LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Welcome to the walkthrough for Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. This game consists of the original three movies from back in the 70's and 80's, as you may have guessed, and is the sequel to the XBox title Lego Star Wars: The Video Game. If you're interested in playing all six movies, you can find them included in The Complete Saga, which comes with its own separate achievement list.

To earn all of the achievements in this game, you'll have to collect a massive amount of Studs, the form of currency in the game, as well as Minikits and Power Bricks, which serve as collectibles that also add to your gameplay. All of this and everything else you'll need to do is included in the walkthrough's several pages in great detail for you. You'll also have to complete every level without dying while also using none of the Extras you can unlock in the game, which you can also find strategies on near the end of the walkthrough.

For your convenience, video playlist links have been included for just about everything you have to do in this game, so if you prefer to watch where to find collectibles instead of reading about them, you can easily access a full set of videos made specifically for this walkthrough. As you complete more and more of the game, you'll earn the achievements down below.

Game 20% complete.

Complete 20% of the game.

Game 20% complete.
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Game 40% complete

Complete 40% of the game.

Game 40% complete
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Game 60% complete.

Complete 60% of the game.

Game 60% complete.
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Game 80% complete.

Complete 80% of the game.

Game 80% complete.
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Game 100% complete.

Complete everything in the game!

Game 100% complete.
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If you've never played a LEGO game before, it'd be a good idea to read up on the Hints that you can buy in the main hub area of the game on the next page. If you're experienced with LEGO games, it's still a good idea to at least take a good look at that page before heading on to Chapter 1 of Episode IV.

The first thing you should be doing is going through every movie's Story levels, earning a True Jedi ranking as you do so. Unlike most other LEGO games, you have to earn True Jedi on a level in both Story and Free Play, so to avoid having to sit through cutscenes more than you have to, it's best to get this ranking your first time through. While you play through the Story, don't spend a single Stud and save them for later; there's a family of Extras that you'll really want to unlock in order, and the first costs 2,000,000 Studs. The more you have at the end of your Story run, the better.

When you've cleared all of the Story levels, it'll be time to move on to Free Play and start getting collectibles. It'd make sense to go in story order, but you can also head to whichever Power Brick you'd like to unlock the Extra of to make things easier for later Free Play runs. Because of this, it'd be best to run through Chapter 4-6 and pick up the Score x2 Power Brick, which is the important one mentioned earlier. More information on Extras will be given later, but that's all you need to know as you start the game.

Without further ado, it's time to start the story with Episode IV: A New Hope.

When you start the game up for the first time, you'll have control of Princess Leia and Captain Antilles in the Mos Eisley Cantina. The Cantina serves as the hub world for the game and has two main areas, the inside and the outside. The outside isn't all that important, hosting only a bonus level door (which will not be relevant until the late game) and displays for your minikit collections. The inside is where everything else is. You'll start out in front of the shop, and if you walk around, you'll find the giant doorways leading to the three movies this game covers. Between the shop and Episode IV are some containers for you to build two custom characters; you can unlock more parts as you unlock more characters. Between Episode IV and Episode V is another door that leads to bounty hunter missions. These will also come in later, and more detail on these missions can be found on their respective page in this walkthrough.

This page will cover the prices and methods of unlocking everything in the shop, ranging from hints to gold bricks and everything in-between. This game also contains several codes that can be inserted with the ? icon in the shop. The codes don't give you the characters directly, but rather unlock them in the sense that you'll be able to buy them. There aren't any codes for Extras in this game, so you'll have to go about getting your Extras the usual way by finding them in levels.


The first category in the shop are the hints. You probably won't need these due to how simple the game is, but you'll need to buy them anyway. If you're new to LEGO games, it'd be a good idea to at least read these first. You can get the money you need for these as soon as you start the game by shooting the chairs around the cantina, as well as various objects outside. All hints are available as soon as you start the game.

Hint 1---Double-jump and press cn_X when in the air to do a special Jedi attack.
Hint 2---Press cn_X to attack.
Hint 3---Press cn_A to jump. Press cn_A when in the air to double-jump.
Hint 4---The more LEGO studs you collect, the more things you will be able to buy here.
Hint 5---Collect all the LEGO canisters in each level to build minikit models. You can view these outside the cantina.
Hint 6100Many areas of the levels can only be reached by certain characters. Go back to these levels in Free Play, and try to find all the secrets!
Hint 7100Once you have defeated an enemy character in a level, you will be able to buy it here. Try to collect all the characters!
Hint 8100Astromech droids can hover for a limited time. Press and hold cn_A to activate the boosters.
Hint 9100Watch out for black LEGO objects. Dark Force characters can use the Force on them.
Hint 10100Free Play mode means you can go back and play a completed level with any character that you have unlocked!
Hint 11100To take other characters into the levels in Free Play, simply tag them in the Cantina and go through the door of the level you wish to play.
Hint 12100Fill up the Jedi meter in each level to receive a gold brick. The more gold bricks you have, the more levels you will be able to unlock!
Hint 13100The True Jedi meter appears at the top of the screen in each level. Fill it up by collecting LEGO studs. Take care - you lose studs if you die!
Hint 141,000Shiny metallic objects can only be destroyed with Bounty Hunter Thermal Detonators.


Now for the characters. This list covers only those that you can buy in the shop, including vehicles that are unlocked in the same manner. As you unlock characters by playing the story or buying them in the shop, you'll start to see them walking around the Cantina from time to time. Again, codes don't give you the character but allow you to buy them. This isn't entirely useful since the characters will unlock like this as you play through the story, but the codes are listed anyway for the sake of it. Very few characters do not have a code assigned to them.

Rebel Trooper10,000---Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans
Stormtrooper10,000PTR345Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans
Imperial Shuttle Pilot29,000VAP664Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans
Tusken Raider23,000PEJ821Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes
Jawa24,000JAW499Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes
Sandtrooper14,000YDV451Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport
Greedo60,000NAH118Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport
Imperial Spy13,500CVT125Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport
Beach Trooper20,000UCK868Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
Death Star Trooper19,000BNC332Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
TIE Fighter Pilot21,000NNZ316Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
Imperial Officer28,000BBV889Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess
Grand Moff Tarkin38,000SMG219Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape
Han Solo (Hood)20,000YWM840Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Rebel Trooper (Hoth)16,000EKU849Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Rebel Pilot15,000CYG336Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Snowtrooper16,000NYU989Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)14,000HUF729Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base
Lobot11,000UUB319Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Ugnaught36,000UGN694Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Bespin Guard15,000VHY832Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Princess Leia (Prisoner)22,000BVX872Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin
Gamorrean Guard40,000YZF999Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Bib Fortuna16,000WTY721Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Palace Guard14,000SGE549Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Skiff Guard12,000GBU888Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon
Boba Fett175,000HLP221Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon
Ewok34,000TTT289Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor
Imperial Guard45,000MMM111Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny
The Emperor275,000HHY382Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny
Admiral Ackbar33,000VFR800Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star
Gonk Droid1,550NFX582Default
Ben Kenobi (Ghost)1,100,000BEN917Story Mode Complete
Anakin Skywalker (Ghost)1,000,000SYK967Story Mode Complete
Yoda (Ghost)1,200,000YOD476Story Mode Complete
IG-88100,000NXL973Story Mode Complete
Bossk75,000---Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
Dengar70,000---Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace
4-LOM45,000---Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon
TIE Fighter30,000HDY739Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack
TIE Interceptor40,000QYA828Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader)50,000---Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack
TIE Bomber60,000---Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight
Imperial Shuttle25,000---Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight


Extras are little bonuses or power-ups that you can turn on and off in the start menu. Most of them are unlocked by collecting red Power Bricks in each of the main levels and tend to be really useful for completing the game. Note that none of the Extras can be turned on at all if you're aiming for the Undefeated achievements.

Extra Toggle30,000DefaultAdds a few characters to your character selection during Free Play, depending on the level you're in.
Fertilizer10,000DefaultAdds a command to rideable animals cn_B that makes them take a dump before your very eyes.
Disguise10,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that gives everyone a disguise.
Daisy Chains5,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that turns your grappling rope into a flowery string.
Chewbacca Carrying C-3PO10,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that puts a broken C-3PO on Chewbacca's back.
Tow Death Star5,000DefaultA purely cosmetic Extra that turns all towable bombs into miniature Death Stars.
Super Blasters30,000Chapter 4-1: Secret PlansDoubles blaster power. Boba Fett and 4-LOM now deal quadruple blaster damage instead of just double.
Fast Force25,000Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland WastesGreatly reduces the time it takes to use the Force on objects. You'll want this one as soon as you can.
Super Lightsabers26,000Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley SpaceportDoubles lightsaber power. A single swipe will defeat an officer and other enemies that would otherwise take two hits.
Tractor Beam40,000Chapter 4-4: Rescue the PrincessPulls enemy ships in and destroys them when they get close. It's pretty useful.
Invincibility900,000Chapter 5-5: Death Star EscapePrevents your health from dropping. You can still die by falling into pits.
Score x22,000,000Chapter 4-6: Rebel AttackMultiplies your Stud count by two. A must-have item that you should get immediately.
Self Destruct20,000Chapter 5-1: Hoth BattleAllows droid characters to blow up with a simple cn_B press.
Fast Build40,000Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo BaseGreatly reduces the time it takes to build objects. You'll want this one as soon as you can.
Score x46,000,000Chapter 5-3: Falcon FlightMultiplies your Stud count by four. A must-have item that you should get after Score x2.
Regenerate Hearts290,000Chapter 5-4: DagobahYour health regenerates over time. This is only useful in the early post-game.
Miinkit Detector500,000Chapter 5-5: Cloud City TrapPuts white triangles on screen that direct you towards Minikits. Might not be a great early game purchase since the walkthrough tells you where the Minikits are.
Score x612,000,000Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over BespinMultiplies your Stud count by six. You might want to grind out the Studs for it after you have the first two multipliers.
Super Zapper15,000Chapter 6-1: Jabba's PalaceUpgrades the zapper ability used by R2-D2, the Jawa, and the Ugnaught. A single zap will kill a droid instantly.
Bounty Hunter Rockets75,000Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of CarkoonGives Boba Fett a rocket ability. It's not all that useful compared to the other Extras.
Score x820,000,000Chapter 6-3: Speeder ShowdownMultiplies your Stud count by eight. Works wonders with the other multipliers to get enough for Score x10.
Super Ewok Catapult50,000Chapter 6-4: The Battle of EndorWicket and the standard Ewok now launch torpedoes from their catapult weapons instead of dirt clods.
Infinite Torpedoes90,000Chapter 6-5: Jedi DestinyGives your ships a constant supply of torpedoes in any vehicle mission.
Score x1030,000,000Chapter 6-6: Into the Death StarMultiplies your Stud count by ten. The most expensive multiplier there is, but well worth the price.

Gold Bricks

Gold Bricks are a good way of measuring your completion of the game, if not the actual percentage number at the shop's left side. You need to collect all 99 of the Gold Bricks in the game, and fortunately for you, eight of them can just be bought with Studs. It's not quite known how Gold Bricks become available for purchase here, but they'll all eventually be for sale at some point.

Gold BrickCost
Gold Brick 110,000
Gold Brick 215,000
Gold Brick 320,000
Gold Brick 425,000
Gold Brick 530,000
Gold Brick 635,000
Gold Brick 740,000
Gold Brick 845,000

Once you're done looking around the Cantina, head to Chapter 4-1, which will be the only level available to you at the start. Each level has to reach True Jedi status in both Story and Free Play, so the story pages will guide you through earning the required amount of studs as well as beating the level. None of the cutscenes in Story mode can be skipped so to avoid having to replay these levels in Story again, it's highly advised that you earn True Jedi on all of these levels so you don't have to later. If you would prefer a visual, you can find these levels played in Story mode to True Jedi status without any Extras on in the playlist link below.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Story (True Jedi)

Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans

True Jedi: 40,000 Studs

In the opening room, there will be two piles of bricks hopping around on the floor. Press and hold cn_B to start building them into control terminals, which will open the doors ahead. You can also use your blaster with cn_X to shoot the gray containers in this room for some more studs to pick up. Try not to shoot the metal frames on the sides by the door; this kind of material will reflect blaster shots and cannot be dealt with unless in Free Play. There's also a machine in this room that, when you pull the lever, will give you a single White Stud every time you pull it. You could pull this thing thousands of times to get Studs, but this seems to be the least worth-it way to get Studs in the game.

In the next room, shoot these other gray containers, and then start shooting at the sparkling chunks of the walls in little indents. The actual sparkling materials are little flaps that you can use the Force on, but not in Story mode. Instead, just shoot the walls and collect the studs that fall out. When you're done, pull the levers at the next door with cn_X or cn_B. Some rebels will run by to the left, but make your way to the right and keep shooting out these chunks of the wall for even more studs. You'll notice an open doorway with a floating object inside; this is a Minikit, of which there are ten in every level. You can't get to this particular one now, as when you approach, a black door will shut in front of it. You can open it later in Free Play when you have the correct character to do so. As you shoot the walls on the right, you'll uncover a hat machine. This is just in the level for fun. Get close enough to the rebels and a sortie of stormtroopers will burst through the next door. None of your allies nor your partner's (if controlled by the AI) will actually damage enemies, only yours will. Start firing with cn_X until all of them are defeated. A useful tactic is to jump around as you shoot so that the enemies have a much smaller chance of hitting you.

In the next room, all you'll be able to do here is go upwards. Use the grappling points with cn_B and make your way up to two machines that you need to build to progress. Building them won't yield any Studs for whatever reason. In the next room, Darth Vader himself will be at the end of the hall, and two stormtroopers at most will accompany him at all times. You won't be able to escape until Vader leaves, so to force him to make an exit, pull the switches on both sides of the hallway. This will drop a bomb mechanism on both sides of him. Shoot one of them at least five times and it'll explode, causing Vader to flee the scene. Keep destroying the walls as you move ahead into the next room.

More waves of stormtroopers will greet you and the rebels here. Defeat them and break the walls like you've been doing, and then look to the left and right behind where the rebels stop to take a break. To the left are two switches that, when pulled, release Studs and some flowers. Run on the red lights on the floor before they all shut off after a certain amount of time to release even more Studs from the ceiling. On the right, the same things apply, except the two levers will open a window to Vader repeatedly choking rebels as they come up to him.

In this next room, there are some destructible black fences that you can destroy if you want. To open the next door, you'll have to push the two blocks with black and yellow stripes into their receptacles in the floor. Watch out though, because stormtroopers will be on the opposite side waiting for you. Meet up with C-3PO at the laser field and switch to him to open the laser field to trigger a cutscene.

Now that R2-D2 has the Death Star plans, Leia will hide on the ship and Captain Antilles will be charged with getting these two droids off-board before they're discovered. You'll want to take control of Antilles because not only is he the most useful, he's also the fastest one out of the three characters available to you now. Use R2-D2 to open the door into the next room, and then retake control of Antilles. Use the crane in the other room to pick up the troopers and drop them into the pit below, then pick C-3PO up when the bridge is lowered and place him by his panel across the gap. You'll now have control of the Rebel Friend.

After unlocking the door, you'll come across a group of troopers taking away some rebel prisoners. Save them and a few more waves of enemies will blast through the next door. Concentrate all your fire on the enemy until none remain, then blast the walls again if you want more Studs. The only enemies left now will be in this final hallway. Kill them and build bridges so C-3PO can cross the gaps until you get to three doors that are opened by the droids. Use R2-D2 to open the left and center escape hatches to reveal two switches that need to be pulled by either Antilles or the Rebel Friend. Once the protocol droid panel is open, use C-3PO to activate it and open the third and final escape pod. The only thing inside is an astromech panel. Using it will finish the level and activate the level's finishing cutscenes.

Character UnlockedPrice
Rebel Friend---
Rebel Trooper10,000
Imperial Shuttle Pilot29,000

Secret Plans level complete

Complete the first level of the game - Secret Plans.

Secret Plans level complete
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Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes

True Jedi: 75,000 Studs

Luke and Ben start off in a dirty pit next to some fenced-in Banthas. Build a sandcastle next to where you start and destroy it for more cash, then head to the back right to find a blue Stud next to some white Studs. From here, destroy the fences around the Banthas as well as the other objects to the left of them as you face off against the first of many Tusken Raiders to come. There's another blue Stud here that Ben can jump to if he jumps off the back of a Bantha. When the coast is clear, move on to the right and shoot a few more Raiders, or deflect their blasts with Ben's lightsaber, and then destroy the bricks holding a rock up to the left. Past this are a few more Raiders and a grappling point that you can build which, for now, only leads you to two yellow Studs. More Raiders will drop down from above as you approach the next area, and even more will slide down the sand at the far end. Your biggest priority will be using the Force on the object by the slippery sand at the end of the path, because finishing that task will stop the Tuskens from spawning any further. When the enemies are gone, there's a lot you can do here to get more Studs, like digging up a treasure chest, using the Force on some flowers and cans, and shooting said cans and some water spouts for the last bits of money. You can also use the Force on the rest of the junk next to where you used it before to stop the Tuskens from spawning in. When you're ready, run up the bridge to get to the next area.

There will be a few more Tuskens shooting at you from a far ledge; deal with them as you will and walk south to find some hidden Studs, including a valuable blue one. Next, build the little block on the checkered floor ahead and push it to the ledge the Raiders were on so you can advance. At the end is another grappling point that leads to yet another blue Stud. Past this is a much larger area, the original ship that Luke bought C-3PO and R2-D2 at. Before you do anything else, walk underneath it between the two treads and break open the fencing so you can grab the three blue Studs inside; these can be blocked off, so it's best to get them sooner than later. There won't be any Raiders for a while, so break everything apart and use the Force on objects to see where it gets you. To progress, use the Force to stack two blocks on top of each other and open a panel on the side of the ship, and then use a grappling point with Luke to get to a lever. Use it, and Luke and Ben will be able to climb to the top after using the Force on another panel. Pull the two switches at the top of the ship to start the suction tube that will get you inside. For a bit more cash, use a Jedi Slam attack (double-jump and then attack) on the four objects to the right of the roof twice. Make sure you don't stand on the bottom left of these objects or you'll fall through to the bottom and will miss your chance to collect the studs.

Inside the ship, you'll find red blinking lights on some destructible panels. Keep an eye out for these, because you can destroy these for more Studs too. In the first hallway you come across, you'll find ten wheels blocked by some orange fencing. Break off all of this fencing and use the Force on all ten wheels. After five of them are moved, the doors ahead will open, and after you activate all ten, the containers holding the blue Studs by the door will open. The other room past this door has a lot of stuff to do for Studs, like destroying panels and crates and building droids. You can also press the switch in here to bring a box down that you can push onto many different receptacles in the ground. You'll have to free R2-D2 with one of these boxes to continue, but you can open the other doors with these to get a few blue Studs and a Minikit if you want to get it right now.

Use R2 to open the elevator and head into the next area. To pull some levers up, you need to run across the four discs on the ground in front of it fast enough so that all four are down at once. Clear out this room and pull the switches, and you'll find C-3PO trapped in the next room. There are a lot of Jawas in here, and they'll zap any droid that they see; use the Force on them and then kill them to prevent them from stunning you as a droid later. To free C-3PO, push the green handle until the suction tube aligns with his cell, and then use R2-D2 to activate it. In the next room, look to the left and right for stuff to do before using the Force on the four little sticks keeping the ship's back door up and heading back outside.

It won't be long until you're attacked by more Raiders. Defeat them all and run ahead into a wide open space, where a handful more Raiders will come down to attack. Finish them off and use C-3PO on the panel by some quicksand to suck all the water out of it, leaving a dry and stable dirt surface. Destroy the flowers and the water container for some more Studs, and then build a little ramp for C-3PO so he can get to the next panel. There's another blue Stud hidden on the high archway that you pass through. To get to it, break the second water container and the flowers that arise from it, then build the pieces that appear to create a small platform. Use the Force on the two more rounded objects first before you put this platform on top of them, and then use Ben's superior jumping skills to get to the Stud.

After dealing with a few more Raiders, have Ben jump across a few rocks so he can create a bridge with some sand-colored pieces stuck in the left wall. Next, jump up to another object you can push and push it off, then deal with the Raiders that follow suit. This object, when destroyed, will let you build another bridge to the last panel C-3PO will have to activate. When the quicksand is back to normal, go through the usual routine with the water containers and then use the Force on some coconuts to create some coconut trees. There won't be any more Tusken Raiders on the way to the end of the level, so you'll be able to pick apart your surroundings in peace.

When you move on to the final area of the level, you should immediately spot a broken-down speeder to the south, as well as some objects you can use the Force on. Doing both of these will give you some Studs, but you'll have to use the speeder to get to the area to the right and repair a bridge. Watch out for stormtroopers camped out in front of Ben's house. With the bridge fully repaired, you can press all four switches so you can get inside and finish the level, but you might want to look around for more ways to get Studs first. There are a few blue Studs on tops of Ben's house that Ben can get to if you double-jump on top of the small metal thing on the left side of his house. You can also use the Dewback (the green lizard) to get up there much easier than you would with the metal thing.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)---
Ben Kenobi---
Tusken Raider23,000

Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport

True Jedi: 165,000 Studs

Note: If you want to get True Jedi on this level the first time you play it, you'll have to tear this entire level apart for Studs. You can barely make it if you make use of a Double Score Zone mid-level.

