Welcome to the TrueAchievements Walkthrough for AlienCruise. AlienCruise is a shoot 'em up game developed by Cotton Game. For anyone paying attention to developers, they were the same company behind Mr. Pumpkin Adventure and Little Triangle. While this game shares a visual/art style with those games, AlienCruise is a complete shift in genre. The game was then published by E-Home Entertainment as part of the ID@Xbox program.

Overall, AlienCruise is a rather straightforward completion. This isn't to say the game is easy, but the majority of the achievements should occur without much extra effort. This is because they are almost exclusively story based rather than completing an out of the way objective. This is still not the easiest for reasons I will explain later though.

I streamed my completion of the game. It took me roughly 3.5 hours (as you will see in the video). TA estimates from others are much higher. I can't say why this might be the case beyond randomly assuming it is skill based and other players had more issues with it. You can view the stream here:

In terms of the gameplay, it is pretty standard side-scrolling shooter fair. I didn't really care which character I picked, I did swap a little towards the end, but overall it didn't matter much for me.


cn_dpad or cn_LS - Move

cn_A - Shoot

Move + cn_LT or cn_RT - Boosted Movement

NOTE: If you stop firing your weapons, power-ups will move towards you


The powers are introduced during the tutorial as well as an image of what they look like. More come up later with particular shot patterns or variations.

Blue Nose Cone with some lines coming off it - Missiles

Green with a coffin on it - Shield

Yellow - Increase shots fired

Blue w/Fast Forward Arrows - Speed Boost Energy

Pink w/Lightning Bolt - Increased Power???

Teal w/Shot coming out - Increased missile frequency

Blue w/Heart - Increase Lives by One


  • Green Shield will allow you to take one hit. Always try to pick these up/stop firing to have it to come to you
  • If you die, you'll drop some of your power-ups. Pick them up and you'll be able to have at least some of the firepower you had last.
  • I had some glitches occur during my time with the game. The most glaring was a bunch of frame drops. I was able to cope, but it definitely had me concerned that I would be unable to dodge enemy attacks.

For the actual walkthrough, I'll be going through the stages in the order I completed them. Keep in mind that they can be done in a different order as there is a Stage Select where they will open up as you go.

Something to keep in mind: your lives will be a sort of checkpoint for you. If you lose all of your lives, you won't be pushed back to the start of the whole level but instead the start of the current screen. Some screens are longer than others, so this penalty could be a bit of a mixed bag. I personally had some sets that were brutal while others were over really quickly. I will try to point out where I did or didn't restart just in case. There was at least one time that I restarted a full level even though I was at a much further point in the level when I had lost all my lives.

NOTE: I played solely on One Player mode. I watched TrueAchievements stream this one their Mixer channel (Ollie and Jack playing that day). They played Two-Player mode and it appears that there were more/tougher enemies. If you are by yourself, definitely play in Single Player mode.


NOTE: This level is the shortest and easiest to get the "Ace" achievement for not taking a hit during a level. I did this my first time through the level (it is extremely short and there are only a handful of enemies).

The tutorial will begin by showing you some of the basics of the powers and what they do. Collect them and proceed through the level. You'll eventually come to some basic enemies. The ones along the top and bottom of the cave walls can be a bit tricky to hit. Just wait for their shots and move past if you're having difficulty.

There will be a few enemies that fly on screen around when you find the heart power-up, but it shouldn't be too troubling. Avoid their shots and you'll reach the end of the tutorial.

If you completed it without taking a hit, you'll unlock your first achievement, Ace:

Ace in AlienCruise
Ace100 (100)
Clear any scenario without taking damage
  • Unlocked by 291 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 293

If you took a hit, you can always restart the game and try again or just wait till you complete the game before starting a new file. Up to you. It's not a long tutorial so it shouldn't be too difficult.

You will now be on an open map where you can select which level you want to do.

Star of Parcaneas

This is the pink/yellow planet along the bottom of the screen. This is our first real level. From here on out, levels will have multiple screens and each one will have some scrolling up/down/right as you navigate.

Screen 1

Our first screen will have some little enemy trails come on-screen and fire a string of bullets (similar to the tutorial). After some time, the level will start to slide down. As it does this, keep an eye out for a "Pink Rock Monster". This enemy will fly across the screen. It's pretty easy to kill but could surprise you if you aren't ready for it.

At the bottom of this descent, you'll be told about "strong turbulence". The turbulence is a wind going from right to left that will slow you down. The overall layout is similar to the tutorial we dealt with. There will be some enemies coming from the right side of the screen and there will be some along the top and bottom of the cavern for you to look out for.

The other piece to look out for during this section is a volcanic geyser. It has some fire shoot out of it before having a large blast up. The one here is along the bottom of the screen (there is an achievement for not getting hit by these, but this screen does not count towards the achievement). I took a death there actually when I played the game my first time.

As you continue, you'll have to deal more enemies and some rocks flying on screen. After dealing with the rocks, you'll begin climbing upwards.

The upwards climb has some enemies hanging from the ceiling that will drop to dash at you, but a few hits from your weapon will cause them to fall away harmlessly. There are a few other enemies, but nothing we haven't seen before.

The end section of this level has a few more enemies, but nothing too drastic. There is a laser fence to get through. Just destroy the top or bottom rock and you'll get through no problem. Soon after this, the screen will end and you'll move on.

