Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

The "platinum" achievement was previously glitched and would sometimes not unlock. It seems this bug has been fixed and people can also pop the platinum achievement retroactively if they already have 35 achievements by simply loading their save.

So what we have here is a walkthrough for Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. Pirates is a turn-based RPG and a pretty simple one at that. You'll get a total of four characters with a few skills between them, and there's not much in this game you won't have seen in other turn-based RPGs. There are no missable achievements as there is no point of no return, but it seems some of the things tied to side quests might not spawn or are bugged if you do them post-game, though this can be avoided by doing everything before finishing the story. Thanks to a patch for achievement glitches, the completion is quite simple. It will take one playthrough, and we'll get everything done before finishing the story, which will give us the completion.

As for the game itself, it's a turn-based RPG. You'll get a total of 4 members, each with their own skills. Each character starts with one or two skills, and others are unlocked via leveling up, or found in chests/acquired from side quests. Every stat and ability has a cap. When you level up the cap goes up. You can spend money to upgrade stats and skills up to the cap. As for the stats, I leveled all of them aside from dodge, which appears to actually be useless. I kept it at the cap for the first 7 or 8 levels, and only saw one dodge the entire time. Waste of money. As for abilities, I'll tell you which ones I maxed as we get them. In the overworld everyone has an exploration ability to help you explore, and I'll detail those as you unlock characters.

Other than that the combat is quite simple, though the shared energy pool means that you can't just go around spamming everyone's skills to finish battles easily. You'll generally be using regular attacks and tossing up healing items as necessary, and saving your energy for your most powerful character's skills. Marcie's swift claws skill is probably the best skill in the game, with a really good damage to energy cost ratio. I use it the most once I unlock it. The good news is one of the characters you get can give up his turn to add energy to the pool, which means you can be more liberal with how often you use skills.

There aren't any missable achievements, but it does seem that some of the side stuff can glitch if you do it after the story, so I suggest doing things the same time I do in the walkthrough.

When you start the game for the first time you'll have a scene. Afterwards, you'll be in control of a boat. You hold cn_RT to move forward and cn_LT to go in reverse. You'll see a compass at the top of the screen, and a yellow star that shows you the story objective. You need to go straight ahead and follow the small river to the objective. On the way you'll see a lot of things in the water like barrels or boots, you can go near them and press cn_B to grab them for items and money, which you should always do, as the money is used to upgrade your characters. There's an achievement for grabbing 25 of them as well.

You'll see a yellow column of light when they get close to the story objective, steer the boat into it and get off the boat. You'll see a bunch of icicles, they drop items and money when destroyed, and also have an achievement tied to them. I broke them all. Walk up the objective and talk to the guy when you're done. After a scene, you'll need to interrogate him. You'll see a wheel with 4 wedges, with 2 of them having a yellow background (good cop) and 2 having a red background (bad cop). The top two are both Finn actions, and the bottom 2 are both Jake actions. Choose red (Finn), red (Jake), red (Finn) to get your first achievement.

  • Bad Cop!

    Pass the first Interrogation

    Bad Cop!
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Head back to the boat and board it. Your boat should be pointing straight toward the objective, so simply go straight ahead into a small river. You'll have a scene and then your first fight. Follow the tutorial until you block, and make sure you don't kill any of them. From now on have Jake block and have Finn use the Ice Sword. Each hit will kill an enemy in one hit, and overskronk it. Use the Ice Sword on all four. If you don't have the energy (the bar at the top of the screen) have Finn block until he can use Ice Sword again. When you kill the 4th one with Ice Sword you'll get this achievement.

You'll also get this achievement when you go back to the world map.

As for combat, the only interesting things to mention about it is that energy is shared between all characters, they don't have their own "MP" or mana. The other is that using an item does not take a turn, you can use an item and also attack in the same turn. Anyway, continue to the story objective. The river has a few forks, simply continue heading toward the star. Eventually, the path opens up into an ocean and then you'll reach the Candy Kingdom shortly. You'll see a bunch of shiny cakes, these can be destroyed like the icicles could so make sure to do so for money.

