Animal Super Squad

Welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Animal Super Squad.

This is less of a racing game and more of an obstacle course that periodically changes from rolling and driving. It is 2D so it is not very complicated. The achievement trackers work in this game which makes keeping track of the progress much easier. You'll find it relatively easy to getting 950G, and then a fair bit longer to get the final 50G for the completion. I've added some tips in the hint section that I found out after I beat the game and may add further ease to a 100% completion.

It takes 11 levels to get 950 and 25 levels to reach 1000. The first 10 levels are half the length of the last 15 levels and the difficulty ramps up with each level.

This game should take you 4-5 hours to complete.


  • I didn't do this but it might help with some of the harder levels (you could bring the helicopter instead of the suggested) Suggested by Blue Radium,"There is a trick where if you bail from a vehicle right before the forced vehicle change, the vehicle you bailed from comes through the machine. You can use this to access the junk propeller on every level."
  • I don't know where the junk propeller is obtained and the WT doesn't either.
  • Hats can all be obtained on one level if you want to skip the bonus levels I mentioned.
  • I call SPECIAL a TURBO so use cn_A when I suggest.
  • There is a trick to getting 20 hats without hunting them down. There is a trick to getting all the "5 level" achievements by using community pages. So all you really need to do is find the other pilots. I will still point out other hats/collectibles as I have to be thorough to prevent rejection from the site.


PIC 14

Start this game by going in to editor, changing nothing but the name of the level to something anything and upload it. Make sure it is public and you will unlock:

Baby's First Level

Upload one level to the community

Baby's First Level
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCommunity

Now instead of worrying about playing levels with each character, you are going to focus on one character. There is a good achievement hunter map that can be downloaded at the end of the game to make all those fast and easy.

Start a new adventure. The only run through adventure mode will focus on unlocking the hats needed and pilots needed to obtain 1,000 gamerscore. The world map will tell you how far you've gone and how much collectibles are left in each level. Start the first area with 2 collectibles.




  • Banana Hat
  • Ethan Pilot

You will begin in a tube, rolling to the right and will pop out of the tubes and on to a conveyor belt, also to the right. Holding cn_LT to roll left or cn_RT to roll right, continue to the right and you will see a blue arrow introducing a checkpoint. To the right will be a 3 orange arrows in a green circle, this is a boost. Hit the boost and keep going right in to a cannon. You will be shot out twice and land in some garbage. Continue to the right and a big blue box will be lowered. This box will let you get a vehicle.

After a few boxes you will see an obstacle that requires you to "rock" back then forward in order to get passed it. I will just say rock over the obstacle from now on.


After the second obstacle, you have to rock over, you will reach the Banana Hat. From the left of the hat, you need to rock back so you do a wheelie and boost yourself up to the platform that is left of said hat. Grab the Banana Hat and proceed to the right. Turbo over the gap after the checkpoint.

You will reach a few checkpoint, and then hit a button with a yellow arrow. This seems to be a dead end but the button changed your checkpoint so hit cn_back and you will teleport to the right. You will run in to a land mine but it will only take the front wheels. Likely before the next checkpoint (after the landmine ferris wheel) your vehicle will be exploded. Keep going to the next checkpoint and then hit cn_back to repair your vehicle.

Hit the next boost and try to turbo over the landmines it tries to throw you on. You need to push the barrel on to a button so you can continue. To the right, hit a button and reverse so you don't blow up.


Grab Ethan Pilot (I already got it, in the PIC, but it is pretty hard to miss) and proceed forward. Press cn_X to exit your vehicle when the path gets too small for it. Hit the first two fans and slow your roll. When you reach the ramp going down, reverse a bit or you won't be able to jump. Then jump the gap to the right, hit a few more fans and continue the only direction you can go to the checkered circle which is your finish line.

Likely you did a backflip accidentally:


Do a backflip

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  • Rastacap
  • Bonus Level Map

Start by following the blue arrow straight in to your first teleporter. Hit a checkpoint, turbo through some boxes and hit another checkpoint. The black box that follows will remove your vehicle from you but you will be cannoned into a blue box to get it back. After jumping a bunch of gaps and reaching another checkpoit you will start going down hill.

