ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2 (Win 10) a port of the original Metal Slug 2. The game comes with 1000 Gamerscore from 12 achievements, all of which are easy to obtain and even easier than the last Metal Slug addition to the ACA series, ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG (Win 10).

There are three different modes available, each with their own set of achievements tied to them - Original Mode, High Score Mode, and Caravan Mode. You'll need to obtain certain scores in each mode to unlock most of the achievements and then upload your score in two of the modes for another couple of achievements.

Having huge amounts of patience and skill with the likes of Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug XX isn't necessary for this title. Although you're probably already well-aware of how straight-forward and easy the majority of the ACA titles are.

In the walkthrough, I will provide plenty of text and a video for each of the game modes. I've listed that the playthroughs required to complete the game is three. However, you don't need to fully complete the game three times over. All you'll need to do is playthrough on three different modes until you obtain enough score in each one.

Being on your PC or laptop, you can use the keyboard or plug in an Xbox One controller. If you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X controller, these can be used wirelessly thanks to their bluetooth features.

All you need is just a touch of patience when playing ACA Metal Slug 2. The Original mode achievements will be the longest haul as you'll need to reach at least the half-way point in Mission 5 to earn 1,500,000 points. Thankfully however, you'll have an unlimited amount of lives and continues and you'll only be against a very slow-ticking clock. High score mode and Caravan mode start you out with just three lives and no continues. High score mode doesn't include a time frame but Caravan mode does as well as specific scores to obtain for each of their achievements.

In High score mode, you'll need to reach the end of Mission 2 ideally without dying and with having saved as many POW's as possible. In Mission 1, you definitely need to complete this mission without dying and saving all ten POW's. In Mission 2, you can get away with a death or two as there's a secret area you can check out for extra points and also a trick to making the Mission's boss much easier.

You'll only need 500,000 points in Caravan Mode to nail all of this mode's specific achievements and this can be done by the end of Mission 1 so long as you don't die, save all of the POW's and also keep the Camel with you at the end of the mission.

Flick over to the next page of the walkthrough where we'll start off with the game's Original mode.

Original Mode

Fire up Original mode from the main menu and hit cn_LB/P once initially to advance to the next screen and then hit cn_LB/P again to add more credits. Give yourself however many you feel comfortable with. On average, you're going to be looking at either reaching the Final Mission or obtaining enough score roughly halfway through the second to last mission. I personally feel quite confident with my Metal Slug kills but still added four or five credits each time just in case. Although I never tested, I'm sure if you needed to, you could add more credits should you lose all of your lives and the countdown kicks in before the game's over.

Choose any of the four characters (doesn't matter who) and let's begin Mission 1.

Sometimes, not everything is the same in different playthroughs of the game. Enemies, their spawns, weapons, etc, will always be the same but less important stuff like NPC characters, the items they may or may not drop can change so you may see different things in your playthrough compared to my video. For example, the business man in the blue suit you will see near the start of Mission 1 in the video may be replaced by another arabian for you. If things are different, it shouldn't have much impact on your playthrough.

Mission One

I'll provide as much text detail as possible but if you'd like to just watch the video instead, please scroll straight down to the bottom of the page.

Although it's not completely necessary in this game mode, if you die in the first mission, it's worth restarting. The first mission is super easy and there's plenty of points to be gained to make the journey towards unlocking this game mode's achievements slightly shorter. If you die after this mission, it won't matter as much, it will just take you a bit longer to reach the score.

Proceed forward shooting the arabians who can be taken down with a single pistol shot each. You'll soon come to your first two POW's (the two guys captured who have long blonde hair). To free them, either shoot them or melee them to break the ropes and then run into them. They will salute you and a small figure will appear at the bottom left-corner of the screen showcasing how many POW's you have saved. Should you die at any point, you will lose any amount of POW's you have saved up to that point. Should you make it to the end of the mission without dying, all of the POW's you have saved will be tallied up and you will be awarded extra points. You definitely need to save all ten available in this first mission.

Free the first two POW's (2/10) and pick up the 'H' each of them drops. This is a Heavy Machinegun upgrade which comes with limited ammo (showcased underneath the "ARMS" tab at the top of the screen). It will give you a faster firing rate and you'll also be able to shoot diagonally. Jump on top of the food crate and then the roof next to it. Jump on to the building and save the monkey found here for some extra points. Drop back down and collect the suitcase the man in the suit underneath you will put down on the ground.

Move forward until you are inline with the second palm tree in the background. Either take out the camel-riding enemy first or quickly shoot directly up at the tree to make it drop point-bearing bananas and a couple of hidden POW's (4/10). The POW's will drop diamonds which can vary massively in points. As you'll see in the video I got 100 points for one and 30,000 points for the other. The enemy here can only be killed from direct hits as shooting the camel won't do anything. He'll fire off a three shots each time he goes for you but isn't exactly much of a threat. You can either jump over or crouch under his shots. One he dies, his camel will run off to the left side of the screen but don't worry about it as it can't hurt you.

