Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Welcome to the Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning walkthrough. This game is an open-world Action RPG. It is a 2020 remaster of the 2012 XBox 360 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It is almost identical to the older game with enhanced visuals and the incorporation of the older game's two DLCs. You have countless activities, equipment, armor, skills, vocations, and combat styles. If you were to experience all the game has to offer, it would take a couple of hundred hours. On the other hand, like most non-linear RPGs, it is forgiving. There are few missable achievements. The walkthrough ensures players are given advance warning, advised to make insurance saves, and are sufficiently well prepared to make all achievements unmissable.

Save often. This will ensure you always have an insurance file to fall back again in case of an undesirable outcome. Moreover, there are a few places where an NPC can get 'stuck.' The walkthrough will make note of known bugs--all of which can be remedied by reverting to a save. None of the bugs present more than a slight inconvenience.

There are 5 main aspects to the game:

  • The main story line or quest
  • Side quests and tasks
  • Five Faction quest lines
  • Two quest lines that were DLCs in the 360 game--The Legend of Dead Kel and The Teeth of Naros.
  • Exploring in order to gather reagents and discover lorestones

This walkthrough is focused on obtaining all game achievements in an efficient and elegant manner. If that is your goal, you can play the game using this walkthrough with the confidence that you will unlock all the game’s achievements in a reasonable period of time. To that end, we will deemphasize side quests. The relative few that we utilize will assist in unlocking achievements or provide some tangible reward that facilitates other game play.

This approach is not restrictive. Players may deviate from the walkthrough and explore or perform side quests as they desire returning to the walkthrough to continue unlocking achievements. Pure achievement hunters will find this walkthrough allows them to achieve a 100% achievement completion expeditiously and efficiently.

The final page of the guide is a series of very short videos. With only a couple of exceptions, these are not guides but are illustrative in nature to demonstrate exactly when the player should expect an achievement to pop. The solutions for all achievements are provided in the text of the walkthrough.

This is a relatively high TA ratio game on Nevertheless, all players, even those inexperienced in open-world RPGs, can be confident of obtaining a 100% completion in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are an experienced player, by following the roadmap of the walkthrough the game should take about 30 hours to complete. It would take about 7 hours for the prologue, preparatory activity, and the Travelers faction quest. (pages 4 & 5 of the walkthrough.) The Legend of Dead Kel, The Teeth of Naros, each of the four remaining faction quests, and the remainder of the main story should take about 3 hours apiece. Add a couple of hours exploring for remaining lorestones and other mop-up.

If you are not a frequent player of open-world RPGs, you will take longer but, at no point, be in danger of forfeiting a 100% completion. Finally, being distracted by the richness of this open-world game, in its entirety, might contribute to a longer completion time. But, as long as you're having fun, who's looking at the clock?

This is just a summary: All of the tips are discussed in more detail in the walkthrough's story pages

General Game Play:

The game features four difficulty settings. There is an achievement related to difficulty--playing on hard. There is also a very hard difficulty setting as well that is intended to meet the conditions to unlock the achievement. However, early releases of the games had a glitch where players were unable to unlock the achievement playing on the very hard mode. The developers released a patch to address this bug. Nevertheless, to be completely safe, the walkthrough recommends the game be played on the hard mode.

Do not Grind: Neither the very hard difficulty or the hard difficulty modes are particularly demanding or challenging. The game incorporates a complex scaling system that, unless caps determine otherwise, sets enemy levels at the player's level. Accordingly, any advantage gained by grinding in one sub-region goes by the wayside when the player enters a new sub-region. Grinding does not reward the player as much as in other RPGs. Good weapons, armor, and accessories are readily available so the player is always well equipped to deal with adversaries.

  • Quests, in general, provide better experience and other rewards than random combat
  • The player's level caps at 40, a level that can be readily obtained by completing quests and missions related to achievements
  • Experience earned diminishes rapidly whereas the battles do not become significantly easier or faster

Inventory Management: You start out with 70 inventory slots. Most consumables are bundled in groups of ten where a bundle takes a slot. Some items, like lockpicks, are bundled in groups of 99 where a bundle of 99 takes up one slot. Backpacks are available from certain vendors. Each backpack purchased permanently increases carrying capacity by 10 inventory slots. It is prudent to decide what items and equipment to carry with you. Other items should be sold, 'salvaged' at blacksmith forges, or stashed in special chests in one of several safehouses throughout the game. Inventory stashed in one safehouse is available by accessing the corresponding chest in any other safehouse.

Missable Achievements: There are only a few achievements flagged as missable. The one that requires the most caution is Manic Pixie Dream Elf. The correct dialog choice must be made over several dialogs spread across a time-consuming questline. An incorrect choice in any of the dialogs would void the achievement. For this and other missable achievements, the walkthrough will provide ample warning and suggest precautions to take.

  • Collectibles: Of the 'collectibles' in the game, the three most demanding are lorestones, alchemical reagents, and persuasion attempts
  • Lorestones are scattered throughout the game. When the game was released, 175 of 195 had to be found for an achievement. The June 2021 patch changed this requirement and now requires all 195 lorestones to be activated for the achievement. A detect hidden skill of 10 makes lorestones visible as bright blue dots on the detailed map making their discovery a trivial task. The player must be at level 16 to be allowed a detect hidden skill of 10. The walkthrough provides a path to maximizing the detect hidden skill as soon as level 16 is reached. A special lorestone page provides detailed maps for all lorestones in the game.
  • The Green Thumb achievement requires harvesting 10 of each type of alchemical reagent which can only be done late in the game by a player with a high alchemy skill. As of this writing, the description is inaccurate in favor of the player and far fewer reagents will unlock the achievement. The walkthrough assumes this achievement will be patched. Whether or not it is, a clear path is provided to unlocking the achievement. The player is assisted in either case by a special device called a dowsing rod acquired in the first town, Gorhart. As long as this item is in the player's inventory, all alchemical reagents are depicted with a green symbol on the detailed map.

The Wink and a Smile achievement requires 50 successful persuasion attempts. There are roughly twice as many persuasion opportunities in the game. The walkthrough specifically tracks the first 50 persuasion opportunities as they are presented in the playthrough.

Leveling: The walkthrough provides recommended builds for players who desire detailed guidance. These builds are designed to unlock achievements efficiently. More experienced players are welcome to choose their own upgrades. There are numerous combinations and permutations. The walkthrough makes suggestions but is not restrictive with respect to them.

Locks and Wards: There are achievements for lockpicking and dispelling wards. When confronted with a lock, you can pick it or try to force it open with a random chance. The lockpicking procedure is simple and partly luck based. Failure results in breaking an inexpensive pick. The higher your skill the greater the possibility is of forcing it open. We will not rely on the lockpicking skill--investing our skill points in other areas. Rather, we will carry a generous supply of lockpicks and open all locked chests we come across. With wards, we will take the exact opposite approach. Dispelling wards is a hand-and-eye coordination or skill based process. Accordingly, we will invest skill points and build up our dispelling skill until the random chance of forcing the ward open is around 90%.

Blacksmith Forges and Sagecrafting: The best weapon and armor in the game is achieved by forging using the sagecrafting skill to incorporate high quality gems in the forged weapons and armor. For players who want to savor the vastness of the open-world game this is a fruitful activity. It is a waste of time for achievement hunters who want a streamlined completion. To craft weapons and armor better than what can be found for free by looting chests or enemy drops, the player requires high skill in both blacksmith and sagecrafting. Additionally, it is a tedious process to gather the "flawless" components that are needed to craft the best equipment. We will acquire high quality weapons and armor through the normal course of play and restrict forging and sagecrafting to the minimum required for achievements.

Reading Books: There is an achievement for reading 50 books. Avoid picking books up so as not to waste valuable inventory slots. Instead, read them by highlighting the book and pressing cn_X twice. The first time to inspect and the second time to read.

Overall strategy: One approach is to concentrate on the main quest. When it is completed, an achievement is earned for playing on hard difficulty. After that, the player is able to downgrade the difficulty to normal or casual without penalty. Achievements related to the 5 faction quests, The Legend of Dead Kel & The Teeth of Naros, and miscellaneous activities can then be done on the lower difficulty. The walkthrough adopts the opposite approach. The 5 faction quests along with The Legend of Dead Kel and The Teeth of Naros are used to build an optimal character that can easily persevere through the main quest. For a streamlined game completion this is the more efficient approach. Additionally, in my opinion, it promotes a better game immersion experience.


Set the Options to your liking and start a New Game

There are four difficulty modes--Casual, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Choose to play on Hard difficulty. The entire main quest must be played on hard for an achievement. Playing on very hard will also unlock the achievement. When the game was first released this aspect was glitched but fixed in a later patch. The safest option is to play on the Hard mode.

After the opening cinematics, you are directed to choose your race. The walkthrough recommends Dokkalfar: It is the only race with a combat bonus—stealth +2. Moreover, because persuasion is related to one of the more complex achievements, the persuasion +1 is of benefit.

The walkthrough employs the Belen patron. The +1% critical hit chance and the +8% critical hit damage are beneficial. No patron which awards a 1% experience boost is another good option.

Select your character's gender and appearance. The walkthrough uses the first male Dokkalfar preset as can be seen in the screenshots.


The Prologue serves as a tutorial. It is cut and dried. Experienced RPG players may want to skip this page and go straight to the second page. Note that there is an achievement to be gained by talking to an NPC after removing all weapons and equipment. This achievement can be earned at any time not just in the prologue. There is a persuasion opportunity in the prologue. Performing 50 successful persuasions unlocks an achievement. There are around 100 persuasion opportunities in the game. Completing the tutorial unlocks a story-related achievement.

Visual aids: The walkthrough includes a few screenshots and other graphics to serve as a visual frame of reference. The walkthrough is primarily text. The in-game map and quest objective marking system are quite well done and easily understood. So, the walkthrough should not need excessive illustrations:

Out of Darkness: Main Quest

As soon as you have control over your character, press cn_back. This brings up the local map. You can toggle between the local map and the world map (shown in frame 2) by pressing cn_Y. Frame 1 shows the local map. The amber circle is the objective marker of the active quest. Since we have just started out, we have only the main quest. Later, white circles will appear on the local and world maps and will refer to objectives of the inactive quests.

The local map is revealed along with player exploration. The world map is shown in its entirety in the beginning. Regions are identified by name but specific locations are not identified on the map until they are 'discovered.' At this point, only one specific location is depicted on the world map--Allestar Tower.

Proceed, while exploring, to the small amber circle. There is a skeleton in the eastern dead-end branch for a few gold coins. Loot it for a few coins by pressing cn_A when the prompt appears as you approach it. When you reach the objective marker, you'll see an amber arrow pointing down towards a sword. This is your intermediate objective. Approach it and remove it by pressing cn_A when the prompt appears.

Press cn_start to bring up a menu. Select Inventory -> Weapon -> Primary -> Rusty Longsword. The primary weapon's attack button is cn_X. Break boxes, crates, and urns to work towards an achievement requiring the breaking of 1,000 such objects. It will take a while but there is an abundance of breakable items Breaking boxes results in random small rewards of gold. This is the currency of the game and these small amounts are useful early on.

Loot bodies that glow for random loot. You may receive valuable armor and weapons upgrades in addition to consumables, other items, and gold.

After the dialog with Encel concludes, press cn_start. Choose inventory weapons and unequip the sword by pressing cn_A. Go to armor and unequip all armor. Your beginning armor is a tattered shirt & ragged leggings. If you have equipped any dead enemy drops, remove them. Back out and press cn_A to talk to Encel to unlock an achievement (frame 3 in the above picture - (Video 1)). The dialog does not matter:


You spoke to someone while not wearing clothes.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Loot enemy bodies & open up a chest for Old Boots. Equip your longsword and the best armor in your inventory.

Encel tells you to find something useful implying to loot the weapon rack. Before doing so, break all the boxes revealing chests to loot. Among the spoils are a number of lock picks that we will make constant use of throughout the game including a lock pick achievement. Looting the weapon rack gives you a shield. Equip it immediately (it’s the last item in armor) because more enemies will appear momentarily. You can now block (providing you equipped the shield) by pressing cn_LT Pressing cn_LT at the moment an enemy hits you executes a perfect block that does a small amount of damage. More importantly, a perfect block knocks the enemy back and interrupts attacks allowing you to go on the offensive.

There is an achievement related to perfect blocks and it will be covered a little later on. For now, merely defeat the 2 enemies. You do not need to execute regular and/or perfect blocks—the tutorial merely informs you of this combat capability. The walkthrough relies primarily on mid-range combat so blocking, a close proximity action, is of lesser value than it would be for a pure melee fighter.

Encel’s tone implies a sense of urgency. Disregard him. You can stop and explore every nuance of this small dungeon as you progress through the Prologue.

Next up, you are instructed to pick up a bow and shoot the next two enemies. Equip it in the secondary weapon slot. The game implies that you equip bows in the secondary weapon slot and use cn_Y to shoot. The fact is that any weapon can be equipped in the secondary weapon slot and that, if equipped in the secondary weapon slot, its attack is executed by pressing cn_Y. In this manner you can execute sophisticated attacks—pressing cn_X to employ the weapon in the primary slot and cn_Y to strike with the weapon in the secondary weapon slot.

In shooting the bow, you find the game does most of the work. When cn_Y is pressed, the bow will automatically target the enemy in the general direction the bow is pointed provided the enemy is in range. A green indicator will appear on the target. Damage is much reduced if the target is at a distance. By pressing and holding cn_Y until you get tactile feedback, you get a charged shot that is far more effective than a sequence of uncharged shots.

The next step in the tutorial is the daggers. The implication is they should be equipped in the primary weapon slot. I recommend to keep the longsword there and equip the daggers in the secondary slot. Approach the enemy crouched (cn_RB now toggles between crouched and upright positions). When you approach the enemy stealthily from the rear, an assassination prompt will appear—cn_X if you equipped the daggers in the primary slot, cn_Y if you equipped them in the secondary slot as the walkthrough suggested. Two archers up ahead are distracted. If you are careful, you can sneak attack both of them while they are preoccupied.

If you break their concentration you can fall back on your long sword to finish them off—this is the reason the walkthrough suggested equipping the daggers in the secondary slot and keeping the long sword as the primary weapon. However, the daggers are also good weapons in their own right—making up for in speed what they lack in power. If you kept both daggers and long sword equipped you can use them both in combat alternating between them with the cn_X and cn_Y buttons.

The next tutorial is the staff. Equip it in the primary weapon slot replacing the long sword. You might note there is a weapon rating in the top right corner of the weapon description. Of the 4 weapons we have, this staff is significantly more powerful than the other 3. This may be misleading. The staff does fire and burning damage which is elemental in nature. Some enemies have elemental resistance. In this case, the longsword with its physical and piercing damage would be more effective even though the elemental weapon has the higher rating. Here, though, spiders are vulnerable to flame so the elemental damage is more effective than physical damage.

Encel continues to urge you on but there are crates to smash and chests to loot. Take your time.

The game makes an autosave as you enter the next area. This is useful because we have a persuasion attempt. There is only a slight chance of failing it but we have a fallback save in case that happens. You are given a few tips about armor and Encel says farewell. You have a conversation choice in bright green, “I need more help. (95%). This is a persuasion attempt. You need to succeed in 50 of them for an achievement. There are about twice as many opportunities in the game so one can fail a few without penalty. However, if too many are missed, the related achievement becomes unmissable. We will take measures that will drastically improve our chances of success.

In this case, choose the green conversational option. If you get a red Persuasion Failed result, load up the autosave and try again to get the green Persuasion Succeeded option. Frame 4 in the above illustration depicts both failed and succeeded results in the insets.

Persuasion Succeeded: 1 of 50

You’ll meet up with Hughes, another NPC, and receive a new instruction to escape Allestar Tower.

There are a couple of other enemies. If you have the daggers equipped as primary or secondary weapons, you can take them out with stealth assassinations. Otherwise, any of the other weapons are capable of handling these underpowered opponents.

Next you have a more serious adversary—a Rock Troll accompanied by 2 soldiers. Dodge-roll away from the troll (cn_B) and defeat the 2 soldiers first with the weapon of your choice. The Rock Troll has powerful attacks. They can be avoided with dodge-rolls. An effective tactic is to keep some distance away from the Rock Troll. Attack with regular bow shots when the Rock Troll is facing you and with charged shots when you maneuver around to its side or back. When you empty your quiver, evade for a couple of seconds and it will replenish.

The other weapons can be used as well, but close-in melee attacks require more precision. The Rock Troll telegraphs its attacks. So, one can evade when it attacks and strike between its attacks. The Rock Troll is heavily armored and is resistant to elemental damage. Consequently, weapons that inflict physical damage and, especially, piercing damage are most effective.

When the Rock Troll’s large health bar shown in the upper right is depleted, you will get a button prompt. Press the indicated button rapidly. This increases experience gained depending on the percentage indicated. The percentage increases proportionate to how fast you pressed the button prompt. The button prompt is random and could be either cn_A, cn_B, cn_X, or cn_Y.

After the fight, exit the dungeon. This completes the prologue and unlocks:


You were reborn from the Well of Souls, and have escaped Allestar Tower.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Page Overview

In this page or section, our objective (following preliminary activities) is to finish the Travelers Faction questline. One of the rewards is a set of armor that will serve us well as we embark on more challenging activities. To rapidly acquire skills, we will visit trainers and acquire skill books. Trainers are special NPCs that increase a specific skill provided certain conditions are met and the price is paid. They are expensive. The lowest level trainer charges over 15,000 gold. To that end, we will concentrate on building up our mercantile skill first. It will not affect the price of the training but it will considerably increase the gold we get from selling the numerous items we pick up through normal game play. Ultimately, our goal following completion of Travelers is to reach level 16. This is the level where we are first allowed to acquire level 10 skills. At this point, we will use a fateweaver to reset our skills. When we rebuild our character, we will allocate skill points to achieve a level 10 detect hidden skill. This allows us to see all chests and lorestones on the map in addition to revealing all hidden areas that would otherwise be denied us. Our reset character will then be optimally configured to tackle the Legend of Dead Kel quest--the next page of the walkthrough.


Continue down the road in roughly a SSE direction. You can speak to NPCs and do some exploring. There’s a drop down point into the water where you can swim to an enclave with some cheispelsts, 2 of which are locked and 1 is protected by a dispel ward. If you are interested in a streamlined completion, ignore them and begin by following the road. Note a green dot, depicting a shrine to your left on the map. Go to it. Press cn_A to receive its benefits. This is the Shrine of Mitharu that provides 0.5% health regeneration per second. You can see your positive effects and negative effects by pressing menu -> Status -> Effects. Make a save. From the shrine, hug the wall to your left and proceed.

You hear a cry for help and see a gnome defending himself against a bear. You can get a quick stealth attack with daggers but it won’t kill the bear. Finish the bear off with another weapon. The same tactics used against the slow & powerful Rock Troll will also work against the slow and powerful bear. After you rescue Guran, you will engage in conversation. When the green persuasion option comes up, choose it. If unsuccessful, revert to your save and try again. When successful, you will get quite a bit of gold.

Persuasion Succeeded: 2 of 50

Make a save, proceed towards the objective marker. You will encounter Agarth and have a conversation. During the conversation, you will have another persuasion attempt:

Persuasion Succeeded: 3 of 50

Following the conversation, you will have 2 fights. The first is a conventional one. The second introduces you to reckoning mode. You are instructed to press cn_LT and cn_RT simultaneously. You enter a slow motion state where your attacks are more powerful. Defeat the 3 enemies. At the end, you are instructed to fateshift by pressing cn_A near a downed enemy. You will receive experience for all enemies defeated during reckoning and will damage nearby enemies that were not defeated. Normally, reckoning mode lasts only until the purple gauge on the top left is depleted. However, for this instructional event, the purple gauge remains full. As with the conclusion of the Rock Troll fight, a button prompt is shown. Pressing it rapidly increases experience earned.

You are introduced to Destinies. At this point, because we are doing a lot of melee fighting, brawler is recommended. Nevertheless, choose what best fits your play-style.

Agarth tells you to meet Arden in Yolvan and the destination appears on the world map. The main story quest is now, "Into the Light." We will postpone that for a while as we pursue other activities and concentrate on side quests and initiating faction quests. Continue a short ways along the road until you see a stone sculpture to your left. Press cn_A to activate it for some experience. This is a lorestone. There is an achievement for discovering all 195 of them. When we get the ‘detect hidden’ skill up to level 10, lorestones will appear as bright blue dots on the detailed map. This vastly facilitates discovery and we will defer finding the majority of the lorestones until we reach that point.

You are free to activate lorestones at any time you want and need not wait until you get your detect hidden skill up to 10. You can use the lorestone page to assist you. It is divided into sections based upon region. We are currently in the Odarath West sub-region of the Dalentarth region.

There are reagents on both sides of the road. Harvesting them with low alchemy skill is difficult. So, until we improve alchemy, it is best just to ignore all but Embereyes and Black Cohoshes. Don’t go out of your way, but harvest the Embereyes and Black Cohoshes you come across. Some attempts will fail but they are the easiest reagents to harvest. We’ll use them for an achievement and, more importantly, to craft a curative.

Along the road, most likely just before you activated the lorestone, you receive a notification that there is a package of special items in a chest in Gorhart village. These are items that were available as purchased or special offer DLC in the original 360 game. In Re-Reckoning they are offered to all players and are available as soon as you get to Gorhart.

You reach Gorhart and see a small gathering. Talk to Herc Adwold, the NPC with the exclamation point (quest giver) above his head. Exhaust the blue conversational choices and choose “I’d like to help” when that option is presented. This initiates the Building Bridges side quest.

Now, proceed to the special deliveries chest. It's on the left side of the inn. Make a save before you take anything out. Do NOT take everything. You have limited inventory--at this point, only 70 inventory slots. Select a good set of armor. I recommend the Shepard’s set—cuirass, chausses, helm, gauntlets, & greaves. If you put your first points into might, you meet the prerequisites. Take a good shield. I recommend The Tower.


Weapon choices are up to you and are influenced by your style of play. The walkthrough recommends you rely primarily on the Chakrams. A pair of Chakrams is a mid-range weapon that strikes multiple enemies in your vicinity. You are less vulnerable because of the stand-off distance. The weapon has a curved trajectory that provides you with a zone of protection. The weapon itself is listed as average speed but that is somewhat misleading. Since the Chakaram discs spin, they inflict high damage per second. If a set of daggers or a longsword is used as a secondary weapon, you are able to compensate for its lesser power and lack of piercing damage. Most of your encounters will be groups of enemies of lesser power. A weapon good with crowd control—a set of Chakrams—is advantageous. The Chakram disc may be iron, steel, azurite, sylvanite, or prismere in order of ascending power. The flame Chakrams are always the most powerful within a class of material and are recommended for the walkthrough. Ideally, the flame based Chakrams will also deliver damage in another area--shock, poison, piercing, and so on. At the end of this page, we will acquire a set of armor that provides a 25% flame damage further increasing the lethality of flame-based Chakrams.


The following is an overrview of tactics recommended by the walkthrough. The set of Chakrams is the primary weapon employed from a safe stand-off distance. As enemies approach, evade with cn_B to keep out of their range but keep them within the range of your Chakrams. When fighting ranged archers and sorcerers, rush them. The daggers are very fast, close-in weapons. They are precise, targeting a single opponent. They often are the best choice to use against mages. They keep mages off-balance and interrupt their spell-casting. Abilities executed by pressing cn_RT followed by the button to which the ability is assigned (e.g. storm bolt, ice barrage, etc.) are invaluable in supplementing weapons. Mixing weapon and abilities attacks also has the benefit of recharging your reckoning gauge more rapidly. When you acquire ice bolt as you level up, you have the ideal complement to the flame based Chakrams that ensure you are never at a disadvantage when facing enemies resistant to flame but vulnerable to ice. There are a few missions where a long-range weapon is best. Accordingly, we will cultivate our longbow skills and ensure we have a decent longbow for those occasions.

Again, your personal preferences should be primary. The walkthrough makes the above recommendations only in the interest of providing an expedient approach to combat that minimizes the risks of playing on the higher difficulty. It also ensures you have the right weapons and abilities for all achievements. Nevertheless, there is no one "best" or "optimal" set of weapons, armor, and skills. The most lethal set-ups are the ones that require the most hand and eye coordination and sophisticated tactics. The walkthrough concentrates only on a few weapons and a limited tactical repertoire so that the player may progress rapidly through the game with reduced risk and without having to endure the tedium of blacksmithing and sagecrafting.

Pick up Twinned Souls as your Chakrams. The Chakrams will become our weapon of choice. Pick up Omniblades as your daggers. Pick up The Beast as our longsword. Pick up the Hunter as our longbow. Pick up the Compass of Fate. As long as this device is in your inventory, you will have +1 persuasion which helps towards the achievement. Take the dowsing rod. As long as this item is in your inventory, you will be able to see all alchemical reagents on the detailed map. Take, but do not use, the Elixir of Inspiration. It bestows 500 experience, but we want to keep our level low until we get a level related achievement. Equip the armor, unequip your primary weapon (we'll be punching with our fists), and equip the longsword in the secondary weapon slot.

Behind Bars Side Quest

Make a save because we are going to take some risky actions for 2 achievements. After you have saved, approach the guard standing to the right of the inn door. With primary weapon slot empty, press cn_up to enter aggressive mode against friendlies and press cn_X until you hit the guard (it may take more than 1 punch). Agree to go to jail. This initiates the Behind Bars side quest. Press cn_start when prompted to make it your active quest. Since this is an early quest, a video guide is provided in the Videos Page--Video 2. You may want to watch it in advance so you can anticipate what you need to do. Once in jail, make an insurance save but do NOT overwrite the save made before you punched the guard. . . Approach the door and try to lockpick it.

Lockpicking: There is an achievement for picking 50 locks. It is not challenging. There are quite a few hundred locks in the game. You get credit for picking the lock whether you force it by pressing cn_Y for a random chance to unlock or whether you use a pick. The percentage probability for a forced open increases as your lockpicking skill increases. However, even very hard locks can be opened with a lock pick at skill level zero. Accordingly, increasing lock picking skill is low priority. It helps to have a system. I start with middle of the left side. If the lock breaks immediately, I go to the middle of the right side. If the pick breaks immediately again, I try middle of the bottom. If the pick vibrates, I know I am close so I adjust in one direction or another. The mechanism shown on the game screen looks complex, but the solution is simple--guess the position of the lock pick with cn_RS and move the slide left to right with cn_LS. Carry plenty of picks so, if you fail, try again with another pick. If you barely nudge the slide with cn_LS, you are less likely to break the pick & can back it to the left. Move the pick to a different position and try again.

Lockpicking is easier than the pictured mechanism would suggest. It is simply a matter of guessing the correct placement of the pick using cn_RS. When you are in jail, you only have 1 pick. So, if you break it by guessing incorrectly, you have to reload your save. If your guess is right, you can move the slide (with cn_LS from left to right to open the lock. If it is in the vicinity, but not exact, it will vibrate. Back out. Move the pick slightly in 1 direction or another and try again until you get it right. Opening your cell door unlocks an achievement.


You broke out of jail.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

As soon as you open your cell door, crouch (cn_RB) and keep out of sight of the 2 guards patrolling. Your side quest gives you a new task--retrieve equipment. The location of your equipment is shown as an amber circle on the mini-map (and also on your local map if you open it up by pressing cn_back). When the second guard leaves, sneak behind her. A dodge-roll (cn_B) keeps you in stealth mode and allows you to move more quickly. Go a short distance towards the quest marker and retrieve your equipment by pressing cn_A when you reach the chest.

You automatically equip the same armor and weapons you had when you were jailed. You also get a new task--exit the prison--along with a new quest marker on your mini-map. Since your primary weapon was unequipped, open your inventory and equip the Omniblades daggers as your primary weapon. We need the daggers equipped in order to perform a stealth kill.

Make an insurance save but do NOT overwrite the save made before you punched the guard. However, you may overwrite the save made before you picked the locks. Pull the lever to the left of the equipment chest to release the prisoner. Turn back towards the equipment chest and hug the wall to your left towards the prisoner's cell. You will have a split second to execute the stealth kill prompt. However, the "Pickpocket Prisoner" alert will appear on the bottom right of the screen to give you advance warning as shown in the below illustration:

The prisoner is not designated as an enemy, but crouching automatically puts you in aggressive mode. Press cn_X when the prompt appears to assassinate. The prisoner is more than 4 levels above you.

Out of Your League

Killed an enemy 4 levels higher than you.

Out of Your League
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We would have gotten the achievement by killing the prisoner conventionally. The longsword would have been very effective against an unarmed & unarmored opponent. Alternatively, if we'd filled our reckoning gauge, we could have gone into reckoning mode. However, our goal was to avoid a commotion that would have alerted the guards.

After the assassination loot the body for coins and a ceremonial dagger. Wait for the guards to return on their rounds. When the guards head back out, crouch and/or dodge-roll behind them. Head towards the objective marker at the exit. Press cn_A to leave--the door is not locked. You get 2 notifications--Crimes Cleared and Quest Complete: Behind Bars.

If you do not get both achievements, load up the appropriate insurance save. If you got both achievements but were killed before you exited the prison, load up the save you made before assaulting the guard. You have earned the achievements and there is no need to redo the Behind the Bars side quest. You forfeit a small amount of experience but that is best earned by continuing the game.

Building Bridges Side Quest

Press cn_start -> quests -> side quests and make building bridges your active quest. Equip the Twinned Souls Chakrams as your primary weapon and keep The Beast longsword as your secondary weapon.

Open your inventory, go to consumables, and use the Elixir of Inspiration. It adds 500 experience and it is possible you will advance a level.

Leveling up plan, beginning strategy: Put your first 6 skill points in longsword mastery. When you reach level 3, start to apply your points in sorcery. Our goal is to get Chakrams mastery, but we must have 5 sorcery points before we can do so. Accordingly, start out by putting your points in abilities insofar as their are 2 abilities related achievements we will be working on. Once you have 5 points in sorcery, start working on Chakrams until you have Chakrams mastery. At that point, you will work towards putting your skill points in finesse starting with assassination in the bottom right of the skill tree and then working towards dagger mastery. For your skills, when you reach level 5, you will reach a temporary cap in applying points towards mercantile. You will have completed the basic tier. The next tier, advanced, will not become available until you reach level 8. So, at level 5 place 1 point on detect hidden; at level 6, place 1 point on blacksmithing; at level 7 place 1 point on sagecrafting; and resume placing points on mercantile. This detailed guidance on skills is to ensure we don't forfeit any training opportunities. Keep your destiny on Brawler until the finesse/sorcery destinies become available. At that point, switch to Disciple and continue on the finesse/sorcery destiny as upgrades become available--Arcanist, Warlock, Spellcloak, and Shadowcaster. The leveling up plan will be expanded upon as the walkthrough progresses.

Enter the Golden Age Alchemy shop in the southwest corner of Gorhart and go downstairs to the basement. Check the lootable bookshelf by pressing cn_A as if to loot it, but do not loot it. Highlight the book and press cn_X to inspect it. Then press cn_X again to read it. Press cn_RT to read the entire book. Back out with cn_B.

There is an achievement for reading 50 books. You are not required to possess the books. Accordingly, we will read them in the manner described above to avoid cluttering up precious inventory slots. Books are of little to no value so there is no benefit in picking them up.

Books read: 1 of 50

Go to the back room of the basement. Ensure the guard is on the main floor. Loot only the greater healing potion from the desk--the 2 documents are of no value and waste inventory slots. You'll notice there are some crates in the shop. You can break them with impunity--neither of the 2 NPCs will pay it any notice. So, whether indoors or outdoors, slowly make progress towards the achievement that requires you to break 1,000 objects.

Exit the shop and press cn_back to view the map. Toggling between local and world maps you see each view has the objective marker telling you to speak to Aery the Fae. Proceed in the direction of the objective marker. Since you now have the dowsing rod in your inventory, you can see alchemical reagents on the local map and on the mini-map. Without going out of your way, harvest Black Cohosh and Embereyes. They will be used for an achievement and to make a useful potion. Ignore other reagents. Your alchemical skill is to low to harvest them. Even the Black Cohosh and Embereyes are uncertain harvests.

When you get to the objective marker, talk to Aery. You learn that the afflicted Fae needs medicine. Deliver the greater healing potion you just looted to Herc Adwold on the second floor of the Gorhart Inn. When talking to him, choose “I’ll go to the House of Ballads” then exhaust blue conversational choices. Other conversational choices are optional.

Read the books in the lootable bookshelves on the first and second floors.

Books read: 3 of 50

The Commendation: Faction Quest

Before you exit the inn, talk to Ost Ordura on the first floor with the quest giver exclamation point above his head. Ask about the Warsworn (blue choice) and say “I’d like to join.”

