Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business

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Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 1: A Dreadly Business! You play the role of Bertram himself in this 2D Point and Click Adventure game, which is set in Victorian London. Bertram is the leading Victorian Explorator and the objective is to discover the true identity of Geoff the Murderer. We'll meet interesting characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Watson alongside our trusty companion, Gavin. This game enjoys a humorous approach as you'll find puns, British humor and many references within the game ranging from Monty Python to Doctor Who.

In terms of completions, this will be easy overall and will take around an hour to finish. All 4 Chapters will be completed in one playthrough. There are 4 collectible achievements we will be focusing on while playing through the game. We'll be shooing pigeons, admiring paintings, talking to every character, and inspecting all of the taxidermies to easily obtain them all.

Aside from these easy tasks, the only requirement that you'll need to be careful of (and that might take a few tries) are the chase sequences. They are a bit random in each game. There are two chase scenes, and you cannot hit anything during these sequences as there are two achievements for completing them while avoiding all obstacles. Completing both of them unscathed isn't difficult and shouldn't take more than a few tries, at most, just to get familiar with the placement of objects in your way.

If you enjoy Episode 1, you can also check out the next installment: Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement. So, for now, let's get started with enjoying Episode 1!

The controls in the game are very simple. You'll use cn_LS to move your cursor, and cn_A to select an item or perform an action. You can also press cn_A to advance dialogue quicker. That's it.

At any point throughout the game, you can press and hold cn_A to view all of the hotspots (clickable items) within any scene. I'd recommend holding cn_A as often as needed to help find clickable items quickly if you are looking for a collectible, for instance. You can also double click with cn_A to the next screen when you are trasitioning scenes to get there instantly, which will save you a little time.

During gameplay, you can click on the lower left half-circle icon to open your inventory. You can click on an item in your inventory once, and then click the next item on your screen that you want it to interact with, in order to use it. Or, if you prefer, you can click and hold on the first item and drag it to the second item to use it. Either way works fine. Clicking on the Pause icon in the upper right of your screen will open up the Main Menu and allow you to quit the game.

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As mentioned in the Overview, there are a few collectible achievements. One of these requires us to admire (click on) all of the paintings and flyers. It's worth noting that not every single painting or flyer is clickable in the game, and therefore will not count towards the "A true connoisseur" achievement. So some of them do not need to be clicked on. If you see a painting or flyer in a scene, but it is not mentioned in the walkthrough, then just ignore it.

Important information regarding the chase sequences

There are two chase sequences in the game and during both chases, you cannot hit anything. You'll need to avoid hitting any people in the first chase at the end of Chapter 1, and avoid all of the gravestones in the second chase near the end of Chapter 4. You will only be moving Bertram up and down as the scene automatically progresses.

During the first chase, as you near the end of it, the number of people in your way will slightly increase. Sometimes you can still get around them all (it's slightly randomized for each game), but other times it can be near impossible to get through them without hitting anybody. Towards the end of this chase, I would recommend following the path that the person you're chasing is running in. Stay directly behind him as your obstacles increase. As he goes up, go up. As he moves down, move down. If there are people in the way, he will knock them over for you. It's ok if he hits someone and knocks them down, and you run over them. As long as he is the person who knocks them down initially, and not you, you are fine.

For the second chase, be aware that you will occasionally see a bridge that you need to cross and it will always be exactly in the middle of the scene.

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So, unless you are having to move up or down to avoid gravestones, try to keep your character in the middle of the scene as much as possible just in case a bridge suddenly appears. Again, as the chase scenes are slightly randomized, the number of bridges to watch out for may be different each time. During my first attempt, I had three bridges. In my second attempt, I only had one.

Now, what happens if you do hit someone or something? There are no manual saves or chapter select in the game, so you need to pay close attention. A checkpoint will trigger just as both of the chase sequences begin. If you hit anything, or think that you might have hit anything, you will have to dashboard > quit > restart. Immediately press the cn_guide button which will pause the game and open the side menu, go down to the game and press cn_start and then select Quit to manually quit the game. From there, you can restart it when ready. When you continue, you will begin right at the start of the chase sequences and can attempt a clean run again. Make sure that if you play the whole chase through to the end, that you are sure you did not hit anything. After the chase, the achievement will pop if you have completed it without hitting anything. However, this also triggers the next checkpoint at the same time. So if you did hit something and still continue to finish the chase, you will have to restart the entire game in order to try again. Keep this in mind. Do not finish the chase unless you are 100% sure you didn't hit anything to avoid having to restart the game from the beginning.