Proceed forward killing more arabians and freeing another couple of POW's (6/10) who will drop down to your level once freed. One of them will drop "BOMB" ammo which is grenade ammo used by pressing cn_Y/I or L. Save these however for the boss or any tight situations where you need to do extra damage quickly. An enemy van will back up onto the screen from the right. The arabian commander who spawns can't be hit here or at any point in the mission so just ignore him. Shoot at the van, kill the enemies charging at you as well as any who may have time to spawn from the van and then proceed forward over the van. Ignore the baby that spawns from the van.

Collect the 'H' as you move forward and free another POW (7/10). He wont drop down to the lower ground so you'll need to use the van to jump across to the ledge he's on. He'll drop more BOMB ammo. Move forward again and keep your eye out for a POW hanging from the top of the screen. This particular POW is called Hyakutaro Ichimonji and rather then running away once saved, he will support you up until you finish the mission or die by throwing Hadoken Balls at enemies or even roundhouse kicking them if they get close enough. Free another POW (8/10) and then get ready for a small sub-boss fight. Kill the arabians to the right of the screen and then position yourself under the right most tower where Rebel Soldiers will be trying to kill you with their slow-firing missiles. It's a very easy battle to win as the missiles are just too slow to be much of a threat, giving you plenty of time to focus on destroying the towers themselves. Destroy each tower one by one and wait a few seconds before you can proceed forward again.

Move forward ignoring the two arabians dressed in white as they are just innocent civilians. Shoot the food cart to the right of them and then the rebel soldiers you'll see. Jump on the friendly camel and then use the Vulcan Cannon it comes with to kill any remaining rebel soldiers and destroy the building blocking your path. The camel provides you with quicker movement and a weapon similar to the Heavy Machinegun. The main difference being that it can fire in any direction without you needing to jump to fire downwards. You character can still take hits as normal but your camel won't be hit by projectiles. Should you take a shot, you will die as normal but your camel will simply sit on the ground ready for you to mount again.

Once you destroy the building, an enemy vehicle will be sat waiting for you which will fire long rockets either directly in front of it or in an arc to try and hit you if you're a bit of distance away from it. You can take it out before it fires so make sure you aim your cannon at it as soon as the building goes down. Move forward killing plenty more arabians that will spawn and save another POW (9/10) who will drop down to you once his ropes are cut. He should drop another pack of BOMB. Keep moving forward killing more arabians and as soon as you see a white and red overhang, point your gun diagonally up and to the right ready to hit the red helicopter as soon it spawns. The helicopter will spawn in a chain with other helicopters following. Focus solely on the red one and once it is destroyed, you'll be awarded with several tens of thousands of points as each following helicopter will go down too. The red helicopter should only be able to get off a few shots but try to destroy it as soon as you can as the projectiles can be tricky to dodge while riding the camel.

Move forward and prepare yourself for the boss battle against a flying fortress that's carrying arabians and rebel soldiers. You can simply shoot up at the plane to damage it but it also hovers low enough for you to constantly throw grenades at it too. In between shooting, jumping and throwing grenades, be careful not to hit cn_X/O & cn_A/K at the same time. This is the command to suicide your "vehicle" where the Slug you're normally operating will explode and damage enemies within its vicinity. For the camel, the suicide command simply makes it run off the screen, damaging or killing any enemies in its way but once it runs off, it's not coming back!

In the first stage of the boss battle, arabians will spawn from the top of the plane, jump down to the roof overhangs on either side, and then jump down to the ground. Ideally, you want to kill them before they start throwing their swords which they will do in a slow arcing fashion making them somewhat awkward to dodge.

The second stage of the fight will see the rebel soldiers begin to spawn. Only a couple will do so and they stay on top of the plane and try to shoot down at you with projectile launchers. At the same time, the plane will go slightly higher (still reachable with grenades thrown after jumping), and its thrusters will begin to fire continuously at the ground. You'll be trapped in the middle of the thrusters but you'll still have enough space to dodge the projectiles coming from above. At this stage however, the boss will be quite damaged so as long as you've not let up with your barrage of Vulcan cannon, the boss should go down within 5-10 seconds.

Once the boss is down, the arabian commander will wave his white flag and the scores will begin to tally up. You'll receive 10,000 points for each POW saved which the total amount here will be multiplied by ten, 30,000 for saving Ichimonji, an extra 100,000 for keeping the camel and then another 100,000 for saving all available POW's! You should be proud of yourself soldier! You should easily hit 500,000 points at this point and if you have, you'll unlock the following achievement as the game loads up the next mission:

Score 500,000 points

The score won 500,000 points.

