Farming Simulator 17 (Win 10)

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This is a direct port of the walkthrough for the console version of the game. The biggest difference is that keyboard/mouse controls are referenced here. If you prefer to use a controller, refer back to the console walkthrough here. Additionally, the cruise control exploit that was present in the console version does not work on Win10 - this means that working the fields will take a little longer.

Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Farming Simulator 17 (Win 10). Experience the wonder that is farming simulation gaming and, with this guide, an easy 1000G. This walkthrough makes use of a mod to earn a ridiculous amount of money, making the game a relaxing and fairly quick experience.

You'll start by completing a single job for each of the 19 farmers who own fields in the game. Once that is done, you will spend some time gathering the resources required to feed your animals for the 3 breeding achievements. A few miscellaneous and collectible achievements will round out the completion.

The game has co-op, but there have been reports of this messing with achievements. This guide recommends and assumes you are playing single-player to avoid any complications.

Thanks goes to everyone who wrote and/or commented on solutions here on TA. There are some real time-saving tricks which have been used in this walkthrough. I've also included some YouTube videos to help with a tricky collectible; thanks to the owners who are mentioned with the videos.

The completion time for the game can vary greatly, depending on your familiarity with it and the type of jobs you receive from the farmers. It is possible to have everything else done and end up having to idle for the related 10-hour achievement. A more realistic expectation would be up to 15-20 hours.

Start your tractors, ladies and gentlemen… it’s time to farm!




The “Game Settings” tab is found by pressing -Esc- and clicking on the green arrow in the top-left corner twice from the “Map Overview” tab. There are several important options here. These may be the default option, depending on the game difficulty setting.

Timescale: Adjusts the speed of the game, which can be useful when waiting for crops to grow or otherwise wanting time to pass quickly. Generally you can just leave this at 120X

Traffic: Doesn’t really matter but I turned it off

Automatic Engine Start: On

Helper Refill: Buy for all

Plant Growth: Fast

Plant Withering: Off

Click on the top-left arrow once again to get to the "General Settings". You can adjust the money unit, measuring unit and a host of other things here but make sure you adjust:

Switch to train: Off




Once you know where to look, this game is very easy as most controls are displayed on screen. They appear in a box in the top-left. Holding one or both of -LMB- and -RMB- accesses additional options where available.

On Foot:

-WASD- Move

-Mouse- Control camera

-Space- Jump (can be a little finicky. Try to jump straight up then press in the direction you want to go)

-E- (when close to a vehicle) Enter a vehicle

-Left Ctrl- Crouch

-Left Shift- Run

In a Vehicle:

-AD- Steer

-W-Accelerate (brake)

-S- Reverse (brake)

-G- Change tool selection *

* It can sometimes be a little confusing but when you are in a vehicle with an attachment, you can alternate between controlling the vehicle and controlling the attachment. When harvesting, for example, you can switch between controlling the harvester and the header, which is the cutting machine that attaches to the front. Pressing -G- switches between the unique controls for each.

You can see which is ‘active’ at the bottom-right of the screen where there are small icons of the equipment you are using – the lighter one is active. If in doubt remember that if you can’t see a control mentioned in the walkthrough or get a machine to work, try pressing -G- as the wrong item is probably active.


-MMB- Zoom in or out

-Tab- / -Shift Tab- Warp to the previous or next vehicle (if available)

-3- Activate cruise control

-1- or -2- adjust cruise control speed

Vehicle controls:

There is a wide variety of vehicles and machinery, each with similar but often slightly different controls. Refer to the on-screen display to check for each item or combination.

One control that deserves special mention is pressing -Q- to attach equipment, specifically when you want to have equipment attached at the front and rear. The control option will appear once the tractor or machine is aligned with the equipment. If you already have a piece of equipment attached, pressing -Q- is the control to detach it. Make sure the control option changes to Attach in the top-left to avoid accidentally detaching something.




It is possible to hire workers to do the work for you (although you have to complete the farmers jobs by yourself). While this is immensely helpful, they can often be problematic. The best way to set them up is to drive to a corner of the paddock then ready up all the equipment yourself before pressing -H- to hire the worker. You can also start working the field yourself then hire the worker while you are already in motion.

Workers also have a habit of deciding they have finished the job when it is only half-way done. If another piece of machinery gets in their way, they will just sit there until you do something about it.

You will get messages displayed in the top-right in relation to workers but I found them easy to miss. The best advice is to monitor your workers by pressing -Tab- and -Shift Tab- to scroll through all your vehicles regularly to make sure they are all on track.

For the majority of the game it's better for you to do the work yourself, primarily as you can use the cruise control exploit to speed things up considerably. You'll only really want to use AI workers later on, during the miscellaneous achievements mop-up, but feel free to experiment with them earlier if you want.




There is no autosave. To save your game, press -Esc-. Regardless of which menu tab you are on, you can to save the game or quit at the bottom of the screen. If you choose to quit at any time other than immediately after saving, you will be prompted to save the game again.

Remember to save often so you don’t lose progress.




One last thing to note are the notifications that appear on-screen about sales. These occur randomly and must be cleared by pressing -LMB-. They are mentioned just because they will interrupt most of your controller inputs – if you are driving, the vehicle will roll to a stop, for example. Annoying, but simply clear the sale notification to continue.

There should be no reason to, but if you are tempted to start a new save slot half-way through, don’t. You must spend 10 hours playing the game and that must be done in one save slot. Even without the cruise control exploit, completing every other achievement in under 10 hours is entirely possible so feel free to take your time and enjoy the game - you will likely end up having to idle some of the time anyway.

The easiest way to use this guide is to treat each section as independent. Complete the farmer jobs, then the animal breeding tasks, then mop up the miscellaneous tasks before collecting the gold nuggets. Everything will be done on a single save, with the exception of one of the miscellaneous achievements which will be done on Hard difficulty.

Having said that, you might want to jump ahead to the Gold Nuggets 1-10 page right away. Once you collect the first 10 the remaining ninety will be marked on the map. This means that you can collect some of them whilst you go about your other tasks if you pass nearby them.




To give yourself a boost for the rest of the game, you are going to use a Mod to get cashed up quickly. Mods have been put into the game by the devs and there is nothing untoward about using them.

From the Main Menu, select “Mods”, which can take a moment to load up. Click on “Other” where you can find and select the “Money Tool”. Install this mod. While you are here, back out once and click on “Object” where you can find and install the “Pig Food Silo” which you will use for animal breeding.



Once they download, exit back to the Main Menu and start a new Career game on EASY. Stick with Goldcrest Valley. Any farmer is fine. Make sure both mods are ticked and start the game.

Once in the game, decline the tour. Simply press -Ctrl-, -Alt- and -9- all together to deposit $1,000,000 into your account! You can repeat this over and over so you have unlimited funds. Your first million unlocks:

Peak Profits

Own a bank account with 1 million ingame money

Peak Profits
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative -

Now that you are cashed up, press -Esc- to enter the game menu. Use the arrows in the top corners to find the “Finances” tab. Now click on “Repay $5,000” to replay some of your loan. Select this 10 times to repay your entire loan amount of $50,000, unlocking:

Financial Independence

Pay back the entire bank loan

Financial Independence
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player




There are nineteen farmers in the game, each owning one or more fields. If you press -Esc-you can find the “Map Overview” tab with the location of the fields, which are numbered. Notice that most of the field numbers are coloured white while fields 12, 14 and 15 are coloured light green. The green colour means that you own those fields.

