Rock Band Blitz

Hello, and welcome to the Rock Band Blitz Walkthrough. Today we will be looking at how to get all 32 achievements in the game. In this section we will be going through the DLC you'll need for the game, as there is a lot of it.

First off let's look at the artists available for:

Loyal Fan

Play at least 10 unique songs by the same artist.

Loyal Fan
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy -

Green Day (Need export from GD Rock Band or you can now buy these songs on the marketplace.)
AC/DC (Need export from AC/DC Track Pack)
Linkin Park
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Motley Crue
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
The Who
Pearl Jam (RB2 Export not needed)
Foo Fighters
The Main Drag (RBN/RB2 export not needed)
Jonathan Coulton (RBN/DLC)
Spinal Tap
Bon Jovi
The Doors
The Clash
Billy Joel
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Asking Alexandria (RBN)
Nickelback (ewwwww)
Alice in Chains (RB2 Export not needed)
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Guns N' Roses (RB2 Export not needed)
Jane's Addiction (RB2 Export not needed)
Nine Inch Nails (RB1 Export not needed)
Nirvana (RB1 or RB2 Exports not needed)
No Doubt
Ozzy Osbourne
R.E.M. (RB1 Export not needed)
Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
The Grateful Dead (RB2 Export not needed)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (This is very different from just Jimi Hendrix)
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (Very different from Tom Petty)
A Day to Remember (RBN)
After the Burial (RBN)
All Shall Perish (RBN)
Amberian Dawn (RBN)
Chaotrope (RBN)
Devin Townsend (RBN)
Evile (RBN/DLC)
Fallen Angel (RBN)
Free Spirit (RBN)
Freen in Green (RBN)
Halcyon Way (RBN)
Nightrage (RBN)
Rose of Jericho (RBN)

Now if you can't find something you like among that, I don't know what to tell you.

Once you find the artist you want for the ten songs, use that genre for

Genre Diehard

Play at least 50 unique songs in the same genre.

Genre Diehard
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

and decade for

Decade Decadence

Play at least 50 unique songs from the same decade.

Decade Decadence
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Obviously this would all be for somebody that doesn't have many songs in Rock Band at all. I'd actually recommend (if you don't have much DLC at all) you buy the Green Day Rock Band Export for 800 Microsoft Points and grab all of those songs. It would even be better to get the GDRB Plus version. You get the code, but it doesn't cost anything to export the songs. They all reside within the 1990's/2000's era, and are either punk or rock. You can decide what you want to buy from there on. I'd suggest Rock and 90's if you were going to do anything, because you'll most likely find something you like/can tolerate.

All in all, as far as DLC is concerned, this is going to be a very time consuming/expensive game for the full 500G.

OH! One last thing. You'll need, and I repeat need to buy at least one song from the 1950's for

Music Historian

Play a song from every decade since the '50s.

Music Historian
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

My suggestions: Folsom Prison Blues or Walk the Line.

Full list of exports:

The Beatles: Rock Band Achievements - Not available to export. (I really wish we could though cry)
Rock Band Metal Track Pack Achievements - Code on Manual with game - Free
Rock Band Track Pack 2 Achievements - Code on Manual with game - Free
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack Achievements - Code on Manual with game - Free
Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack Achievements - Code on Manual with game - Free
Rock Band Country Track Pack Achievements - Code on Manual with game - Free - Code on Manual with game - Free
Rock Band Achievements - Purchase License in game - 400MSP
Rock Band 2 Achievements - (You'll need Rock Band 3) Select 'Get More Songs' on the RB3 main menu, and 'Redeem Code'. Enter the code on the back of the RB2 manual. Choose "Rock Band 2 Export Pack", and pay the 800MSP fee.
LEGO Rock Band Achievements - Enter code on back of LRB Manual on You should then receive an e-mail with the 25 digit code. Enter that in as usual and redeem. Put the LRB disc into your console, start the game, and enter the music store, then export download. 800MSP. Not available anymore
Green Day: Rock Band -Go to extras in the main menu of the game and select export. Enter the 16 digit code when prompted, and pay the 800MSP. If you own the Plus version you won't need to pay this fee. (You also get six extra songs with this version)

There are also several free tracks available on the Rock Band Marketplace. These are:

"Still Alive" GLaDOS
"Promised Land" Vesuvius As of June 30th, 2013 this song is no longer available for download. If you have downloaded this previously then you should have no problems in playing this.
"Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" Stephen and the Colberts
"Headphones On" Miranda Cosgrove
"Dreaming of Love" Lights Resolve
"Am I Crazy" Little Fish
"Rock Band Network Megamix 01" Various Artists

"Rock Band Free Pack 01" Includes 9 songs that never exported from Rock Band 2.

