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Welcome to the NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition walkthrough. Nier: Automata is an open world action-RPG, developed by PlatinumGames. The game uniquely mixes game styles, from RPG to dual-stick shooter to fighter game. It is a true masterpiece in regard to storytelling, playability, and music. Depending on how you play, it can take anywhere between 50 and 100 hours to finish.

Using this walkthrough, you’ll be guided in an effective way to play through the story, gather all of the collectables, and earn all 48 achievements. We will take three routes to experience the story from three different points of view, doing as much as possible on the go, and finishing the walkthrough by unlocking the last achievements.

In case you want to explore the game on your own, there is only one really missable thing in the game (a specific ending where you need to let the timer run out when you fight a boss after you upgraded all of your weapons). Anything else can be done via chapter select.

Here is a breakdown of this walkthrough:

Walkthrough overview – This page.
General hints and tips – Here, I’ll give you some hints regarding the game.
Route A – Chapter 01 through 10 with 2B, first part of the playthrough.
Route B – Chapter 01 through 10 with 9S, second part of the playthrough.
Route C – Chapter 11 through 17 with A2 and 9S, third part of the playthrough.
Mop-up and DLC – Endgame content, last achievements, and DLC info.
Appendix – An overview of all the collectibles. The order listed here is the same as in-game. You can search for the codes after every item. For example, search in the walkthrough for (W-01) for the weapon tagged with the same number.

Following this walkthrough, you can unlock 23 achievements (420 GS) on Route A, 8 more (165 GS) on Route B, 10 on Route C (180 GS), and 7 in end-game (235 GS)

Please keep in mind that there is no definitive way to play the game. Like any other open world game, there are also a lot of possible paths. I hope you'll enjoy this game and will find my walkthrough useful.


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Some of the most useful controls are:

cn_RT: dash
cn_LT: focus on enemy
cn_RB: pod attack
cn_LB: special pod attack (after upgrading, hold it for multiple pods)
cn_X and cn_Y: light and heavy attack (hold for charge)
cn_A: jump, double jump (hold to grab pod)
cn_A+cn_RB: pod swing in mid-air
cn_A,cn_A,cn_A+cn_RB,cn_RT,cn_A (hold): long jump – experience with different combinations of dash, jump and pod swing


You will start off the game traveling on your feet, but after Chapter 05 you’ll unlock Transport. This is a fast-travel feature between all of your activated access points. There is one exemption though, which is that you can Transport between the Bunker and the Resistance Camp from the beginning. Some Access Points might be unavailable for story purposes.


When you start the game, you won’t have the option to save. There might be some temporary checkpoints you'll receive, but if you quit the game, you’ll have to start from the beginning. Later on, you’ll find some Access Points where you can make a manual save after you've cleared all of the machines around them. Note that you don’t have to be at the Access Point to save, and that it is enough if you are in the general vicinity. You should see a message whenever you are close enough. Make it a habit to save whenever you pass an Access Point, as there is no autosave.


If you die once, you will lose all your chips. To reacquire them, go back and find your body. Be careful though, because if you die once more, you will lose them forever. The other option is to load a previous save. At some point in the story, you won’t be able to find your body, and your only option will be to load an earlier save.


Routes representing parts of your playthrough. Route A is 2B’s story, Chapters 01 to 10. Route B has the same chapters, but with 9S. Route C is continuing the story, from Chapters 11 to 17, switching between 9S and A2. When completing all three of them, chapter select will unlock and you can replay specific sequences.


There are different quests: some you have to complete on Route A, some you can do on both A and B, some only shows up on C, and so on. Some of the quests are even timed, so if you progress the main story too much, you might fail those quests. In this walkthrough, I might skip some of the side quests, saving them for a consequent run. Feel free to accept any quest though, those you did not finish will be available again. As a general rule of thumb, do everything as quickly as possible. This way, you will earn G, chips, materials, and XP, all of which is necessary to finish the game. If you run into a side quest which seems impossible, go back later or try again in your next route. In this walkthrough, we will do everything early, which might result in some backtracking. However, we’ll earn money, level up, and unlock unit data in exchange.


Pick up EVERYTHING. It is very important that you do this because there are some one-time chance items, and you will need a lot of money to upgrade everything. Only sell materials if you maxed out your inventory, and even then, don't sell all of them. Chips have their limit as well; sell those you don’t want to use.


You can have two weapons equipped with 2B and A2: one for light attacks cn_X and one for heavy attacks cn_Y. 9S’s heavy attack is replaced with hacking. All three characters can have two sets of weapons though, which you can switch between with cn_up.

Pods and pod programs

Use cn_RB to shoot with your pod and cn_LB to use the equipped pod program. You can have up to three pods with different programs equipped. Use cn_left and cn_right to quickly switch between your pods.

Plug-in chips

You will start with a limited storage for your chips, but you can buy extra place at the Maintenance Shop in the Resistance Camp. You can have three sets. I made one for maximum damage, one for maximum speed, and one for normal gameplay. There are lots of different chips, divided into multiple categories. There is no definitive solution here, so equip them to fit your playstyle. I'll mention here those that I found very handy:

Weapon Attack Up / Ranged Attack Up – for higher damage output
Auto-Heal – very useful, especially for aerial combat
Auto-use Item – this is a must, unless you want to use menus every time you want to heal
Counter – not only useful but also looks badass
Anti Chain Damage – you’ll be invincible for some time after taking damage


You can fuse your chips at the Maintenance Shop. Every chip has a level, going from unmarked, +1, +2, and so on. The chips have size as well, represented with a number in []. Same-level chips can have different sizes, but for every level, there is a best possible size. For example, Ranged Attack Up +4’s best possible size is 9. This means you cannot find a smaller, level 4 Ranged Attack Up chip. These special chips are marked with a ◆. When fusing, try to fuse these diamond chips to get the smallest, next level chip. Fusing two +4◆ chips will reward you with a +5◆ chip. Of course, you can fuse non-diamond chips too, but they will crave a lot of storage space.


The money in this game is called G. You can have it from machines or by selling stuff. Try to save until you have 230.000 G – 100.000 for an achievement, 180.000 for a quest and 50.000 for another quest. Of course, you can buy or upgrade occasionally, but the sooner you have those out of the way, the better.


You’ll get endings A and B for Route A and B. Depending who you choose in the end of route C, you’ll get C or D. Replaying the last sequence and choosing the other character will give you their ending together with E, which is for having A, B, C and D unlocked. Endings from F to Z are joke endings. Your game will end and you’ll have to reload your previous save. Endings are auto-saved, so even if you reload your previous save, you will keep your progress in endings. To see which you have already, look at the letters in your save file when loading up your game.


There is a fishing mini-game in Nier: Automata. Every time your are close to any form of water, you can start fishing by holding cn_B. Use cn_A or cn_RT to cast your pod, wait until it fully submerges, then press cn_A or cn_RT again to reel it in. If you're lucky enough, you'll catch a fish. There are 41 different fish, what you can catch and where is heavily RNG based. There is an achievement for catching 20 different of them, it is up to you if you take a break once in a while for fishing or farm all of them when all the areas are unlocked. Please note that you can catch garbage and machines as well, these also count for the achievement.


After replaying the game three times, you’ll unlock the achievement shop. Here, you can buy the remaining achievements. Please do yourself a favour and enjoy the game, explore all the side quests, and discover the lore. In case you want to rush through, ignore this walkthrough and just concentrate on the main quests. After Route C, SAVE, go to the shop, and buy the achievements you need. Reload if you run out of G.


Difficulty does not affect achievements, if you want a balanced yet challenging game, pick normal.

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Chapter 01: Prologue

You won't be able to save for a while, so start the game only when you have some time.

Die as soon as you can by not shooting at the enemy and steering into the laser beam deliberately to get the ending broken [W]ings (E-W). Note: do this as soon as you have control, before you reach a checkpoint.

After reloading, play through the intro, which is pretty straightforward, giving you a taste of all of the different combat styles. You’ll come to a boss fight with a huge excavator. Keep dodging its attacks while constantly shooting at it. When done, continue again through the Factory. Just follow the path and destroy everything in your way. When you get out, you’ll face two excavator arms at the same time. The tactics are the same: keep shooting the arms and dodging the attacks. A Goliath will emerge; aim at its head and attack its arms after dashing. When 9S shows up, run up the Goliath and hop in your flight unit after the cutscene. Keep fighting to finish the prologue and unlock

Resuscitated Body

Stare into space from the Bunker.

Resuscitated Body
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will find yourself at the Bunker. If you didn’t do it yet, connect to the network. You’ll be guided through the game settings, then head to the Commander. Speak to her, then go to the Hangar. An aerial combat will begin. You can earn the following achievement with natural progression, or you can shoot the enemies, keep dying at the rotating enemies (Medium Flyer), and repeat until you unlock

Ruler of the Skies

255 enemies destroyed using a flight unit.

Ruler of the Skies
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Chapter 02: Resistance Camp

At the beginning of this chapter, you’ll earn

Vestiges of Prosperity

Arrive at the city ruins.

Vestiges of Prosperity
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You start with your Bare Fists (W-01), one weapon: Virtuous Contract (W-02), one pod: Pod A (P-A), and one pod program: R010: Laser (PP-01). Position the camera so that you can look under 2B’s skirt until she turns around ten times for

What Are You Doing?

2B's secret discovered 10 times.

What Are You Doing?
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Die and find your body (blue arrow on map), then retrieve it for

The Circle of Death

Have your body collected.

The Circle of Death
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCommunity

You will see bodies of other players scattered throughout the game. Keep retrieving them (you will need 100) for

Cherish Our Resources

Have 100 bodies collected.

Cherish Our Resources
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCommunityCumulative +

From the beginning of the game, try and save your money (G) until you gather 100.000. Spend a bit here and there if you must but focus on saving, until you unlock

Desire Without Emotion

At least 100,000 G in possession.

Desire Without Emotion
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative -

Use an Animal Bait (if you don’t have it, you can buy it at the camp) near a moose or a hog, then ride it with cn_B around the city. After a couple of minutes, you’ll get

Animal Rider

Any animal ridden for 5 kilometers.

Animal Rider
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Go to the resistance camp, then SAVE. Remove your OS chip to get the ending fa[T]al error (E-T). Reload and talk to the leader. Talk to the Weapons Trader, then do his fetch quest, The Weapon Dealer’s Request (S-01). You’ll have to go to the marked area and gather some Complex Gadget. Deliver them for

First Errand

Complete your first quest.

First Errand
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Talk to the Supply Trader to start The Supply Trader’s Request (S-02). Similar to the previous quest, go to the marker, kill the enemies, then return with the required items. This will open up for the plugin chip trade. The next achievement requires that you have 44 out of 55 different chips. Those with the same name with different numbers after them are counted as the same type. By natural progression, if you don’t sell any chips, around the end of Route A you should unlock

Chip Collector

80% of all plug-in chips collected.

Chip Collector
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Talk to Anemone at the Resistance Camp and agree to help her to start The Machine Surge main quest.

Chapter 03: Adam and Eve

You’ll be sent to the desert to clean it from machines. On your way, you’ll pass Desert: Camp Access Point with a trader, and a bit later you’ll meet Jackass, who will clear the way for you. Get to the marked areas and destroy all of the machines. You’ll have to chase one to the Housing Complex. After the Desert: Housing Complex Access Point, look for the red fire escape stairs on a building to the left. Go to the top to find Fang of the Twins (W-03). Follow the path until you arrive at an arena-like place. Adam is born, and a boss battle starts. Win this fight to earn

It's a Healthy Baby Boy!

