Terminator Resistance

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Welcome to Terminator Resistance! This amazing Terminator game has great graphics and dynamics, it’s a must-buy for die-hard fans. If you watched all the movies, you’ll see there are a few flashes of memories from them throughout the campaign that add up to the entirety of how Terminator Resistance came about. I hint at them throughout the walkthrough, as it almost perfectly bridges all the movies, especially since they’re from alternate timelines.

This game has 25 achievements that you can unlock in about 6-8 hours. One full story playthrough will do it for you, and there’s a few missable achievements I’ll explain in detail. If you already looked at the achievements and TA score, then you know it's very easy to complete due to no extreme difficulty achievements, but it’s only easy as long as you continue upgrading your weapons, skills and play stealth at times. This game does very good to show how effective weapons are against the machines as seen from the movies, so you tell me if it’s a good idea to charge toward a T-800 with just an M16 Rifle.

Let's go preserve our future.

If you’ve played COD and/or Battlefield games, the controls will be very similar, except you use cn_Y to melee. There are 3 Presets in the Control Scheme in the Options tab on the pause screen. Change it if you’d prefer. This WT uses the 1st Control Scheme default.

There will be moments throughout where stealth is the best answer, even on easy difficulty, but most of the walkthrough will be spent on destroying all the machines with little trouble if any. As I hinted at in the overview, in the first encounter you’ll have with a T-800, at best you’ll have either a Remington Shotgun or M16 Rifle. As seen in the movies, they don’t do much to them. There will be other moments where you’re running and actively firing at various machines. I’ll label these as Run-N-Gun missions. They don’t need a walkthrough, so have at it!

This game is one of those “tailored to how you play” games, as your choices affect the ending. If you just care for the achievements, then rest easy. No choice you make will prevent you from completing the game. My walkthrough covers the best ending, though!

Through the entire campaign, you’ll be scavenging anything you can get your hands on, such as:

Trade Resources – Currency of the game. It accumulates slowly, but if you’re scavenging everywhere you go, you won’t need to use it. I only bought 1 item and it was a Skynet Plasma VSB-90, 2nd Gen machine gun. You’ll see why in the walkthrough.

Crafting Parts – Fabrics, Electric Parts, Chemical Compounds, Energy Cells, Metal Scraps, Explosive Materials. Use these to craft useful items when you find a crafting table. There will be at least 1 in every hideout and shelter and a couple scattered throughout every map.

Ammo - Small/Medium Caliber Ammo, Shotgun Shells, Red/Violet Plasma Cells. Self-explanatory. If you scavenge everywhere you’ll never run out.

Notes – These are scattered throughout the maps from people’s depictions on what was going on during Judgment Day. It’s 32 total in the game and you only need 10 for the 2 achievements tied to them. I put all 32 in the walkthrough, so feel free to check them out.

*General rule of thumb: kill a machine, salvage it by pressing cn_X to search, then cn_X again for Take All.

*Scavenge everywhere! You never know when you need it.


Even though it’s a small campaign, you still have skills that you get better with as you move forward. You can’t finish the game without upgrading most of these skills, and if you do every side quest, you’ll reach the maximum level before you finish the game.

  • There’s a level system. When you level up, you’re awarded a skill point. You get XP from killing any Skynet force, completing main/side quests, hacking, lockpicking, and crafting. Additionally, there will be Skill Points you can find in various areas during your campaign. There are 33 total skill points you need if you want to fully upgrade everything.

There are 3 skill categories (Combat, Science, and Survival) and 3 sub-categories in each. I listed them below next to their overall importance. But I also listed exactly what I did with the skill point in the walkthrough.


  1. Stealth – Makes you harder to detect. This skill I’d upgrade near the end of the campaign. It doesn’t do much justice at all, honestly. (3 upgrade points)
  2. Weapons – Makes your weapons stronger and allows you to use Skynet’s plasma weaponry, besides the ones that are given to you by NPCs. Full upgrade doubles your critical damage. This one is arguably the most important one to put skill points into after lockpicking and hacking since the plasma weapons are critical for the Terminators. But not early though. Still have to get to certain levels to be able to use plasma weapons (5 upgrade points)
  3. Explosives – Strengthens explosives damage, and can disarm laser traps. Mildly important as laser traps will be more common as you go, and pipe grenades are extremely effective. (3 upgrade points)


  1. Lockpicking – In Fallout-apocalyptic style, open locked doors and boxes. The first skill you should upgrade. It needs to be upgraded fully before we get to Pasadena a second time for a missable achievement, and it’s necessary for a ton of doors (3 upgrade points).
    • There is such a thing as Force Lockpick where, depending on your lockpick skill, you can push cn_Y and the force chance at the bottom of your screen determines the chance you have at auto-opening the door. The door lockpick difficulty and your lockpick skill will determine how hard it is. A failure will destroy the lockpick. Don’t force if you don’t have many.
  2. Crafting – Be able to craft multiple items. If you scavenge enough parts, you can craft anything depending on your craft skill level. I upgraded this skill last. (5 upgrade points)
  3. Hacking – Either making a plasma turret friendly, opening Skynet Gates, opening electronic boxes, or corrupting computers. Next most important skill to upgrade.
    • Just like the lockpick, there's a "Bruteforce" option for force hacking. Your chance for a successful hacking depends on your hack level, the difficulty of the hack, and Skynet chip power (you'll salvage a lot of chips from fallen machines to use for this and for plasma weapon upgrades). If you fail to hack, you’ll be mildly electrified. (3 upgrade points)


  1. Backpack – Carry more items. You won’t get full until the middle of the campaign. Afterwards, it depends on what you choose to have with you. Besides the (pistol and SMG) every weapon will take up 2 slots in your inventory, but when you equip plasma weapons, you won’t need non-plasma weapons, except the Rocket Launcher. (3 upgrade points)
  2. Toughness – Increases your Defense. Somewhat useful but comes after lockpicking, hacking, and weapons. The last upgrade gives health regen. (5 points)
  3. Fast Learner – Increases XP. We'll be upgrading this early, but not as important as lockpicking and hacking. (3 upgrade points)


Skynet will throw every machine it has at you. You’ve seen most of them before.

Spider Scout – The easiest enemy you’ll face. 2-4 pistol shots will destroy these. Will always be more than 1 in an area.

Armored Spider – Spider Scout’s big brother. There are crits on its front red-eye and on its back.

Scout Drone – Flying machine that surveys areas. Easy to kill.

Armored Drone – Same as Scout Drone but will have armor that it opens and closes. More defensive.

Silverfish – Worm-like machines that hide in “plain sight” and act as landmines or homing landmines. If it sees you or you startle it, it charges at you and explodes. Easy to kill if it’s not moving.

Plasma Turret – Immobile machines that fire at you. The 1st ones you see will have Red Plasma ammo and be easier than their big brother, Violet Plasma turrets, which are more defensive and stronger. They can’t hear anything, though. Most of them I hacked during the campaign as they really help to turn the tide and reserve ammo if you run low.

T-800 – The Schwarzenegger classic of T1, T2, Genisys, and Dark Fate. Very tough if we’re talking bullets. Plasma ammo will destroy them in seconds. Do not face them head-on without them. Carries 1 Red Plasma Rifle.

T-808 Flamer – T-800 but with a flamethrower as its weapon. Shooting in its abdomen area (sometimes) or its back usually blows up the tank on its back.