Make this new quest, “The Commendation” your active quest. If you look at your quests, you’ll see it listed under "Faction." This is the first of the 5 faction questlines. You’ll have 2 objective markers on your world map. Proceed to the one approximately due north.

You'll be getting a number of achievements. They may or may not unlock in the sequence shown here since they are influenced by random events.

You should still have the Twinned Souls as your primary weapon and The Beast longsword as your secondary. You want to engage in fights along the way to fill up your purple reckoning gauge. Do not get too close to the objective marker until this purple gauge is filled so we can use it for an achievement. Get used to the Chakrams. They are a mid-range weapon so you can strike from a short distance away to reduce risk. Dodge-roll (cn_B) during fights when enemies get too close, then strike with the Chakrams.

If you attack 4 times by pressing X with the Chakrams, you will complete a chain. The fourth attack is the finishing move that is more powerful and knocks back the targeted enemy and enemies near the target. Using this attack sequence, it will not take long to unlock an achievement for landing 100 chains. Many enemies early on in the game require quite a few strikes to defeat. If you concentrate on full chains, you'll be using 2 or more chains per enemy. All weapons have similar chain sequences as you have probably noticed with the longsword and daggers. You, most likely, already have a decent tally of chains landed. When the tally reaches 100, you unlock (Video 3):

Would You Like Fries with that?

Landed 100 complete attack chains.

Would You Like Fries with that?
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Weapons and armor degrade. Keep tabs on the state of your weapons and armor by opening up your inventory (cn_start -> Inventory -> Weapons (primary & secondary)/armor). You will see an anvil icon at the top left of each equipment description followed by a ratio in the form XX/YY. XX is the current state compared against the pristine item value, YY. When a weapon’s durability falls to 0, it will remain equipped until you remove or replace it. However, it will become ineffective. To restore its strength, repair it using a kit or by employing the services of a blacksmith. Generally, it is less expensive to buy repair kits and repair the items yourself. You should have at least a couple of repair kits from chests in the prologue and may have picked up some from bodies of bandits you kill. To repair a piece of equipment, open up your inventory and use a repair kit under items. You'll see a list of equipment in need of repair. Apply it to the piece of equipment of your choice. If you elect to employ the services of a blacksmith, the first blacksmith you come across is in The Corner Shop in Gorhart. The first time you repair a piece of equipment, you unlock (Video 4):

Good as New

Repaired a piece of equipment.

Good as New
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Continue on, but do not approach the objective marker until your purple reckoning gauge is full. Make a save. Approach the objective marker from the south. We want to accost 5 or more human enemies at once for an achievement. You'll see the red enemy indicators on your mini-map. You can deliver some weak attacks, but do not strike in earnest until you have a grouping of at least 5. You do not want to kill any of these enemies until you have assembled a group of 5 or more. Go towards the red indicators. The enemies will notice you and head towards you.

When you have a grouping of at least 5 and preferably more, go into reckoning mode by pressing cn_LT & cn_RT simultaneously. An cn_A prompt will appear next to each enemy you defeat. Keep count and make sure you have defeated 5 or more. Also keep an eye on the purple gauge because you do not want it to run out. Go up to any one of the defeated enemies and press cn_A. You will be given a button prompt that you can press rapidly to get a percentage increase on experience earned. The "essences" of the defeated enemies will flow into you. Provided you have 5 or more of the defeated enemies' essence streams, you will unlock the following achievement (Video 5):

Reckoning Rampage

Killed 5 enemies with a single Fateshift.

Reckoning Rampage
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2 achievements are associaed with killing enemies with abilities rather than weapons. Each class has abilities that can be used. Some examples are Sorcery's storm bolt & ice barrage, Might's quake, and Finesse's Shadow Flare. The ability is mapped to a button for quick access during combat. It is activated by pressing cn_RT and the button to which the ability is mapped. Abilities lack power at low levels but become quite lethal when enhanced. For our purposes, Sorcery's storm bolt & ice barrage work best. It is well worthwhile to invest some points to level up these abilities. Even so, since the achievements tally kills—100 & 500, they can be unlocked using low power abilities by whittling down enemy HP with weapons and administering the coup de grace with the cn_RT+ability button attack. Even though the majority of the damage was done with the weapon, if the enemy succumbs as a result of a final ability strike, the kill will count towards the 100 and 500 tallies required for the achievements. Alternating between weapon attacks and ability strikes is a good technique. The reckoning gauge recharges faster when alternating between weapons and abilities. Abilities tend to interrupt enemy attacks and/or slow them down. If one gets in the habit of fighting in such a manner, the achievements will be unlocked through normal game play and there will be no need to grind out the achievements.

The Building Bridges objective marker should be just north of you across some waist-high water. Crouch before entering the water, ensuring you have daggers equipped as your secondary weapon (or primary if you prefer). Approach Osgar Krast, the objective marker, from his rear. Execute a stealth kill when the prompt appears (Video 6). Loot his body to get Osgar Krast's daggers, a quest item.

Check to see you have 2 Black Cohoshes and 1 Embereyes. If not, do some harvesting by going to the green icons on the mini/local map. Fast travel back to Gorhart. Enter the Golden Age Alchemy shop. Go to the basement and use the lab. After choosing the experiment option, place a Black Cohosh in 1 slot and an Embereyes in the other. The order in which you place the reagents does not matter. Once you have done so, press cn_X. The lab will tell you, "Potion Created" and state it is a minor healing potion. You unlock (Video 7):

It Didn't Explode!

Made a stable potion by experimenting.

It Didn't Explode!
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You now have the recipe for minor healing potion and can craft it if you have the reagents. Use the alchemical table and choose create. Select minor healing potion--unless you've experimented on your own or bought recipes, it should be the only recipe. Make as many potions as your reagents will allow. We will be using a lot of minor healing potion throughout the game. Continue harvesting Black Cohosh and Embereyes. Every potion you craft is a potion you do not have to spend your gold on to buy.

Tip: You can assign potions for quick use. Presscn_LB. Press 1 of the 8 circles. You will be prompted to map the slot with cn_X. This brings up a list of your consumables. You can then assign that consumable to the slot. Later, when you are in combat, you can press cn_LB to bring up the quick use wheel--the item radial as it is called--and then use cn_dpad to select the item on the radial that you want to use. Whereas the walkthrough advises frugality in purchases in order to save for skill training, you will be picking up a wide variety of potions as loot. Potions provide a substantial advantage in combat. You will probably find that you do not need them until after the Travelers questline. Beginning with the Legend of Dead Kel, there are encounters where you might find potions a welcome safety net.

Go upstairs and talk to Nanne Hanri, the owner of Golden Age Alchemy. Exhaust the blue conversational options and agree to help her. Other queries are optional. Buy minor healing potion from her. Buy only what you think you need because the price will go down as we increase our mercantile skill and get on her good side by completing this quest. Make her quest active:

Recipe for Trouble: Side Quest

Follow the quest marker and talk to Karth Hilfred. is in the Agnur Farhal mini-dungeon east of town, simply speak with him to expose his treachery, and then destroy all hostiles to destroy Nanne's secret formula. Now, you will have to destroy some crates guarded by more bandits. The quest markers denoting these crates will lead you down the dungeon. Do not double back and go out the way you came in. Instead, go through the dungeon. Make sure you activate the 2 Stones of Autumn lorestones. We do not intend to come back to this dungeon.

When you have cleared the dungeon, leave by the other exit. There are more crates out in the open guarded by bandits. The terrain should be familiar because you are heading back to the bandit camp of the late Osgar Krast. Return to Nanne to complete the mission. She will now offer a permanent discount in case you need to stock up on minor healing potions. Additionally, she will pay a higher price when you sell her your excess inventory.

Go to the inn and speak to the trainer, Arnick Arduna, who you'll see on your mini-map marked with a sword icon. Agree to train in Detect Hidden for 15,120 gold.

Make “The Commendation” your active quest again. You've obtained the dagger of the first brother, Osgar, and you now have to retrieve Megar's brother. Follow the road as much as possible as you head towards the objective marker using both local and world maps. Along the main road, you will likely come across an NPC, Sveri Brond. She tells you about an expedition. This is associated with the Teeth of Naros questline we’ll be doing later. It's of no consequence if you miss her.

When you get through the path into the eastern part of Odarath, take the side road that heads northeast. Although not required, try to discover the Gorguath dungeon. Do not enter it, just get the new location notification as shown in the bottom 2 frames of the picture below. Once you have discovered it, you can use it as a fast travel point. This will save us a decent amount of time especially since it is the site of a future quest.

As you travel, build up your purple reckoning gauge. You'll want to use it in the fight against Medgar. You won't be able to stealth assassinate him.

The 2 quests, Recipe for Trouble and The Commendation, pit us against quite a few bandits. In your travels, you probably had to deal with a number of them as well. When you kill your 50th bandit you will unlock (Video 8):

Cleaning Up the Streets

Killed 50 bandits.

Cleaning Up the Streets
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Approach Medgar resolutely and immediately go into reckoning mode (cn_LT+cn_RT). Defeat Medgar first and then defeat as many of his minions as you can before the reckoning gauge runs out. Do your fateshift, remembering to rapidly press the random prompt button for an experience bonus. Clean up whoever is left remaining. Loot the bodies. Medgar's corpse will yield his dagger, a quest item.

About this time, you will reach level 4. If you have been following around, you started building up Sorcery after reaching 6 points in might. At level 4, when you level up, put 1 point in the mercantile skill. This completes the basic tier. The game does not allow us to put any points in advanced, the next tier, until we reach level 10. So, we will start to work on lockpicking next. This is purely provisional. We don't want to increase our skills in more important areas and deny us the use of 0-3 trainers. So, we'll use lockpicking as a temporary holding area and retrieve the skill points when we restructure at level 16.

You will now have 5 points in sorcery so you can start building up Chakram Mastery. When you move on to destiny, because you have at least 6 points in might and 6 points in sorcery, you see you have a new destiny available--Guardian. I recommend you do not equip it but keep the Brawler destiny equipped instead. Whether you equip it or not, the availability of the 2-class hybrid destiny unlocks (Video 9):

Some of This, Some of That

Unlocked a two-class hybrid destiny.

Some of This, Some of That
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Note: When you reach level 5, you will not be able to place points on mercantile. Place a point on detect hidden (when you reach level 6 put a point on blacksmithing and a point on sagecrafting when you reach level 7). Your detect hidden will now give you the capability to find hidden loot denoted by chests on your mini-map and local map. Unearth them whenever you can. Finding 25 hidden items earns you an achievement.

After obtaining Medgar's dagger, fast travel to Gorhart. Return the dagger to Ost Ordura in the inn and exhaust the blue conversational choices. You will receive a new faction quest, The Road Patrol, along with a quest item--Ost Ordura's commendation. Keep Building Bridges as the active quest, though.

Nanne Hanri at the Golden Age Alchemy shop now offers a discount on all services & merchandise which includes a better sell price. Sell all items except for your essential equipment. Do NOT sell any item you removed from the special deliveries chest. If you inadvertently do so, though, you can buy the item(s) back at a discount. If you run low on minor healing potions, you can buy them from her. She is the best source of healing items until the end of the game. Buy 1 or 2 purification poisons. Certain enemies like Boggarts can infect you with a disease and the environment (very seldomly) can afflict you. The purification poison will restore you far more inexpensively, conveniently, and quickly than a healer. The minor healing potion is the only potion we'll need in the entire game for healing. Better ( and far more expensive) healing potions are not necessary. Since healing conveniently and instantaneously occurs by pressing cn_left, if you need additional healing, a second left press of the D-pad should suffice.

The Golden Age Alchemy shop is convenient. It is immediately accessible whenever you fast travel to Gorhart. The proprietress is your friend for life. You can craft the minor healing potion downstairs in her alchemical lab and buy additional minor healing potions from her inexpensively when you run out of Embereyes and/or Black Cohosh. She will gladly pay to take any excess inventory out of your hands. The Corner shop across from her sells lockpicks that we will be using in great quantities. If you run out of repair kits, there is also a blacksmith in the Corner Shop. We will soon have access to a merchant who sells kits and they are far cheaper than employing a blacksmith's services.

Inventory Management: I will leave inventory management in your hands. You can sell inventory whenever it is convenient. Inventory slots are limited. You start out with 70. Certain merchants sell backpacks that each increase the number of slots by 10. The first backpack is available in the Corner Shop. However, we should wait until after visiting all the trainers before spending a lot of gold on backpacks.

Fast travel to Gorguath and walk the short distance northwest to the House of Ballads. You are greeted by Galin. Exhaust the blue conversational options. Answer, "We saved her from bandits." Galin gives you a message to deliver back to Herc Adwold.

Do not return yet. Instead, go forward and talk to Hallam the White with the quest giver exclamation point above his head. Answer, "I want to fill the seat." Exhaust the Blue Conversation choices. This provides you with the Song of Sir Sagrell quest initiating the House of Ballads faction questline. Make this the active quest.

Song of Sir Sagrell: Faction Quest

Exit the House of Ballads and fast travel to Gorguath. Upon entering, talk to Pledge Ficon to learn you have to destroy 3 heartvines. Follow the quest markers to do so, fighting Brownies and Boggarts along the way.

Note: Because we are a mid-range fighter and not a close-in melee fighter, we don't have much opportunity to block or parry. A parry occurs when you block (cn_LT) an attack at the exact time of impact and 50 of them are needed for an achievement. All enemies telegraph their attacks with preceding animation. You can time your block based on this into a successful parry. Distinctive audio and video cues tell you when you have executed a parry as opposed to an ordinary block. The Boggarts are good enemies to grind out a few parries when you get the chance. They are plentiful. They have 2 attacks--a jumping attack and a fast side-to-side attack. Both attacks are well telegraphed and can be parried. It is particularly easy when you whittle a group of Boggarts down to a single survivor. Nevertheless, a successful parry not only knocks back the attacker but any other enemies in the immediate vicinity so it can be effectively used against more than 1 opponent at a time.

The path is circular so you can start going either left or right. Press cn_A, as prompted, at each quest marker to destroy the heartvine. Pledge Ficon who accompanies you is of some small help mainly by distracting the enemies. There is more than 1 level so the enemies depicted on the mini- and local maps may be a little confusing. Don't worry about exploring the whole dungeon. We won't be able to until our detect hidden skill is at least 5 and will be returning at a later time.

Make sure your purple reckoning gauge is filled. After destroying the third heartvine, you get a new task with quest marker--Defeat the Grave Thresh. You will be fighting some Boggarts and the Grave Thresh at the same time. Activate Reckoning mode. Use Chakrams on the Boggarts for crowd control and the Longsword against the Grave Thresh. The daggers are a little more powerful but your longsword mastery makes it the more effective weapon. Take the Grave Thresh out first and then concentrate on the Boggarts. Press cn_A to fateshift before the purple gauge runs out and be prepared for the random button press.

You get a new task, Retrieve Sir Sagrell's Ring. Follow the quest marker to do so. After you retrieve the ring, you'll have to defeat some threshes. They are not as lethal as the Grave Thresh, but be on your toes and evade as you use the longsword to take them out. Use your Chakrams against any Boggarts that try to interfere.

Fast travel back to Gorhart and complete Building Bridges quest by talking to Herc Adwold. Your reward includes a buckler and a longsword. The longsword is a little better than the Beast. Sell 1 and keep 1. The buckler is not as good as The Tower. Sell it along with the rest of the loot you picked up in Gorguath.

Fast travel to House of Ballads and report to Hallam the White. The center door which was locked before now opens with the Signet Ring. Answer, "I'm ready now" and exhaust blue conversational choices. Leave and go next door where you see the sword icon denoting a trainer. Talk to Ellova and train in persuasion for 15,120 gold. You should have more than enough selling the lucrative Gorguath loot with your mercantile proficiency and Nanne Hanri's special bonus.

Make the Road Patrol your active quest. Fast travel to Gorguath to get a head start and make the rest of the way to Shieldring Keep on foot. Take the road heading southeast. At the junction take a right on the main road. Stay on the main road until you see Penri Kell. Exhaust the blue conversational options and answer, "I'll do it." This gives you a task, "Reprisal, Reprised." Do not make it your active quest. Instead, stick with Road Patrol and continue on your way to Shieldring Keep.

Talk to Tine Delfric and exhaust the blue conversational options. Answer, "I'll have it." This updates the quest although we will set it aside for a while.

Take the passage to the southwest section of the Keep. You'll take a right after talking to Tine Delfric. There is a merchant, quartermaster Ochdran Fall, who sells Repair Kits. Buy all 24 he has to sell. To his left is a trainer, Halder Rodric, denoted by the sword icon. Train in Blacksmithing for 15,120 gold. There are lots of crates and urns in the Keep to break. Check the bookcase in the northeast section. Do not loot it, but read the book it contains:

Books read: 4 of 50

Downstairs from the bookshelf is a locked chest. Pick the lock. Picking the lock on an owned chest is not a crime—removing an object from an owned chest is the crime. Crouch near the. Wait till the guard leaves and loot it to acquire a stolen item. This chest often contains a unique weapon of value which you may not want to sell. But it will also contain objects of lesser value. Our objective is to get at least 1 stolen item we can sell later for an achievement.

Make the main quest, Into the Light, the active quest. Exit Shieldring. Follow the road that goes through the pass to the south towards the objective marker. Enter the Arden's Hut. Make an insurance save before talking to Alyn Shir. Talk to Arden after the persuasion check.

Persuasion Succeeded: 4 of 50

Exit Arden's Hut. Travel a short distance southwest to Castle Yolvan. The entrance is inaccessible but you can enter via a jump down point on the left side. We're deferring most of the lorestones until after our detect hidden skill is 10 and they'll be visible on our maps. However, since we're in the vicinity of the Castle Yolvan stones and they are off the beaten track, we'll take advantage of our close proximity to activate them now. Refer to the below map and activate the 5 lorestones in the castle. The rat enemies are very weak.

Into the Light: Main Quest

Exit Castle Yolvan. Press cn_start and check your quests. Make sure “Into the Light” is the active quest. Follow the quest marker, hugging the terrain to your right so that you travel west through the path going from the sub-region of Webwood and into the sub-region of Ettinmere. Your path should have you avoid the village of Canneroc. If you see it on your map, you are too far east and should immediately turn west. There’s a very involved questline that we’d like to stay clear of in the interest of saving time.

Once you enter Ettinmere, you can take the circular road around the circumference. The objective marker is on the western side so the clockwise and counterclockwise routes are about the same distance. When you reach the objective marker, kill the enemy Agarth is fighting and enter Dellach.

The combat here is moderately more challenging. However, the game uses this mission in an instructional manner to advance your skills. As such, it is not too difficult. Proceed systematically and loot the chests you come across. You may want to use reckoning mode against the Ettin Warpriest, but it is not necessary.He telegraphs it’s attacks clearly. As long as you make good use of the dodge-roll, you can wear him down systematically. Offensive and defensive potions come in handy. Overall, he fights like a more capable version of the troll you encountered in the prologue.

At the end, you enter The Theater of Fate. Here, you will fight Niskaru Bloodhunters. Killing 25 of any type of Niskaru earns you an achievement. Before long you reach your objective—the Destiny Stone. Interact with it. You receive the Codex of Destiny, a quest item we will use in a future main story quest mission. After the cut scenes, you will fight a large number of enemies. You have help and the Chakrams help with crowd control. After enemies are defeated and the ensuing cut scenes, Into the Light completes.

Reprisal Reprised: Task

Make Reprisal, Reprised your active quest--we'll get back to the main story later on. Fast travel to a location close to the quest marker in order to return to Penri's general location. You don't have to be precise because we have some gathering to do. Hunt antelopes, looting their corpses until you have 4 heads. Return to Penri. She will tell you to mount the trophies in the ruins. Mount 3 of them in accordance with the quest markers and amber arrows. Before you mount the fourth, make a save in case you fail an upcoming persuasion attempt. Mount the fourth head. A high level troll will appear. Go into reckoning mode and defeat it. Loot its corpse to obtain the Maiden's Ring. Penri will run up and ask for the ring. Use your persuasion and answer, "I think I'll hold on to it." (Video 10) The Maiden's Ring is a decent accessory. Equip it for 10% increased health if it is better than your equipped accessories.

Persuasion Succeeded: 5 of 50

In the dialog following a successful persuasion, Penri says you will make a good Traveler and adds Star Camp to your map. It's hard to see. You can place your cursor on the trees between Glendara and Lorca-Rane to make it more visible. Note that asking Penri about Travelers, a white conversational option, will also unlock Star Camp's location.

Once you level up and complete Chakram Mastery, you will have 11 points in sorcery. The next step is finesse. Apply the first points to Assassin's Art in the bottom right of the skill tree. Since you have 2 points or more in each of might, finesse, and sorcery, you will unlock (Video 11):

Jack of All Trades

Unlocked a Jack of All Trades destiny.

Jack of All Trades
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Tip: For the final destiny achievement, we will be working towards a 55 Finesse-55 Sorcery build. But we’ll be resetting our destinies at level 16 so you can do whatever you want at this stage of the game. I recommend putting points in Sorcery and Finesse and keeping them about equal. A 14 Finesse-14 Sorcery destiny is the Arcanist where the dodge-roll transforms into a short distance teleport. Not only does it look super cool but it helps immensely. As this destiny progresses, you can teleport through enemies damaging them and, at high levels, also inflicting poison.

Fast travel back to Gorhart. Don't forget to keep breaking crates. Note the 2 exclamation points on your mini-map. Speak to Gizela Wulflac. In your looting, you may have found "Death Notice: Camden Wulflac." It's incorrect news. Whether you give it to her or not, it will not affect the quest. She does not believe it. Tell her, "I'll find him." Speak to Father Dynwel and offer to help. Make his side quest the active one. It is closer than Gizela's.

Crisis of Faith: Side Quest

Follow the quest marker to Brother Egan. After you help him defeat some Boggarts, talk to him. Say, "You'll die without me" and follow him to Waterhall Down and get the Selkie Veil. Watch out for traps & heal if necessary. Make an insurance save right after you exit the hollow log and before you speak to anyone. Persuade Finna the Veil is cursed. Follow Egan back to Gorhart. Speak to him and then to Father Dynwel to complete the quest. The Rousing Daggers you receive as the reward are better than the Omniblades. The Selkie Veil is a mediocre piece of head armor. Sell it.

Persuasion Succeeded: 6 of 50

Homecoming: Side Quest

Make Homecoming your active quest and fast travel to Shieldring Keep. No need to go inside just continue east along the road towards the quest marker to Didenhil. When you enter Three Lamps Inn make an insurance save before talking to anyone. Talk to Camden Wulflac. Persuade him by saying, "She's waited long enough."

Persuasion Succeeded: 7 of 50

Fast travel to Gorhart and speak to Gizela to complete the quest. Head to the northwest where you see a jewel icon on your local map denoting a sagecraft altar. Speak to Brother Delf and accept his quest. Make it the active quest. You need to retrieve ceremonial daggers and turn them in to Red Idward so Brother Delf can free himself from his checkered past.

Out of the Past: Side Quest

Follow the quest marker to Ugnar Odgray in the Gorhart Inn. Persuade him to give you his dagger.

Persuasion Succeeded: 8 of 50

It doesn't matter how you deal with Itran the Shade on your next stop. When you have the daggers follow the quest marker to Red Idward. He's in Bloodstone Deep. Refuse his offer & he will attack you. Loot his body and return to Brother Delf to complete the quest. The reward includes a key that unlocks a chest.

Before leaving Gorhart, check the bookcases in St. Odwig's Bunkhouse--1 on the ground floor, 2 downstairs. Check the Reliquary--2 upstairs, 1 downstairs. Do NOT accept Brother Til's task to find his missing books. It's very tedious and you can read his books without tying up the inventory slots the task would use. Finally, read the book in the Corner Shop.

Books read: 11 of 50

Fast travel back to Didenhil and talk to Kester Barclay with the quest giver exclamation point above his head. Accept his quest to deal with the Jottun. If you have been using Boggarts to build up your parry count, there are many Boggarts around Didenhil. When you parry 50 times, you will unlock (Video 12):

Foiled Again!

Parried 100 times.

Foiled Again!
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The Natural Order: Side Quest

Before leaving the town, check bookcases in the Old Holn Millhouse, the Barclay House, Crafting Hall, and Luminitsa's Cottage (southeast corner of town--2 downstairs, 1 upstairs). Read the books they contain but, as usual, do not loot them. However, if you don't have a stolen object yet, steal something from the Barclay House (it will be empty if the quest giver was outside). The item need not be of any consequence. We will be selling it in Star Camp for an achievement.

Books read: 17 of 50

Go to Coilsbain Ruins and kill the Jottun at the quest markers. They are heavily armored so the lack of piercing damage on the Chakrams make them less effective. Stealth assassinate them to save considerable effort. Even if they spot you, run ahead and crouch to hide. When they lose interest and turn around, sneak behind them and stealth assassinate them. You can dodge-roll to sneak behind them more quickly. With the prior assassinations, the 10 Jottun are likely to bring your backstab kills to 20, unlocking (Video 13):

They Never Saw it Coming

Backstabbed 20 enemies.

They Never Saw it Coming
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Continue to follow the quest marker until you reach Balthasar. Persuade him his enemies have joined forces.

Persuasion Succeeded: 9 of 50

Make sure you loot every chest in Coilsbane dungeon. There is a random possibility you will find a skill book in a chest in an open area with 3 Jottun. The skill book can only be found during the side quest. It is random and may not appear at all. You could make a save before entering the caverns and revert to it if you fail to find the skill book but, in my opinion, the extra effort is not worth the rewards. We have a good approach to get all the skills we need for game completion so this skill book is just a nice-to-have if it falls in our lap.

Fast travel back to Didenhil, but do NOT turn in the quest. Look on your local map to find Othel Holn. Hover the cursor over the white dots until his name appears. I usually find him on a pier but he may also be at the Old Holn Millhouse or the Three Lamps Inn. Othel is worried about his bother Thaddeus. Find Thaddeus near the bridge and persuade him to rest. This is timed. You can talk to Othel and Thaddeus before this point, but will not get the persuade option. Moreover, you must persuade before completing Kester's quest otherwise Thaddeus will die.

Persuasion Succeeded: 10 of 50

Return to Kester to complete the quest.

From Didenhil, continue southeast by east to Star Camp. You may want to use a waypoint by pressing cn_X when looking at the world map. Note the terrain you have to circumnavigate. First, go south and then follow the road back up. At Star Camp, you'll meet Grim Onwig. Tell him, "I'm interested in joining." Make the faction quest, The Guided Hands, the active quest. Enter Star Camp.

There are 2 trainers here. Talk to Hiroen Karet. Train in stealth for 15,120 gold. Elayen Dark trains in mercantile so we'll come back after we reset our skills at level 16. Go to a merchant and sell 1 or more stolen items. You will unlock:

Five Finger Discount

Stole and fenced an item.

Five Finger Discount
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The Guided Hands: Faction Quest

Make Grim's quest, The Guided Hands, the active quest. Crilgarin, at the quest marker, tasks you to speak to the Hierophant. You are challenged to steal 3 items as a rite of passage. The order is not important and I recommend the following sequence for efficiency. Exit the Star Camp's southeast exit--the one by which you entered. Take a left on the main road going east and your first left into St. Eadric's Mission. Loot St. Eadric's Pall from the sarcophagus. It's easier during the day. To reduce detection, loot only the item you need. From St. Eadric's Mission, travel the short distance southeast by foot to the next quest marker at Vorm Lodge. Read the 2 books--both downstairs.

Books read: 19 of 50

Make an insurance save before talking to Gunnar Frode. Persuade him to sell you his key at half price.

Persuasion Succeeded: 11 of 50

Go upstairs, unlock Gunnar's footlocker, and take the map. Follow the quest marker to find Draug's Toothpicks. Make sure you discover the Arduath cave on the way to the quest marker location. We will be returning there. Fast travel to Didenhil and pickpocket Grilricas's Medallion. It's easier at night. Return to Crilgarin in Star Camp to complete the mission. She gives you the next one, but do NOT make it your active quest.

Fast travel to Arduath and make your way southeast to Ysa. It’s shown as a big forested area on your world map. Look at the local map as you get near to find the road leading there. You cannot get in but encounter Sola who gives you the Old Friends, New Foes main quest. Make it the active quest.

Old Friends, New Foes: Main Quest

Follow the quest marker and talk to Nyralim who tasks you with defeating the Troll Gnarsh. Make sure you are well equipped with curatives because you will fight many trolls. Trolls are resistant to elemental damage and it’s best to use piercing weapons against their tough hides. While Chakrams are less effective against them, there are other smaller enemies where you’ll appreciate their crowd control. If you picked up a good bow and have put some points in bow abilities, that’s a good option. The Hunter longbow you started out with is under powered against the trolls. However, this is the reason we put points against longsword mastery which is a very good option here. Note that poisoned weapons will lessen the power of the trolls’ attacks--make use of them if you have good ones.

Follow the quest marker to enter Haxhi Dam where Sola joins you. She does not do much damage but is very beneficial in distracting the big and slow trolls you come across. Save your reckoning mode until you fight Gnarsh. (Note: If you have advanced the main quest on your own Alyn Shir, a more capable fighter than Sola, is your companion in the labyrinth.)

Just before you reach the far exit to the dungeon, you have a boss fight with Gnarsh. The matriarch troll is very robust and its best to whittle her health down about a third before you invoke reckoning otherwise the gauge might run out before you defeat her.

Talk to Sola (or Alyn Shir if she’s your companion). Then fast travel back to Nyralim. Make a save before talking there’s a persuasion check in the 80% range. You are tasked to meditate in the Sidhe. There is no actual meditation, merely follow the quest maker and return to Ysa—you can now enter the city. After talking to Chancellor Erawn, you are free to roam about the city. Quest complete.

Persuasion Succeeded: 12 of 50

Look at the local map of The Gardens of Ysa. Turn right and take another right. Train with Viscount Setter the Allseer. I'll stop mentioning the 15,120 gold the 0-3 trainers charge. Note that some of the NPCs move. Viscount Setter will be denoted by a the trainer's sword icon so he should be easy to find. If you have trouble spotting him, he might be inside The Font next to The Trellis. We'll come back to him for a side quest. You'll see another sword icon in the southwest corner, but the Delving Hall is locked. Skip it and go to the Scholia Arcana Embassy just below the Delving Hall and to its right. Inside, talk to Docent Augra Tenet to gain admission into the Scholia Arcana. This initiates the Scholia Arcana faction questline with the Trial by Fire quest that we'll be doing later on. She gives you a book, The Scholia Arcana, and an ornate key.

Books read: 20 of 50

Exit the Scholia Arcana Embassy, take a left and go into the Delving Hall. Unlock it with the ornate key you just received. Go down the stairs into a big room and ask Savant Raina Njorn to train you in sagecrafting. Don't proceed because we're not going to do the quest yet.

Exit Delving Hall and enter the door to The Trellis shown in the center of the local map. Once inside, you'll see the trainer's sword icon. Enter Ballads Sanctuary and have Saramer train you in dispelling. Head to the southeast corner of the local map. Inside Lyceum Grove, have Jakasen train you in alchemy. Go to Embassy Hall. Ambassador Odvar will train you in detect hidden. Go to United Merchants Delegation. Holte Frenn will train you in blacksmithing. That's it for training in Ysa. We picked up 6 skill points without have to earn them by leveling. If you have some gold left, talk to Wystran Nol, the weapon merchant and buy the Noxious Longbow if you have not picked up a longbow in the 60-70 weapon range. The Silent Step is much easier with a powerful longbow. YOu may have already picked up a better longbow--there are unique purple weapons in random chests. However, if you've had no such luck, we'll make an exception to our policy of not buying weapons.

Now go to Asker's Alley and speak to Riona Helt. Buy 2 X Greater Phasewalk. This valuable potion makes the user invisible and allows you to steal or pickpocket in areas that would normally have a 100% detection probability. We only have a few trainers left and we should be able to earn their fee pretty quickly so you can afford to splurge. Riona offers a backpack that gives you 10 additional inventory slots. We've been holding off buying them to save cash for the trainers. The Corner Shop in Gorhart also sells 1 and is the only other place we've been so far that does so. There are a handful more in Rathir, Adessa, Mel Senshir, & Idylla. I will point them out as we come to them. Finally, Riona has a bedroll. This can be used to advance time and costs only a few hundred gold. You can advance time by 1 to 24 hours at a time and can use it as many times as you want once you interact with it. When you leave it, the bedroll becomes inert and you will have to pay another fee to use it. For example, if you wanted more than 2 Greater Phasewalks, you could rent the bedroll, sleep for 48-72 hours and pop back over to Riona who would have restocked.