Complete the desert area.

It's a Healthy Baby Boy!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Escape the place and return to the Resistance Camp. Talk to Anemone, and you’ll get access to your room. Keep visiting here for useful items. Leave the camp to initiate MIA main mission.

Chapter 04: Mad Songstress

Follow the marker, and descend to the sewers. Fish in the water to find Iron Pipe (W-04). You might want to wait with this RNG weapon until later. Go to the end, through a collapsed section, and climb the ladder. Here you’ll find a huge tree with chains around it, with Virtuous Dignity (W-05) inside it. Go back down and take the other ladder you passed earlier to arrive at Park Ruins. These machines won't attack you unless you harm them, so be nice and don't attack them. There are standard machines (white life bar, will retaliate) and friendly machines (blue life bar, won't retaliate). Explore the park and talk with every unique character to collect some unit data. Find the Access Point by going through a gate halfway up the stairs, then turning left and following the small alleyway. SAVE, then look out for friendly bots (they have a blue life bar). Kill 10 of them for

Wait! Don't Kill Me!

10 friendly machine lifeforms destroyed.

Wait! Don't Kill Me!
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

It's up to your conscience to reload or leave the machines destroyed (they might respawn later). From the Access Point, use the rockets as a platform to jump over to the other side. Fight the Goliath Tank, then go up to the rollercoaster platform. Jump on the rollercoaster and fight the machines on your way. After dropping down, you will fight the Opera Singer. Keep attacking her while avoiding her attacks. A mini hacking game will start at some point. Just destroy all of the black blocks to open up the ball for your attacks. At the next stage of the fight, shoot the bodies to avoid taking damage from them. When the Singer is defeated, leave the castle to find a friendly bot with a white flag. Agree to follow him, and he’ll lead you to Pascal’s Village. You will also get

We Await Your Next Visit

Complete the amusement park ruins.

We Await Your Next Visit
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 05: Excavated Land

When arriving in the village, SAVE. Talk to Pascal to start the Machine Request quest. Explore the village and talk with all the machines to unlock some Unit Data. Now we’ll do some side quests.

Talk to Big Sister Machine, and accept her quest Lost Girl (S-03). You can find her at the bottom of the tree, just take the ladder down from the Access Point. Back from the Access Point, take the ladder up, then keep to the right to find Jean-Paul, and accept his quest Jean-Paul’s Melancholy (S-04). Find the Machine with Makeup in the village and talk to her. Head back towards the Amusement Park, and when the game switches to sidescroller view, jump up on some platforms to find a treehouse and the Scientist Machine. Start his quest, Half-wit Inventor (S-05). Leave the Village, but take the right path at the fork, and move a block in the fence to open up a shortcut between Pascal’s Village and City Ruins: Near the Tower. Get back to the Resistance Camp, but don’t progress the main quest yet. Talk to the Resistance Member to start the quest Resistance Disappearance (S-06). Still at the camp, if you face Anemone, take a right towards the backyard of the camp. Climb the ladder and find the Manager who will give you The Manager’s Request (S-07).

Use the Access Point to get back to the Bunker, then SAVE. Self-destruct by holding cn_LS and cn_RS to get deb[U]nked (E-U). Find the Commander, then start the quest Improving Communications (S-08). At the Hangar, 16D will give you 11B’s Memento (S-09). Transport back to the Resistance Camp. From here, head out towards the Access Point, City Ruins: Near Factory. Not far from the Access Point, you'll see a collapsed highway with a rusty truck next to it. Jump up to the truck to reach the top. Follow the path to reach another Access Point, Factory: Entrance. Take the stairs and go towards the water. Close to the edge, next to your own body (where you died in the intro) you’ll find Virtuous Treaty (W-06). Turn around, go up the stairs, and enter the Factory where you have multiple ways to reach 11B's body. The following circle is optional but recommended for easy G and loot.

Cross the huge silo and go down until you find an opening at the railing. From here, you can jump over to a crane. Cross it and follow the railing. Activate the ladder so that you’ll have a shortcut. Use the machine next to you and jump over another crane. From the top of it, aim the bridge hanging in the air and shoot it to make another shortcut. Find the body at the Factory together with 11B’s Escape Plan (A-01). The body is where you fought the excavator arm at the beginning of the game. Delivering the belongings will reward you with YoRHa-issue Blade (W-07).

Now head to the Desert. Talk to Jackass to activate Jackass’s Research (S-10). You might not be able to finish it right away, but don’t worry about it. Talk to Machine in Love at the Desert Housing Complex area, then look for the missing girl in the desert. After finding her, escort her to the edge of the desert. Go to Park Ruins, find the Music Box for the Manager, talk to Machine with a Dream, then head to Pascal’s Village. You'll get a reward for finding the lost girl and give presents from the fans to Jean Paul. Talk with the fan at the Village before you leave.

Go to City Ruins: Near the Tower and collect the parts for Improving Communications. Get back to the Manager at the Camp and deliver the Music Box. He will open the gate so you can progress Resistance Disappearance. Go back to the Desert to find the killer, and take a trip to the Housing Complex too to speak with Jean Paul’s fan again. On your way back through City Ruins: Center, look for a quest marker on the top of the roof. Get to the top of the neighboring building (with the boxes on top), and from there use the cn_A,cn_A,cn_A+cn_RB,cn_RT combo to dash over. Fight Father Servo, then accept his quest Robo Dojo – White Belt (S-11). Immediately after jumping off the building, you can return here to get Robo Dojo – Brown Belt (S-12). There are three more quests here, but we’ll get back after some levelling up.

Next target is Resistance Camp again. Talk to the client to finish Resistance Disappearance. Continue the story mission Machine Request by delivering the fuel filter to Anemone. Talk to her again to finish Improving Communications as well. Get back to the Village through Park Ruins, taking a detour to the last fan. In the village, talk to Jean-Paul to finish his quest. At this point, you should’ve done everything, so only Jackass’s Research (needs some levelling/upgrade) and Half-wit Inventor (needs more money) are in your Active Quests.

Find Pascal to finish the Machine Trade quest. This will trigger a Goliath attack. SAVE. Take the path back to Park Ruins to earn a mountain too [H]igh (E-H). Run back to the first building where you landed at the beginning. You’ll find yourself in a boss battle with a Goliath. After some fighting, enter your flight unit for more aerial fighting. After winning the battle, more side quest opens up, but now we’ll progress the main story just enough to unlock fast travel. Pick up Flooded City Recon and continue to the hole at City Ruins. Fight the Linked-sphere Types by attacking their glowing parts, then descend into the caves. Following the quest marker, you’ll trigger a fight with Eve, Mortal Kombat style.

Creation and Insurrection

Complete the alien ship.

Creation and Insurrection
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

When done, go back the same way you came from to meet Jackass again. Now, fast travel will be opened up between all the activated Access Points, making completing side quests much faster.

Go to the defeated Goliath in City Ruins, and walk upon the rubble in front of its head. 9S will try and repair it, initiating Machine Examination 1 (S-13). Transport to Desert: Camp and find the Pristine Screw at the marker. Returning with it and repairing the Goliath finishes the quest, rewarding you with Engels 110-B Record 0005 (A-02), and starts Machine Examination 2 (S-14). Follow again the quest markers to gather the necessary parts. In case you miss the Large Gear, transport to City Ruins: Near Tower and fight the Goliath Biped again.

Return with the parts to progress the quest and unlock Engels 110-B Record 0010 (A-03). To finish the quest, you’ll need to come back and talk to him more. You can either stop by between other quests or progress until Chapter 07’s Resupply mission, then talk to him, save, reload, and repeat until you finish the quest. Doing either method will reward you with some cool chips and Engels 110-B Record 0020 (A-04).

Talk to the Resistance Member in City Ruins: Center to start Retrieve the Confidential Intel (S-15). After retrieving and returning the chips, go to Desert: Center and pick up Pod C (P-C), together with the program, A130: Bomb (PP-02) OR A140: Gravity (PP-03), then head to Desert: Housing Complex to progress Retrieve the Confidential Intel. Back at City Ruins, talk to High-speed Machine to start Speed Star (S-16).

If you fail one of these races, the marker might disappear. Saving then reloading the game should fix this issue.

Make a chip set with Evade Range Up and Moving Speed Up chips. Have some Speed Salve ready. With a bit of practice, all three races are doable. Also, read your mails to pick up YoRHa Betrayers (S-17) and Mysterious Letter (S-DLC1) - DLC, this doesn’t count. You’ll need to chase down some deserters. After defeating them, return to the camp. Your reward will be the Type-40 Lance (W-08).

Read your mail again and talk to Anemone to finish Retrieve the Confidential Intel. You’ll get the pod program A140: Gravity (PP-03) OR A130: Bomb (PP-02). Talk to the Resistance Member to trigger Photographs (S-18). Go back to the Storage area and talk to another Resistance Member to get Sorting Trouble (S-19). Do the puzzle to finish the quest.

Push the box on the left all the way to the top. Next, push the upper right box to the right, and the bottom right box to the bottom. Pick up everything, then go out and talk to the Resistance Member.

Continue your way to Park Ruins to meet Machine Receptionist to start Stamp Collecting (S-20). During this quest, at the castle, you’ll find the first coordinate for the Photographs quest.

- right at the entrance, at the feet of the statue
- go up the stairs, and take a right, then talk to the Crying Machine at the stairs
- go up the stairs near the Back Entrance Machine and talk to Creepy Machine on the left
- follow the road toward Attraction Square and find the next stamp at the base of the rocket attraction
- continue by jumping through the rockets to the next area where you met the Goliath Tank before, run up the stairs to the rollercoaster platform to find the next one
- backtrack to the main stairs leading to the castle, then take a left at the top to find Angry Machine and the next stamp
- back again at the top of the main stairs, find Revved-up Machine
- get the next stamp from the Laughing Machine at the bridge in front of the castle
- enter the castle and take a right before entering the main hall. Take the elevator down and prepare for a fight. After the ambush try to get to one of the sides by jumping over the machines and keep shooting them and jumping over the other side until all of them are down
- go back to the main hall and watch the performance and get your last stamp from the Receptionist

Get back to Park entrance to finish the quest. Continue to Pascal’s Village to meet Mother Machine. Family Squabble (S-21) will start. Escort the Child back from the City Ruins to finish the quest.

Take a trip to the desert, and on your way do Jackass’s fights. If you have trouble, do a setup with only attack chips. Follow the Photographs quest marker. If you get stuck in a desert storm, try to get around it from the right side. Record the second coordinate at the oasis by standing at the lake’s shore, with the ruins at your back.

Chapter 06: King of the Forest

Transport up to the Bunker. After the cutscene, read your mail, and get back to the Desert Camp. Talk to Jackass to receive a Mackerel. SAVE. Eat the Mackerel to get the ending aji wo [K]utta (E-K). Talk to Jackass again to finish Jackass’s Research. Transport to Pascal’s Village and progress the Machine Recon mission. You’ll be heading to the Forest Kingdom. Cross the bridge and enter the shopping mall. After some fight, go through the hole, then activate the Forest Zone: Center Access Point.

