CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

Hello all! This walkthrough will net you all the achievements for CSI: Fatal Conspiracy in the fastest and most efficient way I could find. You will be able to get all these achievements in one playthrough of each case. Also, you only need to get a perfect score on one case to get all the achievements, but I will show you how to get 100% on all 5 cases.

I'll be doing a thoroughness, cunning, and skill check at different points or after certain actions are taken. This will make more sense once you begin to play. The completion at a certain percent achievements are stackable, but there is a glitch that might not allow you to get them all at once. However, I found a way to get them without having to try again which I'll explain when the time is right.

Some of the things I will have you do won't actually give you any clues or affect the case at all but are required actions to increase your thoroughness. You can actually beat the cases and get the achievements without doing everything I have you do, but like I said earlier I'm going to show you how to get 100% on each case.

In case you've never seen any of the CSI shows, you will meet Sara Sidle, Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Catherine Willows, and Dr. Raymond Langston from the original show set in Las Vegas. You solve a case with each character, and as a bonus the actors from the show actually do the voice-overs in the game.

Now, on to the game.

There is only one difficulty, so no need to worry about playing this one multiple times. Also, if you miss something on a case or don't get the achievements you can play them over again if you need to.

As I stated previously, you only need to get 100% in Thoroughness, Cunning and Skill once for the achievements. There are a few things you need to do in every case to get thoroughness points, such as advancing as far as you can with the forward arrow in certain situations. I will explain them as they come. You do not need 100% in the three categories to solve the case.

For most cutscenes, and evidence collection you can press the right bumper to skip them.

If you ever ask a question and can present evidence that contradicts the answer given to you, a box with an exclamation point will appear at the right of your questions. If you don't have any actual evidence to contradict a statement, ignore it until you find the evidence.

Press start to begin the game; the menu is as follows.

SELECT CASE - Here you can choose and if you want to start a new save, or continue a previous one.

  • Episode 1 : Flash Baked
  • Episode 2 : Planting Evidence
  • Episode 3 : Tapped Out
  • Episode 4 : All Washed Up
  • Episode 5 : Boss Fight

CONTINUE - This will bring you to the last autosave.

OPTIONS - In here you can choose to have the tutorial on or off, the subtitles on or off, and how often you want hints to be emailed to you. You can set the hints to anything you'd like since I'll be going over exactly what to do. You can also change your audio settings.

CREDITS - Here you can watch the credits

In this walkthrough, I'm going to be formatting the text for different things.

If it's bold, I think it's something you should take note of. If it's underlined or has "quotes", it's the dialogue from a question you can ask someone or the specific name of a piece of evidence. If it has a --- before and after, it's a location.

Now we can start to earn some cheevo's!

Episode 1 : Flash Baked

After the opening cutscene you should have gotten;

after Sara says “you wanna take that interview?” Also we can knock out some easy achievements before we start to investigate.

Move your cursor down to your phone on the bottom left with the left stick. You'll notice that if you move the left stick, your cursor will move and the right stick adjusts your viewpoint.

Enter your phone by pressing a on it and move to the options menu with the left stick. Once inside you can change various settings but for now we just want to hit b to back out.

Now move to the Case File menu. Once inside you can see various information on the case, check your statistics which are the Thoroughness, Skill, and Cunning I mentioned earlier. For now just hit b to back out.

Lastly, open the case file menu again and go to the reconstructions tab. Move down with the left stick and select the only video available. After you watch it, back out.

You should also make note that you have 2% thoroughness, and everything else is 0% in the statistics in your case file.

---Superla Spa---

Now lets investigate. Back all the way out of your PDA until you can move around. Move your cursor between the two baths in front of you until it becomes an arrow ahead. Click a to move in. Move over to the left bath until your cursor changes to a toolbox. Click a and it will go to a cut-scene. Sara babbles and says she'll call about getting something to look deeper.

Between the two baths, you should get a forward arrow near what looks like smoke running up the wall. Proceed and you should have a toolbox. Press a to collect the evidence. Use the “collection” tool and press a on the smoke. This will get you the “Soot from near mud baths at spa” evidence.

Back away from there and move to the right. You should get another toolbox on a roundish slab with a circular hole in the middle. Use the casting tool to collect. Now you'll have the “A plaster cast of two different holes in drywall at spa” piece of evidence.

Back out and go right to the door on the right side of the owner. Zoom in to the microwave oven and open the door, then collect the muffin container inside for the “Burnt substance, probable ignition source, from toaster in spa”.

