Arkadian Warriors

Arkadian Warriors is an Action Role-Playing Game based on Greek Mythology. The dungeons in this game are randomly-generated. As such, this walkthrough will only give you details of the main quests for each level, give you tips for the bosses and tell you when and how you can obtain each achievement.

There are three playable characters, each with their own unique transformation; the Archer (Dragon), the Soldier (Lion) and the Sorceress (Phoenix). The progress of each character, including levels completed, items found and gold earned, are saved independently. However, there is a way to transfer items from one character to another. Simply drop an item in multiplayer and pick it back up with a second controller using another profile. Load up the game with the desired character in multiplayer with the same second controller, and repeat in reverse. This is important, as each of the characters has weapons and armour that are exclusive to them.

Whilst you will only need to complete one entire playthrough, you will need to complete at least one quest with each character for the "Class Act" achievement. The progress of any one player carries over from single player and multiplayer, whilst you can re-select levels by talking to Artemis at the edge of town. Complete two successive levels continuously in co-op for the "Team Work" achievement. Defeating the final boss will earn you the "Snake Slayer" achievement. In this last boss fight, you should also aim to unlock the "Morph to Kill" and "Chain Master" achievements for defeating 10 snakes in quick succession whilst in Alter Ego form.

As you progress through the story, you will be given specific tasks. These tasks may include defeating a particular boss, killing a particular amount of a certain enemy, or obtaining a number of a specific item. In many cases, you cannot move from one floor to another unless you have found/defeated all quest items/enemies on the current floor. In other cases, you can simply find the staircase and progress as you wish.

However, it is recommended that on each floor you explore as much as possible. Defeat every enemy, for the "Dungeon Delver" achievement, open every treasure chest and pick up every item. Doing so will increase the gold you earn, for the "Gold Miser" achievement, and the experience you earn, for the "God's Champion" achievement. You will also find secret rooms throughout the quests. Find 15 for the "Treasure Hunter" achievement. By the end of the second quest, you should have obtained a full set of equipment. Open the inventory and equip a weapon, a helmet and some armour for the "Geared Up" achievement.

The dungeons in the game are randomly generated, so the items and monsters that you encounter will differ from one playthrough to the next.

Treasure Hunter

Find 15 secret rooms.

Treasure Hunter
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It is recommended that you defeat every enemy and search every room on every floor in every dungeon. Doing so will earn you greater experience bonuses, lots of gold, and more weapons to use or sell. You should also have found 15 secret rooms fairly early in the game, earning you the “Treasure Hunter” achievement. These rooms are only accessible by attacking a certain section of a wall, revealing two or more treasure chests, containing gold, potions or other items. Walk around the perimeter of the entire map before progressing to find them.

Before progressing on each floor, you should also pick up every potion. If you are already carrying the maximum amount of any potion, you should drink potions, as leaving the potions will simply be wasting them.

Each time you return to the town after completing a quest, you should sell your unwanted items and check the merchant’s shop for newer, more advanced items. Doing so after each of the 19 quests should earn you:

Merchant's Master

Buy or sell 100 items.

Merchant's Master
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Completing the quests and killing every monster will earn you and experience and gold. Simply playing through the game in this fashion should earn you the following two achievements for reaching level 20 and accumulating 500,000 gold. As your character levels up, their base stats will increase, and they will acquire the capacity to use new special abilities.

God's Champion

Reach level 20 with any character.

God's Champion
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Gold Miser

Accumulate 500000 Gold.

Gold Miser
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You can choose to start the game in either Single Player or Multiplayer. There are no achievements that require you to play in single player, and both players in co-op can earn gold and experience, so Multiplayer is recommended if possible. It should be noted that there is one achievement for playing in co-op, and this can be done either locally or over XBOX Live. Co-op also gives you and your partner the chance to swap items with eachother, which can be very useful, as you will find items that cannot be used by certain characters. There are three character choices; Archer, Soldier and Sorceress. You will need to complete at least one quest with each of these characters at some point, but you should focus on completing the story with just one character class, as the story progression does not carry over saves.

Archer: Weapons include Bows and Daggers. Armour includes Caps, Jerkins and Leather Armour.

Soldier: Weapons include Gavels, Spears, Blades, Hammers and Polearms. Armour includes Shields, Helmets, Breastplates and Aegises.

Sorceress: Weapons include Wands, Staffs and Sceptres. Armour includes Robes, Headdresses, Shawls, Cowls and Drapes.

The game begins informing you that a previous Goddess of Arkadia rewarded three of her animals with the ability to transform into humans. These animals are the Lion (Soldier), the Phoenix (Sorceress) and the Dragon (Archer). For generations, the descendents of the three blessed animals lived in peace, but overtime they were rarely required to change to their bestial form. However, evil creatures have started to cause chaos, as Gorgon has arrived in the lands of Arkadia. A champion is needed once again.

You begin the game as a level 1 character. Hold RT to open up your inventory, moving left and right to see the various menus, including weapons, armour, potions and abilities. You will accumulate new items as you move through the game, but you can also purchase/sell weapons in the town. The town shop is represented by a purple circle on the minimap. Note that if you have an item that your character cannot use, you should drop it for your co-op partner. Equiping items will give various advantages to your character, increasing their stats or adding an effect to their attacks.

