Albert and Otto

Welcome to the walkthrough for Albert and Otto. I'm your host, ManicMetalhead.

Albert and Otto was released in early 2018 and as many quickly found, it is another short completion, especially following a guide.

You play as Albert, and after a few minutes in game, you'll pick up your little buddy Otto. With an average of 1-3 hours, this game should only take 1 playthrough, although if there are any singular achievements that you miss, there is a chapter select function that will take you back to near where you need to be. Sometimes the achievements can be a little buggy, but repeating them or doing a hard reset of the game usually sorted those issues for me. This game took me personally a little over two hours to complete, however some did it faster and other took a little longer.

Also, it's worth noting that the jumping can sometimes be a little buggy.

Onwards to the guide.

The controls are pretty simple:

cn_LS - All directional movement

cn_RS - Aiming

cn_A - Jump

cn_X - Zap

cn_RB - Telekinesis

cn_RT - Shoot

cn_LB - Pick up Otto

That is all. As with many games, the longer you hold cn_A, the longer you jump, and this is amplified by holding Otto, but we'll get to that.

Also, this game currently has a very useful glitch in it.

This is an achievement to complete this game in 5 deaths or under;


Complete Episode One with 5 deaths or less

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As of 25-Jun-2018 (the last date this was confirmed), no matter how many times you die, when you finish the game, you will unlock this achievement.

Welcome to the main storyline.

There are a few types of collectibles in this game, each of which is linked to an achievement once you've collected them all. I'll mention these as we go through the story line. Also some the achievements may pop a little late.

Chapter 1 - The Adventure Begins

First off, as soon as you spawn, walk to the left, off the edge of the cliff. This will unlock;

Swing and miss

Going the wrong way

Swing and miss
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If you're going for the under 5 deaths if this has been patched, obviously don't do this and save it for a separate playthrough, but at the moment, it should be completely fine. Also, this achievement glitched for me the first time and wouldn't unlock no matter how many times I jumped off the cliff, however on a second playthrough, it unlocked just fine.

Once you respawn, run to the right and jump over the first gap. Carry on the path and you'll reach a bridge with a few broken sections that you must jump over. Between the second and third jump, you'll see a triangular item in the air that is rotating around. This is a Shard and is one of your collectibles. Jump over the next jump and collect shard #1/26. Carry on up the path ahead of you, over a number of jumps that slope upwards. Once you reach the top, you'll find a large crate. Push this crate all the way to the right so you can climb up the next platform.

In this next area, you'll see a crate above you. Jump over the gap ahead and you'll see a trampoline with a small arrow pointing down towards it. Jump on the trampoline and you'll be launched upwards. First, jump directly upwards and you'll get shard #2/26. Land on the platform to the left, that has the crate on it. Push the crate off the left hand side of the platform, then hop down and push the crate to the right. Keep pushing until the crate falls onto the spikes in the cavern below. You can now jump down onto this crate without fear of being spiked. Hop to the next platform on the right and carry on through, you'll also grab shard #3/26. Just ahead you'll see the first of another form of collectible. This is mailbox #1/12. Open the mail, view the picture and then close it for it to count.

You'll now approach a poster telling you how to shoot. Stop when you reach this poster, as the crow up ahead will kill you if you don't shoot it before it gets to you. From this poster, you are safe to shoot it before it sees you. Don't shoot straight away, just get used to the aiming first (using cn_RS). Now aim at this first crow, and jump before firing. Shoot the crow while you're in mid-air and you'll earn;

Jump shot

Kill a crow while in mid air

Jump shot
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If you kill the crow but weren't in mid air, you can re-attempt this on the second crow that is also just up ahead.

After killing both crows, carry on to the right and you'll see another trampoline and a few platforms suspended by ropes in the air. Jump onto the trampoline and land on the first platform, the jump across the next platforms and then jump to the top platform next to the crate. Hop over the crate, then head to the right to grab shard #4/26. Head back to the left and push the crate of the edge. Fall down and go to the right side of the crate. On the left, you can see a mechanism underground with a very slightly raised platform, different from the surrounding ground. You need to push the crate to the left until it's on this little platform. The weight of the crate will open the gate up ahead.

Head through this gate and the camera will zoom in. Hop over a gap and run forward until you see a patch of greenery and some mushrooms. Run up to them and then quickly head back to the left as the screen will shake and a load of boulders will drop down from the ceiling (which would normally crush you). If you don't trigger this rockslide, approach the rocks again and run back again until it is triggered. Jump over the fallen boulders and just past this, there will be a second boulder trap, repeat this method to get past it. Carry on until you reach a spike-filled gap. Don't jump over just yet, instead, reach the edge of the gap and you should be able to see a crow on the next tree.