Oh, the Indignitaries: Side Quest

Exit Asker's Alley and check your local map for an exclamation point denoting Squire Brio. Head over to him and accept his quest. Note the quest markers. Return first to Asker's Alley, make an insurance save, and talk to Warlord Whenery. There is a persuasion check in the conversation. Exit Asker's Alley and enter the door to The Trellis. Make an insurance save and talk to Great Huntress Hartwen for another persuasion check. Exit the Trellis and go to our sagecrafting trainer, Viscount Setter, for our final persuasion check. Finally, go to the Hall of Appointments and talk to Grand Faemage Gorrenet. He requires no persuasion check. Return to Brio and give him the order. Great Huntress, Warlord, Viscount, & Grand Faemage to successfully conclude the quest--3 quick persuasions in just a few minutes.

Persuasion Succeeded: 13-15 of 50

If you haven't unlocked it before, the 2 detect hidden trainers will have now raised your skill to the point where you can see hidden things. They are depicted as chests on the local and mini-map. When you get close to the chest icon, your controller vibrates and the hidden item glows. Press cn_A to loot it. As with regular chests, you can take all, none, or just the items you select.

Leave Ysa and fast travel to Bloodstone Deep where you fought Red Idward. Follow the road north until you see a well. Check it to find a Sagecraft Skill Book. This is a hidden item your detect hidden skill now allows you to see. Use it to increase your skill by 1 point. Follow the road a little further to St. Hadwyn's Mission. Go inside and read the 2 books in the bookcase.

Books read: 22 of 50

As you travel from now on, reveal all hidden chests you come across. There are very many of them and often contain lucrative loot. It will not be long before you reveal 25 of them and unlock:

The Great Detective

Detected 25 hidden things.

The Great Detective
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The Silent Step: Faction Quest

Go to the Hierophant. Your task is to steal Buru's Boots. Follow the quest marker to Aergase, in The Sidhe. Make sure you 'discover' the Aodh location. You might have to step behind her to get the discovery. Aergase sends you to Arduath. Equip your bow as your secondary weapon and make an insurance save before you speak to Ametair. Use persuasion. He will not give you the boots you need but will give you a valuable accessory--The Hunter's Friend.

Persuasion Succeeded: 16 of 50

Ametair will attack you beginning what, to him, is a hunter's game. Do NOT go into reckoning mode. Ametair retreats after sustaining moderate damage in the first stage of a 4-stage fight. Equip The Hunter's Friend because it will make your bow attacks more powerful. As Ametaire retreats, his new location is indicated with a quest marker. Proceed cautiously, at your leisure, looting chests. Beware of traps—indestructible plants that lash out at you when you get close and inflict substantial damage.

As soon as you can see Ametair, target him with the bow and shoot him as he rushes towards you. Begin evading when he gets close because he will teleport short distances to confuse you. Use your Chakrams at close range while evading. After dealing moderate damage, he will retreat to a new location. Follow him there as before. The fourth stage of the fight is the final one. Go into reckoning mode and finish Ametair off. Loot his body for the boots. Return to Crilgarin in Star Camp to complete the mission. She gives you the next one, Jailbreak, but don't make it the active quest yet.

Jailbreak: Faction Quest

You must find Grim Onwig and release him from imprisonment. Follow the quest marker to Ohn's Stand—a new location on your world map in the Lorca-Rane region. Kill the gnomes acting as sentries and talk to Onwig. You have more than one option. We are simply going to pick the lock on his cell—hence the lockpick requirement. Follow the quest marker. Most, if not all, of the enemies can be backstabbed.

Tip: As you approach enemies to backstab them, the pickpocket option becomes available before the backstab prompt. There is an achievement for successfully pickpocketing 20 times (you must not get caught). To pickpocket, unlike backstabbing, you do not need to have daggers equipped. However, most of our stealth approaches are for the purpose of sneak killing with daggers. (Note that you can stealth kill with Fae Blades as well but we are not emphasizing that weapon in the walkthrough). So, get in the habit of pickpocketing just before a stealth kill.

Ideally, pickpocket Centurion Gastet for the key he carries and then sneak kill him. Alternatively, kill him by stealth or conventionally and loot his body for the key he carries. Use the key to recover the Stealth Kit. Return to Onwig and he'll leave with you. Report to Crilgarin in Star Camp. She'll send you to Moon Camp and initiate your next mission, Something Borrowed. You must report to Moon Camp to get the specifics.

Moon Camp appears on your world map. It is quite a distance away. Begin from Ohn's Stand and proceed north by northeast to discover Warden's Bridge. From there, follow the road east making sure you discover the Brunuath Dungeon on the north edge of the map just before you go through the pass into The Wolds region. Pull up your local map and find the exclamation point just west and a little north of Brunuath. Go there. Make a save before you talk to Osduin. There is a hidden persuasion check. First, you have to select the right dialog option. Second, you have to pass the persuasion check. Talk to Osduin but do not immediately accept the quest. When you get the conversational option, "I will help you," do not choose it. Instead, first ask, "Who is Boderill?" This will provide you with the persuasion check, "Where does Boderill go?" After you pass the persuasion check, choose, "I will help you" to accept Osduin's quest. Make it active.

Persuasion Succeeded: 17 of 50

The Flowering: Side Quest

Follow the quest markers to find the 5 seeds. Then fast travel to Brunuath. Before you talk to Osduin, make an insurance save. You'll have to plant the 5 seeds around him and, immediately, a battle begins with a large number of sprites and sprite champions. Reckoning mode is not required, if you evade to put yourself in advantageous positions, but will give you a large amount of experience. As soon as you defeat the enemies, Osduin will talk to you to conclude the quest. When you pass the persuasion check, he will give you The Gem of Cultivation. This is an epic gem that we will use in a future quest so do NOT sell or use it.

Persuasion Succeeded: 18 of 50

Exit Brunuath. Follow the road east through the pass into The Wolds. Stay on the eastern road a short ways until you come to Ayten. In Ayten, check bookcases in the Thorin's Apothecary and Iver House and read the 2 books.

Books read: 24 of 50

Leave the town, taking the north pass into the Forsaken Plains. Just before you enter a town, speak to Elrod Idman with the quest-giver's exclamation point above his head. Accept his quest and make it active. He suspects 3 people of being spies. We can deal with this in a number of ways. We'll choose to do it by persuasion. Make saves before each of the 3 persuasion checks.

They Walk Among Us: Side Quest

Enter the town of Emaire and follow a quest marker into the Blue Bear Tavern. Make a save before you persuade Anred Amfast. Go upstairs. Talk to Molly Janick who will train you in Alchemy. There are 2 bookcases upstairs--each with a book. Go to the Edmure Home for another book.

Books read: 27 of 50

Return to Elrod. No need to talk to him but note the dirt road next to his location. Take it and go through the pass into the eastern part of the Forsaken Plains region. You can take either of the 2 paths through the pass--they are parallel and connect once you exit. When you emerge, the quest marker for Froma Tonwald is close by. Make a save before you persuade her. Return to the dirt road and follow it north taking a left off of it when you get close to the quest marker. You discover a Regugee Camp. There, make a save before you persuade Nag Fendar. Fast travel back to Emaire and report to Elrod to complete the quest.

Persuasion Succeeded: 19-21 of 50

Fast travel back to the Refugee Camp. Check your world map and continue on taking the pass into Galafor. As you follow the road, it improves just as you enter Tirin's Rest. People move about. The upcoming quest can be completed regardless of time but it's simpler during the day. If it's night-time, you can go to Reedsong Inn and get a bed to advance time to mid-morning. There's a book to read in a bookcase. Go to Gwastel & Cergren, Mercantile and read the 2 books in the bookcase. Make a save before you talk to Gwastl Brad. Persuade him to tell you about the prisoner initiating the Tirin's Secret quest. Make it the active quest.

Books read: 30 of 50

Tirin's Secret: Side Quest

After talking to Gwastl, speak to Priestess Corelon in the center of town (at night, she will be sleeping in the sanctuary). Persuade her, by lying, that you are a follower of the Goddess Lyria. Then, backtrack north a little and go to the quest marker at Burren Cove. Make a save right after you enter. A guard, Freynold Korrast, tries to stop you. Persuade him ("I'd hate to have to use force"). Intimidated the guard lets you through and you meet the prisoner Adar. Volunteer to free him, but do not pick the lock to his cell. Instead, leave Burren Cove by the other exit into the sanctuary. Go through it into the town of Tirin.

Follow the quest marker to Nils Kern, save, and persuade him to give you his key. Talk to Priestess Corelon again telling her you know about Adar. She feigns ignorance but her guilty conscience compels her to put a guard on the sanctuary. Astutely, go there. On the second floor, on the desk, is a spell book. Read it to learn the magic words. This does not count as a book read. However, there are 2 bookcases each with a book nearby.

Books read: 32 of 50

Return to Adar. Unlock his cell with Kern's key. Break the enchantment with the magic words. Speak to Priestess Corelon one last time. Persuade her ("I'll tell everyone") and she'll give you some gold from the collection box. This is the fifth and final persuasion check of the quest.

Persuasion Succeeded: 22-26 of 50

Make a save before talking to Atheof Cergren with the quest giver's exclamation point above his head. His daughter, Anela, is missing and he needs help finding her. Persuade him to pay you in advance.

Persuasion Succeeded: 27 of 50

There's no need to continue his quest, Out of the Ruins, at the moment. Instead, make Something Borrowed the active quest. Leave Tirin's Rest and follow the objective marker to Moon Camp. You'll discover Rathir just before you get there. The roads are a little confusing. Check your local map to make sure you enter Moon Camp and not Rathir by mistake.

There are 2 trainers. Inthaels Scyld will train you in stealth. Eormen Gest, since your mercantile is between 4-6, will train you in that skill. Eormen, being a 4-6 trainer will charge you double and relieve you of 30,240 gold. Regardless of what else you may have purchased, you have now spent more than 200,000 gold on trainers alone. Accordingly, you will unlock the achievement for having spent 200,000 gold.

Big Spender

Spent 200,000 gold.

Big Spender
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Speak to Irion Tal (King of Cups). He will direct you to the Hierophant shrine where you are instructed to steal 3 items. Enter Rathir. To make the most efficient use of our time in Rathir, we'll be working on a number of quests and other activities interweaving them to gain some synergy. It sounds more complicated than it will be in practice. Follow the route. The markers will be close by keeping you on track and the tasks you have to perform are straightforward.

Note: We will pickpocket 2 people for the Something Borrowed faction quest. The 2 people you have to pickpocket are easy when they're asleep. But the window is very tight. Rather than try to manipulate the time and pickpocket them around 3 in the morning, we'll use the phasewalk potion to do it effortlessly at any time. That's the reason we picked up the potions in Ysa.

Tip: When you pickpocket with the phasewalk potion, you have plenty of time. Instead of pickpocketing all items at once, back out. Use the pickpocket prompt again to steal a single item. Continue doing so until all you have stolen all items. In this manner, each theft counts as a successful pickpocket towards the "Where's my Wallet" achievement for pickpocketing 20 times.

Talk to Rhiad Guth with the quest giver's exclamation point—she’s just left of where you entered Rathir—check the white NPCs on your local map if you have trouble seeing her. She wants you to deliver 4 conscription notices. Make it the active quest.

Tidings of War: Side Quest

Go west. Note the exclamation point of a quest giver to the right of the Custom House. Accept Raf Klyr’s quest. Continue west and enter the Seafoam Tavern. Deliver the notice to Varen Seawine. Upstairs, pickpocket the Chalice of Forced Vintage from Veinrich the Peddlar using the Greater Phasewalk you bought in Ysa to become invisible. Read the 2 books.

Books read: 34 of 50

Downstairs, in the basement, loot (steal) some Maybryn Wine--we'll use it for a quest later on. Break the boxes to reveal a secret entrance into the lower tunnels. In the tunnels, take a right and make a save before talking to Selni Peliad. Persuade her not to trust the City Watch.

Persuasion Succeeded: 28 of 50

Go through the tunnels. There’s a lot of good loot and crates to break. Watch out for traps. Follow the Tidings of War quest marker and make a save before you persuade Afan Del.

Persuasion Succeeded: 29 of 50

Exit the tunnels and deliver the next notice to Ruhnir Wesnon in the nearby Wending House. Continue and go to the City Watch to continue the Sparrow quest and talk to Captain Eriad Talibor. Read the book in the bookcase. You should see the bookcase as a chest icon on your local map. It’s in the interior.

Books Read: 35 of 50

Return to the main path and take a right going northeast. Enter The Luminary Leaf. 3 of the 4 bookcases contain books. Read them.

Books read: 38 of 50

Go up to the shop owner and buy 12 of his 17 books—all but the 5 most expensive. Read them and sell them back.

Books read: 50 of 50 unlocking the achievement (Video 14):


Read 50 books.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Note: You should have plenty of money. You could have made a save, bought and read the books for the achievement, and then reverted to the save. However, there is a minute chance that the Perfectionist achievement could be glitched by earning achievements outside the game's main save file so I recommend to do this legit.

Exit the Luminary Leaf and go right up the stairs into Rathir – Upper City. Take a left and talk to Onfei Cather with the quest-giver’s exclamation point above her head. Accept the quest—Bad Blood. Enter the house next to her. Talk to Coriana Anwon. She tells you about an herb that will cure her son.

Cross the courtyard and enter House Wyvyrn-Girfe. Talk to Magessa Ohr, a 0-3 trainer, who will raise your persuasion by a point. Talk to Maiwen Wyvyrn-Gifre to deliver the fourth and final conscription notice. Pickpocket Ebsol Wyvyrn-Gifre’s signet ring. You can use the Greater Phasewalk you bought in Ysa to become invisible. He moves around and may not be in his house. Check the local map or Something Borrowed quest marker to pin-point his location if he’s not home.

If you have pickpocketed all items individually and have been incorporating pickpocketing in your stealth kills, about this time (give or take) you will unlock:

Where's My Wallet?

Pickpocketed 20 times.

Where's My Wallet?
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Enter the Temple of Lyria. Talk to Abelyra Seranon and accept the Orison side quest. Make an insurance save before talking to Maire, Queen of Cups. Persuade her in order to obtain the final item in the Something Borrowed faction quest--the Cowl of the Maiden.

Exit the temple and take the southeast path to the Scholia Arcana. Go across into the Main Hall. Savant Itran Sconn is a 4-6 advanced sagecrafting trainer. Savant Red Thombrum is an alchemy 4-6 advanced trainer. Artan Caid is a 4-6 dispelling trainer. We have yet to encounter the second 0-3 dispelling trainer so we'll have to come back to him. If you aren’t level 4 in Alchemy, make a note to upgrade your skill and return. Sagecrafting should be at level 4--our race gives us +1, the 2 trainers gave us +2, and we got another +1 when we read the sagecrafting skill book. Wil Donall sells a backpack that should come in handy now.

Leave the Scholia Arcana, descend to the lower city, leave Rathir, and return to Irion in Moon Camp. Because you persuaded Maire to forgive him, you receive Irion’s Wedding Band as a bonus—sell it. He gives us the next quest, Going Rogue, but we’ll do a couple of things first.

Make Bad Blood the active quest, fast travel to Tirin’s Rest, and go south to the marker to get the Lapidus Root. Make The Orison the active quest and proceed northwest to the closest spring. There’s a quest involving a pet Boggart nearby. Ignore it--it does little for us and there are reported bugs associated with it. Fast travel to the Refugee camp and make your way east to the next spring. Go to the final spring. Return to Seranon in Rathir to get the next part of the quest. Before heading to the lower city, stop by House Anwon and cure the son for Bad Blood. Talk to the mother for the next part in the quest.

In Rathir – Lower City, stop by the Alchemical Specialist. She’ll send the antidote and tells you to go by the City Watch. Go there and report the crime. You’re told to go to Abergast’s House. On your way, deal with Orwin Dunn for the Sparrow’s quest—he’s right outside Abergast’s House. Make a save upon entering—there are 2 persuasion checks coming up. After you succeed and Abergast succumbs, make sure you loot him for a valuable robe to be sold—Death’s Vestments.

Persuasion Succeeded: 30-31 of 50

Enter the nearby Seafoam tavern and use the secret entrance in the basement to enter the Lower Tunnels. Return to Selni to conclude the Sparrow’s quest after a fight. You get the Ragpicker’s Ring as part of your reward. The +1 Detect Hidden will help us find traps in an upcoming mission so don’t sell it.

Go through the tunnels. Make a save before you talk to Nuer Bedlym for the Orison quest. There are 3 consecutive persuasion checks. Fortunately, the final one has the highest probability of success. If you’re having difficulty, turn in the Bad Blood quest. The Orieator’s Shield included in the reward Has a +1 Persuasion and is a very decent shield in its own right.

Persuasion Succeeded: 32-34 of 50

Turn in the Tiding's of War quest to Radhir who will probably be in the Officer's Hall. If not, check the quest marker or your mini-map. In the Officer's Hall, talk to Carasta Arawyn. Accept her quest, Mixing Business. She'll give you a bottle of Maybryn wine. You also have a blue conversational choice telling her you have another bottle--the one you pilfered from the basement of the Seafoam Tavern.

Go to Gwalchmai's Goods and make an insurance save. Tell Galen Gwalchmai you have a gift for him. Before you ask him to look at the contract, offer him another bottle of wine. Ask him if he enjoyed the wine and then ask him to look at the contract. You'll have a persuasion option with a very high chance of success thanks to the 2 bottles of wine. Return to Carasta to complete the quest.

Persuasion Succeeded: 35 of 50

If you did Osduin's The Flowering quest, you will have an epic gem: The Gem of Cultivation. Check to make sure you have at least one epic gem either The Gem of Cultivation or another one. If you do not, unless you have just leveled up, stop by Alabon Llyrgryf's kiosk. He's the merchant who calls out to you whenever you walk by. Buy an epic gem from him. It's expensive--just over 10K gold--but cheaper than either merchant in Gwalchamai's who both sell epic gems. If you have very little experience in your current level, you won't need the gem.

Return to Coriana in the upper city. She rewards you handsomely for the Bad Blood quest—XP, Gold, and the above mentioned Orieator's Shield. Equip it unless you have something substantially better.

Report to Seranon in the Temple of Lyria. She gives you the third and final part of the quest. You must furnish a gift and the choices are not good. One option is to give 90% of the current experience at your level. The text in the game says 10% of your XP but, if you elect this option, you'll lose 90% of the experience earned at your current level. If you just leveled up and have very little XP, this is the best option. You may even decide to wait to report to Seranon after just leveling up. The second gift option is gold. She will take an exorbitant amount. I have not been able to figure out how she assesses the gold she takes. In my test playthrough for this WT, I had just over 100K gold and she would have taken 65K. The third option is to place an epic gem in the statuette she gives you--hence our interest in making sure we had an epic gem before going to the upper city.. Of course, we did this quest for the 3 persuasion checks which are already in the bank. So, you may elect just to forget about the third part of The Orison side quest and leave it unfinished. However, completing the Orison rewards you with a permanent positive status effect: -5% Mana Costs.

Good with Locks: Side Quest

Talk to Wyl Werrenir and accept his quest. You’ll have to lockpick chest in the Customs House to find a Red Ledger. There are 15 chests. You’ll probably need more than the 5 picks Wyl gives you. There are lots of breakable objects. Even if you find the ledger on the first try, open all the chests—they contain lucrative loot and you have a good opportunity to upgrade your weapons—selling the rest for cash. Return to Wyl for an XP reward. This quest boost your lockpick count towards an achievement but its main value is in the the loot it provides.

The Hunters Hunted: Main Quest

Fast travel to Didenhil and talk to Agarth in the Three Lamps Inn. You will receive a random ring. Make sure Make sure the Hunters Hunted is the active quest. Follow Agarth who leads you to and the Hunter's Pit.

In the dialog, choose, “I’ll fight through the front” or, “I’ll sneak in the back.” There’s more fighting through the front and more traps in the back. It’s your choice.

Agarth does the opposite of you, but you start out by following him to the pit. He will stop to fight enemies and wait if you want to loot (enemies and/or chests).

When you reach Hunter’s Pit, you split up after a conversation. Follow the quest marker. You will meet up with Agarth. After a brief fight, you must destroy a nearby mirror. Do so. The quest completes when you talk to Agarth after the cut scenes. You have a new quest, The Coming Storm.

The Coming Storm: Main Quest

Fast travel to the Gardens of Ysa. Follow the quest marker to the Font and enter the Court of Summer. Place the Codex of Destiny on the pedestal marked by the amber quest arrow. After the cut scene, you will unlock (Video 15):

No Destiny, All Determination

You have met High King Titarion, and have been confronted with the true scope of your powers.

No Destiny, All Determination
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You also receive a fate potion recipe and a twist of fate card for +3% Experience Bonus and +5% Gold. You initiate 2 new main quests—An Old Friend and The Great General. We will be doing those much later.

Going Rogue: Faction Quest

Now go to Moon Camp and speak to the Hierophant to advance the Going Rogue quest. You may have noted the merchants here do not sell the minor healing potion. There's no need to use higher level and more expensive potions. If you need to restock, fast travel to Golden Age Alchemy in Gorhart.

Travel on foot to Rithen. On your way, stop by Culn to advance the Out of Ruins quest. It was here I unlocked the achievement for smashing objects (Video 16):

Bull in a China Shop

Smashed 1,000 objects.

Bull in a China Shop
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Enter Rithen. Follow the quest markers. Watch out for traps. Equipping the Ragpicker's Ring (Detect Hidden +1) will help in that regard. Most of the enemies can be stealth killed--pickpocket those that carry loot first. Note that there are 2 seated enemies that cannot be backstabbed but can be pickpocketed.

Follow the instructions as you tag team with your companion, Phasmer Humm. At the objective, you and Phasmer have to unlock a gate by standing on 2 platforms. Phasmer rushes forward and is immobilized by a spell. The quest directs you to return to Irion in Moon Camp. However, before you leave the dungeon, you encounter Grim Onwig who gives you the cure. Return to Phasmer and administer it. Grim joins you and gives you the next quest, Mirror, Mirror.

The reward includes a Detect Hidden Skill Book. Unless your detect hidden skill is 6, read it to increase your skill. If your detect hidden skill is 6, do not read it until after you are trained by a 4-6 detect hidden trainer at a future location--Sun Camp. I’ve been told that some people get the Stealth Skill Book instead of the Detect Hidden Skill Book and get the Detect Hidden book in a future Travelers faction quest. If this is the case, a similar caveat applies. Read the skill book unless you’re at level 6 in stealth. If at level 6, wait until after you receive the services of the 4-6 trainer in Adessa.

Mirror, Mirror: Faction Quest

Travel by foot to Blackened Hall. It is quite close to Rithen. Once there, enter and go straight to find a Stones of Autumn lorestone. We’re waiting until our detect skill is 10 before we get serious about lorestones. However, Autumn lorestones are only found in dungeons and we don’t plan on returning to Blackened Hall.

Pick up Buru's Boots at the quest marker but don't put them on yet. Buru’s boots will magically protect you as you go over traps but they do not last long. Their intent is to protect you until you reach the switch to turn the traps off. But you’ll find this is touch and go. So, if you opt to use them, put them on at the edge of the traps and make a dash to the switch.

An alternative is to go into reckoning mode, with or without the boots, and dash towards the switch. Reckoning mode gives you a little more leeway than Buru’s boots.

I prefer to do it the slow tedious way. By now, with the help of the Ragpicker’s Ring and its +1 Detect Hidden, you can disarm traps. Its easiest if you hug one side or the other to minimize your exposure to traps. Inch forward by nudging cn_LS. Whenever you see the disarm trap prompt, press cn_A. Since many of the traps are adjacent to one another, you might have to press cn_A 2 or more times before the prompt disappears. When it does, nudge forward, continuing to disarm traps until you are clear.

When you get clear of the traps, just before you enter an open area, there is a big block in the center of the passageway. This is the Erathi Sigil-Stone. Interact with it to deactivate the traps. If you have not used Buru's Boots, put them on and wait the few seconds it takes for them to wear out. They are a quest item and you don't want them wasting an inventory slot.

The quest updates to say you have to clear the maze. Nevertheless, it is not a true puzzle. Certain paths close and others open but the way is clearly shown on your mini-map. More of a challenge are the Niskaru that patrol. If you have powerful daggers or Fae blades, you can stealth kill them. However, it is more likely that they can survive a sneak attack. If they notice you, 2 other Niskaru come as reinforcements. This is not all bad because there is an achievement for killing 25 of them and we can get a better start on this achievement the more Niskaru we fight here.

The Niskaru are resistant to fire (but not immune). So, ice weapons are best if you have some good ones. Take note of the obstacles and use them to channel the fast-moving Niskaru and avoid being surrounded. If you have opted for the Arcanist Destiny, your newly acquired short teleport comes in very handy. As a last resort, there’s always reckoning mode but, of course, you’ll have to recharge the gauge after you employ it so you’ll have to deal with most of the Niskaru conventionally.

At the end of the dungeon you encounter the guardian. It’s almost anti-climactic after the Niskaru fights. Although big, it is not as fast as the smaller enemies and it is a single opponent that can easily be evaded. You have to deplete the guardian’s health to zero either conventionally or through reckoning mode. You have to apply the amulet immediately when prompted. If you delay, the guardian will recover some health and you’ll have to deplete it to get another chance to apply the amulet.

After applying the amulet, you remove its gem, the Tear of Mitharu which you can sell later on. At the objective marker, pick up the glass of ambient. Exit the dungeon, meeting up with Grim Onwig just before you leave. Grim rewards you and gives you your quest, Outside the Box. You have to go to Sun Camp.

Consult your world map. Sun Camp appears to be due south of Blackened Hall, but you can't go that way directly. Instead, fast travel to Aodh. If you didn't discover it during the Silent Step quest, you can fast travel to Vorm Lodge instead. From Aodh, take a roughly southeastern route through the pass into the Detyre region. As soon as you enter the Alserund subregion, take the first left onto a water-logged side road and follow it until you discover the Caverns of Ingress. Return to the main road and take it southeast through the Alserund subregion and into Menetyre. Cut east across the northern part of Menetyre, staying on the road, until you get to Ironfast Keep.

Enter Ironfast Keep, make and insurance save, and talk to Gavroche Valle. Accept his quest, A Master's Touch. Make it the active quest. There is a blacksmith check highlighted in green. Although you get the blacksmith icon to the left instead of the persuasion option, it still counts as a persuasion check. I verified this by having the achievement tracker on and it advanced after the successful check.

Persuasion succeeded: 36 0f 50

A Master's Touch: Side Quest

Follow the quest marker to Efyr Dynnwel. Make an insurance save. Persuade him to return to Ironfast Keep.

Persuasion succeeded: 37 0f 50

Efyr will send you to get 3 medicinal ingredients to heal his leg. Pay attention to the terrain when going to get the Jottun Grist. The Jottun Grist also requires some moderately challenging combat. When you return with the 3 ingredients, Efyr needs a special item to repair the blade.

The master’s tallow is in a dungeon, Hurvar’s Doorsill, in a warded container. You can dispel the ward normally or through a force dispel. It will probably be a 10% chance at your level. Even if you fail the force dispel, you can still loot the container.

Note that you can either backtrack out of the dungeon without further combat or continue on the roughly circular route continuing to fight including adding 3 Niskaru to your kill total. Thankfully, you don’t have to climb the mountain a third time to return to Efyr. His leg healed, he preceded you to Ironfast Keep. Fast travel there. Efyr is now there. He is available as a 4-6 blacksmithing trainer. Pay him the 30,240 gold for the skill point.

Go through the pass in the southeast corner of Menetyre exiting that region and entering Apotyre. When you exit the camp, go roughly northeast until you discover Whitestone. Talk to Steg Darkvari. He's locked inside a cage in the center of town. Accept his quest and make it active.

Runaways: Side Quest

Make an insurance save before you talk to Beorn and persuade him to give you the cage’s key.

Persuasion succeeded: 38 of 50

After freeing Steg, he asks you to get his "nest egg" hidden in Darkvari Mine. Follow the quest marker. When you loot the chest, you find a mysterious parchment. Exit the mine and make an insurance save. Hrindi Zungar accosts you shortly after you leave the mine and wants the mystery document. Persuade her otherwise.

Persuasion succeeded: 39 of 50

Follow the quest marker to Steg who has moved from his last position. The dialog choices don’t matter. He will give you a treasure map. This has little value to us. We’re very close to restructuring our character and will have a detect hidden skill of 10. This will allow us to see all chests including the one on the treasure map.

Make Outside the Box the active quest and complete your journey to Sun Camp.

In Sun Camp, talk to Argine who sends you to the Hierophant shrine. You must steal the master's pick from Eloren Criet at Adessa Laboratories.

Travel the short distance by foot south to Adessa. When you get there, you are given the key to Sandstone Villa—a safe house. There are other safe houses we could have acquired earlier but they entail quests that do not contribute significantly to 100% game completion. There’s a bed you can use to advance time and a chest where you can stash items for safekeeping to free up inventory slots.

Senecer Macit, a merchant in Domus Politica sells a backpack. The extra 10 inventory slots are welcome as you accumulate more potions. There’s a blacksmith forge near the Domus Politica out in the open.

Be on the lookout for Eric Porthe. He's a 1-3 dispel trainer. He's often in the vicinity of the Sandstone Villa but wanders around in other places as well. Keep checking on your local map until you find him. He'll be depicted with the small white sword trainer icon. If you don't see him in the vicinity of your villa, he may be in the nearby Arcadium where you'll see merchant, sagecrafter, and alchemy lab icons. He might also show up in the Forum which is located in The Adesssa Isles. We'll be going there shortly. When you find him, buy the skill point in dispelling from him. Once you have this second point in dispelling, acquire 2 more points in dispelling when you level up. When you reach level 4 in dispelling, return to Artan Caid at the Scholia Arcana Academy in Rathir. He's a level 4-6 dispel trainer and you can buy yet another point from him.


When you are cash rich—above 150K gold—start salvaging weapons you don’t need rather than selling them. At the end of the Travelers quest, we’ll be crafting a high quality weapon for an achievement. The more components you have the better. Additionally, you might end up making a better weapon than the one you have equipped. It's up to you whether to salvage or not. It's fairly minor because you should already have sufficient components that you have picked up along the way as loot. Of special note, most of the weapons components are for sale, but merchants who sell components gernerally do NOT sell the blade component of weapons. It is possible to obtain them as loot but the primary source is salvaging weapons you don't need. The chakram disc is a special kind of blade. It consists of the base material and an elemental component. So, if you're crafting azurite daggers, there is only one kind of small azurite blade. If you're crafting azurite Chakrams, there are 3 kinds of azurite discs--flame, frost, and shock. Accordingly, it is more difficult to get the exact component you need for crafting. You might even buy an inexpensive set of Chakrams for the purpose of salvaging it for its blade. Salvaging is random. Make a save before you salvage. If you do not get the result you want, reload the save and try again. Naturally, it's a waste of time in most cases but, if you're trying to obtain a quality Chakrams disc, it's well worth spending the time until you get the result you want. Note that flame discs are substantially more powerful than shock or frost discs.

To the southeast, find the Hospitalis Quarters. Borm of Bowstrings is a 4-6 stealth trainer. Pay him the 30,240 gold for a skill point. Look at the bulletin board with the exclamation point. Take Redistributing Wealth to start The Tithes that Bind quest. Make it the active quest.

The Tithes that Bind: Side Quest

Go to the 3 nearby quest markers. Make an insurance save before you talk to each merchant for a high probability persuasion. 2 are outside. Driadore Sele is inside the Arcadium. If you haven’t gotten the Bookworm achievement yet, Arthesa Lille sells 16 books. Return to Abblier the Addled in Hospitalis to complete the quest—the easiest 3 quick persuasions in the game:

Persuasions succeeded: 40-42 of 50

Take one of the 2 entrances to Adessa – The Isles. Go to the Forum. Train with Templar Mountainel—a 4-6 persuasion trainer. If you’re not at persuasion 4 yet, come back later. Note that bonus points from the Compass of Fate and the Orieator’s Shield do not count towards the ability’s formal skill points.

Make Outside the Box the active quest and go to the quest marker. Make a save before talking to Eloren Criet upstairs in the Adessa Laboratories. After passing the persuasion check, you learn you must rob the armory.

Persuasion Succeeded: 43 of 50

Pickpocket the first Praetorian you see for the Master Armory Key. This isn’t necessary but, if you don’t have it, you have to pick the chest’s lock—increasing your exposure time. This is a tricky stealth segment. Check your local and mini-maps to maintain your situational awareness and sneak by the guards when their backs are turned. Alternatively, you could use Greater Phasewalk Potion(s) to make yourself invisible. Return to Argine at Sun Camp once you have the ornate box—the object of your theft. She gives you your next task.