If you have purchased a field owned by those farmers who only have one, then start a new game. You need to do a job for each farmer once – obviously if there is a farmer without a field, you cannot help them. Double check that at least one field for each farmer has white numbering. If you have just started a fresh, new save, you can obviously ignore this warning.


Richard Write: 1 and 6

Victor Robinson: 2

Peter Wood: 3 and 4

Simon Collins: 5

George Watson: 7

Able Nelson: 8

Joshua Allen: 9 and 13

Gary Turner: 10

Dennis Jenkins: 11

Erick Roberts: 16

Natalie Johnson: 17 and 21

Maria King: 18

Alex Young: 19

Daria White: 20

James Harris: 22, 23 and 24

Edward Gomez: 25, 27 and 28

Robert Cook: 26

Steven Bell: 29

Mary Evans: 30, 31

The farmer will supply the equipment you need so there is no need to bring your own. You can manipulate the equipment to a degree which will be described below.

The required job for each field will change, depending on how much time has passed in the game. Generally, they will be harvesting and fertilizing jobs, but you may get a sowing job or two. For this reason, there is no step-by-step guide for each farmer and field. Instead, the information will be general so it can be applied to whichever job you get.

You can possibly use this to your advantage. If you check a field and the time to complete the mission is very long, consider waiting a while. The task that needs to be completed will change (you can usually see the field change somehow) but be warned – there is no guarantee that the next task will be any shorter!

You can tackle them in any order. Remember that you only need to do one job per farmer, rather than per field. There should be no need to do multiple jobs for the same farmer.

A suggested path is to start in the north-west and circle around the map clockwise (roughly). Get into the white ute nearby, the Lizard Pickup Rodeo, either by walking near it and pressing -E- or pressing -Shift Tab-.

Use the map to navigate up to Field #6. At top speed this vehicle can be difficult to control – be cautious going around corners! It is possible to flip onto the roof, in which case it's easier to just go to the store and buy another, rather than try to flip it back over with another vehicle.

Go to the top-left of Field #6 where you will find a blue icon with a steering wheel and field icon – this also appears on the map as a blue dot. Exit the vehicle with -E- then approach the icon and press -R- to “Purchase or farm field”. If you park too close to the edge of the field, you won’t be able to start the job. As a rule, don’t park on the cleared dirt area around the field.

Make sure you don’t click “Buy” in this menu and accidentally purchase the field!

You can see the farmer on the left of the screen. At Field #6 it is Richard Wright. Take note of the bar below his picture. At this stage it is empty because you haven’t done a job for him yet. As you complete jobs, this bar will slowly fill up green. If you lose track and can’t remember which farmers you have helped, use this bar to check each one.

Also take note of the “Time for this mission: ##” number in the centre of the screen. You can often manipulate the equipment the farmer supplies by exiting from this menu with -R- and returning. The equipment shown at the bottom and the time limit may change. This will be more noticeable on the larger fields but even then you may get the same equipment/time several times in a row. Try to find the shortest time, which correlates with the best equipment. If the farmer owns multiple fields, you can check their other fields and pick the shortest time.

Depending on the jobs you complete, you may unlock a few achievements here linked to working the fields. As they are random, they will be discussed later but expect to pick up at least one bonus achievement here.

The actions you need to complete most types of jobs are listed here. Because there is a variety of different equipment combinations, remember there may be slight differences. The available controls are shown in the top-left of screen so you can check them there.


  • Drive the tractor so the front aligns with the weight or fluid tank on the ground – it will be the smaller of the two objects. When you are in position, you will see an option to “Attach” with -Q- in the controls shown in the top left.
  • Now drive so the rear of the tractor aligns with the larger machine, which will be a sprayer, tanker or sowing machine. Once again, when you are in position, press -Q- to “Attach”.
  • Look at the icons in the bottom-right, showing your tractor and the attached equipment. Make sure the rear machine is highlighted. If not, press -G- until it is.
  • Depending on the machine, you may need to press -X- to unfold, -V- to lower and/or -B- to turn it on. Some controls will not appear until the preceding one is complete (it must unfold fully before you can turn it on, for example). If done correctly you will see the machine working.


  • Align and attach to the header -Q- to the front.
  • Press -G- to control the header – check the icons in the bottom-right.
  • Press -X- to unfold the header and -V- to lower the header.
  • Some harvesters also have a rear machine, in which case swap to it with -G- and then choose the other options, which will be similar (open, turn on etc…).
  • Press -G- to control the harvester.
  • Press -X- to unfold the harvester and then -B- to turn it on.

Now drive around the field, completing the assigned job. Generally, you don’t need to cover 100% of the field. You can miss bits and still hit the target but try to align each pass so you aren’t missing anything. Go up and down the field, trying not to leave any gaps. Don’t stop and go back if it's just a small patch you’ve missed.

Fertilized soil is shown by a darker soil colour. Most are easy to spot but a few fields may have vegetation that obscures the ground and can make it difficult. When sowing, the machine changes the appearance of the soil. Harvesting is the easiest as the crop will be obviously cut down.

Be careful when turning around at the ends of the fields. You can get timed out if you drive too far away from the edge (a countdown appears on-screen and you have 10 seconds to get back). On most fields it is easier to make 90 degree turns and drive around in circles rather than back and forth, especially if you are using the cruise control exploit.

The available time is displayed in the top-right of the screen, along with a pie-graph showing your progress – once this fills green, the job is complete. The information about fuel and loads in the bottom-right can be ignored. You will never run out or need to fill up a machine.

For completing your first job for Richard Wright, you will unlock:

Help a Fella out

Complete a task for another farmer

Help a Fella out
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Now head over to Field #2, owned by Victor Robinson. This should be another quick job.

Make your way over to Field #3. This farmer is Peter Wood. If it’s fertilizing, this may be slightly more difficult to see as the plants make the darker soil a little harder to see. Peter also owns Field #4 so you can check that if you want a different job.

Head south from here to Field #7, which is the only field owned by George Watson.

A little to the east is Able Nelson at Field #8.

Next is Field #5. Talk to Simon Collins for a job on this larger field. Be careful at the ends of this field. It’s easy to get snagged on the rocks and trees.

Just to the south is Field #9. The farmer is Joshua Allen. Alternatively, he owns the larger Field #13 to the south.

Take the road further south to get to Field #16 to complete a job for Erick Roberts.

Drive south-west to Field #19, owned by Alex Young.

Further south is Field #24. James Harris also owns Fields #22 and #23.

Go east along the main road here to reach Field #20. Daria White has a large field. Remember to keep checking for the shortest time/best machinery before you start.

Drive back down the main road and find Field #26 to the south, owned by Robert Cook.

Cross the bridge to the south over to Field #29 and complete a job for Steven Bell. This is another annoying field if it’s fertilizing as the soil is obscured.

To the east, Mary Evans owns Field #30 and, beyond it, Field #31.

Head over to the west where you will find Edward Gomez. Field #28 is probably fastest but you can check Fields #25 and #27 as well.