Choose New Game, select any save slot, and we can begin.

After a brief cutscene, we start in Bertram's bedroom with the alarm clock going off. Remember, at any point in the game, you can hold the cn_A button down to see all hotspots (clickable items) in any current scene. It will show a white circle on all of the hotspots:

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Click the alarm clock to turn it off and get Bertram out of bed. Open the curtains to let light in, and then select the clothes hanging on the divider on the left. Bertram will get changed, and now we can select the door on the right to leave the room.

You'll see three paintings on the wall in the next scene. Click on all three of them to view them, and Bertram will provide a little backstory for each one. Take the white rag from the banister, then select the red motorized chair to go downstairs.

Once here, select the brown door under the stairs to release your companion, Gavin, from his quarters. We'll be using Gavin to help us move heavy objects throughout the game. After a little dialogue, select the Telegraph Machine on the left table to read the telegraph. Exit through the door to the left.

Select the painting of Bertram's Mother in the green frame, just to the left of the door. Then select the gray dinosaur egg under the painting, and select the green turtle in the lower left corner. Click to open the brown cabinet to the right of the door, and take the white bone from the middle shelf to get the Tyrannosaur Arm Bone. Select the pink-faced monkey on the shelf to the right, and then exit through the door to the right.

Here, we meet Bertram's wife. Select Foofy the dog, sitting next to your wife. Then select Bertram's wife to start some dialogue. She will eventually start crying. Open your inventory (the bottom left corner) and give the white rag to your wife. Now she'll ask Bertram to bring Foofy to the Groomery.

We need to get Foofy into the carrying case. Use your Tyrannosaur Arm Bone on the carrying case as bait, and Foofy will run inside. Pick the carrying case up, and exit through the blue door in the center of the room.

Select both of the paintings on the wall to observe them. Select Gavin, and then select the brown cabinet and Gavin will move the heavy object over for us. Pick the key up that was under the cabinet. Read the next section before exiting the room, as the next scene will be our first chase scene.

If you haven't already, make sure to read the "Important information regarding the chase sequences " here. To summarize, you must complete this chase scene without hitting any people. There will be people scattered around, in your way, and you will be controlling Bertram to move up and down with cn_LS in order to avoid them. The chase only lasts about 35 seconds, and towards the end, you will notice a slight increase in speed and there will be more people in your way. When this happens, try to stay exactly behind the person that you are chasing. Mirror his moves, so when he goes up, you're going up. When he goes down, you go down. It is ok if he knocks people over, and you follow him, resulting in you running over the people that he knocked down. Many times, it's impossible to get through without hitting someone, so let him do it for you. As long as he is the person that knocked them over, and not you, you are fine. This will not void the achievement. The chase ends when the orange stand gets knocked over and oranges spill onto the ground. Although the chases are slightly randomized in regards to the placement of people, you can get a good idea of what to expect in this video. All credit and thanks to AchievementSquad for the video. The chase takes place from 10:00 - 10:40.

Now, the important bit. What happens if you hit someone? Again, this is explained in the "General hints and tips" page, but you will need to immediately dashboard > quit > restart the game before the chase ends. If you hit anybody, or think that you might have hit anybody, immediately press cn_guide to pause the game and bring up the sidebar menu. Go down to the game, press cn_start, and select Quit. Now, you can restart the game and press Continue. It will restart you right at the beginning of the chase sequence so you can try again. When you are 100% sure that you have made a clean run, finish the chase sequence. Just remember, once you finish it, you cannot try again without restarting the whole game. There are no manual saves or chapter select. When you finish the scene and see the oranges fall down, the next checkpoint triggers so you will not be able to dashboard and quit and restart the chase anymore.

With all of that out of the way, let's continue. Use the key on the door on the right to unlock it. Select the door again to exit.

Walk down the stairs and onto the sidewalk. After a short cutscene and a bit of a mix up with the carry bags, we can pick the (new) carrying case up. Take the carrying case and this begins the chase sequence. Dodge the people in your way, stay behind the mystery figure towards the end, and make sure to dashboard > quit > restart if you think you've hit anybody immediately. After you've made it through the chase without hitting anybody, you will unlock an achievement.