T-820 – More armor than T-800. Carries 1 Violet Plasma Rifle

T-825 – Identical armor to T-820. Carries 2 Red Plasma Rifles

T-825V – Same armor as T-825. Carries 2 Violet Plasma Rifles.

T-850 – The classic Schwarzenegger infiltrator of T3 due to its heavy armor to withstand plasma weaponry. Very tough regardless of any weapon you use (until you get Violet Plasma weapons)

T-47 – A big Mech-like machine. 1st ones you see will have miniguns, and the others with “Plasma” in front of T-47 will have Red Plasma weapons. When its health gets to about 75%, it will start firing rockets. You’ll see a red targeting laser when it is about to. Get behind cover. Its face is a good crit to keep aiming at.

HK Aerial – Classic Hunter Killers. Has Red Plasma weapons and rockets. Any plasma weapons or rockets can hurt it, but I wouldn’t shoot Red Plasma weapons at it. It’ll take a long time.

HK Tank – The building-sized machines with the traction of a tank. Has 4 machine guns. All of its working lights are crits, and so is the red spot on its back. Shooting its upper body with a rocket will stun it for 5 seconds.


I will briefly go over this. At first, you’ll have the M1911 pistol. Then you’ll have an Uzi SMG, then an M16 Rifle, and then a Remington Shotgun. You’ll be given your first plasma weapon from Baron eventually and you won’t use any of those weapons again. You’ll either get your Violet Plasma weapon from Mack or off a destroyed Terminator (if you follow my walkthrough).

Miscellaneous Weapons

Termination Knife – An engineered knife capable of destroying any Terminator by sneaking up behind it and using it. cn_RT will pop up near their neck when you’re close enough. The only way to stealth-kill Terminators.

Laser-Guided RL-43 – Rocket Launcher. Has a laser sight that guides the missiles. You’ll be using this against the HK Tank, HK Aerial, and whatever else you want to use it for.

Offensive Slot Throwables

Laser Trap - Device that creates a laser and explodes upon anything that breaks its line of sight

Sticky Bomb - Plant these C4-like items in an area and you can detonate them all at the same time

Pipe Grenade – The basic grenade of the game. Does a lot of damage

Can Grenade – The big brother of pipe grenades. More powerful, but rarer

Sound Decoy – Use these to attract Silverfish in the area to it. If they didn’t move toward the sound decoy when you throw it, it’s not close enough

Defensive Slot Items

Medkit – Heals you. Medkit 1 heals you a little, and Medkit 2 heals a lot.

Slow-Mo Stimulant – Slows time temporarily for about 20 seconds. I didn’t use any stimulant. You don’t need them.

Painkilling Stimulant – Increases endurance for 30 seconds

Speed Stimulant – Increases running speed for about 30 seconds. This one can be useful, but you don’t need it.

Before we begin,

Since difficulty doesn’t matter, choose any difficulty you prefer. The walkthrough is designed so that you won’t have much opposition.

If you want to skip cinematics, there are 3 types.

  1. The ones that you're narrating can be skipped by holding cn_X.
  2. Conversations that you and others are having, simply tap cn_X to skip the comments. You can't skip your comment portions, though.
  3. Conversations that you and others are having, except you can't skip these at all. These usually happen before, during, or after shootouts.

There will be a lot of lockpick and hacking opportunities. As long as you’re actively scavenging, the accumulation achievements will unlock during your gameplay. So you’ll unlock these sometime early on

Easy Money

Successfully open 10 locks.

Easy Money
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


Successfully hack 10 devices.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

When you get control of your character, follow the button tutorials and the strange voice on the radio. When you get to the waypoint after your run, there’s a lead pipe. It will always be in your inventory from here on out. Pick it up and use cn_Y to destroy the barricade. Continue through to where you have to use your UV goggles. Hide behind the cover to avoid being spotted. ALWAYS use these goggles. Super useful to see the machine’s patterns, and this game is one of those games that will spawn a machine when you get close enough.

Continue forward through the vent and you’ll see a pop-up. There will be 4 Spider Scouts in the area. Kill them and double-tap cn_X to search/take all. Do that to every destroyed machine from here on out. Continue ahead. You’ll reach your first interaction. Choose Option 1 to keep the little boy calm. Progress through and very narrowly avoid 3 Terminators. Make it to the parking lot. Talk to Ryan and choose option 1 to find other survivors. Now you have an Uzi. Go talk to Erin next to a wall in the back of the parking lot and choose option 1 again to refuse the Medkit:

When you progress to the new path, there will be a Spider Scout. Kill and salvage. Right where you’re at, there’s an Armored Spider and 2 Scouts you’ll need to kill for the 1 survivor to join you. Go left to the yellow circle on the map and kill the Spider Scout there. Then, kill the Armored Spider. It’ll be at 69% health already, you just need to help it get to 0. Wait for it to walk away from you and hit its crit spot on its back. Continue aiming for its front red light for crits. Eventually, it’ll fall after close to 2 Uzi clips. Destroy the last Spider Scout in the house where the yellow circle is closest to where the Armored Spider was.

The last circle has a survivor behind a fence door and she’ll come with you since you took care of the Armored Spider. There will be an ambush where your rendezvous point is. Kill the Armored Spider and 5 Scout Drones to complete the first chapter:

Close Call

Escape from Pasadena with other survivors.

Close Call
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

When you get off the bus, go inside and scavenge everywhere. There will be a crafting table around the corner when you go downstairs, but you’ll only be able to craft lockpicks. Craft some there. If you’ve been scavenging up to now, you’ll be able to craft 5 or more lockpicks, so craft at least 5 to earn:


Successfully craft 5 items.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Go lockpick the door behind you. Talk to Colin, choose any option. Scavenge everything in the room and go talk to Jennifer. Choose both options. When you go out of the building and down the stairs, make a right and go straight. Go forward up the steps with rubble on it and go left under a half-open garage door. Go under the vent on the right to find note #1:

Image 233


Find a note.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Go talk to Ryan. Now you should have 2 side quests. Push cn_back and then cn_RB 3x to go to Skills. cn_RT once for Science and upgrade your lockpick skill. Go to the Warehouse District (next waypoint). Hold cn_LB to choose the weapon you’d like to use. Head to the waypoint and shoot the plasma container when a Scout Drone comes near it (1 will stop next to it). Kill the Spider Scout on your right and then head right to find another plasma container that the other Scout Drone will stop at. Use it to destroy the drone. To the left of that destroyed drone is a yellow trailer.

Blow it up with a pipe grenade for some XP and resources (Pipe grenade should be auto-equipped in your offensive slot. Use cn_RB to throw one). Continue left, kill the Armored Spider when next to the plasma container. The 2nd building past the Armored Spider is a gun shop. The lockpick door has a Remington Shotgun if you want it. It can 1-shot Spider Scouts, Scout Drones, and even Armored Spiders if you can get close to its crit on its back. Go right, head toward the blue circle (side quest) and kill the Scout Drone in the air, then look for these steps.

When you get close, a dog starts barking. Go up the stairs and through the only open doors. When you get here. Make a right and destroy the plasma container through the window next to the fridge when the Armored Spider comes close to it. Backtrack and follow the barking until you get to 3 doors. Open the right one, which the puppy is behind. This awards you with:

Not a Mission Priority

Complete a side objective.

