Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has two modes to get achievements. While it is your complete choice which modes and achievements to tackle first the following will grab all achievements quite easily. Since this is a Call of Duty game, it is going to frustrate you at points. So it is a good idea to mix and match between modes.

1) The campaign mode should be your first port of call, the game will prompt you to start it anyway. If you're familiar with Call of Duty somewhat, then pick Veteran as you will unlock almost all the story and story-difficulty achievements in a single playthrough. Hardened is somewhat easier and gets you only one extra achievement at the end, but you will have to go through the story again just for Veteran. Many people do not find Veteran that hard. Difficulties will be explained later. As you are going through your first playthrough, just play naturally and try to complete and keep an eye out for intel pieces which look like Green Laptops, as they will get you two more achievements.

2) Go through the campaign again as many times as you like trying to pick up "specific task" level achievements, difficulty based achievements, and any pieces of intel that you missed. If you completed the story on Veteran it would be much easier to get the intel and task based achievements on Recruit difficulty.

Note the following: You may only have ONE save file at one time, if you start the game again you will lose your current saved data! Intel gained will always be saved.

3) Play Spec-Ops mode, these are 23 co-operative missions which you must complete a specific task. Each mission rewards up to three stars, dependant on difficulty completed or how well the mission was completed. The stars are stackable, meaning if you accomplished the task to get three stars, you will get all three stars rather than just the third star. There are 69 stars to collect and collecting all of them will net you all of the achievements for spec-ops.

4) If you haven't already done so, go through and collect any extra task based achievements from either the Spec-Ops or story mode.

You should now have a good 1000 gamerscore!

- NOTE -

Credit to tsunamishadow, the original walkthrough editor, who is no longer on the site.

Modern Warfare 2 is a common First-Person Shooter. All the achievements associated with this game can be done in the games two of the three modes, Spec-Ops (co-operative missions) and Campaign (single player story). Here are my general hints and tips for this game. Some of which will be patronising, but I'm just covering all the bases.

Get Used To The Controls

While many players will become quickly used to the control system as it is unchanged between various Call of Duty games, be aware that the control isn't the same as other shooters. The default settings are as follows:

  • Left stick controls movement and strafing.
  • Left stick button starts your character sprinting.
  • Right stick controls aim (the sensitivity can be changed in options).
  • Right stick button uses a melee attack.
  • Left bumper fires a special grenade (stun, flash or smoke).
  • Right bumper uses equipment (primarily frag grenades).
  • Left trigger aims down the sight on your gun, or with Akimbo (dual) weapons fires the weapon in your left hand.
  • Right trigger fires whatever weapon you are holding, or the weapon in your right hand for dual weapons.
  • Y button switches weapons between your primary slot and secondary slot.
  • B button is used to shift between stances standing, crouching and prone.
  • A button is used to jump or climb.
  • X button is used to reload your weapon, or swaps weapons with the one on the ground when the prompt comes up. It is also used for other actions.
  • Start button pauses the game, as if you couldn't work that out yourself!
  • The D-pad access attachments and other weapons, which will be shown to you via your HUD

There are various different control schemes within the options menu so you can find the one that suits you best.

Sprinting makes your character sprint in the direction you are facing. If you push the left stick in at an angle you can also make the character run at an angle (useful for when sprinting with the Riot Shield). Pushing the button starts the player sprinting and won’t stop until you let go of the left stick, move the left stick in the opposite direction, press X to reload your weapon, press B to shift stance, hit any bumper or trigger or you run out of sprint stamina (which isn't shown to you, but after playing for a while you will realise where the limit is). Movement speed and sprint speed is determined by what the heaviest weapon in your primary and secondary slots are. Sub-Machine guns, Handguns, Machine Pistols, and Shotguns offer no penalty. Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles have little penalty. Machine guns and launchers offer a noticeable penalty and Riot Shields have the worst effect. While sprinting you cannot fire or reload your weapons and at the end of your sprint you will have to ready your gun again so don't overuse it. Sprint stamina will recharge while not sprinting.

There are three kinds of melee attack; the standard melee attack will use a knife to kill the enemy in front of you. It doesn't have a far range and should only be used as a reaction attack. The second melee attack is for the attachment of a Tactical Knife on a Handgun. The Tactical Knife decreases ready time after a melee attack before you can do anything, thus useful for two very close enemies in quick succession. The third melee attack is the Riot Shield Crush. Whilst unlike the two other melee attack which kill in one hit, the Riot Shield usually takes two hits. There is no real advantage other than the protection you have before, during, and after the melee attack, so it very useful as a last resort in a crowded situation.

The special grenade is different depending on which you are equipped with. The flash grenade and stun grenades both have the same effect - it stuns enemies hit by lowering their defences. The only difference it seems that the flash grenade has a wider range and the stun grenade has more stunning power (stuns longer). They are both pretty useful. The smoke grenade on the other hand is useful for hiding a group of people. Say you and your teammates need to cross a street which is being scouted by an enemy sniper - using the smoke grenade in the open space will fill the area with smoke allowing you and teammates to move across mostly unharmed.

Firing weapons from the hip is very useful, as it allows you to maintain your top mobility and aiming speed while still aiming and firing at enemies so you can still strafe at enemies while keeping them pressured (or better yet killing them). The downside is that this is inaccurate and accuracy worsens the faster you are moving. At most times you should be shooting from range via the sight. Aiming down the sight offers incredible accuracy whilst sacrificing moving and aiming speed. You should always be using a combination of both to get you through the game.

Switching between weapons allows you to change weapons. Yes, that was obvious, but what people don't realise is that there is a ready time before you can actually use your gun. While the time is usually small (no more than two seconds), if you need a weapon desperately in a heated firefight, waiting two seconds can cost you your life. Under this purpose, I personally always try to carry a handgun just in case I've run out my primary magazine/clip, so I can quickly pull it out fire and use it to escape and reload. Others usually carry two strong weapons to use in different situations which are also useful, but in a pinch, they aren't likely to come out on top. Your starting loadout is also pretty strong, so I would not advise from swapping weapons for others in the level. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't do this though; swapping weapons are useful if you need a stronger weapon, a weapon intended for a different situation, or if you are running out of ammo on one of your weapons.

An important tip is to use your mini-map to locate enemies and teammates in comparison to where you are. Use the pause menu to do this and plan ahead!


There are four difficulty settings for this game within the Campaign (difficulty is different for Spec-Ops mode)

Recruit makes the game considerably easy, enemies will take a while to aim at you, teammates have much more stopping power, you will be able to withstand much more damage, and there is a subtle aim assist to help you. This difficulty is recommended for players new to first person shooters and aren't comfortable. Regular is similar to Recruit difficulty but you will withstand less damage and the aim assist dissappears. This difficulty is recommended for players new to the series. Hardened is a challenging difficulty making you withstand less damage. Teammates will also have less stopping power and enemies will have better reaction times. This is recommended for people who are comfortable with the series. Veteran is the hardest difficulty setting, and makes you withstand much less damage, enemies will seem to spot you out of nowhere, there are considerably less "checkpoints", and you will encounter grenade spamming from enemies. This difficulty isn't recommended.

I personally found Modern Warfare 2 considerably easy even on Veteran difficulty, though other players have found it hard. Whatever difficulty you pick you shouldn't really worry about it, 'cause you’re playing for fun right? Even if you’re not comfortable it's still a good idea to pick Veteran difficulty as the game comes with a new Lower Difficulty feature - If you are finding a mission difficult you can hit the pause menu and go to lower difficulty, the game will give you a confirmation if you want to do this and if you confirm, will lower the difficulty by one mark. Veteran goes to Hardened, Hardened goes to Regular, Regular go to Recruit, and Recruit doesn't have the option. The game will change the difficulty without disturbing your situation in game. So you won’t have to go to the last checkpoint or anything! Be advised though it doesn't give you an option to increase difficulty, so if you want to go up a difficulty you will have to start the mission again.


I am going to assume that you have the ability to listen and speak. You do? Good. Use It. I cannot stress enough the amount of times I have heard people complain that something is too difficult because they won't listen to what was going on around them. There are two separate uses for it in this game.

Campaign (single-player)

Most people will notice that the commander or commanding officer will issue you with a set of instructions for you to follow, and most people will follow. Whatever difficulty you are playing on don't say to yourself "I'll take that under advisement!". If someone tells you to do something, you do it. I don't care how, and I don't care when. These people are trying to help you and ignoring them will hinder your progress in game. Very rarely not listening to them will help you.

The other thing I want to point out which you may not have noticed is your teammates report system. Squad members in a firefight will usually say things such as grenades and enemy positions (sometimes with what weapon they are using such as a Sniper or RPG). Keep an ear out for it and use it to your advantage, if you hear "RPG" or an RPG in itself for that matter, look for the enemy using it and take it out quickly before he injures you or your teammates. If you hear "Sniper", get down and look for him carefully before he renders your body useless. Keep an ear out for grenades and enemy speech as well.

Spec-Ops (co-operative)

Spec-Ops missions are usually completed with a friend or a partner. These missions are considerably more difficult than the story and require you to have good cohesion with your teammate, so communication is essential. Asking simple questions like "Do you need help?" or "Where are they?" are actually very useful, so keep talking to each other.

Make your talking constructive however, don't argue at who's better at the game, or brag about your boyfriend/girlfriend. Unless of course you find a mission easy and boring, then don't let me stop you.

I know these seem like obvious statements, but you would be surprised by how many people seem to be oblivious to these.


Back in the Saddle

Help train the local militia.

Back in the Saddle
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Extra achievement - "Pit Boss"

1 piece of Intel available

This is the easiest mission, considering death is impossible, unless of course you are stupid enough. Anyway you play as Private Allen who trains local army soldiers; this is basically your tutorial in the game. Simply do the following when Sgt. Foley tells you to.

  • Fire at the targets from the hip.
  • Fire at the targets while aiming down the sight.
  • Fire at the targets while penetrating the wooden cover.
  • Snap between targets quickly by aiming down the sight.
  • Throw a frag grenade to hit targets.

You will then be told to run “The Pit”, find it using the Objective Locator and you will meet Cpl. Dunn, who will teach you the benefits of quick switching.

After doing that you will have a selection of weapons of which to run The Pit including a Sniper Rifle, Sub-Machine guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. If you want to get a good time, it is probably wise to take two Pistols. The Desert Eagle and the USP. 45 with the Tactical Knife. These are my reasons:

  • While it may take a couple tries, it is possible to hit every target without missing while only switching these weapons twice and reloading once, thus saving you valuable seconds.
  • You only need hit the target once for it to go down, pistols (or the other Semi-Auto weapon the SPAS-12), will increase your accuracy and give you a time bonus.
  • There come two targets that will ONLY go down by knifing it. The Tactical Knife will help greatly.
  • Learn the course; it will take a little while intuitively knowing where the 'bad guys' are and the 'civilians' are. Shooting civilians will only hinder you.
  • The Deagle, the Shotguns and the Sniper Rifle (yes, there is a Sniper Rifle), have pretty high penetration, be careful as you can hit a civilian on the other side. You can use the penetration to your advantage to hit two targets with one bullet.

Whatever time you get, the game will give you a final score in seconds and will recommend a difficulty for you; you can keep trying or pick a difficulty to play the game with. After that a horn sounds bringing you to your first proper mission.

Danger Close

Danger Close

Get hand picked for Shepherd's elite squad.

Danger Close
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

First Day of School

Complete 'S.S.D.D' and 'Team Player' on Veteran Difficulty.

First Day of School
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

2 pieces of Intel available

This is your first proper mission, and in about one second in you will be engaged in a fire-fight. You start with 4 flashbangs, 4 grenades, an M4 Carbine (21 clips) with a Grenade Launcher (10 rounds) and Holographic Sight attachments and an M9 as a secondary weapon. After Shepard picks you up, Capt., Foley will tell you to keep up pressure on the RPG teams across the river. You can use whatever you like, but sooner or later the game will advise you to use the Grenade Launcher. After you take out a number of enemies they will retreat, after that enemies will appear on the bridge (with a large 'Target' marker, simply take them out to continue.

You should be aware that you cannot simply 'ride this one out' as the enemies will consistently attack the bridge layer. If you do not kill enough of them in time, you will get a message saying the bridge layer was destroyed and that will count as a death. It is also a good time to remember about the games' "Lower Difficulty" feature.

After you knock out the enemies on the bridge and the bridge layer finishes, err...bridge laying..., you get an order to become the Minigunner of a Humvee! Go up the stairs and 'use' the seat highlighted to get on the turret. By default the Left Trigger zooms in and keeps the turret spinning but sacrifices aim movement speed and the Right Trigger fires. After that an Airstrike will be called in and you will be OM.

Your next objective is to scan for hostile activity. You also get the message not to fire unless fired upon. So don't worry about that. You will be in the Humvee for about a minute so get used to the aim controls in this time. Whilst on your scout you will spot some bad guys scouting you. DON'T fire at them! They won't attack you, so don't worry.

After Cpl. Dunn says "Spin 'em up!", you can start firing on enemies ahead of you. On top the roof of the building and in the windows there are a number of enemies, take them out before they can a chance of hit you. The minigun you are using won’t overheat, but that doesn't mean you should spray like a lunatic, control your fire and keep the LT held down. After that your driver will be forced to retreat and go through roads with enemies, fire at them to take them down as they have RPGs and Rifles. Rifle hits and splash damage from the RPGs will hurt you and a direct shot from the RPG will kill you. There will be a couple of enemies on balconies and in the road. After Sgt. Foley says "Slow Down" you will be cut-off by a white pickup truck with enemies, either destroy the car or the enemies so your driver can push through. Don’t take your eyes of the surrounding buildings though!

After you push through an RPG will hit you and you will be dropped from the minigun, when you regain stability. Follow your team into the building, and quickly! You will have to go up the stairs and fight your way through two rooms to get your next objective. Use flashes and grenades make your way up, and it is a good idea to let your team mates go first.

Your Sergeant will then receive orders to help out another squad by attacking a school. Follow Cpl. Dunn into the school and get ready for corridor firefights. At the entrance there is a room on the right side which will have some enemies, while they can be avoided, be aware of them. You will make it to some stairs which two or three enemies will come down from, so don't run straight up, shotguns are best used here if you can find one, but I haven't found any.

As you make it up the stairs you should enter a corridor on the left, but there is also a blockade on the right known to have bullets fly from it. This corridor is much easier as it is not heavily stacked with enemies (in case I've lost you, we are at the point where Dunn says "I'm cuttin' through history class now!"). Go through these corridors using the cover and the walls provided.

Dunn will then say he spotted an enemy run into a classroom, if you go into the class room where Dunn says "clear!" he should be in the corridor next to your exit, if you are slow he may be with other enemies who have come as reinforcements.

After you exit the school Overlord will send you to the rally point, which you have to make your way to via some alleyways. Since this the last part of the mission, the area is tight and there a number of enemies, it will be very useful to use any grenades and grenade launchers you have left. Grenade launchers can take out a good number of them, leaving you and your squad to pick off stragglers, if you don't have grenade launchers, go round the corner slowly and get into cover, picking enemies off one by one. Either way, be cautious. there are a number of times I've died because there was an enemy lurking in the corner. At the rally point you will meet General Shepard, and that is the mission pretty much over!


Cold Shoulder

Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base.

Cold Shoulder
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Black Diamond

Complete 'Cliffhanger' on Veteran Difficulty.