You will have no choice but to drop down, into a bunch of conveyor belts, that lead to the next hat Rastacap which is can't be missed so no pic. Turbo, almost last second, up the ramp to make it over the tall obstacle on your right. Go right, hit a landmine, dodge a spinning device with yellow arms and hit another checkpoint. Get your wheels back and continue forward.


Some falling traps will be introduced and on the second one will be a map that you need to collect to find the bonus level. Continue to the right, through obstacles, to reach the finish circle.



  • Boot (hat)


Drop on to a big boulder, reverse slowly and turbo the second you start to fall. This should bump the rock and if you hit the gas you will knock it off, hitting the pillar and releasing the Boot to be collected.



  • Bonus Level Map
  • Polka Pilot
  • UFO (hat)

Go right, through some fans as you drop and you will reach a checkpoint. The next part has a ferris wheel of landmines and flame throwers. Try to land on a spot that isn't an instant death. Jump off as it goes around and continue forward.


This map might be easier to grab if you exit your vehicle (don't need it but I've included it). Otherwise, you likely will gas/turbo over it. Use fans to get over a spike trap and time it well to land on a swinging platform. Followed by 2 swinging platforms and 2 barrels that spin with a lil fire coming out.

After the fans and another spinning fire barrel will be a drop that you can see barrels falling down. If you've seen another checkpoint, you've gone to far.



Grab the UFO. After dodging the drop you went down, you will find a launch pad of death. Avoid it, and hit the checkpoint. 3 landmines that roll, I got hit and just rolled as a chicken, some ramps to a checkpoint and 2 monkeys throwing barrels. I jumped out of my vehicle and rolled to the right, to avoid the monkeys.


Hit the button and grab Polka Pilot. Checkpoint and then some weird spinning punching bag that is easy to dodge.


  • Skip this garbage level.



  • Bonus Level Map
  • Fez

Black box, roll, drop, checkpoint. This next part may take a few tries because the rolling can be a little laggy in response time. You need to jump over two spiked traps that are going left and right at different times. You will reach a moving checkpoint and note the boost that is pointing in a different way than the blue arrows. Hit that boost by jumping on the blue arrow moving left n right below it. Watch for spikes on the ceiling but you will teleport a few times and then reach the Fez after an elevator


Just like tf2

Find 5 hats

Just like tf2
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Again, if you don't want to grab this hat, there is a trick to getting 20 in one level. Use the teleporter to return to the main path. Hit the boost to shoot upwards and get shot around from some donkey kong barrels. Platforms with yellow skulls will drop when touched, another original idea. Keep jumping over conveyor belts and watch for another boost up to a map

PIC 10

Then you will enter a windy barrel section. At the end you will see a hat but won't be able to get to it (I never figured this one out but it isn't needed). Hit the boost and hit a checkpoint. Go right, get on a platform and try to drop down the center after it moves to the right. You want to get in to a barrel that is smack dab in the middle. Eventually you reach a tricky section where you are on a moving platform that goes back and forth but the conveyor belt is pulling you backwards which makes it tricky. You want to jump because rolling won't do it and you want to time your jumps because a sway may make you jump twice the distance you wanted to. The very end, it will pause, but the conveyor is still going. You want to hold cn_RT and hit cn_A as close to the top as you can. You may need to jump to get to the top before being able to do that.

Afterwards you hit a button and go to the finish circle.

Toilet Explorer

Finish 5 levels with the Flushmaster as starting vehicle

Toilet Explorer
Offline Game ModeSingle Player


Beat 5 levels with Ruthie

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


  • Skip the next bonus level, it has you drive straight up a wall which isn't fun or easy. Would be easier with the helicopter helmet.



  • Amanita

Go to the right, jump some gaps and rock over a barrel, when the signs say slow, to reach a checkpoint. Turbo over two explosive barrels and continue to the right to another checkpoint. You will have to fall down on to a conveyor belt and knock some explosive barrels down. Then you will drive to the right to another checkpoint.

Drop down to the right, reverse to the left and quickly forward again. More forwards, more checkpoint, and then a blue box.