There is not much else you can do in the town at the moment, besides visiting the shop, gambling at the central water feature and drinking from either of the two water fountains at opposite ends of the town. Gambling may reward you with more gold (if you have any), whilst drinking from the outer water features will replenish your health and mana. Once you are ready, find the gold marker on the minimap to find Hermie, who will give you your first quest. He will have a yellow exclamation point above his head. Once you accept the quest, a portal will appear nearby. Enter to begin your quest. The dungeons in Arkadian Warriors are randomly generated, as are the items and enemies, to a certain extent. More powerful weapons and enemies will begin to appear as your progress through the game, but the randomly generated levels mean that this walkthrough cannot be step-by-step.

Quest #1: Frenzied Boars. You have to kill 15 frenzied boars and their king.

You can use the A button to attack, whilst the X button is used to pick up items dropped by enemies or found in chests. Gold and keys are picked up by simply walking over them. On your HUD, you will notice three separate bars. The red bar is your health, the blue bar is your mana, and the yellow bar is your Alter Ego. Kill enemies and smash things to fill up your Alter Ego bar. Once full, you can press Y to transform into the beast to attack with more power. Each character class also has their own special abilities. Open up the inventory to see which level you character needs to be to learn them. You can also use the inventory to change the ability of your character. The special abilities can be used in-game by pressing B, depleting your mana a little in the process. Finally, you will also be equipped with potions for each of the three bars. Use the D-Pad to use the potions. You can only carry up to a maximum of 20 Health potions, 10 mana potions and 5 Alter Ego potions. To level up your character quickly, earn kill chains by defeating a large number of enemies within a certain amount of time. Levelling up will increase your basic stats, whilst earning you new class-specific special abilities.

The levels in Arkadian warriors are such that you must complete all quest objectives on any one floor before you can continue to the next floor. It is recommended that you search every room, pick up every item and kill every enemy before progressing to the next floor, as once you use the staircase, you cannot backtrack. You may find coloured keys that give access to new rooms, as well as secret rooms, which can be accessed by attacking them. When in the dungeons, look at the minimap to see nearby enemies and items, indicated by stars and suns respectively. Yellow stars/suns on the minimap represent quest items/enemies. You will also want to be aware of various traps including spikes, fireballs and exploding vases. You can use the exploding vases to your advantage by attacking them to explode near enemies. Do this 100 times for the “Master Bomber” achievement.

Master Bomber

Kill 100 monsters using exploding vases.

Master Bomber
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Move through the first dungeon, killing all enemies and picking up all weapons. Once you have filled up your Alter Ego bar, press Y and aim to kill at least 10 enemies for the “Morph to Kill” achievement. If you are having trouble doing this, find one of the pods where spiders spawn (or preferably two pods) and wait for a few to accumulate before entering Alter Ego mode. You may also acquire the “Chain Master” achievement for achieving a 10 kill chain.

Morph to Kill

Defeat 10 monsters while in Alter Ego form.

Morph to Kill
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Chain Master

Achieve a 10 kill chain.

Chain Master
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Once you have completed the quest objectives on the current floor, you will be notified, and you can now use the staircase to move to the next floor. Before you move on, hunt down every monster to earn the “Dungeon Delver” achievement.

Dungeon Delver

Destroy all monsters in a dungeon level.

Dungeon Delver
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Monsters with low health tend to run away from you, so you may need to backtrack through the dungeon to hunt some of them down. Once you are certain you have picked up every item and have defeated every enemy, move to the staircase and press X to continue. Repeat this for floor 2. The third floor is where you will face the first boss of the game; the Boar King. This fight has multiple repeated stages. Attack the Boar King as much as you can, whislt avoiding his large axe. When the Boar King’s health bar is at about 80%, he will flee and summon three frenzied boars. Defeat the boars and the Boar King will return. This repeats for 60%, 40% and 20% health. Once you have killed the King of the Frenzies Boars, enter the portal to return to town. You will be rewarded with gold, experience and items for your efforts.

By the end of the first level, you may have acquired a full set of armour. This requires a weapon, a helmet and some other form of armour. If you have not acquired all three yet, go to the shop and buy what you need. You must equip all three for the "Geared Up" achievement to pop.

Geared Up

Equip a full suit of armor: Helmet, Armor and Weapon.

Geared Up
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Sell your unwanted/duplicate items at the town shop, replenish your health/mana at the fountains and talk to Hermie to begin the next quest. You can also talk to Artemis (previously the Eagle) in the town centre to replay quests. All quests in the walkthrough from this point onwards will only describe the key features/objectives of the levels.

Quest #2: Kobalos Wizards. You have to kill 25 blue kobalos wizards.

There are three floors with various new enemies, including a few types of kobalos. Once you have killed 25 wizard kobalos, find the nearby portal to return to town.

If you played both of the first quests in co-op continuously, you will have earned the “Team Work” achievement. You can now exit your game and change character. Note however that gold, money and story progression does not carry over between character classes. If you wish to move weapons across from one class to another, play multiplayer, and give all weapons you wish to trade to a second controller. Now exit the game and load up with your new character, also in multiplayer.