Black Diamond
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

Extra achievement - "Ghost"
3 pieces of Intel available

This will be your first mission as Gary "Roach" Sanderson as TF141. You will be paired with Captain MacTavish for this mission (that name sounds familiar...). Anyway the first part of the mission will concentrate on precision movement.

You will be armed with two Ice Picks, the left trigger uses the left pick, the right trigger for the right, and melee uses both. First follow Soap along the very small ridge, as long as you press into the cliff you shouldn't fall off. MacTavish will then start to climb up and will tell you to follow him, to climb up hold one of the triggers down to put the respective pick into the ice, while still holding down that trigger hold down the other trigger to climb. After you have moved upwards, you can let go of the first trigger and then re-press it to put the pick above, keep repeating this until you have climbed all the way up the ridge. During your ascent a plane will fly over MacTavish's head and cause him to dangle, don't worry about him he won't fall off.

After you have made your first ascent, you will have to jump to the next cliff to ascend. Sprint towards the cliff then hold down both triggers when you get next to the ice. After which you will experience a small cutscene, where you nearly fall off, and the Captain comes to rescue you, keep the triggers held down through this. After he throws you up just ascend again to get to the top of the cliff.

After that you will actually start the mission. The first part is pretty stealthy and you will be armed with an ACR with a Red-Dot sight, Silencer and Heartbeat sensor and an insane amount of bullets; a silenced USP with a Tactical Knife, four flash grenades and four frag grenades. MacTavish will ask you to open the Heartbeat Sensor using the left D-pad. It is basically a small LCD screen showing you enemies as white dots and MacTavish as dark blue, relative to your position. It won’t show you enemies and friendlies behind you though, it takes a couple of seconds after a "scan" to scan again and can sometimes block a little of the screen, so bear this in mind, but this tool makes the mission very easy.

Follow MacTavish and his instructions, he will tell you to take out one guard while he takes out the other. In the three seconds he gives you make sure you aim properly, a headshot will make this easy, won't give you away and saves bullets! Keep behind MacTavish and keep crouch-walking to remain stealthy. Once again you will encounter two guards so do the same as before.

Keep following MacTavish and you will get a new objective. - "Find a way into the base". This is a stealth part and all you have do is don't do anything stupid. Keep walking towards your objective using the heartbeat sensor to find enemies, as it is difficult to see them in the storm that starts up. MacTavish will have split from you by now and will snipe nearby enemies and support you. Try to keep crouched and walk slowly. Aim carefully and make sure the guards aren't looking at each other before you kill them. If you are spotted during this part you will have to find a hiding place. Avoid being seen by enemies from inside tents and the car patrol. You will later get an objective to plant C4 by the Refuelling Station just keep going toward the objective. Soap will then alert you that 20 guards are heading your way, so try not to kill any of them unless you absolutely have to. Hide under the jet planes if you have to. Plant the C4 when you get near it.

After you plant the C4, MacTavish will locate the satellite and it will be marked with an objective marker, just follow it to get to the objective. There are still enemies and some BMPs in the area which you can see, avoid all of them and only kill as a last resort. Go under the hangar to meet MacTavish.

As you and MacTavish enter the hangar, you will spot an enemy walking down the corridor perpendicular to you, either take him out or let MacTavish do it for you. MacTavish will order you to look for the ACS Module upstairs, go up the stairs in the hangar and find the ACS Module, it is marked by an objective marker so you can’t miss it.

MacTavish then says “Roach, I’ve been compromised! Keep a low profile and hold your fire.” Follow his instructions, as Major Petrov will order you to surrender yourself (this isn’t an option though). MacTavish will ask you to go to “plan B” and you will pull out a detonator for the C4 you planted earlier and Petrov will countdown from five at which point he will execute MacTavish.

Detonate the C4 to cause a distraction and quickly eliminate any enemies in front of you. Being at an elevated position for this helps. MacTavish will tell you to use the MiGs for cover as you try to make your hasty escape. The first MiG is marked by a position indicator; MacTavish will cover you, but don't be a buffoon and run out and die, take your time and get there in one piece (or pieces). Be careful, the MiGs can take fire, but will explode eventually, killing you in the process. After you get to the first MiG, MacTavish will point you to a second MiG, snowmobiles will also attack you at this point. You can avoid them, but you can also kill a few. MacTavish will then ask for covering fire, lay down supressing fire on enemies to make sure he doesn't die. If he does it will count as a death for you. This is a good time to use any remaining grenades you have.

Follow MacTavish down the open fence and slide down the hill. After you do enemies will appear at the top of the hill trying to kill you. You can either hide behind the tin house nearby or shoot them quickly. You have to take at least some of them out so more Snowmobiles can come and attack you. Take out the drivers and then you will get the fun part of the mission.

Get on one of the snowmobiles by holding X and you will able to drive it down the mountain to make an escape. To drive the snowmobile: Right Trigger is Accelerate, B is Brake and Left Trigger fires a machine pistol. You will need to drive down 2km to get to the first marker. Keep following this marker down the mountain as it will change positions. Enemies will be shooting at you from other snowmobiles, you can outrun or if they are in front of you shoot them. It isn't wise to go out of your way to kill someone at this point, if you can’t see them, leave them. If you're going fast enough they shouldn't kill you. Try to avoid trees and rocks also, because they slow you down or kill you. Don't worry about MacTavish, he isn't scripted to die, but if he is in front of you follow him as he points out a very simple route for escape. At some point you come across walking enemies, run over them or something, if you're moving they'll be as useless as sheep. A helicopter will also shoot at you, just ignore it and keep moving. So if I haven't stressed this enough - keep moving.

At approximately 1400m left you will start to go down a very steep hill at high speed. If you brake, enemies kill you, if you run into a tree your dead. Stay calm and keep control and watch out for anything in front of you. Make the jump and get to the helicopter by the LZ. Et voila! Mission completed!

No Russian

This mission is skippable and does not offer any achievements; you can still get other achievements here though.

For those of you remembering the small teaser for Modern Warfare 2, that revealed almost nothing but the name and release date, this is what all the hype was about.

After the introduction you will go up an elevator with Makarov and you will get two commands. The game will simply tell you to "Follow Makarov's lead" and Makarov himself will tell you "Remember - No Russian". Interpret this any way you want to, because Makarov and his three men will open fire on the innocent civilians in the airport. You can fire on them too, but me being the anti-war, nonviolent type suggests that you don't do that. You will be equipped an M240, and an M4 Carbine with a Grenade Launcher, 4 Frag Grenades and 4 Flashbangs. If you are going to fire on the civilians (please don't!) don't bother using the Grenade Launcher, Grenades or Flashbangs, as they become useful later. Your sprint will also be reduced to a very slow jog and you won’t be able to walk as quickly as normal. Simply follow Makarov for the first part of the mission, and do what you will, but don't do the following:

- Don't shoot any of the four terrorists or hit them with grenades or flashbangs.
- Do not get too far behind them.

The second part is where this gets more challenging, it's after you make your way down the escalators into a gate entrance. Just about when Makarov says "Check your weapons and ammo". After you make your way downstairs via a basement, FSB will show up with a Riot Shield, now would be a good time to use any grenades or grenade launchers that you have as if aimed correctly will kill any of them instantly. Don't be afraid to take the Riot Shields as it may come in handy for this last part of level, especially on higher difficulties. Some policemen will attempt to shoot you from the west side windows from a vantage point, if you stick close the wall they will have a hard time trying to hit you. Take your time and use the walls and boxes for cover as you pick off stragglers. You will encounter more police with Riot Shield so use any grenade launchers you have again. Your 'teammates' aren't scripted to die so use them for cover. Keep moving south and Makarov will at one point say "30 seconds. Go", this shows the end of the level. Simply follow him and watch events unfold right before you.


Tag 'em and bag 'em

Find Rojas in the Favelas.

Tag 'em and bag 'em
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shared achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Turistas"
4 pieces of Intel available

You start this mission in the passenger seat of a car while you are following some Militia who stop the side of the street and approach Rojas assistant. The assistant pulls his gun out, and kills the two Militia, crouch down in the car by pressing B and watch your driver die there and then. Anyway you get out of the car with MacTavish and follow him through the city; you will see civilians and cars pass you. Do NOT shoot at them, and I mean it this time as it counts as a death if you do. You are equipped with an ACR (10 extra clips with an ACOG scope and Grenade launcher (10 rounds), 4 flashbangs, 4 frag grenades and an M1014 shotgun (63 extra pellets). You will encounter more guns and enemies coming out of nowhere so if you don't feel comfortable with guns you have feel free to change them. Later. Right now after running with MacTavish you will spot the assistant and MacTavish will ask you to shoot him in the leg. Aim down the sight at his leg and fire a couple of bullets.

That was the easy part. You will team up with Meat and Royce for this next part as you try to track down Rojas himself through the favela(s). After you jump down into the favela Meat will clear the civilians and Militia will start attack you, defend yourself against and try to progress to the marker using any path you want. Some people prefer to go round the outside whereas I try to go through the middle and use the shotgun. Do whatever works best for you but at this part follow these tips.

  • Enemies have no patience on Hardened and Veteran, if you stay in one spot for too long they will find you and kill you so keep moving.
  • Try not to shoot civilians, the odd stray bullet here and there is allowed, but other times it will cause you to fail the objectives.
  • The enemies will drop a large variety of weapons with attachments here including: RPDs, Rangers, Desert Eagles, Mini-Uzi and the Draganov. If you don't find your current weapons comfortable, feel free to change, but be warned that you may run out of ammo.
  • On any difficulty you will encounter grenades thrown at you. Move or throw them back but don't be an idiot.
  • Watch the rooftops, there will be snipers and infantry in vantage points, if you are not vigilant, you will not spot them and they will kill you. The start menu's radar is very useful here.
  • Flashbangs are useful especially near the end of this first bit. If there are a few enemies covering that South-East exit simply throw a flashbang and sprint round the corner. You should be safe afterwards after that part is done.
  • Take care when sprinting.
  • Meat and Royce will die at certain points, you will be on your own at some point but this seems to be random.
  • Because enemies hide behind corners, the shotgun you have is VERY useful, but everyone has different tastes.

After you get part this first part MacTavish will tell you they know where Rojas is, you will have to cut him off all by yourself by fighting your way through here. Yes this is going to be like walking through hell. After my many playthroughs of this I expected there to be a time limit, but I didn't spot any, so take your time here. You will spot dogs early on, if they jump on you, you will have to hit the melee button at the right time to break their necks. You will need to fight your way up the favela and with enemies popping out of rooftops, vantage points and windows and few spaces for cover you need to think and act quickly. If you get lost, follow any stairs upwards and follow the objective marker. It's very difficult to explain every little detail about enemies in this level, but considering you are likely to die a couple of times it would help you if you learn where enemies are. They will seem to appear out of nowhere and on Veteran you may not have enough time to react unless you anticipate them early. Keep pausing to check the map so you can spot where some enemies are but remember that if it’s clear, that doesn't mean that, there are no enemies there. Always proceed with caution. Unlike in the first part if you stay in one spot for too long enemies won't search you out, but if they have spotted they will attempt to shoot you from where they are or throw grenades. Remember the general hints and tips from the first part of this walkthrough? Use them. Remember your training in the first mission? Use that too. These will help you immensely. Flashbangs are useful if you need to move from cover and grenades are useful to kill enemies inside of buildings.

Whilst you are playing through this level Ghost and MacTavish will consistently gain and lose sight of Rojas. Keep following their advice except for when they tell you to hurry up. MacTavish will at some point say "Roach, keep pushing him uphill! Don't let him double back!” just take your time and keep moving forward while taking out enemies. Sooner or later you will have Rojas cornered. Et voila! The end of the mission, it is in my opinion one of the hardest in this game so congratulate yourself.


Royale with Cheese

Defend Burger Town.

Royale with Cheese
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shared achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Red Dawn"
4 pieces of Intel available

Remember that ACS module you busted your hump for in "Cliffhanger!", well it turns out that the Russians already cracked it and have used it to start...World War III (?).

Don't worry about that, you have other stuff to do! You are now back to the usual US Army Ranger equipped with SCAR-H with a Red Dot, and a Shotgun attachment and an M9. You will find a useful array of weapons here, if you want to change weapons go ahead. You'll also be armed with 4 frag grenades and 4 smoke grenades. You can be as careless with your ammo in the first part of the mission as you like, as you will notice large green boxes which contains ammunition, which will fully stock you up on both weapons you have (and any attachments) and both sets of grenades. These will be scarce though, so shoot carefully.

You start in the passenger side of a jeep with your squad which are waiting for orders. About half a minute in Sgt. Foley will tell you "We've got a BTR, get out, get out!", so get out, as it will shoot the jeep you are driving in and kill you. Follow Sgt. Foley through the suburbs and he will tell you at one point not to engage that BTR, of course we won't 'cause we are not idiots! Are we? You will soon have to follow the BTR with Sgt. Foley; just keep 20-30m so you can see it in front of you. Foley will hide behind a car and tell you to use your Smoke Grenades to cover a path for yourself. It'll be wise to use 2-3 here just to be safe, you can always get them back via ammo crates. Make sure you throw a smoke in close proximity to the BTR, otherwise if you run past the BTR it will shoot you, the game will also come up with a warning saying "Smoke grenade too far from vehicle". When you throw a successful smoke grenade in Veteran difficulty the BTR will start to reverse to try and find you, so move quickly.

After you get past the BTR, you run into an alleyway guarded by Russians. The shotgun can be useful here if you get close to enemies and can penetrate light cover very easily. Use dumpsters and trashcans here for cover. They'll also use cover as well, so grenades can be useful. You can come across some other weapons here, so trading out your M9 for an AK47 or PP2000 is a good idea, but bear in mind you will need to get rid of a weapon later. You move into another alleyway behind a gas station. Enemies will be hiding in the station itself (you can pick these ones off if you move back into the first alleyway), behind the gas pumps and behind the truck that appears. Move carefully and use your minimap as you will have to go around a corner and out of the bottleneck. Beware of the cars in the station, they explode. After you clear the gas station follow Sgt. Foley across the road, there are a couple of stray enemies, which can kill you; beat teammates usually get them first.

Foley will ask a Private for a SitRep, there are a couple enemies he's firing at in the bank (I think it's a bank). Foley will then order you to use new weapons on the roof of the restaurant. Follow the objective marker via a ladder in the kitchen, or climb up the ladder on the outside. You should find a Sentry Gun already set up and a Semi-Auto sniper complete with a thermal sight. Pick this up, as enemies will use smokescreens later and you will have to defend the restaurant, nice change of pace isn't it? Use the thermal sights to kill enemies, get down into prone if you get shot, keep an eye out for grenades (they come very rarely but as a just-in-case) and watch the ladders as enemies will try to come up. Foley will usually say something if an enemy gets on the roof. You may have claymores here so use them to cover the ladders, don't use them all at once as they will waste easily. You will be defending from the south and will later have to switch to the north. You can put the Sentry Gun in two positions, when you move it. The first is to put it facing the ladders so it will kill any enemies who get on the roof and acts as a warning device, or you can put it facing the street below to kill a number of enemies. Each has their own risk/reward ratio but use whatever you feel most comfortable with and is most likely to make sure you survive. The sentry will die if it takes explosives, melee attacks or gunfire so be careful, unlike multiplayer the sentry gun lasts forever otherwise. After you held off the enemies for a while Foley will ask for a Sitrep on Raptor. At this point, reload, make sure you have enough ammo for your guns and change to weapons you are comfortable with.