Shoot the crow, then jump over the gap, head past the tree then over the next gap. Head though the tree trunk up ahead and you'll see what looks like a wooden plank hanging from the tree above you, with a little arrow pointing at it. Shoot at this platform to lower it down, then hop up onto it then onto the next platform and push the box down to the floor. Push this box through the tree trunk to the right and use it to jump up to the next platform. From here, you're going to want to shoot down the roped platform, then jump onto the next ledge with the trampoline. Jump onto the trampoline and jump up to platform above you. You'll see a shard but we can't reach that just yet. Instead, jump across to the lower left platform and walk through the tree, then hop over to the next platform to the left. You'll see a next with a little red thing in it. This is Otto, your little buddy. Walk over to him and press cn_LB to pick him up. While holding him, you can double jump. By picking him up you finish the chapter and also earn;

Chapter 2 - It's Too Dangerous To Go Alone

From where you picked up Otto, move just to the edge of the branch that you're on. Fall slightly to the left, just to be sure, but you should fall onto a branch below. On this branch is shard #5/26. Drop back down to the right and head back to the trampoline you jumped on to reach Otto. Use this trampoline to jump straight up to the platform again, then double jump to the upper left platform to pick up shard #6/26. (6:45)

Fall all the way down and go through the tree trunk to the right. Double jump over the next gap, and keep jumping up the next few platforms until you reach one with a wooden tower on it. You need to jump from here onto the little wooden platform that is stuck to the edge of the cliff to your right. From this platform, jump to the top of the wooden tower. Before continuing, jump to the left in order to collect shard #7/26. Repeat the jump to the top of the tower then jump to the top of the cliff to the right. At the top of the cliff, you will face your next puzzle.

First, step onto the platform over the machinery, this will lower the gate to your right. Now press cn_LB to drop Otto on the platform, which will weigh it down and keep the door open. Run through the door, hop onto the swing then onto the upper platform to your left. Run along and then push the crate to the floor below near Otto. Fall down onto the crate then pick up Otto. Now push the crate onto the platform to open the gate. Before leaving this area, jump onto the crate, then double jump onto the above platform and collect shard #8/26.

Carry on to the next area, double jump over a gap and you'll reach a large spike-filled pit with a crate suspended in the air. Aim your gun and fire at the rope holding the box to drop in onto the spikes and make it easy for you to hop across. However, before you jump onto the crate, just in the top right of your screen you'll see another crow. Shot this before continuing to make the jumping easier. After killing the crow, hop to the crate and then over the gap.

For the next puzzle that you come across, you'll first want jump up the rope platform onto the small tower platform (where the gears are attached). Drop Otto on this platform then enter the structure just next to you via the doorway (using cn_LSu). Once inside, aim up to the right and shoot down the white weight that is hanging there. It will land on a platform underneath it. Head back outside and collect Otto (you should be able to get him by pushing cn_LB close to him.

Head to the edge of the cliff to the right and jump down onto the middle platform below, then jump over to the platform to the right to collect shard #9/26. Jump back to the left platform and then jump to the opening on the left. Be careful with this jump, as this was the spot of my first unintentional death. Once in this area, head left, hop up the first platform and into the area with a large white gear. Push this gear all the way to the right until it locks into place and you'll see a bridge roll into place above you. Jump back up the top and head across this bridge. At the other side, you'll come across mailbox #2/12, so interact with that. From here, look to the trees in the top right of your screen for another crow. Kill it, then continue onwards and jump onto the next platform to the right.

Here you'll see a tree in the middle and two platforms, one each side of the tree. Drop Otto on the left platform, then when you stand on the right platform, the whole island will raise up. Do it slowly to start with (by walking on and off of the platform repeatedly) as on the way up, a platform attached to the cliff to your right will appear, and a crow will be sat upon it. Once you see it, you can shoot it down. After killing the crow, bring your moving island level with the platform, pick up Otto then double jump across to the platform and collect shard #10/26. Jump back onto the island and ride it right to the top. Hop off the island and run up the hill. At the apex of the hill, you'll start Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 - Let Sleeping Giants Lie

In this chapter there is a boss battle, and there is an achievement for not dying during it the whole chapter. So if you die at any point in Chapter 3, you can either carry on with the story and come back to it via chapter select, or quit out and start the chapter over straight away.

