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Welcome to the TA walkthrough for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a cinematic action-adventure game from Ninja Theory. The adventure alternates between exploration-based puzzles, third-person melee combat and rich storytelling, often in the form of stunning cutscenes. Aside from Norse mythology, which provides the game's setting, antagonists, and lore, Hellblade holds mental illness--especially psychosis--as a central theme.

You play as Senua, a Pict warrior intent on saving her deceased lover's soul from Hela in Helheim. Along the way, Senua is constantly berated by her doubts and fears, represented by actual voices in her head that you too will hear. It is highly recommended that you play with surround sound or headphones, as the voices are not only a core part of the experience and narrative, but an important aid in gameplay as well.

There are 14 achievements, 13 of which can't be missed as you progress through the story. The last achievement is for collecting all 44 Lorestones along the way. Lorestones carry between playthroughs so you'll never need to activate the same one twice, but be aware that there is no chapter select. If you miss a Lorestone and can't backtrack to it, you'll have to play from the very beginning up to that point to get it. Expect 6-8 hours for the completion if you manage it in one playthrough.

The walkthrough is divided into 12 chapters based on the groupings the game has for the Lorestones. These chapters also line up with the 13 story achievements, with one achievement per chapter with a couple exceptions.

Needless to say, you will encounter spoilers in this guide, although efforts have been made to avoid major story elements. Take your time with this game if you have time to spare. It is a one-of-a-kind experience worthy of thorough exploration and consideration. Enjoy!

Combat controls are as follows:

  • cn_X = Fast Strike
  • cn_Y = Heavy Strike
  • cn_B = Melee Attack
  • cn_A = Evade
  • cn_RB = Dodge/Parry

Use cn_RT to focus your vision, which is necessary to activate Lorestones and complete puzzles. It also activates a combat ability that becomes available early on. Use cn_LB to run/sprint, which not only speeds up exploration, but is useful for charging enemies in combat.

The combat difficulty is set to "Auto" by default, which means that the game adapts to how well you perform. You can manually set the difficulty in the menu. The walkthrough's descriptions of battles is based on normal difficulty. If you're playing on hard or easy, you may see enemy counts and behaviors that are slightly different from what is described. Difficulty does not affect any achievements.

On to the guide!

Chapter 1 - The Road to Helheim

Once you gain control after leaving the water, the first Lorestone (1/44) will be right in front of you. To activate it, focus on it with cn_RT after you've approached it. Each rune in the circle you see here represents a Lorestone in the game. They will turn white as you activate them. As you continue, you want to see each rune turn white in clockwise order. You'll see that they are divided into groups by dots, which separate them into the different areas/chapters of the journey. If you activate the last Lorestone in a chapter and see that you haven't completed the current group, then you missed one in that chapter. In most cases, it is not possible to backtrack to earlier Lorestones, but you should always try to in case you can save yourself from restarting the game.

Continue on the path until you pass under the bridge on the beach. A little way beyond that you'll see stairs leading up the cliffside. A Lorestone (2/44) is at the bottom of a waterfall to the left of the staircase. Activate it and then begin ascending the steps. Climb the ladder with cn_A.

Keep going until you reach a gate in the cave. This is the first of many rune door puzzles. The shape of the red-glowing rune can be found somewhere in the environment nearby. After the cutscene that introduces your companion Druth, focus on the rune with cn_RT and then turn around. You'll see some light casting shadows on the cave wall. Line up the overlay of the rune with the branches' shadows on the wall and then focus again. Now focus on the gate again and make your way through with cn_A.

Continue to the top of the cliff, where you'll find a broken wooden bridge mended with wooden beams. Make your way across slowly, keeping your balance by moving cn_LS left and right as needed. At the opposite end, you'll see a Lorestone (3/44). Activate it. Catch the view at the far end of the next cave if you'd like, then go down the ladder. Continue forward to the gate.

The Fight Begins

Reaching the Gate for the first time

The Fight Begins
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Then comes another cutscene, which will introduce a new kind of challenge, the rot, as well as your first foe. Here's a quick reminder on the combat controls:

  • Fast Strike = cn_X
  • Heavy Strike = cn_Y
  • Melee Attack = cn_B
  • Evade = cn_A
  • Block = cn_RB
  • Parry by blocking right before an attack hits you.
  • Bash an enemy by sprinting into them with cn_LB
  • You can also sprint then strike for a more powerful attack.
  • The first few times you're downed in a fight, you can tap cn_A quickly to get back up.

You'll fight two enemies one after the other. The combat is much like you'd expect. You want to block light attacks (usually a horizontal swing) and evade heavy attacks (vertical swings). String together fast strikes if the enemy isn't blocking and use a heavy attack if it is. You can parry either type of attack, but the timing can be tricky. Melee attacks will stun the enemy, giving you a chance to land some strikes or mentally reset. After the second enemy, a ghostly version of the two you defeated will appear. You can't beat it so don't worry about being downed in this duel.

Afterward, the rot will be explained. Every time you are killed, it spreads on Senua's body. Obviously, you want to avoid this, but don't let the warning given concern you too much.