Anyway, head inside the gate to fight some enemies. Have Jake use his regular attack and have Finn use Ice Sword when you have the energy and use potions if need be. Once the fight is over press cn_start. You'll be shown the upgrade screen. You can use the money you've been collecting to upgrade stats. Health, Accuracy, and Attack are important. Leveling block is useless because you'll never use it, and leveling dodge is actually pointless. I leveled it up until level 5 or 6, and I don't think I ever saw my characters dodge an attack, so it's a waste of money. If you press cn_Y, you can switch to the skills screen and level up character's skills. I leveled up Finn's Ice Sword and that's it.

You'll notice a bar above each skill, which increases as you level it up. Each skill has a cap based on your level, so as you level up you can level it higher. The cost goes up too. Anyway, keep Health, Attack and Accuracy maxed (assuming you have the money of course) for everyone. I only leveled Finn's Ice Sword for a few levels, because I eventually only used other character's skills.

Anyway, from the fight go forward to reach a fork. To the right is a level 5 enemy that will dumpster you, so head left. Follow the road to a fork and go right to fight some enemies. After the fight, take the road left of the guardhouse and follow it to a red circle, switch to Jake with cn_RB/cn_LB and press cn_B in the circle, then do so in the next circle ahead of you. Go right here and go forward and approach the door until you get a scene. In the interrogation, I picked the following: yellow Jake, yellow Finn, red Jake, yellow Finn, and finally yellow Jake. After the scene is done, head right (if facing the door) and you'll see a red circle by a flag with a telescope on it. Go into the circle with Finn and press cn_B, these are pirate lookouts. You need to activate them all for an achievement. Speaking of which, you'll get one for activating your first pirate lookout.

Also, I had destroyed 50 land objects by now, so you should get this achievement soon if you don't have it already.

  • Smash Up

    Destroy 50 land destructibles

    Smash Up
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

On the map, you'll now be able to see treasure chests since you activated the pirate lookout, but a lot of them can't be opened until we get the other 2 party members, so don't worry about it for now. Continue right until you see a break in the balcony and jump down. Head to the objective for a scene, then continue downhill and jump across. You'll see a big cake, you can push it by standing by it and holding cn_Y. Now head to the cake right of you and push that. Turn right and you should see the hat, go up to it and press cn_Y to pick it up. You'll have to face some enemies on the way back.

Return to Marci after you win the fight, bringing the hat with you. You'll see a chest a bit further up the hill. I have no clue what's in it because I was forced into a fight with the enemies nearby though. Either way, fight the enemies near the big guardian from the scene and then you'll be placed in a different part of the island. You should see a cake you can move to the left, pull it out and open the chest.

From here head to the only exit to find a road. Follow it south and keep an eye on the left side for a chest. Continue south on the path to find 4 enemies. Kill the orange one first, as he buffs the other ones. I used Finn's Ice Slammacrow and had Jake and Marci use their regular attacks. In the next combat round, I used Jake's Ice Sword attack to kill one of the red enemies and had Marci finish off the orange one. From here use Finn to kill the other red one, and Marci's Flaming Axe to kill the blue one.

From the guardhouse take the left path and go right at the fork in the road. On the right you'll see a person with a blue light, this is a side quest, go near the person and press cn_B to start it. You'll need to collect 4 sugar packs, and the game points out where they are with a scene. The first one southeast of the quest giver has 2 enemies by it. There's also a chest to the left of the sack. You'll need to pick the stack and take it back to the quest giver, where it will be automatically dropped once you get close enough. The next one is southwest of her. You'll find the shop nearby, Choose Goose. Buy an item from it to get an achievement.

I generally bought all the healing items at every shop I came across unless I didn't have money. All the potions and the apples. The next sack is to the northwest, behind the ramp we took up to the castle. The last sack is northeast of the quest giver. When you return it you'll finish the quest and get an achievement.

You'll also get the Dogerang special ability for Jake, which is worth leveling up. If you look at skills in the upgrade menu you'll see there are 3 smaller icons by the big icon. They are different versions of the same attack. For example, the first ability for Dogerang hits one enemy. The second ability hits 2, and the 3rd ability hits every enemy. It does good damage, gives a chance to lower the enemies' defense, and also hits more than one once you get the better versions. I started upgrading this ability. Side quests finish automatically, by the way, you don't need to go back and talk to the NPC. Head back to the 2 platforms with red circles we used to jump on the castle and get the chest behind it, and you'll also have some enemies. Head back up the castle and jump off the balcony, then follow the path to a cake you can push and do so.

