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Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Real Farm. If this is your first foray into the farming genre, I would actually suggest looking elsewhere. Real Farm was underdone when released and a subsequent patch has broken one achievement. This game is for farming simulation fans or those wanting a niche completion.

The Job Hopper achievement was glitched by a patch and can only be obtained with a physical version of the game.

It appears that the devs have since abandoned the game completely, so it’s very unlikely this will ever be fixed.
The bulk of your time will be taken up completing 100 jobs for the other farmers in the game. Some jobs can be completed very quickly while others can be tedious and there is a possibility that you can get locked into a never-ending stream of “bad” jobs. Regardless, you are still in for a grind.
Fortunately, there is a trick to make fast, easy money so once you have completed those 100 jobs the rest of the achievements can be unlocked quite quickly.
It’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff!

The next pages will go into great detail about the game, so this will be brief.


There is no autosave in the game. The game can be saved in the menu (cn_start) and will automatically save when you exit to the main menu. The game can be a little unstable, so remember to save often.

You can use the central farm, where you start the game, to sleep. This also saves the game and will fast-forward 6 in-game hours. There is a stamina bar in the top right of the screen that can largely be ignored, but you may find you need to sleep from time to time to recharge it. You may also want to advance time in the hope of refreshing the jobs on offer or to get a new deal at the store, which will be explained on the following page.


Town map

The vehicle store is located in town, towards the bottom-right of the map. You can purchase or rent equipment through the SHOP tab in the game menu (cn_back) and it will appear in the courtyard at the store. The courtyard can hold a total of 7 items – if you want more, you’ll have to drive items out to make space.

The store is arranged by machine type, arranged from the cheapest to most expensive. Generally, the more expensive items are faster, more powerful, or work a wider area. Given that you can make easy money in Career mode, generally go for the more expensive options.

One thing to note is the horsepower rating of equipment, displayed as a hp value on the vehicle stats on the right side of the shop screen. The total of the equipment you want to attach must be under the rating of the vehicle.

For example, the cheapest tractor is a Triton SX 75, which has just 75 hp. If you were to attach a Fern CX4 plow, requiring 100hp, the tractor will not be able to operate it. This includes a weight attachment, but the vehicles generally function just fine without weights so I'd advise against them (aside from farmer-supplied jobs where you have to attach the weight).

You have the option of buying or renting, however you can only rent 10 items at any given time. In Career Mode, you should stick to renting but for the achievements listed under Free Mode, you’ll want a specific combination of buying and renting, which will be discussed on the relevant page.

Click on your item of choice and the next screen will show you the cost to rent (cn_X) and the cost to buy (cn_A). There is no confirmation so be careful here – hit the wrong button and you’re locked into the decision.

You can warp through your vehicles with cn_right and cn_left.

Also marked on the image above is the Supplies Store which is discussed on the next page.

To sell owned equipment or return rented items, select it in the VEHICLES tab in the game menu. Note that with rented equipment, don't be confused that the option is to sell - it will return the item.


Specific controls are discussed on the following page. In general, when in a vehicle, holding cn_RB shows a radial menu of the vehicle controls (lights, indicators, etc…) and holding cn_LB shows a radial menu of the attached equipment controls (activating a plow or lowering a sowing machine…). The controls are very basic so after the tutorial jobs, you should find them to be quite intuitive.

The controls you may want to make note of are:

cn_RT – when on foot, this is your run option.

cn_up – set your cruise control when you are in a vehicle. Get up to speed and press the button.

cn_RS – this cycles through the camera mode when you are in a vehicle.


Options are accessed via the game menu cn_start. Like everything else in this game, they are very limited. The only one that may be important is to leave Time Scale on Slow.


At any time in Career Mode, there is a very useful exploit that can be used to make money. You will be relying on this later on but you can use it earlier if you want to rent better equipment. Having said that, I didn't have a sale item during the first week. If you can't find anything, just go back to your tasks and check again later.

Each week, there is a sale on a single item in the store. The sale item is not well highlighted. You need to go into each category to find it - above the sale price, in green, will be a higher number, the full price, in red which is crossed out.

Shop discount

Press cn_back, tab across to the Store and find the sale item – there will only be one.