Score 500,000 points
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Mission Two

You'll still have your Camel to start this Mission but understandably, the Camel's pretty thirsty so it wont go now further than the water that's ahead. Before reaching the water however, there's a POW to save here who will give you an 'S' for a Shotgun. This weapon is very powerful and can eliminate stronger enemies much quicker than the pistol or Heavy Machinegun. It's range is limited though and it does fire slower. Move across the water and kill the arabians ahead before shooting the barrel marked "DANGER" and progressing forward.

In the next section, you'll see the odd bat here and there flying above you. They can't kill you but you may as well shoot them down for a few extra points. The first miner you will come to will start mining quicker and dig up a reward once you come into contact with him. Move forward and as soon as you see the gate up ahead, jump and shoot the swarm of bats that come at you for some more extra points. The last remaining miner out of this group will dig up a reward for you. Move forward and be ready to shoot another swarm of bats once you see workmen running from a doorway. The last miner will be crawling away from a mummy which you need to shoot. These enemies take several shots normally to take down or a few melee strikes but the Shotgun can take them out with one shot. The mummies are slow moving and have a single attack which is a purple cloud of smoke that will turn you into a mummy should it hit you. You wont lose a life for being hit but your movement will be slowed down, you're only weapon will be a pistol which will now fire much slower than normal, and you'll experience a delay when trying to throw grenades. All you need to do against mummies is keep out of melee-range. Should you be stuck next to one, just duck down using cn_down/S and their attack won't touch you. Should you become mummified, look for red and blue flashing vials to pick up which can be found from dead enemies or saved POWs to turn you back to normal. Here's an example of becoming mummified:

Shoot the mummy and then shoot the one that spawns to your left. Shoot another two which spawn either side and then once the screen moves to the right, shoot in the doorway the miners and mummy originally came out of to free a POW. Walk into the doorway to add him to your count of saved POW's. Jump up to the block on your left then jump right to the pathway above the door and free another POW. He should give you a 'H'. It's up to you if you want to take it but it may be wise if you don't have much ammo left on your Shotgun.

Move forward to see a "MUMMY" spawn point, fire at this spawn as well as the mummies making sure the one on your left doesn't get too close to you. Progress forward and another five mummies will spawn gradually as you move to the right. Another spawn point awaits you ahead. Focus your attention fully to the right as the hill you've just climbed will prevent the two mummies now on your left from being a threat for a few seconds. Move to the right slowly but surely keeping the mummies at bay that will spawn on both sides of you. You'll eventually see three POW's captured and hanging from the roof. Free them when the coast is clear and it's safe to do so. They should drop BOMBs, "FIRE" and an 'S' between them. The "FIRE" are like Molotov Cocktails. They explode and do fire damage on impact and look they have a very slightly wider damage radius than that of normal grenades. Use your grenades or fire whenever you feel the need to as you won't really be using them against the boss.

Take out another mummy spawn and several more mummies that will magically appear too. When you head up the stairs, a POW will be waiting for you to save him. Once you get right up to him, three mummies will spawn at the same time to the right. One swift blast of the Shotgun will be enough to take all three of them out at once so long as you let them spawn onto the screen all the way (wait for their spawn smoke to clear). More will appear to your left but you may need to jump over them and either shoot down as you jump over or hit them from the left side of the screen. Ideally, try and free the POW's before the mummies are dead or the game will automatically force you to move on to the next section.

Upon entering the next section, you'll see a female supply sergeant who seems to be having a wonder. She goes by the name of Rumi Aikawa and can be rescued just like POW's. Before you save her, shoot at her backpack first a few extra goodies. Be quick to actually run into her to make the save count otherwise she will run off and you'll lose out on a lot of points if you don't die by the end of the mission. The bats have returned here as well but this time around they are carrying mummifying liquid that will transform you on contact. They will only drop the liquid once you shoot them so shoot and move out of the way. Move forward to see a mummy standing on the hill. The mummy will stay stationary but his attack, which is like a ball, will roll along the ground and mummify you upon contact. Jump over it and take the mummy out.

Progress slowly up the hill to see an explorer's corpse sitting on the ground. Shoot it once and a diamond will appear in its hand. Drop down to the right of the body and then run left and jump back up to the ledge you came from, at the same time collecting the diamond as you jump. Once you collect it, you will be awarded with 50,000 points and the body will now reveal a stick of dynamite that will blow up the body and kill you as well if you're still stood next to it. Wait until the body has blown up and then jump up a couple of platforms to progress to the left. More mummies will spawn. Kill them then jump up to the left and then back up to the right. Shoot open the chest to your right and take out a mummy to the right too. Kill another one straight after. Jump up and shoot the chest for an 'F'. This is a Flamethrower which deals heavy damage over a similar range to the Shotgun but at a slower rate. Kill the enemies in front of you, ignore the explorer looking at the column unless he's become a mummy, and then jump up to the left platform.

