Plants vs. Zombies

There are only 12 achievements in Plants Vs. Zombies for Xbox 360. Six are to be found in the 'Adventure Mode', two in 'Multiplayer', one in Survival and the remaining three are unlocked by accumulating money and spending a certain amount on certain items.

You will begin with Adventure Mode as this will teach you the basics of playing the game and is essential to unlocking all the other modes for the rest of the achievements.


Soil Your Plants: This is unlocked very early simply by planting your first 10 Pea shooter plants.

Close Shave: Also very early on you will have to win a level with all lawn mowers used.

Nom Nom Nom: This will require unlocking three specific plants and completing any level using only these: the Sunflower, Wall-Nut and Chomper plants.

Explodonator: Around level 1.7 you will be able to blow up 10 Zombies at once using the Cherry Bomb plant.

Crash Of The Titan: At level 2.1 you will unlock the basic aspects of the Multiplayer and are free to begin them now or continue with the Adventure mode. This will not compromise anything and is simply a case of unlocking the MP achievements slightly earlier. If you stay in the Adventure mode by level 5.8 you will encounter a large Zombie known as a Gargantuar, defeating him will unlock the achievement.

Home Lawn Security: This is unlocked by completing the Adventure Mode through to the final level 5.10 and defeating the giant Robo-Zombie. This will also unlock all of the Multiplayer, the Zen Garden and the Tree Of Wisdom.


Alive And Planting: This is the most difficult achievement to unlock in Plants Vs. Zombies for Xbox 360 and is accomplished by surviving 40 'Flags' in 'Endless Survival Mode'. This mode is much like Adventure mode, although now you will have all the plants you've unlocked so far at your disposal, but the waves of Zombies will never end. To unlock this mode you will have to complete some of the various other lesser survival modes in different locations first. In Endless Survival Mode you will encounter indefinite waves of Zombies, but you will have a break between every two flags to choose and alter your plant arsenal. Surviving '40' waves can be very difficult and time consuming as failure results in resetting from flag one. To help you be successful I will explain to you the most efficient ways to accomplish this in the 'SURVIVAL MODE' section of this walkthrough.


You will have to play Adventure Mode about half way to unlock the Multiplayer aspects of this game. The MP modes can all be done offline and alone, you will however require a second controller but not necessarily a second person.

Versus Vs Versus: Unlocked by winning five matches of Versus Mode in a row.

ZFF’s 4 Evr: Unlocked by winning the 'Co-op Wall-Nut Bowling' mini-game from the Co-op section of the main menu (not to be confused with the Wall-Nut Mini-game encountered during Adventure Mode).


This is a shop that you will unlock early in the Adventure mode where you can buy new plants for use in any game mode, upgrade your house visually, buy items and plants for use in the Zen Gardens, and buy some other useful items.

Shopaholic: This will unlock once you've spent at least $25,000 on any of Crazy Dave’s merchandise.

Master Of Morticulture: Unlock this by collecting the '40' plants during Adventure mode, then buying the remaining nine from Crazy Dave.

Smarty Branches: Completing Adventure mode will unlock the Tree Of Wisdom which you then buy from Dave for $10,000. You will then need to grow the Tree Of Wisdom to 100ft, buying Tree Food and feeding the Tree will eventually grow it to 100ft for this achievement.

See the 'STORY WALKTHROUGH' section to learn how to complete each individual achievement, and consult the 'GENERAL HINTS AND TIPS' section for further valuable information on how to improve specific aspects of your game.

Despite its simplistic and cartoonish appearance Plants Vs Zombies has very strategic undertones. For the strategies concerning specific minor achievements see their entries in the 'STORY WALKTHROUGH' section. Here I'm going to explain the most efficient methods of conquering each section of the 'Adventure Mode' in different scenarios and help with the Mini-Games. For strategies concerning the 'Endless Survival Mode' for 'Alive and Planting' specifically see the 'SURVIVAL MODE' section of this walkthrough.