Screen 2

Screen 2 starts off similar to Screen 1. You will likely find your first alternate gun here. It has some arcs radiating from the ship on it. This gun will fire shots in numerous directions. I found this weapon decent when dealing with large groups of enemies, but it's lack of focus felt like a liability during some of the boss fights. Experiment with the weapons as you find them to see what works best for you.

Also on this screen, we'll deal with a new enemy - a triangle. When it first appears, it will be rather small. It will then grow to a much larger size. I didn't find it too difficult to take down but just remember to stay away from it. Towards the end of this first section, you'll notice a pink rock with a hole on top and an orange boulder right in front of it. At this point, stick to the left of the rock right above it. An enemy is going to fly in from the right side of the screen and can easily hit and kill you.

As you climb up the shaft here, the large enemy will periodically shake and then dash across the screen. Just move out of its way. There are additional enemies in this section. I had lost all my powers and was unable to kill most of the enemies of the result (I took a GAME OVER here and had to restart from the beginning of Screen 2).

After the climb, the large enemy will continue to move with you to the right. Keep firing and take out all the enemies and electric fence blocking your path. Eventually, after killing this mid-boss, you'll be able to reach the end of this screen and move on to the next one.

Screen 3

This screen is our opportunity for the "Mountain of Fire" achievement. I'm going to say I took some hits from volcanoes on this screen and still unlocked the achievement so I think the actual section for the achievement is specifically when there are multiple volcanoes in a row.

Let's go over it:

When you start, you'll have some enemies on the other side of the screen. Nothing too difficult. They'll fire off a shot at you if you let them stay on screen for too long, but it's not really rough to dodge. You will also notice two of the main obstacles on this screen. The first will be on the top of the screen. An exclamation point in a little white cloud will flash. This indicates some rocks will fall in your direction. On the bottom of the screen, you'll notice a geyser. When you notice it shoot out a little bit of fire, this means it is about to actually fire. After this warning, make sure to get out of the way for the real shot.

After this, you'll deal with more enemies and rocks and geysers. Eventually, you'll come upon a slight descent. At the bottom, there is a geyser just below your view that you might miss. I found that there was a little bit visible of the initial shot. After this, you'll come upon our chance for the only other truly missable achievement in the game.

This section has some enemies, but mostly it is the volcanoes on the top and bottom of the screen. They will alternate back and forth firing. Make sure to be above/below the ones that are not about. When you start to see double volcanoes on the top or bottom, you'll be close to the end. When there are two volcanoes on the bottom with the enemies hanging from the ceiling, they shouldn't harass you at all. After you get through this section (hopefully without dying or taking damage), you will unlock:

Mountain of Fire in AlienCruise
Clear the Star of Parcaneas' Flamethrower Stage without taking damage
  • Unlocked by 182 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 1.26) 293

The level has a few enemies left from there until you reach the end. You should be able to acquire a shield and extra life during this as well if you're killing the enemies.

Boss Screen

The last screen for the level will have you find a rock attached to the ceiling at four points. Two on the ceiling and floor. Destroy these. The boss will then fall to the ground. After rising back up again, you can begin to attack it. I got lucky here that I had some decent power-ups available. But just wail away at it till it dies. The one attack I saw before killing it was it summoned some rocks. The rocks rose before eventually targeting me and flying in my direction. This was the only thing I had to deal with to finish the fight.

After the boss falls, you'll return to the map screen and unlock an achievement:

The Brain! in AlienCruise
The Brain!99 (75)
Defeat the ruler of Star of Parcaneas
  • Unlocked by 166 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 293

Land of Neptune

This planet is the one on the top left of the screen. It's gray and blue (more gray than blue). This level takes place underwater mostly.

Screen 1

The level starts off with standard fodder enemies. Some will shoot a shot or two, but nothing too complicated. After the intro, you notice some bubble lines. The bubble lines indicate massive tentacles that will come in from off-screen. There will be two of those here.

After this, there is an enemy spawner on the ground. It looks like a large circular clam. You can kill it to stop the spawning. At the end of this initial horizontal path is a bubble shooting coral. You can destroy the bubbles, but I was unable to stop the coral completely. Just give yourself enough of a space to get past the stream of bubbles to begin the descent.

On the descent, I found a spread crescent gun. This seemed to help a bunch as it allowed me to fire downwards at the enemies rising up. They didn't pose much of a challenge either way, but keeping the screen clear is always to your benefit. Stay closer to the left side of the screen to be a bit safer.

At the bottom, you'll continue to the right. There are more fodder enemies and the tentacles will return as well. I got the shotgun power-up again. It works nicely for the standard horizontal sections. This section ends with a couple of beefier enemies that will take a bit longer. The one will fire ring shots at you. They move slowly and shouldn't present too much danger. A tentacle will come on screen as well at the start of this fight, but if you stay to the left edge of the screen, you'll be safe. The larger moss on the right edge of the screen doesn't appear to do anything. I destroyed it before it presented any issues.

Screen 2

Screen 2 starts stress-free, but you'll quickly move to a slight descent. This section is a little more stressful. There are two enemies in this area that will be annoying:

  • Pink Fan - This enemy will shoot out a bunch of projectiles in a fan shape out
  • Blue holes - These will shoot a stream of water out to push you away from them

Separate, they shouldn't be too difficult. But combined you'll need to keep an eye out for everything. While I think it is possible to destroy the pink fans, their placement almost ensures you won't get a good angle. While you homing missiles could hit those spots, it's unlikely you'll get enough shots it to take them out.