Team Work

Complete 2 quests in one continuous co-op session.

Team Work
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Quest #3: Stolen Anvil. You must recover the stolen anvil.

You are not required to complete any specific tasks on each floor. Simply make your way to the second floor to recover the stolen anvil from the large Boar. The anvil is recovered by walking over it. Aim to explore the entire dungeon before exiting to the town through the portal.

Quest #4: Scorpion Tails. You must gather 20 scorpion tails.

Scorpion tails are left behind after defeating scorpions. You must press X to retrieve them. You must collect all scorpion tails on any one level before you can progress. Once you have collected all of the scorpion tails from the 3 floors, return to the town.

Quest #5: Lost Doll. You must find Melinda’s doll.

The doll is found in one of the rooms on the second floor of the dungeon. You do not even have to defeat any enemies to obtain it.

Quest #6: Honoring the Dead. You must find 10 of Melinda’s Mother’s bones.

Piles of bones will be lying on the floor at various places throughout these dungeons. Press X to retrieve them. You must find all bones on any one level to progress to the next floor. There are 4 floors in total.

Quest #7: Cyclopes. You must kill two Cyclopes

Make your way to the fifth floor for your second boss fight of the game. Alanakus and Fahrnakus are the two Cyclopes. Both are armed with large clubs, which have quite a large swing distance. Also, watch out for their stomp attacks. It is wise to use your Alter Ego potions here if you feel you need to. Once both are down, you will return to the town.

Quest #8: Gorgon’s Statues. You have to destroy 4 Gorgon statues.

The Gorgon statues are destroyed by attacking them. They are found in various rooms throughout the two floors of the dungeon.

Quest #9: Gorgon’s Children. You have to kill 20 serpents.

Find and kill the 20 serpents spread over the three floors to complete the quest.

Quest #10: Venomous Scorpions. You have to kill 20 venomous scorpions.

It is the red scorpions that you must find and defeat over the three floors.

Quest #11: The Wild Boar. You have to kill the wild boar.

The boar appears on the second floor. It is distinguishable from the other boars, as it has a different fur pattern. Also, of course, you can see the yellow sun icon on the minimap.

Quest #12: Anvil’s Restoration. You must find 5 restoration spells.

The restoration spells are held by the Chimaeras. Defeat the five Chimaeras over the two floors and pick up the spells that they drop.

Quest #13: Underworld Portals. You have to destroy 4 Underworld portals.

The Underworld portals, much like Gorgon’s statues are destroyed with one attack. Find and destroy all four portals over the two floors to complete the quest.

Quest #14: Campe. You must kill Campe!

Campe is a boss found on the third floor. She has some very powerful attacks and changes her weapon multiple times. Be sure to use your special abilities and Alter Egos carefully to defeat her. Also be aware that she summons many allies throughout the battle.

Quest #15: Lost Lieutenants. You must find 5 lieutenants.

You will find the lieutenants spread across the three floors with a large yellow exclamation mark above their heads. Simply press X to talk to them to save them.

Quest #16: Rescue the Mayor’s Son. You must find Killian.

Killian can be found on the third floor. Simply talk to him to end the quest.

Quest #17: Underworld Keys. You must gather 8 Underworld keys.

The keys to the Underworld are found scattered around the three floors. Find them and press X to pick them up.

Quest #18: Typhon. You must kill Typhon!

Typhon is a boss found on the third floor of the dungeon. Use your special abilities and Alter Egos wisely. At 75% health, Typhon will return to the water. Move away from him and dodge his spells. Before he returns to land, Typhon will summon multiple crabs to aid him in combat. Reduce Typhon’s health to zero to complete the quest.

Quest #19: Gorgon. You must kill the Gorgon.

This is the final quest of the game. You must find and kill Gorgon. Gorgon is a boss on the fifth floor. Again, you will want to use your special abilities and Alter Egos wisely. The statues dotted around the area come alive to increase the amount of enemies that you face. When Gorgon is down to about 50% health, she will summon dozens of snakes. It should be noted that this also gives you an excellent opportunity to earn the “Morph to Kill” and “Chain Master” achievements if you have yet to unlock them.

Defeat the Gorgon to complete the game and unlock the “Snake Slayer” achievement.

Snake Slayer

Finish the game by beating the Gorgon.

Snake Slayer
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You have now completed the game. If you have not done so already, complete the “Merchant’s Master” achievement by selling all of your potions and other unwanted items from the merchant in town. Now simply buy as much as you can to sell back to him. Repeat until you have your achievement.

It is also likely that you will not have killed 100 monsters with exploding vases. Repeat the first few quests of the game and find spiders (or other re-spawning enemies) near these vases. Attack them once to begin the exploding sequence.

Master Bomber

Kill 100 monsters using exploding vases.

Master Bomber
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Once you have completed the above quests and achievements, you should exit the game and complete the first quest with each of the two other characters if you have not done so already.

Class Act

Complete at least one quest with each character.

Class Act
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Congratulations! You have completed Arkadian Warriors.

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