Extreme Exorcism

Welcome to my walkthrough for Extreme Exorcism.

Extreme Exorcism is a paranormal platformer. You play as Mae Barrons, who is a medium. Tasked with ridding a haunted house full of evil spirits. However, this game is probably better described as a clone game, rather than a ghost game as although your enemies are ghosts, they are basically clones of your from previous levels, mimicking your previous round and then mirroring backwards to retreat off screen, only to return again.

In my opinion, this game is a straightforward 900/1000G which, for some, might be good enough. The remaining 100G is a little more awkward and will take more time. One level on the challenges called Bring the Chairs is extremely frustrating. If you don't like when game producers add one ridiculously hard level to an otherwise easy game, avoid challenges and save yourself a head ache. As the walkthrough writer. I finished every part of this game and will advise you as best as I can, however it's worth noting that this game will change based on every step you take.

On to the walkthrough!


cn_A Jump

cn_X Shoot

cn_start Pause

cn_B Quit while paused

cn_dpad Movement (you can use cn_RS but the D-pad is easier to control)


  • WAIT at least a few seconds to kill and use jump to indicate before a long wait if you don't want to count.
  • You can end any level any time, by pausing and ending it but since you need 1000 deaths, dying is the best way.
  • When the ghost is done doing what you did, it does the same thing in reverse. so waiting for it to fly back up, where it dropped down, can make for an easy kill and another easy ghost that stands still a lot. This can be used when the floor gets too violent.
  • Mines unlocked at 470 kills are great for leaving in the path of an enemy and great for switching levels to continue the strategy in the video provided below.
  • Exorcisms are great for making a ghost that doesn't shoot, as long as the exorcism was all you picked up. If not, you won't shoot but the ghost will.
  • Pick the blonde in arcade mode. The orange aura is easier to see than the green, purple, or the blue one, especially on chair levels.

Start a new game by selecting arcade. Choose the character with the orange/yellow aura. In true arcade style, you will be required to gain a set amount of points in a previous stage to unlock the one that follows. You will also simultaneously unlock weapons as well.

Graveyard: (Tutorial)

The first level isn't actually a level, other than it teaches you the basics. Every time you make a kill, you also make a ghost that will repeat the exact actions that you just did, then again in reverse. For obvious reasons, I strongly suggest sticking to melee weapons on the first few rounds and only ever shoot/swing when on the bottom. It will end with you learning how to exorcise ghosts and move onto the actual game.

Weapons: Unlocked by kills and kill counts are updated after every stage ends.

  • 40 kills unlocks shotgun
  • 90 kills unlocks harpoon gun
  • 140 kills unlocks throwing knives
  • 200 kills unlocks staff of doom
  • 260 kills unlocks grenade launcher
  • 330 kills unlocks uppercut
  • 400 kills unlocks shurikens
  • 470 kills unlocks mines
  • 550 kills unlocks boomerang
  • 630 kills unlocks lightning
  • 720 kills unlocks fire ball
  • 810 kills unlocks axe
  • 900 kills unlocks fat gun and unlocks

Full Arsenal in Extreme Exorcism
Unlock all weapons.
  • Unlocked by 214 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 318

There is one method for getting through levels, which I have detailed below. this is 'The Usual Strategy' (adjust for confidence level and speed):

  • Go to the location described
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Jump or wiggle by going back and forth a little (if you don't want to count, this helps)
  • Kill Chair Zombie
  • Go to the same location, directly behind the crowned ghost
  • Wait 28 seconds
  • Kill Crowned Ghost
  • Go behind new Crowned Ghost
  • Wait 26 seconds
  • Kill Crowned Ghost
  • Go
  • Wait 24 seconds
  • Kill
  • Go
  • Wait 22 seconds
  • Kill (50 point threshold)
  • Go
  • Wait 20 seconds
  • Kill
  • Go
  • Wait 18 seconds
  • Kill (note the conga line that forms. This is what makes the usual strategy effective)
  • Exorcism appears (usually)
  • Go in the middle of all of them
  • Wait 16 seconds
  • Exorcise all (85 point threshold)
  • Start killing with melee and switch to ranged. Can easily hit 200 from here or add time to the beginning and stretch it out farther. For a patient person, you could stretch it into 20-30 ghosts at the bottom. Would take too long IMO since the achievements are easily gained on the Boss Stage

For short rounds, you can use a method of killing them a second after the last guy lines up. This can speed things up a bit when you get comfortable with the timing.

Avoid throwing knives, boomerangs, lightning, and axes. These weapons could ruin a run if your count is off or you're not counting. Especially throwing knives that throw 2 ways. Boomerangs and lightning just suck as weapons and shouldn't have been added.

