hard to complete. Once finished, return to the Riftstone and you will receive your pawn, prompting an achievement.

A New Ally

Summoned your own pawn.

A New Ally
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Remember to create your pawn with combat in mind, and not just aesthetics. Carry weight is a wonderful thing. When you're finished, the quest will complete, meaning you now have access to all Riftstones and pawns. Approach the stone or speak to any of the pawns inside the Encampment to collect two of the "additional" achievements. They do not have to be online pawns to work.

Local Recruit

Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.

Local Recruit
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Foreign Recruit

Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.

Foreign Recruit
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

The Strength in Numbers quest will automatically be prompted when you exit the tent. It's okay to say yes or no.

Rifstones will be scattered across Gransys, but not too often. So take advantage of them when able. There is a special search system inside that also allows you to define what pawns you are looking for. Purchasing higher level pawns (when you are not friends with the person) will cost Riftcrystals, so using the pawn thread here on TA might help quite a bit.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: After completing the Call of the Arisen, this will be the first thing you are directed to. I highly recommend that you collect another pawn before starting this quest, and at least one person in the party should use ranged attacks. It's okay to say no and come back to it, provided you do it during Act One. To get to it (if you aren't already there) head into the gated entrance to the right, next to the noticeboard. Enter and speak to the captain to begin.

There are multiple objectives to complete this quest, but they are very straightforward. Each event is timed for about a minute:

  1. Pick up the crates and carry them to the objectives (glowing circles). Your pawns will help do this, and you can also toss crates back and forth to get them to the area sooner. They won't break.

  2. Next, destroy the targets. They are all over the training area, so climb every tower. This is where ranged attackers come in to get things done faster.

  3. Finally, repeat step two, but this time, each target has a weakness. Some will be weak to physical attacks and others to magick. You can take them down with or without the weaknesses though.

When you're finished, the captain will speak a few words to you before sending you off. Be sure to check the noticeboard as you leave. It's required for an achievement, and you earn quite a bit of experience for doing so. The training exercise as a whole is a bit of a joke in comparison of what you'll be facing later. Please note that, after this quest is finished, you'll likely run into Captain Mercedes. Do not speak to her until later.

DEEP TROUBLE: This is easily one of the most difficult quests as a beginner, which is why it helps to do it later in the Act. Head back to Cassardis to begin. Poll, a guard, will be standing by the well. Speak to him to begin, and he'll give you a lantern to investigate the sounds below. Note that this quest will only start after you have visited the Encampment, so you can't do it before leaving. I also recommend grabbing some Mithridate to get rid of poisons. Head into the well when you're ready, and an achievement will pop.

Into Dripstone Cave

Entered the azure caverns.

Into Dripstone Cave
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

The paths are fairly linear; both directions will lead to your destination, so pick whatever you'd like. To use the lantern, equip it from your inventory. Inside will be numerous small creatures, such as bats and snakes which inflict poison, but are otherwise harmless. You'll know when the fight begins when you reach the cliff edge. I recommend that, if you happen to be a mage or rogue, you stay at the top instead of approaching head-on.

Kill all the enemies, then leave. There are two ways to do so. One is to climb back up the path and exit through the well. And the other is to follow the path all the way through, and you'll find an exit which leads to a path outside the Encampment. To return to Cassardis, head right, and then take another right into the main path. You'll see the Encampment ahead.

GUARD DUTY: This is the final quest on the list for Act One, however, you can also do this during other events. It's simply placed here because you have to return to Cassardis at some point in your playthrough. To begin, head to the Inn and speak to Madeleine. She will ask you to escort her to the Encampment, which you should accept. Be sure to check out the noticeboard while you're there.

Escort quests will always be similar to this one. You accept it from the noticeboard (except for one other instance) and they will immediately join your party. Avoid combat as you try to bring them to safety. Each NPC will have a specific location they wish for as well.

For Madeleine, she will automatically begin her quest with an injury. So stick to the paths and try not to lose her. NPCs can die in DD, but they do respawn with time. She will also periodically wander off during the trip. You can either protect her as she bumbles about, or you can pick her up and force her to get to the Encampment. Picking people up, quite obviously, lowers their affinity for you.

The quest will end just outside the encampment. Madeliene will then ask for coin before leaving. Note that this is not required in order to receive her achievement later on. That being said, money becomes very little of an issue later in the game, so feel free to pay in order to raise her affinity. The next chapter will take you inside, so enter when you're ready. Be sure that all other quests are completed.

Dragon's Dogma: Act One


A RUDE AWAKENING: Act two is considerably short compared to the others, and very few quests will be unavailable if you move on. So now is the time for a bit of leeway. When you're ready, speak to Captain Mercedes and choose to rest. When you awaken, your next battle will begin against a Hydra. There's a very easy way to complete this quest, and that's to hack off the heads as quickly as possible. It's an easier task for vocations that carry blades, but anyone can climb the necks and hack away. It's okay if the towers crumble during the fight. Just chop off the heads as soon as possible, and an achievement will pop afterward.

Getting a Head

Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.

Getting a Head
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

When finished, Mercedes will speak to you about your trophy. Accept it, but do not continue. Mercedes will remain at the waycastle until you are finished with preparations, so it's okay to dismiss her for now. You must accept though, or the other quests of this act will not appear. I also recommend exiting through the northern gates to speak to a villager. He will give you the quest Lost and Found, which requires backtracking to Cassardis. Depart when you're ready.

AN UNINVITED GUEST: This quest can be incredibly annoying. Speak to the innkeeper when you arrive at Cassardis and he will explain the situation. You'll have to speak to him again when you're ready, and he will meet you again at nightfall. Now, you'll need to catch a thief. There's a few key things to know which will make it significantly easier. One, the thief will circle through Cassardis. Starting from the Cathedral, he will sprint down the steps, into the market, and then back up the steps. Two, if you leave the gates unguarded, he will run out of Cassardis and you will have to try again. And three, you will have to actually grab him, as in using the trigger. Once you've caught him, the scene will change.

I've tried this quite a few ways, and the easiest way that I've found is to either wait at the gates and grab him as he whips around the corner, or trap him in Astella's shop, grabbing him before he gets out the door. Another alternative is using non-lethal abilities such as ensnare for Striders.

Either way, if you fail to catch him, you can try again the next night. Once you've caught him, the quest will finish. I recommend not skipping this quest, since completing it gives you another option in a later quest.

LOST AND FOUND: You might have missed this quest after A Rude Awakening. If so, you need to head to the Encampment and exit through the opposite entrance. Speak to the villager to the side, and then return to Cassardis to speak to Chief Adaro. You will now be tasked with finding Quina (your friend from the village who is not Adaro's daughter. Common misconception). Head back through the Encampment and exit through the northern entrance. This is when you will likely need a map. I've marked the path you need to take.

I also recommend placing a Portcrystal when you get there. You'll visit again multiple times. The road you'll travel is generally filled with wolves and bandits, so it's not too challenging. Still, you should try and upgrade your skills at the inn. You can also use the knowledge chair (there's one at every inn as well) which can alter your pawns speech and actions.

Upon arriving at Witchwood, Quina will be just up the path. You'll need to seek out the Witch in the woods, however, the fog will cloud your way, as well as your actual map. To get rid of it, destroy glowing talismans that litter the area. Following Quina will take you to each one, however, it's slow going. An alternative way is to just stick to the left of the area and follow the cliff line until you see the cabin. You don't have to destroy the talismans to continue, but Quina does have to reach it as well. So protect her, and make sure she reaches the house with you.

After speaking to Selene, make sure you search the house. Valuable items, such as the bronze idol (required for a quest) can be found here. When finished, exit the cabin and see Quina run from the woods. Follow her direction (don't go the way you came) because it's a shorter path that will take you straight to Cassardis, and there's nice items to loot. Speak to Chief Adaro to finish.

For future reference, you can access Witchwood from this secondary path, but reaching the cliff will require special abilities such as levitation. You can also place a Portcrystal, as stated. The next quest is one that you gained previously. There's also a small bit of leeway in this quest. You can complete it even after reaching Gran Soren, but no more than that.

OFF WITH IT'S HEAD*: Completion of this quest will allow you to use your Eternal Ferrystone from now on. Return to Captain Mercedes to start. She's waiting at the waycastle, which you can reach by heading straight from the Encampment. The majority of enemies will be bandits and wolves, so it's not too difficult to reach. I would also recommend bringing a mage with healing skills, such as Anodyne. This will come in handy later on.

When you reach the cart, speak to Ser Mercedes to begin the trek to Gran Soren. There's a few things to know here to make things go more smoothly:

  1. Stay near the party. Walking too far away will stop the ox. It moves incredibly slow, so there's no excuse not to keep up.

  2. Kicking the ox will make it sprint for a short distance. But this takes a small portion of the health away, so don't do it too often.

  3. Using Anodyne can heal the ox as well. When the health bar drops all the way, it will fall to the ground for about 20 seconds.

  4. Your attacks (besides kicking) won't hurt it, however, any enemies along the way can harm the ox, so be careful.

The majority of enemies along the path will be Harpies, Goblins, and Bandits. You've likely already came across the latter two in your travels. Harpies, however, can be quite the pain at first. They can attack you from above, sing in your ear, strike you off of high ledges, and most importantly, pick up either you or your pawn and drop you from the sky. One of the coolest elements to the game is also one of the most annoying. To avoid this, attack the Harpies immediately and knock them to the ground. Finish them quickly to keep them from reaching the air again. Fire works well for this.

Beyond that, the path is quite simple. Feel free to grapple onto the ox and enjoy the ride. Toss Ser Mercedes off the ledge, or go toss your pawns around instead. When you reach the halfway marker (the house on the hill,) beware the falling rocks. There are two large boulders on the hillside that will strike the ox pretty hard. You can walk in front of them or strike them with blast arrows to avoid any damage to the ox. Kicking it as fast as possible also works, but only with a decent amount of health still left.

You'll eventually reach another waycastle of sorts, which requires you to pull a lever that's beside the gate. Levers appear periodically through the game, so if you don't have access to an area, it's likely either locked by one of these levels, or simply not accessible yet. After slaying the goblins (you can use the explosive barrels to do this as well,) continue down the path to Gran Soren. Depending on the time of day, either bandits or undead will likely stop you. Just keep alive until you reach the bridge. When approaching the gates, the quest will update, and you will enter a cutscene with Ser Mercedes. After speaking to Mason as well, you will have free reign of Gran Soren and an achievement will pop.

The Courier

Entered Gran Soren.

The Courier
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

I highly recommend that you explore and see the shops before continuing. You've likely collected at least a bit of gold to spend, and a few materials to sell if needed. Furthermore, now is the time to update your equipment and skillsets. All of which can be done while in the city. Gran Soren can be easily split into three sections. The Urban Quarter, the Craftsman Quarter, and the Noble Quarter. Each area holds specific shops and locations to see as well:

Urban Quarter: This is where you will enter Gran Soren on your first time and where the majority of merchants will remain. It connects to the Venery (which means sexual indulgence by the way, a nice word to call the whore house) where a few more shops can be seen as well as the aqueduct and slums.

  • Arsmith's Alehouse: To the right of the entrance, you can find a noticeboard here.

  • Caxton's Armory: Buy, sell, and enhance weapons and armor here, located to the left of the entrance.

  • Camellia's Apothecary: Buy and sell items such as curatives, arrows, and materials. Located to the left as well.

  • Union Inn: Straight ahead, the inn can be used to change your vocation, store items, and sleep to pass the day. Hybrid vocations are now available as well.

  • Devyn's Barber Shop: In the Venery, the barber shop can be used for changing your hair style among other things, depending on your coin.

  • Abandoned Shop: A home with no owner. It will not be available until Madeliene's quests are complete. Across from the Black Cat.

  • The Black Cat: Across the bridge and in the Venery, the shop offers unique (and expensive) items, including those from the DLC previously. He can also forge items.

Craftsman Quarter: The fields outside the market are considered the craftsman area, but there's not much to actually do. A few quests will appear in the area, and there's a bit of loot to grab. But beyond that, the Pawn's Guild will be your main focus here.

  • Pawn's Guild: Straight down the path, the Pawn's Guild has a notice board among other things to assist you. The door here also leads to the Everfall.

  • Portcrystal: Outside the Pawn's Guild is a Portcrystal in place. You can fast travel to it whenever you want, but it cannot be removed.

  • Riftstone: Within the guild is a Riftstone, which you can use whenever you need to. You should probably update your pawns now, as a matter of fact.

  • The Everfall: You will explore the Everfall in a later quest, however, this is where you can access the entrance.

Noble Quarter: Finally, the Noble Quarter is a small and semi-unimportant area. You will most likely pass through here on occasion and little else, however, there are some quests to find in the area.

  • The Duke's Demesne: Currently unavailable until later on, however, this unlocks an entirely new area with the Duke. Mostly for story purposes only.

  • The Knight's Manor: A relatively pointless location. There's nothing here but a few items to loot, so don't worry about it too much.

  • The Cathedral: Used for various quests, there's not much of a reason to visit. The Cathedral can be found in the opposite direction of the Knight's Manor.

  • Fournival's Manor: Fournival will have a quest for you later on, but he also works as a merchant. I highly recommend checking out his stock.

Now that you have the time, you should stop by the Black Cat to grab the item "Lady's Garbs" for the future quest. It's needed for all male party members, so be prepared to buy as many as necessary. Alternatively, if you're a female with a female pawn as well, you can grab other female pawns and avoid the issue entirely. Still, it's required to dress a male in the clothing, so it's worth the struggle.

A Queen's Regalia

Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.

A Queen's Regalia
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Feel free to place the items in storage for now. You have a few quests in between before the clothing is required. In addition to this, you can now receive another achievement for forging an item. Forgeries are merely copied items of your choosing, that look exactly alike, but don't always mimic the object's ability. They can become fairly expensive, depending on the item. Equipment and weapons cannot be forged. Furthermore, magical items will not retain their effects. So no, you can't just forge a bunch of Wakestones or cursed gear from Bitterblack Isle. Other items such as curatives, arrows, and quest items can be, but quest items will not hold their abilities. Most NPC's will be oblivious to this.

To begin, head to the Black Cat with an item of your choosing. The achievement itself is asking for a forgery, meaning a magical item that lacks abilities. You will need to do this later on, so it isn't too important. However, you can get it easily during the Reaper's Scorn quest by duplicating a Wakestone that you buy from the Black Cat. Feel free to save first, and then buy it if you're worried about coin.

The Knave

Obtained a forgery.

The Knave
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

The forgery will take one day to complete, as mentioned. Then pick it up from the shop to finish. Once you're finished exploring, head to the next quest in Gran Soren. You will have plenty to do here at the moment. Finally, don't forget to edit your vocations for the achievements.

Human Resources

Changed your vocation.

Human Resources
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevelShop

Inhuman Resources

Changed your main pawn's vocation.

Inhuman Resources
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevelShop

In addition to vocations at the Inn, there is also a noticeboard there. These boards often have escort quests, which are also required for an achievement. You'll need to finish 50 in the future, so it's best to start now while you can. Be sure to read descriptions, so you don't grab an escort quest when you aren't looking for one.

The Escort

Acted as a reliable travel companion.

The Escort
Online/OfflineSingle Player

Finally, Gran Soren will likely be your base of operations from now on. Multiple quests will begin here.

A MATTER OF MYRMIDONS: This quest is received by Mason as you enter Gran Soren, so it's automatically added to your inventory. To begin, head down the Crafting Quarter and into the Pawn's Guild. Barnaby will be waiting for you, and merely speaking to him will finish the quest. Be aware that you can take the next quest from him, but do not continue with it. Finish all other quests first before heading into the Everfall.

REAPER'S SCORN: To begin this quest, head to the Craftsman Quarter. The blacksmith will be located just down the hill, marked with an icon. Speak with him to find out his son has passed away, and that a Wakestone is required to bring him to life. There's multiple ways to locate one, but the quickest way to do so now is to buy one from the Black Cat. Then return it to him. An achievement will unlock for using the stone as well.

The Savior

Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.

The Savior
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Alternatively, you can wait until the Lure of the Abyss quest to collect the final piece and not pay the price at all. Return to the boy and the prompt to use the stone will appear. The quest will complete afterwards.