Follow the quest marker to Motus Mining Headquarters where you're faced with another stealth task. There, sneak by Guian Stebic. If you're up to a challenge, pickpocket his lab key and/or his bursar key. You can, if you want, use phasewalk and turn yourself invisible if you picked up some extra potions. Otherwise, rely on your lockpicking ability. Use the machine downstairs to unlock the box. After you have accomplished your mission and don’t mind being seen, you can use Guian's merchant services. Buy all the minor phasewalk he has and save at least one potion for the last quest in the Traveler's faction quest line: Thick as Thieves.

Return to Sun Camp. It was at this point I picked the 50th lock and popped the following achievement (Video 17):

Breaking and Entering

Picked 50 locks.

Breaking and Entering
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

You may have already unlocked it if you have been aggressively opening every locked container. Alternatively, you may have been focusing on quest activities and have bypassed many of the containers. If so, consult the achievement tracker to note your progress. There are hundreds of containers available for the container. It is not missable because it will continue to be valid in post-game play. Provided you did the Rathir side quest Good with Locks, coupled with the required lockpicking during the Travelers questline, you should be fairly close to the goal by now if you haven't already unlocked the achievement.

Report back to Argine to conclude Outside the Box. She gives you the next quest, Classic Misdirection. Make it the active quest.

Classic Misdirection: Faction quest

First, pray at the Hierophant shrine. Maun Cointaker is about to be executed. You are tasked with obtaining a key to his treasure trove. Follow the quest marker the short distance. Enter Convict's Cavern and talk to Maun in his cell. He sends you, with his key, Snaketail Grotto.

There are a lot of enemies but they are preoccupied with fighting amongst themselves and do not present a serious challenge. Go to the 3 quest markers to assemble a device. Use it to gain access to the treasure that is much less than it was rumored to be. As you leave Snaketail Grotto, you run into Grim Onwig. He gives you a rewards of sorts. Talk to him a second time to receive the next quest—The Purloined Letters. Make it the active quest.

The Purloined Letters: Faction quest

Fast travel to Adessa. Follow the quest marker to Adessa - Isles. Enter The Livrarium and talk to Phasmer Humm. He gives you the Shroud of Omission. You are to find the Missives of Sable and cover it with the shroud. When you tell Phasmer you are ready, you can enter the Forbidden Hall through a grate that becomes visible near Phasmer’s feet.

Make your way through the Forbidden Hall stealthily, backstabbing enemy gnomes along the way. If you still have not gotten the “Where’s my Wallet” achievement, pickpocket them first. Otherwise, loot their bodies after backstabbing. You’re looking for keys. Depending on the time of day, some of the keyholders may be asleep. If so, pickpocket them to get their keys. There is more than one "keymaster" with the vault key you are looking for.

You end up in a room with a chest surrounded by eight braziers. You must light all the braziers to unlock the chest in order gain access to the inner sanctum. This is the closest thing to a moderately challenging puzzle in the game. When you interact with a brazier, it’s equivalent to flipping a switch. If it is off, it will turn on and vice versus. Moreover, you will also flip the metaphorical switch on braziers adjacent to it—changing their states. A lit brazier will extinguish and an unlit brazier will light.

The key to solving the puzzle is to end up with only 2 lit braziers diagonally opposite one another. Thus, there are 2 unlit sets of 3. Light the middle unlit braziers in each of these unlit sets of 3. Lighting each of these will also light the unlit braziers on either side. So, each unlit set of 3 will become completely lit and you will end up with eight lit braziers.

You can start with any brazier you want. Sometimes when you press cn_A, it will not register so make sure you are getting the effect you want. To simplify, we will only move clockwise. Start with the brazier of your choice and make sure it lights. Go clockwise and light the 4th brazier. Make sure it goes on. Continue and interact with the 5th—making sure it goes out. Then, interact with the 4th—making sure it goes out. Continue and interact with the 5th—making sure it goes out. Continue and interact with the 4th—making sure it goes out. Then, interact with the 5th—making sure it goes on. Finally, interact with the 4th. When it turns on, you’ll get a message saying the wards are released. There's a lever to reset in case you need to start over.

You can now enter the room with the objective marker. Before going to it, loot the valuable contents in the 4 chests. Wrap the book in the shroud as instructed by pressing A. This triggers an alarm and enemies spawn. If you have some phasewalk potion, you can dash by them invisibly. Otherwise, stealth or fight your way past them. Follow the objective marker to exit the Forbidden Hall.

Reminder: When you level up, you should work towards upgrading your dispel skill to 4. Afterwards, train in dispelling with Artan Caid at the Scholia Arcana academy in Rathir, a 4-6 trainer.

Report to Grim Onwig who you’ll find in the Hospitalis Quarters. Grim’s reward includes a Stealth skill book. Read it to gain a skill point. He also gives you your next quest—Thick as Thieves. Make it the active quest.

Note: Some people have reported receiving the stealth skill book in Going Rogue and the detect hidden skill book in Purloined Letters. If you obtained the stealth skill book earlier, you'll receive the detect hidden skill book. Read it for its skill point.

Thick as Thieves: Final Quest in the Travelers Faction Questline

Before you begin this quest, make sure you have a phasewalk potion—minor, greater, or master. We’ve come across 3 vendors who sell it: Gelphyne Nargyfier in Rathir- The Lower Tunnels (Master Phasewalk), Riona Helt in Ysa- Asker's Alley (Greater Phasewalk), and Guian Stebic in Motus Mining Headquaters (Minor Phasewalk). You can also make it at an alchemical lab if you have the ingredients. Choose experiment and add Sky Blossom (2), Star Thistle (2), & Cripplespore Caps (1). Note the lab chooses the quantities. Pick up a few extra for later on in the game.

Exit Adessa, fast travel to Sun Camp, and follow the quest marker to an open grave. Make an insurance save before you enter the grave for 2 reasons. First, there are a couple of bugs. Second, there is a choice. You may want to reconsider or see both options.

The choice does not affect the upcoming achievement nor does it affect 100% completion. This is not the case with some of the other faction quests where the choice might have substantial repercussions. In this case, you must side with either Grim & Phasmer or Argine, Queen of Staves & The Hierophant.

The choice you make is up to you. I prefer siding with Argine & The Hierophant. I found Phasmer very sketchy. Grim might be in the right but he did not make a compelling case. So, Grim’s association with Phasmer is the deal breaker. Although Argine, similarly, did not make a compelling case, neither she nor the Hierophant are creepy like Phasmer. Moreover, I thought reuniting the Moon Camp’s King and Queen of Cups was touching and, therefore, am more inclined to support the established order rather than the insurgents.

From a pragmatic standpoint, there is a slight difference in the rewards. Supporting Grim rewards you with the Chariot card: + 1 to Finesse Abilities & +6% Piercing Damage. You get the Temperance card when you support Argine & The Hierophant. Temperance gives you the same +1 Finesse but instead of increased piercing damage gives you +6% evade.

Our primary weapon is the Chakrams—not a piercing weapon—so the extra piercing damage doesn’t help much. In contrast, our defense relies heavily on evasion. Moreover, increased evasion is of benefit anytime you are under attack. Nevertheless, the main reward is the truly great Shadowskin armor set. We get this armor set regardless of which side we choose. It was to obtain this armor set that we did the Travelers quest line first:

  • +10% Experience Bonus
  • +10% Gold Bonus
  • +1 Stealth
  • +25% Fire Damage
  • +55% Critical Hit Damage
  • +15% Chance to Critical Hit
  • +15% Fire Resistance

Before we enter, there are several avoidable bugs you should be aware of.

  1. Do not attack Crilgarin/The Hierophant prematurely if you side with Grim (or at all if side with Argine & the Hierorphant). That could sabotage the quest.
  2. When you are making your escape, stay close to and just behind your ally. If not, there is a small chance of the ally getting irretrievably stuck behind an obstacle.
  3. You don’t need to do the mission stealthily or make use of the bag of winds as a stealth device. Nevertheless, if you do not follow the quest’s tasks in sequence, it could sabotage the quest. All 3 of these bugs can be remedied by loading a save file made before the bug occurred. The following guide to this quest will emphasize how to avoid the potential bugs.

After you make your insurance save, enter the grave. You will encounter Argine. You must agree to help her against Grim. This is not the point where you make your choice and is non-binding. Speak to Crilgarin as well.

Your first task is to obtain the Bag of Wind. Ideally, you proceed stealthily and pickpocket the guard who carries it. She is marked by the quest marker. Afterwards, loot the room she’s in. It’s got some valuable stuff. The quest is scripted from a stealth perspective. However, you can go in guns blazing, kill the guard, and loot the bag of winds off the guard’s corpse. When you obtain the bag of winds, you get a new task—find the court sanctums.

Proceed towards the objective marker. Ideally, you are crouching and remaining out of sight. The short teleport when crouching is an ideal way to traverse gaps. This assumes you are using the Disciple destiny or the more advanced Warlock where blink replaces the dodge-roll. The enemies are not very alert. However, if you are detected you can fight and kill them without jeopardizing the mission.

The key point is that when you descend a flight of stairs going towards the objective marker, you are given a new task—bypass the sentry. You see a new objective marker very close to your position. It is at this objective marker where you are supposed to open up your inventory, select consumables, and use the bag of winds. Refer to the below picture. Note the amber downward arrow depicting where you must use the bag of winds.

If you do not use the bag of winds precisely as the quest dictates, it’s no big deal. You will alert the watcher triggering enemies to appear. Fight them and proceed. The important thing to avoid the bug is that you obtain the bag of winds as instructed and use it before you use the missives to frame one party or the other.

Once you are by the sentry (the watcher), you must choose a side. I chose to go right to support The Hierophant and frame Grim Onwig. If you go left, you frame The Hierophant and support Grim Onwig.

Approach the objective marker while crouching. Make a save before you get there.

Note: The use of the phasewalk potion described below is not a requirement but I recommend it. First, the prompt to frame your target is finicky and does not always activate when pressed. Second, the target is very alert. Third, even when the probability for success is high, there is always the random possibility of failure (as you have probably seen with your persuasion attempts). Accordingly, the use of the phasewalk potion spares you the potential aggravation of reloading save files.

Use a phasewalk potion. While invisible and crouched, plant the missives on your target by pressing cn_A when prompted. Stay crouched and jump down at the nearby indicator. If you moved promptly, you should still be invisible even with the minor phasewalk. At any rate, your chance of detection diminishes in the commotion after your target is framed. If you framed Grim, after jumping down take a couple of steps east and then proceed northeast. If you framed the Hierophant, you proceed a short distance southeast and then turn to go northeast.

The escape paths corresponding to the 2 choices converge as you start going northeast. In both cases, you meet up with your allies and must fight. Stay close to and behind your ally with the amber arrow above the head. Having your ally precede you prevents the bug where the ally is irretrievably caught behind an obstacle. The fights are not difficult and your ally contributes significantly. Follow your ally to the exit where you receive your reward and unlock:


Completed the Travelers storyline quests.

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Reminder: You should have trained in dispelling with Artan Caid at the Scholia Arcana academy in Rathir, a 4-6 trainer, when you upgraded your dispel skill to 4.

Equip the Shadowskin armor set you receive as a reward. Fast travel to Adessa. Go to your villa and deposit the Shepherd armor set in your stash.


Assuming you have been following the walkthrough, you should be around level 16 give or take--hopefully give. We want to be at level 16 because that's the earliest we can acquire master level skills. We want to end up with detect hidden of 10. Additionally, we have some crafting achievements for gems and equipment that require master level sagecrafting and blacksmithing skills respectively. If you are not at level 16, do some miscellaneous quests. Start with Out of the Ruins that we left unfinished after the persuasion check. It will show in your side quests--just make it active.

Bulleting board quests tend to be quick and easy--Shieldring Keep, Ironfast Keep, Ayten, Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa, etc. You've undoubtedly come across numerous quest givers so you can backtrack and pick and choose the ones you want to do. They're easy to find since they're identified by the telltale exclamation points.

Once you are at level 16, seek out the services of a fateweaver. I suggest Simeon Crowe in Adessa. He moves around a bit but can easily be found on the local map. Adessa is a good place because the city has all the amenities we need. It's not the only one but its the only place we can stash excess items so far.

We're going to fateweave twice. The first time is so we can do some crafting. So, it doesn't matter how you apply your points towards might, finesse, and sorcery. We'll set our sagecrafting and blacksmithing skills to 10 each. The excess points can be used anywhere. I suggest mercantile on the off-hand chance you might want to buy something. You don't need to equip anything. Once you have leveled up, go to the sagecrafting altar. We're going to use one or more of the gems we craft in our blacksmithing project so we need to sagecraft first.

Select strengthen gems from the sagecraft altar's main menu. Whenever you have 2 or more of the same type of cloudy shards, combine them into lambert shards. When you have exhausted the cloudy shards, whenever you have 2 or more of the same type of lambert shards combine them into pristine shards. Do this until you've exhausted your lambert shards. The first time you strengthen 2 lambert shards into a pristine shard, you will unlock (Video 18):

Diamond in the Rough

Crafted a Pristine Shard.

Diamond in the Rough
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Now, go back to the sagecrafting altar's main menu. Choose to craft an epic gem. We're not going to use it so it's best to use whatever gems you have a surplus of especially if you have leftover single cloudy shards or lambert shards that you were not able to pair up and strengthen. There is a wealth of combinations so use whatever you think you can spare. We're only going to craft one for an achievement. Try not to use physical, protection, or poison shards because we have other uses for them. For example, a Cloudy Fire Shard and a Cloudy Ice Shard combine to form the Epic Gem of Mystic Sonority (+10% Elemental Damage). 2 gems of the same type tend to create epic gems. It's the same process we used when strengthening except we get a different result because we chose to craft epic gems from the main menu. Once you craft your first epic gem, you will unlock:

Romancing the Gem

Crafted an Epic Gem.

Romancing the Gem
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

We need to create gems we can use in weapon crafting. I'd like to craft a set of Chakrams and a pair of daggers. However, you are free to craft any weapon you'd like. You'll need 3 regular components and either a utility gem or weapon gem depending on the item crafted. Chakrams, for example, unlike most weapons, take utility gems when crafting. The best utility gem, in my opinion, is the Gem of Precision. It provides a +7% chance to critically hit. Go to the sagecrafting altar's main menu. Select crafting a utility gem. Use one pristine poison shard and 1 pristine physical shard to give you the Gem of Precision. For the daggers and other conventional weapons, we need a weapon gem. In my opinion, the most valuable weapon gem is the Gem of Rot--48 poison damage over 7 seconds. From the sagecrafting altar's main menu, choose to craft a weapon gem. Use a pristine poison shard and a pristine physical shard to craft the Gem of Rot.

Now, it's time to go to the blacksmith forge. We may or may not craft something useful. We're using the forge primarily to get 2 achievements. So, the weapon choice is completely up to you. If you want to craft Chakrams, you'll have to have acquired a disc. If you don't have one, move directly to daggers or other weapon of your choice. Use the best components you have in each of the category slots beginning with the blade. For chackrams, flame discs do more damage than other discs. Moreover, the armor we just acquired gives us a 25% fire damage. It is unlikely you have a prismere disc, but you might have the next best, a sylvanite disc. If not, azurite discs should be fairly common. The best handles, in my opinion are shock handles because they have a tendency to stun enemies and interrupt their attacks. However, infecting handles and piercing handles also provide substantial benefits. If you have a master piercing handle and only greater shock and infecting handles, pick the higher rated component. If you have both, my preference would be for the infecting handles, but it's a close call. Use the Gem of Precision if you're crafting Chakrams. Use the Gem of Rot if you're crafting daggers.

If you're missing a component, Sari Cemble in Adessa Walls sells a variety (but she doesn't sell discs or other blades--see the salvaging section above). If you're picky, the merchant we've come across so far with the best components is Marisal Cadyr (Pride of Pryderi in Rathir). But she, too, does not sell blades. When you've assembled the components including the Regenerating Gem, craft your Chakrams. The first time you craft any item at a forge you unlock:

Shop Class

Crafted a piece of equipment with Blacksmithing.

Shop Class
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Since we have crafted an item with 5 components including a gem, you will unlock:

Master of the Forge

Crafted an item that uses all 5 forge component slots.

Master of the Forge
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

At this point, we don't have the best components. It will be a while before we start acquiring "flawless" components. Still, without making any particular effort on the playthrough I did to test this walkthrough, I was able to improve on both my Chakrams and daggers. I thought I'd acquired a pretty good set of Chakrams. My daggers were decent but nothing to write home about. In both cases, the crafted item surpassed the acquired one. You might ask, in light of the superiority of crafted weapons, why the walkthrough is glossing over this aspect of the game.

  • Crafting is very labor intensive. The primary component of a weapon is the blade. it requires a lot of effort to acquire premium blades.
  • The best components do not become available until late in the game. By that point, we're leveled up to the extent where there are diminishing returns in weapon upgrades.
  • Crafting weapons better than you can acquire by other means requires high level skill in blacksmithing and sagecrafting. To get the mastercraft blacksmith bonus, a level 10 skill is required. We want to maximize detect hidden which is a true game changer and an order of magnitude better than level 10 blacksmithing (IMHO). We also need points in alchemy and dispelling for achievements. So, at this stage of the game, we cannot afford investing skill points in sagecrafting and blacksmithing--this is the reason why we did a special fateweave to get the crafting achievements.

It's quite possible you don't have the materials to craft weapons better than the ones you have or were extremely fortunate in finding exceptional weapons. Don't be discouraged if your crafted weapons don't measure up to the ones you have. The next stage of the game, The Legend of Dead Kel, is a treasure trove of unique weapons that will quickly replace what you have now--good or bad.

For now, we will reset our points and no longer be a master sagecrafter and a master blacksmith. We will, however, have over-the-top detect hidden skills that vastly simplify obtaining the most arduously obtained achievement in the game. Use the fateweaver's services one more time and reset your points. Don't put any points in might this time. Split them evenly between finesse and sorcery. Make sure you put points against the weapons you use. In sorcery, also put points against your abilities especially ice barrage that becomes available when you have 20 sorcery points. Ice barrage is more lethal than storm bolt and there are achievements for killing enemies with abilities. If you have been alternating weapon and abilities attacks, you have probably already unlocked (Video 19):

Shock and Awe

Killed 100 enemies with abilities.

Shock and Awe
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you haven't unlocked it yet, there is plenty of time. You can use the achievement tracker to check your progress. This first achievement unlocks when you have 100 ability kills. Another achievement unlocks when the kill tally reaches 500.

You should have unlocked the Warlock Destiny with 25 points in each of finesse and sorcery. This includes Poison Blink 1: Short-range teleport with Poison Effect that replaces the dodge roll. This means you poison enemies as you teleport through them. A poisoned enemy's offenses are significantly reduced.

For the skills, this time, begin by putting 10 points in detect hidden, 7 points each in alchemy, stealth, and dispelling, and distributing the remainder as you see fit but don't put any in mercantile until we make use of the two 0-3 trainers. Persuasion should be fine. We're almost at 50 persuasion checks. You have 3 points from trainers and bonus points from the compass of fate and Orieator's Shield. The bottom line is we're in fine shape. We have enough points in all the abilities we need so anything else is discretionary and up to your personal preference. I recommend blacksmithing in case you'd like to do some crafting later on in the game.

Dispelling: The high level of dispelling gives you high probability at opening warded chests with the random chance executed when you press cn_Y. Get in the habit of checking all chests with the level 10 detect hidden skill and opening the warded chests with the random chance feature. There is an achievement for opening 50 warded containers.

Note that we already have 4 points in detect hidden so you only need 6 to reach level 10. You could, if you want, keep the Ragpicker's Ring equipped with its +1 detect hidden. However, you are more likely going to be inclined to replace that ring with a better one so its probably best to bite the bullet and max out detect hidden. We're setting alchemy, dispelling, and stealth at 7 for reasons. First, we'll have need of those skills in our upcoming endeavors. Second, we'll be running across 7-9 trainers and need to be at 7 skill points to retain their services.

Our major objective, though, was to get detect hidden to 10 points. We could not unlock master tier abilities until we reached level 16. Detect hidden is the only ability where there is an order of magnitude difference between 9 points and 10 points. With 10 points in detect hidden, you can see every chest on the map and every lorestone. You must find 195 lorestones for an achievement. This is very tedious if they are not visible on the map. Below, is a view of the map with 10 point detect hidden abilities. Note the 5 brightly colored lorestones:

Equip the Shadowskin set of armor and weapons of your choice. Make sure you equip the accessories you want--necklace and rings. Fast travel to Star Camp. Have Elayen Dark, a 0-3 trainer, give you a mercantile point. Fast travel to Ingress Caverns. Note the nearby green dot on your local map depicting a Mitharu Shrine. Go there and have Anton Damian, a 0-3 trainer, give you another mercantile point. Check to make sure you have at least 2-3 minor, greater, and/or master phasewalk potions. If not, pick them up. The strength of the potion does not matter.

Our new armor is a substantial upgrade both offensively and defensively. Warlock gives us +25% elemental damage. The armor set gives us +25% fire damage. With your set of flame Chakrams, you will be seriously kickass as we embark on the next stage in our journey--The Legend of Dead Kel.

Fast travel to Rathir and go to Seafoam Tavern. Speak to Commodore Garrick and accept his quest—The Legend of Dead Kel. Make it the active quest. Before you meet with Captain Brattigan, be aware that you’ll be off on an island without being able to return to the rest of the world for a while. You will not be able to do the game's main quest. Instead, the primary Dead Kel quests will appear under the main quest section. This is a hold-over from when Dead Kel was a DLC of the 360 game and had its own main quest. Similarly, you'll see quests under the faction heading. Again, these relate only to Dead Kel and are not factions in the sense we were accustomed when doing the Travelers quest line. 3 other key points:

  1. Take care of your conversation options with Captain Brattigan. Always choose the upper right when significant dialog is presented. There is an achievement for being nice to her. It’s easy because she is, perhaps, the most engaging character in the game. The walkthrough will specifically make note of the critical dialog.
  2. You build a keep for an achievement. The 5 types of construction materials are quest items. If you pick them up to excess, they will needlessly occupy inventory slots. They cannot be junked, sold, or placed in a stash chest. In total, you’ll need: Beachstone (12), Bearhide (9), Emberwood (14), Sailcloth (11), & Seasteel (13). If you end up with 100 or more of 1 of these items, you’ll use 2 inventory slots for that item. This is quite possible because they respawn as do other chests and hidden treasures in Legend of Dead Kel.

  3. There is a translation side quest where you must translate 12 ancient texts. These texts are quest items and remain in your inventory for the rest of the game. Unless this quest is important to you, do not accept it. (Deirdre Gwint is the quest giver). Note that whether or not you accept it, the books are quest items and needlessly use up inventory slots. To be completely safe, do not pick up any books—especially ones whose description says they are written in an ancient text.

Follow the quest marker and make an insurance save before you talk to Captain Rast Brattigan. Enjoy Captain Brattigan’s scintillating conversation and self-deprecating manner. You come to a conversational wheel—depicted below—where you have 4 choices. This is one of the critical choices. Choose the top right choice.

  • Manic Pixie Dream Elf critical conversation #1: You’re brave.

This is followed by another wheel. It does not present a critical choice. The top right choice advances the story but you can select any or all of the others before you are ready to depart.

After the cut scenes, you find yourself on land. Speak to Brattigan for 2 more critical conversational choices.

  • Manic Pixie Dream Elf critical conversation #2: I’m sorry for your loss.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Elf critical conversation #3: It’s just you and me now.

With detect hidden maxed at 10 points, you can see every chest on the mini- and local maps. Before you follow the quest marker, note the chest furthest north on the west side of the local map. Go there. Look to its left to find a bottle. The bottle, itself, does not show up on the maps and does not have the tell-tale glow of most loot. Nevertheless, the bottles are not well hidden and we should have no difficulty finding all eight of them. The game numbers the bottles with Roman numerals I through VIII. We will not find each one of them in the game’s sequence so we will track them by both the game’s Roman numeral and the sequence found in Arabic numerals.

Message in a Bottle I: Found bottle 1 of 8

Loot the chests taking care to not pick up books or the 5 construction materials unless you don’t mind losing the inventory slots. You might also see items like fish, bugs, worms, meat, and the like. Leave them alone as well. You can junk them or ‘sell’ them (they have no value). They are used in a side quest that we will not be doing—best just to ignore them. Your alchemical skill is high. Make it a habit to pick up reagents as you run by them. You have a good probability of harvesting any and all of them towards the Green Thumb achievement.

Note: At the time of this writing, the Green Thumb achievement is bugged in the player’s favor. My test run has already unlocked it even though I did not meet all the requirements. Nevertheless, the walkthrough assumes that you need 10 of each type of reagent. All but 2 of the reagents are available in abundance. The 2 that are not appear much later in the game and instructions will be provided as to how to harvest them.

Follow the quest marker. You might encounter a Scav. There is an achievement for killing 50 of them. This will come naturally so the walkthrough will not count the kills. They are resistant to fire. If you have good frost or shock chakrams use them. If you do not, the flame chakrams are still better than a close-in melee weapon. That’s because Scavs expire with a poisonous "explosion" that inflicts damage over a short period of time. This is a good time to use your ice barrage ability. Scavs are vulnerable to ice and you rack up abilities kills towards a couple of achievements.

Brattigan uses her explosives. Make sure you heed her warning and move well back so as not to get caught in the blast. Continue on and you encounter 3 more Scavs. Brattigan is out of explosives. Follow the quest new quest marker to help her out. Don’t neglect the hidden door to pick up some extra loot.

You will not need a bow at all during the Legend of Dead Kel. Still, be on the lookout for good bows. A great bow comes in handy later on in the game. This island is full of exceptional weapons—make the most of them.

You emerge. After a short dialog with no critical choices and a cut scene, you regain control of your character. Before following the quest marker, hug the terrain to your left a short way, looting chests, until you come to Souldeep Fasting. There are 2 impressive looking sentries, watchers. Use a phasewalk potion and pickpocket the guard on your right as you face them. The other sentry doesn’t have anything to pickpocket. Among other things, you will receive Children of Erathell Boots.

Note: There are 3 sets of armor in Legend of Dead Kel that are easily obtained and assembled. There are others that are more difficult to get or available for purchase. 1 of the sets, the Dvergan Set, is acquired as we work towards an achievement. Unfortunately, we will not meet the "might" requirements to equip it. This set (Children of Erathell), is a sorcery set. The third set, the Privateer Set, is a finesse set. We’ll be keeping our Shadowskin Set—the experience boost is too good to give up. However, for people who are not following the walkthrough’s roadmap and/or destiny, I’ll point out these alternative sets—any one of which is good enough to carry the player through to the end of the game.

Stand once more in front of the 2 guards at the bottom of the wooden steps. Make a 90 degree turn to your left. Pick up the bottle on the sand at the foot of a mast to a shipwrecked vessel.

Message in a Bottle II: Found bottle 2 of 8

Find the merchant icon in the Cape Solace village local map and talk to Elwa Brond. If you didn’t have a phasewalk potion, she sells a Greater Phasewalk potion. At some point, she stops selling them so, if you have need of them, buy now while she has them in stock.

Make sure your reckoning gauge is full. Go to the exclamation point denoting a quest giver. Accept Padrig (Paddy) Dower’s quest and make it active. Follow him to the dilapidated Gravehal Keep. Kill the scavs in the courtyard and loot it because the skeletons, reagents, chest, etc. will disappear when the keep is renovated.

Follow Paddy inside the Keep. Kill 2 more scavs. Sit on the throne triggering an attack by a Niskaru Tyrant Horrinox. Activate reckoning mode and dispatch it quickly. It’s weak to lightning not that this matters much in reckoning mode. It counts as a Niskaru kill towards the achievement for killing 25.

Talk to Paddy to receive his next quest and make it active. Restoring Gravehal appears as a faction quest. You need 2 Beachstone, 3 Emberwood, and 3 Sailcloth. Note that these are the construction materials we want to pick up only when specifically tasked. Follow the objective markers to get the exact quantities for Paddy. To ensure you are not stuck with excesses and to assist you in managing the construction materials, the following is a table of Paddy's requirements by Gravehal quest:


The quest markers take you to Scuttle Beach. There’s a sharp triangular tip in the northern edge. Close to the right hand side of this triangular tip is a bottle. Pick it up.

Message in a Bottle IV: Found bottle 3 of 8

In a pile inside a huge clamshell in a pool at the midpoint between 2 of the quest markers, you’ll find Privateer’s Boots.

Fast travel back to Gravehal Keep and return to Paddy when you have the items he needs. He’ll take a while so head back out. Take the main road roughly southwest by west until you encounter Aubrey Gilcrest. She has her own location that you ‘discover.’ Accept her quest.

Return to the main road, cross the wooden bridge. and take an immediate left. Follow the river bank a few steps to find a bottle. Pick it up.

Message in a Bottle V: Found bottle 4 of 8

Continue on the road passing by Zefwyn's Camp. When the road turns north, on your local map, note the exclamation point. This is Conrad Cronberg. Accept his quest and make it active.

The Ties that Bind: Side Quest

Enter Mudhold Fasting. Note the Hidden Door but first go north. Disarm the traps. After 3 jump points, loot the chest in the southeast corner to get a map fragment for Aubrey. Proceed a short distance south to emerge into a wider expanse. Make a save before talking to Angharad Glyndowr and persuade her on both options.

Persuasion succeeded: 44-45 of 50

She’ll tell you to follow her but don’t be so hasty. In the middle of the western side, right at the edge of the sand is a bottle. Pick it up.

Message in a Bottle VI: Found bottle 5 of 8

In a southeast pile, you’ll find a second map fragment for Aubrey. Take the hidden door exit east and turn north to find a lorestone. Activate it. From there, head west to the exit and report to Conrad to conclude the quest.

Open up your inventory. Under items, click on any of the map fragments. Since you have 3, they will assemble into Dvergan map – Northern Coast. We have a quest marker up there now. However, you’ve probably received Paddy’s notification that he’s ready so first fast travel back to Gravehal Keep. It’s improved quite a bit. Paddy gives you your next quest—Gravehal Armory. He needs 2 Emberwood, 2 Sailcolth, and 4 Seasteel.

Next to Paddy is a merchant. Sell excess inventory but don’t go overboard. Soon we’ll have an armory so you’ll have the option to salvage and we have a stash chest inside the keep. Go inside the keep. Go upstairs and to the right is a bed where you can sleep to advance time and a chest to stash excess inventory. You’ll note anything you stashed in Adessa is available from the Gravehal Keep chest.

Exit the Keep and fast travel to Mudhold Fasting. Take the main road northeast. Where the road starts to turn northwest, take the side road that leads to a lorestone. Activate it. Hug the cliff wall to your left and go northeast. You’ll pass a pool with a lootable whirlpool. There’s a pile of rocks to the left of a jump off point. Loot it to get Privateer’s Gloves.

As you loot chests, you are likely to come across unique weapons denoted by purple nomenclature. Pick them up as you come to them. There is an achievement for getting 10 of them and Gallows End where the Legend of Dead Kel storyline takes place, itself, has more than 10. You’ve seen the first ones from the special deliveries chest but they don’t count towards the achievements. You are likely to have picked up a few playing up to this point and their availability will substantially increase. Picking up the tenth unique weapon denoted by purple nomenclature will unlock (Video 20):

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Found 10 unique items dropped by enemies.

To the Victor Go the Spoils
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Go back to the main road. Once again take it northeast. There’s a group of NPCs just past the road you took before. They’re on elevated terrain to the right next to Undersea Fasting—make sure you ‘discover’ it. Talk to Fastrada Tancese and accept her quest but don’t enter the dungeon yet. Instead, continue along the main road with the Scattered Fragments quest active towards the quest marker.

You’ll cross a big wooden bridge followed by a smaller one. Take a left on the next side road and go to the quest marker where you’ll find Dvergan Greaves. You’ll notice white indicators on 3 watchers and The Scion. Sneak up behind and backstab each of the watchers (but NOT the Scion). The 3 watchers have the remaining items of the Children of Erathell Armor Setthe Robes, Hood, and Gloves. Killing the watchers here simplifies a later quest that requires us to kill the Scion.

When you have a quest task, you cannot fast travel to Aubrey—the rest of the time you can. Instead, fast travel to Zefwyn’s Camp and go a little east to report to Aubrey. She asks you to find the pieces to the second map.

Caution: Do not sell the Dvergan Greaves or any of the Dvergan armor set until you complete Scattered Fragments and unlock the associated achievement.