Not a Mission Priority
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

You should be level 3 with a new skill point. Put it in the Weapon skill. Now fall down the hole. You should be in a restaurant. Turn right, go behind the counter for note #2:

Image 228

When you’re done scavenging, go to the right waypoint, and salvage that destroyed Armored Spider on your way. Find the damaged wall and throw a pipe grenade at it. Salvage everything in the big room where the U.S. flag is, and go to the back area where “Keep Calm” is on the wall. Look down on one of the beds in there for note #3:

Image 223

Before you “Check Table”, look for a vent to the right of the table. Go through it for extra scavenging. Then "check the table". Kill the 2 Spider Scouts that snuck in there. Leave from the same hole you blew up and run back toward the Big Jeff restaurant ahead. Make a right when you get to the restaurant. Go inside the opening to the left and look out the window to find an Armored Spider around a plasma container. Destroy it. Continue in there and crouch under the garage door.

There are 2 Spider Scouts. Destroy them and head left toward plane wreckage. There’s a plasma container around the right side. Wait for the 2 Scout Drones to get there and blow them up. Around this time, Colin talks to you and gives you another side quest. Go left to a side path where you see an ambulance and destroy the Spider Scout. Lockpick the ambulance if you wish. Close in on the next area to see 2 Spider Scouts and 1 Armored Spider. See the plasma container through the car windows?

You know what to do to the Armored Spider. Blow it up when it gets near. Destroy the other 2 Spider Scouts, and then go to the left side of the building to blow up the damaged wall. Head downstairs to get the Set of Tools. You probably levelled up to 4 and got another Skill Point. Use it on explosives under the Combat skill. Go upstairs and through the vent ahead of you for another Skill Point on a desk. Use it for the Fast Learner skill so we can get a little more XP. Backtrack on your route and go directly straight after the ambulance.

When you get to the Cop Car, turn right and go into the building. Open the door ahead and go up the stairs on the right. Go through the open door and right to find note #4 on a pool table:

Image 217

Go back down the stairs and out the way you came. Go to the other side of the cop car, into the 1st opening on the right to see note #5 on the table:

Image 211

Open the door next to the note, go through the vent on the right. This is where the side quest is. You’ll need to destroy the 3 energy containers. Turn left and get inside the garage without being seen by any of the spiders. Use your UV goggles and watch them. Turn around and aim for where I’m aiming in the image below.

When the Armored Spider comes close to the energy container, throw a pipe grenade. It should destroy the Armored Spider and any Spider Scout near it. Then go right and throw a pipe grenade at the container, which will severely damage the turret. Destroying the 3rd plasma container with a pipe grenade will finish the turret off, completing the side quest. If you don't have enough pipe grenades, just shoot them. You’ll probably level up to 5 here. Save your skill point. Destroy any Spider Scouts that are still alive. Now, look past the turret for a side path.

Go over there and destroy the Armored Spider with the plasma container. Then go right, up the steps. Open the door, open the first door to the left, and find note #6 on the ground:

Image 1

Go forward and walk off the ledge where the Armored Spider is, salvage it and continue ahead. Destroy the 2 Scout Drones. Continue to the waypoint and destroy the Armored Spider that shows up (there’s no plasma container). Scavenge and check the map. You should be level 6 with the completed quest. Upgrade your lockpick skill to 2. You should still have at least 1 saved. Run back the way you came toward the next waypoint. Go back into this house.

And make a left through the door. Follow the path until you get to the end and watch the cutscene. You’ll level up to 7. You now will have 2 skill points. Save them both. Pick up the bullet Patrick found. Talk to Erin. You can choose any option, but you need to choose option 4 (Erin’s Story) to increase your chances at the good ending. When you choose it, you can answer however you want until it says on the left side that she appreciates it. Then choose Erin’s Story again.

When she appreciates it again, the conversation is over. Talk to Patrick as he thanks you for finding the puppy with absolutely no emotion in his face (is he an Infiltrator too?) and feel the nostalgia of T2: Judgment Day. Answer however you like. Then go behind him, under the garage door, to the right. Lockpick the door with your newly unlocked skill. Scavenge everything, including note #7 next to the TV:

Image 200

Head out and talk to Ryan. Again, feel free to choose the other option, but choose Ryan’s Story and answer however you feel until he appreciates it. Let’s go to the Medical District. When you spawn, immediately go left into the building and through the vent to find some good scavenging items. Continue forward to find Jennifer. Talk to her and then follow her. Take her next words with a grain of salt. Use the Sound Decoys for Silverfish, but they have the same health as Spider Scouts. Easy to kill, except they explode when they get close enough to you.

The entire 2nd half of this mission will consist of sneaking by T-800s since you won’t be able to use plasma weapons until later. If you want to use the Sound Decoys, while you aren’t in your UV goggles, hold cn_LB and hit cn_right until it comes up. Keep in mind it won’t say what it is that’s in the slot. You can see what a sound decoy looks like in the inventory, just in case. Move ahead and be ready to face Silverfish. Use your UV goggles to see where they’re at. Feel free to shoot them since you only get 3 sound decoys. I shot them all. Go to the waypoint and grab the hacking device.

Remember the 2 skill points you saved? Use them both on your hacking skill under science. Go back up the stairs and go to the building across the street. Inside on a barrel is note #8:

Image 200

There’s also an explosive wall in there which is optional. Proceed forward and you’ll see 2 Spider Scouts and 1 Armored Spider. Destroy them. Next is 5 Silverfish ahead. Kill them however you wish. Move ahead and right around the corner will be a turret. Heads up, turrets can’t hear anything. They can only see. Use the vehicles on the right for cover and when it looks the other way, hack it. This awards you with:

Helping Hand

Successfully hack a Turret.

Helping Hand
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Hack the gate and stay crouched with UV goggles to the first barrier on the right. We’re looking at the right turret. When it isn’t looking your way, move to the left barrier. You’ll see a car. Move to the right of it when it isn’t looking again. And the next time it doesn’t look get behind it and hack it. It will then aim at the other nearby turret and should kill it, getting you:

Taste of Your Own Medicine

Get an enemy killed by a hacked Turret.

Taste of Your Own Medicine
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Salvage the dead turret and move forward to the next set of barriers. There’s 2 turrets and an Armored Spider here. When the left turret and Spider aren’t looking, while still crouched, fall off the edge behind the vehicle. Stay behind the vehicle until the turret and spider turn away and go hack the left turret. It may or may not kill both the spider and another turret. If it gets destroyed, sneak around to the right when the spider and turret look other ways. Keep in mind you can walk faster while crouching if your UV goggles aren’t on.

Hacking the right turret should kill the Armored Spider. Salvage and continue. After the laser gates, look below a cart with a Medkit on it for note #9:

Image 194

Move forward into the vent. You’ll see a T-800 walk by. This is where you are sneaking by T-800s. Your only form of attack that can actually hurt them are pipe grenades, but we’re not using any. It’ll be tricky but it’s possible to sneak by without them getting startled. And they do have superhuman strength if you were thinking they can’t break down a closed door you’re hiding behind. Remember they can get stunned by Shotgun shots. Okay, let’s do this. Move with your UV goggles being extremely cautious down the hall.

Go to the first room on the left. DO NOT go to the end of the hallway yet. Lockpick the easy door and find the antibiotics Erin needs on a cart. Level 8 and Skill Point! Use it on weapons, then go toward the hallway until you see 2 show up. Immediately turn around and go back to the lockpicked room WITHOUT RUNNING so it won’t hear you, close the door and wait in there. The first T-800 will have a normal walking routine of the room where the vent ends and the room you’re hiding in. As long as the door is closed and you don’t make any noise, it won’t break down the door.