You need to be able to purchase it at least once with your available funds. Very early in the game you may not have enough to purchase some items, even at the sale price. The more expensive the item, however, the quicker you will make money.
Purchase as many of the sale item as you can, up to 7 when the store yard will be full. Now tab over to the Vehicles tab and sell all the items. They should sell for around 1.125x the purchase price. Repeat over and over. The store will not run out and there is no limit to how many times you can do this.
The item that is on sale changes on Monday and lasts all week. To check which day you are on, press cn_back and tab across to Finances - you can see the days of the week listed at the top. To advance time, go to the house/bed icon at the central farm and sleep there for 6 hours at a time. You can sleep continuously until you get to the next Monday.


Most of this information is written as if you are using a disc version to play the pre-patch version of the game to obtain the glitched achievement. There are a few changes post-patch which will be mentioned but you can still follow along if you have the digital, post-patch version.

You need to play the game offline to obtain the Job Hopper achievement. It’s important to note that if you go online at any time, even when you are not playing the game the update may install, depending on your settings. Try to do this all in one go – it should take from one to two hours - remaining offline the whole time.

The first step is to go offline – either physically by removing your LAN cable or choosing “Go Offline” in the network settings. Now insert the disc and after a short time the game should automatically start downloading – it’s only 1.89 gb and it shouldn’t take too long.

Start the game once it has installed. Select Play > New Game > Easy > Career. Once you load in you will meet the first farmer in the game, Matt Davis, and automatically start your first job, “Learning the Basics”.

Press cn_left to warp to the farmers tractor. Drive forwards (cn_RT), approaching the first blue beam with a weight in it. When it is aligned with the front of the tractor, an option will appear to press cn_Y to hitch it. Now reverse (cn_LT) up to the second blue beam with a plow. To hitch it to the rear press cn_X.

Drive to Field #4 which will have a blue beam and a yellow marking on your mini-map. To get there, exit the farm and cross directly over the main road. This path will turn left and lead to the field.

When you drive onto field, the task in the top right of the screen will change to plowing the field within the time limit.

Hold cn_LB and use cn_LS and cn_A to lower the plow either to the right or left – generally it is easier to align the plow to the line you will be following. So, if the edge of the field is on your left, align the plow to the left and vice versa.

Release cn_LB and drive forwards. As you go you will see the lines of plowed soil behind you. Try to maintain as straight a line as you can, neither going outside the marked field or too far inside it. As you go you will notice a blue bar in the top right filling up. Once this is full, the job will be marked as complete.

The fastest way I found was to simply drive around the outside of the field in ever diminishing circles. Turning in this game is clunky so minimise that by only turning 90 degrees each time. Try to make sure there aren’t too many gaps between the plowed lines, although there is a degree of lenience for most jobs and you won’t have to plow 100% of the field.

Also note that the time limits are largely irrelevant. This first job should give you around 26:00 minutes to complete and you should be done in between 5-10. Don’t be fooled by the time allocated to jobs – most will take a fraction of it.

Once that blue bar is full, your task will change to returning the equipment, so hold cn_LB and use cn_LS and cn_A again to raise the plow. The wording is often wrong but when a tool is activated the relevant icon will be blue, so just choose that icon again to reverse the action.

Drive back to the farm, where you will notice another blue beam. Drive into it and a popup will appear. Davis will congratulate you and then you will see a summary screen. After that the game will save. Job Hopper – Davis - 01/05

If you are online, you will unlock:

Learn the basics

Finish the 'Learning the basics' job.

Learn the basics
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Press cn_left or cn_right to warp back to the only vehicle you own right now, the Ebon TS150 ute (pickup) which will be parked near farmer Davis’s job board. Job boards can be spotted on your map with a yellow icon, but you have to complete the tutorial missions before the other boards appear.

Hold cn_B to get out of the ute and walk to the icon at the job board. Press cn_A to see the list of jobs – for now there is only one to “Learn to cultivate” so accept that one.

Repeat the same steps as before, although this time you will hitch a cultivator to the rear. Head back to Field #4. This time it takes two steps to deploy the machinery – holding cn_LB, select “Unfold Tool” at 9 o’clock and once that is done an option will appear at 6 o’clock to “Lower Tool”. Now simply repeat the process to covering the field.