Make Gravehal Armory the active quest. Follow the quest markers to collect the 2 Emberwood, 2 Sailcolth, and 4 Seasteel Paddy needs. Paddy needs some time. Exit the Keep. Fast travel to Undersea Fasting and make The Expedition the active quest.

Enter Undersea Fasting and talk to Pepin Jamane who will accompany you through the dungeon. Note that he stops by a door but you have to go in the opposite direction to find the lever that opens it.

As you go west, note the lorestone. Follow the quest marker. Pepin’s part is scripted. After you get the Tome of Contrition, continue west until you reach an open area. On the southeast side, you’ll find 1 of Aubrey’s map fragments. In the middle of the southwest side, you’ll find a bottle. Pick it up.

Message in a Bottle VII: Found bottle 6 of 8

Go east and jump in the water, breaking some crates to reveal the jump down point. Climb out onto a wooden walkway. Turn left and open the locked chest in front of you. It contains the final piece for the second map. Open your inventory -> items. Click on any map fragment to assemble this map.

Exit the dungeon and report to Fastrada to complete the quest. You should have received Paddy’s notification. Fast travel to Gravehal Keep. Report to Paddy who tells you that you now have an armory with a forge where you can craft and salvage weapons. He gives you the next quest—Gravehal Tunnels. He needs 3 Beachstone, 2 Bearhide, and 3 Seasteel. This will entail a return to Undersea Fasting. To make the 6 scavs there respawn, go to your room and sleep for 72 hours.

Make Scattered Fragments active. Exit the keep. Turn left on the main road and take it northeast to the marker. Dig to obtain Dvergan Chausses. Return to Aubrey. She needs the pieces to the third map.

Make Gravehall Tunnels the active quest. Follow the quest markers to collect what Paddy needs—they should be in Undersea Fasting. When you have them, exit the dungeon. Make Scattered Fragments active. Take the main road roughly northwest and continue to follow it as it loops around east. Just before it starts to go south, take a right off the road and find Siren’s Den. It’s almost due north of Undersea Fasting but the terrain forces you to take the long way around. Go due north. At the northernmost tip of the dungeon on the west side that contains a map fragment for Aubrey. Take it. We need to advance the story before we can get the final piece of Aubrey’s third map. If you come across a Letter to Nette on the eastern path, it’s for an optional side quest. Take it if you’re inclined to do it. Otherwise, just leave it. It’s an easy quest that occurs after the main quest.

Exit Siren’s Rest. Go back on the main road. Head west a short distance and take the smaller road north. Take it until you get to a lorestone. Activate it. Backtrack down the wooden bridge. At the bottom take a left. Check your local map to see a jump off point to the southeast. Jump down. Head east towards another jump down point but go left (north) halfway between the 2 jump points. There are 2 chests near a Shrine of Gaea. The chest on your right contains the Privateer’s Vest. You should see the icon for a Blacksmith, Kail Murdagh northeast of the jump point. Jump down. Go to her and invite her to Gravehal Keep. Fast travel back to the Keep and report to Paddy.

Note: The result of the Gravehal Tunnel quest is a tunnel system that can be accessed from the west side of the Keep. It will appear on your local map as you approach it. If you travel north through the tunnel you will arrive at a T-intersection where you can find a lorestone. You will have opportunities to activate it without going out of your way. Detailed information on this and all the Dead Kel lorestones can be found on the lorestone page.

Sleep for 48 hours in your bed. Report to Paddy. Exit the Keep and fast travel to Zefwyn. Invite him to the Keep and return there yourself. Paddy’s new quest is Gravehal Library—3 Bearhide, 3 Emberwood, and 4 Sailcloth. Zefwyn will not immediately take scouting missions but will after you sleep 24-48 hours:

Scouting Missions are now available. Zefwyn will bring back a variety of items from a large selection of ships. Mostly, he brings back loot. Sometimes, he tells you he was accosted on the way back. When that happens, you must retrieve his bag of salvaged material which is marked on the map. We are specifically interested in 2 trainers. For that reason we will only request him to scout 4 types of ships:

  • Marten Strand, the stealth trainer is found when scouting a Merchant Vessel, Traveler Sloop, or Warsworn Galley.
  • Bertrand Seznec, the 7-9 alchemy trainer, is found when scouting a Gnomish Trireme

Make a save before you talk to Zefwyn. He gives you a selection of 3 ships to salvage. If you don’t like any of the choices, answer, "Not right now." Immediately afterwards, talk to Zefwyn again. The list of 3 ships is randomly regenerated. Continue doing this until you find a ship you like. Go upstairs and sleep for 24 hours. Return to Zefwyn for the salvage.

The 2 trainers are random. Not every expedition to these 4 ships will find a trainer. Most of the time, you will just get loot and will have to try again. If Zefwyn's choices do not include 1 of the above ships, answer, "Not now." Immediately converse with him again and he will offer different choices. Continue until you get the desired results. Once you find a trainer, stop scouting the ship(s) that particular trainer is associated with.

Zefwyn always salvages the ships but sometimes does not return home with the loot. Sometimes, he drops his bag on the world map and you have to retrieve it. This is tedious and time-consuming. So, instead of retrieving the loot, revert to the save you made before you talked to Zefwyn.

Scout Merchant Vessels, Traveler Sloops, & Warsworn Galleys until Marten Strand shows up. You'll see the sword icon in the Keep and Zefwyn will comment on finding a survivor. Scout Gnomish Triremes until Bertrand Seznec shows up. His sword icon will appear in a garden just to the right of the entrance to the Keep. Zefwyn comments on finding a survivor.

Scouting missions occasionally return with construction materials. So as not to get ahead of ourselves and end up with surpluses that use up inventory slots, we'll concentrate on the scouting missions until both trainers are aboard.

After finding the trainers, pay them each the 45,360 gold to increase your alchemy and stealth by 1 point. Before gathering the library construction materials, we'll work on some other activities. Keep an eye out for what Paddy needs--3 Bearhide, 3 Emberwood, and 4 Sailcloth. You might find some are all of the materials along the way and save you some searching.

First, fast travel to Cape Solace. Take the wooden stairs (to the right of a big cage) up to a Jump Down point not shown on the map. Jump in the water and swim towards the shore. As soon as your feet are on solid ground, you’ll see a bottle in front of you. Pick it up.

Message in a Bottle III: Found bottle 7 of 8

Walk up hugging the left wall You’ll discover the Tidal Pools location. Right as you do so, you’ll spot a "pile." Loot it to obtain the Privateer Leggings.

When you’re done looting, enter the Tidal Pools Cavern. Note that you have master stealth skills and should have decent daggers. If you keep them in the secondary weapon slot, many of the enemies can be dealt with backstabs. Save up your reckoning gauge. We’ll encounter a root golem that we’ll want to dispatch with reckoning mode.

1 of the chests is a warded chest. Your dispel skill is high now, so start opening these warded chests with "auto-attempt." You’ll have a decent chance of success.

If you go off on 1 of the side paths, you’ll come across some traps. You’ll find that your high detect skill not only disarms these traps but rewards you with weapon and equipment components. After traveling southwest and jumping down 3 consecutive jump points, note the waterway going northwest. You’ll see a merchant icon. As you approach, you’ll note some enemy blips on the local map. Fight them off and talk to the NPC, Aled Powell. Invite him to your keep. Head towards the exit.

You’ll come across a Root Golem shortly before the exit. It could easily be more than 4 levels above you. You may or may not have encountered one as you traveled further north. Dispatch it with reckoning mode along with the Boggarts accompanying it. Later in the game you’ll come across more of them. They’re like trolls on steroids. They have a very fast burrowing attack. Like trolls, they are resistant to elemental damage. Still, chakrams are effective against them because you can maintain a standoff distance. When you fight them conventionally without reckoning mode, it’s a good opportunity to practice the Warlock Destiny’s Poison Blink 1: Short-range teleport with Poison Effect that replaces the dodge-roll.

When you exit, check Gravehal Library. If you need any more construction materials, make it the active quest. Once you've acquired what Paddy needs, report to him. Sleep until the library is complete.

Enter the library. Do NOT talk to the librarian, Deirdre Gwint. We do not want her quest which involves collecting 12 ancient texts each of which will permanently occupy a valuable inventory slot. Go to the alchemical lab--a service you've acquired as part of the library. After training with Bertrand Seznec, your alchemical skill should be at least 8. You can now create master level recipes. Open inventory->Items->Reagent Bag and verify you have at least 4 essences of fate.

They should be at the top of the list. You should have them in abundance. They are a common drop when defeating powerful enemies in reckoning mode. They are an uncommon drop from some of the largest enemies in the game. Additionally, they can be harvested or found in chests but it would be unlikely to have found them in this manner at this stage of the game.

At the alchemical lab, create a fate potion--you have the recipe as a reward from The Coming Storm Quest. It uses 4 essences of fate. By using an essence of fate in making a potion, you will unlock:

Elixir of Fate

Made a potion with the Essence of Fate.

Elixir of Fate
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If, by chance, you do not have 4 essences of fate; you can do this later at any alchemical lab. The achievement only requires a recipe with 1 potion. However, most master level potions can be found in abundance. It's best to save up your essences of fate to create the rare fate potion. It is a curative that instantly restores your reckoning gauge. We want to have at least 5 of them to make the end of the main quest less tedious. Since we won't need the fate potion for a long time, feel free to put it in your stash.

Report to Paddy. Next, is the Gravehal Gallery quest. Paddy needs 4 Beachstone, 3 Emberwood, 2 Sailcloth, and 3 Seasteel. They’re in Siren’s Den. Report to Paddy when you have them. His next task—after waiting the customary time—is to talk to Benwick Athelm. Fast travel to Cape Solace and walk the few steps to the quest marker. Invite Benwick to Gravehal Keep. Reporting to Paddy completes the quest.

You’ll note a merchant icon now appears on the ground floor of the Keep—Calum Toomey. He’s also a fence in case you need to sell stolen items. He sells the Survivor's Armor Set. We want to keep the Shadowskin set for its 10% experience bonus. Nevertheless, we only need 4 items of the set to get that bonus. So, we’ll replace the Shadowskin Vest with the Survivor's Jacket. It’s a better piece of armor and offers +5% experience bonus (and also +12% Critical Hit Damage) raising our total experience bonus to 15%.

Paddy is not finished but needs to think. We won’t be able to progress until we do more of the main quest. However, Benwick inside the Keep has a series of quests. You have to kill monsters to get the tints he needs for his paintings. This is completely optional but the rewards are significant. After he completes each of the 6 paintings, you get a permanent boost to your stats—+5% Gold Looted, +3% Ranged Damage, +10% Health & Mana, +3% Melee Damage, +1 Health Regen/Sec, +1 Mana Regen/Sec. The monsters you must kill, you will be encountering in normal game play so there is very little extra time required. If you are interested, the Gallery is upstairs on the opposite side of your room. Note that you might have to give Benwick a little time for the quest to appear. If it doesn’t, speak to him, exit, and return. The quest should then appear.

For Benwick’s first task, you must kill 4 Scavs and 6 Murghan. We need Scavs for an achievement anyway. Exit Gravehal and travel a short distance to Nesta Gwynedd—she should appear on your local map. Accept her quest. Fortuitously, it involves killing 4 Scavs.

Fast travel to Cape Solace and approach Brattigan. Your main quest updates before you even speak to her. Find Alder Malloi just a few steps away. Talk to him and offer to help. This completes a mission and starts the next one. Talk to Brattigan. Another critical dialog option is coming up. Make sure you select the top right choice:

Manic Pixie Dream Elf critical conversation #4: I’ll bring them back

Travel to Scuttle Beach to look for survivors. Talk to Thorir Arding. Offer to help save his wife. You’ll also find more than a dozen Murghan to complete Benwick’s first task. Since the quest is optional to the walkthrough, I’ll stop tracking it at this point.

Enter Cliffbreak Fasting. Talk to Nina Malloi who, then, accompanies you. Note that there is a lorestone in the dungeon. Just before you get to the lorestone is a chest with a map fragment. Pick it up. It’s for Aubrey’s next tasking and getting it now will save you a return trip. When it’s time to leave, Nina asks you what she should do. Answer that she should explore the wreck. Seek her out a day or so later and she will give you a unique longsword, The Niskaru Blade. She will ask you if she should investigate a second ship. This time direct her to stay in the village—there are adverse consequences to her if she leaves.

If she is sent after the leader Nina gets captured by bandits (who will be dealt with in The Invaders) and killed by the bandits (though she mysteriously returns for the events in Akara-Tor).

If she is told to stay in the village her little series of adventures ends and she remains in the village.

After rescuing Asa Arding, return to Captain Brattigan. There’s another critical dialog option—as always, make sure you pick the top right choice.

Manic Pixie Dream Elf critical conversation #5: I've got to find Dead Kel

Fast travel to Souldeep Fasting. After a quick conversation with Nina, enter the dungeon. Most of it is inaccessible at this point. Deliver the amulet to the watcher. Follow the quest marker to Quay, a fateweaver. Listen to his story. Afterwards, follow the quest marker to Dark Harbor.

You follow a meandering path fighting the Faer Gorta, Murghans, Leanashes, and Crudoks. You’ll want to have a full reckoning gauge at the end, but feel free to fight the first Crudok and minions with reckoning mode for experience and essences of fate. You’ll have plenty of time to build it back up.

Make an insurance save before you talk to Tari Holstig. He’ll be a white blip on your mini- & local maps—easily distinguishable from the red enemies. Note that you do not initiate the conversation. He accosts you as you get in his vicinity. After you pass the persuasion check, you get a new side quest—Justice Done.

Persuasion succeeded: 46 of 50

Keep Dark Harbor the active quest and follow the marker. You discover the Dark Harbor location when you descend the wooden ramp after encountering Tari. Enter. You are now off the world map and inside a ‘dungeon.’ Your task is to destroy 4 clearly marked gears. Approach each gear. You will not get a button prompt. Attack it to destroy it. You may want to make an insurance save just before destroying the fourth and final gear.

Destroying the fourth updates the quest—return to Quay. Follow the marker. After destroying a group of Faer Gorta, you may want to make an insurance save before the upcoming boss battle. Continue. After a short distance, Bloodgrin attacks. Activate reckoning mode and dispose of him and his minions. Quay shows up as a scripted encounter, saving you a trip. He rewards you with a Fate potion—the same item we created in the alchemical lab earlier for an achievement.

Quay tasks you to steal the requiem. This is as trivial as going up to the quest marker and pressing the interact button, completing Dark Harbor and starting the next quest—Until Death.

For now, make Justice Done the active quest. Fast travel to Siren’s Den and follow the quest marker. Sneak up behind the Scion and backstab her. It’s likely not to kill her but will give you a good head start against a powerful sorcerer. If you press the attack, she will not have time to cast a spell. Tari is close by. Follow the quest marker the short distance to his location. Speak to him to conclude the quest and collect your reward.

Make Until Death active. Fast travel to Cape Solace. Another critical dialog option is coming up with Brattigan. Make sure you select the top right choice:

Manic Pixie Dream Elf critical conversation #6: Thanks for the loyalty

You can return back to Rathir right now but we don’t need to. So, do NOT select the blue dialog option, “I want to sail.” Instead, fast travel to Souldeep Fasting after making sure your reckoning gauge is full. Enter. Talk to the watcher inside and then continue through the dungeon. The first door on your left that had been closed is now a fate door. Interact with it to open it.

Jump down. There’s a map fragment in a nearby quest. This is the third and final fragment for Aubrey’s current tasking. Open your inventory. Select any of the 3 jawbone fragments to assemble it into Dvergan map – The Jawbone.

Continue through more fate doors. Note the lorestone. Activate it. At the quest marker, speak to Bridgette Malloi. This initiates a fight during which she transforms. Wait until she teleports and returns—watching out for her ranged spells. Go into reckoning mode and defeat her.

When you exit Souldeep Fasting, make Scattered Fragments active. Fast travel to Mudhold Fasting. Don’t enter it but head instead towards the objective marker where Dvergan Cuirass is buried. Retrieve it and return to Aubrey. She gives you a Cape Solace fragment. You already collected the second fragment from Cliffbreak Fasting. The final fragment will not be available until after a future main quest is completed.

Return to Gravehal. Paddy is now ready to resume construction. He asks for 3 Beachstone, 4 Bearhide, 3 Emberwood, and 3 Seasteel. Follow the quest markers and pick up only the quantities Paddy needs. Return to Gravehal. After the customary wait, Paddy asks you to invite envoy Myfa Rhonwen to the Keep. Fast travel to Cape Solace, tell her to go to the Keep, and report to Paddy. Do NOT sit on the throne when the option becomes available. It initiates a series of 17 fairly trivial quests. Unless, you want to experience every facet of this opened world game, you can complete it much more efficiently by ignoring this aspect of the game.

Paddy is inside the Keep. Talk to him to complete Gravehal Tower and conclude the Gravehal restoration series of quests. You unlock:

Keep on Rising

Gravehal Keep has been fully restored.

Keep on Rising
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Note: Myfa offers diplomacy missions. If you make an alliance with the Varani; Erlen Vanik, an ambassador, arrives at the Keep. He is a 7-9 mercantile trainer. We are not at that level and no longer need mercantile skills. However, if you want to pursue this, talk to Myfa. First offer the maximum tribute. Then, the maximum trade. And, finally, make the alliance. Make an insurance save before asking Myfa for an alliance. Revert to it if the alliance is refused and try again.

Make Until Death active. Fast travel to Cape Solace and talk to Alder. Volunteer to be the scion and ask where the offering is to take place. Follow the quest marker to Akara-Tor and talk to Captain Brattigan. There are no critical choices. Make an insurance save for the upcoming boss fight. Continue towards the quest marker.

You have to defeat The Baronnet—a mage who uses fire, ice, and storm attacks. He also makes a clone of himself. He is easily defeated in reckoning mode. Nevertheless, you might prefer to wait until you are sure you can differentiate the real Baronnet from the clones. His alter egos suffer no damage but the real Baronnet’s defenses are not robust and he is quickly defeated when targeted. He does not use chakrams but drops a set as loot—the Baronett's Blades. They are probably less lethal than the set you are already using but will sell for a good price.

You can fast travel from and to Akara-Tor if you need to see a merchant. When you are ready, talk to Quay. You must choose a companion. It’s not a requirement for the Manic Pixie Dream Elf achievement, but I recommend Rast Brattigan. It seems to be the logical choice from a story standpoint. There’s also a pragmatic reason. Tari and Nina have stories of their own. Their circumstances differ depending on choices you made when you interacted with them previously. Brattigan’s story-line is fixed. Since the Akara-Tor segment has known bugs, its best to introduce as few variables as possible.

Stay close to whichever companion you choose and try to have your partner precede you whenever possible. In the initial part, you must precede but keep the companion close. After you beat the boss, the companion will run to exit the dungeon. This is where it’s best to follow. Keep tabs of the white blip on your mini-map denoting your companion’s location. There is a small possibility the companion will get irretrievably stuck behind an obstacle. Having your partner in front of you prevents this. If you have a problem, revert to a save. Needless to say, save often in case you are victimized by the bug.

You earn a twist of fate—+2% XP & +10% elemental damage.

There’s a lot of good loot in the Akara-Tor dungeon. We have not been collecting texts in the walkthrough. If you were inclined to do the Translation quest, there is a missable Dvergan text in a pile. It is only available during this segment of An Offering.

When you come to a 3-way split, go left first for the loot. It’s a dead-end. Backtrack and take the right fork. Find the Erathi Sigil-Stone that opens the middle passage. Follow the quest marker. Conversational choices do not matter. Your active quest changes automatically from An Offering to Exiles. Fight the boss. The boss will disappear and reappear. It's best to understand this pattern before using reckoning mode. Otherwise, you risk squandering your gauge on feeble minions. Loot the body at the conclusion of the fight before escaping the collapsing dungeon with your companion. Follow don’t lead. There are very weak enemies along the way. Let your companion strike first. If the companion does not attack the enemy this is one of the symptoms of a bug. It can be remedied by getting the enemies attention. Stand so that the companion is between you and the enemy. The enemy will strike at you and inadvertently hit the companion. This will energize the companion back into action. The likelihood of a bug is small and it can easily be remedied by reverting to a previous save. If the companion precedes you out of the dungeon, it is very unlikely you will encounter a bug.

Out of the dungeon, have a final conversation with your companion. Conversation choices do not matter. At the end of the conversation, the game will load you back at Cape Solace. Talk to Quay to conclude the quest and the Legend of Dead Kel main questline. You receive a twist of fate card that rewards you with a permanent +3% Chance to Critical Hit, +5% Physical Resistance, & -10% Equip Requirements.

Talk to Captain Brattigan. She’s very affectionate. You receive a unique Greatsword, The Harpy, and you unlock (Video 21):

Manic Pixie Dream Elf

Wooed Rast Brattigan.

Manic Pixie Dream Elf
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Do NOT choose, “I want to sail.” This returns you to Rathir. You can always come back but we might as well stay and complete the remaining Dead Kel achievements.

Back out of the conversation with Captain Brattigan and go over to Alder Malloi who is nearby. Offer to rescue his friends. This initiates The Invaders side quest. Make it active. Note that the final fight includes a Niskaru Tyrant who is easier to defeat in reckoning mode. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to fill the gauge.

Fast travel to Siren’s Den and take a route roughly northeast to the quest marker at Brigand's Hideaway cavern. The map which was previously blocked is now opened up as a result of completing the Exiles main quest. After discovering the entrance to the caverns and defeating the Red Legion bandits, check the pile of rocks south of the entrance. It contains the Privateer’s Hood—the fifth and final item of the Privateer’s set. Since many of the unique equipment in increase in efficacy the higher your level upon discovery, the Privateer’s Hood may provide more protection than the Shadowskin Cowl. Nevertheless, we want to stick with 4 items of the Shadowskin set for the experience bonus.

From the pile of rocks that had the Privateer’s Hood, walk north hugging the coastline to your right. Just before a tree with some bushes on the bottom you’ll find the last message in a bottle. It’s right at the edge.

Message in a Bottle VIII: Found bottle 8 of 8

Finding all 8 bottles unlocks:

Message in a Bottle

Located all eight message bottles in Gallows End.

Message in a Bottle
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Enter Brigand’s Hideaway and head towards the objective marker. Note that many of the bandits can be backstabbed.

At some point you learn that Calder Vonn is advancing his forces to Cape Solace and you must defeat him. Depending on the route you took through the dungeon, this could be sooner rather than later. Regardless, before leaving the dungeon, make sure you find the map fragment and activate the lorestone.

At the bottom of a jump point on a north-south western path is a pile. Loot it to get the third and final segment of the Cape Solace map. Open your inventory. Click on any of the 3 Cape Solace fragments to assemble the map.

Activate the lorestone at the northern-most tip of the caverns. This is the fifth and final Dead Kel lorestone that is inside a dungeon. The other dungeons with 1 lorestone each are Cliffbreak Fasting, Undersea Fasting, Mudhold Fasting, and Souldeep Fasting. The other 5 lorestones are all on the world map for a total of 10 Dead Kel lorestones.

Exit the dungeon and fast travel to Cape Solace. Move in the direction of the quest marker to find Calder Vonn. He summons a Niskaru Tyrant. Defeat the enemies conventionally or in reckoning mode. The Niskaru Tyrant counts as a Niskaru kill towards the achievement. Calder Vonn drops Maelstrom, an accessory that is more valuable for its sell price.

Return to Alder Malloi to complete the quest and collect your reward—the Skull of Varalin, head armor that requires a high 'might' prerequisite to wear but sells for a good price.

Make Scattered Fragments active and dig up the Dvergan Ceremonial Helm that is close by. Report to Aubrey. This concludes the Scattered Fragments quest but there is 1 more related activity we must do. Fast travel Mudhold Fasting. There is no quest marker. Look on your local map for a jump point due north and a little of east from where you ended up after fast traveling. Jump down. After defeating some Bogarts look behind the big rock—its far side with respect to the jump point. There is an ordinary crab not marked as an enemy. Kill it and loot it to obtain the Dvergan Gauntlets—the last piece of the Dvergan armor set—and Aubrey’s hand. Getting the hand unlocks:

Give Her a Hand

Found Aubrey Gilcrest's severed hand.

Give Her a Hand
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You might as well send the hand to junk. Aubrey will not take it from you.

Since we played efficiently and did not backtrack, we might have to track down some Scav for the Exterminator achievement for killing 50 Scavs. Check your achievement tracker. At this point, my achievement tracker showed I was 90% on the way to the exterminator achievement for killing 50 Scavs. I needed 5 more. So, I fast traveled to Cliffbreak Fasting that has 5 near the start of the dungeon on the right-hand path. Other places where Scavs appear are Flooded Cavern, Tidal Pools, Undersea Fasting, and Souldeep Fasting. If you need more than 5 and, since they are so conveniently found in Cliffbreak Fasting; you could kill the 5 there, sleep 48 hours or so in the Keep, and return after the 5 have respawned. Killing 50 Scavs unlocks:


Killed 50 Scavs.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

This concludes the achievements directly related to the Legend of Dead Kel line of quests. Before we depart, check your lorestones—press cn_start -> Status -> Lorestones. Second from the left on the bottom you should have 5 Gravehal stones giving you a reward of +10% damage against beasts for completing the set. In the bottom middle, you should show 5 Gallow’s End stones giving you a reward of +6% critical hit damage.

If you need more detailed information, check the Lorestones page. 4 of the Gravehal stones are on the world map that should be largely visible by now. Note that 1 of the lorestones was in the Gravehal tunnels at the T-intersection. This is not a dungeon and will appear as a bright blue dot on your world map. The fifth Gravehal stone was in the last dungeon—Brigand’s Hideaway. Only 1 Gallow’s End stone is on the world map. The others are in the Mudhold Fasting, Undersea Fasting, Cliffbreak Fasting, and Souldeep Fasting listed in the order they are mentioned on this page.

Combat Training is an optional side quest. You fight beasts so it's a good way to take your newly acquired 10% damage against beasts out for a spin. It is quick, easy, and gives some good accessory and weapon rewards. You can sell those you don’t want to use for a good price. Talk to Ollie Madsen, the Gravehal Keep Master at Arms. Accept a timed battle. You can fight the different opponents in any sequence. The battles are separated into 2 categories. Small Beasts include groups of 4 Rats, 5 Brownies, 5 Boggarts, and 4 Spiders. Large Beasts include groups of 2 Bears, 4 Wolves, 3 Barghests, and 1 Root Golem. If you accepted this quest earlier, note that the Root Golem does not become available until after you defeat Dead Kel.

You get rewards when you beat Ollie’s records. The rewards are issued at the 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 marks. The Dvergan Swords for beating 5 records is, in my opinion, the most valuable reward—though you have probably already acquired a dagger set more powerful. If so, the Dvergan Swords can be sold for a goodly sum.

When you have finished all your business, go to Captain Brattigan and ask her to set sail. She will return you to Rathir and we’ll embark on the Teeth of Naros questline.

Captain Brattigan returns us to Rathir. Before we begin Teeth of Naros, go to the Lower Tunnels. Buy 2 Master Phasewalk potions from Gelphyne Nargyfier. Make Teeth of Naros the active quest.

Open the world map and look in the southwestern corner. The quest marker should be in Ettinmere labeled as, “Contact the Expedition.” Fast travel as close as you can get to it and walk the rest of the way. To save yourself some time later on, "discover" the Ballads Oratory just to the southwest of the quest marker. Don’t go in the Ballads Oratory but, if you picked up some loot along the way, you can sell it to a gem merchant, Rey Kildeen, just to the left of the Ballads Oratory entrance. When you are ready, proceed to the marker.

Enter the dungeon to discover Helyc’s Camp. Speak to Helyc and offer your assistance. Follow him to the southern passage. Proceed south. There will be traps later on so be on your guard. Your detect hidden is 10 so they will all be marked on your mini- and local maps. When you are forced to turn right (west), you'll see Denric’s Journal, I lying on a stone block. We'll unlock an achievement for finding Denric. His journal is not directly associated with the achievement. It is related to some purely optional activities relating to future interactions with Denric. This journal is the first in a set of 3. The walkthrough will point out all 3 in case you feel compelled to conclude the little vignette about Denric.

Continue. After a couple of scripted events, you are introduced to a new enemy, the Pteryx. You must kill 50 of them for an achievement. They are plentiful so the walkthrough will not count the kills.

During the next scripted event, ask Helyc, “Will you be alright?” and provide him with a healing potion. If you don’t do that, he will perish. There is no impact on game completion if he does perish. He will not accompany you in this quest line whether he lives or dies. However, if he lives, you can meet up with him later in the game and he will provide you with some items of interest.

You come to an ornate doorway in the shape of a semi-circle. Before you open it, look to the left and pick up Denric's Journal, II. Make an insurance save because some hazards are just ahead. Use the mechanism to the right of the doorway to open it. Enter and jump down at the jump point.

The traps here—huge swinging bladed pendulums—cannot be disarmed. They can be instantly fatal. Time your passage through them. The short blink teleport of the Warlock destiny card is a good way to move quickly. The poison traps and mines are not as lethal and can be disarmed.

Denric’s Journal, III can be found on top of some glowing stones just to the left of the next semi-curcular doorway. After picking up the journal, use the mechanism as before to open the gate.

You enter a chamber. The quest updates and directs you to, “Examine the artifact.” Do so. After the cut scene and the ensuing dialog, you receive a twist of fate card as a reward: +10% damage while in reckoning mode.

Follow the quest marker to the exit and enter the Teeth of Naros region. This concludes the current quest and initiates “The Rites of Passage” quest.

Make an insurance save for 2 quick persuasion checks coming up. Jump down into Secandra’s Camp and talk to Secandra. After a fight you talk to her again. Persuade her with, “A recluse?” and again with, “Never listen to him?

Persuasion succeeded: 47-48 of 50

The quest updates. Now that you are out of the Southern Passage dungeon, you are back on the world map and can fast travel. Unlike Dead Kel, you have access to the main continent if you need to return in order to sell something or have to conduct other business.

Follow the quest marker and talk to Remes. He will give you a primal weapon. The primal aspect works similar to an environmental enhancement and is a magic type introduced in Teeth of Naros. You may dabble in primal weapons if you want and equip them if the primal variants are the best available weapons for the task at hand.

Before you follow the quest marker into the tower, make sure your reckoning gauge is charged and that you have your best pair of daggers in either the primary or secondary weapon slot. We’ll use daggers for their precision in the final fight and they will assist in getting an achievement. As you ascend the tower, note that many of the Jottun can be backstabbed for easy kills. This is particularly the case if you have unlocked Smoke Bomb in your Finesse abilities. Use it just before you sneak up behind the Jottuns to ensure you will not be detected.

When you get to the peak, make an insurance save prior to the upcoming achievement for killing Warlord Kahrunk without killing his attendants. You will not be able to sneak up to Kahrunk. Use a smoke bomb, greater phasewalk, or minor phasewalk and enter the open area while invisible. You trigger a cut scene followed by a boss battle with the customary large enemy health gauge on the upper right of the screen.

As soon as you gain control, open up inventory->consumables and use 1 of the 2 Master Phasewalk potions you bought in the Rathir lower tunnels. You cannot use a second phasewalk of the same type before the first runs out. You can, however, use 2 phasewalks of different types. They do not stack but this ensures you remain invisible and will have the full effect of the Master Phasewalk potion.

Activate reckoning mode. Attack the boss with the daggers. You want to target only the large Jottun and not have any collateral damage befall either of the 2 Kobolds. The attendants are quite puny and might be killed if you use weapons like chakrams that have "splash" effects. By the same token, you don’t want to use magic abilities that have area of effect damage.

Once you kill Kahrunk without killing his attendants, you unlock (Video 22):

The Harder They Fall

You’ve bested Kahrunk without killing his attendants.

The Harder They Fall
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

As soon as your invisibility wears off, the Kobold attendants will attack. Defend yourself. Once the achievement pops, you can kill them without adverse consequence. Return to Remes’s camp and speak to Secandra. In the conversation, ask her to spare the Jottun. This has a very slight beneficial effect later on.

Follow Secandra. Activate the mechanism, the Henge, to enter Idylla. Doing so unlocks (Video 23):

Beam Me Up

Used the Henge to enter Idylla.

Beam Me Up
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

For the achievement coming up, there is no need for an insurance save because the game auto-saves just before. This assumes you want to unlock the achievement as soon as it becomes available. If you wait till later, you'll want a manual save just before you execute for reasons that will soon become clear. Follow Secandra. She tells you to watch out. Naturally, like an unruly child you ignore her warning. You plunge into the abyss--killing yourself and unlocking (Video 24):

I Regret Nothing

Fell to your death from the Idylla Concourse.

I Regret Nothing
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Reload your last save. Leave Secandra be for the moment. Go to the Idylla market and buy a backpack from Ampelio. This increases your inventory carrying capacity by 10 slots. You should be up to 120 by now.