To the left of the microwave, in the corner of the kitchen, you'll get an arrow near the ceiling. Proceed and collect the piece of evidence on the falling ceiling tile. “Chemical from the ceiling of the spa”.

Back away and scroll left to the smoke before the door. Move forward and to the right of the smoke collect with the collection tool the “Soot from break room at spa”.

Back away and go through the door on the left into the boiler room. To the right of the first boiler near the floor, collect with the collection tool “Soot from boiler room at spa”. Back out and continue left to the blue gas line of the middle boiler near the floor. Collect with the casting tool on the blue piece to get “Markings from severed gas line at spa”.

Now back out of the boiler room, then the kitchen, to question the owner. Ask “We'll need to know your insurance provider” which happens to be the only question, then “We'll talk to you later.” You'll receive "Pete Baxa's business card", then listen to Catherine explain the ultrasound scanner. If you move it around, you can make out a skeleton. Move the cursor to the top until you find the skull for a cut-scene.


Now you are back at the morgue. Before we go any further, were going to examine some evidence and visit some places for the thoroughness it awards. First open your evidence and select "Pete Baxa's business card". You should notice the toolbox icon once your under the capital “S”. Process it for fingerprints then back out. “Pete Baxa's fingerprint” has been added.

---Main Lab---

Now on your PDA go to locations, then main lab. Before venturing ahead, your thoroughness should be 26% and everything else 0%. From here on out I'm going to be referencing these as their percents and which category only to save time.

Here are some of the things you must do for every case. I think you can get these while actually examining evidence, but it never hurts to be sure. I've found that doing things this way will get you 100% every time so why risk it, right?

Go in the door on the left (DATA LAB) Scroll left to the big flat screen and advance. Click on the center screen and Trend Micro should run. Then back out and scroll right to the fingerprint machine. Enter it and run the scan.

On a side note, Since you don't use every machine in every case, I think to get the thoroughness for these it checks to see if you've ran the scan which then counts it as being used.

You can then back out to the main hallway and proceed straight ahead. Nothing to see here so back out and go in the right door (MATERIALS LAB). All the way on the right, zoom in to the photo array then back out. Now click on the big white table. Then to the left, the computer with the microscope on the left. Run its scan then back out. Lastly to the left, click on the screen with the DNA strand for, you guessed it, the DNA computer. Run its scan and were finished with the thoroughness in the lab.

44% T, 0% S, 0% C

---Brass's Office, Interrogation Room---

For more thoroughness you can visit Brass's Office and the Interrogation Room. These must also be done during every case.

48% T, 0% S, 0% C

---Main Lab---

Now we can process some evidence.

In the Substance Analysis machine, which is in the Materials Lab on the far left. Go to “Chemical”.

Eventually I'll stop describing what to do in so much detail as you'll be picking it up along the way, but for now, click on evidence. Were going to search for a match on each of the five pieces we have so choose the “soot from near mud baths at spa” then go to the search button on the right.

For most of the evidence, if you choose the wrong thing, it will negatively affect your Skill score so I'll list the correct options to select in case you can't figure it out.

So we need to match our evidence to the correct substances from the selections. For the “Soot from near mud baths at spa” you want to select the second and fourth options, from here on out noted like so. (2,4) Then confirm the match and Sara will describe what substances are in this evidence.

Now you can either select the reset button, or just push b until your able to choose more evidence. So choose “Burnt substance, probable ignition source, from toaster in spa” Then search and choose (1,5,6).

Chemical from the ceiling of the spa (1,5,6)

Soot from break room at spa (1,3)

Soot from boiler room at spa (1,2,3)

You'll receive a phone call from Dr. Robbins so lets check some things before we head to the morgue. You should see that all the evidence you've examined has been updated. Also, 48% T, 100% S, 0% C.


Head to the morgue. Here is another thing you must check in every case for thoroughness. To the right of the autopsy table is a small cart. Advance to it and back out.

Now talk with Doc Robbins by asking “Who is she?”, then “What's the cause of death?”, “When did she die?”, “Any signs of foul play?”. Now move in on the body, then move left until you can see the bruise on her left arm. Collect a photograph of the bruise, then back out and talk to Doc again. “Anything else we should know about?”, “Did she know she had cancer?”, “Thanks, Doc.