Drive back to the farm once the job is complete and collect your reward from the blue beam.

Warp back to the ute and check Davis’s job board. The next mission is “Learning to sow”. Set things up and return to Field #4. The sowing machine needs to be unfolded and then lowered. You know what to do from here – cover the field and return to the farm.

You have one more job to complete before you finish the tutorial. Head back to the job board and accept “Learn to harvest”. The harvester only has a single tool which attaches at the front – it can be a bit difficult to manoeuvre into position for this one – you need to approach it from the house side.

Go head back to Field #4. Select the option to “Activate tool” at 3 o’clock with cn_LB held down and go for it. This should be the easiest job as it is easy to see what you have covered.

Return to the farm and return the equipment. This unlocks the other job boards which is where you’re headed next.

There have been reports that the tutorial jobs don't count for farmer Davis. I tested this several times and never had a problem but it 's a good idea to complete one more job for him, just in case...

Warp to your ute and drive north up the road. When you reach a t-intersection, turn left. At the next t-intersection, turn right and a little way along you’ll come across a job board on the left. This belongs to Billy Johnson. If you get lost, just head to the top-left of the map.

Now you have a choice of jobs, so look at each one. The time you have to complete the job is shown on the right. The green dollar value is the amount you will earn for the job – there may be another dollar value below the job time which you will earn if you use your own equipment – more on that later.

If you can, choose jobs using the farmer’s equipment. You won’t earn as much but it’s faster. Repeat what you’ve been doing already to complete the job. Job Hopper – Johnson - 02/05

In the unlikely event that you need to hire equipment to complete a job, refer back to the Hints and Tips page for details on how to do that.

From Johnson’s farm, drive south. The next job board will be on your right (on the left side of the map). The farmer here is Tom Walker.

Repeat the process once more. Complete any of the jobs available from this job board. Job Hopper – Walker - 03/05

Next head south from Walker’s farm. The road will curve around to the east and then cross over a river. On the other side, take the smaller road on the right side where you will find farmer Michelle Lively’s job board.

Choose a job you like the look of and complete it. Job Hopper – Lively - 04/05

The last farmer you need to complete a job for is located up in the top right of the map. Drive into town and take the road leading north-east. When you can, turn right and follow this road to find the job board on the right. The final farm is owned by Victoria Adams.

Completing this will be the last job in this optional phase. Job Hopper – Adams - 05/05

When you are sure you have completed one job for all five farmers, save and exit the game.

Go back online and if it doesn’t happen automatically, try to start the game again and you will be informed that it needs an update. Choose to do so. This will be 2.2 gb and will take a little time.

The achievements will unlock once the Xbox system catches up with events. This may occur before you even re-launch the game or at some time later. I tested this several times and never had to wait more than 2-3 minutes. Just wait and you will eventually unlock the following:

For completing the “Learning the Basics” task:

Learn the basics

Finish the 'Learning the basics' job.

Learn the basics
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

And for completing at least one job for all five farmers, the buggy:

Job hopper

Do at least one job for all farmers in career mode.

Job hopper
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

For anyone interested in maintaining an achievement streak or is participating in a competition, these achievements will be time-stamped when the system recognises them. This should be when you see them unlock, not when you earned them offline.


You will receive a few more jobs. "My First Tractor" tasks you to buy or rent a tractor. Go to the store and rent any tractor - it's up to you what you want but right now you probably don't have much money so stick to a cheaper one. You can return it straight away.

"My First Plow" tasks you with buying or renting a plow. Go back to the store and rent any plow - once again, cheaper is probably better.

Now you can focus on completing a total of 100 jobs. They can be for any of the farmers and any type of job. During this phase, you will likely earn $350,000 which is the next task. Once you earn the cash, you will automatically purchase the central farm and the job board there will disappear, leaving you with only the four others. Your task now changes to earning $1,000,000 to pay off the bank loan - just continue completing jobs.