PIC 11

Get out of your vehicle, jump up so you land right in the middle of the red mushroom and hold to the right. You should land on the Amanita. Use cn_back to reset mushroom. Continue to the right to get shot right in to the finish circle.



  • Bonus Level Map
  • Toasty Vehicle

Go right, duck under a swinging log and hit a checkpoint. Turbo over a gap right before a checkpoint and keep them fingers crossed you don't die. Keep going right to another checkpoint. Now you enter a spiked room with a ramp that can throw you into said spikes. Turbo in to it as it drops down and let yourself drop. You should end up in a cup of sorts and able to turbo out of there. Now you will get on a bumpy log ride, from hell, and have to try to stay in the middle. Might be easier out of a vehicle. Hit the next checkpoint and continue until you hit a checkpoint in front of a huge ramp. You need to turbo at the right time so you hit the three boosts at the end. There is a map here that is not missable.

You will now get a new vehicle that is much the same but kind of uses the whole turbo at once instead of an extended run. More of a jump, if you will. Turbo your way to the next checkpoint. You can turbo in mid air and he kinda freezes there then jumps the direction you are aiming. The longer you hold cn_A the farther you will jump. The next part sucks and theres not much I can say to advise you. You have to get a little lucky on how you bounce when you come out of a barrel or you may just fall straight into water, after the bounce. Try to hold left or reverse as you come down. Aim high to make your jump not to big, you want to land on this teeter tottering platform and hit the checkpoint.

Collect Toasty Vehicle and continue to the end. Which is a trick, so you fall in to a different finish circle.


  • Collectibles:
  • Corndog Pilot

This level looks worse than it is. You have to hit the yellow thing just right so your vehicle explodes and you are thrown in to it. I have provided a video to show you the way.

You need to drive forward, aim up a little before the drop, use your turbo right then, start swinging your vehicle downwards, and hope that you hit it right. Took me a min, hopefuly it takes you less. There is only one more pilot needed and he isn't unlocked until the third realm. Thus, you will be skipping all bonus levels from here on.



  • NONE

Go right to a checkpoint. As you get on the next platform a rock will drop. You want to wait for the platform to lean so you can use it as a ramp. Go right to a checkpoint and repeat the action again. Now you have to either land on the mushrooms or boost over them. I found it easier to get out of the vehicle to get over the three mushrooms that follow. Then you go through a log in to a checkpoint. Now you face a mushroom with a spear on it's tip. This was also easier to pass without a vehicle. Just time it to jump while the spear is big and it will shrink as you go over. Time your second drop to avoid another spear and then go right. There will be a log ship that you have to ride. You need to turbo when it does and when it hits a wall, let the impact throw you and hit turbo right as you start to go in a downward direction. Hopefully you make it in to a log with blue arrows pointing down.

Turbo over a swaying spike thing and keep going until you see dynomite. It will blow, so make sure you turbo up and over it. Another dynomite will drop and you can now use a vent to ramp up and down to the right. When you land, there will be more dynomite. Get in to the pipe to the right and you will be shot out to the finish circle.



  • Bonus Level Map
  • Hat (I couldn't find it)

You will soon enter a new vehicle with propellers. This will allow you to fly for short bursts. You want to drive forward and use this to land on each section before "flying" shortly to the next. The flying becomes extremely unstable if you aren't level so be careful. Fly in to the boost, which will boost you a lot before you start jumping in to big clusters of boosts. You will then unlock the bike + kopter which is what you are driving, I believe. You then have to hit boosts, use your turbo in between so you can hit more boosts, until you land under the map. I didn't grab the map, not needed. Drive across clouds, hit the boost and get launched in to a checkpoint. Drive right, across clouds and wood, to reach the finish circle.



  • Bonus Level Map

Drive right until you hit a checkpoint, hit a boost, in a loop and go through a small obstacle course. Mostly just using turbo to get over spinning stuff, or pushing stuff out of your way. You reach a checkpoint and take a lift that goes right. You have to drive forward at first and reverse before you go off the edge. Then drive right to a button and a checkpoint. You will use an elevator to try an throw yourself to the platform on the right and then reach another checkpoint. Next you have to drive forward without hitting the dynomite thrown up at you, hit a boost and launch towards another one in a grey barrel that shoots you out. Keep driving right and hit the finish circle.



