Shenmue I & II (Win 10)

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for Shenmue I & II (Win 10).

Shenmue was originally released for the SEGA Dreamcast in Japan in late 1999, with a release in the West following in 2000. The game has since become known for its great ambition in telling an immersive story in a fully-fledged 3D world, while being the most expensive game ever released at the time (with some development costs put toward Shenmue II). Pushed as a major selling point for the struggling Dreamcast, it was no surprise that due to the console's low user base the game and its sequel were major commercial failures. However, since SEGA pulled out of the console market after the Dreamcast, the game has built up a cult following among gamers for its unique storytelling, fighting, and life simulation-esque structure. Many design elements included in the game were viewed as groundbreaking at the time and influenced other developers further down the line.

Shenmue II was released on the Dreamcast in 2001, with an enhanced port on the Xbox following in 2002. Shenmue II directly picks up the story from the first game and proved far greater in scope, with Ryo exploring multiple environments over the course of the game. With this comes a story that runs at a better pace alongside better fleshed out supporting characters, while players were liberated from some of the more mundane elements of the first game. While proving a commercial failure, Shenmue II was widely deemed to be a superior sequel that expanded upon the template set out by the first game.

With the release of the long-awaited Shenmue III imminent (though only on PS4 and PC for now), SEGA and d3t decided to touch up the original two games for the current generation of consoles in 2018. With the addition of both games into the Xbox Game Pass in June 2019, there was a surprise release of the game on Windows 10 with Xbox Live Support and a new achievement list, combining both games for the newly launched Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Shenmue I & II (Win 10) has a relatively easy achievement list over both games that veterans can easily blast through and newcomers will soon adapt to. There are a high amount of missable achievements, but none of these are truly difficult to miss by following the walkthrough and making smart use of the generous manual save system. Beyond this, story-related and thus unmissable achievements are frequently rewarded for progression. Due to the narrative structure and similar controls/mechanics of both of these games, the walkthrough will continue straight on to Shenmue II after the first game is complete.

The Shenmue walkthrough was written by Yinga Garten (the transformer for this combined walkthrough), while the walkthrough for Shenmue II was written by Rafael D Arroyo. Please give thanks to the respective walkthroughs for the Xbox One versions of each game as well as this one if you found them helpful.

Now let's move onto the general hints and tips to begin to break down the world of Shenmue...

Please Note: This walkthrough will assume that you are using an Xbox controller connected to your computer, keyboard controls won't be listed.

General Controls

cn_LSc - Move

cn_RSc - Pan camera

cn_A - Action

cn_B - Cancel

cn_X - Open notebook

cn_Y - Open in-game menu

cn_LT - Zoom

cn_RT - Run


The fighting in the Shenmue series is modelled on the Virtua Fighter series (the game was originally intended to be a spin-off of that franchise). While you can find and learn moves during the games, we won't be doing that beyond gaining the relevant achievements. There are many moves (that are listed within the in-game menu) with different control inputs that you won't all remember and that won't even prove necessary to use. You can train these moves in the dojo or before bedtime in the first Shenmue for instance, but both of these won't be necessary. You can simply improve the effectiveness of moves by fighting goons during the story. In the menu, you can also assign a favoured move to cn_LT if you like. Spamming kicks is what worked for me across both of the games, only needing to learn to dodge backward and run around the arena to regain health during later fights.

Here are the general fighting controls:

cn_LSc - Move

cn_A - Kick

cn_B - Grab

cn_X - Punch

cn_Y - Dodge (in direction of cn_LSc)

Further Notes

  • The Shenmue series runs on a daily cycle, with each game needing to be completed within a certain deadline. Ryo will usually wake up at 8AM and can then usually only go to bed at 8PM (thus ending the day). During this roughly 12 hour in-game period, Ryo can progress the story or participate in the several activities on offer in the area he is currently in. An hour of in-game time is roughly 4 minutes in real time, so days can take a long time. Unfortunately in the first Shenmue there is no way to skip this time, meaning if you are purely focusing on the story you will have to leave the game idle for some time waiting for events to happen. Fortunately Shenmue II introduces a 'wait' mechanic for important story moments, so there is nowhere near as much waiting as in the first game.
  • Be prepared for many QTEs (quick time events), this is the game that popularised them and which are difficult to avoid in major current generation games. Shenmue II introduces sequence QTEs which are even worse, demanding inputs to be entered quickly as shown on the screen. I personally found these inconsistent and you'll sometimes fail them through no fault of your own. Thankfully though there isn't much punishment beyond restarting at the beginning of the QTE cutscene.
  • After completing Shenmue, you can transfer your progress from a completed save file to the sequel (just like during the original release). This will transfer any items you picked up (story related, gacha collection, fighting scrolls) alongside your progress in fighting moves. I would recommend that you do this, but it isn't entirely necessary.

That's all you need to know that won't be covered in the main story walkthrough. Now on with the game!

Switch off ‘Area Jump’ in the settings so that we don’t miss any necessary interactions for achievements, and then tailor the rest to your suiting.

The game provides you with ten saves, allowing you to manually save whenever you have control. I recommend that you space your saves out in different slots in case you make a mistake, so you don’t have to go back too far or pray not, have to start a new game. Making a fresh save at the start of each day and before important moments (which I shall note during the walkthrough) is highly recommended.

Please Note: This walkthrough is structured for the purpose of gaining achievements. It has thus been structured so that it is descriptive, while straight to the point. If times don’t align then don’t worry about waiting until the following day, as you have plenty of days to complete the story (until April 15th, 1987). You can easily pick things back up the following day, albeit at more time spent. Minor cutscenes or events not related to achievements may take place during your playthrough that aren't mentioned in the walkthrough. But the points to progress the story should trigger when mentioned.

Day 1 (December 3rd, 1986)

After the rather lengthy opening cutscenes, Ryo will wake up in his house still reeling from the trauma of his father’s death, intent on finding his murderer.

Your notebook will open, providing you with phone numbers to contact services. Make note of the first number for the police as we shall be using it imminently. Press cn_left to find further phone numbers of individuals you shall meet shortly on your journey, along with notes on potential leads for the murderer, Lan Di. Press cn_B to close the notebook. By pressing cn_X, you can re-open the notebook, which will provide you with objectives and hints if you have lost your way during the journey.

Now move forward with the cn_LSc and open the door with cn_A to trigger a cutscene which will reintroduce Ine-san, Ryo’s mother. She will reside in the house and provide you with a daily allowance of 500 yen (¥), in addition to Ryo’s starting amount of 9,800 yen (¥). Instead of catching up on Fuku-san in the dojo we will explore the house briefly and get some stuff out of the way.

Turn around here and you’ll see several doors in the passage ahead. Ryo’s room is on the immediate right and will be used to end the day after 8PM (we don’t currently need to enter). Head to the end of the passageway and open the shōji on the left (a white sliding door) and head to the table. Use the cn_LT to focus in the direction of the table until it zooms in, then flick across to a scroll. This is a fighting move, of which we need to learn five of for two achievements, along with potentially helping us in the later fighting sections. Press cn_A twice to have it in your collection. Then press cn_Y to open up some menus, note that time doesn’t pause while these are open (that can only be done by pressing cn_start). Use the cn_LT or cn_RT to reach ‘Collection’ and then select Scrolls, select ‘Shadow Reaper’ to learn the move and we will unlock our first achievement:

Shenmue: I Know Kung Fu in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn a combat move
  • Unlocked by 146 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.48) 322

Now exit this room and head down to the other end of the passageway, turning right and left along the way. Open the shōji here and head to the table, focus on the scroll to trigger a cutscene. After this, move down to the drawer below and open it to see a box that when opened, contains a key. Pick up the 'Mysterious Key' as it will be relevant later on. Now open the shōji opposite of where you entered this room and turn left down a small passageway. Zoom in on the basket at the end and open it to find another fighting scroll, 'Twin Blades'. Go to the menus and learn the move.

From here, open the shōji to your immediate left and the one ahead as you pass through the shrine room to return to the main passageway. Head back to the centre of the house and enter the kitchen. Focus on the food on the table here to trigger a flashback cutscene and unlock:

Shenmue: Yummy Meal in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find the flashback in the Kitchen
  • Unlocked by 155 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 1.44) 322

Exit the kitchen and take a left to find the exit ahead. Before leaving, you’ll notice a phone on the table to the left. Interact with it and dial ‘110’ for the police. Ryo will abruptly hang up, unlocking:

Shenmue: Appropriate Response in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Call the police at the beginning of the game
  • Unlocked by 167 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 322

While zoomed in on the phone, look further down the cabinet the phone is on and open the left slider to find a flashlight, pick it up. Now exit the house to reach the grounds of the Hazuki Residence. Here take a left and go around the corner, run straight ahead to the bare tree ahead to trigger another flashback cutscene and unlock:

Shenmue: Simpler Times in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find the flashback in the Yard
  • Unlocked by 182 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.33) 322

Face left and you’ll see the entrance to the dojo, walk in to trigger a cutscene with you talking to Fuku-san, a live-in student of dojo. Once this is over, re-enter the dojo and look to the left to find a scroll above a door. Focus on this to trigger yet another flashback cutscene, unlocking:

Shenmue: Treasure Your Friends in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find the flashback in the Dojo
  • Unlocked by 123 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.61) 322

At this point it was roughly 3 PM in my game and it could well be later in yours. We could begin our journey now, but it would be best to wait the day out until 8 PM and return to Ryo’s room to sleep, so we can start afresh from 8:30 AM for the purpose of an achievement. Do so and that will be the end of our first day.

