The Flame in the Flood

Welcome to the guide for The Flame In The Flood. This is a survival game where you navigate down an unnamed river, staying alive as long as possible with your trusty canine companion. As a survival game enthusiast, this is one of my favorites, although as you'll see it has its particular quirks.

Before I begin, I want to offer significant thanks to WhyattThrash, BKLortz, and ThePaleHorseman for their incredible solutions to many achievements. I used many of their guides during my own run, and I want to give them the credit they deserve. Cheers! toast

A significant note that will dictate much of this guide is that glitches are prevalent throughout the game. The major question I will address as we go through, is to look at each and ask:

"Are you a good glitch or a bad glitch?"

Many of these glitches have definite benefits, but some are rather annoying at times. Overall, though, several of these glitches provide exploits that we will be utilizing as we travel down the river.

I have noted that you will need 4 plays to finish the game, but the reality is that you will need to restart the game many, many times. The reasons for this will be detailed later in the guide.

I will be breaking this guide down into prioritizing tools, clothing, and raft upgrades that you will be needing along the river. There will be different pages for easier reference.

The 4 main playthroughs are the following:

  • The main campaign, which will act as a primer on how to survive the Endless River, but that you will not complete.
  • The main campaign again, focusing on Animal Friend and completing the story.
  • A first run through the Endless River, focusing on crafting a wolf outfit (for an achievement), then a bear outfit (for an achievement and preparing for your final play).
  • A second run where you will hopefully travel 200 miles down the river.

And with that, let's move on to the basic strategies and exploits we'll be using for the game.

The first tip, and I cannot stress this enough, is make sure you thoroughly search every location you come across. You will usually find something that you need at each stop. More on those locations in later sections.


Let's start with materials. Certain materials are the lifeblood of the game, and you should hoard and use them whenever possible. Supplies become more scarce as you travel down the river.

  • Flint. The first thing you'll need, since your two basic tools (knife and hammer) require a total of 4. You should have a couple more in reserve for later, since your tools will break down.
  • Saplings. The basic building block for tools and traps. Hoard these. You'll need them. A LOT of them.
  • Cattails. These can be crafted into braided cords for tools and traps, and also as an emergency (small) food supply that never spoils.
  • Rabbit skins. These are used in a variety of ways. You'll need a total of 8 to expand your inventory to the maximum 28 slots, and even more to upgrade your clothing.
  • Salt. When you find salt, you're in luck. You can turn raw meat into jerky, which provides 25 nutrition and never spoils.

These are your most important materials. Grab them whenever possible. These become more rare as you progress.

The first glitch is incredibly crucial to everything you do later:


This is one of the first things you'll need to work on. In order to craft it, you will need:

  • 1 rag
  • 1 sapling
  • 1 alcohol

Once you craft the torch, you can equip it by pressing cn_LT + cn_right, then press cn_A on the torch. Do this immediately. Then:

  • Let the torch burn down.
  • As it's burning again press cn_LT + cn_right, but wait to press cn_A.
  • JUST as the torch burns out and you hear the noise of the flame going out, press cn_A.
  • The torch will show 0%, BUT you will still be able to equip it.
  • The icon will show over your head, but you will see no flame. However, strangely, all animals will respond as if the flame is burning.
  • ALWAYS put your flame out when rain is imminent. Otherwise, there is a chance that your torch will be destroyed.

Wolves, boars, and bears will not harm you as long as the icon is over your head. However--and this is VERY important--snakes slither quickly TOWARD the flame.

You may encounter a problem with your torch where you cannot equip it. This may be random. If this happens, make sure to discard it and craft a new one.


Once you start gathering materials, you should make your basic tools as soon as possible.

Stone Knife

  • 2 Flint
  • 1 Braided Cord

Stone Hammer

  • 2 Flint
  • 1 Sapling
  • 1 Rags
  • 1 Stone Knife

You should also start working on your advanced tools. You need a workbench for these, which can be found at Hardware Stores, Filling Stations, and sometimes Hospitals. These will be necessary for Leather Kits, which you need for wolf and bear clothing.

Steel Knife

  • 1 Boar Hide
  • 2 Nuts N Bolts

Metal Hammer

  • 1 Old Lumber
  • 3 Nuts N Bolts

Abusing Save Files

As mentioned before, there are a number of glitches and exploits that will help us survive the river. Let's start with abusing the save files. The Endless mode is where you will spending most of your time, but using the saves can help with the campaign.

The game saves whenever you dock, and whenever you depart. If you have a bad encounter with an animal, make a mistake in crafting, or if you crash too much on the water, immediately dashboard and force quit your game. You should restart where you were before your mishap.

However, if you DIE, the game autosaves immediately. You may still be able to save yourself by quickly pulling up the dashboard => Manage game => Save files => Delete from console. This should rewind time to the last auto-sync. If you're going into an area where you know you may have issues, you should be able to force an auto-sync by quitting out normally to the dash, quitting the game, and restarting.

First trial run

We're going to start our actual gameplay with a trial run. We are doing this to give you some familiarity with what you will be seeing on the river, as well as get you an achievement that can otherwise be very annoying.

