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In-Vert is a platform puzzle game and is pretty simple to complete. You can use cheat codes to skip to the bosses and this makes the game extremely fast.

Time to get started!


The only real advice I can give is use the cheat, which is cn_upcn_upcn_downcn_downcn_upcn_upcn_rightcn_leftcn_leftcn_rightcn_Y in the pause menu to skip levels all the way up to the bosses (although you can't actually skip the bosses).



This one is going to be pretty short!

Remember to use cn_X to invert.

Otherwise, start the game!

  • Start game
  • Skip cutscene cn_B

LVL 1-1:

Now pause the game and use cn_dpad: cn_upcn_upcn_downcn_downcn_upcn_upcn_rightcn_leftcn_leftcn_rightcn_Y. Cheats appear at the bottom of the pause menu

  • Go to the lvl END 14 times.


Image 1

Stand on the shady pillar of spikes and either jump over him, or let him jump over you, and then jump on his head when he has stopped to your left. Repeat this 6 times and he dies

Go to the level END 14 times.


Image 2

A much more annoying boss due to their projectiles. Same thing and standing place as the last boss but the only difference being that as soon as you bounce on the boss you will want to press cn_X to invert the game so you don't die by spikes on the roof. Invert back and repeat 7 times. Watch out for projectiles, I found being in the very left corner was the only way to dodge a throw if he was nearby.

  • Go to the level END 14 times.


Image 3

This one isn't as bad as it looks. You want to invert immediately after you pass the shadow pillar, jump on his head, go left a bit so you can clear the bar in the middle, invert again, hit the boss and repeat. He throws projectiles and being against an exterior wall is the best way to avoid those. If this seems hard to do maybe just pick one side to hit him on and focus on dodging the laser. After

You likely unlocked these too:

Image 4

LVL 1-4:

  • Invert by the first set of spikes and cross them.
  • Invert again to cross the second set of spikes
  • Invert before the gap

Image 5

  • Jump and invert so you land.
  • Grab crystal and walk to death
  • Repeat 14 more times

  • Jump and invert together until you unlock:

Image 6

LVL 1-12:

  • Leave controller until you unlock:

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