When you come to blue holes on the top and bottom of the screen, don't advance too fast. The ceiling just past you will collapse and drop rocks. You'll see more tentacles after this so keep an eye out for it. When you get through this you'll rise a little bit. There will be more tentacles.

Eventually, you'll reach a fairly open section with these large pinkish shells. You can fire at them to cause them to move to the right. Opposing you will be this wall of enemies pushing in the opposite direction. Try to find a gap and kill the enemy in front of you to get through. If you don't continue to push the shells, the enemies themselves are relatively harmless. It can be a good chance to kill enemies and find some power-ups.

This screen ends with a mini-boss.

  • It starts off as a face with some sharp teeth. Just shoot it. It didn't seem to do anything while I fired away at it
  • It eventually hatches into some space crab monster.
  • The crab monster does have some projectile attacks, but if you can just continually fire, it should go down no problem. I noticed it did fire some shots into the ceiling area, but I never had to deal with the repercussions of that. I'm guessing they would have come done, but as I said, it goes down really quickly if you keep at it.

Screen 3

This screen is a bit darker than the previous ones. You'll have the four tentacled monsters to begin with. Keep to the middle of the screen, as there will be some enemies who come on from the left edge. You'll need to weave between them.

The horizontal section overall has very little to go over. Standard enemies with no real surprises. Towards the end, you'll be able to collect a pinwheel gun. This will fire bullets are you in 4 directions that rotates around you. While I hated this weapon, it really was necessary for the climb.

The big obstacle of the climb are the bubbles coming from the sides. You need to be able to clear a path and the rotating weapon really is the best way to clear the way.

Once you reach the top, the rotation gun is going to be a problem sadly. The lack of focus to your front means you'll be unable to focus on the enemies that take more hits to take down. You can use the weapon to take out the pink fans and the bubbles, but that large enemy from the end of Screen 1 will likely be unable to be taken down. Instead, focus on trying to slip by them while they don't fire. They shouldn't attack you once you pass by them.

At the end of the section, you'll begin to go up again. There will be enemies coming from both the left and right side. They will be weak and only take a shot or two to kill, but just be aware that they're coming.

At the top, you'll finish this screen and move on.

Boss Screen

Unfortunately, this boss makes the weapon we used for the last bit terrible. I'm not going to recommend taking a death, but it will be tough and probably a bit longer just because of how scattered your shots are.

The boss is the octopus that's been harassing us the whole time. It has a combination of attacks we've seen in these levels:

  • Large red ring projectiles - you can shoot these
  • Small blue rings - You can shoot these as well, but the number and spread of your gun might make destroying them harder
  • Tentacles - You'll see the bubble trail. Just make sure to dodge. Try to start to in the middle of the screen vertically so you can give yourself some room to go up or down

I eventually did accidentally die and then didn't retrieve the weapon. Doing this, I was able to finish the fight much quicker. It won't change tactics. Just keep shooting at the eyes until it dies. Killing this boss will unlock an achievement:

Giant Jellyfish in AlienCruise
Defeat the ruler of the Land of Neptune
  • Unlocked by 117 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.57) 293

Videll's Eye of Tempest

This is the last planet we haven't done on the left side of the screen. It has a brownish color palette and has a ring around it.

Screen 1

I started this level with the spiral gun from the Neptune level. This made things a little less advantageous dealing with the enemies. There is a short ascent early in this level. Basic enemies mostly. I found that with the spiral gun, I wasn't able to take them down usually and thus had a lot more shots on the screen to dodge.

Our first new obstacle will come in the form of a sandworm/snake. You'll see it once before it becomes a real danger, but it does the following:

  • A burst of sand from the ground
  • A second burst followed by the worm coming out of the ground and moving across in an arc

After another one of these worm jumps, you'll come to a standstill with a mini-boss. It's a small worm that fires off shots from either the left or right side of the screen. The shots aren't too quick, so just be sure to move safely through them. After dealing enough damage, the fight will end. The giant sandworm we've been seeing will devour it.

As you proceed, you'll have another worm jump to deal with. It will be on the left side of the screen and jump to the right. One of the jumps should be telegraphed, but unfortunately, it will jump again probably and you won't be able to see it happening. When you see the statues falling from the sky, try moving a bit more to the right or stick to the bottom left corner to remain out of the jump's arc.

For the statues, just shoot the heads and they should go down rapidly. The temple door will open and you'll move on to the next screen.

Screen 2

I took a Game Over on this screen multiple times and had to begin it fresh. This was one of the hardest screens for me to learn while completing the game.

This set of screens is going to be dark and annoying. You'll be able to see some of what's going on, but there are a lot of enemies and obstacles that will come at weird spots. The shots especially can be annoying as they aren't a lot brighter than the shots. You will need to be an extra high alert to notice them.

The blocks that move up and down shoot and you can kill them, but don't expect to be able to do so. When you see some rocks on the ceiling, please note that they will fall.

After this, you see some gargoyle statues. Destroy them to open the gate. With the low light, the shots from these enemies were extra annoying. Be careful.

The next section is going to be a bit more "free" in terms of movement. There are branching paths and your movement will dictate the path you take slightly. It's only a small fork however as they merge back up for the next section.

