Rock Band Country Track Pack

Welcome to Rock Band: Country Track Pack! This is the fourth game in the Track Pack mini-series from Harmonix. The game comes with 21 songs which you’ll have to play trough at least twice to obtain all achievements. The setlist is very good, in my opinion, and the game should offer at least some enjoyment for most Rock Band enthusiasts, even if Country ain’t your style.

Even though the game was released almost a year after Rock Band 2, it still runs on the older Rock Band 1 version of the engine. It is important because you can come across some technical issues when trying to go for some of the achievements using drums on the older Rock Band games.

You see when you play Rock Band 1 on a drum kit that has been released for later Rock Band versions of the game, the old engine has problems recognizing the input of the controller. This results in a random note over hits or misses which voids some achievements. I have experimented extensively trying to find a workaround but as far as I know, there is no solution other than restarting the song when you randomly miss a note. Others have reported the same issues on various Rock Band forums but there seems to be no fix other than to use an older drum kit.

There are, however, a few tips that I can give to make your life a little easier if you end up having trouble. More info about these tips will become apparent under the specific achievements that use drums.

There will be further detail and tips for meeting each requirement for all the separate achievements in the next few pages.

As with most Music Games, skill is a huge factor in being able to obtain achievements, and this game is no exception. Because of this, I outlined the bottom line on what you will need to be able to do to complete the game. The order in which you play does not matter and you can always come back later if you are stuck.

1. Complete all the songs on EXPERT difficulty while playing solo. All songs have to be on the same instrument and you have to play on either Guitar, Drums or Vocals. There is no solo Bass Career on the Rock Band 1 engine and you cannot switch instruments mid-career.

2. Beat the Song “Suds in the Bucket” on EXPERT Vocals or have two Microphones and two controllers.

3. On the song “Steve Earle - Satellite Radio” Hit all hammer-ons without strumming on HARD Guitar.

4. Be able to hit 100% of the Kick notes on any song on EXPERT drums.

5. Gather a local band that, on average, can score 500.000 points on each song.

6. Gather at least three players that can 100% a very standard difficulty song on Guitar, Bass and Drums on at least EASY difficulty. A vocalist helps but is not required.

If you meet all requirements then you will be able to complete the full game. I’ve sorted these requirements by difficulty for the average player but your situation may vary. If you are a veteran Music game player then you will feel right at home. The most difficult part mostly lies in finding other players because you cannot play the game online. On the next page, we will go through a step by step plan to obtain as many achievements as possible.

First up, the Solo Tour. Essentially the tour is split into four tiers of five songs, six songs on the last tier. You will have to beat all songs from a single tier to advance to the next tier and you complete the career once you have beaten all songs.

Now there are two achievements tied completing the career. One for completing on ANY difficulty and one for completing on EXPERT difficulty. If you are completely new to Music games then I recommend playing on EASY guitar. Note that you will have a long road ahead into completing this game if you are new to Rock Band.

More likely the case is that you are already somewhat familiar with the Music genre and are wondering how hard EXPERT difficulty is. Compared to other Rock Band games these songs fall under the lighter category. Most songs are slow and only have a couple of simple/medium riffs and small solo’s. If you can beat EXPERT in other Rock Band or Guitar Hero games then you are probably also able to beat this career.

Note that once you start on an instrument you have to play all the songs on that specific instrument. You have to beat all songs on the same instrument!

You also have to option to play the career on Guitar, Drums or Vocals. Sadly Bass career is not available on the old Rock Band engine. Since most players are most practiced on Guitar I will focus the guide towards that. However, if you cannot beat EXPERT Guitar then I would recommend you to try Vocals instead. The songs are very catchy and being able to just hum along is enough to pass the song in most cases in just a couple attempts. Drums is an option too but generally speaking this is the hardest instrument in the Rock Band games and I’d say this game is no exception. Still the songs are much easier than most Metal songs in Rock Band so you might as well give it a go if you are up for a 21 song drum session.

Now there is one exception to this easy setlist. The last song called “Dixie Chicks - Sin Wagon” is a lot more complex and has many fast changes. On EXPERT Guitar this song is much harder than the other songs. Like mentioned before, you can’t just switch instruments for just the last song to make it easier.

What you can do however is try the song in quickplay which I would recommend if you are unsure if you are going to make it. You don’t want to waste playing 20 songs just to be stuck on the last one and having to play the whole career over again on Vocals. Here is a video of what to expect:

Note that this is played in Rock Band 3 but the path is the same. Also here the player is using Breakneck Speed(Hyperspeed) which is also not available in this game.