Jump to the right platform and then across again. Wait here for one moment while the boulder crashes through the path in front of you. Kill the bat that will fly above you and move left to dodge its attack. As soon as the bat is down, jump across to the right at the next available chance. Another bat will spawn and the mummy will be waiting for you. Kill the mummy to clear the path and then shoot the bat and move right. Shoot the mummy on the ledge across from you. Jump across very carefully making sure not to drop down as otherwise you will die and lose a life. The Flamethrower will struggle to hit the mummies above you so unless you've got a different weapon at this point, jump and throw one or two grenades at each mummy. As soon as you are good to go, climb to the top.

Jump across to the left and free the POW but watch out for the mummies that will spawn. One comes from the right and then one from the left. Once clear, jump across the gap to the left. At this point, purple smoke will be blowing from three different holes at different times from the ground to your left. Simply wait for a puff of smoke to come up and as soon as it does, drop down, collect the chest, and jump back out to your left. Jump to your left and then jump up twice.

You have a chance to gamble here for more points or potentially less should you die. From where you are, jump across to the right to what's not a very visible platform. You'll see two blocks sticking out of the wall to your right but to the left of the left-most obvious block, you can actually land here. Move right and open the first chest and kill the bats that spawn. Open the next chest for an actual point-bearing reward. Now, from the sign that points back to the left, jump to the right and land on the animal's head. Shoot open the chest and wait for a genie to spawn from the lamp. The second he does, jump and then shoot him in mid-air as killing him makes him drop coins that offer more points with the more you collect. It's very difficult to pull off and requires very careful timing. Jump across to the animal the lamp was on and then you need to jump to the left but shoot directly above you almost instantly to make another lamp spawn. Unfortunately in the video, I managed to accidentally pick up the lamp during my jump but if you didn't make this mistake, you can kill another genie and try to collect his coins again.

You don't need to bother with the above hidden part if you don't want to but if you're feeling confident or you're on a playthrough of the High score mode, it can be beneficial for the extra points. However, if you die, you'll lose all your POW's and obviously a life as well.

Move all the way back to the left and return to the platform you originally came from. Jump up and then jump to the right. Open the chest, kill the mummy to the right and then jump over the gap. Another mummy will spawn to the right. Kill it, jump up and then jump to the left. Another four zombies await you as well as a bat that will appear to the left as well. As soon as the mummies are dead, more will spawn to the right. Then, you'll have eight mummies to deal with four on either side of you. It's crucial you duck down here and then turn in each direction to take them out within two Shotgun blasts. The last wave will spawn on your left that need taking out before you can carry on in that direction. Hit the chest and kill the bats before navigating the platforms to your left.

Shoot open the first three chests you will see and then jump in the Slugnoid you'll see. This Slug allows you to jump higher than normal and protects your character from taking hits. It's armed with twin Vulcan Cannons that you can fire in any direction and it's special cannon drops a heavy-damaging shell but it can only fire downwards. The Slug can take three hits before it blows up. You get a few seconds to jump out of the Slug before it blows up but obviously if you're still sat in the Slug, you will die and lose a life. The first hit will strip it of one of its cannons and the other cannon will be destroyed upon being hit a second time. A third and final hit will destroy the Slug. However, you don't need to worry about being hit against the upcoming boss as there's a trick to beating the boss very easily.

Be careful when making your way up the platforms and shooting at the same time. Remember, hitting cn_X/O & cn_X/K at the same time will suicide your Slug. Jump up seven platforms while shooting the chests open for their items and collecting them. Once you hit the seventh platform, jump to the eighth, move to the right and purposely drop off the right side of the platform to the one below. While you are doing this, the boss will spawn but become stuck at the bottom of the screen. From here, simply shoot away at the boss from the same platform until it blows up.

If you cant manage to pull this off, the battle itself is still straight forward. Just simply keep ahead of the metal jaws while shooting down but you'll also need to dodge its projectiles it will eventually start firing too. Use your special cannon attack as and when you can while also firing the Vulcan cannons but if you do lose the Slug, make sure you hurl your grenades down at the boss non-stop as you should have plenty to spare.

Once the boss has been defeated, it will make one last attempt at going upwards but fail and plummet to its mechanical death. The scores will begin to tally up where you will receive points for each POW saved (including the Wanderer) and 100,000 for still having the Slug. By this point, you should have around 800,000-1,200,000 points. If you have over 1,000,000 points, then you will unlock another achievement:

Score 1,000,000 points

The score won 1,000,000 points.

Score 1,000,000 points
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Let's continue with Mission Three.