Artful Dodgery in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Evade all the common folk whilst chasing Geoff (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 431 tracked gamers (74% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 580

And for completing Chapter 1, you will also unlock another achievement at the same time.

Life is like a jar of pickles in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Complete Chapter 1
  • Unlocked by 580 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 580

Once you have control of Bertram, he will pick up an item that was left behind on the ground - a nose. Next, we want to talk to all three characters on the screen. Speak to the man in the green jacket on the far left. Then speak to the man reading the newspaper next to Gavin. Finally, speak to the paper boy on the right. Exit the screen by going right.

This is our first scene with pigeons on the ground, and we need to shoo all of them. Walk over towards the pigeons, and as you approach them, they will fly away. Also, as you approach the statue to your right, Emmelina Snoopsworth will come out from behind the statue to speak to you. She wants us to speak to Sherlock Holmes inside of the Adventurers Club for her. Before we do that, continue to shoo all of the pigeons by walking up to them all until they fly away. Note that there may be pigeons behind the statue, so walk around that area a little bit to make sure no pigeons are there, out of sight. Once all of the pigeons are gone, select the blue doors in the background to enter the Adventurers Club.

We have plenty of things to click on in this new scene. We'll start with the left side of the room that we are currently standing in before we walk right. There are six taxidermy items to click on, starting with the large green animal in between Bertram and Gavin, followed with the five taxidermy animals up on the wall (rhino, unicorn, mermaid, lion and elephant). Next, we need to talk to the 3 characters here. Talk to the bartender, and he will give Bertram a cup of tea. Then, talk to Sir Grouchly at the bottom of the screen, in the wheelchair. Finally, talk with the butler in front of the double doors. He won't let us through them, but we'll be back very soon.

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Now, move to the right into the other half of the room. Begin by clicking each of the three taxidermy animals on the wall (antelope, deer, buffalo). Then select the painting above the fireplace. Now you can begin speaking to the three characters here. Speak to Guy Hardwood in front of the fireplace, which will cause his friend Melvis to join the conversation and move to the left, giving you access to the cage behind him (this will also automatically count as speaking to Melvis). Then select Lord Rochestump, who is asleep in the lower right corner. Finally, click on the purple porcupine on the lower table. Bertram will take a quill from the porcupine.

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Now, with Melvin out of the way, use the quill to unlock the cage that holds the pink flying creature. After a little bit of chaos in the room, the double doors are now accessible. Go through them.

In the hallway, click on the painting. Then click on the griffin statue. Go through the left door.

Talk to the gentleman lying down on the table. Take the blue tea leaves from the bowl on the small table:

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Exit the room on the right.

From the hallway, now enter the right door to meet Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Speak to Sherlock and he'll ask if we've tried looking in our bag. The bag is now on the table, so click on it to open it. It's a head! The head has its main features removed, so as we find pieces through the game, we can place them back onto the face. For now, we'll start with the nose. Move the pink nose into place on the head, and click the red X in the lower right corner to close this out. In your inventory, combine the blue tea leaves with the cup of tea. Give this tea to Sherlock Holmes. Now that Sherlock is enjoying a nice nap, speak to Watson. We get a bit of advice to seek help from the spirits, and to find Count Fulchmuckle. Exit the room.

Exit the hallway through the left door, and exit the Adventurers Club through the door to the far left.

After a little dialogue from Emmelina, go right to the next scene (we have already dealt with the pigeons here before, so we don't need to shoo them again).

On Hemlock Street now, talk to the paperboy to see the latest headline. Then click on the crow in the tree a few times until it flies away.

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Enter the only house here, which is Lord Arthwipe's house. After a bit of dialogue, you'll notice two paintings on the wall. Click on the left painting (this is the only one that registers for achievement purposes). Click on the gray Wolf-Beast on the left table, and then on the double-headed cobra on the right. Click on the small blood stain on the carpet in front of Lord Arthwipe. Then speak to Lord Arthwipe. He asks us to locate Lady Ravisham and to get some photographs from her. Exit to the left.