Day 2 (December 4th, 1986)

Your notebook will open to signify the start of a new day, with your initial objective being to ask around the neighbouring areas to see if anyone saw men wearing black on the day of the murder. Exit the house (automatically picking up your daily allowance) and then leave the residence via the double-doored gate straight ahead to get to Yamanose. Run down the path here to trigger a cutscene introducing Megumi and her recently discovered kitten. Give the kitten dried fish when prompted and once you are back in control, continue down the path to reach the next area, Sakuragaoka.

Once you load in, head forward to the telephone box and turn right at the t-junction. Head to the two gacha machines in front of you (which we shall use in a moment) and a cutscene should trigger with an elderly lady asking for Ryo’s assistance in finding a house. This doesn’t always seem to trigger so don’t panic if it doesn’t, it can be quickly done by starting a new game. Waiting a couple of in-game hours and returning to the gacha machines worked for me on another save too. Just don't progress past the day you first go to Sakuragaoka or you'll miss the achievement relating to her.

After you get back in control, turn around and head up the street looking at the houses on the left. When you see a green gate, look at the plate on the wall to the left of it that reads ‘Yamamoto’, this is the house she is looking for. Press cn_A to recognise it and then you can return to the lady. Turn around and you should see the entrance to the Sakura Park where the elderly lady is sitting on the swings. Make sure to get back to her before 4 PM or she’ll leave and the achievement will be missed. Talking to her will resolve her problem and unlock:

Shenmue: Boy Scout in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Help the old lady in Sakuragaoka find a specific house
  • Unlocked by 146 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.48) 322

Now head back to the gacha machines. These machines dispense one capsule toy at ¥100 a pop. These toys are mainly of Sega characters and are a cool form of integration (alongside the arcade machines which we shall reach shortly). These are relevant for three achievements: collecting one unique gacha toy, 25 unique gacha toys and 50 unique gacha toys. As you collect these you will obtain duplicates, so it is recommended not to blow all of your yen at once on collecting them. Instead, I would recommend opening five at a single machine each day (equivalent to your daily allowance). However, as this is an introduction to the process it would be advised to buy five from each machine here so you can make a start on the achievement (and hopefully prevent immediate duplicates). Once you collect a capsule toy for the first time, you’ll unlock:

Shenmue: Gatcha Catcha in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find your first collectable toy
  • Unlocked by 172 tracked gamers (53% - TA Ratio = 1.36) 322

After kickstarting Ryo’s newest addiction, it’s time to get back on track with the story. Return to the telephone box and talk to the two women here about any men in black suits and they will direct you to Sumiya-san, who is up the street you haven’t yet explored. After talking to her she will direct you to Yamagishi-san at the house with blue walls, down the street to the right of the gacha machines. Talk to him in his yard about his near-fatal incident and he’ll point you to Dobuita to find further information.

Exit his yard and one of the entrances to Dobuita will be to your right. Instead of going down there though, head back up the street (past the gacha machines) and take a right before the park to use the other entrance to Dobuita.

Dobuita is the main area of the game and understanding it doesn’t take too long. There will be maps all over the area to help guide you, refer to these maps or the one below if you are stuck finding a building.

You can find a map on the low wall just ahead to your left as you enter. Examine it as necessary. Run down here (cn_RT) and pan your camera to the right with the cn_RSc and the names of the shops will appear on screen as you pass by. Once you see the Lapis Fortune Teller, enter the building. Walk up to the fortune teller and have her read your fortune for ¥300 (choosing whatever option you like), to unlock:

Shenmue: Unexpected Visit in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Visit the fortune teller
  • Unlocked by 126 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 1.59) 322

Exit the building, then turn right and go around the corner to see Nozomi in front of the florists. She will lead you to Tom at the hot dog truck. Continue down the street, but this time look at the buildings on the left as you go by. Once you see Bunkado Antiques, head on in. On the left, you’ll see a cabinet housing several items, including fighting scrolls. Zoom in and you’ll be able to purchase these. For now, purchase the cheapest three which are ‘Rising Flash’ (for ¥500), ‘Mud Spider’ (for ¥1000) and ‘Crawl Cyclone’ (for ¥1000). Learn these in the menus and you’ll then unlock:

Shenmue: I Know More Kung Fu in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 5 combat moves
  • Unlocked by 99 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 322

Exit the antiques store and head left down the street until you find Tom at the hot dog stand, dancing away. He will point to the Global Travel Agency directly opposite, so head inside and talk to the man in there who will then direct you to the Ajilchi Chinese restaurant. To get there, turn right and go down the street, then right again at the Tomato Convenience Store and down the street here until you see a red building on the left. Upon entering, embark on a conservation with the Chinese restaurant owners who will tell you about the ‘Three Blades’. They will recommend talking to three different people, but thankfully we only need to talk to one of them in order to progress the story.

Now exit the Chinese restaurant and head back down the street (past the hot dog stand) and you’ll see an open store on the left just ahead, this is Mary’s Patch and Embroidery. Talk to the man here and he’ll give you further details. After this we’ll have likely run out of time for the day as the next location we need to visit shuts at 7 PM.

Despite this minor setback, we still have plenty of time to visit the arcade (as it doesn’t shut until midnight) to knock out another miscellaneous achievement. Continue down the street until you reach the You Arcade, which will be drenched in neon signage on the right. Outside it will be two new gacha machines, so for a first visit feel free to draw a few capsule toys from each of them to add to your collection (not forgetting to limit your spending to ¥500 a day afterward at a different machine each day).

Enter the arcade and straight ahead will be a machine to play the SEGA classic Space Harrier on, for ¥100 a game. An achievement will unlock immediately upon starting the game, so either back out or quickly use up your lives, unless you want a blast from the past or an introduction to classic SEGA.

Shenmue: To Be This Good Takes Ages in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Play Hang-On or Space Harrier
  • Unlocked by 157 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 322

At this stage, the day is pretty much over. Retrace your steps and sleep in Ryo’s bed to end the day.

Day 3 (December 5th, 1986)

Exit Ryo’s house and head down the street to be treated to the first of many infamous QTE’s in the game. Simply press cn_A when prompted and Ryo will catch the football. Continue on to Dobuita (using the same entrance as before) and the first green building on the right will contain the person we need to interrogate. However, the barbers won’t open until 10 AM so we’ll have to wait a couple of minutes.

When it turns 10 AM enter the barbers and question Liu-san, who will refer you to his elderly father. He will be sitting on a park bench in the alleyway by the side of the You Arcade, with the park being in a section to the right. The elderly man will tell you to look for sailors, so exit the park and head back down the main street to the Tomato Convenience Store. A QTE sequence will trigger which pits Ryo against two goons. Press cn_left, cn_A and cn_B when prompted to succeed.

From here, turn around and take the next left and go down until you see a motorbike shop. Across from this will be some steps down leading to the bar containing the sailors we need to meet. Unfortunately, we can’t go down there until 7 PM, so we have quite a wait ahead of us. Make a cup of tea or have your dinner while we wait, or otherwise immerse yourself in the game world to kill time.

At the moment the clock strikes 7 PM, save your game (which is recommended after every long wait for an event) and head on down to the Heartbeats bar. A QTE will then occur against two goons, simply press cn_B and cn_A when prompted. Once back in control, enter the bar to trigger another QTE sequence. Here press cn_B, cn_A, cn_B and cn_A when prompted and the bartender will give you the information, on the condition you’ll never return to the bar.

Head up the steps and talk to Ono-san the mechanic for information on the location of Charlie. He will direct you to the jacket shop. Sadly, the jacket shop will be shut at this time so we’ll have to continue tomorrow.

Day 4 (December 6th, 1986)

On the way to the jacket shop, you’ll likely trigger a cutscene where you need to protect Nozomi. This will be your first fighting sequence, though it is pretty easy at this stage against only two goons. Mashing any of cn_A, cn_B or cn_X will do for now, just watch out for the guy who headbutts, using cn_Y to dodge.

Accessing Dobuita via the usual entrance will trigger a cutscene where Ryo meets a man who wants a drink but has run out of change. Select buy and pay ¥100 for a soda of your choice to unlock:

Shenmue: Freeloader in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Buy a soda for thirsty Wang Guang Ji
  • Unlocked by 119 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 322

It seems like this event can occur multiple times, but best get it done on the first try. Now head to the jacket shop which is on the right side as you approach the You Arcade. After comprehensively questioning him you’ll have to leave the shop and head slightly down the street to the Tomato Convenience Store, waiting until 7PM. Before beginning your wait, don’t forgot to collect your five daily capsule toys. With some luck (and collecting them when mentioned and mixing up usage of the machines), you should unlock:

Shenmue: Gatcha Catcha II in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Collect 25 capsule toys
  • Unlocked by 91 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.88) 322

If not, it’ll unlock in the next day or two. Halfway there on that front.

Once we get past 7 PM, head back up the street to the You Arcade and a cutscene should trigger. Another fighting section will follow, this time against several goons. They are all very weak and will be dealt with quickly. After interrogating the man with the tattoo, head into the You Arcade and talk to the people sat down at the table top arcade machine. Join their gang and he’ll tell you that the shop is in Okayama Heights, a block of apartments that is opposite the Yokosuka Bar (refer to the map if you are struggling to find it). Quickly head down there, go up the steps and enter Room 202. After talking to the tattoo artist, you’ll learn that Charlie may be there tomorrow. At this point, there’s nothing else we can do for the day so head back home.