Look to the right of the two doors for the final Lorestone (4/44) in this section. Activate it. Now you'll have to choose between two ways forward. It doesn't matter which you pick; you'll get to both. One factor to consider is that the second route you pick will have more difficult battles than the first, and the encounters will be described as if you picked the left door first in this guide. You can approach both doors to learn more about your options. The left door is chapter 2 and the right door is chapter 3.

Chapter 2 - Valravyn

Not long after passing through the door, the path splits into two. Look toward the right path to see a Lorestone (5/44) in the distance at the top of some steps. Go up there and activate it. Go back down the stairs and into the tunnel to your right.

Continue to the red markings on the wall ahead and focus on them. Continue on the path to the right of the yellow tree behind you. Push down the bridge at the top and walk across. Approach the portal ahead on the right side. Look through it to where the red markings are and then walk through. Now you can drop down and go through the door. Climb up the stairs and ladder beyond.

Once you pass through the door ahead, approach the next door to trigger the next round of enemies. Combat becomes a bit more complicated now because multiple enemies can come at you at once if you don't take them out fast enough. If this happens, it's best to move backwards and position yourself so that all enemies are in front of you. The voices in your ahead, proving helpful for once, will warn you when you need to dodge or parry attacks coming from behind in case a foe sneaks up on you.

After the fight, go through the second door. Focus on the red rune ahead. This puzzle, slightly different than the one before, requires that you line up the symbol (found in the environment) with the door itself. Turn around to see some glowing pieces of the symbol and a visitor above. On the left, a skull with glowing red eyes hangs. This is a portal. Go to the other side and look through it toward the opposite wall. Pass through the portal and the door. Continue until you're below the spooky figure, now just a skeleton. Look toward the door below and move so that the glowing pieces line up. Focus on them when they match the rune. Now pass through the door below.

On the other side, you'll see a large gate in the distance slightly to the left. Inspect it up close. Turn around to see another set of glowing pieces. Head back down the hill, taking a sharp right when you can to get to the next stag-skull portal. Approach it on the left side and look through to see a new path behind. Go through the portal and continue on this new path.

Continue toward Valravyn. There's a portal to the right of where he was standing. Walk through it toward where he was and then turn around to see another new path revealed. Continue on this path until you see a bridge on the left that leads to Valravyn's new location. Move toward him. As you get close to the portal, it will reveal a third path with a torch ahead and slightly to the right. Right after ducking under the beam before the torch, you'll see a ladder. Open the nearest door on the left before proceeding.

Climb the ladder to get Valravyn to vanish and then immediately climb back down. Ascend the stone steps on the left and cross the wooden beam. You see a Lorestone ahead, but it's currently inaccessible. Drop off the ledge and go left toward the portal you last used. Walk around to the other side of it and then back through to erase the path you previously unveiled. Now you can enter the walled-in area via the open door and then climb back up to the Lorestone (6/44) you saw and activate it.

Go back to the top of the ladder and use the portal here to reveal a stone staircase ahead. Go through and then make your way back down the ladder and through the first door on the right. Go under the wooden beam straight ahead and then up the stairs. At the top, line up the symbols with the gate. Now go through it and try to open the next door, then continue on the right side until another fight begins. A few enemies await and this time you'll have multiple enemies coming at you no matter how fast you off them. Try to keep everyone in sight. Move cn_RS left and right to switch targets.

After the fight, spot a Lorestone (7/44) at the top of the only ledge you can climb. Activate it and continue left. In the next large area, follow the path for a little way until you can see a portal on the right. Approach it and keep turning right to see a Lorestone (8/44) back toward where you entered. Activate it. Continue on the main path until you reach the next rune-locked door. Focus on it.

The manifestation of Valravyn in the distant left is your first target. Descend and turn left toward a portal. Look through the nearside to create a bridge ahead. Walk through and then around on the left to cross this bridge. Directly below Valravyn is the staircase leading to him. Climb it and then the ladder. At the top, cross through the portal, eliminating many of the useless symbols hanging around.

Go back down. At the bottom of the stairs, continue straight ahead to a bridge that needs to be pushed down. After crossing, you'll see a missing bridge ahead of you. Use the nearby portal to cause it to appear. Cross it and push down the next bridge on the right side of the path ahead. Then use the portal on the left to reveal an opening in the wall across the ravine. Carry on through it.

Once inside the ruins, open the door on the left and then pass through the low opening right of the stairs. The final Lorestone (9/44) in the section is on the other side. Activate it.

Now you could climb the stairs and ladder, but you'd hit a dead end. Much like before, you need to bring back the wall that vanished. Open the door in this area and then go back through the previous portal on the other side of the bridge to bring the wall back. Now get back to the stairs via the door you just opened. Climb to the portal above and cross through it from the left to make all remaining unnecessary symbols disappear.

Make your way back out the door, over the bridge straight ahead, and then the next bridge farther ahead. Near this spot, you can line up the three glowing pieces and focus on them to unlock the door. Enter it and continue forward.