Some general tips to pass the song on Guitar:

  • Save your Overdrive(Star Power) until you are about to fail. Your Rock Meter will almost not deplete if your are in Overdrive mode.
  • Strum the Hammer-ons and Pull-offs to make it generally easier. It’s one less thing to worry about.
  • Focus on missing notes rather than strumming too much. If you start strumming like crazy you will likely miss notes and overstrum which results in double the mistakes.
  • Focus from left to right. Especially in this song, focus on the lowest fret and make sure to always hit that part together with one other note of the many zigzag parts. ⅔ notes hits results in very little Rock Meter loss. This strategy will most likely get you through the main parts.
  • Save your overdrive for the solo’s. If you have to use Overdrive in the main parts of the song then most likely you are not going to make it to the end.
  • Take breaks and come back at a later time. Sometimes you just need a fresh start or a new perspective. Don’t give up and practice the solo’s. You will get there sooner or later.

Once you beat the last song in career you will unlock:

  • Chuggin' Along

    Complete Solo Tour on any difficulty with any instrument

    Chuggin' Along
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerExternal Content

If you were playing on EXPERT then you will also unlock:

You can obtain 5 stars a song and with 21 songs you can get a total of 105 stars. If you manage to get 75 start out of the 105 you will also unlock:

  • Star Studs

    Earn 75 stars across all songs in Solo or Band Tour

    Star Studs
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeExternal Content

Note that if you are able to beat the career than it will be very likely that you obtain enough stars along the way since most songs are very easy.

Now onto the solo misc achievements. These require you to play a specific song/difficulty. Note that if you have been playing Tour mode then you might already have unlocked some of these.

We’ll start with Guitar. There is one miscellaneous achievement where you need to “Hit all hammer-on notes in 'Satellite Radio'". Hammer-on notes are the smaller notes that you don’t have to strum in case you were wondering. You will have to play on HARD or EXPERT difficulty because this song does not have any Hammer-on notes on EASY or MEDIUM. Stick to HARD because it’s much easier than EXPERT.

Now there is some debate about whether you can strum the notes or not. My belief is that you cannot strum the Hammer-on notes but are allowed to strum the pull-off notes (small notes going down from the previous fret). To be safe, it’s best to not strum any notes as I did.

To make it easier on yourself, plug in a second guitar and choose Tug of War from the menu. This local multiplayer mode will split the number of notes you need to play in half. Only focus on your profile's track and ignore player two.

Also, it has been reported in the comments of the solution that this is also possible on Bass but I cannot confirm this. However, you could try that if you are unable to hit 100% in the Tug of War mode.

Here is a video of the song for the path:

Note that this is played in Rock Band 3 but the path is the same. Also, here the player is using Breakneck Speed (Hyperspeed) which is also not available in this game.

After finishing the song and meeting the requirements you will unlock:

Now onto the next instrument. There is one achievement tied to Vocals. This one is much easier than the previous one. You have to “Beat "Suds in the Bucket" on Expert Vocals”. The song is about medium difficulty. You don’t have to 5-star it; beating it will suffice, which makes this achievement not very challenging. Just humming along to the song will be enough with a few attempts.

However, there is even an easier method where you don’t have to sing at all. If you own two controllers and two microphones then you can set up a local Score Duel match. In Score Duel, you cannot fail the song. This surprisingly also unlocks the achievement:

Now onto the last instrument: Drums. These achievements will probably be the hardest for most players. There are two achievements tied to this instrument. The first one being to “Get a 200 note streak playing Drums”. Note that this can be done on EASY difficulty.

Some tips are to play on the first tier of songs. In my opinion, there is no true easiest song in the setlist so experiment with some other songs if you are having trouble but generally stick to the first set of songs from the lower difficulty tiers. Also, you can have a second player focus on the Kick notes while you focus on the hits.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, you might have trouble with your drum notes to register. Generally, on EASY difficulty, you won’t have much trouble racking up a 200 streak but if you happen to randomly drop a note just keep trying. The issue is generally not that bad.

After the song, the results screen shows your longest streak. If it was over 200 then you will unlock:

Mentioning that now leads to the next achievement, where you need to hit 100% of the Kick notes on EXPERT. The above tips are a good guideline here. I want to add another tip specifically for this achievement which makes it significantly easier. When you collect Overdrive, don’t activate it. Overdrive phrases will overlap with some of the Kick notes and you will still get credit for the achievement as long as you hit every Kick note that actually appeared on screen.

Like I mentioned earlier, make sure to experiment with other songs if you are stuck as there is no easiest song. The achievement will unlock at the start screen after the song:

This concludes all the achievements that are obtainable solo.

Unlike in the Solo Tour, there is no specific difficulty achievement when playing as a band. However, you will need to score 10 million points total across all your played songs. Since there are 21 songs you will need to score around 500k a song to obtain the achievement. Some songs are longer than others so you the 500k is merely an indication and not a goal. You can replay songs to get more points, but say you scored 300k on your first attempt and 400k on your second, your points will only increase by 100k total. It only ever counts your highest score for each song.