Graveyard (unlocked after the tutorial)

Stages 1 and 2 are great for getting the achievement for 5 rounds with perfect accuracy. If you are following the strategy I stated above and have long waits between the first few kills this should be easy, simply take care about aiming before you fire.

Dead Eye in Extreme Exorcism
Dead Eye55 (50)
Finish five rounds without missing a shot.
  • Unlocked by 261 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 318

Stage 1: To unlock the next stage you need 50 points. It will tell you at the top of the screen when you get it unlocked. You get 10 points for ending a round by killing the ghost with the crown or the chair/zombie that starts the stage and 1 point per ghost you kill/exorcise. Get 5 kills using the same strategy as the tutorial level. 50 point min
after each stage it will tell you how many more kills to unlock the next weapon.

Stage 2: Start taking your time when you land before you make a kill. The longer your ghost doesn't shoot, the better. Aim for a specific corner too while you get used to the conga line/usual strategy. 50 point min. Foyer unlocked

Stage 3: This level is overly complicated with all the bouncing. This may take multiple attempts. Aim for one of the platforms if you can, if not, on the ground level. Create a small conga line. Weapon selection at this point is small but that's a good thing. 50 point min.

Stage 4: Looks harder than it is if you take your time and aim for the left corner. Having 8 platforms moving in different directions can make this a lot harder than necessary. You guessed it, 50 points min.

Stage 5: This level looks more complicated then it is. Aim all ghosts to the bottom right corner, do a good amount of standing around before you kill. No points needed, just complete at least 1 kill. No kill requirement.

Foyer (100 points in total, from all stages in Graveyard, to unlock)

Stage 1: I had to wait a really long time for the first kill. The same strategy as before after that, wait as long as you can and aim the same direction every time. 50 point min.

Stage 2: This was the first level I failed on. It's really close quarters so aim for the bottom again and after 2 kills start aiming to sit in the middle and shoot. Leave a slight gap so you can get behind the ghost and easily kill it. You want to shoot the crowned ghost as it drops down to the bottom. 50 point min.

Stage 3: Whatever you do, do not get a kill while in the oddly shaped center here. Very difficult to get in without getting killed. Stand for a long time at the top with your 3rd kill, to make your 4th and 5th kill easier. 50 point min.

The next achievement can be gotten easily on the boss level but I don't like to wait. Replay this level if you have the harpoon gun unlocked. Aim for getting 10 ghosts on the bottom around the same time, with none in the far left corner and with long waits before you start killing. Stay up top before your last kill for a long time. You don't want the crown to get hit or the kill count will stop with him. After that kill wait till you get the harpoon gun then jump over the top to the left side and drop to the bottom, drop down into the corner and when you see 6+ in range fire and get your achievement.

Bull's Eye! in Extreme Exorcism
Kill five ghosts with one harpoon.
  • Unlocked by 175 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 318

Stage 4: Easy level. Aim for the bottom right but do all your killing outside the nook. Each time you kill you will go further inside said nook until you have 5 kills. 50 point min. Library unlocked

Stage 5: No kill requirement so the strategy for this level is to kill the first guy and then as many as you can after that. No kill requirement. Later in the game, these stages will be vital to unlocking further levels as the requirement in points continues to rise. No kill requirement.

Library (200 points in total, from all stages in Foyer, to unlock)

Stage 1: This level is pretty basic beyond the fact the strategy now requires 8 kills a level. The same strategy shouldn't change just don't use throwing knives EVER. They throw backwards too and it's just annoying to have to remember which ghost throws backwards. In the middle of the level are some moving platforms that can interfere a bit. At 6 kills I used melee and smashed them before they got to the ground. Easy 75 point min.

Stage 2: I'm sorry but the strategy barely works here. The best advice I can give you is to still take your time between kills as best you can. The longer the gaps between kills the less likely you are to die. STAND STILL A LOT. It pays on the 8th round to just kill some extra ghosts, especially the first few that stand still for so long. I went kamikaze in the end and still got 200 points. 75 point min.

Stage 3: Another level with book staircases that switch which way you can walk. It doesn't interfere with the ghosts but it will interfere with you. The usual strategy works well here. In fact, you are kind of forced to stand still a lot to get to the bottom. 75 point min. Conservatory unlocked

Stage 4: Drop to the bottom using the elevator on the right or left side. Wait for your first kill at the bottom, rinse and repeat the usual strategy. No kill requirement.