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY: To collect this quest, speak to Fournival in the Noble Quarter. He's generally wandering the path leading to his house, so he's not too hard to find. Speak to him to hear about his tenants on his land. Then run off to fetch them. There are three you need to speak to, and each requires a specific action. I recommend having some money on hand, if you want to be the hero about it. There are two options to finish this quest:

  1. Landowner: This path is to begin eviction, but stop midway. You will buy the land from Fournival, allowing the family to stay.

  2. Helpful Hero: This path is to evict the family, but help pay for expenses as well. They will still appear in the fields.

Each result has the same starting point. Speak to Fournival, then find the members of the family. For the landowner option, be sure to only speak with one person, and then return to Fournival. He will explain how tiresome it is, and then give you the option of spending 80,000 gold for the family. If you can't pay it, he won't accept the offer, so make sure you have the coin on you. 80,000 is, quite frankly, a pretty hefty sum for penny pinchers. But it won't hurt your playthrough by any means.

To continue with the other option, find whoever is next. for reference, Jasper is found in the urban area in the daytime, making a speech outside. Speaking to him will require you to talk to the other family members first, however, he works for the Landowner option. So return to Fournival afterward if that's the path you're looking for.

Sara is generally found near the tavern or the market. She will state that she needs time to to think, so come back tomorrow. You can find Pip during this time instead, who often wanders the Noble Quarter, near Fournival's house.

Pip will be the hardest, as when you speak to him about the eviction, he will run away to hide from you. Head out to the Craftsman Quarter and down the path. At the very bottom of the hill, near the other exit from Gran Soren, there is a barn and a house. Climb the house to reach the roof of the barn, where Pip will be waiting. Speaking to him again will cause him to run off a second time. You can find him under the bridge. Speaking to him again will cause him to run. Again. This is similar to the thief quest in which you need to grab him to continue. Pip will take the same paths over and over, so it's easy to trap him on the bridge or other tight locations. Once you have him, he will finally submit to the eviction. Return to Sara once a day has gone by (you can sleep at Gran Soren Inn to do this, but it's cheaper to do it at Cassardis. Your eternal ferrystone allows you to travel there quickly). She will consent to the moving as well, leaving just Jasper.

This is where the Helpful Hero part comes in. Speaking to him after everything has been completed will cause him to mention moving expenses. You will have to pay the 30,000 gold for expenses in order to continue. However, completing the quest will get you 40,000 so it's the least damaging option. You can still try to return to Fournival before accepting to help with payments as well to make the entire purchase. Either result will end the quest.

A TROUBLESOME TOME: This quest can be finished later when you meet the bandits again, however, this is a safe order to complete everything in. To begin, find Steffen wandering the Urban Quarter. Upon speaking to him, he will explain his interest in a wizard Salomet and his tome. To learn of the location, speak to the apothecary to continue. Her shop is located at the entrance, as mentioned earlier. From there, you will learn the tome is with bandits somewhere in Gransys. To save you some time, I'll reveal that it's located with the Iron Hammer bandits, in the Aernst Castle.

Here's the path required to take to reach it, either from Gran Soren or from Cassardis. Remember that you can use your eternal Ferrystone from now on, so you can fast travel to Cassardis for a slightly quicker path. Bandits will be on the road, and you'll likely run into a man along the way. He will explain that he once had the tome, but lost it to the bandits. So, in other words, you're at the same point that you were previously. Continue on ahead and reach the top level of the fort to speak to Maul, the leader. There's three ways to handle it:

  • Stealing: You won't be attacked for doing it, and it's certainly an easy option. You'll need to climb the various ledges of the castle to reach the highest location. A chest will hold the tome.

  • Persuasion: Completing Maul's quest will raise his affinity, but since you likely don't have it yet, you can also give gifts to raise his affinity. He particularly likes skulls, but anything will work.

  • Violence: Speak to Maul and, if your affinity isn't high enough, he will offer a challenge. You'll need to beat all the bandits at the fort in order to receive the tome as a reward, so be prepared.

You might also be prompted with an additional quest here. Feel free to accept for now. On receiving the item, return to Steffen for your reward. You can also forge this item and give the alternative to him, however, there is consequences later on. If you'd like, feel free to lay a portcrystal down here for the future quest. Don't forget that you can fast travel to Gran Soren as well.



LURE OF THE ABYSS*: If you don't have access to the Everfall yet, you'll need to speak to Barnaby at the Pawn's Guild. I also recommend grabbing some Liquid Vim, or other stamina items. Enter the Everfall and continue down the spiraling path. The enemies ahead will be littered with undead and bats, but little else until later on. Finally, you'll be blocked by a closed gate.

From here, backtrack just a bit until you see the another entrance. Kill the skeletons that block your path and continue forward. You'll eventually return to the staircase, which leaves two options. You can either pull the other lever that's behind the opening, or you can not pull it and just weave back into the side passage. Both will take you to the same place in the end, so it's between fighting more skeletons, or fighting the ogre ahead. I personally prefer pulling the lever.

When you reach the final floor, stop. Head to the right and into another passage. There's a chest here that you won't be able to return to. Afterwards, be ready to run as you investigate the light. Tentacles will sprout from the ground, and they are impossible to destroy all at once.

Important: Here is where having the Dark Arisen version of the game is great. Normally, players wouldn't have access to a ferrystone just yet. Meaning they'd have to waste materials climbing all the way back up without dying, possibly falling to their death if the tentacles strike them the wrong way. But with the eternal ferrystone, you can simply fast travel out of the area and back into Gran Soren.

Speak to Barnaby to finish the quest. Upon exiting the guild, a guard sent by Captain Mercedes will give you a license. Keep it. You will now have access to additional quests by speaking to Ser Maximilian in the Noble Quarter. An achievement will also unlock.

Writ Large

Received a writ from the castle.

Writ Large
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

I would recommend upgrading your characters again, as the quests will get significantly more complicated from here. In addition to this, don't forget to switch out pawns. If you still have Rook, get rid of him! He will never level past 8, so he might become a weakness to the team.

CHASING SHADOWS: This quest is gained by speaking to Mason, the man in the previous cutscene. I recommend doing this before the quest Seeking Salvation, as to keep you from failing it due to complications. Mason will likely be standing around the market on your first visit, but if you passed up the quest, he can also be found in the slums, near the aqueduct. To begin the next stage, enter to Noble Quarter at night.

A cutscene will ensue, and then you will be required to follow the "mystery knight" who is certainly not being very stealthy this evening. You'll need to follow at a close range, but far enough away that he can't turn around and run into you. This can be a bit tricky, because he takes the turns rather abruptly. So just keep him in eye distance at the least. Eventually, his stroll will end in the Venery area.

Let him peer through the windows of the abandoned house before walking inside. Approach the shutters to eavesdrop on the conversation. Madeleine will be inside, being her normal self and flirting with the knight. Once the scene is over, you can enter the house and speak to her for a simple conversation. The knight will be gone, so report to the Alehouse (just across from the inn) to finish the quest.

In addition to the reward, Madeleine will now open her shop. She specializes in some very nice magical equipment, as well as certain curatives, so I definitely recommend using her shop. As stated previously, you didn't have to pay her for the shop to open. It will happen with the quest, and an achievement will pop with it.

The Patron

Helped Madeleine open her shop.

The Patron
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMissable

If, for whatever reason, Madeleine has yet to open her inventory to you, leave Gran Soren, and then return to her. This always solves the problem.

A FORTRESS BESIEGED: This is a Wyrm Hunt quest, so you collect it by speaking to Ser Maximilian. As a future reference, all of these quests will need to be finished, even if you have access to the next story quest. For this one, select the quest of "Rout a monster infestation". You can select the other quests at the same time as well, there's no penalty for this. That being said, when the "hear the duke's directive" quest appears, ignore it. Be sure to bring portcrystals if they're available.

The fortress that is mentioned is a good distance away, so I highly recommend that you use the map! You might head down the wrong path and need to backtrack. There's another way to access the path which will bypass a great deal of time and enemies. The Ancient Quarry will need to be cleared for a quest later on, so there's no reason not to use it. The map will show both paths, Red for the quarry, and blue for the original path. See the quest below to learn how to complete the quest and access the passageway.

When you reach the Fort, Ser Robert will be waiting outside the second set of doors (enter through the first gates and you will see). Speak to him to update the quest. There are multiple ways to complete it, so you now have a few options:

  1. Kill Ser Robert: Oh yes. You can just slay that poor man right where he stands and then fast travel out of there. Returning to Ser Maximilian will prompt you to continue with all the other quests as well, so it really doesn't damage your playthrough, only your pride. He can be killed within the fort as well, so it works whenever.

  2. Fail to Clear the Fort: When inside, Ser Robert may fall in battle. If you're specifically trying to attempt to get him killed, then be sure to leave the Cyclopes inside, so they will attack the men. In order to get Ser Robert inside, just follow the original path.

  3. Clear the Fort and Slay the Leader: The "original" route that I previously mentioned, this path will take the most work, as you'll be clearing the entire fort while keeping the soldiers alive. You'll need to open the gates, then clear the fort for the Goblin leader to respond.

The Hero Achievement will be affected if you fail the quest (either by killing Ser Robert or by letting him die) so be thorough here and go the long way. That being said, feel free to take the shorter routes on your next playthrough. No matter what you choose, you will need to enter the caverns below, prompting the achievement.

Into the Frontier Caverns

Entered the southwestern caves.

Into the Frontier Caverns
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

To reach the fort, follow the path through the caverns. A few Goblins will block the way, but its an otherwise simple path. When you exit, you'll be in the cellar of the fort. Slay the enemies and climb the steps of the fort. Do not go outside yet! It's easier to take out the ballistas first. Up the steps will be more Goblins, but you can use the explosive barrels to get rid of them fairly quickly. You'll also notice a slot beside the gate. The lever is missing, so you'll need to find it. But first, take out the enemy on the Ballista.

I highly recommend NOT using the ballistas yourself. There are three others located around the fort, and their accuracy is incredibly sharp. Instead, take out the enemies and head to each one to clear them. You can jump to the adjoining section to take out the others, but the stairs will be blocked. From there, return back down to the final level and head to the middle structure, near the Cyclopes. Approach the building from the right wall to get inside. Head through the back entryway and into the cells. A Portcrystal will be in the first one, which you should obviously grab. The chest in the back will hold the lever you need. Don't forget to break off the wooden support that blocks the door when you return.

If you're looking to keep Ser Robert and the men alive, I would advise you to slay the Cyclopes yourself, then let the men inside. A horde of Goblins will appear once you let them in, so it's easy for them to get hurt in the fray. Either way, replace the lever into the slot you saw previously, and the gates will open. Then, help the men clear the enemies. At this point, the doors to the fort will open, and new enemies will appear. Now, you'll need to head inside to slay the chieftain.

You might have also noticed a small tunnel near the other ones. Yes, if your arisen is small enough, they can go inside. That being said, the path ends inside the fort, which you will access by venturing further into the quest. If you're able, you can sneak inside and slaughter all the Goblins from the inside out. Don't forget to clear the outside as well, because Ser Robert can still die while you're chasing the Chief.

Another Cyclopes will be waiting for you at the top, so be careful. You can easily get knocked off the edge. The Chieftain can be defeated by heading down the left tower and into the main room of the keep. Whether or not you slay him (he will flee into the caverns), the quest will update. Report back to Ser Maximilian to continue.

OF MERCHANTS AND MONSTERS: As you approach the destination (you can once again see the map above,) a merchant will be waiting outside for you. Alon will ask you to clear the quarry of enemies and open the gates so that business may resume. At the moment, he'll simply ask for the gates to be opened, but if you return to him without defeating the enemies, he'll send you back in. So just do both as you're there. Enter once you're ready and an achievement will unlock.

Into the Ancient Quarry

Entered the ancient quarry.

Into the Ancient Quarry
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

The quarry can be fairly confusing on your first visit, but just head down the left corridor for now. You'll deal with a few bandits along the way, but it's easy pickings. Once you reach the gate, you'll notice a large panel on the ground. Place all your weight on it (pawns too, though it doesn't really matter) and it will open the gate. These slabs will appear in other places in the game too, so don't forget to just stand on top of them.

Once the gate opens, grab the key from inside, then head back out. Travel down the next path and you'll eventually run into an Ogre blocking another gate. Kill it, stand on the platform, and head through the gate. This is the last one, however, there are still more Ogres within, so keep going. One will be just ahead of the path. The other will be on a corridor that branches off, up a slight incline. Once all three are dead, you can return to Alon to finish.

I also recommend going back inside and unlocking the far west door. This will give you access to both entryways, meaning you can head in and out of the Quarry for a faster route. In addition to this, returning to Alon after so many days will unlock a brand new merchant. He specializes in heavy armor and blunt weapons, and was also known to carry the original Berserk armor sets, however, if you're playing on the Xbox One version, then they aren't available. Note that the quarry now acts as a living location, meaning enemies will not respawn and NPCs will roam the area.

SEEKING SALVATION: This quest should be completed after Chasing Shadows. Otherwise, you might void the quest later on, depending on your choices. This is another Wyrm quest, so speak to Ser Maximilian to continue. The title this time is "investigate a cult. To follow up on the leads about Salvation, speak to Meredith at the Inn. You will then be pointed towards Mason, who you might remember from your first visit to Gran Soren and from the previous quest. You can find him in the slums of the city, under the bridge and by the aqueducts. From here, he will give you a particular badge, and point you towards numerous citizens in the Urban Quarter. Only Ser Sairus matters here, as the other cult members won't give any crucial information. You can find him behind the Inn. From here, you'll learn that they meet in the catacombs.

The catacombs are marked on the map for easy access. Note that, at the time of the quest, there is only one entrance. On completion, you can access it from other areas. The original path is marked in red, while the two additional entrances are in blue. Use the blue paths to reach Gran Soren faster once you're finished with the quest. Don't forget to exit out the Craftsman Quarters and not the front gates, as it puts you on the path much sooner.

Upon arriving, there is a Riftstone just outside, free of use. It's a good idea to grab a mage with fire as an elemental damage type. As you enter, expect the obvious. Undead will be swarming the area. You should also loot the various sarcophagi for some decent items. For the most part, the path within will be very simple, and only requires you to slay the undead. As a fair warning, the large, bloated ones will explode at the end of their lifespan, so back away. You'll need to open a gate or two along the way, but this is something that shouldn't be new to you. You'll eventually hit a split in the path. One leads back out to Gransys, which you should unlock. The other will lead to the balcony overlooking the Salvation meeting.

Interrupt the meeting or listen to the entire speech. Either way, you'll run into a very familiar face along the way. Elysion, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Traya's love child, is leading the pack of religious fanatics. In the typical nefarious villain fashion, you won't understand his intentions until later in the game. So get used to the cackles and side glances. When the cutscene ends, clear the area of the undead. There's two waves of them, but fire easily dispatches them.

After they are defeated, head forward where the mysterious knight and the other cult leaders fled. This marks the next quest, Justice Done, so pay attention. To finish Seeking Salvation, report back to Ser Maximilian. Use the door ahead of this one to return quickly. Both Catacomb exits should now be unlocked.

JUSTICE DONE: This quest follows Seeking Salvation, and is incredibly easy to complete. As mentioned previously, Chasing Shadows should be finished, otherwise, you might void the quest. Once the Salvation meeting is interrupted, enter the next room and you will see Mason with Marcelo, the cult leader. You will be prompted with a choice: kill Marcelo, or leave and allow him to live.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Neither choice voids the Hero achievement, so choose whatever works for you. Just be aware of the consequences of your actions. Leave the Catacombs and the quest will be complete.

THE CYPHER: By far the easiest of the Wyrm hunt quests, speak to Ser Maximilian again if you haven't. Select the option of "decipher a text" to receive the news. There's quite a few objectives for the quest, but it's all optional. You can heads straight to the location on the map if you wanted. There's no repercussions. If you do want to speak to the citizens, there are three in total. One in the Craftsman Quarter. One who is the owner of the Black Cat. And one who will travel around Gran Soren, who you can stop as he reaches the armory. Once the third person has been spoken to, you'll have the full location.

Note that, along the way, you'll pass Windbluff Tower. I highly recommend placing a Portcrystal here, if you have one readily available. If you don't there's another one located inside the quest location. Continue down the path until you reach the hillside. A cutscene will appear. Enter, speak to the Dragonforged, an arisen of previous days, and the quest will update.

Before you go any further, loot everything in the cave. There's some unique items, including a portcrystal and a bronze statue. Then return to Ser Maximilian to continue.