Run down the hill at the start of the chapter to reach the first puzzle. In this puzzle, you'll learn a mechanic that you'll have to use a hell of a lot in later chapters, where it also requires a lot of good timing. But for now, all you need to do is stand in front of the lower opening and drop Otto. He'll slide down and land on the button the other side. While he's sliding down underneath, jump up the little ledge and walk up to the gate. Otto will slide onto the button and the gate will open for you. Pick up Otto then carry on to the right.

At the next cliff you reach, walk just off the edge and drop straight down and land on another button. You'll see a ball fall in the background and the spiked bridge beneath you will retract. Once that has retracted as far as possible, walk off the edge and fall straight down again, then walk to the left to collect shard #11/26. Jump to the ledge on the right to continue.

The next obstacle is a little harder. Stand at the edge of the top ledge that you approach from and have a quick look around. You'll see three buttons, one suspended in the sky and two lower own on the ground. Also, look at the black images in the background (similar colour to the black ball that dropped earlier), where you can see a gap with a bridge waiting to be raised. What you'll want to do from here is double jump to the suspended platform, however, while in the air over the lower left button, you'll want to drop Otto so he lands on it. From here, you'll want to land on the suspended platform. This shuts the bridge in the background and allows the large ball to roll over it. Once that ball has passed the first background bridge, you'll want to jump down to the lower right platform. This shuts the two lower bridges, allowing the ball to roll past in the background and land on a switch to open the gate ahead of you.

Assuming this all goes to plan, hop to the left hand button to collect Otto, then quickly grab shard #12/26 before continuing on through the newly opened gate. Just past this gate, you'll find mailbox #3/12. Jump over the gap up ahead and walk to the edge of the next cliff. When you jump down this cliff, you'll begin the first boss battle.

The Boss is the large robot in the background. When you jump down, you'll see three buttons, each separated by a gap. When all three buttons are activated simultaneously, a rock will fall from above the robot and will hit him on the head and do damage. You need to hit the robot with a rock 3 times to defeat it. You may want to read through the next section before attempting it, and I'll attach a video in the spoiler below in case you'd like a visual aid.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

So, when you first jump down, drop Otto onto the left button, then you need to get over to the right button. Stand on this for a few moments until the robot raises his hand into the air. Once he does this, leap off the right button and head to the central button. When the robot slams his hand down on the right button, stand on the central button. This activates all three buttons, and drops the first rock on the robot's head. Quickly jump to the left button and pick up Otto and stay there. Keep an eye on the robot as it will raise its head and fire a laser beam from its eye. It will hit the ground on the left hand side and move to the right hand side, hitting every bit of land on the way. You must double jump over where the laser hits the floor to survive. Once it has passed, drop Otto back down on the left button, run all the way to the right button and quickly run off again when he raises his first. Hop to the middle button and stand on it again to release the second stone, then head back to Otto and pick him up.

On this final one, jump over the laser beam again, but stay put as there is more thrown at you this time. After the first laser, the screen will shake twice and a few boulders will fall each time, the firsts of which usually fall onto the central platform then down the gap between the central and left platforms, and the send of which fall on the right platform and down the gap between the central and right platform. After this, the robot will fire the laser at you once more. Jump over it, same as before, then drop Otto on the left button, head over to the right button. A few more boulders will fall from the ceiling that you have to avoid, then wait for the robot to raise its hand and then head back to, then head back to the middle platform. This will release the final rock that will hit the robot and finish it off. Remember to head back and pick up Otto, head to the right, then stand on the left side of the right platform and wait for a large rock to fall. You can use this rock to jump up and reach the next platform.

Assuming you didn't die, around now, you should unlock;

Hammer time

Defeat the first boss without dying

Hammer time
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If you did die, you can come back an attempt this chapter later, although be aware that you'll start at the beginning of the chapter again, not the beginning of the boss fight.

After reaching the next area, jump over the next few gaps, then you'll reach a water-filled gap, with a log that you need to jump on to allow you to cross. Jump onto the log, then double jump off the other side and keep running forward. You will see a crow fly down to attack you and it should miss, do not kill it just yet. Instead, stay on the ground, wait for it to fly back towards you. When it's nearby, aim your gun and double jump over the crow and shoot it down while in mid air. If you miss, the crow will turn around and fly at you again, giving you another chance. Feel free to milk this until you get the achievement. If you kill it after jumping over it and hitting it mid air, you'll learn;

180 no scope

Jump over a crow and shoot it before landing

180 no scope
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Slowly move ahead from here, although which you see a tree up ahead with a new red noticeboard on it, stop and aim at the top of the tree to find another crow, kill it before continuing (you can try the 180 no scope here too if you accidentally killed the first crow).