When you reach the second cake look to the left for another side quest. Take it, though we can't finish it now. Anyway, head back to the first side quest giver (you can jump back onto the castle where you jumped off). From it head north on the road to a fork and follow it east, on the right you'll see some enemies and a chest. After that follow the road to the entrance and head toward your boat. A scene will point out a side quest, take it, then get on the boat. The side quest is for finding 10 kids throughout the world, and we'll work on it as we go. They are spread across many islands, so we won't be able to finish it for quite some time. I had destroyed 250 land objects before I had left here, so if you don't have it by now you should get it soon.

As you start sailing you should run into the Kraken, which starts a side quest. To finish it you simply need to kill the Kraken. It doesn't seem to ever try to fight you in an actual battle, it's all about hitting it with the cannon. When you hit it once it will disappear. It will show up from time to time, but I found a spot where it seems to show up again and again if you move just a bit away from the spot, so we'll finish the quest then.

Open the map and you'll see a blue "?" southeast of you, head toward it to find Mushroom Island. As an aside, islands you haven't discovered have a bunch of clouds covering them on the map, so it's an easy way to find where they are. Dock on it. Follow the path, when you see a wooden bridge, you'll see a kid with a small blue light on it, it's one of the kids you need to find for the side quest. Pick it up with cn_Y and take it back to the boat. Then go back and follow the path to a side quest giver on the right. Face the guy who gave you the side quest from the front, and then turn around. You'll see a hole in the ground, fall down. Follow the path to a fight. You'll find some new enemies. These enemies that look like a box have an attack that can hit your entire party and, when hit, will gain defense against more attacks of that type. So if you hit them with Ice Sword they'll take less damage from ice attacks. Kill the level 3 guy first and the other two should be easy.

The chest has the Night Sword skill for Finn. Go back to the hole and use Jake to get back up. Continue along the path to find another kid near the shop. Take the kid back to the boat and get on it. Now, the side quest you just got is to destroy the 10 pieces of junk near the island. They're the doughnuts and cake looking things that are brown/purple in the ocean. The parts that are the same color as the mushroom island can't be destroyed. Once you've destroyed all 10 you'll finish the quest and get an achievement.

Now check the map and you'll see another blue "?" far to the southeast. Head there now to find the Badlands. To the right, you'll find some enemies, and after the fight, you'll see a kid by them. Take it back and then grab the kid by the red circle. Then use Jake at the red circle to find a chest that has a new ability for Marci called Swift Claws. Swift Claws is an absolutely silly ability that does a ton of damage, and the upgraded versions are even better. You want to upgrade it fully every time you level up. It's basically a guaranteed kill on most enemies that aren't bosses.

Left of it is a ledge you can jump on to reach another red circle. Head up with Jake and then follow the path to a portal. Go forward and the green wall will move. You'll now need to jump from platform to platform. The platforms will spawn as you jump on them. Be careful as some of them shrink or move and near the end the room rotates, so jump on one and wait for everything to stop moving before you jump to the next one if you're worried about falling off (though there's no real penalty for doing so). Once you reach the last one you'll be able to enter a room with a sidequest, take it.

Now leave with the portal. Head back down to the boat and then jump off the edge into the water again and again until you get an achievement.

Get onto the boat. For the side quest we need to get 30 fish, they seem to spawn randomly while you sail around and you grab them with cn_B like you do the boxes and stuff. I found it faster to just sail around the Badlands real quick and gather the fish I found, then I quit and choose continue. I'd spawn by the boat and get on it and check again. Took 2 rounds this way. Once that quest is done we're going to head north to the story objective. Follow the wall to the east while you go north and you should see the Kraken spawn. I found she kept spawning after I hit her with the cannon. I'd hit her, go west to the trees, and then go back to that spot and she'd be there again. I did this until I killed it and finished the quest. Here's a picture of where I found her.


On the way to the next objective I got the achievement for grabbing 25 things in the sea, so you'll likely be close too.

As you continue north you'll hit a wall, follow it west and then north to the objective, you'll load into a new area. Go forward and get off the boat. The rafts with barrels and boxes on them can be destroyed with the cannon to get money and items. Once off the boat, go forward to find two enemies. After the fight, you'll see another kid to put on the boat. From where the kid was, go south for the shop and buy healing items if you need them. Continue south for a scene and then another interrogation. Yellow Finn, red Jake, yellow Finn.