Day 5 (December 7th, 1986)

There’s little to do today (bar collecting your daily quota of capsule toys), so simply head back to the tattoo parlour and wait until 2 PM for it to open. A cutscene will trigger as you enter. Open the curtain with cn_A and prepare for a QTE, pressing cn_left and cn_A when prompted. A story-related achievement will unlock for finding Charlie:

Shenmue: Needle In A Haystack in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find Charlie in the tattoo parlor in Dobuita
  • Unlocked by 105 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.75) 322

As you walk down the apartment steps, a short cutscene with Nozomi will trigger. That effectively ends the day as you can’t meet Charlie again until tomorrow. Wait it out and rest up.

Day 6 (December 8th, 1986)

You’ll wake up and be brought to spar with Fuku-san in the dojo. Once this concludes some more cutscenes will play, furthering the story. Exit the house for another cutscene and save here. After the conversation with Fuku-san, head over to the dojo and choose to practice with him again to unlock:

Shenmue: Practise Makes Perfect in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Practise your Kung Fu in the Dojo with Fuku-san
  • Unlocked by 81 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.99) 322

Head on down to Dobuita and on the way, you’ll get into a confrontation with Charlie’s men. Once the fight is over (mix up your moves if you aren’t having success), press cn_A to kick the football in his face for an amusing moment. Coincidentally, the boy is Chinese and his grandmother in Dobuita can translate the letter given to you by Ine-san. Head there and around the main street to the You Arcade until you find the child. Retrace your steps and look to your left as you turn the corner to find the Russiya China Shop, enter. A cutscene will trigger where the grandmother translates the letter, leaving you with a phone number and phrases we don’t yet know the meaning to. Translating the letter will unlock:

Shenmue: Mirror, Mirror in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Get the letter from Yuanda Zhu translated in Dobuita
  • Unlocked by 97 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.82) 322

Now we need to find a phone. Head down to the very end of the main street (past the You Arcade) and you’ll see a small building on the right. Zoom in on the phone on the left and enter 046861564 for ¥10. Answer ‘Nine Dragons’ for Father’s Heaven and ‘Comrades’ for Mother’s Earth to find out about Warehouse No. 8. Zoom in on the phone directory to the right of the phone and Ryo will discover that the warehouse is in Amihama. Talking to the elderly lady will clarify that it is the New Yokosuka Harbour. Conveniently the bus stop is directly to the left of this building. Wait for a bus to arrive and enter it for a ride that will cost ¥160.

Once you arrive, take an immediate left and walk forward into the harbour to trigger a cutscene and unlock:

Shenmue: One Step Closer in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Reach New Yokosuka Harbor
  • Unlocked by 95 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.84) 322

Press cn_left, cn_A and cn_B when prompted to pass the QTE fight and gain directions. Walk down the path here and eventually turn right once you see a drinks machine and white van. Ahead and slightly to the right will be Warehouse No. 8. Go up to the entrance and you’ll be refused entry. Head around the back of the warehouse and Ryo will discover a lone box then can be pushed up against the higher stack. Interact with it with cn_A and push it forward with the cn_LSc. Then climb up the boxes and go through the window. Walk around to the right and a short scene will trigger that’ll make Ryo realise that he’s in the wrong Warehouse No. 8, he actually needs to be in the old one.

Back outside, jump down from the crates and return to the entrance of the harbour. As you approach the t-junction, turn right and follow the signage on the ground. Turn left as you reach the water and you’ll see the hot dog stand again. Go down the gap to the right of the stand and you’ll reach the guarded entrance for the Old Warehouse No. 8. Simply wait here until 8 PM, as we need to sneak in at night.

When the clock strikes 8 PM, we have our chance to sneak in. Best save here before we head in as failing this section will keep on moving us a day ahead, which is the best method for seeing the ‘bad ending’ of the game but would stop us from gaining the remaining story achievements.

As you enter, a short QTE section will play where you simply need to press cn_right when prompted as Ryo accidentally bangs his head against the desk. We’ll then get to a very short and basic stealth section with Ryo in cover. Wait for the guard walking in front of you to peel off to the right. Press cn_A to exit cover and follow him from a distance, hiding behind the first set of barrels on the left briefly. Watch the guard ahead go off to a dead-end for a moment and then resume following the path. Continue to follow him at a distance as he turns to the left and Warehouse No. 8 will then be straight ahead. Once the coast is clear enter the small door on the right, ending the stealth section.

In the warehouse, you’ll see a plate on some shelving straight ahead. Interact with it to trigger a cutscene introducing Master Chen, which will unlock:

Shenmue: Break And Enter in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Get into Warehouse 8 and meet Master Chen
  • Unlocked by 91 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.88) 322

Day 7 (December 9th, 1986)

A new day will begin after meeting Master Chen, with Ryo back at home. Search for Ine-san and talk to her (she will be either in the kitchen or the shrine room), she’ll tell you that Fuku-san wants you. Get to the dojo and a few cutscenes will play, progressing the story.

Now you’ll have to get down to Bunkado Antiques again (refer to the map if you forgot its location) to pick up the family heirloom. Walk inside and after a chat with the owner, you’ll receive the ‘Sword Handguard’.

Back outside, look to the right and we’ll finally enter the Tomato Convenience Store for the first time. Inside, look at the shelving and scroll around until you find a light bulb, purchase it for ¥90 and then exit the building. We now have everything we need to find the Phoenix Mirror. Head back to the Hazuki Residence and on the way, you’ll have a brief fight with Gui Zhang (Master Chen's son) and be introduced to the game’s equivalent of Gollum, an individual obsessed with the Phoenix Mirror.

Back at the Hazuki Residence, Fuku-san will ask you to talk to Ine-san at the shrine room in the house. Do so and we’ll be finally ready to get the Phoenix Mirror (if you picked up the flashlight and mysterious key as highlighted near the beginning of the walkthrough).

Get to the dojo and as you enter you’ll see two scrolls hung up ahead. Zoom in on the pin holding up the left scroll and press cn_A to remove it, revealing a secret keyhole for the Sword Handguard. Open the menu and select it from the ‘Story Items’ and press cn_A again to insert it in the groove. Now look to the right and you’ll see a small, wide container to your right. Interact with it and use the mysterious key to unlock it, revealing a katana. Remove the other scroll from the wall to find a slot for the katana to be inserted in. This will unlock a secret passage, walk forward to use the ladder down into the basement.

In the basement, go into the menu and select your flashlight to equip it. Follow the linear passage until you reach a large room, then look to the centre of the ceiling to find a shade. You can insert the light bulb here, then turn around and flick the switch to the right of where we entered for light. Look to the left to see some shelving with books on, next to a mirror stand on the right. To the left of this shelving will be some scratches on the floor, examine them and then interact with the shelving to move it and reveal a suspicious wall. Pick up the axe to the left of where we entered and then hit the section with it to find the Phoenix Mirror.

Shenmue: Stab In The Dark in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find the Phoenix Mirror in the Hazuki Basement
  • Unlocked by 90 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 322

After the cutscenes, head back into the house and ring Master Chen (046861564) to tell him about your success. Remember to answer ‘Nine Dragons’ for Father’s Heaven and ‘Comrades’ for Mother’s Earth. With this done we have the opportunity to gain a highly missable achievement, so save here.

All we need to do for this achievement is to take the mirror to the two antique shops in Dobuita (Bunkado Antiques and Russiya China Shop). Upon entering both, a cutscene will play and then you’ll exit. After having the mirror appraised in both you’ll unlock:

Shenmue: What's It Worth? in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Take the Phoenix Mirror to the two antique shops in Dobuita
  • Unlocked by 82 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 322

Now take a bus to the harbour and make your way to Warehouse No. 8. You’ll be buzzed through and won’t be bothered by the guards anymore. Once inside you’ll have a cutscene and one QTE prompt moment, press cn_left when necessary. An action-packed day will then end with further cutscenes.

Day 8 (December 10th, 1986)

The goal now is to raise enough funds to finance a trip to Hong Kong to continue the search. Ryo will pick up a travel brochure providing him with roughly ¥35,000 for the trip. Exit Ryo’s room, turn right and then open the shōji to the left at the end of the passageway to enter Fuku-san’s room, triggering a cutscene inadvertently informing him and Ine-san of your intentions.

Exit the house and in Yamanose, head to the shrine (just to the left before you exit the area). Hopefully, Megumi should tell you that the kitten from the start of the game has gone missing. If not, then you’ll have two options: progress the story a tiny bit further (but not beyond this day), or feed the kitten using dried fish bought at the Tomato Convenience Store for a couple of days. For the latter option, go in front of the kitten and select the dried fish from the menu and you should be able to feed it. Then wait the day out and repeat. DO NOT progress the main story too far beyond securing travel or you’ll miss the achievement. On one of my two playthroughs the kitten went missing at this point, while on my other playthrough I had to advance the story a bit (until I passed through Yamanose on my second trip to Dobuita for the day).