Start a new Campaign on Traveler difficulty. This difficulty is not available on Endless, but gives you checkpoints and slows dehydration, hunger, and fatigue. The goal is simply to float 10 miles down the river.

Go through the starting camp and look around. This camp will be the same every time you go through here. Take whatever you like, but you won't be needing any of it.

Get on your raft and depart. Float down the river as fast as you can safely. Use cn_X to push yourself quickly to maneuver around rocks and debris. Do not stop at any docks along the way. This is just to get you oriented with how the river works.

As you travel, you should notice some bluish glowing areas on rocks in the river. If you steer close enough to them, you should be able to loot them as you pass by pressing cn_A. These can give you some rather useful items, like Jerky, Jars, or Raft Schematics. Make sure to loot them if they're along your path.

Once you've gone past the 10-mile mark (at the top right of your screen), stop at the next dock. The following should pop:


Travel 10 miles on the river without stopping.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

At this point, feel free to wander around and investigate landings, or simply quit to the main menu. Nothing you do on this run will carry over, but it's rather pointless to try running 10 miles in a normal game without collecting materials. It makes the most sense to make it a separate run, and this gives you a chance to see the river.

Now restart your Campaign.

Your raft is your second best friend. You need to maintain it and upgrade it whenever possible. Raft health must always be a priority, especially since there will be regions with no Marina to repair.

Here are the recipes for raft repair, but keep in mind that these are the same materials needed to upgrade your raft. Make sure you prioritize upgrades to make your trip easier.

  • Minor Repairs - 10 raft health
    • 1 Nuts N Bolts
  • Moderate Repairs - 20 raft health
    • 1 Old Lumber
  • Major Repairs - 40 raft health
    • Requires a crafted Repair Patch
    • 1 Old Lumber
    • 1 Nuts N Bolts
    • 1 Stone Hammer

Once you repair 1000 points of raft health, you earn this:


Repair 1000 points of raft health

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

There is an achievement (with a "good glitch") associated with upgrading the raft. The achievement says it has to be done in a single playthrough. It doesn't. In addition, I've gotten this achievement without getting all of the upgrades. This one likely counts how many upgrades you get across plays. That being said, upgrading to the max is a good idea.


Full upgrade your raft in a single playthrough

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +Buggy -

Rafts can only be upgraded at Marinas when you have the required equipment. You will need Raft Frames (2 Old Lumber each), Raft Hardware (2 Nuts N Bolts each), and Raft Schematics (found on their own). A fully upgraded raft will cost you the following:

  • 12 Raft Schematics
  • 15 Raft Hardware (30 Nuts N Bolts)
  • 15 Raft Framework (30 Old Lumber)

There are a total of 7 raft upgrades. I'll list them in the order that I think is the best priority.


  • 1 Raft Schematic
  • 1 Raft Hardware
  • 1 Raft Framework

Your rudder is essential for helping you steer and avoid obstacles. You'll notice a huge change when you mount this.

Raft Shelter

  • 2 Raft Schematics
  • 2 Raft Hardware
  • 3 Raft Framework

Being able to rest anywhere without needing to go into hostile territory is a plus. Also, you may want to wait out the rain (so your torch works) or darkness, especially if it's cold.

Sturdy Frame

  • 1 Raft Schematics
  • 2 Raft Hardware
  • 2 Raft Framework

You might want this second instead of third, depending on how well you navigate with the rudder. Of note: adding a frame doesn't repair your raft. You'll need to do that separately.


  • 2 Raft Schematics
  • 3 Raft Hardware
  • 3 Raft Framework

Being able to cook food and warm yourself up is a huge plus. You'll need to have some cattails on hand for dry tinder to light it, and it doesn't stay lit in rain. Still, it can be a life saver.

Water Purifier

  • 2 Raft Schematics
  • 3 Raft Hardware
  • 3 Raft Framework

Not really necessary in the early game, when rain is plentiful, but you'll want this in the later game when you go through deserts and dry spells. Keep plenty of jars on hand, and make sure you top them off.

Raft Motor

  • 3 Raft Schematics
  • 3 Raft Hardware
  • 2 Raft Framework

This sounds a lot cooler than it actually is. The motor requires gas, and you have to use Jars to store it. Jars are better used for water. The motor is helpful for getting to harder to reach locations when you may want to go up the river, and it helps you through still water, but honestly, I used it very infrequently.

There is an achievement tied to traveling 20 miles with the motor running. The motor has to actually be pushing the boat to count, so you'll need to keep stocking up on gas for this. I used the motor so little that I needed an extra run just to get the motor and do this achievement, which was the last one for my 100%.

Speed Boat

Travel 20 miles with the raft motor running

Speed Boat
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

The main upgrade you should focus on throughout the game (specifically the Endless River) is your clothing. In the middle to late game, hypothermia will be the most dangerous enemy. You need the warmest set of clothing you can craft. If/when you decide to restart your game, you can place your clothing on Aesop, and reclaim it when you start your next Endless run.