Chapter 4 - Electrified

You are now introduced to a new mechanic, allowing you to pick up and move items from a distance, using cn_RS and cn_RB. Use this new ability on the box in the gap in front of you. Pull it out and place it in front of the cliff. Go into the gap you just pulled the box from to pick up shard #13/26. Jump on the box then to the level above, and continue to the right. Drop down the next gap, where you'll find two more boxes. Before picking up these, just to your right is another mailbox, so open it for mailbox #4/12 Grab one of the boxes, place it on the right side under the cliff, hop on the box then you can double jump to the level above.

In the next area, you'll see a stack of three boxes. Grab each box and make a set of stairs in from of the next cliff (two boxes on the bottom, then the last on top) and hop up the boxes to reach the cliff above. Before continuing, jump onto the suspended platform and pick up one of the boxes from below, then place it on the cliff top. Jump back to the cliff top, and grab the box. You should see another shard floating high in the sky. Place the box underneath it, then double jump and you should be able to reach it, giving you shard #14/26. Now grab that box and through it onto the spikes, roughly where the impaled teddy bear is. Grab a second box and throw it into a similar place. Now double jump over to it, and then to the other side. Jump over the next gap and go to the next puzzle.

This next puzzle involves an introduction to another use of the grabbing and moving technique that you're using on the boxes, and this one you'll definitely need later on. Jump up both platforms and you'll see a piles of three rocks. Grab one of them and jump down, and while holding it, look upwards so it is in line with the open pipe up ahead, then you can jump and place it into the pipe. This will open the gate up ahead in a few seconds.

Go through this gate and you'll reach a difficult jump. You must walk jump or walk off the edge while moving forwards, then once you're under the ceiling point, use you the seconds jump of your double jump to get some height and place you on the next platform. This is another place where I got a death, so be careful.

On this next platform, you'll see a power box and another mailbox. First up, drop Otto in front of the power box, then head to the mailbox and open it for mailbox #5/12. Now stand on the platform just to your right. Hit cn_X to use Otto to activate the power box and you'll be sent upwards on the lift platform. At the top, run along the platform and jump to the next platform. Turn around and shoot down the crate that is hanging above the first platform, which will make it drop down onto the button there. This opens the door below you. Fall down the gap, then electrify Otto once again to lower the lift, allowing you to cross the spiked pit safely. Collect Otto then head back to where you were via the trampoline.

Back up the top, place Otto in front of the next power box, then head forwards and use your distance moving ability (cn_RB) to grab the box on the platform ahead, then drop it onto the spikes below (try to make sure it lands flat, otherwise it's a bit more awkward for you). Drop down onto the platform, ignoring the shard for now. Aim to the left at the large open pipe opposite you. Activate Otto and rocks will start falling from the pipe above. You have to shoot one of these rocks into the open pipe. After doing so, the door to your right will open. Jump onto the trampoline, which send you back up to the platform at the top, the jump and run over and collect Otto. Walk to the edge of the platform and walk off the edge, allowing you to collect shard #15/26. Jump into the newly opened area.

Run through a long-ish tunnel until you reach a raised wooden platform and a wolf up against the wall in the pit below you. Jump onto this platform then back to the left onto the platform above you. At the end of this cliff, you'll see a sheep on a platform above and another mailbox. Open this mailbox for mailbox #6/12 then jump on the tower above you and onto the platform with the sheep. Just in the air above you, you can jump and collect shard #16/26. Use your telekinesis ability to grab the sheep. While holding the sheep, run back along to the wolf and drop the sheep down to it, which awards you with;

Jump over the wolf while it is distracted with the sheep, the through to passage to the right. At the other end of this passage, drop straight down and run through the tunnel to your left. At the end of this tunnel, you will grab shard #17/26. Run back along to the right and double jump over the next couple of pits, until you find mailbox #7/12 and a sheep at the edge of a lake.

Telekinetically pick up the sheep and drop it into the water, it will start paddling over to the other side. When it's roughly halfway across, jump onto its back then over to the other side. You could jump onto the sheep and let it swim you to the other side, but the mechanics for balancing on the sheep's back are a bit dodgy and I found myself falling off and dying even though I was clearly on top of the sheep.