You start off the level in a massive area of Mos Eisley. Use the Force on everything you see and destroy everything else; you can open the small trash cans with Ben and then destroy them with a Jedi slam for maximum Stud collecting. Wipe the whole area from its Studs as you move north, defeating any troopers you meet along the way. At the very end you'll be able to use some stairs to go upwards, but you'll want to use the Force on these to move them to the left. A safe spot to do this in would be behind the wall to the right of the stairs, because the troopers on top of the wall above the gate won't be able to shoot you from there. Take C-3PO up the stairs to the panel above the gate to open it, but instead of heading through the gate, return to the start of the level and drive the speeder through the gate. This is a very important step for later in earning enough Studs for True Jedi your first time through.

Hop out of the speeder and leave it at the weird gate, then run left and continue to reap as many Studs from the various objects around the area as you can. You'll soon reach a dead end with a few things lying around that you can use to build your own AT-ST. Before you can hop in, a stormtrooper will take control of it. Use the Force on it to instantly eject him from the pilot seat and then kill him so he no longer becomes a problem. Now drive the AT-ST back to that weird fence where you parked your speeder and blow it up, and then drive the speeder inside. Park it at the car wash station, which will reveal two levers that you can pull to start it up. With your clean speeder, take it to the right until a Jawa slowly walks out, appraises the value, and drops the worth in front of you. The fact that this drops in a Double Score Zone makes reaching True Jedi status a lot less tedious. Make sure you destroy everything in this area before driving the AT-ST back through the gate where you built it. There's a large final wave of stormtroopers to face off with before you'll be able to make it inside the Cantina, so use the AT-ST or fight on foot until every last enemy is dead. When things have calmed down, do another search of the area for as many studs as you can carry, and then head inside.

The first thing you'll notice are four energy beams that prevent droids from entering. The Cantina has these in place because they don't serve their kind here, and they ought to wait outside. Have Luke shoot these with his blaster and everyone will be able to enter after standing on all four switches on the ground. After Ben and Luke talk with Han and Chewbacca, you'll have control of the latter as they make their way to the Millennium Falcon. They share the same abilities, so it doesn't matter which one you use to destroy all the chairs in the Cantina. Again, you'll need every Stud.

When you're outside, wipe the nearby vicinity of Studs and use the grappling point on the ground. As you land, an Imperial Spy (who was hidden in the cutscenes at the start of the level) will escape further towards the Falcon. Build the grappling point on the floor where you land and use it to ascend upwards. Up here, you can get through the door up here, which will lead to a grappling hook with a weird machine in the corner. Pull the lever and a box will come out; push it to the edge, and you'll be able to use it to get to a blue Stud on a high ledge if you didn't push it to ground level. When it's there, defeat all the stormtroopers and push the box over to the receptacle by the door, but be careful, as a single shot will blow this box up. The objective here is to use the box to blow up the door. When it explodes, Studs will rain out of it, so stand nearby and get ready to pick them up. Clear this place out too before you move ahead.

This room has a bunch of troopers in it. Some will be on Dewbacks, some will be on a high ledge to the north, and the rest will be on the ground. Shooting the Dewbacks a few times will cause them to push their rider off, and you can jump and shoot while facing the ledge troopers to take care of them. Be careful not to shoot anything that releases Studs so you don't lose them. If you've been really thorough and careful with collecting Studs, this should be the room in which you hit True Jedi. You can shoot the little droppings in the shaded area to the north to turn them into flowers, which will release Studs, and you can also shoot the doors to the west to release more of them. Shoot only one at a time, because the Studs spread in a wide area with these for some reason. Behind these doors are some more droppings that you can use to get some more Studs, and after that, you'll just have to clear out the trash cans and other things for this area. Hop on a Dewback and ride to the northeastern corner; you can use it to eject yourself high in the air towards another blue Stud. To get to the Falcon, ride a Dewback and eject off of it to the west above where the brown doors were. Just down a set of stairs is the garage that the Falcon is being kept in.

When you get close enough to the Falcon, the spy will call in a wave of stormtroopers. You should really go with Han for this fight, because when you mash cn_X you'll dodge blaster shots when they get to you as well as fire at the enemy. After fighting through two waves, the spy will finally be vulnerable. Try to focus on him and shoot him at least four times to kill him, then finish off the current wave of stormtroopers. If you defeat the troopers and the spy is still alive, he'll just call in another wave, so you may as well just attack the spy and get things over with. If there are any undamaged items around the garage that you can shoot to earn Studs, you might want to do that if you're dangerously close to 160,000. When you're satisfied with your performance or have done as much as you could, head into the Millennium Falcon to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo---
Imperial Spy13,500

Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess

True Jedi: 60,000 Studs

In this starting room, you'll see some blue pipes between sets of two other whitefish gray objects on the wall. All of these can be destroyed, but those blue pipes will be a common set piece throughout the level alongside the red containers lying around. Destroy them all for as many Studs as possible (revealing a secret Stud machine too) before you use the Force to open the door made out of blue and gray LEGO pieces. Some stormtroopers will pop out of the hall on the right; don't worry about going down that hall for now, because there's just a Minikit inside. Break more containers and use the hat machine to put a stormtrooper helmet on at least one person, even Chewbacca, to open the access panel at the end of the hallway. Inside are a few more enemies to defeat and a few more objects to shoot. Be sure to build the miniature Star Destroyer model to the left and shoot the controls on the blinds to the right before building the control panel in the northeastern corner of the room. Use R2-D2 on the astromech panel to start a cutscene which results in your party being reduced to just Luke, Han, and Chewbacca.

You'll find some more blue pipes in the hall ahead, as well as some orange/gray semicircular structures jetting out of the wall. These can be destroyed with two shots and generally hold a lot of Studs, so don't forget to hit these too. Don't be fooled by the gap with a blue Stud at the other side; you'll never be able to make this jump. Go in through the hall on the left and continue this way through another hall with lots of stuff to destroy. At the end you'll get to another hat machine. Past this hat machine are two elevators with cameras on them. You're going to want to destroy these cameras as fast as you can, because as long as they can see you, they'll periodically send up more troopers to deal with you. Focus on the troopers near Ben when the cameras are out of commission.

Across the bridge, Death Star Troopers will spawn in using a grappling hook off the lower side of the area. Try to shoot it to destroy it and eliminate the enemy threat so you can progress through this area in peace. Fight some more enemies and make sure you're wearing at least one helmet when you pass through the hallway on the right at the end of this section, because you'll need someone to open the next door. If you don't have a helmet you'll be greeted with a few standard troopers along with another grappling hook that you need to destroy to stop the flow of Death Star Troopers. In the following room, build a giant red-and-green switch and push it from the green side to connect the bridge with where you actually need to go. There's a hat station halfway up the set of platforms, and you should give everyone a helmet for the next room.

That next room is some kind of control room, which is filled with guards. Ignore them all and look for a control panel that you can build by the side of the door on the opposite end of the room. If you're fast enough, you can build it and use it without having your helmet shot off, but you'll have to fight everyone in here regardless. To get some more Studs, shoot all the control panels in the room. This will also reveal a Minikit that you can collect now or later. If you're running a bit short on Studs, go back and get another helmet if you don't have one intact at this point and move ahead to another Imperial control panel. The elevator it controls will lead you to a steam room with a bunch of Beach Troopers inside. Kill them to secure the bathhouse, and then collect the Studs on the floor and in the jacuzzi. Don't forget to shoot the fans in the top left and right corners of the room before heading back down.

Use the elevator to the left of the one used to get to the steam room and you'll finally have reached the prison cells. Take out the guards manning the panels and then shoot out the cameras above the elevators like you did before to prevent anyone from coming in. Raze the area of its Studs before building the control panels back to normal and pulling the switches. You'll now have access to a bunch of cells; if you're just a few Studs away from 60,000, check all of the cells for anything you can find that might help you break the threshold. If you're good and ready to go, open the cell with a grate next to it to find the princess, and then press the two switches in front of her to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo (Stormtrooper)---
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)---
Beach Trooper20,000
Death Star Trooper19,000
TIE Fighter Pilot21,000
Imperial Officer28,000

Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape

True Jedi: 55,000 Studs

You start off in the garbage disposal. There's not really anything to do here, so just build the pile of bricks in front of you and use them to pull the switch so you can get out of there. There are a few blue pipes in this hallway that you can use to gain more Studs, as well as a few enemies that you'll have to defeat. Ignore the hat machine for now and head into the next room.

In here, use the switch to the north twice in a row. Then use the grapple point that the switch creates to get to a blue Stud, and drop down to the main floor. There will be a ton of stormtroopers down here for you to kill; get rid of all of them, and you'll be safe enough to get a stormtrooper helmet from the previous area without having to worry about losing it. Before you head back up, wipe the area of Studs and shoot everything you can, including the red/yellow chunks of bricks on the left wall on the main floor. You should also push the big object with a blue top to its receptacle and spin the handles jetting out from it to push it to maximum height. Bring a helmeted character back to the switch on the upper floor that you already used twice, and use it again to put the grappling hook where it's supposed to be. With that lower blue piece in the highest position possible, you'll be able to make it to the other side and use the lever on the other side. This will create another block that you can push off the ledge you're on, which will free a yellow vehicle. Drive this out of the pit it's in and look for the glowing red lights on the ground outlined in green. You're going to have to drive over these fast enough so that all five are lit up at once. These lights will release a bit of flooring that will allow you to use a stormtrooper panel and move on to the next room.

There are some enemies that will be stationed in the corner of the following room; you can kill them now with a surprise attack if you want to save yourself the trouble of killing them later, or you can see how far you can go before they approach you. Shoot the two big chunks of bricks in the walls outside the door you came in from and ignore the crane and the two troopers cleaning the window for now. Go down the hall when you're ready and build some machinery to give power to the lever connected to it, which will lead you to a pushable block and two more switches. Push the block up towards the door and then use the switches, but get ready to face three enemies that can take two shots each before dying. When they're down, push the block into the receptacle and use the final switch to move on ahead. Keep blowing things up and collecting Studs as usual until you get into the next room.

There's a barrel and two panels underneath colored tubes that you can shoot before pulling the three switches to the right. Having all three active at once will start a rotating platform up, which you can use to move ahead. After this, once you get spotted by any trooper, it'll be a continuous onslaught of soldiers until you can activate the stormtrooper panel at the top of the room. I highly suggest using Han Solo for this since he can dodge blaster shots quicker than the others can. Use a grappling hook to get up to a lever; instead of activating the platform next to it, a bunch of bricks will fall from above, which you then have to build to activate the platform. Jump up to a platform to the right with a blue Stud on it and collect it, then jump to the area to the lower left, where you'll find a hat machine. Put the hat on Han and wait for the platform to rise again, protecting your helmet at all costs. Ride the platform to the very top and activate the panel as soon as you can so you can enter the next room.

The next area is really small, but has a good handful of guards inside. Ignore them if you want and walk over to the next area. In here, quickly pull the levers by the door you just came out of to block any pursuits off. This will alert the other troopers here of your presence, but don't worry about that for now and start building the grappling point on the floor. The troopers farther away from you will be just far enough so that their blaster shots will disappear before they can get to you, but you'll still have to worry about the other pair's shots. On the second platform, take note of the door behind you, which leads only to a hat machine, and build the grappling point. When it's built, shoot across the gap to the platform that you'll be swinging to so that it's clear of enemies and then put a helmet on Han again. Swing over and activate this door, and you'll be good to go into the second-to-last room.

Shoot everything in sight as you chase a single stormtrooper down the long hallway. Doing this will unlock a Minikit, which you can pick up now or later, but the important thing on this run is Studs. After shooting the control panel on the door past the Minikit, you'll be greeted with a rather large ambush. Get ready for a big fight. When the stormtroopers' numbers have dwindled, run around and collect the Studs in the room, and then pull the handles by the doors on the right and left side, in that order. You'll then want to build the bricks in the upper left corner as fast as you can so you can get out of this room. Finish building them and then shoot the doorway you made from it to continue ahead.

In this last room, you'll hear Darth Vader and Ben fighting on the floor above you. The goal now is to activate several switches and panels scattered around the room to raise the Millennium Falcon above the laser shield in the floor so you can escape. The first thing you should do is pull the switch by a yellow grate in the floor. This will be used later. Next, make your way around the edge of the room and take note of the R2-D2 panel, which you'll activate later as well. Next up are some bricks in front of a door that you can build into a handle, which you can push to release R2-D2 and C-3PO. There's also a Minikit in here if you'd like to pick it up now. Now, head over to the blue object in the wall to the north of here and push it over to the right. The beam underneath it will break the blue object and release bricks for a grapple point. Build these and kill the troopers on the ledge it takes you to, but don't pull the switch for now. Instead, take R2 over to that panel on the west side, which will release another of those yellow vehicles to ride over switches. Take this calm opportunity to ride over the switches, which will raise the Falcon, but also call in a wave of troopers to attack you. Swiftly take control of C-3PO and head over to the yellow grate near the door you came in here from. Use the protocol droid panel up on this ledge and walk down the opening in the rail on the right side, which will place you right next to an astromech panel. Waddle over to R2-D2, who should have followed you across the room due to you being the main player, and use this panel. The last thing you need to do is pull that switch on the high ledge to the upper right, so take control of anyone else and use the grapple point you built earlier to get up there.

If you've managed to do this all in the right order, you'll only have to fight one wave of stormtroopers. If you didn't, it's not like fighting troopers is a big inconvenience anyways, but it saves time. When all the enemies are dead, the Falcon's door will open and you'll be able to finish the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Grand Moff Tarkin38,000

Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack

True Jedi: 20,000 Studs

Vehicle levels are a lot simpler than standard levels, so there won't be much need for explanation. You'll start off in a rather small space blocked off by a laser shield. There's a pink torpedo floating above a torpedo dispenser that you'll be able to use to destroy the shield generator, which is a large pink square in the ground. Before you do, look around for any blue objects on the ground and on the walls that you can destroy for Studs. The amount of Studs you need for True Jedi is relatively low, so once you fill up the bar later, you won't have to worry about losing Studs as much.

When you break the shield, grab three torpedoes from the same dispenser (you can only hold three at a time) and move on ahead. You'll find a door on the ground with two satellites on either side; shoot these immediately to disable the door, because TIE Fighters constantly come out of there if you don't stop the door from working. There's also the first turret of the level on the right side, which you'll be seeing a lot of later. Destroy it and grab as many Studs as you can before you look for a big red pyramid-looking structure. Fly over it and four more pink squares will rise up to surface level. You'll need to hit all four with torpedoes to disable the next laser shield so you can shoot your way out of this area. This kind of cycle repeats a couple more times in the next few areas; if you're having a hard time finding a set of pink squares to blow up, look for red lines that connect with the laser shield.

In the iconic trench scene where Vader himself and two TIE Fighters are shooting at you, you don't have to do anything at all. Their blasts don't actually do anything, and it's really easy to dodge the shots coming from turrets placed in the trench itself. The final course of action is to launch a torpedo down the opening to destroy the Death Star, but there's another shield blocking the opening. You'll notice three sets of four open squares surrounding the shield; flying over them reveals that these squares host a total of 12 laser turrets. Destroy them all to disable the shield, and then use a torpedo to end the level. If you lose all your torpedoes, you'll have to pick one up at the far end of the trench. As for destroying the turrets, it's a good idea to focus on only four at a time and leave the rest inactive so you're not wrestling with 12 active turrets at once.

Character UnlockedPrice
TIE Fighter30,000
TIE Interceptor40,000
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader)50,000

Episode IV complete.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode IV complete.
2 guides

Episode V becomes available after you beat the first level of Episode IV, but it only makes sense to start this Episode after you finish Episode IV in its entirety. You can do whatever you want, of course.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Story (True Jedi)

Chapter 5-1: Hoth Battle

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

There are three types of enemies in this level. AT-ST's walk around on two feet, which you've seen from Chapter 4-3, and take a few blaster shots to destroy. You can also grapple onto them with cn_B to knock them over, but there's really not much of a point to that. There are also small black droids which will not only fire at you, but will also grapple onto bombs in the level that you yourself have grappled, making it harder to control the bombs' movement until you defeat the droids. AT-AT's are the largest of the three, and to defeat them, you need to grapple them and run circles around them in any direction until they fall over. When this happens, run a bomb into it to destroy it for good. All three of these except for AT-AT's respawn infinitely, so there's no point in clearing out any area.

If you want to get True Jedi on this level without multipliers, you'll need to grab as many Studs as possible in each area. To start, go left and find a small turret and satellite dish that you can destroy with the Snowspeeder's blasters. These are a common source of cash in the level, so keep an eye out for them as you fly around. There are also some obviously LEGO-built rock structures which also give you Studs upon destruction. Fly through the whole area of the level that you're given access to and take as much money as you can; if you've been through enough and haven't lost too much from dying, you should have at least 20,000 Studs. Now, if you want more, which you really should to avoid any close calls with Studs at the end of the level, take one of the bombs from the dispenser with cn_B and roll it into any of the white walls that block the left and right sides towards a dark cave. Destroying these with bombs will release even more Studs. To continue, take another bomb to the dark cave at the end of the area and destroy the white walls blocking it off.

In the second area, clear the area as much as you can of Studs, and then take down the large AT-AT's to continue. Do the same thing further ahead and use the bombs to destroy more of the white barriers along the way; you'll really want to pick up a bunch of Studs from these walls before heading into the last part of the level. Make sure you grab as much as you can. I left this area with 68,000 Studs, so you can use that as a number to judge how you're doing.

Now for the final part of the level. Supposing you're very close to 70,000 Studs, fly around and pick up the last of what you need before pursuing the first objective of the fight. That first objective is to destroy a set amount of those black flying droids you've seen throughout the level. Ignore the AT-ST's unless you really feel like shooting them and focus on those droids until the second wave begins. For the second wave, you'll have to destroy the AT-ST's around the place, and for the third wave, you have to fight two AT-AT's. Use bombs to destroy them and start the fourth and final wave. You'll be tasked with destroying a set array of the three different types of enemies, but from now on enemies will no longer respawn. Because of this, you may as well get rid of everything else before taking down this last AT-AT.

Character UnlockedPrice

Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base

True Jedi: 40,000 Studs

In the starting room, snatch all the Studs lying around and shoot the containers by the door on the other end of the room for a few more. Getting close to the door triggers a small earthquake, letting loose a few pieces to build a bomb out of. The bomb's explosion won't hurt you, so there's no need to back away. Continue up the hall to another set of bricks that you can use to build a heater. Shoot it three times to bring it up to maximum heat and start melting the ice off the door. There are a few Snowtroopers in the coffee lounge ahead; kill them all and shoot the tables for some Studs, and grab yourself a cup of coffee using both levers of the machine for a few more. Push the heater towards the doorway to loosen the ice up.

Run down the hallway and you'll find a small patrol with one trooper manning a turret. Defeat all of them and rebuild the turret so you can blast the angled frame blocking a doorway to the north. When you hop in the turret, more troopers will drop in from above, so get ready to hop out and shoot them once the barrier is destroyed. Take the path to the right when you're ready to do so and shoot your way past the gray containers to get to a room with a weird yellow contraption and a wheel in the center. Put the finishing touches on the contraption and push the wheel til it clicks, which will send the former towards the avalanche to the left. A bunch of Studs will pour out of the collision, but you're probably not going to be able to get to most of them in time before they disappear. Run into the room on the left and wipe the room for Studs. You'll also find C-3PO in this room, so take him and use him to activate the protocol droid panel that's been freed by the turret earlier.

In the next room, relieve the troopers of their duty and grab all the Studs you can, then rebuild both turrets at the other side of the room and use the one by the door to clear the debris again. You're going to want to build the parts in the containers in the middle of the room into a vehicle meant to flip C-3PO towards the door he needs to open, but to do that, push two of the blocks on the slippery floor into place to turn one of the fans on. Drive next to the fan and C-3PO should automatically use it and drop down onto the vehicle. Drive over to the door next and flip him towards the door so he can let everyone through. Past the door is a small hallway where some parts will drop down to create another heater.

The following room has five buttons on a slope that need to be pressed by sliding on them. If you feel like you can grab the blue Studs on additional runs down the slope, it'll definitely help you get to True Jedi. The door that opens by pressing these buttons is quite small, but there's an access panel that C-3PO can open that leads to a Double Score Zone. Take all of the Studs out of here as you can before returning to the small room. With the three of you, you only need to push one of the two boxes onto one of the switches. In Free Play, you'll need to push both boxes, but that's obviously not an issue at the moment. Don't forget to swipe all of the money you can out of this place before you head out the door to the final room straight ahead.