53% T, 100% S, 0% C

---Main Lab---

Now we need to run her ten-card so head to the Data Lab and access the Database Computer on the right. In fingerprints, click on evidence and select “Victim's ten-card”. You'll learn that the victim isn't in AFIS. Now on the Substance Analysis computer in the other lab, run her DNA. Our victim isn't in CODAS either.

Sara mentions that maybe Pete Baxa knows her, so head to the “Barber Shop, Pete Baxa's Office” location.

---Barber Shop, Pete Baxa's Office---

Click on the door to knock on it and talk to Pete. “Can you identify a body for us?”, “Who's Portia?”, “So, will you come with us?

---Interrogation Room---

After a cut-scene in the morgue, you can ask Pete “Did Portia have any reason to start the fire?”. Since we have some evidence to contradict him, choose “The evidence says your lying” and back it up with “Asbestos from the ceiling of the spa”. Ask him the rest of the questions. “Was there anything unusual about Ms. Weissman's recent behavior?”, “Why do you think she was having relationship problems?”, “One bad weekend doesn't mean the relationship had problems.”, “What do you know about Portia's boyfriend?”, “How was the business doing?”, “Do you have any enemies?”, “Could you give us Ms. Weissman's address?”, then “Thanks, we'll be right back.

That will unlock.

You should also have 55% T, 100% S, 100% C.

Off to Portia's place.

---Victim's Loft---

When you make your way to Portia's loft, you'll interrupt a man with a sledge hammer inside. This will automatically take you back to the Interrogation Room.

---Interrogation Room---

Ask Brian Reid “There was a fire at the spa.”, “What were you doing in the apartment?”, “Tell us about the hammer.”, “Who broke up with whom?”, “Did it get violent?”, “You're lying.” backed up with “Picture of bruises on Portia Weissman's arm”, “Was Portia self-medicating?”, “Portia's cancer had come back.”, “Where were you last night?” and finally “We're done... for now.

---Victim's Loft---

Zoom in on the footprint, and collect it with a photograph. Then collect a sample with the collection tool. Enter the loft and zoom in on the door handle to collect with casting the marks on the top left of the handle. To the right, zoom in on the hammer on the floor to collect it. To the top of the screen on the floor, zoom in on the beads to collect a hair.

Back out and look in the broiler pan of the oven in the kitchen on the right. Collect the spa records then back out again. Head into the room on the left, then look all the way right at the computer. Zoom in on the computer to notice the hard drive is missing. Turn all the way to the left and climb the ladder for thoroughness.

77% T, 100% S, 100% C

---Main Lab---

Back at the main lab, in the Substance Analysis do a chemical search on the “Chemical from shoe print in victim's loft”. (2,3,4)

Now go to the Microscope on the right, and then the Macroscopic Comparison. Compare the plaster cast of two different holes in drywall at spa with the Firefighter's Denver tool, taken from Brian Reid. Now the markings on the door to the Denver tool. Finally, the door markings to the plaster cast.

---Interrogation Room---

Ask Brian “You didn't tell us you were a firefighter.”, “But you did get fired.”, “You failed a drug test.”, “You dumped her because she dosed you.”, “Tell us about this tool.”, “You didn't use a key.”, “I think you're lying.”, “Marks made by Denver tool.”, “We suspect you for the fire.”, “I think you're lying.”, “a plaster cast of two different holes.”, “Business at the spa was slow?”, “Where are the records?”, “We're done for now.

---Barber Shop---

Let's pay Mr. Baxa a visit. Open the door to talk to him. “We're looking for a tool.”, “We're going now.”. Before you leave, make sure you pick up the tissue he discarded in the pile of trash to the left of the door. Collect it then head back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

Once at the lab, open your evidence to process the tissue and collect a sample of Pete's DNA. Now head to DNA and compare the hair to Pete's blood. This is your first DNA comparison so make sure you get them right the first time. All you have to do is drag the filled in colors to the side that isn't filled, matching them in the order they fit. Press and hold a then move the left stick to arrange them in the correct order. We have a match.

---Brass's Office---

After a cut-scene, you'll be introduced to an FBI agent in Brass's Office. Talk to Brass now “I want a warrant to search the barber shop.” with “Pete Baxa's hair from bead curtain" as evidence.

Now with warrant in hand head to the "Barber Shop". Also take note, 80% T, 100% S, 100% C.