Labor of Love: Side Quest

Exit the Idylla Market. Open your local map and find Pacetor—an NPC with a quest-giver’s exclamation point. Speak to him and tell him that you could check on his wife. Open up your world map and fast travel to Secandra’s Camp. From there, go roughly east towards the quest marker. Once there, inspect the unfinished statue and read the “old letter” lying on the ground under the tarpaulin. The quest updates, directing you to return to Pacetor.

Before you do, follow the road in a clockwise direction around Teeth of Naros opening chests with lucrative loot as you make your rounds. There’s a twist of fate card reward (not an achievement) for discovering all Teeth of Naros locations. Refer to the map below

As you progress, activate the 5 lorestones that show up as bright blue dots on your local map. Discover Nyxaros at location 1 but don’t enter. As you go back towards the road, you will be accosted by 3 Pteryces—defeat them to increase your Pteryx kill count for the achievement.

Go up the road at location 2. Kill 2 groups of Pteryces in the Pteryx Eries. At the top, enter Eyrie Peak and defeat a final group. Use the jump point to jump back down into the Pteryx Eries. You’ll land near the remains of a group of Pteryces you defeated before and it is likely a new group will spawn. If so, defeat it.

At point 3, talk to Berenike in Berenike's Camp and accept the Ashes to Ashes side quest. She wants you to destroy 3 urns, each guarded by a silver troll. Charge up your reckoning gauge before fighting each one. Reckoning mode is not required to beat them but you will earn substantial experience. If possible lure nearby enemies towards you before approaching the trolls to gain even more experience. It’s a very simple quest—3 fights whose locations are clearly indicated with markers. After each fight, break the nearby urn. When all 3 urns are smashed, return to Berenike for your reward.

There are other quest givers but Berenike is the only one who gives a significant reward for little effort. In your travels, make sure you take the side road south to discover the Earth Shrine and the side road north to discover the Air Shrine.

Finally, discover the 5 Kollossae Altars. Each is marked with a red X—my annotation not the game’s. They are a little challenging to find because you have to go through a short passageway to find each one. The trick to discover them is to locate a chest surrounded by black. Each altar has a chest nearby containing valuable loot. Since your detect hidden skill is 10, these chests will appear on your local map even though the passageway will not. The altars, too, will not appear until discovered. Once discovered, they will show up as a green dot. 1 of the altars is guarded by Pteryces so you can add to your kill count.

Once you have discovered all locations—the most important being the Kollossae Altars—you will earn the Trailblazer Twist of Fate card: +1 Finesse Abilities & +5% Piercing Damage. This is of minor benefit although the more piercing damage we have the more lethal our daggers become—especially against tough well-armored opponents. The main purpose of our exercise was to activate lorestones, kill Pteryces, and discover locations that we will later fast travel to in order to simplify quests. I got the card when I discovered the fifth altar even though there were 2 locations I had not been to--the Idylla Sewers and the Under Sewers. If you have fully uncovered the lower map and have not gotten the twist of fate card, you should earn it when an upcoming quest takes you through the sewers to the under sewers.

Note: Around this time—perhaps a little sooner or a little later—you will have 38 Finesse and 38 Sorcery. Make sure you upgrade to the Spellcloak destiny—the second highest in the Finesse/Sorcery progression. It includes but is not limited to:

  • +30% Elemental Damage
  • +15% Piercing Damage
  • Poison Blink 2 - Short-range teleport with Poison Effect Replaces Dodge.

After you progress to Spellcloak, continue to allocate points equally between finesse and sorcery. When you have at least 55 points in each, you make Shadowcaster available and unlock an achievement.

Fast travel to Idylla and return to Pracetor. Make an insurance save before you talk to him. There’s a mid-range persuasion check coming up. Use a social grace potion if you have one. Ask persuasively, “What was that statue?” If you fail it, there’s a higher probability check immediately following. You can only get 1 successful persuasion check in this dialog so there’s no down side if you fail the first and pass the second. In the unlikely event you fail both first and second attempts, load the insurance save and try again.

Persuasion succeeded: 49 of 50

The quest updates. Kill Kurn—a fairly powerful enemy. You may want to use Reckoning mode. However, if your gauge is not full, take him down with conventional attacks. If you have them, you can use some potions to boost your attacks. Nevertheless, it is not a particularly difficult fight. After killing Kurn, return to Pacetor for the reward.

Go to Idylla’s Living Quarters. Speak to Pagus and accept his quest—Of My Own Invention. Return to the concourse and make Shapen in Iniquity, the main quest, active. Return to Secandra and follow her. Speak to Anokatus when she tells you to. You must recover Arkes’ Circlet.

After talking to Secandra, enter the sewers as indicated by the amber arrow. As soon as you enter, change the active quest to Of My Own Invention. Follow the quest marker west. You’ll encounter a group of 3 Pteryces. You’ll recall there’s an achievement for killing 50 of them. Since your detect hidden is at level 10, you’ll clearly see the traps Pagus wants you to test. Note that the one on the east is a combined ice mine and spike trap. The one in the center is a sliding blade. The one to the west is a spike trap. The lever that activates them is just to the north of the traps. The traps will not affect you. They must be activated by levers.

We’re going to use these traps to get an achievement for killing 25 enemies with traps. It’s mildly tricky to get to the levers. You must go a little bit south to a sewers ladder. Once you have ascended, you can go north directly to the lever. You'll note that it is not a single lever but an array of 3 levers. Facing the traps, the one on the left corresponds to the one with the dual trap. So it is a little easier than the other 2. However, you can use any combination you want. A good tactic is to use the lever on the right to trap the lead rat. Then, quickly move to the left-most lever to trap the rats behind the leader. Each lever requires a second or so to reset. So, you can't just spam. It doesn't matter if you let a few rats escape--there are plenty more. You will satisfy Pagus’s requirement before you unlock the achievement. So, continue trapping rats until you unlock the following achievement (Video 25):


Killed 25 enemies with traps.

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you did not trap 25 rats before they stopped spawning, you don't have to reload a save. When you return to Pagus to collect your reward, he will ask you to trap more rats and you can use that opportunity to unlock the achievement.

Note: When KoA: Reckoning was first released on the Xbox 360, this was a base game achievement. Before the Teeth of Naros DLC came out, the achievement was unlocked using the Finesse Frost Trap ability to kill 25 enemies. That is an ability of little value and I do not recommend you acquiring it unless, for your own reasons, you'd like to do so. Nevertheless, even if you do not acquire that ability, if you pull up the achievement tracker, you might notice you have made some progress. This is because you have been fighting enemies in the vicinity of traps. Any enemy killed by a trap that was in the environment is credited to you. So, quite likely, you have to trap fewer than 25 rats for the achievement to unlock.

Make "Shapen in Iniquity" the active quest. From the levers, go south a very short ways until you can turn right (west). Go through the door and turn left. You will see the Northern Henge. Use it to travel to Sewers - East. Follow the quest marker. Go west, then south, take the sewers ladder, and head to the Under Sewers Entrance. The sarcophagus is just in front of you. Make an insurance save for an upcoming persuasion check. Open the sarcophagus and take the circlet. In the dialog, say, “Tell me,” to persuade Secandra to reveal what’s on her mind.

Persuasion succeeded: 50 of 50

Since this is the fiftieth successful persuasion attempt, you unlock:

A Wink and a Smile

You have succeeded at 50 Persuasion attempts.

A Wink and a Smile
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

If you haven't been following every persuasion check in the walkthrough and the achievement doesn’t unlock here, there are several dozen opportunities still available including a few in Teeth of Naros.

Proceed east. Follow the path in a clockwise direction down the jump points and taking the sewer ladder. You will reach a hidden door roughly north of where you entered the Under Sewers. Enter it. Follow the path and take the jump point down. Check your local map. You'll see a white blip denoting an NPC labeled, "Strange Man." You unlock the following achievement when you approach and talk to him:

Mistaken Identity

You’ve found a strange Almain who has been hiding in the sewers of Idylla.

Mistaken Identity
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

If you'd like, though this is optional, you can continue to interact with the strange man. It turns out he is Denric, the author of the 3 journals we found in the southern passage. Most of the conversational options when followed result in small rewards. Denric's requests are minor and do not show up in your log as either quests or tasks.

Geoff has sworn a written oath of fealty and must return. Geoff turns out to be a non-hostile brownie in the passage just to the west. Show Geoff the written oath of fealty and he will return to Denric. Reneval, the "usurper," is a little further away. Pull up your local map and hover your cursor over an enemy in a passage to Denric's southwest. The enemy will be identified as Reneval. The usurper turns out to be a giant rat. Kill it and loot its remains to recover the key it stole from Denric. Return to Denric who will reward you. Exhaust all conversational options. When you talk about books--the journals you recovered in the southern passage--his memory and sanity will return. He will give you a small reward in gold.

Go south from the Denric and continue to follow the path in a clockwise direction using the jump points where available. When you emerge from the Under Sewers into the Idylla sewers, there’s a nearby exit to the Living Quarters. Report back to Pagus to conclude the side quest and collect the reward.

Make “Shapen in Iniquity” the active quest. Return to Anokatos who gives you the next task and accompanies you. Follow him to the henge and beam down to the Teeth of Naros. He wants you to hunt Pteryces and leads you to them. So, you’ll put a dent in your requirement of 50 kills for the achievement. After killing the first 2 groups, follow Anokatos into Eyrie Peak.

Depending on how many Pteryces you killed earlier, you may have reached the kill count of 50. If so, you will unlock:

Murder Most Fowl

Killed 50 Pteryx.

Murder Most Fowl
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you haven’t reached the kill count yet, a little later, the Pteryces will respawn. You should know where they are. You can check your achievement tracker to see how many you still need. The walkthrough will point out a good time to increase your kill count if you need to do so.

After acquiring the final Pteryx Vane and speaking to Anokatos, the quest concludes and you receive your reward. Talk to Anokatos who gives you the next quest—Into Temptation. He wants you to meet him at Hyperian Temple. Once there, enter the temple.

Follow Anokatos who needs your talents as the ‘Beckoned One’ to rearrange the terrain and advance. Follow the quest marker down jump points and activate the glowing orb to open the walkway and allow Anokatos to join you. A little further you repeat this process. Closer to the bottom, you open a door.

When you reach the bottom, following the cut scene, you must escape the temple. Note that you now have a negative effect called Shattered Fate. If you get hit, your reckoning gauge will decrease. This is of little consequence because we will not need to activate reckoning mode until after the negative effect is dispelled. Moreover, the walkthrough has emphasized evasion as the primary defensive technique. If you want to charge your reckoning gauge, use your evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit.

Along the way, you meet Secandra who replaces Anokatos as your companion. She gives you the reward for the current quest. A little later, after another conversation, you begin the next quest—The Perpetual Desolations.

After reaching the surface, fast travel or follow the quest marker to Nyxaros. If you need more Pteryx kills, back up towards the main road. 3 Pteryces will attack. Defeat them to add to your kill count. Enter Nyxaros. You meet up with Secandra again.

Note that you will find a set of lorestones in Nyxaros. Make sure you activate all 5.

You encounter the Choir Master. After you defeat him and his minions, Secandra gives you a reward. She tells you that you can do only 1 of 2 things. From a quest standpoint, the outcome is the same. So, make your decision based on your own concept of the lesser of 2 evils. However, there is a lorestone in each path—1 to the east and the other to the south. So, as soon as you trigger your preferred option, activate the lorestone and backtrack to the other. Then, proceed on the path you selected. This will complete the Nyxaros set.

You only have time to save either the Jottun slaves or Anakatos’s Counsel. It’s a little simpler to rescue the Counsel to the south. There is an interesting story addition if you had previously told Secandra to spare the Jottun survivors after killing Kahrunk and now choose to rescue the Jottun slaves (to the east). This results in a permanent peace between the Kollossae and the Jottun. Once you free the slaves, they’ll assist you in the battle. When you return to the surface, any Jottun on your mini- and local maps will be depicted as white, friendly NPC blips and not red enemy blips. Nevertheless, if you free the slaves, the Counsel will perish.

Once you bring the option you choose to its conclusion, you speak to Arkes. Go through the hidden door. Afterwards, speak to Secandra to conclude The Perpetual Desolations and begin the final main quest, Ascension. Take the nearby exit to the Teeth of Naros.

Secandra tells you to go to Idylla. You cannot fast travel there so you meet her at the Henge. There, you learn of your next tasks.

Fast travel to the Earth Shrine. If you didn’t discover the location earlier, follow the quest marker to the end of the side road leading south. Enter. You must follow a mysterious light (or follow the quest marker on your mini-map). The light will stop if you need to loot chests or fight and loot enemies. At the end, unseal the Earth Shrine. This concludes the current task and you must now go to the Air Shrine.

Fast travel to the Air Shrine. If you haven’t gotten the Murder Most Fowl achievement, follow the quest marker, taking the eastern route up through the Pteryx Eries. The Pteryces will have respawned and should give you your kill count of 50. Note that there are 6 Pteryces in the Air Shrine so consult your achievement tracker to help figure out how to meet your objective of 50 kills. If you’re still missing a few, you can always "farm" them later after they respawn.

Inside the Air Shrine, activate the whirlwinds at each of the 2 quest markers. This creates an "air" bridge up the middle of the cavern. Cross it, defeat a silver troll, and unseal the Air Shrine. This concludes the task. You must now confront the boss.

Once you exit the cavern, fast travel to the Hyperian Temple. Enter and descend. Defeat enemies to charge your reckoning gauge in anticipation of the boss fight. Make an insurance save just before you reach the quest marker.

The boss will teleport so do NOT immediately activate Reckoning Mode. He'll fight for a while and then retreat. If you activate Reckoning Mode early, you risk the boss teleporting away before you can fate shift. You might want to use some potions to boost your attack and defense. Keep an eye on the boss's health bar. When it has about 25%, go into reckoning mode just after the boss teleports back to your level. Defeating the boss causes the temple to collapse. Stay behind Secandra as she exits. Falling rocks and debris will not hurt either of you but might push Secandra behind an obstacle.

Once you exit, talk to Secandra. The main quest line completes unlocking the following achievement:

We Built this City

You helped the Kollossae in the Teeth of Naros break free from their fate.

We Built this City
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

You also earn a Twist of Fate card--Herald of the Guards. It gives you a permanent +2% Experience Bonus and a +5% Bleeding Damage Reduction.

You can fast travel back to the main continent unless there are activities you'd like to pursue. If you did not get all 50 persuasions, a new quest with 3 quick persuasions has just become available in Idylla--Dramatis Personnae. Speak to Straton to initiate the quest. When he asks, recommend the following casting:

  • Hero -> Zotikus
  • Villain -> Ariope
  • Jottun -> Rhode

When he asks you to be the narrator, instead of telling him what he wants to hear, use persuasion 3 times. Make sure you make an insurance save before the persuasion checks:

  • I don't like this role.
  • Should I have a costume?
  • I look ridiculous.

Persuasion succeeded: 51-53

Another fairly simple quest with 3 persuasion checks is Back to Basics. Fast travel to Hystis’ Camp down in the Teeth of Naros. Talk to Hystis and agree to help. Persuade Heliodorus (after an insurance save) in Idylla’s Living Quarters to give the family ring to Hystis. Next, deliver the journal to Dareios in Berenike's Camp. Finally, persuade Korrinna to join her husband. She’s on the Idylla Concourse. Make an insurance save before talking to her. Return to Hystis’s Camp to conclude the quest. Save. Persuade Hystis to postpone joining the Jottun.

Persuasion succeeded: 54-56

The walkthrough will no longer track side quests with persuasion checks. There will be more persuasion checks in the faction quests and main questline. Once you have the achievement, you can choose conversational options other than persuasion. Nevertheless, the persuasion option usually has some slight advantage.

Warsworn Faction Questline

Make The Road Patrol, a Warsworn faction quest, active. Fast travel to Didenhil. Talk to Wyl Rendig. Then, fast travel to Warden's Bridge and talk to Ost Ordura. Search for clues marked by quest markers and amber arrows. Don’t be distracted by the scripted events affecting members of the party. After finding the first few clues, Ost will speak with you and you must find more clues. Once you find the clues, you fight a Niskaru and follow Ost to Brigand Hall Caverns where you fight more Niskaru. It is about this point that you will have killed 25 Niskaru. Doing so, will unlock:

Niskaru Slayer

Killed 25 Niskaru.

Niskaru Slayer
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

If you don’t pop the achievement here, you will soon. There are quite a few Niskaru to be killed in the Warsworn faction quest line.

Talk to Ost to conclude The Road Patrol and trigger the next quest—The Heart of Sibun. Enter the Caverns with Ost. Ost warns you about traps, but your level 10 detect hidden skill will clearly reveal them to you. Disarm or bypass them.

When you reach the impasse, you assume the lead. You circumvent the bypass—watch out for swinging blades that are more lethal than the other traps. Open the way for Ost. Continue on. Note the hidden door that leads to some pretty decent loot.

Continue through the dungeon. At the end, you fight a Niskaru Tyrant. You may have noted that the enemies on this quest are far less powerful than the ones you encountered in the Teeth of Naros. This mid-boss is no different. You should easily defeat it regardless of weapons or abilities. Note that it is weak to ice if you want this short fight to conclude even more rapidly.

Recover the Heart of Sibun artifact. Leave the dungeon through the nearby exit and fast travel to Shieldring Keep. Speak to Tine Delfric to conclude the quest and receive the next one—Lock and Key.

Fast travel to Ayten. From there, travel east on the main road to Helmgard Keep. You’ll find the enemies to be under-powered. It’s a good opportunity to kill the with abilities (cn_RT + the button to which you have mapped the ability). Alternate between ice and storm abilities to avoid having to wait for the cool-down.

At Helmgard Keep, talk to Grian Shane who sends you to the Ancient Vault. Exit the Keep and take the main road south and then a side road southeast following the quest marker to the vault. At the vault, talk to Gwyn Anwy.

Enter with Gwyn. You can backstab all the enemies or just overwhelm them. Once they are all dead, Gwyn says you must return and leaves. In spite of her urgent tone, stay to loot all the valuable chests including those behind the hidden door. Exit the vault and return to Helmgard. Speak to Grian and then to Gwyn. Make a save before you talk to Gwyn if you still need to pass persuasion checks—there are 2 in the conversation.

If you pass the persuasion checks, Gwyn will tell you that you can have a ring, an accessory. The quest marker will direct you there. It is of value only in and of itself. After you take it or ignore it, talk to Grian. Fast travel to Tirin’s Rest and go to the Locksmith’s. Go downstairs to the lab. Defeat the enemies and talk to Tefroy Tarion. Ask him about the key.

Tefroy is also a 1-3 trainer and you can get a point in lockpicking for 15,120 gold.

Tirin's Rest has not been very hospitable to us. It's a good place to go on a rampage and spread some hate & discontent for a couple of achievements. We could have done them earlier but wanted to wait until we had enough gold to squander on fines. It's possible to do them on a throw-away and revert to a previous save before spending the money. Nevertheless, there is a minute chance that the overarching Perfectionist achievement could be glitched. So the safest option is to earn the crime related achievements as part of regular play.

Unequip your primary weapon. Go up to a citizen or guard and enter aggressive mode by pressing up on the D-pad - cn_up. Press cn_X to punch him. A cutscene will show you being apprehended. You are presented with options: Resist, pay the fine, or go to jail as we did at the beginning of the game. Choose to pay the fine. Continue assaulting the innocent victim and paying the fine until you spend 10K in gold and unlock:

Crime Doesn't Pay

Spent over 10,000 gold in crime bribes.

Crime Doesn't Pay
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Continue the assaults and paying the fine until you are apprehended for the 25th time and unlock:

A Life of Crime

Got caught committing a crime 25 times.

A Life of Crime
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

Fast travel back to Helmgard Keep. Talk to Grian. This concludes Lock and Key and triggers the next mission—The House of No Doors.

Talk to Livia Fenan and return to Grian. Grian directs you to seek out Elbin Meroch—the person Livia revealed. Fast travel to Moon Camp. Exit and take the main road south a short distance towards the quest marker. Make an insurance save before talking to Elbin for the upcoming persuasion check. If you don’t need a successful check, you can fight him if you fail to persuade him in order to get the information.

Fast travel to Rathir and go to the Customs House. Make an insurance save before talking to Oneth Tansand—right in front of you as you enter. Note that the quest marker will take you to the window grill where you can proceed with the quest directly by using persuasion in lieu of the password. However, you can squeeze out an additional persuasion check if you need it by talking to Oneth first.

Ask Oneth where you can find Harst. When he feigns ignorance use persuasion—“Don’t make me hurt you.” He’ll give you the password and tells you to go downstairs to the window grill. Do so and "talk" to the window grill. Since you know the password, you could choose, “Five-and-nine by night.” If you need another successful persuasion check, choose, “I know about the meddler.” If you don’t learn the password beforehand, you will still have the persuasion option. It’s a mid-probability check that you can easily fail. So, if you don’t need it, choose the password.

Passing the persuasion check or using the password, opens up a passage to the Catacombs.

You can backstab or fight the patrolling guards. There are also some rats and the occasional trap. At the end, you come upon Mad Harst, a mage, and a Niskaru Bloodhound. Mad Harst is a high level opponent but not a boss. If your reckoning gauge is full, use it. However, the battle is not challenging if fought conventionally. After looting chest and corpses, exit via the ladder at the far end as directed by the quest marker.

Your next task is to speak to Gwyn just a few steps away. Doing so will conclude The House of No Doors quest and trigger—The Isle of Eamonn quest. You will be isolated on the isle. If your inventory is full and/or you need items, you may want to check in with a merchant before departing.

After speaking to Gwyn, follow her to the pier. Talk to Captain Fros Gonthorm to set sail to the isle.

From where you disembark, head right (roughly northeast). The quest marker is deceptive, it looks like you should head northwest but the way is blocked—you have to go the long way around. Enter Eamonn’s Fortress. The Fahrlangi are powerful. The Poison Blink Two—short-range teleport with poison effect is very effective against them. Their power is in their ranged magic attacks. They are at a disadvantage if you teleport close to them and strike with daggers using their very quick attacks.

Note the 3 hidden doors each to your right as you proceed deeper into the fortress. There are a couple of Niskaru Bloodhunters inside the second hidden door if you still need to work on your kill count. The third hidden door is the exit so do not use it until after you reach the quest marker in the chapel.

You reach the chapel and confront a large group of Fahrlangi. Its members include mages who can summon Niskaru Bloodhunters. Defeat them. It was at this point I reached 500 kills with abilities and unlocked (Video 26):

And Then There Were None

Killed 500 enemies with abilities.

And Then There Were None
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

You may already have unlocked it because I did not use abilities during Teeth of Naros. If you haven’t, you can check the achievement tracker to see your progress.

Check the mural at the quest marker. Gwyn deciphers it. The quest updates. You must go to Shieldring. Exit through the nearby hidden door, jump down, and have Captain Gonthorm return you to Rathir. Fast travel to Shieldring and speak to Tine Delfric. This concludes The Isle of Eamonn and initiates the next mission in the Warsworn faction questline—The Mystic Hammer. You must go to Eagonn’s tomb.

Delfric gives you the The Warsworn Monuments Key to gain entrance. This key also opens a special chest in Shieldring, Helmgard, and 2 in Ironfast. These locks on these chests cannot be picked and can only be opened with the Warsworn Monuments Key.

While you’re at Shieldring, find the special chest behind the hidden door and open it. Then exit the Keep and fast travel to the Caverns of Ingress. From there, travel on foot to the quest marker at Eagonn’s Tomb. Enter, walk forward, press cn_A to interact with Eagonn’s Tomb thus unlocking it with the Monuments Key. The quest updates. Go to Ironfast.

Exit and fast travel to Ironfast Keep. While you’re there, open the special chest that unlocks with the Monuments Key. It’s behind a gate with a pickable lock in the northern wing—the chest on the left. Talk to Gwyn Anwy in the southern wing. She says you must forge the hammer in the Hall of the Firstsworn.

Exit the Keep. Fast travel to Hall of the Firstsworn and enter. Note that you have several locations to harvest a rare reagent—Scarab Salts which you most likely also found while doing the Teeth of Naros questline. Fight your way through a few enemies to the quest marker. The door appears to be sealed with an impenetrable barrier. However, after a brief dialog with Gwyn, the door is revealed to be a fateshift door and the fateless one enters by pressing the interact button.

Proceed until you come to the room with a forge. There are 2 chests in the room. The chest on the right contains a Blacksmithing Skill Book. Read it to advance your blacksmithing skill by a point unless you have already maxed the skill. After looting the chests, press the interact button to use Vlaskar’s Forge. Talk to Gwyn to conclude The Mystic Hammer and initiate the final Warsworn faction quest—The Mountain Prison.

Exit the Hall of the Firstworn. Hug the cliff wall to your left and follow the terrain to the quest marker at Cloudcrest. Enter and turn left.

Use the enemies to charge your reckoning gauge for the final boss battle. You’ll encounter quite a few Fahrlangi mages. They float above the ground. Attack 1 with the daggers. The weapon’s very fast speed should land 5 or more consecutive hits. Doing so will unlock (Video 27):


Landed 5 consecutive hits on an airborne enemy.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

If you don’t get the achievement here, it will come naturally in the course of play when we upgrade the Chakrams and unlock the Orbital Blades attack. The nature of the attack is to launch an enemy, the fast spinning blades pummeling the airborne enemy with numerous hits. The conventional way is to launch an enemy with a sword as your primary weapon and then rapidly press cn_Y to fire a flurry of arrows into the airborne enemy with your bow equipped as the secondary weapon. However, there's no need to practice trick plays because soon you'll be pummeling numerous airborne enemies with the Chakrams as soon as Orbital Blades becomes available.

When you reach an impasse, equip the Mystic Hammer as your primary weapon. Use it to destroy the pillar—the first of 6 you must destroy. After you destroy each pillar, 1 or 2 Niskaru will attack. The Mystic Hammer is a powerful weapon. It inflicts an additional +25% damage against Niskaru. However, we've invested no points in hammer mastery so it’s best to use a secondary weapon against the Niskaru—daggers work very well.

When you destroy the final pillar, re-equip your normal primary weapon. Make a save. There’s a persuasion check that you probably don’t need. More importantly, there’s a decision branch. You have the option of continuing to support the Warsworn or betray them. Either option will successfully complete the Warsworn faction questline and award the achievement. However, if you betray them, you will not be able to use their services. Note that we have not done any of the quests available from bulletin and quest-givers in Warsworn Keeps. Accordingly, the walkthrough will continue to support the Warsworn. If you’d like to experiment, you can reload the save and try the other option.

Just ahead of the final pillar is Anru Besin. He will begin the conversation. Pass the persuasion check. He agrees he was mistaken but attacks anyway. Do NOT immediately use reckoning mode. You cannot defeat Anru until you first defeat the Fahrlangi. Once you defeat the Fahrlangi, the magical barrier that protects Anru is dispelled and you can attack him. Activate reckoning mode to defeat Anru and the 3 Niskaru he summons. Khamazandu will speak through Anru. He offers 2 choices. There is a third conversational option, but it is information only. Choose the lower right choice, “That will never happen!”

Talk to Gwyn and exit Cloudcrest the way you came. When you get to the Cloudcrest Passage, turn left and descend the consecutive jump points. After you exit, fast travel to Hall of the Firstsworn. Speak to Tine Delfric to conclude the quest and receive your reward. You receive the Truesworn twist of fate card—+1 to might abilities, +10% critical hit chance vs. Niskaru, & +6% stun duration. This concludes the Warsworn quest line and you unlock:


Completed the Warsworn storyline quests.

Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Note that if you accepted Khamazandu's offer to become his instrument, this will conclude the Warsworn quest line and award you the above achievement. You also initiate an interesting quest—Khamazandu's Gift—where you go on a rampage against the Warsworn. At its end, you are awarded the Forsworn twist of fate card+10% Physical Damage, +1 to Might Abilities, +5% Fire Damage. The boost to physical damage and fire is of more value to us than the Truesworn twist of fate card buffs. Nevertheless, the walkthrough will stand by the Warsworn.

House of Ballads Faction Questline

We were introduced to the House of Ballads in one of the earliest side quests—Building Bridges. This was not a faction quest but it led us to Hallam the White who gave us the Song of Sagrell faction quest that initiated the House of Ballads faction questline. Completing it triggered the next quest in line—Ballad of Bloody Bones. Make it the active quest. If you don't have any Purification Potion, buy a few from The Golden Age Alchemy shop in Gorhart. The boss battle is one of the more arduous ones. If you'd like, you can craft 2 or 3 Fate potions in the alchemy lab. You have the recipe. It takes 4 essences of fate.

Fast travel to Ballads Oratory. We discovered it earlier on our way to Helyc’s Camp. It’s in Ettinmere—the region south of where we started the game. Enter the Oratory. It unlocks with the Ballads Signet Ring we obtained earlier. Talk to King Wencen. The quest updates: Find Sir Farrara. Travel on foot, following the quest marker to Uduath in the northern edge of Ettinmere. Enter the cavern. Take a left at the T-intersection and help Sir Farrara fight some sprites and a storm champion.

The quest updates to “Free the prisoners.” There are 5 cells to be opened clearly identified with quest markers. The enemies are underpowered compared to what we have fought recently. Use them to charge your reckoning gauge for the upcoming battle against Bloody Bones.

After you open the fifth and final cell, make an insurance save for an upcoming persuasion check. Talk to Bloody Bones. After succeeding in the persuasion check, “You won’t hurt anyone,” fight him. Enter reckoning mode to defeat him quickly and earn some good experience. The battle is not that challenging fighting conventionally if the weak enemies were insufficient to charge your reckoning gauge.

Resurrect Sir Farrara with the potion you received at the beginning of the quest and fast travel to House of Ballads. Speak to King Wencen to conclude Bloody Bones and initiate Two Knights and a Troll. Follow the quest marker southwest of Didenhil to Ballads Library. The Ballads Signet Ring gains you access. Talk to Tenhwa. The quest updates. You must recover 5 Fae Cairns. Go upstairs. Before going after the cairns, loot the Fae cache upstairs to find a skill book. Read it to gain a point in dispelling unless you’ve already maxed out the skill.

You can see 2 markers on the world map. The first cairn is just outside Sundur Caverns. After picking it up, enter the caverns. Talk to Sir Airmer. He will automatically give you a second cairn. He and his companion, Sir Creth, join you and precede you through the caverns. They will stop at each of the 3 remaining cairns. Stay close to Airmer and Creth because they are no match for the enemies. To you, the enemies are quite feeble.

The final cairn is in the possession of Nix the Troll. Go into reckoning mode to fight him and the accompanying sprites. The troll can also be defeated conventionally without difficulty. Loot Nix’s body to find the final cairn. The quest updates, telling you to return to Tenhwa Exit the Sundur Caverns and fast travel back to the library. Talk to Tenhwa and then use the Echostone in the room to her right. Select each of the parts of the Two Knights and a Troll ballad in sequence—I through V. Exit and return to Tenhwa who asks if you’ve discovered the counterspell. Answer, “You are human now! Go!” The quest updates—you must return to King Wencen. Fast travel to the House of Ballads. You find you must talk to Hallam instead. The quest concludes triggering the next one in the series—What Lies Beneath.

Fast travel to St. Eadric’s Mission and follow the quest marker to Father Etair. The quest updates—Speak to the monks. Before you leave Father Etair’s bunkhouse, check the desk on the main floor. It can be unlocked by picking or using a key found both upstairs on a bookshelf or in the basement in a chest. Take the storage case.

You only need to speak to the monk with the quest marker. Choose the blue conversational choices. The quest updates twice. You have already searched Etair’s study so the quest automatically skips to the next task—Descend the Mission Well. Once down the well, the quest updates to, “Find the missing crystals.” Proceed through the cavern. The crystals are clearly depicted with quest markers. The first 3 of 4 will be found when looting the bodies of the Kobolds you defeat. The enemies should be very weak in comparison to you. Your detect hidden skill of 10 reveals all traps—avoid or disarm them.

Talk to Brother Wulf at the quest marker. Choose the green conversational option that will be available because of your dispelling skill—"Your curse is broken." This counts as a persuasion check if you need it. You will automatically pass it. Your dispel skill should be at least 8 and it only takes 1 point to dispel Brother Wulf. He gives you a whistle you can use to find the last crystal and the quest updates—use the whistle.

Open inventory -> Items and scroll down to the whistle. Press cn_A to use it. It will place a quest marker on the last crystal. Its effects are temporary. You can only retrieve the whistle when it is shown even if you know where it is. Accordingly, you might have to use the whistle more than once. It’s on a little outcrop of land just before the far exiton the right hand side.