Stage 5: Like Stage 2 this one can be annoying. Fortunately, no point requirement so go nuts or just get one kill. No kill requirement.

Conservatory (200 points in total, from all stages in Library, to unlock)

Stage 1: You only need 75 points to unlock the next level but I strongly suggest 80 on each level unless you end up with a level well over the 80 mark. The first level has a moving platform with spikes on the bottom, these will kill you and can be useful if you want to end the level fast. The red goop on top will slow you down when you walk. The usual strategy works well here. 80 point min.

Stage 2: Tons of spikes in the middle of the level. Whichever side the first kill picks, you go to the other, wait and kill him from a distance. Then stand behind your ghost over n over again. Halfway through I just started killing them up top. 80 point min.

Stage 3: Double elevator with a spiked bottom. Super easy level for the strategy as long as you don't get jumpy when on the bottom floor. 80 point min.

Stage 4: Very similar to Stage 1. The usual strategy works here as long as you avoid the elevator with spikes on it in the middle. The less you shoot the less you dodge, don't forget it. 80 point min.

Stage 5: The first time this level is actually needed. You will need more than 1 kill this time. A giant spiked pit in the middle this time. The first kill will end up in the bottom area so wait a really long time up top facing away from the gap. Keep all your kills up there to avoid accidental deaths. At this point, I've started letting it add up for minutes to make it really easy to set up. Also allows me time to type all this out. 80 point min. Kitchen unlocked

Kitchen (400 points in total, from all stages in Conservatory, to unlock)

Stage 1: Introducing flamethrower pillars.. avoid these. There are 3 pillars here, 2 fires at once and then one fire. they indicate before they shoot out of lava. Standing on the lava doesn't hurt. The same strategy works wonders here. 80 point min.

Stage 2: 4 flamethrowers down the middle and 1 more on each side at the bottom for a grand total of 6 flame throwers. Again the longer you wait to kill him the easier it will be to stand at the top and get all your kills far away from these. 80 point min.

Stage 3: 4 flamethrowers at the bottom so all fighting will be up top. Same strategy with a prolonged wait to kill the first guy. 80 point min

Stage 4: 3 elevators in the center will stagger and go up and down. on each side of these elevators will be flame throwers that will shoot the left side then the right side. The top is overly crowded so I suggest sticking to the bottom and waiting for your first kill as per usual. Grabbing weapons can be risky here and landing up top is not a given. Use double jump to your advantage and a green aura should indicate who you are quickly. 80 point min.

Stage 5: 6 flame throwers shooting off-timing of one another. 3 up top 3 down bottom. You will notice on the very bottom that you can avoid all of this. Great place to start, eh? Usual strategy as best you can from that spot. Hard level 80 point min. Bedroom unlocked

Bedroom (400 points in total, from all stages in Kitchen, to unlock)

Stage 1: Picture frames are platforms, including the crooked one, and the bed is a trampoline. Good stage for the usual strategy. Way easier than the flame throwers were. 100 point min.

Stage 2: Two trampolines can make killing the first guy a little more difficult. Aim for standing up top for a while and then dropping down to the ground between the two beds, waiting 10 seconds, jumping and then killing him. Set the second one up to kill him when he jumps. Then follow the usual strategy. 100 point min

Stage 3: Two trampoline beds on top of each other. Nothing special about this stage just follow the usual strategy. I will note that having more kills will get you exorcisms popping up more. You can use these to flush the screen and also make an easy kill as the ghost will just walk around and not attack. Just keep that in mind when you get close to your goal. 100 point min.

Stage 4: Nothing special again but I strongly suggest using the strategy in the left corner as the right corner is awful tight. The usual strategy works great. 100 point min. Balcony unlocked

Stage 5: Just kill the first guy and then die 3 times, you are gonna spend enough time playing this game in challenges. No kill requirement.

Balcony (400 points in total, from all stages in Bedroom, to unlock)

Stage 1: Introducing wind which can make the usual strategy harder. The wind changes directions every so often. Just pay more attention and you may have to use exorcisms to remove some of your ghosts. The top and bottom will blow different directions. 100 point min.

Stage 2: 3 different wind streams this time, switching direction a little more frequently. The usual strategy still works well here especially if you wipe them out every 4-5 with an exorcism. The wind is a pain. 100 point min.

Stage 3: Only a single stream to contend with this time. Let the chair pick the right or left corner while you wait up top. Usual strategy but keep the kills up top as best you can and wipe them out with an exorcism. 100 point min.

Stage 4: 3 wind streams. The bottom is your best bet to play out the usual strategy. This may take some dodging if the chair is frisky. 100 point min.