Beginning the Adventure Mode will show you the basics of playing the game. You acquire Sunlight in blocks of 50 points to spend on Plants with the purpose of destroying the Zombie hordes attacking your house. As you progress the Zombies will become ever more powerful, fast, and cunning and so too does your Plant arsenal to counter them. The strategies at first are very simple, in the early levels you'll want one column of Sunflowers only (6) near the rear. Begin to build and reserve sunlight and wait for the Zombies to attack before you start planting aggressive plants like Pea-Shooters. The beginning of any level is crucial as any mistakes now will snowball as you encounter greater numbers of Zombies. Watch what Zombies are coming down the lanes before planting things in that lane to destroy them. It's a good idea to build a barrier of Wall-Nuts and later Tall-Nuts at the front of your lawn, this gives you more time to build up Sunlight and plant decent guns at the rear. Also it's a good idea to use cheap one-off plants such as Squash, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Potato Mine, and Tangle Kelp to buy you time for more permanent guns and artillery.

In later levels you will face other problems than the Zombies themselves. You will soon change from defending the standard Front Yard to defending the Backyard where a pool presents new problems, later a rooftop where straight shooting plants become useless, a Nightime mode with a lack of Sunlight and a completely different arsenal, and also a Nightime mode with added fog where you are unable to see the approaching Zombies. During the Adventure Mode you will also encounter bonus level mini-games like Wall-Nut bowling and Vasebreaker, culminating ultimately with the end boss 'Dr. Zomboss'. I have provided descriptions and video guides below to help you successfully complete the more challenging aspects of the game.


This starting scenario is fairly easy, remember to plant a decent amount of Sunflowers and wait to see which lanes the Zombies are coming down until you plant Shooting plants in the rear. Using Wall-Nuts at the very front will allow more time to catch Sunlight and kill the Zombies. Try to stock up a little Sunlight for emergency use of the Cherry Bomb, most effective when a ‘Huge Wave’ first enters through the bushes. The Squash is highly recommended, use it whenever a harder Zombie sneaks through your lines, they will also kill the Zomboni's in one hit, and do decent damage to Gargantuars.

Standard set-up for early levels:

Column one: Pea Shooters, then replace them with Snow-Peas or Repeaters. Column two: Pea Shooters, then replace them with Repeaters. Column three: Sunflowers. Column four: Sunflowers. Column five: Empty or Torchwood if you didn't plant Snow Peas as they just turn them back to normal peas. Column six: Empty. Column seven: Wall-Nuts. Column eight: Wall-Nuts, Column nine: Reserve for Cherry Bomb or Squash.

Standard set-up for later levels:

Column one: Melons, then Winter-Melons. Column two: Pea Shooters, then Kernel-Pults, then 'Cob-Cannons'. Column three: Kernel-Pults, then 'Cob-Cannons'. Column four: Snow Peas. Column five: Sunflowers, then Twin-Sunflowers. Column six: Sunflowers, then Twin-Sunflowers. Column seven: Tall-Nuts. Column eight: Spikeweed, then Spikerock. Column nine: Spikeweed, then Spikerock.

This video is from the PC version but it's entirely the same. I can't add much to improve this, the set-up on this video, courtesy of 'Kenah7' is generally what you should be aiming for.


The ZFF's-4-Evr achievement linked to this mode is found in the Mini-Games section of the main menu and is not to be confused with the Wall-Nut Bowling Mini-Game during the Adventure Mode. Also note that this can only be done locally on one console but can be done with two controllers resting on your lap. This video courtesy of 'MrTrophyhelp' is from the PS3 version but is entirely the same, it shows a basic successful round of Co-op Wall-Nut Bowling. Although he should have kept more explosives for later, but note his effective use of the 'Butter-Blocker' to slow the dangerously close Zombies down (this is 'X' button on the Xbox 360 version).


This scenario is exactly the same as the one in the 'Endless Survival Mode' when going for 'Alive And Planting'. Because of the comprehensive nature of this mode I have dedicated an entire section only for this part of the game. Please see the 'SURVIVAL MODE' of this walkthrough for all guides and videos concerning this.