---Barber Shop---

Enter and continue straight to the computer. Pick up the portfolio on the left, then the bag of blue-berry muffins to the upper right, then further right to the hard drive. Back away from the computer and open the drawers to the right. Then examine the bright white file on the right side of the drawer. Back away from the drawer and enter the room to the right. Collect the shoes on the floor to the left, then the can of acetone on the upper shelf to the right, further right open the briefcase looking toolbox to find plumbing shears on the left side. They are red and easy to see. Towards the front of the toolbox, just off the right side of the handle is a fingerprint. Collect it then back out and look at the Denver tool in the right corner. Finally collect the Denver tool then back to the lab!

Also note! 100% T, 100% S, 100% C.

---Main Lab---

Now we have lots of evidence so lets start with the evidence in our PDA. First select the portfolio to get a fingerprint off the white area near the bottom. Next, check the mud on the inside of the right shoe. Use the collection tool. There is also a fingerprint near the top lace of the outside of the right boot. Finally, on the Denver Tool found at the Barber shop, there is a fingerprint on the first black section of the handle.

Now for analysis.

On the database computer, do a computer analysis on the hard drive. You will discover a virus, and then figure out where Portia's missing hard drive went.

Lets run some prints. To match the prints, just hold a and move it to the corresponding sector.

Portia's fingerprints against ledger print. Positive match.

Portia's fingerprints against Denver tool. Positive match.

Pete's fingerprints against toolbox. Positive match.

Pete's fingerprints against shoes. Positive match.

Now to the other room of the lab. At the microscope, you can change the magnification, and then adjust it by clicking and holding the slider and moving it right or left then releasing when its in focus.

Markings from severed gas line against plumbing shears @ x60 magnification. Match.

Back out of the microscope and go to macroscopic comparison. Compare :

Plaster cast to the second Denver tool. Positive match.

Marks on door handle to the second Denver tool. Positive match.

Shoe prints to shoes. Positive match.

The last pieces of evidence we will examine are all on the Substance Analysis computer. Do a chemical search for :

Vegan muffins – (2,3,4)

Acetone jug – (1,5,7,8)

And finally compare the chemicals from the shoe print to the chemicals from the shoes. It's a match!

---Interrogation Room---

Whats this? A shocking twist. That's the CSI I love! Anyway, ask “Why are you here?”, “Pedro is going to jail.”, “Is Pete laundering your money?”, “I think your lying” backed up with “Pad of financial records”, “What surprises you about the dead woman?”, “You're very bold to come here.

Were back at the "Barber Shop". Turn to the right and click on the camera. Something in that video sounded familiar......after the cut-scene...

End of Episode 1!!

  • Fool Me Once

    Completed a case with at least 65% Cunning.

    Fool Me Once
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now the first time I played through this, only about a third of the achievements popped. The second time on a different account they all showed up in sequence. I don't know if this is a glitch that you might have or not, but you should end up with 15 achievements and 520G after the first case. If not, however, you can load the auto save from the case and all you need to do is turn right and click on the video camera to finish the case again. I had to replay the ending three times to get them all on my first play-through, but didn't have to at all on my second......strange.

Episode 2 : Planting Evidence

This one gets kind of lengthy and involves a lot of back and forth. It gets pretty repetitive.

---L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Lobby---

First, lets glance up to see where the victim fell from. Then to the right of the garden at the red barriers. Then to the left at the other red barriers which zooms you in under the scaffolding. These three are all done for thoroughness.

In front and to the right of the garden, near a triangular sign is a yellow hard hat. Collect it for evidence.

Now head to the garden. Approach the victim and take a photograph of the left shoe-print.

Last, question the man on the right side. Ask “You found the body?”, “Why were you picking up your last check?”, “Do you recognize the victim?”, “May I take a picture of your shoe?”, “We're done here.

Now the tedious thoroughness tasks. Visit the lab and check all the machines including down the center hall. Then Brass's Office, The Interrogation Room, and the Morgue. Don't forget the little tray in the morgue. On to the next crime scene.

---L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Balcony---

53% T, 0% S, 0% C

On the right, zoom in on the yellow cable, then collect it. Back out and zoom in on the gap in the ledge. Zoom in to the post on the right, then collect some blood evidence with the spray bottle. Next, at the top of the post, collect a fingerprint.

Back out and talk to Greg for thoroughness. You'll notice the door on the left is locked so we'll have to come back later. For now, head back to the lobby.

---L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Lobby---

Talk to Marcus. “I'm going to need your fingerprints.”, “We're done here.” To the morgue.