Mission Three

Drop down and kill the rebel soldiers around the POW. Free the POW, pick up the reward he drops and start moving forward. You'll only be able to move forward on this same platform you're on but the enemies will spawn from the lower ground as well as in front of you. You can still shoot down at enemies lower than you but they tend to try and climb up to your platform first anyway. A rebel soldier with a shield will spawn on your left. These guys can still be taken out in one hit but their shields will take multiple shots to be destroyed. Either keep your distance while shooting at them or try to hit them from the air as you jump over them. Kill a few more enemies and then the train will begin to move.

A set of POW's will need saving up ahead and will be surrounded by a few enemies. Kill the enemies, free the POW's and they should reward you with a jewel, and a 'H' ammo for the Heavy Machinegun. Work your way forward slowly but surely taking out as many enemies as you can (the bike-riding soldiers you'll see may get away but it doesn't matter). Along the way, you'll come across a rebel soldier in gold uniform using a shield. Once he dies, he should drop an item for you to use. Keep going until you see an enemy tank. Simply duck down to avoid it's cannon shots and fire away at it until it is out of operation. At this point, the driver will pop up out of the hatch with a bazooka. One hit will take him out before you can collect the grenades and carry on going forward. There'll be another tank waiting for you straight after the last one. Destroy it the same way you did the last one.

For the next part, you'll need to get on top of the train carriage but two rebel soldiers will be blocking the way. Rather than trying to jump and shoot diagonally up at them like I was in the video, it's much easier to throw a grenade on the small platform below them to blow them both up. Jump up and take out the soldiers in front of you. Don't worry so much about the soldiers below you unless they manage to climb all the way up. You'll need to be quick for the next part as it's easy to get a bit trapped in the lower part where the POW is. Free him, kick or shoot the level to the right of the POW to open up the hatch you can use to jump up and out of this section and then throw a grenade or two against the soldiers blocking you in. Sadly, I died at this part in the video. Continue on and drop down to the lower part of the carriage again.

Shoot or melee the lock and then collect the pigs inside the pens for some extra points. Burst open the next lock and throw a grenade into the next pen to blow up the soldier on top of the pen. There's another POW inside the pen. Move forward and save another POW who will give you a 'H'. The next part of this mission is also pretty tough as you'll square off against rebel soldiers on airboats. The soldier's themselves are easy to kill but the issue here is that their airboats continue to fire their partially-homing rockets at you. The boats are tough to destroy as well as the rockets so keep jumping, moving and firing at the boats. Once you're clear, you'll be able to move forward where a few more soldiers are waiting for you. Kill them and navigate your way up and over the front of the train.

Free another POW for another 'H' then time it right to jump over to the next carriage. Once the screen stops, get ready for three parachuting rebel soldiers to drop down from the middle of the screen at the top. One of them will fire at you with a slow projectile so get ready to dodge and take them all out. As soon as they are down, two tall enemy tanks will spawn on either side of you. They are quite armoured but only have a single attack in the form of an explosive cannonball that moves slowly along the ground. Take out the tanks and proceed right. Jump up on to the top of the carriage but be tactical against the soldiers at this point. Some of them will use the vents on top of the carriage as cover which you can't shoot through. Well-placed grenades or aggressively pushing up against the soldiers is the way to go. Drop down after the first carriage and free the POW for a 'H'.

Navigate your way over the next couple of carriages and then clear out the enemies stood around the Slug Flyer. This particular Slug allows you to fly in any direction making it very easy to dodge enemy attacks. The only slight downside to this Slug is that its single Vulcan Cannon can only fire straight ahead in the direction it's facing (to the right) and diagonally up or down. All you need to do moving forward is destroy all enemies and vehicles in your path. The Slug is so easy to use and aim its cannon with that none of the enemies should even be able to get any threatening shots off against you.

Once you free a POW on the train who will give you bomb ammo, enemy planes will spawn. The first will appear in front of you and be very easy to take out. The second one will spawn behind you. Fly through and behind it to get a shot on it. Another three planes will spawn to your right. Take them all out as soon as you can and if they manage to launch their missiles, shoot them down. After this, it's time to square off against the mission's boss.

You won't be able to hit it for the first few seconds but once you can, make sure you spam as many of your missiles as you can before you probably lose the Slug. The boss will fire balls of fire at you at first which are easy to dodge. The difficulty ramps up whenever its chain gun comes out. This fires small projectiles but in heavy numbers across your side of the screen, making it tough to dodge them in the Slug. The other attack comes in the form of what seem to be flying fire-mines. These will move slowly towards you until they hit you or lose their targeting. They're not too bad to dodge but when the boss fires its chain gun at the same time, the combo of the two weapons makes it hard to stay at full health. If you can keep the Slug intact for long enough, a wanderer may spawn and shooting her backpack will drop "GAS" which will replenish one third of the Slug's health bar.