Continue south to find a chest across a bridge. Follow the path east of you until you reach a red circle, and use it. Activate the pirate lookout with Finn. Up here you should see some enemies, one of them will be level 4. If you've been following the walkthrough you should only be level 3, which means you can get an achievement here for beating an enemy that is a higher level than you. Attack the red one first, since he is a higher level. I used Finn's Slammacow attack and then Marci's Flaming Axe then used regular attacks to finish the fight. Once the fight is done you'll get an achievement. Finn hit level 4 from this battle but I still got it.

  • Mathematical

    Win your first fight against a higher level enemy

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Jump down and continue along the path. When you reach a wooden bridge, go right at the fork to find a chest. Follow the path nearby to where it breaks and then turns left past a tree. Go forward and look to the right for some enemies and a chest. After fighting the enemies heal up and buy any upgrades you want, as you won't be able to before a boss fight. From here head to the objective. You'll have to face 3 enemies, each of which is 2 enemies. Once a group loses half its health, one of them dies. When a group is fully intact, they get to attack twice. They also use items that can apply status effects. I focused on each group one at a time and used abilities as often as I could and it wasn't too hard. If you can try to end the fight with full health and a lot of energy if possible.

Once they're dead you'll have a scene. Head northwest to find a spot where you can use Marci's ability to become invisible, but first head up the hill and get the chest on the right. The red circle is a bit deceptive in that it gives you the impression you can only go invisible on it, but you can go invisible whenever you want once you get close to the fort. As for the invisibility, it seems to last about 7-8 seconds.

You'll want to walk up to the gate until you're where the path is to the chest we just got. Then press cn_B to cloak and then go past the guy and the gate, and go left to find the shop. You'll want to buy some Mathematical Calculators, as the upcoming boss hits you with Poo Brain, which stops you from using abilities (basically the "silence" status effect you see in many other RPGs). Keep following this path (cloak again to get past the 2 guards) and get the chest. Then go back to the gate. You'll see some red guys to the left, sneak past them and then stand behind the wall to the right, just past them.

When you uncloak, cloak again and go west past the guards to find the key. Head back to your party outside the fort, cloaking to get past the guards the same way you just did. You'll face a boss. He uses an item to power himself up or debuff you every turn, and one of them is an attack boost that makes his attack do 500 or so damage. He also has two enemies with him. Kill those enemies first, and then concentrate on the boss, tossing out healing items as needed. Keep everyone above 500 health so the boss can't use an attack-up item and kill them instantly. Try to save energy for Merci's Swift Claws attack, or Jake's Dogerrang as they seem to do the most damage at this point. Once the boss is dead you'll have a scene and an achievement.

This also happened to be one of the only fights I had a hero go down, and I had to revive them with one of the muffin items. If this is the case for you, you'll snag an achievement for doing so. If not you'll probably get a chance to do it later. Or you can just let someone die on purpose in a future fight.

Head to the hill that leads up to the fort we got the key from and take the path going down right at the base (it has some destructible things in the way). Follow it past the first red circle and use the second one to cross the water to find someone with a side quest. Destroy the smelly pods nearby (there are 4) and then destroy the vines to the northeast and use the red circle with Jake to get across. You'll find the 5th pod in front of you on a bridge. Cross the bridge and go a tiny bit forward and look to the left for the next pod.

Return to the ship and you'll see the 7th one on the way. Before getting on the ship though take the other path (not the one that leads to the shop) and follow the path past a red circle to find some enemies. You'll want to focus on the one with a pirate hat first. He can revive his allies, heal himself, and boost his attack and special attack. If he uses the special attack and then uses magic spear, it will do over 1000 damage., so kill him at all costs first and then focus the others down one by one. Open the chest at the end of the path and take the kid to the ship, the chest should be your 15th, giving you this achievement.

Once on the ship face south and you'll see the last 3 pods, blast them with the cannon to finish the quest. You'll get the Jake Shield ability for Jake. Go ahead and leave this place. When the screen transitions to the "world", you should see a pirate ship ahead of you and to the right, go up to it to fight them. It will be a much easier fight than the group of banana guards we just fought. I got the 50 enemies killed achievement around this time, so you should be getting it soon as well.