Of course,all of this DLC is optional, BUT it will be cheaper if you can get everything for the correct price.

Play 50 songs in total to receive:

Greatest Hits

Play at least 50 unique songs.

Greatest Hits
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Play 150 to earn:

Consummate Collector

Play at least 150 unique songs.

Consummate Collector
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

And once you've played 300 songs (It takes a while, trust me...) you will get:

Party at Your Place

Play at least 300 unique songs.

Party at Your Place
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

That about covers it for the DLC front of things. Let's move on, shall we?

As far as General Hints and Tips go I can give you a few pointers.

- Don't be afraid to miss notes at all! It happens to everybody, and it's completely natural. As you play the game more, you can precisely time when to switch tracks. Before no time you'll be in Blitz mode for the entire song and racking up Gold Stars left and right.

- My favorite combos to rack up points for Gold Stars are:

Road Rage+ Blast Notes+ Most popular super instrument for that song. I use this one most of the time, and it gets the job done.

Jackpot+Flame Notes+ Most popular super instrument for that song. I use this with slower songs to build up more points.

Jackpot + Blast Notes + Most popular super instrument for that song. Since writing this walkthrough, I've been using Jackpot all of the time. Keep in mind that you need to keep up with your Jackpot score to make this happen, but this has gotten me Gold Stars just about every time.

These combos will get me Gold Stars 99% of the time, but of course a little skill needs to be involved to get the proper amount of points.

- Have fun with this! Use the leaderboards to beat friends' scores, and just basically have fun with the game.

- Buy as much DLC as you can. I cannot stress this enough. Especially with the sale going on!(as of mid-December to God knows when... All pre-RB3 DLC is 50% off, so go, go, go!) Find some tracks you like, and explore the Rock Band Network to discover new stuff. Even though the Rock Band games are difficult to complete, it's still worth the time to check them out to play your DLC on plastic instruments.

-To get more coins use Rock Band World WARNING: THIS IS AN EXTERNAL LINK AND WILL TAKE YOU TO FACEBOOK. Obviously you'll need a Facebook account to use this and take advantage of it. It's very helpful in racking up coins very fast.

- Last but not least! Every instrument is important. You need to raise up every track by at least one. Never forget keys!

First we'll calibrate our game. This can be found under "Help & Options" at the main menu. Select "Calibration Wizard". If you already know your calibration settings from previous Rock Band games, then just use those by calibrating manually. Follow the instructions when using the wizard, and when you're done you should get:

Calibrate Good Times

Calibrate your system for the optimal Rock Band Blitz experience.

Calibrate Good Times
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Next we're going to jump into the tutorial to get a grip on the game. This will be found under the "recommended" tab. Play through both of these tutorials to earn:


Complete both Tutorials.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Let's stay on the recommended tab for our next achievement. Assuming you have a friend playing Blitz, you can send them a Score War under this tab. Select the recommended song that says "Score War" underneath it in a yellow bar. Press A and you should get:

This Means War

Challenge someone to a Score War.

This Means War
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCommunityPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Don't fret if you don't have any friends that have this game. Create an online gamertag, and send it a friend request. This option should now pop up, and achievement earned.

Cred Unlocks and Power Ups:

Point Doubler - 30

Blast Notes -90

Okay, now that we have Blast Notes, let's use them for an achievement. You need to clear 10 notes with a single blast note. These will be purple in color. If you see one of these among a large group of notes, drop your current track, switch to that track (if need be) ,and hit the note. Once you do this, you will get:

Having a Blast

Clear 10 notes with a single Blast Note.

Having a Blast
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Wicker Man

Synchrony- 150 I actually consider this the most useless power up in the entire game. Play with it if you'd like, but later on you'll find the super instruments work out much better, and are much, much more useful. You might want to take a look at this article if you'd like to know more about this power up.

Bandmate -330

Flame Notes-510

Time for our next power up related achievement. For this one we need to chain 10 flame notes. This means you need to hit 10 of these consecutively, without missing one. If you do happen to miss one, most of the time the flame notes will disappear and will not appear until later. We want a slow enough song that we can notice when one appears so we have time to hit it. Once you've chained 10 flame notes together, you will earn:


Play a chain of 10 Flame Notes.