I lost my Slug towards the end of the battle and just after the wanderer spawned. The boss only had a bit of health left and died just as it was about to use its fourth attack where it shoots a stream of fire along the platform that can be avoided by staying to the far-left or flying above it while still in the Slug. Once the boss has been destroyed, the mission is complete and the scores will tally up. Saving the wanderer will award you with 30,000 points instead of just 10,000 for a regular POW. You'll also bag extra points if you managed to keep the Slug Flyer in one piece. Being over a million points at this point would be a decent result. Ideally, you want to be around 1,00,000-1,500,000 points. If you have over 1,500,000 points, you'll unlock the following achievement:

Score 1,500,000 points

The score won 1,500,000 points.

Score 1,500,000 points
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

At this point, or whenever you reach the highest score needed, purposely kill yourself until you run out of lives. Once the "Continue?" screen comes up, let the clock run down, enter your initials, and then the list of top scores will come up. From here, you'll be asked if you want to register your score in the online rankings. His cn_A/K for yes and you will unlock the following two achievements:

Mark high score

High score has been updated.

Mark high score
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Record score

The score has been posted to the online rankings.

Record score
Online Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Mission Four

Land on the ground and pick up the civilians suitcase. Destroy the car in front of you, move forward and start destroying another car as well as killing the soldiers near it. Move forward killing more soldiers. There'll be a POW who will drop drown to ground-level after being shot free. Jump over the box, save him and collect the 'H'. This section of the game introduces "Fat Mode" where you character eats so much of the food that can be picked up from the destroyed shops and vehicles, he/she will turn fat. You'll be slightly slower than normal, but your weapon projectiles and grenades will be bigger and more powerful. Move forward slowly but surely killing the enemies and destroying the shops by shooting their signs with the foreign text on them.

You'll eventually come to a bus parked sideways in the road. As soon as a side-ramp drops down from the opposite side, start shooting at the bus and don't be afraid to throw some grenades at it too. Jump over the bus, run forward and then drop down at the next section. Keep pushing forward destroying the boats stuck in your way as well as continuing to kill the enemies. The first POW above you will drop down once you shoot him free. I died at this point stupidly as I stayed at the side of the screen while waiting for the soldier above me to get in my line of sight. This allowed for me to get blocked in my two different lines of projectiles! Should you die while you're in fat mode, you'll simply respawn in your regular form.

Keep going right until you are greeted by an enemy tank with its easy-to-dodge attack. Take it out and move forward. At this point, an enemy jet and an enemy car will spawn. The jet will slowly try and stay above you while dropping slow-moving rockets down on you. Slowly move left or right but focus your fire on the car before it can fire its rockets at you. Once the car's destroyed, focus on the jet. The jet may move lower to the ground and shoot rockets in a horizontal direction at you. Simply stay on the ground or jump over the rockets dependant on the height they are shot from. Once the jet has been destroyed, proceed on.

A driveable tank, also known as the SV-001 "Metal Slug", awaits you ahead. Kill the soldiers and hop in the tank. The tank has a Vulcan Cannon which can shoot in any direction, armour that can take three hits, the ability to lower the cannon (ducking down if you will), jump, and also a cannon attack that can only shoot forward. The path ahead is very chaotic with enemies parachuting in and enemies on the slope heading down too. Push forward at a slow but steady pace freeing as many POW's as you can and killing all of the enemies. Use your cannon attack if you want against the enemy tanks who can be very slow at getting their shots off. Once you hit level ground again, a different kind of enemy tank will be in front of you but again, it's attack is slow and will more than likely go over your tank if you push up close to it. Push forward a bit more, taking out more enemies and another one of those slow and tall tanks, and then get ready to take on the boss.

If you managed to keep hold of your tank then well done! This will make life a little bit easier against the huge boss that has seven different cannons you need to destroy. This part isn't so tough to do as there's only ever two sets of projectiles to dodge at a time and you have loads of room to move around. Once the boss is down to two or three cannons, a huge cannon spawns that fires bigger and faster shots at you. They'd still be easy to dodge if it wasn't for the sloped section of the level.

As you will see in the video, I was pretty sloppy with my positioning and ended up losing the tank. You've got to do your best to work out the best position to be under the cannon which is ideally below and slightly to the right when the cannon is facing directly down. If you go too far left, you won't be able to shoot the enemy cannon as efficiently as your tank's cannon, which is situated to the left of your tank, will be out of line with the enemy cannon. If you stay too far right, the enemy cannon will turn to a slightly diagonal position and be able to get a better shot at you. It's not the end of the world if you lose your tank as I actually found it easier to dodge and shoot the boss on foot. The only downside is that I didn't bag the extra points for still having the tank in once piece once the mission was complete.

Once the mission is complete, the scores will begin to tally up. You should be around 1,500,000-2,000,000 points at this point.