Stage 5: If you got an average of 125 on each of the above levels you can skip this one. It's really easy though so if not just go about the usual while avoiding the middle which is a double directional wind stream. The bottom has a wind stream so the best place to follow the strategy is to wait up top. Don't forget to jump and wait a few seconds to give yourself a heads up when to start the kill streak. 100 point min. Attic unlocked

Attic (450 points in total, from all stages in Balcony, to unlock)

Stage 1: Easy level. Nothing special here just follow the usual strategy. 125 point min.

Stage 2: Another easy level. Drop down the left side to get to the bottom fast and follow the same strategy we have been using through this game. 125 point min.

Stage 3: This level is a cluster buck (excuse my rooster). The strategy still works great. Stick to the bottom right this time as it has a bit more room than the left side. About 7 kills I switched levels until I got an exorcism and erased all of them. 125 point min.

Stage 4: There's not much to say other than thankfully there are no flamethrowers or wind streams. I found these levels as easy as the first levels minus having to earn a higher score. I think if you took your time you could easily get 10+ ghosts at the bottom right. Easy stages so far. 125 point min. Cellar unlocked

Stage 5: Kill one, die 3 times and move on. No kill requirement.

Cellar (500 points in total, from all stages in Attic, to unlock) While on ice, wait till you stop to jump if there are spikes nearby.

Stage 1: A lot of work for not a lot of achievements so far. Introducing blue platforms with spikes on the bottom and slippery ice on the middle platform. I strongly suggest you do no killing on the ice platform unless it is your final kill needed or a mass exorcism. Use the blue spikes to the end stage quickly. 125 point min.

Stage 2: Note I have 660 kills at his point of the game. This stage has 4 blue spike platforms, 2 on each side. And 2 slippery ice platforms in the middle. But it also has a long empty spot at the bottom that makes it especially easy to beat. Avoid grabbing the weapon on the right side, on a blue spike platform. It's almost a guaranteed death. Don't use jump to indicate either, maybe just wiggle your character if you're about to kill the previous ghost. This way you don't jump into a spike. Annoying but fairly average stage. 125 point min.

Stage 3: The first stage that took more than 2 tries. Don't go to the bottom since its a giant ice pit, one slip up and your run is ruined. Stick to the middle long blue platform with blue spikes on it. Try waiting a long time before jumping, waiting a few seconds, dropping down and killing the first guy. Then you can kill the top ghost when it jumps before it drops down. Way easier than the ice rink at the bottom. I counted to 40 from the moment I started then dropped after the jump. I then counted to 38 on my second kill, 36 on my third and so forth. I should've gotten the 10 exorcisms in one go but got ripped off IMO. 125 point min

Stage 4: Super easy level after the last one. 3 blue spike platforms in the middle, all covered in ice. The bottom is ample for the taking and easily obtained following the usual strategy. Again don't jump to indicate unless you are suicidal. 125 point min

Stage 5: You could obtain a really high score on other levels to skip this but I didn't feel like going over the minimum requirement. 3 blue spiked platforms, 2 icy platforms below those. The bottom again makes this level nice and easy. Usual strategy. 125 point min. Altar unlocked

Grand Tour in Extreme Exorcism
Grand Tour73 (50)
Unlock all rooms.
  • Unlocked by 150 tracked gamers (47% - TA Ratio = 1.45) 318

Altar (600 points in total, from all stages in Cellar, to unlock)

Boss stage: Gather the ghosts in the right corner. They spawn every few seconds and imitate what you've done in those seconds, whether or not you got kills. Ghosts will spawn but won't shoot since you aren't shooting. When you get the achievement for 30, aim to get the rocket launcher and kill at least 10 of the zombies on one side of the altar. Then exorcise as many as you can, assuming the item showed. The best level for a bunch of achievements.

It's a Party! in Extreme Exorcism
Manage to amass thirty ghosts on-screen!
  • Unlocked by 161 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 318

This House is Clean! in Extreme Exorcism
Exorcise ten ghosts at once.
  • Unlocked by 161 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 318

Demolition Man in Extreme Exorcism
Kill ten ghosts with one explosion.
  • Unlocked by 145 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.47) 318

Now you must beat him. Chances are you got hit doing the last part so either die and start over or beat him to learn the pattern. Only exorcisms hurt him. Get a rocket launcher or harpoon gun. Build up over 30 ghosts by jumping up and down the steps on the right side while avoiding the boss. You need to use each of the 4 steps to shoot once going from the top down. Each time you clear a step you need to grab the exorcism go to the other side of the screen and hit him with it. Quickly head back and trigger another exorcism to appear, rinse and repeat. Watch out for the ghosts as they have the potential to crush you. Can be utterly frustrating but restart if you're hit. When you beat the boss, without losing health, you will unlock the following:

