For those people out there that ever played Diablo it's actually no crazy coincidence that the game feels so much like Diablo since its original developers are behind the scenes of this small arcade title. Although the multiplayer part is sadly missing, it's still a fun game to spend multiple hours with and, seriously, who doesn't like to roam dungeons for monsters and better equipment?

Basically there is only one game mode with 3 different classes to choose from (fighter, mage and marksman) and I will concentrate my walkthrough based on the character class I chose, which was marksman.

So, without any more delays, let's pack your equipment and kill some monsters!

Since this is largely a Hack and Slash RPG, there isn't much I can provide with tips, but I can give basic guidelines at least.

You can of course play the game on the difficulty you feel comfortable with, BUT if you´re looking for the fastest way possible, play it on easy.

Make sure to pick the right character for your gaming style, meaning that if you like to bash heads in through melee fighting pick the fighter class. If you like to see enemies burned to cinders from a distance, use the mage rather than the marksman. You can't revise your choice, so pick wisely and make sure you make the right decisions when it comes down to skills and skillpoints. For example, a fighter should focus on his strength and health stats, rather than mana and dexterity.

DON'T spray your attribute points across all your statistics. Focus on specific stats and amass them there. This means basically as soon as you get a level up use all of the 5 points on a specific attribute (for example 5 points on strength, next time 5 on health, etc.). I tell you this because it has only one practical use. You will be proficient rather fast in one of the attributes, in contradiction if you do it the other way you wont ever be good at any particular attribute leaving your charecter too weak on higher levels, therefore not being able to carry better weapons, armor, etc. not to mention being unable to take on tougher enemies.

Pick up everything you can! Even if you don't need it, rather sell it than leave it lying around. The reason is simple since having more gold than needed is always a good thing (for additional scrolls, potions, new equipment, etc.). Your pet will gladly carry a lot AND can be sent to town to sell it automatically, so use that to your advantage!

Focus on one particular game style and stick with it, meaning that if you rather use a sword, stick to that one, etc. Only if you feel you cant get any better in the skill tree, try something different.

Use magic scrolls to suplement your weaknesses, meaning since you are only one player, it would be rather nice to summon some minions to aid you, won't it? Or maybe use a fireball as a fighter? You can also let your pet learn some spells, so make also use of that feature. It's rather more usefull than using fish to transform your pet (I only used it once for the achievement and that's about it).

Use potions as often as you can since you will find loads of them! If you play it on easy at least, I can tell that you won't need more than 10 as a marksman until you finished the game, and that's nothing since they only take away one inventory space!

Always use the best equipment possible but be aware that a high value for damage or armor doesn't go hand-in-hand with good effects (like poisoning, resistance, higher drop rates, etc.). Always compare to be up to date since monsters will get stronger and dying is not an option.

Keep the jewels and forge them to better ones. 2 pieces of a bad quality jewel can be made in 1 mediocre and so on. There is a guy in town which can "change" items and that's the thing he can do for you. Having good jewels is crucial for good equipment you keep the best jewels for good items.

Always think about enchanting your favorite equipment! The good thing here is that you ALSO can enchant allready rare items, so make use of the possibilitie!

You can't really write a walkthrough for this game since the character you choose dictates the way how you have to play the game. Also the dungeon maps change every time, so no dungeon looks like the other. This means that only the main bosses are always the same. However, there is a main plot which you can follow and the way I describe the enemies is mainly for the marksman class since that was my class.

So the order I write the achievements down is the order i got them and found them the most effective way to be earned. This might differ with different classes, so i only give a basic idea on what to do. I will separate this walkthrough in 2 parts: Story and Misc achievements.

Mainly the story walkthrough consists on the tactics I used on the different bosses to beat them. I recommend for fast achievements to play it on the lowest difficulty, but its totally up to you how challenging you want to have it. As for the miscellaneous achievements I will point out the non-story achievements in the order you will get them. I have to remark at that point that some of them might come through normal story progression so don't be surprised that some of them unlock without you actively going for them.

The credit for the videos go to Gham Tk for making these awesome videos.


Like in any other hack and slash RPG (Diablo, Sacred, etc.) you have to follow a certain main story. Therefore there are some bosses you will have to fight in order to progress further through the story. So, we will go step by step and I will mention the best way to beat the corresponding enemies.

Over the Brink in Torchlight
Defeat Brink
  • Unlocked by 30,969 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 33,598

This is actually your very first big boss and after a cutscene you will have to beat him on level 4 of the dungeon. This guy has some strong melee attacks so keep your distance. His ground pound with the crystals is his super attack so if you see the pattern, try to evade it. Also be careful if he uses the shockwave which will also damage you quite a lot. He is rather easy and shouldn't pose any serious threat. I also found a video for that one.

A Lich to Scratch in Torchlight
Defeat the Overseer
  • Unlocked by 26,683 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.12) 33,598

This one is your next boss after Brink, he should be on the 7th level of the mines. This one is rather a heavy magic user, so use the advantage of distance attacks since most of his magic concentrates on close quarters. Careful for his homing projectiles and he also has an aura that protects him quite well against any sort of damage. He can also teleport which will cause some confusion, so make sure you hit him with your best shots when he's not teleporting around. He's also shooting thunderbolts which can't really be successfully evaded (like 1 in 10 chance). Also he will spawn some skeleton minions, but only take them out if you need to kill some time since they are only annoying. As soon as you beat him, the achievement unlocks, shouldn't pose any threat either.

Tree Hugger in Torchlight
Defeat the Root Golem
  • Unlocked by 23,575 tracked gamers (70% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 33,598

Before you can reach the root golem, you have to search 3 dungeons for keys. These are straight forward, just remember which portals you took and you should be fine. Even though the description says it, it doesn't look like a golem so its rather a big reddish silver creature with the name "corrupted ancient". I can't provide a video here, but he isn't really tough. Only his bodyguards are somewhat annoying but on easy he is no threat at all.