As per usual, take all of the Studs you can and get rid of the enemy presence until they stop showing up. The first order of business is that you should rebuild these last two turrets the Snowtroopers were using to blow up the shield generator in front of the Falcon. Then push two blocks on the slippery floor from a cave on the right side of the room to the front of a shield with two Tauntauns inside. You'll want to ride one of these to the Falcon so you can jump on the top and repair some crucial parts of the ship. When that's done, drop down to the door and put a few pieces back onto the Falcon's hatch. Doing both of these to the ship will open it up, allowing you to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo (Hoth)---
Princess Leia (Hoth)---
Han Solo (Hood)20,000
Rebel Trooper (Hoth)16,000
Rebel Pilot15,000
Luke Skywalker (Hoth)14,000

Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight

True Jedi: 50,000 Studs

This level is pretty simplistic, so you won't need much information on what to do here. The first objective for this level is to shoot out the 16 turrets atop four different Star Destroyers. Just sit still near a destroyer until all four turrets are destroyed before moving on. Each turret drops Studs, so make sure you pick as many of these up as you take out each ship's defenses one by one. You might have around 9,000 Studs by the time the second part of the level begins.

The first portion of the asteroid field is filled with, well, asteroids. The ones with two blue things on them can be shot for both Studs and torpedoes, both of which you'll need plenty of. Shoot each asteroid and reap the Studs inside as you make your way to the end of the first field. Some debris here will require four torpedoes to be destroyed, so even if you have the maximum amount trailing behind the Falcon, you'll have to come back to shoot more asteroids to continue. The same thing will happen in the next loaded area, except there will be another wall of debris past it, so this second area will require a total of eight torpedoes to get out of. Make sure you shoot all of the asteroids one by one so you can get all of the Studs hidden inside each one.

Now for the last piece of the level. Instead of debris, a massive asteroid is blocking the way between you and a Star Destroyer. You'll need a bunch of torpedoes to launch at the asteroid to destroy it and end the level. Don't forget to mine for Studs in this last area, as this should be the place you get your True Jedi status. When you have enough torpedoes, take them to the asteroid and keep coming back with more until you've hit all of the targets on it.

Character UnlockedPrice
Millenium Falcon---
TIE Bomber60,000
Imperial Shuttle25,000

Chapter 5-4: Dagobah

True Jedi: 50,000 Studs

Start your Stud collection off right by taking R2-D2 into the water to the right, where you'll find an island with a hearty amount of Studs. Without use of the Force, Luke can destroy all of the tall grassy plants in the level, so hone in on these as you make your way to the next area. There won't be a whole lot of different stuff to do until you get to Yoda's house, so just keep shooting the tall grass for Studs and hit the enemy bats that fly towards you. There's going to be a gap that R2-D2 can hover across to reach a panel that will bring up a bridge for Luke to use.

When you get to Yoda's house, a cutscene will play and you'll be able to use the Force. Well, to some extent. If you want to get started on actually using the Force, run up to Yoda and press cn_Y so he hops onto your back. Only with his help will you be able to use the Force. Destroy the three groups of plants nearby so you can use the pieces underneath to create a bridge. Movement will be pretty straight-forward till you get to two tall mushrooms. Use the Force on the lower one, and then give about two seconds before you do the same on the taller one. Switch quickly to R2-D2 and stand on the lower mushroom's top on the ground. It'll soon rise up and you'll be able to hover up to the top of the higher mushroom before it rises to the top.

Once you open the access panel above the mushrooms, head through the doorway and go south down the path. This will take you to the area where Yoda's house was, and at this point Luke will be able to use the Force without him, so you can return to the plants down by his house and take more Studs from them. Return to where you came from whenever you're ready and move on to face Luke's fears. You'll know when you see it.

The fight against Vader's doppelgänger is really simple; just hit him enough times until he teleports away and then make your way up to him and strike down until he moves again. You'll have to make use of the blue boxes and containers around the area. Defeating him will open the gate nearby, allowing you to get to the last area of the level. It's very easy to move to the end, but keep an eye on your left side after you make a wooden bridge for the three characters. Luke and Yoda will have to raise each other up so one of them can push the box on a high ledge down below. The parts that come out of it are built into a motorcycle which, apparently, need to go into the washing machine hidden in the swamp a little to the northwest of where the bike is resting. Putting the bike in the washing machine will cause the two to explode. The pieces that remain from the explosion can be built into a panel that R2-D2 can use to get rid of the gate. Past it is just one thing, Luke's X-Wing. Luke himself can't use the Force to pull it up himself, so use Yoda to lift it entirely out of the water. The level ends as soon as the X-Wing is high enough out of the murky mess and is ready for flight.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Pilot)---
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)---

Chapter 5-5: Cloud City Trap

True Jedi: 11,000 Studs

On the landing deck you start at, deflect the stormtroopers' blaster shots to the north and use R2-D2 to fly over to where they stood. Use the astromech panel and fly back, then switch to Luke and use the Force on the left wings of his ship. Assuming you picked up the Studs by the astromech panel, you should already be around 1/10th of the way towards True Jedi. Jump across the bridge made by the two heroes and build the next astromech panel so they can get to the next room. A bunch of stormtroopers will be in here and will drop down from above to attack you. Keep swinging at them until they stop appearing, then destroy the gray thing in the northwest corner and use the astromech panel on the northern wall. Continue with the material created by these actions to build a turret that can destroy the blue barrier in front of the next door. Working on building the turret will likely trigger more enemies to fall into the room, so stay sharp. You can also look in the corners of the room for a blue Stud, which again really means a lot for this level's True Jedi status. Past this door is just a long hallway; use R2-D2 at the end of it so you can move further into Cloud City.

As you enter the next room, there will be a hat machine dispensing helmets. Ignore it for now and walk down towards a familiar face: Darth Vader. Hit him a few times and he'll start jumping away from you if you get close. R2-D2 will have to activate the steam/smoke vents underneath Vader to stun him, which will give Luke a few seconds to hit Vader a few more times. Repeat this process until Vader loses all of his hearts and leaves through a door on the other side of the room. Use the orange crane nearby to bring R2-D2 across a big gap, then put a helmet on and jump across the now-shorter gap to the stormtrooper door that Vader passed through.

You'll then have to chase Vader across the outside platforms of the city. Luke and R2-D2 will have to help each other get ahead to get to the next room. Swipe at Vader til he jumps up above some steam grates at the peak of the room. Take care of the enemies that drop in, then build the wheel and elevator to the right. You'll have to use these later, so you may as well get them ready now. For this first attack, R2-D2 needs to get up the ramp leading to the left. Using the panel up there will release more steam into Vader's face, prompting him to jump down and attack Luke further. Switch back to him and swing more at Vader until he jumps to the grates on the right. R2-D2 will automatically stand on top of the elevator when it's ready to go, so just push the wheel so he can get up to the panel. Vader will jump down again; hit him twice more, and the cycle will repeat. When his strength fails him once more, he'll run into the next room.

Switch to R2-D2 and fly across the gap. Vader will do nothing about you for whatever reason, allowing you to use the two astromech panels and close the hatches on the stormtrooper's holes. When both are closed, debris will fall from above and Vader will toss it towards Luke. Fly back to Luke and have him use the Force on the debris so it gets sent back to Vader. He'll then jump over to you until he takes two hits of damage, then you'll have to do the whole thing over again twice. On the third cycle, Vader will crash through the window behind him after he's been hit by the third piece of debris. Use the Force on the glass shards and chase after him.

Vader will be on his last set of health now. Fight him and chase him across more exterior platforms of the city. It won't be long now until the level ends, so stay on his tail and smack him until he loses all of his hearts.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)---

Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin

True Jedi: 45,000 Studs

Boba Fett will be the initial main antagonist as Lando, Leia, and Chewbacca attempt to leave Bespin. Fett will leave and stop shooting you if you get closer, so you may as well get him out of the way before you start collecting the Studs around this hallway. Build the pointy object in the center; this will not only give you more money, but you'll release a Minikit if you build all three in the level. Run after the elusive bounty hunter runs into another room. Fight him until he leaves the room and runs down the hall. Follow him through the door and you'll see some white blocks on the walls that you can shoot for Studs. There are three on each side, two of which are smaller and higher up, so you'll want to stand a fair distance away in order for the blaster to target these objects. Remember this room for later.

Run to the left and continue following Boba Fett. At the end of this hallway is the second of the three pointy cone objects. Head through the door to the right, where you'll see a frozen Han Solo being taken away in Fett's ship, the Slave 1. R2-D2 will now join the party, though. Return back where you came and use R2-D2 to turn off the smoke in the hallway, then make your way back to the room where the white bricks first appeared. You can now open the door to the right, where you'll be able to find a rather discombobulated C-3PO. Rebuild him and have him use the protocol droid panel in the white block room to advance towards the Millennium Falcon. A whole bunch of enemies will be waiting for you on the other side of the door. Dispose of them, then shoot at the six grayish cylinders hanging from the ceiling for Studs and the parts for a small vehicle. You won't have to ride it anywhere, so leave it where it is and put a stormtrooper helmet on. Run down the hall past a few troopers and don't turn hostile against them; with your helmet on, they won't attack you or anyone else, and there aren't any more objects to mess with for Studs, so just hop in the elevator and take it up to the next area.

Run up to the stormtroopers ahead and shoot them, as well as the other enemies that rappel in from above. Then destroy all of the blue containers on this platform for Studs. After you kill the enemies, parts for a grapple point will fall from the sky. Use it to get to the next platforms and use the crane to get the droids across. Past this is a conveyor that will only slow down if someone is pressing the button the other side; stand on it to let everyone through, then take control of R2-D2 and fly around the big gray object by hovering around the south end of it. Then fly to the astromech panel on the other side of a large gap and have a blaster user use the grapple point to destroy the gray object blocking C-3PO from joining you. With it's destruction, he'll be able to walk by and use the protocol panel past the orange and blue crates. But you'll have to destroy the blue crate and push the orange ones out of his way first. The hallway that opens up past this door has tons of white brick walls as you've seen before, as well as the third pointy cone thing to build. Take your time shooting all of these white bricks and get as many Studs as possible; you're near the end of the level, and you'll need as much as you can to meet the 45,000-Stud requirement.

There's more gas flowing out of some vents in the room ahead. Have R2-D2 deactivate them again and run into the smaller room past the smoke. There will be two buttons on both sides of this room that you'll have to push to reveal two switches in the center of the room. Pull the switches and return to the smoke room, then look for a hall to the left where R2-D2 can open another door. This leads to the Millennium Falcon, but it's guarded by dozens of stormtroopers. Fire away at them and more will come from above, but they'll eventually be reduced to nothing. Hop inside the Falcon when it opens to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Lando Calrissian---
Princess Leia (Bespin)---
Bespin Guard15,000
Princess Leia (Prisoner)22,000

Episode V complete.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode V complete.
1 guide

Episode VI unlocks at the same time as Episode V, which is as soon as you beat Chapter 4-1, but you should really do these levels in order. If you want to go out of order with the movies, that's all up to you. Most of these levels will have you scouring every nook and cranny for Studs for True Jedi if you don't already have a multiplier activated.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Story (True Jedi)

Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace

True Jedi: 38,000 Studs

The amount of Studs in this level is pretty small, so you're going to have to scavenge every nook and cranny for True Jedi if you don't already have a multiplier. To start, run around the entire opening area for Studs, and make sure to grab the blue Stud to the southwest. When you're ready to enter Jabba's Palace, jump in front of one of the three squares in the door to make a camera pop out and start shooting at you. Jump away from it and fire a few shots back to destroy it, then do the same for the other two. You can reach the middle camera by building the blocks underneath it. When the door opens, you'll be able to destroy the stool you built for even more Studs.

In the first proper area of the palace, you'll notice two big hatches with switches underneath them. You're going to want to close these as soon as you can, because Gamorrean Guards spawn from these constantly until they're closed. Don't even bother fighting them unless they're really getting in the way, and then wipe them out when the hatches are closed. Return to the doorway and blast the two torches on both sides of the hall for Studs. Keep an eye out for these at all times, as these will make up a good chunk of your total. There's also a radio you can build on the left side; when it's built, you can distract the guards with the music it plays, but since they should be dead by now, it won't have any effect. Simply build it and shoot it immediately. It gives you more Studs when it plays music than when it's done. Continue down the hall and look in every room available for more stuff to blow up. There'll be another hatch to the left for you to close next to a hat machine that gives the wearer the abilities of a bounty hunter. Put one on when you're ready and use the access panel to continue into the next room. If you're wondering about the torch above the panel, it cannot be destroyed with a blaster for whatever reason. Stand far away from it and press cn_B to throw a thermal detonator, and press it again to detonate it when it's near the wall.

Continue shooting torches and approach the large silver door to find Luke in a room with two more hatches on either side of the next door. Close these, defeat the guards, and build the access panel by the door, and if you have your hat on, open it, but don't go through it just yet. Make a torch run around the room, and then take control of Luke and head to the east side. Build the pushable block there and push it onto the little switch on the ground. This will activate a grapple point on the floor nearby, which you can use with another character after you use the Force on the hatch stored away in a crevice. Putting it down and opening it reveals a few blue Studs, which are vital to earning True Jedi on this level. Next, take Leia or Chewbacca up with the grappling hook and collect the Studs up there; the Power Brick for this level is up here too, so you can grab that now to save yourself some time on your Free Play run.

In the next room, run to the left hallway and close the next hatch, and then take Luke over to the pieces of droid debris that he can use the Force on for a bit more cash. To leave the room, shoot the blue cylinder and build the platform from its pieces, and then take the ride up by using a blaster character, or use the Force on it to lift someone else up there. Either way, the door to the twin switches will open, so you can then use them to open the next door. But, upon opening it, you'll notice a large blockade made out of shiny silver metal. Use a thermal detonator (with the hat machine at the start of the room) to destroy it and move ahead. Just past it is another hatch, and to the left of the hatch is an explosive device that you can build for not only Studs, but access to a Minikit as well. Break the chains holding the next door up and move on ahead to a hallway with some unstable panels on the floor. Don't stand on these for too long as you make your way across.

This next room won't have any hatches in it, so dispose of the two enemies in here and get to work on collecting Studs. You can also smash the brown panels on the floor at the start of the room, and running through the tunnel down there will take you to another Minikit. By pulling the two switches in the room and using the Force on a piece of the left wall, you'll be able to build a few things necessary to progress. The switches give you pieces for buttons to control a hovering block, which is what the pieces from the wall make. Stand on the Up button until your block is next to C-3PO's cage, and use Luke's double-jump to get inside and lower the cage. When it's at ground level, you can then use C-3PO on the protocol droid panel next to his cell. Switch back to Luke and do the same for R2-D2 to get past this room. Do the usual routine until you're in a much larger and brighter room.

For this room, most of the objects inside won't provide you with any Studs, which is probably a glitch or programming error. The few things that still give you Studs are the torches on the left wall (if the right wall is where the first hatch is), which are hard to see from the camera angle, and some things you need to do to get ahead. Close the hatch in the closest corner of the room and start pushing the three blocks into place in order from shortest to tallest until they click in place. Use the Force on each one to turn all three into a long ramp so the droids can follow, and then keep moving on towards the second hatch. Close it as soon as possible and then use R2-D2 to cross the gap and open up a bridge. Now all that's left to do is break some containers, build another access panel, and use C-3PO to open the door.

These last two rooms are really easy and don't have any puzzles to them. Close the hatch in the first room and defeat the guards to open the door to the last room. If you've obtained True Jedi at this point, you won't have to scavenge these rooms for Studs, so put on a bounty hunter hat in this first room and make a mad dash towards the end of the other room to free Han. If you're not quite there yet, you'll want to close the hatches in the second room, defeat the guards, and hopefully acquire enough Studs to get the ranking before putting on the helmet.

After a cutscene, most of the crew will drop down to the Rancor's chamber. Defeating it is very easy; take note of C-3PO's and R2-D2's positions in the room, as they're automatically placed near their access panels if controlled by the CPU. Use them to open the panel once, which will release a single Gamorrean Guard from a hatch. The Rancor will snatch it up and take it to the left or right side. When he starts to eat the guard, shoot the white container next to him to inflict damage, and repeat the process again. For the third hit, the Rancor will stand underneath the giant metal gate at the north end of the room. When he starts to walk over there, get near one of the switches on either side and get ready to pull it when the Rancor is in position. After dealing this final blow, the level will end.

Character UnlockedPrice
Luke Skywalker (Jedi)---
Princess Leia (Boushh)---
Han Solo (Skiff)---
Gamorrean Guard40,000
Bib Fortuna16,000
Palace Guard14,000

Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon

True Jedi: 50,000 Studs

When this level starts, you'll be able to assemble two guns and destroy the railings of the first skiff for Studs. Using a lightsaber slam will be the most efficient for this due to how it creates a hitbox in a large circle around Luke, therefore destroying multiple pieces of the railing at once. Move across each ship and repeat this process; if you're finding that the Skiff Guards across the way are shooting you too much, you can use the turrets to take care of them for at least a short while. As you get closer to the primary ship, Boba Fett will fight you. You'll have to damage him when he lands. I found it easiest to hit him with a lightsaber slash, which you can do by jumping once before attacking. On the main ship, you need to activate three levers to push some platforms out of the side of the ship so you can continue inside. One is out in the open, one is hidden behind some of the flipping platforms that you can use the Force on, and one is up above in an alcove that a blaster user will have to get to. For that one, use the Force on a nearby platform and have Luke double-jump to the box up there; the parts inside will build up to a grapple point that leads to that third switch. The last puzzle that you'll have to complete to get inside is really simple, and can be done only with Luke if you want to. Use the Force on two panels on both sides of the door, and you'll be able to use it again on the center color wheel on the right side to make it yellow. Finally, push the wheel to turn the lower wheel blue. With all three colors matching on both sides, you'll be allowed entry inside.

In the first room, destroy the engines on both sides of the room and build a turret to destroy the horizontal bars in the doorway. Wipe the enemies out of the next room and interact with everything to activate a lift in the center of the room. Don't worry about the Gamorrean Guards on the other side of the shield; you can't get to them in Story mode. At the top end of the lift, you'll have to then build a disco floor out of the various objects in the room. Start by shooting all the orange pieces on the walls and the rest of what you have to do will become obvious. When everything is ready to go, the disco floor itself will open up. All you have to do is stand on the white lights until all of them have been touched at least once. If you're playing with someone else, both of you will have to stand on the two lights, but if you're by yourself, the AI will put another character on the other light for you. The disco party will begin and guards will walk in from the now-opened door to rock out. Kill them if you want, but walk out to the next room and shoot the walls again for another set of Studs. You can also build a Minikit out of the pieces that pop out of the windows if you want to get it now. Head up to the deck when you're ready.

On the deck, there will be ample amounts of objects and Studs to collect if you're falling a bit short. There's over 10,000 Studs here, so if you're around 40,000, you'll still be able to make it now. Enemies are also around in finite numbers, so if you want to make things a bit more serene later on, you can focus your attention on enemies until they stop appearing. The main goal here is to get rid of the two shields around the big generators in the middle of the deck and then blow them up with the turret at the port end of the ship. One of shields can be destroyed by just using C-3PO on a protocol droid panel, but the other needs to have two blocks pushed to both sides. You can find these blocks at the ends of the paths connected to the sides of the lower generator. When those are primed and ready to explode, work with the surroundings to move everyone (including the droids) up to the bow. You'll need to destroy a crate to the right of the lower generator to get inside a caged off room, but aside from that, the ascension to the top should be pretty straight-forward.

At the top, you'll find just a few more Studs and railings to take care of, and then there's the turret in the middle. Charge each shot with R2-D2 using the astromech panel on the side of the platform the turret is resting on and fire away at the generators until the level ends. If you run out of shots, you can recharge the turret at any time. As you try to finish the level, enemies will drop down to attack you; just like the rest of the ship, there are only so many enemies that will appear until they're all dead; if you're interested in securing the ship first, you can do that without having to worry about infinitely spawning enemies.

Character UnlockedPrice
Lando (Palace Guard)---
Princess Leia (Slave)---
Skiff Guard12,000
Boba Fett175,000

Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown

True Jedi: 55,000 Studs

For most of the land travel on this level, you'll be on land speeders at high speeds, but the rest will be a bit calmer to compensate. The starting area has no enemies in it, and is just a little puzzle with a few plants you can destroy for Studs. Once you make it to the main area, some stormtroopers will come in on speeders. Kill them and take their rides, and then get ready to dig out a bunch of Studs from the foliage in the dense woods. There's plenty of Studs in this repeating circle to get you all the way to 55,000 if you really want to get it over with. Just shoot a plant once (or a satellite/tree a few times) until it explodes, then run back and collect the Studs by moving cn_LS in the opposite direction. Don't worry about the stormtroopers for now; they won't cause you any harm until you decide to go after them. You can also get some Minikits out of the way by running over the upwards-angled panels on the ground in a chain, which will lead to the caged Minikit becoming available. When you have the Studs you need and are ready to fight the troopers, fire away at their landspeeders until they explode, which will end your ride and put you in the first of four different "walking" areas (the original area is the fourth). If the troopers do a loop-de-loop, they'll now be behind you. You can put them back in their place by doing the same with cn_A or just driving backwards and returning forwards again.

In the first walking area, you'll have to disable the big glowing machine to the northeast with four properly placed shots from an AT-ST. For this first area, you'll be fighting the AT-ST practically as soon as you get off the speeder, so use Luke to dispatch of the other stormtroopers and use the Force on the one in the vehicle. Pilot the walker over to the machine and destroy it, which will show you a small cutscene indicating that you've destroyed one of four in the level. Hop back on your speeder when you're ready to continue.