  • Flame Flower

The first part of this level is just driving to checkpoints and using turbo to get over stuff. You will end up getting attatched to a magnet and pulled upwards. It will drop you at a checkpoint so go right on to a platform that moves with you. You have to try and stay on it but claws make it difficult. Try to stay at the front, but the big yellow bomb is hard to dodge. I was a chicken leg when I made it to the checkpoint. This new vehicle will blow up if you turbo too long, really stupid. You will have to get good at leaning back, short bursting turbos, to keep a boost going. As this happens, you will be flying in between spikes, traps and land mines. You won't be able to touch the ground without dying... this level explains the completion rating. After that you have to boost twice to go down a shoot and end up on a conveyor belt with boxes you have to jump that are shooting flames out. You want to make sure you don't get hit by the first one because I swear the second is unavoidable.

You will unlock Flame Flower now and hit another checkpoint. Roll to the right, hit a button, wait for the explosion and roll the well earned finish circle.




  • Paper Bag
  • Other wasn't needed or found

Use Bike + Kopter as it is much easier. Lean back and turbo the whole time, straight in to the hat. If you miss then hit cn_back to try again. Let it "save' which isn't an actual save, just the game making a tally of your hat count. When the save is done, you must immediately dashboard quit (cn_guide then cn_start on the game and go to quit). Reload the game, load this level and repeat your action until you get 20 hats. This may take more than 20 times, it did for me.

Can I just buy them instead?

Find 10 hats

Can I just buy them instead?
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Waste of time

Find 20 hats

Waste of time
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

The last one you don't have to close the game. Now go passed the two green crystals to reach a checkpoint and get shot into a blue box that is shortly followed by a checkpoint. Drive forward to a dead end and try to stop on the rotating gears. This lowers the ooze and lowers the gears that turn out to be an elevator. There will be fans trying to force you off of said elevator so do your best to remain in the center. Checkpoint, conveyor and a large fan that you should use + a turbo to clear the gap ahead.

You will reach another checkpoint and another large fan. Momentum is everything as you want to stay high up, moving right and as fast as possible to clear the next gap. While staying level, and using turbo, you should rocket to the right with ease. Soon you hit a checkpoint and another elevator.

More fans that you need to be use forward/reverse to negate. At the bottom, back up as much as you can, drive forward, pop a wheelie and hit turbo to cross the gap of ooze and reach a well earned checkpoint. Drive to the right, across conveyors that drop and rise. You will reach fans, use your turbo to launch yourself in to a checkpoint. There is a chance you could easily over shoot this one. Bunches of conveyors and red crystals will litter your path as you push onward to the next desired checkpoint.

Image 12 2

Push 1 or 2 boxes, by using turbo, on to the first red button. Then reverse and turbo the last box on to the other red switch in order to reach the finish circle.



  • Not needed anymore and will no longer be mentioned

Go right, fall and then reverse in to a fan. You need to turbo, before the spikes, in to a button on the right. Drive back down and to the right to a checkpoint. You will now be flying over 3 gaps while dodging a spinning hammer spike thing. It is easier to die by over shooting the drops then it is to get hit by that thing. You will get launched up and hopefully not into the spikes. Try to turbo when near the top to keep the momentum and reach the next checkpoint. You will lose your vehicle and start rolling right. Avoid the spot light spike traps and reach a checkpoint. You now gotta ride a dumb barrel rocket ship while jumping to dodge spears and remaining on the ship.

After 2 spears, the ship will light on fire and you must abandon ship. Be careful how far you jump because there are 3 more traps ahead of you. At the blue tube you will fall, get a vehicle and drive in to a much appreciated checkpoint. Jump to the ramp while it is away from you, then dodge 4 watermelons to reach a checkpoint. Super long ramp with a boost at the end. You got to go under the pipe waterfall so if you over shoot, shoot again. Just don't turbo as you boost. After the checkpoint be patient with the spinning blade arms and hit cn_X after the second so your vehicle coasts in to the button. Go down, hit a checkpoint, get a new vehicle and use the boost. You need to use full turbos to keep above the spikes while giving it enough time to charge again. 2 turbos should do it. You get back your normal ride and a checkpoint

Now you need to drive forward, wait for the box to get all the way to the right, light yourself on fire and tild forward so you blow up while moving towards the right. Should launch over the box as you explode. Jump 2-3 times immediately as you land to make it over the rotating spike trap. Then make it to 2 boosts, get launched towards 2 gaps and make it to the finish circle.