Talk with the Doc. “What are those wounds around his neck?”. Then zoom in and take photographs of both ligature marks. Then, “Did our victim commit suicide?”, “Can I get our victim's fingerprints?”, “I'm going to need a sample of our victim's blood for comparison.”, “I need to collect our victim's clothes.”, “Later, Doc.” Time for some lab work.

---Main Lab---

66% T, 0% S, 0% C

First lets look at the evidence we have. Process the yellow cable for a fingerprint. Then a fingerprint from the suicide note. Now, go to DNA and compare the victims blood to the blood from the railing. Positive match. To the microscope. Compare the larger ligature mark to the power cord at x10 magnification. Positive match.

Off to fingerprints. First, check Marcus's fingerprints and it will confirm his employment. Next, check the victim's fingerprints to confirm his identity. Compare the fingerprints on the power cable to Mark's. It's a match. Compare the fingerprint on the railing to Mark's. Also a match. Finally, do a search on the fingerprint from the suicide note. You'll have to find unique points on the sample to search. Just look for places where the black parts stop, split, or combine. It matches a man named Zachary Lynch, the victims boss. This brings you to a cut-scene with the lovable agent Huntby. “Why don't you think Ensign killed himself?”, “What did you hope to learn from Ensign?”, “Thank you, Agent Huntby.

---Brass's Office—-

Say “We need a search warrant for Zachary Lynch's office at the L'Avventura construction site.” with the suicide notes fingerprint to back it up.

---L'avventura Casino and Hotel, Balcony---

66% T, 100% S, 100% C

Open the gate and go inside. Talk to Mr. Lynch. “Why was your fingerprint on Ensign's suicide note?”, “Why didn't you call the police as soon as you found his body?”, “What did you do after you found the body and read the note?”, “We'll need an impression of your shoe.”, “That's all.

Zoom in on the computer and take the tower. Then take a blood sample from the keyboard. There is also a fingerprint above the num lock on the right. Back out and look to the left of the computer. Zoom in on the EZ Coil, back out and look above and to the right of Mr. Lynch at the boxes on the shelf above him for Thoroughness.

Talk with Lynch again. “Can you explain the blood on your computer keyboard?”, “Is that your fingerprint in blood on your computer keyboard?”, “Who's authorized to use that computer in the office?”, “That's all.

---Main Lab---

Go to DNA and compare Mark's DNA to the blood on the keyboard. Positive match. Now lets analyze the computer. Finally, run a search on the fingerprint from the keyboard. It's a match to Lynch.

---Brass's Office—-

Lets arrest us a perp. Say “We want an arrest warrant for Zachary Lynch.” with the keyboard fingerprint to back it up. You will automatically go to the Interrogation Room.

---Interrogation Room---

Ask Mr. Lynch “Did you write the suicide note?”, “The evidence says your lying.” with the desktop computer as evidence. “Are you sure no one wanted to hurt Ensign?”, “Do you have an alibi?”, “Did you strangle Mark Ensign?”, “We'll be in touch.

---Brass's Office—-

You will automatically end up here and ask agent Huntby “Is the FBI following Lynch?”, “Where was Lynch last night?”, “Can we read the field report?”, “Thanks for your help.” This guys starting to sound a little fishy.

---L'avventura Casino and Hotel, Lobby---

79% T, 100% S, 100% C

Let's have a look at this cactus. Search the dead looking plant with white flowers on the left side. Also zoom in on Greg for thoroughness. Off we go.

---Main Lab---

Have a look at the plant you just collected to find a substance on the bottom of the roots. Do a chemical search on this new piece of evidence. (2,5,6,8)

---Brass's Office—-

Now “We need a list of buyers of RXU-1127 in the Las Vegas area.

---Interrogation Room---

Ask “Do you know Mark Ensign?”, “Do you know a man by the name of Zachary Lynch?”, “Do you know anyone who works at the L'Avventura site?”, “Anyone ever hire you to work on the construction of the new L'Avventura Hotel & Casino?”, “Why wouldn't you work at a place like L'Avventura?”, “Are you familiar with an environmental group called Primeval?”, “May we take an impression of your shoe?”. Take a photograph of his shoe. Continue talking to him. “May we have a sample of your DNA?”, “You purchase the fertilizer RXU-1127?”, “Have you ever set foot on the L'Avventura property?” We don't have any evidence to contradict him, so continue questioning him. “You strangled Mark Ensign, didn't you?” Also no evidence so “We're done for now.” To the lab!