Finding the kitten is pretty simple. Head back up as if you were returning to the Hazuki Residence and you’ll see a gap in the railing to the left and some stairs leading down. Go down the stairs and around to the right, ahead you’ll see the kitten under a bench. Focus on it and interact to unlock:

Shenmue: Cat Burglar in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find Megumi's kitten when it goes missing
  • Unlocked by 78 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.03) 322

Now head on down to the Asia Travel Company in Dobuita (it is opposite of where Nozomi stands). After visiting you’ll receive a travel brochure and need to return to Fuku-san to discuss your options. Head on back and he will give Ryo his life savings, but this still won’t be enough to afford it.

Now go all the way back to Dobuita and talk to Nozomi, who will recommend travelling by boat instead as it's cheaper. Enter the Asia Travel Company again and put down ¥70,000 to be told to wait for four hours before collecting your ticket. Wait outside here for four hours (you can finally buy your capsule toys for the day) and enter again to be told you’ll receive a call tomorrow morning.

Head back home to be told by Fuku-san that Nozomi has left flowers. Now wait it out until 8 PM and end the day.

Day 9 (December 11th, 1986)

As soon as you awake you’ll receive a phone call from the Asia Travel Company. Afterward, you’ll be placed outside the house (go back in to collect your daily allowance if you wish), needing to be at the You Arcade at noon. Go and collect your daily capsules and consider upping your daily amount to ten in total, five from two different machines, from now on.

When that time is reached, you will be transported inside the Arcade for a meeting with Gollum who will challenge you to a fight. You won’t be able to defeat him so accept your inevitable failure. Thankfully Fuku-san will rescue Ryo and bring him back to the residence, ordering you to rest for what is left of the day.

Day 10 (December 12th, 1986)

With the setback of Gollum eating the ticket, Ryo needs to find Jimmy. Get down to the Asia Travel Company and be prepared for a QTE chase. Interact with the door despite it being seemingly closed. This QTE will be far more expansive than any done so far. Press these buttons when prompted: cn_left, cn_right, cn_left, cn_right, cn_left, cn_right, cn_A, cn_left, cn_left, cn_right, cn_left, cn_right and cn_A. Fortunately, it is pretty lenient even if you mess up a few actions.

Now we need to look for work at the harbour in order to meet the Mad Angels, so take a bus there. Once you arrive, enter the harbour and go straight ahead until you see a worker with a white hard hat on. Ask him about potential work and he’ll point you to Warehouse No. 18 ahead. Enter from around the corner and talk to the foreman in there to find out that Warehouse No. 12 may have taken a high school student like Ryo on recently. Return to the t-junction and take a left through the long stretch, this time keeping to the left and straight, past the shipping containers to trigger a cutscene with Goro (if past 12 PM). At this point, the day is pretty much over, so just return back and wait it out (boring I know).

Day 11 (December 13th, 1986)

Time to get that job. Head on over to the harbour (remember you can use the other entrance to Dobuita for a shortcut) and once there, take the path we took to reach New Warehouse No. 8, but instead turn left just before we reach it and follow the signage on the floor to reach Warehouse No. 1. Loiter around here until noon when a cutscene triggers. From here go slightly ahead, then take a left followed by a right and look at the warehouses on the left to find the Alpha Trading Office. Wait until 2PM and then enter to begin life in the harbour workforce.

Shenmue: Gainful Employment in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Get a job at the Harbor
  • Unlocked by 77 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.04) 322

Your opening shift will be practice at operating the forklift and moving crates. The controls are pretty obvious but note that the cn_A button controls moving the lift both up and down (with this separated into three different heights). Get about moving crates in the highlighted spots in the warehouse, don’t worry about lining it up perfectly but try to get it roughly accurate. Approach it logically and work from the back to save yourself the hassle.

At 5 PM Ryo’s shift will end. ¥300 will be received for each crate successfully placed while a raise of ¥50 can be achieved in the future for meeting quota (for ¥350, ¥400, ¥450... and so on). Now you need to wait until 7 PM to find some information about the Mad Angels. At this point, a cutscene will trigger and your first interaction with the Mad Angels will be a QTE motorbike race. Press cn_A, cn_down, cn_left and cn_right when prompted to pass the sequence. The day is now over, so head on back home and make a separate save before you go to bed. Don’t overwrite this save as you can use it if you get caught in a loop during the next phase of the game, and to reload if for a missable achievement.

Day 12 (December 14th, 1986)

These five days of work at the harbour are the dullest part of the game and will move along at what feels like a glacial pace. Stick at it and you'll get through without too many problems. I'll try my best to guide you but refer to the map below if you get stuck traversing it as it can get confusing at some points.

The day will now begin at 7:30AM and thankfully you’ll be automatically whisked away to the harbour to begin a day of hard work. However, the workers have a fun game to begin the day, forklift races around the harbour! There is a missable achievement for winning a forklift race which is actually pretty simple, follow the video below for an efficient route if you are stuck. Try and avoid hitting the environment as you’ll pretty much grind to a halt, making it very difficult to win. Reload your most recent save if you fail or continue with the day, you have an attempt on each of the following four days.

Credit to rubhen925 for the video

Shenmue: Mark's Favorite in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Win a forklift race
  • Unlocked by 68 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 322

After the race, you’ll have your first proper shift. These are pretty self-explanatory, press the cn_X button to look at the route map and then get hauling those crates. You do have to actually do the work in order to trigger moments that will progress the story and give you new information. However, you don't need to meet quota (which is pretty easy to meet each day over two shifts). At noon you’ll have a lunch break, but a cutscene will trigger where you’ll have to defend Mark from two Mad Angels goons in a fight.

With those goons defeated you now have some free time. Head over to Warehouse No. 18 from here (where we were just hauling crates into) and look to the left to see two buildings. The one on the immediate left is the Harbour Lounge, where workers can have their lunch and relax. Enter and there’ll be two more gacha machines in the back. Make a save here and if you don’t yet have the achievement for collecting 50 unique capsule toys, finish it off here. Personally, I was able to get it from the first four machines on both of my playthroughs. Regardless of whether you’ve obtained it or not, it’s best to knock it out here as we are approaching the end of the game.

Shenmue: Gatcha Catcha III in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Collect 50 capsule toys
  • Unlocked by 74 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.08) 322

At 2PM you’ll start another shift, but at one point you will be stopped by two Mad Angels goons that shouldn’t be too hard to dispatch. Once the clock strikes 5PM, you'll collect your daily payment and be informed whether you have met quota. After exiting the office Goro will greet Ryo, question him about the Mad Angels and he’ll say that they are taboo. On your way back to the bus stop (along the waterfront) you’ll encounter Gui Zhang and a homeless man (from the motorbike race yesterday) who will offer to teach you ‘Swallow Dive’ and ‘Shadow Step’ respectively. Do so to learn more about the Mad Angels. If you aren’t allowed to take the bus home and are asked to learn more about the Mad Angels, wait past 8PM and you should be able to leave. Get back home and rest up for another day of work.

Day 13 (December 15th, 1986)

The cycle will now repeat with another forklift race. When you are transporting crates to Warehouse No. 3, make sure to use the route via the t-junction near the entrance or a confrontation with some more Mad Angels goons will never trigger, keeping you in a daily loop (something that led to me wasting a couple of hours). This will trigger at roughly 3 to 4PM as you haul crates at a steady rate (if it doesn’t trigger by the end of the afternoon shift, reload your latest save). Beat up several goons inside the warehouse and learn that the Mad Angels are based at the back of Warehouse No. 17.

After work, wait until 7 PM and then head on over to Warehouse No 17 to trigger a fight against some more goons beating up Mark. Beat them up and learn more about Mark’s backstory.

Before you leave, pass by the homeless man and you’ll learn the ‘Shadow Blade’ move off him. Ask him about the Mad Angels again and he will tell you that they are a Chinese cartel, which will be added to the notebook alongside the fact that they hang around his area at night. The day will be effectively over now so return home.

Day 14 (December 16th, 1986)

Both shifts today will thankfully go by without incident. However, at lunchtime Nozomi will visit for a tender moment, select whichever picture you like here, and the break will resume.

After work, wait until 8 PM and then drop by the Harbour Cafeteria (next to the Lounge) to trigger a QTE chase. Press cn_right, cn_left, cn_A, cn_left, cn_left, cn_A, cn_right, cn_right, cn_right, cn_left, cn_left and finally cn_right when prompted to pass the sequence. This sequence isn’t as lenient as those before and one mistake will likely take you back to the beginning. Once it ends a fight against some weak goons will follow, concluding with a fight against Charlie. Once he is defeated you’ll learn some new information, now head on home to finish up the day.

Day 15 (December 17th, 1986)

The morning shift and lunchtime will pass without incident. But as you are transporting crates during the afternoon shift Ryo will encounter Goro on the ground, having been beaten up by the Mad Angels. A QTE fight will ensue shortly after. Press cn_B, cn_A, cn_B, cn_A, cn_A, cn_B, cn_left, cn_down and cn_A when prompted to pass the sequence. Then resume the afternoon shift.

After work, Mark will pass on some information. Head on over to the corner of Warehouse No. 1 to see two men in white hard hats having a conversation. Interact with them to learn the rest of what we need to know for today. Drop by the homeless man before leaving to learn the final move off him, the ‘Charge Cross’. Get back home and prepare for the final day of work.

Day 16 (December 18th, 1986)

Keep up the daily pattern until the afternoon shift, when as you’re transporting crates you’ll run into some Mad Angels goons again. What follows is the longest QTE yet in terms of button presses. Press cn_left, cn_B, cn_B, cn_left, cn_A, cn_left, cn_left, cn_left, cn_right, cn_A, cn_right, cn_left and cn_right to complete the sequence. With this the shift will end and you’ll be brought to Master Chen for a chat. Rest up after this as we’ll now be heading into the closing stages of the game.