Straight shooting plants of any kind are not recommended on the roof levels except in the very front as the slope of the roof renders them useless. Instead you’ll be given the ‘Cabbage Pult’, then the ‘Kernel-Pult’, and finally the most powerful; the ‘Melon-Pult’. Use these in the second two then later three columns, then one column of Sunflowers, upgrading them to Twin-Sunflowers when you can. You’ll have to watch for the Zombies destroying the pots, replace them when you can. Use Tall-Nuts in the front row and use Squash to kill the odd Zombie threatening your line. You’ll soon be given the ‘Umbrella Leaves’ place one or two of these centrally to prevent the Bungee-Zombies from stealing your plants and dropping off other Zombies. Also Pumpkins are a great way to protect your more important plants. A line of Snow peas is a good means of slowing down the enemies in the front but like I said they are useless on the slope.

This is a basic successful layout:

Column one: Sunflowers, then Twin-Sunflowers. Column two: Sunflowers, then Twin-Sunflowers. Column three: Kernel-Pults. Column four: Kernel-Pults. Column five: Kernel-Pults. Column six: Snow Peas in Pumpkins. Column seven: Snow-Peas in Pumpkins. Column eight: Tall-Nuts in Pumpkins.

I recommend these videos courtesy of 'firehot12', they are from the PC version but they are entirely identical, they show you the more advanced techniques for Rooftops in Adventure and Survival mode.

VID 1:

VID 2:

VID 3:


You will have no natural Sunlight at night and so extra Sunflowers are essential. Puff-Shrooms are costless but only effective at the front as their range is short. Gain some extra sun early and whenever you get the chance destroy those Graves.

Column one: Scaredy-Shrooms. Column two: Sun-Shrooms. Column three: Sun-Shrooms. Columns four, five and six: Fume-Shrooms. Column seven (or in front of Graves): Puff-Shrooms. Keep an Ice-Shroom handy for Huge waves. In later levels you’ll have to utilise more powerful Mushrooms, upgrade Fume-Shrooms to Gloom-Shrooms.

I like this video courtesy of 'BozoTheBear' as he uses Garlic to divert Zombies into more protected rows.


This can be a little tricky as you’ll have to deal with Balloon Zombies and Digger Zombies and you can’t see where your next Zombie is coming from. Use the Sun-Shrooms in the first two columns and block the initial Zombies with Puff-Shrooms. Build up columns three and four with Cacti and Split Peas. Watch your back row and be careful to replace lost plants. You will want to use Sea-Shrooms sometimes to whittle down the pool Zombies and then Tangle Kelp to take care of the Dolphin Riders is essential.

This video courtesy of 'Aznkei' is from the PC version but is entirely the same, he doesn't use upgrades, the only thing I would do differently is to keep a free slot for one-off plants such as Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb and/or Squash just as an emergency back-up.


You will encounter the end Dr. Zomboss in level 5.10, you have to damage him with plants whenever he stoops down. To make him more difficult you will not have a choice of plants, instead you have a random selection consisting mainly of Plant-Pots, Ice-Shrooms and Jalapenos with the odd Pult. Plant the pots quickly at the front and any Pults you get at the rear, replacing the less powerful Cabbage-Pults with Kernels and Melons, also don't just waste the Ice-Shrooms and any Jalapenos you get, save them up. Wait until the boss lowers down to attack with a giant ball and when he does use an Ice-Shroom to freeze him and then the Jalapenos to damage him further, but I'd recommend keeping a single Jalapeno in reserve for those pesky Pogo-Zombies who can break through your line. This video courtesy of 'Gabi12121212' shows you how to defeat him effectively.


Welcome to the wonderful walkthrough for Plants Vs. Zombies for Xbox 360. This will show you the most efficient path to unlocking all achievements available and having some fun in the bargain.

Plants Vs. Zombies is a strategic and fun static god-view Tower Defence game with the basic concept being the protection of your home from hoards of Zombies using an extensive arsenal of mutated and personified plantlife. You will be in command of a six by nine squared lawn or rooftop with the entry to your house on your left and Zombie infested bushes on your right. For the purposes of this walkthrough I will refer to the horizontal lanes as ‘Rows’ and the vertical lanes as ‘Columns’ respectively. Your fuel to grow your plants is sunlight, harvested either naturally from the Sun during the day or by planted ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Sun-Shrooms’. The greater your Sunlight the faster and greater plants you can plant. As you progress you will encounter new challenges in the forms of more powerful and cunning Zombies, lack of Sunlight, Fog covering your perception of the lawn, a backyard pool and Rooftops forcing you to place ‘Lily-pads’ or ‘Plant-pots’ before you can plant, and many other diverse complications. To counter these difficulties you will gradually unlock better Plants and it will be down to your planning, speed and strategy whether you’re able to hold off the Zombie hoards or if the Zombies break through and eat your brains!