2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Pumped up Kicks

Super Drums -690 Since we have a worthwhile track power up now(In my opinion of course), gold stars will become much easier to get, especially with songs that have a heavy drum part. I usually leave Bandmate to take care of the drum part when I have super drums on.

Shockwave -870

Here we go again. Try to fill up your overdrive bar (This is the bar underneath your tracks when you switch. This fills in when you hit the white notes) and use X to deploy. You need to score 10,000 points in one use of this. When you do, the achievement will pop immediately.

Shock and Awesome

Earn at least 10,000 points with a single use of Shockwave.

Shock and Awesome
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Spoonman

Once you've earned 1,000 Blitz Cred you will unlock:


Get your Blitz Cred up to at least 1,000.

1 guideOnline Game ModeOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +Buggy +Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Pinball Notes -1,050

Yay, time for another achievement! This time we need to keep the pinball in play for 20 seconds. You only need to keep in mind one thing: Notes mean nothing for this. Just focus on the ball, and nothing else. This is the most difficult power up related achievement based on the fact that the ball gets faster, and the bounces can be unpredictable. Once 20 seconds have passed (you may need to let the ball drop if you feel like it has been longer than 20 seconds), the achievement will pop.

Pinball Whiz

Keep the Pinball in play for at least 20 seconds.

Pinball Whiz
6 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Any. Just focus on the pinball. Props to you if you play this on Pinball Wizard.

Bottle Rocket -1,410

Just as we did for Shockwave we're going to fill our overdrive bar as much as possible for this. We need to clear 20 notes with a single use of this. Once you do this, the achievement will pop:

Rocket Scientist

Clear 20 notes with a single Bottle Rocket.

Rocket Scientist
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Spoonman

Super Guitar- 1,650

Runaway Notes -1,890

For Runaway Notes we just need to focus on hitting the purple gems and following them as they move along. Once you've catch the last note successfully you'll get a 10,000 point bonus. Do this 5 times and you'll receive:

Get Back Here

Catch 5 Runaway Notes in a single song.

Get Back Here
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Any song as long as you can catch the notes. Don't worry about the song as much as hitting the runaway notes.

Super Vocals -2,210

Jackpot -2,530

We're almost to the end of these power up specific achievements...

For Jackpot you need to get 10,000 points with a single use. The best way to get more points with Jackpot is in tandem with Flame notes. Keep your Jackpot bar filled until you see a flame note pop up. Deploy it when you see it fit, and watch the points rack up. This will work better with slower songs, but if you're experienced with Blitz, faster tempo songs will get you points quicker. Once the Jackpot ends and you have over 10,000 you will get:

High Roller

Earn at least 10,000 points with a single use of Jackpot.

High Roller
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: We Are Young

Super Keys -2,850

Road Rage -3,170

The last one. For Road Rage you don't have to do it in a single use. You need to clear 25 notes throughout a song, which isn't a hard feat at all. Feel free to use any song you want, but a song with more notes yields better results. Once you've cleared 25 in the song you'll get:

All the Rage

Clear 25 notes with Road Rage in a single song.

All the Rage
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Suggested song: Any song is fine as long as you can hit 25, but you should use Wicker Man or Spoonman. If you do play one of these two, have followed the guide thus far, and get a higher score, you will receive:

Never Better

Replay a song and beat your previous high score.

Never Better
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Once you've unlocked every power up, you will get:

More Power to You

Unlock every Power-up in Rock Band Blitz.

More Power to You
1 guideOnline Game ModeOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerLevelBuggy +Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Gold Stars and Miscellaneous Stuff:

By this time you should have unlocked:

Good as Gold

Earn Gold stars on a song.

Good as Gold
5 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

If not, I can suggest two songs for you, but they will both cost something.

1. Go to the Rock Band Network and buy "Upstream" by Corey Wong. All this consists of is a single guitar track so just put on the Pinball Power Up. Once you start the song, and the first purple power gem appears (make sure to hit this!), the pinball will start and not stop until the end of the song. Gold Stars will happen afterwards.


2. If you have the Green Day export, then just play "Song of the Century" with the same setup as above.

Through natural gameplay you should have also obtained:

Three for the Taking

Increase the Level Cap by 3X at 3 Checkpoints in a single song.

Three for the Taking
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Perfect Finish

Finish a song with all tracks at the Level Cap.