When it walks away, go down the next hallway. You’ll see the next T-800 just standing there in a further ahead room. Don’t worry about it for now. Take the 1st left where you see a laser gate. Lockpick the door next to it and leave it open. In the next room inch into it while crouched and your UV goggles on and go toward the bed on the left.

When you get close enough, it’ll turn around. Immediately when it turns, you should be covered by the first bed on the left. TURN OFF YOUR GOGGLES BUT STAY CROUCHED. Go back into the lockpicked room and close the door. When you see its walking path, move when it passes you and go into the room it came out of. The next T-800 will start its route when you get close to the next hallway, which has a Life Insurance poster on it.

DO NOT go out into the hallway until it leaves. Stay glued to the right side of the doorway.It will take a left through the laser gates and won't return to that area. When it leaves, take a right in that hallway it came from and lockpick the door to find note #10 on the ground:

Image 188

This awards you with:


Find 10 notes.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

I put all the notes in this walkthrough. Feel free to get them all but you no longer need to if you got the first 10.

Continue down the next hallway with your goggles and look for the laser gates on the right. The second you get there, the next T-800 will spawn at the end of the hallway, from around the corner. Get to the left cover immediately and crouch. While it’s passing you, circle the cover and continue down the hallway before it turns around. There’s a door to lockpick in the next room, you can hide in there if you need to, or continue forward. Go through the vent. The dialogue aftermath unlocks:


Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Continue forward, up the stairs and you’ll get to a room with a lot of wires glowing red. This room will have 2 turrets and 1 T-800. Go to the last cover before the gate, where I’m aiming at. You may need to open the pic to see the reticule. The T-800 will eventually walk toward the gate. When it walks away, hack it and make a left. Go into the vent to the end but don’t get out. Watch the T-800 and turret. When they turn away, pass the plasma container next to the turret on your left and hack the turret. Get behind cover and let the turret kill the T-800. Continue forward and hack the other turret. Locate the vent behind it.

Hack the computer and get into the vent. The entire hospital will start to be swarmed by T-800s. 3 will appear where you are after the explosion, but the turrets should take care of them. Continue through the vent and to the waypoint. This next part you must get right or you’ll be fighting T-800s. Open the door, turn right and run forward. Stay crouched in the right side corner with the car and wait for about 6 T-800s to pass you by. Continue forward and there will be 5 T-800s patrolling. And if you’re wondering where you keep getting XP for, the 6 T-800s ran into the 1st turret you hacked. That being said, get to the 1st car after the barrier for cover.

When it walks away, get to the van for cover. When the T-800 turns around, continue forward and to the right. The road will go down and up. Avoid the next T-800 and get behind the van. Move to the barriers after the van. Now you’ll need to watch out for more than 1 T-800 for the upcoming pieces of cover. There’s an HK Aerial that shows up as well. Avoid that and the T-800, then when no Terminator is looking, go to the next car.

When you watch their routes, you may notice some routes are completed quicker than others. Time your movements carefully. When it’s clear, go from cover to cover, jumping from car to car. Continue switching your attention to the nearest T-800s and memorize their back and forth movements. Remember to turn off your goggles to crouch-walk faster. When you get to this car cover. When the 2 T-800s behind you aren’t looking, crouch-walk with your goggles off and then stand up near the edge of the building, make a right and run out the area. The Stranger will say it’s clear and there won’t be any more machines. Return to the Hideout. Talk to Jennifer and choose Jennifer’s Story.

Answer how you want to until she appreciates it. Go downstairs and into the right room to find note #11 on the table:

Image 176

Talk to Erin. If you have followed everything so far, the completion of this will grant you enough XP to jump from 8 to 10. Use both Skill Points for Explosives and Fast Learner. Go to sleep. Go upstairs and talk to the Resistance Soldier. Talk to Ryan and go to Jennifer. In the conversation, choose option 2. Jennifer won’t like that, but you’ll get a Skill Point out of it if you choose option 2. She’ll still trust you in the end as we work towards the best ending. Don’t forget to pick up your Skill Point. Save it for now. Let’s go to the Metro Station now. Talk to Jennifer. For the 1st response, choose any option you want. For the 2nd response, choose option 1 to defend Jennifer.

This is Run-N-Gun Mission #1. Now here’s where things get interesting. No notes here, just get the plasma weapon from Commander Baron and kill everything that’s metal. Heal by holding cn_Y if you need to, and salvage and scavenge as you go. You should have a lot of Medkits at this point since you've been scavenging everywhere. Ammo boxes will appear on the map if you need to replenish your plasma weapon.

When you destroy the first bunch of drones, 2 T-800s will burst through the door. Killing one of them strikes more nostalgia:

Hasta la vista, baby

Destroy your first T-800.

Hasta la vista, baby
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

It’s a straightforward mission, so enjoy it! When you’re done and following Commander Baron, you’ll unlock:

Coming Home

Find the South Division’s Resistance Shelter.

Coming Home
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

You will now be level 12 with 3 skill points. We have more skill levels unlocked, so use 1 for lockpick skill, 1 for hacking, and 1 for weapons. Lockpicking and hacking should be maxed now. Talk to Baron and then talk to Alvin. He’ll describe the upgrading of plasma weapons. By now you should have a lot of Skynet chips from salvaging machines. Hit cn_back, go to Inventory and highlight the weapon Baron gave you, the TC2000-R. Hit cn_Y to upgrade. Each chip ending must match each other.

Looking at the chips, if you choose a chip and it has 2 lines on left and 3 on the right, your 2nd chip needs to start with 3 lines to continue the circuit. Whatever your 2nd chip ends with is what the 3rd chip needs to start with. Finally, whatever the 1st chip started with is what the 3rd chip needs to end with. Match up all the chips for upgrades however you want to. Also, they’re in order from least to most effective. You can tell by the diagonal colours. No colour is the weakest, then blue, yellow and finally purple. You won’t have purple yet. Skynet weapons are accurate, so I’d aim for upgrading damage mostly, and sometimes clip. Your call. When you've completed the circuit, it’ll say “Chips Compatible” in green. Press cn_Y to activate it and get:


Upgrade your weapon.

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Go to the Quartermaster. After his upgrade, he’ll offer you what he has scavenged. Sell and trade however you wish. You’re at a point where you’ll be using mostly the plasma weapon you just upgraded and pipe grenades, so sell your pistol, SMG, and M16 along with the small and medium calibre ammo. Keep your shotgun just in case. I bought a few more pipe grenades and that’s it. Select cn_Y when you’re done trading to accept the transaction and exit. Talk to Jennifer and then the woman. Choose option 2.

Head to the hideout and talk to Erin. Choose the 1st option if you want to but choose Erin’s Story. Answer how you want to until she appreciates it. Talk to Ryan and receive a Termination Knife. This weapon can stealth-kill a Terminator by sneaking up behind it and pressing cn_RT when the command pops up. You’ll see how it’s done if you need visuals. Choose any option but choose Ryan’s Story. Choose your own options until he appreciates it. Then pick up the other 2 termination knives on the table. Go in your Inventory and make sure Termination Knife is equipped. Talk to Patrick and head back to Pasadena.