Time the jump to land on the moving platform or just turbo across the gap to a checkpoint and a new ride. Gotta get across a gap or the fan will blow you right in to some spears. Hit 4 boosts and get blown into a well felt checkpoint.

Drive on to the pipes and charge your turbo jump. Gotta hope it pushes you up right as you're thrown or you won't make it. After you are launched over a bunch of spikes, you will likely lose your vehicle to the mines. Roll to the right but when you jump the gap, after the mines, you need to make it under the platform. Roll to the right and you will skip a bunch of the level. You need to first hit the checkpoint, now reverse until you hit some barrels, jump twice backwards in to a pipe. The key is to keep reversing while jumping so you don't end up jumping forwards. Then go to the right, carefully. You want to land near or preferably on the last platform. If you miss the jump you will need to hit the ooze as you tilt forward to throw yourself through the gap and hopefully missing the spears. If this is too hard try to fall right in to the lava while you are perfectly balanced and get in the pipe. If you hit the boosts, you will miss the pipe. Both paths aren't easy but you reach a checkpoint at a firepit.

Get your vehicle back, quickly get over a box and in range to be blown in to the boost. You get a new vehicle and need to fly up to another boost then fly again to a checkpoint. Fly over the blue spikes and drop to a checkpoint. Drive in to the big green thing and use turbo to turn it back and eventually go under it. Then go under a red and green crystal before hitting a tunnel. As you go down the tunnel prepare for what follows. You see fire, you need to pop a wheelie and turbo so you go over said fire and in to a boost. Keep your foot on the gas, pull back as you hit a ramp, level out in the air and turbo to land. Hit another 4 boost and turbo in to the finish circle.


Pick Bike kopter and get on the moving platform, jump to another platform and fly in to the barrel to be shot to another barrel you must enter. This gets you to a well earned checkpoint. This next part is really lame but you need to stay on the platform, try not to get hit by the mine (or at least have your body land on the platform if it is) and get sucked up a tube. You will get a new vehicle, slow down, cross the gap, dodge the land mines being shot out and get to the checkpoint.

Drive full speed and tilt forward so you can fly over to the button (may take a few attempts). Try not to hit the spears, of course, and then reverse down the hole after it blows. At the bottom is another checkpoint. Go forward, drop down the gap and have the mushroom throw you upward to a red button. Then go right, ignore the warning to slow, pull back so you are popping a wheelie and have that jump full force to land on the conveyor as it is still lower. You can try the mushrooms, but I just died doing that. Jump up to the boost and aim to the bottom right so you can turbo yourself away from the wall of spikes the boost throws you towards. Hopefully on the way down you make it to the checkpoint without blowing up too many times. Exit your vehicle and roll to the right.

Get a new vehicle, go to the right and ride an elevator up. Continue right, likely lose your vehicle and keep rolling right over the conveyors to reach another checkpoint. If you fall between, roll on to the blue balls to be shot back up. To the right you will reach a "portable" checkpoint but if you die you just go to the spot where you hit it. To the right of that, you will find a big gap. To cross, you must first turbo to gain speed and then pop a wheelie and turbo again over the gap.

Ignore the light, and just push the little box so it falls down the gap. Drop down to another checkpoint, get a new vehicle and continue in the usual direction. Won't lie, this next part sucks. You will be chased by a spinning machine that may make you regret going for 1000. The trick is to turbo when the conveyors/platforms ramp upwards. Turbo often, especially to get back speed and get to the boost. As you fly up be ready to turbo right so you make it to the finish circle. Also, you can start driving right as the screen zooms in on the "boss".


Drive right, cross gaps, reach a checkpoint and drop down to another checkpoint. The conveyors will move and you want to get on the one closest to you so you can use it as a ramp before they fall off in to the ooze. You will shortly reach a button you must reverse in to. It is on a ceiling, the floor drops and you hit a checkpoint. It can be a bit tricky to reverse, face downwards as you fall while still reversing and hit turbo to launch yourself upwards and to the left. Hopefully landing on the seat of the non manned vehicle and get a ride over to a checkpoint.