There are twelve achievements all of which can be unlocked offline and alone, however you will require a second controller for the multiplayer achievements but not necessarily a second person. During the course of unlocking these you will have to explore most aspects of the game from ‘Adventure Mode’, Multiplayer Vs and Co-op, Zen Garden, and Survival Mode. There are some choices that may result in unlocking these achievements slightly sooner so in every case I have stated the options available.

You should begin with ‘Adventure Mode’ this will show you the basics of how to play and is essential to unlock further modes such as ‘Multiplayer’.


Select ‘Adventure Mode’ from the main menu and follow the basic instructions. You will start out with the standard front lawn and progress through various different layouts including a Backyard with a pool, Rooftop and Night time scenarios. If you're struggling with any of these modes specifically visit the 'GENERAL HINTS AND TIPS' section of this walkthrough for insights and video guides on how to complete them successfully.

At level 1.2 you should have planted at least ten ‘Pea Shooter’ plants, this will unlock:

Soil Your Plants

Plant your first 10 peashooters

Soil Your Plants
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeVersusMain StorylineCumulative +

At the beginning of level 1.4 don’t plant anything; collect Sunlight and allow a Zombie to walk right up to the lawnmower on the far left so that it rolls over him and kills all the Zombies in that row. Then plant a Pea Shooter on the far left of that row and protect it. Do this down each row so there are no more lawnmowers. Now continue to destroy all the Zombies and win the level, you will unlock:

Close Shave

Win any level after all 5 lawnmowers have been used

Close Shave
10 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

You will unlock the 'Cherry Bomb' at the end of level 1.2 and the 'Wall-Nut' at the end of level 1.3. Once you have these you can attempt to block ten Zombies into a group with the Wall-Nuts and then blow them up with the Cherry Bomb. However the earliest and best level to attempt this on is level 1.7, plant two columns of normal Pea-Shooters and two of Sunflowers in the rear, then begin to place Wall-Nuts on the second to last column. When the final wave attacks allow the Zombies to get clear of the bushes and pop a Cherry Bomb. When done successfully you will unlock:


Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!

5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeVersus

You will unlock the 'Sunflower' at the end of level 1.1, the 'Wall-Nut' at the end of level 1.3 and the 'Chomper' at the end of level 1.7. Once you have these plants you can complete level 1.8 using only these three plants. At the beginning of the level plant a few Sunflowers in the rear and catch any early Zombies with a Chomper. Collect as much sunlight as possible, you'll want to aim for at least three full columns of Sunflowers in the rear. Then proceed to plant Chompers in columns near the front prioritising lanes with Zombies approaching. Chompers need time to chew the Zombies so you may lose them, to give your Chompers more time place Wall-Nuts in front of them and replace any ones you lose. At the successful completion of the level you will unlock:

Nom Nom Nom

Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wallnut, and Chomper on any level

Nom Nom Nom
12 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

If you're having trouble check out this video courtesy of 'Rooster Teeth':

During level 2.1 you will find a 'Present', collecting it will unlock the 'Multiplayer' aspect of the game. You can continue through the Adventure Mode until completion or you can finish level 2.1 then move over to the Multiplayer to unlock the two achievements earlier. See 'Multiplayer' below to learn the best way to do this.