I've read the pirate ship spawns can glitch out, so we're going to deal with them all now. You can only fight the first 4 for now, the rest cannot be accessed until later in the story. There's one you'll spot on the way to the Candy Kingdom, and from that go straight south to the wall and follow it south and you should spot the next one on the left. The 4th ship is by the Badlands. Here's a picture with each one marked in the order I did them.

Pirate Ship First

Head back to the Candy Kingdom. Next to the circle to get off the boat is a big blue one, enter this circle with the boat and drop off the kids you've been rescuing. The circle seems a bit finicky, I had to drive around a bit to get the prompt to drop off the kids. You can only have 6 kids on your boat at a time, which is why we need to do it now even though we don't have all 10. Once you have that done head back to the Ice Kingdom, the first kingdom we went to in the game. Once you get off the boat you'll have a scene and get a new side quest. You need to rescue 10 penguins, and it works just like the kids. Head to the Candy Kingdom now. When you exit out of the river leaving the ice kingdom and can go west to the Candy Kingdom, you'll probably see a blue light as if there's a side quest, but it's actually just where you drop off the penguins when you find them.

Anyway once you get off the boat in the Candy Kingdom you'll get a scene. Now you'll need to head to the Evil Forest, again. When you get there you won't be able to use the same dock, instead you'll need to use one south of the usual one. Ignore the red circle and follow the path past the shop (and another red circle) to a gate, grab the penguin and take it back to the boat and then head through the gate for a scene and then a fight.

Head up to the fort we took the key from and head inside. You'll want to take the left path that leads to a shop. You'll find 2 easy to kill enemies here. Past the 2 enemies is a red circle, use Jake to jump up a ledge. You'll see a shiny button on the ground put a character on it and then you can press cn_A to have them stand there. Switch to one of the other characters and put them on the other button nearby. Then switch to the last character to use the switch by the first button. Go up to it and press cn_Y, then pull the switch out like you would pull a block. Pull the switch by the second button next. Now head northeast across the same bridge. You should see a block you can push, push it onto the button nearby and pull the switch that pops up. Cross the bridge that drops down to reach BMO.

After the scene, you should be on the other side of the bridge. Open the cage nearby that has a red lock button with BMO active to get an achievement.

Before moving on upgrade BMO, as he joins as a level 2 with a mere 200 HP. You'll want to upgrade his Attack, Accuracy, and Health like everyone else, and if you have the money his energy recharge skill is great. Basically, you use it for your turn and you get energy equal to the skill's level. It makes it a lot easier to spam abilities in boss fights and the like. There's another gate to the north BMO can open. Past here is a fight, a chest, and a pirate lookout. From here backtrack to the 3rd switch we had to hit, and you'll see a gate you can open with BMO. Beyond it is a chest. Jump down to the gate of this fortress and head down the hill. Follow the right wall and open the cages (the first will need BMO, the other can be opened by attacking the vines), they're where Princess Bubblegum was. You'll get an achievement.

  • Hero Time

    Free the caged Mushroom people

    Hero Time
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

From here head north to the wall (there are enemies to the right) and follow it to a BMO gate, and head inside. Kill the enemies then pull the block the cutscene highlighted, and use Jake to go inside. Follow the path to some piles of gold and get them all, then follow the path to the exit. Leave this gated area and continue following the wall to a chest, then follow the wall to a bridge. Cross the bridge and take the right fork to a fight. Use BMO's analyze in this fight for an achievement.

Go north here, you'll pass by the shop. When you reach a red circle head up with Jake. Open the gate with BMO for a scene and a side quest. I'm not entirely sure what triggered it, but while I was breaking objects by the house on your left I got a scene with a snail and unlocked this achievement.

As for the side quest, you need to get a bunch of apples. The first one is right by the house in front of the tree (you may have to hit the tree to make it appear). To the south is some red circles, use the one closest to you to get 3 apples, and then use the other red circle. You should see a hill by you, and an apple will fall out of it when you get close. You can go up that hill with BMO but DO NOT go up that hill yet. Smack the tree south of the hill with Jake to get an apple. From that tree follow the path north and hit the tree for an apple. Head north up the regular sized hill. You'll switch to Marci, cloak and go past the first guy, then wait until the invis wears off. Use it again and then get the apples behind the two smaller guys in the back of this area. Then wait for it to go away and use it again to sneak past the big guy and leave this spot.