About a third of the map will be familiar to you. There are 7 achievements we’ll be getting here, so we’ll be here for a while. Move forward, kill the 3 flying drones (2 Scouts, 1 Armored) and continue. Throw a Sound Decoy to the left where you see 3 Silverfish. Destroy the 2 Spider Scouts on the right and go through the building next to where the Silverfish were at. Kill the 5 Spider Scouts in the area, then go up the stairs on the right. Hang a left around the corner to find note #12 on a table:

Image 166

Go back down the stairs, make a right and destroy the Armored Spider when it’s next to the plasma container. To the right of the plasma container is a hard lockpick door. Open it with your newly unlocked lockpick skill to unlock:

No Hope

Open the unlockable door in Pasadena.

No Hope
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Go through it and turn right immediately to see note #13 on cinder blocks:

Image 166

Moving forward, to the left, you’ll see a T-808 Flamer past the yellow trailer that you can explode its back off for items. When it turns and walks away, pop out and shoot its back where the tank is. Exploding the tank on its back does great amounts of damage, but it’s not an instakill for them. You may need to weaken it first. When the tank explodes and destroys it, you unlock:

It’s a bird...

Destroy T-800 Flamethrower by shooting its fuel tank.

It’s a bird...
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If you weren’t able to get it, there are 2 other T-808s in the area to try it with. If you did get it, destroy the other T-808 Flamers anyway. To the right of the yellow trailer from earlier, continue forward down the path you used with Jennifer and Patrick. Destroy the Armored Spider and 2 Spider Scouts and continue to the side quest. With Explosives 2, you can permanently disarm laser traps. Either disarm them or duck/jump over them. The first laser’s trap device is on the right. Duck to get to it. The second one is on the left. Get on top of the box and crouch to reach it. The 3rd one is at the top right. Continue forward and locate note #14 on a couch:

Image 160

Pick up the dispensary key and scavenge everything. You can equip stimulants in your defensive tab, but you don’t need them. Up to you. Leave out and make a right. Destroy the 1 Armored Drone and 2 Scout Drones that will eventually reach the intersection. Then look past the plasma container, straight at a bus arched up by rubble. Go that way, in the building, up the stairs. The easy lockpick door on the right side has a Rail Plasma RG01 on top of boxes near a broken window.

It’s basically a plasma sniper. Very useful, as it can one-hit kill T-800s with a headshot, and you can equip it right away. Don’t forget to upgrade it with chips for even more power. Ammo saver right here! Leave that area and go right. Where there used to be a survivor, there will be an outpost over here. We’ll be getting 3 achievements here. There are 3 T-800s, 1 Armored Spider, and 2 turrets. There is a plasma container straight ahead. Destroy the Armored Spider with it.

The 2 T-800s in that area may stop their route just to look for you. Hide from them until they return to their route. Yes, we can kill them in seconds, but we’re going for achievements. When they go back to their route, you’ll see the closest T-800 to you will have a route of going in a circle. Look at the circle a few times to see it. Notice they stop for only 1 second now. When you’re ready, after it passes you, go left to the vehicle.

Equip your Termination Knife by holding cn_RB and selecting it with your right joystick. Watch the T-800 while circling the vehicle. When it passes you, hit cn_RT when the command pops up near its neck to destroy it. This unlocks:

Efficient Killer

Kill a Terminator using a Termination Knife.

Efficient Killer
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Kill the next T-800. It will fall with 3 shots from your Rail Plasma (2 if you upgraded it with damage increase chips), or 1 to the head. Depending on where you destroy it, the 3rd T-800 may hear it. If it does, wait for it to come to you so you’re not fired at by the turrets, then destroy it. If it doesn’t come after you, don’t worry about it. Sneak through the left building and hack the turret. This will be your first hack that’s not “very easy”. Watch for the new firewalls in place. Keep in mind you can move up and down right at the beginning to have breathing room. Then go past the Skynet Gate, into the building.

Throw explosives at the damaged wall. Quietly work your way around to the computer and hack it, then run through the exploded wall. When it explodes, the T-800 in there (if you didn’t destroy it earlier) should be destroyed by the explosion. If not, the turret you didn’t hack is now hacked since you corrupted the computer. It’ll destroy it. Upon destruction, you’ll get:


Destroy a Skynet Outpost.

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Priority to Me!

Complete 5 side objectives.

Priority to Me!
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You should be level 13 now. Use it on Fast Learner to maximize that stat. Head right after you’re done with the outpost. You’ll see a cop car on the left and bus on the right. Go up the steps in front of you and up the conveniently placed platform. Make a right to find note #15 on a table next to a Medkit:

Image 149

Go to the waypoint and take 3 photos. You’ll need to hit the directional buttons to zoom in to improve the picture quality. Perfect quality is great as well. Hit cn_X when you’re ready to snap it. You’ll know the game accepted it when you hear a completion sound and the waypoint on the turret goes away. Don’t zoom in too much. Rotate to the left to see a plasma container. Wait for the T-808 Flamer that’s patrolling on the left side to pass it and blow it up.

Continue through this area. Destroy the T-800 you probably already saw patrolling around the right building. Move north down the street and there’s a T-808 Flamer further down it and 2 T-800s circling a house. Destroy them all. Go to the house the T-800s were circling. Get inside and fall down the hole directly ahead and turn left. Open the door past the stairs and take the first right door to get the empty box of chalk. There are 2 doors to lockpick. The easy one on the right has note #16 inside on the stand next to the bed:

Image 143

Behind the medium lockpick door is a skill point on a chair. Use it for Explosives skill. That should be maxed out now. Scavenge everything and head up the stairs to the top floor. Turn and locate the T-47 Baron told you about. Turn on your goggles and take a good or perfect picture of it to complete that side quest. This awards you with:


Take at least a ‘good’ photo of an enemy.

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Now let’s destroy it. Using the Rail Plasma will greatly conserve ammo and have this done quick. However, aiming with it is challenging to get crits because the infrared scope on it will highlight the whole T-47. If you’re close enough and in good cover, you can no-scope it for crits. But try to stay far away from it and fire at it. When it walks toward you, start lining up headshots and fire at it. It’ll start to shoot its miniguns; go slightly down the stairs for cover, but remain detected so it won’t walk away. Shoot through the broken wall and line up crits.

Around 75% health, it’ll stop moving for 2-3 seconds. Then it will recover and start to launch rockets at you. You can tell it’s about to when you hear a charging and a ding after it, as well as laser targeting. Keep ducking in/out of cover and lining up crits. After enough hits, the T-47 will fall and you’ll have a happy Commander (Baron will appreciate it; you’ll see the pop-up on the left side) with another achievement:

Still Counts as One

Destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena.

Still Counts as One
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Head down the stairs and salvage the T-47. Then head back the way you came to a building before Jennifer’s house, where the “Chalk-full of Surprises” quest updated to. You’ll locate a pallet on the right side of the building. Move it and get inside. Stay to the right of the rubble and drop down a hole. Continue through the obstacle course, up the stairs and across the wooden planks, into the final room with a spilt box of chalk on a table, on the right.

Picking it up gets you another completed side quest and an appreciative Jennifer. You should be 14 now. Use the Skill Point on Toughness. To the left of the chalk, drop out the house through the opening. Make a right and go to the end of the street, past Jennifer’s house. Make a right. Continue ahead until you reach 2 ambulances. There will be a Skynet outpost on the other side of those ambulances. Move left when you get to the ambulances and look down the left side of the outpost.

