TA Walkthrough

Hey hey, people, Reborn here. I have one question: do you like violence? Of course you do, it's a part of you. In DayZ, violence is going to be your calling card. Your only mission is to survive at all costs. Loot, kill, steal, and FEEL the anger when some neanderthal cracks your skull with a sledgehammer to take your can of beans. Spawn back in and start the cycle all over again.

DayZ is not an easy game and not for the faint of heart. The realism mechanics are against you, the community will shoot you on sight, the environment will try it's hardest to make sure you die of natural causes, the zombies want to slap you silly and the inventory system is janky at best. Not to mention the common bugs as well.

That being said though, once you overcome the learning curve of complex controls and get into the rhythm of things it's very high-risk high reward. Nothing is better than starting with just a glow stick and working your way up to military gear and a surplus of items. And, nothing is worse than losing all of that in a split second after getting ambushed by someone who's spent the last 3 hours sitting in a corner waiting for some poor unfortunate soul to wander through the door. You're going to love it and you're going to hate it.

Most of the achievements are quite easy to achieve despite what the ratios imply. The game recently came to Game Pass which has also heavily inflated the ratios. Most of these can easily be done with little supplies or effort, but there's 2-3 that will require a friend, dual box, or a grind. I'll try my best to explain all methods of achieving those.

This game doesn't have an in-game map, but there are plenty online you can use that will make getting around and finding loot/animals much easier. The most popular being the iZurvive maps which can be found online and as a downloadable app on your phone. You can even create private groups in the app so you and your friends can see each other's map markers and points of interest. I'll go more in-depth on this later.

There IS DLC for this game which is basically just another map/server to play on. Livonia. I do prefer Livonia since it's a smaller map and more abundant with loot. However, I'll treat this walkthrough as though we're just playing on the original map Chernarus.

You can choose between regular official servers which have you playing in 3rd person or 1st Person only official servers. I personally prefer the 1st Person only servers because other players often abuse 3rd person perspective to peek around walls. This leads to getting ambushed during PvP conflicts more often and it's frustrating. With 1st person, if you're in a close-quarters fight then it's safe to assume if you can't see them, they can't see you. 1st Person also makes it easier to loot items when you're inside buildings. It's up to you, but I highly suggest it.

On the topic of servers, you'll also notice that some of them are labeled with "Persistence On" this means that if another player drops something or builds a base it won't despawn when the server resets. The items will eventually disappear, but they stick around much much longer. This is helpful in two ways: 1.) It helps determine if other players are around. If you come into a building and see some floating paper or a stack of junk it's safe to assume someone was there recently. 2.) Players actually drop some useful stuff when cleaning out their inventory and since it sticks around it can be beneficial to come across it when you're a Fresh Spawn. One survivor's junk is another survivor's treasures!

On the next couple of pages, I'll do my best to explain many of the game's mechanics and realism that you'll have to manage to survive. This will include inventory management, health, and sickness, how to traverse the map, gear to look out for, how to work weapons, crafting recipes, etc.

DayZ is a game that has an astounding audio design. Being able to clearly hear footsteps, animal calls, zombies, distant gunshots, etc. is paramount to your survival. Headphones are highly recommended.

The controls for DayZ is one of the biggest learning curves. The inventory system and how you interact with items will take some getting used to and can be quite frustrating at times. This game was originally developed as a mod for Arma on the PC so compressing tons of keyboard commands to a controller is not an easy feat. Because of this, many of the buttons have different functions depending on what you're holding, whether you're in your inventory or just walking around. I'll try my best to lay all these out with context.

These will be:

Movement: General controls when moving around (empty hands).

Weapons and Actions: Controls while holding a weapon or item

Inventory: Controls while you're on the inventory screen.

Vehicles: Controls for operating vehicles.



cn_start - Pause / Menu.

cn_back - Open Inventory.

cn_LS - Walk / Jog around.

cn_LSc - Sprint.

cn_RS - Look around.

cn_RSc - [Double Click] to change perspective if you're not on a 1st person only server.

cn_LT - [Hold] Raise hands (You MUST raise your hands before you can attack. The same applies when holding a melee weapon or gun.)

cn_RT - Attack with raised hands.

cn_LB - [Hold] Freelook. [Double press] to zoom in.

cn_RB - [Hold] Open hot bar / quick slot menu.

cn_A - Jump.

cn_B - Crouch / stand up. [Hold] to go prone.

cn_X - [Press] Interact. [Hold] Take item you're looking at to your hands.

cn_right - [Hold] to open gesture / emote menu.

cn_down - [Hold] to chat in-game with your mic.


Weapons and Actions

cn_LT - Raise hands / weapon. (You MUST raise your hands before you can attack with cn_RT)

cn_RT - Attack with melee weapon/fire your gun. (MUST BE HOLDING cn_LT)

cn_X - [Press] To interact. [Hold] to drop what you're holding. [Double press] To get into throwing stance (Hold cn_RT then release to throw what you're holding)

cn_Y - [Hold] To reload the weapon or magazine in your hands. [Double press] To eject a round or spent shell depending on your held weapon.

cn_RSc - To use iron sights when your hands are raised (holding weapon).

cn_right - [Press] To use scope. [Hold] To return to iron sights.

cn_up - Increase zeroing / range on your scope / sites while hands are raised.

cn_down - Decrease zeroing / range on your scope/sites while hands are raised.

cn_left - Changes fire mode between semi and full-auto if applicable.

cn_RB - [Hold] Open hot bar / quick slot menu.



Sometimes when interacting with items on the inventory screen you have to move them around to get them to work properly. For example, something is on the ground / in the vicinity that you want to equip. You will first have to take it your hands or your inventory and THEN equip it.

Things can sometimes glitch out when attempting to inventory an item from inside a container such as a backpack or clothing item. Simply take the backpack or whatever into your hands and you should be able to take the items out of it that way.

You can combine multiple stacks of similar items into one stack such as ammo to save inventory space. This also works with other items. So if you have two stacks of 9mm ammo, take one stack to your hands, then go over to your inventory and highlight the other stack then hit cn_B to combine the two.


cn_back - Open / close Inventory screen.

cn_Y - Equip item or split stack.

cn_B - Combine item or combine stacks.

cn_A - [Press] Put item into your hands. [Hold] (then use d-pad while holding) to move item into different inventory slot.

cn_X - [Press] To place item in your inventory. [Hold] To drop item on the ground.

cn_LSc - [Hold] To assign items to quickslot / hotbars.



You will most likely never use a vehicle in the game. Finding one is extremely rare, finding and hauling all the required parts to get it working is even rarer. On the off chance you do put one together or steal one from another group, these are the controls.

cn_RT - To start the car at first. Then [hold] to drive.

cn_LT - To brake.

cn_B - To shift up.

cn_A - To shift down.

cn_LS - Change the direction you're driving.

cn_Y - Toggle headlights.

DayZ does NOT have an in-game map or mini-map to use. It also doesn't have an in-game party or clan system. Fortunately, there is a website and app for smartphones called iZurvive which is an extremely accurate map to help you navigate the world of DayZ. It's almost an essential need to play this game otherwise you'll be wandering off in random directions hoping to find a town. The original and main map you'll most likely be playing is Chernarus. This is the biggest map in the game and the loot will get better the further North you go. The DLC map is Livonia which is smaller than Chernarus, but still a huge map. The loot on Livonia gets better the further south you go.

Here are the links for the interactive maps. They can be used in either Topographical form or Satellite form. I prefer Topographical. You can switch between both of these modes at any time by clicking the circle in the bottom left of the map on the website, or by tapping the three bars in the top left and selecting "Switch Map" on the phone app.

Chernarus Map:

Livonia Map:

The map may be a bit intimidating at first when you see all the icons, but you'll soon grow familiar with them after playing and using the map together. There is a filter on the maps that allow you switch certain things off and the filter will also show you the proper names for the icons so you know what's what. The filter can be found on the website under the "Loot" dropdown in the top right and under the filter icon on the top right of the phone app.