From here, head west and north up to Field #21. This will be Natalie Johnson who also owns Field #17 up to the north.

Make your way back to the east, over to Field #18, owned by Maria King.

Field #11 is a little further north, owned by Dennis Jenkins.

Finally, drive either way around the water back to the west to get to Field #10, owned by Gary Turner.

That should be one job for each farmer which unlocks:

Farmer's Favorite

Help each farmer at least once

Farmer's Favorite
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable




Next you need to breed some animals, specifically cows, sheep and pigs. Pigs are relatively easy but cows and sheep require some setup so that will be the next step.

First thing is to sell all your vehicles, except perhaps the white ute/pickup. This will make things easier later, when you will be switching between vehicles regularly. To do this, press -P- to enter the store and click on your garage at the bottom of the screen.

Everything you own is listed. Sell all the vehicles and machinery (no need to sell the sheds and you can leave the money boxes running).

Now you need to farm lots of grass. Fortunately, the cruise control exploit will speed things up once again. Since money is no object, you can also purchase good machinery to speed this up. If you find you are running out of cash, adjust the game speed up to 120x to increase income from the money boxes, but if you left them running when you did all the farmers jobs you probably have more than enough.

In the store, the equipment is more powerful or larger (and more expensive) as you scroll to the right. Some of the most powerful tractors have tracks or twist in the middle, making them difficult to control (in my opinion). I recommend “standard” tractors, particularly the Valtra S Series, but feel free to test out some of the other more expensive ones if you want.


In the shop (-P-), purchase:

Tractors > Valtra S Series ($289,000, no need for upgrades)

Sowing Machines > Amazone Condor 15001 ($224,000)

Pallets > 5 x Lizard Seed BigBag ($900)

Exit out of the store and press -Tab-. As you have sold all your other equipment, you should jump straight to your new tractor. Attach the sowing machine to the back. This will be referred to as the Sowing Tractor.

Making sure the sowing machine is selected, press -Y- to “Select Seed”. You want grass, which looks like this:


Now drive so the sowing machine is alongside one of the pallets. When you are close enough, a control option will appear to press -R- to “Refill sower”. The bar next to the grass image in the bottom-right will fill to 1000/20%. Repeat the process with the other pallets until you have 5000/100%. Occasionally one of the pallets will only fill to 999 for some reason – if this happens just purchase one more pallet so you can reach 5000/100%.

Drive down to Field #28. You can use any other field but this one is close to the cow paddock and the store, making equipment transit easier. This time when you arrive at the field marker, interact with the blue icon and purchase the field.

Drive your tractor up to the corner of the field. Once aligned with the edge, press -X- to unfold the sower, then -V- to lower the sower and finally -B- to turn it on.

Now you can hire a worker with -H-. The worker will take over and sow the field. As mentioned on the Hints and Tips page, workers can sometimes be finicky so make sure this worker is on his way before proceeding. You want the whole field to be sown without any gaps, so this is one job you don't want to do yourself with the cruise control exploit. There is some other preparation work to be done so the relatively slow worker isn't an issue in this case.

Double check in the game settings that all the “Helper Refill” options are set to “Buy”. This means that the worker will automatically restock the seed in the sowing machine so you won’t have to worry about it. While you are there, make sure “Plant growth” is Fast and “Plant withering” is Off.

Mowing and collecting the grass:

To speed things up, you’re going to make the most of all that easy cash you have been earning and purchase a large amount of equipment. You will need to mow the grass once it has grown and collect it in a loading wagon for transport.

The easiest setup is a tractor with a small mower on the front and a loading wagon on the back.

You are going to purchase and use up to 18 of the following combinations, although 10-12 should be more than sufficient to get started. Read the whole process and decide how many you want.

From the store, purchase:

Tractors > Valtra S Series x 1

Mowers > Lely Splendimo 320 FC x 1

Loading Wagons > Strautmann Tera-Vitesse CFS 5201 DO

Attach the mower to the front and the loading wagon to the back. Drive it down near Field #28. Do not leave this or any other equipment too close to the edge of the field as that can interrupt the hired worker.

If you changed it for any reason, adjust the game speed to 120X so the grass will grow faster. The field will change colour once but wait a little longer until it changes a second time. If you are watching closely you will see the grass appear. If you are not sure, just try to start mowing. If nothing happens you need to wait a little longer.

While you wait, keep setting up the remaining tractors.

It will take a total of 16 full wagons for the cows and an additional 2 for the sheep. They are not all used at once though and you can recycle wagons if you want. It’s up to you if you want to set up all 16 (which is the longer but more cautious method) before you start or as few as 10-12. If you choose the latter, once you have emptied a wagon into the trough just drive it back down to Field #28 and fill it up again.

You want to leave at least 1 empty loading wagon when you start to pick up spilled grass and maintain the paddock cleanliness - this will be explained below but you can just leave it on Field #27 near Field #28 for now.

There is a time factor once you purchase cows but you can take as long as you want until then. After purchasing the animals, you should be able to manage things at 120X game speed but at any time if you feel you are running out of grass or feeling rushed you can adjust the speed down, giving you more time to refill those wagons and manage things.

If you are happy to do all the mowing yourself, read on. If you want to try to use AI workers to do the mowing for you, read ahead.

I ended up with a setup looking like this:


You want the Sowing Tractor to be most of the way down the field before you start mowing - this will make sure the grass is fully grown at the top of the field and also that you won't get in its way. To start the mower, move it to the same corner of the field where you started the sowing tractor. With the loading wagon selected, then press -V- to lower the pickup and -B- to turn on forage pickup. Switch to the mower and press -X- to unfold, -V­- to lower and, once the option appears, -B- to turn it on.

Now set out across the field, both mowing the grass and collecting it in the wagon. You can see the lines created where you have mown - these areas will need time to grow back again, so keep aiming for un-mown grass. As you go, make sure the loading wagon is filling with grass, as shown by the number under the fuel at the bottom-right.

You don't need to worry too much about mowing in lines - there is plenty of grass so loop around however you like. Try to be back towards the top left of the field as the loading wagon reaches 50,000l.

The Sowing Tractor will eventually finish - you can just leave it there. Once sown, the field will keep growing grass indefinitely so there won't be any need for more sowing.

Once it reaches 50,000l, fold the mower and drive up to the eastern side of the cow paddock.


You will see a trough here – it's the one that is set into the fence, not the concreted area. Reverse the loading wagon up over the trough and press -I- to unload. If you are too far away the option to unload won’t appear. For now, the trough will only take a small amount of grass so leave the mostly-full wagon there.

Repeat this process until all your Loading Wagons are full - line them up towards the trough in the cow paddock. Try to do this in a logical order. The order in which you swap vehicles with -Tab- is the order you purchase them. Lining them up in order will make it easier when you are cycling through them all.


Using AI workers with the mowers can me more trouble than it’s worth. They seemed to get very confused and stop working randomly when both a mower and a loading wagon are attached to their tractor. The way around it is to use a Lely Splendimo 900 MC ($49,000) mower. For some reason, this setup was much more stable (but not perfect).

The downside is that the worker will not mow in line with the loading wagon. To get around this, send off your first worker – they will mow two lines of grass per pass across the field, but won’t collect anything yet. Once this worker has finished, you’ll need to have another worker fill this wagon.