If you didn’t see it yet, a T-800s route continues on that exact path. Line up a crit while it’s walking toward you. The other T-800 in the outpost usually hears his fellow machine get domed and comes in the area. Destroy it. If it didn’t hear your shots, hack the Skynet gate that’s next to the ambulances and sneak to hack the turret to the immediate left. That should take care of the T-800. Or destroy it yourself.

Go down the ramp next to the turret you hacked and hack the computer, then high tail it out of there. You should level up to 15 or be extremely close to it. I used it on Backpack. Go back to your spot behind the ambulances. Look for the corridor. It’s only slightly left of where the first T-800 got domed. Go past the plasma container, first left, then right. Open the door and go straight past the 2 ambulances to the next door. Go up the stairs and the first door on the right will say “Dispensary” on it.

Go in and find the medical bag on a cart to complete the side quest. Now go to the 2nd window at the top of the steps and look out it to find a plasma container. A T-800 and 2 Armored Spiders has a route that goes past it. Destroy 1 Armored Spider with it and shoot from that window to destroy the T-800 and other Armored Spider. Go down the stairs and go through the ambulances in the garage, toward the waypoint. Find note #17 on a table over there:

Image 4

Take a pic of each turret and backtrack straight ahead, through the ambulances and outpost. You’ll near the last location. Go through the door. Make a left, 2 rights through the destroyed wall and up the stairs. Go to the next set of stairs, then through the opening and up the stairs to the waypoint. Take the last 3 pictures, then backtrack out of the building. You can take fall damage so don’t think about jumping down. You want to turn right and locate a path there, on the other side of the van.

Go down the path, make a right and destroy the 3 Silverfish by sound decoys or shooting them, then run to the hideout. Go and talk to Jennifer. Choose Jennifer’s Story and answer however you want until she appreciates it, then go to sleep. Watch the cutscene and go to the resistance shelter. You should now be Level 16, where another skill point awaits. Use it on Toughness. Talk to Jennifer and go in the shelter. Go to the Quartermaster’s office and talk to Ryan. Choose Ryan’s Story, the options are yours until he appreciates it.

Talk to Erin and choose every option. Go into her room to talk to Patrick. Choose option 1. Say yes to hear the joke and fake laugh at it (Option 1). When the conversation is over, Erin will appreciate it. Go to the first table as soon as you enter Baron’s office for your Sergeant’s recognition, note #18:

Image 127

Talk to Baron and choose Baron’s Story. Answer how you want until she appreciates it. Leave the shelter and head Downtown. Talk to the Doorkeeper. This is Run ‘N Gun mission #2. Change to your automatic plasma weapon and not your Rail Plasma if you get overwhelmed. The slow-firing Rail Plasma isn’t the best choice unless you’re Deadshot. Fair warning: there will be a T-47 to kill. At the destruction of the T-47, you’ll be 17. Use it on Toughness again. And don’t forget to heal when you need to and salvage machines.

Rescue Alvin and get to safety. When you spawn in the Resistance Shelter with Alvin, you’ll unlock:

The Tide Is Turning

Escape Downtown with Alvin.

The Tide Is Turning
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Talk to Baron and choose Baron’s Story. Answer however you feel until she appreciates it. You should be Level 18 now. Use this for Weapons. Talk to Ryan to get a side quest. Talk to Erin and choose Erin’s Story. Answer how you feel until she appreciates it. Talk to Jennifer and choose Jennifer’s Story. Answer how you feel until she appreciates it. Go to the Warehouse District. Remember this place?

Start out on the only way forward and decide to take a perfect picture of a T-808 Flamer. Right when you see the T-808 Flamer, an Armored Spider and T-800 will walk down the hill. Use the plasma container to explode them, making it an easy kill. At the top of the hill, you’ll see a T-800 with a left-right-left route, and the T-808 Flamer. Destroy the T-800. Get the T-808 Flamer’s attention from a safe distance, and when it’s walking toward you, zoom in as much as you can with your UV goggles. It should say “perfect” picture before it gets to flaming distance. Destroy it when you take the perfect picture. This levels you to 19. Put the skill point in Toughness.

There’s 2 T-800s on the right that may have heard you destroy the other 2 machines. You don’t need to destroy them unless they challenge you. I destroyed them anyway. Continue on the left, left of the gates, where the train tracks are. Hack the turret at the top of the hill by running up to it when it isn’t looking. Wait for it to take out the T-800 at the bottom of the next hill. Then walk ahead a little bit and you’ll see 2 Drones spawn in. Let the turret destroy them too, or take them out yourself. Keep in mind the turrets are now upgraded to Violet Plasma ammo, a lot stronger than Red Plasma.

Go down the hill, locate the T-800 on the right side in a building, and destroy it. The trailer in front of Big Jeff’s on the left side, use it for cover to get past the turret down the left alley. When you get past, there will be a turret and Armored Spider on the other side of Big Jeff’s restaurant. Hack the turret and let it destroy the Armored Spider. Then find the gap nearby, exactly where you’re at, in front of a truck that’s in front of Big Jeff’s.

Locate the T-825 by using the window ahead of you and destroy it. Jump through the window. Continue left, avoiding the Armored Spider for now. Go hack the turret, then turn and wait for the Armored Spider to get to the plasma container inside the gated area and destroy it. You may startle an Armored Spider to the left, but it’s not of any concern. If it does come over to you, destroy it. We’ll destroy it later anyway.

Move right to the building with the side quest for Ryan’s radio. You’ll start to hear music… I hope you don’t think it’s easy. CAUTION: the game likes to scare you. There’s no “thing” in the building until you get very close. Go through the front door. Walk through the doorway ahead of you and turn right, then up the stairs. Crouch walk with your UV goggles until you get halfway up the 2nd flight of stairs to see 2 T-800s spawn. When they spawn, Rivers will say it has to be a trap.

Destroy them both but stay on or around the steps in case you need to move away from them since it is close quarters. When they’re destroyed, go through the open door to the left, and get the Skill Point on a table and the Boombox to the left of the skill point for another completed side quest. I used this one on Stealth. Head back downstairs and take a slight right, through the opening and outside. If you followed the walkthrough so far, it should still be barricaded, so if it isn’t, you tore it down when we were last here.

Go outside, take a left and go all the way down the street until you get to the Armored Spider you may have spared for a few minutes. Destroy it. Take a right down the alley where the plasma container is. Use the trash cans as cover and hack the turret down the alley in front of you. Continue to the other side of the van while watching for the T-808 Flamer that patrols near there. Find note #19 on the ground next to a fallen soldier:

Image 110

Check the body and continue on. Your turret may spot the T-808 Flamer and destroy it. Or the T-808 Flamer will spot the turret and attack it. The turret will sometimes not fully destroy it, so you destroy it. Continue through the gate. There are 2 T-800s patrolling. Destroy them too and continue north. Destroy the Armored Spider and continue right, under the bridge. Destroy the 2 Armored Drones by shooting the plasma container. They’ll be floating idly right above it.

Finish them if they don’t fall from the explosion, then kill the 3 Silverfish. Move forward and kill the Armored Spider, then go straight into the garage. Watch for the T-825 making its route by coming outside the outpost that popped up on the left, and go to the other side of the left wall to find the second soldier.