It’s up to you how you approach this. Remember that you can use the store exploit for cash so you can rent the best equipment. This is preferable as the supplied equipment is often slower or smaller which means that the missions take much longer. Generally it's better to rent vehicles and equipment - you still want to be making money towards the $1,000,000 goal and if you buy lots of equipment this will take longer to reach.

I would generally leave the Ebon TS 150 on one side of the map and a rented tractor/equipment on the other, then warp between the two to cut down the time it took to check the job boards.

Keep an eye on the fuel gauge as you travel around. You will eventually need to refuel. This can be done at the petrol/gas station in town (marked on the map). Just drive your vehicle onto the blue marker and hold cn_A to refuel. You can also get out on foot and walk into the blue marker for an option to refill the fuel tank at the central farm - this is located on the right as you drive into the farm. It's a good idea to keep the farm tank refuelled as it can cut down on your travel time if you are on the left side of the map.

Types Of Jobs:

Jobs can be broadly broken down into two categories, original and post-patch.

The original jobs are plowing, cultivating, sowing and harvesting. They generally take much longer and often can be frustrating if the equipment isn’t well matched (which often happens when the equipment is supplied by the farmer). They can still be completed well within the time limit but you will need to be a little more meticulous as you will need to cover most of the field to complete the mission.

If you are renting equipment for these jobs, go straight to the most powerful tractor or harvester. In addition to the power, pay attention to the width of the equipment – the wider it is the larger the area that will be worked and the quicker the job will be.

Harvesting jobs are very rare and it is not unusual that, after the tutorial, you will not encounter a single one.

The post-patch jobs are spraying, watering and fertilizing. These jobs are generally much more forgiving – the equipment is generally much larger and you will cover the field much faster. In addition, the blue bar fills much faster. Some of these jobs will literally take less than a minute to complete!

There is also a cutting job that I only saw once, but the game wouldn’t allow me to hitch the cutter so I couldn’t complete it.

The equipment you rent for the post-patch jobs is much less important but generally go for the more expensive option.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to complete spraying and fertilizing jobs before you have purchased the central farm with rented equipment so only accept these jobs if the equipment is supplied. Once you own the farm, you need to go to the Supplies Shop located in the top left of the town.

Town map

Drive or stand in the icon there and purchase fertilizers and/or pesticides. This will be automatically placed on your farm.

As you drive into the farm, pesticide can be filled at the white crates in front of the red barn on the left. Fertilizer can be found inside the grey/green barn on the right - there is also a seed refill point here so make sure you are at the right one.

Water tankers can be filled at any time (even before you own the farm) at the pump which is just past that grey/green barn, around to the right. This one is marked on the map as a tap/faucet.

Ideally choose jobs that are fast or that you prefer doing. Spraying and fertilizing (with supplied equipment) or watering are all excellent choices as they should be fast.

Sometimes farmers will stop offering jobs or will just repeat the same job on the same field over and over. You can try to sleep until it changes or intentionally fail but I believe this is a bug that cannot really be overcome. Just hope that the other farmers offer a better variety.

Regardless of the job, the process is the same - activate the equipment and cover enough of the field for the job to be marked as complete. Some fields are irregularly shaped and others have slopes that add extra difficulty. As with the tutorial jobs, the timeframe is largely irrelevant so just keep going until the job is completed.

Unfortunately, strange things can and most likely will happen. Some farmers will stop giving jobs. Others will just offer the same job, on the same field, over and over. There doesn't appear to be any workaround - just do the best you can with what you get.

Along the way you will spend a total of five hours in the fields, unlocking:

Real farmer

Work on the fields for five hours in a single save game.

Real farmer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Once your balance reaches $350,000, you will automatically purchase the central farm. That money will be deducted from your funds, leaving you with virtually nothing! It also unlocks:

Your very own farm

Buy the farm in career mode.

Your very own farm
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

There is no shortcut for this phase so just keep at it. After 50 jobs, you'll unlock:

Busy Work

Succesfully complete 50 jobs.

Busy Work
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Stick at it and once you've complete 100 jobs you will unlock:


Succesfully complete 100 jobs.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


You won’t be doing any more work so you can return any rented equipment and sell everything you own, including the ute/pickup.