The first thing you'll be doing in-game besides finding food and water is finding out where the hell you are. Almost every town will have a main road running through it. These roads will have a rectangle sign on the outskirts of the town that have the town name on them.

DayZ Sign

This is extremely useful in finding out where you just spawned or where you are to orient yourself. When playing with friends this is crucial info so you can both see where you are on the map and then plan a route to meet up. The other useful feature of iZurvive is you can create a private group, give the password for the group to your friends and then you can both share the same map. So if one of you places a marker down you can both see it. This also helps with communicating where you are, where you found a base, etc.

When playing on Chernarus you will always spawn close to or along the ocean coast when you first start out, on Livonia you will always spawn somewhere in the middle of the map. These are what's known as the "Fresh Spawn" zones. New players and players respawning after death will start here. Don't worry, if you log out of the game after playing for a bit you will always login exactly where you left off. That being said, try to log out in a safe place like a building or in some thick bushes/trees. You don't want to be shot because you're logging in in the middle of a street just standing there while the game loads.

Navigation on DayZ is crucial and there's a lot of things to help you orient yourself if you're lost. The sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. So depending on what time of day it is you can use the sun to find out which way you're heading. You can also find a compass while looting which is a valuable item to have. I normally put one on my hotbar to help me stay on track when navigating long distances through the woods.

If you're playing on Chernarus the ocean/coastline will always be to the South or the East. This is helpful for navigation when you're in the fresh spawn areas.

You can also use things like power lines, railroad tracks, and marked hiking trails in conjunction with the map to help find out where you are if you haven't found a town sign yet.

If you're trying to navigate at night time you can use the stars if you know what to look for. Generally, I use the Big Dipper since it's easy to spot and is always to the North.

Here's an example of a town (from the Livonia map) on the iZurvive map for demonstration purposes:

DayZ topographical map

The grey squares are buildings, houses, structures, etc. Some of these can be used as landmarks to help navigate and are marked as such. The blue circle with the piano is known as "Piano building" and is easy to spot because it's a large two-story building with a piano on the ground the floor.

The purple icon represents a Medical building where you can find supplies such as Bandages, Tetracycline (anti-biotics), Charcoal Tablets, Blood Test kits, IV Starter kits, etc.

The green wheat icons are Farm type buildings where you can find food, melee weapons like shovels or axes, and occasionally double-barrel shotguns. Along with other standard loot.

The blue mug icon represents a bar. You can sometimes find Plastic Bottles or soda cans in here along with other standard loot.

The red siren icon represents a Police Station. These buildings are very popular with players so be careful when entering to loot. You can find good starting weapons here like Glock pistols, pump-action shotguns, ballistic vests, ammo, and other goodies.

The pinkish car icons represent potential spawn points for Police Cars. Police Cars and Helicopter crashes are random events so there won't always be one where the icon is.

The light blue spigot icon represents a Water Pump where you can fill your containers with purified water. This is also a hot spot for other players so be careful and keep an eye on your surroundings when using it.

The brown garage icon represents industrial type buildings. These can have base building materials, melee weapons, car parts, and rarely Lockpicks. Along with other standard loot.

The yellow car icon represents a potential spawn for a vehicle that can be repaired. Finding all the parts and bringing them to a vehicle to get it running is very tedious and most of these cars will be taken by high end geared players anyways. You will most likely never see a working car.

You'll also notice some grey animal icons. These represent spawn points for wild animals that can be hunted for food.

The long yellow lines represent the main roads. These will be paved concrete streets.

The long grey lines represent dirt roads. You'll notice one of the grey lines has a blue line following it. That means it is a hiking trail and there will be blue markers along the trail to help navigate.

The long black line with black dots on it is power lines.

The name at the top of the pic, "Lukow", is the name of the town shown. There will be signs at the end of the main roads on the outer parts of the town with this name on them.

That's all the advice I can think of at the moment for the map. I do highly suggest you use it in some way while playing or you're going to potentially be running in circles or into the wild without enough supplies and get lost. On to survival!

In DayZ your character has 6 core stats that you need to manage. 5 of them can be seen at the bottom right of your screen in the order of Hydration, Hunger, Temperature, Blood and Health.

Status Icons

Staying alive requires that you keep most of these core stats in good standing. One core stat reaching a critical level could also drain other core stats and the subsequent effects will lead to death if you don't address the issues as soon as possible. When in good standing the icons will be white. When they're moderate they will be yellow and when they're critical they will be red. There are other icons that will appear at the bottom right depending on if you're sick, wet, bleeding, etc. I'll also do my best to explain these and how to treat them.

When you first start out the biggest of your worries will be needing to find food and something for hydration, so that's where we'll start and what this page will cover. Another note is that when you eat food or drink liquids it won't immediately reflect on your status icons. You'll need to give it time to go through your stomach before the icons update. It is possible to overeat, but you'll most likely never run into that problem.



Hydration, like hunger, will drain over time as you play. It also drains at a faster rate if you are sprinting a lot or carrying a lot of heavy gear. Finding something to keep with you for hydration should be a high priority as soon as you spawn. The two most common containers that can be used to hold water, in the beginning, is a Plastic Bottle and a Cooking Pot. Later on you can find Canteens at military bases. However, since this is DayZ, it's not as easy as just finding something with water. If you find a Plastic Bottle DO NOT DRINK FROM IT. You need to take it to your hands, crouch, aim at the ground and hold cn_RT to empty it out. This is because all Plastic Bottles and Canteens are filled with contaminated water. If you drink from it as soon as you find it you will get sick with Cholera. There are two ways around this. The ideal method is to have Chlorine Tablets to purify the water. You can find Chlorine Tablets in hunting cabins, deer stands, feed stands, and uncommonly sometimes in towns. The other method is to find a Water Pump. These are located in certain towns. The iZurvive maps do a good job of marking where these are. For reference, this is a water pump:

Water Well

You can fill your Plastic Bottle, Cooking Pot or Canteen from a Water Pump. Water Pumps always give purified water. If you're unlucky and can't find something to hold water, but you need to drink, you can drink from a water pump directly with your hands. This is very slow, but it's better than nothing. Note: DO NOT drink from a pump with your hands if your hands are bloody (from skinning animals without gloves). This will lead to getting sick with Cholera. Wash your hands with the pump before drinking if needed.

It should also be noted that you should only fill your water containers from streams and lakes if you have Chlorine Tablets.

Other than purified water, you can also find cans of soda in towns and sometimes on zombies you've killed. These look like real-life sodas, but with parody names. These are:

  • Nota-Cola (Coke)
  • Spite Lemonade (Sprite)
  • Pipsi Cola (Pepsi)
  • Mad Monk Kvass (Beer)

These do not last long but make a great source of hydration when you can't find anything else. It's best to drink the whole can once you find one until you reach full hydration. That way you don't have to worry about it while looting for other stuff.

Certain foods you eat will also give you a low increase in hydration. Things like Canned Peaches have a lot of liquid content so eating it will give you some hydration.



As said before, Hunger like hydration will drain over time as you play and is also affected by sprinting, carrying heavy gear, etc. It's important to find food when you start out as you won't live long or make much progress when you're starving. Luckily, there is a lot of food items in the game and you can also go hunting later on once you're a bit more geared. I'll touch on that soon.

When you start out as a freshspawn on Chernarus you'll start with a piece of fruit in your inventory. If you start on Livonia you do not start with any food. Searching houses, broken down cars and zombies you've killed will be the best method of finding food starting out. You'll most likely be finding canned food which can be a bit of a problem in the beginning because you need something to open those cans.

There are multiple ways to do this. The ideal way is to have a Can Opener in your inventory. You can find these in houses or on dead zombies. I find them more commonly on zombies so kill them off one at a time and make sure to see what they might have. You can also open canned foods with knives, axe/hatchet, or bayonets. If you use something other than a can opener to open the can it will lose 10% of its food content, but that's okay. To open a can with any of the above tools you must take the can to your hands, scroll over to the tool you wish to use, highlight it, then hit cn_B to combine. This will take you out of your inventory screen and you will now have the option to hold cn_RT to open the can. After that, you can eat it. Also, note that you don't have to eat everything in the can if you don't need to. You can save what's left to eat later. Food never spoils (except for fruit and vegetables after a long time).