Wait a while so the first mowing tractor is a little way down the field. Set up your next tractor with the loading wagon in line with one of those darker lines of grass and hire a worker. This tractor will both mow the grass in between the first sets of lines and collect grass in the wagon.

It’s possible to have 2 or even 3 workers spaced out, mowing and collecting, but you need to keep an eye on them. Remember to fire the worker once the loading wagon is full and move it up to the cow paddock.

Because the mowing phase is problematic, I recommend at least 10-12 full wagons before you purchase the cows.


Before you get the cows, you need to set up a water tower. Head back to the store once again and purchase:

1 x Tractors > Valtra S Series ($289,000, no need for upgrades)

1 x Animals > Joskin Aquatrans 7300 S ($9,500)

Connect them up and drive to the western side of the cow paddock, opposite the feeding tough. You will see another trough at the edge of the paddock, towards the southern end. Park your vehicle so the water tanker is in the marked zone by the trough.

Now open the shop once more:

1 x Placeables > Lizard Water Tower $18,000

You want to place the tower in line with the trough, as close to the marked zone as possible, as shown in the image below. Use -Q- and -E- to rotate the tower and -LMB- when it is in position. It will be red if you are too close but as soon as it turns green you can place it. The placement is quite generous so as long as it is close it should work.


If you get the position right, you will be able to press -R- to fill the tanker with water and press -I- to unload and fill the trough. Doing it this way means you won’t have to move the tractor at all. It is possible to have the tanker refilling from the water tower and filling the trough at the same time. Fill up the trough now in preparation - you may need to tap -W- to shift the tractor a fraction to register that the water tower is now present.

Troughs will scale depending on how many animals are present. For now, you can’t put much water in but once you purchase some cows you will be able to fill it up more. Be prepared that when you purchase the animals the capacity of the troughs will vastly increase, so you need to quickly fill them up for maximum efficiency.

Once you have your loading wagons full of grass lined up ready to go and the grass and water troughs are as full as you can make them, you can purchase your cows. Open the map overview and click on the icon at the bottom of Field #31 for the Animal Dealer – it’s the one on the left. Just to right there will be an option to Visit so click on that.

You will teleport there. When you arrive, press -R- to access the animal dealer store. You may need to take a step or two before you have this option.

This is where you purchase animals. Select the Cow and then press Buy. To speed the breeding up, you’re going to buy 500 cows which will cost $2,550,000 which is why you left the money box mods running. Unfortunately, you can’t hold down -LMB- you have to press it 500 times… The number of cows you are going to purchase is shown in the bottom left. Confirm the purchase. The cows will automatically be transported to the cow paddock.

With all those animals the capacity of the troughs will increase dramatically. Immediately switch to the tractors at the two troughs and fill them both up – obviously the water tanker doesn’t have to move but the loading wagons will as it will take a little over 4 full wagons of grass to fill the trough. When the trough is full you will automatically stop filling and won’t lose any grass/water.

Press -Esc- and find the Animals tab. This lists the current state of any animals you own. Cows are on the right. Here you can see how full the water and grass troughs are at a glance, along with the reproduction rate and how long you will need to wait for the next animal.

With 500 cows, the reproduction rate should be around 13-14 hours, which thankfully is game time. This will increase if the troughs aren’t full enough, indicated by a red/amber/green bar by water and grass. Try to keep them both in the green.

In addition to this, notice the Cleanliness information on the Animals tab. This will deteriorate over time and has the same red/amber/green bar to monitor. Red will increase the time it takes to breed the cows.

Drive the empty loading wagon you left in Field #27 to the large shed below the cow paddock. You will see a long pile of grass appearing on the south side, between the shed and the two concrete walls. Over time this will get bigger and bigger. Use the empty wagon to load up that grass. You don’t need to collect it all, just enough to keep the Cleanliness bar in the green. You should actually collect enough grass here to entirely fill at least 3 more loading wagons before the cows are done!

It should take around 7-8 real-time minutes per animal at 120X speed and you need to breed 20, so this should take around two and a half hours. You can buy more cows which increases the reproduction rate but not by much and they will obviously chew through more grass and water.

If you only have 8 loading wagons, this will seem a little hectic to start with, as you fill the 4 loading wagons you used to fill the trough while still monitoring the troughs and cleanliness. Once those wagons have been refilled, this become much more manageable.

Use this time to prepare another two loading wagons of grass. Once they are ready, drive them up to the sheep paddock, which is located to the left of Field #11 and is marked on the map above. The feed and water troughs are both on the southern side of the paddock – feed is closer to the lake and water is close to Field #11.

Repeat the process of setting up a water tower and purchase and place a tractor with a water tanker at the water trough. The positioning is a little trickier here but if you put the water tower as shown you can still fill/unload without moving.


It’s up to you if you want to do this at the same time as the cows, which requires a little more management, or wait until they’re done - it should be fairly easy, though.

When you're ready to breed sheep, use the map to travel back to the Animal Dealer (down by Field #31 if you forgot). This time buy 150 sheep. Immediately warp back to the vehicles by the sheep paddock troughs and fill them up.

Sheep are much easier than cows. With 150, the reproduction rate should be under 6:30 hours, resulting in a new sheep a little over 3 minutes real-time. This means the 30 sheep you must breed will take around an hour and half real-time.

Sheep automatically produce wool, which is stored in pallets near the shed on the eastern side of the paddock. Once that area is full, you will start to get messages about it. You can ignore them but if they annoy you just use a tractor to push the pallets out of the marked zone to free up the space.

Sheep also deteriorate in cleanliness. The pile of grass relating to them is right at the trough you are filling with grass, so just use the wagon there to collect it. This can challenge your trailer reversing skills so remember to make small adjustments and do the best you can.

The final breeding achievement is the easiest of the lot. Purchase another tractor and water tanker and drive up to the pig pen which you can find to the south of Field #7. The water trough is located on the eastern side of the field so park the water tanker there. Buy a water tower and put it adjacent so you can fill/unload the same time.


Back at the store again, purchase:

1 x Tractors > Steyr Multi ($82,000)

1 x Tippers > FarmTech TDK 1600 ($19,000)

Drive this up to the pig pen. You want to place a Pigfood Silo, found under Placeables in the store, near the trough on the north side of the pen. This is the mod you should have installed when you started – if you can’t find it save and exit to the main menu and make sure it is installed and activated when you load back into the game.

Unlike the water towers, you won’t be able to place it right by the trough. Place it where you can easily drive the tipper to – you should be able to set it up in line with the trough so you just drive directly forwards and backwards:


Notice that unlike the console version of the game, to fill the tipper you need to drive right under the nozzle on the silo as shown in the image – this is why you bought a smaller tractor and tipper.

When are in position, press -N- to “Open Cover”. A control option will appear to press -R- to “Start Filling”. Do so, then move it back to the trough where you can unload by pressing -Left Ctrl- and -I-.

With everything in place, go to the Animal dealer and purchase 200 pigs. Immediately warp back and restock the troughs at the pig pen. The Pigfood Silo is quite slow to refill the tipper so focus on that. This number of animals means the pigs will reproduce in just 00:46h, meaning one pig per 40 seconds in real time. This should take a little over half an hour, real-time.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about cleanliness here - it won't really alter the reproduction rate. They’re pigs, after all!