Assuming you're done with collecting Studs, you'll just have to focus on shooting the stormtroopers in the forest. The second AT-ST is in pieces to the left and you'll have to do a bit of work with the Force and grappling to get all the pieces ready. Be sure to take control of it as soon as you can before a trooper does, and then fire at the shield generator until you're good to move on. The third is much like the first, out in the open; take it and blast the third generator whenever you wish. To build the last AT-ST, run south and use a bridge to get to the pieces. Build a mechanism out of the pieces hidden in the plants to release the parts stuck in the cage, and then shoot the two cages up in the air with the AT-ST to free some pieces for a bridge. With the bridge, you'll be able to take the AT-ST to the final generator and continue to the area to the right in this same space.

It's a long walk to the base, but the trip to the top is very easy. Just pull the two levers in front of the elevator and take it up to the middle floor, and then take the other elevator at the end of the hallway. But once you're at the top, you'll have a bit of work to do. Stormtroopers will be shooting up from grappling hooks, which you can destroy with a few shots. Blasting these should be your first priority. When the enemies have stopped appearing, pull the four switches on the floor to deactivate the shields on the radars around the AT-AT. Hop inside the AT-AT with the big white flipper to the north and use it to shoot the satellites to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Princess Leia (Endor)---
Luke Skywalker (Endor)---

Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor

True Jedi: 90,000 Studs

On the path to the second Death Star's shield generator, you'll start off in the Ewok village. There won't be any enemies here until the very end so you can safely blast everything apart in search of Studs. There are quite a lot around the place, so make sure to check around. With the Ewok named Wicket you can now traverse through those small white passages you've likely seen throughout levels. There will be some of these here that you'll have to use to progress to the end, which should be straight-forward enough. You'll eventually get to a checkered floor area with stormtroopers. They're coming up by grappling hooks, which you can and should destroy before clearing the floor of containers. Build an anvil-looking object and push it into its receptacle, then use Wicket to pull the switch above and bring the anvil up to the higher, final receptacle. This will pull up an elevator that the whole team will have to activate.

Carry on through the forest, completing the small puzzles that impede your progress. Across a river is a bunch of stuff to blow up, including some purple boxes with parts for a tractor inside. Building the tractor releases a bunch of Studs, but so too does driving over carrots and shooting said carrots. To get ahead of this place, shoot a grate covering a protocol droid panel between two paths ahead. Activating this will let you pass ahead with some easy-to-maneuver button puzzles; you'll need to pay attention to both paths in order for everyone to get together at the top.

Keep destroying plants and things until you get to a stone catapult. Use it a few times on the wall ahead to knock it down, then use the AT-ST ahead to get rid of the next one. Continue to ride it towards some more structures that can only be destroyed by the AT-ST, which will reveal a platform with a button that you'll also have to use the height of the AT-ST to get to. Stand on the button until another character automatically (or a partner manually) uses the grapple point that appears to pull a switch on another platform. With these new parts on the ground, you can return to the floor and wipe out the rest of the forces and clear the area for Studs until you have to use the parts that fell. These will take you to the roof of the shield generator's building. Break the circular objects on the roof and use the checkered parts that pop out to push the other object off, which will then lead to your access into the building itself.

In the initial hall, shoot all of the tan pieces in the walls that look like they have black telephones on them if you still need more Studs. There are also some circular objects on the floor near the door at the end of the hallway that you can shoot too. Then shoot the door open with about three blaster bolts and clear out the room. To blow up the generators, you need to disarm the shield blocking you from getting to it. There are four levers in this building that will slowly grant power to the main control room, which will then let you shut this red laser field off. The blue one is in this very room in the northwest corner.

There are two ways you can move ahead; starting order doesn't matter, since you'll have to go both ways. But since the room on the left is closest to the blue switch, that room will be described first. Shoot that door open and defeat the multitude of troopers waiting inside, then blast everything you can see for more Studs. Doing this will also reveal three buttons on the floor that you'll have to use to create a staircase. At the top, shoot some more pieces of the wall and push the block hidden behind them into the receptacle to turn the stairs into a slope. C-3PO needs to walk up this slope to activate the protocol droid panel to allow access to the purple switch, which anyone else but him R2-D2 will be able to use.

The room on the right will also have some enemies inside, but not as many as the room on the left. Use R2-D2 on the lift in the center of the room and then grab more Studs from this room if you need to. Jump across a gap leading to the right (south) and build a bridge for C-3PO to walk across. Using him to activate another panel will let you use the green switch. From this higher deck, use R2-D2 around the northern side of the room (left) to get to the other corner of the room, where a hidden access panel for him awaits. This panel will release parts for a small hatch; send Wicket in there to pull the last switch, and you'll finally be able to finish the level.

Return to the central control room and use the two switches that have now been given full power. The red laser wall will shut off, causing an alert and thus prompting several enemies to storm after you. Finish the level quickly by running into the generator room and building the four explosives with the pieces conveniently laid down on the floor. The level will end within a few seconds of the last bomb being built.

Character UnlockedPrice
Han Solo (Endor)---

Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny

True Jedi: 55,000 Studs

To get True Jedi without multipliers, you need to get practically every single Stud you can find. It's literally that close of a call, so you need to be extremely aware of all of the Studs that come out of things as you destroy them or use the Force on them. Even then, the same amount of Studs isn't guaranteed from the same object, so it also depends on a dash of luck.

The Emperor will fight Luke and Vader as soon as the level starts. The easiest way to hit him is to do a lightsaber slash with a single jump and then an attack. At some point, the Emperor will use Force Lightning on whoever you're controlling; quickly switch to the other Skywalker and hit him to stop the prior from taking the full force of the lightning. After hitting Sidious enough times, he'll jump away to a high area. Take this time to take all the Studs around this starting area and use the Force on everything you see around his throne. Two small groups of gray blocks will form into platforms, one of which leads to a Minikit, and having all eight red squares active at the same time will reveal a Power Brick atop the throne. Two Imperial Guards will come in to attack every time Sidious escapes; Vader does the best job of killing them with a Force Choke. Next, use a Jedi slam on the machinery on the left and right on the stairs, and then drop down below the stairs. The lower half of this machinery isn't affected by a Jedi slam, so you'll have to just hit each component one by one. After you do this, take all of the loose Studs on the floor and head to the right side of the room. There are a few objects to break here for a few more Studs. Head to the left side and set up a fan that takes you up to Sidious, but don't ride it up just yet. We'll be running around the rest of the level and collecting as many Studs as possible before continuing on.

Head to the center of the level, a circular platform with a few more paths jetting off of it. There are a few lights that either character can use the Force on, and Vader can open a stormtrooper control panel for just a few more Studs. Remember, every Stud counts, so pick these up and move on to the area counter-clockwise from the throne room and SWITCH TO LUKE. All you can do here is destroy the stuff on the ground and pick up the loose Studs alongside them. A door on the back wall opens up to reveal a room with a hole in the middle and a bunch of Studs surrounding it. The reason for switching to Luke is because Vader might accidentally use the Force on the lights above you here, thus ruining any chance of you collecting the Studs that come from it and likely preventing you from earning True Jedi (it's really that close). Do the same for the third room in the level. You should end up with around 43,000 Studs.

Ride the fan that you built in the throne room up to Sidious and chase him to the higher area of the second room. He'll charge the floor with electricity, and only a few panels will remain unaffected. Use the breaks in the electricity to carefully make your way to the Emperor and start attacking him as you did before until he runs away yet again. When things have calmed down, destroy the objects up here and use the Dark Force on each of the red lights up here one-by-one to ensure that you don't have enough time to pick up any of the Studs. When you've done this with all of the lights, you can use it on them all over again in quick succession to reveal a Minikit in the window between them. Drop down below and take care of the two new Imperial Guards that spawned in.

Attack Sidious once again until he jumps up to the top of the third and final room. Some parts will fall that you can use to repair the elevator on the left side. Ride the elevator up and attack Sidious until he flees for the last time. Make sure you collect as many Studs up here as you can; this is the last amount of them that you'll find in the level, so if you didn't get 55,000 here, you should just come back with a multiplier. When you're done, drop down and hit Sidious a few more times to end the level.

Character UnlockedPrice
Darth Vader---
Imperial Guard45,000
The Emperor275,000

Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star

True Jedi: 30,000 Studs

You start off in the Falcon in a full-on battle between the rebels and the imperials. There are four Star Destroyers hanging in space with large turrets on both sides of them, primed and ready to fire at you if you get close. To sink a destroyer, you need to steal two torpedoes off of TIE Bombers and use them on the pink balls atop the helm of each of the four ships. Each destroyed pink ball releases some Studs to pick up, so try to get in close and pick up as many as you can. When each ship is taken down, the turrets on them will be deemed useless alongside them, releasing more Studs. To save time, don't bother shooting the turrets and just focus on sinking a single Star Destroyer, then pick up the loose change that flies out of it. Keep doing this to all four ships to create clear passage towards the insides of the second Death Star. As you fight TIE Fighters and Bombers, you'll likely pick up two Minikits without trying; if you don't, they're really easy to pick up in Free Play, so don't worry about it.

Inside the Death Star, shoot constantly at everything you can see for more Studs. Big turrets like the ones seen in Chapter 4-6 will make a reappearance alongside TIE Fighters to really give you a hard time. By the time you get to the first torpedo dispenser, you might have upwards of 25,000 Studs. If not, there's still plenty more to find ahead. Just ahead of this dispenser are two turrets (shooting these out is a high priority) and past these are three pink targets sitting on pipes. These don't advance the story but do release Studs and a Minikit once all three targets are hit, so unless you're intentionally avoiding Minikits for whatever reason, you may as well use torpedoes on these for the extra money and grab the Minikit while you're at it. Further along is a shield with four targets on both sides of a shield wall. Use torpedoes on all four of these to get by.

In the next area is another torpedo dispenser at the very start of the tunnel (pick up three now), and inside the tunnel are more turrets and objects to destroy for Studs. This will hopefully be the area where you earn True Jedi so you won't have to worry about it anymore. Two pink turrets occasionally pop out of their holes in the wall at the end of the tunnel to fire rockets at you; use two of your torpedoes on these to deactivate the shield and enter the main reactor. Before you head in, pick up three more torpedoes at the start of this area, because you'll need them in the reactor room.

Surrounding the room are electrical panels on the walls that open and close every once in a while. To deactivate the core's shields, shoot out all of these panels. Don't get too close, though, because these panels can stun your ship into a useless state for quite a few seconds. When the shields are down, look around for a door with two torpedo targets on both sides on the left half of the reactor room. If you want to pick up the Power Brick now, you can find it inside that door after you bust it open. Just make sure you keep one of the torpedoes with you. Now what you'll want to do is shoot at the reactor; there's a blue cover being blocked by rotating cylinders that you can occasionally shoot through. The cylinders and cover will be reduced to rubble with enough hits, uncovering the weak, pink torpedo target in the center of the core. Use a torpedo on it, and the Death Star will start to implode.

The Millennium Falcon will start its escape with a massive fire trailing behind it. Shoot constantly as you fly out because you'll have to destroy any girders and other debris from getting in your way. There are three separate areas where you'll have to just fly downwards/south holding cn_X, and in each one, you'll most likely shoot a Minikit in each of the three areas. You'll finish the level at the end of the third area.

Character UnlockedPrice

Episode VI complete.

Complete all six levels in this Episode in Story Mode.

Episode VI complete.
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The Free Play pages will detail how to find all of the collectibles and what each of them will do for you. You can find more information the Minikit models and Extras unlocked at the level you unlock it in so you know which is most useful. As for Episode IV, the first Extra that you should get is the Score x2 multiplier so you can start raking in more Studs towards the next multiplier in Episode V. Because you now have access to multipliers, there's no need to worry about earning True Jedi on levels anymore, so tips for finding Studs won't fill up these pages like they did in the Story pages.

If you want to get started on these levels as soon as possible, you'll need to buy Jawa, Greedo, any TIE Fighter, and build a Sith character in the character builder in the Cantina (free). You'll also need the Snowspeeder from Chapter 5-1. If you don't want to spend any Studs on characters, play through at least Chapter 6-4 for Episode VI; if you get to Chapter 6-4, you may as well finish that Episode entirely anyway.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Collectibles

Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

Star Destroyer: A lot slower than the average ship, but enemy fire bounces off of it, dealing no damage to you. It can also hold five torpedoes.

Super Blasters: Doubles the power of all blasters, which means you can kill officers in one hit. Boba Fett and 4-LOM already have guns that deal twice as much damage, so their blasters will now deal quadruple damage.

Build the controls in the starting room and make your way out to the first main hallway. Some rebels will run to the left, but you're going to want to go to the right, where you'll spot your first (01/10) Minikit. A Dark Force door will close in front of it when you get too close, so just use Darth Vader to break it open and get your prize. Meet up with the rebels and defeat the Stormtroopers that barge through the door, then continue on to the next room. There's a grapple point on the floor headed up to the bridge that you have to build, but first, take a bounty hunter and blow up the shiny metal object on the floor to the left. Drop in the hole underneath it and grab that (02/10) Minikit underneath the floor, then hop back up with a Jedi/Sith character. Make your way up to the top of the room and use the Force on the two objects on the wall, then double-jump onto them to find another (03/10) Minikit. Now you can move to the next room; if you have Boba Fett, you can just fly across, but if not, you'll have to build the bridge's components.

Take care of Vader using the switches on the sides of the next hallway and follow him out into the next one, where you'll find more destructible walls. There's a gray container in the right corner with a (1/3) Box on it that looks like it has a bundle of grapes with sunglasses on or something; it's really hard to make out with the pixel-y graphic. Anyway, you'll notice a bounty hunter door right next to it; open it up, but don't go inside just yet. Instead, make your way over to the rebels and take out the two waves of troopers so that everything is a bit more calm. There's a Stormtrooper panel on the right side of the rebels' hallway that you should also open up. Return to the bounty hunter door and enter it, leading to a place we'll call the "backroom."

Make a left when you can and ignore the dead end ahead for now. There's another gray container to destroy, and it's got another (2/3) Box inside of it. Then blow up the metal object just ahead of it in the same hallway, where you'll find the parts to build a vehicle. You won't need to build it just yet, so leave it be for now. Next, walk up to the shield down the hall. Take note of the open door to the left; this is the door you opened with a stormtrooper panel, and having it open will make driving the car a bit less of a hassle for you later. Deactivate the shield with C-3PO and shoot/break the gray container on the left just ahead of it. The last (3/3) Box is inside of it, revealing a (04/10) Minikit down by that dead end from earlier. Run back there and collect it, then look at the two white ramps where the fourth Minikit used to be. You're going to want to run up these ramps and hop in the holes they lead into. A bunch of white pieces will fall out of both, and when built, create a doorway revealing the fifth (05/10) Minikit to you.

Return to where you found that third box and go through the big door at the end of the backroom. There are a bunch of sprinklers in here that you can use the Force on to water some plants underneath it, which you can then break for Studs. More importantly, though, is the very first set of plants on the right. Use the sprinkler to water them, then use a Jedi slam to wipe all the plants out at once. This will reveal the Power Brick from inside, which you should most certainly collect. Now that the backroom is cleaned up, build that car from earlier and drive out the nearby stormtrooper door with it back to the rebel hall. The next room will be open to you since you've already killed the enemies, so drive through that door as well.

Now that you're in the "block room", jump onto the higher platform to the right of where you came in from and use the Force on the two white objects. Make sure the biggest is on top so that you can actually climb them, of course. By jumping off the top of them, you can reach another ledge with a (06/10) Minikit above it. Push the blocks in place to open the door when you're ready to do so, then defeat the three troopers behind it and drive your orange car up to the next barrier. Deactivate it with C-3PO, and then switch to a Force user. Normally, those little pieces on the wall are pretty useless, dropping somewhere around 200 Studs per piece, but one of them past the shield is different. By using the Force on the first higher piece on the left, you'll open a secret compartment in the wall, where the seventh (07/10) Minikit is being kept. Once you have it, return to your car and bring it through to the next room, the crane room.

Upon entering the crane room, drive your car up the lift to the south. A (08/10) Minikit will pop up above it after it recognizes your car, so now you don't have to drive this thing around anymore. There won't be anything else in this particular room, so make your way over to the next one, where two rebels are being taken away. Defeat all of the enemies guarding them, including the ones that come bursting through the door, and then destroy more chunks of the wall to your left. Inside one of these chunks is a group of blue (1/3) Flowers, which you'll need to find for another Minikit. Take care of the rest of the enemies and reach the corner of this final hallway, where you'll find another Stormtrooper panel. Open it with either Vader or some other enemy that you have with you, and then break the gray containers inside for another set of (2/3) Flowers. The last set of (3/3) Flowers is just up ahead; use a thermal detonator on the big metal object on the way over to the escape pods, and you'll find them. The (09/10) Minikit will appear in front of the escape pods, so grab it and open both pods up with R2-D2. The middle one will have two troopers taking a bath inside, and this is the more important one. Defeat the troopers, then use the Dark Force on the bath to drain the water. The last (10/10) Minikit will appear by the lever in there as a reward. Now that you've taken everything out of this level, all you have to do is finish it by using the escape pod to your right.

Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes

True Jedi: 120,000 Studs

Sandcrawler: Slow, can't shoot, and can't pick up torpedoes. It goes without saying that this isn't what you'll be using in the Minikit bonus levels.

Fast Force: A really useful Extra that you'll want to pick up pretty early. It's not expensive at all, which is even better.

You'll definitely need Boba Fett for this level, because his ability to fly is pretty crucial to getting the Power Brick. Walk towards the brown bricks holding the rock up next to the first bridge, and then make a hard right along the cliffside. The camera should direct you towards a shiny metal object on the other end of a long gap. As far as I can tell, Boba Fett is the only one who can successfully blow this thing up, which is done by flying towards it and tossing a detonator in midair. Fly to the other side when you can, and use the Force on three little containers lying around on the right side. From these, you can jump towards a mine cart of sorts and push it down onto the track below, revealing the Power Brick inside a small cave. Jump to the ledge above the Power Brick and run to the left, where you'll be able to see an otherwise hard to get (01/10) Minikit on the other ledge up ahead. When you have it, you can drop down or come back the way you came to the rock bridge at the start of the level. You'll want to find a door that can only be opened by the Dark Force. Inside are a few bombs that you can arrange to blow up chunks of the wall in the cave here, which will eventually lead to the next (02/10) Minikit. To the right of where the Dark Force door used to be is a grappling point. Use it and hover over to the crawl hatch a little off to the north; this too leads to a (03/10) Minikit, so you've already got about 1/3 of the collectibles in the bag by the time you finish this area.

The next (04/10) Minikit is accessible once you get to the top of the Jawas' Sandcrawler. Use a detonator or two on the metal plates on the left side of the roof to uncover two switches that, when pressed, open up a crawl hatch leading to the Minikit. That'll be it for the outside, so head into the Sandcrawler and get to the room where you once had to save R2-D2 with explosive boxes. There's one (05/10) Minikit in here too, and all you have to do is push one of these boxes into the door on the right side of the room. As the closest door to where the boxes spawn, it won't take long to get into place. Use the elevator nearby to get up to the second floor, and then use the Dark Force on the object on the left wall. There's another crawl space in here that you can use to get to a room with fiery lava, and the next (06/10) Minikit is on the other side. All you have to do to stop the lava is use the Force on the little wheel on the ground, and then use the Dark Force on the object that comes from the former action. Then you'll be able to safely fly across with (preferably) Boba Fett.

Head out of the Sandcrawler and towards the first of several swamp dehydrators, or whatever they're supposed to be. There's a grappling point you can build next to the one dehydrator that you actually need to use to progress, and using it leads to the next (07/10) Minikit on a high ledge. Once you have that, it'd be a good idea to wipe the area clean of raiders. Run to the left side when you're done, and use the Dark Force on yet another strange black object. There's a small Bantha camp you can reach after you do this, and you'll just need to ride one of the Banthas onto the really big button on the ground here. Then hop off and stand on the smaller one to free the eighth (08/10) Minikit in the little container here. You'll now be set to move on ahead towards the white pieces that you have to use the Force on to create a bridge. Walk across it and double jump onto the tall rock pillar on the left side. This will cause it to sink down to where you can safely grab the (09/10) Minikit hiding in a small cave in the wall.

The last (10/10) Minikit is in the last area, and is on one of the islands in the quicksand to the north. Repair the landspeeder and drive over to it; you'll easily be able to locate which island it's on by just looking around. All you really have to do to get it is build another grapple point and fly over from where you land towards the Minikit. From here, it's just a short drive to the end of the level. Don't forget that you need to build a small bridge the south to allow your AI partner to come over to Ben's house with you.

Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport

True Jedi: 200,000 Studs

Land Speeder: Like the Sandcrawler, this vehicle cannot shoot, and is really slow. Don't use this one either.

Super Lightsabers: Doubles the power of lightsaber attacks. Not necessarily all the most useful Extra, but it's cheap.

The Power Brick for this level is really sensitive. Don't destroy anything you don't have to after you get the first Minikit to ensure that you don't have to restart/replay the level.