Also by level 2.1 you will begin to find 'Coins' floating around, move your cursor over them to collect as many as possible. At the end of level 3.4 you will find 'Crazy Dave's' 'Car Key' and unlock his shop. There you can purchase Plant upgrades, house upgrades (visual only), utilities, and plants and equipment for your simulated 'Zen Gardens' where you can grow various plants. These plants will periodically produce money and you can sell fully grown plants to make profit. New gardens and more plants are unlocked through Adventure and other modes such as Survival and the Mini-Games. Nurture your plants and sell them back to Dave. Spending a cumulative total of $25,000 on any of Dave's gear will unlock:


Go trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies

4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

In level 5.8 you will encounter a large Zombie called a 'Gargantuar' on the Rooftops. Destroying him isn't difficult using your now extensive arsenal. Planting 'Kernel-Pults' in the rear and 'Snow-Peas' in the front help to slow and bring these guys down. If you're having trouble consult the 'GENERAL HINTS AND TIPS' section of this walkthrough. Killing a Gargantuar (if you haven't already done so in Multiplayer) will unlock:

Crash of the Titan

Defeat your first Gargantuar

Crash of the Titan
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeVersusMain Storyline

Continue Adventure Mode through 5 full levels, if you're struggling to find the best plants to use in the later more difficult levels you'll want to always build towards a full column of 'Twin-Sunflowers' near the rear, Melons then Frozen Melons in the rear lanes, Kernel-Pults later upgraded to 'Cob-Cannons', 'Frozen Peas' near the middle, Cattails and Gloom-Shrooms in the pool and in the front you'll always want a column of Tall-Nuts and Spike-Rocks. Also work towards protecting everything with Pumpkins and try to keep an explosive and Ice-Shroom in your inventory to cause extra damage.

If you're still struggling with any area of Adventure Mode see the strategies for optimal lawn, pool, rooftop and night time defence systems in the relevant part of the 'GENERAL HINTS AND TIPS' section of this walkthrough.

Completing final level 5.10 and defeating the final boss Dr. Zomboss in Adventure Mode will unlock:

Home Lawn Security

Complete adventure mode

Home Lawn Security
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeMain Storyline


You must complete level 2.1 to unlock the Multiplayer aspect of the game. Once you have:

From the main menu select 'More Ways To Play' then select 'VS' and sign in a second controller. Press A then A again. Choose a side with Player one (as the one getting the achievements) by sliding the on-screen controller to the left or right and pressing A, do this with controller two also. Select 'Quick Play' and once the game begins press start with controller two and quit out. Do this five times to unlock:

Versus vs Versus

Go on a 5 game winning streak in VS. mode

Versus vs Versus
5 guidesOffline Game ModeVersus

Alternatively if you'd like to actually play; do everything the same but select Zombies with player one and win with Player one instead of quitting out. At the start spawn a regular Zombie down an empty row, collect 'Brains' like you would Sunlight and once the lawnmower takes the Zombie out spawn a Footballer Zombie down the same row, collect the Cup to win. (This takes 0:59 each round). [Credit to 'ThisBloodIsTrue' for this information].

Alternatively if you'd like to play as Plants; select Plants with controller one. At the beginning plant a Sunflower anywhere, collect Sunlight and plant a Pea-Shooter in a row without a Gravestone in it. Plant a second Sunflower and then a second Pea-Shooter in a different row without a Gravestone in it. Now plant a third and a fourth Pea-Shooter in lanes without Gravestones in them. When the third target Zombie is killed collect the Cup to win. (This takes 1:04 each round).

You must have unlocked 'Co-op' mode in the Adventure mode before you can:

Select 'More Ways To Play' from the main menu, then 'Co-op', scroll down to Co-op Bowling and select it. Sign in with a second controller and press A then A again. This isn't difficult if you prioritise Zombies that are closer to your house and save your Explosive (Red) Wall-Nuts for the groups of Zombies. Try not to waste any nuts and don't panic if you're going to lose a Lawnmower or two, but try to allow the lawnmowers to be activated only when you have a lot of Zombies in the row. Completing this will unlock:

ZFF's 4 Evr

Bowl a winner with a friend in Co-Op Wall-Nut Bowling

ZFF's 4 Evr
5 guidesOffline Game ModeCooperative

You will encounter a large Zombie known as a 'Gargantuar' during this mode and if you have moved to Multiplayer before completing level 5.8 of the Adventure Mode; defeating him will unlock the 'Crash Of Titan' achievement earlier.

If you're still having trouble with this mode see the 'GENERAL HINTS AND TIPS' section of this walkthrough under 'Co-op Wall-Nut Bowling - ZFF's-4-Evr'.