Now that all of the necessary areas are opened up and fast travel is available, it's time to go fishing. You can start fishing next to any body of water by holding cn_B. Use cn_A or cn_RT to cast your pod, wait until it fully submerges, then press cn_A or cn_RT again to reel it in. If you're lucky enough, you'll catch a fish. There are 41 different fish and you’ll need to catch 20 kinds of them. The fishing is RNG based, so instead of having specified what to catch, just go and fish at the following places:

- at the pond front of the Resistance Camp
- in the sewers between City Ruins and Park Ruins
- at the bridge in Park Ruins, front of the castle
- at the rivers of the Forest Zone
- at Desert: Oil Field
- at Flooded City, towards the open water and near the rocket, next to the waterfall

Rotate between these places or just stop by when you are near them, and after the 20th fish, you’ll earn

A Round by the Pond

20 different kinds of fish caught.

A Round by the Pond
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Back at the Forest Zone, get down to the base of the waterfall to record the third coordinate for Photographs. Finish the quest before continuing. In the Forest Zone, look for two rivers running down into the valley. Find the one closer to the bridge leading towards the Castle. From this waterfall, head back and upwards to the other waterfall, jumping from cliff to cliff. You should end up near the big waterfall where you found the coordinate for Photographs, but up on the cliffs. Look for a chained tree with Virtuous Grief (W-09) in it.

The next target is the quest marker not far from Forest Zone: Center. Fight the Animal-loving Machine until he surrenders, and choose to spare the animals. If you cannot trigger the quest here, save and reload, then came back again and start Animal Care (S-22). Head back to the shopping mall ruin and find the Medical Journal. Return with it to finish the quest. Continue towards the mission marker until you reach a square with a big wooden gate and some columns. Look for the one column leaning up against another. Climb up here, then do a long jump combo cn_A,cn_RT,cn_A to reach the top of the gate. From here, double jump over the next two columns and do a long jump again to the next gate. Repeat this once more to reach the chest with the weapon Cypress Stick (W-10).

Continue the main story mission The Forest Kingdom until you reach the Forest Castle: Royal Chamber Access Point. From there, go back to the right, drop down, then pull out the box by holding cn_B+cn_RSr to access the Castle Blacksmith. This is the only place where you can upgrade a weapon to level 4, but you probably won’t have enough resources at this point. You can check back later, but we will visit again in Route B. Jump up on the box and continue. A2 shows up, and you’ll have to fight her. When done, jump out to the courtyard to unlock

The Mechanical Kingdom

Complete the forest castle.

The Mechanical Kingdom
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 07: Lost Child

Head back and you’ll meet some machines who open up the gate for you, making a shortcut towards Pascal’s Village. Just behind the gate, talk to Weird-talking Machine. Treasure Hunt at the Castle (S-23) starts. Next target is the Castle again. After the game shifts to sidescroller view, the first chest is at the end of the first building. You have to run up a tree and out to the balcony on the right to get it.

After fighting the Linked-sphere Type, continue across the next two rooms, follow around the corridor, climb up the ladder, and go and jump around counter-clockwise until you reach the next chest. Now, continue and fight the second Linked-sphere Type, then drop down to where the Castle Blacksmith works. From there, jump over to the right then jump over the gap again to find the final chest. Backtrack again to the library and find the stairs you climbed towards the second chest, but now climb down on the ladder next to it, and take the next one as well. Take the exit to arrive at a gigantic door.

There is a mini-boss fight here. Try to get the machine between 9S and you, and attack from behind. Pick up your last item along with Letter to the Forest King (A-05), then report back to the Weird-talking Machine.

SAVE at the village then kill all the machines. Check all the huts, down at the bottom of the tree, and all the way around. Don’t go far from the tree as some machines might respawn. After done, you’ll unlock the ending [N]o man's village (E-N). Finish Report on A2 by talking to Pascal, then transport to the Resistance Camp.

At this point, Emil’s Item Shop should spawn on the map. There are three possible spawn points: Desert: Camp, Ruined City: Near the Factory and Resistance Camp. The latter has different items to buy, and all three spots could have two different kinds of lists. You can only buy weapons at the Camp. Shoot the car to stop him. Buy or sell something for

Come Take a Look!

Emil's shop used for the first time.

Come Take a Look!
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

If you are lucky enough to find him around the Camp with the selection of weapons and you have enough funds to buy them, do it, else don’t worry much.

POINT OF NO RETURN. Starting Missile Supply Mission and going to the Flooded City can cause some quest to fail. You can get them on the second playthrough or later in chapter select.

Talk to Anemone to start the Missile Supply Mission main quest, and once more to trigger Camp Development (S-24). Follow the marker, clear the area, then report back to finish this quest and start Anemone’s Past (S-25). Transport to Factory, and pick up the data chips marked on your map. All of them are easy to spot, lying next to a machine. Report back at Resistance Camp to finish, but expect an ambush on your way out. Completing this quest rewards you with Powerup Part S. Back at the Forest Zone camp, which you cleared the path for in Camp Development, talk to Resistance Supply Trader to start Culinary Researcher (S-26). You can find both animals around the Forest Zone: Center Access Point.

At this point, when you are in City Ruins, Operator 6O should contact you asking for help in Investigating Communications (S-27). Head to City Ruins: Cave, clear the machines around it, and finally interact with the Access Point to finish it. Now, get back to Father Servo and activate Robo Dojo – Black Belt (S-28). After winning, you should have the necessary items to deliver them to Father Servo and finish the quest, if not, follow the map markers to get the last pieces.

You should get a call again from Operator 6O when in City Ruins, starting Terminal Repairs (S-29). Not long after this, when you’re at the camp, you should get a mail, again from Operator 6O, starting the quest Find a Present (S-30). If you already found the Desert Rose before, the quest is automatically completed. If not, follow the marker and pick one up. Reading your mails again concludes the quest and rewards you with the Type-40 Sword (W-11). If you didn’t finish yet, do Half-wit Inventor – you should have enough money to complete the quest.

At this point you should’ve finished all your open side quests beside Mysterious Letter (DLC, optional), and your Cleared Quests should be around 45%. If you have trouble with some enemies, don’t worry – you will have another chance on Route B. You should have also earned the achievement for the 100 bodies by now.

Time to continue the story and continue with Missile Supply Mission. Following the marker, cross the sewer system to find Flooded City: Coast. SAVE. When you get to the point, where the bridge takes a sharp right, hop on to the rusty beam at the open water and fish. With some luck, you should catch Pod B (P-B) and unlock

Pod Hunter

All Pods found.

Pod Hunter
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Fight through the piers and enter your flight units. Prepare for some aerial fight, followed by an epic boss battle. The tactics are simple: use cn_Y and cn_LT to destroy and evade the orbs, and shoot everything that moves.

Ruler of the Deep

Complete the flooded city.

Ruler of the Deep
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 08: Copied City

You start without 9S, on 9S MIA mission at the Flooded City. Get back to the Resistance Camp, and talk to Anemone. Talk to the twins to get the pod program A170: Scanner (PP-04). Equip it, then hold cn_LB to get feedback about hidden items. The more frequent the beeps, the closer you are. You can find two items at the Camp, and a couple more at the Bunker. Keep using it until you find ten hidden items, but don’t worry too much, there will be a quest later on to get some of these. Either way, after finding ten items you’ll unlock

Harvest King

Materials gathered at a hidden harvest point 10 times.

Harvest King
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The main quest might bug here, only letting you know to find YoRHa units, without a marker. Transport back to the Flooded City, where you started the chapter. Stand on the bridge coming from the city on the right side, facing the defeated boss. On your right, you will find your first YoRHa unit. Use the scanner to discover it. Turn right following the bridge, then drop down on the right after passing the school bus on your left. Right next to her is a weapon; scan the weapon to discover Iron Will (W-12). The next one is at the bottom of the building submerged in the water. The final one is at the last platform where you took your flight units, leaning against the bus. Talk to her, and this will progress the quest.

Transport back to City Ruins: Cave, then SAVE. Enter the cave, then take a right towards the elevator. After riding the elevator, you will arrive at the Copied City. Explore it before starting a boss fight with Adam. After defeating him, walk away from 9S to earn no [I] in team (E-I), or replay this sequence in Chapter Select 08-01_2 to avoid redoing too much.

Those Who Love Humans

Complete the copied city.

Those Who Love Humans
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Collect all of the bodies for some loot before going to 9S. You’ll be back at the Resistance Camp. Read your mails.

Chapter 09: Deranged Religion

Olive Branch starts. Transport to Factory: Entrance, SAVE, then meet up with Pascal. Enter the building and attack a machine for bad [J]udgement (E-J). Reload, then talk to the Priest. Follow him to the elevator, then prepare for some fight after the cutscene. When prompted, escape with another elevator. On your way, look out for a marker that leads you to Factory: Hangar Access Point.

From here on, the route is quite simple, until you reach an elevator. You can activate this to get back down to the previous Access Point, where a Goliath Biped will wait for you. Continue back up, and follow the path until you activate Factory: Furnace Access Point. Take the last elevator, and destroy the multi-legged Goliath. Run around until 9S disables the shield,then jump over the fiery rings and concentrate on the explosive machines when they got released. Finish off the Goliath with a melee weapon. Leave the Factory for another cutscene and unlock

Iron Soul

Complete the abandoned factory.

Iron Soul
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 10: Loss

Weird Machines starts. Get back to Resistance Camp, and don’t mind the machines as they keep spawning. SAVE before entering, then leave right after the Camp attack cutscene (against B2’s warning). You’ll get the ending [L]one wolf (E-L).

Reload and clear the Camp, then fight a Multi-legged Goliath outside of the camp. Next up: Spherical Machine. Follow the marker for more fighting until you are pointed to the hole in the middle of City Ruins. Prepare for a fight with Eve.

Start by damaging him until you see some flying platforms. Jump up on these to reach him again. When it looks like you're about to win, he will recharge his life. Now you have to hold out until 9S hacks him. After that, keep damaging him while dodging the energy balls. After some progress, your system starts to fail and you can only use ranged weapons. Keep fighting and watch the final cutscene. You’ll receive the ending flowers for m[A]chines (E-A) and

One Battle Ends

Achieve ending A.

One Battle Ends
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Congratulations on finishing route A. You will get a message, then you’ll be prompted to save. Do that, then select Continue and load up your save. You’ll start Route B, playing through the first 10 chapters from 9S’s point of view.

Image 4

Chapter 01: Prologue

Just as with Route A, you won’t be able to save for a while.

After you regain control, get the bucket and fill it up. Get back to your brother without spilling the oil. After the cutscene, go with 9S to the end of the railings, then jump up to the crane behind the box. Hold right to get ending hun[G]ry for knowledge (E-G). Start again, then jump down immediately to your flight unit. After some aerial fight, you’ll be prompted to hack. Find an enemy and hold cn_Y. This initiates the hacking mini-game.

Move: cn_LS
Aim: cn_RS
Shoot: cn_RB

You need to destroy the black ball before the timer runs out. This will unlock

Fighting's Not My Thing

Play your first hacking game.

Fighting's Not My Thing
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Do this 100 times throughout the game and you’ll get

A Scanner's Power

100 machine lifeforms destroyed by hacking.

A Scanner's Power
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs Required

This will come naturally, but you can grind it in the prologue if you wish. Hack the four targets then continue with the aerial fight sequence. You’ll get a checkpoint at the tunnel, but don’t quit, as it is only temporary. If you run into difficulties, roll out of danger with cn_LT and use your sword with cn_X to destroy the purple balls. Engels will wait for you, hack all the targets again to finish the boss battle. After the cutscene, you’ll need to restart yourself, hack the visual and audio points to get a cutscene.