Putting items into Aesop's bag isn't an exploit, but a feature. The first time that you put items into Aesop's bag and then start a new game, you'll earn the following:

Pay It Forward

Start a new game with items in Aesop's bag

Pay It Forward
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

There are six levels of clothing, each with five pieces (hat, gloves, boots, jacket, pants):

  • Standard/thin/knit clothing - Provides 2 warmth rating per item
  • Insulated - Provides 3 warmth rating per item
  • Rabbit pelt - Provides 5 warmth rating per item
  • Boarhide - Provides 6 warmth rating per item
  • Wolf pelt - Provides 8 warmth rating per item
  • Bear hide - Provides 10 warmth rating per item

Insulated clothing basically sews cattails into the lining. It doesn't offer much better protection, and wastes your cattails and stitching kits.

Rabbit pelt clothing is marginally better, but wastes your rabbit pelts. Those are better saved for pouches and leather kits.

Boarhide is the first option that you should consider. These can be crafted using normal stitching kits rather than leather kits. Boars are moderately common, and you can find hides in bear caves (easy to get when using your torch).

If possible, I would recommend trying to wait until you can begin making wolf hide clothing, but if you're having problems with heat and hypothermia, by all means, craft boar first.

A full wolf set will require 7 leather kits, which must be crafted at a workbench. Wolves tend to hunt in packs, so wolf hides are easier to obtain than boars or bears. The full list of materials is:

  • 6 Wolf hides
  • 7 Rabbit hides
  • 7 Nuts N Bolts
  • 5 stitching kits (1 fish hook and 1 fishing line each)
  • Steel knife
  • Metal hammer

Wearing the full set will earn you the following:

In Wolf's Clothing

Equip a full set of Wolf Hide clothing

In Wolf's Clothing
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Unique Wolves

There are two special variations of the wolf jacket. Once you discover one of these wolves, one of them will appear at (almost) every stop you make unless you kill it.

  • Elder Wolf Jacket - As warm as bear hide, has a chance to prevent lacerations from wolf attacks.
  • White Wolf Jacket - As warm as a bear and has a chance to prevent injury from all animal attacks.
  • Each provides 10 warmth rating

I recommend waiting until you find the White Wolf, then use that jacket for your journey.

A bear set is comparable to a wolf set, but bears are solitary and will take longer to find. Also, keep in mind that killing a bear requires a combination of 4 spear traps/arrows. Realistically, one bear hide will cost you 12 saplings and 12 braided cords (cattails). You're looking at 72 saplings and 72 cattails. This is one reason why obtaining a bear set in one run is possible, but much easier to accomplish by crafting a few pieces of clothing on Aesop and restarting your run.

A full bear set will require 7 leather kits, which must be crafted at a workbench. The full list of materials is:

  • 6 Bear hides
  • 7 Rabbit hides
  • 7 Nuts N Bolts
  • 5 stitching kits (1 fish hook and 1 fishing line each)
  • Steel knife
  • Metal hammer

Wearing the full set will earn you the following:

Arctic Survivor

Equip a full seat of Bear Hide clothing

Arctic Survivor
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Once you've completed your clothing set, you can stop hunting for pelts. However, there is an achievement for crafting a total of 50 pieces of clothing. (Think insulated clothing.) This can be completed across playthroughs.


Make 50 articles of clothing

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


This is a comprehensive guide to hunting on the river. The animals you can hunt for food are rabbits, boars, wolves, and bears. Each requires a separate strategy, and you should keep saplings and braided cords on hand to adapt to your particular situation. You can always craft traps on the fly.

As mentioned in the last section, you can place items on Aesop for your next game (either Campaign or Endless). Cold will be your biggest enemy, and to combat cold you need to kill big game. Therefore, when you know you'll be playing another game, focus on bear or wolf clothing.

Now for the actual hunting.


Rabbits are a primary focus due to pouches and leather kits. Snares will kill one rabbit, while box traps will capture one but can be retrieved to capture a second rabbit. Box traps use one less braided cord than two snares. Also, traps don't kill the rabbits, allowing you to hold live rabbits if you don't have the ability to readily cook the meat. That's your call.

Rabbits don't come out at night. It is also important to set your traps over the right rabbit holes. Watch the rabbits and the holes they disappear into. A given rabbit will ALWAYS use the same hole. Therefore, only place traps over holes where you see rabbits hide; otherwise, you waste your traps.

As discussed in multiple places, you need more rabbits than anything else. You need 8 rabbits for a full inventory, and 7 rabbits for a full wolf OR bear set (14 for both). You need both a wolf set and a bear set for different achievements.

Of note: if you are hunting rabbits while boars, wolves, or bears are around, they can ruin your traps. Any of these will destroy a snare or box trap by running through them.

Bigger game

Anything larger than a rabbit requires a spear trap. Remember that your torch will keep you safe as long as it isn't raining. If it starts raining, hold cn_RB and run back to the dock.

There is a trick to killing the dangerous animals. Near the dock transition point, there is an invisible safe zone at the end of the wooden path. You can set up a spear trap just past the end, then turn around. Quite often you can set a trap, turn your back, and the animal will walk into the trap and kill itself. You can keep doing this.