When the level starts, head to the right and you'll find a stormtrooper door leading to a pool room. Use the Force on the handles on the showers here to drain the water from the pool, revealing the first (01/10) Minikit. Leave and destroy the trash cans by the tall set of stairs just to the right of where you started to find a (1/3) Carrot. Then walk up these stairs and hover across the gap to the left towards a bounty hunter panel. Using it will toss a bunch of parts on the ground, which you'll need later. You don't need to build these pieces together yet if you don't want to. Anyways, run to the north, and you'll find a staircase next to a pile of blue bricks in a basket. Head up the stairs and use the Dark Force on the panel in the roof to get inside the building to get the next (02/10) Minikit. Head out the building's front door, which will open for you, and go left towards four really small trash cans piled fairly close together. You'll want to use the Force on them and pull the contents of the trash cans out. If you manage to do this with all four cans, you'll be able to use the pieces to build a doorway leading to the Power Brick. But, if you so much as destroy one of these trash cans before then, you won't be able to get the brick on this run. Once you've secured it, go south (left on your screen) to get to another trash can, where you'll find the second (2/3) Carrot. The last (3/3) Carrot is a bit to the left of the house where you found the second Minikit from earlier. The third (03/10) Minikit will reveal itself above the pile of bricks near the start of the level once you've found all the carrots, so run back there and use the bricks to build a fan to get to it. That'll be it for this area, but you'll want to enter the next area using the stormtrooper panel instead of the C-3PO panel directly above the large door.

By using the stormtrooper panel, you'll be on a higher ledge above the ground, and you can fly across however you please to a rooftop nearby to get to two piles of bricks. Both of these are built into little guns, and hopping into one starts a minigame that has you shooting at at least 10 Womp Rats to earn the next (04/10) Minikit. Drop down towards the AT-ST pieces and blow up the first metal object you see. Doing so will release the pieces for a turnstile that, when pushed all the way through, will drop some more pieces for a grapple point up towards another (05/10) Minikit. And to make things even better, the sixth (06/10) Minikit is really close to the fifth. Use the Force on three gray blocks to the right of most of the AT-ST components, and you'll be able to jump to it. As for the blockade, you can ignore the AT-ST pieces and just toss a thermal detonator at it to get by.

There's just one (07/10) Minikit in the cantina. Walk into the first little cave-thing you get to and use the crawl hatch here to get to it. You can then pull the two switches inside to deactivate the barrier to avoid having to crawl through the hatch twice. When you leave the cantina, destroy the trash cans around here until you find an (1/3) Onion. Next, grapple up to the Imperial Spy, then build the next grapple point up to the higher of two available ledges. Enter the next area, and you'll be right next to a bounty hunter access panel. Walk in and shoot more cans to find the next (2/3) Onion, and keep going until you find two sets of vertical bars in the same wall. Use the Force on two of the wheels on the same side to keep the bars from coming back down, which will allow you to walk in the cave behind them and grab the eighth (08/10) Minikit. From here, you can use the Dark Force on the objects to the left as a shortcut if you want, or you can return to where you came from naturally. If you decide to go back to the area where you have to push a block towards the giant gray door, you're in luck, because you can skip the block ordeal and just toss a detonator at the door to blow it up instead.

The last (3/3) Onion is in this wide open area, the second to last in the level. It's a good idea to get rid of as many stormtroopers here as you can first just to calm things down. When you find the onion, the (09/10) Minikit will appear in the previous area, and you can get to it with a few double jumps. When the area with the last onion is cleared out, go to the right side and look for the theater. You can enter it with R2-D2, and you'll find yourself in a double score zone. Grab whatever Studs you feel like, but remember to shoot out the four lights at the front of the theater. Turning them all off will start a small movie, which consists of a few clips from Lego Star Wars: The Video Game, this game's prequel. Toss a detonator at the screen or fire at it to take chunks out of it. This will not only release more Studs for you to collect, but you'll also find the last (10/10) Minikit hidden behind the screen. When you've got it, head back outside and use a Dewback to get to the Millennium Falcon.

Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess

True Jedi: 80,000 Studs

Millennium Falcon: Works just like the standard Millennium Falcon. It'll be good at firing in multiple directions.

Tractor Beam: Pulls enemy ships in and destroys them when they get right behind you. It's pretty useful for vehicle missions.

This should take a few minutes less of your time than the past two levels have. The first thing you'll want to do is take an immediate right as soon as you're out of the starting room. This will lead to two stormtroopers, which are easily disposed of, as well as a crane area. Pick up and drop ten stormtroopers into the hole in the middle of the flight deck to make a (01/10) Minikit show up to the lower left. When you have it, leave and continue up the hall towards the set of controls R2-D2 uses in the story to locate Leia's cell. To the southeast in this same room is an elevator that can be opened with C-3PO, and inside is the next (02/10) Minikit. Use the controls with R2-D2 when you're ready, and head into the next loaded area.

Run to the end of the hall and take notice of the lone blue Stud across a wide gap. Don't fly across there now, but just remember it; you'll be going there in a little bit, but we're taking a slight detour to collect something on the original path of the level. From the hall, turn left and go into the hall here, which is the same one used in the original story. There's an R2-D2 panel on the left side, and in the room it leads to is the Power Brick for this level. Now that you have it, you can go back to that blue Stud and fly over to it. Look to the left wall when you're across the gap for a doorway with the third (03/10) Minikit stored away inside. There's another (04/10) Minikit in this very room, but it'll require a bit more work. Hover to the right with Boba Fett (or break the railings and hover with R2-D2) towards a platform with a grapple point. This will take you to a crawl hatch, and that leads to the Minikit.

Keep going down this hall and you'll get to the shield generator Ben turned off in the story. You'll want to deactivate it yourself to provoke the next (05/10) Minikit into appearing. In the next room, use the Force on the large red-and-black door to turn it into platforms, which you can then use as steps to get another (06/10) Minikit. Run through the now opened doorway, and you'll reach the area where the two paths converged. There's not much to do here except activate the stormtrooper panel to the next area, the "turnstile room". Just proceed up the room as normal, but hover over the doorway to the right to find your next (07/10) Minikit. Then drop down and enter the control room and destroy all of the control panels, which will make the eighth (08/10) Minikit appear.

Run towards the elevator leading to the prison hall and use the Force on the boxes to the left of it. With these, you can jump on top of them and reach a heavy block that you can push down onto the frail cage below, freeing the (09/10) Minikit below you. The last (10/10) Minikit is in the prison hall. It'll be in the far back of the hall on the left, and its cell is opened with R2-D2.

Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape

True Jedi: 65,000 Studs

Y-Wing: Behaves like the normal Y-Wing. It can hold five torpedoes.

Invincibility: A really useful Extra that prevents your health from dropping. You can still die if you fall into a pit, of course.

Leave the garbage chute you start the level off in, then use C-3PO on the door immediately to the left to get to another garbage chute. This one's got some pieces in it that can be built into a fridge or cupboard, or some similar item, and you can use the Force on it to find this super-important Power Brick. Leave the trash hole and proceed down the hall until you find a metal object sticking out of the wall. Blow it up with a bounty hunter and walk into the crevice left behind to get your first (01/10) Minikit of the level. There's just one (02/10) Minikit in the following room, and you don't really need to go too far out of your way to get it. Work with the puzzle in here as usual, and you'll be able to crawl through a small hatch next to where the yellow vehicle is parked to get the Minikit. Then leave the room as usual.

You'll find a crane in the next room, and it controls two troopers washing a window. Move them around and clean the entire window, which will cause the window to break and the third (03/10) Minikit to appear in its place. Once you have it, work your way through the levers and block down the hall until you get to a Dark Force object in the right wall. Break it open and walk into the hole behind it for the next (04/10) Minikit. The next room after this one is the rather annoying one with the elevator. Since you should have at least some kind of Imperial, if not Darth Vader, you won't have to deal with the helmet ordeal and can head straight to the top. There's a high platform that you can use the Force on at the top, however, and you should do so in order to get the fifth (05/10) Minikit. Up next is the "grapple room", consisting of mostly just grapple points. You won't be able to find anything of interest in here.

The next room, however, is the long hallway leading up to the stormtrooper ambush. Before you run off towards the ambush, run towards your screen, or south, and you'll find a secret ledge with another (06/10) Minikit floating above it. Now you'll want to switch to a blaster character and destroy everything in the hallway leading up to the ambush. You'll be able to find three (3/3) Boxes very quickly, which naturally makes another (07/10) Minikit appear when you've done so. As for the ambush room, it'll be pretty annoying if you don't have a Ghost character already unlocked. You need to use the Force on two boxes to the northeast in order to get up on the high ledge and grab the (08/10) Minikit floating above some troopers, and after that, you need to build the door leading to the Millennium Falcon. It'll be really tedious to pull the levers by the doors on the left and right every once in a while, but with a Ghost, you can completely sidestep being attacked and do these two tasks at your own pace. Whichever way you go about it, make sure you take that Minikit and get to the Falcon.

As before, you need to activate five switches in this room to release the Falcon from its shield prison and finish the level. It's best to start with the yellow vehicle on the left side and run over the five switches on the ground, since there won't yet be any enemies to try and shoot you in your little car. Just make sure not to fall down the hole where the platform is yet to appear. When you make your way to the northern end of the room, you'll find Darth Vader all alone behind a bounty hunter door. Open it and grab the (09/10) Minikit next to him. You can kill him or show him mercy; neither of these two options affects anything, so you can do whatever you want with him. The last (10/10) Minikit will be behind the pushable door on the eastern wall, where the droids were in the story, but you've probably already gotten this one unless you were intentionally avoiding it for now.

Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack

True Jedi: 30,000 Studs

TIE Advanced: This vehicle looks like a TIE Bomber, but actually can only hold three torpedoes. It's better than most of the other stuff from Episode IV, and that's all that really matters.

Score x2: This Extra is the first you should go for out of all 18, and you should buy it immediately. Once you get it, don't be tempted to buy anything else; save up for the next multiplier, and when you have that, you'll really be rolling. There are a total of five multipliers that all stack together, so don't stop saving until you do unless you need to buy something specific.

You're going to want to buy the TIE Interceptor specifically for this level if you haven't already gotten it.

Start off by switching to the TIE Bomber and deactivating the first shield in front of you. Then grab five torpedoes and fly over the ground to the left until a red and green turnstile pops out. By shooting the green sides of the turnstile, you'll slowly raise the first (01/10) Minikit out from underneath the surface. When it's primed, shoot it to collect it. Up to the left of the first area's barrier is a TIE Fighter door; since you should already be using the TIE Bomber, it'll automatically open for you. There are just two turrets and a pink target behind it, but underneath the target is another caged (02/10) Minikit. Next, head to the four pink targets surrounding the shield's generator and look a bit south of it on the right wall for a few blue pieces that you can shoot. Behind some of them is a hidden crevice with yet another (03/10) Minikit inside. That'll be it for the first area, so go ahead and blow up that barrier.

In the second area, fly up the left side first and you'll find another (04/10) Minikit turnstile right in front of another TIE Fighter door. Inside the TIE room, switch to the Interceptor. There are a bunch of green lights on the floor that turn on for a short while after flying over them, and for this (05/10) Minikit you'll need all of them on at once. Start by flying from the light closest to the door towards the next, making sharp turns around the pillars sticking out of the Death Star. This Minikit in particular could take you quite a few tries to get, but it's not costly and no enemies will follow you in here, so you've got all the time in the world to get it. When you get it, fly over to the upper right to get to another TIE Fighter door. There's another hidden crevice to the right of it with the sixth (06/10) Minikit inside. You're going to want to open this TIE door first, because the one to the south on the right side will be pretty useless if this one isn't open first. Fly over to this last TIE door, and you'll reveal a bomb dispenser that only the Snowspeeder can grapple. Take two of these bombs into the upper right TIE room and drag it into the orange targets on either side of the electrical field to deactivate it, then take the (07/10) Minikit hidden inside. Now that the second area's been cleaned out, destroy the two generators and make your way over to the third area.

Upon entering the third area, you should find another (08/10) Minikit turnstile behind one of the last few remaining generators. Once you have it, just take out the generators; that's all there is on this side of the barrier. But don't head into the trench just yet. There's another (09/10) Minikit hidden in another crevice to the left just past the barrier. It's pretty hard to see, so if you can't find it, just keep firing until you get the Minikit.

Fly past everything in the trench and get to the Death Star's weak spot. The last (10/10) Minikit is protected by yet another turnstile. If you feel like it, get rid of all the turrets first; that way you'll be able to fly around the turnstile without having to worry about being shot. Finally, fly over to the northeast and into a well-hidden tunnel, where you'll find the very important Power Brick. Hopefully you can buy this thing straight away, but if not, you can always grind Studs out on Secret Plans pretty quickly.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Collectibles

Chapter 5-1: Hoth Battle

True Jedi: 100,000 Studs

AT-AT: An absolute joke of a Minikit vehicle. It moves at a snail's pace and fires at practically ground level, so you'll never really hit anything. Try not to use it.

Self Destruct: Lets droid characters blow themselves up. Not sure why this would be useful since you can't use Extras in Undefeated runs anyway. At least it's cheap.

With only three main areas of the level, the Minikits here are placed fairly close together. To start, you can use the Snowspeeder to grapple onto enemy AT-ST's in the first area until they fall over. You need to do this ten times, but new AT-ST's won't respawn until the ones on the ground are destroyed with your Snowspeeder's weapons. The first (01/10) Minikit will appear by the door to the next area when you've done so. Another (02/10) Minikit is actually right behind the white wall closest to the exist, and can be earned by firing in that general direction for long enough. When you've got these two, fly back to the start of the level and fly over to the TIE Fighter door to the left, then drag a bomb over the wide gaps past it; you might want to try slowly maneuvering around the holes, but it's much easier to just fly quickly over them instead. The wall you can destroy with said bomb leads to a cave with several enemies inside for you to defeat, the last of which gives you a (03/10) Minikit. This is also a double score zone, so it's a good idea to pick up as many Studs in here as you can. When you're done here, fly back out of the cave and look immediately to the right of the entrance for a lone rock/snow pile that you can shoot. Inside it is yet another (04/10) Minikit. With all four of these Minikits on hand, you'll be all set to move on ahead.

The next (05/10) Minikit is earned in the same way as the first; drag AT-ST's until they fall over, and you'll find it on the other side of the large wall to the north. Next, use the TIE Fighter door to the left of the bomb dispenser and fly on through. There are a few enemies out here, alongside another dispenser for you to use. Switch back to the Snowspeeder and pick one up, then start through the little cave here. As you make your way through, look to the left for a little alcove with a (06/10) Minikit inside. When you get to the end of the cave, you'll want to be really careful with your bomb, as there are lots of walls, enemies, and other objects for it to accidentally bump into. Try to make it to the very end of this area (to the right), where you'll find the Power Brick stored away behind a destructible wall. Hopefully this won't take too many attempts. Before you fly back through that thin little cave, shoot everything near the entrance for another (07/10) Minikit. Now you can proceed through the level as normal, destroying the AT-AT's and the wall behind it if you haven't already. Then, once you pick up that Minikit from pulling down AT-ST's, take note of the two little dents in the snow to the left and right of the path leading up to the next large wall. The dent on the right has a well-hidden (08/10) Minikit stored at the far end, so don't forget to get it before finishing this area up; you won't be able to come back here unless you start a new run of the level.

As for the last area, the ninth (09/10) Minikit will be directly in front of where you start, hidden behind some standard rocks/snow piles. The last (10/10) Minikit is found in just the same way on the opposite side of the circle. Since these last two are so ridiculously easy to get, you may have already gotten these.

Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base

True Jedi: 80,000 Studs

Snowspeeder: The only vehicle out of the entire Minikit collection that can tow bombs. You'll want to have this one for the Episode V Minikit challenge.

Fast Build: Drastically speeds up the time it takes to build things. You'll want this one sooner rather than later.

In the starting room, use the Force on the four computers so that their lights turn green. This will allow the first (01/10) Minikit to unveil itself. There won't be anything else of much interest until you find the first snowtrooper positioned on a turret. When you get to him and his buddies, take them all out and destroy the turret. Then head right into the room with the yellow cart you had to use in the story and rebuild it again, redirecting it with the turnstile towards the snow pile to the left. In this cart room, there's' a (02/10) Minikit for you to grab to the right, and you can get to it with a simple double jump. When you have it, enter the now-opened left room and blow up the two metal objects inside. This will create pieces for two heaters, which should be used to thaw the two skeletons in the corners of the room. Put their bones back in place and stand on one of the buttons in the center of the room, and the skeletons will follow suit, unlocking the next (03/10) Minikit. When that's done, you can focus on getting into the next room. You can either rebuild the turret or toss thermal detonators at the blockade in front of the door; detonators are a bit faster, and the turret will incite reinforcements when you hop inside, so the former method is probably best.

This much larger room has quite a few Minikits inside. To start, take the block near the southeast fan and push it to the left of the block's receptacle. Try not to push it in there on accident, or you'll have to build the car hidden in the gray containers in the center of the room. The goal is to hop on top of it and do a double jump towards the (04/10) Minikit very high up in the air, but if you accidentally pushed it in, having someone launch you with the vehicle should hopefully work. If not, you can always try using the right side's fan as a last resort. Next, run to the right of this block and locate a R2-D2 panel. Use it to get to an ice fishing lounge, which has pieces of a (05/10) Minikit hidden deep under the ice. You'll need to use the Force to bring them up to the surface. After you have that, run north of this small room towards a strange gray/blue object near the eastern wall. Blow it up with a detonator, and you'll find a secret alcove with another (06/10) Minikit inside. And finally, for the last (07/10) Minikit of this room, stand on top of one of the two gray panels by the door leading out of here. Your co-op partner, if its the CPU, will automatically use the Force to bring you up to a higher platform, which is where you need to be. If not, have your buddy do it. The two of you don't have to raise each other up. The Minikit is hidden behind a Dark Force object, and it'll just take a few seconds to pry it out.

Up next is that slope room with the five buttons on it. There's nothing in here, so just try to get the next door open as fast as you can. Next is a very small room with four buttons, two of which need to be activated with pushable blocks nearby. Ignore the buttons for now and look to the left for a C-3PO panel, use it, and head through the doorway. There's a secret double score zone inside, as well as a pile of junk blocking off access to another room. Blow it up with a detonator and rebuild the pieces in the new room to free the eighth (08/10) Minikit from its cell. Now you can return to those two blocks and push them into place to open the door.

Before you run off towards the Millennium Falcon, look up the hallway to the left and use the Dark Force to make a few steps up the slippery slope. Getting up these platforms is a bit of a pain sometimes, but hopefully it shouldn't take too long. At the top, you'll notice two paths converging left and right. Go left first, which takes you to an ominous grapple point in the center of a small room. This takes you up to a snow globe of sorts, and there's a little hatch inside that will take you to a (09/10) Minikit. Now that you have that one, use the right path to get to a small deck overlooking the holding bay. There are two levers on each side of this room that spin a few dials that, when properly spun, will open corresponding doors near the Falcon. The green/yellow one on the right will open a door to the last (10/10) Minikit, whereas the red/white one to the left controls the door for the Power Brick. The latter will probably take a few more spins than the former to get down properly. With these two doors open, you're all set to get to the Falcon; just make sure not to forget these two collectibles on your way out. As for deactivating the shield in front of the Falcon, you can destroy the two generators with thermal detonators instead of the turrets, and you can also get on top of the Falcon with a double jump instead of having to free the Tauntauns behind a wall.

Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight

True Jedi: 60,000 Studs

TIE Fighter: Has the same properties as the TIE Advanced, which is to say that it's going to do the job, but it can't pick up bombs like the Snowspeeder can.

Score x4: The second Extra that you should be saving up for, with the help of Score x2 of course. Having this makes earning Studs a lot easier, but you'll still need to get three more multipliers after this.

If you want to make things as easy as possible, get the Extra from Chapter 6-5 first. With it, you'll never have to scavenge for torpedoes in this level.

For these collectibles, it doesn't really matter all that much which ship you decide to use, but the TIE Bomber holds more torpedoes, so that'll be your best bet just for the sake of convenience. In the opening Star Destroyer area of the level, look behind the back end of the Destroyer to the far right to find the very first (01/10) Minikit of the set. Then look behind the Destroyer to the north of this one and you'll find the Power Brick for this level, a very easy collectible to get. These two items are the only things to find around these Star Destroyers, so wipe out all the turrets and head into the asteroid field.

In the first of three asteroid field areas, you'll be able to find a (02/10) Minikit just floating in space near the other end to the left. There's also a TIE Fighter door closer to where you started on the left side. Past the door, switch to the Snowspeeder and drag a bomb to the right side and into a small red object sticking out of the meteor you're on to make a (03/10) Minikit in a cage pop up. There's another (04/10) Minikit on the left side of this TIE room as well. Once you have these three new Minikits, break the first barrier and head into the second asteroid area.