Some tips to decide on what difficulty you should play:

  • % notes hit > difficulty. Keeping a combo going is way more important than hitting many notes so go down in difficulty if you are having trouble keeping your multiplier.
  • Unlike in Solo Tour, you can select your difficulty on each song. Go higher on the easy songs to rack up maximum points to get a good start.
  • Overdrive is your best friend here. Make sure everyone is hitting their OD phrases and all activate at the same time. If someone is missing more than one phrase a song they should drop to a lower difficulty or another instrument.

Use these tips to decide your best line-up. I think that it is possible with just two players if you play on Guitar and Drums, both on EXPERT and basically full combo every song. However, most people don’t have this as an option.

I myself unlocked this achievement with three players in total. One on EXPERT Guitar full combo-ing most songs. This along with Vocals, also on EXPERT and also full combo-ing most songs. Our third player was playing Bass on EASY/MEDIUM and she was scoring around 90% on most songs. This lineup only barely made it by a few 100k points. The lack of a drummer really hurt because on most songs it scores very high.

Basically, if you want to be safe you should play with a full band. It should even be possible to achieve enough points with a full band that all play on EASY. If you only have three players then having a drummer is key. That or be able to play on high difficulties.

After playing the final song you will unlock:

And if you are able to score enough points with your band you will unlock this along the way:

After completing the Band Tour, you should only have three achievements left, if you have been following the walkthrough so far. These final three achievements are also unlockable during the Band Tour and there is a good chance that you already unlocked a few of them.

The first one requires you to activate Overdrive a total of 10 times in a single song. This counts across all band members, so if a full band activates Overdrive simultaneously it will count as 4/10 activations. There is a very high chance that you will unlock this during the Band Tour.

However, if you just want to go for this achievement than a good song is “Kenny Rogers - The Gambler” because you also need to play that song for another achievement. If, however, you are only with two players then the song best to go for is probably “Alan Jackson - Good Time” because it is the longest song by over a minute giving you more total Overdrive available. Play on EASY to make sure no one is missing any Overdrive phrases and activate them as soon as possible.

After the song finishes you will unlock:

Now for the second achievement, you will need to play the song “Kenny Rogers - The Gambler”. Every member needs to score 90% or higher. There is no difficulty specified so play on EASY if you are not comfortable playing on higher difficulty, the song, however, is pretty easy so no stress. You will need to play with at least two players as playing solo does not unlock the achievement.

Not much to say about this, if one player keeps failing, try a different instrument. After the song finishes you will unlock:

Now we just need one more achievement, but this is probably the hardest one and the reason that keeps most players from completing the game. You will need at least three people for this. Normally you need four but you can sync the vocal track to a video that will sing for you. Just make sure you time it right.

The description of the achievement is: “Full band clears 'Free & Easy' with 100% notes hit on any difficulty”. Note that the "any difficulty" part is your only friend here. Being able to play on EASY makes it a lot simpler to find extra players. Most people will be able to 100% the Bass part with little practice.

Another tip I can give you is that over strumming or over hitting does not void the achievement, so don’t restart if someone might have hit an extra note. Same tips for Drums also apply here as when they did for the 100% all Kick notes achievement. Make sure to save your Overdrive so you have fewer notes to worry about. You might also get screwed over on Drums if the notes don’t register. A workaround for this is to massively over hit every note on Drums but in the long run, you might end up making more mistakes than if you would just take the loss and restart if you get unlucky.

While having a real player sing is easier, if you use the video than you only need a total of three people. What you want to do is sync up the video by hitting play at the right moment while the microphone is next to the speaker of your computer. This might be a little finicky at first but once you get the hang of it, it is not that hard to do.

Here is the video (audio only comes from the left speaker):

Now I want to give a massive shout out to xs Silence sx for making the video. The instructions he gives is to play the video 2.5 bars before the first Guitar note. These bars he is talking about are the white lines on the fretboard in the game where your notes are coming from. Count the number of bars and try to play the video at the right time. You will know if you have done it correctly if your vocalist is hitting the right note at the right time.

If you are having trouble try to first play on solo Vocals to get the audio right and build up from there. A final tip I can give for the band is to just play on EASY. You don’t want to restart halfway through after finally syncing up the video just to have to do that again.

Good luck, the achievement will unlock after the song ends:

  • Free & Easy

    Full band clears "Free & Easy" with 100% notes hit on any difficulty

    Free & Easy
    1 guideOffline Game ModeCooperativePlayers RequiredExternal Content

Let’s hope it was free and easy!

This concludes the walkthrough for Rock Band Country Track Pack. Hopefully, I have given you valuable information you didn’t have before which helped you complete the game. Personally, I liked the shift towards more band-oriented play which fits the Rock Band style, even though it can be annoying as you are just out of luck if you can’t find any friends to play with you. Happy hunting!

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