When this Town's a Rockin' in Torchlight
Defeat the Ember Colossus
  • Unlocked by 21,923 tracked gamers (65% - TA Ratio = 1.23) 33,598

Your next boss fight will be against the ember colossus situated in the 20th chamber, called the "Vast Chasm". He is mainly guarded by some light orbs that only can kill you if you happen to be off guard. He himself has a big energy beam attack that deals massive amounts of damage, so be on your toes if you see that animation. Except for that he is rather easy and you should wear him pretty fast down. One tip I can provide here, use speed over power and make sure you have status disorder weapons (freeze, poison, fire, etc.). Again no video but there is actually no need for that.

Big and Green and Dead All Over in Torchlight
Defeat Krag
  • Unlocked by 20,065 tracked gamers (60% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 33,598

This one is shortly after the golem mentioned above, at floor 24 called "Prison Stronghold". Until you reach Krag you will have to fight through a lot of small goblins and a mini-boss as well. As soon as you reach Krag, be on your toes since he can deal massive amounts of damage to you. He also has a rather nasty knockback attack that's quite annoying, but the real hindrance are the troll masters. They cast shields and heal him, so before you actually can knock him down, make sure you kill those guys. Counter his club slams in time and try to keep your distance (only if you are a ranged fighter), that's actually the only tips I can provide.

Purple People Defeater in Torchlight
Defeat Medea
  • Unlocked by 18,759 tracked gamers (56% - TA Ratio = 1.33) 33,598

You will encounter her on the 29th floor. She isn't too tough, just make sure you are prepared for her with health potions and a good equipment. If you should happen to need some more leveling, buy some dungeon scrolls from the vendors and do some of the dungeons for more experience and items.

Only a Master of Evil in Torchlight
Defeat Alric
  • Unlocked by 17,402 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 33,598

You meet Alric on the 34th floor and he is not the toughest enemy in the game. The only advise I can give here is that the achievement pops when you reach the NEXT floor, so don't panic. As long as you have a good equipment and enough health potions, he's no match for you. He's the last enemy and although he has several stages (I'd rather call it "forms" but that's secondary) as long as you keep on him all the time and evade his more powerful attacks he will be done in no time.

Altogether the main story is done now and I had with my marksman exactly 0 deaths, 13 health potions and 5 mana potions used. This is only a guideline since I had also weapons which supplemented me in live and mana leaching. Also I had a few summon spells on me to keep enemies occupied during my shooting. I also used 2 pistols (speed over power) and I'm still a nearly unkillable character. So this concludes the story achievements, lets concentrate now on the Misc achievements.


Shape-Shifter in Torchlight
Change your pet by feeding it fish
  • Unlocked by 30,927 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 33,598

This will be your first achievement. You will start your adventure with a fish in your inventory, so simply drag it to your pet's inventory and let it eat it. You can also use the fishing spots to get some fish and use it on your pet if you happen to have sold the previous mentioned fish. These spots are visible through bubbles in a lake next to a small cliff (well, at least mostly next to a cliff). As soon as it transforms, the achievement unlocks.

Fetch a Fair Price in Torchlight
Send your pet to town
  • Unlocked by 29,360 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.06) 33,598

This is one the very first achievements you will get. Simply go to your inventory, press X on an item you want to sell. Press START to see now the pet menu and press Y to send your pet to town. This only works in dungeons and if you happen to travel to the town before your pet arrives, you will catch up with it in town. You get the respective prices on the items it had in its backpack so make sure you don't sell anything crucial. Also keep in mind that any usable item your pet carries can be used by it, like scrolls, potions, fish, etc. Upon returning, the achievement unlocks. I also found a small video for that one.

Enchanted in Torchlight
Enchanted24 (20)
Successfully enchant one item 5 times
  • Unlocked by 22,378 tracked gamers (67% - TA Ratio = 1.22) 33,598

Enchantment Overload in Torchlight
Successfully enchant one item 10 times
  • Unlocked by 16,474 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 33,598

These 2 go hand-in-hand and I recommend doing them together. Get a really cheap and bad item and go to the enchantment guy a little to the right from the chest next to the town well. Now, you should've something around 30k gold saved up. Now, talk to him, enchant it and as soon as it's successful (it will tell you if the magic got successfully cast or not) exit the game with the start button to force the game to save. Now, rinse and repeat until you get 10 successful enchantments in a row. Now as a mater of fact, there will be fails in between since your chance for failure increases with each success. The achievement wont count if you fail and you basically, would have to start from zero. However, there is a trick to that. If you happen to fail, exit to the dashboard. The game WON'T save your progress and you can try again without any influence on the achievement. So, the only problem is the money, nothing else.

Superstar in Torchlight
Superstar53 (30)
Achieve maximum fame
  • Unlocked by 10,612 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 33,598

Now, this is your last achievement and will by far take the most time. After your initial playthrough you will be around 19-21 fame level (i was 20). Fame is earned by beating bosses and quests (sometimes larger monsters count too). The maximum fame level is 55, but frankly the achievement is misleading. You have to reach fame level 33 for the achievement and there are 2 easy ways to get there. The first is to simply explore the now new dungeon with the new quest-givers. But it took me ages to climb in fame since the enemies were rather tough and there weren't too many bosses around. So I mainly used the second method! Simply buy from the vendor the dungeon scrolls for levels 10-20. Each dungeon contains enough bosses to give you each time an increase of one level in fame (well, that's at least how it worked for me) and sometimes one normal level as well. It took me around 3 hours to get it done from 27 to 33 and that's rather nothing in comparison to the other method.

Now, congratulations, you beat the game on a full 200!

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