The big issue here is that the light drops even more. Your ship will turn on lights that will fire in front of you, but it's not going to help a ton as it's very short-ranged. You'll likely not be able to see all of the obstacles that are coming on or off the screen. I took a death or two here, so don't be surprised if you have the same happen and need to learn it a bit more. Towards the end, there is an Eagle statue that will fire some shots out. I completely missed it as an enemy.

When you get through, there is a treasure behind a block. Fire at it and shoot open the treasure. For me, it was a heart (extra life). This could make a huge difference when trying to survive the screen. Remember to stop firing so it is attracted towards you to collect it easily.

Right after the treasure is a flamethrower statue. The big issue here is that as you approach, two sets of spikes will rise from the ground. You'll need to move pretty quickly to get through without taking a death (I did die here). Right after this is a spot where a giant sandworm will be falling from the ceiling. Try not to stay there for an extended period of time. I personally picked up and immediately lost a shield here.

The next bit has rock structures coming from off-screen with enemies flying in from the right. Use the protection of the rock walls to avoid the shots and then slip by the enemies. They should only fire once or twice at most. The sand skulls you'll just to pass above, but their movement isn't difficult to work around.

After this, you're done and onto our next screen.

Boss Screen

For all the pain of Screen 2, we luck out and have the boss appear now!

This boss has four arms each with their own attack. The weapon/arm that moves and glows is the one that is about to summon an attack:

  • Bow - Arrows appear on the left and right side of the screen and fly across. Try to be a little towards the center of the screen as this happens so you don't get caught instantly by the arrow appearing.
  • Tablet - Statues fall right next to the boss and fire shots in a fan pattern. This will repeat a couple of times before they sink into the sand.
  • Axe - A wave of axes flies in from the right side of the screen. There will be 3 of them. I usually positioned myself between where the 2nd and 3rd axes landed. This only became a problem when a sandworm attack was queued up at the same time.
  • Whip/Lash - Sandworms fly in from off-screen. They land roughly in the middle of the screen. You should see an ! bubble indicated where they're coming in from (this was not always the case - I'm unsure if it's a function of health or the game glitching). Just know the endpoints of the arcs should be towards the center of the screen always. If this attack is queued, I'd recommend the lower corners to dodge.

As you destroy arms, the attacks will speed up a bit. The move set will reduce of course as weapon become unavailable.

Throughout the fight, treasures will be available for some basic power-ups. You'll only get the yellow orbs, but it does help some.

After removing the four arms, it will be down to shooting the head. This phase will see balls of rocks form that follow you around. Try to get some decent sized loops to give yourself some space. You can shoot them if they are in front of you to destroy them, but since where they form is slightly random, it can be difficult. there a few patterns to this attack:

  • Falling Rocks - Rocks form at the top and fall down
  • Homing Rocks - Rocks form and follow you
  • Spiral Rocks - Rocks form in the center and circle out from there
  • Homing from Center

These attacks appear to cycle in that order. When the center mask breaks, you've actually completed the fight. You'll complete the world and get a new achievement:

Mysterious Stone Statue in AlienCruise
Defeat the ruler of Videll's Eye of Tempest
  • Unlocked by 84 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.86) 293

At this point in time, I had a new planet/black hole appear in the center of the screen. I didn't play that level immediately, so don't feel the need to either.

Star of Vidar

This is the yellow/brown planet to the right of the pink one we started with.

Screen 1

In comparison to the sand levels, this will be a lot nicer. I'd recommend staying on the left side of the screen and watching what appears. I acquired a shotgun blast weapon early on that was also a huge improvement.

When you see the insect hives along the ceiling, make sure to destroy them. They will spawn enemies if you let them stick around.

The other enemy here that can be annoying is a red/blue fly. It leaves a trail of obstacles behind it. When you start to see the hives, consider moving a bit more to the middle of the screen so you can deal with these enemies before they could possibly block off your path.

This screen ends with some thorn vines closing the path. Just move forward so you don't get caught behind them. We'll then move on to the next screen.

Screen 2

Screen 2 has a bunch of hives to deal with. Take them out as quick as possible because we're about to deal with a mini-boss and added distractions are not worth having to worry about.

The bee warrior isn't too tough. Stay to the left side of the screen and fire away. It has a few attacks:

  • Spear chuck - Throws the spear in a slight arc. It doesn't move too fast to dodge out of the way
  • Stinger fire - Fires its stinger out. Only goes about 2/3 of the way from the right. If you stay left, it won't come close
  • Bee summon - A large cloud of those hive spawn enemies comes from the right edge of the screen. You can kill them pretty quick.

I defeated the mini-boss while it was doing that 3rd attack. It shouldn't take too long.

Screen 3

This screen starts off pretty standard. Normal enemies and some projectile attacks. There isn't much to say here.

When the level begins to open up a bit, you can once again navigate in the vertical direction more. The screen will still scroll to the right, but you can pick a path through the section. I went up a bit before returning to the bottom. I'd probably recommend staying low so you remove any enemies that might be behind you.

When you return to a single path/hallway like normal, watch out for enemies that appear to be swinging on a vine. These enemies move pretty quickly so it could catch you off guard. It's not terrible, but it's one of the few different elements on this level. Another screen down though soon after.