Once you have the whistle, exit the caverns and fast travel to House of Ballads. Report to Hallam the White to conclude What Lies Beneath. He gives you a resurrection potion for the next quest—The Champions. You'll be semi-isolated for the next few quests without merchant services. It's advisable to adjust your inventory before you leave. You can fast travel back to the main areas; however, you'll have to return to the quest area on foot. Freeing up slots will help you pick up some of the lucrative loot coming up. Additionally, you get an armor set that takes up 4 slots.

Exit the House of Ballads and proceed along the road to the quest marker. As you Enter Windemere, the Maid of Windemere approaches you. The quest updates: Locate House of Ballads Armor.

Follow the quest marker a short distance and tell Sir Airmer you need his armor. He will question that. Use dispel, “I free you from this curse.” As before, this counts as a persuasion check if you need it. 3 dispelling skill points are required for this conversational option. You should have eight or more.

Note: I believe it’s possible to talk to Sir Creth rather than Sir Airmer at this point. The outcome is the same. You dispel the curse and receive the armor. Later, you will encounter Sir Airmer rather than Sir Creth as the walkthrough describes.

The quest updates: “Pass the Wall of Thorns.” Equip the House of Ballads Armor Set to allow you to do so. You’ll note it is well below the level of your current Shadowskin Armor Set. Once you’ve entered, you can put your Shadowskin set with Survivor’s Jacket back on. The quest’s next task is, “Cross the gorge.”

At the quest marker, The Maid of Windemere says that only a challenger who defeats the Champion of Windemere, Sir Elswin, can summon the bridge to cross the Weeping Gorge. Sir Elswin is dead. This is why we have the resurrection potion. The quest updates, “Find Sir Elswin’s corpse.”

Make an insurance save. There is a small possibility of a bug but not if you follow the walkthrough. Backtrack a short ways and use the jump down point. You’ll find Sir Elswin’s corpse at the quest marker in the water. Press the interact button at the prompt to resurrect Sir Elswin. Do NOT leave the area. Fight Sir Elswin immediately. If you leave, there’s a possibility that Sir Elswin might revert to a corpse and you will have no potion with which to resurrect him.

When you defeat Sir Elswin, the quest updates to “Cross the Weeping Gorge.” Return to where you encountered the Maid of Windemere. A stone bridge forms allowing you to cross the gap.

Proceed a short distance and talk to Sir Creth at the quest marker (or Sir Airmer if you met with Sir Creth earlier). Again, use dispelling and choose the conversational choice, “I free you from this curse.” Sir Creth comes to his senses and the quest updates: “Find King Wencen.” Go forward and enter Summer’s End. After a short conversation, the quest completes and the next begins—Cursed Kingdom. The first task is to, “Speak to the Chancellor.”

Note: If you need a merchant or other services outside Windemere, you can fast travel back. However, you will have to walk back to the quest marker from a close fast travel point like House of Ballads.

Trolls, brownies, sprites are not hostile for the time being and are depicted on your mini- and local maps with white blips. Do not attack them. Follow the quest marker and enter The Chantry. Talk to Sagrell.

You must destroy the crystals that appear when you use the whistle from your inventory (items). Similar to before, they are revealed for a very short time and can only be destroyed during this time. Make note of where they are. Go to each location. Use the whistle when in close proximity and destroy the nearby crystal.

When the fifth and final crystal is destroyed, the creatures become hostile. Fight your way back to the The Chantry. Use these enemies to charge your reckoning gauge—you’ll want it for the boss fight. Talk to Sagrell. The quest updates: “Ring the Village Bell.” Exit The Chantry and walk the few steps over to the quest marker at the Bell Tower. Unlock it with the key Sagrell just gave you. Go upstairs and interact with the bell rope.

The quest updates to, “Enter Castle Windemere” which is now open. Entering the castle concludes The Cursed Kingdom and triggers the final quest in the House of Ballads questline—The Hero and the Maid. The first task is to, “Find the Maid of Windemere.”

There is a set of lorestones in Castle Windemere. Activate them all. There’s no reason to return here.

You encounter Sir Farrara. Say, “I free you from this curse.” Again, your dispel skill serves as a persuasion check. The enemies here are stronger. The Borgarts can afflict you with a disease. If so, use purification potion to cure yourself. Stay out of the green water that afflicts you with temporary sewer rot that dissipates when you get out of the water.

In the southeast wing, use dispel as a persuasion check to free Queen Belmaid from her curse. Finally (although the order does not matter), free King Wencen in the northwest wing. He is not cursed and you do not have to use dispel on him. The quest updates to, “Pass through the barrier.” You receive the King’s token to unlock it. Proceed forward to fight the Maid of Windemere.

This is a demanding battle that occurs in phases. I recommend taking potions to boost offense and defense just before you enter the room. As soon as the dialog is over (reject her offer to join her). Immediately attack her with the daggers. If you’re fast, you can deplete her health before summoned creatures can assist her.

After this phase, she restores to full health. Attack her as long as you can. When her minions start interfering, bring up consumables. Buff up as much as you can. You might want to use a minor phasewalk. This will prevent enemies interfering with you activating reckoning mode. Activate reckoning mode. For maximum experience, destroy her minions first and then her. The battle is over when she is defeated so you forfeit the experience of any minions you did not kill. Nevertheless, she is robust. Keep an eye on you’re the gauge to make sure it does not run out before you defeat her.

After the fight, you have a final conversation. Again, reject joining her and deliver the coup de grace. Activate the nearby lorestone, completing the Windemere set. There’s an exit close by. Take it. Fast travel to the House of Ballads. Report to Hallam the White. He gives you the Iconoclast Twist of Fate Card--+10% damage with Faeblades, +6% mana, and +3% chance to steal 5 health. This concludes the House of Ballads questline and you unlock:

House of Ballads

Completed the House of Ballads storyline quests.

House of Ballads
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Note: If you choose to join the Maid of Windemere and rule together, you also unlock the achievement. However, you alienate the Fae so this course of action is disadvantageous. Since this is a streamlined walkthrough, we are opting for the conventional choices for expedience. Nevertheless, you can get a 100% completion of you become a co-monarch.

Scholia Arcana Faction Questline

Make Trial by Fire the active quest. Stock up as necessary, stash any items in the chest at the Adessa villa, and travel to Ysa. You won’t need the House of Ballads Armor Set anymore. Enter Delving Hall.

There are a couple of dispel chests in the first large room. This is where I unlocked the following achievement for dispelling 50 wards:

Open Sesame

Dispelled 50 wards.

Open Sesame
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableCumulative +

You may already have unlocked this or have a ways to go depending on how aggressive you have been dispelling warded chests. You can use the achievement tracker to check your progress.

Note: - OPTIONAL - If you have not been dispelling warded chests as you come across them, there is a quest with 51 chests to dispel. You need not do the entire quest, but merely enough to satisfy your deficit. Talk to Daedinnear in the Adessa Laboratories fairly close to your safehouse. Accept his quest: Lab Assistant. He requires you to dispel 3 warded chests at a time. When you finish each 3, return to him for more. They get progressively harder. If you start to have difficulty with the auto dispel, buy some Greater Dispelling Boost potions from Driadore Sele in the Arcadium in Adessa to increase your dispel level. You will not need to dispel the entire 51 chests so stop whenever you are satisfied. There are many more warded chests in the field. Anything you get from this quest is a bonus. However, it is a convenient way to increase your tally of dispelled chests.

Proceed towards the quest marker and open the door. Talk to Aethan Engar. Tell him you will submit to the trial. The quest updates: “Enter the Ritual Glyph.” Do so and press the interact button to proceed. The quest updates to: “Survive the Trial.”

The first part is to proceed fighting relatively week enemies. Proceed to the second part. When you defeat the enemies, talk to the sorceress. You have a persuasion check, “Why are you here?

Exit the ritual glyph and speak to Savant Engar to conclude the quest and initiate The Ruin of Aodh. Fast travel to Aodh. You’ll recall we discovered its location during The Silent Step faction quest. Proceed. The path is linear. Disarm or avoid traps as you go. Your detect hidden skill will clearly identify them.

Talk to Nuala Ignas. She’s been possessed. Defeat her and loot her body to discover the Sun Stone. Return to Savant Engar to conclude the quest. He gives you the next quest, “The Unquiet Bride.”

Make your way to the quest marker on the way to Mel Aglir to meet Lerkara Fel. She has gone missing and you talk to Jubal Caledus instead who mentions Patrick Morkan. Continue on to Mel Aglir. Talk to Patrick who says Lekara left town but when you investigate her room she doesn’t appear to have packed. Her journal directs you to the Cave of Tulan. In town, pick the lock of Patrick’s house—you can find it by looking at the building names on the local map. Check his desk to find a book—On Life and Death.

Make your way to Tulan. Toward the end of the cavern, you find Lerkara imprisoned. You free her. She tells you about Patrick. Go through the door and defeat Patrick and his wife. The quest updates—“Kill the Morkans.” Proceed through the door. Defeat Patrick and his wife. There’s an exit that leads into Patrick’s basement. Go to the inn and talk to Lerkara. Return to Savant Engar who has relocated to Rathir to finish the quest. He’s in the Scholia Arcana in the Upper City. He gives you the next quest—Shardfall.

Exit Rathir and fast travel to Emaire to speak with Anker Edmure. He’s in the Edmure Home. Choose the blue conversational options and offer to help.

Exit the house and take the road north. Find and kill the Barghest identified by the quest marker. Loot the body and return its heart to Anker. He gives you the Pendant of Warmth. It’s an accessory with +10% fire damage and +16% ice resistance. It’s required to enter Shardfall, your next destination. You don’t have to equip it since you probably have better accessories. There are a couple of notable reagents in Shardfall—the uncommon White Flake and the rare Scarab Salts. The Green Thumb achievement (though it may be bugged in your favor), requires 10 of each reagent to be harvested. There are more than 10 Scarab Salts harvesting points inside Shardfall.

Take the same road north you took before to get to the Barghest but keep on following the quest marker into the Cradle of Summer. Shardfall is on the western edge. The center of the area is a location called Deep Slumber. You might be curious about a circle of white blips on your map depicting NPCs. Unless you want to activate a rather involved quest—Floodgates—avoid talking to them. If you don’t mind the distraction the quest contributes to the lore and is one of the more challenging quests.

Refer to the above map to activate all 5 Cradle of Summer lorestones. We should not be going back here unless you need to harvest more reagents in Shardfall. Southeast by east of the southernmost lorestone is a hidden door. Enter it. The first chest contains an alchemy skill book. Read it to acquire the skill point unless you’ve maxed the skill. Take it if you want although you do not need to put it in inventory to acquire the point. The second chest—past the first jump down point—contains Khas-ti’s Helm. It’s part of a high level might armor set.

Shardfall is due west of the circle of NPCs. It was at this point I discovered the 100th map location and unlocked:


Discovered 100 locations.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

If you’ve done any exploring on your own, you probably have already unlocked "Cartographer" because I have been sticking to the walkthrough script. If not, you should unlock it shortly. The achievement tracker will show your progress.

This dungeon has ice mines. Disarm or avoid them. Note the hidden door to your left after you’ve progressed a ways. Shortly before the jump point, find Donnel Cutty’s body in the center of an ornate circle. Loot it to find Donnel Cutty’s Ring. At the end, confront and defeat Cadoc Reen. Loot the body for the Frost Stone and the Grasp of the Dark Empyrean—part of a sorcery armor set.

Use the nearby jump down point and exit Shardfall where you meet up with Anker who asks about his assistant. Choose Donnel—the third white conversational choice down. Anker recognizes the ring you looted from Donnel’s body and gives you the Gem Cutting Handwraps. They are very low level gloves except that they provide +1 Sagecraft skill.

Return to the Scholia Arcana (Rathir – Upper City). Engar is not there. Instead, you report to Eran Methneen who gives you a note from Savant Engar and the Adept's Ring. Your next quest is Lightning in a Bottle.

Fast travel to Gloamthicket in the center of Galafor. Make your way southwest to the quest marker at Skycrown Caves. You probably have the northern 3 Galafor lorestones—just northeast, northwest, and north of Tirin’s Rest. The remaining 2 of the set of 5 are between Gloamthicket and Skycrown Caves. Once the entire Galafor set is activated, you'll get a permanent +20 health bonus.

Follow the linear path to Skycrown Peak. As always, avoid or disarm the traps. The enemies are stronger at the peak. You can rack up some good experience by fateshifting half a dozen or so. Follow the quest marker and talk to Aethan Engar. The quest updates. The task is simple but, to avoid spoilers, I’ll avoid mentioning it. Follow the quest marker to the destination. It’s best to go on foot the entire way and not fast travel. After the fight loot the body to get the Stone of Sun and the Stone of Storm.

It was at this point that I leveled up and was able to unlock Precise Weaponry IV in Finesse. This makes available special attacks with daggers following a parry. It is executed by pressing cn_LT at the instant the enemy attacks and then immediately following up with a dagger attack—cn_X if daggers are equipped as primary or cn_Y if daggers are in the secondary weapon slot. Note that you can have 2 different pairs; 1 equipped as primary and the other as a secondary weapon.

There is an achievement for landing 25 special attacks out of Parry. You can perform these special attacks against any enemy. We have to go back to Gorguath to complete the lorestone set. On our earlier trip there, we did not have sufficient detect hidden skill to gain access to all of them. This is where we unlocked the Foiled Again! achievement for parrying 100 enemies. Since we are already proficient in parrying Bogarts, they make the ideal enemy for landing the special attack out of parry.

Fast travel to Gorguath. Refer to the below map to activate all lorestones. Unlocking the entire set of 5 lorestones rewards you with a permanent +6% damage with Faeblades. We have not been emphasizing Faeblades so the reward is of little consequence.

As you go through Gorguath, make an effort to fight the Boggarts using the parry dagger attack combo. You may want to pull up the achievement tracker to note your progress and to verify you are using the correct technique. After the 25th attack, you will unlock (Video 28):


Landed 25 special attacks out of Parry.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +Level

Return to Eran Methneen in Rathir to conclude the quest. He gives you the next quest—A Crowded Mind. The first task is to report to Archsage Caledus. He’s in the same building—the Scholia Arcana.

Enter the Archsage Quarters—an area of Scholia Arcana that had previously been blocked. Now, you can pass through the barrier. Before interacting with Archsage Caledus, loot the containers. Not all containers can be looted. For example, you cannot access 3 containers protected with dispel wards. When ready, interact with Caledus and be transported elsewhere. Talk to Jubal Caledus. The quest updates—“Undo the possession.”

Make sure you open all containers—some of them contain quest items. Turn left when the road branches. At the end, you will fight 3 Niskaru and, afterwards, “Indifference.” The fight is manageable but you may want to use offensive and defensive potions.

Return to the branch and this time take the other fork (south). At the end you have another battle with “Ambition” and a couple of minions. It’s comparable to the battle with Indifference except, this time, if you defeat Ambition the 2 minions will automatically succumb. Consequently, quick dagger strikes against Ambition can end the battle quickly. At the end, the quest updates: “Return to Archsage Caledus.” He will be at the branch in the road.

You must choose between 1 of 2 rewards—Fearlessness and Discipline. They both offer the same Twist of Fate card: +5% elemental damage, +1 sorcery abilities. They correspond to tempered indifference and tempered ambition respectively. Choose whichever you prefer. Tell Caledus you are ready to return.

Once back, exit the Scholia Arcana into the courtyard. Talk to Caledus. This concludes A Crowded Mind and rewards you with the Savant’s Ring—+10% fire, ice, & lightning damage; +25 Mana, and -9% Mana costs. Equip it, if you’d like but you may already have better rings. We automatically transition to the final quest in the Scholia Arcana questline—Revelation.

Place the 3 stones you received earlier—Storm, Frost, and Sun—at the quest markers. This triggers a boss battle.

Eran Methneen informs you that you are the new archsage. The Archsage’s quarters are now yours complete with stash chest, time-shift bed, and other amenities. You can now open the containers you did not have access to earlier. You also get the Archsage’s Ring—a more powerful version of the Savant’s Ring. Concluding the Scholia Arcana questline unlocks:

Scholia Arcana

Completed the Scholia Arcana storyline quests.

Scholia Arcana
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Open up your quests and look at the main quests. There should be 2—An Old Friend and The Great General. Make The Great General active.

With The Great General as the active quest, fast travel to City of Ysa. Go to the Font and then to Court of Summer. Talk to Alyn Shir. Exit Ysa. Fast travel to Emaire. Talk to Alyn Shir in the Blue Bear Tavern. The quest updates: “Meet General Tilera at Urul-Tusk.” Fast travel to Shardfall and make your way south to Urul-Tusk.

Talk to General Tilera just outside the cavern. The quest updates: “Awaken the Urul-Tusk Windstone.” It’s just east of your position at the quest marker. Return to Tilera.

You now have to awaken the 4 other Windstones. They’re identified by quest markers on the world map. After you awaken each one, there’ll be a few fairly weak enemies to fight. Activate any lorestones you might come across. When you awaken the fifth and final stone, you’ll face a Niskaru tyrant that’s moderately more challenging than the other fights.

Leveling abilities: Your level should be in the 30s by now. If not, it's not a big deal but you may have to do some additional side quests later on to ensure you unlock a top-tier destiny for an achievement. It can be done post-game so it's not missable. We've already discussed using Precise Weaponry IV to unlock the Riposte achievement. If you did not earlier unlock the Juggler achievement with daggers using the technique in the walkthrough, it is a trivial matter to unlock it with Arcane Weaponry IV. You must have 50 sorcery points and have unlocked Arcane Weaponry III. Putting at least 1 point in Arcane Weaponry IV makes available dodge attacks for the Chakrams. When fighting normal size enemies, press cn_B to dodge and immediately afterwards press cn_X (assuming Chakrams are in the primary weapon slot). This launches the enemy into the air and spirals the Chakrams rapidly for a large number of consecutive hits. If you haven't already, this unlocks:


Landed 5 consecutive hits on an airborne enemy.

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

As a reminder, our objective top tier destiny is Shadowcaster. Unless you've been exploring on your own, you're probably still a few levels away--this reminder is only so you can plan ahead. Shadowcaster unlocks once you have 55 points in Finesse and 55 points in Sorcery. If you have allowed 1 of the 2 to get ahead of the other, let the other catch up once 1 class reaches 55 points. If you have leveled up according to your own preferences, there are other destinies you can use for the top tier achievement. Alternatively, you can always use the services of a fateweaver to re-align your destinies for the "It is your Destiny" achievement.

Fast travel back to Urul-Tusk and report to the general. The quest updates: “Find the Piercing Light.” Enter the cavern. Use the enemy fights to charge the reckoning gauge. When you reach the end of the linear path, you must protect Tilera. Fight 2 Niskaru followed by 3. When the boss, Azaghaal arrives, activate reckoning mode. The Great General concludes. Breaking the Siege is your next quest. Before following Tilera out the nearby exit, make sure to loot the 2 chests on the dais.

Fast travel to Rathir. As soon as you arrive, Tilera says you must meet with Elund Carth in the Upper City. Make a save before you talk to Elund Carth. There’s a persuasion check coming up: “We can save Mel Senshir.” You’ll need a longbow for the upcoming mission. If you don’t have a good bow—weapon strength above 100 and preferably above 150—stop by the Gwalchmai’s Goods and buy the Corroding Longbow of the Viper from Galen Gwalchmai.

When you’re suitably armed, follow the quest marker to the docks and talk to Captain Dodwyn. Ask him to take you to Mel Senshir. Caradas Hyne is a 7-9 persuasion trainer. We don’t need that high a persuasion skill. However, if you meet the prerequisites, have him train you and increase your persuasion level by a point.

Talk to Commander Owaiglyn. Enter Mel Senshir proper. Buy a backpack from the merchant on the left, Illyn Doldran. Your carrying capacity should be up to 130. This is the final backpack available if you’ve bought all the ones we’ve come across earlier in the walkthrough.

Ragna Senn is a 7-9 Blacksmith Trainer. Increase your skill by a point if you meet her prerequisites. Enion Gaius is a 7-9 Mercantile Trainer if you meet his prerequisites. 1 more trainer will appear after this quest—Ney Csalan. She’s a 7-9 Detect Hidden Trainer but we’re already at the max level.

When you’ve finished looking around, talk to Commander Owaiglyn. The quest updates: “Reach the outer wall.”

Charge your reckoning gauge as you progress. After a cut scene, you fight Witch Knight Malwyn. Charge up with offensive and defensive potions and go into reckoning mode to defeat him. Afterwards, equip the bow as your secondary weapon if you haven’t already done so. Proceed. After you fight a troll, make a save before you talk to Captain Mys. There’s a hidden persuasion check if you choose, “Join me” in the white dialog options. Persuade with, “Better to die trying” and Captain Mys will accompany you.

Use the blink teleport to dodge Balor’s laser blast. Proceed on and fight a Niskaru tyrant. Soon you confront Balor again. Remain in close proximity to Balor at approximately your starting position. If you move away, Balor replenishes health. Use primarily the bow. Its long range and ability to pierce heavy armor makes it the most effective weapon. Pace your attacks to ensure you always have a couple of arrows in case he opens his eye to shoot the laser beam. As soon as he does so, shoot the eye. If you get down to 2 or 3 arrows, switch to the Chakrams until your arrows replenish—always on the alert to shoot the eye if necessary.

I don't recommend reckoning mode although it's possible to use it in order to deplete Balor's health if you recharged the gauge or have a Fate Potion. However, this is a much easier fight than the one against Malwyn. It's fairly easy to inflict damage. The tricky part comes at the end with quick-time event (QTE) prompts. Unlike the Malwyn fight, reckoning mode bestows no extra experience. If you fail the QTE, you'll have wasted going into reckoning mode and will have to, once again, whittle Balor's health down in order to get a new set of QTE prompts.

Balor telegraphs attacks clearly. He'll smash down with his claws and they'll get stuck. They're susceptible to damage from Chakrams, bow, or other attacks when stuck. He has a laser beam attack, but you can anticipate it when his eye opens. If you shoot his eye just as it begins to open, you'll interrupt the attack and deal substantial damage. There's a third sweeping attack that can be easily evaded with the blink teleport. When you deplete Balor’s health, you’ll have to respond to some quick-time event prompts. If you miss the cues, Balor will recover some health and you’ll have to deplete it once more and try again.

At the end of the quick-time event button presses, you defeat Balor. Following the cut scenes, talk to Commander Owaiglyn to conclude the quest. You unlock:

Hero of Mel Senshir

You have defeated the great Balor.

Hero of Mel Senshir
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The quest rewards include the Siegebreaker Twist of Fate card—+4% Experience, +6% damage:

You can swap out your bow for another secondary weapon but keep it in inventory. We’ll be using it shortly in an upcoming main quest.

Make An Old Friend the active quest and speak to Agarth who is standing nearby. You can now fast travel to and from Mel Senshir. Fast travel to Eagonn’s Tomb and make your way south to the quest marker at Overlook Camp. Your quest task is Meet Templar Octienne. You may want to take this opportunity to activate the set of 5 Alserund and the set of 5 Hollowlands lorestones located in The Hollowlands. You can also find a Stone of the Spring lorestone in the passageway leading east to Mentyre.

After talking to Octienne, the quest updates: “Look for Hughes.” Travel south by southeast to Saltwell
. At the end of the linear path, you’ll reunite with Hugues. You have to protect him from around a dozen White Palm Assassins in 2 waves. They are underpowered but move quickly and the quest will fail if they kill Hughes. The Chakrams will provide good crowd control. If you’re reckoning gauge is charged, you can use reckoning mode to make matters even easier. Once Hughes is safe, the quest ends. The next quest is Enemies in High Places.

Fast travel to Adessa. Go to the Domus Politica and talk to Templar Jorielle. The quest updates: “Speak with Templar Octienne.”

Aide Forreux accosts you as you exit and gives you additional details. Go to Adessa – Isles. At the far end, enter the Livrarium. Before you approach Octienne, equip your best longbow as your secondary weapon. After you talk to him, he runs away. Follow him. The quest marker takes you to the scaffolding. You’ll note a boss health bar but you can’t defeat Octienne until you dispose of his minions. That is what the bow is for. Many of the minions attack from a distance. Dispose of them quickly with the bow while you use the chakrams and abilities to exercise crowd control over the White Palm Assassins who swarm after you. At the end of the scaffolding, you have a final confrontation with Octienne. With all minions disposed of, you can now defeat him. Jump down at the jump point in the large circular window. You automatically talk to Jorielle. Afterwards, speak to Hughes who stands nearby.

You receive the Unraveller Twist of Fate card and unlock:

Turning the Tide

A ruse has baited Octienne into betraying the necromantic nature of his experiments.

Turning the Tide
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The next quest is Silence Falls. Exit Adessa. If you want, activate the set of 5 Apotyre lorestones. You, most likely, have already unlocked the Stone of Summer lorestone just outside Adessa. We're finished with the western part of the world map. It's a good time to travel to the various regions and quickly activate the lorestones. They will be very visible on the local map for each region because you have detect hidden level 10. Nonetheless, you must have revealed the map in their immediate vicinity for them to appear.

The Lorestone achievement originally required you to discover 175 or the 195 lorestones. Following the June 201 patch, the achievement now requires you to discover all 195 lorestones Use the lorestone page to assist you. The walkthrough will put a lorestone reminder once we reveal most of the eastern part of the world map in case you have to do some additional mop-up. At that time, you can use the lorestone page of this walkthrough to assist you in uncovering the lorestones you have yet to discover.

Once you have finished any business you might have, disregard the quest marker at Rathir and fast travel to Mel Senshir. Talk to Agarth. The quest updates: “Find Allies in Klurikon.”

As soon as you exit Mel Senshir to follow the quest marker, Cydan accosts you and tells you to meet him at Foes’ Hearth—updating the quest accordingly. Don’t immediately follow the quest marker. Instead, take the road southeast and talk to Bisarane. Offer to help him to begin the House of Sorrows questline. Make The Sorrows Call the active quest.

Continue following the main road in the same direction until you reach Balor’s Crossing. If your sagecraft skill is between 7-9, have Liordran train you. Because he is a quest giver, he is depicted on the detailed maps with an exclamation point rather than the trainer sword icon. There is no need to accept his quest. If you’ve already maxed sagecrafting or are not yet at level 7, ignore him. Take the secondary road at Balor’s Crossing in roughly a northeast direction to follow the quest marker. You quickly come to a fork. Take the left branch.

You’ll see the House of Sorrows first, but you cannot enter it without first going to the Proving Grounds. Dionaeach is outside with a sword icon identifying her as a trainer. She will not train, though, until you encounter her inside the House of Sorrows after you complete the first quest. Continue on to the Proving Grounds and enter.

After fighting an Ettin, make a save for the upcoming persuasion check. Interact with the floating sphere—Bisarane’s comm device. Persuade with, “Tell me why I’m here.” Continue on. Make a save before talking to Cadoroc. Persuasion check: “Who did this to you?” The third and final persuasion check is with another floating sphere comm device, “Why is this trial needed?

At the end, the speaker asks you to fight him. You can accept or refuse. Conclude the quest by talking to Bisarane and offer to help the House of Sorrows. The next quest is Voices of the Dead.

The nearby exit takes you to the House of Sorrows. If your Dispel skill is between 7-9, ask Dionaeach to train you and increase your skill by a point. She will only be available for a short period of time before this questline progresses.

Talk to Bisarane. The quest updates: “Escort Taibreah.” Exit the House of Sorrows and speak to Taibreah who is just below the jump point. Follow her to Meathgra's Den. You can make short detours to activate the lorestones you come across—Taibreah will wait.

When Taibreah stops, you must protect her while she does her ritual. Except for a high level Bog Thresh, the rest of the enemies are manageable. You may want to go into reckoning mode for the Bog Thresh.

When the enemies are defeated and Taibreah finishes her ritual, the quest updates: “Go to Sioran Crypt.” Fast travel to Alfar Camp and and make the rest of the way to the crypt on foot. Enter. The quest’s objective is now, “Find Cadoroc.”

Take the hidden door on the west side of the chamber. It opens up a shortcut to Cadoroc. After talking to him, the quest updates to “Kill Cadoroc.” Use reckoning mode if your gauge is full otherwise defeat him conventionally using potions at your discretion. This is only a moderately challenging fight.

Report to Taibreah at the House of Sorrows. This concludes the quest. The reward includes 3 components of the Sorrows Armor Set—Cowl of Sorrows, Gloves of Sorrow, & Sandals of Sorrow. The next quest is “A House Divided.”

Fast travel to the Proving Grounds and make your way through it to the House of Sorrows. Talk to Bisarane. The quest updates: “Go to the Fallen Hall.”

Travel south. When you enter the Fallen Hall, talk to Taibreah. She becomes your companion. Ensure she does not perish. The quest updates: “Find Saturnyn.”

Make your way through the cavern unlocking the 3 sigils. At the end, you confront Myrcyr. Don’t bother going into reckoning mode. He turns tail and runs before you can defeat him. Report back to Bisarane to receive the fourth item in the Sorrows Armor set, the Robes of Sorrow. The next quest is The Eldest.

Fast travel to Alfar Camp and make your way south to Damalroc and enter. Note that there is a Stone of Autumn lorestone in the dungeon. Activate it when you get to it.

The quest requires you to go to and bypass the scale. This entails killing Murghan who appear such that their bodies lie on a big circular plate. There are 2 plates. It doesn’t matter which you do first.

Activate the sigil in the center of the room. Stand so that the circular plate you selected is between you and the Murghan who enter the chamber. Wait until they stand on the plate and kill them. Once you kill 4, the door closest to the plate opens. Enter the doorway. The one on the right leads to Alarane, an eldest. The one on the left leads to another eldest, Caelrod.

Whichever eldest you awaken will require the other to be awakened as well. Go back, activate the sigil, and kill 4 Murghan on the second plate using the same technique you did earlier.

Enter the door and interact with the other eldest. You choose 1 of the eldests to accompany you. Alarane is a rogue and Caelrod is a mage if you have a preference.

This concludes The Eldest and begins the next quest: “The Weeping King.” Exit Damalroc and travel south to Sinsear. When you activate the lorestone just south of Damalroc, note the nearby Essence of Reagent plant. Harvested Essences of Fate are not required for the Green Thumb achievement. They are a rare reagent of considerable value since they are ingredients in all master level potions. You get most of what you need as 'loot' following reckoning mode fights. Nevertheless, there are a handful of harvesting points like this one.

On your way, you may see a trainer on your local map—Elya Madmyr, a 7-9 lockpicking trainer. We have not been interested in lockpicking so, unless you have been working on the skill on your own, we will not meet the prerequisites to train. She’s near Seawatch. After a quest that we will not be doing in the walkthrough, it becomes quite an elaborate safe house with stash chest, bed, extensive reagent garden, and other amenities (for blacksmithing, alchemy, & sagecrafting). If you are going to be doing any postgame play, this is well worth noting.

When you get to Sinsear, you may encounter Mym Cid. She asks you to follow her but ignore her. Enter Sinsear. Talk to the eldest. You will receive a votive and must retrieve the other 3 depicted by quest markers. You must fight a battle at each one. When you have them all, talk to the eldest. The quest updates, “Find the Crying Eyes.”

The 'crying eyes' is a puzzle. You pull 3 levers in sequence—left, right, and center. The quest updates—Claim the Key. Follow the quest marker. The key turns out to be a withered branch. Interact with it. Exit Sinsear and return to Bisarane in the House of Sorrows.

After talking to Bisarane, the quest updates, “Kill the attackers.” Enter reckoning mode and dispatch them quickly. The fate of the other people in the room is scripted so concentrate only on your part of the fight. This completes The Weeping King. You receive a piece of armor as reward, Crown of the Weeping King. When you talk to Tailbreah, tell her you are not ready. Otherwise, you will be transported away and cannot loot the bodies. You may also need to manage your inventory.

When you are ready, make an insurance save to mitigate against a rare bug. Keep this save until after you successfully complete the questline and earn the achievement. Then, talk to Tailbreah in the center of the room. You will be automatically transported to Esharra and begin the final quest in the House of Sorrows questline—Such Sweet Sorrow.

Approach Taibreah and she will engage you in conversation. The quest updates: “Destroy the Barrier.” To do so you must dispel 4 nexuses as indicated by the quest markers. At each nexus, you’ll find an NPC you’ve encountered before. After defeating the enemy, interact with the nexus to dispel it. After you dispel the fourth and final nexus, the boss will appear at a quest marker. If the boss does not appear, you have been victimized by a rare bug. Load up the insurance save you made just before you were transported to Esharra and repeat the process.