Here's the full list of canned food you can find that requires a tool to open:

  • Canned Bacon
  • Canned Baked Beans
  • Canned Spaghetti
  • Canned Sardines
  • Canned Peaches

Besides the canned foods that require a tool to get into there are also a handful of other food items you can find that are ready to eat right away. These are as follows:

  • Canned Tuna (has a pull tab to open)
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Cereal
  • Powdered Milk
  • Rice

Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Tomato
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Plum
  • Zucchini
  • Potato
  • Pepper
  • Pumpkin

There are wild mushrooms that can be found in forests, but I would recommend ignoring these. Eating them raw will poison you and they don't fill you up enough to justify cooking.


So besides the canned foods, the dry goods, and the fruits, hunting is an excellent source of food. However you won't be able to do it immediately. You will need some tools and resources to do this properly and I'll try my best to explain that. I also want to refer back to the iZurvive map as it has animal icons all over the place to help locate what's around you. There are many different animals and meats for you to cook and eat. You will eventually have to do this anyways for two achievements. I'm also going to categorize these animals into two categories: passive and predatory. These animals are:

Passive Animals:

  • Chickens
  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Boar / Pigs
  • Deer (two achievements tied to this animal)
  • Goats

Predatory Animals:

  • Wolves
  • Bears

You've probably figured it out by now, but you want to avoid Wolves and Bears at all costs if you can. You will hear them howl or roar off in the distance, but if you're not careful they will sneak up on you and attack you. Wolves especially. Wolves will hunt in packs and if you don't have a gun to fight them off it's almost always going to end in death. Their bites cause bleeding and it will stack and lead to quick blood loss. I do not recommend ever seeking out Predatory Animals as a source of food.

Passive animals will never attack you. They will run away from you however, some more often than most. Domestic animals such as chickens, cows, and sheep will be a little more lenient on you running up to them. More often than not you can get close enough to kill them with a melee weapon like an axe. Whereas animals like Deer will run away from you every time if you get too close. It's best to shoot these with a rifle in the wild if you can.

So, the TOOLS I mentioned, you're going to need a few things for hunting. First and foremost, you'll need either a Splitting Axe, Firefighter Axe, or a Hatchet for chopping down a tree for firewood. I suggest one of the first two because they are the two best melee weapons in the game (in my opinion).

You will also need a knife of any kind. Steak knife, Kitchen Knife, Combat Knife, Hunting Knife, or Machete. This will be used to skin the animal which drops all the meat on the ground for you to inventory. NOTE: If you skin an animal while not wearing gloves, your hands will become bloody/dirty. You need to clean them as soon as possible at a Water Pump or with a filled water container from your inventory. Drinking or eating from your hands if they're bloody will result in getting sick with Cholera.

Next you'll need kindling to create a Fireplace and something to light the fire with. For kindling you can use Rags (obtained by cutting up clothes), Paper (obtained from opening ammo or nail boxes), Bandages (obtained from medical buildings) or Bark (obtained by using a knife on a tree). Combine any of these kindling items with a Wooden Stick to craft a Fireplace. Once you've crafted it, it will be placed at your feet. If you'd like you can take the Fireplace to your hands and place it somewhere else. Now that your fireplace is created you'll need to add more fuel to it by taking some of the firewood from the tree you cut down and dragging it into the Fireplace's fuel slot. 4-6 firewood should do. If the tree didn't drop very many you can chop down another or use an axe on the big logs to craft more firewood.

Once that's all set up you'll need to light the fire now. This can be done with multiple items and you'll need to light a fire with each method at least once later on for an achievement. These items are Matches (can be found wherever loot spawns), a Road Flare (can be found wherever loot spawns), or a Hand Drill Kit (crafted by combining Bark with a wooden stick) and a Lighter (rare to find and not needed for the achievement). Take one of these items to your hands, look at the fire, and hold cn_RT to light it. Now all that's left is to find a nearby bush and with empty hands hold cn_RT on the bush to get a Long Stick. Take the long stick to your hands, go to your inventory, highlight a raw piece of meat, and press cn_Y to equip it to the stick. Now look at the Fireplace and hold cn_RT to begin cooking your meat. You will see a circle of progress while cooking it, you only need to do one full circle. Doing another will only burn the meat.

NOTE: Do not sit too close to the fire or your temperature will raise extremely high or you will be burnt. It should also be noted that lighting a fire at night can be a death wish as it's visible from miles away. If you light during the day it's a lot harder to be spotted, but someone who's looking for it may still be able to see the smoke coming from your fire. For this reason I suggest dragging all the materials inside a building if possible and lighting it there. Keeping cooked meat in your pants will also raise your body temperature so throw them in your backpack, vest, etc.

So to quickly recap the tools needed:

  • Splitting Axe or Firefighters Axe (Chopping wood & killing animals)
  • Knife (For gutting / skinning the animal)
  • Gloves (Optional, but keeps your hands clean)
  • Kindling (Rags and paper are the most common)
  • Fire Source (Matches are common)
  • Long Stick (Obtained from a bush)

Now that Hydration and Hunger have been covered we'll move onto Health where I'll explain the other core stats as well as the different types of illnesses and treatments there are in DayZ.

On the last page we covered Hydration and Hunger. Now we're going to cover Temperature, Blood, and Health and on the next page we'll cover Illness & Disease. Like I stated previously, you'll want to keep these stats in good standing as much as possible. One stat falling to a critical level could lead to other stats draining and eventually death.



The world of DayZ is always cold so you must maintain a healthy body temperature. Having your temperature drop too low can result in Hypothermia, becoming sick, and being more prone to infection. Temperature will be the least of your worries compared to the rest of your core stats, but there are still some things to be aware of.

As long as you have a good pair of pants, coat, and shoes/boots that are dry you should be fine. There are a lot of factors that can lower or raise your temperature and it's a low temperature you should be avoiding.

DayZ Cold

The most dangerous factor you need to avoid is getting wet. Being wet in freezing cold weather is not a good combo. It will rain often in DayZ and you can tell it's coming by the sky getting filled with grey clouds. If it's going to be a big storm you'll also hear thunder and see lightning before the rain hits as well. You can be out in the rain a little bit and be okay, but staying in it too long will lead to your clothes getting drenched which causes them to be heavier and causes your temperature to drop drastically. Seek shelter and stay put immediately when it begins to rain. If you're in a town with buildings and houses close together, you should be fine sprinting from house to house, but don't stay out in the rain too long. You should also avoid swimming at all costs. Always find a bridge or something to cross water if you have to.

In the event that your clothes get soaked or drenched from being out in the rain too long or swimming you need to get inside a building, take your drenched clothing item to your hands and then hold cn_RT to wring it out ASAP before your body temperature drops to a critical level. This will take the item's status from "drenched" to "damp". You can't wring it out anymore once it reaches damp. As long as you stay out of the water it will go from damp to dry pretty quick. You can wring out your shirt, pants, hat, bandanna if you have one and armbands. Things like shoes, vests, and backpacks can't be wrung out when wet but will dry over time.

There are certain gear items that protect you from rain/swimming more than others such as a Raincoat or a Drybag Backpack for example.

Other than being wet, the only other factors that will decrease your temperature is being out during night time and being in a windy area. Though as long as you're wearing gear and you're dry it shouldn't matter.

Your temperature will increase from sprinting, being inside a building, using a Heat Pack item, having cooked food in your pants, and sitting too close to a lit fire. I've never had an issue with a high temperature. I've only seen my temperature get red a single time because I was sitting too close to a fire when cooking meat. All I had to do was move back a little bit and it went back to normal.



Your blood level is extremely vital in this game and should be one of your top priorities after a fight and sometimes during or you will not live long. You lose blood by gaining a bleed effect from being attacked by zombies, bladed weapons, gunshot wounds, and walking into razor wire at player bases. Bleeding effects can stack. The highest I've had at one time 4, but I'm sure it could go higher. The more bleeds you have the faster your blood level will drain.