Another (05/10) Minikit is floating in space to the right near the middle of the area; you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. A little ways in front of it should be a fairly large destructible meteor, which also holds a (06/10) Minikit. Break the next barrier after collecting these two, then get to the wider area on top of the large asteroid. Make an immediate left and follow the left wall to get to a TIE door with a torpedo target inside. Hitting it will automatically add a (07/10) Minikit to your counter. Just to the left of the second barrier is a big crater, much larger than the others here. You can actually fly down into it, revealing a hidden area in reference to the movie. There's a double score zone at the end with only a few objects to destroy, but all of them grant you torpedoes when destroyed. This place will be important for the Undefeated run. There's another (08/10) Minikit down here too, so pick that up before you leave this monster's insides and head into the last area of the level.

As soon as you enter the last area, make a sharp right and shoot at a lone meteor in a small crater/cave to get a hidden (09/10) Minikit. The very last (10/10) Minikit is in another, fairly larger asteroid on the left side of the area. If you just keep shooting, you should get it by accident. All you need to do now is finish the level, so go ahead and blast that final asteroid with a bunch of torpedoes to secure your collection.

Chapter 5-4: Dagobah

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

X-Wing: Functions just like the regular X-Wing. It'll get the job done.

Regenerate Hearts: An Extra that you can really only take advantage of in the early stages of the game. Not too useful if you're using a Ghost character, and you can't use it at all in Undefeated runs, just like all the other Extras.

Bring Boba Fett with you for this level. Take note of the three little blue blocks around you when the level starts. Use the Force on them to pile them on top of each other, and then jump from the top of them onto the leafy top of a tree branch next to it. From here, you'll be able to jump across to another one with the first (01/10) Minikit above it. As you walk up the path to the first wide-open area, hug the right wall until you find a Dark Force object. Pry it apart and hover across the gap behind it to reach a racetrack. There's a tractor along the track that you can build, and if you make a full lap around the course, the Power Brick for this level will appear for your efforts. When you've got it, make your way back to where you're supposed to be and look for a blue box sitting alone on an island in the middle of the swamp. Shoot it from a distance, and you'll find a (02/10) Minikit inside. You'll most easily get to it with Boba Fett, of course, thanks to his fantastic movement. That'll be it for now, so make your way over to Yoda's house and use the Force on it. This will make getting inside a bit easier for you. If you're having trouble getting into his hut, try walking into the doorway with a small character. The goal for now is to find his widescreen TV and break it with the Dark Force (only a Sith Lord would even think of destroying Yoda's television, after all). The third (03/10) Minikit will pop out from inside the TV when destroyed. Head back out of his house and walk to the right to find another crate, this time requiring a bit of Dark Force. From its remains, you'll be able to build a raft that will take you to an entirely new, albeit barren, area. There's a big chunk of metal for you to detonate off in the distance, and hidden behind it is the fourth (04/10) Minikit.

Instead of using the platform built with Yoda's house to continue ahead, you'll want to go left into the small tunnel underneath a tree to get to Luke's "training area". The only thing you've got to worry about for this entire area is a trio of large brown (3/3) Hatches on the ground; do a Jedi slam on or near all three to make progress on the next (05/10) Minikit, which will appear by the last hatch. When you make it through the training area, you'll reappear just past Yoda's house. The next (06/10) Minikit is super easy to get to, and just requires a quick trip up a grapple point on your way around the trunk of a rather large tree. The grapple point appears past a small R2-D2 panel-box.

After shooting the trellis past the previous Minikit, you'll be on your way towards Darth Vader. Use him or The Emperor on the the black objects at the entrance of this cave to make one half of a bridge, and use more pieces to finish the bridge off. You can find the second half of the bridge by standing on the edge of the first half. When you make it across, you'll find a small metal box that, when detonated, will release pieces for a grapple point. Ride it up for another (07/10) Minikit, and then progress through the cave as normal. You'll want to hug the left side of the cave and hop up a few ledges to get to a C-3PO panel by a caged (08/10) Minikit which you'll probably see on your way up. Use the panel to open the gate next to it, giving you a prime shot at the cage. Shooting it down will free the Minikit, allowing you to grab it. Finally, right before the Vader fight, you'll find some more metal on the right wall of the cave. Blowing it up will reveal a strange room with a partially collapsible floor. Some of the pillars in this floor will fall shortly after you land on them, whereas others will remain stable. The best way to get to the (09/10) Minikit on the other side is just to use Boba Fett, of course. When you've got this one, defeat Vader and walk past the large metal gate into the final area of the level.

The first thing you need to do in this last area is use a turnstile to raise a sunken bridge. If you did bring Fett with you for this run, you can simply fly over the entire bridge instead of having to deal with the hassle of getting the turnstile ready. Just past the bridge is a little crawl hatch, which leads to a nearby lever (hover with Boba Fett if you're not feeling too confident about getting to it). Pulling it will drop a set of pieces for a grapple point on the ground, and the point will shoot you up to the last (10/10) Minikit. As for finishing the level, ignore the washing machine/motorcycle bit and just blow up the massive gray gate with a detonator. That'll save you a lot of time, and it'll be useful for the Undefeated run later.

Chapter 5-5: Cloud City Trap

True Jedi: 16,000 Studs

Cloud Car: The basic means of transportation in Cloud City. It's really not that good.

Minikit Detector: Even though you need to buy this for 100%, you really shouldn't until you've bought everything else that's actually useful. Since the walkthrough already tells you where the Minikits are, this Extra is definitely not a good purchase for the early game, especially since it costs 500,000 Studs.

As you start the level, you'll notice the two stormtroopers in front of a metal object, which in turn is in front of the first (01/10) Minikit. Before you go over there, walk around the back end of Luke's X-Wing to find this level's Power Brick, fairly well hidden for being so close yet so hard to see. When you've got these, use the Force on the X-Wing's wing, which is all you need to get across the gap if you brought Boba Fett with you. In the next room, you're supposed to build a turret to destroy the barricade in front of the door, but you can skip all that with a detonator. Down the hall is a bounty hunter door with the next (02/10) Minikit inside.

Up next is the first Darth Vader fight. Defeat him as usual, but don't attack the stormtroopers that arrive to shoot at you from afar. Instead, focus on rebuilding the orange crane and use it to drop one of the troopers into the center of the arena (the carbon freezer). The pieces that pop out in the aftermath of your cruel killing can be built into a (03/10) Minikit, and you can fly across the gap to the next area with Boba Fett's jetpack. Outside the city, use the Force on the fan and use it to get to a green/blue/gray component in the wall by the next (04/10) Minikit. The best way to get this thing to work for you is to hover in mid-air with Fett and toss a detonator at it. This will drop a little panel out of the wall, which you'll then be able to use to get the Minikit. The fifth (05/10) Minikit is easily visible as you chase Vader to the next area. Just hover towards it from the top of the last moving panel with either R2-D2 or Boba Fett.

Fight Vader in this next room, but make sure to crawl in the hatch on the northern wall to get another (06/10) Minikit. To make things more simple during the fight, keep the platform to the right only halfway up; that way, you'll be able to get to the panel up there with a simple double jump or two. After Vader flees yet again, you'll meet up with him in the spacey room with two trooper hatches. Ignore them for now and do a Jedi slam on the small grate on your side of the room to bring the next (07/10) Minikit up to a collectible height. To speed up this fight, just hover across with Boba Fett and Vader will slam through the glass. If you didn't bring him with you, switch to another character after flying over there with R2-D2.

The eighth (08/10) Minikit is just behind you in the last area of the level, and all you have to do is walk into it. The ninth (09/10) Minikit, however, will require some more hovering, and appears right after the first ramp you need to use the Force on. Fight Vader until he leaves the platform north of the Minikit, then fly south to get to a small island with the Minikit floating above it. Chase Vader to the end of the path and open the stormtrooper door just past the last rising platform. You'll be able to find the last (10/10) Minikit in there.

Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin

True Jedi: 60,000 Studs

Slave 1: The Fett family's signature ship. It's really small compared to everything else in the vehicle bonus missions and can hold three torpedoes. Aside from its size, there's not really anything special about it.

Score x6: The next thing you should be buying after Score x4. It might be worth your time to grind out the Studs required for it so you can really start reeling in the cash.

There's a C-3PO panel just to the left of where you start, and inside is your first (01/10) Minikit. Along the hallway leading up to the set of stairs is a pile of bricks that you can build into a white-blue (1/3) Spire; there are three of these, and building all of them will result in another Minikit later on. After getting up the stairs, chase after Boba Fett and fight him, or not, if you have a Ghost. Use the Force on the weird sculpture in the middle of the room to destroy it, revealing a hidden (02/10) Minikit underneath where it once stood. Now head to the bounty hunter door up ahead; if you fought Boba Fett, he'll open it for you, but if not, you can go ahead and do so with one of your characters. But a more important item of interest is the R2-D2 panel right next to it. On the other side of this door are two platforms leading up to the third (03/10) Minikit of the level. Past the bounty hunter door are three branching paths, and you'll want to head to the end of the left path. On your way down, you'll be able to build the second (2/3) Spire, and at the end, you'll be able to go outside towards Boba Fett's ship, the Slave 1. Jump on top of it and grab the Power Brick before heading back inside.

Return to the intersection in front of the bounty hunter door and go with the straight path, since the right path is just used to reconfigure C-3PO in the story. Run straight to the elevators at the end of the path, but don't use them yet. Look to the right for some stormtroopers standing around some chairs and tables. Use the Force on the chairs to make the next (04/10) Minikit appear, then use the bounty hunter elevator to get to a unique rooftop. Destroying the two trees to the right will enable you to use their pots to create another (05/10) Minikit out of thin air. When you've got it, drop back down and use the imperial elevator.

The sixth (06/10) Minikit is actually right behind you after you take the elevator up; walk towards your screen, or down, to find it. The seventh (07/10) Minikit won't appear until the very end of this area. To get it, use the grappling hook in front of the large doorway and hover to the right. Opening this door with C-3PO will lead to the hallway with the last (3/3) Spire, and in turn the eighth (08/10) Minikit. Continue onwards towards the smoky room and look to the southeast corner for a Dark Force object. Breaking it will open the door next to it. There's a (09/10) Minikit hidden in the chandelier at the top of the room, so stand fairly far away from the center of the room and try to fire a shot up at it. If you have Boba Fett, you can ignore the smoke and the controls for the bridge outside by flying over the gap, but if not, you'll have to deactivate the smoke with R2-D2 and proceed as normal to get to the Millennium Falcon. The last (10/10) Minikit is on the roof of the Falcon, and takes a mere double jump to get to.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Collectibles

Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace

True Jedi: 45,000 Studs

Desert Skiff: Like the vehicle earned from Chapter 6-2, the Desert Skiff is slow and can hold three torpedoes. It's not as slow as the Sail Barge, but there are far better vehicles that you could be using.

Super Zapper: Upgrades the zapper ability shared by R2-D2, the Jawa, and the Ugnaught. A single zap will kill any droid.

There's a Dark Force pile of rocks just to the left of where you start in this level. Break them apart and use the grapple point underneath, and use another after that to end up high up above the first (01/10) Minikit of the level. Just drop down and to the left to get to it, then make your way back up top. Up next is a pile of metal rocks just to the north of where the Dark Force pile was. There's a grapple point underneath these, too, and there's another (02/10) Minikit up there as well. With these two out of the way, you can proceed through the palace's front door as usual. If you have a Ghost character with you, you can close the guard hatches without having them drop in, since they won't become hostile to ghosts; just make sure your co-op partner is a Ghost too. Just before the first bounty hunter door, there's a room to the right with a pile of bricks that can be turned into a C-3PO panel. Use it, and you'll be able to collect a (03/10) Minikit behind the door next to it.

Up ahead in the larger area where Luke joins you in the story are two more enemy hatches that should be closed right away. On the left side of this room is an R2-D2 panel with another (04/10) Minikit behind it, and on the right side is the level's Power Brick. To get it, build the pile of bricks to the southeast, which creates a box. You can double jump from the top of the box to the ledge above, or you can do things the proper way by pushing it onto the button north of it. That'll create a grapple point you can use to get to the brick properly. Open the large door to the next area and get through it as per usual, but make sure to use the C-3PO panel on the right side so you can grab this room's (05/10) Minikit. The room ahead of this one has a (06/10) Minikit in it too; you can build an explosive with some pieces to the left, which will blow a hole in the wall of the cell with your prize inside.

The next area of importance is the wide room where you once had to free C-3PO and R2-D2 from their cells. Take note of the brown LEGO floor at the foot of the room, and then do a Jedi slam on it to uncover a hidden pathway. Run along to the end of it for another (07/10) Minikit. That'll be all for this room, so you can just run to the end and open the panels yourself. The area after this one is the big one with the three ramp pieces. There's just one (08/10) Minikit here, and it's above the bridge that you can open with R2-D2. Just activate the bridge and use the Dark Force to get to it.

Now for the last two rooms. The first contains only Gamorrean Guards, so get rid of them to get to the second room. Here, you'll be able to find a stormtrooper panel on the left wall, which will have the ninth (09/10) Minikit inside. Use a bounty hunter on Han Solo and you'll be transported to the Rancor fight. The last (10/10) Minikit is obtained with the grapple point pieces on the ground to the northeast, and it shouldn't be too hard to get.

Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon

True Jedi: 65,000 Studs

Sail Barge: Really slow, but can hold three torpedoes. If it wasn't so slow, it'd probably be viable.

Bounty Hunter Rockets: Gives Boba Fett a rocket ability. They home in on enemies, but blaster bolts are a lot faster than these rockets. This is the only version of Lego Star Wars II that can't transfer a save from the original game since it was only ever on the original XBox, so you won't be able to use Jango Fett. He too would benefit from this Extra.

The first thing you'll want to do is build the four turrets on top of the first and second skiffs. Doing so will make the first (01/10) Minikit appear high up above the second skiff, and you can get to it by using the Force on the material underneath it. There's a second (02/10) Minikit out past "the plank" of this ship, which is most easily gotten with R2-D2 or Boba Fett, as always. Next, defeat the level's own Boba Fett and head to the last of the smaller skiffs. At the end of it, you'll be able to go one of two ways: There's the Force way, which is the way you went for the story, and there's the Dark Force way, which leads to more goodies. It should be obvious which of these two you'll want to go with.

There's a grapple point early on around the backside of the ship, and up top are two levers. Pull both of them, and then shoot at the red thing a bit higher up between them. Pieces for the second (03/10) Minikit will pop out of it, and you'll be able to grab it after a quick building session. The proper side of the ship has another Minikit to grab, too. There are three droid panels hidden among the panels, just like the levers on the other side, that will pull up the indestructible walls up above you. There are also two levers that will push out two platforms for you to use to get to back end of the ship, so you may as well pull those too. C-3PO's panel might appear to be activated, so try using it anyway if it looks like that. When you make these panels work, run up towards the (04/10) Minikit and blow up the metal frame in front of it before continuing to the back of the ship. At the back is another grapple point that leads to three switches. One is unique in that it requires the Dark Force to use, so do that first before pulling one of the two others. This, as you'd expect, also grants you a (05/10) Minikit. With already half of the level's collectibles, you'll now be free to head into the ship's interior.

Break the pole barrier with a thermal detonator, since that's faster than bothering with the turrets you can build with the material nearby. Then start setting up the lift to the next area, but make sure to use the the crawl hatch on the left side, which will take you to two switches that, when pulled, will make a (06/10) Minikit appear. That's all for here, so use the lift up to the disco room and set all that mess up. Just past it is a very small, insignificant room just before you head up to the deck. You'll want to destroy most of the windows on the left side to find more pieces for another (07/10) Minikit before you get to the deck.

On the deck, there's a box you can use the Force on right next to you. You'll be able to build a grapple point from the pieces that pop out of it, and with the height you'll be able to get to the next (08/10) Minikit. Now you'll want to open up the shields protecting the two generators of the ship, but only blow up the one closer to your screen, which is done easily with a well-placed thermal detonator. There's a hole underneath this one that leads down to the ninth (09/10) Minikit, but make sure you don't additionally blow up the other one though, because that'll end the level. Just underneath the turret area at the back of the ship is a set of crawl hatches that you can use to get the last (10/10) Minikit. But that's not all you can do at this part of the ship; there's another container here that hides a grapple point inside, but this one leads up to the Power Brick. And, of course, instead of going through the hassle of using the gun at the top of the ship, you can just drop back down to that other generator and blow it up with another detonator to end the level faster.

Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown

True Jedi: 70,000 Studs

TIE Bomber: Works pretty well. It can hold up to five torpedoes, which is to be expected of a TIE Bomber.

Score x8: Multiplies your score by eight. It'll be really easy to get the Studs required to buy this if you already have the three smaller score multipliers, and this one makes getting the last that much easier.

Pass through the starting area, which you can now very easily do in Free Play, and then look for the shield generator for the very first wide area. Instead of destroying it last, you can use thermal detonators to blow it up first. Boba Fett's a bit better at this, of course. There won't be anything to collect though, so get started on the first speeder chase. There are a grand total of six (06/10) Minikit cages that you can get to in the speeder loop; most of them require you to drive over little panels with red lights, but you can't break these cages with blaster bolts. You need to drive right into them. Fortunately, this won't cause you any damage, so feel free to just fly right into them.

As you know, there are three more wide open areas in the level before you end up at the first, which leads to the base at the end of the level. The next three Minikits are in each of these areas, so once you've cleared out the speeder loop, you can focus on finishing off the enemy speeders. The first (07/10) Minikit is to the right side, and you'll need to use the AT-ST to get enough height to get onto the ledge here. Use the Dark Force on the plants on this ledge, and then use the crawl hatch hidden behind them. There's a ledge to the left that you can hover to with a switch on it, which drops another Minikit cage onto the ground below. You can blow it up with a thermal detonator instead of having to wait to find it on the speeder loop, so do this and give yourself a bit of a break. The next (08/10) Minikit is also on the right side; blow up two metal objects on this ledge, and you'll be able to pile three brown panels on top of each other. Jump to the top, and you'll be able to drop another cage down. The third (09/10) Minikit is instead on the left side, and all you have to do is build a grapple point and use the Force on another platform. This one is also in a cage, so just drop a detonator next to it like the last two.

In front of the base, there's a crawl hatch that you'll have to push into place on the left side that leads to takes you to the Power Brick above. As for the last (10/10) Minikit, you'll need to take the elevator up and use the stormtrooper panel in the hallway. This will drop the last cage, which is meant to be blown up with a detonator. Now that you've got everything, you can finish the level.

Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor

True Jedi: 110,000 Studs

AT-ST: A terrible choice to use in the bonus levels. Not only do AT-ST's not fly, but they're slow and barely move.

Super Ewok Catapult: Gives Wicket and the standard Ewok an upgrade in their catapults. They'll now launch pink torpedoes instead of dirt clods, which is a lot more effective at killing things.

At the start of the level, you'll notice a rather large chair. Stand on top of it to make your co-op partner use the Force on it, and you'll be able to onto a higher platform. From here, you can use Boba Fett to fly over to the (01/10) Minikit nearby. You're supposed to mess with a turnstile in the purple boxes nearby, but Fett makes everything easier. Past the first bridge (which Boba Fett can fly over), you'll find the next (02/10) Minikit behind a wooden gate. To raise it, use the little lift to the right of it and use the lever to activate another platform. Hover across to the other platform to the left with a rock above it, which you can use the Force on to lower this new platform. Hop onto it and pull the lever at the top when the rock rises to raise the gate in front of the Minikit. There's another (03/10) Minikit above the lever that activates the next bridge ahead, and all you have to do for that one is lower the platform to the right with the Force, and then raise it again to get to the Minikit.

The next (04/10) Minikit is on the forest floor. There are two purple containers just at the start of this area with parts for a grapple point that'll take you up to a small hut with your prize inside. Continue through the forest until you cross a river, and then look for more containers inside a fenced-in area. Breaking these will release parts for a tractor, which you'll need to ride upstream for the next (05/10) Minikit. Just ahead of the tractor area are two pairs of gates. Pass through these and smash the plants on the left side to find a crawl hatch, which will put you up above the ground and allow you to hover over to the sixth (06/10) Minikit.

In the next area, focus on getting to the wide battlefield pitting Ewoks against stormtroopers. Look for three purple containers north of the large catapults and break these as well, where you'll find pieces for a turnstile. Use it to lower the platform above you, and then use the grapple point to the left of it. Just use the Force on the rocks near the platform to raise yourself up, and then do this again so you can hover over to the next (07/10) Minikit. On the right side of the battlefield, there are some metal boxes for you to blow up. Inside are the pieces for another little wooden platform. Raise it so you can crawl through the hatch above, and then manipulate the next platform with the Force so you can get to the next (08/10) Minikit. That'll be it for the outside of the base, so focus on heading inside to clean up the rest of the collectibles.

Starting with the room left of the center control room, wipe out the enemy combatants and use the Dark Force on the small object in the ground to the north (or right). Push this through the hole to the right, which you can do after breaking the barrier in front of said hole. Next, pull the purple lever up above you, and then hover over to the right with R2-D2 or Boba Fett, again preferably the latter. C-3PO can use a panel over here that will open up a crawl hatch underneath it, and you can crawl through to continue pushing that block over to the Power Brick off in the distance. In the room to the right, destroy all of the panels in the wall to find four other, smaller panels that you can use the Force on. There are pieces hidden behind these that can be built into a (09/10) Minikit. Next, just go for the switch to the north (now left), but make sure to fly across the gap to get that last (10/10) Minikit.

Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny

True Jedi: 67,000 Studs

Imperial Shuttle: Holds three torpedoes, but it's pretty big and is really slow on turning. You should probably go with something else.

Infinite Torpedoes: Ensures that you'll always have your maximum amount of torpedoes during vehicle levels. Best to make use of this for Minikit collecting.

Start off by fighting The Emperor until he jumps off and leaves you alone. Then use the Force on the two piles of bricks on either side of the throne. You can get the first (01/10) Minikit of the level by jumping on the platform you made on the left side. There are also four red squares on each side of the throne that you can light up with the Dark Force. You'll have to be quick about it to make the Power Brick appear, as they all need to be on at the same time, but if you already have Fast Force this shouldn't be a problem. Head down the stairs from the throne room and look on the right side for a metal object that you can blow up. There are pieces for a grapple point underneath it that will take you up to the next (02/10) Minikit.

Use the fan on the left side to get to The Emperor once again, and fight him here until he takes off again. By using the Force on all of the lights around this arena, you'll open a small window with the next (03/10) Minikit inside. Underneath the electric floor is another (04/10) Minikit dangling over a platform. To get to it, smash the objects to the right to build a platform and a bounty hunter panel. You'll have to hover from the newly lowered platform to get to the Minikit. There's another (05/10) Minikit behind the door here, too; walk along the squares on the floor to make it appear, and then head to the center of the level. If these squares don't light up, just run along them quickly anyway.

In the middle of the level, look for a C-3PO panel, which will open a bridge towards a pile of pieces that can be built into a (06/10) Minikit. There's another (07/10) Minikit hidden behind a metal wall here too. The last three are in a hidden room at the third and final branch of the level, where The Emperor should now be, alongside the elevator. Use the hatch to the right and push the block above it down, which will drop some strange objects in front of the doorway. Destroying these with a Jedi slam will open the door to a rather large red room.

To start, there's a (08/10) Minikit stored away behind a Dark Force object, and then past that by a metal frame. On the left side of the door you came in from are a few small objects that contain pieces for a control panel, which you should use for later. To the right of the eighth Minikit, you can pile three chairs on top of each other using the Force to reach a crawl hatch, which also leads to a (09/10) Minikit. For the last (10/10) Minikit, pull the switch above the eighth Minikit to make the pieces for a block drop down from above. Build these up and push the block into a green circle nearby. Then smash nearby objects so you can build a turnstile, and change the arrow to face the right. When you've done this, push the block over to the lift on the right side of the room, which you should now be able to use to get the last Minikit, thanks to your use of the control panel by the door earlier.

Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star

True Jedi: 40,000 Studs

TIE Interceptor: Pretty much exactly like a normal TIE Interceptor. But that's not a bad thing, since it's very fast and small, making it a hard target to hit. It can also hold the standard three torpedoes at once.

Score x10: The last of the score multipliers, and obviously the most potent one. Having all five of these on at once means that you'll earn x3840 more Studs than usual, so don't hesitate on saving up the Studs for it.

In the initial area, you'll find a (01/10) Minikit floating to the left of the deck of the Star Destroyer closest to you when the level starts. There's another (02/10) Minikit by the ship in the same manner as the first far to the north. Once you have these, take down all four Destroyers and enter the Death Star.

Fly through the bars and junk until you get to the first torpedo dispenser inside the Death Star. There are three targets on pipes past two turrets ahead; hitting all of them reveals a (03/10) Minikit, so make sure to do this before you leave this area. Next up, hit the four targets on the wall in front of you so that you can progress to the next area. Before you go in, however, look to the right of this room and you'll find a TIE door with another (04/10) Minikit inside. Head through to the next area when you're ready.

Fly over to the next torpedo dispenser, but continue past it further to the right. There's a hidden dark room back here, much like the Power Brick from Chapter 4-6, but this one's got a (05/10) Minikit inside instead. Stock up on torpedoes and move along the tunnel to the next doorway. On the way there, there'll be another TIE door on the left with the sixth (06/10) Minikit behind it. That'll be all for now, so destroy those missile launchers and head into the core with a full set of torpedoes.

There's just one (07/10) Minikit in here, and it's floating in plain sight on the right side of the core. But, to the far left, there's a door that can only be opened by two torpedoes. Break it open and you'll be able to get this level's Power Brick. Once you have these two things, proceed to destroy the core and get ready to escape the Death Star.

There are three fiery areas remaining at this point, where you'll be evading the blazing implosion behind you. Switch to the Millennium Falcon and constantly fire as you escape; the Falcon's gun works in such a way that it'll target things that aren't always in front of it, which is what you'll want here. You can, of course, collect these last three Minikits with any other ship, but you'll need to pay close attention to your screen. In this first area, you'll be able to find the eighth (08/10) Minikit on the right side. The ninth (09/10) Minikit is in the second fire area, also on the right side, but it's a bit hard to hit if you're not using the Falcon. And, just like the previous two, the last (10/10) Minikit is also on the right side, but in the third and final area of the level.

The Undefeated achievements are some of the more challenging of the set for this game, especially for all of the vehicle levels. You can't have any Extras turned on, even something like Fertilizer; make sure all Extras are off before you start a level with the intent to earn one of these achievements. Before you even attempt any of these, it's highly suggested that you buy Boba Fett and either Ben Kenobi (Ghost) or Anakin Skywalker (Ghost). Yoda (Ghost) is too slow, so just use one of the others. Ghosts will never be targeted by enemies except when in vehicles, and they'll never be able to die unless they fall in a pit. As for vehicle levels, buy the TIE Bomber since it can hold five torpedoes, and the TIE Interceptor due to its fantastic flying and shooting capabilities.

Strategies for each level of Episode IV will be provided in full below. You can also find videos for all 18 levels in the playlist link if you find a visual example to be more helpful.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Undefeated

Chapter 4-1: Secret Plans

Being the first level, this should be among the easiest achievements for you to earn in the Undefeated set. It's easy enough to finish without a Ghost character, but having one will make things even faster. Most normal levels have some big skips in them that you can utilize with a Ghost, but this one is so linear that there really isn't anything to skip. You can, however, skip building the bridge early in the level by hovering over to the other side using Boba Fett, and you can skip the crane room in the same way. Once you clear the smoke in the last loaded area, you can Ghost your way over to the very end and finish the level.

Secret Plans - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Secret Plans - undefeated.
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Chapter 4-2: Through the Jundland Wastes

You'll get your first taste of how much you can skip in this game with a Ghost starting with this level. You can get through the entire first area without having to deal with raiders at all, and all you'll have to do is destroy the LEGOs at the start to lower the rock ledge and use the Force on the junk at the end. The next place you'll have to do some actual work is on the other end of the Sandcrawler; everything inside it is easy as pie since the worst offense you'll have to put up with are just Jawas. Dry up the swampy mud with C-3PO and continue ahead, ignoring any Tuskens you see until you have to use the Force on white pieces in the wall to the left to make a bridge. From here, you're essentially done. You won't need any more info to finish the level, but don't forget that you need to build a bridge leading from the broken landspeeder over to the two buttons in front of Ben's house. You'll have to do this just to let your other character across the gap.

Jundland Wastes - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Jundland Wastes - undefeated.
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Chapter 4-3: Mos Eisley Spaceport

This rather large level is made much smaller so long as you have a bounty hunter with you, preferably Boba Fett as per usual. Use a Ghost and run all the way up to the top of the starting area, using the Force on the staircase so you can activate the C-3PO panel above the doorway. Next, run over to where you'd normally build an AT-ST and kill all of the stormtroopers standing around. Instead of going through the hassle of building the AT-ST, blow up the orange blockade with a thermal detonator. Make sure you're not too close to it when it explodes, though, or you might die and void the run. You can switch to a Ghost and wait til it explodes if you don't want to run away and detonate it early. Walk through towards the cantina and defeat the enemies surrounding it to get inside.

You don't have to do anything in the cantina itself, so just head to the right and walk out. Chase the Imperial Spy until he closes the giant gray door on you, then whip out another detonator and blow up the door. The second-to-last area has a lot of stormtroopers in it, and you'll want to kill most or all of them before using a Dewback to fling yourself up to the top left. All that's left to do now is kill more troopers and the spy before you finish the level.

Mos Eisley - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Mos Eisley - undefeated.
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Chapter 4-4: Rescue the Princess

As soon as you start this level, kill the two stormtroopers hiding in the right hallway on your way to the first stormtrooper door, then build the control panels so R2-D2 can use them. Head through the door you opened up and fly across the gap with either him or Boba Fett to where most of the Minikits are from your Free Play run. This path is by far the least cluttered of the two, and you'll be able to get through it really quickly. When you get to the shield generator, it's up to you whether you want to pull the three switches on it, since you don't really need to in order to finish the level.

Continue past a door that must be opened with the Force, and you'll find another stormtrooper panel. Before you switch over to Vader (or some other imperial), destroy the black hook just to the right of the door; it'll be hidden on the ledge, and it's well worth your time to destroy it since it stops enemies from popping up to fight you as you try to open the door. Next is the wide "turnstile room", which should pose no problems, and past that is the computer room. You'll want to defeat all the enemies inside so you can freely build and activate the stormtrooper panel in peace. From here, it's a simple ghost-walk over to the elevator leading to the prison room, and nothing will be in your way from stopping you to getting to Leia's cell.

Rescue the Princess - undefeated

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Rescue the Princess - undefeated
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Chapter 4-5: Death Star Escape

There isn't much that you can skip in this level, but it's still an easy run nonetheless. Build your way out of the garbage chute and hop down to where the fleet of stormtroopers are on the ground in the next area. You'll need to kill them all, since you'll have to drive the little yellow car and they'll fire at you if you do. Push the big platform on the ground in place, but don't bother raising it with the turnstile. You can double-jump up to the top and pull the lever up top so you can free the vehicle below. Next, just drive over the switches and get into the next area.

You can get through this entire area without switching your two characters from Ghosts. When you end up in the tall room with the elevator (which you might have hated in the story run), you can ignore everything in here too and focus on getting to the top floor. Make sure to defeat any enemies near the stormtrooper panel at the top before you try to open it, as they'll attack on sight if you're not a Ghost or a droid. The next room consists of just a few grappling points and is easy enough to get through with just about anyone. Past this is the long hallway leading to a stormtrooper ambush. Thanks to your Ghost, you can build up the entire doorway without being interrupted.

In the hangar where the Falcon is being stored, stay to the left (don't drop in the large hole) and activate the R2-D2 panel so you can run over the five switches with another yellow car. You'll want to do this first since the other four activations you need to pull off don't require any other characters for very long, and you're most vulnerable in a vehicle. Best to get it out of the way before enemies show up. When the Falcon is above the shield, kill all of the enemies that pop down from above. If you've killed them all and the Falcon isn't opening up, try going back to the previous room and killing enemies in there.

Death Star Escape - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Death Star Escape - undefeated.
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Chapter 4-6: Rebel Attack

Being the first vehicle level chronologically, this is most likely going to be the first one you try to finish for its achievement. That being said, it's important that you have the TIE Interceptor and the TIE Bomber, although you probably already have these if you already went through for Minikits and the Power Brick. This level has only a few different areas, and all except the last have the same set of rules to follow. You should basically always use either the Interceptor or the Bomber, but you're going to want to switch between them depending on your circumstances. For this level, you won't have to worry about going fast or evading enemy fire all that much, so sticking with the Bomber will suffice.

The reasoning for using the TIE Bomber is that it can hold up to five torpedoes as opposed to the usual three. With targets being grouped in sets of four, this is obviously going to make things a lot easier for you. For the first area, collect five torpedoes by flying back and forth over the dispenser, then pop the initial target and head towards the first group. As you launch your torpedoes, you should be moving at all times, whether it be standard flying or by pressing cn_A and moving either cn_LSl/cn_LSr to do a barrel roll or just pressing cn_A to do a corkscrew. These two moves are going to be really important for the other vehicle levels, so don’t forget about them. When you've downed the first barrier, restock on torpedoes and enter the second area.

In this area, you'll probably be hit at least once. You should always focus on keeping your health up at all times, so shoot destructible objects and enemy fighters so you can pick up more hearts. Unlike most vehicle levels, hearts here will disappear after a little while (just like usual), so waste no time picking these luxuries up. Anyways, head to the right and wipe out the first generator here. There should be another torpedo dispenser by the barrier that you can use if you run out, and you can use these to hit the second generator just to the left of the shield. Just like before, make sure your health and torpedoes are at maximum capacity before heading into the third area.

This third area is the last one you should have to worry about. Like you've been doing, just head to each generator and fire your torpedoes, wiping out any threats in the area like turrets or enemy fighters. It's exactly what you've been doing before, so there shouldn’t be any surprises here. Now that you've only got one target to hit to finish the level, switch to the TIE Interceptor and pick up three torpedoes before heading into the trench.

For the last portion of the level, Vader's TIE Fighter and two accompanying ships will be firing at you from behind in the trench towards the Death Star's weakness. Their firing at you is just a show; none of their shots will damage you, but the turrets and other entities in the trench are a very real threat. But don’t worry about them too much. For whatever reason, You should be able to get to the end of the trench by just flying straight and firing. When you get to the weak spot, you'll have to destroy 12 turrets that guard it, which will only pop up after you fly above them. The best way to do this, of course, is to fly over only one group of four at a time, and then destroying them before moving on to the next. The Interceptor's firing range is much greater than that of the other ships, and it fires twice as many blasts to boot. The icing on the cake is its agility, which will help you avoid turret fire if you have to. When all 12 turrets have been defeated, pop a torpedo into the target and you'll finish the level.

Rebel Attack - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Rebel Attack - undefeated.
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The issue with Episodes V and VI is that there are two vehicle levels, if you count Speeder Showdown as a vehicle level. This makes Episodes V and VI the harder ones to get the Undefeated achievements in, but the details listed here should help alleviate the confusion. Videos for these are also provided, just like with Episode IV, so you don't have to rely on 360p videos from ten years ago.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Undefeated

Chapter 5-1: Hoth Battle

People tend to have a problem with this level not only because it's a vehicle level, but because the last area is a bit of a pain. The first two "normal" areas leading up to the last are extremely easy to get through; just focus on getting bombs to where they need to be, and as stay far away from their explosions as possible. If you ever lose health, try to writhe the hearts out of rocks, turrets, and enemies. Try not to enter the last area without full health.

The first two four waves at the end of the level are comparatively easy. Since you don't have to deal with any AT-AT's just yet, switch over to the TIE Interceptor and blast away at everything you see. The AT-AT wave, the third of four, will be the make-or-break point for most. Focus solely on the AT-AT's and shoot everywhere as you circle around them. If you're lucky, you'll be able to pick up dropped hearts mid-spin if you need them. Again, don't forget to stay away from the bomb's blast radius when they explode. For the last wave, enemies will stop respawning when defeated, so switch back to the TIE Fighter and don't stop until the only thing left is the one AT-AT. With it isolated and vulnerable, you'll be able to finish the level without anything else getting in your way.

Hoth Battle - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Hoth Battle - undefeated.
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Chapter 5-2: Escape From Echo Base

Most of Echo Base is a cakewalk with a Ghost. Any turret that you try and use will incite enemies to appear to attack, but you can sidestep this by throwing thermal detonators at any barrier that would normally require a turret. Just about literally everything in the level is doable with just a Ghost and a bounty hunter, again preferably Boba Fett. When you get to the Falcon, you can deactivate the shield's two generators with detonators, and you can ignore the Tauntauns by just double-jumping onto the roof of the Falcon. It's really an easy level.

Echo Base - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Echo Base - undefeated.
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Chapter 5-3: Falcon Flight

At the start of this level, you need to destroy all 16 turrets on the tops of the four Star Destroyers in the area. Use the TIE Interceptor and you'll easily wipe them all out due to its superior firing capacity. The small size of the Interceptor means that you also (hopefully) won't take any damage, but if you do, just shoot some enemy TIE's and pick up another heart. Hearts in this level never disappear, so you can leave them be for when you need to come back to it. You'll have a bit of time to do this after you destroy all the turrets too, but if you're at full health, don't forget that you can do barrel rolls and corkscrews if need be.

When you're in the asteroid field, switch to the TIE Bomber. Each barricade that you'll ever have to break will only require four torpedoes (save for the final meteor, of course), so having five behind you is a real big help. Just pick up five torpedoes and smash the barrier at the end of this first area, but make sure you don't run into any asteroids or their debris, because you'll take damage if you're flying into them too fast. Stock back up on torpedoes and health once the barrier is down before heading into the second area of the asteroid field.

As you already know, you have to destroy two barriers here before you can access the very last area. If you followed the directions at the end of the previous paragraph, you should already have enough torpedoes for the first barrier, so go ahead and blow it up. Head to the next one and fire your last torpedo at it, then duck into the giant crater to the right. You should have already been in here if you went Minikit hunting before you started going for these achievements. In here are a few destructible objects that drop torpedoes, meaning that you don't have to fly around the asteroids anymore; on top of that, there are no enemy ships in this cave/monster, so unless you bump into walls, you won't take any damage as you collect a few free torpedoes. Fly back out and use these to destroy the second barrier, then pass to the last area.

Just like before, just take torpedoes from the meteors and fly over to the big one at the end of the level. Get that thing out of the way as fast as you can, but safely, so you can finish this level and never have to play it again (assuming you've gotten the collectibles).

Falcon Flight - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Falcon Flight - undefeated.
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Chapter 5-4: Dagobah

You should be able to get to Yoda's hut just fine with a Ghost and Boba Fett (or R2-D2). Once you're there, use the Force on his hut and jump up the path resulting from it. This will let you skip the "Force tutorial" area of the level completely since it just loops back around to Yoda's hut anyway. From here, continue onwards and destroy the big wooden blockade, then head towards Darth Vader. The path to Vader can lead to a death if you're not careful, so it might be a good idea to use Boba Fett when making any kind of sketchy jump.

Fighting Vader is made simple by just doing a Jedi slam on the ground with your Ghost every time you get close to him. When the metal gate opens, run through to the last area and fly with Fett across the sunken bridge to skip having to move the turnstile connected to it. Return to your Ghost and run all the way to the giant gate blocking you off from the X-Wing, then move a fair distance away and use a detonator on it. This will skip the whole laundry machine/motorcycle process, saving yourself a lot of time. Now all that's left to do is raise the X-Wing with the Force, which your Ghost can do without fear of being attacked.

Dagobah - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Dagobah - undefeated.
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Chapter 5-5: Cloud City Trap

Lots of this level can be skipped, as long as you have Boba Fett alongside your Ghost. It's quite embarrassing how much you can just ignore. You can start off by using the Force on the X-Wing to make part of the bridge to the next room, and you can fly over from the wing towards the other side with Boba Fett. In the next room, don't worry about the turret and instead just blow up the blue barrier with a detonator. Past this area is the first Vader fight, in a circular arena. You'll want to switch to Boba Fett and fly to the platform to the right, ignoring Vader completely as you exit the room.

Make your way to the next fight area which, unfortunately, can't be skipped. To make things go faster, keep the platform linked with the turnstile halfway up in the air so you can double jump back and forth between the panel above and the ground below. When Vader flees, chase after him to the large room with two stormtrooper hatches. Fly over to him immediately with Boba Fett, and Vader will crash through the window, allowing you to chase after him immediately. Make sure to switch back to a ghost after you land so that the troopers don't land any hits on you.

All that's left now is a small chase and the last of Vader's health, made far too easy with a Ghost's Jedi slam. Congratulations on getting another Undefeated achievement out of the way.

Cloud City Trap - undefeated

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Cloud City Trap - undefeated
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Chapter 5-6: Betrayal Over Bespin

You'll want both Boba Fett and a Ghost for this level. Run straight to the end of this hallway with your Ghost and double jump up the sloped staircase. If that's not working out for you, you can always repair the staircase the normal way with the switch hidden to the left. Next, run up to the bounty hunter door on the far end of the room, ignoring the Fett battle completely. Switch to C-3PO and open the door directly ahead, then run to the end of the hall as your Ghost. You'll then want to kill the stormtroopers to the left of the elevator, as they'll try and shoot you when you switch to your own or Vader to activate the elevator.

The path leading up to the Millennium Falcon will be easy enough without having to explain it. Defeat all the troopers that fall in the initial area so that the pieces for a grappling point fall, and you'll be all set. When you get to the smoky room, ignore the smoke and head straight for the Falcon. The gap that would normally be removed with the switches past the smoke can be flown over with Boba Fett, but if you want to use the bridge to be safe, switch to a droid. Your Ghost will not survive the smoke, and it'd be a pain to die at the end of the stage like that. Defeat all of the enemies guarding the Falcon to open it up, just like usual.