Once on the other side, turn around and pick up the sheep again, and bring it with you. Now, hold the sheep over the bonfire up ahead to set it on fire:

While the sheep is on fire, place it against the tree trunk to your right until the tree set on fire and then collapse, giving you a safe path over the river. Quick note, when jumping and moving around with the burning sheep, I suggest holding it up in the air above you, as if you accidentally jump into it or get caught on it somehow, you will also be set on fire and die. After the tree falls, drop the sheep and run over the fallen tree and all the way along until you reach the end of the path and have to drop down. You'll start Chapter 5 at the bottom of this fall.

Chapter 5 - Down Under

Run down the stairs and drop Otto at the power box at the bottom. Run onto the lift platform up ahead and activate the power to raise you up. Once at the top, stand on the next button to release the trampoline, then collect Otto and bounce (and double jump) back up to the top. In the next area, jump down and drop Otto at the power box. Run back and use the trampoline to launch yourself onto the beam above you. Jump over the cart that has the magnet hanging beneath it and push it all the way to the right. Activate the power and the safe below will fly up to the magnet. Now push the magnet all the way to the left. Keeping the power on, jump to the lower left platform, on top of the cage containing a wolf. Here, you are doing to want to prepare. When you stand on the button to your left, the cage will open and the wolf will launch towards Otto. Once the cage opens, you're going to want to turn off the power, making the safe fall and crush the wolf.

Once you've completed this, first walk to your left and interact with mailbox #8/12. Run back to the right and pick up Otto. Use the trampoline and walkway above to get back to the button that opens the cage. Drop Otto onto this button to hold the cage door open, then drop down and push the first box you see as far right as you can, so it will be outside of the cage when the gate closes. Run around the circuit again to pick up Otto, then walk to the edge of the cage and telekinetically pick up the box and place it onto the cage button (if you're struggling to get the box this way, jump down and pick it up that way, then throw it onto the platform above). After placing that box on the button, jump down and grab the other two boxes that are at the back of the cage. Take both of them out the cage first, then throw them onto the platform above (if you don't take them both out, you risk hitting the box on the button and closing the cage by accident). Run around the circuit again then place the boxes close up to the wall like steps (two on the bottom, then on top), allowing you to jump onto them then into the next area.

Run down the stairs ahead, then drop right down the next gap and at the bottom run to your right until you reach the next puzzle. This next puzzle is a combination of two pervious puzzle mechanics, and forms a puzzle type that appears later on too. Standing right in front of the lower tunnel (not on the upper level), you'll need to drop Otto and let him slide down, and keep an eye on him. When he reached the power box in the middle of the slide, you'll need to activate it to lower a platform up ahead.

While Otto is sliding down the ramp, you'll want to jump onto the upper level, and run down the platform to meet Otto at the other end (remember to activate the power box with Otto too). While it's easier here, if you let Otto slide all the way past without picking him up at the end, you risk letting Otto slide down the next crevasse and dying. In later puzzles, you need to be even quicker while crossing the above level in order to reach Otto on time.

Fall off the edge of the platform (if you jump first, you'll hit the spikes on the wall and die) then double jump onto the newly lowered platform. This next puzzle is an example of what I was mentioning just above. When you drop Otto and let him slide, you'll need to activate the power with him, with you running down the top level. When you reach the end, you'll need to jump off the edge when Otto is near the end of the slide, collect him in mid air, then use your double jump from Otto to reach the newly lowered platform. This can be awkward, but remember, you don't have to be right on top of Otto to pick him up, you can be a little distance away (also, be careful if you're just spamming cn_LB as you may pick Otto up then accidentally drop him again if you're too fast).

In the next area, jump onto the trampoline and launch up to the high platform. Double jump into the air above you to collect shard #18/26. Drop down to the right onto the left side of the see-saw and drop Otto here. Now use the trampoline to get back to the area where you collected the last shard. Now jump down onto the right side of the see-saw to launch Otto towards the power box. When he's next to it, you'll want to activate the power, collect Otto as he plummets towards you, then jump onto the cart to the right before it moves too far away. Jump off this cart at the end of the track for the next puzzle.