Perfect Finish
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Blitz and Giggles

Stay in Blitz Mode for at least 30 seconds in a single song.

Blitz and Giggles
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

For Shredder you need to hit 100% notes in a Guitar Solo. The easiest song in Blitz to do this for is "Give It Away". After getting 100% you will receive


Play 100% of the notes in a Guitar solo.

7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

While working towards 300 songs total played and natural gameplay you will get:

Extra Credit

Get your Blitz Cred up to at least 10,000.

Extra Credit
2 guidesOnline Game ModeOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCumulative +Buggy +Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

If you keep earning coins, and spend them regularly by now you should most definitely have:

Big Spender

Spend 10,000 coins.

Big Spender
1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Simply play 12 of the 25 songs in Blitz to earn:

That Dozen Count

Play 12 of the songs included with Rock Band Blitz.

That Dozen Count
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerExternal Content

Play all of them to get:

Blitzed Out

Play every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

Blitzed Out
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerStackableExternal Content

Here comes the part everybody has trouble with, getting Five Stars on all Blitz songs and Gold Starring all of them. It's actually more of the latter rather than the former. We will work on getting Gold Stars on all of the Blitz songs one by one. I will go through each song and list the power ups needed to grab Gold Stars. I'll also be listing how many tries it took me to Gold Star in parenthesis during my first time going through the game as well as the Gold Star Cutoff next to it.

All credit for Gold Star cutoffs go to xs Silence sx and the TA Community.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me" 159,500 (3)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes-Super Guitar

No real tricks here, you just need to constantly use Road Rage when the bar is full and keep hitting notes.

Always 267,000 (5)

Power ups to use: Bandmate-Flame Notes-Super Drums

I actually wanted to take this one in a different direction. Considering the song has a fast and strong drum part I decided I would stick bandmate there to take care of that part. Fire notes can be interchanged Blast notes though. Be warned to watch out and keep up with the keys section in this song, as missing it may make you miss gold stars.

Bang Your Head 400,000 (4)

Power ups to use: Jackpot-Flame Notes- Super Guitar

This was somewhat difficult to Gold Star even after I did before. You know that first guitar solo? Don't count on hitting it. You may have a chance with the second and third, but those are both still difficult to do. The reason I have Jackpot listed is because of the long sustaining chords you have at times during the guitar part. Use jackpot when you see those coming, and you'll rack up some points.

Cult of Personality 368,000 (8)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes-Super Guitar/Bass

The problem with this song is the second brutally difficult solo. Try to hit the first if you want a better shot at Gold Stars. I had a pretty sloppy run, got 5,000 on the second solo and still got GS. There's room for error on this song for sure. To maximize road rage use it on the slow parts of the song before the rest of the band plays heavily.

Death on Two Legs 237,000 (8)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes- Super Guitar

Surprisingly, this is a difficult song to play, and how it moves along is strange. First off that opening keys solo is ridiculous. The best I could get is 90 and I was pushing it. The two guitar solos aren't too terribly hard. Any way you put it, this isn't an easy song to gold star.

Diamond Eyes 431,717 (10)

Power ups to use: Road Rage- Blast/Flame Notes - Super Guitar/Vocals

Honestly, you'd be fine with either flame or blast, but blast notes yield better results most of the time. Watch out for the keys on this song, and play that track when you have to. Solutions also say to use Super Keys and jackpot for the long sustains during the song.

Give it Away 279,000 (3)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes-Super Vocals

Fairly easy song, and shouldn't take too long with this setup.

I'm Still Standing 234,000 (7)

Power ups to use: Jackpot-Blast/Flame Notes- Super Guitar

Use jackpot those sustained guitar chords throughout the song. That's about it.

Jessie's Girl 161,000 (3)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes-Super Guitar

Shouldn't have too much trouble using this setup. Use the road rage at the busy sections and you should be fine.

Jungle Boogie 131,000 (2)

Use the same setup as described above. Once again shouldn't be a problem.

Kids in the Street 324,835 (8)

Power ups to use: Bandmate-Flame Notes-Super Drums

Just like for Sixteen Candles we'll stick bandmate on the drum part to take care of it since it's the most prominent. Don't forget about the keys!

Moves Like Jagger 203,000 (8)

Power ups to use: Bottle Rocket-Blast Notes-Super Vocals

Keep firing the bottle rocket as much as possible. You'll keep gaining energy from the other energy notes you hit. It should be an almost continuous cycle at times.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy 381,505 (7)

Power ups to use: Bottle Rocket- Blast Notes- Super Guitar

Same drill as above, and you should have no sweat. There is a really hard guitar solo towards the ends but if you aim for over 90% you'll be golden.