Day 17 (December 19th, 1986)

Ryo will be woken up just before midnight to be told the news that Nozomi has been kidnapped by the Mad Angels. Now you need to get to Sakuragaoka quickly. Once there you’ll see a motorbike to the right of the gacha machines. Interact with the intercom and the person in the house will allow Ryo to borrow it (no strings attached bizarrely).

What follows is a brief motorbike sequence where you have to get to the harbour within two minutes. This is pretty simple, just note that when you are forced into a drift you should ease off the pedal slightly to reorient yourself. By doing this you should make it with around ten seconds to spare.

As you arrive, two simple fights with several Mad Angels goons will take place. If the goon that constantly blocks attacks becomes annoying, I found a good method was to grab them (cn_B) and then punch them (cn_X) to the ground. With those fights over, Ryo will cut a deal with the leader of the Mad Angels, Terry, for Nozomi’s release and further assistance in getting Ryo to Lan Di. Ryo will then drive Nozomi home in a rather cute scene.

Shenmue: Fallen Angels in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Rescue Nozomi from the Mad Angels
  • Unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.24) 322

The following morning will see several cutscenes, concluding with Ryo being fired for causing too much trouble. Now wait until after noon so we can take up Tom on his offer of lunch. Save before talking to him and you’ll find that he’s willing to teach you a new move, the ‘Tornado Kick’. Accept so we can gain another achievement. The ‘Tornado Kick’ is performed by quickly double tapping cn_left and then cn_A. Perform the move again but double tap cn_A this time and Ryo will master the move, unlocking the final missable achievement:

Shenmue: Hot Dog Moves in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn a move from Tom at the hot dog stand
  • Unlocked by 63 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.26) 322

Time will now advance to 10PM, where you’ll have a fight with Gui Zhang as agreed with Terry. This fight is more cinematic, simply progress it and eventually Terry will appear, aiming to defeat both Ryo and Gui Zhang. Quickly press cn_right to avoid the club and the ’70 Man Battle’ will now begin.

The battle is rather self-explanatory, pitting Ryo against 70 goons with Gui Zhang for assistance. Most of these goons are incredibly weak but a few may cause issues. Don’t forget to either run around the arena or dodge (Y) backwards in order to regenerate health, as this section is quite lengthy and defeat will send you back to the beginning. The goon with the stick is problematic because of the stick’s reach, you’ll have to play a patient game with him and wait for openings and eventually he’ll fall. Also, the final goon in the biker’s jacket may cause some issues as he has some powerful combos followed by a staggered move. However, you can interrupt these and get a combo in yourself, or just spam your favoured attack button like I did. He can take a fair amount of damage so play the long game again with him. Once he falls be prepared to press cn_A when prompted in the following cutscene, then the ’70 Man Battle’ will be over.

Shenmue: Sore Knuckles in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Beat the 70 Man Battle
  • Unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.24) 322

Day 18 (December 20th, 1986)

After a chat with Gui Zhang on the waterfront, Ryo will head back home to get his belongings for the journey to Hong Kong. Watch the lengthy cutscene of Ryo heading out to the harbour and eventually, he’ll arrive to greet Master Chen and Gui Zhang on the waterfront. Before Ryo leaves, Master Chen wants him to learn the ‘Swallow Flip’ move. This move is quite awkward to execute. First, you need to press cn_right and cn_X at the same time to turn and then the cn_A button immediately after to flip the enemy. Perform it on Gui Zhang as soon as he moves and eventually you’ll be successful.

Gollum (he was called Chai all along?) will suddenly come out of nowhere for the final confrontation of the game. He can easily combo Ryo to deadly effect, knocking off a large chunk of his health. However, his slow shuffle can be exploited to allow for health to be gradually regained, before re-entering the fray to land some more hits on him. Don’t run around the arena though or he’ll run toward you, keeping him at a decent distance while walking around is key. Overall, this is quite a long and tedious battle. Just don’t get greedy or he will quickly finish you off.

After he falls some cutscenes will play. Once you are back at the harbour with Chai, be ready for the final QTE of the game. Press cn_down, cn_A, cn_A and cn_B when prompted to pass the sequence. Chai will then be thrown into the water.

Shenmue: Stay Down! in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Beat Chai in the Harbor
  • Unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.24) 322

All we have left to do is watch the concluding cutscenes. Sit back and relax as the game is now over.

Shenmue: Next Stop Hong Kong in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Complete Shenmue
  • Unlocked by 64 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.24) 322

You should now have completed all of the achievements for Shenmue! Oddly you will only have 990G at this point, but this will be corrected by the time you are done with the sequel.


As you gain control of Ryo, press cn_Y, go to your inventory and read Master Chen's Letter.

Walk forward a little and a cutscene will play where some musicians will ask you for money, agree to give them HK$10 to unlock your first achievement, which is missable:

Shenmue II: Money For Nothing in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Give money to musicians at the beginning of the game
  • Unlocked by 112 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.69) 322

Continue and another scene with a photographer will play. After it's over, continue forward just a little and you'll see a woman in a blue dress to your left. Talk to her and agree to have your fortune read to unlock:

Shenmue II: Unexpected Visit in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Visit a fortune teller in Shenmue II
  • Unlocked by 55 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.41) 322

Exit to the right to enter Workers Pier. Move forward and another scene will play where you are challenged to an arm wrestling match - agree to the match and pay HK$10 to go up against Jimenez Garcia.

To win, basically, you have to repeatedly press cn_A Some times there will be a QTE for you to press cn_left or cn_right.

After winning your first match you'll unlock:

Shenmue II: Challenger in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Win an arm wrestling match
  • Unlocked by 58 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.35) 322

After the match you can already unlock the achievement for winning five arm wrestling matches, the hard part is that the matches get progressively harder.

What I did was win three matches against Jimenez Garcia and then two more matches at the arm wrestling place located in the alley between the two stands at the waterfront, not far from where you challenged Jimenez.

After winning five matches you get:

Shenmue II: Strongarm in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Win 5 arm wrestling matches
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 322

Now, still at the same area, locate a map stand and buy a map - this will allow you to use the minimap of the area. You can do this in any area by buying the specific map of each area and it helps a lot with navigation. Now that you've bought the map, press cn_B and place a marker with (cn_X,cn_A or cn_Y) to unlock:

Shenmue II: Cartographer in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Place a map marker
  • Unlocked by 56 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.39) 322

Now we have to prepare for another missable achievement. Still, at Workers Pier (do not progress further), you need to spend all of your money so you have less than HK$50 left. The easiest way to do this is by buying as many lighters as you can from one of the stands at the waterfront. Once you have bought them all, back out and look at the stall again to make more available for purchase.

After you do this slow task, continue past the fountain to Queen's St. As you enter a scene will play and your bag will be stolen. If you did the previous step, another achievement will unlock:

Shenmue II: Big Spender in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Have less than 50 dollars when your bag is stolen
  • Unlocked by 46 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.64) 322

Continue over through Queen's St until a scene plays out with two drunks. After, go back to the fountain at Workers Pier to look for Wong. When you find him another scene will play and a QTE will ensue - the sequence is cn_A cn_left cn_right cn_A cn_B cn_left cn_left cn_right cn_A cn_right cn_down cn_A, this unlocks two achievements:

Shenmue II: Slippery Like An Eel in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Chase and catch Wong in QTE
  • Unlocked by 57 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.37) 322

Shenmue II: Baggage Claim in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Get your bag back after it is stolen
  • Unlocked by 59 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 322

Note that if you fail this QTE twice the achievement "Slippery Like an Eel" will be lost, reload if so.

Now go all the way through Queen's St, over the bridge and take the left at the end of it. Continue until you get to Green Market Qr.

Our goal is to reach the Come Over Guest House. To get there, take a left on the next two intersections and it will be on your right further ahead. On the way, a scene with Joy will play out.

Enter, get your room key (203) and go up to your room to put your bag away.

If you're following this walkthrough without divergence it will still be early, so go out to the street and backtrack a little to the Paradise Tea Manor. At the corner, a scene will play where a guy asks for your help straightening a sign. Agree to help and press cn_down five times to align the sign and unlock:

Shenmue II: Good Samaritan in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Straighten the man's sign near the Come Over Guest House in Wan Chai
  • Unlocked by 48 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.59) 322

Note that if you're too late getting to the Come Over Guest House, this scene will play out again the next day.

Now is also a good time to find a pawn shop - there's one next to the Come Over Guest House. Go inside and sell all of those lighters you bought earlier for 40% of your cash back.

Go back to the Guest House and sleep. The next morning Joy will take you to Fortune's Pier for a morning of work carrying crates. Follow the QTEs to earn HK$10 for each crate.

Go back all the way to Green Market Qr (there's probably going to be a scene with a photographer on the way), take the first right past the martial arts school to South Carmain Qr.

Take the right to Lotus Park and talk to Jianmin under the tree for a scene and a spar session.

Jianmin directs you to Yan Tin Apartments. Just continue down the street, taking the right at the fork. When you get there, Ryo will stop and make a remark.

Enter the building for another scene. When it's over go upstairs to apartment 205, knock on the door and go through the dialogue, giving the man HK$50 for the information.