Check the body, then let’s destroy the outpost. There are 5 T-825s and 1 Turret. Destroy the T-825 that keeps coming out of the front gate and destroy whoever responds to the shooting. Hack the gate and destroy all the T-825s in there. They’re more hardened than the T-800s as they may not fall if you hit them in the chest with the Rail Plasma, but they still get destroyed in the same amount of hits. Sneak around the turret and hack it before you hack the computer. Run out of there and if you didn’t get to level 20 from the T-825s, you will now. Use it for Stealth.

Backtrack to where we came from, where we killed the Armored Spiders, Silverfish, and Drones. When you get back to where you killed the first Armored Spider on the path, make a right and get to the waypoint to leave the area. Since Baron knew Skynet was listening, she said to meet at the Docks so the Infiltrator would know you’d be there. So here we are. After the cutscene, you’ll be fighting the classic T-850 Infiltrator model that Schwarzenegger was in T3.

It’s upgraded to resist 1st generation plasma weaponry, which makes it very hardened for defence (which is the only reason why it survived the plasma cannon the T-X shot at it), so it’ll be a long boss fight. Change your weapon to the fully auto plasma, the TC2000. Weaken it enough and it will retreat to another area. While you figure out why that Terminator, or any for that matter, was programmed to retreat, continue after it.

Rinse and repeat 2 more times and then you’ll be alone against it at around 45% health. As you weaken it, it will close in on you. When it does, you can either go left into a small corridor or right, past the truck. This fight is one big circle, so evade and fire if you need to and don’t let it trap you. Watch for its pipe grenades it will throw often at you. If you see the red/green grenade emblem on your screen and you’re not covered by it, you can get severely hurt. After hundreds of rounds are used, it will finally fall, and you’ll get:

Fool Me Once...

Destroy the Infiltrator.

Fool Me Once...
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You’re now level 21. Use the skill point on Stealth to max it out. After the cutscene, look to the right of Alvin for note #20:

Image 104

Talk to Baron and choose the 1st option if you want, but choose Baron’s Story and answer how you want until she appreciates it. Pick up the Infiltrator’s Violet Plasma and talk to Erin. Make a right down the hall and the first left. You’ll see the boombox you just got for Ryan. Talk to Ryan and choose Ryan’s Story. Choose your own options until he appreciates it. Then turn on his radio and turn up the volume. Not the smartest thing to do with machines everywhere, but we did it for a reason. To hear an achievement unlock:

Turn Up the Radio

Use Ryan’s boombox to annoy Alvin.

Turn Up the Radio
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Alvin will angrily turn it off. Talk to Jennifer and choose Jennifer’s Story. Answer how you want to until she appreciates it. Travel to Hollywood Hills. Go to the waypoint and talk to Mack through his camera. When you’re done talking to him, to the left, lockpick a medium door to find a Plasma Minigun RSB-80 if you want it. It’s slightly weaker than the TC2000 you have equipped, but its fire rate and large clip make it stronger in DPS.

Head to the next waypoint and kill the 2 Spider Scouts and 1 Armored Spider. In that area, note #21 rests on a table near the burned-out fireplace:

Image 98

Next, watch for 4 Silverfish on the ground. Destroy them and continue. A few waypoints later, after walking on a road, passing an ambulance, and jumping through a half-broken wall, Mack will say there are 8 Terminators in the mansion you see in front of you. There is a garage to the right of the stairs. Go inside it (if you didn’t go up any stairs yet, the T-820s shouldn’t have spawned in the building. Use your UV goggles from time to time.) Go through the open door on the left to find note #22 straight ahead on a table:

Image 98

As for the Terminators, these are T-820s, slightly more armoured than T-800s and has 1 V96 plasma weapon, which shoots violet plasma. Think twice before gunning through them in close-quarter combat. It's possible to sneak by all 8 of them, but destroying them all is quicker. Backtrack and go back outside. Where there were stairs, there is another set of stairs left of them. Go up those and go through the only room you can.

When you move into the middle of that room, they all will spawn. There will be 2 T-820s that can hear you if you make noise in there. Get your detection bar to red inside the room and then run back out the room to the top of the stairs. 1 or both of them will break down the door. Destroy them. Pick up one of their plasma weapons. We’ll be at level 24 soon to be able to use them. Go through the busted door and there will be another T-820 doing a route on your left. Destroy it. There are 2 T-820s nearby that should hear you firing at his buddy, so destroy them as well.

Before the easy lockpick door down the hallway they all came from, there’s a hallway on the right. A T-820 is doing a route in that hallway. Destroy it when it starts to walk toward you. The last 2 should hear that commotion. Backtrack so you don’t get overwhelmed and destroy them both. When they’re dead, salvage the house and keep moving to the waypoint. Get up on the stage that way.

Listen to Mack. Answer however you want when the prompt comes up. The next waypoint, you’ll locate another Skynet outpost. Go left. Look across the street and destroy the 2 Silverfish over there. Go into the building the Silverfish were in front of. Before you go up the stairs, please watch out for the T-800 doing a route to the right of you when you get up the stairs where the outpost is, not inside of your building though.

When you get to the top of the stairs, make a left past the couch ahead of you and make a right. There will be a wooden platform behind the couch. As long as the T-800 to the right of you doesn’t see you, hack the turret directly ahead. It should destroy the 3 Terminators that either are in sight of it or hear the turret shooting and respond to it.

At this point, there are 2 turrets to the right of you on the same level, 1 T-800 to the far left of you also on the same level, and 2 T-820s with 1 turret at the basement level. Hack the 2 turrets to the right of you and they’ll kill the Armored Spiders in front of the outpost. 1 or both of the Armored Spiders may come into the outpost in the gunfight. They’ll run into the 1st turret we hacked. Then you can either shoot the lone T-800 to lure it into the turrets or destroy it yourself.

Between the turrets, looking in the outpost, you’ll see 2 slopes. Go down the slope and watch for the first T-820. Then either hide behind one of the barricades down there and destroy it with a Termination Knife, or shoot it. Then locate the last T-820 down there and the turret. When you see the T-820’s route, wait for it to walk to the turret and stop, and destroy them both with your Rail Plasma. Hack the computer, which is now hard. Take your time, then when you’re done, turn and run. You should have levelled up to 22. Skill Point! I used it on Backpack.

Go back up the ramp and straight out the outpost main entrance. Make a right and go into the same building we just went inside to hack the first turret. This time, don’t go up the stairs. Make a left and follow the path. Reach the tree, and immediately make a left when you’re overlapping the tree. Stay close to the gates and move forward until you reach another tree. Turn right and locate the 3 Armored Drones patrolling the street and 1 turret. You may need to get slightly closer to see the turret. When the Armored Drones fly away, use the vehicles for cover and sneak up to the turret by crouching when you get next to it.

Circle the cover past the hack box in front of it and hack the turret. Then go hide and let the turret destroy the 3 Armored Drones. The building you’re next to is Erin’s house where the side quest is. Go through the garage. Go to the right door. Both T-820s in the house pass through there. Wait for them both to get there to intercept and destroy them. Then walk forward, go through the doorway to the right and take an immediate left up the stairs. Make a right and go through the door at the end of the hallway.

Find a note on the table past the bed on the left side. (it’s for the side quest; it’s not a collectable note):

Image 82

There’s a chair across from the bed with a Skill Point on it. I used it to maximize my backpack. Backtrack and go back to the building we keep going back to. Go back toward the stairs and go past them to see 2 doors. Use whatever door you want to and locate Peter on the left side. Check the body to complete the side quest. You should be a hair off of 23 if you’re not 23 already. The next few machines should get you to 23. Save your skill point when you get it. Now let’s go back the way we came again, to the left of the stairs. But this time, make a left through the doorway before you get to the tree.