Exorcist in Extreme Exorcism
Exorcist145 (100)
Complete Arcade mode.
  • Unlocked by 150 tracked gamers (47% - TA Ratio = 1.45) 318

Extreme Exorcist in Extreme Exorcism
Defeat the final boss without losing a life!
  • Unlocked by 132 tracked gamers (42% - TA Ratio = 1.54) 318

Depending on how many kills/deaths and repeats you had for all stages you may have unlocked

Ghostblaster in Extreme Exorcism
Ghostblaster241 (200)
Kill 1000 ghosts!
  • Unlocked by 217 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 318

If not, you will have it by the end of the Challenges page.

Before heading on to the challenges, there's one more achievement that you can quickly pop. Head back to Graveyard Stage 1. Head to the top of the map and then wait about a minute before killing the first ghost, then grab the magnum looking big gun. Shoot about 20 times then kill the ghost. Jump on these green ghost bullets, without touching the ground.

Take that, Physics! in Extreme Exorcism
Jump on five bullets in one round.
  • Unlocked by 126 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.59) 318

Challenges: A check mark next to a challenge means its complete. Most challenges are straight forward but I will mention any alterations to the usual strategy of wait, jump, wait, and kill.

Tier 1:

  • Harpooning - Finish 6 rounds when every ghost has a harpoon gun. Each ghost has a harpoon gun but the strategy nerfs this. Easily done following the usual strategy.
  • Strike! - Get 10 kills. This includes anyone who dies as a result of you killing the previous ghost. Use exorcism and the strategy for a quick finish.
  • Precision - Finish 4 rounds with 5 or less kills. Don't kill more than one at a time, take your time setting it up and this is easy. It tells you in the top of the screen your kill to round ratio.
  • All Hail the King - Whilst the crown ghost is invincible, kill all other ghosts and finish 5 rounds. Pick the top left or top right for more room. Leave space between your ghosts for ease of kills and lots of time between kills. You need to kill all ghosts before the crowned ghost, for 5 rounds. Using the strategy can work here but you are gonna have to improvise a bit. The first few rounds you won't notice a difference until the crowned guy has back up. Then he takes no damage until all other ghosts are gone. On your last round, you can go nuts and stop counting.
  • No Pockets - Finish 6 rounds when you can only hold 1 weapon at a time. Pretty straight forward, take your time between kills and this is a breeze. Pick the side the chair so it doesn't build up a conga line.
  • Focus - Get 12 kills before round 7. First 3 rounds take your time, like 30-40 seconds, between kills. Then the next few kills, jump in front, instead of behind as usual, of the first one and kill them all. Do this again two more times and you are done. May take a few tries. This works great with harpoons/rockets.
  • Royal Pains - Finish 5 rounds only killing the crown ghost. Follow the usual strategy just try not to get harpoons, big gun or explosives. I can't stress enough that slower is better. This challenge is butter.
  • Low on Ammo - Survive 4 rounds when each weapon is single use only. The usual strategy is made for this, but make sure that you don't forget you only get one shot a weapon. Avoid the horrible weapons like boomerangs, lightning, and
  • Multitasker - The only way to kill a ghost is to hold 3 weapons, finish 4 rounds. The strategy won't work as well here so where ever you start, get up on a platform and face the wall. Wait at least 40 seconds, jump, then go collect weapons and kill the chair. Now you have 40 seconds to collect 3 guns, wait for him to jump and kill him on the way down. Next round wait 25 seconds. Round after wait 15 seconds. Adjust for confidence at your own peril.
  • Ghoulish - Ghosts will kill you if you touch them. Using only a gun kill 6 ghosts. Be very careful while setting this up and aim for simply standing still where you land. Wait for 20 seconds and go kill the first one. Usual strategy until round 4. Now go wild and kill the first ghosts before the crowned ghost to get all 6 kills done. It goes without saying the less you move the better, so fewer ghosts are out there to kill you. Don't panic if it happens, adjust your gameplay or restart it.

