Livelock is a 2 dimensional shoot 'em up that can be played with up to 3 people. I did not find any of the achievements overly challenging or rage-inducing.

The game is extremely linear, you can't truly lose (other than one level that is mentioned in the WT) so I will not advise you on how to defeat the enemies. I will lay out the objectives, which enemies are in which level and the audiologs to make your first run, your only run. I have taken pictures of objectives, especially in the beginning to show you what I am describing. I have taken pictures of all the audiologs location and given a description below the picture on how to get there.

The ratio on this game is currently pretty high, and will likely stay high, as Livelock was one of the games given away on the Games with Gold program in September 2018.

With that said, let's begin the guide.

First I want to offer my assistance on this game if you need a 3rd person. I will need 24 hours notice but message me TheOnlyMatto if you need me. Message me on Xbox live to get a quicker response.


  • cn_A: Power 1
  • cn_B: Power 2
  • cn_X: Dialog/Reload
  • cn_Y: Switch Weapons
  • cn_RB: Melee
  • cn_LB: Dodge/Roll
  • cn_RT: Shoot
  • cn_LT: Power 3
  • cn_LS: Walk and Push down to run
  • cn_RS: Aim weapon


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  • Use the landing pod to do damage. This can, sometimes, be the only thing you can do between deaths.
  • Hard mode isn't hard, just longer.
  • Save your carbon until you have 2,500
  • Kill EVERYTHING even on hard. This should save you a fair bit of reloading levels.

Before you begin the game there is something you should know. If you die, you will respawn and all enemies will still be dead (try to use your landing pod to do some bonus damage). This means all but one level can be beaten just by being stubborn and getting through the game little by little. There is one level, where you have to protect a four-legged drone, that can fail. There are ways to make yourself stronger at that point to get through the level on hard, or get assistance from a friend. I have written a way to cheese the level if you are having difficulty. Because the game is so linear and it gives you markers, I am not going in to great detail about each mission.

There are three things that will be spelled out for each level:

Enemy farming locations
Main mission objectives
Audio logs (if you miss any and have to go back then you should know that you don't have to complete the level for it to count) will be in bold.

Audiolog Video Guide: (No credit)

Before you begin I want to explain a few things. There are regular enemies and upgraded enemies. Upgraded enemies will glow and have a name that says upgraded. This is where you end up getting gear like a helmet, cape or alloy. When you get all three you will unlock the following:

  • Fully Kitted

    Have a Helmet, Cape and Alloy equipped at the same time

    Fully Kitted
    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

If you kill every enemy/upgraded enemy you should unlock these before the last boss:

You need to save all the carbon/currency you get until you have 2,500 in your possession in one go. You will unlock:

There are 4 difficulties. There is only 1 achievement that relates to the hardest difficulty and that will be discussed later in the guide. For now play every mission on Singular (Hard). This guide assumes you start with Vanguard and that you kill every enemy you come across in every level but 2-1 (which I'll explain when we get to it).



Enemies - Mongrel, Eliminator and Alloy Spider

Goal - Explore the research facility

Audiolog 7412.6

Pic 1

Shortly after the level starts you will be taught how to roll and you should run directly in to this audio log

You should have killed one enemy by now and will have unlocked:

Pic 2

Hold cn_X to interact with object in picture to complete the goal

Goal - Explore the research facility

Audiolog 7130.4

Pic 3

Immediately after you complete the previous goal you will go outside and fight 4 mongrels. Grab it after the fight.

Note: When you see blue objects, either shoot them or interact with cn_X for currency. Save all currency until you reach 2500 (which you should reach just before the only level you can fail, level 1.9 - Special Delivery).

Reach the location in the pic below to complete the goal

Pic 4

Goal - Return to the surface

cn_X on the glowing light ahead of you.



Enemies - Mongrel, Eliminator and Scourge

Goal - Locate the captured outpost

Audiolog 2259.55

Pic 5

Pic 6

Go forward, take a left and continue forward until you see the front of a downed plane. Go inside to get the audiolog

When you reach the captured outpost you will automatically complete it and be tasked with eliminating the enemies there

Goal - Uplink with the outpost core

Pic 7

Hold cn_X to uplink

Goal - Protect the outpost core while uplink is in progress

Now you will face 3 waves of enemies while having to defend the outpost core. It can take quite a bit of damage so this is fairly easy.