Firstly, you'll want to jump to the middle area directly to your right. You'll see a small tunnel downwards, coming out above a power box. Drop Otto here and activate the power. Head to the right and wait for a cart to come along to you (don't worry about the button there just yet). Hop onto the cart and ride it over to the other side. At the other side, first jump over the box to collect shard #19/26 then push the box left onto cart, then activate the power to bring the cart back. When you reach the other side, before moving the box, you'll want to jump onto it, then up to the top level. Up here you'll find mailbox #9/12, a button and a crate.

Push the crate onto the button (this opens the first gate below), then fall off the left side and wander through the newly opened doorway to collect Otto. Head back to the middle level and place the box onto the other button (can do this telekinetically to save time). With both gates open, drop down to the lower level and run through the tunnel until you reach the next gap. Jump over the gap and you'll come across a mansion in the background. This is the start of Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Here Fishy

First up, you're going to want to interact with the mailbox right in front of you to get mailbox #10/12, then head on to the right.

In this chapter, you come across a river section. There is an achievement for completing it without dying. It can be a little complicated, and I had another death here the first time I played it, so had to retry it from Chapter Select.

Head right until you reach a lake, there will be a sheep the other side that you have to telekinetically grab and place in the water for you to jump on to cross safely. Once on the other side, turn around and grab the sheep again. In the next lake, there are a few piranha swimming around. You'll want to place the sheep into lake, then quickly jump onto it then to the other side, as after a few seconds, the sheep will be targeted by the piranha and eaten, leaving you with no way to cross.

Once over the other side, you'll see a dragonfly buzzing around in the air. Telekinetically grab this, and head to the right. You'll see piranha in the water below. Hold the dragonfly directly above the rope that is hanging from the first platform. One of the piranha will notice it and then jump out the water to get it, instead clamping onto the rope and pulling the first platform down for you. Repeat this process with the next platform (if the piranha eats the dragonfly, just go to where you grabbed the first one to get more) then jump to the other side and head through the tunnel.

In the next area, you'll have a lot of to and fro, going through the same area. Drop Otto at the first power box. This power box controls the platforms to your right, so quickly activate the power and then turn it off again just to see the timings between platforms. Jump to the first platform, then jump to the second. While in the air, you'll want to hit the power to bring the platform up to catch you. Then repeat this for the second0to0third platform jump, then you hit the other side. Aim upwards and shoot at the plank above you to release the platform allowing you to jump up to the level above, then from here, shoot down the crate that is hanging in the sky. This crate will land on a switch that keeps the three platforms that you jumped across, continuously up, so you can freely travel along them without playing with the power. Head back along these platforms and pick up Otto. Head back to the right across the platforms and pick up the box you find on the lower level. Head back to the left again, with the box telekinetically in hand. At the other side (with the power box), raise the box above you head and jump onto the platform above, then place the box the upper left platform. This activates a button that opens a door on the other side.

Run back across the three platforms, and back up to the top. This time, grab the box that is on the upper right platform, head through the newly opened door and place it on the new button that is available. The will open a door the other side with a rock and a shard in it. Head back along the three platforms once again, then jump up onto the platforms, then into the little alcove that opened up with the rock in it. Here, you'll collect shard #20/26. Telekinetically grab the rock, then run back across the three platforms for a final time. Jump up to the next level once more and you'll find a large open pipe like before, place the rock into this pipe to open the door out of the area (finally!).

Right here is where the river starts, and not dying actually matters again. Bear in mind that if you die during this river and you attempt this again from the Chapter Select, that you'll have to start from the beginning of the chapter, so you if you die often, you'll be sick to death of the most recent puzzle by the time you complete the achievement. This will be tricky to get done first time, although it is possible. It can require a bit of memorisation for each obstacle, however I will do my best to describe what to do in the paragraphs below. Also, there are shards that you can collect in this area, but it is entirely up to you whether you get them and attempt the no death run simultaneously, or separate them out. I'll include all the locations below in any case.

Note: I strongly recommend reading through this next bit before starting so you have an idea of what is coming, either that or watch a video, just to give yourself a bit more of a warning.

At the top of the river, fire at the loose rocks holding the crate in the ceiling alcove. This will release your crate transport into the river. Wait until the crate bobs up after falling into the water before you jump on. You'll shortly reach the first platform. Jump off to crate onto the platform then jump and telekinetically grab the box on the suspended platform above. Jump to this platform to collect shard #21/26. Wait until your crate is beneath the platform and safely drop down onto it. Keep the box held directly above you in the air and place it onto the next floating platform you see as this has a button to open the door ahead for you (make sure you don't jump off the crate, just telekinetically hold the box above you and let go when it's on the button).