If you let the timer run out, you’ll get the ending mission [F]ailed (E-F). You can also do it by Chapter Select 01-03_2 later to avoid replaying too much. Once back in control, you have to use your pod to protect 9S, then hack and fight again. After the cutscene, the Reboot story mission starts and you’ll find yourself at the Bunker. You can SAVE again at an Access Point, where a new feature: Arcade is unlocked. Here, you can play Challenge Mode to farm rewards. Go to 2B’s room and hack her, then go to the Commander and talk to her. Finally, go to the Hangar and enter your flight unit.

Chapter 02: Resistance Camp

After you landed on the roofs, you'll find a locked chest. Hack it to get Phoenix Sword (W-13) You should also have 9S’ default weapon, Cruel Oath (W-14). Hold down cn_LS and cn_RS until the timer runs out. This should blow your pants off. If you wouldn’t self-destruct, check the setting under: System-Settings-Other-Self-Destruct. Play without pants for an hour for

Not That I Mind...

1 hour played with 9S in a certain state.

Not That I Mind...
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs Required

Remember to remove the pants after loading, transporting, or cutscenes. You can also remove the pants without side effects using the Dress Module, which you can buy later from Emil.
If you hack a machine without that noticing 9S, you’ll have three choices. Pick Remote Control, then use the machine to kill other machines. Alternatively, you could take the Underground Colosseum in Forest Zone where you can get the kills without the hacking. Please consult the DLC section for further info. No matter which path you choose, kill 50 machines with another machine to earn

Machines vs. Machines

50 machine lifeforms destroyed by remote control.

Machines vs. Machines
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs Required

Jump down and SAVE at City Ruins: Near Factory Access Point. Not far from here, there is a rusty truck next to the bridge. Hack the chest next to it to get Paper Attached to Vehicle (A-06). Head to the Camp and reactivate Resistance Camp Access Point. Hack the chest next to it for a weapon, Type-40 Fists (W-15). Talk to Anemone, and talk again to the Supply Trader for a quick repeat of his quest (you’ll probably have all the materials already in your inventory). Talk to the Weapons Trader to restart his quest too, then talk to the Strange Resistance Woman as well.

Only these two side quest must be repeated, as they are part of a tutorial. Anything else you finished on Route A, stays completed.

Follow the marker to gather the parts for the Weapons Trader if you don’t have them already. Return with them to him, and talk to him once more to finish the quest. Talk to Anemone once again to start The Machine Surge, and head out to the desert.

Chapter 03: Adam and Eve

Jackass will blow up the gate, so you can clear out the desert. While following the last machine to Desert: Housing Complex, look for a big, round and flat rock with a hackable chest in a small depression. The chest contains Project Gestalt Report 8 (A-07). The easiest if you draw a line between the exits toward City Ruins and Housing Complex, and it will be on your right a bit after halfway toward the Housing Complex exit. When entering Housing Complex, take the right entrance and look for a hackable chest on the right, with Mysterious Lithograph 1 (A-08) in it. Now pass the Access Point and head over where Jean-Paul’s fan is located. Next to her is a hackable chest with Bulletin Record (A-09). Now continue to fight Adam again and escape.

This area is good for farming and fun with its infinite respawn of machines, just remember to SAVE before revisiting.

Now, return back to the Resistance Camp. You get your apartment again, remember to visit often for free items.

Chapter 04: Mad Songstress

MIA starts, leading you to Park Ruins. Hack the chest at the rocket attraction for an archive, Tattered Pamphlet (A-10). Continue to the Goliath Tank, and just next to the platform on the ground level, there’s another chest that has the archive Filthy Lottery Ticket (A-11). Take the rollercoaster and jump down at the end to fight the Simone again. Alternate between shooting her head and legs, and use your sword if you are surrounded with purple balls. When the androids show up, dash around and shoot them. Jump over the fiery rings to avoid damage. When prompted for hacking, do it. Use the orange block to your advantage and take down everything to be able to damage the black ball. Soon, Simone will be defeated.

Before leaving the building, look for a chest on the left for an easy 10.000 G. From here, go back next to the stairs and take the elevator down. Find the Game Creator Machine next to a bunch of TVs. Accept Game Dev Machine Lv.1 (S-31). Go around the stack of TVs to find Demon’s Cry (W-16) in a hackable chest.

Head out to the park entrance, SAVE on your way and find an angry machine. Try to lead it away from the others and hack it for a possible drop of Tri-color Cable. You could try to kill other machines or reload your save if you did not get the item. Return it to the Game Creator Machine. Accept to play his game and debug it by hugging the left wall. This concludes the quest and initiates Game Dev Machine Lv.2 (S-32) We will continue this one later. Go up and out again and cross the bridge. Meet the machine carrying the white flag and agree to follow him.

Chapter 05: Excavated Land

After arriving to Pascal’s Village, talk to Pascal twice to start Machine Request. Head back to the Camp, but choose the right fork on your way back so you can push the box for a shortcut between City Ruins: Near the Tower and Pascal’s Village. Deliver the package to Anemone, and Machine Trade will start.

Head back to the village and find Pascal, but don’t talk to him yet. Run to the right from him until you see a ladder. Climb up and talk to the Normal Machine to start The Recluse (S-33). Hack the door to finish the quest. While here, talk to the deserter Resistance Members at the bottom of the tree and start The Wandering Couple (S-34). Now, deliver the oil to Pascal to start Assault. Head back to the building where you first landed with your flight units, and a boss battle with a Goliath will start.

Use dash to avoid damage while constantly shooting at the Goliath. Continue with your flight unit and fight against Engels. After the cutscene, jump down to Ruined City: Caves and hack the chest for some loot. Run through the caves to meet Adam and Eve. Fight Adam, then head back to meet Jackass at the exit.

Fast travel will be enabled from this point.

Chapter 06: King of the Forest

Now, it is time again for some side quests. Climb up the ladder, then get to the top of the highway, just on your right. You can use some roots to get up there. Look out for the Wise Machine looking over the hole in City Ruins. Hack him to learn his thoughts. Next up, head to the nearest marker and talk to the Active Machine to start Parade Escort (S-35). Set B2 to aggressive, and try to keep ahead to fight everyone in your way as quickly as possible. If you have problems, you can come back later when you have a higher level.

Not far from here, another Wise Machine looks down from a building, marked on your map. Hack him too. The next target is the tall, ruined building where you had a fight with a Goliath recently. Find the elevator shaft, go down, and hack the chest for more loot. Climb back up, then go up two sets of stairs to find a Resistance Member. Talk to her to start Amnesia (S-36). Hack her pod to extract an image.

Now, give a visit to Father Servo for another quest, namely Robo Dojo – Red and White Belt (S-37). Prepare for the fight by equipping attack modifier chips and setting B2’s fight style as aggressive. Just dash away from him, and use B2 as tank. Father Servo is level 50 now but will go down eventually. Again, you should already have all the required materials. If not, follow the markers to find them. Delivering them will finish this quest. Right after this, you can do Robo Dojo – Red Belt (S-38). Father Servo is level 60 now. Use the same tactic as before, and eventually speed up the process with Ranged Attack Up consumables. He will pull a cheap trick on you, so fight him once more until his final defeat. You will be awarded the Powerup Part S, which is necessary for upgrading your pods.

From the building you used to reach Father Servo, look to the left (if you are facing Servo’s building) to see a hackable chest across the street. Use the cn_A, cn_RT, cn_RB+cn_A, cn_RT combo to reach there. Hack the chest for Ragged DVD (A-12). At this time, you should also see two Gold Goliath Biped and a smaller gold machine not far from here. They may seem indestructible, but they actually go down quite easily with hacking. Do so and make sure you pick up another Powerup Part S, as this is a one-time opportunity. Check back on the machine to finish Parade Escort. Now, climb up the tall radio tower near the City Ruins: Near the Tower Access Point to hack the last Wise Machine. You’ll find a powerful chip where he jumped.

Sometimes the Wise Machine is not spawning, even though the marker is there. SAVE and reload to get them to spawn. Quest markers might show up again later on chapter select.

Head over to Pascal’s Village and talk to the Overprotective Machine to initiate The Recluse Stays Home (S-39). Hack the door again to finish the quest. Further right from the Overprotective Machine, jump up on the platforms to meet Friend Machine and start the quest Idiot Savant (S-41). Hack the Weird Machine for some nice rewards. The hack might seem like a challenge, but with practice, it shouldn’t be too hard. Concentrate on one ball at a time, especially those with the most purple balls. From here, take the ladder down for another hackable chest for an easy 10.000 G.

Talk to Pascal too, to start Data on the Old World (S-40). You can give him any pieces of Old World Information for G, but to finish the quest you’ll need to deliver the Nuclear Arms Manual. Not far from the last Wise Machine, in the direction of the hole, there is a building surrounded by roots. Enter the building then head down the stairs to find Nuclear Arms Manual (A-13). It is up to you whom you side with in this quest.

Transport to Resistance Camp, and go to the right where the camera switches to side-scroller view. Climb up the ladder and talk to the red-hooded Resistance Member. Transport up to the Bunker, and find Operator 21O at Command to start Data Analysis Freak (S-42). Transport to Factory: Entrance. Go up the stairs to find the Elaborate Gadget in the corner. Continue into the factory, towards the red area, and find the Four-color Cable on one of the machines. When you get to an area with top down view, and two rows of machines shooting at you, clear the area and go to the right to find a hidden area. Clear this place too and access the terminal. Hack the chest too for some loot. Push further right until you arrive outside.

Head back to the factory, but take the other way in. You will initiate a call with Operator 21O. Continue until you see some stairs with some rubble under it. Jumping over the railing from the stairs, you’ll find a hackable chest on the right. Hack it for the archive Factory Cafeteria Sign (A-14). Time to leave the factory. Read your mail to conclude Data Analysis Freak. Transport to Park Ruins, and deliver the Four-colored Cable. Agree to play and debug the game by destroying one of the black columns. Game Dev Machine Lv.3 (S-43) starts. If you didn’t get an email called Operator 21O: Request, transport to the Resistance Camp and walk out to trigger a call from Operator 21O and the aforementioned mail. Data Analysis Freak 2 (S-44) starts.

Transport to Desert: Camp and talk to the Resistance Member. Follow the marker to the center of the next area. Go into the cave in the rock standing in the middle, then drop down in the hole. Look for a hackable gate at the center-top section of the map. You can find the weapon, Cruel Blood Oath (W-17) behind it. From here, stick to the upper right path to find Jackass.

Exit the caves and go to the nearby building to acquire the Five-colored Cable. Transport to Desert: Center. Follow the marker to find the Resistance Researcher. Heritage of the Past (S-45) starts. From here, go directly towards Desert: Center. You’ll see some ruins on your left, go there and use the scanner to find the Aged Stick. Continue in a straight line towards Desert: Housing Complex Access Point, and your scanner should react in the middle of a group of machines. You will find Commandment Slab together with Mysterious Lithograph 2 (A-15). Again, continue in a straight line towards the same Access Point.

When you reach the cliffs, take a left. The third relic, Filthy Mask, is next to a standing stone close to the cliffs. Before returning, open up your map. Identify the following points: exit towards Housing Complex, exit towards Desert: Camp and Desert: Center Access Point. Now draw a Y between these three points. Where the three lines meet, scan for Phoenix Lance (W-18).