ESCORT DUTY: Before you begin, make sure you have a flask of water in your inventory. I would also make sure you have the free time to do it, as leaving at any time during the quest will fail it. Finally, save before continuing.

The quest will only be available if you have a high affinity with Fournival. Completing Land of Opportunity should raise it considerably, but if the quest still does not appear, then give Fournival various gifts until it does. Speaking to him repeatedly will also work. If this still does not work, leave Gran Soren, and then return to speak to him again. When the prompt appears, he will mention his daughter, asking you to be her chauffeur.

Speak to the spoiled brat to continue. Say "yes" as she asks, otherwise, you won't be able to return to the quest. Now, you'll be required to do her every bidding, so play close attention. If you fail to complete the quest perfectly, you will not receive the Gold Idol as a reward. It's a very short but specific list:

  1. Symone will begin the walk outside her home and down the Noble Quarter. Stay as close as possible without bumping her. If you do, you will get penalized. When she is in front of the Cathedral, she will fall down. Don't help her, just let her get up on her own. You'll then head to the Inn in the market.

  2. You're then required to play hide and seek with her. Do not walk away, or take too long, otherwise she'll be upset with you. There's two locations she appears at, but you only need to search one. Head into the Inn and behind the fireplace, or near the noticeboard at the alehouse.

  3. Follow her as she peruses the market. Stay close behind, but be careful as she stops very erratically. Eventually, she'll drift to the Craftsman Quarter, stopping at the gates. Here, she will ask for a flask of water. Interact with her to give it to her.

  4. Finally, she will challenge you to a race. It's important that you let her win, but just barely. You might need to run in circles or back and forth so that you don't run into her. No, you cannot toss her off the edge of the cliff. She will update the quest once you reach the field gate.

You will automatically return to the Fournival Manor upon updating the quest. Speak to Fournival for a reward. However, you need to speak to Symone afterwards to get the idol. If you received any other reward from her, it means she wasn't entirely pleased. Be sure to save the Golden Idol for later.

DEEPER TROUBLE: This quest actually activates exactly 7 days after completing the original Deep Trouble quest. At this point in the story, you've likely passed that time, which is why it is placed within Act 3. Return to Cassardis and return to the well. You'll hear someone calling for help as you enter. Speak to Rorric, the old man, and he will give you some throwblasts as you continue. The Saurians are still here.

Venture back through the cave until you reach the cliff edge. At the bottom, there is a path to the right that was previously blocked. Enter, and slay the Saurians again (remember to target the tails. When the battle ends, you'll notice the various eggs that remain in the cavern. All of them must be destroyed to continue. The throwblasts work well to do this, or using fire.

Once they are all destroyed, a giant Saurian will appear. Kill it the same way you'd kill any other. When you're finished, report back to Rorric and the quest will complete. Nothing else will appear in the well.

DYING OF CURIOSITY: I recommend having Greenwarish on you before beginning. You can grab some from a shop along the way. You need at least 6 total.

While in Cassardis, speak to Merin to collect this quest. He's usually in Inez's Alehouse, but you can find him along the shoreline as well. You can also just skip speaking to him and simply head outside instead. Merin will point you to other people in the village, but it's not necessary. There's three total, all of which wander the village in various locations. They will direct you to the Unusual Beach, just outside of Cassardis. Don't forget to grab the Greenwarish on the way out.

Exit the village and immediately turn right. On the shore is a body. Speak to Valmiro and give him the Greenwarish. He will then give his gratitude, making his way to Witchwood. This is not the end of his troubles however, so be ready to travel. There's 2 other locations:

  1. Valmiro will appear just outside the Encampment, in front of the tree. This time, he will need 2 Greenwarish.

  2. Once again, just inside Witchwood, Valmiro will be on the ground. He now requires 3 Greenwarish.

On the third rescue, Valmiro will finally admit he is not up to adventuring and heads back to Cassardis. Speak to Merin again to collect the rewards.

THE WATERGOD'S ALTER: This is another Wyrm hunt quest. Speak to Ser Maximilian and select "aid a research team" to continue. Then head to the Cathedral and speak to Father Geffery. This quest is located in a very precarious location as well, so I recommend sticking to the path to get there. I will once again provide a map. The altar itself is far up on the cliff edge, so be careful not to fall off the edge! It's difficult to decipher the paths, so follow the quest marker carefully.

Upon arriving, speak to the researcher, Hasset, outside before entering the Altar. Be sure to have some spare space in your inventory, as you'll be carrying some incredibly heavy slabs of stone later on. Upon entering, there will be a raised bridge and some stairs. Take the stairs down and slay the enemies below, mostly Saurians. Search the chest for the lever, which will now allow you to lift the bridge. Head left until you reach the next chamber where Skeletons are waiting. Once they are dead, the quest log will update.

Here, you can report back to the researcher, however, he'll only send you back for stone slabs that litter the area. If you cannot locate the slabs, leave, update Hasset on the quest, and then return to the altar. This should mark the 5 locations of the slabs. Alternatively, you can duplicate any piece through the Black Cat, so long as you find at least one. You'll need to collect a key to get all the pieces, so head forward from the chamber until you run into a Cyclopes. Collect the key from it once it's dead, then enter the door on the right. Inside is more enemies and another weighted switch. This will drain all the water from the altar, allowing you to collect all the slabs.

Finally, return to Hasset outside, and then speak to Ser Maximilian to complete the quest. If you're still having trouble, I recommend pulling up this video to see all the locations.

NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES: Return to the Iron Hammer Bandits at the Aernst Castle to collect this quest. You can also accept this quest during your first visit as well, but it's not necessary as it's a simple walk. Maul, the bandit leader, will mention their rivals further north. You will be given three options on how to proceed with the quest.

  • Slay the female bandits: This is arguably the most work. After accepting the quest, you'll be tasked with killing the female bandits from the rival gang. An easy way to collect all 10 required is to head up north to Heavenspeak Fort. You can see it on the quest map.

  • Assassinate Pike in Cassardis: Pike is the thief who you encountered previously in Cassardis. Once he is caught, he'll wander the village in service of the innkeeper. You can return to the village and attack him, prompting him to run. So you'll need to be swift about it.

  • Convince Pike to Return: Fast travel to Cassardis and speak to Pike. He'll generally be outside the inn or by the beach. Convince him to return to the bandits and face the consequences, and the quest will update. Convincing him to stay will do nothing.

No matter which option you select (you could even do both, but no extra reward is given) you'll need to return to Maul. You should also pop an achievement at this point. Visiting all the locations is quite easy, because there's more than 170 in the game. It's possible to have this already, especially if you explore.

The Tourist

Visited 50 locations.

The Tourist
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectable

The final quest of this chapter will be in Gran Soren, so return to Ser Maximilian to continue. The next quest will not deal with combat, so you don't need any preparation for it. Just be sure to finish all quests prior.

Basic Tips


COME TO COURT*: Before accepting this quest, exit or enter through the front gates of Gran Soren and speak to the guard outside. This is to grab a quest later on. You will receive a warning before accepting this quest as well. Pay attention, because anything previous to it will now be void. You should also have your Wyrm license available, as you'll be turning it in before you go to speak with the Duke, which you can forge if you wish to keep. Ser Maximilian will remove it from your inventory and then send you to the Duke's Demesne. It's located just behind him.

Feel free to explore the gardens before entering, however, your pawns will not come with you. Furthermore, acting up inside the Duke's Demesne is immediate jail time, so behave. Don't break anything inside, and don't pick up any unsuspecting patrons. Once the cutscene ends, (humiliatingly) an achievement will unlock.

Come Courting

Attended an audience with the duke.

Come Courting
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Exit the castle, but do not approach the gates to leave. The game will point you towards the gardens where a young woman awaits. Speak to her, and you will now be acquainted with the Duke's new wife, Aelinore. His previous wife, Lenore, has passed away. You'll learn more about this later. But before you leave, make sure to speak to Aelinore repeatedly. After three or more attempts, you will reach max affinity, unlocking an achievement.

Affinity and Beyond

Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

Affinity and Beyond
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMissable

Finally, leave, and another cutscene will appear. Note that your main storyline quests will now be received from Aldous and not Ser Maximilian. In addition to this, new quests are opened up around Gransys, so you'll be revisiting numerous locations. Don't accept any quests from him just yet.

WITCH HUNT: This quest will immediately begin as you approach the market in Gran Soren. The villagers intend to begin a Witch Hunt against Selene, as they blame her for the Dragon's appearance. As soon as the quest appears in your log, fast travel to Witchwood (if you had a Portcrystal placed) and immediately head to her home. A small cutscene will ensue, and then a Golem will appear.

Golems are simple to understand. Their weakpoints are the glowing locations on their body, and they are generally immune to magick. So use blunt force to take it down. Once finished, head inside the gaping hole where the Golem used to lay. Travel down the path and head left, and you will come upon Selene and her former master, Sofiah. Sofia was once an arisen, and Selene was her pawn. She will explain the connection as you talk to one another. This will automatically finish the quest.

Don't leave the woods just yet, as there's other quests located here. Instead, speak to the man beside the grave.

METTLE AGAINST METAL: This quest becomes available just after Witch Hunt is completed. However, you'll need to exit the woods (by walking, do not use a ferrystone or it will not activate). Return to the hidden passage beside the house and venture down near the river. In the center is a mound of rock. Approach, and it will reveal itself as a Metal Golem. Slay it to finish the quest.

Metal Golems are not like the ones you've seen beforehand. Instead of having discs embedded in the body, Metal Golems have their discs separate. If you recall your first time in Witchwood, the discs look very similar to the charms that created fog. There's 7 in total, and they are immune to magick, so you must be prepared to use arrows for hard to reach charms. Furthermore, attacking anywhere else on the body is futile, and no damage will be dealt. The location of the discs are:

  • On the island that you found the Golem on.

  • To the east, on the river bank in eye's view.

  • Farther down from that disc is another that sits in a clearing.

  • Head back to the river, then follow it east a bit until the shore or the northern side of the river. Head north past the shore up to the Ore deposit in the rock face, then turn east - it is between the roots of a tree. A Skeleton Knight will spawn even during daylight hours if the party gets close enough to the chest it guards.

  • From the previous disc, head north along the cliff next to the river. When a dead end is reached on the cliff, look down to see the next disc placed in the river below. There is also a Golem on the river bank near this disc that rouses when nearing it. If the Arisen wishes to avoid this Golem while fighting the Metal Golem, it is advised to shoot this disc with a bow while still on the cliff.

  • Head back to the river island and continue west along the river. The next disc is perched atop a tree branch high above the river. This disc usually requires the use of a bow to destroy it, as magick will not deal any damage.

  • Continue along the river heading west, the final disc is in the river in front of a waterfall.

You will be able to tell if a disc is nearby if you pay attention to the ball of light that is sent to the Golem. Use this to guide yourself through the area. Because it's fairly difficult to locate all the discs, I've pulled a walkthrough video from Youtube to use as well. If the quest is too hard to complete, don't worry. This is one of the only quests that will remain available even after finishing the storyline. Once again, it will complete as soon as the Golem is dead.

THE DRAGON'S TONGUE: This quest should be completed with Mettle against Metal, as it requires you to exit the woods after the quest Witch Hunt. Return to the grave to see a man beside the stone. Grab the tablet, and the speak to him to learn about translating it. He will give you three locations to visit, but none of them are necessary to continue.

  • Clemente - Cassardis Chapel

  • Geffrey - Gran Soren Chapel

  • Mountebank - The Black Cat

Visiting any one of these locations will then send you to the Dragonforged. You should already have a Portcrystal somewhere nearby. Return to Hillfigure Hill and enter the cave. He will then translate the tablet, and give you a ring in return. This is called the Arisen's Bond.

The Arisen's Bond is a special item. Give it to anyone and it will immediately raise their Affinity to the max. You are not required to give this item away, and you can even forge it if you want. Characters with high affinity have an impact on the game later on. Beware spoilers if you choose to read the implication.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Upon receiving the ring, the quest will complete.

TALENT IN BLOOM: This quest is collected after speaking to Quina. She is now located at the Abby, marked on the map once again. Upon speaking to her, she will mention her magical flower, asking you to find someone suitable to give it to. She seeks someone of the Church, so that they can speak for her healing abilities. Note that the flower itself grants weal (x2 the experience when used) which makes it a valuable item to forge. There are numerous people to give the item to:

  • Clemente - Cassardis

  • Geffery - Gran Soren

  • Quina - Literally in front of you

  • Or any other member of the church

Return to Quina to finish the quest. Note that giving the flower back to her will result in a lower reward, so it makes sense to just fast travel to Gran Soren instead. Completion will then link to the quest A Parting Gift. I recommend placing a portcrystal to fast travel here quickly.

A PARTING GIFT: You will need to fast travel away from the Abby before this quest appears. When you return, speak to Clarus and she will explain her desire for a Pilgrim's Charm. Particularly, a charm that comes from the dead, someone close to Quina. If you have one, you can give this to her now to finish the quest, however, your reward will be affected, as it isn't from the Catacombs. To get one without fighting through the undead, you can also speak to Fournival, provided you haven't started the quest Trial and Tribulations.

If you wish to get the Pilgrim's Charm from the Catacombs, do not pick one up on the way. Meet Quina inside the Catacombs Next. Be sure to enter the correct door, it should be the first rear passage, just outside Gran Soren. When you meet her, accept to help, and then follow her lead. Be very careful not to move ahead of her! Occasionally, if you go too far, the quest will fail. That includes exiting the Catacombs as well. Upon entering the first chamber (the large one), there will be a Pilgrim's Charm somewhere in the room. Slay the Specter and any Undead that follows.

Return to Clarus and watch the cutscene and claim your reward. The flowers given are very valuable, so having all 10 is useful.

SUPPLIER'S DEMAND/IDOL WORSHIP: These quests are purposefully combined, so be careful. Enter Gran Soren and speak to the Caxton at the armory, and he will explain his desire for a statue. You've already come across these beforehand. Meanwhile, enter Madeliene's shop and she will also explain her desire for an idol. That means you'll need two to give them. However, each statue has a different value.

Gold: Gold is the highest, and whoever you give it to, their store stock will update with tier 3 equipment. There's only one in the game, and you have it.

Silver: Second highest, which updates tier 2 equipment. There's only one of them, gained by the noticeboard quest Put the Eye Out.

Bronze: The lowest tier and equipment, but the easiest to obtain. You should have 2 of them already, so there's no need to look for it.

Once again, it's very important that you choose your idols wisely. You can only update one shop to the fullest. Madeleine focuses on Magical items, so if you're a mage, it makes sense to invest in her shop with gold. Caxton specializes in warrior items. It's also worth noting that having an idol in your inventory will give a discount to all shops. So it's worth forging the items. The discount is still available if you keep the forged one instead. Giving them both an idol, no matter the kind, will complete both quests.

FAREWELL, VALMIRO: Remember Valmiro? He'll be back in Cassardis, attempting to leave once again. Just ahead of the entrance, he will be waiting on the hillside. In order to continue on his adventure, he needs four items, each of them in order.

  • Potent Greenwarish - Camellia's Apothecary in Gran Soren

  • Lantern - Aestella's Shop in Cassardis

  • Sour Ambrosial Meat - See Below

  • Pilgrim's Charm - Fournival in Gran Soren

All of these items can be bought (the shops are marked with the names) except for one. The Ambrosial Meat is relatively rare, however, you can get it from a quest. See Supply and Demand to collect it. After returning all the pieces to Valmiro, he will ask you to carry the boxes to the boat, just down at the shore. There's 4 total, so once it's all carried in front of the boat, a cutscene will appear. This ends the quest and you will not see Valmiro again.

SUPPLY AND DEMANDS: No, this is not the same as the quest Supplier's Demand. Report to Ser Daerio at Windbluff Tower to collect the quest. He should be standing just next to the Riftstone. Upon speaking to him, he will mention the need for supplies, requiring you to speak to someone in the Duke's Demesne. Travel back to Gran Soren to speak to an official.

Note that there's two people to speak to. You can either speak to a guard outside the entrance, or speak to Julien (the mysterious knight) himself. Choosing the latter is the better option, as the reward is more. Note that you must state "a week's worth of supplies" to correctly complete the quest. Any other option will result in less approval. Julien will give you 5 Ambrosial Meat, one of which you can use for the quest Farewell Viarmo. Feel free to forge one if need be, however, I simply turned in 4 instead of 5 myself. He also needs Sour Ambrosial, so you'll need to sleep a day as well.