Bespin - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Bespin - undefeated.
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Now for the last of the Undefeated achievements, assuming you've been going in story order. By far, the most troublesome level people have out of all 18 is Into the Death Star, so don't beat yourself up too hard if you're struggling with that one for a long time. Hopefully the info provided here will make things as simple as possible for you as you complete your collection of the Undefeated achievements. On the bright side, there doesn't seem to be any achievements like this in any other LEGO game.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Undefeated

Chapter 6-1: Jabba's Palace

Build the little stool and destroy the turrets so you can enter the palace, then immediately switch to your Ghost. The Gamorreans will only spawn out from the hatches if you're a target, and if you're a Ghost, you're not a target. Close any hatches you see without being bothered, then make your way through essentially half the palace without having to worry about anything. When you get to the large room where R2-D2 and C-3PO were being held, just run to the end and open up the two access panels yourself, since there's no need to go through the work anymore.

A little ahead of this is the room where you need to push three ramps in place based on height. You can now get by with a double jump on the two taller ramps, so do that and speed out of this room to the next. You'll need to kill all of the Gamorreans to continue, which won't take too long after a few Jedi slams and after closing the two hatches in the room. Run to the end of the next room and use the Force on the two guards in front of the bounty hunter access panel so you can use it without getting hit.

The level ends with the fight against the Rancor. I'd be surprised if you found out a way to die in this fight, since all you have to do is summon enemies using the droid panels on either side of the room to win.

Jabba's Palace - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Jabba's Palace - undefeated.
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Chapter 6-2: The Great Pit of Carkoon

With the use of a Ghost and Boba Fett, you can make your way into the main ship without any major hassles. You can pull only two of the three switches to release big brown platforms and hover over them with Boba Fett to save yourself the trouble of going for the one up top.

The first barricade in the ship can be blown up with a detonator, but the lift on the other half of the room has to be built. The same goes for the disco floor above it. But once you're past that, you're practically at the end of the level. Just push the two blocks towards the lower engine and deactivate the shield on the other with C-3PO, and you'll be able to destroy them with detonators. Just make sure that the spacing between you and the detonators is far enough away so you don't die in the explosion.

Carkoon - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Carkoon - undefeated.
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Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown

Getting through this level undefeated is explained very easily, but it's a lot easier said than done; it's one of the top five hardest achievements in the game for a reason, and that would be (I would assume) the speeder portions of the level. Before you hop on the speeders for the first time, fly up near the generator in this area and blow it up with a few detonators to save yourself the hassle for later. Then, when you hop on the speeder for the first time, ignore the troopers for now and focus on blasting everything or almost everything in the entire loop that you can, especially the satellite turrets. This will not only make things safer for later, but it'll also make these chases less clogged too, meaning you'll run into things less. The "actual" trees are the only things that can hurt you if you run into them, but having everything else off of your screen will make your mind a bit less confused when you're zooming around.

When you're all set, chase after the two troopers and destroy the next generator with more detonators. You might want to switch to a Ghost and kill enemies on the ground until it's safe to lob some detonators, then kill more for more health. Repeat this process until you end up in the starting area, and make your way to the base. It's going to be super easy to finish the level from here, since all you'll be up against now are stormtroopers, which Ghosts have no problems with.

Speeder Showdown - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Speeder Showdown - undefeated.
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Chapter 6-4: The Battle of Endor

This level, like most of the others, is another easy run. Ghost your way through the entire Ewok village, and when you get to your first ledge on the forest floor, just jump up to the button to skip crawling through the hatch in the tree. Keep pressing on ahead, where you'll eventually be confronted with giant barricades. These can be blown up with detonators, saving you the hassle of using a catapult or an AT-ST.

Outside of the satellite base, blow up the blockade preventing you from getting to the roof. You can double jump up to the button above it, and you'll be able to fly to the switch to the right with Boba Fett. From here, you can pull the switch and get onto the roof, which will eventually allow you into the facility. Once you're in, all you have to do is activate all four colored switches and build the bombs inside the satellite's main components to finish the level. You can do all of this with just droids, your Ghost, and a crawl back-and-forth between one of the little grates, so you're just about done with any sort of challenge this level might've once posed.

Endor - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Endor - undefeated.
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Chapter 6-5: Jedi Destiny

Jedi Destiny has to be one of the easiest, if not the easiest, levels to get the Undefeated achievement for, especially with a Ghost character. Jedi slams are the best way to go, but when the Emperor wants to use Force Lightning, switch to Boba Fett and fire a shot at him; he'll be vulnerable to blaster bolts when he's trying to electrocute you, so go ahead and fire from a distance to speed things up.

Jedi Destiny - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Jedi Destiny - undefeated.
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Chapter 6-6: Into the Death Star

Much like the Falcon Flight level, you need to destroy four Star Destroyers before you can get to the "real" start of the level. Since each Destroyer can only withstand two torpedoes before going down, you don't really need to use the TIE Bomber, so go with the Interceptor. Keep shooting down TIE Fighters until Bombers appear with more torpedoes that you can use. There isn't any particular order that you should down the Destroyers in, so just take them out as soon as you can.

Once inside the Death Star, keep using the Interceptor and fire constantly. You should also do barrel rolls (cn_A + cn_LSl/cn_LSr) consistently until you get to the first torpedo dispenser. From here, switch to the Bomber and take five torpedoes with you to the set of four targets ahead. There are two turrets in the corridor on your way to the targets; it's best if you shot them down now, either with the Interceptor or the Bomber. It doesn't matter which ship you use to destroy them since the dispenser is so close. Either way, take your torpedoes and destroy these four targets, then head into the second portion of the Death Star's interior.

Take five torpedoes with you and fly towards the core. If you're running out of hearts, shoot some enemies or the small chunks of the walls to the left and right to get one. There's not a whole lot of stuff in this hall, so just make your way over to the missile launchers guarding the core. You're going to want to fire a single torpedo at each launcher as soon as its door opens up; for whatever reason, the torpedoes just don't connect unless you strike really early. Make sure you're at full health before entering the core.

In the core, you need to destroy those electrical panels in the walls that zap you if you get too close. Avoid getting close at all costs; getting stunned leaves you open to TIE Fighter fire, and it's really frustrating to die here at the end of the level. Use the Interceptor to shoot the panels from afar, but at the same time make sure you're almost always moving so you aren't hit by enemies in the core. Hearts can spawn from enemies and the electrical panels, so there should be plenty of opportunities to refill your health. Just remember not to fly too fast into where a panel used to be, or you'll take damage from the impact with the walls. Once those panels are destroyed, head to the southern end of the core itself and shoot at it with the Interceptor until its walls come down. Then take a torpedo that spawns out of the mess (if you don't already have one) and use it to destroy the Death Star. By the end of this area, you've basically done everything hard with the level, but it's not over yet.

There are three areas of the level left, all of which consist of you flying ahead of the imploding Death Star's insides. Keep using the Interceptor, constantly shoot ahead, and fly cn_LSd away from the fire. Only when you make a turn will you really have to move cn_LS in a diagonal direction. Don't assume that you've finished the level undefeated until the achievement pops; don't celebrate early, don't do any tricks, don't do anything stupid. Dying in the easiest part of the level is the most frustrating thing this game, or any LEGO game for that matter, has to offer, and there's no need to subject yourself to that. I cannot stress this enough.

Death Star II - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Death Star II - undefeated.
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As you collect more and more Gold Bricks, you'll unlock special bonus levels that you'll have to complete to raise your completion percentage. Each set of levels requires an increasing amount of Gold Bricks, with the most being 60 for the LEGO City level. All of these levels can be completed at any time, but can be made easier by collecting characters, Minikits, and Extras to make your life a little easier. You can find videos for all of them in the playlist link below.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Bonus Levels

Episode IV

Once you have at least eight Gold Bricks and finish the story, you'll be able to build the Gold Brick door inside this Episode's room, to the far right.

Super Story

For this Gold Brick, you need to replay the entire set of Story missions in order, in one sitting. You can also try to beat the Super Story in under an hour and collect over 100,000 to break two default records, but that isn't necessary for the Gold Brick. You'll very likely break these records anyway, though. Even though this game is more than a decade old, you could still challenge someone else to do better than you if you wanted to. If you've been following the Story page's instructions for collecting enough Studs for True Jedi, you'll find that playing through the levels without having to worry about that as a great and new experience. You can really save a bunch of time on Chapter 4-3 by not going overly crazy about Studs. Extras cannot be used for Super Story.

Character Bonus (Mos Eisley)

In Character Bonus levels, you can use any character that you've unlocked to play the mission. The goal here is to earn 1,000,000 within the time limit of five minutes. You really won't be able to get that many Studs in the time limit unless you have a bounty hunter character; you can buy Greedo in the shop for 60,000 Studs, or you can play through Episode VI, where you'll earn one for free after Chapter 6-1. Some certain Extras can be turned on for this level, but obviously none of the Score Extras are allowed.

With this being the first Character Bonus level, this one will be the easiest to complete. Metal objects, when blown up with a thermal detonator, give the most Studs out of all the objects available for destruction. It'll really help if you have as many Extras as you can for this. You can use all of them, save for the multipliers, to make things a lot easier on you. Purple Studs are only found in the Character and Minikit Bonus levels, and are worth 10,000 Studs. Try to go for these as soon as you see them.

Minikit Bonus (Death Star)

A Minikit Bonus level is the same as a Character Bonus level in terms of goals, but you'll instead be using vehicles. The vehicle selection isn't your usual one, but is instead the set of vehicles you piece together by collecting Minikits. You likely won't have a full completed Minikit model by the time you decide to check the Minikit Bonus level out, so you'll have to come back later after you've finished some from any of the 18 levels. Some Minikit models are completely useless, like the ones created from Chapter 4-2 and Chapter 4-3; more information on each of these vehicles is given on their respective section of the walkthrough in the Free Play pages. You should also try to at least have Invincibility, Tractor Beam, and Infinite Torpedoes for these.

This level is a bit of a pain if you don't have infinite torpedoes at your disposal. The typical blue objects in the ground and on the walls barely give off any Studs, so you'll want to move between two purple towers that you can use your torpedoes on. These will drop way more Studs than anything else, but have a long respawn time; flying back and forth between two or three of them will eliminate this problem, and you'll be able to get the Studs you need within five minutes.

Episode V

To build the next door, you need at least 16 Gold Bricks and finish the six story levels.

Super Story

Once again, you'll have to beat all six levels in one sitting. There's not a whole lot to say about this mode, since you've already beaten the levels in order to unlock it. Since you'll probably want to get this over with as fast as possible, try to remember what you have to do ahead of time. You can always consult the Story pages of the walkthrough if you're having any issues.

Character Bonus (Bespin)

This level has a lot of unopened bridges with buttons that might be too far away from you to press. Using Boba Fett completely removes this problem from the equation since he can fly over all of these gaps. As for collecting Studs, you'll probably be cutting it really close if you're not moving back and forth between metallic objects, so try to find two or three of those and get a path going between them.

Minikit Bonus (Hoth)

Don't bother trying this level until you have the Snowspeeder from Chapter 5-2. It's the only vehicle that can tether bombs and drag them around, and they're by far the most useful way of getting Studs. Drag them into a white wall, and tons of them will pop out, more than you'll ever get from a torpedo target. It'll take a lot less time to finish this level than it will for Episode IV and VI's Minikit Bonuses.

Episode VI

The last of the episodic Gold Brick doors asks of you to have 32 Gold Bricks minimum.

Super Story

Time for the final Super Story run. You should know exactly how this works by now, unless you decided to do this one first for some reason. Just finishing the levels gets you the Gold Brick, but finishing fast means you'll be able to use your time to do other things. One of the more time-consuming levels would have to be Chapter 6-3: Speeder Showdown. Try to get rid of your speeding enemies as fast as you can.

Character Bonus (Endor)

This final Character Bonus is easier than Episode V's, since metal objects tend to be a bit closer to each other. Imperial and Gamorrean Guards take more than one hit of health, so Boba Fett once again is the best choice.

Minikit Bonus (Endor)

There won't be any bomb-rolling tricks on Endor, so the best thing to do is immediately locate two purple torpedo targets and fly between them, shooting smaller things if you have downtime. If you don't start on finding these things right away, you might not have a lot of time left when you finish the level.


Once you have 60 Gold Bricks, you can take a crack at the LEGO City level outside the Cantina. It's highly suggested that you have as many characters and Extras as possible for this, though, because you're going to need to do a lot to earn all of the 1,000,000 Studs hidden in the city.

The level is pretty easy to understand. You're here to collect all of the Studs, so don't shirk any work. There are only a few things to remember when going through the city -- Use the Force on everything you can, Jedi slam everything, and use a detonator if a Jedi slam doesn't have much of an effect -- in that order. Using the Force on some things produces Studs, and it's never been clear whether ignoring that before a Jedi slam will prevent you from getting all of the Studs. Most things can't be destroyed by Jedi slams or detonators either, but some houses that are otherwise not destroyed by a slam might be blown apart with a well-placed bomb. You should also try to ride every animal and vehicle you can; some reveal a trail of blue Studs when you're in the vehicle, and can only be picked up when it's in use.

As for specific locations, there are a few specific places that would make more sense with a bit more information. The playground to the south has a rotating merry-go-round-thing with metal bars; this thing doesn't blow up, and spinning it doesn't produce any Studs, so you can ignore it. Next to the red building near the starting point is a large tower. Between these two buildings, use a Jedi slam, and you can get started on making a flying vehicle. One piece is inside the red building, and you'll have to use a Dewback to the south to get to the final pieces on top of the tower. There are also two wind turbines in the northeast, and they're also worth mentioning because the lightposts around the entire city cannot be destroyed until these turbines are working. To the northwest, there are a bunch of colored blocks that you can use the Force on. You'll have to stack them in the correct order to make them spell out the word LEGO in order to get any Studs out of them. And finally, there are some spots in the southwest that make flowers appear if you step on them. If you have a really good TV/monitor or can get pretty close to it without straining your eyes too much, you should be able to see small blue specks in the grass; these are where the flowers will be, so walk all over them to make them pop up. The Studs for these should appear after the last of the flowers stops moving around. And finally, the only flowers that can be destroyed are near the yellow building to the north.

If you're ever having any problems with the level and just can't find what you need to do, you can always restart and head into the level fresh. There's also a video available in the playlist link at the top of the page, so you can always follow what's done in the video as a last resort. Hopefully it won't come to that, though.

LEGO City complete.

Complete the LEGO City level.

LEGO City complete.
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Stud Fountain

This isn't a level, but once you have all 99 Gold Bricks, you'll be able to build a golden fountain that consistently spews out Studs. This is a good way to get Studs if you still need to buy the more expensive multipliers by the time you've gotten all of the Gold Bricks. Just hover next to it with Boba Fett and let the game sit for a while.

You may have noticed a small locked-off room in the Cantina that has a picture of Jabba the Hutt above it. This room leads to ten Bounty Hunter Missions, all of which reward you with a Gold Brick when completed. In order to unlock this room, you need to first beat all 18 story levels, and then you need to buy all of the bounty hunters in the game. These would be Greedo, Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, and 4-LOM.

None of your Extras will have any effect for these missions, so you can do these as soon as you unlock them if you'd like, and you'd be as prepared as anyone else would be. But, to make things just a bit easier, it'd be a good idea to do these after you're familiar with the standard 18 levels in the game so you can have at least a general sense of where you're supposed to be going.

LEGO Star Wars II: TOT | Bounty Hunter Missions


Being the first of ten missions, this one will be the easiest, which becomes even more apparent when you see that the level takes place in Secret Plans. Boba Fett, the flexible character he is, is all you'll need for this mission, so switch to him as soon as you can. Grapple up from where you are and fly across the bridge to the next area, which skips having you build the bridge back to functionality. The next area is where Darth Vader normally is for the first time, but he's not going to be here for this mission. Run to the end of the hall and go right after passing the doorway to find a bounty hunter panel. Open it up and head into the backroom, then run over to a flat wall with two ramps on either side of it. This should be a familiar spot if you've already gone for the Minikits here in Free Play. Just run up the two ramps and into the small dents in the wall to push a bunch of white pieces out of both sides. Then just build them into an archway, where you'll find R2-D2 inside.

If you decide not to go with Boba Fett for whatever reason, it should be noted that droids like 4-LOM or IG-88 cannot build things, so they would be less than optimal choices for the level. You have far more time than necessary anyway, so it's not a big deal if you've been using one up to the end.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

You'll be in Chapter 4-2 for this one, inside the Sandcrawler. Obi-Wan is at the very back end of the Sandcrawler, so that should clear up any sense of confusion on where to go. You can use droid panels with IG-88 and 4-LOM to get by, but the Jawas inside will always try to zap them; since they take two hits of health, it's smart to use either 4-LOM or Boba Fett to kill them in one shot with their superior blasters. And since 4-LOM is a droid, Boba Fett reigns supreme once more as the best choice. You'll know when you finally get to the back end of the Sandcrawler, as you won't be able to get out to the desert since you'd need the Force to do so. When you're here, look to the right and destroy some small containers to reach Obi-Wan hiding in a small room there.


Chewbacca is in Chapter 4-3. You'll start off outside the Cantina, and Chewbacca is in the large area with the theater and the Dewbacks, so it should be pretty clear as to what you need to do to get there. You can ignore anything you don't have to do, and you can destroy the big gray door leading to the area Chewie's in with a thermal detonator. When you've made it here, shoot off the three brown doors to the left, and you'll find the wookie behind the door to the left.

Princess Leia

Leia is, of course, back in the prison hall of the Death Star. Since you start out by the unbuilt turnstile, you'll want to be a bounty hunter who isn't a droid, but you can skip building it altogether by using Boba Fett to fly across the gap and towards the grapple point. And from the top of that first grapple point, you can hover into the computer room ahead, which will bring your whole party with you. From the computer room to the elevator down to the prison hall, there shouldn't be anything spectacular standing in your way except for perhaps a few enemies, so just run on towards the elevator.

When you're in the prison hall, build up the two control panels so you can get to the cells, and then look for Leia's original cell. You'll find it by looking for the small grate that you can use the Force on. Leia is now in the cell on the other side of the hall, so just face left when you get to the grate and open that cell up to find her.

Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar is in Chapter 5-2, in a secret room where you once could find a Minikit. You'll start off in the room with four buttons and two crates, but you can ignore them. Instead, take a droid and use the protocol panel on the left side of the room, then blow up a pile of junk so you can get to another room past it. In here, all you'll have to do is build a control panel back to functional levels so the tube next to it will drain, releasing Ackbar. The only problems you should have with this level are with enemies, as they seem to bother you the most when you're trying to build the control panel.


Yoda is going to be hiding out on Endor, in the Ewok village. Switch to Boba Fett for this level, as he can skip a lot of what you have to do for this level. You'll want to head left towards the traditional start of this level, and Boba Fett is much better at doing this since he can fly over the unbuilt bridges instead of having to repair them. When you get to the large throne, you should be able to see Yoda off in the distance. Break the purple containers next to the throne and use the pieces inside to build a turnstile, which will raise a platform next to him. Now all you've got to do is fly over to the platform with Boba Fett, and the platform will automatically raise you up to Yoda's height.


Like many before him, C-3PO is located where a Minikit used to be. Run up the stairs and proceed towards the bounty hunter door at the end of the hall at the top of the stairs, then go through and use the door straight ahead. This will open up the path to the two elevators, which is where you'll want to go; you can't use the stormtrooper one, but the bounty hunter elevator is all yours. Wipe out any enemies that are giving you trouble so you can properly use the elevator, or die and use your small period of invincibility to do so. You'll find C-3PO in plain sight on the rooftop after you've finished your elevator ride.

Lando Calrissian

Another Cloud City target, but this time you're already at the top of the stormtrooper elevator. Build the grapple point up ahead as fast as you can and make your way towards the end of the level. You should have absolutely no trouble doing this, since you should certainly know where to go by now. Switch to a droid like IG-88 when you get to the protocol droid panel protecting a large door and keep using him for the rest of the level. Lando is past the smoke near the end of the level, and only a droid like IG-88 will be able to get through unfazed, which is why it's best to save time and stick with him.

Luke Skywalker

Luke is up at where the fifth Minikit used to be in Chapter 4-3. If you don't remember where that was, it'll become clear soon enough. Fight off the stormtroopers and head towards the cantina, but stop to blow up the first metal object or so that you see to find parts for a turnstile. Build the turnstile and use it to turn the giant structure nearby upright, which will then release pieces for a grapple point. Build the grapple point to get to Luke, and you'll have another easy Gold Brick in the bag.

Han Solo

It wouldn't be a proper bounty hunter mission list if Han Solo wasn't the final target. Fortunately for you, he's about as easy to get to as everyone else was. The problem here is that a lot of this level relies on waiting, which you'll notice right away. You start off at the very beginning of Chapter 5-2, and you'll have to get through a lot of heating ice up and waiting for bombs to explode before you finally get to the first turret of the level. Han is in the room to the right alongside the yellow cart, so push your way through the snowtroopers and into that room. Build the cart back up to proper functionality, but don't use the turnstile in the middle of the room. Instead, jump on top of it, preferably with Boba Fett for more movement options, and then jump off when you think you can fly over to the hole high up on the right wall. Han's camped out up there, so you'll really benefit from a jetpack.

Bounty Hunter missions complete

Complete all of the ten Bounty Hunter Missions.

Bounty Hunter missions complete
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