Goal - Complete the outpost core uplink protocol

Hold cn_X again


You should have over 100 kills


Enemies - Scourge and Eliminator

Goals - Locate the entrance to the parking lot.

Audiolog 2258.42

Pic 8

After a hole opens on your left, and you fight a group of scourge/eliminators, you will take a left and right following the road. You will see a crack in the middle of the road and to the left of said crack you will see the audiolog in the photo above. I have already taken down the wall in the photo.

Pic 9

Shortly after you will have reached your goal.

Goal - Locate the hulking hound
Bonus - Destroy all enemies

Pic 10

Hold cn_X when you reach the hulking hound and then defend it for 3 waves. It can take quite a bit of damage so this shouldn't be hard. Search the area for loot

Goal - Enter the drop ship

Hold cn_X on the drop ship



Enemies - Forsaken, Scourge, Shank, Mongrel and Shatter cannon

Goal - Destroy abaddon signal jammers

Pic 11

You need to destroy three of these. After you have destroyed the second one you will be close to the audio log. This audiolog is confusing to get to so a video is provided

Audiolog 47988.0

In the video, from the second jammer, you follow the path and stick to the left until you find a destructible wall and the audiolog. Follow video if confused.

Pic 12

Destroy the third abaddon signal jammer to complete the goal

Goal - Repel the abaddon counter attack

Fairly simple and you have nothing to defend so worst case, you die a lot.

Goal - Enter the subway

Leave the building you are in to find a hole in the ground that leads to the subway.



Enemies - Shanks, Scourge and Forsaken

Goal - Locate Abaddon command signature

Proceed forward and beat Amos down to 40% so he runs away and get the same goal again

Goal - Locate Abaddon command signature

Continue the only direction you can really go and you will run in to Amos again when you reach a Y in the road. Beat him down to 25% and again he retreats.

Goal - Locate Abaddon command signature

Audiolog 1312.4

Pic 13

Shortly after your second Amos fight you will see an exploded wall on your right. Enter a room and fight a group of abaddon. As you exit back on to the track, look to your left and you will see the audiolog behind the trains.

Following the only path after the audiolog will lead you to Amos again. This time you get to kill him for good.

Goal - Return to the surface

Don't forget to loot and then exit the subway to the West.



Enemies - Ravager, Eliminator and Dampener

Goal - Investigate the source of the distress signal

Chassis Audiolog Van 1/6 (Hex 1/6, Cata 1/6) When the game is over you must repeat this level with Hex and Cata to get this audiolog again. There are 6 of these in the game and you don't need to finish the level for it to count.

Pic 14

Go Southwest and after you kill 2 ravagers go Northwest until you find a chest and the audiolog. Glad it is close to the start of the level.

When you reach your destination a cut scene will play.

Goal - Defeat alpha

This guy is more annoying than hard. He retreats at 20% health. He is going to split into multiple versions that can die but their health bars are not connected. Eventually he will die and when you face him 2 more times he will have more clones each time.

Goal - Investigate the source of the distress signal

Continue forward to an enterance to complete the goal

Goal - Protect the enclave from the abaddon attack

Self explanatory. After the cut scene fight an upgraded Dampener and its back up. When they are dead make sure to loot the chests before you interact with the AI and then return to the surface.

Goal - Enter the abaddon base

Audiolog 40759.5

Pic 15

As you go up the street look for a large billboard sign on the ground that reads "RAD CITY - Now on Broadway" followed by 2 destroyed tanks. Slightly Northwest, while following the road the last billboard was on, you will find a blue billboard on the ground that reads,"Farewell Concert". At that point go West and you will see a red ramp, like the pic above. Go up it and collect the audiolog.

Go back down the red ramp and head Northeast, hold cn_X to enter the base



Enemies - Dampener, Shank, Mongrels and Forsaken

Goal - Destroy the abaddon fabrication modules

Go to the first goal

Pic 16

The fabrication modules will spit out a shank every few seconds so I suggest destroying it first. You will need to destroy 6 but the game leads you to them.

Audiolog 8130.3

Pic 17

Shortly after the first module is destroyed you will reach a room with a circular pedestal, holding a power up, in the middle of the room. There will also be 2 modules in this room. There is an audiolog in a nook found in the Southwest of this room. There will be no more audiologs until 1-11.