Head outside and follow the signs to Wise Man Qr.

Go all the way to the back of Wise Man Qr in the direction of Scarlet Hills, ask any passerby for directions if needed. Climb the steps leading there and to your left will be the entrance to the Man Mo Temple. Enter it to meet Xiuying and Hanhui, following some dialogue. Now you're tasked with finding out about the four Wu.

Leave the temple and head in the direction of Wise Man Qr. Once there enter Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop which is straight ahead, and ask the owner about Wu.

Leave after the talk and head to Green Market Qr. through South Carmain Qr and Guang Martial Arts School will be on your right. Enter and talk to Master Zhoushan and ask about Wu.

Now head to Golden Qr. (northernmost exit) and head to the mall (head right and you can't miss it). Enter it and look for a homeless man - when you approach him a scene will play and you'll have to perform a QTE (just press A when the bar is filled).

When you're done the man will give you a letter, take it back to the Guang Martial Arts School and give it to Master Zhoushan, who will teach your first Wu.

Now go to Lotus Park in South Carmain Qr and talk to Jianmin. He'll teach a new move, Iron Palm (X+A) (move 1/15), unlocking:

Shenmue II: Apprentice in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn your first combat skill
  • Unlocked by 45 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.67) 322

Now you'll be tasked with covering the floor with leaves. Just perform Iron Palm when the circle is full. Do it enough times and Jianmin will talk about the second Wu.

Go back to Master Zhoushan, ask him again about a Martial Artist, and he'll direct you to Zhangyu's Barber at 3 Blade Street, in Lucky Charm Qr. You can get there through Wise Man Qr and just ask for directions on 3 Blade Street. If it's too late and the barbershop is closed you can go back to the Come Over Guest House, sleep and come back the next day.

Inside, talk to Zhangyu and he agrees to teach you. During the conversation there will be a QTE, DO NOT press anything, just keep your cool and learn about the third Wu.

Go outside and head down the street to the Bloom Tailor and talk to the owner, who directs you to Guixhang, the old lady from Yan Tin Apartments. Head all the way back there for a scene and a free fight against some thugs.

Afterwards, go back to Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills and try to go in - a guy will stop you. Choose to "break in" to divert him, then just go in.

Inside the temple go to the back and wipe the wall on the left side of the altar to reveal a sign and learn the name of the fourth Wu. This will lead to some scenes and another achievement:

Shenmue II: Never Assume in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Meet Lishao Tao
  • Unlocked by 43 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.73) 322

After another spar session, you get a map for Xiuying's apartment, in Wise Man Qr. Follow it to meet her there, then go inside and upstairs. This is where we'll be staying from now on.

The next day Ryo will be placed at the Man Mo Temple and tasked with taking the books outside. It's pretty easy, just take each pile outside and do a QTE, trying to fail as little as possible. The job will end at 12pm. I recommend running during the job as the QTEs aren't too hard.

At the end of the job, Hanhui will give you a move scroll, open the menu and read it for a new move (move 2/15).

Head to Wise Man Qr and talk to the lady in the Antique Shop at the bottom of the stairs about Yuanda Zhu (near the entrance coming from Scarlet Hills). She'll talk about a book, the Walinshu. Go to Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop and ask the owner about the book, to learn that the last copy is at the Man Mo Temple library.

Go there and at the library door, choose to wait until the next day.

After airing the books again, upon leaving Hanhui will either teach you the Lunging Strike (if you aired every book over both of the days) or hand you another scroll. To perform the Lunging Strike you will need to move forward (cn_right) then press [cn_x] and [cn_a] at the same time. You will likely receive the other move after the fourth day of work (move 3/15).

Now you are free to enter the library and inspect the cabinet in the back left corner. The book is there, but the cabinet is locked.

Go outside towards the front of the temple and Xiuying will stop you, she wants Ryo to clear his head of revenge. For this, you must catch the falling leaves.

When you're in first-person mode, use the cn_RS to focus on a leaf and keep it as central as possible, and when you see motion blur on the leaf and hear a chime as you follow it down, press [cn_a]. You should catch it if you don't just try again.

Afterwards, Xiuying wants you to do it three times in a row (this can be tricky). Follow the same tactic as above but just do it three times to get:

Shenmue II: Autumn in Wan Chai in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Catch the leaves
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 322

Then she finally gives you the key, so go and open the cabinet for the book and some revelations.

Now, assuming that catching the leaves didn't take you an absurd amount of time, we have some time to kill.

First, let's go to Pine Arcade at Golden Qr (if you go there from Lucky Charm Qr, it's on your left). Once there, play Outrun (arcade 1/4) and Space Harrier (arcade 2/4), make sure you actually play them and get a game over for it to count.

Next, go to the Guang Martial Arts School, and SAVE before entering it. Speak to Master Zhoushan and he'll make you spar with a student, just use cn_B+cn_left, cn_B+cn_right, cn_B+cn_down and cn_B+cn_up to learn a new move (move 4/15), and unlock:

Shenmue II: Back To School in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Master the Wild Throw move from the Kung Fu school in Wan Chai
  • Unlocked by 40 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.83) 322

In case you fail (which I did), just reload and try again. You learn the move even after failing, but the achievement doesn't unlock unless you 'master' it.

Now we need to make some money, so go all the way back to Workers Pier and from there to Fortune's Pier, then follow the video below:

Video credit to WhiterValkyrie

With this method, it's easy to earn high sums of money - the goal here is to bet until you have HK$4,500. It may take a while, but with the saving system, it's just a matter of time.

After all is done, hopefully, it'll be after 7pm. If it isn't, just wait until then and go back to Xiuying's apartment for some scenes and sleeping.

More carrying books around the next day until 12 pm. After it's done, head outside the temple for another scroll from Hanhui (move 5/15) and an achievement:

Shenmue II: Adept in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 5 combat skills
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.80) 322

Now head to Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop, inside look to your right to see four scrolls for sale. With the money you made the previous day you can buy all four (moves 6-9/15), do so and read them.

Back to the main path, go to the Collect Antique Store in the south part of Wise Man's Qr. Show the owner the paper you found at the library. After getting the information you need, go to Yan Tin Apartments and knock on the door of apartment 101 for a scene.

When prompted, move the left-most cup up once and the third cup from the left down once. Press cn_A when you're finished. Remember this pattern as you'll need it later.

Go outside and head to the Man Mo Bistro in Wise Man's Qr. Inside, arrange the cups on the table in the same manner explained above and wait for a scene.

Now go back to Yan Tin Apartments. When you approach the building a scene with Guixhang should play, and you learn a new move Hind Blow (Y+B) (move 10/15), unlocking:

Shenmue II: Expert in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 10 combat skills
  • Unlocked by 36 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.99) 322

Now go to the Come Over Guest House, go inside and choose to wait until 7 p.m. The phone will ring and you'll be instructed to go to Man Mo Park, which is next to Man Mo Bistro. Go there and SAVE before going in. Enter for a scene with a QTE, press cn_right, and a free fight (reload if you fail).

After the fight, the men will direct you to Dou Jiang Diner in Lucky Charm Qr. However you likely won't make it before 8pm, when it shuts, so end the day.

Another book airing shift will follow, with Hanhui either passing you another scroll or deciding to teach you Lunging Strike (if you missed it earlier) (move 11/15). This is the final time doing this thankfully.

Now head to the Dou Jiang Diner - it's opposite to Earnest Tea Shop - and inside, arrange the cups in the usual pattern.

A scene will play. After it's done, go back into the diner and choose the option to wait until 8pm the next day. A scene will start followed by a free fight.

Next, there will be a QTE with the following sequence cn_Bcn_Acn_Acn_Acn_Bcn_X. This will be followed by a new type of QTE where you have to input the shown sequence as fast as possible - the sequence is cn_downcn_downcn_X followed by a regular QTE cn_Bcn_Acn_Bcn_Bcn_Bcn_Acn_Bcn_Acn_Xcn_Acn_Bcn_X and finally another sequence QTE cn_downcn_rightcn_A. When it's all done some more scenes will play.

The next day you will be outside Man Mo Temple. Go toward Lucky Charm Qr, since the other way is blocked, and a scene with Joy will play. Next, go all the way back to Workers Pier. When there, talk to one of the boat captains near the fountain to learn that Ren and the Heavens can be found in Beverly Hills Wharf.

Go to Beverly Hills Wharf - it's near the entrance to Queen's St - and the guard won't let Ryo through.

Next go to Fortune's Pier and climb the red set of stairs to your right not far beyond where you enter, all the way to the top to enter the Blue Sky Beer Garden. Head outside and look to the right to see a woman behind the counter. Interrogate here to learn that the guy playing darts hangs around with members of the Heavens. Ask him for information and he will agree to help as long as you beat him at darts.

Even if you lose the game, he will help and ask to meet at Warehouse 8 at 7pm. Go there and choose to wait.

Free battle the Heavens and beat them to be taken to Beverly Hills Wharf for another free fight, which you'll eventually lose.

After waking up in Wong's boat and receiving the Heaven's lighter, leave the boat.

Wonder around the area and walk near large groups in order to trigger a fight. After this fight, you should hopefully receive a map of the area or some information regarding Ren.

Once you have the map, head in the direction of the bottom right to reach a scrapyard where you'll meet Cool Z. He will want HK$500 to take you to Ren. The money you made gambling earlier should be more than enough if you haven't been spending it.