Killing one boar requires one spear trap. Boars have a tendency to wind up before they charge, so you can both easily avoid an attack and get the boar to charge where you want. Boars tend to be territorial, and if you move out of their area, they will leave you alone.

There is an achievement involving snakes that is easiest done with a boar. Lure a boar so that you are between it and a snake (don't get too close!), then let the boar start to charge at you. Quickly move out of the way. If the boar gets close to the snake, the snake will attack the boar, and you'll get a shiny prize.

Snake Charmer

Lure a hostile animal into a snake

Snake Charmer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Killing one wolf also requires one spear trap. They tend to just walk right into it, so they're easy to kill if you can deploy a spear trap. You can pick up an unused trap once without destroying it, then deploy it in a better location.

Your first wolf kill will net you:

The Grey

Kill a wolf.

The Grey
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Poisoning wolves can also be useful. If you have meat (raw or cooked), combine it with Devil's Trumpet to poison it. Throw it at a wolf, and the wolf will eat it, get sick, and immediately die. The advantage is that you will get another meat from the dead wolf, plus the wolf hide. Sometimes, you can even retrieve the tainted meat and kill another wolf (getting 2 meat for the price of one). This does not use up your traps, Saplings, or Cords.

Killing 20 wolves with tainted meat will get you another achievement:


Poison 20 wolves with tainted meat

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Killing a bear requires a minimum of 4 spear traps, which require a total of 12 saplings and 12 braided cords. You should set these up in a line, but spread them away from each other so they aren't too close. If the bear avoids a trap, they may destroy the trap without being injured, so you may want to make sure you have an extra spear trap in reserve. When I hunt bears, I set up 5 traps, then reclaim a trap that isn't used. You can also craft a trap while setting up, and use the torch to keep the bear from mauling you while you making traps.

If you start losing the fight with the bear, you can always quit the game to give it another shot.

Killing your first bear will grant you the following achievement:

Can Bearly Take It

Kill a bear.

Can Bearly Take It
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Note that there is one achievement tied to every animal with a bow and arrow. I do not recommend using this on a regular basis due to the materials needed and the time taken to set up a shot. The six animals you need to kill with an arrow are:

  • Snake - 1 hit
  • Rabbit - 1 hit
  • Crow - 1 hit
  • Boar - 2 hits
  • Wolf - 3 hits
  • Bear - 4 hits

You can wound a bear with a couple of traps to help you, but the smartest move is to have plenty of arrows and retreat to the safe zone and shoot from there. Once you've killed all 6 (I found aiming at crows was the hardest), you will earn the following:

Dead Eye

Kill every animal type with arrows

Dead Eye
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy -


There are 21 afflictions in the game, which are listed below along with the necessary cure. (Thanks to WhyattThrash for the list.)

You need to contract them all for an achievement, but they do not have to be all in the same playthrough. Remember that you can dashboard-quit and restart your game if you get an affliction that you don't want. (It's a good idea to keep your achievement tracker open to make sure you progress.)

This first group can easily be contracted before you set off for the first time. There is a Jar in the box of supplies in the camp. Use the jar at the dock instead of getting on the raft, then drink the Polluted Water. Do it repeatedly until you get all 4 afflictions.

  • Parasites - Eat Spoiled Meat, Polluted Water, or Moldy Lump
    • Cured by Sumac Tea
  • Giardia - Polluted Water
    • Cured by Sumac Tea or Dandelion Tea
  • Listeria - Polluted Water
    • Cured by Penicillin
  • Dysentery - Polluted Water
    • Cured by Penicillin

For a bonus achievement, set off from the dock. A couple of these will quickly dehydrate you. Once you get dehydrated while having dysentery, you will earn an achievement. You don't have to die to get it, but if you're still on the raft, you probably will crash. (That will count toward your death achievement as well.)

Death on the Trail

Die from dehydration with suffering from dysentery

Death on the Trail
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now for the other afflictions.

  • Ill-equipped - wear clothing not suitable for the weather (cold/wet)
    • Cured through fire/shelter
  • Dehydration - Let your thirst drop to zero - can be fatal
    • Cured by drinking clean water
  • Starvation - Let your hunger drop to zero - can be fatal
    • Cured by eating
  • Hypothermia - Let your body temperature fall to zero - can be fatal
    • Cured with fire and warming up
  • Exhaustion - Don't sleep and let your fatigue run out - can be fatal
    • Cured through sleep - the first time you pass out, you may be able to sleep and recover
  • Snake Bite - Bitten by a snake - Fatal
    • Cured through Dandelion Tea
  • Tiny Cuts - Walk through thorn bushes
    • Cured over time
  • Poison Ivy - Walk through a large patch of red plants on the ground
    • Cured with Aloe
  • Ant Bites - Walk across ant hills on the ground - can get infected
    • Cured with Aloe - don't cure if trying to get Bacterial Infection
  • Broken Bones - Animal attack (boar and bear) - NOT fatal, but slows you down and wears you out faster
    • Cured with a splint
  • Laceration - Animal attack (especially wolf) - can get infected (see below)
    • Cured with a bandage or stitching kit - don't cure if trying to get Staph Infection
  • Staph Infection - Contracted by not treating Laceration
    • Cured with Penicillin - don't cure if trying to get Sepsis
  • Bacterial Infection - Contracted by not treating Ant Bites
    • Cured with Penicillin - don't cure if trying to get Sepsis
  • Sepsis - Don't cure an infection - Quickly fatal
    • Cured with Penicillin
  • Drunk - Drink Alcohol
    • Cured by time
  • Food Poisoning - Eat Yucca, Spoiled Meat, or Tainted Meat
    • Cured by time or Clean Water
  • Blood Flukes - Eat Spoiled Fish, which can ONLY be found in a bear cave (so it's easy to miss)
    • Cured by Sumac Tea