Once you have the supplies, return to Ser Daerio for the reward.

AN INNOCENT MAN: Be sure to have two Skeleton Keys (bought from the Black Cat) on you before continuing! There are two located inside the quest as well. Speak to Tomlin in Cassardis to discover his father is missing. You can often find him wandering town, or inside Chief Adaro's house. After he explains the situation, travel to Gran Soren. You can now acquire information from the people around town, although it's not required. Ser Jakys is in the Noble Quarter, and he will explain that Tomlin's father was arrested. Be sure you have at least one skeleton key and the Gardener's Permit (this was given upon asking about the quest) with you as you enter the Duke's Demesne. The prison is located inside the castle and immediately to the right.

If you do not have both skeleton keys, search the chest that's behind the crates, next to the guard. Once you have two, then head down the hall and speak to the man (the only one) in the final cell. You will now need to sneak him out of the dungeon, but you can't do it by going past the guard. There's no need to be careful, as the guard does not react to the breakout. Unlock the cell door with one of the keys, then immediately turn around to the next cell. There's a passage inside that leads outside, but a few snakes and rats will be in the way.

If you need a second key, destroy the items in the cell to find another.

Ansell will not continue if there are creatures blocking the path, so you must kill them all to continue. Furthermore, exiting through the front entrance will cause him to stay behind, so follow the correct path. Once the path is clear, exit, and you will find yourself in the Slums of Gran Soren. Tomlin will reunite with his father and the quest will complete.

THE CONSPIRATORS: Head into the Duke's Demesne and speak to Fedel. He generally wanders the staircase or the gardens. Upon speaking to him, he will ask to meet at nightfall, in the gardens. Be sure that you don't enter the castle once the sun is gone, otherwise, you will be arrested for trespassing. After speaking to him a second time (he's in the right side of the garden), he will ask you to retrieve a confidential letter from the Soulfayer Canyon. I've marked it on the map, as usual.

First, you'll need to find the caravan, located on the way to the canyon. It's marked on your mini-map, so its a simple destination to reach. After visiting the caravan, you'll see a Gargoyle fly away, and the quest log will update. Head to the next location, avoiding the precarious ledges along the way.

Into Soulflayer Canyon

Entered the Soulflayer Canyon.

Into Soulflayer Canyon
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

At this point, you should also have at least 100 locations discovered, although it's not necessary to be that far yet. You've likely already unlocked it, once again.

The Vagabond

Visited 100 locations.

The Vagabond
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectable

The inside is difficult to navigate, but just follow the bridge upwards, slaying the Cyclops along the way. Be careful not to fall from the bridge! Take the path upwards, where you will need to turn right and slide down a rock. There's multiple paths to slide down, so be careful here as well. Sliding down the right side will lead you to the entrance, and sliding down the left (multiple times) will take you to the quest area. Defeat the gargoyles, and then search the nest for the letters. You can collect the other parcels, but it's not required.

Once you have the letter and the quest updates, head back to Gran Soren. I recommend saving before heading into the Demesne, as you'll need to make a choice. Ser Gabriel will interrupt you as you return the letter, asking that you hand it over to him instead. Neither choice has any impact, so it's merely a personal preference. Alternatively, you can forge the letter and give one to each person as well, reaping the benefits.

NAMELESS TERROR: You should have collected this quest as you were heading to Come to Court, however, you can also do it now by heading out the front gates of Gran Soren and speaking to the guard just outside. He will mention the mysterious letter sent for the arisen, and wards caution. This will prompt you to attack the assassins before they kill you in turn. There's 5 locations total, but be sure to sleep until night, otherwise they will not appear.

And don't worry about getting to them early. No one is going to assassinate you if you take too long. Be sure to follow this order, as some of them will not spawn until the others are dead.

  1. Phantom, Ghost, Soul and Spirits: On the road in front of Gran Soren, either at the bridge or north past it

  2. Raven, Hawk and Condor: Outside of the Ancient Quarry (via Gran Soren)

  3. Darkness: No direct location here, he simply appears on the trail between the Gran Soren and the waycastle midway. Near the harpies nes

  4. Rouge and Noir: At the abandoned storehouse on the Manamia Trail (it's marked on the map so it's easy to find)

  5. Zero: Just outside of Cassardis, but he should only appear if all the other Nameless Men are killed

Note that some mention that Darkness is not required to complete the quest, as sometimes he does not appear. So if you don't see him, just continue down the path. Make sure not to skip the location, as you'll end up having to backtrack. The other thing to note is that you should always keep the unsigned letter on you. If you remove it, there's a good chance that the assassins wont spawn!

Finally, collect the letter off of Zero's body (the last bandit on the list) to finish the quest.

THICK AS THIEVES: If you are approaching this quest from Gran Soren, don't worry about the cyclops up front. This does not affect the quest.

You might be familiar with this location depending on your previous choices. Head to the Heavenspeak Fort and speak to the female bandits to accept their quest. Note that this is where the female disguises come into place. All male characters in the party will need to be dressed up in the Lady's Garbs to continue. Upon arrival, there are two women to speak to now: Ophis, the leader, or Betiah, her right hand man (woman?) of the gang. They will give you two different directives as well.

Kill the Rivals: Note that only the specific enemies will work, meaning you'll need to attack those at the Aernst Castle. Once 10 are dead, as with the other quest, you can return to Ophis to collect the reward. This does affect your relationship with the other bandits, but it isn't much of an issue.

Feed the Cyclops: Note that the Cyclops is up not up front.It's actually farther back behind the fort. It can still be killed unintentionally though, hence the warning. To feed it, you need to kill a Goblin, carry the corpse, and stand in front of the beast to feed it, pr drop the corpse. Eventually, it will swipe the corpse, and you can return to Betiah for a reward. Then Ophis.

From now on, you won't be required to dress as a female around the bandits, so feel free to ditch the disguises now.

RISE OF THE FALLEN: This quest is reliant on the completion of Seeking Salvation. There's multiple ways to complete it as well, though they all end the same. To begin, speak to Ser Maximillian in the Noble Quarter. Optionally, you will also need a set of Salvation robes. A set can be found from a gather spot under the large cabinet in the Visitor's Chamber, within the Duke's Demesne. You could also buy a set from the Black Cat. A secret Salvation meeting will take place in the Venery, under the bridge. Wait until midnight, then use the robes.

  • Dillan: This requires the Salvation robes. Approach the meeting, and follow Dillan to the Alehouse where he hides the key. Search the barrels from the cutscene to get it.

  • Tagert: This does not require the Salvation robes. Approach the meeting and Dillan will run. Tagert will either be persuaded by force, or by coin to hand over the key.

You could also receive both keys, although there's little point to do so. Return to the Catacombs through the previously barred entrance on the lower level. Or use the other key that leads to an "elevator" further inside. Both lead the same way, so just follow the marker. Inside, there's a horde of undead and 5 gems hidden inside the room. They're inside the sarcophagi. Just follow the steps downwards and search each container along the way, they're very easy to find. Use them to unlock the giant door. Upon entering, another boss fight will appear. The key is to kill Balsac quickly, before he summons more undead. Loot the room and then explain the meeting to Ser Maximilian.

AROUSING SUSPICION: To begin, find Mirabelle, Aelinore's handmaiden. She's often just inside the entrance of the castle. As you speak to her, she will ask that you meet with the mistress at night. Wait till the sun sets, then enter the Demesne and the garden to the left. She will warn that you need to sneak in unnoticed. Do this by heading through the left entrance and carefully head up the stairs. It's easy to follow behind the NPCs as they go ahead of you.

At the first set of stairs, turn left, and then turn right at the second floor. The diagonal hall leads to Aelinore's tower. She will be waiting inside. As you speak to her, a cutscene will ensue, so just wait it out. Finally, once you gain control, you need to stop the Duke from killing her. The name he is shouting is his previous wife.

Do note that if you actually stand there long enough, she will die. I've tested this because I'm a terrible person. You must intervene, otherwise, a future quest will be lost. Once you do, you will be thrown in prison. Don't worry, it's suppose to happen and you will keep all of your items. With Aelinore alive, she will help you escape the prison. Wait for the guards to drift away, then use the keys to escape into the other cell. Thus, the quest is complete.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen


SEARCH PARTY: Once again we are back to visiting Reynard. You should have already started a few purchases, but you can do all 10 at the same time as well. Just as long as you exit the inventory screen and return. Upon the 10th purchase, which you should have already made, he will mention the need for some particular items. He will then ask for a new item. Make sure you do this considerably soon, as Reynard will move locations.

Scrap Iron: Obtained from slaying Skeletons or Skeleton Knights, or from an armored Cyclops. After this, make 5 more purchases. This will prompt the next section of the quest, where you will need another item.

Miasmite: A rare drop from slaying Phantoms, or can be made through combination of a Miasmite Shard and a Firefly Stone. Make another 5 purchases (yes, it's annoying). Finally, he will ask for one last group of items. These journals are scattered all throughout Gransys, but you've likely already collected them from regular looting. Nonetheless, here are the locations:

  • First Journal Entry: in a chest behind a tent in The Encampment.

  • Second Journal Entry: in a chest in the second level underground of The Catacombs

  • Third Journal Entry: in a chest in the enclosed alley behind the Black Cat. Must be reached via ladder.

  • Fourth Journal Entry: In a chest in the camp near the Miasmic Haunt in Barta Crags.

  • Fifth Journal Entry: in a chest in Soulflayer Canyon. (first floor on the left side of the map)

  • Final Journal Entry: in a chest in The Ancient Quarry. (A chest down the middle hallway)

It's important that you keep the items in your inventory and not your pawns. There's a glitch that is often mentioned. In addition to this, you should have all the quests completed that coincide with the locations. In other words, you can't loot the areas because they are unlocked during the quests, like the Catacombs. I've provided a another video in case you have trouble. The quest will complete once you turn in all six. Reynard will disappear for the rest of the game.

GRIFFIN'S BANE: Speak to Aldous to begin quests for the Duke. The choice listed as "aid the hunting expedition" in dialogue. I recommend getting prepared before venturing out. Collect a mage with fire or lightning based magick, and a maker's finger if you want the quest to be as quick as possible. You can buy them from Fournival, but it's definitely not necessary. From here, all you need to do is venture outside of Gran Soren to meet Ser Georg and the other Enlistment Corps. They are just up ahead, above the cliffs. Upon speaking to them, they will mention the need for bait.

The easiest way to collect bait is to use a Goblin. They will appear just ahead of the location. Now, you'll be required to slay it before it flees. The most important thing is to keep the Griffin from flying away, so grapple the legs when you can. Fire can wound the wings as well, and lightening is a natural weakness. If you're successful, the Griffin will be slain here in the field and you can turn in the quest just like that.

If you were unsuccessful, the Griffin will fly to Bluemoon Tower. Don't worry, this is meant to happen and it does not count against the quest. I've marked Bluemoon Tower on the map as well.

The tower itself is large and very treacherous, especially with skeletons and bandits along the way, so be careful. The other Enlistment members will already be in battle, so follow their lead and head up the tower. Avoid falling from the stairs! This is when Wakestones are very handy. The harpies can easily knock you down. Finally, you'll reach multiple doors, one that is barred (you will not have access to it now, not until later) and the other which leads outside. Take this door and face the Griffin. Follow the path upwards until you reach the gate. Smash the wooden plank to get through.

The next time, you can venture around the path by taking the blocked entry to the right. Destroy the crates and unlock the door from the other side to continue. Save Ser Wesley from the Griffin's grasp if you desire, but it's not needed. Just continue on (note that the camera often shifts, this is suppose to happen) until you reach the third gate. Fight against the Griffin until it breaks down the gate. Then sprint for it. You'll reach another flight of stairs, which I recommend looting when you have the chance. And finally, reaching the top of the tower will incite the final battle with the Griffin.

Note that, depending on your previous decisions, Steffen will come to your aid. If you gave him a forged tome, you will not be forgiven.

Finally, use the same tactics from previously to slay the Griffin. Be sure to loot the area before you leave. Griffin armor pieces, a Portcrystal, and lots of gold can be found in the tower. Once finished, report back to Aldous to receive your reward. Depending on how many men were left alive, Captain Mercedes will have varying responses.

TRIAL AND TRIBULATIONS: This quest has serious repercussions so be careful. I highly recommend that you read the consequences first. Accept the quest from Aldous to continue. Fournival is now on trial, and you'll have four days to prove his case. Each day, you will receive a warning that the trial is near. So collect the evidence as soon as you can. To save you some time, there is no right answer here. The evidence all points in different directions, so it's really up to you if the good outweighs the bad.

All of your evidence should be returned to Aldous before the final day. Once sunrise hits, meet in the market around the fountain to hear the results. You need to turn in at least two items to convince them to free Fournival, so keep this in mind.

To Condemn:

  • Jasper, Sara, and Pip will all testify, but only if they were pushed off their property.

  • Search Fournival's home. Under a shelf is a gift register that proves corruption.

  • Ansell from "An Innocent Man" will come to Gran Soren from Cassardis if asked.

  • You may buy numerous false claims from Reynard. The dirtier, the more expensive.

To Convince:

  • Speak to Ser Daerio at Windbluff Tower, then Ser Castor. Castor will be escorted to Gran Soren as a defense witness.

  • Three witnesses: Geffrey in the Cathedral, Symone at the manor (if Escort Duty was completed), and Fedel in the Duke's Demesne.

  • Search Fournival's manor for the Chamberlain's Affidavit that states good work on his behalf.

  • You may buy numerous false claims from Reynard. The prettier, the more expensive.

Doing Nothing:

  • Turn in no evidence and simply appear at the trial. The quest will end the same with automatic conviction.

No matter which choice you devise on, the quest will complete as you report to Aldous. Fournival will not be available if you convicted him, meaning his shop is off limits. That means that special items such as the Maker's Finger and other items will no longer be for sale. For once, an RPG makes it hard to be a good person. Still, this is the last quest required for Fournival, so there's no major consequences on completion. Report to Aldous when you're finished.

THE WYRMKING'S RING: Note that many players choose to duplicate the item of this questline, due to it's unique properties. Speak to Aldous and claim the "Recover a stolen item" quest from him. This will cause him to mention Salomet, a powerful and evil wizard who likely stole the ring. Inquire around town to learn more about him. There's multiple citizens to question to find out his location.

  1. Pering

  2. Ser Gyles

  3. Ambrose.

All three reside in the Duke's Demesne, so it's not hard to locate each one. Return to Aldous, and he will give you another list of people to question. They will be located in town, so exit the Demesne. The only person you need to speak at this moment is Mellard, in the Noble Quarter. Once you learn of his whereabouts in the Ancient Quarry, exit and track him down. Multiple bandits will be waiting. Just hammer down your assault and it should be a simple task. Target ranged attackers first.

Salomet will automatically flee, so return to Aldous to explain the situation. Then, find Brice in the markets of the Urban Quarter to learn Salomet has fled to Bluemoon Tower. I recommend updating skills and preparing for battle at this point. Many bandits will be waiting, and they will mercilessly throw you from the edges. Travel up the tower, as usual, until you reach the top where Salomet is waiting. He is now using the ring.

Be very careful not to get caught in his spells! Miasma is a one-hit kill when you are tossed into the air. So do all you can to keep him from spell-casting. He will teleport away from immediate danger, so ranged attacks work well. Once finished, he will drop the ring on the ground, just before falling to his death. Pick it up, and then ferry back to Aldous to report the news.

PRIDE BEFORE A FALL*: Make sure the Conspirators and Supply and Demands is complete beforehand. Furthermore, this quest coincides with Bad Business as well. Be prepared for Madeleine's shop to fall, so grab your supplies while you can. The story will take a very large leap.

Speak to Aldous and accept the quest "aid Captain Mercedes" to begin. You will need to speak to her by the gates before you leave. Then head for Windbluff Tower.

When you arrive, ignore the battle down below. Just head up the stairs and confront the duel that's about to begin. Mercedes will ask that you not intervene as she confronts the "mysterious knight" who we totally don't know. There are multiple decisions that come into play here:

Mercedes is Victorious:

  • Mercedes will only win the battle if you intervene and attack the enemy

The Knight is Victorious:

  • Standing idly (as she requested) will cause her to lose

  • Attacking Mercedes, even if on accident, will cause the Knight to win

No matter what the fight will end, and Julien will be revealed as the Salvation traitor (oh, how shocking.) If you intervened and Julien is dead, you have the additional option to use a Wakestone to revive him. This is the only option to keep him alive without letting him win. If you do, he will submit to defeat and turn himself in.