Mission Five

Land in the street and take out the two soldiers in front of you. Be careful around the cars here. They can be blown up but they will block your shots until they have been destroyed. Push forward slowly but surely but be mindful of the rocket launcher projectiles from the enemies as even though they only come one at a time and quite slowly, they can be easy to not spot with the destruction going on around you. You'll soon have an enemy helicopter hovering above you. The chopper is easy to take out as you can just side step it's trio of single-file shots whenever it shoots down at you. Destroy the chopper and move on. Shortly, you'll come up against two choppers this time and you'll still be stuck with just your pistol. Never fear however as the section is still straight forward so long as you focus on yours and the enemies position. Also, with the frame rate clearly not running how it should, you technically have that little bit of extra time to move around, dodge and react to potentially fatal shots. Take your time, watch your position and move on once the choppers are down.

Further up the road, I died against the three rocket soldiers as they shot there projectiles all very close to each other and I tried to jump over just one of the shots and land in the middle. The soldiers may not be positioned the same for you but if they are close together, try to keep them at the edge of the screen and pick them off from a distance. Or, you should be able to clear all of the projectiles with a running jump.

You'll do battle against a couple of helicopters for a third time. The only difference this time round is that the lowest chopper of the two will occasionally move from one side of the screen to the other shooting a bullet at a time. The chopper will fire diagonally towards you either left or right dependant on the direction it's facing but will only fire three shots, one after the other, with a one second gap before the fourth shot. This gives you chance to re position yourself if necessary.

Move down the hill to find more soldiers and a tall tank. The soldiers constantly spawning on your left need to be the higher priority here as they can use the hill to their advantage and jump down to try and melee you. Once the tank has been destroyed, you can proceed to the right.

Enter the train tunnel here to find a wanderer and a POW. Don't forget to actually walk into the wanderer to count her as being saved. The POW will finally give you a weapon here in the form of an 'L' which is a Laser. The Laser is very powerful and damages enemies at a high rate. The only downsides to the weapon are that it burns through ammo and can't be fired diagonally. Destroy the chopper and move to the right. Another chopper will spawn that you can take out quickly but so will a soldier or two to the left of the screen. Another weakness of the Laser is exposed here as it's exactly the same as the pistol in that it can't hit any enemies too low down. Either throw a grenade at enemies you can't hit with your Laser or wait for them to do what they do with their small rockets and then kill them. Their rocket attack can be a bit awkward to dodge. From my experiences, the rockets don't fly low enough to hit you if you are crouched down however, it can be even riskier trying to jump over them as they can randomly ascend either when shooting at the enemy that threw them or as and when you try to jump over. Decide how you want to evade them dependant on what else is around you and/or attacking you at the time.

Move forward to see another chain of helicopters lead by a red one, the same as from the first mission. Focus as much of your fire as you can on the red one to consequently destroy them all again. You may not be able to destroy the helicopter in time as soldiers will begin to spawn from either side of the screen and you'll need to focus on your position more than the choppers. After I destroyed the helicopters in the video, I popped the achievement for 1,500,000 points. You should already have or be getting very close to this point by now.

If you still need more points, continue to the right and the train alarms will start going off. A single train will come from the right which you need to constantly shoot at to keep it from crushing you into the left side of the screen. Once destroyed, move right and more soldiers will spawn as well as a tank. Try to focus mainly on the tank and duck down under it's cannon shots. Reposition yourself as soon as the three or four soldiers drop down from the top of the screen. Clear out everyone here and then move forward again. More soldiers and three helicopters will spawn. The choppers aren't that tough to beat as they move slowly and only fire occasionally. Plus you should have a Heavy Machinegun to mess with at this point as well. Once the POW drops from the top of the screen, free him as soon as possible for more Heavy Machinegun ammo and clear out the remaining enemies.

Move right again for a tougher section to take on as two tanks will spawn, one on each side, as well as all kinds of different types of soldiers. It will be tough to reposition when necessary here due to the amount of cannon shots and projectiles coming your way. Try to move as and when you're not ducking under shots or keep jumping over the projectiles and firing when you can. Move on when you can and get ready for another train to stop. You may have a Rocket Launcher to help you here. After the first train has been destroyed, another one will approach shortly after. The only difference here is that soldiers will also start dropping down too, interrupting your barrage of shots against the train. The following train is the toughest of them all as soldiers now start spawning behind you as well now! It's highly likely you die here to be honest unless you have a turbo controller but even then, I don't think that would help at this point. I died at this point but once I respawned, I was able to proceed forward without having to destroy the train as it continued on to the left and off screen.