Once you've gotten all 21 afflictions in one way or another...


Contract every affliction.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +

If you manage to stack 10 afflictions at the same time, you'll get another achievement. I've found that the easiest way to do this is to taunt a bear while it's raining. In addition to Wet and Ill-Equipped, the bear will break some bones and do some other nasty things to you. There is a very good chance that you'll get 10 afflictions. Then quickly dashboard and reload your game.

By A Thread

Have 10 stacked afflictions

By A Thread
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Finally, you need to cure 30 afflictions over time. That will net you this one:

Field Medic

Cure 30 afflictions in a single playthrough

Field Medic
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Buggy +

Miscellaneous Achievements

There are a number of miscellaneous achievements in the game that you should be aware of before you begin. These can be broken down into two categories:

  • Cumulative, which stretch across playthroughs
  • Endurance, which requires you to perform tasks spanning many days

There are also distance achievements, but those will be covered in the last part of the walkthrough.

Let's go through the cumulative and endurance achievements.



Visit every location at least once (across playthroughs) for an achievement. Chances are you'll get this through normal progression, but here's the list:

  • Church - A chapel with a cross
    • Can have supplies like flint, alcohol, rags, and a shelter. Sleeping at 20 churches (across playthroughs), will net you:


Sleep in 20 churches

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

  • Camp - Tent icon
    • Often has flint, always has a lit campfire (when not raining), sometimes has shelter.
  • Farm - Silo and barn icon
    • Mostly only found in the early game - Has water, often has corn, saplings, and cattails.
  • Wilderness - Tree icon
    • Light on supplies, but search anyway. May have saplings, cattails, or other plants. Often has animals to hunt or run from.
    • In towns with buildings, often has cars which may have Nuts N Bolts, or houses with Old Lumber.
  • Marina - a hut with a wrench on top
    • Either very useful or completely unhelpful. Has a lift for raft upgrades/repairs and gas pumps, but no shelter or animals to hunt.
  • Bait Shop - a hut with a fish on top
    • Small area, almost always clear of any dangerous animals. Has shelter. Often has plants and, importantly, fishing line and hooks for stitching kits.
  • Hardware Shop - building with a wrench next to it
    • Very important - Has a workbench to make tools and Leather Kits. Also, often has lumber and Nuts N Bolts.
  • Liquor Shop - building with a bottle next to it
    • Often has alcohol for bandages and torches. Also may have other supplies.
  • Clinic - Building with a cross on it
    • Often has medical supplies and others.

I Been Everywhere, Man

Visit every location type

I Been Everywhere, Man
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableBuggy +


Eat each of these. Doesn't need to be in one playthrough.

  • Corn - Only found in early game
  • Ash Cake - Made from corn, see above
  • cattail
  • Dandelion
  • Dandelion Tea
  • Moldy Lump - Will make you sick
  • Mulberries
  • Wild Garlic
  • Yucca - Will make you sick
  • Cooked Yucca
  • If these aren't enough, try Sumac Tea, Sumac (Will make you sick), and Devil's Trumpet (will make you sick)


Eat every type of plant

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableBuggy +

"Bad Stuff"

Eat each of the "bad stuff" in one playthrough. These will almost definitely make you sick. Make sure you have meds, herbal teas, and clean water to cure them.

  • Devil's Trumpet - Plant found in the wild
  • Moldy Lump - Found in crates or buildings
  • Raw Meat - Taken from dead animals
  • Spoiled Meat - Raw or cooked meat that has been uneaten for several days. Raw meat spoils faster.
  • Tainted Meat - Meat poisoned with Devil's Trumpet
  • Yucca - Uncooked
  • Spoiled Fish - The rarest of all of these - Only found in most (not all) bear dens. Easily acquired with your torch.

Iron Stomach

Eat all the bad stuff in a single playthrough.

Iron Stomach
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy +


There are 10 different ways to die. You need to experience all of them! It should go without saying that you should do these on disposable playthroughs.