Once you've decided, speak to Mercedes after the battle for your reward, and then return to Aldous. This is the last time you will see Captain Mercedes. Once again, be ready for the main quest to turn quickly afterwards. Now is the time to explore and have fun slaying monsters around the area. I also recommend looting and investing in some serious armor. The quests from here on out are significantly more difficult.

HONOR AND TREACHERY: Immediately upon turning in your final Royal Court quest, Aldous will mention an emergency situation developing at the waycastle. This quest can be very difficult when you aren't ready, so I recommend repairing before you leave. Grab a few Panacea's or other petrification curatives in particular, and save before leaving.

Upon arrival, it will be clear that there was no real emergency, and you will now need to return to Gran Soren. Feel free to fast travel there, as it will take you exactly where you need to be. From there, you will see a Cockatrice attacking the city.

To the side of the field is multiple sections of supply crates. The goal is to save as many crates as possible. The longer the battle goes, the more likely the crates will be destroyed. So be swift and avoid any civilian deaths. A loss of supplies or people will result in a lower reward.

As you fight the beast, note its abilities. The most dangerous will be it's breath; it can turn you and your pawns to stone, leading to death. Pawns that face this end cannot be revived on the battlefield. So curatives are incredibly crucial here! Beyond that, the Cockatrice has similar weaknesses to other flying creates. Attack and burn the wings, and hold on to the legs to keep it on the ground. There's very little to loot in the area, so you really must prepare for the fight beforehand.

Eventually, it will flee on it's own, and you can return to Aldous to explain. Ser Camillus will automatically take you to him as you approach the exit. Depending on how well you did at defending the city, he will share his grief at the results. This will automatically start another quest that involves speaking to the Duke.

REWARD AND RESPONSIBILITY*: This is much less of a quest and more of a reward for all your hard work. Meet with the Duke, then follow him as he leads you through the castle. Don't stray too far, as he won't move. It's also required to stick with him, as he's the only person who can open the designated door. So just follow him until he leads you into a room with various chests.

When he attempts to open it, your previous choices will come into play. If you didn't give Aldous the real Wyrmking's Ring, then the chest will not open. Lucky for you, the Duke is going to give it to you some other way, so the choice has no real repercussion. Simply loot all the chests and grab all the gold around the room. This will prompt the next scene, where a soldier brings a report on the Western Fortress. The Duke will ask that you appear to help, ending the quest and starting the next one, Deny Salvation.

The Message

Received the duke's commendation.

The Message
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Completing the quest results in the Duke's approval, and the achievement above. That's all there is to the quest, so enjoy it!

BAD BUSINESS: Madeleine is in trouble. To collect the quest, visit her shop to learn she has fled the area due to her connection to Salvation (she sold the charms, if you recall her visit with the knight.) The woman in her home will mention her disappearance, but before you leave to chase after her, loot the counter to collect her special dagger.

From here, visit various people in town to learn of her whereabouts. There's multiple people on the list:

  1. Armsith - Alehouse

  2. Nettie - Alehouse

  3. Guston - Venery

  4. Ser Raulin - Venery

Upon speaking to the last NPC, you will see a cutscene of Madeleine fleeing the city through the exit in the Slums. Follow her, and she'll be hiding behind a boulder just outside of Gran Soren. She will explain her troubles, and finally mention the dagger. This gives you a choice.

Give the Daggers: Her affinity for you increases.

Take the Daggers: You get a really crappy pair of daggers.

After the transaction, a pair of guards will appear from inside the city. Madeleine will hide, so it's up to you to respawn. It ends the same way, so it really doesn't matter what you do in this case. Once the guards move on, she will ask for another loan from you (which you will not get back). This only raises her affinity, so it's really not a big deal to pass on it. The quest will complete either way.

In the future, Madeleine will re-locate her shop to Cassardis, where you can continue to purchase items from her. But for now, she will disappear from the game.


This quest only appears after meeting with Aelinore previously, and after accepting Deny Salvation from the Duke as you claim your rewards. To begin, speak to Mirabelle again. She's waiting just outside the Castle in the Demesne. She will give you the armor of a guard, which you will need to infiltrate the Manse that Aelinore is being held in. Only you yourself will be entering, so there's no need for armor for your pawns. An achievement is gained by arriving at the location.

Into the Manse

Entered the duke's manse.

Into the Manse
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The Blighted Manse is marked on the map here. Upon arrival, the key is to obviously not get caught. Don't attack the guards yet, just head upstairs to reach the Queen. Once the scene is over (so much for picking your romance option after that fiasco) you will need to escort her downstairs. Hence when the guards will attack. Don't be stupid and try to go out the front door. Aelinore will stop you from doing so anyway. Use the rear exit, which she will somehow have a key to.

When entering the sewers, more guards will attack. In addition to this, Aelinore will squawk when passing certain areas to which she does not want to walk through. They are generally defined by waterways. In these moments, you must either-

  1. Pick her up and carry her to safety like the spoiled brat she is

  2. Pick her up and toss her to the destination she refuses to walk to

  3. Keep walking until she eventually just teleports over there herself

Finally, your pawns will appear, joining you to take out the remaining bandits. Exit the Manse to see a final cutscene and Aelinore running away. This, like with all developed NPCs, is the last time you will see her. The item you receive as a reward is very rare, so I recommend forging it sometime in the future.

DENY SALVATION: Be aware that this is your final chance to choose a beloved!

This quest is already collected on completion of Reward and Responsibility, so simply head to the Greatwall Encampent, marked on the map. A Riftstone and merchant is just outside for preparation. Be ready for a strenuous battle inside. Salvation members will greet you upon entering, just before Cyclopes take their place. It's optional to slay them at this point. Feel free to run into the keep instead.

To the left, off to the side of the keep, is a soldier. He will explain the situation inside, asking that you rescue the men still trapped within. There are multiple soldiers to save, and each one grants a small reward. So always try to save them if you can. As you enter, you can either take the stairs all the way up, or take various winding paths that lead to the soldiers. As expected, I recommend the latter.

Slay the enemies just ahead to secure the first area. Then enter the room with the barred door. Use explosive barrels to break down the precarious wall, then take the stairs down to the next room. Three soldiers are waiting. Wait for the surviving men to give their rewards, as one of them will have a key to a chest. Head back onto the main stairs until you hit another hallway. Another guard is here, so slay the skeletons and the Salvation mages that are drifting down the stairs. The guard will give you a key to the additional staircase.

Upon entering the next room, a Chimera is waiting. This fight isn't quite as daunting as it may seem. A ballista is located in the corner that can do decent damage to the beast. You can also lure it onto explosive barrels. Climbing the boxes may give you time to mount focused attacks. Once it's dead, the guard will open the gate, leading you into yet another area.

From here, either help the guard face the enemies for access to a locked gate, or smash through another wall and head up. This is the final room before reaching the rooftop. A special Skeleton Lord is waiting here, who can be relatively hard to beat at times. If you succeed in saving the soldier as well, he will unlock the room to the side, allowing you access to the chests before the battle ahead. When you're ready (I recommend saving) enter the rooftop.

The battle with the Wights is simple. Do not get surrounded by the Undead during the assault! Furthermore, both mages are armed with Miasma again, which can easily end you in one swoop, so do not remain still around them. Try to kill both the Wights before attacking the summoned Undead as well. This will end the quest far quicker, prompting the next cutscene.

Enjoy the scene as the creepy love-child is killed by the very thing he worships. Finally, on completion of the quest, another achievement will unlock.

Rough Landing

Completed the urgent mission.

Rough Landing
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This is your last chance to do anything else before facing Grigori! Now is the time to advance your skills and upgrade your equipment to the fullest. Collect new pawns and prepare curatives for the path ahead. In addition, notice board quests should be fairly close to completion as well. I recommend at least popping the Specialist achievement before continuing. It works for you or your pawn.

The Specialist

Learned all the skills of a single vocation.

The Specialist
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When you're ready, approach the dragon for The Final Battle. He is located on the first floor, with a staircase leading below and into the Tainted Mountain. I recommend reading the quest for it before doing this, though.

THE FINAL BATTLE: This is it! The battle against Grigori is long, but only difficult if you aren't prepared. Be sure to be at least above level 50 before taking him on. In addition to typical preparations, there's multiple endings to see here, so be careful not to miss anything in the guide! I recommend outfitting yourself with one bow-user and a mage with dark magick. Before moving forward, return to the Dragonforged at Hillfigure Knoll for special information on the dragon. He will give you a scroll for pawn knowledge, as well as a unique chest piece, so it's well worth the trip. Then, enter the Tainted Mountain.

You might remember the layout of the location from the tutorial. Despite this, new enemies will appear, including Succubi and Hellhounds. Once again, it's okay to skip past these enemies to venture further. When you reach the gated area, there's 4 pressure plates you need to stand on to open it. Beware the Gorechimera that follows. Alternatively, you can use its weight to open the gate as well. It's not required to slay it to continue.

Thus begins your meeting with the Dragon.

Enjoy the cutscene and dramatics. Your beloved will appear here as well, captured by Grigori. Once you have control of your character, approach their body beside the dragon. Pick them up, then carry them to him. This is required for a false ending in which you accept the deal given. This is the same deal that the Duke took when he too was the arisen. An achievement will pop once the cutscene ends and you see your fate.


Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMissable

Reload and continue where you left off. The game will have autosaved upon entering, so it's not much of a walk. This time, walk past your beloved and approach the dragon for battle. Alternatively, you can attack him to begin. There are multiple stages to his death:

Escape the Temple: For now, you'll mostly be running as he destroys the structures. The camera will alter as you run through each passage, so just keep going until you reach a room with shattered pieces of stone. These create barriers to avoid his fire. So duck here and attack. Be sure to loot the areas as you go for special loot. This scene will happen twice, before exiting outside the temple. Flee up the stairs to the tower as the dragon follows. While on the bridge, simply run as quickly as possible, avoiding the precarious ledges and fire that he spews. Once again, this repeats twice until you reach the second tower with the ballista on top. Use it to strike the dragon' heart. It's an automatic process as long as you hit in the general area. This begins stage two of the attack.

Ride the Dragon: This is a very simple portion to complete. As you're holding onto Grigori, slowly push your way upwards to his back. You will be prompted to shape the analogue sticks a few times, but little else. When you reach the heart (the glowing part of his back) strike it as much as possible. Finally, the dragon will react, and another section will appear.

Defeat Grigori: This is the final portion of the fight. From here, you can deal real damage to Grigori to put him down, so do all you can to survive. Your pawns will do all they can to contribute, but the heart must be exposed to deal any real damage. Target it with arrows or magic, and have warriors or striders hold onto his legs to keep him on the ground. This combination should make sure you're able to deal small amounts of damage at a time. If Grigori takes to the sky, use the ballistas to take him down. Otherwise, avoid using them as they make you into a defenseless target. Simply keep targeting the heart, and he will eventually be slain. Note that, if it's too difficult, you can exit the mountain even after entering, provided you have yet to enter combat with Grigori.

Finally, know that you must strike the final blow, no one else. Once this happens, Grigori will fall. Listen to his words.

Once he is slain, a cutscene will appear. Notice the Duke's rapid aging and the image of Gran Soren falling to rubble. Eventually, you will gain control again, with your beloved standing in your home. In your inventory will be numerous new items. The Godsbane blade is a very important item, so do not get rid of it. It is automatically gifted upon the completion and death of the dragon, along with an achievement.


Accepted the Godsbane blade.

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In addition to the death of the dragon, slaying any dragon at all will result in your items becoming "dragon-forged", prompting another achievement.

Dragon Forged

Strengthened equipment in wyrmfire.

Dragon Forged
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The credits have rolled, but this is not the end of your job. You are now in post-game (or post-dragon), which often requires new tactics to survive. The good news is that this is the final act of the game.

Act Six


A WARM WELCOME: Once you have gained control of your character, feel free to speak to your beloved, who will be waiting in your home. If they happen to be a merchant, it might not be a bad idea to gather some items in preparation. Otherwise, feel free to stop by Astella's or speak with the villagers. You'll notice the sky is also a lovely shade of green. Heading outside, you'll see that the enemies have been replaced with even worse ones. Wolves are now Hellhounds and Harpies are now Succubi. In short, congrats hero. You really did save the world this time!

To learn more about the situation, head to Gran Soren to check on the Duke. How you arrive will alter what you see. I recommend going by the eternal wakestone and immediately heading to the castle. It certainly makes the situation more dramatic.

Don't forget to finish your Additional Achievements here. You will likely still need a few that are easy to miss, but not hard to gain. So this is a perfect time to do it. Provided you aren't stopped by the guards. If you can't get past them, just return to Gran Soren to finish them up. For the Captain achievement, you only need to enlist 75 pawns, which you can do all at once. For the Philanthropist, find someone in Gran Soren to throw gifts at. Flowers or skulls work well for this.

The Captain

Enlisted a large number of pawns.

The Captain
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

The Philanthropist

Gave 50 presents.

The Philanthropist
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

Finally, proceed to the Noble Quarter when ready. Upon entering his study, which you will be directed to, you will see that the Duke has begun to age. This is because his deal with the dragon has fallen through, now that it is slain. He will attack once the scene is over, but its a bit of a joke. The slow old man can't do much, so just wreck him and continue with the next scene. Being the SOB that he is, the Duke will call the guards and blame you for conspiring. Run away and flee to the Urban Quarter. Another cutscene will ensue, and you will finally see the gigantic, gaping whole that has swallowed half of Gran Soren.

Once again. Nice job. From here, you will be forced into the Everfall, which will prompt an achievement. Note that you can return to the surface whenever you'd like by landing, using the Eternal Ferrystone, and heading to wherever you wish. If you don't want to use the stone, landing on the first floor will allow you to head up through the Pawn's Guild. The guards will not attack you unless you enter the Noble Quarter, so it's still safe to shop in Gran Soren as well.


Peered into the very depths of the world.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

It might be fairly daunting to take your first steps through Everfall, but don't worry. You can either grab on a ledge, or fall on top of one to stop the descent. No matter where you land, you will be at the same doorway. Speak to Quince to start the next quest.

FATHOM DEEP*: You might remember her from the tutorial level, as Savan's pawn. Quince will explain the need for Wakestones, which you'll need 20 of to continue. Chances are that you haven't collected that many yet, so you'll be spending some time in the Everfall for awhile. This point in time is perfect for grinding out levels as well. You should attempt to collect as many Wakestones as you can, because they can be traded for gifts and are generally never useless. Even selling them can yield decent results.

The Everfall should also be your final location to visit. Prompting another achievement. If it doesn't unlock, however, it will as you visit Bitterblack Isle, so don't worry.

The Explorer

Visited 150 locations.

The Explorer
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectable

To start, enter the doors from the first level that you are on. Once again, no matter which ledge you were on, you'll enter the same chamber. Inside is an Evil Eye. The same creature who's tentacles attacked on your first visit there. There's a few things to remember when attacking, the main one being that an Evil Eye can go invulnerable for long periods of time. Attack with powerful magic, or destroy the tentacles to remove the barrier, then strike the eye as the weakpoint. Eventually, the Eye will fall to the ground, and this is when you should lay down as much damage as possible. Evil Eyes aren't too threatening as enemies, but the tentacles can cause some problems. Furthermore, you can be blinded by the creature, which is generally marked by a bright light, and then darkness.

Eye Contact

Defeated an evil eye.

Eye Contact
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Once it's defeated, you'll receive the achievement and then free access to Everfall. Do note that every level holds different enemies, most of which will be significantly harder. That being said, it's a great location to farm enemies and grind out levels before Hard Mode. Don't forget the Ur-Dragon either, although you'll likely be too low of a level at the moment.

The Messiah

Defeated the Ur-Dragon.

The Messiah
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Defeating it will result in a reward of 20 Wakestones every time. This rule goes for all Everfall foes. The larger (stronger) the enemy, the more Wakestones you'll receive. Be sure to check out the chests as well, since some rare loot can appear. Once you have 20 or more (and once again, I do recommend getting more) speak to Quince on the first floor to reach the next portion of the story. Be sure to save first!