The first door will open. Jump onto the next low platform and grab the rock that is resting on the suspended platform. Hold it in the air directly above you and you'll see another open pipe appear as you float down the river. When you're near the tube, jump up and forwards and place the rock into the open pipe. It'll take a few seconds to fall down the pipe and activate the door ahead. You'll land on a long platform. Quickly run forwards, jump onto the wooden tower, then up again to the high platform on the left, where you'll collect shard #22/26. You'll see the door to the right open and your crate transport will flow past underneath shortly after, jump back onto it.

When you land on the crate, move to the leftmost side of it, as far as you can without falling off. You'll come across a spikey block up ahead that you'll have to double jump over. Going all the way to left gives you the whole right side of the crate to land on once you complete your jump. Once you're past this, jump onto the next platform, which is a button for the next door. Quickly grab the box off the upper left platform and place it on the button that you are currently standing on. Quickly jump back onto your crate. Jump onto the next platform, then back onto the crate and go to the leftmost side again. You'll have two of the really spikey blocks to jump over next. Once you clear these, chill on the crate until the next platform comes into view. Jump to it and grab the box that resides on it.

This next bit gets even more tricky. Hold the box you collected at an angle out in front of you (hold it to roughly north east of you). You'll see a platform approach. This is one of those puzzles where you have to drop Otto in the lower tunnel, activate the power box and then collect him before he falls off the other side. Firstly, you'll want to place the box onto the upper platform, where you'll see a button. With the box on the button, jump to the first little platform and drop Otto and ensure he starts sliding down. While Otto slides, jump on top of the box, grab shard #23/26. Activate the power as Otto slides past to open the door for you above. Walk through the door and stand on the little lip and collect Otto as he sides into you, then jump onto your transport crate below.

The next obstacle is exactly the same concept, just a little harder. You'll want to jump to the first platform and before dropping Otto, grab the box that is on the suspended platform in the upper right. Place the box onto the button in front of you. You'll want to release Otto when your transport crate is roughly level with the button. Run up to the door and as soon as you activate the power box, you'll want to run through to the edge of the platform. Drop off the edge when Otto is nearby and collect him (remember you don't need to be right on top of him) then save yourself with you double jump and land on your crate.

As the next door opens, aim forwards and up. You'll want to pick up the rock that you see ahead, then you'll want to jump to the next platform. You'll want to be quick about it too. Walk forward on this platform and you'll see and open pipe on the left above you, hold the rock straight up, then double jump backwards to place it into the pipe and open the door ahead. Jump onto the next platform then onto the transport crate.

The next area requires a bit of good judgement. As you float down the river, you'll start to approach a large white cliff. You'll need to double jump to the top of this cliff. As soon as you're on top of the cliff, pick up the box that is just ahead of you, keeping it level, and take a few steps backwards. Jump over the box and next to the little tunnel ahead and drop Otto, allowing him to slide down the tunnel into the little see-saw up ahead. While he's sliding, jump onto the box and run along the top of the cliff. Once Otto is on the left side of the see-saw. Jump onto the right side. Otto will fly into the air, and fall past a power box, as he goes past it, you'll need to activate it, opening the gate ahead. Jump onto the platform and pick up Otto (Note: DO NOT get too close to the gate before it opens, as the spikes on the gate itself WILL kill you, this caught me out on my first attempt). Once the gate is open, go through and jump back onto you transport crate. As you float into the last section, you'll see a shard in the air, leave this for now, instead you'll see a little branch/ platform appear in the top right, aim just under it. As you get closer, you'll see a crow just below that branch, which will fly at you. Kill the crow, then jump up to collect shard #24/26. After this, jump to the platform ahead and you'll have finished the river. As you leave the area and jump over the next gap, if you didn't die during this segment, you'll earn;

No swimming

Make it down the stream without dying

No swimming
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Just over the gap after the river, you'll come across mailbox #11/12. Next, grab the sheep in front of you and light it on fire and keep a hold of it. You'll be entering a pitch black cave section and the poor, innocent, burning sheep is your only source of light. As you venture into the dark cave, you'll start Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 - Into The Dark

This is the final chapter of the game, and contains the final boss battle. Same as before, this boss battle also has an achievement related to not dying during the duration of the battle.