There is a stagecoach outside, but before getting into it, talk to the stagecoach driver. Now you can enter the stagecoach to end Chapter 2.

Gadzooks! It's a HEAD! in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Complete Chapter 2
  • Unlocked by 513 tracked gamers (88% - TA Ratio = 1.06) 580

After the opening cutscene, we will follow the mysterious character into an alley and find him behind bars. Click on the gate and the murderer will run off. Take the oar to the right of the gate. Click on Gavin and then on the bars to have him bend the gate open for you. Exit through the gate.

Click on the blonde haired girl with the hoop to speak to her. Click on the door to the house here to speak to the servant, who will inform you that you cannot come in as the Count is not home. Speak to the man sitting on the ground, and when he leaves, pick up the monocle piece that he left behind. Now use the oar in your inventory on the pink underpants hanging on the clothes line to knock them down. Take the pink underpants and exit to the right.

Here we have more pigeons we need to shoo. Start with the pigeons in front of the door. Walk into them, and once they've all flown off, we see a new piece to the head puzzle - a mouth! Bertram picks it up, so now you can place the mouth onto the head. Exit the head puzzle with the red X in the bottom right, and shoo the other pigeons on the screen. You'll see a pigeon on a crate to your left, so use Gavin to move the crate. This will automatically shoo the pigeon and Gavin will move the crate over to the wall on the right. Walk to the right and in case you have any more pigeons in this scene, continue to shoo them all away. When you are finished, use Gavin to move the large steam machine on the right, which he will also place in front of the wall. Click on the door on the wall, which leads to Lady Ravisham's Secret Garden. We find out that it is locked. Move to the left and enter Lady Ravisham's house through the door with vines growing around it.

Once inside the house, click on the green creature in the case on the far right table. This is our last taxidermy.

Appreciator of Taxidermilogy in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Inspect all the stuffed specimens in the game
  • Unlocked by 443 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 580

Take the footstool on the ground, just to the left of the table containing our last taxidermy. Enter the door to the left of the stairs to meet Lady Ravisham.

Click the oval picture in the upper left on the wall, showing a younger Lady Ravisham. Click the brown gramophone on the lower right of your screen, and Bertram will take the horn from it. Talk to Lady Ravisham to find out she's hard of hearing. Give her the horn and now she can speak to us. After her conversation, click on the box on the fireplace and Bertram will take the diamond inside. Click on the talking bird, Mr. Calamus, next to Lady Ravisham. He tells us that he wants a cracker. Click on Lady Ravisham again, and Bertram will ask her about the photographs. Exit the room on the right, and exit the house on the left for now.

Walk to the right and exit the scene on the far right to visit Hamrach's Exotic Produce.

Talk to Hamrach. Use the pink underpants from your inventory on the hole in the roof above him. Click on the green avocados sitting on the crate to get an avocado.

Image 1

Exit the area at the top of the stairs.

Walk all the way to the far left and exit left on the lower level by the flyers under the stairs.

Enter the tunnel.

In your inventory, combine the diamond with the monocle and then place this new item into the beam of light on the barrel. Bertram lights the tunnel up and takes the diamond back. Walk to the left.

Talk to the strange man bending over the huge bug. It's Count Fulchmuckle eating a giant Woodlouse, and he insists he's not the killer. Give your avocado to Count Fulchmuckle. We get a sword from him in return. Exit the tunnel all the way to the right.

Exit to the right, up the ramp.

Use the footstool in your inventory with the steam machine in front of the wall, and Bertram will place it there. With the footstool, crate and steam machine in place, Bertram can climb the wall. Click on the wall above the crate, and he will climb to the top of the steam machine. Use Gavin with the steam machine, and this will enable both Bertram and Gavin to climb the wall and go over.

To the right of where Bertram lands, you will see a large white vase overgrown with vines. Click on the vase to get a vine. Exit through the door in the wall, which Bertram will now unlock.

Enter Lady Ravisham's house on the left. Go up the stairs.

From your inventory, use the vine on the chandelier. Bertram needs a little more momentum to get across, so use Gavin on Bertram to give him a push. Open the blue cupboard now and take the biscuit from inside the box. Go up the stairs.

Click on the very large painting on the right side that is half covered with a white sheet. Bertram will move the sheet and observe the painting of Lady Ravisham. Take the painting leaning against the blue dresser with the bridge on it. Go down the stairs.