Inspect the door at the end of the path. Facing away from the door, you'll see a beam on the left you can climb over. Ascend the ladder behind it. Use the portal to create a new tree bridge ahead. Once it's in place, look down over the ledge in front of you to see a small staircase below. Climb down the ladder and then up these stairs.

Continue on this path to a second portal. Use it to remove a tree blocking the way and then continue across the wooden beam in front of you. Drop at the end and push the bridge down. Return to the portal to bring the tree back and then climb it. Balance carefully as you near the top and then align the symbol.

Your first boss fight begins after the cutscene. Most of Valravyn's attacks can be blocked, but he is quick so try to parry attacks so you have an opening for strikes of your own. The mirror Druth gave you can now be used in combat with cn_RT to slow down time. You'll see it flash from its place on your hip when it's ready to use, with lit symbols on its face indicating how many uses are available. Here's a list of Valravyn's moves and how to deal with them:

  • Basic strikes, often in groups of two. Block or parry them. Timing a parry is easy on the second strike.
  • Backflips away and throws swords. Try to parry to send the sword back to damage and stun him, in which case you want to sprint at him and strike.
  • Leap attack. Try to dodge or parry or else you'll be thrown down.
  • Charges at you, spinning through the air. It's best to dodge this, but a well-timed parry will leave him disabled on the ground for a bit.
  • If you do manage to knock him down with a parry, he'll eventually jump into the air and slam his swords down. Dodge this strike.

After some dueling, Valravyn will vanish and bring in other enemies to fight you. Deal with them as you have before to get him to return. After the second groups of these minions, Valravyn will start to shift into shadow form multiple times during his final round against you. When he does, the voices will tell you to focus with the mirror. This causes him to materialize. Keep fighting until he's finished for good.

Master of Illusion

Defeat Valravn

Master of Illusion
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Now you can backtrack all the way to the gate to Hel without any hindrances. About halfway, before descending a ladder, you can focus on a face in the rock formation ahead for some narrative.

A battle awaits you at the gate if this was your first chapter. Some of these enemies, those with maces, are slower and hit harder, making parries slightly tougher and dodging more favorable. They're also better at interrupting your attacks with returned blows so watch their movements carefully. Avoid getting surrounded and remember to use the mirror when you can. The final foe will be carrying a shield. Don't bother attacking from the front. Wait for his slower attack, dodge left, use a heavy strike, and then back off before he whacks you. You can also create an opening with a melee attack. Slow time on him for an easy kill.

Go on through the second door for the domain of the next challenger, Surtr, or through the gate if you've already defeated him.

Chapter 3 - Surtr

A short way into the clearing after the door, there's a spot on the right where you can break away from the main path. Follow it into a cave where a Lorestone (10/44) is waiting. Activate it. Go back to the main path and follow it to the bridge. Once there, you can approach the face behind the waterfall on the left and focus on it for more backstory.

In the large area after the bridge, go to the door in the distant left. You'll have to fight a large group of combatants, including a few of the heavier type if this is your second area. Make it a priority to keep all enemies in your sight because there will be a lot of attempted flanking in this battle.

Now you can focus on the two runes and begin your search for them in the environment. Turn away from the door and head to the Y-shaped posts on the left. Go toward the large tree in front of them and find a straight post to its right. You can line this post up with the rightmost of the lower two Y-posts to create one of the runes.

Start heading back to the door, but veer toward the upward path on the right when you see it. At the top, look back toward the Y-posts to see two nearby posts you can use to form the second rune. Return to the door and pass through.

Keep on going until you reach a circular door, where a fight awaits. You'll now see enemies parry and block your attacks more often, often following up with a heavy attack. Keep your finger extra close to cn_RB. Save the mirror's effects for the shielded units. When it isn't available, dodge their strikes and break their defense with melee attacks.

Afterward, focus on the yellow symbol on the door. Behind and to your left, there's a door frame you can now enter. Focus on the yellow symbol on the opposite side of the bodies ahead (you have to stand at a certain distance quite close to it to do so). In the frightening scene that ensues, sprint back down and break through the door before the smoke suffocates you.

Continue to a bridge, which is blocked on the opposite end. Walk down the path to the left instead. At the bottom, turn left for a Lorestone (11/44). Activate it and then continue behind you until you've reached the next yellow door. Keep going on the path past it until you reach a clearing.

Move toward the pyre that you can see straight ahead until a Lorestone (12/44) becomes visible on the right. Activate it and then go to the far left side of the clearing, where you can enter a cave and begin your climb to the pyre.

At the top of the incline, cross over the beam and continue to the pyre. After activating it, don't return the way you came. Instead, run to the right and jump off the ledge on your left. At the bottom, the fire forms makeshift paths. Take the right one and then keep on sprinting to the door.

On the other side, you'll find a third fire door on your left as you enter another open area. To your right, there are burnt buildings and a second two-rune door. Head to the door first to begin the search for the runes. Head inside the charred building nearest the yellow door, the one that's barely standing . You'll encounter a Lorestone (13/44) inside. Activate it.