Head back to the small hill I told you to ignore earlier. Go in the hole the apple came out of with BMO. Climb up and then jump out of the hole to find an apple. Head up the next small hill to get the last apple. Head back to your party. As an aside, the reason we didn't do this earlier if that if you finish the quest by the enemies with Marci, you'll lose the ability to cloak and will have to fight the big guy, who is level 7 and will roll you. I did this. Thankfully when I died and loaded my save I was at the bottom of the hill, so if you mess up like me, that's how you get out of that situation.

We've done all we want to here. Next head to the dock nearby (there's no longer a ship there for some reason) and head to the Candy Island. You'll have a fight just inside the gate. As I'm sure you can tell from the scene, it's boss time. So heal everyone up and buy any upgrades you want, then confront the boss. To start attack the arms. I had Marci use Swift Claws to destroy one instantly, and had the others focus on the other hand. Once the hands are down you can attack the actual boss. At around 50% health it will summon 4 helpers. These annoying shits can use an attack that has all alive babies attack random characters multiple times, and the damage can stack up fast because each baby can use the attack in one round. Try to kill them as quickly as possible as a result.

Using Jake's Dogerang is a good idea if you have the energy and his turn comes up in time, otherwise all of your characters should kill them in one hit. Once the babies are down, try to finish the mama quickly with Marci's swift claws, as she can summon more babies if she lives long enough. You'll get an achievement after you win.

You may have noticed steam vents in the south part of the map (or heard it when they mention it in cutscenes) and we can finally pass by them, kinda. As you sail out you'll be told to press cn_Y to use BMO's sonar ability, do so and follow the big columns of light. There was a small one on the way, I assume it just marks the places where boxes you can grab are. Follow the big columns until you pass through the black rock line. It will take you to Fire Island, but we don't want to go there quite yet. Instead, follow the coast of Fire Island around the east side until you reach Firebreak Island and dock there. Follow the path past the shop to find a penguin, and take him back to the ship. Get back on the ship. Go straight southwest to the next island, Matchbook Island.

Follow the path to the shop and get the kid by it. Take it to the boat and then keep following the path. Ignore the rocks on the left and right you can jump to and keep going straight. You'll fight some enemies, then reach a building with a bunch of chests in it, loot them all. One will give BMO the High Voltage ability. This ability is like Jake's Dogerang, except instead of potentially causing Flump (lowering enemy defense) High Voltage can cause the shock effect. If an enemy is shocked when their turn starts they take damage and the enemies adjacent to them also take damage. As you get the better versions of High Voltage, it can hit all enemies too. I leveled it up and used it a lot to start fights off if I had the energy. Once you open all the chests (and grab the piles of money) head out the back and turn right, then follow the path up. On the new platform, go left to find 3 penguins, and take them back to the boat. You can pick up one with each character so you only have to make one trip back to the boat.

With that done leave the island. We can get the rest of the pirate ships now. I found one near Matchbook Island, (a bit northwest of it) and another one west of that. I found the last one northeast of Firebreak Island, finishing the quest. The 6th ship actually had pretty strong enemies on it, so make sure you go into that fight with full health. Kill the pirate hat guys first as usual. Here's a picture with where I found them.

Pirate Ship Second

With that done we can move on with the story, but before you do that you'll need to drop off all the kids and penguins you have on the ship so you have room for all the ones on Fire Island. Since the sonar path is gone here's a picture of the place where you can get through the steam vents, so you can go back to the upper half of the map.

Path back from Fire Kingdom

Remember the kids go to Candy Island and the penguins go to the dropoff point west of Evil Forest (marked by a side quest icon). Once that's done go back to the bottom half of the map and go to Fire Island, the island we were originally sent to. I'm actually not sure if Fire Island counts because I got it at Firebreak Island, but this is the last island, which should give you an achievement. I entered the "dock" screen at Fire Island before heading to Firebreak Island, so maybe that counted and that's why I got it at Firebreak Island. Either way, you'll have this now.

Once you get off the boat you'll face two enemies and then have an interrogation. I started with yellow Jake and then kept switching between the two good cop options. I believe I had to pick good cop 7 times, but just keep being a good cop. Once that's done head backward to a fork, the right path leads to a shop, and a chest behind it. Now continue forward. You'll come to 2 kids and 2 penguins, load 'em up on the boat. Behind the blue guy we interrogated is a chest (behind the tent behind him) and there's another chest southwest of him by a tent (near where the penguin was).