Now just manage the troughs for all three types of animals. The sheep and pigs, once full, deplete their resources quite slowly but the cows are greedy and you will need to use all 16 of those loading wagons of grass. Remember to keep the bars on the Animals tab in the green to maximise reproduction rates.

The loading wagon managing the cleanliness of the cow paddock will eventually fill up, so have another empty wagon nearby ready to replace it. This will happen a second time before you are done. The grass in this wagon is just the same as all the others, so you can use it to refill the feed trough.

You can check how many of each animal you have bred on the Animals tab. The top line for each animal is the number animals owned, obviously including the ones you purchased.

For cows, once this reaches 520, you will have bred 20 cows to unlock:


Breed 20 cows

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

You need to breed 30 sheep, so the magic number is a total of 180 to unlock:

Sweet Dreams

Breed 30 sheep

Sweet Dreams
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

And for pigs, you need to breed 50 for a total of 250 to unlock:

Oink Oink!

Breed 50 pigs

Oink Oink!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop

Once you have reached the goal for each animal, you can go back to the Animal dealer and sell them all so you don’t have to worry about them again. They won't die, but once they run out of feed and water their productivity and reproduction rate will lower to 0.

On this page you will finish off the remaining miscellaneous achievements, leaving just the Gold Nugget achievements remaining.




Your first task is to finish any achievements related to working the fields that you have not already unlocked. There are achievements to cultivate, sow, fertilize and harvest a total of 10 hectares (in one save slot but not necessarily in one session). You can track your progress on the Statistics tab.

Fortunately, the work done by hired workers counts towards these achievements. The easiest way to do this is to purchase Field #5. While it is a bit of a drive from the store, this field is 11.95ha so you will obtain the achievement in a single go.

Depending on the state of the field when you purchase it, you may not be able to complete your desired task - eg. you cannot cultivate a field that is already cultivated. You can wait before purchasing the field (the state of the field will change with time) or try a different task - you can filter the map in the game menu to see the state of each field, or just wait a day or so and it should change.

Any progress you have already made during those farmer jobs and the animal breeding achievements will count, and you will almost definitely have already unlocked a few of these achievements. You may need to prepare the field before you can complete the task you need – you cannot harvest a field that hasn’t been seeded and given time to grow, for example.

While doing this, you should hire your worker and while they cover the field move onto the other miscellaneous tasks or make a start on the gold nuggets – just remember to check back in on the worker from time to time to make sure they keep at the job.


This will be the first step. Purchase any powerful tractor and a Kockerling Allrounder ($94,000) cultivator. Drive to the edge of your field of choice and hire a worker. Repeat as required to reach a total of 10 hectares, you will unlock:

Preparation is Key

Cultivate 10 hectares

Preparation is Key
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


The next step is sowing. If you still have the sowing machine you used to sow Field #28 with grass, you can just a set a worker going on that again.

Otherwise, you want another Amazone Condor 15001 sowing machine. You’ll need to purchase another 5 Lizard Seed BigBag’s from the Pallets category and fill the sowing machine.

Drive over to your field and set a worker to the task once again. Cover a total of 10 hectares to unlock:

Into the Soil

Sow 10 hectares

Into the Soil
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


It's extremely likely that you obtained this achievement during the farmer jobs phase as fertilizing is the most common job. The information is included here, just in case.

While it is not the largest, I found the best fertilizing machine to be the Bredal F2WS 4000 – the reason being simply that the larger one takes forever to load. You will need to purchase 2 Lizard Liquid Fertilizer Tanks ($2,400) to fill it up (I found this was a little glitchy and I had to purchase several more tanks to fill it up). Repeat the process of hiring a worker again to unlock:

Make 'em Grow

Fertilize 10 hectares

Make 'em Grow
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


Once again, all that grass you collected should have counted towards this and you should already have unlocked this achievement. The setup here is based on you sowing a new field, in which case the default will be wheat. Other crop types may require different equipment.

Buy the New Holland CR10.90 harvester ($430,000) and the New Holland SuperFlex Draper 45FT header ($62,000). Drive to your field and, once the crop has grown, hire a worker to do their thing. A total of 10 hectares later, you’ll unlock the final work-related achievement:

Bumper Harvest

Harvest 10 hectares

Bumper Harvest
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +




Drive to the basketball court which is located here:

Bball Map

Once at the court, approach a basketball and press -LMB- when the hand icon appears to pick it up. Now go to either end stand just outside the outer semi-circular line. Line up your shot as shown and press -RMB- to throw.

Bball Shot

It might take a few shots but once you make the shot you will unlock:


Score a three-point field goal in basketball

Offline Game ModeSingle Player




Press -P- to open the Store menu. Scroll over to the right to find “Chainsaws”. Select this and buy a chainsaw – they are all the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Now you just need to cut down fifty trees. Whilst on foot, scroll the -MMB- or press -1- or -2- to deploy your chainsaw. Now hold -RMB- and move the mouse to the right to rotate the chainsaw so it is parallel with the ground.

Approach a tree. Some very small trees cannot be cut down so aim for the larger ones. When you get close, a blue ring will appear around the trunk. Press and hold -LMB- to cut through the trunk.


Your first tree unlocks:


Cut down a tree

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Continue with the wholesale slaughter of innocent trees until you have cut down 50. They will always fall to the left and while falling trees cannot injure you, they can get in your way. Find a group of trees and start at the left end, so the next tree will always be to the right. Eventually you’ll unlock:


Cut down 50 trees

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Shop




Your aim to go into debt on the very first day, which needs a new save slot. From the main menu, select “Career”. Choose an empty save slot and continue. Select “Hard” difficulty and start the game.

On Hard difficult, you start with $15,000, which is shown at the top-right of the screen.

Hit -P- to open the Store page. Select Plows > Kuhn Vari-Master 153 for $15,000. Select and buy one. This will take your cash balance to $0.

Exit the shop. Press -Tab- until you are in the Case IH 160 Axial-Flow – it should be the first vehicle you enter. You should already be in position so press -Q- to attach the header. Press -Enter- to “Start Engine” (you can skip this step if you have turned “Automatic Engine Start” on in the menu).

Press -H- to hire a worker. The worker will automatically take over and begin. You will automatically start paying him after a moment or two, causing your balance to go into the negative. This will unlock:

Breakneck Bankruptcy

Reach a negative balance on your very first day

Breakneck Bankruptcy
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Now exit out of the game – there is no need to save this game. Reload your first save to continue with collecting Gold Nuggets on the following pages.

EDIT 23/12/2020:

As pointed out by TREXY MAN, there is a much faster way to get all 100 Gold Nuggets, which will be done in a new save slot in just a few minutes.

From the main menu, go to Mods > Map > Welker Farms Inc and install it. It is a larger download than the other mods you’ve installed (~430MB) so it may take a few minutes. You’ll be prompted to restart the game so do so.

Once it installs, start a new Career game in a new slot. After setting difficulty (easy) at the “Select A Map” screen, use the arrows at the top of the screen to select the Welker Farms Inc map, then continue. Choose a character and start the game. Any mods should be selected by default automatically.