Enter the front door of the other blackened home and go up the stairs on the right. At the top, there's a path back to the upper level of the first building. At the end of it, turn right and look down toward the embers on the ground to form the first rune.

Exit through the front door and look toward the group of trees straight ahead. On your right, there's a ball of spikes. Move close to it (not right next to it) and then look toward the trees again to find two crossed trunks in between two vertical trunks, which you can use to shape the second rune. Now open the rune door.

Activate the pyre behind the door and then sprint back to the circular door. The fire will redirect you to the left and into the side of the building, where you need to pass through the left hall and then wrap around on your right to get to the stairs. Climb up them, carefully cross the beam, and then drop down straight ahead. Continue toward the door until the ambush.

This is a smaller group than you've seen recently. Defeat them as normal. You can kick them back into the fire with melee attacks for extra burn damage. Sprint into the door as soon as the last foe has fallen.

Continue to a new broken building. Cross the left bridge to the next house and then out to the balcony on the left for the last Lorestone (14/44) of this chapter. Activate it and then climb down the stairs on the opposite side of this building. Open the door on the right. At the top of the nearby slope, you'll see the final fire door. Before worrying about that, go and get the runes (three this time) from the red door in the opposite direction.

Go back through the door you opened and around to the other side of the house. You'll see a hole in the building's wall that matches the first rune.

Enter the house and then cross back over to the other one. Upon entering, look to the right for a post and column that can be merged for the second rune.

Exit this building via the stairs and follow the path on the right to the top of a watchtower. There's a thin post at the end of the walkway at the right. Approach it and line it up with beams on the roof of the right house for the final rune. Return to the rune door and enter.

Trigger the last pyre and then sprint toward the circular door, not stopping for anything until the cutscene begins.

At the other end of the lengthy sequence, you'll face Surtr. In this battle, blocking is no good. His flaming sword will still burn you. You need to rely on dodging. His attacks are as follows:

  • A group of slow attacks followed by a downward slash. Dodge all attacks and then unleash strikes afterward.
  • Raises his foot for a fiery stomp. Dodge backward as soon as the foot goes up.
  • Kicks you toward the fiery wall if you get close to it. Use dodges to stay away from the wall.
  • Sticks his sword in the ground to power up. Rush at him with fast strikes to interrupt him.
  • Becomes engulfed in flames late in the duel. Getting close to him will hurt you, unless the mirror is active. Use it to get in some heavy damage.
  • If you get a good combo in on him either while he's powering up or you've slowed time, he'll fall to one knee. Hit him with your heavy strikes for as long as you can.

You'll find this battle to be much easier than Valravyn, in large part because there are no minions to deal with. It's just you and the big guy until one of you is burned out. If you keep light on your feet and choose your strike opportunities with care, you'll down him without much of a challenge.


Defeat Surtr

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Backtrack to the most recent pyre to see the bridge that was previously blocked behind it. Cross it and backtrack all the way to the Gate to Hel. If this was your first route, refer to the end of Chapter 2 for help on the fight that waits for you at the gate and then proceed through the left door to Valravyn's domain. If not, pass through the gate for Chapter 4. The next several chapters will go much quicker than these last two.

Chapter 4 - The Bridge to Helheim

After the cinematic, make your way forward to trigger a new set of enemies. There's nothing you haven't seen before in this fight so call upon the tactics you've used thus far. Afterward, continue to the door.

On the other side, you'll be introduced to a new axe-wielding foe. Evade its blow at the end of the cinematic. This type of warrior can't be blocked, but its slow strikes make for easy dodging. Sidestep its swing, unload your hits, and repeat. He may try charging at you and then stun himself by crashing into the wall if you successfully dodge. There will be a bunch of weaker enemies right after him.

Pass through the next door after the brawl. Inspect the Lorestone (15/44) outside on the right before getting the three runes from the door ahead.

Head back to where you just fought. Above the center of this room, there's a cage hanging with some red broken beams on its left. Go to the other side of those beams and focus on them to form the X-shaped rune.

From this position, look out at the bright sky on the right. Note the translucent shards in that direction. Return to the Lorestone and climb down the steps onto the ship. Focus on the shards from about the midpoint of the ship to rebuild the staircase. Climb it and walk around to the part of the second floor that's opposite the bottom of the stairs. The wooden beams you used for the first rune will form the second one from this angle.

Continue on the second floor path and walk out the first window along the way. Turn left and sidle along the ledge to find another hidden face you can talk to on the roof.

Return to the inside of the second floor and climb the ladder at the end of the walkway. At the top, you can now combine two sets of red beams for the last rune.

Go back down the ladder and then out the nearby window to climb down another. Activate the last Lorestone (16/44) in this section. Open the nearby door and then the rune door to traverse the remaining stretch of the bridge.

Source of The Darkness

Meet Hela for the first time on the Bridge

Source of The Darkness
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Chapter 5 - Shipwreck Shore

Once you gain control after another cinematic, you'll notice that you lost your sword in the commotion. This is cause for relief, not panic, because you won't see any combat for a while. Press forward through the ship wreckage and on to where you see the blue silhouette.