Cross three gaps with rotating blade traps and reach another checkpoint. Go right to a tiny boost, it will launch you towards the next checkpoint. Turbo like hell away from this rolling death trap and you will reach a pipe that I suggest you exit the vehicle to get into. Roll and jump right at the end to dodge the landmines, hit the finish circle and end this short level.


Go right, turbo on the swing so you land and hit a checkpoint. Exit vehicle, stick on the wall to the right and slowly drop so you land next to the next checkpoint. Move slowly near the first board or it sends you flying back and the rest move forward. Turbo into a boost that shoots you the long way around to another checkpoint.

Duck the spinning blades, turbo forward under the small mine and hopefully you can dodge the second blade. Boosted in to a bike kopter and slow your fall so you land on a checkpoint. The next bit is about momentum, sticking near the black holes on the roof so they don't let you drop. To maintain speed you need to use turbo but watch out because every so often the bottom black holes stop and too far right will just get you killed. The black holes then can actually make it harder to progress. You need to build up momentum by getting sucked in to a different one, dodge mines and hopefully land on the checkpoint. If you get stuck at that point, losing the vehicle can make it easier to reach the checkpoint since you can roll out of the grip of the black hole.

Get your ride back, take the elevator down and go right to the checkpoint. Go on to the next platform but stay on it. It meets up with another, get on that one and ride it up to the right. Remain on this platform until you can turbo off of it and on to the checkpoint. Dodge some fireballs, full tilt past a falling trap and stay on the platform at the bottom (which moves). At the top the roof falls out so you need to time it so you can turbo over the rocking platform and land on the one after, thus skipping that part. Make sure you have full turbo as you come to the next section, lean forward to launch yourself forward and right as your turbo comes back you need to lift yourself up. Jump out of the vehicle if need be and roll to the checkpoint.

Same thing but across multiple gaps, landing on rocks if need be and regaining turbo. You will reach a tall cliff that has a map you collect on your way to the finish circle.


Bike Kopter is recommended but either way the game makes you take it after you start. Go right, cross a gap to a checkpoint and watch the next part for a second. Note how the platform goes under and then springs up. You need to levitate the helicopter so you get thrown upwards instead of exploding in the lava. Go up and right, use turbo at that point and you will reach the next checkpoint. The next section has fans that drop in the lava and periodically turn on and off. Don't spin the vehicle, just title forwards and level to get across this annoying section. A couple gaps will separate you and the checkpoint which is followed by a mine worm, that jumps side to side, and appears out of the lava. Get to the lower platform, wait for it to land and go back past you and then get up a platform. Get up and over (will take multiple turbos without landing) and you reach a section with fire and spears. You will likely lose your vehicle due to fire, if you land, so try to glide over all of this. If you blow up, land on the checkpoint.

Another lame section, stay on the vents and go between mines. Then go up and over spears but time it so you land back on the fans. Followed by another set of mines and then a fun section where the fans go up and out of the lava. Fun because the fans will throw you to the left if you are too close to the tail section. If you make it passed that you will reach a checkpoint. Go right, hit the bouncy yellow trampoline and get launched in to a boost. Now use the fans, that are crossing back and forth, to get up to an open dinosaur mouth. Avoid the teeth and reach the next checkpoint. Go right to a checkpoint and look for this:

PIC 12

Go down, get out of your vehicle, roll right and jump to the checkpoint. Get your vehicle back and go as fast as you can to the right. Use turbo to fly between the mines, avoid the spears, get turbo back in the air so you can get across another set of spears and reach the next checkpoint. Next part you must use the teleporter to reach the tusk with an arrow that will launch you up to other tusks. Checkpoint, mine worm and spears to dodge and then another section with mine worms but much faster. You need to get on the upper platform with blue and white arrows, then pause so you can time it to cross the gap yet dodge the worms. Go up the huge hill, maybe grab the map (not needed) and get to the next checkpoint. May take a few tries just don't turbo towards the worms. Cross the next gap but stay on a slightly up and right direction so you can pause your turbo, let it build and use it again to reach the finish circle and end this horrible level.