One Week 114,000 (3)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes-Super Guitar or Vocals

In my opinion this is the easiest song in the game to Gold Star. Use Road Rage anywhere in the song really, and you'll rack up points.

Pumped Up Kicks 197,500 (4)

Power ups to use: Jackpot-Flame Notes-Super Vocals

When you can get the flame notes to work with the jackpot, you'll get big points. The song is slow enough to warrant moving tracks without messing up too often.

Raise Your Glass 143,000 (2)

Power ups to use: Bottle Rocket-Blast Notes- Super Vocals.

Treat this song like the other ones we've used with bottle rocket so far.

Shine 294,000 (3)

Power ups to use: Road Rage- Blast Notes- Super Guitar.

That guitar solo isn't entirely impossible, so you may be able to snag 20k from that, which will make this easier to get. Just use Road Rage like you normally would. In the beginning there aren't many clusters of notes for this to accumulate points, but it gets better towards the end.

Shout 489,000 (11)

Before I say anything else, this is easily one of the harder songs on the Blitz setlist. So if you follow my instructions this should be a little less painful.

Two things you NEED to do is hit both the keyboard solo, AND the Guitar solo perfectly.

Another thing is you need to do is use jackpot (like I've said before) on long sustained guitar chords. Sometimes you can get upwards of 80-90 THOUSAND POINTS!!! Save some jackpot overdrive before the guitar solo as there is some inside the solo. Use it when you see the sustained chords. As for the rest of it, it should be pretty self-explanatory.

On to the Power ups you'll need:

Jackpot-Flame Notes- Super Guitar

Sing 297,000 (11)

Power ups to use: Bottle Rocket-Blast Notes-Super Drums/Vocals

I Gold Starred towards the end using vocals, but drums play more of a factor throughout the song. Either one is fine really.

So Far Away 298,434 (5)

Power ups to use: Jackpot-Flame Notes- Super Guitar

I just came about 38,000 short with lots of screw-ups. Keep your jackpot, hit the flame notes, and be patient. I've scored 385,000 before with this exact method. So it shows, that this can be a big point maker when you're precise.

Spoonman 323,955 (23)

As you could probably tell, this was the last song I had left when I went for Gold Stars.

Power ups to use: Bottle Rocket- Blast Notes-Super Guitar/Bass

Here's where things get interesting. You can get 10,000 on each solo and still have gold stars. To improve your chances, just try to get 100% on at least one, if not two of the solos.(Drums and Bass)

Stronger 190,000 (2)

Power ups to use: Bottle Rocket-Blast Notes- Super Keys/Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Time to do the Bottle Rocket drill! (That means you use it over and over again...)

These Days 331,764 (5)

Power ups to use: Road Rage-Blast Notes- Super Guitar

Use Road Rage where you feel comfortable in using it as there aren't any major places. You could use it before he yells, "EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!" as that is where most of the notes in the song occur.

A note by Jayour .

I switched out "Road Rage" for "Jackpot", I ended up scoring 372,796 with Jackpot contributing just shy of 110,000 of that. I was picking up roughly 25-30k per Jackpot bonus.

We Are Young 192,300 (5)

Power ups to use: Shockwave-Blast Notes-Super Keys

Shockwave is essentially a bottle rocket in short. Just use it liberally as you fill it up. I felt we needed to use some different power ups, but don't worry, we won't use point doubler for Wicker Man...or will we? *cue dramatic music*


In short let me explain why I don't use point doubler at all. It's the weakest overdrive power up of the bunch. It's not necessarily bad, but it isn't the best one to use.

Wicker Man 394,800 (8)

First off, do not ignore the keys for this will pay

Power ups: Bottle Rocket, Blast Notes, Super Guitar

You know what to do by now I hope. Just use the bottle rocket as much as you can, and the point will jump up!

Stellar Performance

Earn 5 stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

Stellar Performance
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerStackableShopExternal ContentPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Precious Medal

Earn Gold stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

Precious Medal
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopExternal ContentPartly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Oh my will you look at that! Now you just need to play 300 songs if you haven't already along with the other miscellaneous DLC achievements!

Congrats on gold starring every song included with Rock Band Blitz, and hopefully you've now completed the game.

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