Drop down to the beach ahead and then continue straight forward until you can see the silhouette of light again at the top of a slope ahead. Before going up there, look for a path to the right of the slope that leads deeper into the rocky cliff face. You'll find a face to talk to at the end of that path.

Now climb the slope toward the silhouette's position. Look out over the ledge at the other end to see a tree, your next destination, in the distance. Continue on the path to the left until you drop down to a second beach area. Activate the Lorestone (17/44) at the water's edge ahead.

Turn right to spot a rune door and an upward path leading to it. Ascend that path and activate the Lorestone (18/44) located just in front of the bridge above. Go up the stairs to the Lorestone's right to reach the door. You'll find that it's unlike those seen before, with a tree imprinted in red light. It can't be activated or opened until much later. Return to the shore below.

Continue along the shore to the right, sticking close to the water at first. You'll find a Lorestone (19/44) on the other side of the large ship near the broken bridge.

Farther along the sandy path toward the tree, you'll see the path stretch into a tunnel made of the fractured hulls of giant ships. You'll see the blue silhouette on the opposite end. Before going through this tunnel, look behind you for a place where the path branches off on the left to a Lorestone (20/44). Activate it.

At the far end of the tunnel, the scenery will change. Continue to the tree for a sweet moment before returning to grim reality. Once you're back in control, you'll see paths on the left and right. You'll see an interesting metal runestone on the right path, but otherwise nothing of note. Go left.

There's another runestone on the left, and a Lorestone (21/44) in the water ahead. Activate it.

As you continue around the back of the tree, look for this section's last Lorestone (22/44) in the distance straight ahead near a rocky outcrop. Activate it.

Look back toward the tree to see a path up on its left. Go up and inside the tree, where a sword is lodged in a glowing mass of skulls and branches. Try to pull it out to discover you can't get it yet. You must complete four trials, each marked by one of the metal runestones seen outside. You can tackle the next four chapters in any order. Four red flags point you to their locations (the fourth is behind the tree).

Chapter 6 - Labyrinth Shard Trial

The Labyrinth Shard Trial runestone is marked by the first red flag (leftmost when facing away from the tree). Go down the path on your left when exiting the tree.

After focusing on it, walk the shore on the left to a Lorestone (23/44). Activate it.

Follow the shore in the opposite direction and then go up the hill until you reach the torch at the entrance of the burial mound. Enter the spooky corridor.

The darkness here makes navigation somewhat tricky. Take the right path toward the voice far off. Light the brazier in the next room. You may spot a figure past the windows on the right before it vanishes, but you'll have to backtrack and start down the other path in the previous room to get there. Light the next brazier you find there.

Take the left path first. There, you'll find a Lorestone (24/44) on the left. Return and take the right path.

Light the next brazier. Another will be lit at the same time on the right. At this point, illusions begin taking over. Entering the right room is effectively the same as reentering this one, and if you didn't know better, you could be taking the right path for the rest of your days. Fortunately, the flaming brazier is an indicator of places you've already been. Take the left path toward the darker room.

Trigger the Lorestone (25/44) here. Now look down at the tree on the ground in front of it. Its branches show the correct path through the labyrinth. The rock on the left side of the tree represents the dead end on your left. The remaining choices are easy to remember. From this spot, go right, then right, then right, then right.

You'll see a low opening into a cave. This is the correct way forward, but first, return to the previous room and go the wrong way. Keep going deeper into the labyrinth and eventually you'll run into a lit brazier next to the last Lorestone (26/44) in this trial.

Backtrack to the room with the opening and enter the cave. Light the first brazier you come to and then go right. Walk into the room glowing red and open the door.


Complete the Labyrinth Shard Challenge

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Chapter 7 - Tower Shard Trial

The Tower Shard Trial runestone is marked by the third red flag. It is on the beach toward a distant building.

After focusing on it, the silhouette will be in sight once again. Continue along the dock until you can push down a bridge on the right. Look through the mask above and focus on it to transform the world around you back to a time when the tower and bridge were intact. Look to the right to find a new mask, which returns you to the defective future. For now, stay in the happier version of this setting.

Go to the tower and activate the Lorestone (27/44) on the left side of the door. Get the rune from the door. Turn back toward the mask. You need to return to it via the dock on the left, knocking down a second bridge on the way. Use the mask to warp back to the less cheery time.

The gates on either side of the tower are now busted, allowing entry. Go through the right one. Dillion and another gate will be on your left. Use the mask on the right to enter the tower. In between the two sets of stairs, a Lorestone (28/44) rests. Activate it.

Go up either set of stairs and look toward the tower's front. You'll find light shining on the right wall and the crates next to it. Combine them to form the rune.

Open the door on the right and then the one outside. Stand next to the tree under the bridge to talk to your mother in the fog. Return to the opposite side of the tower and make things dreary again with the mask. Next, open the rune door and the one behind.

You'll see more shards here, used to make another staircase. To get the right angle and rebuild the stairs, stand next to the broken barrel on your left. Activate the Lorestone (29/44) near the bottom of the stairs before climbing up.