You will soon enter a room with the final 3 modules in it. You will also have a few upgrades including one named M.I.R. who is an upgraded Forsaken.

Goal - Destroy M.I.R.

Self explanatory

Goal - Enter the drop pod

Self explanatory but search the room for loot before you do so.



Enemies - Shank, Pounder, Forsaken and Eliminator

Goal - Defeat the first wave of the abaddon attack (every wave the goal changes to basically the same thing)

You will also receive 4 turrets that will help you in this. This is a great level for you to gain kills on when kills is the only thing left to do. The first 2 waves are easy but the subsequent 2 can be challenging. Try to keep your turrets alive because they are a great distraction and seem to repair slowly. I managed to finish this level with less than 10% damage to what your protecting.


1-9 SPECIAL DELIVERY: (ONLY LEVEL YOU CAN FAIL) If you die too many times or find this too frustrating, try beating it on normal and returning here to beat it on hard when you are level 30. You are going to burst up to level 30 at the beginning of ACT 2 which isn't long from now.

Enemies - Mongrel, Pounder, Shatter Cannon, Forsaken, Eliminator, Scourge and Ravager

Goal - Locate the hulking hound

Walk to the hulking hound near by

Goal - Escort the hulking hound

Note: This is the hard part. You can repair the hulking hound by standing in the green and this will make it walk as well. You can make it move by standing in the outer ring but I suggest green or exit to kill. The enemies will be coming from all directions and obstructions will block your path. You need to remove the obstructions and aim for upgraded abaddon first. I strongly suggest going back and farming some carbon, if need be, to get the 2,500 collected achievement. Then upgrading your gauntlet and other weapons to make this easier. You shouldn't have to finish a level to get the carbon needed. I personally failed this mission 2 times but the second fail gave me my 2,500 carbon needed and I completed it after upgrading.

Ignore escorting him. Run a little ahead of him in the direction it is going and kill everything then return, move him up and repeat. This will make it a ton easier. He may come under attack at first but if you abandon him early it should stop. Take your first left and then an immediate right to find the first road block. Kill everything and you will likely have to retreat to prevent the hulking hound from being damaged again. Walk it near where the road block was and abandon it again. At the park you will be ambushed by Shatter Cannons. Return to the hulking hound and move it through the park but abandon it before the end. Continue to find your second road block, repeat process. After this return and easily walk your hulking hound forward. Otherwise the upgraded Ravager will demolish your hulking hound making the end really hard.

Goal - Protect the hulking hound

This is where it pays to have more health. If you are near 100% health you should be fine. After a minute of being battered by endless eliminators it will send out a shockwave turning them all green.

Goal - Travel to the bridge

Following the road to the Northwest, take a left turn and you will see the glowing exit.



Enemies - Protected, Shank, Pounder, Ravager and Scourge

Goal - Destroy the abaddon defense turrets

There are 11 turrets, they are not indicated to you so try to kill them all before moving on to the next section to prevent back tracking

Pic 18

Those are the first two turrets you will see. This level is too linear to need an in depth guide.

Goal - Destroy Rokot

Just an upgraded Protected. They are rare so make sure you kill the little ones too.

Goal - Travel to power plant

End of the bridge hold cn_X


You should have 1000 kills


Enemies - Protected, Shank, Alloy Spiders (Not many), Eliminator, Shatter Cannon, Scourge and Dampener

Goal - Enter the power plant

Audiolog 8210.3

Pic 19

From the start go to the left 4-5 steps and then head North to the marker. On your way, up against a ledge, you should see the audiolog.

Return back to the starting area

Audiolog 9521.6

Pic 20

Go West until you find a road going Northwest, follow that road. There will be a big hole in the road you have to go around, and continue to follow the same road. You will reach yet another hole you must go around in a similar way to reach the audiolog.

Follow the indicator to reach the objective and complete the goal

Goal - Locate the reactor core

Continue forward and the lights will go out.

Chassis Audiolog Van 2/6 (Hex 2/6, Cata 2/6)

Pic 21

After you go around a hole, you will fight a group of abaddon and go through a door. Go Northeast through another door and stick to the left path. At the end, through a door, will be a room full of abaddon and the audiolog.