Escaped the yoke of eternity.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

An achievement will unlock as you plunge into the abyss and into the next location. You will not see Gransys again until these quests are completed. Before you leave, don't forget to finish notice board quests as well, as this is your last chance for it. An easy way to get all 50 is to hit every noticeboard in Gransys and collect them all at once. Then select an escort quest. You'll likely pop a few bounties by killing enemies along the way. Alternatively, you can take all escort quests and use portcrystals to get there quickly.

The Laborer

Completed 50 notice board quests.

The Laborer
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

In addition to the Ur-Dragon, there are other enemies now available through Post-Game. See the Additional Achievements page for location and tips, as there's multiple locations to run into them, even outside of Everfall. Don't forget that there's three types dragons for the Serpents Bane as well.


Defeated a hydra or archydra.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Serpents' Bane

Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

Serpents' Bane
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCollectableCumulative +

You might be noticing various locked doors inside each area. These are inaccessible, and are only there because each dungeon uses a similar layout. Proceed when ready. By the time you return, it will be New Game+, so be sure that everything is finished before continuing. The game will also share this warning with you.

FINAL JUDGEMENT: I highly recommend playing offline for this quest. Not because it changes the difficulty, but because it connects the story far more clearly. Pay attention here, because there's multiple endings to Dragon's Dogma. Most players like to call these "false" endings, as they will require you to replay at your last checkpoint to get the better ending. Upon using the Wakestones, you will arrive in the Seneschal's Chamber for the final boss. No, it's really not that hard. If you killed Grigori, you can kill the Seneschal. That being said, there's a gimmick here, so bring a few Wakestones.

The Seneschal can be many things. They can be any gender or race. However, if you played offline, you will meet Savan, the previous Arisen. From here, you will be required to attack him. There are 5 pieces to this quest:

Trial of Power: As the Seneschal explains their existence, they will throw slow but powerful attacks at the arisen. It's very easy to deal damage to them, especially because they attack with such a slow speed. However, you should not try to hammer through it just yet. There is an achievement for dying while facing the Seneschal, and this is an easy location to do so. Just stand still and get wrecked. You will then see a cutscene. Seem familiar? That's because it's the same cutscene with Grigori. You've become the dragon, the next challenge for the future Arisen. Feel free to check out a better explanation at the end. For now, reload and wreck the Seneschal.


Soar unto a new world.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMissable

Trial of Will: This trial is the exact same as the previous. Continue to wreck the Seneschal until he opens the rift into the next section.

Trial of Resolve: From here, you will be given a choice. Face those you love, or turn back and return to the life you used to know. Another achievement takes place in this section, in which you are required to take the choice. Facing the crowds, turn around into the image of Cassardis.


Took refuge in an illusion.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMissable

Once again, wait for the cutscene to finish, then reload. This time, face your friends. They will immediately attack you as you pass, however, you can walk past all of them if you'd like. When you reach the other side, expect another fight. This time, your pawn will be available. But only yours. The Seneschal will have his as well.

Trial to End All: It's very important that you know what to do here. Now that both pawns are in place, it's very important that you get rid of them first. Do not attack the Seneschal until they are down! Otherwise, they will attack you as you make the final blow. The fight is still fairly simple, avoid any attacks from both enemies and take out the pawn as stated. Once they are down, take out the Seneschal. Here's the second part, which is very important. Once he's down, either you or your pawn must grab him. It's timed so be quick about it. Once someone is holding onto the Seneschal, the other must immediately attack, ending the battle. Failure to take the final blow quick enough will result in the Seneschal using an insta-kill ability. The fight will repeat.

The End: Finally, once you've finished them in battle, you can ask the Seneschal anything you'd like. Once finished, carry out his wish of death and equip the Godsbane blade from your inventory.


Dealt the blow of deliverance.

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This marks the last quest involving combat. The final mission required is very short and sweet. No turning back.

THE GREAT HEREAFTER*: This quest marks the end of your playthrough. You cannot return after completing it. Instead, you will be directed to a New Game+. As the Seneschal, you are invisible to the world. Sitting on the throne will take you to either Gran Soren or Cassardis, but nothing you do will change the world around you. This is the end of the cycle, and all that is left to do is wait for another Arisen to challenge you.

The solution to this is to ultimately end the cycle. While you are in Chamber still (you can return by exiting the city you are in) go into your inventory and select the Godsbane. Your character will hold it, prompting you to press a button. Pressing X will pierce your heart. Pressing B will remove the sword. As expected, you must commit suicide to end the cycle.


Put an end to all things.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The cutscene will begin, explaining the fate of your pawn as the cycle is broken. Once it is finished, your first full playthrough will be complete, the Hero achievement should unlock. This is the last story-based achievement, so unless you missed something, you should have everything from this page.

The Hero

Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

The Hero
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And that's all there is to it! Feel free to praise/rant about the ending in the forums.

Additional Achievements


As promised, here is the full story to the game, for those who found it convoluted or under explained. It's by no means required to read. Just something for RPG fans to check out. Spoilers of course! Don't forget to check back at the Additional Achievements page as well. I mentioned where most achievements are opportune to gain, but there's always a chance that something was missed.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This should be your first big step in completing the game. Do note that another playthrough is required for a Speedrun, and Hard Mode if you did not do it during your first run-through. I recommend that you handle both of these first before moving on to Bitterblack Isle.



Hard Mode

Hard Mode is almost exactly like Normal mode besides for the obvious change in difficulty level. It's also completely possible to do a Hard Mode playthrough on your first run and even bypass doing a regular playthrough if need be. Still, I recommend just doing the three playthroughs, especially if your character is underdeveloped or if you're lacking equipment. It definitely doesn't hurt, considering it's just extra experience to add to your character. Beyond that, Hard Mode offers only one extra achievement, which is to obviously beat the game on the selected difficulty. Any of the other, non-game mode specific achievements can still be earned here as well. You will receive two rewards for completing a Hard Mode playthrough.


  • Set of Duke's Clothing
  • The Abyssinal Outfit

Unlike some of the other unique rewards (such as the items from a speedrun), the Abyssinal outfit and the Duke's clothing are decent as equipment. They offer high enough stats to be of use to players, although the value will only last for so long. These items will appear in your storage once you've completed the game, and you cannot find them anywhere else, hence naming them unique.


  • The damage of enemy attacks is doubled.
  • The experience, rift crystals, and discipline gained are doubled.
  • The player's stamina usage is doubled (running is not affected).
  • Enemies drop "proportionately" more gold when killed.
  • The player's stagger/knockdown effects are decreased.
  • Mitigation augments are increased dramatically (such as Fortitude or Awareness).
  • All equipment and materials are kept as if Hard Mode was a New Game Plus, however, you cannot switch to Hard Mode from the Normal Mode. A new playthrough must be started.

Hard Mode generally comes down to being cautious with your stamina and being smart about your skillset. If it becomes difficult to advance, be sure you're using the correct approach to each enemy type, and that you've been updating your equipment. Don't underestimate the value of items like Blast Arrows and Pilgrim's Charms. There are no other changes from the normal playthrough. Enemies will not get smarter, and their health won't increase with difficulty. It's also good to note that pawns are unaffected by difficulty, and therefore, they keep the increased stamina and stats.


  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Save often and remember the basic tips to the game.
  • Start smart. If you haven't completed the game at least once, be ready to struggle. If you have done a playthrough, collect things that you won't have access to in the new game, like the wakestones in the Everfall. You should also place down portcrystals so you're ready.
  • Be prepared. Stock up on stamina and healing items. And wakestones are never a bad idea either, as I've already mentioned. You should also look into using some items like Pilgrim's Charms which will increase the experience you earn. You can see where to buy these things below.
  • Keep track of achievements. This will likely be your second playthrough, so it's a good time to look back at the additional achievements page and look for anything you've missed. Don't play the storyline four times for a single quest.
  • Develop your vocation. There are times when skills won't seem as crucial to the game, but Hard Mode is a good example of when they can make a huge difference. Learn enemy weaknesses and elemental damage. You will notice the difference. You can check out the tips page for more information.

What's different (and arguably a big flaw) with Dragon's Dogma is that the difficulty will never scale. Once you reach the cap where your level exceeds the difficulty, you should focus on Bitterblack Isle instead. The opposite applies as well; if the game is too difficult, then leveling up will easily fix the issue. Unlike with a Speedrun, you aren't limited to playing offline, so it's also possible to hire on pawns of higher levels. This will make things significantly easier, but it will also decrease the experience you earn greatly. Overall, Hard Mode isn't nearly as daunting as it may seem, especially if you're precise with your playstyle.


If you aren't in the habit of reading equipment descriptions, you should certainly start. There are advantages to keeping lower value items, and it's worth looking into if you don't have access to high-grade shops. This is a list of equipment that are worth keeping around for your Hard Mode playthrough. Note that Bitterblack Isle equipment is not included, because it's unlikely that you''ll complete it before playing through Hard Mode. You can see Bitterblack Isle equipment on the corresponding page.

    • Holy Armor Set: Found in post-everfall and arguably the best set for magick users. Many post-game enemies (including Bitterblack Isle) are weak to Holy, which makes it a great set for both high level and low level players.
    • Ancient Armor Set: The good thing about this set of equipment is that it's highly resistant to nearly every element in the game. The bad thing about it is that it must be bought from the Black Cat, meaning it's fairly expensive to collect. It also has special aesthetics.
    • Rapture Armor Set: Though not as useful as the Holy set, it's significantly easier to find the pieces to this armor and the set as a whole helps defend against all debilitations. Using the entire set also gives +3 Strength and +4 Magick.
    • Golden Lion Set: Found in the Everfall, this set is 100% resistant to skill stifling and petrification, making it very useful for specific in-game battles such as with the cockatrice. The stats are decent as well, particularly with defense.
    • Leather Armor Sets: Though weak in comparison, there are numerous pieces of leather armor that can be upgraded for decent results, such as the Red Leather Armor Set. This is a good alternative to players who don't have access to other high level equipment.
    • Set of Duke's Clothing: Yes, you earn this by completing Hard Mode, so it's a bit pointless to put this set on the list. However, if you somehow come to own the piece (likely from gifting), it's a good choice with decent stats, unlike most full-piece articles.
    • Abyssinal Armor Set: As with the Duke's Clothing, this set is hard to come by before playing Hard Mode. However, a full set yields decent stats and resistances, provided you can collect all the pieces as a whole.
    • Royal Surcoat Set: Although the general stats are decreased from the original, the Royal Surcoat set is a great asset for vocations such as the Mystic Knight. What it lacks in general protection is made up with increased defenses with magick and elemental damage.
    • Assembled Armor Set: This set lacks aesthetic value, but it's a decent trade for the well balanced stats and easily obtained pieces. It's a good collection for beginners and can be upgraded with relatively simple materials.
    • Grisly Armor Set: This set can be found in post-everfall and has fairly nice stats, including the resistance to poison, sleep and curse. When upgraded to the final tier, the Grisly Armor is just barely short of Bitterblack Isle gear.
    • Chimeric Armor Set: An easily obtainable set, the Chimeric armor works well for warriors with a high defense against physical attacks, but relatively low defense against magic. It holds a high immunity against sleep and torpor.
    • Meloriean Armor Set: It lacks magical defenses, but the Meloriean set has one of the best physical defense values in the game, making it a fairly decent option for warriors, and especially pawns.
    • Gryphic Armor Set: You can easily obtain this entire set as a beginner, making it a fairly nice addition for beginners. Like a Griffin, the set is resistant to lightning, thundershock and torpor.

If you are too low of a level, don't try and play Fashion Dogma with your Arisen and pawns. In Hard Mode, small differences in stats can make or break your playthrough. Don't underestimate items with torpor or resistances, and don't hesitate to mix and match pieces as well. There are no bonuses for matching sets. Also, avoid using 1 piece armor sets, such as the Lady's Garbs. Even with high stats, stacking smaller pieces will give you much better results. It's also not necessary to use a full set of articles, or the ones on this list. They are simply some of the best pieces of armor that the game has to offer. Sadly, if you were interested in the Berserk inspired armor sets, they are no longer available due to the license expiration.

Hard Mode


As with the Speedrun walkthrough, this is not the full guide to the story. The story page itself will have all the quests and achievements needed. The Hard Mode walkthrough will instead focus on important battles in the game and how to prepare for them. Good luck!

Boss #1 - CyclopsUnfortunately, this is the one fight that you won't have access to other pawns for just yet. Fire is an element that you will receive early, making it a good source for spells to use. Rook is also a healer, so staying back works well too. Furthermore, attacking the eyes, tusks, and the legs works well to keep it off balance. It isn't a very difficult fight.
Boss #2 - HydraThere is a very easy way to complete this battle, even on Hard. No matter what vocation you are, climb the neck and stop before the head. Repeatedly attack that one location and the head will eventually split from the body. It will end the fight every time.
Boss #3 - Fort GobinsAlthough not technically a boss fight, most players will find this portion to be fairly difficult. To make things easier. do not open the lever until you have killed all the goblins on the ballistas. They can easily knock you down, even from the roof of the fort. Use fire spells and take advantage of the explosives around. You can open the gate once it's only the two Cyclopes. Follow the first boss fight's advice for good tactics if needed.
Boss #4 - Salvation UndeadThis quest is considerably easier with warriors that can smash through the undead. When you reach the end, you'll have to defeat two waves before continuing. Using fire based spells (especially area of effect ones) will make this go much faster. Holy magick is also quite effective.
Boss #5 - SalometAlthough not particularly difficult, Salomet will have friends with him when you arrive at the mine. There's also numerous Ogres inside, but these shouldn't cause any problems. Salomet (and his entourage) can be easily handed by blunt force and elemental effects. This is where weapons that inflict sleep or torpor can be fairly effective. Keep your distance from magical attacks.
Boss #6 - GriffinThe assault on the tower is much more difficult than taking out the Griffin on the first try, so try to limit your time wasted when in battle. A good tactic to have is to bring pawns with foe knowledge of the Griffin. Pawn with knowledge will almost always attempt to latch onto the legs and keep the beast from flying. Griffins also have a natural weakness to fire and can be doused in oil.
Boss #7 - Salomet (2)This fight is on Bluemoon Tower, where Salomet is alone. When using the ring, his magical abilities are greatly enhanced, so avoid getting in the way at all costs. Use distanced attacks or rush him as soon as possible. Salomet also has small portions of invulnerability, so don't waste the effort.
Boss #8 - CockatriceThis can be a difficult fight if you aren't prepared. Be sure to bring plenty of curatives, especially ones that cure petrification. There are three easy ways to keep the cockatrice from owning you. The first is to keep it on the ground, either by burning or dousing the wings, or by climbing onto the legs like with the Griffin. The second is to use elemental damage such as lightening. And finally, just avoid the spitting. It will petrify you and your pawns, and sometimes poison as well.
Boss #9 - Lich KingsThis was a very difficult battle at first, at least for me. Whatever you do, avoid the Malestrom spell. You can tell when a Lich is attempting to use it if you see the purple spiral forming beneath him. A good tactic here is to focus on the Lich Kings and not the smaller undead.
Boss #10 - GrigoriYou could certainly use a Maker's Finger for this battle, but it's definitely not recommended since it will counter all your rewards. Grigori does not change in Hard Mode, so most tactics still apply. I highly recommend to avoid using the Ballistas unless you need to. They will break down very easily.
Boss #11 - Evil EyeThe Evil Eye uses tentacles to attack, so when they appear from the ground, get rid of them. This will take away the invulnerability. Target the eye and be offensive to get it to the ground. Then, attack it as much as possible so it can't get back up. Also try to avoid its blinding attack. You can determine it by the bright light from the eye (this is also a good time to attack.)
Boss #12 - SeneschalThis fight is somewhat of a joke when considered a boss fight. Even on Hard Mode, it's a fairly simple task to defeat him. Avoid his attacks and try to use a ranged assault. When it reaches time to attack both him and his pawn, take out the pawn first, then grab ahold of him and let your pawn take him out. Or vise versa.

Once you are finished, use the Godsbane blade as with the original walkthrough. When you return in the next playthrough, you can find your rewards in your storage, and the achievement should pop soon after your death. From here, you should work towards a Speedrun or Bitterblack Isle.

Hardened Veteran

Completed game in Hard Mode.

Hardened Veteran
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During your Hard Mode playthrough, you likely reached level 100, however, if you didn't, don't worry. You can grind at any time you want, so there's no reason to stress.


Reached LV 100.