Activate the Lorestone (30/44) on the next floor. Get the runes from the nearby door. Three runes this time.

Climb up the stairs to the third floor. Knock over the bridge at the top of the stairs. Push through the door ahead. From the center of the balcony on the other side, you can form the first rune using the beams and ropes toward Dillion.

Use the mask on this floor to reminisce in a more joyful time. Look back toward the balcony you were just on and you'll find another Lorestone (31/44). Go over there and activate it and open the barred door farther on the walkway.

Go back to the top of the stairs and spot the hole in the wall straight ahead (we'll get to the other side soon) before walking down.

The second rune is the hole in the wall near the bottom of the stairs. Line up the wooden beams in front of it to form an arrow and complete the rune.

Use the mask up on the third story to end the joy. Now walk along the balcony you were recently on and continue working your way around the tower top where you can push down one more bridge. Use the mask for one more bout of the blissful memory of what once was.

Now move to the outdoor side of the hole seen earlier at the top of the stairs. Use it to form the third rune. Activate the Lorestone (32/44) on the other side of this balcony before heading downstairs and returning to the pitiful present permanently.

Proceed through the rune door and navigate the rest of the way to Dillion carefully to end the trial.

Different Perspectives

Complete the Tower Shard Challenge

Different Perspectives
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Chapter 8 - Swamp Shard Trial

The Swamp Shard Trial runestone is marked by the fourth red flag. It is on the beach toward the tallest snow-capped peak.

After focusing on it, begin following the path. After Dillion appears, jump into the swamp below. Go through the door on the right and continue until you find an archway that looks like Valravyn's portals. Approach it on the right side and walk through to clear the debris ahead.

Ahead, you can see some more translucent shards. Go under them via the right path and on to the next portal. Go to the far side and then walk through to clear the next blockade. A Lorestone (33/44) is on the other side. Activate it.

Now use the portal here to open a doorway. Go through the previous portal again to bring the blockade back. Go back through the cleared door and climb the stairs on the left. From the bridge connected to the top of the tower, you can rebuild the bridge below.

Retrace your steps to cross the new bridge and enter the house. Walk to the back of the house and activate the Lorestone (34/44) on the right before doing anything else. Get the three runes on the left side of the house next.

You have to act quickly in this new challenge. The orange light at the end of the hall is coming for you. The three runes are found at different edges of this maze. They are all well lit in white so you can rely on any distant white light to guide you to them. You'll return to the spot where you start after you've collected all three. If you struggle with this section, focus on constantly running away from the fiery light and toward the white lights. Don't stop moving. Although the maze may disorient you, you'll eventually make it to any runes you're missing and then back to the door if you just keep in motion. Start by running through the left opening.

At the first fork go left and keep moving toward the light in that direction, which is the first rune. Focus on it.

Now run along the wall on your right and duck under the low opening when you come to it. Keep moving toward Dillion's silhouette. Take the left path as you near him and you'll find the second rune on the left when you reach where he was.

Turn around and run down the hall until you can turn left. Continue zigzagging through the halls toward the light, which is where you'll find rune number three.

Make your way back to the rune door, where you started this maze. The fiery phantom may cut off your path, in which case you need to double back to another hall and try to lose it before you can get to the door.

Cure For The Plague

Complete the Swamp Shard Challenge

Cure For The Plague
1 guide

Chapter 9 - Blindness Shard Trial

The Blindness Shard Trial runestone is marked by the second red flag. It is back toward the shipwreck tunnel you came from.

After focusing on it, you'll be stranded in darkness. There aren't any Lorestones in this chapter. You need to rely on different sounds to navigate. First, listen for the breeze. If you move the camera slightly left, you'll hear the breeze at its loudest and the controller will vibrate. Move in that direction and pass through the door. Continue in this fashion until you reach a closed door.

Next, follow the sound of crackling fire. It's on your left and curves to the right toward a torch. Continue toward the breeze until that sound is gone as well.

Now you need to approach the stream you can hear. Your controller won't vibrate to show the way, but the stream will get louder the closer you are. When you reach the water, follow it upstream. Keep going around bends, past bodies, under an overhang, and toward the waterfall.

When the stream is blocked, go left and up some stairs into a house. Drop down.

There's a monster in here, but you're safe as long as you keep quiet. The real challenge here is the many hanging chains that will alert the monster if you touch them.

Stick very close to the right wall, moving around the monster and dodging some chains on the way. If you turn left after the chains, you'll hear a torch on the other side of the monster. Go around the right side of the column on your right and straight past the monster on its right. There will be chains straight ahead so turn left before them and pass the two columns, keeping as far from the beast as possible, before turning right and approaching the torch. Go outside.

Head to the swinging light on the right and then the one after that and so on until you enter the next house. More monsters will be patrolling the path, but they're easy to avoid if you wait patiently for them to get out of the way. There are no noise traps to alert them.

Inside the house, move forward to the lit ground ahead. Turn left and cross over the thin beam very slowly, keeping balance as usual. Now jump into the well.