Two BTRs will start attacking from the north and the sky will start raining missiles, so get off the roof, if you don't Foley will remind you and if still disobey they will kill you. It turns out that the guy firing the AGM's is in the diner on the other side of the road! Your job now is get rid of him. While there aren't many foot soldiers, you must avoid the BTR that patrols the road. If it spots you have about one second to hide otherwise you will die. Sometimes this diner is heavily protected and sometimes it isn't, but if it is just clear the enemies while making sure you are constantly in cover. Once you pick up the Predator Drone control rig, which on the counter marked by an objective marker, your next objective is to use it to destroy the BTR's. Before you start to use it though, make sure you are covered by walls and squad members as stray enemies will start attacking you. Press right D-pad to take out the laptop.

Here's a quick guide to use it. You will an aerial view of the battlefield which circles around the area you are in. The grey scale video feed is the one of the missile you will be using. Enemies and enemy vehicles are marked by a red box; you are marked by a green + symbol. Press the right trigger to release the missile and once it's in flight press the right trigger again to increase speed. First, it is definitely a good idea to get rid of the OTHER BTR that isn't marked by an objective and any clusters of enemies that you see as the next parts of the mission will be easier without them constantly trying to kill you. You can also use the Laptop as a UAV. Simply look where enemies are and press the right d-pad to put away the Laptop. There is a Stinger launcher in this diner, take it, as it will make a later part of the mission easier.

After you have destroyed the main BTR, the Sergeant will ask you to take Burger Town which is the fast food restaurant next to Nate's and marked by an indicator. There are numerous entrances into Burger Town, but before you go in, clear any enemies you see from outside using your grenades and the drone to help. Once you get inside, just kill all the enemies. The shotgun attachment is VERY useful here, but you can also find Strikers and PP2000 to help if you dropped your original weapons. Once you've cleared out Burger Town, you will have to help escort Foley and Raptor from Nate's to Burger Town. As soon as you hear Foley say he's going to do this, get back outside and clear enemies, as if Raptor dies that counts as a death. You can use the AGM missile, but make sure you don't hit friendlies with it. Foley will start moving him after a countdown and will run with him on his back (that sounds familiar). Keep defending him and he should make it quickly.

Once Raptor is inside the locker you will have to start defending Burger Town heavily. Abuse those missiles now! To take out clusters of enemies because if they get anywhere near the meat locker in the back of the restaurant that will count as a death. Listen to Overlord telling you where enemies are coming from, and the objective Indicator will tell you where to keep an eye on things. After a while you will lose the Predator missile and will have to defend using your guns. Life's brilliant isn't it?!

Soon after you will be attacked by some helicopters. Remember that stinger missile I told you about? It comes in very handy! Keep a lock on the slick for a while until you get a tone then press RT to fire a missile. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH SPACE SO WHEN THE MISSILE IS FIRED IT DOESN'T HIT AN OBSTACLE! If you are still at Burger Town keep defending it from strays. If you are not, get back quickly as you could loop-die in a very annoying spot! You will be attacked by another wave of enemies including another helicopter. Get rid of the heli first! It should be marked by an indicator.

Note: You can also use other weapons to get rid of the heli, but i'd advise against this.
Once you've cleared the helicopter and some enemies you will get picked up by some Army-folk. Follow Foley to the convoy and that will be this mission finished.

The Hornet's Nest


Complete 'Takedown' and 'The Hornet's Nest' on Veteran Difficulty.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

Extra achievement - "Colonel Sanderson"
4 pieces of Intel available

The idea of this mission is to get to some guy named "Nikolai" who is trying to give you chopper transport out of Rio. Follow MacTavish and Ghost up the path until you get to a plaza. You'll be armed with an UMP.45 with an ACOG scope and a G18 machine pistol with 4 frags and 4 flashbangs. The first thing I should point out is that while the UMP is an effective run and gun SMG, it's a pretty poor assault rifle due to its high recoil and low range. When you get to the plaza Militia will start attacking you from all sides. The important thing here is not to rush in. Enemies will try to shoot your from rooftops, behind cars, blindfire, behind walls and from places you wouldn't look twice at. See if you can climb on the building in the centre and hide behind some walls or barrels then you can use the scope to hit enemies who are hiding far away. If you go to the north side of this central building you will see a Dragnov sniper rifle lying against the wall. You can use this if you are not comfortable with using the UMP as a long-range weapon. Soon Ghost and MacTavish will give enemy reports including enemies riding along in two cars. The cars will always park in the same designated spots so shooting the driver won't do anything. Instead aim your focus at the guys on the car turrets, if you don't kill them quickly enough, they will pin you down with supressing fire. After you killed enough enemies MacTavish will tell you to "keep pushing through to the evac point".

While you are running, there might be some enemies who will still shoot at you. Keep an eye on them and hip-fire on them if you need to. As you head south you will pass the intersection. At this intersection you travel east, downhill. The problem here lies that the downhill part has quite a lot of cover for enemies to hide and you are wide in the open, so make sure you get downhill quickly so you have some cover. Grenades thrown here will be very inaccurate, so don't waste them. As you get downhill more enemy reinforcements will appear. You can start using grenades to get to enemies behind cover, as penetrating the cover will be difficult as you will have to keep focus on more than one place at a time. Work your way down slowly and run back up the hill if you need to.

One you've cleared the area, you will need to "push through these streets to get to the market". You'll hit a flight of stairs and will be ambushed by some footsoldiers. You need to keep sharp for the next few bits as enemies will come from seemingly out of nowhere, like tall grass or a ledge or a side-alley. Work slowly and only progress if you can find cover. Take care when using the cars for cover as RPG's can blow them up easily. After you go South down the alley you'll move West. You can move through the buildings and avoid open fire, but there are a number of ambush points against you, or you can run straight up the hill avoiding cars and some fire. Whatever you do, DON'T throw frag grenades! After making it up the hill you'll come to a small open settlement, with enemies coming out from behind barrels and some coming from inside houses through doors. Rushing in is inadvisable as there is no decent cover to protect you. Take out what you can see and move forward carefully. Use the cars to move forward slowly and take out more enemies hiding behind fences and a new car full of enemies and a turret will appear.

You'll need to cut through the market to get to the LZ; this is a good place to get "Colonel Sanderson", by simply throwing a grenade into the middle of the market. Be careful of teammates and enemies and yourself though. When fighting through the market it can be difficult to spot enemies. Take your time and try and tell the difference between enemies and teammates. Listen to what your teammates say so you can choose who to kill and which way to go. There are many routes through the market, each have their own bottlenecks and vantage points. A shotgun (if you can find one) is very useful here. Use your remaining flashes here and keep an eye on the objective indicator.
At 30 meters near the landing zone, you will have to run to the Pave Low which is ready to pick you up. Unfortunately because the area is "too hot" MacTavish will "wave off" Nikolai, meaning you will have to fight your way to another LZ! This part onwards is a little faster paced, keep up with MacTavish and you shouldn't have a problem. You'll have to run to the Pave Low and then jump to another rooftop. You'll just manage to catch the side of the roof for one of the most epic...failures.

After you wake up you will have to sprint all the way back up to the rooftops. You will have no weapons here and it is the last part of the mission, always keep an eye on that indicator to know where you are going. To start, run forwards into the wooden stall, weave your way through some concrete walls and run through a doorway on your left. Run down and then back up the stairs and up more stairs until you find your way to the tin rooftops. You've got 30 seconds to get to the chopper now. Follow that indicator until you have to turn left and jump down, turn at the next right and right again and slide down the tin roofs. Crash through a window and jump for the rope ladder.


Red Dawn

Complete 'Wolverines!' and 'Exodus' on Veteran Difficulty.

Red Dawn
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

3 pieces of Intel available

Back as the US Army Rangers you get to support a defense with the help of a Stryker. In simple terms, this is basically a tank with a very powerful machine gun. First things first, under my many play attempts I have never been penalised (by a death) for not protecting the Stryker throughout the level. It seems that no matter how much stuff gets shot at it, it is invincible. So feel free to roam around. Secondly you start with a SCAR equipped with a Red-Dot sight and an M9 with a lot of spare clips. You'll be equipped with Frags and Flashbangs and there will numerous amounts of weapons dropped in this level including RPG's, RPD's and UMP's. Despite what you pick up, keep the SCAR as it is the most useful in all situations on this level. There are also ALOT of ammo crates which will be pointed to you via a translucent black and white arrow pointing towards a large green box. These will completely resupply your load out for whatever you are carrying but it will take a couple of seconds, so if you are going to use one, make sure you are safe.

Now to start the mission, at the start you move slowly forward with the Stryker trying to put supressing fire on the houses which contain Russians. Foley will shout out instructions such as "Get off the streets! Use the houses for cover" which you should and would also point out enemy targets. Despite what he says don't worry about the Stryker, worry about yourself and how you are going to progress. Soon you will get a prompt saying "Press D-pad right to laze a target for the Stryker. Use RT to confirm the target area." In this mission you will get a special attachment - a laser designator. Open the attachment on the D-pad and you should see a laser light emitting from your gun. Point it at a building or place where you want the Stryker to kill enemies and after that the gunner will say "Badger One copies. Engaging house", but will change dependant on where you point him. The Stryker will start firing at the enemies you designated and will take out most of them before you able to use this "special item" again. The gunner will tell you when he has finished his rounds by saying "Badger One to Hunter Two area suppressed." Even so, he may not have completely cleared the area you pointed at, so still be a little bit cautious. Keep following the advice given by Dunn and Foley and progress forward. Do NOT get in the way of the Stryker as it will crush you. It will tell you (usually when it is moving positions). Slowly progress forward, paying attention to windows and fences for enemies. Keep following Foley; he is marked by an indicator if you lose him.

You might see transport helicopters with enemies rappelling down from them. While you can have the Stryker fire directly at the helicopters it isn't useful. The helicopters spit out 3-4 enemies each which can easily be killed on the rope or while they land. I would advise you to point the Stryker somewhere else, but if you are having trouble with a certain helicopter, don't be afraid to use what you've got.
Soon you will reach a security checkpoint which will have a sentry gun shooting at you. You can have the Stryker take it out or you can do it yourself. Grenades are effective against it. If you run out of grenades, you can refill at the nearby ammo crate. Enemies hide everywhere here, in the booths, in the small station, behind bushes, low walls. Use your grenades and the Stryker to easily flush them out. If you're having trouble here, stay near Foley, as his movements will point out where enemies are hiding. After clearing the checkpoint you need to go through it and wait for the Honey Badger to pass through it as well.

Then you will get orders from Overlord to take out some Anti-Aircraft guns and then get to some house, for reasons unspecified. First you will come up on a standard neighbourhood with houses on either side of the street that you’re walking on, almost all filled with enemies. There are number of tactics you can use here. I decided to go through each house and clear out enemies easily, lazing the same house as I go so the Stryker is still busy. Check upstairs and downstairs for enemies, and then move on to the next one. There many bottlenecks in the buildings via windows and doorways so be cautious when moving from room to room. Another idea is to hide behind the Stryker and kill any enemies on the road that you see, using it as cover. The latter method takes longer, but it's safer. The Stryker will move forward when you move forward and will stop at certain points dependant on where you pinpoint targets. If you are moving up via the middle of the street, keep an eye out for burning cars and enemies on the side.

The last house you enter on the north-eastern side has three levels. You can enter from the basement which has many small doorways to shoot and get shot though. You can enter on the ground floor which isn't wise as there is very little cover and there is the upper floor. You must clear this house of enemies and remember to keep the Stryker busy by designating the house.

After you clear the house you will exit from the basement and see the artillery marked by an objective indicator. "Use your laser designator to call in artillery on those vehicles!” There are two sets which you have to destroy which you can do from far away. You will then have to travel to Brookmere Road, follow your teammates to the house via the bridge/tunnel. The objectives are marked by an objective indicator. I won't spoil it for you, but it may not be what you are expecting.

The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

Shared Achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Prisoner #627"
3 pieces of Intel available

The first bit of this mission is swimming, so you might as well enjoy the scenery. It'd be about two minutes before you actually get to do anything.

You'll swim up to the surface where you will be below and behind a guard with a prompt saying "Press 'Melee' to take out the guard". Simply follow the instruction, and watch for a couple of seconds.

This is where the mission starts and you will have the best loadout yet. You start with an M4A1 with a Red Dot and silencer and a grenade launcher. Paired with a SCAR attached with a Thermal sight and a silencer. You'll also start with 4 flashes, 4 frag grenades and a Claymore. You'll move upwards where you have to take out a guard using your supressed weapons only. Kill him or let MacTavish do it for you. After that you will get to do something new to the game called "Breaching".

While the majority of it is cinematic, this comes in useful. You will get an objective marker on the white doors saying "Breach". Choose which door you want to go through and the team will place an explosive on it. The door will explode and the game will play in slow motion. You'll quickly move through the door and spot both enemies and hostages. The enemies look like Russian soldiers and the hostages are tied up and dressed in orange jumpsuits. Be careful as you fire at enemies. After a couple of seconds the game will return to normal speed where enemies will still keep firing at you if they are still alive. No matter which door you enter from there are four enemies to take out. Your squad will take out the other four on the other side. Follow Ghost and MacTavish as they scale upwards through the oil-rig. As you move outside, keep hidden behind cover as the helicopter sweeps by. If it spots you, you will have to start fighting off enemies. If not (and it shouldn't) continue forward.

You should reach a point where you have to Breach another room again. There are again two doors here, but it is advantageous to use the one with MacTavish and Ghost lining or the northward facing door (i.e. you have to face south to breach it), as you can see the entire room and all of the enemies. Including the three that face the other way. There are five enemies in this room and two will try to execute the hostages if you are not quick enough.

It seems that because the soldiers hadn't checked in there will be other soldiers coming to check up on them. After planting the C4 climb up onto a platform with MacTavish and wait. You should have your detonator out and ready. MacTavish will say "Plan B. Do it". Where you should detonate the C4 and start firing on the rest of the enemies. Once it's clear, proceed forward and upward with MacTavish. As you are going up the stairs you may contact some enemies on the stairs and immediately behind cover once you go up it. Keep behind cover and fire at any and all enemies that you see before proceeding forward. AT4's, grenades and the grenade launcher are useful here, but don't waste them!
The helicopter will try and find you and shoot you again. You can keep down behind cover to try and avoid it firing at you or you can find the Stinger and take it out. The stinger is situated in the room immediately to your right as you came up the stairs, it doesn't have a door and MacTavish will have likely entered it. It is on a couple of crates with some other weapons. Be very careful when using these as there are only a few to use. Stick with MacTavish and progress forward slowly.

MacTavish will force your squad to split up. You can either fight with the other members of the squad head-on, or go upstairs using the vantage point with MacTavish and then flanking the enemies. From my playthroughs, it seemed that fighting head-on was the easier choice on the lower difficulties, while on the higher difficulties flanking was the more effective one. Be careful though. Enemies have seemingly random behaviour here. Not "random" as in stupid behaviours, but "random" as in they never seem to behave the same way. At some points an enemy found me flanking, while at other times they didn't.