Boss Screen

A giant insect will be on the right side of the screen (Praying mantis head?). You have to hit the head between the red pincers to deal damage. Some attacks:

  • Red balls - You can shoot these to destroy them or dodge
  • Fall rocks - You'll notice a ! with a rough estimate of where they're falling from
  • Green Laser - This will sweep from the top or bottom. The sweep is quite wide, so you'll need to get to the bottom right or top right corner roughly to avoid being hit. This can be extra rough depending on where the rocks are falling from.
  • Head bugs - The eyes(?) on its head will rupture to release a bunch of small bugs. Just shoot them to destroy them.

Eventually, the boss will freak out a bit and instead of the green laser, there will be a red one. This red laser is shorter but will focus a little more on you. You'll know it's coming if the head is charging up a bunch of energy.

Eventually, the bug's head will go splat and the fight ends. Congratulations on another achievement!

Big Bug in AlienCruise
Big Bug102 (75)
Defeat the ruler of Star of Vidar
  • Unlocked by 157 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.36) 293

Star Toltec

This level is the gray planet on the lower right corner of the map.

Screen 1

I really don't have much to put here. The enemies that come on-screen will eventually fire off some fast-moving shots, but as long as you control the screen, you won't have too many problems. Eventually, you'll drop down below the clouds.

When you drop down, you'll see an object fly across the background. When it happens, move to either the top or the bottom of the screen. The enemy will soon fly in from the left side and will hit you if you are in the middle.

After this, you'll want to shoot the statues standing on top of the totem. The enemy will release 2 blue balls that split into a bunch of smaller projectiles. It's not too rough to dodge, but you'll want to watch out for it.

The enemy will occasionally go off-screen and appear behind you. It has a couple of attacks:

  • Shoot a flamethrower. Move high or low to dodge it.
  • Shoot off a lot of the blue balls. These will also split into 8 projectiles each. Try to be proactive about dodging, but it might require you sticking to the far right edge of the screen at times

When you take a statue down, it will jump off the top. Take out all 4 statues to defeat the enemy. You will then finish the screen.

Screen 2

Screen 2 will be inside a temple again. This time, however, the lighting is a lot more reasonable to work with.

Soon after entering, you will notice spikes in the ceiling. Obviously, we're dealing with another falling ceiling. This time, the ceiling will move up and down. The safe space at the bottom is very limited. There will be a teleporting wizard enemy here that fires off a few shots every time it appears. The shots aren't terribly difficult to maneuver around, but you'll need to keep an eye out.

When you see a ramp up, we have another annoying trick. Observe the strips at the top of the screen. Each of these is a quick-moving block that comes down (think like the Thwomp from the Mario series). What you want to do is wait to let the screen scroll right some more. When you have a lot more of them visible, move forward enough to trigger the first one. Then move up to trigger the next one when the previous one is going back up. Repeat until you get through this.

Our next main obstacle are some flamethrower pillars. Just time your move for when it's not firing at the position you're going and rush through. I'd recommend waiting until some more screen to the right is revealed so you don't get surprised by an enemy coming on-screen.

Next, you'll see a pillar cover the whole side of the screen. The face can be destroyed. After destroying the face, the remaining portion of the pillar will fly across. Just be in line with the face you destroyed and you'll be fine.

You'll then enter a hallway with some blocks moving up and down. The movement isn't really wide, so just stick to the middle third of the screen vertically and you'll be safe. This will eventually lead to a giant stone face. It's a mini-boss of sorts, but it goes down fairly quickly. It has a couple of attacks:

  • Projectile
  • Bouncy Balls - The bouncy balls was the only thing that gave me a little trouble here. It adds balls as it shoots them. They don't seem to go away

Just keep firing and you'll get through.

Screen 3

Screen 3 starts similarly to Screen 2. Eventually, you'll reach some pillars with spikes on them (they'll also be a lot more colorful than the grays up to that point). When you're between them, they'll move in to crush you. the only consistent thing I found was to use the dash ability to get through the middle. Stay back at first so you can destroy any enemies that may come on screen, but when you're ready to go through one, boost on through each one.

After this section, I found a fan-shot weapon. I skipped it to keep the shotgun I had at this point since it served me a lot better throughout.

You'll then face a set of flamethrowers. I lucked out having a shield here, but the flames shoot pretty quick and it might catch you off guard. Which is firing will be determined by the prep shot. Right after this was a shield pick-up for me, so it bailed out my mistake. We'll be going up a vertical shaft here.

For this shaft, the fan-shot might have been better, but I felt comfortable with dodging the enemy attacks enough that it didn't stop me. At the top of the shaft, blocks will begin to fall from the top. You'll know it's coming based on a bit of a screen shake. We then return to a horizontal section. The screen will eventually zoom in and you'll be at the boss fight (it's not a direct screen transition so I'm not sure if it will save progress or not).

Boss Fight

The boss is a sequence of mini-bosses. Each one focuses on a particular element. Keep in mind that the pillars the bosses stand on will be a consistent obstacle as you continue to the right.

Fight One - Electric Wizard

This one will do one of two things - electric bolts from the sky or balls of energy. The lightning bolts will tell you where they are going to come before firing. For the balls, it can be a little rough to dodge when there is a large group coming. I'd recommend trying to lead them by starting at the top or bottom of the screen.