From the blue guy follow the road SE and take the left road at the fork. It'll turn east and you should see a red circle, and the last kid we need. Use the red circle with Jake for a fight. Activate the pirate lookout after the fight and take the kid back. Follow the path on the upper area by the pirate lookout to a gate and a fight. Kill the enemies and get the chest by the gate but don't go through the gate. Instead follow the road back to the first area. The road will lead to another road, follow it south. Take a right at the fork and you'll run into some enemies, after the fight you'll see a path on a ledge left of you, jump up and take it.

Follow it until you can go up a hill or straight ahead to a path below you. The path below leads to a fight and we have to go there for a quest later, the path up is the way forward. Take the path up. You'll find some enemies, and then to the west is a chest. Follow the path to a fork and take the right path. As you follow the path watch the right side and you'll see a place you can jump down with red circles, it leads to a shop and we have to go here for a quest later, so don't go down there quite yet. You'll fight 2 more fights on the path we're on, and after the 2nd one there is a chest on the right. As you continue you'll see a road on the right you can take, do so. As you go down it keep an eye on the left for the Fire Princess in front of a...sewer grate I guess for a scene.

Continue following the path for a fight, and on the right is a chest. Backtrack to where the Fire Princess is, follow the road south and you'll see a story objective straight ahead. Simply push the box into the water. Head back to the big middle area and follow it north to the place where I told you the shop was. There's another box to push here. Go back on the road and follow it around to the next path on the left, and take it. When you reach the next path on the left going down, take it to the switch.

Return to the middle area and follow it around to the south side and go southeast into the big cave on the map for a scene. Pick up the brazier on the ground with fire and light on the 2 lights up the stairs by it, then do the same for the other side. A brazier on the ground will get the blue light pick it up and take it the door southwest of you down the ramp. There's a boss fight coming up so heal everyone and buy any upgrades you want. Follow the path (grab the chest ahead of you when you see it), at the end of the path you'll get a scene, and then a boss fight.

The boss has 16000 HP, but he isn't as hard as he looks. Every time you hit him with an attack, he will get a shield that reduces damage of that type. The key to this fight is to hit him with the boggled status effect (I did this with Jake's Twister - Super Crazy Cyclone). Start the fight by having someone use a Used Tissue or Rotten Fish to make the boss more susceptible to status effects, then have Jake use Super Crazy Twister. The turn after the boss uses the POWER "attack" he will use a super attack and his back will be turned, and your basic attacks will do incredible damage (mine were doing about 2000). The second time he did this I was able to win. The super attack did about 800-1000 to everyone, so make sure to use healing items as necessary (I used an apple or two as needed). All in all though, an easy fight. Once you win you get an achievement.

  • Cool It!

    Beat the Fire Giant in battle

    Cool It!
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After the fight, get the chest southwest of you. There's a door nearby, use the red circle to the left of the door (if you're facing it). Get the chest here and then follow the path to the opening to leave.

Now it's time to tie up some loose ends. Turn in your penguins and then turn in the kids, finishing the quest for kids. Get off the boat at Candy Island. Go through the gate and left at the fork, keep an eye on the left side for a penguin, and take him back to the ship. Go back to the road and go left, and then at the next fork take the right path, and then go straight ahead to the path up the castle. Follow it until you drop down. I found an enemy group that had one level 10 enemy. I killed the other two, used a Used Tissue on the level 10 gnome, and then used Jake's cyclone and Finn's Ice Sword to put 2 status effects on him, earning an achievement.

  • This is Bunk

    Inflict more than 1 bunk effect on to a single enemy

    This is Bunk
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Head east where the big bubble gum guy was when we first came here to find a chest, then go the other way. Continue along the path, after you push the first cake you'll see the guy with a side quest we got so long ago. Before we talk to him though, push the second cake and follow the path to some pirates. Kill the two with a pirate hat first, as they can revive each other and heal. Once they're dead grab the chest on the ship. Go back to the side quest guy and switch to BMO and use the console by him to finish the quest. Go down the sewer hole nearby (from the scene) and follow the path. The first fight is easy (try to finish it with full energy), but the second one has 3 level 8 enemies. I'd start with BMO's High Voltage and then have Finn and Jake concentrate on one enemy while Marci kills a different one with her Swift Claws.