Use the bridge painting on the hole in the floor to create, you guessed it, a bridge. Go down the stairs again.

Enter Lady Ravisham's living room and give your biscuit to her bird, Mr. Calamus. He'll now fly off and tell us to meet him in the attic. Go all the way back up the stairs to the attic.

Talk to the bird who is now sitting on the large chair to the left. He tells us the code to the chest, which we don't have to remember. Click the chest and Bertram will open it for us, revealing the photographs that Lord Arthwipe wants. The photos will be added to your inventory, and we can leave now. Go all the way down the stairs and exit Lady Ravisham's house.

Enter the brown door into Lady Ravisham's garden.

Click on the large green bush on your left that is blocking your path. It reveals itself to be a Rhododenra Carnivosa and we'll have to deal with it in order to proceed. Use your sword on the bush, and exit to the left.

Walk to the left, over towards the statue, and Lord Arthwipe should reveal himself. If he doesn't, click on the dark green bush to the right of the statue. Give him the photographs from your inventory, and he opens a hidden passage for us. Enter the new passage in the wall, which concludes Chapter 3.

Knee-deep in Adventure in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Complete Chapter 3
  • Unlocked by 491 tracked gamers (85% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 580

We find ourselves in a sewer, so click on the manhole cover to move it and get above the ground. Our cyclops friend Gavin looks a bit different, as it turns out he has an extra eye stuck to his face. Bertram takes it, and it's another clue for the head. Place the eye into one of the eye sockets on the head.

Talk to Norris in the bathtub. Exit to the right.

It's possible that as soon as you enter the next scene, you will automatically pop the achievement for shooing all of the pigeons. This seems to happen more often than not for most players. If it doesn't pop for you upon entering, then continue to shoo all of the pigeons across this scene as these are the last pigeons in the game. You may need to walk a bit to the left to locate them all.

Extremely Shooful in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Shoo all the pigeons you encounter
  • Unlocked by 487 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 580

Talk to the street sweeper, who mentions his street sweeping machine is broken. Walk to the left. Talk to the lady in front of Mrs. Scarduck's Muffins, who will then throw her muffin at you. Pick the muffin up. Click on the couple in the lower left of your screen, and the lady known as Pokey Mary will stick her fork up at you. Exit to the left.

After a short cutscene at the bridge, you'll see some tall reeds in the water just down the stairs. Take a reed for your inventory. Exit back to the right.

Use your reed on Pokey Mary, and we now have a flute. Walk to the right, and exit up the alley behind the street sweeper.

Give your flute to Norris, who happily leaves with his new instrument. Take the bathtub that Norris abandoned, and exit right.

Exit right again, to the alley by the Gypsy's house.

Check the garbage can here, and take the cork from inside of it. Open the light wooden door to discover an outhouse. Attempt to take the toilet brush in here, and a rat emerges and blocks us. Give your muffin to the rat, and after it scurries off, take the toilet brush. Click on the dark door to the right to talk to the Gypsy, known as Madame Blackheart. She wants proof of Sir Bruce before she will let us inside. Exit left.

Use your cork on the broken street sweeping machine to fix it, and our street sweeper friend happily leaves to make the streets immaculate. He leaves behind his broom, so take it for your inventory. Exit all the way left, back to the bridge.

Use the bathtub in the water at the bottom of the stairs, and then use the broom on the bathtub. We've made a boat. Use Gavin with the boat, and he'll sail across to the other side. Use Gavin with the gray bridge control box, and he will lower the bridge for us. Go across it and exit to the left.

Use your toilet brush on the lower section of spider webs in the tree:

Image 1

Talk to the children playing with marbles on the ground. They have the other eye that we need, but we have to beat them at a game of marbles to get it. For now, head inside the house to their left.

On your right will be a large green wardrobe. Click it to open it up and meet the twins inside. They have a secret to tell us, but not without a treat first. Notice the makeup set on top of the green dresser to the left of the door. Use your toilet brush covered in cobwebs on the makeup set. It now looks like candy floss. Use the fake candy floss on the large wardrobe to give it to the twins. We learn the secret - Sir Bruce can't grow a real mustache. Take the large Pearl of Minimoto from the far right dresser. Talk to Sir Bruce's wife on the left. Click on both of the paintings on the wall. Then talk to Sir Bruce on her left by clicking on his face to expose his mustache. During the commotion, he drops a card. Pick the Black Heart card up. Exit the room.