Fight Two - Fire Mage

This one is a little easier in some ways. Two attacks again:

  • Fire Rain - When you see him rise up with his hands up, move to be behind the short pillar. Fast-moving fireballs will fall from the right side. The short pillar will block the shots from hitting you.
  • Projectiles - This isn't too rough. There are a lot, but they don't move quick enough to be a real threat. You will notice this attack when only one of his hands is raised up.

Fight Three - Ice Skeleton

Even easier. Ice spikes and an ice block wall. You can shoot and destroy all of the projectiles here. Just keep going and he'll fall very fast.

With the 3 down, you're all done and you'll get another achievement:

Ain't no science in AlienCruise
Defeat the Mage Triumvirate of Toltec
  • Unlocked by 95 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.75) 293

At this point, another new ship/level will appear on the map. Again, I skipped this to finish the rest of the base levels.

Land of Aurealis

This level is the last one from the base set. It's the blue one in the top right corner. This level is not too difficult to start, but I would say it is one of the harder bosses in the game.

Screen 1

The level is pretty standard, but I have to point out a new UFO enemy. This enemy will shoot off some basic laser shots to start, but they will eventually split off extra shots. Just watch out for them. You'll likely be doing a lot of dodging for this level.

The end of this starting scroll will have a short mini-boss. Try to stay in line with the red sensor (that's the weak spot) as most of its attacks will go horizontal out from there. The laser shot and missile will be single sets. The continuous laser you will want to stay in the middle for. There will be some additional red projectiles that come on screen for this attack as well. Keep firing and it will go down.

You'll now head down into the water. You'll reach a wall. Fire away but stay to the left. It will occasionally fire off a couple of missiles that can catch you off guard if you're not cautious. You'll soon begin going up again and exit the water.

The next section doesn't offer much new until you begin to climb upwards. There's a laser on a rail. The quicker you destroy, the easier. At the top, you'll move on to the next screen.

Screen 2

At the start, you'll have a couple of enemies to take out before the door opens to go into a facility/cave. Inside the cave facility, the enemies aren't really new. You'll come to a vertical drop. Within, watch out for the crushers on either side. Just time your moves to out and you'll be fine.

At the bottom, we'll enter a room with a mini-boss. It will rotate and fire off a bunch of bouncy bullets. Just keep going to town on it and you'll be through in no time. After this, you'll be navigating through some tight corridors. Just be slow and methodical and it's not too bad. It's around the 1 hour 15-minute mark of the VOD if you want to see it.

After navigating through, there is a bit of an enemy gauntlet. Some of the enemies here will take a bit much to shoot down. Keep your wits about you as there will likely be a bunch of projectiles sticking around. Work through the slow crusher and then you'll finish the screen.

Screen 3

We'll still be underground here. The start of this level is a little annoying with a couple of submarine enemies that will fire missiles at you. Unfortunately, their placement will make it nearly impossible to kill them. Just shoot the missiles down and dodge as necessary.

This leads to a new section with an enemy gauntlet followed by some annoying rotating lasers. Through here I got to a "faster" moving section. I picked a bouncy bullet weapon of my own. I didn't like it, but I had to deal with it. This section has a lot of UFO enemies firing their spread lasers. I took a game over here as well. Unfortunately, there will come a point while a bunch of little spam enemies will come from the right. This will then see a group of UFO's come in from the left. I got slammed by them out of nowhere due to the surprise of it.

My second time through that section, I actually skipped the bouncy weapon and kept my basic/shotgun fire. End of this straight is the completion of the screen.

Boss Screen

We'll now get a new vehicle for this boss fight. Unfortunately, this means no upgrades. You have to beat this boss in the lives you get normally have and if you Game Over, you'll start the boss fight over again. I took a while to get down the moves and finish this one as a result. There's really nothing to do but to learn the patterns.

Part 1 - Buried Robot

The robot enemy will be below the ground. Attacks:

  • Slam its fist into the ground and a bunch of chunks of ground will get thrown into the sky. You can shoot these down or just dodge them. Since you're constantly firing, you'll likely do a little of each.
  • Energy orbs. These will come out and then stay still for a few seconds. They will then go after you. There are enough on-screen that you'll need to start at the top or bottom of the screen and then route around them.
  • Flamethrower to the sky. It starts with a plume of fire, but then a bunch of fireballs will come down at you.

The boss will then use both arms to jump out of the ground.

Part 2 - Standing Robot


  1. Lots of bullets. A lot of tiny bullets from the ends of its hands. Just watch and dodge through them.
  2. Flamethrowers - Same as in Part 1, just more attacks than last time.
  3. Should Missiles - A set of homing missiles launched from the shoulders. You can shoot these down pretty quickly.
  4. Ground Shaker - It will put its claws into the ground and then pieces of the planet will go into the sky. Just weave around them.
  5. Eye Laser - Shoots the ground and blows up pieces of the planet in your direction
  6. Energy Balls. Similar to last time, but the spread is a bit wider than it was previously. This will mean you need to have a different weave pattern
  7. Fan Laser Arc - Its the shots from the UFOs but this time it's a fan of them. They will split a couple of time when traversing the screen.
  8. Flame shots - These will arc across the screen
  9. Bouncy Balls - Just a few balls. You can take them out quickly

In general, these attacks appear together. Attacks 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, and 7+8 are the groups generally, but the longer the fight goes the less likely the pairings are to be consistent. On their own, they aren't too difficult. It's the overlapping that will be the real danger here.