At the end of the path is a chest with BMO's Gamebreakers skill, use BMO to open the nearby gate and head back up the ramp toward the castle. Instead of using the red circles to go up, look left for a small path going west. You'll see a chest on the right that doesn't show up on the map. Keep going west and you'll see another chest by a plank of wood. With that, we can leave and get on the ship.

You'll want to head northeast to find Gelato Island. You'll find a penguin right by the boat. Head to the Badlands and you'll find a penguin to the right behind some enemies. Drop the penguins off to finish that quest and get an achievement.

Head to Firebreak island as we can now explore it properly. Dock at the island and then follow the path until you get a scene. Switch to BMO and enter the hole from the scene. Follow the path until you reach the crystals from the scene and destroy them all, then jump up with Jake. Follow the path to Torcho for a scene. Take the other bridge and follow the path. This section is pretty simple, the path is pretty linear. After you find the first core and fight some enemies after, you can start jumping across rocks, instead go to the dead end to get a chest. Now jump across the rocks, using Jake to cross when necessary. You'll reach the last pirate lookout, activate it with Finn to get an achievement.

Continue along the path, you'll need to use Marci to sneak past them for some reason. You'll find the 2nd core on the way. I generally cloaked and then hid behind a black rock when it was about to go out, and then cloaked again. You'll get a scene and then the 3rd core will be in front of you, and you'll see BMO floating down the river. Fight the enemies by him. Then jump across the rocks nearby to find him and be back near the start. Leave and head to the Fire Island and go to the core room where Flame Princess is for a scene. As you leave the core, grab one of the braziers with fire on it, and head north along the road. When it splits take the right path. You'll see an unlit torch on the right near a red circle, light it with the brazier like we did the others near the core. Continue north along the path and you'll see another one on the left. When you reach a fork there will be an unlit torch on the right, and one a bit ahead on the left. Just southwest of that torch is another one, and southeast of that is the last one. This will unlock an achievement.

  • Light 'em Up

    Light all the braziers in the Fire Kingdom

    Light 'em Up
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Now return to Firebreak Island and talk to the side quest giver near the beginning. You need to kill the 4 groups of varmints. Just follow the same path you did the last time you were here, you'll fight the fourth group at the first set of rocks you can jump across. With that done our next target is Gelato Island, where the last side quest is. First, stop by Evil Forest. Use the left dock and then go forward to a fork, and then take the right path. You can sneak past this first group of enemies or fight them. Past them, you'll find a group of fairies. Use BMO's High Voltage and it will greatly damage the two purple enemies, and I used Marci's swift attack on the orange/yellow one to kill it quick. Kill them all and you'll get about 2500 experience from the fight and a good chunk of cash (about 5000). Now you can simply move a bit away, quit, choose continue and fight them again. Do this until everyone is level 10. BMO probably already is since he needs a lot less experience to level up, but everyone else will probably need a decent amount of fights. You'll get an achievement when each character hits 10.

Continue following the path to find a tree with boards on it blocking a chest. Go around the tree and push the torch into the tree, then step on each button with your characters. The other 3 stepped on the buttons on their own and I just had to step on the last one. This will reveal the chest and give you an achievement.

With that done head to Gelatio Island. You'll find the last side quest giver right by the boat. Accept it and kill the pirates from the scene, who should be quite easy by now. You'll get an achievement.

You should only have 3 achievements left. Pirates of the Enchiridion, Bath Time and Sweet Victory. Heal up and head to the Ice Kingdom, then approach the Ice King for a scene, and then a boss fight. I actually found the fight quite easy at this point. I had Finn and Jake use regular attacks on one pirate hat guy, BMO used High Voltage and I had Marci kill the other Pirate Guy with the strongest Swift Claw attack. Next round I killed the other pirate hat guy and then blitzed the boss, and I killed him in two turns. All he did on his turns was shoot two people for about 300 damage. Once you win you get this achievement.

Now you should be down to 2 achievements missing, Pirates of Enchiridion and Bath Time. When you're 100% ready, go to the story objective and pull the plug to get 2 achievements.

That should be your last achievements, congrats on the 100%!

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