Now make your way to map co-ordinates (1552, 1765). It’s a fair distance so use one of the vehicles – the LIZARD SX 210 TWINSTAR is pretty quick.

On the south side of Field #1, you’ll find what looks like a muddy patch that looks like this:

Welker Gold Nuggets

ON FOOT, walk into the mud. You’ll drop down below it and find all 100 Gold Nuggets! Collect them all to unlock:

All That Glitters...

Find all 100 gold nuggets

All That Glitters...
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

I'll leave the original guide below for anyone who still wants it.

There are 100 Gold Nuggets to collect in the game. The good news is that after collecting your 10th nugget, all the others are marked on your map. Nuggets can be collected at any time in between other tasks but are unique to each save file.

Nuggets are collected simply by walking over them. This page lists a suggested route around the map, with descriptions and images. Be aware that sometimes the image will not be shown from the direction you will be approaching the nugget.

Also included is a map reference in the form of [123, 321]. This can be seen in the bottom corner of the mini-map.

I recommend you drive the white ute/pickup – the Lizard Pickup Rodeo - that initially is located at the central farm. If you've sold it, just buy a new one and drive it back to the centre of the map. At times you will want to get out on foot. Remember you can run with -LeftShift-.

You can see how many Nuggets you have collected on the “Statistics” tab in the game menu -Esc-.

It’s likely that you won’t need to use this guide once you have found the first 10, but all nuggets have been included for completionists or for those of you who want a full guide.

Nugget Map


Starting at your house in the centre of the map, drive to the chicken coop, just south of the house. By the henhouse in the coop is Nugget #1 [1241, 1041].


Drive a little north, heading to the top of Field #12. A little over halfway across the field you will see a large rock near the trees to the north. Behind that rock you can collect Nugget #2 [1154, 768].


Drive over to the road that runs west off the side of Field #12. Follow as it turns to the north. When it splits, take the left (north) path. When you reach the watchtower, find Nugget #3 [1045, 684] by one of its legs.


Make your way south. Your target is a shed at the north end of the small road between Fields #22 and #23. You can make your way back along the roads or head off-road. On a rack on the west side of the shed is Nugget #4 [1019, 1240].


Now drive south, aiming for the small bridge that is below Field #26, in the centre. Before you cross that bridge, walk down to the right (west) side where you swim out and find Nugget #5 [1077, 1690] amongst the reeds.


Cross the bridge and drive to the buildings directly south. Leave your vehicle at the front of the shed. In between the house and the shed is a vegetable garden and hidden amongst the tomatoes is Nugget #6 [1094, 1863].


Now walk up the hill to the south. Just a little east from the garden, in line with the shed, you will find Nugget #7 behind a rock [1115, 1905].


Further south you will see a short road which ends in a circle on the map. There is a house there, with a small out-house to it’s east. Go to the ridge between the two and just a little further south you can find another rock concealing Nugget #8 [1112, 1980].


Go back to your vehicle and drive up to the river north of Field #30. On the north bank you will see a sandy beach. Opposite this on the south side, in a gully between two outcroppings, is Nugget #9 [1242, 1731].


Continue east, taking the left path behind the shed when it splits. At the far end of the shed, on its north side, you will collect Nugget #10 [1406, 1731].


Your collection quest becomes much easier now, as all the remaining Nuggets are marked on your map with a yellow and black circle. Feel free to continue on with the guide on the next page or just go it alone.

The following pages are image-heavy - over 45 on each page to be precise!


I've put this achievement here so it doesn't get lost in the following pages but remember to collect all the gold nuggets on the original save slot. Once you have collected them all you hopefully will have unlocked:

In for the Long Haul

Reach 10 hours playing time in a single savegame

In for the Long Haul
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

If you have completed everything else in under ten hours, you will need to leave the game idling. You can check your progress on the Statistics menu to see how long you have played on your current save slot.

Assuming you've skipped ahead and found the 100 nuggets, this will be your last achievement giving you the completion. Congratulations!

This page picks up from where you collected your 10th Nugget, towards the bottom-right of the map. The numbered map is reproduced here to help finding any problematic nuggets.

Nugget Map


Drive down to the south side of Field #30 and head east on the road that leads to Field #31. As it turns north, walk up the hill ahead, still heading east. In a depression a little to the north you can find Nugget #11 [1559, 1889].


Jump back to your vehicle and continue along the road which turns north then east again. Stop as it turns east and walk up the hill to the north. On a grassy section below the second rocky area you can see Nugget #12 [1556, 1768].


Jump back to your vehicle once again and continue along the road. When you reach Field #31, go behind the shed immediately on your right. Just around the corner on its southern side is Nugget #13 [1666, 1872].


Continue along the southern side of Field #31. Past the house, silos and fenced yards you will find a concrete silage bunker (it's the concrete structure that looks like it's filled with dirt). On the south side of the bunker is Nugget #14 [1887, 1866].


From here, drive north along the eastern side of Field #31. Before you reach a pair of sheds, Nugget #15 [1944, 1650] is located in the grass off to the right (east).


Drive up to the top of Field #31. Towards the western side head north and down the hill a little. Nugget 16 [1724, 1473] is sitting on a grassy ledge.


Go to the large road that runs east to west just up from there. Go west a little and stop at the bridge over the river. On the north side, jump to the outside of the concrete railing to collect Nugget #17 [1557, 1376].


Staying on this side of the river (the east) drive north. Pass the sandy beach on the opposite bank and continue a little further then get out and swim across. On a patch of grass near some rocky hills is Nugget #18 [1519, 1126] - it's roughly in line with the southern-most reeds in the water.


Jump back over to your vehicle and follow that road just to the west of Field #20. When the road splits in a wooded area, go left a little. As you turn to the north, get out and go a short way off the road to the east where you can find Nugget #19 [1587, 978] at the base of the tree.


Keep heading east from here. When you go up another hill you should see Nugget #20 [1609, 981] at the base of another tree just to the south.


Back at your vehicle, drive north on the road. Instead to following it as it turns to the right, get out and walk straight ahead. In a clearing near some trees you can grab Nugget #21 [1566, 926].


Now drive east. The roads criss-cross a little but end up in a single road, above a series of rectangular lines on the mini-map. Walk down to this area, which is a fenced orchard. In the smaller, western orchard, Nugget #22 [1785, 947] can be found at the north end by the eastern fence to the larger orchard.


Back to the vehicle once more and continue east along the road. When you come to a clear area with the road circling around a picnic gazebo, take the southern road but get out as soon as you do. Just to the south, between a rock wall and a tree, is Nugget #23 [1880, 913].


Drive your vehicle a little further east. The road will dip to the south then begin to turn around to the north. At the southern point, stop and get out. By some trees not far from the road is Nugget #24 [1921, 921].


Now walk directly north. Cross the road and in amongst the trees you will find Nugget #25 [1929, 878] next to a large rock.


Now go back to the gazebo. At the north side of the area, walk into the trees and, when you see it, head towards the large green building over to the north. Go down some grassy and rocky sections to find Nugget #26 [1837, 821] on some grass near the water.


Get back in your vehicle and carefully drive down to the water, on the east side of the lake by that large green building. The safest way is to follow the road west. When it turns south, make your way north instead, through the trees and down. On this side of the lake is a concrete drain with Nugget #27 [1917, 758] beside it.