After a massive endurance match, you will eventually take it down (the head falls off). You will then get another achievement:

Wow! Super Mechas! in AlienCruise
Defeat the Land of Aurealis' Super Mechas
  • Unlocked by 63 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.14) 293

Eye of Terror

This level is a black hole that appeared much earlier.

This level is very short. Unfortunately, there are no powerups on this level to help with the boss. The beginning is just dodging some ghost eyes. You can't destroy them. Just keep going and dodge them.


There aren't extra screens on this level, just the mutant boss head. There are 3 attacks:

  • Eyeball Swarm - A swarm of eyeballs goes across the screen. It's a cluster of eyes and isn't really aimed at you. You will need to dodge either above or below it.
  • Spike Projectiles - These will be focused at you and comes soon after the eyeballs. Just be prepared for the dodge soon after.
  • Astral Projection - This is just an image of the boss. You can shoot it to stop it from moving and eventually destroy it, but it's not really going to benefit you. It just stops you from hitting the boss. Your decision on how best to handle it. Either shoot to destroy or not at all and let it pass by you.

That's all there is to this fight. Just keep firing and eventually you'll kill the boss and finish the level. This will unlock another achievement:

So Dark in AlienCruise
So Dark129 (75)
Clear the Eye of Terror
  • Unlocked by 98 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 293

The black hole level will disappear from the map completely after completing the level.

The Counterattack

This level is the bubble ship thing on the right side that appeared earlier.

Screen 1

You don't need to shoot the ships here. They are allies. Just focus on the enemies that come from the right side. This eventually changes as the fruit ships are you friends. It's the "MACHINE" ships that are enemies. Not much else going on here though.

Screen 2

This screen will be just enemies. No ally ships to confuse you at the beginning. Other than that, it's pretty straightforward. You'll eventually come to a giant laser which is the mini-boss. This boss has only a couple of attacks. Release basic enemy troops and a large blue energy ball. It shouldn't take long though. Shoot it and when it blows up, we'll move on to the next screen.

Boss Screen?

To call this last screen a boss is really an insult to every boss that comes before it. There will be a single flying saucer enemy that moves and fires a few blue lasers. They are very easy to dodge. Just keep firing and take it down. In the end, you'll finish the level and get another achievement.

Fleet in AlienCruise
Fleet136 (75)
Where did this fleet come from?
  • Unlocked by 89 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 293

Completing this will unlock a new level as well - the enemy homeworld.


This level is at the top of the screen in the middle. It's gray and has some green/orange highlights on it.

WARNING!!! - This level's end boss had me restarting a couple of times. Let me explain it here before we get to the boss section. The boss of this section is a vertical shmup section (fewer R-Type movement and more Blazing Laser/Star Soldier). The section has a few phases. The second section had a boss that seemed to kill me without any idea of what touched me. Both I and friends who were watching the stream couldn't see it. So what happened my first time through was I took a Game Over and then restarted at the boss. I tried a few times here, but it continued to occur and I could never deal enough damage before dying over and over. Eventually, this lead me to restarting the whole level and making sure I was reaching the boss with full lives, a lot of powerups, and a shield. With this setup, I was able to complete the boss quick enough without losing all my lives. Still annoying, but it made something that seemed impossible doable.

Screen 1

Our first screen will be pretty standard. Enemies and obstacles. The spike drills will be back and forth. Just go one by one as the swap. There really isn't much else that is a major danger. Standard turrets and enemies trying to shoot you. This screen ends when you reach a door that opens a circular section in the middle.

Screen 2

Again, this next set doesn't do much new. Eventually, you will reach a vertical section. There is an enemy with a bit larger of a health bar, but not really a "mini-boss". Focus your attacks on the top since the shots it fires will be a bit lower.

There will be a circle of turrets. They aren't too annoying, but you'll need to be dodging a bit. I used the circle as a barrier between me and the enemy though. AS you rise, you'll see a box with On and Off on it. Shoot to destroy it to open the wall in your way. This will bring us to some navigation puzzle. There are four switches (red lights). You need to destroy all four of them to open the door.

On the left side, avoid the figure-8 blades and take out the top left switch. The bottom left is a freebie. The top right and bottom right will require to go around in a circle with the blades to take them out. This will bring us to a true mini-boss.

The mini-bosses main attack is an electric shock. You will see where it is aiming (your position) before it truly fires. After a few seconds, the circle in the center will begin to rotate and the enemies will all gain a shield. Destroy this circle now. Continue dodging until the circle blows up and the mini-boss runs away. There can be a lot of stuff on the screen, but it's possible.

Soon after, you'll find the mini-boss again. He'll fire just like before, but the shot will follow a little. Continue firing and finish him off.

We'll now reach another vertical shaft. This has boxes falling down the conveyor belts. Keep an eye on everything and the dodging should be nothing. At the top, you'll find another door. Shoot the switch and proceed to the next screen.

Screen 3

On this screen, there is a massive laser that will fire at you every so often. Just be aware and move away when it starts to charge up.

You'll eventually come to a section with giant spike mines. Destroying these mines will have a purple/pink wave come out. Destroy them and then back away a little bit. I didn't destroy all of them. Just enough to get rid of the ones in my way.

Soon after is the mini-boss of this screen - the giant turret. It fires its laser similar to what you observed during the rest of the screen. It also has energy balls it fires off occasionally as well as small enemies that get in the way. Nothing you haven't seen before though. You should be fine if you've made it this far.