He takes Ryo to a warehouse to meet Ren. During the scene a sequence QTE will play, the command is cn_leftcn_rightcn_A.

Go to Fortune's Pier to the location Ren marked on the map he gave. He takes you to Warehouse F for another free fight. After, go outside to meet Joy and Wong.

While still at Fortune's Pier, go do some work carrying crates (the work you did at the beginning of the game). To do this you need to find the man in the white hard hat, who should be stood outside of Warehouse 5. Do this now or you'll miss learning a new move. After the shift is over, Delin will teach the move Brawling Uppercut (cn_left,cn_left+cn_X) (move 12/15).

Now go to the fountain at Worker's Pier and a scene will play with the Heavens, in which they all run away. Follow Ren to Queen's St. Follow him into an alley to your left and when you catch up another QTE will ensue, the sequence is cn_downcn_Acn_left. After this will be a beam QTE where Ryo has to keep his balance (cn_rightcn_leftcn_right and lastly a sequence QTE cn_upcn_Acn_up, during the scenes you unlock:

Shenmue II: Another Fine Mess in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Fall off a building with Ren
  • Unlocked by 39 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.87) 322

The next day will be Ryo's last in Hong Kong, so goodbyes are in order. After waking up in Wong's boat, go talk to the following people:

  • Zhoushan at the Guang Martial Arts School in Green Market Qr.
  • Jianmin in Lotus Park in South Carmain Qr.
  • Guixiang Lee in South Carmain Qr., next to the Yan Tin Apartments door.
  • Zhangyu in Zhangyu Barber's in Lucky Charm Qr.

Make sure to exhaust all dialogue to unlock:

Shenmue II: Sweet Sorrow in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Say goodbye to the 4 wude masters before leaving Hong Kong
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.03) 322

Next, go the the Man Mo Temple and talk to Xiuying in the back. During the scenes, she teaches the move Counter Elbow Assault (cn_leftcn_Xcn_A)(move 13/15). After all the talking Ryo leaves Hong Kong, unlocking an achievement:

Shenmue II: Nomad in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Leave Hong Kong
  • Unlocked by 39 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.87) 322

Now we move on to the second part of the game.


You arrive at Dragon St. Just walk forward to meet Cool Z, he takes you to Ren for some talking.

After, just follow Ren to the Great View Building in Thousand White Qr - don't run ahead of him.

Inside the building, go to the 2nd floor and into Great View Herbs. Ring the bell on the counter.

After the cutscene, you will be outside with Ren. Go left and under the archway, turn left and go up the steps into Dimsum Qr.

Keep to your right and then go left. On the right, you should see the Stand Qr. and the Dancing Dragon Building. Go into it.

Go left and talk to the suited guard.

Choose the option "Dragons" and then "Don't Sleep". He should point you towards the stairs.

Go up the stairs until you come to a guard where the corridor in front of him doesn't have a gate. Tell him the same password and he'll let you pass.

Go on up the stairs doing the same every time you're stopped until you find a door with the dragons on either side. Enter and watch the scene.

After it's over, three days will have passed and you're in a cell with Ren. When the guard opens the door, be ready for a sequence QTE cn_Xcn_A.

Now a series of QTE will happen while they escape. I won't list all of them because they're fairly easy and if you fail they can just be retried.

After all the scenes and QTEs, you're back outside the hideout. Follow Ren to Great View Herbs. After the scene, go behind the Great View Building and into Dimsum Qr.

A little further along there will be an open-fronted cafe with a woman in a kimono. In the back, you will find the entrance to Tea Break Building. Go inside and take the elevator up to the 9th floor. Turn around and go down the corridor to find room 902.

Inside, turn on the light switch and lift the cardboard box that's on top of a trash can. Ryo will take the trash can full of tapes back to Ren's hideout.

When you take control of Ryo again, fast forward the tape to 591 seconds. Play it and listen all the way. If you hear a bell chime and a parrot talking you've got the right part.

Head for Thousand White Qr and you'll have a scene with a blind street musician. Choose the right option to listen to his song, then he'll tell you that he's heard a bell like the one on the tape in the Moon Child Building.

Go to Stand Qr and into the Moon Child Building. Go to the right of the entrance and talk to the woman on the food stall about a bell.

Take the elevator to 8F and talk to the girl in red outside the orphanage. Go inside and talk to Ren, then talk to the boy standing on the chair. After you give him the Afterburner toy as a bribe, ask the bottom option.

Talk to the teacher again after the cutscene.

Take the elevator down to 1F and talk to the food stall woman again.

Go to Dimsum Qr and into 3 Birds Building. Go up to the 6F. Talk to any of the store owners and they'll tell you to go to 9 Birds Shop on the roof.

Go up to the roof and talk to the owner of 9 Birds Shop. Choose to pass the time until 7PM.

After the cutscene, you'll be behind Yuan. Stay behind her but follow her to the end of the corridor (this part can be tedious).

Take the elevator after her to 1F. Be careful when she reaches the front door as she'll look behind herself - so keep your distance.

Stay behind her through Dimsum Qr and Thousand White Qr until you reach Thousand White Building.

Inside there will be a cutscene at the knife shop. When Ryo steps out from behind the wall, be ready for a quick QTE, press cn_left. Follow her to Cafe Anna, then onto Stand Qr.

After a cutscene, Yuan will go into the Moon Child Building.

Follow her and when she starts heading towards your hiding place you'll have to press cn_downcn_Y in a sequence QTE to avoid being seen.

Take the elevator up to 4F. Follow Yuan to her room. In the following scene, Ryo will always lose the coin toss, and when Yuan opens the door, you have to press cn_leftcn_rightcn_A in a sequence QTE.

Inside go behind the left screen to find Zhang Shu tied up.

You'll hear someone coming and have to hide somewhere, just choose one of the screens. When Dou Niu looks in the closet you'll have to press cn_upcn_A in a sequence QTE and then press cn_right in a QTE. After all is done you get:

Shenmue II: Under Your Nose in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Catch Yuan and rescue Zhang Shu Qin
  • Unlocked by 38 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 322

The next day at Ren's hideout you learn that Yuanda Zhu is at the 10F of the Ghost Hall Building. It's located to the left of Thousand White Qr.

But first, a detour. Go back to the first floor of Thousand White Building (one of the buildings you followed Yuan into) - there are two stores here; Tiger's Eye Military Surplus and B.C. Military Surplus. They both sell scrolls. Just buy any two scrolls and read them (moves 14-15/15 - if you missed any of the moves you can buy more, but keep in mind that the money we have only allows for two, so you might need more later on) to unlock:

Shenmue II: Master in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 15 combat skills
  • Unlocked by 33 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.12) 322

Leave the building and go inside Ghost Hall Building. In here save often, because if you fail any of the plank QTEs you have to restart from the beginning.

Make your way to the 10th floor - take the elevator to the Third Floor and then navigate your way through the floors and planks up to the 10th floor - if you need help with the plank QTEs, I'll list them in the order they occur:

(Remember to save, even between sections)








(The last one has to be done as soon as Ryo jumps)


Next you meet Ren (who took the elevator) and enter the Five Star Corp.

Look inside the right drawer on the front desk for a diagram of the Four Divine Beasts.

Go to the cabinet with the Buddha in it and open the hatch. Inside is a Hazuki Gi and the Tiger stick.

Between the statue of the Buddha and the window, there are some shelves with a big blue pot on it. Pick up the pot to find the Phoenix stick.

For the fourth and final Divine Beast stick, look behind the 'Eight Principles of Yin and Yang' calligraphy on the wall behind the desk.

Look at the instructions that you found in the drawer and arrange the sticks in the corresponding holes in the Buddha's face. This will open a secret room.

Inside you'll finally find Yuanda Zhu and unlock the achievement:

Shenmue II: 5 Star General in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find Yuanda Zhu
  • Unlocked by 38 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 322

After the cutscene, you'll have to free battle four thugs and Dou Niu will join in the middle of the battle. Just avoid him until the screen starts turning black.

After the scene, you wake up at the White Thousand Convent with Xiuying and a nun.

When you go out Wong will be waiting to take you back to Ren's hideout. There will be a cutscene.

Go to the Yellow Head Building, you'll be stopped when you try to enter.

Walk around the building trying to enter every door, there's one in each Qr. Ren will appear at the last one.

Go to Dimsum Qr and into Nihao Tea. There will be some cups to arrange, make the usual sign.

You'll get a note from Zhang that tells you to go to room 503 of the Moon Child Building. Go there, up to 5F, and into room 503.

Spar with the man, but you won't be able to hit him. When the room goes pitch black, wait for him to lunge in and press the cn_right towards him and cn_X to learn a new move.

After the conversation Ryo is tasked with impressing the scout, so follow the path to Star Gazing Point and win the fight here.

In Stand Qr, look for Small Dragon Garden and go inside. Fight Whenyuan Ma - you only have to hit once with the attack just before he hits you.

Go to Thousand White Qr and look for a street fight. Win the fight and the scout will approach you.

After the talk, choose to go to Dragon Street and then to wait until 7PM, then walk down toward Ren's hideout and you'll be stopped by the scout.

Go back to the street fight and show the topless guy in the green pants all three photos. He tells you their names and where to find them.

Go to Tea Break Building through Nihao Tea and talk to the wrestler guy guarding the door. You need HK$500 to get in and you should already have the money because of the setup we did earlier in the game. He'll let you into the Phoenix Building.