Tier 2:

  • Can I Axe you a Question? - The only weapon available is the ax. Use it to get 10 kills. Horrible weapon but up close it's just like a melee. Pick a side and avoid the death trap that is the center. Get up close and keep a good count because this will get tight. When you have 5 lined up, stand on the top and launch axes down for 1-2 rounds and you are done.
  • G'Day Mate - Finish 5 rounds using only the boomerang. Self-explanatory. The boomerang is horrible so get close and use it like melee. Stick to the left side and this is done after round 5 using the usual strategy. This is rounds not kills so only shoot once and at the crowned one unless you want to make it more difficult.
  • Kung Fu Fighting - For 6 rounds, all ghosts will use grenade launchers while you have the powers of kung-fu. The move you get is a dash, great for killing. Glad that they have grenades over dash because a reverse dash can slaughter you easily. Also uppercut, which can make killing the chair harder since you jump and dash at the same time, so avoid if possible for the first kill. Pick the bottom left or the bottom right, whichever the chair doesn't choose. Wait a good 30 seconds jump and then kill him. You want a good amount of time so there isn't a massive amount of grenade explosions if your count is off. The usual strategy makes this easy.
  • Stay Focused - Finish 15 rounds with 8 lives. This is like the usual strategy on easy mode. At around 10 feel free to just exorcise them and start from scratch or go berserk and enjoy the 8 lives. Can use all the deaths you can for the 1000 so this isn't a bad level to repeat but not the best for farming deaths.
  • Strength in Numbers - Finish 5 rounds when all ghosts except for the crown ghost are invincible. 10-second count and the usual strategy aims for the crowned ghost anyways. Aim for the bottom left because there's more room than the right. If the chair picks that side I'm sure the right side will work as well but the left is better. Go to the bottom to prevent having to go all the way around to kill a ghost who stays up top. Rounds not kills, so only kill crowned ghost to prevent the chance of dying in one hit.
  • One Life to Live - Finish 4 rounds with 1 life. So easy following the usual strategy granted you don't get hit by the chair zombie, as I may have.
  • Rockets Rockets Rockets - Survive 7 rounds. All ghosts have rocket launchers. Self-explanatory at this point but let's aim for the bottom floor and give your self some breathing room or you might go boom. Leave a gap between you and them after a few rounds if you are going fast.
  • Time Warp - The round will reset every 12 seconds until you beat 5 rounds. The timer resets every time the round ends too. This one is gonna take a few tries unless you get lucky. You can't wait very long between kills but try to leave at least a second or two of you standing still. Land mines are awesome here for jumping over them and leaving a trap in their path. Again the strategy will not work here at all.
  • Lower on Ammo - Kill 15 ghosts when each weapon is single use. Usual strategy mixed with exorcisms works wonders here. Only kill other ghosts with explosions or exorcisms and take your time. Stay on the bottom even if the chair gets stuck in the middle. Use jump to indicate, wait, and then go kill him. This can set up your conga line. Don't use jump after that especially while directly under spikes. Don't forget each weapon has one use.
  • No Touching - Kill 10 ghosts when they are poison to touch. You die if you touch them. Wind streams are my new most hated enemies. Stick in the middle only dropping down to kill the chair. Use an exorcism to end it when you can from the top middle platform. This level can be frustrating and the wind on the bottom makes the strategy down there impossible. One gust could kill you. Mines are a gift here, again, when it starts getting hectic.

Tier 3:

  • Multitaskerer - Finish 8 rounds. You must be holding 3 weapons to make a kill. The top says current powers which need to say 3 to get a kill. The bottom is ripe making this level a lot easier than it sounds. Pick a corner and use the usual strategy adding in grabbing 3 weapons first. 8 rounds is nothing if you take your time, even with a 20-second count using the middle platforms to shoot the crown eventually and the top to finish it off.
  • Out of Sight - Survive 8 rounds when all ghosts are invisible. Such a lame idea. Crown is still visible. REALLY pay attention to where your ghost should be. To top it off the usual strategy just doesn't work. Try separating each ghost into a different row for a set amount of seconds before jumping over and killing the other ghost. There are 7 rows so start on one side and move to the other. Before you make your 7th kill make sure that you are waiting up top for a long time to make it easy on your last kill.
  • Rack em Up - Get 25 kills by the end of round 9. The usual strategy will not work without adjustments. There are a maximum of 37 kills by the end of round 9. You want to make a conga line like usual only in the middle. This will allow you to go to the other side and perhaps harpoon or rocket launch a bunch of them. Jump back and forth after round 3. Shoot from the left then the right the next round to maximize your kill count but leave a gap between you and the wall for your 2 rounds later. Avoid exorcisms as they remove all ghosts, only use if you have plenty of extra ghosts on the screen compared to kills needed. I only used one on round 9 when i needed 4 kills. Dying can make a round easier but makes the long run harder. You get kills but makes for a shorter spawn cycle for the next round.
  • Democracy - The crown will not be visible on the crown ghost. Finish 10 rounds. Because each time you line yourself up behind the last this isn't difficult. Bottom left and the usual strategy works well here. Exorcism can be a lifesaver for freeing up some space here.
  • Ratatatatatata - Kill a ghost every 12 seconds using the machine gun. Beat 7 rounds. This is just like the other timed one only with machine guns. The usual strategy won't work but giving yourself a few seconds of standing still, will. Also aiming in one direction to kill will help, example: all first shots are towards the left side of the screen. The bottom left or right works best here. This was easier than the last speed run due to the ample bottom floor.
  • Precision II - Finish 8 rounds with 9 or less kills. Don't use exorcism unless it is the last round, and avoid explosives. Once again use the rows for each round as there are 9 of them. Pick a side and have each ghost wait one side over before jumping and killing the crown.
  • Even Lower on Ammo - Rack up 20 kills when weapons only have a single use. Exorcism is great here and the usual strategy is mandatory! The bottom floor is a long stretch. Magnum will help rack up kills easily. Landmines are great for killing the first ghosts without making it dangerous for you. Harpoons are great here too if you speed down before the crowned ghost and kill the conga line in one shot.
  • Bloodlust - Get 10 kills. Kill a ghost every 10 seconds or die. Self-explanatory There is also slippery ice platforms and blue spike platforms. Stay on the bottom and shoot in one direction. Try to stay in the middle at first so you can then jump to the other side on round 6 and kill them all with a harpoon or an exorcism where they are now running towards you and shooting while you scoop them up. Found this very easy for all the environment traps.
  • Redecorating - Kill 40 chairs. No ghosts so just grab the weapons you like the most and go nuts. Use the trampoline in the corners to get away from them when they group up. Spawn every few seconds. Get the magnum and camp a corner for endless easy kills. Land mines beside you can assist in any that try to land on you. Worked 2 times in a row without watching the screen. Rockets or grenades will do the same thing as mines with the endless spamming of X
  • Shocking - Only use lightning to kill 20 ghosts. Worst weapon ever and the level sucks too. 6 flame throwers shooting at different times. Use the different levels on each side to set it up only when you go to kill the crown, stand above him. Eventually standing underneath all of them and spamming lightning. Tough level but if you take your time the first sets of ghosts will be sitting ducks for round 4-5 making it doable. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE FLAMETHROWERS. Repeated the level twice because of them.

At this point, I have 210 deaths.

Tier 4:

  • It's You or Them - Kill a chair every 10 seconds. Survive long enough to rack up 25 kills. Easy again if you get the magnum if not the wind stream makes it difficult. Might be worth restarting till you can start early with the magnum then camp a corner.
  • Slice and Dice - Survive 10 rounds when ghosts use only swords, knives, and shuriken. The usual strategy altered because the wind can interfere. Adjust accordingly and use land mines to switch sides if the left or right gets too busy. Drop a mine where the crown will be, then switch sides allowing you to wait over there and next round you get an easy kill plus the bonus of starting a new conga. The magnum was a life saver near the end.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire - With only guns at your disposal, survive 10 rounds. The bottom floor is a good long stretch making this a breeze with the usual strategy.
  • Regicide - Using explosive weapons, get through 5 round by only killing the crown ghost. Just take your time and keep them separated. Use the platforms at the top for final kills by waiting up there before killing the crown on the bottom. Mines are great for this. If you kill another ghost you fail and yes I found out the hard way.
  • Watch Your Step - Using only mines, beat 10 rounds. Standing behind the last and dropping a land mine will offer you time to then run another direction before the explosion and setting up the next one easily. Stick to the bottom for an easy win.
  • Let's Get Physical - For 10 rounds, survive using only melee attacks while ghosts use guns. Bottom right has more room and the usual strategy will get you all the way. Take your time and this one in the bag. Bat is easier to control than the sword.
  • Grab Bag - Finish 5 rounds. You get 6 seconds and a random weapon for each round. Random weapon to start with and the round resets, adding a ghost, every 6 seconds. My game glitched if I let them spawn, no longer having any crowned ghost. If this happens, restart. Lame but at least its 5 rounds so this is gonna be a lot of luck. Try to stay up top to make it easy and don't shoot unless you know you got the kill.
  • Zombie - With just a gun, kill 20 ghosts when they are poisonous to touch. You die if they touch you, so conga line is dangerous. Get a couple going on the left then start standing on the right and shooting endlessly to the left. The ghosts are only punching so when the right side gets full go to the right and shoot left. You will rack up kills fast in the later rounds.
  • Time Warp Again! - The round resets every 10 seconds until you get 30 kills. Kill the first one fast and must be in the bottom right corner. Walk yourself to different parts of the bottom floor, away from where you killed the chair. Let the round reset 15 times at least 30 at most. There will be a huge amount of ghosts in the corner for you to kill. 1-2 rounds and you are done. Exorcism will only make it take longer unless you kill 30 at once.
  • Who let the Chairs out? - Survive a wave of 100 chairs, gain an extra life every 20 kills. This is so much easier if you get the magnum/fat gun and a pistol/rocket launcher then go and camp in the top left corner. They will land on you if you choose the top right corner. If you go to the bottom they will throw shurikens and lightning bolts at you and it will cause you to lose your magnum. You want the top left corner so you kill them as they spawn with endless giant bullets. WAY EASIER THAN TRYING TO FIGHT.