DayZ Bleeding

All players start with a maximum blood level of 5,000 and a random Blood Type. The are many side effects of blood loss that get worse the more you lose. These are:

  • 5,000: Standard blood level. No effects.
  • <4,000: You can be knocked out easily by blunt force trauma. (Including zombie melee attacks)
  • <3,500: Vision color and hearing begins to fade.
  • <3,000: Your blood icon will flash red and you will randomly fall unconscious.
  • <2,500: Death

If you have a bleed status effect you need to take care of it as soon as possible. This can be done with Rags or Bandages by taking them to your hands and holding cn_RT. Rags take longer to dress your wounds but can easily be crafted from clothes you find. Bandages will dress your wounds extremely quickly, but you can only find Bandages at Medical buildings and very rarely at military bases.

If you have multiple bleeds you will likely lose a considerable amount of blood when using rags due to how long it takes to use them. They're better than nothing though and your blood will come back over time. I always make sure to have my Rags or Bandages on my hot bar so I can quickly switch to them when bleeding. Every second counts to take care of your wound before you bleed out.

How much blood you lose per bleed stack is also dependent on where the wound is located on your body. This is the following:

  • Hands/Feet = 36 Blood Loss Per Minute
  • Arms/Legs = 216 Blood Loss Per minute
  • Head/Chest = 360 Blood Loss Per Minute

After you've stopped the bleeding by bandaging your wound your blood will begin to slowly recover naturally as long as your Hydration and Hunger are at good levels. You can also speed up the blood recovery process with a Saline Bag or a blood transfusion. Both of these methods require an IV Starter Kit and the blood transfusion method requires that you know your blood type and receive blood that's compatible with your type. You can learn what type of blood you have by finding a Blood Test Kit. Once you test your blood, your blood type will permanently be shown above the Blood icon as can be seen here:

DayZ Blood Type

You can also find Blood Collection Kits and collect some of your own blood to use later with an IV Starter Kit.

So let's talk about that blood type a little more. If you do a blood transfusion with the wrong blood type or non-compatible blood then you will have a Hemolytic Reaction which will damage you and your blood levels will drop even more. Never accept a blood transfusion unless you know the type and know that it's compatible. Here is a blood compatibility table I've taken from Google so you know which types are compatible:

Blood Compatibility Table

Note: The O- blood type can donate to anyone. The AB+ type can receive from anyone.



Like Blood, your health is one of, if not THE most vital core stat. This is your life and will be affected the most as it's tied to all other core stats as well as any punishment you endure while surviving. Losing health is tough because it affects your movement, determines how much more damage you can take before death and can NOT be recovered quickly with items like the other stats can. Health can only recover naturally and how fast it recovers is based largely on your blood level.

All players start with a maximum Health of 100. Reaching 0 health will obviously result in death. Since DayZ is a game about survival it should go without saying Health is the easiest stat to lose, unfortunately. There are many things that can negatively affect your health, these are the following:

  • Scratches and bites (from zombies and predatory animals like wolves)
  • Gunshot wounds (from gunfights with other Survivors)
  • Impact trauma (from getting hit by melee weapons or taking fall damage)
  • Bleeding/loss of blood (from having bleed stacks as a result of any of the above)
  • Starving/dehydration (from not being able to find food or liquids)
  • Prolonged exposure (from being out in the rain too long)
  • Sickness (from having one of the many illnesses in-game)

Your health icon will change based on how much health you have. This will help you judge whether you've got some fight left in you or if you should hunker down somewhere for a bit.

  • Full White Health Icon: 100-81 Health
  • White Health Icon Missing Top Layer: 80-61 Health (Slightly injured)
  • Yellow Health Icon: 60-41 Health (Moderately injured)
  • Red Health Icon: 40-21 Health (Seriously injured)
  • Flashing Red Health Icon: 20-1 Health (Near death)

There's really no guaranteed way to not lose health other than being as careful as possible, but things happen. Just make sure you're prepared to handle any threats or situation you get yourself into.

Alongside Health is also an invisible Shock stat. This is a stat affected by the amount of trauma your character has recently gone through. Losing blood, being shot, being attacked by Zombies, etc will contribute to your shock stat decreasing. Your Shock stat also starts off at 100. It will reset itself quickly over time or can be instantly reset back to 100 with an Epinephrine Auto-Injector which can be found at Medical buildings and sometimes rarely at Military bases.

Like the Blood stat, if your Shock drops too low you will lose consciousness temporarily. This happens if your shock stat decreases below 25. So if you take 75 points of shock damage from varying sources you'll soon be lying on your back. Because this stat regenerates quickly it won't take too long to recover from being unconscious. Once you're above 50 you will wake back up. If you get swarmed by zombies you'll probably be knocked out by shock and beat to death while unconscious so try not to fight more than 1-2 at a time. Just be wary after being in a fight and taking care of your wounds that there might be some trauma damage that you can't take care of right away. Give yourself a minute or two to recover.

Now we will move on to the different Illnesses and Diseases.

There are many different illnesses, viruses, and diseases you can get in DayZ if you're not careful. Many of them can be taken care of if you have the medical supplies, but those can only be found at certain locations. Here I'll explain what each disease is, how you can get it, the symptoms, and the cure.

Your character does have an immune system that can be weakened by having a low temperature or having low health for too long. You can boost this immune system by taking Multivitamins when you find them. However some of the viruses in-game are extremely potent and will ignore your immune system and potentially spread to other survivors if you interact with them enough.

For the most part, if you're careful you shouldn't have to worry about being sick very often. If you spawn in or are near a town with a Medical building it's always a good idea to go check it out to see what you can find. It should also be noted that buildings and zombies that are near a Medical building can sometimes also spawn Medical loot. For reference this is what most Medical buildings look like and what you'll commonly run into:

Medical Building

These are the potential medical items you can find here and what they do:

  • Bandages: Used for bandaging wounds and to bleeding quicker than rags.
  • Blood Test Kit: Used to determine what type of blood you have.
  • Blood Collection Kit: Used to collect blood from yourself or another survivor which turns it into a Blood Bag for use later with an IV Starter Kit.
  • IV Starter Kit: Used to inject liquids into your body. To be used with a Blood Bag or Saline Bag.
  • Saline Bag: Used to speed up natural blood recovery.
  • Multivitamin Pills: Used to boost your immune system.
  • Codeine Pills: Used to treat pain from minor physical injuries.
  • Charcoal Tablets: Used to cure poisoning such as food poisoning or from drinking gasoline, alcoholic tincture, or disinfectant spray.
  • Tetracycline Pills: Used as an antibiotic to treat most diseases.
  • Epinephrine Auto-Injector: Used to reset your shock level. Best used when close to or already falling unconscious.
  • Morphine Auto-Injector: Used when you have low health to negate some of the negatives effects for a brief time.

The most important of these you want to always have on you are Bandages, Tetracycline Pills, and Charcoal Tablets. Ideally you want to have had an Epi-Pen and Multivitamins too.

When you're sick you will see an icon appear that looks like an amoeba, shown in the image below:

DayZ Sick

It won't tell you what you're sick with, but if you know what you were recently doing or show symptoms of a certain sickness then you'll know how best to treat it.

So, let's move on to illnesses and diseases, their cause, symptoms, and treatments.