Drive over to the western side of the lake. Between the large green building and the water, you can find Nugget #28 [1831, 744]. It is right at the water’s edge and near where the sand meets the dirt.


Next, drive to the eastern side of Field #5 and head north. Around two-thirds of the way up the field, look east to find Nugget #29 [1994, 390] between a tree and the rock wall.


Continue north and drive straight up the rock walls ahead – the Utility should manage this but other vehicles may need to take the grass path near the house. At the top, find the looping roads. At the very south-east point, look just off the road to the south to find Nugget #30 [1919, 191] at the top of the hill.


From here, walk east. Just as you pass the house down below, look below a tree at the edge of the hill to find Nugget #31 [1855, 222] concealed amongst the low hanging branches.


Continue driving to the east. You will see two roads joining, making a single road that continues east. Directly south of this point, in a small clearing, is Nugget #32 [1718, 176].


Back at the single road, just a short way along you will spot Nugget #33 [1702, 109] by a large rock to the north.


Now follow the road as it turns south and runs along the side of Field #4. At the south end of the field where another road leads west along the side of the field, the trees closest to the intersection conceal Nugget #34 [1562, 402].


Drive to the north side of Field #8. Go to the shed here and under the wooden balcony at the front you can see Nugget #35 [1480, 469].


Drive west, going through the gap between the two large orange buildings. On the other side, turn left to see Nugget #36 [1348, 470] on a crate near some steps.


Head south from here, going back to the east a little so you are following the train line. You will come across a station of sorts. The first structure you reach will be a water tower. Climb the ladder on its east side to collect Nugget #37 [1361, 620] from the roof. Climbing the ladder can be tricky – try jumping and tapping if you struggle.


Continue south along the tracks. As you pass the tall wooden building on your right (west), look to the south-west corner of that building to find Nugget #38 [1373, 657].


South again on the tracks. When you come to a red bridge. Get out on foot and jump onto one of the angled girders on either side leading up to the top of the bridge – it looks impossible but you will walk right up there. Carefully walk over to the very centre of the bridge where you will find Nugget #39 [1382, 756].


Cross the bridge and continue straight. Then you come to two building to the left (east) of the tracks, go behind the larger of the two to find Nugget #40 [1393, 859] by some steps.


From here drive east to a house on the other side of the road. Stay on the outer northern side of the wooden fence and drive to the eastern side. After the angled corner the fence turns south and just there you will find a very well-hidden Nugget #41 [1480, 850].


Now a bit of a drive back north. Either follow the roads or go off-road over to the larger road that runs between Fields #3 and #7. Stop when you are in-line with the field numbers on the mini-map. Go south from the road to find two trees on top of a rocky ledge. By the eastern tree is Nugget #42 [1237, 313].


Go west from here to the edge of Field #2. There is a small white building here. Behind it (east) is a tree with Nugget #43 [1086, 296] quite well concealed in the grass at the base.


Find the railway tracks to the south. Follow them west. When they start to turn left (south), climb up the rocky hill to the south. In a grassy area near a tree at the corner is Nugget #44 [937, 362].


Now follow the tracks again as they turn south. You will come to a small building with a bridge up ahead. Climb the steps on the side of the building to find Nugget #45 [830, 533] at the top.


Go west to the river and a little back to the north. When you reach a rocky hill, you need to get out and continue walking north. Keep on the river side of a larger rocky hill until you will find Nugget #46 [792, 402] concealed by a tree.


Now drive north, all the way past Field #2 to the main road. Go across the bridge to the west and on the other (western) side, get out. On the north side of the concrete railing here you can find Nugget #47 [945, 89].


The next Nugget is a little hard to describe. Head west but take the road immediately to the south. You will pass a building on the left (east). Next to this building is a lamppost. This will be on the left side of the road – ignore the posts on the right side for these directions. Continue and pass the next lamppost and when you get to the third one, stop. Turn directly west and drive or walk up the rocky hill. At the south end of a grassy ledge half-way up you can find Nugget #48 [690, 333].


Go back to the road and continue south. The road ends at a building. On the north side, which you should be looking at as you arrive, there is a yellow railing and behind that in the corner is Nugget #49 [734, 458].


Just past the building to the right (west) you can find some stairs under some pipes. Leave your vehicle down here and walk up to the top where you can collect Nugget #50 [675, 457]. (Half way there! )


Make your way up to the semi-circular road that loops of the top-right of Field #1 – either backtrack back along the roads or go off-road and test your hill-climbing skills! At the end of the road is a circular area with a watchtower in the centre. Head into the trees to the north-west of the tower. In amongst some mushrooms you can find Nugget #51 [558, 147]. From the tower head towards an arcade game cabinet (?) in the woods if you can't find it.


Go back and climb the tower. Inside at the top you will find Nugget #52 [580, 184].


Drive along the north side of Field #1. To the north of it you will find a house. Just before you reach the house (east of it), stop and head into the woods. In amongst the trees, roughly in line with the yard between the house and a shed behind it, you will find Nugget #53 [324, 168].


Now go to the north of the shed directly behind the house. On the ground next to the shed is Nugget #54 [289, 156].


Drive along the northern side of Field #1. Just before you get to the western edge, head north into the woods again to find Nugget #55 [204, 178] near the base of a tree.


This page picks up assuming you are standing at Nugget #55, located at the top-left of the map.

Nugget Map


Drive directly south across Field #1, onto the paved road that runs down the west side of the map. Follow it south and as it curves slightly back to the east, look to the left. Nugget #56 [192, 483] is by the base of a tree nearby.


The next is another one that can be tough to locate so perhaps rely on the GPS coordinates more than the image. Head east, up the hill. After going up a couple of rocky walls, turn south to find Nugget #57 [229, 499] at the base of a tree.


From here, go south and when you come a hill, look down to the right (west) to spot Nugget #58 [220, 529] on a grassy ledge halfway down.


Continue down the hill. At the next drop, look down to the left (east) to see Nugget #59 [225, 553] at the bottom of the rocky hill.


Just to the south will be a road leading east. Drive along it and stop when you get to a large red building to the south. It’s a train station. On the south side of the tracks here you will find another two buildings. The smaller building to the east has an open crate behind it with Nugget #60 [485, 684].


Drive back the way you came, keeping an eye on the train line to the south of the road. It will be blocked by a fence. When the fence stops, head off-road to the south. Go to the left (east) of the circular wooden structure then climb some steps by the small shed attached to the building here. Around the first corner is Nugget #61 [316, 696].


Walk to the water to the east of the building. If you look on the south side of the lake, there is a wooden fence that runs out into the water. On the east side of this fence is Nugget #62 [375, 732] at the shore.


Warp back to your vehicle and drive west, crossing the road and beyond until you come across some train tracks. Just to the south you should see three wooden buildings at a station. The northern building has a fenced yard on its north side. Inside you will find Nugget #63 [117, 719].


Now drive south along the trail tracks. Once you are in line with the bottom of Field #12, run up the hill to the right (west). On a grassy ledge you can find Nugget #64 [79, 864] at the base of a tree.