You'll first have to play Adventure Mode until you unlock Survival Mode and then complete enough of the normal Survival modes until you unlock the 'Endless Survival' mode at the end. You will have to survive 40 Flags in 20 levels in this mode to unlock the hardest achievement in Plants Vs. Zombies for Xbox 360; 'Alive and Planting'. This is no easy task but your skills and planning from Adventure mode will certainly carry over and improve your chances. Completing your 40th wave will unlock:

Alive and Planting

Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity

Alive and Planting
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Strategies for specific areas and video guides are to be found in the 'SURVIVAL MODE' section of this walkthrough.


After unlocking Crazy Dave's Shop and completing Adventure Mode you will have to amass over $100,000 to buy the remaining nine plants from Dave. Playing the Mini-Games and growing plants in your Zen Gardens is the best way to earn cash fast. Also buying, collecting and selling mature Marigolds is very lucrative. The Night Garden is also a very good way to earn cash, buy it from Dave and play 'Extra' modes at night. Playing these night modes will occasionally reward you with Mushrooms that when nurtured to maturity will sell for handsome prices. Once you buy the 49th plant you will unlock:

Master of Morticulture

Collect all 49 plants in the game

Master of Morticulture
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

This video courtesy of 'Yu Jia' shows a great method of making money fast:


After completing the Adventure mode you will unlock the 'Tree Of Wisdom', which then has to be purchased from Crazy Dave for $10,000. Once owned the Tree Of Wisdom can be accessed through the Zen Garden. Go to 'Extras' from the main menu and select Zen Garden. Now use RB to scroll along to the Tree Of Wisdom. The Tree will grow when you feed it 'Tree Food' similar to fertiliser and bought from Dave's shop. These cost $2,500 each and will grow your Tree 1ft each. Each time you feed the tree it will give a useful tip on how to improve your game in the various modes of Plants Vs. Zombies. Dave will give you 5 free bags of Tree Food when you buy the Tree Of Wisdom so you will have to buy the remaining 95 bags yourself costing you a total of $247,500 to grow the tree to 100ft and unlock:

Smarty Branches

Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet

Smarty Branches
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Consult the above guide for 'Master Of Morticulture' for methods of making money faster.

Congratulations you have completed 'Plants Vs. Zombies' for Xbox 360.

Survival Mode is found in the 'More Ways To Play' section of the main menu and contains many scenarios from the Adventure Mode to test your skills in home lawn defence. You should attempt these modes after completing the Adventure and furthermore should only attempt the final and most difficult 'Endless Survival Mode' after buying all the plants and all ten plant slots available from Crazy Dave (you're gonna need 'em).

With the Adventure Mode complete, all the slots and plants in the game available, and your skills honed to perfection you can now tackle:

Alive and Planting

Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity

Alive and Planting
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

This achievement involves firstly completing enough of the lesser Survival Modes to unlock the Endless Survival Mode (follow my guides for various scenarios in the 'GENERAL HINTS AND TIPS' section if you're struggling with any of them). With Endless mode unlocked you then have to survive no less than '40' flags (which is 20 levels) of Zombie hordes in succession in that mode. Although you can pause and quit to save your game at any time you cannot restart from flags or checkpoints and if you're too slow or clumsy and make too many mistakes you will have to restart from flag one. Unlike Adventure Mode you will have the option to choose any ten plants every two flags and you will not encounter any bonus waves (like Wall-Nut Bowling).

To complicate things the Endless Survival Mode is set in the Backyard with the pool and this cannot be changed. There are certain musts and must nots in surviving at least 40 waves but there isn't one single most effective way. Below I have chosen the top two most efficient and easy methods to follow.

What you have learned in Adventure Mode will be useful for Survival, however in later waves the strength and cunning of the Zombie hordes will become extremely overwhelming and your only defences will be planning, strategy and efficient control. To unlock this achievement you will have to survive at least 40 Flags, however the achievement won't actually unlock until the Zombies eventually break through at whatever level you can reach. These 40 flags are each signified by a Flag Carrying Zombie leading an ever increasingly difficult wave of Zombies spread over 20 levels. At the successful defeat of two flags the action will be paused and you will be directed to the Plant Selection board. The choices you make here may change throughout the course of the 40 waves as you will have to begin with cheaper weaker plants and gradually build towards stronger more permanent ones. Make sure you've purchased all ten slots from Crazy Dave before beginning Endless mode, even with all available slots there will be times when you will have to choose between equally essential plants and these choices are critical to your success.