Boss Screen

The boss is split into many phases. Phase 2 is the one we need to mention a lot about (see previous warning message). But we'll jump right in.

Part 1

This phase has a couple of attacks. Small fan of bullets and static falling bombs. Just dodge it all. Keep shooting at the little sphere in the center of the boss

Part 2

This is the part I warned about. Let's talk about the attacks first.

  • Lightning - There are lightning rods on the sides will sweep a bolt across a bit
  • Energy Balls - These are fired from the main cannon on its head. It will generally aim at you. It has additional energy ball shooters on the side. These aren't aimed so much as they are static attacks at you.
  • Little Machine Gun Shots - Much easier to avoid, but usually paired with the other attacks
  • Big cannon - This is a single shot. Not too difficult to dodge though

Attack the orange/red visor portion of the front to deal damage. As I said, there is something here that killed me that I couldn't see. As such, this caused me to restart to have a better setup when I reached the boss. Even with this, it felt like a race against the clock to kill it before I died.

Part 3

It has a few attacks, but it's a bit easier than the previous one.

  • Rotating Laser - The laser starts horizontal, rotates in one direction, and then reverse to the opposite.
  • Bullet Fan - Just some basic bullets. Not really aimed at you. Just a nuisance.
  • Light Balls - Similar to the bullets, but will be a bit more aimed in your general direction

Shoot the center "head" region to take it down.

Part 4

The pink ball phase. The attacks are based on what it does or sprouts.

  • Wings - It busts out wings and moves back and forth across the screen. It will fire a bunch of bullets straight down. Focus more on dodging than attacking. Continually fire and something should hit it.
  • Center turret laser - There will be lasers in 4 directions. Just go around the ball while it fires. You might need to boost a bit, but not too much.
  • Bullet Turrets - It will fire shots out in 8 directions. Once again, not too bad for having played the game so long at this point. Just keep firing and weaving between the shots.

When you finish this phase, the fight is over. You'll unlock an achievement:

Large Machinery in AlienCruise
Defeat the ruler of Titan
  • Unlocked by 63 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.14) 293

A new map will then appear on the screen.


this is the candy-colored planet between Titan and the Fleet level.

At this point, I'll try to focus on just some general notes for each screen as only the new elements or specials foes will give you any trouble.

Screen 1

  • For the vertical shooters, your missiles can take them down. If your missiles can't or you can't line up the shot, just wait for them to stop firing before moving on
  • When you come to the statue and angel, the statue head is vulnerable. Take that out then go after the angel. The gate will open behind it
  • The circular door after this will open to reveal another fight. I can honestly say I never saw any attacks. It started to move, but my weapons ripped it apart so quickly that it never launched a single attack. It looked like it was about to launch a fire attack. It dropped a spiral shot attack. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad drop. It can help for the vertical, but its lack of focus doesn't help later.
  • This will then lead to a vertical section. Look out for gates on the sides. A giant snake/eel thing will crash in from there. If you stay high, you'll be safe from it.
  • The horizontal section after this is quite dangerous. There are a lot of enemies that shoot. Part of my problem was that the spiral shot just wasn't focused enough.
  • A cyclops will come out of the bottom for a second. You can't hurt, but it will eventually go away.
  • The dragon at the mirror is another mini-boss. Attacks:
    • Flames - Dodge and shoot these (you can get rid of them by shooting)
    • Ground Slam - Causes a lot of debris to fall from the ceiling. The debris falls quick here. Be quick.
    • Gas balls - These won't present much trouble. They move slowly even though they're quite large
  • The screen ends after this

Screen 2

  • Standard level for the most part
  • The cream labeled columns drop ice cream balls all the time. Just keep an eye out for where it's coming
  • When you see the sliding chocolate bars, keep an eye out for cake moving. The cake will move down and close off your path. You need to get past it. I got caught by this the first time thinking it would rise again
  • Towards the end, the cyclops will come back from Section 1. This time you can kill it though. I never saw it attack as a result since it went down pretty quick
  • This will be roughly the end of Screen 2

Screen 3

  • Normal stuff. Here's some of the new stuff
  • Jumping burgers. They have a simple little jump, but because they can be on some low platforms, it can be tough to hit them
  • When you reach the gumball machine, you'll see little platforms drop down. When they cross by the laser barriers, they'll block it
  • For the doughnut, just wait till the entrance/exit are facing left/right. Go in and out on separate close/open cycles
  • A wall will open towards the end of this section

Screen 4/Boss Screen

This will have a short setup with some basic enemies, but will eventually lead to a giant frog enemy boss.

The frog isn't a tough boss. The best way to handle this is to try to shoot the stuff it throws and fires. If you can hit most of it, the screen will be safe for you to move around. Pretty much all of it can be destroyed.

With the frog defeated, you'll have completed the final level and the game. Just sit back and watch the cutscenes. Don't skip it. By the end of this, you should unlock two more achievements.

Time to Go in AlienCruise
Time to Go168 (75)
Defeat the ruler of the Candy Planet of Nidell
  • Unlocked by 58 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.23) 293

Peaceful Co-existence in AlienCruise
Clear "Nidell's Candy Planet" and finish watching the animated ending scene
  • Unlocked by 58 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.23) 293

And with that, you will have earned all the achievements and another 1000 GS.

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