On this floor be sure to play Afterburner (arcade machine 3/4), remember to get a game over screen - also a very cool setup).

Take the stairs to 4F, then the elevator to B1F. Go down the stairs to the street fight and fight Rod Stunt in the best of three rounds. Make sure to constantly dodge around him in order to find an opening and hopefully knock him out of the ring.

After winning you get HK$1000. Now head to the Blue Dragon Garden (next to Small Dragon Garden) and pay the HK$1000 entry fee.

As you enter, a scene with Ren will play out. After that beat the wrestler here to win HK$2000.

Go to the Black Heaven Building in Stand Qr and take the elevator to 11F, then the stairs to 12F.

Go through the gate opposite the elevator and pay the guy at the top of the stairs HK$2000.

Go down and fight Chunyan. In this fight - before you deliver the final blow - a QTE will happen. The combination is cn_leftcn_B. You'll win HK$3000.

As you leave the scout will tell you to meet him at Dragon Street again. Choose to go there and then to wait until 7PM.

During the cutscenes you'll unlock:

Shenmue II: New Kid On The Block in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Impress the Yellowhead scout, Yuandao Huo, with your fighting skills
  • Unlocked by 37 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.95) 322

Now you're in Ren's hideout and will be able to choose to skip the whole day. Do that.

The next day, head for Thousand White Building. Take the stairs to 3F, then the elevator to B1F. Follow the map to the stairs at the other end down to B2F and go through the metal door into the Underground.

Pass the time until noon to meet the scout who is going to take you to see some Yellow Head executives.

After the scenes, go through the sewer. There's only one possible route.

When you reach the gate Wong will unlock it and give you a map of the Yellow Head Building.

Go up the steps and go straight ahead to the elevators. They're locked.

Turn back and go up the stairs.

Inside the Yellow Head Building, follow the route around until you find some usable stairs to 2F.

In this floor look for room 222. Here you can find Hang On (arcade machine 4/4), be sure to play it for the achievement:

Shenmue II: To Be This Good Takes Ages in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Play all 4 arcade games
  • Unlocked by 33 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.12) 322

After that find the stairs to 3F.

On 3F you'll have your first encounter with a guard. A couple of corners later you'll have to press cn_downcn_B in a sequence QTE. On the last corner before the elevator you'll have to press cn_rightcn_Bcn_A in another sequence QTE.

There will be some more sequence QTEs on 4F:

  1. cn_Acn_upcn_A
  2. cn_Acn_leftcn_X
  3. cn_Xcn_rightcn_rightcn_X

On 5F there will be a cutscene and a free battle will ensue.

On 6F follow what Ren does when the light flickers off. If you fail you'll have to free battle. Do that until you reach the stairs to 7F.

On 7F cut through the big room for a short scene and a note. Try all the different routes to the staircases. When you try the third one, a radio message will tell the thugs that you're on another floor. Take the stairs up to 8F.

Go straight up the steps to the left to 9F.

On 9F you'll have a series of sequence QTEs:

  1. cn_upcn_A
  2. cn_rightcn_A
  3. cn_leftcn_upcn_A
  4. cn_downcn_upcn_A

On 10F simply go straight through the big room and up the stairs, then turn left and take the stairs straight up to 12F.

You'll now have to cross a plank. The QTE is cn_leftcn_upcn_downcn_rightcn_left.

When Ryo and Ren split up go left. There will be a series of short and easy QTEs and then Ren will rejoin you.

On 13F follow the building round until you find the second way into the big room. Cross the plank, the QTE is cn_leftcn_downcn_rightcn_downcn_downcn_leftcn_up.

On 14F you'll suddenly be chased by Yuan. A few short QTEs will occur and then - when given the option - go right to follow Ren.

At the end press cn_upcn_A in a sequence QTE.

On 15F Dou Niu will chase you again. If you miss any of the QTEs he will catch up, and at the end, you'll have to press cn_downcn_Y in a sequence QTE.

On 16F Yuan will chase you again. You'll have two sequence QTEs to escape:

1. cn_rightcn_A

2. cn_leftcn_X

She catches up with you on 17F. Press cn_downcn_up on the next QTE and cn_downcn_A in a sequence QTE then finally cn_right. After that, defeat her in a free battle.

On 18F head for the row of three elevators. You'll hear over the radio that you have six minutes before the guards get to you.

Enter the door on the far side of the elevator to engage in a free fight with some thugs. After beating them look inside the cabinet on the wall and take all the keys numbered 9 and 10.

Go back outside and use the key with the number 9 on the control box on the wall with the red light. Activate the elevator that goes to B1 and call it.

You'll have to free battle a bunch of suits. Defeat them and take the elevator to B1F.

On B1F, use the key with the number 10 on the control box to activate the nearest elevator to you and take it to B3F.

Now you have to fight Baihu. He can be tough, but if you rely on cheap shots and bait him into combos and dodge, it should be fine. When you've survived long enough you'll have to press cn_leftcn_X in a sequence QTE.

In round two at the end either press cn_leftcn_leftcn_B or cn_rightcn_rightcn_B in a sequence QTE, it could be one or the other.

Now press cn_rightcn_leftcn_upcn_A and finally input another sequence QTE cn_downcn_Xcn_upcn_A to defeat him.

Take the elevator Joy pointed out to 40F. Open the big door and free battle more suits. Tornado Kick can be useful (cn_left+cn_A).

Go out of the door and up the steps. You'll have to defeat a group of guards in a QTE (cn_downcn_Ycn_Bcn_Xcn_upcn_X).

On the roof, you'll have to free-battle Dou Niu. He's not too difficult if you just dodge his attacks and follow up with a kick/punch combo.

After the free-battle Dou Niu will charge at you four times:

  1. cn_leftcn_Y
  2. cn_leftcn_leftcn_Y
  3. cn_downcn_leftcn_upcn_Y
  4. cn_rightcn_X+cn_A

With this you beat Dou Niu and unlock:

Shenmue II: David And Goliath in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Defeat Dou Niu
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.03) 322

After all of the cutscenes we conclude the third part of the story, Ryo is going to Guilin.

You'll arrive by boat in Langhuishan, Guilin. Step off the platform and talk to the fisherman in the first stall on the right.

Follow the big path that he points out to Green Field. Continue on until you reach Yingshuihe.

It will begin to rain, so Ryo will run to Muddy Stream and a scene will happen.

The next morning follow Shenhua and talk to her about her village. When you're following her, you can choose to keep talking and learn more about the story or to just hurry on, which will take you further into the road and speed things along (this part can also be very tedious).

You will reach Deep Green Way and Shenhua will begin to jog and you'll have to follow her in a QTE. It's quite easy. Watch what she does and copy it.

Eventually, you reach a cave. You'll have to find firewood - go deep inside the cave and look for wood on the ground. Focus on the piles to grab them. Grab as many as you can and go back to Shenhua, you have to do this three times.

Talk to Shenhua until the game progresses.

The next day follow Shenhua until you reach a dead end caused by a landslide.

Turn back until you reach the signpost. Take the route you haven't used.

Go left at the next fork.

Go right at the next fork, then left over a bridge until you reach a waterfall and a river.

To cross the stepping stones in the river you'll have to press cn_leftcn_rightcn_A in a sequence QTE.

Continue until you reach another set of stepping stones. Press cn_leftcn_rightcn_Acn_rightcn_left in another sequence QTE.

Go left at the next fork. At the fork after that go either way as they both lead to the same path.

Go on until Shenhua tells Ryo that they are back on the original path. Continue following her until she asks if Ryo wants to see some flowers with her. Choose 'Go' for a scene with dandelions and an achievement:

Shenmue II: Flower Power in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
See the flowers with Shenhua
  • Unlocked by 34 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 322

After the scenes, carry on straight ahead. Keep following Shenhua, talking to her or just choosing to "hurry on", until they come to a fallen tree blocking the path and Ryo has to lead the way.

On the next forks choose the following directions:

  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Left
  4. Left
  5. Right

You'll reach a Rocky Area. Cross the narrow paths, and if you get too close to a ledge there will be a QTE.

When you reach the broken rock bridge you'll have to press cn_upcn_upcn_A in a sequence QTE.

In the next fork Shenhua says that you're back in the path, choose any of the directions.

After the scene, follow Shenhua through the rocky area until you reach the waterfalls. You'll then head to Shenhua's house.

There will be a cutscene under the tree and you'll unlock:

Shenmue II: Tree Hugger in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find the Shenmue Tree
  • Unlocked by 34 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 322

You can choose to skip the conversation with Shenhua afterwards.

Go into the kitchen with Shenhua and choose to wait until dinner.

After dinner go into the bedroom and look on the desk. Ryo will find a diagram about the mirrors.

The next day go into the kitchen and wait until 10AM.

Follow Shenhua along the Cloud Bird Trail.

Follow Shenhua inside the stone pit and up the steps to the door.

Follow the path to the steps and follow them up. Read the letter on the table and get the Seven Stars Sword.

After the dialogue, go over to the stand and put the Seven Stars Sword in it. Another stand will be revealed where the Phoenix Mirror can then be placed. Placing it will cause a chain reaction which reveals two giant replicas of the mirrors.

After the scenes, the credits roll and the final achievement unlocks:

Shenmue II: Not Done Yet in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Complete Shenmue II
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.03) 322

Congratulations on completing Shenmue I & II (Win 10)!

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