  • Type: Disease
  • Cause: Drinking from contaminated water. Drinking or eating with bloody bare hands.
  • Symptoms: Vomiting.
  • Treatment: Tetracycline Pills
  • Type: Virus
  • Cause: Having a low temperature for too long, being exposed to rain for too long, or being exposed to another Survivor who has a Cold.
  • Symptoms: Sneezing and coughing. (Can spread to nearby survivors)
  • Treatment: Tetracycline Pills
Influenza (Flu)
  • Type: Virus
  • Cause: Having a low temperature for too long, being exposed to rain for too long, or being exposed to another Survivor who has the Flu.
  • Symptoms: Sneezing and coughing. (Can spread to nearby survivors)
  • Treatment: Tetracycline Pills
  • Type: Disease
  • Cause: Eating uncooked or raw meat.
  • Symptoms: Vomiting
  • Treatment: Charcoal Tablets
Chemical Poisoning
  • Type: Illness
  • Cause: Drinking Alcoholic Tincture, Gasoline, or Disinfectant Spray.
  • Symptoms: Hydration and blood loss.
  • Treatment: Charcoal Tablets
Heart Attack
  • Type: Illness
  • Cause: A quick loss of blood or too much shock.
  • Symptoms: Falling unconscious, health damage, possibly death.
  • Treatment: Epinephrine Auto-injector
Hemolytic Reaction
  • Type: Illness
  • Cause: Receiving blood that is incompatible with your own.
  • Symptoms: Blood loss and health damage.
  • Treatment: None
Brain Disease (Permanent)
  • Type: Disease
  • Cause: Eating Human Steak or Human Meat of any kind from dead players.
  • Symptoms: Uncontrollable random laughter and random tremors.
  • Treatment: Suicide or death.

Let's talk about that last one. There are cannibal players in this game and you'll often hear them before you see them. When you cook and eat the human meat from another player, you get Brain Disease and it's permanent until you die. Your character will randomly have outbursts of laughter and tremors which cause you to twitch every few seconds. This can make aiming quite difficult. For these reasons I recommend you NEVER eat other players as a source of food unless you just absolutely feel the need to. Or if you want to be a cannibal. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

The most common thing you'll run into will most likely be Cholera. Just try to remember to use Chlorine Tablets to purify your container of water before you drink from it if you found it lying around or filled it from a pond/lake. Or pour it out and fill it up at a Water Pump.

The inventory system, like the controls, will be another of the biggest turnoffs for first-time players. Not only do you have to learn the way the inventory works, but you also have to take the janky controls and add them to the mix. This page will hopefully help you get an idea of what each section is used for and how the inventory functions. Here's an image to easily reference back to:

DayZ Inventory

You'll notice there are three different sections on the inventory screen. Vicinity, Hands, and Equipment. Each one of these has a different purpose, but all work together. You can switch between them by tapping cn_LB or cn_RB and navigate through your items using the D-Pad or thumbsticks. You'll be spending a lot of time in the inventory screen to manage your gear, use items, move things around, etc. When I'm stuck inside a building waiting for a rainstorm to go away or for the sun to come up I like to organize items in my inventory and check the status of my gear.

Remember to check back to the Controls page or check the prompts in-game to keep from hitting the wrong button. It's all part of the learning curve and you'll probably end up accidentally dropping your weapon or swapping items when you meant to inventory them when you first start playing. That's okay, we all learn from experience and I did the same thing.

Okay, let's get to it.



The Vicinity panel is probably self-explanatory. If there's an item on the ground in your Vicinity then you can open the inventory screen with cn_back and grab it from that panel. Sometimes this is easier than pressing cn_X on the item outside of the inventory screen. Especially when there are multiple items stacked on top of each other or near each other. As you can see in the image, there is Duct Tape on the ground near me so it shows up in the Vicinity.

This is also the way you search dead zombies, dead players, crates, and clothes. Crouch over their body, open the inventory screen and any loot they have will be in the Vicinity panel.



Anything that you're currently holding will be in your hands. A lot of things in this game have to manually be interacted with by taking it to your hands first. As you can see in the image above, I'm currently holding one of my weapons. In the Hands screen and below the weapon you will see the attached Red Dot Sight, the Magazine, and the Battery that's powering the Red Dot. If I wanted to remove the magazine from my weapon I would have to go over to the Hands panel, navigate down to the magazine, and then hit cn_X to put it in my inventory.

Same type of thing if I wanted to repair some of the gear if it was damaged, let's say my backpack for example. I would have to take the Duct Tape to my hands, then hit cn_RB to get over to the Equipment panel, highlight my backpack, then press cn_B to combine the Duct Tape and the Backpack. This will exit the inventory screen and you would then hold cn_RT to repair it. You can also do this by putting the backpack in your hands and combining it with Duct Tape that's in your inventory.

If you want to reload a magazine for a weapon you have to take the magazine to your hands, exit the inventory screen and then hold cn_Y to load the ammo from your inventory into the magazine. The manual labor this game requires you to do for realism is a pain in the ass at first, but you'll get used to it as you do it more often.



The Equipment panel is your gear and your inventory. Your inventory is actually just shoving items into your gear. Different clothing items, backpacks, vests, etc can hold different capacities of items. Certain equipment items also give you more hot bar slots as well.

If you look at the image, you'll notice the first inventory at the top (under all the gear) is Field Vest (15/30). This is the vest I'm wearing and the (15/30) is how much inventory space it has. 30 is the max capacity this vest can hold and it's currently half full. If you look at the items in the vest there are little numbers at the top right of each item. These numbers represent how much inventory space they take up. Also, note that the grenades at the top row of the vests do not count towards the (30) capacity. This is because all vests have 4 slots specifically for equipping grenades too. This saves loose inventory space. There are a couple of items that have unique slots like this. Another example is Assault boots which can hold a knife.

As said before each clothing item, vests, and backpack have different capacities. One backpack might only have (0/42) inventory spaces, but it will be smaller and weigh less. Whereas a Drybag backpack can have (0/63), but it's a bit bigger and makes you stand out more. It's all down to preference and what you need for your play style.

Going back to the items in the vest real quick, the number at the bottom of those items such as the ammo is how many of that item is in the stack. So the first one is 25 rounds of .45 ACP ammo. The 2nd item is a magazine showing it is loaded with 15 shots currently. You can combine stacks of ammo or other stackable items by taking one to your hands and combining (cn_B) with the other stack in your inventory.

At the top of the equipment panel is your currently equipped gear. From right to left, top to bottom these are as follows:

  • Left Shoulder Weapon Slot
  • Right Shoulder Weapon Slot
  • Vest Slot
  • Upper Body Slot
  • Belt Slot
  • Lower Body Slot
  • Backpack Slot
  • Hat / Helmet Slot
  • Face Slot
  • Eyes / Headstrap Slot
  • Gloves Slot
  • Shoes Slot
  • Armband Slot

The two shoulder weapon slots are where you'll equip your bigger weapons. You can see the rifle in the image takes up 27 inventory slots so instead of putting it in my vest I have it equipped to a shoulder weapon slot. You can put big weapons and melee weapons here, but not things like pistols or knives, hatchets or machetes.

The vest slot is where you'll equip any vests you come across. These can be Stab Vests (doesn't have inventory), Field Vests, Ballistic Vests, Plate Carriers, etc. I think the best vest you can find for this slot is the Tactical Vest in my opinion. Something is better than nothing though.

The upper body slot is self-explanatory and you will always spawn with something in this slot giving you (0/20) inventory. The best in slot gear here, in my opinion, is the BDU Jacket (shown in the image)

The belt slot is where you can equip one of two belts in the game. The regular Belt or the Tactical Belt. Both of these can have attachments added to them if you find them. This includes a Canteen, Pistol Holster and Sheath. Belts are rare but are great items to help save inventory space once you find the attachments for it.

The lower body slot is self-explanatory and you will always spawn with something in this slot giving you (0/20) inventory. The best in slot gear here, in my opinion, is the BDU Pants (shown in the image)

The backpack slot is where you'll equip any varying backpacks you find. Sometimes zombies will have one equipped and you can kill them for it. You can also craft a makeshift backpack by combining a Burlap Sack and Rope. There isn't really a "best in slot" backpack because it depends on your play style, but I personally love using a Drybag Backpack colored green or black.

The hat/helmet slot is where you can equip anything from Cowboy Hats and Baseball Caps to Hockey Helmets and Tactical Helmets. The best in slot gear here in my opinion is the Tactical Helmet because it has a built slot for attaching Night Vision Goggles.

The face slot is where you can equip ski masks, surgical masks, a bandana, etc. The best "gear" in this slot is personal aesthetic preference. I generally like to use something that has camo to blend in or a gas mask to look intimidating.