At this point, I have 230 deaths.

Tier 5:

  • Multitaskerist - You must be carrying 5 weapons to kill a ghost. Survive 6 rounds. Same as all the other times only 5 weapons instead of 3. Bottom left works best. Pay attention to current powers because collecting duplicates don't count and shooting without killing can be alarming. Final round wait up top and avoid the carnage.
  • Excessive - Using only the fat gun, finish 6 round by killing all other ghosts before the crown ghosts. Keep to the middle of the left side so that you can jump, from side to side each round, and kill all ghosts first before hitting the final one. Take your time so that you aren't dodging bullets.
  • Riot - Kill 50 ghosts when they can hurt each other. If you give yourself a large breather you can set up 10 in a row on the bottom with a large gap to the left or right of them so you can get in front and shoot backwards killing many before the crown. Then go back and forth a few rounds until its done. This is going to take some patience to not have to repeat. Watch out for the 4 flamethrowers.
  • Don't Hold Back - Survive 10 rounds when all non-crown ghosts are invincible. This is easily handled by the usual strategy. Keep to the bottom for a nice easy completion. Avoid the three blue spike platforms and the two icy platforms as best you can.
  • Tick, Tick, Boom - Finish 10 rounds using only the grenade launcher. This one is annoying but you can use it to your advantage. Stick to the bottom and after you shoot to kill the crown run away from him. Giving you an easier shot on that one. Usual strategy just slightly adjusted for this weapon. Grenades are very unpredictable with the three wind streams going.
  • Another Life to Live - Finish 8 rounds with one life. Easy as long as you don't jump when the spikes are above you. Stick to the bottom and this one's yours.
  • Marathon - Finish 50 rounds, gaining a life every 10th kill. This is literally gonna take awhile. We want to set up the bottom so we can reset it with exorcism.the 6 flame throwers were a bit much. Switch from left to right by wiping them out with the exorcism. Use fat gun when it gets hectic or start shooting up top only in one direction. This one is a headache and a half.
  • Bring in the Chairs - Rack up 40 kills when every kill spawns a chair. WORST LEVEL EVER. Whoever thought this level up caused this game a 2-star rating from yours truly. Best I can say is stay down on the bottom at first to keep the top safe for a bit. Stay down there and slaughter a few chairs if you can, if not it's okay. This is so luck based it ruined the game for me. Hopefully, around round 5/6 you will have about 4 chairs and 5 ghosts. Grab an ax/shuriken and stand on the platform to the left. Kill all you can. Axes from the top left or right can work great in the later rounds to rack up tons of kills. The occasional exorcism is mandatory to survival and will bring tons of chairs for you to kill with axes. Switch sides if you get another ax. The ax ghost MUST be exorcised if you want to repeat this process one more time for the win. The middle platform with spikes above it is the worst place to go retrieve weapons. Don't do it while it's busy or chairs will block you, kill you or you may try to jump over which will cause death. This takes patience to get through.
  • Arsenal - Survive 12 rounds when all ghosts are armed to the teeth. Use the usual strategy on the huge bottom floor and this is SO easy compared to the last. Exorcism will not make an easy kill for you, so be careful about using it too quickly into a round.
  • Extreme Exorcist - Finish 25 rounds with only one life. Get another life by exorcising 5 ghosts. Altar stage. Stay by the altar, give yourself time and every 5-6 kills use exorcism to clear the board. Fast and easy as long as you make it to the first exorcism.

Unchallenged in Extreme Exorcism
Unchallenged194 (100)
Complete all challenges.
  • Unlocked by 85 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.93) 318

Return to Tier 2 Can I Axe you a Question? and kill yourself 700+ times.

Necromancer in Extreme Exorcism
Necromancer170 (100)
Die 1000 times!
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