You'll move forwards and upwards until you see two objective indicators marking a "breach" point. DO NOT run straight towards them as this in an ambush. The enemy will use smoke and thermal sights will spot you, so don't stay in the open, even if you think they can’t see you. If you still have your thermal sight SCAR, use it now. If you don't, find one! Otherwise you will struggle to get pass the snipers and gunners that have vantage points against you. There are a couple of things to note. Find a good hiding spot and stay there! Ground enemies will try and fight their way towards you, I found it a much easier tactic to be cornered and have a lot of cover than trying to isolate and face them head on. On the harder difficulty they will flank you and get to you much faster, so make sure you look everywhere. Enemies will sometimes throw grenades. If you run away from them, you are likely to get shot. A good idea is to throw them away by aiming towards the air. Sometimes they detonate in mid-air or at the very least away from you! Remember when using the thermal sights enemies are bright white whereas teammates are flashing white. Remember to use your minimap! You will need work quickly but very patiently. This is the last part of the mission, so use any and all ammo you have left. Be careful about throwing grenades, somehow they can hit something and end up falling next to you!

When Overlord gives you information about the hostages it should be clear enough to progress forward, be cautious though. There are always a couple of enemies waiting. Before you start to breach there will be hostages and barrels with C4 stuck to them. If you so much as touch them, it'll explode and you will die or fail the objective. No matter which side you enter from, there should be three enemies to kill. One enemy seems to try and kill you up close. Be wary of him!

After you have successfully breached simply bug out and that should be the mission cleared!

The Gulag

Soap on a Rope

Storm the gulag.

Soap on a Rope
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Prisoner #627

Complete 'The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday' and 'The Gulag' on Veteran Difficulty.

Prisoner #627
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

4 pieces of Intel available.

What an odd name for a level... Anyway the whole idea for this level is to rescue someone that goes by the name of "Prisoner 627". You will be travelling on the same helicopter you escaped with, along with a M14 semi-auto sniper rifle and a M4A1 with a Red-Dot and the Grenade launcher.

At about a minute in, the helicopter will hover above "The Rock"...I mean the "Gulag" and MacTavish will allow you to use the sniper rifle to kill enemies. Concentrate your shots on the enemies in the tower that are trying to shoot you down, rather than the enemies who are running along the battlements. After you have cleared a certain number of enemies the helicopter will "shift right" so you can fire at more enemies. While you have a large amount of ammo at your disposal, remember to fire accurately rather than shooting without thinking. The helicopter will shift again and then a small inter-scene will happen about Jet-fighters nearly crashing into you.

Soon after you land you will have to fight your way in to the gulag. Enemies will be on ledges, in windows and behind cover. They will have vantage points against so running past them isn't an option. Hide behind the Tanks and use the Sniper to spot and take them out. The majority of the enemies should be spotted to the West and South of where you are. Progress forward with your teammates, and by that I mean, follow MacTavish south and you should have a ground-to-ground fire fight. While it is tempting to use your grenade launcher to take out groups of enemies here, there are much better places to use them. When you move forward again, be prepared for a small ambush. Hide behind the dumpster and pick off enemies before moving into the gulag itself.

Unless you are really comfortable with the sniper rifle. I suggest you swap it with something else as soon as possible. There are a good amount of enemy weapons to use, if you aren't comfortable with the M4A1. Move forward with teammates and if you need to escape for cover use a grenade, flash or grenade launcher to clear a group of them. Enemies can seem to pop out from behind unchecked walls and corners.
When you've found the control room Ghost will leave to gain access of it. MacTavish and you will lead the group anti-clockwise through the jails while Ghost uses a searchlight to spot enemies. Soon you will reach some doors that are locked and won't be able to be unlocked until Ghost opens the (correct) door. While he's doing that stay low so you can peek through the bars and drop down if you need cover. You can use the metal skirting boards on the sides of the corridor as cover and to peek from. Keep fighting your way through the corridors and if you find your weapon has stopped being useful change it. Shotguns and SMG's are particularly useful here. Take care using your grenades though, especially your grenade launcher.

Move downwards to the armory indicated and pick "anything you like". You have a choice between an M9 handgun, M1014 and AA-12 shotguns, AK-47s, M93 Rafficas and Riot Shields. You had better make up your mind quickly because enemies will get to your position. The Riot Shield is probably the best option, as it protects all damage from one side of you. If you haven't picked up a riot shield, stay low to a point where enemies cannot see or hit you. Soon Ghost will open the gate going South-east. Kill the enemies quickly or move slowly towards them (if you have a Shield). At this corridor you will get one of two commands. If you are using the Riot Shield. MacTavish will tell you to use it to draw enemy fire. If you are not, you will have to kill enemies while MacTavish draws fire.

If you are using the Riot Shield stay in front of your teammates and crouch to hide your feet. Do NOT sprint as it will make you too vulnerable. While you are protected from all incoming attacks you will only be protected from one side, so you will still need to use cover to protect more than one side. You need to think quickly if you NEED to use other things such as grenades, the melee bash and your other weapon, as it will make you vulnerable for a short period of time. As a guide only use the melee bash as a last resort, do not change to your other weapon unless you have suitable cover, do not use frag grenades, stay in front of your teammates but don’t stay too far ahead, don't sprint, flash grenades will also hit you so use them wisely, and if you need to sprint back for cover, put the Shield on your back by swapping weapons.
If you are not using the Riot Shield stay behind MacTavish with your teammates and use grenades, launchers, claymores to get rid of the enemies ahead of you. While MacTavish can't die, if he takes a hit enemies will turn their attention to you briefly so you need to calculate which targets will hit him.

You will then have to rappel down towards the lower floors when you reach the end of the corridor. MacTavish will recommend you switch to Night Vision goggles (default: D-pad up) for this next bit.

(Technical note: Your TV may have trouble showing the green light for Night-vision, make sure that your cables are connected correctly and your display setting as it its optimum. For those of you who are colour-blind to green, try not using night vision and set your TV to the highest possible brightness setting, and then fiddle around with contrast until you can distinguish different parts of the environment.)

Go down a few stairs and you should see a corridor on your right lined with enemies. Shoot them carefully because after you shoot or get near them, you will have given away your position. The fire fight is not as intense here as they were before but you still need to take precautions. When moving through the corridors, remember to check the cells for any enemies, as being killed by a git in a jail cell will frustrate you to bitter ends.

When you get to the end of the corridor MacTavish and Shepard will exchange words and you will be in a decently lit area again (so you can take off the night vision goggles). You'll move through some corridors littered with a few enemies. As it may take a few tries to get a decent shot, make sure you are careful. The pipes will block your view and some of them when hit will spurt out gas that can hurt you. An objective marker should be placed at the end of a very slim corridor. Walk down the corridor slowly by crouching, when you are about 15m away from it you should notice a room to your immediate right. There can be quite a couple of 'campers' here waiting to kill you so a grenade is very useful.

You'll then take a shortcut through the shower room. Get ready, because this is a very annoying fire fight unless you use the environment to your advantage, you start out at a disadvantage right from the get go. Plant the breaching charge on the wall and as soon as you breach start firing. While there are enemies straight ahead of you they will be blocked by the rubble and penetration through these walls are not as good. There are a couple of enemies near you when you are breaching so i'd advise you kill them first.

After you finish breaching take a decent look around you. This shower room is full of cover which will always be used against you. There are a lot of bottlenecks here for you and the enemy to get killed in, and the upper floor has enemies who have a very good view of the room, yet elevated enough to make sure you clock them and they can be easily taken out by a well-placed grenade launcher. This is a very tricky part that can be tackled in different ways so use whatever is best. This is also the "last challenging" part of the mission, so use whatever you have left.

The first is the 'runner' tactic. Which is to run straight through the enemies using hip fire, grenades, claymores and the like to get to the end of the room, where you fall down a hole and are completely home safe. While this can work on Veteran, I don't advise it. It is likely you will be shot and the Riot Shield enemies are difficult to get past. However it is quick and simple and can save you a lot of time.

Secondly is the 'camp movement' tactic. This uses the middle of the room to your advantage. Find a good place to hide in a corner and kill any enemies you see from that corner. Once you think you are safe, peep out to spot other enemies before moving on. This is a very good tactic and very useful for clearing the room. However if you are caught be a grenade, you are more likely to die. Claymores are very useful.

Lastly is the 'winger' tactic, where you hug one wall for the first two rooms before making your way to the hole on the other side. The advantage in this is that you do not have to worry about grenades as you get plenty of movement, you can easily shoot the enemies on the opposite side and above you, and you do not have to worry about the enemies on the same side above you. The bad news is that you have a lot less vantage points for your use so killing enemies on the ground level is going to be difficult.

If you are using either of the last two tactics, be patient, as there can always be another enemy hiding that you never spotted. Use your minimap to help you spot enemies. When the riot shield come you can easily take them out by making a grenade launcher detonate behind them, or by cooking grenades, or as MacTavish says (hitting them from the side). Do not spend so long looking at one direction, more often than not enemies will be setting up along the above floors which you may have forgotten about. If in doubt stay close to your teammates, but not too close to attract too much unwanted fire. The enemy Riot Shields will slowly move towards you, try and find a way round so you can hit them in the feet or on their sides, be very careful though. Their aim is to distract you from other enemies. Enemy snipers will also use red beams, so use them to find out where they are.

After you made it down the hole, continue following MacTavish. You are now trying to rescue the Prisoner. When you breach, the person you want to shoot is the one being strangled - the other one is the guy you are trying to rescue. After which you will get a small cutscene about the Prisoner. After that you need to run. Follow MacTavish, the prisoner and Worm through the tunnels to find a way out. You only need to sprint sometimes, as getting to far ahead of them could result in the tunnel collapsing on you. You'll come to a dead end with the hole in the ceiling. You'll get another small scene about the four of you being rescued. Just remember to do what the prompt tells you to.

Of Their Own Accord

Shared Achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Homecoming"
2 pieces of Intel available.

Just be glad this wasn't real.

At the start of the mission, you will be in a bunker. Enjoy the scenery around you, as it is quite different from the starts of the other missions. In the bunker, he will also find an M16A4, AN M14 sniper rifle, a Desert Eagle handgun, and an AT4. You start out the mission with the M4A1 with a Holographic Sight and a Grenade launcher, an M9 pistols, some Claymores and some C4 packs. Keep moving forward throughout the bunker, and you will soon meet Cpl Dunn and Sergeant Foley at the exit to the bunker. Follow Foley out of the bunker and keep moving along the walls for cover, your first objective is to clear the Department of Commerce building. When you get close the building hide behind one of the small walls and wait for Sgt Foley's order, move quickly towards the building and be careful about the cars which may catch on fire. Follow Foley up the stairs into the building.

You now have to clear a path to get to the fifth floor. When you get inside the building use the other turntable and others for cover. At some times, the corridors will get a little bit dark to see. So don't be afraid to use your night vision, but remember to take it off if the corridor gets too bright. There should be a doorway on your left, which you must move through. Be careful about enemies trying to come through the door the other way. Peak around the corners to try and find enemies, try and stay with Foley in your squad mates. When you move right through the room filled with plants, there should be an ammo crate there for you to use. Use as much ammo as you can, replenishing and continuing on. Get rid of the enemies behind the secretary’s desk, as it provides useful cover.

You should have made your way upstairs on to the second floor, where Sgt Foley would have told the LAV to hold its fire. You need to move east towards another corridor to move up, be careful here about enemies hiding behind corners. Once you've cleared the area move north up the pile of rubble. Overlord should have told you that hostiles are hammering the evac site on the fifth floor. When you move inside the office there’s an enemy on the other side of one of the doors, who will pop out and shoot you. Shoot through the door to kill him before he even gets a chance. You should see surface-to-air missile site, which are highlighted by C4 markers. Next to which should be an ammo crate for you to use to replenish your ammunition. If you are destroying the SAM site, please be careful. It is more useful to ignore it as it is not an objective and nor does it help you later on.

Make your way up the stairs and you should be on the fifth floor. You should now be proceeding to the south-west corner of the floor. At the start of the corridor there should be bright lights, which show enemy shadows. When you go through doorways move slowly through the corners of their enemies hiding behind the walls, some of these will be too busy firing out the windows to notice you. The enemy's "crow’s nest" in the south west corner is lined with enemies, use grenades, flash grenades, and your grenade launcher to take to make it easier to take out enemies.

This next bit is quite difficult as you have to provide support for the evac site while defending the south-west corner. Use this thermal sniper rifle to take out enemies shooting at the evac site with javelins. Once again, they appear white on grey scale background. To defend the sites remember to look away from the sniper rifle and shoot out the hole directly behind you. Overlord will advise you to clear out the area, Foley will not comply. He will ask you to use the javelins to take out enemy vehicles. To use it at the javelins aim down the site to get a heads up display of the battlefield. Enemy vehicles such as tanks and helicopters will be outlined in green boxes, or if they're not in your line of sight, by green arrows at the edge of the screen. Aim at one of the enemy vehicles until you start hearing beeping. When you hear a clear tone you have locked on and then press the right trigger to fire javelins. While you seem to have an unlimited amount of Javelin missiles, beware that it does take some time to reload and helicopters will try to shoot at you. Also beware of any enemies try to still get to you.

After you have taken out a few vehicles, both Overlord and Foley will tell you to get to the rooftops. You have 90 seconds on Veteran to get to the rooftop. One of your teammates will open the door using a shotgun, after which you should run up the stairs. The way to go, will be pointed by objective indicators and the distance meter, be on the lookout at any enemies trying to stop you. There is an enemy who will blow through the door as you're going up the stairs to you towards your left. Be aware of this and make sure you don't get pinned down. Climb up the rubble towards the rooftop.

Once you are at the rooftop get in the helicopter to use the mini gun. You can take a certain amount of fire before you will die in the helicopter. The helicopter will fly to the war memorial, which you should use a minigun to fire at the enemies using RPGs and the infantry on the floor. The helicopter will point you towards the main road; shoot any enemies in vehicles before they hit you. The helicopter will then move you toward to the Department of Justice, while missles are being fired at you. Try and take out as many enemies as you can. Your helicopter will soon be hit by one of the missiles. This is normal.

The screen will blackout and fade in as you realise you're still in the helicopter but heavily injured. One of the squad mates will give you an M4 which to shoot enemies which are converging in on your position while you are still trapped, keep shooting at them and Sgt Foley will give you an extra magazine to use. Although the outlook is bleak and it does look like you're going to die, it is actually the end of the mission once the enemy helicopter puts the flashlight on you.


Desperate Times

Execute the plan to help the Americans.

Desperate Times
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Ends Justify the Means

Complete 'Contingency' on Veteran Difficulty

Ends Justify the Means
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

3 pieces of Intel available.

I have absolutely no idea what the heck Price and Shepard are on about. Or what the actual objective of this mission is, but we'll figure it out sooner or later. This is pretty much a three part mission. The first part is Stealthy, the second part is an attack and the third part is an offensive bombardment.

First things first, if you break stealth in anyway during the first part enemies will come after you and Price. You will need to kill ALL enemies in the vicinity before you can move on. This makes things very difficult on Veteran difficulty, as there is enough cover to keep you from being spotted, there is not enough to help in a heated fire fight. Added to the fact that you start with an M14 sniper rifle and USP with tactical knife isn't going to help you. Both weapons are silenced. You might want to check your control settings, specifically your aim sensitivity to make sure you are comfortable.