Before I go into the greater detail of each method I'll give the more experienced players the basic pinpoint rundown of the typical method to complete 40 waves.

#= Begin by choosing Sunflowers and Lily-pads, these are the most important of plants in your first waves, plant up to 6 columns of them, leaving the very rear column free for now.
#= In terms of aggressive plants, you'll need cheaper ones at first, take the Squash or Potato mine to block early zombies while you plant columns of Sunflowers and Melons in the rear.
#= Plant a heavy array of Sunflowers, as heavy as you can, at the beginning this will give you a stock of Sunlight for later levels, running low of Sunlight is the most common cause of failure.
#= Place either Spikerock, Winter-Melons, or Gloom-Shrooms in the very rear column to secure you against Digger Zombies.
#= Build towards Winter-Melons in general in the rear while you also use Spikerock at the immediate front.
#= In the pool start working towards Fume and then Gloom Shrooms in the front, remembering to take along the Coffee bean to awaken them (only required once).
#= When you have a massive stock of Sunlight you'll want to plant Kernel-Pults and upgrade them to Cob-Cannons.
#= Protect everything with Pumpkins and use the Imitator to increase the planting availability of Pumpkins and any other plant you feel you're short of.
#= Try to keep Jalapenos and/or Ice-Shrooms in reserve for overwhelmed lanes, both can be life-savers.
#= Take a look at this picture courtesy of 'wARtist' from and posted by 'Epsilon Theta' of TA. It shows the end set-up in action, although personally I would have more Gloom-Shrooms or Cattails in place of the Gold-Magnets.

Endless Survival


Much like the method shown above this will allow you to reach far greater flags than 40 if done well. Like shown in the video below courtesy of 'exitmusic123' the set-up is very specific. This video is a great tutorial and shows the exact way to set up your main defences from the start. He begins with planting the minimum Sunflowers required using the Imitator to speed things up. He uses a Squash to catch the first Zombie but planting a Cattail earlier will also work. Remember to keep moving the cursor to collect all the Sunlight and build it up, don't attempt to deplete it. Try to place the Melons as to defend each lane before planting the second in that row. Build towards the exact set-up in this video any deviations could cause massive failure, take special note of the exact positions of the Cob-Cannons, moving them will cause their destruction by Guargantuan Minions. This video is precise to what you need to do, the only plots available for alternatives are where the Golden Magnets and the Umbrella Plants are. You could try Cattails or Gloom-Shrooms in the place of the magnets. As for the Umbrella Plants they are a good idea but Gloom-Shrooms or even empty plots for Jalapenos and Ice-Shrooms are also effective. After the video ends he would have replaced the two sets of Twin-Sunflowers in the pool with Cob-Cannons, and filled the front two columns with Spikerock. Maintaining this set-up will guarantee success, adding a pumpkin to everything for protection is also beneficial. Try to keep some of the basics like Melons, Fume and Gloom Shrooms and Pumpkins in your inventory in later levels and use Jalapenos and Ice-Shrooms to add extra damage.


This method relies almost entirely on Gloom, Ice and Doom Shrooms. In this video courtesy of 'Hitoridakeno' he uses 'Draco89123's original concept of using Ice-Shrooms to slow the Guargantuans down giving the Gloom-Shrooms and Winter-Melons more chance to damage them while also utilising Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos and Doom Shrooms for extra damage. This method may be more attentive but it is very effective and if mastered could allow you to reach into the hundreds or even thousands of flags.

With these solutions at your disposal you should have 'Alive and Kicking' in no time and you'll probably be thinking of even making your mark on the leaderboards.

Special thanks to:

DTI April

Any questions or improvements please direct them to my inbox:


or alternatively post them in the Plants vs. Zombies Walkthrough Discussion

Thank You!

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