  • Dehydration
    • Don't drink anything. Eventually, you'll get thirsty and die.
  • Starving
    • Don't eat anything. Eventually, you'll get hungry and die.
  • Hypothermia
    • Don't improve your clothing. Don't build fires. Further down the river is colder. Eventually, your body temperature will drop and you'll die.
  • Exhausted
    • Don't sleep. Die.
  • Drowning
    • Crash your raft repeatedly. Die.
  • Sepsis
    • After you get a Laceration or Ant Bites, don't treat them. Sleep for a while, let them get infected, then sleep some more and you'll get Sepsis. Don't treat it. Die.
  • Wolf Attack
    • Find a wolf and run up to it. Eventually, it'll kill you, and you'll die.
  • Gored
    • Find a boar and run up to it. Eventually, it'll kill you, and you'll die.
  • Snake Bite
    • Find a snake and run up to it. It'll quickly bite you. Don't treat it. Die.
  • Mauled
    • Find a bear, which won't show up until further along in the game (or at the second story checkpoint). Run up to it and give it a big bear hug. It'll kill you.

Learned The Hard Way

Die in every possible way.

Learned The Hard Way
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Finally, there is an achievement for crafting every item. There are a total of 67 separate recipes. You don't need to find them; you can see what they are in your crafting menu. However... this achievement is both a Good Glitch and a Bad Glitch. The "bad" part is that the achievement doesn't actually unlock for crafting all of the recipes. The "good" part is that it's actually much easier. The "weird" part is that the achievement unlocks simultaneously with another, completely unrelated achievement. I'll discuss this when we get to the campaign.

Cumulative Achievements - Endurance

These achievements are earned by lasting enough days in order to fulfill the requirements. Some must be consecutive days, some are cumulative.

Spending 40-days without sleeping in a building will earn you an achievement. These do not have to be consecutive, and simply spending 24 hours without sleeping will count as a day. Also upgrading your raft and sleeping in the Raft Shelter will not count as sleeping in a shelter (making this a much easier achievement).

Under The Stars

Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without sleeping in a shelter

Under The Stars
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Reaching the 20-day mark with no afflictions and 100% in all stats will earn you another achievement. You can have afflictions as long as you cure them sometime after you reach 20 days. Make sure to keep water and food handy to top yourself off. It does NOT have to be on the 20th day, just sometime after that point. I got mine on the 25th day.


After 20 days of travel, have every stat at 100% and no afflictions

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The following two achievements are some of the hardest in the game, and each requires a lot of preparation.


This must be done in Endless Mode, and so will require preparation.

The description for this achievement is wrong. (This is a good glitch.) Rather than going for 40 days without eating meat, you need to go for 20 days without killing animals. This must be done on Endless mode. The achievement tracker appears to increase as if it is going to 40 days, but it should pop at or soon after the 20 day mark.

I strongly suggest you begin your progress on this after deleting all your save files. Otherwise, the tracker may not advance. After you delete your files, start running down the river collecting supplies.

I recommend loading Aesop's bag with Ash Cake and Cooked Yucca, followed by restarting the game. Reports are that you can eat jerky as long as you didn't kill the animal first, and you can eat meat that was killed by other animals (like boars killed by bears), but I didn't do that. If you are concerned about that, I would just load up on Ash Cake (harvest corn from the early farms, restart, harvest again, repeat). While doing so, collect a new Jar every time you restart at the main camp so you can collect rainwater.

The further you travel down the river, the colder it gets. As a result, it's best (once you have enough supplies to begin) to slow your progress down the river. Stop at a safe location with a shelter but no dangerous animals (like a bait shop). Sleep as much as you can, don't eat until you have to, replenish your water with rain, and just wait. Yes, it's a bit boring.

When I did this, I started with 40 Ash Cake, 10 Jerky, and 5 Jars with Clean Water. I picked up a 6th Jar when I restarted. The achievement popped after I went to sleep on day 20.

Endless is considerably harder than Campaign, so expect this to take a few runs.


Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any meat

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Paleo Diet

This must also be done in Endless Mode, and also requires some serious preparation.

You will need enough meat to last you through 40 days. This one may be glitchy. It will likely take more than 40 days, and reports are that you must begin this on a fresh save for this to work. Delete your save files as you did with Vegetarian, and do this on a separate run.

You don't have to travel far down the river, but you should prepare as much jerky as you can in advance. Meat spoils after a few days, so even catching and cooking animals will only get you so many days. If you're adventurous, you might choose to combine this with your 200 mile run by crafting some bear clothes in advance. I recommend doing this on a separate run, then saving your clothes for a separate 200 mile run.

Only eat when you need to, sleep as long as you can to pass the time, and use rainwater to fill your jars. If you think you're starting to have problems, consider saving your stock and restarting the run. Endless is considerably harder than Campaign, so expect this to take a few runs.

Paleo Diet

Survive 40 days in Endless Mode without eating any plants

Paleo Diet
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Main Campaign - First Run

Enough messing around, let's actually attack this river.

Start up a new game on Traveler difficulty. This 1st run will not be a full run because of one achievement that requires you to kill no animals. Rather, we will be setting up for a 2nd run by crafting warm clothing and building a stockpile of at least 10 jerky. By this point, you've seen the start of the game a few times, but I'll guide you through as if it is the first time.