Now you'll walk among the monsters that were below you on the beam. The light ahead is your final goal. Move toward it carefully, waiting for patrolling monsters to get out of your way. Moving through the water, no matter how quickly, won't alert the creepy creepers, but touching any of the scattered hanging bodies will.

After leaving the water, go to the light to end the trial.

Trust Your Senses

Complete the Blindness Shard Challenge

Trust Your Senses
2 guides

Chapter 10 - The Sea of Corpses

Once all four trials have been completed, retrieve the sword, Gramr, from the tree.

Gramr Released

Pull Gramr out of the Tree

Gramr Released
2 guides

You'll be transported to a new area. There aren't any Lorestones in this chapter, but there are plenty of enemies standing in your way. Some begin as invulnerable spirits, but you can force them into physical existence by holding a heavy strike until your blade glows and then letting it loose. You may need to parry an attack or use the mirror to enter slo-mo to have enough time to do this. A well-timed parry will cause the blade to explode in light, which has the same effect.

After the first group, hurry through the gruesome corridor. In the next open area, you'll face a long line of combatants, including every enemy type, in the most epic battle yet. Remember what you've learned about fighting the various warriors so far. Remain wary of attacks coming from behind. The mirror is your best friend. Gramr's strikes charge it quicker than before so you can use it often to kill foes.

You'll hear your mother. To get to her, pass under the two rocky spires forming a triangle. Continue to the next large area for another fight, much longer than the last. It starts with a new kind of fighter with two axes. He's fast and his strikes come in groups. Parries are the way to go against him. Beware of his attempts to stun you. He can also throw smoke bombs that will turn him incorporeal. Use a charged Gramr strike or well-timed parry to bring him out of the shadowy form. You'll fight a few more of this sort later in the battle. Take out the weaker warriors first, utilize the mirror frequently, and stay focused to make it through the monumental clash.

With that accomplishment behind you, head up the sloped path leading out of the bloody battlefield. At the top, you'll walk over the clasped hands of two tormented souls. Your mother isn't far beyond.


Escape the Sea of Corpses

2 guides

Chapter 11 - Helheim

Now return through the shipwreck tunnel and onward to the broken bridge from several chapters ago. The door at the end is now open. Cross through.

Into the Mountain

Enter Helheim

Into the Mountain
2 guides

Get the Lorestone (35/44) right in front of you after entering Helheim. Ascend the left stairs. Drop off the ledge and open the door on the other side of the room.

A new beast, Garm (Fenrir), is revealed to you. He'll come after you whenever you're in the dark. Sprint to the light ahead and then to the next light in front of you.

Fenrir can't get you now that you have a torch. Get the runes from the door after the vision. Turn around and start walking.

Skip the first pair of doors, but note that the right one is barred on the other side and the left one leads to a spiral staircase. Skip the next pair too; the right one leads to a long drop and the left begins a long corridor with another door barred on the other side.

Once you're back in the bright central room, turn right and continue down some stairs, lighting braziers along the way. Once you enter the room below the stairs, quickly light as many torches around the room as you can because you'll have to put your torch away for a short fight. Stay away from the darker parts of the room during the battle. Most, if not all of your opponents will begin as shadows, but you know how to fix that.

Pick up your torch when the conflict is over. Climb up the stairs opposite where you entered. Looking through the broken portion of the barrier at the top, you'll see the first rune drawn in blood on the floor below. Focus on it.

Go to the room with the spiral staircase, the last one on the right when heading to the rune door. Go up the stairs first. Continue on the path until you see the next rune flickering in the air around you. Light the torch near a large, circular plate leaning against the wall. The torch casts the shadow of the second rune. Get it.

Continue down the hall and unbar the door, which puts you quite mysteriously back on the first floor. Go back to the spiral staircase and go down this time.

A dreadful realization waits for you at the bottom. You'll have to enter water and then go under it to proceed, which means no torch. Duck under the water and sprint to the next source of light and then a second after that.

Turn right to find the next ray of light. Run over there and then look a little farther right to see fire. Move to it quickly, stopping briefly in the light between here and there. Get the torch from the flames and start to backtrack.

Follow the trail of unlit torches, setting fire to them along the way. They will take you into an area with many stalagmites and stalactites, where you'll find some wooden beams sticking out of the water. Use them and their reflection to get the last rune.

Now go to where you entered this cave. You'll see a Lorestone (36/44) on the left. Activate it and then go back to where you got the torch and continue past it.

At the top of the stairs, don't go through the door, but rather the opening farther to the left. A Lorestone (37/44) resides at the end of the alcove. Now go through the door. You can now pass through the rune door, but be on your guard because...

It's a trap! Sprint forward to the light.

Once in control again, sidestep along the ledge on the right. Get the torch from the next brazier and then commence your descent. After a while, you'll see another red door. A sizable group of enemies will challenge you when you get close. You're in tight quarters here so by ready for flanking fighters. Grab the torch and get the lone rune when you're finished with them.

Climb the right stairs. Light the brazier at the top to illuminate nearby wooden beams. Make your way back to the ground below on the other side of them. They can be combined to get the rune from here.