Online/OfflineSingle PlayerLevel



Speedrun Walkthrough

To start, I recommend you beat the game at least once before attempting a speedrun. You should also read the guide below first before starting so you can collect the required materials.

Despite being called a speedrun, players are not forced to complete the game under a specific time. The goal is to simply finish as quickly as possible, and there's no deduction for taking too long. For my personal speedrun, I took the time to redo side quests which resulted in a playthrough well past two hours. I was still able to claim the rewards afterward. So, to put it simply, just replay the game without dying or without quitting the game to finish your speedrun. There are no other achievements needed within this game mode.


  • Caretaker's Garbs: This is Barnaby's outfit
  • Forest Tunic Set: This is Selene's outfit

Unfortunately, neither reward is very impressive, although they are arguably aesthetic items. They are also completely unique and cannot be found at any other time in the game, unlike other rare items. Once the game mode ends, you can reload your previous game and the items will be in your storage. Also note to check your difficulty when you return, since it automatically sets you to normal when you play a speedrun. Many players have noted that they were taken off of Hard Mode which ruined their playthrough.


  • There will be a timer at the top of your screen which will continue as you play. It does not continue to count during cutscenes or when paused, and it's only there to keep track of how long you've played.
  • There will not be any way to save your game. Not from the pause menu, not from the auto-saves, and not from sleeping. Furthermore, exiting the game will end your speedrun. So it must be done in one sitting. Pausing the game and continuing later also works.
  • You have one life and only one life. If you die, you must restart from the beginning. Wakestones are still applicable, though, so there's still hope if you make a mistake along the way.
  • You are forced to play offline. So no nabbing a friend's high-level pawn or buying your way through the speedrun.
  • Nothing you pick up is kept. So don't bother. That includes gold, equipment, and experience.

These are the only requirements to the game mode. So it really is just like replaying the game entirely. You will automatically be set to normal mode both for the speedrun and after it, so it's very important that you not play a speedrun while doing your hard mode playthrough. And of course, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be prepared. I lost my playthrough halfway through because of forgetting to bring my wakestones. As long as you're smart about it, it shouldn't be any trouble.


  • Skip quests. You don't keep the experience you earn, so the only reason there is for doing extra quests is if you missed one during the Hero achievement.
  • Place portcrystals everywhere. Fill all 10 slots and place them near quest objectives. Already placed portcrystals will still carry over.
  • Don't use a new profile. Everything you've collected (including experience) is carried over into your Speedrun, so don't restart your game.
  • Prepare appropriate items. This includes everything that will be needed for the playthrough. Even for boss fights. Some Items to think of are:
    • Health/Stamina Items
    • Maker's Finger for Grigori
    • Forged Fort Lever
    • Forged Wyrmking's ring
    • 20+ wakestones
    • Eternal Ferrystone
    • All of these items are optional
  • Once again, nothing you do or collect will be saved. So there is literally no point in collecting anything.
  • Avoid fights. You can skip basically everything but the quest required battles such as Grigori.

As mentioned in the Additional Achievements section, this is also a really good time to collect two achievements. One is for 350 pieces of equipment (well equipped), and the other is for acquiring 10,000,000 gold (the coin collector). Because you can sell literally everything you own and still have it all when you return from the speedrun, it makes sense to sell it all for the gold. That gold can then be used to collect all the equipment needed for the achievement.


No specific equipment is needed for a Speedrun. You should, however, keep your items up to date. Don't use a set of level 12 armor when you happen to be level 50, obviously. It's also wise to stick with a vocation that you know well, instead of learning something new when you don't have the time to explore its features. Be sure to check the Additional Achievements page for the 300 pieces of equipment achievement.


Please note that there really isn't a perfect speedrun, per say. But there is a wide variety of generic tips and solutions that makes it go much faster. This walkthrough combines those tips into one full guide to hopefully provide you with the shortest time possible. Don't forget the details given earlier as you play. And if you still need achievements, it's wise to work on those as well. The guide to the speedrun is written with the assumption that you have already played the story at least once.

The link above is a secondary source to this guide. The fastest speedrun ever recorded is at 14:38 minutes by Glasnonck. The video above is from his Youtube. It's also used on the Wiki with the official record, so it's one of the best examples to use if you aren't a fan of text. It follows a very similar path as to what's written below, so no matter which source you choose, you should finish well under an hour. Good luck!



  1. Face the Dragon, but do not attack him. Just either one, catch on fire. Two, Run away. Or three, grab the girl to the right. This ends the battle early.
  2. Go through the motions until you head for the encampment. Skip Reynard. Once you reach the encampment, gather items from the innkeeper.
  3. Finish the quest by speaking to the riftstone, killing the Cyclops, and returning. Then collect pawns. Remember to update their equipment.
  4. Speak to Mercedes and sleep, then slay the hydra. Immediately attack the head by climbing its neck to end it quickly.
  5. Speak to her again, then leave for the waycastle. Kick the ox to go faster, then heal it with magic or with jewels/spring water.
  6. Speak to the innkeeper once you reach Gran Soren, and then head to the pawn guild.


  1. Accept the quest for everfall and either one, jump to the bottom and use a wakestone. Or two, take the long way. Some abilities will stop fall damage too.
  2. Use the eternal ferrystone to return to the surface once you've examined the bottom. Then exit to meet the guard.
  3. Run to Ser Maximilian and accept all the quests. Then choose two of them to do. I recommend The Cypher and A Fortress Besieged.
  4. The Cypher: You should have a portcrystal somewhere nearby. Get to Hillfigure Knoll as quickly as possible and finish the quest.
  5. A Fortress Besieged: Travel to the Shadowfort and kill Ser Robert (you can let him die inside, or complete the quest by using the forged lever).
  6. Then return to Gran Soren for completion.


  1. Meet the duke after turning in your quests. Avoid Aelinore as you leave. Speak to the guard outside the gate, then turn back inside to speak with Aldous.
  2. Accept both quests, then go outside to meet with the hunting party. Use a goblin as bait, then slay the Griffin without letting it flee!
  3. Return to Gran Soren and sleep until the day of Fournival's trial. Then exit for the cutscene. Return to Aldous and accept both quests again.
  4. Travel to Windbluff Tower via portcrystal and attack Julien immediately. Speak to Mercedes and then fast travel out to Gran Soren to report.
  5. Head to the waycastle (portcrystal again) and speak with the guard. Return to Gran Soren via eternal ferrystone and attack the cockatrice with blast arrows.
  6. Report back and give the Wyrmring to Aldous (best if duplicated before the playthrough, otherwise, you'll need to do the quest.)
  7. Return to Aldous and collect the final quest of the act.


  1. Head to the Greatwall Encampment. Avoid all enemies until the Chimera. Kill it to pass, then run to the top for the other fight with the skeletons.
  2. Once you're ready, immediately head for the dragon (Grigori). Be sure to have the maker's finger equipped before approaching.
  3. When given the option of attacking or sacrificing the beloved, use the finger and the fight will end early. You will wake up in Casardis.


  1. STOP HERE: Collect the 300 pieces of equipment and the 10,000,000 gold achievement before continuing. See the page for details.
  2. You should have the wakestones ready for Quinn, otherwise, get them as quickly as possible. The Ur-Dragon gives plenty if need be.
  3. Speak to Quinn and head to the beyond. Either fight or wait during the Seneschal's speeches.
  4. Finish the final fight with the Seneschal and pawn, and immediately use the Godsbane blade to finish your speedrun.


There are two achievements that should have unlocked before you ended the game. If you didn't collect them, note that you can complete them at any time. This is simply the opportune moment.

Well Equipped

Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

Well Equipped
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The Coin Collector

Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

The Coin Collector
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +

Because you should have completed your Speedrun on the second or third playthrough, no matter when you did Hard Mode, another achievement should unlock.

The Ever-Turning Wheel

Completed the adventure a second time.

The Ever-Turning Wheel
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Depending on the path you've taken on the way, this may or may not be the final achievement on your list. Most likely, you still need to do Bitterblack Isle, which is one of the most difficult locations. As far as Speedruns go, nothing else is required here.

The Sprinter

Completed game in Speedrun mode.

The Sprinter
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerTime/DateMultiple Playthroughs Required




Bitterblack Isle, for those unaware, was originally a sort of DLC addition to the original Dragon's Dogma. The Dark Souls inspired island features a sprawling dungeon of high-level enemies, making it a great post-game challenge for players who still need to make it to level 200. It's fairly difficult, and also very vague in terms of story. Because the main focus is the intense combat and multi-stage environment, there's not much to learn or discuss. Therefore, this portion of the guide will be similar to the Hard Mode page, in which I walk you through each floor of Bitterblack Isle and the best way to approach it. As with the main storyline, I will explain the events at the end of the guide for those interested.


  • None: Although there's no direct reward for reaching the final level of Bitterblack Isle, you do gain plenty of rare materials and unique equipment.

As I've said, this is the best location to collect gear for your character. But there's also numerous consumables and materials that are both rare and considered valuable for expert players. Not only that, quite a few of the items dropped as loot from creatures will go towards upgrading your equipment. Expect to dish out some serious coin on upgrading these items, as well as buying things for the trip.


Shockingly, there is no prerequisite for entering Bitterblack Isle. You can quite literally walk in at any time you'd like. However, you should read up on the Hints section before doing so. I can't stress how hard this will be as a beginner. That being said, you'll gain plenty of experience by doing it early. Furthermore, there are a few differences to gameplay once you arrive:

  • Bitterblack Isle does not allow you to use Ferrystones to fast travel. Instead, you have to use Liftstones. They work in a similar way, except they will bring you to the surface of the island. From there, you can fast travel back to Gransys. Liftstones do not work in Gransys, and Ferrystones do not work in Bitterblack Isle.
  • The entire dungeon is separated by sections. Every few levels will have a "resting place" and Riftstones in between. This means you can stock up on items and sleep to regain health before continuing. Which you should obviously do. This will allow you to do small portions of the isle at a time.
  • Enemies within Bitterblack Isle are essentially the opposite of what you've seen in Gransys. Nearly all enemies have a weakness of holy and are immune to dark. This also means that you will need to acquire new foe knowledge from each of these enemies.
  • Similar to other locations in the game, you cannot fully clear Bitterblack Isle of enemies. In fact, the exact opposite happens; monsters of increased difficulty will appear in place of the previously cleared locations. Some enemies will not change after a second playthrough.
  • Many pieces of equipment you pick up will be cursed. While cursed, you will not be able to differentiate what items you've collected or equip them to a character. You will need to bring these items to Olra so that she can purify them. Purification requires Riftcrystals, which can be collected throughout the Isle.
  • There are no shops or inns within the Isle. All services can either be done by Olra (at the surface level) or through Barroch (found in your current rest location or at the surface when completed). Each one provides different services, so don't get them confused.
  • All Bitterblack Isle creatures generally respawn in 3 days, and sometimes less. Clearing the dungeon by slaying Daimon will also reset the system. Time does not pass on the Isle itself, so you'll need to sleep somewhere in Gransys to continue. This makes it a valuable choice for grinding levels.

If you aren't sure if you're a high enough level for Bitterblack Isle, then just do an experimental run. Save the game and go for it. Alternatively, I recommend that you fight the Ur-Dragon as a test. If it takes more than three tries, you're likely under-leveled. I found that, once I reached level 90, it was much less of a challenge.


  • Don't rush it. Bitterblack Isle is a multi-stage area, and it gets harder as you go. There's no reason to go too early, especially if you have unfinished achievements. That being said, if you're looking for that Dark Souls experience, why not go for it. Many achievements can still be earned in Bitterblack Isle.
  • Bring lots of supplies. There will be numerous times when you won't have access to a merchant, so it's important to stockpile the items while you can. Hiring pawns with good carry limits can definitely help, especially because you will go through things like blast arrows and pilgrim's charms quite quickly.
  • Balance your skills. the enemies are weak to holy, so it's wise to equip a sorcerer with those abilities. I would also highly recommend bringing bow wielders or being a magick archer yourself. Brute force doesn't work quite as well in Bitterblack Isle, so having the combined features of strength and magick works much better.
  • Pick your fights. You don't have to fight every monster if you don't need the achievement, so when you run into skeletons or goblins, just keep going. The only gain is the experience. Other, larger enemies will generally be attached to achievements.
  • Finish the quests. Generally speaking, there isn't much to do here in terms of story, but the few quests you will receive, such as from the noticeboard, give plenty of free experience. Particularly the Monument. I will list the location of each slab in the guide but don't forget to check back.
  • Get used to the dark. Your lantern attracts unwanted attention and wastes storage space. Just turn up the brightness or feel around the room if it's too dark to see. You can also sprint through the darker sections of the Isle, since the mini-map generally guides you through it.
  • Save and Godsbane. Many RPG fans already know how to manipulate chests. But if you don't, know that each time you open one, there's a percent chance that you'll gain a specific item. This goes for purifying weapons too. I recommend saving, then Godsbaning if you got a bad result.

There's not much else to remember besides the basic tips of the game. Keep your pawns updated and upgrade your equipment as needed. Bitterblack Isle is really just about being smart with the game mechanics, so the main struggle will just be staying alive. There are no tricks with the story and most enemies will have direct weaknesses stated in the guide.


This list will explain the best equipment that you can find in Bitterblack Isle. If you're looking for quality equipment to use before completing it, visit the Hard Mode page. Although there is limited equipment in terms of sets, each piece is considerably more valuable than the Gransys counterparts, and many of them come with different stats:

    • Oblivion Armor Set: With the highest defense of all rogue classes, the Oblivion set has a wide range of resistances to all except Holy. A relatively low weight makes it a decent collection for classes that rely on daggers, and speed isn't sacrificed with performance.
    • Carrion Armor Set: The Carrion set is a great addition for sorcerers. With decent combinations of resistances and special stats that defend against additional damage types, it works well as light, defensive armor that doesn't limit magicka users.
    • Shadow Armor Set: While arguably not very fashionable, the Shadow brings additional stats that support stamina consumption and carry weight, making it fairly useful when needed. On the bright side, it's one of the easier collections to obtain.
    • Trophy Armor Set: Like the Carrion set, the stats generally boost magick classes, making the Trophy set incredibly useful to Magick Archers. What's lacking is the pieces as a whole. The set is only a jacket, bracers, and boots combined. Meaning you'll have to substitute less rare items.
    • Hellfire Armor Set: Easily one of the most valuable (and also one of the coolest) collections in the game, the Hellfire set doesn't just defend against debilitations. It has an increased resistance against all forms of damage. A very good set for traversing Bitterblack Isle.
    • Sin Armor Set: The less valuable version of the Hellfire set, it has most of the same effects, but with half the potency. Much more easy to find, so it's a nice option for those who aren't looking to collect all there is.

Do note that these sets are from the highest tier. They are not the only sets of equipment in Bitterblack Isle. Each collection can be gained by collecting tier 3 cursed items. Furthermore, certain sets can also be collected through notice board quests. As usual, the pieces can be mixed and matched for the best results. It's also much more crucial to pay attention to the stats of each piece since the new enemies will have new differences. The armor you used previously may not hold the same value now that immunities and weaknesses have changed.

Bitterblack Isle


Once again, because Bitterblack Isle is combat-based, this portion of the walkthrough will be similar to Hard Mode where the focus is enemies. You will not need to worry about story elements because achievements are based on kills. There is only one other achievement that you can't get by playing, and that's to kill Death. See the Additional Achievements section to learn more.


This is a short list of things to keep in mind before beginning:

  • Recommended Level:70+
  • Items Needed: Wakestones, Liftstones, and Health Items
  • Suggested Class: Assassin/Magick Archer
  • Suggested Pawn Class: Ranger/Sorcerer

To travel to Bitterblack Isle, find Olra in Cassardis. Every night, she can be found at the docks. Speak to her to begin. You can travel back and forth from Gransys through her at no cost. You can leave Bitterblack Isle at any time to return, but it must be done through Olra if you started at the beginning. You will not have access to Ferrystone fast-traveling until you've reached Gran Soren.

BITTERBLACK ISLE HARBORThis is the beginning location of the DLC. You can find a Riftstone and Olra here at all times. In Post-Daimon, Barroch will be here as well. There is nothing notable here besides a few chests hidden around the area, and the noticeboard behind the bench. Check the board periodically for quests. The rewards are worth it. These quests will also count towards the achievement. The bench can also be used to rest free of charge. Remember that time doesn't pass here, so you can't use it for getting enemies to respawn.

See the Additional Achievements page for the "Spawning Death" solution.