The Campaign consists of 10 regions. There are story checkpoints in region 4 and region 7. Region 10 is the conclusion of the game. The entire Campaign will last approximately 40 miles.

If you die, you will restart at the beginning of the current region.


Go through the camp collecting everything you can. You will also see a blue mailbox with a flag. These mailboxes contain tasks that you can complete for rewards. These aren't necessary, but act as tutorials as you go. You can ignore any that you like (except for story achievements that you'll complete automatically).

Sometimes, a task will appear based on particular enemies that you will encounter, such as The Boar King, the Elder Wolf, and the White Wolf. These will let you know that a special enemy is nearby, and you can collect special hides from them.

The first task you will receive is Camp Tools. You will need to make your basic Stone Knife and Stone Hammer for use in all of your crafting.

Once you craft these, you can turn this in at the next mailbox and collect a Camp Fire. I suggest saving it for someplace where you really need it, but the first time you deploy it, you'll earn an achievement. (Alternately, you can deploy it, get the achievement, then dashboard-quit and restart.)

Stay Warm

Build a campfire

Stay Warm
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Inventory Slots

Once you start collecting rabbit pelts and stitching kits, you can upgrade your inventory. The Campaign gives you 20 inventory slots to start, and there is a maximum of 28 slots that you can have. Therefore, you need 2 Pouches to max out your inventory. Once you craft these, you will pop this:

Pack Rat

Expand your inventory to the maximum

Pack Rat
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The Endless mode limits you to 12 at the start, so you will need 4 pouches when you play through that.


There are 6 different NPCs that you will encounter along the river. Some will trade with you, some will give you items. Encounters are random, so there isn't a guide for where to look for them. Check every location as you normally would, and you should stumble across them. Make sure that you interact with them in order to earn an achievement. They do not need to be found in one playthrough.

The tracker can glitch on this achievement. However, some have reported a good glitch: Magnolia seems to track every time, and can track multiple times. Therefore if you encounter her, speak with her, then dashboard-quit, reload the game, and talk to her again. This should help you finish the achievement.

  • Helen Cockrow - usually at a Farm early in the game. Almost never appears later in the game.
  • Feral Children - usually at a Camp
  • Flimflam - Appears in various places, but definitely at the first story checkpoint
  • Quincy Collie - Various city locations, but definitely at the second story checkpoint
  • Magnolia - usually at a Filling Station near the gas pumps
  • Cocteau - usually digging graves at a Church


Speak with every river resident

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Now for a strange glitch. I noted elsewhere that there is an achievement for crafting all 67 items... but this is glitched. It is tied to the Chatty achievement. Therefore, once you find all 6 NPCs, you should also pop this next one:


Craft every item.

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Checkpoint #1 - Region 4

Approximately 12 miles down the river, you will reach Region 4. This region has no docks except for one at the end, which is a story checkpoint. You will have to get off your raft here and go up the hill. Don't forget to speak with the NPC on the way up for progress toward "Chatty."

High Ground

Reach High Ground in the Campaign Mode

High Ground
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The weather will start getting colder. Make sure you are upgrading your clothing; wolf works best until you find bear. Use tainted meat if you can to save your saplings for spear traps to take down the bears.

Also make sure you keep your raft healthy. There is an important caveat: once you reach Region 6, don't worry about your raft health. By all means, make sure you can travel, but once you get to Region 7...

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Checkpoint #2 - Region 7

The 2nd checkpoint is approximately 24 miles down the river. As soon as you go on shore, this will pop.

The Path Up

Reach Angel Yards in Campaign Mode

The Path Up
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The NPC as you land, Quincy Collie, is one of those you need to talk to for "Chatty."

Region 7 is a military base that you need to cross. There are snakes and wolves in the main part of the base, and a bear den right next to where you need to go. You can use your torch to avoid the wolves and the bear, but watch out for the snakes. There are a large number of saplings and cattails here to make spear traps if you want to kill the bear. Otherwise, cross the base, read the note, and go back to the dock. Quincy will have fixed your raft, and you can set out again.

Regions 8 and 9

Take note of the water after you get back on the raft. This is the first area of flat water you encounter. On Endless mode, flat water can kill you because you're food and water will decrease while your progress slows. Make sure to continue pushing down the river using cn_X. A motor is great for flat water, until your gas runs out. For the Campaign, though, this is only a short taste of flat water.

In the final regions of the game, 8 and 9, you will almost definitely encounter the Elder Wolf and the White Wolf. Keep stopping at docks until you find these. These wolves are no more difficult than a normal wolf (one spear trap each), but have very valuable pelts. I strongly recommend making a jacket from the White Wolf. It's better than a bear jacket.

You are now approaching the end of the campaign. If you have not encountered at least one of the two wolves by mile 35, try to make sure you have bear hide clothing in all 5 of your slots. Assuming you do find a wolf (hopefully the White Wolf), make that jacket. In any case, stop your campaign run now.