The first section of this area should be completely straightforward, simply using the burning sheep to light the way forward and a lot of jumping to platforms. Once you reach an area with another fire and another sheep, keep a hold of the first burning sheep and jump over the fire. Just next to the fire, there will be a wooden beam on the ceiling holding up a load of rocks. Hold the burning sheep to the wooden beam then retreat backwards after setting it on fire. This will burn out and the rocks will fall down. Once it's safe to do so, jump up on to the largest rock, then up to the platform on the left. Walk along the platform a little and look upwards at the spikes on the ceiling, jump a little and place the sheep into the spikes, it should stay in place once you let go of it. From here, jump onto the left platform to collect shard #25/26. Jump onto the upper right platform now (careful of the ceiling spikes where the sheep is) and grab one of the three small rocks at the end of the platform. Fall back down, jump over the gap where the large rock is and head to the upper right side instead. Move along the right platform, until you reach you can just about see a button above you (don't travel too far otherwise you'll fall into a spike pit). Aim the rock directly upwards, then jump and move/swing to the left. This should place the rock onto a button on the left side. This might be a little awkward to see due to the low light. Once you've done this, head back along and either collect your burning sheep, or make a new one with the sheep and the fire below. Return to the right and you should see another set of spikes on the ceiling. Attach you sheep here, then jump across the gap, where you'll find a crate. Jump over this crate to the right side, then push it to the left until it falls down the gap. Once it does, grab you burning sheep (and hold it above your head so it doesn't hit you) and fall down onto the crate. From here jump to the platform to your right, then use the sheep to light the rest of the way out, which are now just simple jumps.

Once out the other side, you'll reach a little lake with a piranha in it. Drop your sheep into the water and use it as a stepping stone to leap across. On the other side, you'll find the final mailbox, mailbox #12/12 and you should then earn;

Pen pals

Collect all mail

Pen pals
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Just beyond this where the river starts is the final boss. In order to get the achievement, you cannot die during this.

Shoot the crate to drop it into the water then when it bobs up again jump onto it. While floating down this first bit, you'll see the large serpent boss swim past you. A series of platforms will appear just ahead, as soon as possible, you'll want to jump up to the platform on the left, then onto the hanging platform on the right and run along it. In this time, you transport crate will have been set alight, by the time you come to jump back on it, the flames should have extinguished themselves and you can re-board the crate (you may have to wait a few seconds on the hanging platform).

Once back on the crate, you'll need to jump to the next platform as soon as possible. Here, drop Otto through the small tunnel and he'll slide onto a button that opens the door for you. If you're too slow, the Serpent boss will burn you to death. You'll want to be running into the closed door so as soon as you can pass through, you do just that. Pick up Otto then jump back onto the crate.

At the next platform, you'll want to be as quick as possible. Jump off the crate onto the platform, then jump up the platforms above you. Here, you'll collect shard #26/26 and you'll unlock;

The collector

Collect all fragments

The collector
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Quickly fall back down, grab the sheep and head to the right, then double jump onto the transport crate. Turn around from here and hold the sheep out directly behind you. The Serpent will come closer and will eat the sheep, distracting it. Jump over the two spiky platforms that are up next, then aim high. You'll want to grab a small rock off a high platform in the next area. After you grabbing it, wait until you're within jumping distance of the open pipe then dunk the rock into the pipe. and jump back onto the transport crate. Float down the river, then jump over the next spiked platform. Aim your gun forward and slightly up, as a crow will soon be appearing on screen. Ass soon as you see a branch appear, then the crow seconds later, kill it, then jump over another spiky platform just past this.

Continue floating down the river, and you'll see a suspended platform with a small rock hanging on this. Quickly grab this rock then jump onto the platform. As soon as you touch the platform, run all the way to the end as the serpent will bite and destroy the end of the platform and make spikes appear along it, one segment at a time You need to run to the end and dunk the rock into the open pipe, then make sure you fall down the little pit just in front of the pipe. This will release the massive spiked ball flail that will swing forward and strike the serpent, killing it. Now all you have left is a short cinematic, then the final couple achievements should pop. (Just a quick note here, when the serpent was struck with the flail, and the floor beneath you is destroyed, I sometimes had the floor not fully break and I got stuck and couldn't move. However, after a minute or so or waiting, the floor released on its own, and the cutscene continued.

Once the cutscene has finish and the credits start to roll, as long as you didn't die in the final boss, you'll earn;

The charmer

Defeat the second boss without dying

The charmer
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

and for completing the game, you'll get;

The other side

Complete Episode One

The other side
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

There we have it, the full 1000. Congratulations on another completion!

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