Now head Southeast to continue on the goal

Goal - Destroy all abaddon forces

Self explanatory

Goal - Confront the Collector

Self explanatory

Goal - Defeat the Collector

Self explanatory

Goal - Retrieve eden key fragment

Top of the room, glowing blue and spinning. Takes a second to appear. Grab it and skip the cut scene


You unlock:


2-1 CRASH SITE: switch difficulty to Transcendent (Survival) and follow the video exactly, repeat until level 30 and you unlock the following:

  • Pebble

    Reach Level 10 with Vanguard

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

  • Cobble

    Reach Level 20 with Vanguard

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

  • Boulder

    Reach Level 30 with Vanguard

    2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

For those who don't like videos you must press cn_LB to dodge your way through the level, pick up the item that is requested (make sure you skip through all convos) and dodge your way to the exit.

After each completion just press cn_X to restart. It will keep your level and let you run it again with less loads.

The rest of the game should be easier now. Go back to the lobby with cn_B and change the difficulty.

2-1 CRASH SITE: switch difficulty back to Singular and collect Audiolog

Enemies - Stabby bug, Wasp, Alloy Spiders and Spider Host

Audiolog 8390.0

Pic 22

Go Northeast from the beginning of the level and continue Northeast past the train tracks. When you hit the cliffs edge, go North and collect your audiolog.

Wait a second, after getting the audiolog and then pause the game and return to lobby. Pause the game in lobby and change the level to 2-2



Enemies - Stabby bug, Gaster, Wasp, Trap Jaw and Spider Host

Goal - Locate the noesis colony nest

Chassis Audiolog Van 3/6 (Hex 3/6, Cata 3/6)

Pic 23

At the Y in the track, take the right path. Kill the enemies that explode out of the wall. Continue to the right and you will see another nook with another Chrysalis in it. Go right and take your next right (South) and grab your audiolog

Go North now to get closer to your current goal. The bonus objective really does nothing for you so feel free to skip it. You will know you've arrived when you get a cut scene. Skip with cn_X

Goal - Destroy the noesis queen

Named Gerris and she's easily spanked.

Goal - Enter drop pod

Loot the room first



Enemies - Stinger, Stabby Bug, Gaster, Wasp and Trap Jaw

Goal - Infiltrate the outer noesis defenses

Go forward and kill everything along the way until you reach a force field. Hold cn_X on the force field to hack the doorway.

Goal - Secure the area while the hack is in progress

Kill everything in the area

Goal - Hack the second noesis defense layer

Pic 24

Continue to the next wall but don't hack yet. Just to the left of the door is a doorway of light, hold cn_X on it

Audiolog 8454.1

Pic 25

Go forward and smash everything until you find the audiolog. You will then be ambushed by gasters. Leave the same way you came in and hack the door.

Goal - Secure the area while the hack is in progress

Same as before

Goal - Hack the third noesis defense layer

Repeat steps from above but on a third forcefield

Goal - Enter the noesis hatchery

Go up the steps and enter the building



Enemies - Scarab, Spider Host, Stabby Bug, Stingers and Spider Host

Goal - Locate the first noesis hatchery

Head towards the goal and you will inevitably reach it. Kill everything around you

Goal - Locate the second noesis hatchery

Go towards the goal and you will be blocked by a building

Goal - Secure the area while SATCOM gets into position

Self explanatory and when you complete the objective SATCOM will open a path

Goal - Locate the third noesis hatchery

Audiolog 9715.5

Pic 26

As you head through the building you will shortly come across this one in your direct path, hard to miss.

Continue to the way point and complete your goal.

Goal - Destroy the third noesis hatchery

Smash the towers to finish

Goal - Locate the main noesis hatchery

Same as last time, follow the way point and kill everything on the way there. Eventually you will be stuck and unable to push forward until SATCOM opens a way. This is quick and they will destroy a building to let you in. Destroy the 5 targets and kill everything around

Goal - Destroy Atlas

Self explanatory

Goal - Travel deeper into the noesis nest

Go to the way point and enter by holding cn_X



Enemies - Stinger, Wasp, Gaster, Trap Jaw, and Stabby Bug

Goal - Find the enterance to the noesis core

You will fight noesis on a rooftop, then cross a bridge and go up some stairs. The bridge will colapse behind you and a cutscene will happen

Goal - Defeat alpha

Same as last time but more clones

Goal - Find the enterance to the noesis core

Cross another bridge and it collapses behind you

Audiolog 50893.5

Pic 27

Go to the Northeast and collect the audiolog (under the orange power up on my screen)