In the next section, use the lever by pressing cn_X/O on its left side. This will drop the BOMB's down. Destroy the door and run through but don't use the next lever just yet as Crawlers will soon be swarming in on you. These enemies don't have a ranged attack but instead try to get up close and personal with you and explode right next to your character. They will change colour to red to signify that they are about to explode. Either kill them before they get too close of trigger them to explode and run or jump out of the way. Use the lever when you can and pick up the Laser. The crawlers will constantly respawn until you progress forward through the gate ahead so don't hang around killing them. Push forward as and when you can. The next lever will reveal a Shotgun which you'll more than likely need as this point. Drop and grab it when you can and make absolutely sure you use the next lever as this will drop another Shotgun as well as the Metal Slug.

Jump in the Slug, reverse a little bit, and then blast open the gate. Shoot the initial group of crawlers and then don't hang around as more will start spawning behind you. As you move the right, you'll eventually see a few soldiers and a tall tank. Don't stop to take them out. Focus your fire on the tank and use your Cannon attack if necessary to wipe it out quickly. Once it has been destroyed, the crawlers will stop spawning and you will have chance to free a POW who will give you "A.P." (Armour Piercer) which is an upgrade for your tank's special cannon that makes it a bit stronger. As this gives your cannon a different kind of ammo, you may as well spam it against enemies as an upcoming POW will give you ammo for the normal version to top back up. If you keep the enemy tank that's spawned within close range but still on the stairs, it will arc its shots to try and hit you making them super-easy to dodge. Take out the tank and then another one straight afterwards with a similar technique.

Free the POW for some GAS to fix a third of your tank if necessary and then push forward to face off against another tank. With this tank being on even ground with you, you'll probably need to fall back a little bit to avoid its faster and more direct shots. Once destroyed, move forward and free another POW. He should give you "NORM" which reverts your cannon back to its normal form. The boss will spawn underneath you at this point. The boss attacks with large projectiles in various speeds and directions and can be tough to dodge in the tank. Use your vulcan cannon and when the boss moves to the middle or right of the screen, spam your special cannon which will fire slightly to the right and then drop down. You can also hold cn_down/S and press cn_Y/I or L to open the tank's hatch and throw grenades.

You will probably lose your tank during this battle so try and do as much damage as you can whilst in the tank. Later into the fight, the boss will use a projectile attack that fires a large burst of energy directly at you without much chance to dodge it. The boss will also launch projectiles straight up that will then come at you in a straight line but at two different heights forcing you to duck under or jump over them. By this point, the boss shouldn't have much energy left. Once it's destroyed, its operators will jump out, the machine will sink, and the scores will begin tallying up. You should definitely have 1,500,000 points by this point. As you'll see in the video, I had more than enough points and decided not to bother covering the last mission. I died purposely and finished my run with just over 1,830,000 points.

High Score Mode

High Score mode will be a much shorter playthrough than Original Mode as you only need to get to 1,000,000 points. This can be achieved ideally towards the end of Mission Two or at the end of this Mission. You won't have any continues to use for this playthrough so hopefully your practice has paid off from the Original Mode playthrough.

The aim of the game here will be to not die in Mission One while also rescuing all of the POW's. A death or two won't be so bad in the second mission but obviously you'll not want to lose all of them before you hit one million points.

In the following video, I successfully hit a million by the end of Mission Two. Mission One was flawless but then I lost a life and all of my saved POW's in Mission Two after unnecessarily gambling at the hidden part with the two genies. Even with dying here, I still had enough for the million.

After successfully obtaining enough score in High Score mode (200K, 600K, and 1M), you'll unlock the following achievements:

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

HI SCORE MODE 600,000 points

HI SCORE MODE 600,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE 600,000 points
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

HI SCORE MODE 1,000,000 points

HI SCORE MODE 1,000,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE 1,000,000 points
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Don't forget to die purposely once you have enough score to get to the game over screen and then upload your score to the online rankings for the last High Score mode related achievement:


The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

Online Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

Caravan Mode

Caravan mode is the quickest and easiest mode of the three on offer as you only need a successful run in the first mission to nail all of the related achievements. The catch here is that you only have five minutes to get as high a score as possible. Obviously, you just want to get to 500,000 and then call it quits. All you need to do is run through the first mission, save all of the POW's again, and don't die. On your way to 500,000, and then when you reach this score, you'll unlock the following achievements:

CARAVAN MODE 100,000 points

CARAVAN MODE 100,000 points.

CARAVAN MODE 100,000 points
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

CARAVAN MODE 300,000 points

CARAVAN MODE 300,000 points.

CARAVAN MODE 300,000 points
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

CARAVAN MODE 500,000 points

CARAVAN MODE 500,000 points.

CARAVAN MODE 500,000 points
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

There's no need to die purposely and upload your score here as there's no achievement for doing so. You can simply quit the game, uninstall it, request an update here on TA, and bask in the glory of your latest completion.

Congratulations on nailing the easy 1000 Gamerscore on offer from this great title and thank you for using my walkthrough. If you enjoyed my video content, don't forget to show your love by dropping a like on the videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel right here.

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