Crashing out of the Campaign

The goal here is to now set yourself up for your 2nd campaign run, which you need for Animal Friend. Move all of your heavy clothing to Aesop, and a stack of Jerky. Hopefully, at this point, you have 10 jerky. Make sure everything is on Aesop before continuing.

Now crash your raft until it sinks. Go to the Main Menu, and select Start New Campaign. YES, YOU ARE STARTING A NEW CAMPAIGN. Your items in Aesop's backpack will transfer to Aesop at the beginning of the next run. Equip it, and start again.

The last region begins at approximately 37 miles down the river. If you reach this point, you will no longer be able to restart your game with your clothing, and you will lose it all. Since it is very hard to survive the last part of the river without warm clothing, it will be rather difficult (without constantly stopping to build a fire) to travel the entire way without killing an animal for fur. Therefore, make sure you kill yourself before you reach that point.

Yes, I know that the 100 GS achievement is tantalizingly close, but your second run will go much, much faster.

Campaign - Animal Friend

For your second run, you're going to need to finish the campaign without killing any animals. You should be starting with the bear gear (and hopefully the White Wolf jacket) from the first campaign. You should also have a stack of jerky.

Focus on hoarding plants, especially cooking Ash Cake (requires 2 corn, 20 nutrition) and Cooked Yucca (12 nutrition). These do not decay once cooked. Wild Garlic (5 nutrition) and Dandelion Tea (4 dandelions and clean water, 10 nutrition and 30 hydration) are also useful, as are cattails in a pinch. You can go surprisingly far in this run with these, Mulberries, some Wild Garlic, and stashes you find along the way.

I avoided eating Grubs and Night Crawlers since I didn't know if those counted as "killing animals."

In the Campaign, hunger increases by 25/day. You will need to travel around 40 miles on the river, so plan accordingly and don't waste time. (Again, potentially stashing some on Aesop and restarting may help.) Stop only for raft upgrades (rudder, shelter), and just gun it down the river. You can run about 1 mile/day (or better) if you hurry, so you'll need around 1000 food to make it.

The most difficult part of this achievement will be the second story checkpoint, where you need to go very close to a bear. Your torch will help you here, but be careful since there are a number of snakes in the area.

It isn't terribly easy, but making it through the campaign without killing any animals will earn:

Animal Friend

Complete the campaign without killing any animals

Animal Friend
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Once you finally finish the campaign, you'll also earn the following:

The Kingdom

Reach The Kingdom in Campaign Mode

The Kingdom
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Now let's do this Endless River.

Endless River

Now it's time to play the game as it was intended. There are no checkpoints, your stats will drop much faster, and there are fewer supplies. Even so, you have to make it 200 miles in one run. These are not easy achievements.

I strongly suggest that you tackle this in two runs. The first is to, once again, build up your warm clothing. This is essential for the last 2/3 of the run. It will be very, very cold. You will also need to collect enough Jerky to sustain you.

You cannot carry anything over from your earlier playthrough once you've finished it. HOWEVER, you can transfer your items from the Campaign if you have not finished it. There may be a solid advantage by doing this, since you will likely find your materials much faster and with fewer survival drawbacks.

Starting out your focuses should be solely on the following:

  • Torch (Sapling, Rags, Alcohol)
  • Tools (Stone Knife and Stone Hammer)
  • Box Traps for Rabbits/Pouches

Also hoard your food, especially jerky. NEVER EAT THE JERKY. It never spoils, and you will need it much later down the river.

Grab as many Jars as you can for water. You will eventually pass through dry areas with flat water and no rain.

Update your raft. The Water Purifier will eventually be necessary, but not early on.

This achievement will require all of the skills that you have used to this point.

By the end of the first 100 miles, you should have:

  • Fully upgraded set of clothing
  • Your tools
  • A torch
  • As much jerky as you can hold
  • Ash Cake if you can craft it
  • Cooked Yucca
  • Bandages
  • Lots of cattails (70-80) for emergency food and cords
  • 2 Dandelion Tea for remedies
  • 2 Sumac Tea for remedies
  • Penicillin
  • 20 Saplings
  • Repair Patches
  • 2-3 gas for your motor during flat water

Every slot should be as full as possible. With a full raft upgrade, raft materials will not be necessary. You also shouldn't ever need any more pelts.

Remember to abuse your save files. If you crash your raft, you can restart. If you go on land and get attacked, you can restart.

You may go on land and hear animals fighting. Bears will kill boars and wolves easily, and you can take the spoils. You'll need plenty of meat to sustain you, and taking it off of dead animals saves you from using supplies.

The second 100 miles will have much fewer supplies, so it is important to conserve. Use your torch to explore for food, but otherwise keep moving down the river. Sleep on your raft. Only use the motor when necessary. Stop the raft for save checkpoints.

This run can take quite a while. Don't be afraid to restart the run if your supplies are dwindling. In that case, make sure you can at least fill up your jerky for a reserve food supply.

Doing this will earn you the following:

The Longest River

Survive 100 miles in Endless Mode

The Longest River
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River God

Survive 200 miles in Endless Mode

River God
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Best of luck on the river, and hopefully on your 1000 GS! toast

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