Now, deliver the artifacts, then SAVE. You can either trigger the fight now or come back later. The Statue of a Girl is behind the Researcher, towards the edge. Look for some old house ruins. This will trigger some tricky fights, but nothing a little bit of hacking cannot solve. While here, take a quick detour to the oasis, where you found a coordinate for Photographs earlier. Hack the chest by the YoRHa unit for Mysterious Lithograph 3 (A-16). Return with the last relic to the Researcher to receive Spear of the Usurper (W-19).

Next goal is Desert: Housing Complex. Find the Accounting Book by hugging the left wall in the first area. Next one is the Broken Toy just across the street, on the right side. The last one, Small Shoe is on the road right under some road signs. Have a talk with your operator, then read her mail to receive the weapon Type-40 Blade (W-20) and a pod program, A110: Slow (PP-05).

Transport to City Ruins: Near Factory to finish up Amnesia. Talk to the Resistance Member, then hack her pod to finish the quest, and obtain one more pod program, A090: Wire (PP-06). Now deliver the Five-colored cable at Park Ruins. Play the game and debug it once again by shooting the black objects. Head back to Pascal’s Village, and give the Elaborate Gadget to the couple. Since we are here, go back again to the Overprotective Machine to start The Permanent Recluse (S-46). Talk to Pascal three times to start The Forest Kingdom. Leave the Village to update The Wandering Couple quest.

Transport to Flooded City: Coast, and hack the chest right next to the Access Point. Continue towards the ocean to meet the couple again. They’ll ask for 50.000 G, give it to them. If you go further, you’ll meet the golden machine’s brother. Hack them to finish them off. Even further, you'll find a yellow bus. From there, there are three submerged houses, and a fourth much further, next to a waterfall.

From house number three, make a cn_A, cn_A, cn_A+cn_RB, cn_A (hold) combo to reach the building. Find a hackable chest here for the archive Newspaper Scrap (A-17) and Type-3 Lance (W-21) in a normal chest on the top of the building. Transport to Desert: Housing Complex and head out towards the desert to find the third golden sibling escorted by a golden tank. Fight them to finish this unmarked quest and get some unit data.

Transport back to the Flooded City to progress the couple’s quest and find the male Resistance Member not far from their last location. Transport to Park Ruins to find the female under a tree. She’ll need a Memory Alloy, which you should already have from one of your previous quests. Pascal will show up and repair her. After some talk, you’ll be rewarded with the pod program A080: Wave (PP-07).

Get to the marker at the shopping mall, but before entering look on your right for a hackable chest for the archive Department Store Flyer (A-18). Upon entering the Forest Zone, look for a marker somewhere between Pascal’s Village and Forest Zone: Center. If you tilt the map, you can see it is deep down. Starting from the Forest Zone Access Point, follow the water until you reach a huge waterfall. From here, look for a narrow path on your right, which you can use to descend to this marker. On your way down, hack the chest for Powerup Part M, which you’ll need for upgrading your pods. Talk to Canyon Machine and spare him.

Start the quest Lord of the Valley (S-47). Go down the valley and look for a standard chest for the weapon Phoenix Dagger (W-22), and a hackable chest for the archive Weapon Shop Flyer (A-19). The Goliath Biped is at level 50 but hacking should make him an easy opponent. Report back to the Canyon Machine. Find the Animal-loving Machine again to start Turf War (S-48). Your goal is to eliminate a bunch of high-level animals. You can cheese the fight by standing on the fallen tree. Finishing these (or any other) 48 side quests should put you on 80% for

The Mercenary

80% of all quests completed.

The Mercenary
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMultiple Playthroughs Required

Return when you are done to finish the quest and receive the archive Record of a Bestial Machine (A-20). Next, head to the castle, but before crossing the first bridge from the Forest Zone, look for some stone stairs. Follow them to the top to reach some big trees at the ledge before the water. Look to the right between the roots to find Strange Doll (A-21). Now, continue towards the castle, but before entering, look for a hackable chest at the courtyard, left from the entrance for the archive Rotten Info Sheet (A-22). Continue through the castle and visit the blacksmith Masamune again, and upgrade one of your weapons if you didn’t already for

Tools of the Trade

Any weapon upgraded to the highest level.

Tools of the Trade
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

He will also give you the weapon Cruel Lament (W-23) for upgrading a weapon to level 4. If he doesn’t offer it, save and load again, or just return later. At this point, you either already bought or should have enough money for Machine Sword (W-24), Machine Axe (W-25), and Machine Spear (W-26). Continue on your quest and fight A2.

Chapter 07: Lost Child

Transport back to Pascal’s Village and talk to Pascal, then transport to the Resistance Camp. Check out the Weapons Trader and the Maintenance Shop Owner. At this point, you either already bought or should have enough money for the following weapons: Beastbane (W-27), Ancient Overlord (W-28), and Beastlord (W-29). You should also buy all the available pod programs: R020: Mirage (PP-08), R030: Hammer (PP-09), R040: Blade (PP-10), R050: Spear (PP-11), A060: P Shield (PP-12), and R070: M Shield (PP-13). You can also buy here Sound Data 2 for your Jukebox, you’ll unlock one for each of the routes.

Emil should pop up again, shoot him to stop him for a talk. Go to the shopping mall ruins, and find a Lunar Tear to meet Emil again. Emil’s Memories (S-49) will start. Note that it is advisable to finish this before continuing the story as progression might fail this quest, so let’s collect some Lunar Tears. Find the first one at the Forest Zone, in a cave at the marker. Just follow the water around the rock to find the entrance. While here, pick up Dragoon Lance (W-30) as well.

Next: Park Ruins. The flower is under the stairs, in the corner. Now transport to Desert: Camp. When there, don’t mind the marker, but stick to the right wall until you get to an opening. From here, descend to the caves. Find the bottom left exit, which looks like a U-turn. Another hackable chest awaits, containing the archive Project Gestalt Report 6 (A-23). Continue up, then cross with two long jumps towards the marked area to get to the flower and one more archive, Mysterious Lithograph 4 (A-24). To get the last flower, head to Flooded City: Coast and find the flower at the end of the pier. Emil will show up and give you the Elevator Key. Head back to the shopping mall and take the elevator down. After the cutscene, you’ll unlock

Lunar Tear

The place of memories has been visited.

Lunar Tear
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Look behind the tent for a hackable chest, containing the archive Project Gestalt Report 10 (A-25). Look across the tent for some easy loot as well. If you didn’t buy the weapons from him yet, now it’s the time. Transport to the Resistance Camp and SAVE. Reload this save until he spawns at the Camp. I had the chip selection many times, but eventually, you’ll get the weapons too. Another way to get him at the right place is crossing the bridge between the tower and the shopping mall. Reaching the shopping mall despawns him and walking back towards City Ruins will respawn him again. When you got the right selection, buy Type-3 Fists (W-31) and Angel’s Folly (W-32). You could also buy the Dress Module, which you can use (not equip) to remove the pants for the Not That I Mind… achievement.

Now you should’ve concluded all your side quests (minus the DLC). There is still chapter select, but only after finishing your third playthrough.

Talk to Anemone to start Missile Supply Mission, then head to the Flooded City, fight through the piers and enter your flight unit to start the boss battle. Shoot everything that moves until you reach the huge cannon at the shore. Hack it twice, then do a bit more aerial fight to finish the boss off.

Chapter 08: Copied City

You’ll find yourself in a labyrinth. Find five white squares and hold cn_Y on them to progress this sequence.

Chapter 09: Deranged Religion

Interact with the white squares to get access to the server. From there, take to the right to find another server node. Hold cn_Y to get the archive YoRHa Body Storage Records (A-26). Continue to the right to find the next archive, Shipping Records (A-27). This will open a new port. Again, continue to the right for yet another archive, Council/YoRHa Records (A-28).
After you are back on your feet, follow the marker to the server room. Interact with the terminal to get control over a machine.

From here on, it is quite straightforward, follow the path and hack machines as you go. You should arrive to an elevator, hack that too to meet up with 2B and Pascal. You’ll enter a hacking minigame again. Do the first hack and when you’re done, seek to the right for the archive Project Gestalt Report 1 (A-29). Continue until you see some orange blocks moving back and forth. Take a left there, then a left again, and continue until you arrive at a circle formed by machines. The archive Project Gestalt Report 2 (A-30) is your reward. From here, go back hugging the wall on the left to cross a long bridge and find the next archive, Project Gestalt Report 3 (A-31). Now head back to the orange blocks and continue up from there. Open the last gate for an epic hacking battle. Confession starts, and you are summoned at Command. You will get an archive from the Commander, [Top Secret] Project YoRHa (A-32).

Chapter 10: Loss

Run to the hangar and do some aerial battle before arriving at 2B. The boss battle starts, just shoot the ball until you can damage the yellow sphere under it, hacking makes wonders. At some point you have to get over to the Village’s gate near the tower, just ignore the machines on your way. Clear the gate from machines to continue the boss battle. Hack the machine until it’s over. Now head over to the hole to meet Eve. Keep fighting or hacking until he recharges his life. If you hack again, you’ll be put into a multi-stage boss hacking game. Just push on until you are back for the final part of the fight against Eve. Watch the final cutscene for the ending or not to [B]e (E-B). While the credits roll, meet 9S in his room, then head back to your own.

A New Battle Begins

Achieve ending B.

A New Battle Begins
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

This concludes Route B. On Route C you’ll continue where you’ve left off, introducing A2.

Image 5

Chapter 11: Full Scale Attack

You start as 2B. Get to the hangar and get into your flight unit. The game switches to 9S. You need to hack all the targets marked on your map. The one at the mall you’ll have to approach with another hacked unit, and the one on the bridge you’ll need to hack before it explodes. While doing this, SAVE and wander off. I did it by going through the shopping mall, this gives you the ending just y[O]u and me (E-O).

When done with the last one, head to the bridge leading to the Factory. The game switches back to 2B again, starting some aerial fight. When landed, your next task is to help the YoRHa units fight the machines. On your way take a quick detour to the Camp. Talk to Devola and Popola to get Type-3 Sword (W-33) and Type-3 Blade (W-34). Follow the markers and clean out the area. Shortly you are back controlling 9S. You’re in for a tough fight, just keep using hacking and your pod and you should be able to survive. When your system gets back to normal, hack 2B to trigger another cutscene. Hack her again and fight the YoRHa units until you are pointed to a new destination. Rush there and defeat the Goliath Biped and hold out until the next cutscene. Head over to Command, then fight your way through to the Hangar.

From this point on, if you die, you die permanently and you’ll have to reload a previous save.

After crashlanding, fight the group of machines then SAVE. Let the virus spread by waiting at the Access Point to get corru[P]tion (E-P). You can speed up the process by heading towards the quest marker. The next section will be tricky as your state will worsen and not all of your systems will function as usual. Head towards the marker while avoiding attacks as much as possible. After crossing the bridge and a cutscene, you’ll control A2. Run over the bridge to get time to rela[X] (E-X). Reload and this time fight the YoRHa units. After the cutscene, you’re back controlling 9S. SAVE at City Ruins: Near the Tower then run back to the Resistance Camp for [Q]uestionable actions (E-Q). After reload, follow the marker and after yet another cutscene you’ll unlock

Final Wish

Watch 2B die.

Final Wish
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

When prompted, choose A2.