The eyes/headstrap slot really has one single purpose and that's for wearing an NVG Headstrap if you find one. Things like glasses and goggles serve no purpose other than aesthetics.

The gloves slot is where you wear any gloves you come across. Something is always better than nothing in this slot. If you don't have gloves then sliding down ladders will cut your hands causing a bleed or if you skin an animal without gloves your hands will be bloody and contaminated requiring a wash. The best in slot gear here in my opinion is Combat Gloves.

The shoes slot is self-explanatory and you will always spawn with something in this slot. I do recommend finding some better boots later down the road and do note that after long periods of running/walking in the same pair of shoes or boots they will be damaged. You can always repair them with Duct Tape or a Leather Sewing Kit if you need to. The best in slot gear here in my opinion is Assault Boots because you can equip a knife to them which saves inventory space.

The armband slot is used when you're playing with friends or in a group of survivors. To craft armbands you have to combine a knife or bladed weapon with a Raincoat. Whatever color the Raincoat is is what the armbands will be. This can help you identify who's who in the middle of a battle or from a distance. Be careful though, just because you and your friend are wearing pink armbands doesn't mean there isn't another group out there wearing the same kind. Generally, I like to just remember what my friend is wearing and stick close together.

With all of that I'm not going to move on to the next page which is going to be a collection of tips and tricks from my personal DayZ experience and knowledge.

With all the information from the previous pages we've finally arrived at the one where I share as many tips, tricks and hints I can think of from my own personal experiences playing DayZ. After this page will be the achievement explanations.

Many of the tricks I'm going to share will be quality of life things or personal preference things. Everyone plays survival games differently so if there's a different method you prefer for your play style, by all means do it that way. I'm going to try and touch on choosing a server, fighting zombies, PvP and certain Crafting recipes, etc. This page may be updated frequently as I learn new things or updates are made to the game.


Choosing a Server

When you first load up the menus you're going to want to hit Play which will bring you to a list full of different servers. At the top will be Livonia servers which are DLC only. Everything else will be Chernarus which is the original map. I would recommend immediately going over to the Filters panel by hitting cn_RT, scrolling down to Region, and changing it to your local region. I'm in the US so I've changed my Region filter to "Americas". After that hit cn_X to refresh the server list and you should now only see servers in your region. This will help your gameplay be much less laggy than if you were to play outside of your region.

DayZ Servers

Now, a couple of things about picking a server. Once you choose a server you need to stick with the one you chose. If you switch to another server your items and character WILL carry over, but you will be moved to a different random location and be lost all over again. This is a feature meant to stop players from server hopping to take loot from multiple servers. You can favorite the server you play by hitting cn_Y on it in the list. This will put a white star next to it as shown in the image above.

I also recommend choosing a server marked as (1st Person Only | Persistence On). This is a personal preference of mine, but playing any server that doesn't state 1st person only puts you at a huge disadvantage. When playing a standard 3rd person server many other players like to abuse the 3rd person system by using it to peek around corners /windows in buildings and ambush you. You will almost always die to someone who's been corner peeking/camping for hours waiting for someone to stroll by unaware. If you're okay with this then feel free to choose any server you'd like.

The Persistence On indicator means that the server does not clean up certain up items when it resets every few hours. This means if another player builds a base it will stay there indefinitely until it's torn down by other players. It also means if another player drops a bunch of items or gets killed, their loot will stay on the ground for a very long time. I like Persistence On because I will sometimes come across a bunch of stuff a geared up player has dropped that is really useful for me or come across abandoned bases that still have loot stashed inside. However, Persistence On servers also have groups or clans running around on them with a base somewhere so be careful that you might run into one.

There are Community run servers that are servers rented and paid for by players. Your progress and items from officials servers will NOT carry over to the community and the same goes for the other way around. It is possible for players to set up a community server purely for achievement hunters, but since those aren't permanent and servers are pricey, I won't be mentioning those in the walkthrough for achievements.

You'll notice each server has a Player status that will show either Low, Medium, or High. This indicates how many players are currently on the server. 1-20 is low, 21-40 is medium, 41-60 is high. I would try and find a server that's on medium so you don't end up putting progress on a server that gets full and has you waiting for 10-20 minutes in a queue to get in.


Player vs Zombie

Zombies will be your most common enemy you come across. Though lacking the intelligence of another player, they should still be feared all the same. One or two zombies is manageable, but a horde of them will most likely mean death to unprepared survivors. Here are a few hints to help out against them.

All zombies are attracted to sound. If you run past them while standing up they will hear you and come after you. Zombies will not hear you if you are crouch walking or crouch sprinting. Even if you crouch run right next to them. They can however still visually see you if you walk in their field of view. Because of this I recommend taking the route that has the zombie's backs towards you so you can avoid detection if possible. Zombies can hear other zombies scream so if you are attacked by one it's possible others nearby might come as well.

Luckily zombies do not hear doors being open or shut so you can enter a building and shut the door without alerting any surrounding infected. When I'm in a town looting I'm almost always crouched to avoid zombie detection and to make less noise for other players to hear.

If you throw an item and it lands near a zombie they will aggro and run to investigate it and try to find the source. If you fire a gun whether it's suppressed or not, it will attract every zombie in the area to come running towards you. Be mindful of this before shooting your weapon inside a town or military base. I generally only use my weapon in PvP fights or emergency situations for this very reason. Guns are extremely loud.

Zombies don't have stamina so they can easily catch up to you if you're running away from them. The best method of escape if you're unable to fight is to get inside and shut the door. Zombies cannot damage, break, or open doors.

The best method of killing zombies is with melee weapons. The Splitting axe, Firefighter's Axe, and Pickaxe are the most effective weapons against zombies as they can occasionally kill them in a single hit. Other weapons like a Shovel, Knife, Lead Pipe, Tire Iron, Crowbar, Baseball Bat, and Brass Knuckles are also effective, but may take more hits for the kill. I would avoid using anything like a hammer, hatchet, Wrench, or Screwdriver as they have a very low damage output.

When first starting out as a fresh spawn the best places to find melee weapons are inside backyard sheds and farm type buildings. You can also check construction sites and storage sheds. Knives will be found in houses, Firefighter Axes will be found at Fire Stations.

Zombies are also an excellent source of canned foods and miscellaneous items like batteries, can openers, rags, backpacks, etc. when you first start out. Once you have a melee weapon don't be afraid to take out a couple of them to see what they've got.


Player vs Player

Running into other players is inevitable. You're going to have to be prepared for it both in-game and mentally. I've been through a ton of PvP gunfights and I still have an absolute adrenaline dump when I come across other players. You're going to lose fights and you're going to win some. Confidence is key and just because you've been shot doesn't mean you're out of the fight. Give it everything you've got until one of you is dead.

When you first start out you're going to come across other fresh spawn players more often. These players are very hit-or-miss in terms of aggression. Some will just t-bag the ground and run away, others will try to beat you up with their fist. It's a mixed bag. When you're a fresh spawn you have nothing to lose. You could always hold cn_down and use your mic to ask if they're friendly or not. Personally I avoid other players if possible because most of them love to kill on sight on Xbox.

There are players known as "Bandits" which are heavily geared players who travel back down to the fresh spawn areas just to kill everyone they see. This is another reason I avoid players until I've got more gear, but at the same time if you're lucky enough to kill them with an axe, a shotgun, or something else you've recently found this could jump-start your gear as they'll normally have a bunch of goodies. Your choice on that one.

I mentioned above that crouch walking makes it so zombies can't hear you, but it also makes it harder for other players to hear you until you're close by. You can also use this same method to detect if another player is around by occasionally stopping to listen for footsteps or gear being moved around like the sound of someone switching weapons or taking things to their hands. This is why I highly recommend using some sort of headphones. Sometimes you can hear the smallest sounds of footsteps and set up an ambush because you know they're coming and they don't know you're there. The element of surprise can be a huge factor in winning a PvP battle.