You spawn a couple yards away from Captain Price who runs toward you. Keep with Captain Price at all times. Up ahead is a junction where an enemy convoy will pass. Stay hidden in the bushes, do not attempt to shoot at them as there are too many and they have dogs. After they have passed you will see "two of them have stopped for a smoke, take one and I’ll [Price] take out the other". Take your time and do it carefully and as not getting right first time could spell disaster. Line up your shot towards his head carefully to take him out with one bullet. After he dies Price will shoot the other one. If you are unsure which two I am talking about they should be the two nearest to your position when you are looking west-ish and standing next to the road rail. Creep forward with Price behind the rail and line up a shot against the dog and his handler on the left (facing north-west). Is it statistically advantageous to take the person out first, but it's your call. Again take your time lining up the first shot before you make a second one. You may need to go into prone or crouch, get closer or further away or move entirely to get a better shot. Just don't be too loud or close. Price will take out the other two and you will move up the bridge and along a road.

Keep moving forward and soon you'll be ambushed by an enemy BTR. Run forward and directly into the wood on your right (north). As long as you keep running in the right direction and the trees don't fall on you. You should be able to avoid any damage whatsoever. After a couple hundred yards "Slow down. Their vehicles can't follow us this far". Move with Captain Price into the bushes on the right to avoid the incoming patrol. Let them pass, and when Price moves forward move with him. You'll come up to a "Three Man patrol dead ahead. Take them out or leave them be. Your call.” If you choose to take them out, line up your first shot carefully so you could take out two guards with one bullet, and quickly take out the third, Price will not shoot at them. If you choose to sneak past, do not sprint.

Move again and you'll spot a "Large [four-man] patrol at 12 o'clock. Use a supressed weapon. Take the two on the right". Take your time lining up your first shot; the two guards Price wants you to kill are the two facing the other direction with flashlights. Once that is done, this last part is tricky. Very tricky. You need to either sneak past or take out the larger dog patrol that will keep patrolling that same area in circles. They'll walk easterly past a copse of trees and then move up another 'path' northwest of where Price is. You will need to move up this path. It is considerably easier to avoid this patrol altogether, let them pass up that path and then move up it yourself. If you take too long in trying to shoot them, Price will move forward, thinking that you want to avoid them. If you want to take them out time it right so you will still have your full sight on all of them. Take out the soldier at the back first before finishing off the two guards and dogs. Price MAY help you, but he doesn't always.

The end of the first part you will now move up a snowy cliff where you will get Air-to-ground missiles! Lie down next to Price and "take control of the Predator drone". And guess what, it's shot down! Slide down the cliff and "They know we're here, you might want to grab a different weapon." There is an AA-12 with a Holo sight, an AUG bullpup with a scope, and M240 with a Heartbeat Sensor. Pick a weapon and follow Price who will later be joined by Ghost, MacTavish and other friendlies.

The aim of this part is to make your way west up the hill towards an enemy base. The first thing I should point out is that soon, YOU WILL GET YOUR PREDATOR BACK! USE IT! This part will only be tricky if you are stupid and or not paying attention. There is a snowed-in blue house to the north, where you can gather your teammates for cover. It is good cover but you will be blind from one side and open at both the west and south areas. The hills terrain can be used for good cover, especially when lying down so use it to fire missiles. Keep in mind you are still in an open area though. When using the missiles try to keep a lookout for where other enemies are in case you don't hit them. Remember you are marked by a green cross. Take care throwing grenades as they tend to roll downhill easily. But they are great for getting enemies out of cover. Enemies are 'smarter' than usual and will tend to use the terrain against you, climbing on roofs, lying down, throwing an endless amount of grenades...

When you reach the enemy's base you will be asked to use ONE predator missile to soften up enemy defences. Before you do this take a look around. There are a number of weapons including RPGs which will come in useful later. Get as close to the enemy as you can without being detected and start up the laptop (you'll see why in a minute). You'll have a choice between a BTR, a helicopter and some groups of enemies, and you have to choice which to hit. I found in considerably easier to take out the helicopter instead of anything else.

Now do you see why I told you to get as close as possible? You get two minutes on Veteran, and three minutes on Hardened to get to the bridge at the other end of the base! If you are playing on an easier difficulty you don't have a time limit. The submarine you have to get to is just over 100m away from you but it will be a hectic fight. Soap will consistently tell you that the missile will be back online after you have used it. Be careful when using it now. Do you really need it? Will it just slow you down? Will you die from using it? Keep looking around you as the cover usually only protects you from one direction and a grenade can catch you off guard. The RPG's or the Missile are very useful for taking out the helicopter, the BTR, the truck and very large clusters of enemies. A general guideline is that you should about 50m away from where you need to be with at least 30 seconds left. After you have reached your destination, which is a bridge, you will need to cover Captain Price using the guardhouse nearby. Climb up using the stairs and lay down to use the missiles and RPG (if you have any) to protect Prices run for the sub. There is a sniper rifle on the top if you need it. It is very disadvantageous for you to fire at the protected enemies with guns. It can be done but remember to drop to the floor if you get hit! Use grenades to take out close enemies. Ghost will consistently tell you where enemies are that you need to take out to protect Price while he is getting to, or is in, the submarine. Keep fighting and play out the one way conversation between Price and Ghost...and you will finally understand what all the fuss was about. If you have trouble on this bit, it is all about trial and error and trying to find the best route to take to get to the bridge. Keep trying, this last bit is very open ended and will take you some time to figure out a decent route.

Second Sun

Shared Achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Homecoming"

Hang on, strange Déja Vu... I could've sworn I was in this helicopter before, trying to not to die from the huge amount of Russians on the road in front of me! And then Sergeant Foley gave me a magazine for the gun which was given to me by a friend who immediately got shot. Wasn't there a helicopter that shined a light on me?!

Infinity Ward repetition part over, you are an astronaut in space, this part is pretty simple. Look right and watch the cut scene.
Drama over and you are back on earth as Ramirez.

And after one Private helps you out of the helicopter you are trapped in, run with Foley to "Get off the Street", while Cpl. Dunn wails like a little girl (remind you of anything?). Get inside the building of what I think is, sorry was, a reception, and stay inside and watch the scene.
Walk out with Sergeant Foley and stick to the right. You should come across an Ammo box for you to refill your load out. Next to it should be another M4. If you filled up completely you should have a miraculous 21 grenade launcher rounds! Keep moving forward and watch out the scenes of your squad encountering a messenger.

Things I should point out that are different about this mission. You no longer have your minimap on the pause menu. It shows positions of teammates, yourself, your objective and enemies, but not the terrain. Secondly all electronic sights are dead, when you look through them, they no longer a pin point for you to look down and will come up with a blank sight. Third, this mission is dark and you don't have nightvision.
Anyway, walk up the stairs into an upper room where your team stacks up and one member attempts to breach the door. Who dies, because there were enemies hiding in the room. The upside of this battle? It's small, there's lots of cover and you should have a ton of ammo, the downside is that it's small, there's lots of cover and it's difficult to see. To stay safe, stick with either Dunn or Foley and move slowly north through the room. Grenades and grenade launchers come in handy and a well placed one can easily clear the entire room. Keep your head down and crawl to avoid getting hit and be ready to run away from (or throw back) any grenades that you encounter. Try to go up the sides of the office as going through the middle has too much cover which will trap you and it is difficult to see. Move through this office to go through another office! This office is pretty similar to the one before despite the fact that it has a gaping large hole where the outer wall should be. Move slowly through the office and keep hidden and pick off any enemies you see. Keep your guard up only for a few seconds. Foley will tell you when the room is clear.

Follow Foley out of the large gaping hole and move forward where you spot three enemies on top a fallen helicopter. Don't shoot! "Move into position" and "Smoke 'me" when Foley says so. Move forward and down the stairs with the squad and you will come to a point where Foley spots people. Hold your fire as Foley goes out to check if they're friendly. They're not. Fire at four or five of them while remaining behind cover. Stay in places where you can see enemies. Move up into the Eisenhower building, then move downstairs and watch the scene.

Whiskey Hotel

Whiskey Hotel

Take back Whiskey Hotel.

Whiskey Hotel
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline


Complete 'Of Their Own Accord', 'Second Sun', and 'Whiskey Hotel' on Veteran Difficulty.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

2 pieces of Intel available.

What?! You people can't say White House?! At least enjoy some relief, this is the last you'll play as Sergeant Ramirez as one of the US Army Rangers.

Go through the bunker with Sargent Foley, and go up some terrain and you'll find the White House. Your objective here is to take back the White House which has been captured by the Russians; you need to move up the left flank to a building that the Russians have also taken. It's marked by an objective indicator and should be about 100m away from you. This can be easier than it looks. When progressing, stay low, near (but not next to) teammates and stay out of the spotlight, both of them. They can be destroyed, but it is pretty difficult. Jumping into some small ditches can help avoid gunfire, but encounter any grenades while in there and you are history. Either go slowly taking out the machine gunners, lights and snipers with your rifle or run through the lines and get to the building and easily finish off anybody close. A well-aimed grenade launcher shot can work wonders. You might find a sniper rifle (not always) when you are travelling; killing the enemies with it makes it a lot easier, especially if you can lie down on a plane. This isn't going to be trial and error like "contingency" this is going to be a test of luck and patience.

When you get into this "wing", Dunn will open the door into the main building, once he stops getting distracted. Your objective is to deploy green flares on the roof of the White House. While this doorway is a bottleneck there aren't (m)any enemies on the other side so you can progress slowly. However the blown out walls makes a distinct advantage for your enemy to shoot you while running. If you are having trouble going through the door use a flashbang. Progress North towards another "side" of the building which looks like a press office.

Just about as you get into this area there will be a couple of enemies grouped together around cover. A well placed cooked grenade can finish them all off, saving ammunition and your head. Progressing through this part is tricky as you will have to weave in and out of cover progress, and you never know when an enemy is just around the corner. Don't sprint unless you need to retreat. I found it much easier to use an SMG or a shotgun to get through here and just stay in crouch. However keep in mind that once you go on the 'outside' that enemies will start rappelling down from the White House (they are quite simple to see). If you don't kill them while rappelling they'll gain a significant vantage point where they will throw a mind-numbing set of explosives at you. They aren't difficult to kill to get to this platform, but when surrounded by enemies on your level doesn't making killing one of them any easier.

After you've progressed east you and the squad will find Foley saying "We have less than two minutes before they [the jet fighters] flatten the city. We've got to get to the roof and stop them!” First let me explain something, they are your jet fighters who will be doing emergency bombing of the White House to clear the area, and Foley says you have two minutes to get to the top and pop a flare. While there is no actual time limit if you take too long on Veteran you will end up failing the objective. Even so this part is easy if you use hip-fire, and even easier if you have grenades.

Move through the archway killing the enemies near the walls and Foley will open a passage to the left. Keep following him through the kitchen and the blown out wall, and move up the rubble, you will encounter two enemies on the rubble which you can make easy work of, keep behind Foley and you should get to a corridor with enemies hidden behind cover. You can try to shoot blindly through the walls to kill them, or wait until the come out, or sneak up on them, or use grenades, or flash them and run past. Either way you have to make it up the stairs on the left (north-east). If Foley runs forward it means you've cleared this room of enemies, if he doesn't that means there is an enemy hiding somewhere. You can run past him but it is tricky.

Run up the stairs and then follow the Ranger who runs through some rooms and up the pile of rubble, once you've popped your flare when the prompt comes up the mission is over, so watch out the scene.

Loose Ends

The Pawn

Assault Makarov's safe house.

The Pawn
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shared achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Queen takes Rook"
3 pieces of intel available.

Before you start please read carefully. This is a very annoying open-ended mission which will require anticipation, patience and composure on your part if you want to complete it. The ACR you are given is a pretty good weapon to use for the entire mission but feel free to switch later if you need a different one, which you probably will. First things first, walk down the cliff with Ghost and watch the cliff on your left and get ready to go into prone. After walking past the trees for a bit the game slows down showing the mine traps enemies put in place to kill you. Drop into prone and your sight will fill with dirt as enemies quickly close in on you. You have to press forward while avoiding enemy fire, so the quicker you do this the better. As you need to keep moving forward and avoid the mortar fire you will find it easier to hip fire and use the grenade launcher. The ACR is surprisingly powerful, fast and accurate. It will take a couple of tries to get forward to where enemies are throwing smoke grenades. Once you've got to the smoke you will have to fend off a large amount of enemies by trees, which almost all of them will use as cover. If you hug the cliff you should get a very simple shot on them. When you are progressing towards the house, don't forget to use the trees yourself for cover.

Once you're near some solar panels and about 70m away from the house two trucks will start driving down from it, ignore what your teammates say and stay away from them as they are destroyed later. Be careful progressing up to the house, enemies will be low to the ground waiting for you to run into them and get shot, this incline is disadvantageous to you. Once you have made it to the house you have a choice of three breach points - the east side front door, the south side door or the basement. No one gives you any real advantage over the other, but you may find it easier to breach the basement first. Once you are inside you have to clear out the house with two more breach points. This gets tricky as there isn't much cover and enemies always have the jump on you, it's easier if you try not to sprint and are accurate with hip fire. You are given a marker to breach the top floor, when you do you may find no enemies to kill, but after the breach a couple will pop out from behind a cupboard on your right. After that, you and Scarecrow go downstairs to breach and clear the entire basement level. The flashes help greatly around the basements corners. For the breach charge on your right side, there is an enemy in front and an enemy to the far left using an automatic shotgun, this room is actually a very large weapon stash complete with ammo crate and a wild assortment of guns. If you change your weapon, pick two weapons which are very good at close quarters defending. Once you've cleared the other breach you'll regroup on Ghost.

Ghost will tell you to start the transfer of the data from the computer onto a DSM. WAIT! Before you touch anything go round and check for ammo, guns and claymores. You need to set up defences for the entire house and it’s not going to be easy with all these entry points! Once you are done start the transfer by placing the DSM next to the computer. You will need to defend it until it finishes the transfer of the files it needs, ignore the estimated time, it changes rapidly as you are playing, and you will have to defend it for approximately 5 minutes. Teammates will constantly tell you where enemies are and where they are coming from. Your teammates will die after a while making this part exponentially harder as it goes along. Remember enemies can and will come from anywhere so be alert. I could tell you where to move and who to shoot exactly, but many people have different ways of getting through this and many different tactics work. It just requires a bit of luck, vigilance and perseverance. All you should be worrying about is making sure that DSM does not get destroyed; enemies will shoot it if they get too near or throw grenades near it. Remember that switching weapons is faster than reloading, as is swapping one for a weapon on the ground. Try not to be in a place too vulnerable, as getting a checkpoint in a place where you will consistently die immediately is not a good idea, hiding behind the desk in the living room is a good place for cover. As you can see the places where enemies will come from. When the choppers come stay away from the windows.

When the DSM has finished, retrieve it and grab a light weapon as you need to be running. Get out of the house and head east towards the target marker with Ghost. This bit is from is most annoying bit in the entire game as you need to constantly try running downhill while shooting the enemies, and consistently getting shot. It will take a lot of tries and a lot of luck. If you stick to the right it is far easier than trying to run through the middle. You can try and have a firefight with all the enemies but considering the positions of the enemies it's advisable that you don't do that. At about 60m away you'll get hit by a mortar and the screen will go black. When you wake up the Ghost will be dragging you towards the helicopters, keep firing at the enemies while Ghost drags you back and watch out the cut-scene.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Out of the Frying Pan…

Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.