Chapter 12: Memories of Sand

You’ll start as A2 and unlock

Treacherous Blade

Control A2 for the first time.

Treacherous Blade
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

A2 has a new function, the Berserk Mode. Press cn_LS and cn_RS at the same time to initiate it. Destroy 50 machines while berserk to get

The Power of Hate

50 machine lifeforms destroyed with berserk mode.

The Power of Hate
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Multiple Playthroughs Required

Transport to Desert: Center and meet Hegel. Use your pod while it is flying and go berserk on it when attacks on the land. You’ll get into some hacking sequence, complete it to get a cutscene and a prompt to choose again. Pick 9S this time.

Chapter 13: Meat Box

Read your mail and talk to the Resistance Member by the Access Point to start Gathering Keepsakes (S-50). You can also buy Sound Data 3 to expand your musical collection. Now head to the back of the Camp, up on the scaffolding, pass the Manager to find the Resistance Member needing help once again with his boxes. Sorting Trouble 2 (S-51) starts.

There are four movable boxes. Start with pushing the bottom right one to the right. Next push the top right up as much as you can. Now push the first box down. The next one is the top left box, only push this up a bit, just enough to get past it. Finally push the bottom left box down. Gather everything and head out to turn in the quest.

Speak with Devola and agree to help the twins to start Devola’s Request (S-52). If the twins are not where the marker is, leave the Camp and return. By this point, you should have all of the parts, so give it to them right away and talk to them again to pick up Popola’s Errand (S-53). Take one more trip to the warehouse to find the Resistance Member disappeared. Agree to look for him for Sorting Trouble 3 (S-54). Head out to the top of the building, where the game started. It is next to City Ruins: Near Factory. You’ll find a pod program next to a YoRHa unit, A100: Decoy (PP-14). Transport to Desert: Camp and from there go in the direction of the marked area. This is the place where you left the area where you first met Adam and Eve. Once there, the flowers will be marked on your map.

Pick up the first one, then jump over to the other side to find the next one in a cave, not far from a hackable chest with 10.000 G in it. Turn back, and stick to the wall on the left for the third flower. Now look down and you’ll see a small rock where you can drop down for the fourth flower. Jump over the floating sand and get into the cave for the last one.

On your way back, talk to Jackass at Desert: Camp. She’ll point you to a building nearby. Start with the nearest box, push it to the right, but only enough so you can push the next one over it upwards. Now find the uppermost box and push it to the left. From here, push the other box down. This should open the way to the Resistance Member. Once out, talk to him again to obtain the archive Jackass’s Bomb Recipe (A-33) and the pod program A120: Repair (PP-15).

Next stop, Flooded City. Find the first body at the beginning of the bridge. The next body is at the entrance of Ruined Park. The last one is close to the Factory Entrance Access Point. Finding the last body will lead you to Desert: Center, but before that go into the Factory to pick up some stuff. Enter the Factory and go straight until you reach a container and a hackable chest next to it, with the archive A Pious Robot’s Will (A-34). Now, go through the Factory until you reach outdoor with the gigantic silo. Get to ground level and go around until you are on the stretch where you first fought with a Goliath. Look for some shipping containers just across the rubble. Jump up to the top of the containers to find a pod program, A160: Missile (PP-16).

Now, transport to the Desert and you’ll find two tanks at the next location. You can fight the tanks with some tricky hacks, so keep on hacking them until they're both destroyed. Remember to interact with the body. Transport to Forest Castle: Royal Chamber, then head right towards the library. Just before you’d enter the library, take some step back and jump to the ledge from the ramp to reach the top level. You’ll find a hackable chest here for the weapon Beastcurse (W-35) and next to it a YoRHa unit, who gives you the quest Reconnaissance Squad (S-55). You can finish this quest when your Unit Data Intel will reach 95%. There is also an achievement for getting 80%, which should be right around the corner, just keep exploring and killing to get

Destruction is My Job

80% of all unit data unlocked.

Destruction is My Job
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMultiple Playthroughs Required

Report back to the Resistance Member and the twins at the Camp to progress their quests. Talk to Anemone and then with Devola again to start a new quest, The Twins’ Request (S-56). Again, you should have enough material for them. Take a quick trip to the Copied City by taking the elevator from the cave near the City Ruins: Cave Access Point. After exiting the elevator, turn left, and hug the right wall until you reach back to a hackable chest, hiding a Powerup Part M. Get out and investigate the towers to get a new marker in the Forest Zone. Before going there, head down to Emil’s cave under the mall to finish off Gathering Keepsakes.

Transport to the Factory: Hangar Access Point. SAVE. From here, pass the press, go through the building and follow the railing until you reach an opening. From here, jump over the top of the press, which you passed recently. From the last one, you will see a door. Prepare for an ambush then enter. If you survived, you’ll find a box with Engine Blade (W-36) and a hackable chest with Abandoned Factory Memo (A-35). Continue deeper in the Factory, you’ll find an elevator. Activate it, take it down to Factory: Hangar Access Point, then SAVE.

Now, take the elevator again. Go straight after exiting out of the room and over the top of the bridge to find a hackable door. Hack the door for another ambush and a new weapon, Cruel Arrogance (W-37). Get back to the elevator room once again, SAVE just to be on the safe side, but now continue until you pass a second set of press. Upon entering a silo, you will see a hackable door on your right. Pass more press to find a chest at the end with valuable loot. Now, turn back and using the last two press on the left, jump up to the platforms. From here, jump over the top of the press until you reach a hackable chest with Project Gestalt Report 5 (A-36). Now, go back and continue toward the Factory: Furnace Access Point to SAVE.

Continuing the story in Forest Zone, access the Resource Recovery Unit by jumping over from the bridge and entering the elevator. You’ll have to ascend the tower using elevators and cleaning the floors between them. Kill the last machine to get a prompt where you should select A2 again.

Chapter 14: Pascal’s Despair

Head to the Resistance Camp, SAVE on your way, and go to the entrance to find Pascal in trouble. After helping him, choose to destroy him to earn the ending over[Z]ealous (E-Z). After reload, help him, spare his life, and then talk to Anemone at the Camp. Talk to her again to get access to her computer just behind her. Read the novel: YoRHa Pearl Harbor Descent Personal Record Part 1 to 3 for the archives: Resistance: Rose (A-37), Resistance: Anemone (A-38), YoRHa: Gunner 16 (A-39), YoRHA: Attacker 4 (A-40), YoRHa: Scanner 21 (A-41), Pearl Harbor Descent Summary (A-42) and YoRHa: Attacker 2 (A-43).

Your next target is Pascal’s Village, so transport there. You’ll need to get some Rigid Tree Bark in exchange for the fuel filter. Transport to the Forest Zone to pick one up at the bottom of a tree. Get back and make the exchange, then talk to Pascal again. Vanquish the Bad Bot (S-57) begins. Fight the machine then return for a reward. Talk again with Pascal to get Storage Element (S-58), then agree to buy something for the kids nearby to start Play with Us! (S-59). Finally, just right to the kids, talk to the Outdoor Machine, and agree to help with getting the book for Pascal.

Transport to Factory: Entrance, and enter the Factory. Go straight, up the ladders then follow the path until you reach some containers with machines around. Here you’ll find the Storage Element. Next goal is Park Ruins. Pick the first part sitting in the rocket on the ground, the next one is not far from it either. The third one is on the other side when you jump from the last rocket. Number four is next to the cart when you drop down to the Goliath Tank, and the fifth is at the rollercoaster platform. While here, find the last Pod program, A150: Volt (PP-17) in the middle of the square.

Weapons Maniac

All Pod programs obtained.

Weapons Maniac
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMultiple Playthroughs Required

Transport to Pascal’s Village to finish the two side quests you picked up there, progressing the main story will fail them if you don’t do so. Talk to the Tool Shop Machine, then head left and up on the slide he just made and talk to the children too. Talk to Pascal to finish Storage Element, then head to the Resistance Camp to get the book from Anemone. SAVE then run to the end of the camp to get break ti[M]e (E-M). Reload, then rush to Pascal’s Village and clear it from the hostile machines.

Next stop is the Factory. SAVE, then go berserk around the kids for mave[R]ick (E-R). Reload and talk to Pascal again until another attack commences. Run out to the front of the Factory to fight some machines, if you didn’t earn it yet, it is a good place to farm for the berserk kills. When done with the Goliath Tank, you’ll get to control Pascal. Head forward and destroy everything in your way. You’ll fight against Engels, use cn_X and cn_Y to attack and cn_RT to block. Get back to the Factory. Delete Pascal’s memory to earn

Farewell, Pascal

Grant Pascal's final request.

Farewell, Pascal
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Chapter 15: Soul Box

Transport to Flooded City and enter another Resource Recovery Unit. After taking the elevator, hack the chest to continue. Next floor, open the chest for some high-level chips and the weapon Faith (W-38), then hack another chest to take the next elevator. The next floor has two chests, one containing 10.000 G and the other Tower System Outline (A-44). This should put you to 80% intel unlocked, rewarding you with

Information Master

80% of all archives found.

Information Master
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMultiple Playthroughs Required

Next floor, three chests, Powerup Part M, and the archive [Top Secret] Black Box (A-45). Finally, you’ll find an orb at the top. Hack that to face a black machine. Hack it quickly before you get killed.

Chapter 16: God Box

Get back to the Resistance Camp to get fixed up by the twins. Leave the Camp to trigger the next target, the Resource Recovery Unit at Park Ruins. Go where the Castle was before, and take the elevator. You’ll switch to A2, transport to Park Ruins. Back to 9S again, fight in the dark, then when all machines are destroyed, take the elevator. Clear the next floor, then take the elevator again. Clear this floor as well, and take the last trip to the roof. You’ll face Operator 21O. Keep hacking her defenses until you can get to her, then use a mix of ranged attack and hack to defeat her. As A2, fight Auguste to unlock


Stop all resource recovery units.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

At this point, you should’ve also reached 80% of the unit intel.

Chapter 17: The Tower

Make a stop at Pascal’s Village to pick up Machine Heads (W-39) from him. I’m not sure exactly when, but you should automatically get Infant Machine’s Memories (A-46) during a cutscene in Route C. Now, get to the centre of City Ruins, and unlock the three small towers with cn_B, then hack all of them. This gives you access to the main tower. SAVE then start to hack it, just to get a bunch of enemies to spawn. After getting some help, run away to get the city e[S]cape (E-S) ending.

Reload and get back to hacking. Your help shows up again, this time continue fighting along with them for reckless bra[V]ery (E-V). Now, for the third time, just do as the twins say. Note that you can farm the machines for easy loot and G for a while before progressing, as you could see with ending V. Hack the tower, then a cutscene starts with the option of watching the twin’s story. The choice is yours. As soon as you’re back as 9S you’ll unlock

Crime and Punishment

Watch the final moments of Devola and Popola.

Crime and Punishment
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Head up the stairs and fight the YoRHa units on your way. When you meet the first of them, look to your right to find a hackable chest with Project Gestalt Report 9 (A-47) in it. A bit later, you’ll face a bunch of 2Bs. Use evade + counter combos and ranged attacks to kill them all. Interact with the last one to switch to A2.

This is the last chance to save before a long ending. SAVE before entering the tower with A2.