Flush master recommended. Bunch of gaps, and checkpoints until you reach a hill with spears and a blue car in them. Land on the blue car and turbo over to the checkpoint. Another gap that you must turbo over but if you die, reverse and gain speed before attempting again. There are two gaps that need to be cleared to reach a boost. I had to jump out of the vehicle on the second gap and used the boosts to reach a section with bones and teeth. Just let the teeth go up and roll past them towards an open mouth, down a tube and right into a checkpoint. Turbo over a few gaps and you end up in a fan area with tons of water melons. Try to stay high and turbo out of this area to avoid spikes but get between the spinning blades. You will lose your vehicle so if you have to jump out to reach it, do it. Roll right, jump the spikes, go up the pipe, jump left, jump over a spinner, hit the button, roll right as fast as you can without jumping and you'll dodge the spinner again to finally reach the checkpoint.

Gotta dodge the shots and make it to the bottom. Ride a platform over to the next checkpoint. More platforms and a boost to a teleporter and a checkpoint. Get on the hood, jump so you make it above the next car and hit a button to turn the blue arrows downward. Roll down but stick hard to the right to avoid spears and hit the next checkpoint. Go to the boost and reach a better checkpoint. Stand on the obvious pipe, get thrown in to a checkpoint and roll right to a black box. After, roll in to a barrel, the barrel will shoot up and you reach the finish circle.

OUTER RYD IV (shorter levels at least)


Wait a bit, roll to the right and take a lift up to the checkpoint. Roll down and to the right, through the pipe, to avoid spot lights and hit the checkpoint. Get over the next barrel, in to the dip, and time your escape to avoid the spotlight. Land mines and a few spot lights to dodge which are followed by a large pipe that extends upwards. Ride said pipe up and roll to the right to finish the level


Go right, jump the gaps and get the bike kopter. Go right and avoid the spotlight to reach the first checkpoint. Get over the next spinning mine trap to find a checkpoint down below. The next part requires you to be faster than the first set of falling mines, slow down for the second and fly passed the second and third together to reach the part where you drop down to a checkpoint. Fly up towards the mines, don't hit them, fly over a gap and under the spinning mines and dodge the spotlight to reach a gap and a checkpoint. Reverse and dodge the mines to quickly turbo over and land on barrels, floating in ooze. Bunch of barrels and a spotlight to dodge before a big fan gust upwards and to the right for a checkpoint. If you go left, you die. Bunch of moving platforms and a spotlight that is tricky to dodge due to it moving. Another one is shortly after but easier to manoeuvre. You will get shot a few times, right in to the finish circle


Keep your speed up in order to make the first big jump and hit a checkpoint. Turbo for a loop and then turbo in reverse to hit a boost. Then you repeat the same thing only you hit the boosts without turbos until you jump into an open mouth and hit the checkpoint + boost. Go forward to another boost, turbo between some spears and reverse down a ramp (hopefully you bounce right into the checkpoint at the bottom). Keep going right until you see spikes on the ground, dodge the falling missile bug tentacle thing and hit the checkpoint. You will dodge a big one, hit some boosts, enter an even bigger one and cause it to explode as you are boosted out towards the finish circle


Go right, mind the gaps where the ooze goes up and down, and you will shortly reach a checkpoint. Drive fast, turbo a gap to stay in the air, land as the ooze drops and hit another checkpoint. Same thing but with barrels you need to balance on, may be easier out of a vehicle, and another checkpoint.

Continue right, jump a gap while dodging a falling barrel and reach a checkpoint. A big monkey will pound his fist on buttons that drop some barrels on you as you dodge the ooze that rises and reach another checkpoint. Get a map, dodge some ooze and cross the finish circle that is hidden in a wall.