Out of the Frying Pan…
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Queen takes Rook

Complete 'Loose Ends' and 'The Enemy of My Enemy' on Veteran Difficulty.

Queen takes Rook
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

2 pieces of Intel available.

You control MacTavish for this mission. This can be very easy, or very difficult. After a couple of run throughs I have found no 'perfect' way through this mission. But it is a lot of running and gunning. I would advise you to keep both the sniper rifle and the sub-machine gun that you have. Just keep moving toward the objective marker (south west) and you should make it through the mission. If you see an enemy tank or helicopter, hide. They'll very easily get a shot on you. Enemies will take the same amount of time to notice you but won’t notice you until you get close (the SMG helps). More often than not, you can simply run past a lot of them. Always move from cover to cover and never leave yourself open for too long. Try and save your grenades and flashes for the first part of this mission. If you feel like you are pinned down, take your time. Enemies won't come to search you out, but the might run into you.

At about 180 meters away you go into a busted up plane cabin and Nikolai says something about not landing. The second part can be quite tricky, but the mad dash for Price can become insanely easy by using your grenades. However if you want to remain cautious, stay in the cabin and use the sniper rifle to pick off some enemies, as once you fall you cannot get back up into it. Take care when sprinting though; it might take you two, three or four dashes to get there. When you get close to the jeep you will have about 1 minute to get in it. If you have at least one flashbang left, use it. If you don't, this won’t be easy. Get into the jeep and unload your gun onto the enemies that will start swarming at you. This, reminiscent part has you trying to flee the site as the side gunner. If you carried an RPG this will make things easier, otherwise aim for the heads of gunners and the drivers, it will save you time and ammunition. Ignore the helicopter, it will do very little damage on you and it’s too difficult to destroy to be worth the hassle.

As you approach the C-130, your driver Rook will die. Take control of the car using the left stick to steer and aim for the ramp of the plane. If you push the stick all the way to one side you will swerve, so make small adjustments.

Just Like Old Times

Shared achievement for Veteran difficulty - "Off the Grid"
4 pieces of Intel available.

This mission is actually very simple; all you have to do is follow Price's instructions.

Walk towards the edge of the cliff and stop as soon as Price tells you. The group of enemies below will split up, and Price will count you in when you need to kill the enemies. Focus on the one nearest you as if you shoot him, the others are less likely to spot you, always shoot the dog last. Price doesn't give you a lot of time to setup your shot so make sure you are ready beforehand. Move down the cliff and when you get to the road line up a shot against the enemy on the right and then take out the dog. Price will do the same to the enemies on the left.

Follow Price and hook onto one of the railings. Once Price says "Go" move forward off the cliff and press the Right Trigger at times when you think you are going too fast. If you don't, you'll fall and die. When you get close enough to one of the guards press the Melee button when the prompt comes up. You and Price should now be entering the cave.

This is all about following Price's instructions with little hesitations; these are his instructions in order:
"Tango up ahead. Do not engage"
"Patrol coming our way - go left, quickly!” - Hide just behind Price out of sight.
"Let them pass."
"Take out the guard having a smoke, or wait for him to move along." - It is much easier to take him out with a headshot than waiting. Make sure you use a silenced weapon for this.
"Easy now...” - Crouch-walk so you don't get spotted here
"Two tangos in this corridor. Hold your fire and stay to the left.” - Just follow Price here.
"Soap, we've got two tangos with taclights coming down the stairs under that red light, dead ahead. I'll take the one on the right. On my mark" - Price will count you in as you target the one on the left. They are pretty easy to spot if you are next to Price and facing East.
"Top of the stairs he's mine!"

If you fail any one of these you will have to face a pretty difficult fight on your hands, utilise all the cave cover available and watch all sides if this happens. Or just restart the mission!

"Disciple Six, go dark, breach and clear."

Great, all that hard stealth work for nothing. They know where you are and they have spotted you. That doesn't mean you should give up your supressed weapon, the Vector is still very powerful, but if you are not good with Sniper Rifles swap your Intervention as soon as possible. When the lights go out, it might be helpful to put on the Night vision goggles (D-pad up); however there is a disadvantage to it. A flashlight will block any light and you will not be able to see the precise location of enemies on a heartbeat sensor. This fight is hellish, but shouldn't be too difficult if you keep aware of the surrounding area and stay near Price.

"Move. Grab a Riot Shield we'll need cover out here!"

Make sure you do, because even if you are miles better with a gun, they will still kill you. Take the ACR as well, it comes in useful later. Aim towards the objective indicator and be careful where you move so you don't fall off! Keep moving and aiming and make sure you stay in crouch-walk to protect your feet. When you get close to the end DO NOT HIT THEM WITH THE RIOT SHIELD, Price should take care of them.

Enemies will rappel down ziplines, kill them quickly will make this fight easier as they use shields. Grenades are very effective against them. If you need to move up towards the left lane which goes back into the cave and kill the enemies there so you can use it as a vantage points against the enemies down below.

Go further into the cave and another team will be rappelling, they'll move into smoke which makes this battle a little more difficult. There should be a SCAR with a Thermal Sight leaning against a small wall, swap out the ACR for it. Go the objective indicator to find a very good flanking position and use it to kill all enemies in sight.

Run forward with Price and you'll have to Breach a door. This breach is easy, but annoying as there is C4 planted all over the place. This may take a couple of tries to learn where the enemies are. Once done, "Override the door controls, Hurry!". Go a computer and 'use' it and then sprint following Captain Price.

Once exited you'll black out. Once you regain consciousness, run back the way you came to avoid the fire. Run with Price towards the outside and a helicopter will drop off more enemies. You only need to kill the enemies that are in 'full working health', the ones crawling can be avoided and run past. Once you've fought your way west, you'll have to fight your way south. Run into the cave when you can and the mission is over.


Off the Grid

Complete 'Just Like Old Times' and 'Endgame' on Veteran Difficulty.

Off the Grid
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

1 piece of Intel available.

Follow Price onto the boat, you're driving. Its similar controls to the snowmobile from earlier. Just drive full power along the river, there are shortcuts along the way so if you can spot them early, use them. They're not always easy or helpful though. Don't concentrate on enemies you see, just fire and drive.

"Stay clear of open areas", just drive away from the helicopter and hide behind the rocks. You should be fine as long as you keep moving fast and forward. If you need to avoid the helicopter, swerve left and right to avoid its fire. Not too wildly though or you will lose track of Shepard. Avoiding RPGs at speed is pretty easy once you know where they end up, the second you hear or see one, just change your angle slightly.

"Rapids up ahead, hang on!", the rapids will make it a little difficult to steer, so if you aim it as forward as possible and don't move before you leave the water you should be fine. Back in a river, speed through the river to keep up with Shepard.

"Soap. Hold it steady", at this point the boat will move one way or the other, just quickly move it like you would if a car skids, in the same direction and then back the other way, quickly and slightly. If you do Price will shoot down the helicopter (I still wonder how) and you'll fall into the waterfall below.

All you are given is one objective: "Kill Shepard", just keep walking forward towards the site of the crash and you'll see him run out of the helicopter. Turn right and walk towards him. Once you see him leaning against a car, attack him.

Once you do so a cut scene will ensue which you will have to play through a series of Quick Time Events, it will give you prompts on screen. If you don't understand what to do. I'm not going to spoil it for you. It’s the one bit of the story I slightly enjoyed. It shouldn't be too difficult! But just so you’re clear, make sure your X button and your two triggers work!

At finish

For the Record

Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.

For the Record
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStackable

The Price of War

Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty.

The Price of War
9 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

The intel pieces are green laptops scattered in places throughout the game. During a normal playthrough you can get these by keeping an eye out. Nevertheless you may miss some and have to play through the mission again to find them, so here is a worded explanation of all of them.


#1 To left of the objective indicator for "The Pit" there is a tower. It should be on a white table in front of the tower. Pretty simple, you can only get it after Foley lets you go and before you go into The Pit.

Team Player

#2 Follow Foley into the classroom near the end, it should be on the right on top of a desk, this one has no trouble if you killed all the enemies beforehand.
#3 Almost 20 yards away from the last one, as you run outside it is in plain sight on top of a green crate, left of a yellow taxi. Again minimal trouble.


#4 After you split up with MacTavish walk west towards a tower and climb up the ladder. After you finish climbing it should be in front of you. Getting this one can break your stealth.
#5 When you meet up with Soap at the warehouse after planting the C4 look through one of the windows on the left (you may need to turn around), just after you fall down. It should be in the middle window, break it to access it.
#6 This one is pretty difficult, slow down after the objective marker says you are 2000m away. It's in the middle of a small copse of trees, you need to drive slow into the copse and then drive over it to collect. It should still be on the same path you need to go, but you need to slow down.


#7 After you jump down into the favelas, run south on the leftmost path in between the buildings. Turn right at the end of this lane and spot a motorbike leaning against a red building which is near the yellow building. It is in this building on a table. This can be very difficult with all the enemies you are fighting.
#8 When fighting your way to Rojas at about 70m-80m to your objective marker there should be a ladder on a wall of a building, climb up it and kill the two enemies inside this building on the other side of the white door. It is situated on a desk on the west-side wall.
#9 Very close from where number eight was, go outside the south exit and turn left (east) and go into a building with a small set of stairs. Go into the "living room" on the same floor and should be on a table next to a bed.
#10 Just before you reach the capture objective marker, there is a building on your right (northwest). Go into it and go down the stairs, its on a bedside table.


These are difficult unless you get to a point in the game where you don't have to fight enemies! Like just before Foley directs you to the roof.

#11 Inside the gas station on the red cashier counter.
#12 In the Bank north of Nates resturant, it is on a desk in the far corner.
#13 In the Taco resturant south-east of Nates, on one of the tables.
#14 On the backside (east) of burger town there is a small dumpster inside one of the err... small buildings. It's in the dumpster leaning.

The Hornet's nest

#15 Near the start just before you move south down a road, its in the yellow building to the right of the road. It's on a table in there.
#16 After you go down the road and kill the enemies in this area where there is a lot of strewn cover, like broken cars and tyres. Go south to find the laptop stowed away from view in shack. If you are having trouble, look for a basketball backboard, it should be a few steps away from there. This area has a shop called "Baraterio".
#17 Look for a blue car as you go uphill. Go into the nearest apartment and go upstairs, it should be on a table.
#18 This one is concealed inside a window in a red building, north of one of the soccer/football goals. It is just before you climb up onto the rooftops.


#19 Look for a sign saying Garden Villas and a fire truck. There should be a small red-interior building nearby. It's on a desk.
#20 When you reach the security checkpoint, go into the south-side (right) booth and turn immedately to your right. It is on a cabinet.
#21 When you are fighting on Brookmere Road, just after you move across the bridge with the stryker, go into the second house on the eastern side of the road nearest the bridge. The house can be entered by the bottlenecked front door or the garage with the black car. Go upstairs and turn around. It's on a yellow couch/sofa.

The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

The Road Less Traveled

Collect 22 enemy intel items.

The Road Less Traveled
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

#22 So you don't have to fight enemies it's best to do this when given the option to breach your first room to avoid it and go up the stairs on the south-side. Go up the next flight of stairs facing north and look to your left when you enter that room. It is on a shelf, not the first shelf you see on your left, but in the next room. You may have to turn around to spot it.
#23 Easy to spot, but very easy to miss if you are not paying attention. After blowing up the bodies with C4, go south past a wire fence then go right (west) into a room. MacTavish also enters this room for a shortcut. It's on a shelf right infront of you.
#24 Just before you go up the stairs with MacTavish to the 3rd floor. Find a room which you move west into and look under the flight of stairs. It is on a green crate.

The Gulag

#25 Before you enter the bowels of The Gulag marked by two red lights, look to your southwest for a small set of concrete stairs leading up into a room. Go up the stairs and into the room and its on a filing cabinet at the end of the room. It should be just after two enemies come around the corner.
#26 Just after this one where Ghost takes over the surveillance room. Go to the north-east side of the room and it is on a white table.
#27 After you exit the armory with the Riot Shield and fight your way through the corridor, one of the cells on the right will be open. Go into it. It's on a table on the right side of the cell.
#28 After Price knocks you down and you regain consciousness, the bulding will start to collapse. Look immedately to your left for a white table, its on top of it.

Of Their Own Accord

#29 When you get into the Department of Commerce bulding look for a set of lifts/elevators for when you are heading north with Foley. One of the elevators (north west one) would be repeadately opening and closing on a body. Its in the corner of this lift.
#30 Near the the SAM site which you can blow up but actually has no objective, look for a photocopier south east of it on the same floor. There should have been an enemy on the other side of the door there. Once hes killed, go into the room and turn left. It's on a brown table.


#31 Just after you run away from the BTR, look for a parachute stuck in some tress not too far away from a large pipe which runs above your head. It's on top the crate underneath the parachute. There is a set of enemies which you won't have to kill to complete the mission, but you will have to kill them to get this laptop.
#32 Almost immedately after you start the assault by using a predator missile, go left past the wire gates into bulding number 33 (west). Fight your way around this building to the exit on the other side of the building. It should be on top of a table just before this doorway. Very difficult to do on the harder difficulties when you have the time limit.
#33 Also difficult to get on the harder difficulties, look for a set of stairs leading up to a helipad (west) go up the stairs and look in the northwest corner of the roof (not the helipad itself). It is on top of some crates.

Whiskey Hotel

#34 Just after Foley says "Dunn, get the door!", go through the door and look to your left. It's on top of a black sofa.
#35 After you climb up a set of stairs so you can set off flares on the roof, you should hear "Clear up! Let's Go!", run through the busted wall with your teammate and immedately look to your right (north) it should be on a small cabinet.

Loose Ends

#36 Easier to do once given the option to breach the house. Go West or Southwest from it until you find a dock, just outside to dock is a green crate which has the laptop ontop.
#37 Once you get inside the house, go to the upper floor and breach the door. Clear out the room and it should be on a brown table immedaiely in front of the doorway. It's facing sideways so it can be difficult to spot.
#38 In the basement in the house. Breach the right side door (east side) to find enemies hiding in a small armory. Look for a load of weapons hung up on a wooden wall and look behind to see the laptop on top of an ammo crate.

The Enemy of My Enemy

#39 As soon as you start the mission, come out of the broken airplane you are in into the other one next to you. Go into the cockpit to find the laptop on the floor.
#40 After you slide down into the second part of the mission cross the road and find another broken plane hull pointing towards the road (east), it's in the cockpit.

Just Like Old Times

#41 After Price says "go left, quickly!", hideout and wait for the patrol to pass. Kill the enemy staring at the TV then go into the RIGHT side of the cave, not the way Price is or wants you to go. It's on top a small grey crate.
#42 After it "goes dark", just before you exit the cave with Price, look left (north east), you'll spot the laptop screen in the darkness ontop of a table.
#43 When the enemies throw smoke and you try and find the flanking route, the laptop is on top of a crate with weapons at that flanking route. You can clear out this cave and get it just before you breach the next door.
#44 After you breach the door and kill the enemies, Price goes over to a computer, look to his left where there is table covered in drinks cans. There is a laptop there.


Leave No Stone Unturned

Collect 45 enemy intel items.

Leave No Stone Unturned
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

#45 Right at the start on top of a crate just before you get into the boat! Only missed if you aren't paying attention!