Follow 9S’s path until you reach the Library. With the help of your pod, hack the data in front of you, on the left side for Library Index (A-48). Now head up the stairs, go around and hack more data for Human Server Records (A-49), Class 1 Patient Health Record (A-50), and [Top Secret] Model No.2 (A-51). Now go back to the door you entered, and look for more data to trigger a cutscene. As 9S, hack yourself to remove the virus. Before continuing, hack the chest at the end of the hall for Project Gestalt Report 11 (A-52). Follow the path to meet the Red Girl, then fight the machines to unlock [Top Secret] YoRHa Disposal (A-53). Keep going on, and you’ll face some flight units. Defeat them to switch back to A2.

As A2, fight Ko-Shi in the library, then head out and find the Powerup Part L in a chest at the corner. Interact with the terminal to enter the simulation. Get to the end, then stop fighting the enemy. When all is done, fight Ko-Shi on the elevator again. You’ll get a temporary checkpoint at the elevator. Look out for its strikes as they are quite damaging. Switching to 9S again, an aerial flight starts. Enter: Ro-Shi.

The next sequence is hopping back and forth between A2’s elevator fight and 9S’s aerial combat. Keep going on until you defeat both bosses. You’ll arrive at a choice. Pick A2. You have to fight and hack 9S. When in the simulation, just follow the path. Meaningless [C]ode (E-C) is unlocked, together with

Beautiful World

Achieve A2's ending.

Beautiful World
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

This concludes Route C.

Image 6


You unlocked the Secret Shop. Should you choose to buy out the remaining achievements, you can do so at the Resistance Camp. Just go to the Strange Resistance Woman, and request unlocking you-know-what. NOTE: unlocking the achievement does not unlock the requirements. For example, buying the achievement for all of the upgraded weapons won’t give you the weapons.

You now also have access to chapter select. From the main menu or an Access Point, you can pick any chapter, select a character, and go back to finish everything you should’ve missed. For every chapter, there is a counter for the quests. Anything you achieve, collect, upgrade, etc. in chapter select will be carried over - just remember to SAVE.

Load up Chapter 17-09, and this time, pick 9S. When asked, choose between going or staying. You’ll earn chil[D]hood’s end (E-D) and

Leaving for the New World

Achieve 9S's ending.

Leaving for the New World
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

During the credits, you’ll be prompted to do a data check. Answer YES. After, you’ll be asked if you still wish for them to survive. Answer YES once again. Having both C and D ending will reward you with the ending the [E]nd of the YoRHa (E-E). You’ll see the credits transformed to a game, similar to the hacking sequences.

You’ll eventually die and asked if you want to connect to the network. Select YES, then NO for the GIVE UP HERE?, DO YOU ACCEPT DEFEAT?, IS IT ALL POINTLESS?, DO YOU THINK GAMES ARE SILLY LITTLE THINGS?, DO YOU ADMIT THERE IS NO MEANING TO THIS WORLD? and GIVE UP HERE? questions. You’ll receive a rescue offer from another player, accept this to get some boost.

It seems you will get the rescue offer faster if you have enabled networking. If you have issues make sure you appear online on Xbox Live.

After the final cutscene, you’ll also unlock the archive Machine Research Report (A-54) together with

The Minds That Emerged

View the final credits.

The Minds That Emerged
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

When you are asked, "do you have anything you would like to say to other players?" Answer NO. Answering YES to this and the subsequent questions will delete all of your data, inclusive progress and saves.

Sound Data 4 and 5 are available for your music collection. Now, it’s time to look for the necessary materials to upgrade all of your pods to maximum level. Travel to the entrance of Park Ruins, and attack the golden rabbit statue. You won’t see anything first, but keep attacking it until it starts to attack you. With some hacking, you should be able to defeat it.

The Amusement Park Rabbit has a fixed level of 80. Defeating it will give you a bunch of XP, so combined with XP chips this is a good place to level up. Pick up the Powerup Part L. You can farm the rabbit for the third Powerup Part L or you can pick one up after finishing the last side quest. Now transport to the Resistance Camp and upgrade all of your pods to maximum level for

Supreme Support Weapons

All Pods upgraded to the highest level.

Supreme Support Weapons
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopMultiple Playthroughs Required

You should be around level 80 to make the next part easier.

Chapter Select 07-01 as 9S. Find Emil, talk to him then transport to City Ruins: Caves. Climb up the long ladder next to the Access Point. Jump up to the pipe at the top, and look up at the waterfall just in front of you. You will see the waterfall is coming from a huge sewer pipe. That is your target. You can reach it if you jump from a building right next to it. You’ll find an elevator on your right, take it down.

Clear the caves, then jump down into the deep hole, aiming at the ledge just under you. You’ll see a smaller side cave, go and find a hackable chest with Project Gestalt Report 7 (A-55) in it. Keep descending until you reach the bottom. Right next to the blue underground lake there is another chest. Hack it to get Project Gestalt Report 4 (A-56). Push further into the cave, where you can activate an elevator that can take you back to the top. Continue deeper and cross two doors to find Emil’s hut. Pick up Emil’s mask against the pod’s advice. Leave the area and find Emil again. Talk to him and he will mention about the break-in. SAVE.

Head back to Emil’s place. Hack the chest and take Emil’s Head. Set 2B to aggressive. You’ll be ambushed by Emil on your way out. My tactics were to keep distance and use ranged attacks. I was letting 2B chipping away Emil’s health while dodging around. When defeated, you’ll get the last weapon, Emil Heads (W-40), and will unlock

Naughty Children

Emil destroyed.

Naughty Children
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

Now, you can upgrade all of the weapons. You should have most of the materials. I had to buy/grind the following items:

Beast Hide – Farm the animals in Forest Zone
Black Pearl – At the Shopkeeper in the Park Ruins (Chapter Select 17-03)
Large Battery – Sold by Emil at the Resistance Camp
Large Gear – Sold by Emil at the Resistance Camp
Memory Alloy – Sold by Emil at the Resistance Camp
Pristine Screw – Sold by Emil at the Resistance Camp
Machine Arm – Sold by Pascal after his memory wipe (Chapter Select 15-01)
Machine Leg – Sold by Pascal after his memory wipe (Chapter Select 15-01)
Dented Socket – At the Shop at the Underground Colosseum in the Forest Zone.
Stretched Coil – At the Shop at the Underground Colosseum in the Forest Zone.
Warped Wire – At the Shop at the Underground Colosseum in the Forest Zone.
Stripped Screw – Sold by Emil at the Desert Camp

Upgrading the last weapon to level 4 at Masamune will unlock

Inorganic Blade

All weapons upgraded to the highest level.

Inorganic Blade
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopMultiple Playthroughs Required

Travel to the shopping mall ruins to meet Emil again. He will drive away, starting Emil’s Determination (S-60). Transport to Desert: Center and SAVE. Follow the marker to find Emil. A boss fight will start. Auto Heal, Damage Absorb, and Anti Chain Damage chips will help a lot. Keep focusing on one head at a time, dashing and hacking, and let 2B be the tank for you. After some time, a countdown will start, let the timer to run out to get the last ending, head[Y] battle (E-Y), and unlocking your last achievement

Transcendent Being

All endings achieved.

Transcendent Being
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

together with

Final Words

Thank you for playing.

Final Words
1 guideOffline Game ModeOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCommunityCollectableShopMultiple Playthroughs Required

Now, you can load up your last save and fight Emil again, but this time destroy the only head left when the timer starts. This will conclude your last side quest.


The DLC 3C3C1D119440927 is a part of the BECOME AS GODS Edition. Around Chapter 05, you’ll get a mail. Read it to start Mysterious Letter (S-DLC1). You’ll be pointed to 3 areas on the map. Each place hides an underground arena, where you can fight for various prizes. Each arena has 6 rounds and a special round. You can do these any time, and while these are not necessary, they are fun and challenging. The numbers in parentheses are the recommended levels for each round.

Forest Zone: Underground Colosseum (S-DLC2). Only for 9S. You’ll fight as a machine; you can unlock more machines if you hack them through the game without them noticing you first.

(40) Rank 1 – 9S’s Young Man’s Outfit
(45) Rank 2
(50) Rank 3
(60) Rank 4
(70) Rank 5
(80) Rank 6
(99) Special Rank

Flooded City: Gambler’s Colosseum (S-DLC3). Standard fights. Hacking might be a good idea here. You must give 1000 G to the guard to let you in. Go into the arena and talk three times with the Resistance Secretary to unlock the hidden CEO fight.

(25) E – Hair Dye
(35) D
(50) C
(60) B – Hair Dye
(70) A
(80) S – 2B’s Revealing Outfit, access to the jail with Emil Bullets in it.
(99) Special Rank – Hair Dye

Desert: Trial of Sand (S-DLC4). Each round has a criterion. Complete the round without breaking the rule to complete the challenge.

(25) Trial 1 – No Pod
(35) Trial 2 – No Evade
(50) Trial 3 – Within 3 minutes
(60) Trial 4 – Fight in the dark
(70) Trial 5 – Don’t touch the ground
(80) Trial 6 – Don’t get hit – A2’s Destroyer Outfit, Sand Mask
(90) Special Trial – Kill 150 enemies under 5 minutes – +6 diamond chips, Proof of Oath

Complete 6 rounds in all three arenas to receive an anonymous mail. Read it for Mysterious Invitation (S-DLC5) will start. Head to Park Ruins, and take the elevator from the top of the main stairs. Go to the TVs to initiate some machine fun and finish the DLC.

This concludes the walkthrough. Glory to mankind!

Image 8

Image 7

Ending checklist

flowers for m[A]chines (E-A)
or not to [B]e (E-B)
Meaningless [C]ode (E-C)
chil[D]hood’s end (E-D)
the [E]nd of the YoRHa (E-E)
mission [F]ailed (E-F)
hun[G]ry for knowledge (E-G)
mountain too [H]igh (E-H)
no [I] in team (E-I)
bad [J]udgement (E-J)
aji wo [K]utta (E-K)
[L]one wolf (E-L)
break ti[M]e (E-M)
[N]o man's village (E-N)
just y[O]u and me (E-O)
corru[P]tion (E-P)
[Q]uestionable actions (E-Q)
mave[R]ick (E-R)
city e[S]cape (E-S)
fa[T]al error (E-T)
deb[U]nked (E-U)
reckless bra[V]ery (E-V)
broken [W]ings (E-W)
time to rela[X] (E-X)
head[Y] battle (E-Y)
over[Z]ealous (E-Z)

Pod checklist

Pod A (P-A)
Pod B (P-B)
Pod C (P-C)

Pod program checklist

Based on user feedback, you might find the Bomb (PP-02) and Gravity (PP-03) pod programs replaced.