Drive a little further south on the train lines. Down to the left (east) you will see a large building with a shed behind it. Hidden by the black bags on the west side of the shed is Nugget #65 [115, 970]. You’ll need to pick one of the bags up with and throw it away with to get to the Nugget.


Warp back to the vehicle on the train tracks and follow them south. They will turn to the east and pass under a bridge – Nugget #66 [144, 1128] can be found to the south on the western side.


Drive up onto the bridge and go north. At the large buildings with a crossover above the road, on the east side is a sign for “The Goldcrest Northern Lodge”. Up against the back of the sign, on the east side, is Nugget #67 [186, 983].


Now run up the hill to the north-east. Roughly in line with the bottom of Field #10 you can find Nugget #68 [287, 879] on a grassy ledge.


Continue just a little further north-east. Up the next hill you should spot Nugget #69 [300, 854] on the grass ahead.


Swim out to the island in the large lake to the east. Look for some reeds by the north-west side of the island. At the water’s edge near them you can find Nugget #70 [412, 1007].


Look east from here. Up the hill you should see two larger trees with some small plants between them. At the base of these plants is Nugget #71 [440, 1007].


If you have it turned off, go into the “General Settings” menu and turn “Switch to trains” back on for a moment. Pressing should put you in a train next to Field #11. Exit the train () and find the ramp leading into the large green building to the east. Inside you will find a small side room and in here you can find Nugget #72 [804, 852] on the wall.



Exit this building to the south. Turn right and go back to the train line. If you look south, you should see a set of steps attached to the next building. Up those steps and around the corner is Nugget #73 [795, 909].


Now go south along the train lines. By the western line, you will see a pair of small buildings. Behind some steps on the east side of the first building you can find Nugget #74 [755, 1041].


Run south of these buildings you will see a small rocky hill. If you stand on it and look to the south-east, you will see Nugget #75 [766, 1084] next to a large rock.


Now go back to the west, towards the large lake. You will see a house a little to the south with a shed behind it. At the back of this shed, Nugget #76 [601, 1124] is next to a power box.


Just to the south is a red train bridge. On the south side of the bridge is a small landing where you can find Nugget #77 [583, 1177].


Cross the bridge and follow the train tracks west. Jump into the yard attached to the large “Maplefield Pool” building where you will find Nugget #78 [467, 1165].


Go north, back to the large lake. Follow the shoreline west and as it turns north you will come across Nugget #79 [356, 1085].


Now go back to the train line to the south. Just a little further west is a water tower with Nugget #80 [285, 1160] at its base.


Warp back to the vehicle which, if you followed my advice, will be back at the lodge near the Maplefield Mill. Drive south, past Field #17, as the road turns to the east. When you enter thetown, drive across the first intersection. On your left will be a white house, a grassy area then a brown building with a “Panoramic Maplefield Real Estate” sign at the front. Park near the green awning, so you can jump onto the roof of your vehicle then up onto the awning. On the roof you will see Nugget #81 [317, 1268] by a satellite dish.


At the intersection just to the east, go south a little but head across the grassy area to the east when you can. You will see a park and almost directly ahead you will see a large rock on the grass. Behind the rock you will find Nugget #82 [404, 1330].


Go directly east. You’ll pass two pairs of park benches just to your left. After the second one, cross over the path and behind an angular rock on your left will be Nugget #83 [484, 1324].


A little further to the east you will see a bridge that crosses diagonally over the river. Walk over and by the tree near the wooden water trough you can collect Nugget #84 [604, 1293].


Follow the path east where it will meet a road. Continue east. Past another intersection you will see a grassy area on your left with lots of trees. There are two wooden buildings in there – the eastern building has Nugget #85 [800, 1260] on a shelf on the western side.


Go along the road that leads to the south from here. When you reach the river, Denton Bakery should be just to your left. Before going there, walk west along the river bank, on the northern side. You can find Nugget #86 [782, 1548] at the base of a tree.


Now make your way over to Denton Bakery – you’ll need a vehicle for this one. Park your vehicle by one of the awnings on the south or east side of the building and use it to jump up. From the awnings make an improbable jump up to the small piece of angled roof that sticks down below the rooftop and from there jump up to the flat roof. Under some pipes here you will find Nugget #87 [876, 1544].



Go south and follow the river to the south-east. At the top of a hill where the river turns east again, Nugget #88 [927, 1662] is hidden in a small depression.


Next is the most difficult collectible in the game and will require a vehicle. Make your way back into town, heading towards the “Spinnery” building. To the east of that building is a large building with signs for the “Goldcrest Valley Farmers Union”.



Once again, park your vehicle near on the awnings and jump up to it. From here, you need to jump onto the narrow sign that sticks out from the wall. From the sign, jump up to the railing around to the top of the roof. If you are too close to the wall you will hit the railing so move a little out on the sign. When you do reach the railing, you’ll often get stuck on it and not be able to jump again. You should be able to walk onto the roof.

For those who want a video, take a look url=

[/url]. (credit to Youtuber Heespandexx)

This is tricky and may take a few tries. Once you are finally up, head towards the flag at the northern end and on the raised area here you can find Nugget #89 [637, 1510]. If you really struggling and want a more extreme method, you could try to replicate this. (credit to Youtuber dn4mycrown)



Take the road on the north side of the building and go west. Cross a couple of intersections but keep an eye on the south side of the road. You will see a round outdoor pool and just up the hill next to it, Nugget #90 [441, 1508] can be found by a seat.


Continue west. You will come to a row of buildings and a large carpark. On the south side of the first building you come to, “Goldcrest Arcade”, Nugget #91 [383, 1510] is hidden in a small walled-off garbage area – use the red barrels next to it to jump in.


Go to the western end of this row of buildings. You will find “Patterson’s Sandwich Gold Mine” at the very end. On the western and northern sides here, you will see angled awnings. Use your vehicle to jump onto one then jump again onto the roof. Once again, if you are too close to the edge of the roof you can’t jump, so move back down the awning a fraction. By some pipes on the south side of the roof is Nugget #92 [332, 1503].



The next building to the west is “Morgan’s Massive Motors”. On the south side by a large red barrel, some fuels cans and a car jack you’ll find Nugget #93 [286, 1513].


Drive west across Field #25. You will see a building on the west side. Behind the fence to the west of the building is Nugget #94 [51, 1614].


Head back along the south side of Field #25. After you pass a single rock near the edge of the field you should see a single tree and another rock on a plateau half way up the hill. Nugget #95 [187, 1697] is beside the rock there.


Drive to the south end of Field #27 and take the path up into the hills at the western corner. At the junction, turn right to go to the western end. By a rock at the front of the mine you’ll find Nugget #96 [247, 1921] and inside the mine-cart is Nugget #97 [249, 1924].


Go back to the east, back along the northern path. At the far end you can see a viewing platform. From the platform, look north and down to the left. You can spot Nugget #98 [427, 1864] on a ledge by a tree.


From the viewing platform, head south. At the next corner Nugget #99 [459, 1945] is hidden behind a rock.


Finally, drive to the south-west corner of Field #28. Directly to the south there are four trees on a ledge a little way up the hill. Between the two eastern trees you can collect Nugget #100 [579, 1911].


With all 100 collected, you will receive $1,000,000 and unlock:

All That Glitters...

Find all 100 gold nuggets

All That Glitters...
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