Spec Ops

Spec-Ops are largely co-operative based missions which you can do either via Xbox Live (you will need a Gold account) or split screen. These missions are more difficult than the campaign but much easier if you can talk to your teammate. Almost all the time you will be given the option for difficulties: Veteran, Hardened and Regular. The harder difficulties will be more challenging but offer more stars for completion. Unlike the story, these missions are very open-ended and will require a lot of your own tactics and thought to get you through the mission. I'll just be going over some tips to assist you along the way. The rest is up to you and your teammate!

The missions are split up between five call signs - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo. The Alpha missions are available from the start, the Bravo missions need a total of four stars before you can unlock them, Charlie will need eight, Delta needs twenty (which means you need to do all the previous missions and some at least on Hardened!), and Echo needs 40. This guide goes by the assumption that you are doing these missions in order and all on Veteran and with a second player (unless stated otherwise). Achievements will unlock once their criteria has been filled.

When playing with two players, a death will cause one player to go into "Last Stand" where all he can do is fire a pistol and use the knife melee attack, if this player gets hit a second time while in Last Stand he will only be able to crawl. While one player is in any of these stances, if the other player takes a death you will fail the mission, so the other player must make it a priority by 'reviving' the other player (going to the other player and holding 'use' until he stands back up). Unless you were holding a pistol in one of your slots beforehand, you will always fire an M9.

The Pit

3 star criteria - Complete in 35 seconds without hitting any civilian targets.
2 star criteria - Complete in 45 seconds hitting no more than four civilian targets.
1 star criteria - Complete, hitting no more than four civilian targets.

This is simple enough, so much so that a second player may hinder you. Just go through the pit which is exactly like the one you faced at the start of the campaign. You can choose any weapon available to you before it starts. If you are doing this with two players the time will only stop once you have BOTH crossed the finish. There is no choice of difficulty here; the stars awarded are dependent on how well you complete this mission. Earn one star to unlock this achievement:

Gold Star

Earn 1 star in Special Ops.

Gold Star
4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Sniper Fi

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Survive five waves including two trucks and three jeeps.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Survive four waves including one truck and two jeeps.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Survive three waves including one truck and one jeep.

While you start with a Barrett sniper and a Desert Eagle, I would recommend switching out the handgun for the M240 with the heartbeat sensor or the AK47 with the grenade launcher. You will not be fighting close quarters so a handgun is not necessary. If you climb down from the platform you can find more weapons and claymores. Use the claymores sparingly to protect yourself from invading enemies. This level is based on the last push on "Contingency" so it should be familiar. It has the wave and hostile counter on the right side of the screen if you need to keep progress.

The first wave contains 15 hostiles which aren't too difficult to kill considering they constantly fire at you and will show their positions on the minimap. Pretty simple to kill. Just pay attention to your surroundings and make sure they don't close in on you. Enemies will always try to run toward you and climb up the stairs or the ladder, so it’s a good idea to set up a claymore at the tops and bottoms.

The second wave contains 20 enemies and 1 jeep. This becomes much easier now you have a predator drone to use. Only one person can use it at a time and it will take a while to recharge. The predator drone is unlimited so use it a lot. First, have someone grab it and take out the moving jeep with it. Once done, you should have about 14 enemies left to kill and using the missiles will make it much easier. Tip: If you don't want to use the drone missile, you can still use it as a UAV. Just open it up and look for the red boxes for enemies.

The third wave contains 23 hostiles and 1 transport vehicle. Use the missile to take out the vehicle and just pick off the rest. DO the same with the fourth, 24 hostiles and 1 jeep. The last mission may give you trouble but can easily be done if one player picks up RPG rockets and hits the jeep and the other player uses the drone missile on the transport vehicle. Again, kill enemies and you're done!

Hotel Bravo

Earn 4 stars in Special Ops.

Hotel Bravo
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

O Cristo Redentor

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Kill 50 enemies including dogs and no more than two civilians.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Kill 40 enemies including dogs and no more than three civilians.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Kill 30 enemies and no more than five civilians.

Based in the Favelas, this level works on what I like to call a "point spawn system". Enemies will only go and attack you once you get a certain area in the mission, so you need to hunt them down. Keep an eye out around corners and on roofs and try shooting the dog so it doesn't bite your neck off.

Civilians look like and dress like enemies, but they will always run away from you. You have a bit of leeway on this so don't worry. Shotguns are useful and there are a couple spread about the level. There are also ammo crates which are useful to stock up on...ammo!
Stick together and move forward to take on a couple more enemies and this shouldn't be too difficult.

Charlie On Our Six

Earn 8 stars in Special Ops.

Charlie On Our Six
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative


3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Complete
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Complete
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Complete

Remember the stealth part of the mission on Contingency with Captain Price? Well, you can do that with a friend instead. It is almost identical to that one. Your aim is to get to that hill that you have to slide down.

Hide in bushes on the side and only take shots and kills if you absolutely need to. Coordinate shots just like you and Price did in the mission, this makes sure no enemies are around when they spot their friends die.

Do not pick up enemy weapons as they are un-silenced and firing once will cause you to get immediately spotted, only do so if you are spotted another way. It will take a couple of tries and a lot of planning, but once you've learned it, it’s pretty simple.


3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Complete
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Complete
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Complete

This spec op is fighting your way along what looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. Until you reach the finish.

For the first part, one way of doing it is to do Time Crisis style, where the two of you stick together and progress slowly giving each other covering fire and killing anything in your way. What I found easier is to do it "cinematic action movie style". You'll notice that the bridge is covered in cars and vehicles, which ultimately split the left lanes and the right lanes. Each of you take a lane as enemies only seem to drop down from the sides of the bridge and just pick them off on the rope or as soon as they land, dead easy (pun intended)! Keep slowly moving forward and shooting, if you are accurate and have good timing, you should not have got hit at all! Use any weapon you feel comfortable with, but accurate long range weapons will help you.

At about 200m away from the finish the bridge slightly collapses, bringing you to the second part of this mission, at about 150m you climb up to find a mat laden with RPG; have someone take all the RPGs and the other break out a good long range weapon. Both will need to hide behind the small concrete barrier. As one player protects the other by keeping away foot soldiers, the other can use the RPGs to destroy the helicopters. This is all about patience, the helicopter will fire at you but if you can line up a good shot while it hovers in one place it should be easy. There are two more choppers, but it is possible to ignore them. If you are taking too much fire it makes it easier to shoot them down.

Oh and just so you know, you can ignore the enemies and a couple of the helicopters and make a dash for the finish. If the two of you can make it there in one piece or pieces it makes the whole mission seem easy, but unless you are good at running and gunning and lucky, I don't recommend it.

Operational Asset

Earn all 3 stars in at least 5 different Special Op missions.

Operational Asset
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific


3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Reach Barn near the greenhouses in seven minutes.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Reach the western edge of the workshops in five minutes.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Reach the Farm House basement in three and a half minutes.

This mission requires two players, one player controls an AC-130, and the other controls a normal player. The "man on the ground" will not go into Last Stand if he dies.

First, things first - get a friend. Even better, get a friend who talks. You are going to need good communication between you or will never get through this mission.

The guy on the ground should only be shooting to defend himself, do not go out to hunt for enemies, the idea is to run forward through the level and stop when the other guy in the Lockheed tells you to stop. Keep your laser on because it helps you to aim, and more importantly, the gunner can see which way you are looking.

As the gunner, you are going to be the main man; enemies will be a solid white colour through your thermal sights, your teammate will be flashing white and have their gamertag above their head (or an arrow). A grey line from where they are signifies their laser designator. This is where they are looking; keep a close eye on who they are firing at and who is a threat behind them. Helicopters will drop enemies which will make the journey harder, you kill them by hitting them in air, pretty simple to do. You will need to tell your teammate when to advance, when to stop and where good places to take cover can be found. The 105mm and 40mm guns are great for taking out grouped enemies and the choppers, although the 105mm has to reload. Switching between them is good idea to keep pressure on enemies and keep your friend safe. However you cannot penetrate cover so there will be bits where the ground attack must fight alone.

If you take your time and run as soon as you can and only when you need to, you should finish with plenty of time left.

Body Count

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Score 30,000 points.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Score 30,000 points.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Score 30,000 points.

There are so many different tactics with this that I’m not going to bother explaining them all. It's very open-ended to the point where you can "camp" in the bank and watch them slowly drift though the doors for easy kills, or face them all head on and hope you don't die so you can get through the mission quickly. Entirely up to you. Either way, try to avoid splitting up.

The points system works like this. You get 1000 points for most kills, 500 for killing crawling enemies, and 4000 points for killing each BTR. If you rack up a good amount of kills in a short time you get bonus points (like 50 or 100 points) and access a multiplier which allows you to score more points per kill.

A quick way of doing this, assuming you are good, is to pick up the RPG and the AK47. Rack up your multiplier and then destroy the BTRs using the RPGs, the Semtex grenades and the Grenade launcher. It took me a couple of tries but just over two minutes doing it this way.


Earn 21 stars in Special Ops.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Bomb Squad

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Defuse three bombs in 5 minutes.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Defuse three bombs in 5 minutes.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Defuse three bombs in 5 minutes.

Unless you are extremely accurate or feel lucky, get rid of your Akimbo G18s. While they are useful for speed, they aren't that great for running and gunning. You will automatically fail if you kill ANY civilians at the start of the mission.

This mission isn't easy and is all about knowing the level so you are aware of your surroundings. You need to get to the three bombs and defuse them all in five minutes, if you know the level well enough and use the minimap to get to the bombs marked, you shouldn't have to worry about time limit. Try to split up so one of you is in the open and the other is flanking using the buildings and cover. This way if one of you falls, they can be easily revived. Always make sure your area is clear before you start reviving or defusing.

Especially if you are running out of time, try to avoid aiming down the sight, it slows you down by a lot and is only useful if you’re protecting a bomb. There are a couple of weapon crates in this area but not in the best places to use it. So use your grenades sparingly, but don't forget you still have them!


3 star criteria - Finish in 70 seconds.
2 star criteria - Finish in 90 seconds
1 star criteria - Finish in 120 seconds

Snowmobile controls:
Right Trigger: Accelerate
Left Trigger: Fire
B: Reverse
Left Stick: Steering

Those of a Mario Kart disposition won't have any trouble with this at all. If you play this in pairs, the timer stops when one of you has crossed line, and also comes up with a little "You Win" sign if you do.

  • If you hit the Right Trigger just before it says GO! You will get a "Quick Start".
  • On the first part before the ice lake, stay to the right side as much as possible as it is a shorter route
  • Ignore enemies, you only need to shoot when you are being crowded
  • The last dash down the ice hill takes about 20 seconds, if you crash into a tree here, you will fail.
  • Let go of the right trigger when turning or in the air. Keep it pressed down at all other times.
  • If you need to reverse, start again.

Big Brother

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Complete in 10 minutes.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Complete in 10 minutes.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Complete in 10 minutes.

Like Overwatch, this requires a second player. One of you will be on a helicopter minigun; the other will be running to the finish. The idea is move through the level and then regroup at Nates Restaurant near the end.

The minigun controls:
Left Trigger: Spin without firing
Right Trigger: Fire
Right Stick: Aim

The helicopter will continue to circle around the player on the ground, no matter where they are. Its speed of circling will be high when the gunner is not spinning the gun and slows down when it is. The minigun needs to be spinned up before it can start firing. It is extremely deadly, decently penetrative, and explosive, so cars can be used to take a big group of enemies, though it can also kill the player on the ground.

Like Overwatch the player on the ground cannot die, otherwise the mission will fail. Make use of the C4 and Claymores, they can save your life in a pinch, especially when you are out of grenades. Destroy any trucks that you see as quickly as possible.

At the end, climb to the roof via the back, rather than the kitchen. Once there you might need to fend off enemies for a couple of seconds while the helicopter lands.

Take your time. 10 minutes is plenty!


Earn 30 stars in Special Ops.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific


Earn all 3 stars in at least 10 different Special Op missions.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific


3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Reach the extraction point.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Reach the extraction point.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Reach the extraction point.

While the idea of this mission is to be as stealthy as possible, it is definately possible to just make a run for it. If you are hopeless with a sniper rifle, try swapping it for one of the "better" weapons at the start and just blasting your way from the start. If you want to take the stealthy run, then prepare to be very patient and make sure you have good eyesight.

There are two kinds of enemies here. Patrols and ghillie snipers. For patrols, if you can kill them quickly without any other men spotting then you can make this very simple to get through, remember to coordinate, line up and count in. If you get spotted the music will change accordingly, and will not go back until you have killed all the enemies in the area hunting you. Remember to use your claymores, c4, and grenades because your ammo may run out quickly. If you shoot an unsilenced weapon they will automatically spot you.

The second types of enemies are the ghillie snipers who have very pridicatable behaviors. When you face them their scopes will sometimes flash, revealing their positions (why couldn't they do that in Multiplayer?!) They will hide so they are camoflagued and can be difficult to spot otherwise. They may take their first shot at you from a crouching or standing position, after which they'll find cover, usually by dropping to the floor and hiding in the grass. Look out for small movements if this happens.

You do not need to kill all the enemies to finish and you can pretty much sprint once you've got 30 m left to cover.

It Goes to Eleven

Earn at least 1 star in 11 different Special Op missions.

It Goes to Eleven
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Breach & Clear

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Reach the extraction point.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Reach the extraction point.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Reach the extraction point.

You want to know how we did this in 18 seconds? I took two shotguns, breached, ran for the hole at the end and made sure I used as many of my grenades and flashes as possible, and only shooting the enemies infront of me. We even got this on our first try. Its that simple!

A second tactic: Get one of you to run to the exit, get in the hole and the other player slowly fights the way through, if the runner gets to the hole before the other player goes down, then that player should be able to crawl the way there. If they made it far enough.

If you want to do this the proper way. Use the exact same tactic as the one you used during "The Gulag", the only difference is that there are a few more enemies and less of you. Take your time.

Time Trial

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Finish the course, starting with 8 seconds and getting only three seconds per gate.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Finish the course, starting with 10 seconds and getting four seconds per gate.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Finish the course, starting with 15 seconds and getting four seconds per gate.

Odd to find a Call Of Duty mission that contains no shooting or enemies at all; nonetheless, this is almost the exact same as "Race". The only enemy is the time limit and the course is now a slalom. Spattered around the level are flag gates which you pass to add three seconds to your time limit which counts down. You need to get to the finish before the timer reaches 0 and without dying.

This isn't too much trouble on Hardened, but on Veteran you might need two players so you can split up and collect as many gates as you can. If you are not used to any sort of racing games, this will take a couple of tries to make sure you are going the right way without slowing down. Again, in pairs, only ONE of you needs to finish to complete it.

Homeland Security

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Endure 5 waves of enemies of increasing intesity.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Endure 5 waves of enemies of increasing intesity.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Endure 5 waves of enemies of increasing intesity.

This is probably the most open-ended mission in the game. The level is a large space which you are probably pretty familiar with. It is also difficult. You will have to defend against five waves of enemies. But first let me tell you where to find all the weapons.