Go right, get your new vehicle, avoid the spotlight by hovering a bit and then charging to the right to a bunch of boosts, losing a vehicle and a checkpoint. Get thrown around, teleported and land on a checkpoint. Go left to the button, roll right and down to land on a button, roll to the left (might have to jiggle right to help jump up the slope) and reach the third button. Jump over the button and go up the slope on the right. This will take jumping left and right but at the top you hit a button and a checkpoint. Fall down, land on the platform, jump to the fan and be blown into a button. Continue right, use the platform to hit another button. Turn around and go back towards the first button you had pushed and climb upwards by using the fan and some wall jumping. Use the platforms to hit the next button on the right. Not easy and will take a bit of luck but after, roll to the opened area and jump up to the checkpoint.

Go right and down, avoid the lava as you go back left and hit the button that was unreachable before. Use the same fan again to get up but hit the button on the left this time. Go down and left, past the checkpoint you got earlier, and jump the gap to land on an orange pipe. Go right again and reach a checkpoint. Use the ledge to the left to wall jump up to the button. Gravity flips and you go up to a well earned finish circle.


  • Collectibles: 1
  • Bonus Level Map

Hit the checkpoint, go right, clear some gaps with ease due to low gravity and reach a wall of barrels you can drive through. This will apply to the barrels that follow which are a floor. You want to either turbo over them or try to turbo fast enough on them that you move before they fall. The prior is probably easier. At the top, you reach a checkpoint and more barrels. Dodge the pipes and get past them to reach a spot you can drop down to a checkpoint. The next section is a gravity flip section. Each arrow controls the gravity and the direction indicates which way it is currently going. I found that I had to jump out of my vehicle at the 4th gravity flipper. I rolled my way to this:

PIC 13

This is the most important one in the game. Follow the pipes, grab the map, more pipes, hit the gravity flipper and get yourself on the near by finish circle already


Bike kopter is my recommendation. Way easier to fly over the pipes and get the checkpoint. Fly to the right, hit a hill, drive up it and you will reach some more pipes. Fly up and through pipes that don't actually block your way and you will find an L shaped pipe spitting sand out, go in it and you are teleported to a checkpoint. Get a new vehicle, go right get stuck, jump out and go right to get a gas canister, go back left and get your ride back. Drive it back and in the pipe, not sure if it was my game but it was pulling me back for some reason. Had to back up and gain speed to make it in the pipe and then continue boosting right. Keep going right, as you come out and make sure you hit the checkpoint.

Mind the gap or get eaten and you will hit a big sand wall. Drive in to the wall until it throws you in the air, boost to the right constantly and you should land by an orange pipe. Drive to the right, through it, and boom you got SLIPPY who is seconds before the finish circle.


You may have some or most of these, depending on how you played, so adjust accordingly. Change pilot to Ethan. Go in to community and favorite "Instant Win (ACHIEVEMENT FARM)" and choose Flame flower as your vehicle for 5 wins by hitting cn_Y after each win.

I Have No Fires Yet I Must Extinguish

Finish 5 levels with the Flame Flower as starting vehicle

I Have No Fires Yet I Must Extinguish
Offline Game ModeSingle Player


Beat 5 levels with Ethan

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Change pilot to Polka. Play "Instant Win (ACHIEVEMENT FARM)" and choose Bike + Kopter 5 wins by hitting cn_Y after each win.

Community Made is Where It's At

Play and beat 10 community made levels

Community Made is Where It's At
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCommunity

Mile High Club

Finish 5 levels with the Kopter as starting vehicle

Mile High Club
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

The Other Fish

Beat 5 levels with Polka

The Other Fish
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Change pilot to Corndog. Play "Instant Win (ACHIEVEMENT FARM)" and choose Toasty 5 wins by hitting cn_Y after each win.

Toastin, Toastin, Toastin On You

Finish 5 levels with the Sledge Toaster as starting vehicle

Toastin, Toastin, Toastin On You
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

One Fish

Beat 5 levels with Corndog

One Fish
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Change pilot to Slippy. Play "Instant Win (ACHIEVEMENT FARM)" and choose Junk Propeller 5 wins by hitting cn_Y after each win.


Finish 5 levels with the Kopter Hat as starting vehicle

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player


Beat 5 levels with Slippy

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Play "Instant Win (ACHIEVEMENT FARM)" for 30 wins by hitting cn_Y after each win.

I've Seen Some Stuff

Play and beat 50 community made levels

I've Seen Some Stuff
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCommunity

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