Other methods of detecting if a player is around is looking for zombies who are being aggressive towards something. Zombies will only run or scream when they're going after another player and occasionally after a wild animal, but you'll hear the animal too so it's easy to determine what the zombie is chasing. If you come into a town and see a zombie sprinting quickly towards a direction, odds are they're going after a player. This is a perfect example of why I try not to clear out places like Military bases of the surrounding zombies. That way I can loot items and use the zombies as a sort of alarm when they catch players who are trying to sneak up on me.

When you're in a gunfight with another player you need to remember your shots are going to attract surrounding zombies if you're in a town or military base. If you successfully kill the player you need to immediately run into the nearest building and shut all the doors, bandage any wounds you may have sustained, and then take care of the zombies from the aftermath. If you have the spare ammo, you can shoot these zombies since you were just in a gunfight already. Every zombie is already coming to you so firing your gun now won't matter too much. That being said, other players can hear your gunshots for miles. So you may also be attracting other players. Kill the zombies, grab the loot, get out of there.

This next tip I'm going to explain with an image:

DayZ Distance

If you're in the woods or a field and you get engaged at a long distance by another player, NEVER lay down / go prone. You need to immediately run to cover or find some trees to get behind before you try to fight back. The reason for this is because grass and shrubbery do not render at long distances. So players can see you laying down easily at a long distance. You can see this in the image above. The yellow circle shows the rendered grass and vegetation near where I'm standing, yet off in the distance shown by the red circle the ground is a smooth texture with no vegetation, only trees.

So keep that in mind when you're getting sniped at or trying to do the sniping.


Bugs and Glitches

DayZ is notorious for its bugs that can sometimes be game-breaking. Luckily most of these bugs can be fixed by logging out and logging back into the server. Most of the bugs I run into seem to start happening after looting a player's dead body.

When you're looting a dead body sometimes certain items won't register that you've already picked it up. If you keep trying to take an item but it won't go to your inventory for some reason it's either bugged and you'll have to log out and come back, or it's because the item is inside a backpack or container and you'll have to take it to your hands first.

Generally it's always a good idea to log out and come back after looting a dead player just in case. Make sure to check your inventory as soon as you log back in and make sure none of your items or guns glitched to the ground or into the dead player's items. Check and make sure the items you took are in your inventory as well.

Other bugs that can happen is when the game sort of de-synchronizes with the servers and you'll notice that certain actions no longer work, like trying to reload a magazine, eat food, or drink water. If you notice the "progress circle" in the middle of the screen only pops up for a quick second and your interaction immediately stops then you're probably de-synced. Again you can fix this by logging out and back in.


Helpful Crafting Recipes

Sometimes when starting out you may need to get creative until you find some proper gear or items. These are the most helpful and easiest ones to do in my opinion but by no means a full list of crafting. This game has a lot of different crafting methods that you can play around with later and even has base building, but I won't be covering that in this walkthrough.

  • Small Stone + Small Stone = Improvised Knife (Useful for a blade when starting out until you find a proper knife)
  • 6 Rags + 6 Rags = Improvised Rope (If you really need rope this is a great method, but I prefer to keep the rags)
  • Burlap Sack + Rope = Burlap Courier Bag (A simple backpack to craft with 30 inventory slots and blends in well with most environments)
  • Burlap Courier Bag + 3 Wooden Stick = Burlap Backpack (Increases the inventory space of the Burlap bag from 30 to 42)
  • Duct Tape + Empty Plastic Bottle = Plastic Bottle Suppressor (Fits most rifles and will last for a couple of shots)
  • Bladed Weapon + Clothes = Rags (An easy way to get extra rags for bandages or kindling is by cutting up clothes)
  • Bladed Weapon + Raincoat = Armbands (Wearable armbands are a great way to help you identify friends)
  • Wooden Stick + Bark = Hand Drill Kit (Hand Drill Kits are a great alternative to Matches or Road Flares when you need to start a fire)
  • Baseball Bat + Nails = Nailed Baseball Bat (Greatly increases damage and also causes bleeds against other players)
  • Wooden Stick + Rag /Paper/bark = Fireplace (This is also explained on the Hunting section of the Hydration & Hunger Page)

If I come across or learn new useful recipes I'll add them here. Now we will finally move on to the achievement portion of the walkthrough!

Before you get started, one of the achievements requires you to be a male survivor. Because of this, I recommend customizing your character in the menus before you begin playing so you start as a male. This allows you to get it knocked out while going for other achievements. Otherwise, when you die and respawn, you are given a random gender.

Finally, we've arrived at the part you're most looking forward to, the achievements. Hopefully the resources on the previous pages will help you when going for these as well as the things you learn in-game. Keep in mind that DayZ is still in development and constantly changing so some things may be updated in the future with new methods. Most of these achievements are quite simple, but the preparation required beforehand is what takes up so much time. Now, let's get started.

Your first achievement will most likely be for either killing a zombie or for eating and drinking. For now we'll go with killing a zombie. On the previous page I have a lot of tips for combat with zombies and I recommended having a melee weapon to fight one. You can still kill one with your bare hands though by holding cn_LT to raise your hands and tapping cn_RT to attack. It will take 5-7 hits to kill the zombie, but as soon as they go down you will unlock:

Act of mercy

Kill your first infected.

Act of mercy
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Similarly there are zombies wearing camouflage that can easily be found near Military bases. You can locate these bases easily using the iZurvive map. The only difference these zombies have compared to zombies in towns is the possible loot they can drop. Other than that you can kill them just as easily as a regular zombie. When you kill your first one you'll unlock:


Kill an infected soldier.

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When you first begin your top priority should be finding food and something for hydration. If you start on Chernarus you will spawn with a fruit or vegetable in your inventory already. You can find food and hydration resources on zombies you've killed, other players, or by looting buildings inside of towns. This may be a bit difficult in fresh spawn areas as they're normally picked clean by new players. Head to a town further North for more loot or kill zombies to see what they have. A full list of food in the game can be found on the Hydration and Hunger page. After you've eaten and drank something you will unlock:

Bodily needs

Eat and drink something.

Bodily needs
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When looting the starting areas you can commonly find melee weapons such as Splitting Axes or Shovels in backyard sheds or farm buildings. You can also find double-barrel shotguns or pistols in houses sometimes as well. Try to find at least one of each and equip them to your shoulder weapon slots (pistols can't be equipped). Keep an eye out for a backpack while looting buildings or take one from a dead zombie. You can also craft an improvised backpack with a Burlap Sack + Rope. Once you have these three items at the same time you will unlock:


Equip a firearm, a melee weapon and a backpack.

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Speaking of melee weapons, you will need to kill 15 other players with melee weapons for an achievement. This can be done with a boosting partner on community servers such as "Zavod Test", but if you want to do it legitimately against other survivors then fresh spawn areas are the best place. Once you find a melee weapon (preferably a Splitting Axe or Pickaxe) you can search for other players who have freshly spawned or just started as they shouldn't have too much gear to protect themselves with. Just be careful trying to melee someone who's holding a gun. After killing 15 players with melee weapons you will unlock:

Close and personal

Kill fifteen survivors with any melee weapon.

Close and personal
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This next achievement requires that you are a male survivor. You can customize your survivor before loading into a server for the first time, but can't customize once you've started. If you're a female you will have to wait until you die and either hope that you respawn as male or exit to the menu and customize your survivor before respawning.

If you're a Male then all you need to do is find a knife, wait a couple of in-game days, and then take the knife to your hands and you should see a prompt to hold cn_RT to shave. Doing this will unlock:


Shave your face.

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The next achievement is for killing twenty survivors or zombies with a shot to the head. It's cumulative so you don't have to do 20 exclusively on either. 8 survivors and 12 zombies will net the achievement for example.

You'll obviously need a weapon for this and the higher power the better. Also having some spare ammo also helps as it's easy to miss headshots, especially against moving targets. I'd suggest getting all 20 of these on zombies as they're far easier to predict and won't end up shooting back at you.