Approach the boss and use a persuasion check to ask him to stop. A successful persuasion check still results in a fight. The boss will summon quite a few powerful minions. So, before invoking reckoning mode, it would be prudent to whittle the boss’s health down by about two thirds using dagger attacks and abilities to interrupt the attacks. When the boss is about one third health, going into reckoning mode should defeat both the boss and all the minions. Try to stay away from Tailbreah so you can loot all the bodies. Getting close to her will engage her in conversation at the end of which you will be transported back to Klurikon.

You will see a staff, Sorrow, in front of you. It is part of your reward as is the Twist of Fate card—Child of Autumn: +5% damage & +5% damage against Fae. This concludes the House of Sorrows questline. You unlock:

House of Sorrows

Completed the House of Sorrows storyline quests.

House of Sorrows
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Make Silence Falls the active quest. Fast travel to The House of Sorrows and make your way northwest to the quest marker. Enter Foes’ Hearth. Speak to Cydan. The quest updates: “Destroy the Prismere Chantries.” There are 3 identified by quest markers.

Defeat the enemies guarding each chantry and destroy it. When all 3 are shattered, return to Cydan at Foes’ Hearth. This concludes the quest. You receive Cydan’s Faeblades as a reward. The walkthrough deemphasizes Faeblades and these are of only moderate power but will fetch a good price. The next quest is Echoes of the Past.

Do not exit the way you came in. Instead, continue through Foes’ Hearth. Towards the end, activate the Stone of Autumn lorestone. There are a few of the uncommon White Flake reagent in this dungeon to harvest. Once you activate the lorestone, backtrack the way you came and exit Foes’ Hearth. The other exit goes into Shattertier Mine which has nothing much to offer except for some tedious fighting.

Fast travel to Odi’s Camp and head west to the quest marker. Talk to Alyn Shir. Continue towards the quest marker. You ‘shadow walk’ to Dannestar Isle. Defeat the Sons of Laz—low level enemies—and enter Dannestar Tower.

It was here that I hit level 36 and had 55 points in each of Finesse and Sorcery unlocking the Shadowcaster Destiny. I had a point left over which I put in Might in longsword mastery. Shadowcaster is a top tier destiny and unlocked the corresponding achievement:

It is Your Destiny

Unlocked a top tier destiny.

It is Your Destiny
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

There is a lot of variance in the random encounters of different players. You may have already unlocked this achievement. If not, it is just a matter of time—it is unmissable. It is likely you will find the remaining abilities in Sorcery and Finesse of little value. This was why I invested the extra point in longsword mastery. As at the beginning of the game, the longsword is quite useful at the very end of the game. Once you become a Shadowcaster, I recommend putting 6 points to max out longsword mastery. Then, 1 point in Might’s Skillful Defense for the sole purpose of making Hardy Constitution available. Then, put the remaining points in Hardy Constitution to improve your overall durability and survivability. At that point, you will be at level 40—the maximum level.

This assumes you are following the walkthrough and are pursuing a Finesse/Sorcery destiny. There are other top tier destinies available for the other paths:

  • Single Class: 109 points in Might (Warlord), Finesse (Nightblade), or Sorcery (Archmage)
  • Hybrid: 55 points in each of Finesse/Might (Blademaster), Finesse/Sorcery (Shadowcaster), or Might/Sorcery (Champion)
  • Jack of all Trades: 37 points in each of Might, Finesse, and Sorcery (Universalist)

If your allocation of points does not allow you to unlock 1 of the top tier destinies listed above, once you are at level 36, you can go to a Fateweaver and reset your destinies for a fee. You can choose 1 of the 6 top tier destinies listed above and allocate points accordingly to unlock it and with it the achievement. You then have the option of continuing with the current destiny or reverting to a save made before your visit to the Fateweaver. Top tier destinies have impressive bonuses so it is advisable to play with 1 when you have reached level 36. The Shadowcaster top tier destiny, for example, provides the invaluable Poison Blink 3 - Short-range teleport with Poison Effect Replaces Dodge in addition to the following:

  • +34% Elemental Damage
  • +20% Piercing Damage
  • +12% Chance to Critical Hit
  • +2 Mana Regen Per Second
  • Dread - Guaranteed to Critical Hit vs. enemies in Panic
  • Drain Mana - Critical Hits restore Mana

The +34% Elemental Damage and the 12% Chance to Critical Hit dovetail perfectly with the elemental high damage per second Chakrams. Daggers (with elemental damage), being very high speed weapons benefit from all 3—increased elemental Damage, increased piercing damage, & increased chance to critical hit. The Klurikon and Alabastra regions are teeming with high level enemies. We will be relying on Chakrams for crowd control and daggers for point targets and backstabs. Poison Blink 3 allows us to evade through enemies while poisoning them. Thus, it mixes most offense and defense. Given enemy power in this region, the teleporting nature of the evasion minimizes the risk of 1 shot fatal blows.


The walkthrough recommended wearing 4 pieces of the Shadowskin Set for a 10% experience bonus and the Survivor's Jacket for and additional 5% bonus. The intent was to ensure we unlocked the top tier destiny for the achievement before the end of the main story—eliminating the need for grinding that might have added 2 or more hours of game play. Once the achievement is unlocked, the experience boost has diminishing returns. You can now equip the armor of your choice. Note that the above armor is exceptional—we selected it for its superior defense and not only the experience boost. The +25% Fire damage bonus for wearing at least 3 items of the Shadowskin Set is a particularly good bonus especially when added to the +34% elemental damage of the Shadowcaster destiny. With that in mind, choose your armor carefully bearing in mind that the bonuses are often more important than the protection. After all, our primary means of defense is evasion—if we don't get hit, we don't need protection. The bottom line is your current armor is an excellent choice to carry you through to the end of the game but you do have some better options.


After you get the Top Tier Destiny achievement, we only have to finish the main questline. Chances are you have already unlocked Green Thumb for harvesting 10 of each kind of reagent. If the game is no longer bugged in the player’s favor, you should unlock it as soon as we come across Prismere Dust and can harvest it 10 times. Other than that and story achievements, we only have to get Loremaster for activating 195 lorestones. We’ll take care of that when we’re in the Alabaster area and can access all lorestones in the game.

Proceed up the stairs through Dannestar Tower. When you get to Ventrinio, you have to hold off a horde of low level enemies. If they get too many, go into reckoning mode. As a scripted event, the tower collapses and you find yourself outside. Talk to Ventrinio to conclude the quest, receiving the Soul Lens talisman as a reward. The next quest is Pride Before a Fall.

Exit Dannestar Isle. Fast travel to Sinsear and talk to Agarth. Next, talk to Ventrinio. Make your way east to a quest marker. There’s a Stone of Winter nearby but you’ll have to finish the quest activities before activating it.

Make an insurance save before you talk to Dren for the 2 upcoming persuasion checks. After talking to him (and passing the first persuasion check) you fight the first of a 2-phase confrontation. Dren cannot damage you nor you him. After a short while, you have another short conversation (and pass the second persuasion check). The fight begins in earnest. Invoke reckoning mode and end it quickly.

You have a new task, “Liberate the House of Pride.” Enter the House of Pride. You will have 3 companions starting off but it is unlikely they will last long. After talking to the Knave of Pride, an ally, you face off against Witch Knight Myrna—a relatively simple boss fight. After you defeat her, the quest updates: “Destroy the Chantry.”

Follow the quest marker. The guards are low level. Defeat them and destroy the chantry. After a conversation (but not fight) with an antagonist, return to the Knave of Pride. This concludes the quest. The reward includes the Unstoppable Force Twist of Fate card—+6% physical damage & +7% gold. Your next quest is Taking Vengeance. Exit the House of Pride using the nearby exit and not the one you came in. Go forward a few steps, discovering Camp Moondown, and talk to Alyn Shir. The quest updates: “Rendezvous in Amaura.”

Travel along the main road heading southwest. Just after you pass through Ariad Camp and just before the main road turns southeast, you'll see the entrance to the Dark Glow Caverns on your local map. Enter it. You'll find Ticnerani in the northern corner of the large room at the far end of the caverns. She's a 7-9 level Stealth Trainer if you meet the pre-requisites. Chances are you have already maxed out stealth, by now. But, if you haven't, you can purchase a skill point from her assuming you're at least level 7.

You'll find 4 Prismere Growths to harvest in the Dark Glow Caverns as well as 2 Scarab Salts. Though you may have seen Prismere Growths in chests, this is likely the first opportunity you’ll have had to harvest this reagent unless you've been exploring, on your own, in the Red Marches. Both dungeons in the Red Marches—The Tomb of Fyragnos and Galette Tunnels—contain Prismere Growths.

Prismere Dust, harvested from the Prismere Growths, should be the final variety of the reagents you need for the Green Thumb achievement—providing the bug in the player’s favor has not already unlocked it. Once you've harvested the reagents and finished your other activities, exit the cavern and proceed a very short distance south to the Mordus-Torr entrance. As soon as you enter the dungeon, you’ll find a Prismere Growth to harvest. More importantly, there is a Stone of Autumn in the dungeon. Activate it. Take any exit. They all lead back to the main road.

As you travel towards the objective marker, check your local map for more Prismere Growths. Use the screenshot below to assist you. Use the lorestones as a frame of reference to help you find them.

At the southernmost point of the main road—you’ll be in the Twilight Pass, take the branch into Weconai dungeon. There’s a Prismere Growth right outside the entrance (and 1 inside) and 2 Stones of Autumn inside. Talk to Ordo who is in a cage a short distance inside the dungeon. 1 of the Stones of Autumn is inaccessible unless you do his quest. Use the Erathi Sigil-Stone on the wall to free him. Talk to him again and offer to help him find Maura. Make Ordo your active quest.

When you speak to Maura tell her that you will stop her. If you allow her to kill Ordo, the quest will fail. Defeat Maura and speak to Ordo to finish the quest. You now have access to the Stone of Autumn that was inaccessible earlier. Activate both of them before exiting Weconai.

Weconai provides you with your tenth Prismere Growth harvest. By this point, you should also have harvested 10 of each type of the other reagents. Harvesting 10 of each type of reagent unlocks:

Green Thumb

Harvested 10 of each type of reagent.

Green Thumb
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableCumulative +

As of this writing, the achievement is still glitched in favor of the player. So you probably unlocked the achievement a long time ago. However, if the achievement is patched to conform to its description (and the requirements of the 360 version of the game), you would have been required to harvest 10 of each kind of reagent excluding the Essence of Fate and the Teeth of Naros reagents. For this reason, the walkthrough has provided the corresponding harvesting guide.

If you did not bother to harvest all the Prismere Growths mentioned, you'll soon run across more Prismere Growths. Additionally, you can fast travel to Adessa and sleep 4 full days--96 hours--for all reagents to respawn. Most spawn after only 48 hours but the Essence of Fate requires 96 in case you are interested. It only takes a few seconds to sleep the additional 2 24 hour periods. Fast travel to Dark Glow Caverns or Mordus-Torr and harvest the Prismere Growths that have now respawned at the harvest points you used earlier.

Note that all reagents are quite common with the exception of the very rare Prismere Growth, the rare Scarab Salts, and the uncommon White Flakes. Carrying the dowsing rod in inventory (that we picked up from the Special Deliveries chest in Gorhart) identifies all reagents on the mini- and local maps along with their identifying information and makes harvesting much simpler. If you have not unlocked the achievement after harvesting at least 10 Prismere Growths, use the following table to assist you in obtaining the reagents you still need:


Commonly Found

Black Cohosh




Cripplespore Caps

Stonecandle Mines



Eel Petal




Leechwood Bark


Prismere Dust

Dark Glow Caverns

Sativa Fibers


Scarab Salts


Scarlet Flowstone


Scarwood Bark



Adarus Cave in Galafor

Sky Blossom


Softscrabble Powder


Star Thistle




White Flake


Ysa's Breath

The Sidhe

Continue along the main road towards the quest marker. As you proceed, you’ll have several NPC conversations. The only significant one is with Agarth once you get to Amaura. Agarth asks if you’re ready.

Before telling Agarth you are ready, check your lorestones for the Loremaster achievement. You can see the lorestones you have collected by pressing cn_start -> Status -> Lorestones. If you have discovered 189 lorestones, you will unlock the achievement within Bhaile—a very compact area where all 6 of its lorestones are within a short distance of one another. Accordingly, before telling Agarth we are ready, our goal is to have 189 lorestones activated.

If you have activated fewer than 189, use the lorestones page in this walkthrough together with your lorestones status page in the game to activate at least 169. Alternatively, you can decide to do lorestone mop-up in post-game play. You might find that anti-climactic which is why my recommendation is to activate the lorestones before the decisive engagements that end the main quest.

Adjust your inventory as you see fit. There’s a lot of lucrative loot in the House of Vengeance coming up ahead. However, if you're not planning on post-game play. we're on the home stretch. This is the second to the last main quest of the game. There are only 4 achievements remaining and we will be unlocking them soon.

When you’re ready, talk to Agarth. You enter the House of Vengeance. There are several waves of enemies up ahead but save your reckoning gauge for Cur, a mid-level boss.

Important: Note there are 2 alchemical labs in House of Vengeance—1 on the main path, the other in a side wing. Use 1 of the labs to make sure you have about half a dozen Fate potions. We’re going to use them for the main story’s final boss. The fight is scripted so you have to use reckoning mode a minimum of 3 times. The game depletes your gauge before the encounter. If you don’t have the fate potions, you will tediously have to recharge your gauge a minimum of 3 times and possibly more. So, the fate potions, though not a decisive factor, make game play much more convenient and allow you to better savor the dramatic moment.

When you encounter Cur, activate reckoning mode and dispatch him quickly. You can loot his body for the Vengeance armor set. It’s a might armor set—a Shadowcaster would not meet its prerequisites for use.

Talk to Agarth. The quest updates: “Enter Bhaile.” Bhaile contains the last set of lorestones—a set of 5 Bhaile Stones. It also completes the 10 Stones of Winter set. When you activate the 195th and final lorestone, you will unlock:


Found all Lorestones.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Enter Bhaile. Activate the 6 lorestones. If you entered Bhaile with 189 lorestones discovered, you will unlock the Lorestone achievement. If the Bhaile lorestones are not your final 6, you can backtrack and bring your tally up to 195. Alternatively, you can decide to forge ahead and unlock the achievement in postgame play. You can use your game’s lorestone status page and the lorestones page in this walkthrough to assist you. As a reminder, you can check what lorestones you have activated by pressing cn_start, selecting “Status,” and choosing “Lorestones.”

There are also 11 more Prismere Growths in Bhaile to be harvested if you still need some. Use the enemies to recharge your reckoning gauge for the upcoming boss fight.

When you reach the entrance to the Court of Winter, the quest updates: “Defeat Gadflow.”

Activate reckoning mode to end the battle quickly. The Taking Vengeance quest ends and triggers the final quest in the main story line: “Reckoning.”

If you invested in longsword mastery, equip a longsword (primary or secondary—assuming you have a powerful weapon of at least 150 strength). Note that if you invested max points in longsword mastery, you will be at level 7 of 6 because your Truesworn twist of fate card adds a bonus point. If not, stick with the weapons you have mastered. The final battle is more a question of following prompts rather than direct fighting.

Follow Alyn Shir as she goes west and enters Amethyn—a region of the game only available during this quest. There’s some good loot if you plan on doing any post-game play. The dungeon is small. There are some transparent clones that you fight called Splinters of Fate. They are very low level and not a threat. At the end, you talk to Alyn and proceed towards the throne to trigger some cut scenes. You can skip them, but they’re interesting. You’ve come this far you might as well enjoy the penultimate moment.

The game will have reduced your reckoning gauge to zero and you can only damage Tirnoch, the boss, by going into reckoning mode. So, as soon as Tirnoch finishes speaking, open your inventory, go to consumables, and use a Fate potion. Using potions that boost offense are also beneficial. They help shorten the fight but are not really necessary.

Invoke reckoning mode by pressing cn_LT + cn_RT. You’ll find it differs from the normal reckoning mode. Instead of going into a slow-motion state for a number of seconds, you’ll fire a blast at Tirnoch. In normal time, Tirnoch’s head will descend. Immediately, go forward and attack with your most powerful weapon. For me, it was the longsword.

Tirnoch is vulnerable a very short time—after which she raises her head. Again, take a Fate Potion and, optionally, other potions. Go into reckoning mode and, again, attack Tirnoch’s head when she lowers it.

Without the Fate Potions, you would have had to use the endless supply of Splinters of Fate to recharge your reckoning gauge. You would also have to contend with Tirnoch’s attacks. Tirnoch’s attacks are well telegraphed and the splinters are a minor nuisance. By using the Fate Potion, we don’t have to worry about defense and can defeat Tirnoch in about a minute.

After each activation of reckoning mode, you have a small window to attack Tirnoch when her head is lowered. This is when you inflict the damage. As soon as she raises her head, she becomes invulnerable to attack and you'll have to activate reckoning mode again to force her head down so you can continue to deplete her health.

The goal is to whittle her health bar to zero. At this point, you get a dimmed cn_A prompt on screen. You must move promptly up to Tirnoch. When the cn_A prompt lights up, press the cn_A button to end the fight. As with normal reckoning mode, you'll have a random button prompt. Press the indicated button rapidly to increase experience earned.

If you do not react rapidly enough to the dimmed cn_A prompt, Tirnoch will raise up and regain a portion of health. If this happens, you'll have to use reckoning mode again to zero out her health for another chance to approach Tirnoch and press cn_A when the on-screen prompt brightens.

The below video shows the end of the fight and illustrates how the on-screen prompts work so you can properly anticipate them.

With a powerful weapon and the right potions, you can deplete more than half Tirnoch's health in a "round." Move immediately to Tirnoch and attack her with your best weapon when reckoning mode forces her to lower her head. Whereas the fight can be concluded in 2 rounds, 3 is more realistic and don't be discouraged if the fight takes 4 or 5. As long as you immediately replenish your reckoning gauge with a Fate potion and go into reckoning mode, you are in no danger and can reduce Tirnoch's health systematically.

Eventually, the boss health bar on the screen’s upper right is reduced to zero. That's when you run up to Tirnoch and press cn_A as prompted. Then, as stated above, you’ll get the normal random button prompt to boost experience earned. That’s the end of the game watch the end cut scenes and credits (or skip them). For defeating Tirnoch, you will unlock:

Destiny Defiant

You have defeated Tirnoch, and defied destiny.

Destiny Defiant
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

A few moments later (perhaps during the post-game intro), for beating the game on Hard Difficulty, you'll unlock the following:

Destiny Dominated

You have won the game on Hard difficulty.

Destiny Dominated
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

There often seems to lag. Note that in the above video, Perfectionist unlocks before Destiny Dominated. Assuming you have unlocked 61 achievements, you will also unlock:


Awarded all achievements.

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You find yourself in a special safe house called Orbocant in Rathir – Upper City. There’s a special merchant you might be interested in. If you’re missing any achievements, you can do whatever mop-up you need to do. The most lengthy achievements are Loremaster and It is your Destiny (for unlocking a top tier destiny). If you need to find lorestones, use the next page in the walkthrough as a guide. If you are at level 36 and have not unlocked a top tier destiny, Agarth is right by you. Use his fateweaver services to unlock the top tier destiny of your choice.

If you are not at level 36 and need additional experience, I recommend the House of Valor quest line. It’s similar to the faction quests but there are no achievements associated with it. In my opinion, it’s more rewarding than just doing random quests and grinding to boost experience. You enter the House of Valor and trigger the quest line by going to the far eastern enclave in Alserund (Detyre).

Enjoy your 1000 Gamerscore for completion of the base game. A DLC should be forthcoming in 2021 and I'll update the walkthrough when it comes out. Note that the walkthrough has covered less than half the game content in the interest of getting a streamlined 100% completion. We've passed over the majority of the side quests and ignored entire sub-regions. Feel free to continue playing if you're an open world enthusiast—you should find yourself admirably prepared. If you're a pure achievement hunter, I hope I have condensed the game's 62 achievements into a streamlined roadmap.

There are 195 total lorestones—175 lorestones needed to be activated for the Loremaster achievement when the game was released. For a while, the achievement was glitched and became unobtainable. This bug was fixed in the June 2021 patch. Nevertheless, the requirements were changed and, following that patch, all 195 lorestones must discovered for the achievement to unlock.

The below video shows the 35 sets of lorestones in KoA: Re-Reckoning and the rewards for each completed set. You can see the lorestones you have collected by pressing cn_start -> Status -> Lorestones. There are 35 sets. Most sets contain 5 lorestones. Sets named after the seasons each contain 10 lorestones. Before you collect a lorestone in a set, the icon for the set will be dimmed and the description for the completed set's reward will be greyed. When you discover a lorestone in a set, the icon will be lit but the reward description for the completed set will still be greyed out. When you complete a set, a checkmark will appear in the icon's bottom right corner. The reward description will appear in white indicating you have now acquired the benefit associated with the completed set:

This page assumes you are following the walkthrough and acquire level 10 Detect Hidden Skill just before you begin The Legend of Dead Kel questline. Accordingly, the lorestones are presented in a sequence that assumes systematic activation begins when the player is on page 5 of the walkthrough. The sections are clearly labeled and can be cross referenced to the lorestones section of the players status page in the game or any other sequence.

Gallows End

There are 10 lorestones in Gallows End—the location where the Legend of Dead Kel quest line takes place. They are in 2 sets of 5—the Gravehal set and the Gallows End set. The island can only be accessed by going to Captain Brattigan in Rathir and asking her to sail you there.

5 lorestones are on the world map. They will appear on the local map when you are in close enough proximity. When you are on the northern part of the map, you will see the 2 lorestones off the side of the road leading up to Akara-Tor and depicted in the picture below:

When you are close to the Gravehal Keep, 3 lorestones will be visible on the world map. The ones to the right and the left are completely accessible. However, the one in the middle can only be activated from inside the Gravehal Tunnel. If you go into the tunnel from its entrance just to the left (west) of Gravehal Keep, travel north through the tunnel you will arrive at a T-intersection. That is where you'll find the lorestone. You need not use the entrance near the keep. You can also find the lorestone by using one of the other tunnel entrances.

5 of the lorestones are in dungeons—Mudhold Fasting, Undersea Fasting, Cliffbreak Fasting, Souldeep Fasting, and Brigands Hideaway (listed in the order they are covered in the Legend of Dead Kel page:

Teeth of Naros

There are 2 sets of 5 lorestones in the Teeth of Naros questline. 5 of them are visible on the world map and are immediately accessible once you enter Teeth of Naros and gain control of your character. They comprise the Teeth of Naros set. The Nyxaros Lorestones set is activated during the Perpetual Desolations main quest as described on the Teeth of Naros page. Nyxaros is the dungeon in the southeast corner of the Teeth of Naros map.


Odarath East and West

The set of 5 Odarath stones is located here. Additionally, you'll find 2 Dalentarth stones, a Spring stone and a summer stone. Each season has a set of stones assigned to it. Unlike the rest of the sets that have 5 stones each, the season sets each contain 10 lorestones. The 10 stones of Autumn are all in dungeons. 2 of them are in Odarath West in the Agnar Farhal dungeon.

The Gorguath dungeon in Odarath East has its own set of 5 lorestones:

Ettinmere and Webwood

All 5 of the Ettinmere stones are in that sub-region. There's a Spring stone in the pathway between Ettinmere and Webwood. Webwood contains 4 of the 5 Webwood set in addition to a Summer stone:

Yolvan Castle in the northwest corner of Webwood has its own 5 stone set:

Haxhi and Glendara

The fifth Webwood stone is in Haxhi along with the 5 stone Haxhi set. Glendara contains a 5 stone set:

Lorca-Rane and The Sidhe

There are 3 lorestones in Lorca-Rane—a Spring, a Summer, and a Dalentarth stone. The Sidhe contains a set of 5 lorestones. When you enter Caer Nyralim in the southwest corner, you can find a Dalentarth stone:

The final Dalentarth stone is inside the Gardens of Ysa:

Summer's End and Castle Windemere

Refer to the House of Ballads questline in page 7 of the walkthrough. You access Summer’s End during The Champions faction quest. All but one of the Summer’s End stones are in Summer’s End. You enter Windemere where you find the first 2 lorestones in the Summer’s End set. Proceed following the walkthrough guide. In the Summer’s End area, you’ll find the remaining 3 of the set that bears the name of the area:

As you get continue through the questline, you will progress to the Cursed Kingdom faction quest. During this quest, you ring the bell to enter Castle Windemere. The castle contains the set of lorestones that bears its name.

Plains of Erathell

The Wold and Tala-Rane

Each of these 2 sub-regions, in the southwest sector of Erathell, contains a set of 5 lorestones:

Cradle of Summer

The Cradle of Summer is a sub-region in the northwest sector of Erathell. It contains a Summer Stone and 3 of the 5 stone Cradle of Summer Set. A fourth stone in the set is in the passage between Cradle of Summer and the Forsaken Plain:

Forsaken Plain

Forsaken Plain contains the fifth stone in the Cradle of Summer Set in addition to 2 Summer stones and 2 Spring stones:

Mull-Rane, a dungeon in Forsaken Plain, contains 2 Stones of Autumn. They are shown in the Stones of Autumn section below.

Galafor and Tywili

Galafor and Tywili are in the northeast sector of Erathell. Galafor contains a 5 stone set and a Summer stone. Tywili a single Spring stone:

The Blackened Hall in Tywili contains a Stone of Autumn. It is shown in the Stones of Autumn section below. You most likely activated this lorestone during the Mirror, Mirror Travelers faction quest.


Kandria is in the southeast sector of Erathell. It contains the Kandrian set of 5 lorestones as well as 2 Spring stones and one Summer stone:


The Red Marches

The Red Marches contain a set of 5 lorestones bearing their name. 2 of the lorestones can only be accessed by going through the Tomb of Fyragnos dungeon. In order to do so, keys must be acquired by performing the first 2 in a sequence of 4 quests.

The bonus for completing the set is +20% Burning Duration. This is one of the most beneficial bonuses considering our primary weapon is a set of flame Chakrams. To activate the entire set, first speak to Colm Alba in the town of Galette and accept his quest—His Brother’s Keeper. Colm will take you through the dungeon. The quest includes a persuasion check when speaking to the brother, Giran Alba. The quest rewards include the first of 3 keys. With it you can unlock a previously blocked area of the tomb. From there, you can exit the tomb onto a ledge and activate the easternmost Red Marches lorestone.

Completing His Brother's Keeper, makes the next quest in sequence available—Her Righteous Fury. Speak to Eathe Dunbert who now appears in Galette. Follow her through the Tomb of Fyragnos. She takes an exit that leads to a wooden bridge above a cistern. The goal is to poison 5 enemies and push them over the wooden bridge into the cistern. You must do this to 5 of a supply of enemies who endlessly spawn until you meet this objective.

Eathe has a poison bow but needs your help in pushing the enemies into the cistern. You can poison them yourself, if you want, using your own poisoned weapon or skill like poison blink and then push the enemy over the edge with an attack or an ability. Once 5 poisoned enemies end up in the cistern, the quest concludes. Its rewards include the second of 3 Tomb of Fyragnos key. You now have access to more of the tomb and can now take an exit onto an open area with a Red Marches lorestone to be activated just southwest of the lorestone on the ledge.

You need not conclude this series of 4 quests. If you decide to, first accept Worth Fighting For from Hreid Amelthoe and Into the Breach by revisiting Colm Alba. Both quest givers are in Gallette.


Alserund has a set of 5 lorestones as well as a Spring stone:

The Hollowlands

The Hollowlands have a set of 5 lorestones as well as a Spring stone in the passage leading to Menetyre:


Menetyre has a set of 5 lorestones as well as a Summer stone. Additionally, an Apotyre stone can be found in the passage leading to Apotyre:


There are 4 Apotyre stones here as well as a Summer stone just outside the entrance to Adesssa:


Cursewood and Drowned Forest

There are 3 Kluricon stones out of a set of 5 stones and 2 Winter stones:

Between Cursewood and The Midden is a dungeon called Foes' Hearth. It contains a single Autumn lorestone. Its map can be found in the Stones of Autumn section below.

The Midden

The Midden has a set of 5 lorestones. There is also a Winter stone here:

The Keening

There are only 2 lorestones in The Keening—a Kluricon stone and a Winter stone:

Caeled Coast

Caeled Coast has a set of lorestones as well as a Kluricon and a Winter stone:

The Damalroc dungeon contains an Autumn stone. The dungeon is entered during The Eldest House of Sorrows faction quest. See the Stones of Autumn section below for details.


High Fulgen & Shadow Pass

You come across 3 Alabastra stones and 2 Winter stones as you make your way south from High Fulgen through Shadow Pass:

The Mordus-Torr dungeon in Shadow Pass contains an Autumn stone. See the Stones of Autumn section below for details.

Twilight Pass & Amaura

There are 2 Alabastra stones and a Winter stone in Twilight Pass. Amaura has a set of stones and another Winter stone:

The Weconai dungeon in Twilight Pass contains 2 Autumn stones. See the Stones of Autumn section below for details.


During the main quest, “Taking Vengeance,” after defeating Cur, you exit House of Vengeance and enter Bhaile. It is in the massive complex at the center of Alabastra. Bhaile is where we find the remaining 6 of the 195 lorestones. There is a Winter stone and a set of 5 Bhaile stones:

Stones of Autumn

Agnur Farhal & Mull-Rane

The Stones of Autumn are scattered inside 7 dungeons. 2 stones each are in Agnur Farhal (Odarath West) and in Mull-Rane (Forsaken Plain):

The Blackened Hall & Damalroc

As soon as you enter the Blackened Hall (Tywili),the lorestone is straight ahead as you travel in roughly a north by northeast direction. Ideally, you would have activated it during the Mirror, Mirror Travelers faction quest.

There is an Autumn stone in Damalroc. During The dungeon is accessed during The Eldest House of Sorrows faction quest. This is the ideal opportunity to activate the stone although the dungeon can be entered at any time once the Caeled Coast map is revealed:

Foes' Hearth

Foes' Hearth is between Cursewood and The Midden. An ideal time to activate the Autumn stone it contains is when you conclude the Silence Falls House of Sorrows faction quest. You report to Cydan. Instead of leaving immediately, go deeper into the dungeon and activate the lorestone:

Mordus-Torr & Weconai

Mordus-Torr and Weconai are in Alabastra. Mordus-Torr is in Shadow Pass and contains one Autumn stone. Weconai is in Twilight pass and contains 2 Autumn stones:

Video 1: Streaker Achievement:

You spoke to someone while not wearing clothes

Video 2: Jailbreak and Out of Your League Achievements:

You broke out of jail
Killed an enemy 4 levels higher than you

Video 3: Would you like fries with that? Achievement:

Landed 100 complete attack chains

Video 4: Good as New Achievement:

Repaired a piece of equipment

Video 5: Reckoning Rampage Achievement:

Killed 5 enemies with a single Fateshift

Video 6: Obtaining Osgar Krast's Dagger:

Video 7: It Didn't Explode! Achievement:

Made a stable potion by experimenting

Video 8: Cleaning Up the Streets Achievement:

Killed 50 bandits

Video 9: Some of This, Some of That Achievement:

Unlocked a two-class hybrid destiny

Video 10: Reprisal Reprised:

Using persuasion to keep the Maiden's Ring

Video 11:

Jack of All Trades Achievement:

Unlocked a Jack of All Trades destiny

Video 12: Foiled Again! Achievement:

Parried 100 times

Video 13: They Never Saw it Coming Achievement:

Backstabbed 20 enemies

Video 14: Bookworm Achievement:

Read 50 books

Video 15: No Destiny, All Determination Achievement:

You have met High King Titarion, and have been confronted with the true scope of your powers

Video 16: Bull in a China Shop Achievement:

Smashed 1,000 objects

Video 17: Breaking and Entering Achievement:

Picked 50 locks

Video 18: Diamond in the Rough Achievement:

Crafted a Pristine Shard

Video 19: Shock and Awe Achievement:

Killed 100 enemies with abilities

Video 20: Blades of Glory Achievement:

Acquired 10 Unique weapons (Special Delivery weapons excluded)

Video 21: Manic Pixie Dream Elf Achievement:

Wooed Rast Brattigan

Video 22: The Harder They Fall Achievement:

You’ve bested Kahrunk without killing his attendants

Video 23: Beam Me Up Achievement:

Used the Henge to enter Idylla

Video 24: I Regret Nothing Achievement:

Fell to your death from the Idylla Concourse

Video 25: Trapper

Killed 25 enemies with traps

Video 26: And Then There Were None Achievement:

Killed 500 enemies with abilities

Video 27: Juggler Achievement:

Land 5 consecutive hits on a launched enemy

Video 28: Riposte! Achievement

Landed 25 special attacks out of Parry

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