Try to exit this area and you will be denied every which way you try to exit so go counter clockwise until the goal changes

Goal - Secure the area until SATCOM hacks the noesis defenses

Kill the waves of enemies that flood you including Atlas

Goal - Enter the noesis core

Go Northwest up the stairs and enter the noesis core



Enemies - Scarab, Siege Breaker, Gaster, Trap Jaw and Stinger

Goal - Disable the synaptic connection

Go to the way point and you will find a pillar surrounded by scarabs. Destroy them and continue

Goal - Disable the synaptic connection

Go to the way point and you will find a pillar surrounded by scarabs. Destroy them and their back up then stand against the thing they were connected to

Chassis Audiolog Van 4/6 (Hex 4/6, Cata 4/6)

Pic 28

Go to the left and push against the edge. Now hug this edge and head south to collect this audiolog.

Continue disabling the synaptic connection until the objective changes

Goal - Locate the noesis core

Wait and an elevator will appear in the Northwest corner of the area you are in. Get on and skip the cut scene.

Goal - Destroy Democritus

He is very annoying. He bounces around and makes it hard to hit him with the drop ship and he is quick to kill you in 2 hits. He will become invincible every so often and summons Stingers. He likes to hit and disappear but inevitably he will die.

Goal - Retrieve eden key fragment

Follow the way point as it can be hard to see depending on where you end up killing the boss. Skip the cut scene that follows


You unlock:



Enemies - Harvester, Alexei, Pet Shank, Ivan, Few Prototype Weapon and Vladimir

Goal - Find traces of the proetorian chaster

Audiolog 56844.9

Go to the way point and don't activate it quite yet. Instead, head North (follow video if confused) and go around the really big ship (there are lots of little ships). Continue North and there is a hard to spot nook with a cave you need to enter

Pic 29

Go straight ahead and you will find the audiolog.

Return to the way point, activate it and defend it. Continue to the next way point and you will be ambushed by Vostok. Injure him and he will run away. Continue to the way point but don't activate it yet.

Chassis Audiolog Van 5/6 (Hex 5/6, Cata 5/6)

Pic 30

Go North for a screen and then Northwest. Go around a few ships but keep the general direction and you will reach the audio log.

Go back to the way point and activate it and defend it.

Goal - Recover the praetorian data core

Head towards the way point and kill everything on the way there. Vostok will appear and retreat again at 70%. Hold cn_X on the sarcophagus looking thing

Goal - Upload the coordinates of New Moscow

Kill 3 waves of enemies and complete the level. On the 3rd wave Vostok appears again and you can kill him. Enter the drop ship that appears Northeast of the sarcophagus



Enemies - Few Prototype Weapon, Boris, Nikolai and tons of upgraded enemies

Goal - Destroy the phase emitters

Follow the way point and note your green army. There are 7 phase emitters to destroy and they are not marked by a way point. They are rather obvious though and in the main path.

Goal - Destroy the defense core

There is a bigger version of the phase emitters slightly beyond the last phase emitter. When this is destroyed you complete the quest.

Goal - Enter drop pod

Self explanatory.


Enemies - Natasha, Few Prototype Weapon/Shield, Boris and Pet Shank

Goal - Fight to the inner city

Audiotag 2233.04

Pic 31

Head Northwest but hug the edge of the cliff on the right side, heading North as it does, until you reach the final story audiolog

You will end up fighting Boris and need to knock his health back until he retreats

Goal - Breach the outer wall

Chassis Audiolog Van 6/6 (Hex 6/6, Cata 6/6)

Pic 32

The final chassis audiolog is immediately after your first fight with Boris. Follow the path he came from to the Northwest and take a turn to the North as soon as you can. You will run in to the final audiolog for this class a few feet behind 2 upgraded turrets.

Now from this point on the game is all about killing (other than Hex and Cata collectibles). You are going to run in to Boris again and will need to knock him and a few more upgrades out to complete the task at hand

Goal - Confront Alpha

Go to the way point and get a cut scene.

Goal - Destroy Alpha

For the final time... or is it? Yes it is. You know what to do now


During this level, if you followed my advice and killed everything in every level, you should unlock:

If you collected all the audiologs you will unlock:


No collectibles here, just defeat the last boss and unlock:

  • Singular

    Complete all missions on Hard

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

Note: 4,000 kills at this point.