Bitterblack Isle can be very confusing at first, but there's no harm in checking out each hallway. You should try to explore as much as possible, because most chests will either offer great curatives, cursed gear, or Riftcrystals. To purify gear, speak to Olra at the harbor. Riftcrystals will be spent to do so.

To start, head own the stairs and follow the path forward. Your first time through the garden will be filled with Wargs. As expected, they are immune to fire-based attacks and weak to ice and holy. When they're killed, head to the left for a chest. There is also a walkway hidden behind the crates. Smash them to get through and then head down the path to open another chest. You can also attack the enemies from up above, however, you'll need to come down at some point or another.

Head back into the previous room and turn left (or right from the stairs). Watch out for the snakes that will pop out from beneath the railing as you travel down the path. You can find Mithridate on the next level to get rid of poison. As you reach the end of the path and down the stairs, you'll enter the courtyard. Death will also appear here if it's your first time through the path. Avoid his lantern and keep your distance at all costs! Death will insta-kill you and your pawns, and pawns that are hit cannot be revived until you reach a Riftstone. You do not have to fight the other enemies either, as there's no achievement connected to the Wargs or the Cyclopes.

You can reach the next level by heading down another set of stairs. This will curve until you reach a new set of doors. Don't forget to check around for chests and curatives before leaving.


Your first visit here will be void of enemies. Instead, you'll meet Barroch for the first time, who will mention his own life as the Arisen. Barroch can be used to rarify equipment beyond upgrades. In other words, there are a total of 6 upgrades for each weapon and armor piece now. It still requires special materials, however.

The tower is also special because of the treasures that surround it. You'll notice numerous locked doors while exploring. These can only be unlocked by Moonbeam gems, which are earned by clearing Bitterblack Isle (or at least Daimon). You won't have access at the moment. So continue past them. That leaves three exits.

The first is straight ahead and leads to the Vault of Defiled Truth. You won't be able to get access unless you find the key. The second room, the path that's off to the right, leads to the Ward of Regret and Midnight Helix. This is where you can find the key. Enter when ready, and don't forget to loot the chests available in the area.

The last is at the is above the center door, and can only be accessed by scaling the side of the rock face. This is the Rotunda of Dread, and is not needed for completion of Bitterblack Isle. Seek out the Ward of Regret first.


These two locations are combined because they are an offset to the original path, meaning they are not connected to the other locations. Only to Duskmoon Tower. They must be explored to receive a Void Key, which allows you to open other locations in the isle, so it's a required location.

Ward of Regret: One of the first things you'll see is a broken Riftstone. These will appear periodically and can be repaired with Riftcrystals. This one in particular isn't of much use in all honesty. You will likely visit this area once and then forget it's here. So continue through into the next location as quickly as possible.

Midnight Helix: There's numerous enemies in the area to deal with, but the most notable is no doubt the Condemned Gorecylops. Do note that you don't need to kill it for any reason. In fact, your pawns are quite okay with you leaving it there. These are one of the toughest enemies of Bitterblack Isle, so it's better to handle the Cyclops later. The Void Key can be found at the very top of the Helix. So grab it and exit as soon as possible.

Visiting the Rotunda of Dread is optional because there's no achievements to be earned here, and the path leads nowhere. Head to the third floor (via the rock in the center and the stone pillars) of Duskmoon Tower to access the area. This location is mostly for farming, because various creatures can be spawned with bait. This is also where you can find creatures such as Archydras and Gorecyclops. There's plenty of high level monsters, and chests also litter the area. But if you have little reason to visit, I recommend just continuing on. However, when you've finished the game, note that there's a few moonbeam doors up here, and on the second level (dropping down the ledge) to collect.

There's plenty of paths to follow in this section, however, most will lead you to where you need to go. So don't worry too much about directions. Instead, focus on the enemies and chests. There's quite a few small pocket spaces where loot is stashed, so be thorough. The enemies here are also quite easy to handle, with the majority being either Hobgoblins or Hellhounds.

When you reach the courtyard (similar to the Garden of Ignominy) there will be a Cockatrice waiting. As stated, it's not required as an achievement, so there's little reason to slay it. However, all experience is good experience.


The Gutter of Misery connects to the Warrior's Respite, which I highly recommend that you visit. A few enemies will light the way, such as Saurians and Undead, but they are otherwise quite small. There's no need to kill them unless you wish to. The next section of Bitterblack Isle can be reached by the lower stairs and by following the sewer tunnel to the doors.

To reach the Warrior's Respite, head upwards instead. Bitterblack Isle Harbor can be accessed by an additional door by pulling the handle and Barroch will remain here until you progress to the next resting area. In addition to this, there is a Riftstone and a Healing Spring here, and even notice board. Collect all the quests from it before leaving.


This is where your first achievement comes in. I recommend stocking up on Panacae or other cure-all ailment curatives. Upon entering, your pawns will likely alert you to the Evil Eye waiting for you. This one in particular is known as the Gazer, and is quite massive in comparison to the others. There's a few easy tactics to use against it, as well as some special ability that you'll need to watch out for.

  1. Avoid the blinding light. This ability will blind you nearly every time. A big annoyance.
  2. Attack the eye every time. You don't gain experience with the tentacles, so ignore them unless needed.
  3. Use the stairs as an advantage. You can move between pillars with ease and without taking damage.
  4. When it forms it's "square of death" immediately destroy all the tentacles on the ground. You'll know when it's about to happen. You can then use the cannon against it.

It might take awhile for lower-leveled players, but eventually it will go down. The Gazer, although powerful, deals very little overall damage and instead relies on ailments and magic. An achievement will pop on its death.

Eye Gouger

Defeated the Gazer in Bitterblack Isle.

Eye Gouger
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

There is a rest location after this, so feel free to continue through. Be sure to loot the body for some rare items.


This is a resting location. Bitterblack Isle Harbor can once again be accessed by the additional door, as well as a Riftstone that can be repaired. It's up to you if you wish to do so, because you can always unlock the door to outside and use the Riftstone there. Barroch will also remain here until you progress to the next resting area.

Stone Tablet #1: Against the wall near the broken Rift Stone


The Fortress is a relatively large location with three other rooms branching from it. The two that are important is the Pilgrim's Gauntlet and the Tower of Treasons Repaid. The final door, reaching the Black Abbey, is not important. So the path you want to take is through the Gauntlet, back out, and then through the Tower. The Pilgrim's Gauntlet should be the first door you access. The other two can be found when venturing down the spiraling steps.

Death will also make his visit here, including some new enemies. Eliminators are large, bull-like men that charge their enemies. One will be waiting on the stairs, so it's very easy to get trapped. Another creature is a Maneater. They will hide in various chests before snatching you when you open it. Think of the chests in Dark Cloud for reference.

Both of these enemies will now reappear throughout Bitterblack Isle, so get used to seeing them. Further down the steps towards the Tower of Treasons is a Riftstone, which I recommend repairing. Try to travel swiftly at this point, and avoid getting knocked off the edges at all costs.

Stone Tablet #2: In the center of pillars where Succubi can be found, the top floor of the same tower where the Eliminator is encountered.


The Pilgrim's Gauntlet is set up in a similar manner to other locations such as the Garden of Ignominy, so it shouldn't be hard to navigate. The enemies vary, The Void Key is located on the lower floor, in a cornered hallway. You can also mine some materials if you wish, as you can get some relatively rare finds.

Avoid the chest on the balcony overlooking the garden area. It's a guaranteed Maneater every time. Exit back through the Fortress when ready.

Stone Tablet #3: On the first floor, in the northern area with the rocks that can be climbed upwards to a chest.

This location mimics the Rotunda of Dread. It's a great area to grind levels and loot gear, but otherwise irrelevant to the rest of the game. I would recommend venturing in to explore the area, but don't bother with the enemies.

By far my least favorite location, the Tower holds numerous flying foes and magick-based enemies that can knock you from the top and all the way down to the bottom. So be careful when navigating. Succubi will attempt to knock you off or stall you as you climb. There's also holes in the bridges themselves, so don't fall through. There are no Maneaters here, so loot to your heart's content.

When you reach the bottom, you'll notice the opening in the wall to move forward. Explore the areas thoroughly since you're likely running out of supplies this far in.

Stone Tablet #4: On the first floor, pass through the damaged wall and it can be found at the edge of the blood pool below the ledge.You might have to jump down to see it.

Stone Tablet #5: In the pile of bones on the second floor, through the archway and across the wooden bridge (in an area with spiders and three chests).


The Cathedral is a simple, open space, where your only concern should be the enemies that wait. Upon entering, your next boss fight will ensue. Note that the achievement requires you to kill the Dark Bishop, not the dragon. There's a few hints that make this fight significantly easier:

  1. Silence him if possible. The Dark Bishop relies on magick, so taking it away can really affect the battle.
  2. Use Dark magick. He's one of the only enemies weak to this, so take full advantage.
  3. Blast arrows can knock him out of the air, allowing other pawns to attack.
  4. The Dark Bishop is also weak to Torpor. Poison and other afflictions will not work.

The connection between the dragon and the Bishop is what's most important. After so much damage is inflicted, he will possess the dragon. Kill the dragon, and he will have no host to run to. Be sure to target the correct enemy each time as well. If he isn't possessing the dragon, then don't waste time attacking it. When finished, the achievement should pop and the gate will open to your next location.

The Inquisitor

Defeated the Dark Bishop in Bitterblack Isle.

The Inquisitor
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Stone Tablet #6: On the second ledge in the area before the Elder Ogre can be found.

Stone Tablet #7: From the entrance, look up and you will see the stone on a high ledge. Climb the archway to reach it.


This is a resting location. Bitterblack Isle Harbor can be accessed by the other door, as well as a Riftstone near the steps. Barroch will remain here until you progress to the next resting area. I recommend grabbing a lantern if you do not have one currently.

Stone Tablet #8: At the end of the small pier near to where Barroch may be standing.


The Rotwood Depository is incredibly difficult to navigate in the dark. I recommend that you either grab a lantern, or turn up your brightness settings for a little while. There will also be holy beacons lighting the way, however, they cost Riftcrystals to light.

Enemies within the Depository are generally Skeletons, Saurians, and Wraiths. So the holy magic bonus is incredibly useful. An eliminator will block the exit here, so be careful. Otherwise, just watch out of the tight corners and precarious hallways as you venture further in. A Maneater will be hidden in at least one chest here as well.


A fairly dangerous location, the Forgotten Hall has numerous enemies to slay, from Cyclopes to the Undead. You will need to head down the level and past the corrupted pawns that attack you. I recommend looting the location and leaving as soon as possible. Death also has the chance to spawn here.

Stone Tablet #9: The hall with the two chained Gorecyclopes on the first floor. You will see a chest, some spiders and if you look up to your right, (facing the chest), the ivy conceals a hidden corridor, looking down from the ”bridge” you will see the slate.

THE ARISEN'S REFUGEThis is a resting location, and one of the few that does not reach the surface. Barroch will remain here until you progress to the end of the DLC. Then, he will move to the surface and remain there until your second playthrough. Be sure to speak to him for additional materials before leaving.

Be sure to check out the Arisen's Refuge before continuing onward. The locked gates will have chests inside, but nothing you can't collect through other locations, so don't worry if you don't have a skeleton key on you. Continue down the path until you reach the wooden bridge. The next area is through the broken grate below.

Once again, I recommend keeping a lantern around as you travel. Your first visit here will be guided by a man's voice, similar to the bodies you saw previously through the floors. Follow it as it reaches the bottom level. You'll see another beacon when you hit the final floor. Note that this voice won't be guiding you the second time around, so bring a light next time (or follow the mini-map as I do).

Moving right and into the sewers, there will be numerous foes waiting for you, but lighting the beacons can make this much quicker. Follow the path until you reach the next set of doors. Each direction will lead you the same way, so don't worry about which one you take.


On your first visit here, only one enemy will block the path. The voice will speak as you venture further through the area, and a Riftstone can be repaired just next to the door. In order to continue to the next area, you must slay the Living Armor that blocks your path. Note that, to do any real damage, you should use magick attacks instead of relying on brute force. Loot the area and then enter the next location.

Stone Tablet #10: Right in front of the exit, you can't miss it. Note that all the other memories from the monument are gained by listening to the stories of the dead as you travel through Bitterblack Isle. Return to the monument for the full reward. (10,000 exp each)


As you step into the Fallen City, take note of the rooftops. At the moment, the area is void of enemies and you have free range to loot as you wish. However, the next time you are here, I highly recommend that you stick to the roofs to survive. There are numerous chests to loot here, both high and low. So be thorough before continuing.

When you reach the hill, repair the Riftstone beside you. I highly recommend configuring your pawns before you continue. Once you enter the Sanctum, you will not be able to turn back. Save, then continue.


The moment of truth. Upon entering the Bitterblack Sanctum, you will meet Daimon, the corrupted Arisen from long ago. Before you begin, you should know that there is no returning from this point. You either fight or you die. And the doors will not open until he is defeated. Furthermore, Daimon has special abilities unlike any other enemy. Be cautious as you approach:

  • Daimon will use generic punches and kicks during the fight. They are backed with plenty of strength, so don't underestimate them. He will generally attack one person at a time, making it easy to avoid.
  • As well as basic attacks, he will also charge opponents. These assaults are generally followed by grab attacks that slam opponents into the ground, so just move to the side to avoid this.
  • Daimon also has a decent handling of magick based attacks as well, including both ice and fire elemental effects. This is generally how he attacks at a distance, but it's a simple task to avoid.
  • Finally, there's one ability that can severely affect the battle. Once or twice during combat, Daimon will unleash an opening the rift. You can note this by the blinding light that comes with it. If this happens, immediately attack back. Both you and your pawn can die from this. Pawns who fall through the rift cannot return until you activate a Riftstone. Blast arrows can easily end the attack.

As expected, all of Daimon's moves can be very lethal if you aren't prepared. However, there are some basic weaknesses, and one big flaw, that can keep the battle in your favor. I recommend a level of 90+ at this point.

  • Daimon is weak to holy, and slightly weak to ice. While Sorcerers will likely have a hard time casting spells, igniting your weapons with elements can still help to increase your damage output.
  • Because Daimon does not entirely touch the ground, and he uses attacks that push away any grabbing offenders, it's best to outfit the party with ranged options. Warriors will have trouble keeping up.
  • And finally, there is one huge weakness that I cannot stress enough. Using blast arrows (or a similarly strong) attack can easily stun Daimon. To do this, aim at the head/neck and fire away. When done in succession, he will be helpless to attacks, and you can breeze through the fight with very little damage taken.

For low-leveled players, it will still be a grind to get out of the fight. If you are in need of additional supplies, look around the Sanctum. There is at least three Harspud Sauces, and one Wakestone by the makeshift throne. When the battle is over, an achievement will pop. Be sure to loot anything he drops and then check out the chests that open after the battle.


Defeated Daimon for the first time.

2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

Now that Daimon is dead, you have one final task. Do it all over again. That being said, your next playthrough of Bitterblack Isle will be much more difficult, and Daimon will now appear in two forms instead of one. You likely gained plenty of experience from the battle, so regroup with your party and get ready for the next run through.


From now on, all enemies will be twice as difficult, so don't venture back through expecting the same results. Each level will now hold Eliminators, Wyrms, Living Armor, and more. They will appear in greater numbers as well. In addition to this, it might be wise to collect the Death achievement during this run. Once again, see the Additional Achievements page for more information.

Cheat Death

Defeated Death in Bitterblack Isle.

Cheat Death
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

When your reach Daimon, nothing will change for the first run-through. However, after his death, a new scene will occur. This is Daimon in his true form. His powers are distinctly more dangerous now, but the same advice remains. Stun lock him and beware when the rift opens.

True Conqueror

Defeated Daimon in his true form.

True Conqueror
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle Player

This is the last piece required for Bitterblack Isle. If you have not reached level 200, I highly recommend farming Daimon to do so.

And, as promised, here is the full story of Bitterblack Isle. Beware spoilers, as usual, and if you didn't understand the original storyline to Dragon's Dogma, you might be lost as you read:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

When in Bitterblack Isle, you should have reached somewhere close to level 200. However, if you didn't, I highly recommend grinding these levels here.


Reached LV 200.

3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevel

This is likely your final step in the game. If not, be sure to check out the Additional Achievements page for more information. I hope you enjoyed playing, and feel free to share any comments or concerns in the forum!


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