R010: Laser (PP-01)
R020: Mirage (PP-08)
R030: Hammer (PP-09)
R040: Blade (PP-10)
R050: Spear (PP-11)
A060: P Shield (PP-12)
R070: M Shield (PP-13)
A080: Wave (PP-07)
A090: Wire (PP-06)
A100: Decoy (PP-14)
A110: Slow (PP-05)
A120: Repair (PP-15)
A130: Bomb (PP-02)
A140: Gravity (PP-03)
A150: Volt (PP-17)
A160: Missile (PP-16)
A170: Scanner (PP-04)

Weapons checklist

Small Swords
Faith (W-38)
Iron Pipe (W-04)
Beastbane (W-27)
Phoenix Dagger (W-22)
Ancient Overlord (W-28)
Type-40 Sword (W-11)
Type-3 Sword (W-33)
Virtuous Contract (W-02)
Cruel Oath (W-14)
YoRHa-issue Blade (W-07)
Machine Sword (W-24)
Engine Blade (W-36)
Cypress Stick (W-10)

Large Swords
Iron Will (W-12)
Fang of the Twins (W-03)
Beastlord (W-29)
Phoenix Sword (W-13)
Type-40 Blade (W-20)
Type-3 Blade (W-34)
Virtuous Treaty (W-06)
Cruel Blood Oath (W-17)
Machine Axe (W-25)

Phoenix Lance (W-18)
Beastcurse (W-35)
Dragoon Lance (W-30)
Spear of the Usurper (W-19)
Type-40 Lance (W-08)
Type-3 Lance (W-21)
Virtuous Dignity (W-05)
Cruel Arrogance (W-37)
Machine Spear (W-26)

Combat Bracers
Bare Fists (W-01)
Angel’s Folly (W-32)
Demon’s Cry (W-16)
Type-40 Fists (W-15)
Type-3 Fists (W-31)
Virtuous Grief (W-09)
Cruel Lament (W-23)
Machine Heads (W-39)
Emil Heads (W-40)

Side quest checklist

Here is a list with all the side quests, which route they are available on and with which characters. If not stated otherwise, Route A refers to 2B, Route B refers to 9S and Route C to 9S and A2.

Side quest nameSide quest codeRoute(s)Comments
Jean-Paul’s Melancholy(S-04)A, B
Machine Examination 1(S-13)A, B
Machine Examination 2(S-14)A, B
Family Squabble(S-21)A, B
Animal Care(S-22)A, B
Turf War(S-48)A, B
Underground Colosseum(S-DLC2)B, Conly 9S
Gambler’s Colosseum(S-DLC3)A, B, C
Trial of Sand(S-DLC4)A, B, C
Robo Dojo – White Belt(S-11)A, B
Robo Dojo – Brown Belt(S-12)A, B
Robo Dojo – Black Belt(S-28)A, B
Robo Dojo – Red and White Belt(S-37)A, B
Robo Dojo – Red Belt(S-38)A, B
Lost Girl(S-03)A, B
The Supply Trader’s Request(S-02)A, B
The Manager’s Request(S-07)A, B
Camp Development(S-24)A, B
Anemone’s Past(S-25)A, B
Resistance Disappearance(S-06)A, B
Jackass’s Research(S-10)A
Improving Communications(S-08)A, B
Investigating Communications(S-27)A, B
Terminal Repairs(S-29)A
Find a Present(S-30)A
Data Analysis Freak(S-42)B
Data Analysis Freak 2(S-44)B
Lord of the Valley(S-47)A, B
Vanquish the Bad Bot(S-57)Conly A2
Play with Us!(S-59)Conly A2
Storage Element(S-58)Conly A2
Half-wit Inventor(S-05)A, B
Idiot Savant(S-41)B
Game Dev Machine Lv.1(S-31)B
Game Dev Machine Lv.2(S-32)B
Game Dev Machine Lv.3(S-43)B
Speed Star(S-16)A, B
Emil’s Memories(S-49)A, B
Photographs(S-18)A, B
11B’s Memento(S-09)A
Treasure Hunt at the Castle(S-23)A, B, C
The Wandering Couple(S-34)A, B
Data on the Old World(S-40)B
Culinary Researcher(S-26)A, B
YoRHa Betrayers(S-17)A, B
Reconnaissance Squad(S-55)Conly 9S
Devola’s Request(S-52)C
Popola’s Errand(S-53)C
The Twins’ Request(S-56)C
Heritage of the Past(S-45)A, B
Retrieve the Confidential Intel(S-15)A, B
Sorting Trouble(S-19)A, B
Sorting Trouble 2(S-51)C
Sorting Trouble 3(S-54)C
Stamp Collecting(S-20)A, B
Parade Escort(S-35)A, B
Gathering Keepsakes(S-50)Conly 9S
The Weapon Dealer’s Request(S-01)A, B
The Recluse(S-33)B
The Recluse Stays Home(S-39)B
The Permanent Recluse(S-46)B
Emil’s Determination(S-60)A, B, C
Mysterious Letter(S-DLC1)A, B, C
Mysterious Invitation(S-DLC5)A, B, C

Archives checklist

Pearl Harbor Descent Records
YoRHa: Gunner 16 (A-39)
YoRHa: Scanner 21 (A-41)
YoRHA: Attacker 4 (A-40)
YoRHa: Attacker 2 (A-43)
Resistance: Rose (A-37)
Resistance: Anemone (A-38)
Pearl Harbor Descent Summary (A-42)

Letter to the Forest King (A-05)
11B’s Escape Plan (A-01)
Jackass’s Bomb Recipe (A-33)

Saved Machine Records
Library Index (A-48)
Human Server Records (A-49)
Tower System Outline (A-44)
Class 1 Patient Health Record (A-50)
[Top Secret] Black Box (A-45)
[Top Secret] Model No.2 (A-51)
[Top Secret] YoRHa Disposal (A-53)

Weapon Shop Flyer (A-19)

Engel's Memories
Engels 110-B Record 0005 (A-02)
Engels 110-B Record 0010 (A-03)
Engels 110-B Record 0020 (A-04)

Infant Machine’s Memories (A-46)

Data Saved on Server
Shipping Records (A-27)
YoRHa Body Storage Records (A-26)
Council/YoRHa Records (A-28)

A Pious Robot’s Will (A-34)
Record of a Bestial Machine (A-20)
[Top Secret] Project YoRHa (A-32)

Old World Information
Abandoned Factory Memo (A-35)
Factory Cafeteria Sign (A-14)
Newspaper Scrap (A-17)
Filthy Lottery Ticket (A-11)
Tattered Pamphlet (A-10)
Rotten Info Sheet (A-22)
Strange Doll (A-21)
Bulletin Record (A-09)
Paper Attached to Vehicle (A-06)
Ragged DVD (A-12)
Department Store Flyer (A-18)
Nuclear Arms Manual (A-13)
Mysterious Lithograph 1 (A-08)
Mysterious Lithograph 2 (A-15)
Mysterious Lithograph 3 (A-16)
Mysterious Lithograph 4 (A-24)
Project Gestalt Report 1 (A-29)
Project Gestalt Report 2 (A-30)
Project Gestalt Report 3 (A-31)
Project Gestalt Report 4 (A-56)
Project Gestalt Report 5 (A-36)
Project Gestalt Report 6 (A-23)
Project Gestalt Report 7 (A-55)
Project Gestalt Report 8 (A-07)
Project Gestalt Report 9 (A-47)
Project Gestalt Report 10 (A-25)
Project Gestalt Report 11 (A-52)

Machine Research Report (A-54)

Unit Data checklist

Use this checklist to see which unit's data you are missing. The units are listed in order. Press cn_Y to cycle between multiple variations. Some units are fixed to specific chapters or locations, and some spawns are RNG based.

Standard Machines
Small Stubby: Basic/Gun-equipped/Shield-equipped/Electromagnetic Shield-equipped
Multi-tier Type: Basic/Gun-equipped/Tall
Small Biped: Basic/Torch-equipped
Medium Biped: Basic/Shield-equipped/Electromagnetic Shield-equipped
Medium Quadruped: Four-legged/Humanoid
Multi-leg Medium Model: Close-range/Long-range
Goliath Biped: Basic/Enhanced Legpower Model
Reverse-jointed Goliath
Small Flyer
Medium Flyer: Basic/Kamikaze Unit/Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
Small Exploder
Medium Exploder
Small Sphere: Axe-equipped/Drill-equipped/Gun-equipped
Linked-sphere Type: Saw-equipped/Drill-equipped/Thorn-equipped/Gun-equipped
Rampaging Small Stubby
Rampaging Small Biped
Rampaging Medium Biped

Desert Machines
Small Stubby: Basic/Saw-equipped
Small Biped: Sword Equipped
Medium Biped: Sword-equipped/Shield-equipped/Electromagnetic Shield-equipped
Goliath Biped
Small Flyer
Medium Flyer: Basic/Kamikaze Unit/Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2

Amusement Park Machines
Small Stubby
Small Biped
Medium Biped: Gun-equipped
Small Flyer
Medium Flyer: Basic/Kamikaze Unit/Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
Rampaging Small Biped
Rampaging Medium Biped

Forest Kingdom Machines
Small Stubby
Small Biped: Spear-equipped
Medium Biped: Spear-equipped/Shield-equipped/Electromagnetic Shield-equipped
Medium Quadruped: Four-legged/Riding/Humanoid
Goliath Biped: Enhanced Legpower Model
Small Flyer

Factory Machines
Small Stubby: Basic/Kamikaze Unit
Small Biped: Torch-equipped/Axe-equipped
Medium Biped: Axe-equipped
Medium Quadruped
Small Flyer

Village Machines
Small Stubby
Multi-tier Type
Small Biped
Medium Biped
Goliath Biped
Small Flyer
Small Sphere
Pascal: Basic/Flying
Father Machine
Mother Machine
Child Machine
Big Sister Machine
Little Sister Machine
Scientist Machine
Weird Machine

Enhanced Machines
Small Stubby
Multi-tier Type: Basic/Gun-equipped/Tall
Small Biped
Medium Biped
Medium Quadruped: Four-legged/Humanoid
Multi-leg Medium Model: Long-range/Close-range
Goliath Biped: Basic/Enhanced Legpower Model
Reverse-jointed Goliath
Small Flyer
Medium Flyer: Basic/Kamikaze Unit/Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
Small Sphere: Axe-equipped/Drill-equipped/Gun-equipped
Linked-sphere Type: Saw-equipped/Drill-equipped/Gun-equipped/Thorn-equipped

EMP Attack Machines
Small Stubby
Small Biped
Medium Biped
Goliath Biped

Special Unit Machines
Adam: First Encounter/Battle in the Alien Ship/Final Battle
Eve: First Encounter/Battle in the Alien Ship/Final Battle (x2)
Goliath Tank (Amusement Park)
Goliath Flyer
Hegel: Linked/Separate
Goliath Tank
Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi
Red Girl

YoRHa (Standard Armament)
YoRHa (Heavy Armament) (x2)
YoRHa (Flight Unit)
YoRHa (Operator)
2B Copy
A2: Long hair/Short hair

Peculiar Machines
Courageous Brother
Hateful Sister
Vengeful Child
Gold Tank
Gold Goliath Biped
Goliath Tank (Desert)
Gunman Biped
Gunman Flyer
Gunman Stubby
Blood-drenched Machine
Amusement Park Rabbit
Zombie Clown
Animal Machine
Monster Type
Dying Goliath Biped

Amicable Machines
Machine with a Dream
Machine in Love
Machine with Makeup
Father Servo: White Belt/Brown Belt/Black Belt/Red and White Belt/Red Belt
Animal-loving Machine
High-speed Machine

Emil Clones: Linked/Separate

Fishing checklist

Bloat Fish
Koi Carp
Fur Carp
Freshwater Ray
Oil Sardine
Beetle Fish
Water Flea
Horseshoe Crab
Basking Shark
Killifish Machine
Koi Carp Machine
Arapaima Machine
Carp Machine
Bloat Fish Machine
Blowfish Machine
Swordfish Machine
Starfish Machine
Bream Machine
Coleacanth Machine
Mackerel Machine
Horseshoe Crab Machine
Arowana Machine
Basking Shark Machine
Freshwater Ray Machine
Machine Lifeform Head
Gas Cylinder
Broken Firearm


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