The Gas Station at the start there can be found a M14 sniper with Thermal Sights, AK-47 Grenadier, Intervention sniper rifle, 2 sentry guns, M240 machine gun, an AT4 and some Claymores.
Opposite the road is Nates Restaurant which has the same, but replaces the AK-47 with an ammo crate.
The Diner has the same as the restaurant but also includes an AT4, RPG, an M240 machine gun and an AK47.
The Bank only has a Sentry Gun and some Claymores, and Burger town has an RPG, Intervention and some Claymores.

The first wave contains 20 not too difficult to kill enemies. A good idea is to kill all but one and then gather the items you want and need.
The second wave contains 30 enemies and introduces the predator missile against you. If you go outside, you'll get an alert after a while that it has spotted you and it will start firing at you. If you've played multiplayer, it is identical to the predator missile in that. Make sure you can get inside safely. A skilled player can use the predator missiles against the enemies, but it’s highly risky. The predator drone will be in all waves from now on.
The third wave has 40 enemies and one helicopter. The helicopter isn't too hard to take it. Stay inside whatever building you are in and use normal gunfire, an RPG, or get an AT4 which can lock-on. Try and wait for a space when it is not firing and hovering so you are safe. It is easier to take out the helicopter once you have cleared all the enemies.
The fourth wave has 30 skilled enemies and a BTR. The BTR is simple enough to take down with RPG and AT4's, use similar tactics like you did against the helicopter.
The final wave has 40 skilled hostiles, 2 helicopters and one BTR.

The thermal scoped weapons make it considerably easier to spot enemies, so use it. Try and use the RPG and AT4 ammunition sparingly, as if you run out, you may have to resort to desperate measures, the mission will finish as soon as you kill the last enemy/vehicle.

Snatch & Grab

3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Reach the extraction point.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Reach the extraction point.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Reach the extraction point.

If you have been doing these missions in order, this should be the first place you get the I'm the Juggernaut achievement. Juggernauts are simple enough to take down with a couple of headshots with the Intervention sniper rifle. Taking down one Juggernaut between both of you should not be a problem. The music will change when there is a Juggernaut close by, listen for it, because it gives you a chance to be vigilant.

Other than that, this mission is hell. This level takes place in the airplane boneyard. The aim is to 'Snatch' the intel from the middle of the level and extract out at the end. While it definately isn't as crowded as "The Enemy of My Enemy", enemies will seem to pop up out of nowhere. Because of that, staying very close together isn't the best idea, as if they spot one of you, they kill both of you. At least splitting up gives you a chance to survive. I strongly suggest that you take one of the Intervention Sniper Rifle or the M240 Machine Gun, they help immensely despite weighing you down.

As there is no time limit, work your way slowly towards the intel, keep away from each other and pay special attention to your minimap so you can pick off enemies quickly.

Once you've got the intel, your next aim is to make the finish. Get into that broken plane and then you have two options - either make a dash for it, running and gunning, giveing each other covering fire and using the broken hulls as cover (which is incredibly risky but still doable), or stay in the broken airplane near the intel and use it as a vantage point to pick off as many enemies below as possible.

The problem with the second tactic is that if you take too long sniping enemies from this frankly excellent point, Juggernauts will scramble to get you. Don't panic, simply turn around and prepare. Decent teamwork should be able to take each one down without too much difficulty.

This will take a lot of trial and error, but it is just about staying vigilant.


Earn all 3 stars in at least 15 different Special Op missions.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific


3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Download the enemy intel.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Download the enemy intel.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Download the enemy intel.

Extremely difficult and wildly openended, the idea here is to fight your way into each of the three houses and download intelligence while defending it.

Rather than me explain this level, because it's pretty big, just use these general points:

  • There are enough Claymores here to make you complete the level without shooting a damn thing yourself. Use them, a lot!
  • Sentry guns are awesome, but if an enemy comes too close to it they break. Put them in a place where they can shoot but are difficult to shoot at. Corners, and balconies are good.
  • Always keep Honey Badger busy!
  • Stay away from Honey Badger when it's moving, it will crush you.
  • Don't worry too much about the download, it'll just pause, focus on keeping yourselves alive.
  • Always re-supply on the ammo box before you start any download.
  • It is much easier to clear out ALL the houses at the start of the mission.
  • Better safe than sorry! It will be annoying to find out that a good half-hour worth of play was wasted.


3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Destroy all the cars and finish.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Destroy all the cars and finish.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Destroy all the cars and finish.

You are given guns, sentries, and explosives. The idea is that when you destroy five vehicles you get unlimited ammo, for pretty much every weapon in you inventory, allowing you to fire at more cars. This is pretty much the exact same as Suspension from Alpha.

Make your sentries do all the work killing enemies. As you start with two move them slowly up the bridge walking style. Place them away from enemies and places that might blow up. You yourself need to focus on keeping that unlimited ammo timer up. One thing though, in order to have unlimited ammo, you must first HAVE AMMO! If the gun is empty it wont fire, unlimited ammo just stops you from using up shells, grenades, rockets, bullets, or whatever it is that you want.

That is really all there is to it. It will take some trial and error to figure out what to blow up first and last, where to place sentries and knowing where cars are so you don't have to run all the way back to the start of the level singing The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody just to pass the time. Just make the sentries do the work of killing enemies and use the RPG to kill the helicopter.

Acceptable Losses

3 star criteria - "Veteran Choice": Plant all the explosives and escape.
2 star criteria - "Hardened Choice": Plant all the explosives and escape.
1 star criteria - "Regular Choice": Plant all the explosives and escape.

We had so much trouble with this, only to find there are two ridicoulously easy ways of doing it. You need to plant three explosives, without sounding an alarm (i.e. being stealthy) and then escape. If you ever get the alarm and you are nowhere near escaping, restart the entire level. It really isn't worth fighting. Swap out the pistol for one of the silenced weapons, if you are doing this right, you should never need it anyway.

The first way is to split up and carefully plant the explosives as quickly as possible. While it is wildly risky, it's quick. Use your heartbeat sensors on the shotguns to locate enemies and only kill the ones you need. Avoid sprinting.

The second way is to do the one support, one up close. Have one person plant the C-4 while the other stays in the vicinity with a Sniper Rifle, picking off any (and only) enemies that can become a threat. It really isn't too hard, just take your time and don't be stupid.


3 star criteria - "Veteran Choice": Fight through riot police and infantry.
2 star criteria - "Hardened Choice": Fight through riot police and infantry.
1 star criteria - "Regular Choice": Fight through riot police and infantry.

Two words - Team. Work!

If you are not used to using a Riot Shield by now, get used to it! This is a necessity. If you want practice go into Multiplayer and start running around with it.

This level isn't too hard if you progress slowly. Enemies only come at you once you get to certain points in the level, so you can run forward, force them to spawn, and then run backward fighting them off slowly. The most effective tactic is for one person to use a Riot Shield to draw enemy infantry fire while the other concentrates on picking them off. Remember, the Riot Shield can only absorb hits from the front!

The Riot Shield should protect the shooting player, and the shooting player should make sure that other infantry don't get too close to the shielding player. Only use the Riot Sheild bash as a last resort!

Treat this level as Space Invaders: walk up and let the enemies come to you, hide behind the shield and pick them off. The only time you should have trouble is when you get flanked or crowded, which shouldn't happen if you are playing well.

Estate Takedown

3 star criteria - "Veteran Choice": Kill all enemies
2 star criteria - "Hardened Choice": Kill all enemies
1 star criteria - "Regular Choice": Kill all enemies

Little safety tip, whenever you are throwing your controller at something, never throw it at an animate object (such as a human or a dog or a plant), it hurts. I only tell you this because this level is quite simple, but among the lines of frustratingly annoying.

Familiar from "Loose Ends", all you have to do is kill every enemy in and around the house. The houses powerful cover and arsenal in the basement will help you. But Juggernauts and ghillie snipers are added to the fray making the mission a lot tougher.

Unfortunately there is no set way to do this level. You are pretty much on your own, but I suggest you fight your way into the basement of the house, pick whatever weapon(s) takes your fancy and then use the rest of the house as cover letting the footsoldiers and Juggernauts come to you. Try and pick one powerful weapon to take down the Juggernauts and a thermal scoped weapon to take down the Ghillie Snipers. This is just a matter of patience and vigilance. Make as much use of the level as you want to.

There is no time limit.


3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Capture the oil rig.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Capture the oil rig.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Capture the oil rig.

If you remember the The Only Easy Day.... Was Yesterday mission very well, this is going to be a piece of cake for you. You are basically fighting the whole way through the oil rig to the top level.

If you've got to this stage on Veteran there are really only two things that will give your life hell. You are going to need to take out that helicopter when you get to the second floor. There are a few AT4 and RPGs laying around so find one, and keep it. Use it when necessary.

After fighting your way through the level you will have to breach one last room. This room is annoying! You have to kill 8 enemies pretty quickly while not shooting a hostage or hitting one the barrells lined with C4! If you haven't been using the snap to enemy tip (first of all why haven't you been using it?!) then this is a good place to use it. Remember enemies are the ones standing up and usually, but not always, wear white clothing. Hostages are sitting down. bound and gagged and wear orange. Always shoot the ones coming at you first!

Other than that, take your time. There is no rush to do it, especially with that ending.

High Explosive

3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Kill all ten Juggernauts using only explosives and a knife.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Kill all ten Juggernauts using only explosives and a knife.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Kill all ten Juggernauts using only explosives and a knife.

While I could explain the way we did it... it took us over half an hour to do and consistently abused the sprint mechanic; however, about a year ago Inside Xbox came up with a video to show you a much easier way of doing it. Enjoy!

In fact, this tactic was brilliant enough that I managed to do it on my own beating our previous time but I discovered a couple of things myself.

  • Don't bother knifing, it just wastes time, unless one of them has caught you by surprise it really doesn't help.
  • C4's are beautfiul. If you have time, plant one on the wall and as soon as a one of them passes it detonate it. It won't stun them, but it can have a small effect.
  • Frag grenades can also save your life, while the juggernauts won't take cover away from them, it'll stop them shooting for a split second. But use your flashbangs first.

Armor Piercing

3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Kill all fifteen Juggernauts on the Oil Rig.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Kill all fifteen Juggernauts on the Oil Rig.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Kill all fifteen Juggernauts on the Oil Rig.

There are two ways to do this. The easy way, or the stupidly difficult way.

The stupidly difficult way requires skill, luck and extreme tolerance of frustration. It basically requires to use all the weapons available to take the Juggernauts down slowly a few at a time. I wouldn't recommend it unless you are an extremely poor shot. If you are an extremely poor shot, you need to go back through the missions and practice. You should really be used to how the game works by now.

The easy way requires the two of you to use powerful Sniper Rifles to wear them down quickly. Take a sniper rifle and move up into the higher levels of the Oil Rig. Remember in "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday" you had to breach your first room? Skip that room, go up the stairs and halt. A Juggernaut should start running down the stairs towards you. Steady yourself. It is quite a close range for a sniper rifle to be used. Each Juggernaut should go down with about 3-4 hits from the rifles. Get up and look to your right as soon as you come outside. You should spot a ladder going up to a wooden platform. This is a goldmine as it has a perfect view of where every Juggernaut comes from and it is very unlikely you will take hits there. One of you go up there and stay there, the other will act as bait.

Your baiting player should move slowly forward through the level, going forward past the wire mesh, the walls and the staircase. Keep going until you can see any part of a Juggernaut coming towards you, the elbow, the shadow, the helmet, the gun, a reflection, it doesn't matter. As soon as you see something sprint all the way back to the platform and climb up and join your partner. If you don't think you can make it, there is a decent spot behind some barells next to a pillar that you can get good shots in. The baiting play should only use sprint to run back, never forward. The sniper should unload their bullets into those pesky things as soon as they see them and the baiting player (once they've regained their compusure) should do so to.

Sometimes Juggernauts come in packs of two, three, possibly four at a time. So make sure you kill all you can see before going out to bait again. Better safe than sorry. There isn't a time limit here so just be patient.

Honor Roll

Earn at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.

Honor Roll
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Star 69

Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.

Star 69
21 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

These are some task based achievements which you will (mostly) need to do "off the beaten track", feel free to look at the specific solutions for them. These can all be done on the easiest setting.

Colonel Sanderson

Kill 7 chickens in under 10 seconds in 'The Hornet's Nest'.

Colonel Sanderson
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Can only be done in campaign mission The Hornets Nest.



Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops.

13 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done on any mission, just remember to kill only ONE enemy for every weapon. The melee knife counts as a different weapon.


Downed but Not Out

Kill 4 enemies in a row while downed in Special Ops.

Downed but Not Out
7 guidesOnline/OfflineCooperative

Can be done in most Spec-Ops missions. Remember you bleed out, so you have to get it before you die. If you get shot while downed you will lose the gun.


Drive By

Kill 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle in Single Player or Special Ops.

Drive By
8 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in the campaign missions Cliffhanger or Endgame, or Spec-Ops mission Race. Just focus on killing, drive slowly.



Plant the C4 in 'Cliffhanger' without alerting or injuring anyone in the blizzard.

7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Can only be done in campaign mission Cliffhanger, this is where you are on your own and MacTavish gives you sniper support.


I'm the Juggernaut…

Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.

I'm the Juggernaut…
6 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in Spec-Ops missions Snatch & Grab, Estate Takedown, and High Explosive. You only need to kill one.



Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach in Single Player or Special Ops.

4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in campaign missions The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday, Just Like Old Times or Loose Ends and Spec-Ops missions Wet Work, and Breach & Clear.


Look Ma Two Hands

Kill 10 enemies in a row using akimbo weapons in Single Player or Special Ops.

Look Ma Two Hands
8 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in any mission, but remember akimbo weapons mean that you are dual weilding the same weapon twice, sacrificing accuracy.


No Rest For the Wary

Knife an enemy without him ever knowing you were there in Single Player or Special Ops.

No Rest For the Wary
7 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in any mission. Easier in one of the missions where you have to be stealthy, just crawl up and knife him.


Pit Boss

Run The Pit in 'S.S.D.D' and finish with a final time under 30 seconds.

Pit Boss
16 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerTime/Date

Can only be done in S.S.D.D. campaign. The Spec-Ops mission does not count.


Some Like it Hot

Kill 6 enemies in a row using a thermal weapon in Single Player or Special Ops.

Some Like it Hot
5 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in any mission. When you pick up a weapon with a thermal sight, just kill 6 people with it and then drop it.


Ten plus foot-mobiles

Kill at least 10 enemies with one Predator missile in Single Player or Special Ops.

Ten plus foot-mobiles
7 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in any mission that allows you to use a Predator Air-To-Ground missile at one point. However in Sniper Fi you can just use one quickly on a truck


The Harder They Fall

Kill 2 rappelling enemies in a row before they land on their feet in Single Player or Special Ops.

The Harder They Fall
5 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Enemies will rappel down from helicopters or walls in some missions, keep an eye out for them.



Kill at least 3 enemies with a single shot from a grenade launcher in Single Player or Special Ops.

5 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in any mission, you just need to use a well-placed grenade launcher shot into a swarm of enemies, you are usually given one at the start of a "loud" mission.


Two Birds with One Stone

Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special Ops.

Two Birds with One Stone
4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in any mission, Sniper Rifles will help, but usually you will get this by simply playing through.


Unnecessary Roughness

Use a riot shield to beat down an enemy in Single Player or Special Ops.

Unnecessary Roughness
3 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Can be done in campaign missions The Gulag or Just Like Old Times, or Spec-Ops missions Breach & Clear or Terminal.

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