From your inventory, use the large pearl with the game of marbles. The boys are so impressed that they instantly proclaim Bertram the winner and run off with their new, massive marble. We can now pick the eyeball up. Do so, and place it into the last eye socket on the head. Exit to the far right.

Cross the bridge and exit to the right.

Exit to the right again to visit Madame Blackheart.

Use the Black Heart card on the Gypsy's door and enter the house.

Word of warning - our second and final chase sequence is coming up next. Again, take a look at the "General hints and tips" page if you haven't already. The chase scene here is much like the first, so you should have a good idea of what to expect. Instead of people in your way, you will have gravestones to dodge this time. In this chase, you are running from the spirits, rather than chasing something, so you don't have to worry about staying directly behind anything towards the end. You should be able to avoid the gravestones without much difficulty, but remember to be mindful that there are bridges in this chase sequence. They will always appear in the middle of the screen (as you can move up, middle and down). Unless you are moving up and down to avoid gravestones, try to base yourself in the middle of the screen as much as possible in case a bridge shows up. If you hit a gravestone, or even think that you might have hit one, the same applies as before. Immediately dashboard using cn_guide, press cn_start on the game tile to select Quit, and then you can start the game again and press Continue. This will start you back right at the beginning of the chase and you can try again. Do not finish the chase unless you are sure you did not hit anything. You will not be able to restart the chase again once it is finished. If you do finish the chase and have hit a gravestone, it will void the related achievement, and you will have to begin the game all over again from the start in order to attempt the chase again.

The chase is about 40 seconds long, and I'd recommend watching a quick run of the chase scene to familiarize yourself with what's ahead. All credit and thanks go to AchievementSquad for the video. Just remember that the chase sequences can be slightly random so you may not have the exact same placements of gravestones or bridges (although the bridges will always be in the center of the screen). The chase scene takes place here from 1:01:23 - 1:02:05.

Ok, let's continue. Speak to Madame Blackheart. Bertram will advise her that he is searching for Geoff the Murderer. Go into your inventory and select the head. Exit out of the close-up view of the head, and it will be placed on the table. Madame Blackheart can help us find out who did this by contacting the spirits, but she wants some silver. We don't have any silver, but we do have a large diamond. Give her the diamond from your inventory, which she happily accepts. The spirit of the woman who lost her head appears and tells us to look for the Spotted Calf. Wicked spirits are approaching fast, and they're not happy with Bertram. Our next chase scene begins as Bertram is chased out of the house and through a graveyard. I personally felt that this chase was easier than the first. Use cn_LS once again to move Bertram up and down to avoid the gravestones, and after reaching the end without hitting any obstacles, you will be awarded with an achievement.

Grave Danger in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Grave Danger240 (200)
Avoid all Gravestones in the Ghost Chase (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 401 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 580

After the chase, Gavin will join us on the street. Walk to the right, towards the open green door. Sherlock and Watson will emerge and will have some dialogue for us. After Sherlock is finished speaking, as we have chatted to all characters in the game, we will unlock an achievement.

Exquisite Chattering in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Talk to every character in the game
  • Unlocked by 473 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 580

Now we can enter the house on the right through the open door.

Select the picture in the frame on the far left counter. This is our last picture in the game.

A true connoisseur in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Admire all the paintings in the game
  • Unlocked by 460 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.12) 580

Read the note on the table from Geoff the Murderer. Geoff asks if Bertram likes hot dogs, and now Bertram smells something burning. Check the stove on the right. Now there appears to be a scratching sound coming from under the table. Select Gavin, and select the green rug under the table. Gavin moves the table to reveal a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor, and it's Foofy! Foofy is alive and well. Exit the house.

The final cutscene of the game plays out now, with Emmelina being impressed by Bertram's efforts to uncover the true identity of Geoff the Murderer. The story is to be continued with Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement, due for release on 12 June 2019. This concludes Chapter 4 and ends Episode 1.

Tip Top Adventuring in Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 1: A Dreadly Business
Complete Chapter 4
  • Unlocked by 487 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 580

Congratulations on your completion!

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