Use cn_B to return to lobby. Press cn_Y while in the lobby to add two new Chassis Hex and Catalyst. Now repeat what you did on 2-1 Transcendent (Survival) to get 47k XP per run. Get both to 30 to unlock:

  • Noob

    Reach Level 10 with Hex

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

  • Amateur

    Reach Level 20 with Hex

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

  • Spark

    Reach Level 10 with Catalyst

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

  • Flare

    Reach Level 20 with Catalyst

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

  • Explosion

    Reach Level 30 with Catalyst

    3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeLevel

Go back to 2-1 on easy this time and follow this video exactly:

Not my video, credit to Markyshizzle. Replicating this video will help you unlock:

  • R2-D20

    20 Destruction streak

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

  • C-30PO

    30 Destruction streak

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

  • T-100

    100 Destruction streak

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

You likely unlocked the first two in the campaign

Return to lobby, back out to the main menu and go to database. This is going to show you which enemies you will likely need to go back and kill:

  • Alloy Spider - Play level 1-1 and they are everywhere or just keep restarting the beginning and getting them there.
  • Protected - 1-10 and just focus on the Protected.
  • Spider host - Play 2-1.
  • Wasp - Play 2-1.
  • Gaster - Play 2-5 .
  • Trap Jaw - Play 2-5.
  • Siege Breaker - Play 2-6 and get to the second pole surrounded by enemies. After beating them 3 siege breakers will appear. When they are dead, restart the mission and repeat until done.
  • Ivan - Worst in the game. You have to play 3-1 until the end of the mission because there are only 2 in the whole game... The second time you meet Ivan, don't touch him just run past him and go Northwest to the coffin. This creates an additional Ivan. Beat 1 regular Ivan in the first wave, don't touch the upgraded Ivan. Kill one Ivan in the third wave and then the upgraded Ivan after those you are sure it is dead. This is a minimum of 8 runs, 9 if you include your first run. It took a few tries to get the third to show up because I knocked big Ivan out every time I saw him, my bad. Doing this took me 10 minutes a run but adds some to your kill count. I ran in to 4 Ivans in one match. You can restart the mission after you've killed the final Ivan.
  • Natasha - Play 3-3 and they are all over the beginning. Reset if needed.

You need to kill the amount of enemies required under each blue card. It may help to write them down but the game will notify you when you are done. When you have mastered them all and turned all cards gold you will unlock:

  • LulzSec

    Decrypt all Master Data Cards

    3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

Go back and collect the remainder of the Hex 1/6-6/6 and Cata 1/6-6/6 to unlock:

Start up Survival on the second map, on easy, and run around the edges using cn_LB to roll around for 15 minutes and you will unlock:

  • Unbreakable

    Survive 5 minutes in Survival OP Mission

    1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

  • Transcendent

    Survive 15 minutes in Survival OP Mission

    4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Don't know if it is a glitch but it is so much easier than transcendent

Now for the Co-op achievements. Unless you have 3 Xbox Ones you are going to need to set up a gaming session or join a gaming session to get these done. If you are having a lot of difficulty, I may be able to help so message TheOnlyMatto for assistance. This is very fast.

Run one match, level 1-1 on Singular difficulty, where everyone is a different class to unlock:

  • The Few, the Proud

    Complete a COOP Mission on Singular Difficulty without Reprinting

    The Few, the Proud
    2 guidesOnline Game ModeCooperativeDifficulty Specific

  • Few's Company

    Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard

    Few's Company
    1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativePlayers Required

Run one match, level 1-1 on easy difficulty, where everyone is the same class to unlock:

  • A Few of the Same

    Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using 3 of the same class

    A Few of the Same
    1 guideOnline Game ModeCooperativePlayers Required

Now load level 1-8 and repeat it until you unlock:

Congratulations on your latest 1000 and hopefully you got this for free with an Xbox live gold subscription. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did and if you found this WT useful please consider volunteering to write a walkthrough for I'd like to thank Markyshizzle, XF34Rx KiNGzz, WeighingBrute, DueAsh, Mister Buds and Chucklestyle for their awesome solutions which helped me to write this guide.

If you noticed an enemy in a level that I did not mention, please message me and let me know.

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