First, find a town and begin searching buildings for a firearm. If you find ammo or a magazine for a weapon you don't have, pick it up anyways. That way when you find a weapon you'll be good to go. The best places to look for weapons in the fresh spawn area is log cabin type houses and police stations. Police stations almost always have a shotgun or pistol with some ammo. Be aware that sometimes you can find a pistol without a magazine. That's okay, you can still load a single round into the chamber until you find one by holding cn_Y while holding your pistol.

Once you have a weapon and an okay or decent amount of ammo, your next step is to find a house or building with a lot of windows. Preferably on the bottom floor. Close all the doors, get your gun and inventory ready and fire off a shot. The gunshot will attract all zombies nearby to come sprinting to your location. They can't open or break down doors so they will just surround your building and scream at you through the windows. This is the perfect time to start popping heads for the achievement. The zombies will come to you in mass and stand there for you to take your time aiming. Don't worry about other players for now as you're well defended with a horde of zombies creating a barrier between you and them, but if you see a player don't peek the windows too much. I used the bottom floor of a Police Station because the jail window was a nice size to see out of and get headshots on the horde outside.

DayZ Zombies

It shouldn't take too long to get 20 headshots and if you kill all the zombies but don't have the achievement yet then move further into the town or to the next one and repeat the process. It shouldn't take more than two hordes attracted by gunshots to get your 20, unlocking:


Kill twenty survivors or infected with a head-shot.

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These next two achievements will require a friend or a boosting partner.

We'll start with the achievement for bandaging another player 30 times. This achievement description is misleading because Bandages DO NOT WORK. If you use Bandages your achievement will not go up in progress. Instead you HAVE to use Rags. These take longer to apply so this achievement might take some time. First your partner needs to be bleeding. You can use Rags to bandage their bleeds naturally while playing or you can get somewhere secluded and use a knife to cut them in the arms or legs, switch to your Rags, and then stop the bleeding. You can get 4-5 done this way, but then you will have to wait for their blood to regenerate or you'll kill them. If there is a ladder nearby you can try having them unequip their gloves and then slide down the ladder by clicking in cn_LS which can cause their hands to bleed. Since this doesn't cause health damage like the knife does you can get a couple of extra Rags in there.

If you need extra Rags you can use a knife on certain clothing items. Try not to cut up damaged clothes as the Rags will be dirty and may cause infection. Worn or Pristine are the best to cut up. After you "bandage" your partner 30 times you will unlock:

Heal the world

Apply bandages on other survivors thirty times.

Heal the world
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Next you will need to tie your partner's hands with Rope, Duct Tape, or Handcuffs 10 times. I suggest using Rope for this achievement as the Duct Tape will be damaged after so many times of your partner breaking free and Handcuffs require you to find a Handcuff Key to be used more than once.

Take the Rope to your hands, face your partner, and hold cn_RT to tie them up. Once your partner is tied up they will need to hold cn_RT to break free then drop the Rope so you can pick it up and repeat the process. Never cut the rope to get it off of them as that will damage it. Just let them hold cn_RT to struggle loose and the Rope will never take damage meaning you can use it 20 times so you can both get the achievement. After you tie your partner up 10 times you will unlock:

You have the right...

Handcuff ten people.

You have the right...
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This next achievement is easiest done with a partner/alt account, but can also be done against other players if you're skilled enough. You will need to kill a survivor at 300+ meters. This is going to require a rifle with a scope such as a Mosin or SKS (takes a PU Scope) or a hunting rifle such as M70 Tundra or CR-527 (takes Hunting Scope). Also an optional item but a HUGE help is the Rangefinder. This item will require a battery for it to operate, but you use it like binoculars and it will tell you how many meters away the object or ground you're looking at is. It's very useful to help you judge distances when sniping other players or telling your partner where to go while boosting. You can also use up and down on the D-pad to change the distancing on your scope so you don't have to adjust for bullet drop as much. I would suggest melee attacking your partner a little bit before this so you can kill them in one shot when going for this achievement. When you manage the kill at over 300m you will unlock:


Kill a survivor at more than three hundred meters.

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Next we're going to go hunting for Deer. I've covered a lot of this info in the Hunger section of the Hydration and Hunger page but will recap on the best ways to do this. Before you set out to go hunting you're going to need the following:

  • Something to cut down trees (Splitting Axe, Firefighter Axe or Hatchet)
  • Kindling for crafting a Fireplace (Rags, Bandages, Paper, Bark)
  • Something to ignite the Fireplace (Matches, Road Flare, Hand Drill Kit)
  • A knife to skin the Deer
  • A gun to shoot the Deer

Once you've got these items you're going to need to open the iZurvive map, find where you are, and look for the nearest Deer icon on the map to go to. Most of the time you'll hear the Deer from a good distance before you see them and that will help you track them. If you're in the part of the map where they're supposed to spawn, but you don't hear any then head to the next Deer icon on the map. Do note that both female and male Deer count for this achievement and each one makes a different noise in the distance. Once you find a Deer you need to crouch and sneak up as close to it as possible, aim your weapon and try to either headshot it or hit it in the chest. Most rifles should only take one shot. If you hit the deer and it doesn't die right away try to follow it as long as you can because it will eventually bleed out. If you lose it, don't worry, just use the map to find more and repeat until you kill one.

Once you've killed a Deer you need to take your knife to your hands, face the Deer and hold cn_RT to skin and gut it which will unlock:

Natural instincts

Gut a deer.

Natural instincts
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Make sure you keep all the meat you can hold from the Deer you just killed.

Next we're going to head into the woods and craft a fire to cook the meat. To craft a fire you need to take your Axe or hatchet to your hands, walk up to a tree and hold cn_RT to chop it down. Once it's chopped down there should be sticks and firewood on the ground. Take one of the Wooden Sticks to your hands, go into your inventory, and then combine it with any kindling item (Rags, Paper, Bandages or Bark). This will exit your inventory screen and you now have the option to hold cn_RT to craft a Fireplace. Do this. The Fireplace will now be on the ground where you were standing. If you need to you can pick it up and place it somewhere else.

Now you will need to take the firewood into your hands and place it in the fuel spot of the Fireplace. When standing near the Fireplace you should be able to interact with it by opening the inventory screen. The Fireplace will be in the Vicinity panel. Go to your hands, hold cn_A on the Firewood and while holding cn_A use cn_LB to change to the Vicinity panel, scroll down to the fuel slot of the firewood and let go of cn_A. This will move the Firewood into the fire. Do this with 3-4 more Firewood. You can always chop down another tree if you need more or use your axe on a big log to craft more.

Once the Fireplace has 4-5 Firewood in it it's now time to light it. You'll need to do this at least once with Matches, a Road Flare, and a Hand Drill Kit for an achievement.

You can find Matches and Road Flares while looting towns and buildings and occasionally on zombies you kill. However you will have to craft a Hand Drill Kit. To craft it you will need to use your knife on a tree to get Bark. Next you'll need to take a get a Wooden Stick and combine it with the Bark. This will craft a Hand Drill Kit.

Once you've lit a fire once with each of those three items you will unlock:

I'm the firestarter

Ignite fire using a matchbox, a road flare and a hand drill.

I'm the firestarter
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Now that we have our fire lit, it's time to cook the Deer meat we just acquired. First you'll need to find a nearby bush and cut it down with either your bare hands or an Axe. You can do this by facing the bush and holding cn_RT. There's a good chance the bush just dropped a Long Stick which is what we need. If it didn't then cut down another one until you get one. Now you need to take the Long Stick to your hands, go into your inventory, scroll down to the raw Deer meat and press cn_Y on it. This will equip the raw meat to the end of the Long Stick. Now all you have to do is look at your lit fire and hold cn_RT to begin roasting the raw meat on your stick. You will see a circle come up in the middle of your screen which represents the cooking progress for the raw meat. You only need hold cn_RT long enough to complete one circle to cook it, any more will burn the meat. Once you finish roasting the Deer meat over the fire you will unlock:

Field cook

Cook a steak on a stick.

Field cook
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With that, you have your completion! I hope you didn't have too much trouble surviving and found the walkthrough help make things a bit more clear. I'm always open to feedback so please let me know if you have a better method or something that should be added.

Thank you!

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