Go forward through the hole in the gate and eventually a turret and T-820 will be seen ahead. Stay low, going straight toward the turret. Same deal, T-820 walk away, hack turret, turret destroy T-820. Walk on the platform and you’ll see 2 turrets, a T-800 and a T-820. Hack the turret closest to you when the T-800 is looking away and it’ll destroy both Terminators, then hack or destroy the last turret. In between the turrets, look for a pathway on the left.

Go up that hill and make a right. Continue down that path for a while, across the wood to find note #23 on a box around a burnt-out campfire:

Image 77

Keep going down the path until you see 2 Silverfish, then make a right and drop down under the plane wreckage. Go pick up Mack’s Spider Scout. Run toward the waypoint. Destroy the Silverfish you see in the trench. When you see 3 Silverfish ahead, you can go right and run directly to the waypoint. There’s no machine operational until you get close to the waypoint. When you get close to the building the vault is under, go to the end of the street. You’ll see a cop car next to a broken-away wall.

You can either sneak by the lone T-820 or destroy it. Either way, get to the vault. You’ll have to manoeuvre the laser traps. There are no enemies down there, so turn off your UV goggles since laser traps don’t show up in them. Take your time and find the devices to remove them. You’ll have to go right when you get downstairs since you can’t go through the first doorway. Then enter the vault.

Talk to Mack. You’ll be level 24. Along with your saved skill point, fully upgrade your Weapons and Toughness skills so we can use Violet Plasma weapons and have health regen, maxing both out. Equip/upgrade that Violet Plasma you picked up off a T-820. If you don’t have one, raid one off of a T-825V or T-820 on the next mission. Also, the remaining skill points you get will go into crafting. Go back to the Resistance Shelter. Talk to the Stranger and choose whatever options you want.

Now go talk to Erin. If you want the good ending, tell her to leave. She should trust you enough to agree. Then go into Ryan’s place where his boombox is and turn it on. It will distract Alvin just like before, only this time, go into his lab and take the Infiltrator’s CPU on a table when he leaves to turn the radio off. Talk to Baron, then Alvin, then locate Ryan near the shelter entrance. Talk to the Quartermaster and choose option 2 asking for parts for the buggy, then choose option 2 to get Ryan thrown out.

Ryan will be waiting with expletives for you. When he walks away and makes a right down the hall, straight ahead is a new area that just opened up. Go down the hallway and take the first left in a room where note #24 is on a chair:

Image 66

Continue down the hall to the waypoint. When the doors open next to the Soldier saying the Commander’s waiting for you, you’ll head forward to see an open side door with note #25 on the ground in that room to the right:

Image 66

Talk to Baron. At this point she trusts you. Choose whatever option you want. Option 1 with a heart next to it is NSFW-related content (just so you're warned). Option 2 ends the conversation there. Both options still give you the “Hitman” mission to kill Mack, and it doesn’t change the best ending as long as you don’t kill him.

When you’re ready, head to the Downtown District. You were here earlier saving Alvin from the machines in Run-N-Gun style. This time, it’s dark and you’ll have to deal with a lot of machines on your own, including a T-47 Plasma. Now that we have hit 24 and our weapon skill is maxed out, we no longer need to do side quests to get our level up. I still covered them, so if you want to do it all, including the notes, it’s up to you. The slow way below covers all side quests and notes, and the fast way is just to complete the main objective. This is the last mission that needs to be emphasized since the rest of the story is Run-N-Gun.

When you go through the gate, you’ll see a light on the right, in a building where someone was watching you. First, locate the flying drones in the area. My first 2 playthroughs they were on your left soon as you got through the gate. On the 3rd playthrough, they were up the steps straight ahead. Wherever they choose to be, destroy the 3 drones (2 Scouts, 1 Armored) when you see them and head up the stairs straight ahead.


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Get to Mack’s Lab and check the table on the right as soon as you come in for note #31:

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Talk to Mack. When you say “Speaking of Baron…” choose option 2 to get the best ending “Warn Mack”. Head to the Resistance Shelter and go to the Quartermaster. Buy a Plasma Minigun VSB-90, which is at the top left for me and all his Violet Plasma ammo. Upgrade it and sell/buy whatever you want, because you won’t see him again. This will be our primary weapon now. Don’t forget to upgrade it. Talk to Baron, then Patrick. He’s in the hallway near the entrance, then go find Jennifer. Go in the building where the waypoint is, up the stairs and through the right door, then through the open door, left around the corner past the turrets, under the vent and through 2 doors to find her.

Talk to her, choose option 2 to convince her to leave. The next option is up to you. Option 1 with the heart is more NSFW-related items. Option 2 is leaving the conversation. Go to Baron and tell her you’re ready. Now you’re attacking Skynet’s Central Core. This is #3 of our Run-N-Gun missions. It’s straightforward, but expect 2 T-47s and 1 HK Aerial and an assortment of every other machine you’ve seen up to now. Use your VSB-90 and you’ll be fine with all of them. A T-850 will be waiting for you when you follow the Stranger through to the Central Core. Let the Stranger do his thing and follow him to a cutscene.

Remember the Kyle Reese flashback in the first movie when the T-850 infiltrated the shelter and killed everybody? That’s exactly what happened here. Baron will be the only one alive, so if you pushed everyone out, they will be alive too. Go to the Quartermaster’s office to find note #32:

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Raid his office since he won’t be needing his items anymore.

Go to Baron and then fight your way out. There’s 1 T-800, T-825, and 3 T-808 Flamers. Use your UV goggles everywhere because they will spawn close to a corner you’re about to get to. Let them come around the corner to destroy them. After you face your 3rd T-808 Flamer, you’ll see an ammo box. Past it are some boxes. The T-850 that initiated the attack is beyond the boxes. If you slowly crouch-walk to the boxes for cover, when it spawns it won’t see you.

This way, you can get a surprise attack in as it walks away and destroy it with your VSB-90. You can sneak by it since Baron suggested you use the vent in her office, but the T-850 will keep moving its route toward the shelter entrance, so you can’t avoid it. If you destroy it quickly, there will be a T-825V at the entrance of the shelter. Destroy it and leave. Next, you’re searching for John Connor at the Frontlines. Nobody is alive, including machines. Use a Speed Stimulant or 2 if you have them, and run ahead until you get captured.

Go talk to John Connor. Ask him whatever you want but you don’t have to. Take all the Violet Plasma ammo and Medkits and relive the beginning flashback of Terminator 2 for a few seconds. The last mission is another Run-N-Gun, and this whole mission will feel like the beginning of Genisys. Every enemy besides Spider Scouts and Scout Drones are thrown at you, including a few T-850s and T-47s, but you’ll get a friendly HK Tank in the middle of it all. It can quickly down any machine, including the HK Aerials, so let it do its thing. There’s an HK Tank at the end as well. Finish off the 2 T-47 Plasmas at the end and the HK Tank will be taken care of in roughly 30 seconds, which will activate cutscenes.

You'll now talk to Connor. Your final option, choose option 1 to go back. A few seconds later, you’ll unlock the last achievement:

I'll be Back

Complete the game on any difficulty level.

I'll be Back
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The cutscenes of the time travels will play out. And the choices you made are also played out. Congrats on the 1000G!

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