All that is left to do is to use the store exploit, explained above, to buy and sell the sale item over and over. Remember that the more expensive the item, the more profit you will make with each transaction and the faster this step will be. It may be worth sleeping through a few weeks until you get a tractor or harvester but even with the mid-range items it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.

The final achievements were quite slow to unlock so don’t panic and give them a minute or two.

When you have over $500,000 in your account, you will unlock:

Halfway there

Have 500000 on your account.

Halfway there
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative -

Keep at it and eventually you will reach $1,000,000 to unlock:


Have 1000000 on your account.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative -

Once that achievement has unlocked, press cn_back and tab over to Finances. You will see your loan ($1,000,000) at the bottom right and at the bottom there is an option to press cn_X to repay the loan, annoyingly in increments of $10,000.

Press cn_X 100 times to repay the entire loan and the final Career Mode achievement will unlock:

Debt free

Pay off your debt in career mode.

Debt free
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

The remaining achievements have been put on the following page, which involves starting a new save slot in Free Mode.

The remaining achievements can all be obtained in Free Mode. Start a new game on Easy. There will be just enough money if you follow the steps below. You'll end up with just $216 to spare, so be careful to follow the instructions precisely.

Press cn_back and tab over to Vehicles. To make some money, sell all your vehicles aside from the Ebon TS150 ute/pickup.

Now tab over to Finances. Press cn_X to loan $10,000 – keep doing so until you have a loan of $200,000 when the bank won’t lend you any more. Your total should be $395,545.

Now jump into the ute/pickup. When you start you already own fields 1, 4 and 5. Fields you own are marked in blue while the others are white. Drive onto each field with a white marker. Press cn_down and then cn_A to purchase the field. When you purchase an additional 7 (for a total of 10) you will unlock:

Land owner

Buy 10 fields.

Land owner
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Continue and once you have purchased all the fields, you will unlock:


Own all fields.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

At this stage, your balance should be $209,065.

The next step is to set up 10 vehicles to work on your fields. You can hire workers to complete a task even when the field does not need it - so a field that is 100% plowed can still have a worker assigned to plow it.

You can only rent a total of 10 items at a time. It’s cheaper to rent the tractors and purchase the attachments.

During the following step, if you accidentally hire a worker you can't cancel them and have to wait until they finish. For this reason, make a save here and if you muck up the next step, just close the game and restart it (don't just exit, or the game will automatically save).

You want to rent a Triton SX 75 ($365) tractor and buy a Fern C3 plow ($10,000). Set it up and drive to one of your fields. When you arrive, you will notice a prompt in the top-right to hire a worker with cn_Adon’t do this just yet! Set up another 9 of the same tractor/plow combinations and take them to unique fields, so you have 10 vehicles on 10 fields ready to go. Obviously, you want the 10 fields that are closest to the store.

Along the way, once you purchase 5 plows you will unlock:

Nothing without his tools

Own 5 attachments.

Nothing without his tools
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Remember that you don’t need to run back to the store each time. Simply rent/buy the next necessary equipment and use cn_left and cn_right to warp to it.

Once 10 fields have equipment on them which is ready to go, use cn_left and cn_right to warp through them all. Hit cn_A at each vehicle to hire a worker and move onto the next. You will be dumped out on foot.

If you look at the field, the machine will disappear (?) and the only indication that the worker is there will be a blue spinning icon that will appear above the centre of the field with a farmer figure in it.

Once again it may take a moment to pop, but once you have 10 workers in action you will unlock:

Sit back and relax

Have 10 workers doing a job at the same time.

Sit back and relax
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative -

You should still have $103,216. Go back to the store and purchase another 4 Ebon TS150 cars ($25,000). Combined with the first Ebon TS150 you started the game with, this makes 5 owned vehicles which unlocks:

A full horse stable

Own 5 vehicles.

A full horse stable
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Your coffers will be getting quite thin, with just $3,216 left. That will just be sufficient to get the completion. Go back into the store once again and purchase 5 Loki S weights ($600). This will bring your total number of owned vehicles and equipment to 20 to unlock the final achievement of the game:


Own 20 pieces of equipment.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Congratulations on making it to the end of the game, be it a full 1000g completion or, if you’re digital, a gentleman’s 985g! clap

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