Enter the rune door. The waterfall ahead will douse your handy torch. Sprint through it to the fire ahead, which you can use to restore the torch to its former glory.

After successfully performing another balancing act on the beam ahead, move to the gated area on the right for a Lorestone (38/44). Activate it.

Now go down the other path, dropping off the ledge at the bottom of the slope. Activate the Lorestone (39/44) to the left of the rune door. Get the rune next.

Light the nearby brazier and then return to the ledge you dropped off to find a tight tunnel on the left. Light the brazier at the end of the passage before returning to the previous brazier. You can now sprint through the waterfall and then immediately turn right and continue to the fire. You'll crash into the bridge on the way.

Reignite the torch and go back toward the waterfall. You'll see a brazier that you need to light above and ahead of you. Get drenched once again by passing through the waterfall and then use the shadow on the right wall for the rune. Make sure your torch is ablaze before going through the door.

The last Lorestone (40/44) in this chapter is in the tunnel. It will be in plain sight. Activate it and continue. Jump into the hole at the end. Keep going until you're crawling in the water. Sprint forward when you lose your light yet again.

You've reached Fenrir's lair, where he'll finally show himself for a face-to-face match. Fast strikes don't hurt him so rely on heavy hits, especially those that are charged. His attacks are as follows:

  • Fast attacks with claws or fangs. These can be blocked and parried. Dodges are best because you have more time for heavy strikes.
  • Spits out shadows that cloud your vision. You'll be nearly blind. Listen carefully for the sounds he makes when he prepares to strike so you can dodge. You'll see him right before the attacks as well.
  • Rises up (or jumps up if you're far away) and then stomps the ground with his front two claws. Dodge backwards twice or more.
  • Leaves the fight and scurries through the shadows before jumping out at you. If you turn and listen carefully, you can estimate where Fenrir is. Your controller will vibrate when you face his hiding place. Dodge when he jumps out.

Aside from parrying Fenrir's quick attacks, you want to stick to dodges, following each one up with a heavy strike or two. Make charged heavy strikes a priority when you can stun him with the mirror. You should be able to defeat him after either the first or second time he retreats.

Tamed the Beast

Defeat Fenrir

Tamed the Beast
2 guides

With the fight over, one more chapter remains. Climb up the stairs to enter the final area, where you'll finally confront Hela.

Chapter 12 - Hela's Sanctum

Once at the edge of the pit, climb up the ladder on the left and continue. When you reach a fork in the path, go right first. You'll find a Lorestone (41/44) at the bottom of a spiral staircase. Activate it and then climb the stairs.

Continue until you're at the edge of the pit again. Use the shards to repair a portion of the bridge below. Make your way back to the earlier fork in the path, taking out a few enemies in very close quarters along the way.

Back at the fork, take the stairs you haven't climbed yet to the pit. Walk across the beam and up the stairs. Turn away from the bridge to see a locked door ahead, with a passage just before it on the right. A Lorestone (42/44) is there. Activate it.

Now go to the right of the incomplete bridge, climbing two sets of stairs. At the very top, you can form another part of the bridge with the shards below.

Begin to walk onto the bridge. You'll see some shards on your right, which can be used to form an opening on the wall behind them when you find the right angle. Create that opening and then enter it. At the bottom of the stairs inside, check the cell on the right for a Lorestone (43/44). Activate it.

Crouch into the hole on the other side of the room. In the next room, unbar the door down the left hall before going up the stairs. Go all the way to the third floor to find the final Lorestone (44/44). If you haven't missed any, Stories From the North will unlock. If you have, enjoy playing the game once again. Remember that you only need to collect the Lorestones you missed on an additional playthrough, not the entire collection again.

Stories From the North

Collect all of the Lorestones

Stories From the North
6 guides

Return to the second floor and go out the door. There will be a fight in this room, beginning with stronger enemies. Watch your flanks in this tiny arena.

Now go to another edge of the pit nearby to complete the bridge with the last set of shards.

Make your way back to the bridge and begin to cross. One last wave of northmen will try to stop you. You can knock them off the bridge if they're near the edge. When the last of them are offed (perhaps literally), continue across the bridge toward the ultimate test.

On the other side of the door, continue to the portal, and then to the next.

This is it, what everything has led to. All that you've fought for is within reach. Victory against Hela, against your inner demons, and against your father's influence. Vengeance for you mother, for Dillion, and for your past self. Once in control, run toward Hela.

A massive group of northmen will appear to halt you at the first ring, but your damage is greatly increased and your mirror will charge quickly. One by one, take every foe down. Notice that the only voice left in your head is a supportive, loving one.

After the first wave, continue to the next platform to encounter shadowy doppelgängers of the previous three bosses, which will switch off against you or attack simultaneously. Call upon the tactics you employed against them before until they all disappear.

On the final platform, more enemies will spawn. Consider taking on this last fight without any tips.

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The Final Battle

Confront Hela

The Final Battle
2 guides

Congratulations on the completion! I hope you cherish the experience as much as I do. Good luck in your future achievement-hunting endeavors!

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