---Main Lab---

Head to the macroscopic comparison and compare the shoeprint in the dirt to Todd Stuarts shoe. We have a match. Back to interrogation.

---Interrogation Room---

Ask “Have you ever set foot on the L'Avventura property?” again backed up with the photo of the footprint. “Did you know Mark Ensign?” Guess what...another twist. “So, when was the last time you saw Mark alive?”, “Where is this safe?”. Let's check it out.

---L'Avventura Casino and Hotel, Balcony---

To the right of the computer desk is a rug on the ground. Approach it to find a safe underneath. Open the safe and examine to find a laptop from the safe. Also, a fiber on the money wrappers, then the wrappers themselves. Again...back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

87% T, 100% S, 100% C

First, run a chemical search on the fiber. (2,3,7,8) Next, run a computer analysis on the laptop. Go see Brass for a warrant.

---Brass's Office—-

Get a warrant for Marcus's office with the laptop as evidence then head over.

---Marcus Kunchai's Office---

Enter his office and zoom in on the desk for Thoroughness. Zoom in on the corner to the left with the buckets. On the right, zoom in on his tool-bag. Collect the blue drain snake on the bottom right. Back to the lab.

100% T, 100% S, 100% C

---Main Lab---

Look at the evidence you have. Examine the snake to take a photo, and take the fiber at the top. Now at the microscope x60 compare the smaller ligature mark to the drain snake photo. Positive match. Now do a chemical comparison on the fiber in the safe to the one on the snake. Also a match. We're getting good at matching things.

---Brass's Office—-

We want an arrest warrant for Marcus Kunchai.” with the drain snake evidence. Cut to the Interrogation Room.

---Interrogation Room---

You want to tell us what you were doing the night Mark Ensign died?”, “The evidence says your lying.” with the photo of the drain snake. “When did you say you were fired?”, “Does this change your story at all?” with the laptop. “Did you fight about the money in the safe?”, “May we examine your work gloves?”, “We're going to need a sample of your DNA.”, “Sit tight, Marcus.

---Main Lab---

Look at your evidence. Process the blood on the top of the workgloves. Inside the gloves, collect the skin cells.

Next, go to DNA and compare the skin cells to Todd Stuart. Positive match. Then compare the blood to Mark Ensign. Another match. Lets get ANOTHER warrant.

---Brass's Office—-

We need to arrest Todd Stuart.” based on epithelial evidence.

---Interrogation Room---

You strangled Mark Ensign, didn't you?”, “The evidence says you're lying.” with the skin cells as proof. “Did you steal the money from the safe, Todd?”, “You're a better gardener than you are a liar.” with the glove fiber to back it up. “Did Mark catch you stealing the money, Todd?”, “The evidence says you're lying.” with the blood evidence. Enjoy the twisted explanation.

Episode 3 : Tapped Out

---Marst Family Chalet---

Look at the footprints beside the bed. Take a photo of the top print. Back out and look at the little machine on top of the red stand to the right of the bed. Pick it up to collect it. Scroll to the right and up and look at the IV bag. Near the top in the blue lettering is a fingerprint. Back out and zoom in on the body. Back out again and scroll to the right then zoom in on the sofa for thoroughness.

Now go into the other room and go upstairs. Zoom in on the door, then turn right and proceed that way. Back down the stairs, look straight up for more thoroughness. Back out and zoom in on the bust in the corner. Take a photograph of the muddy footprints. Zoom in further to the bust. Collect with casting on the marks on the top of the bust.

Now back out and talk to the nurse in the red scrubs next to the victim. “What's that pile of smashed pieces by the side of the bed?”, “Why would someone break the regulator?”, “You found the body?”, “What time did you discover the body?”, “There's no way Mary could've done this herself?”, “Do you think Mary Marst wanted to die?”, “Could you communicate with Mary?”, “Did you help Mary out of her pain, Nurse Liu? You can tell us.”, “Do you live here, Nurse Liu?”, “Mary could call you for help at any time?”, “Did only you an Mary live here?”, “Where is John Barrett right now?”, “Thank you for your time.

Now go back into the other room and talk to the woman on the right. “You found the body?”, “What time did you find the body?”, “She was like this when you found her?”, “How did you know a crime had been committed?”, “Do you think Mary wanted to die?”, “You flew in from L.A. Is that where you live?”, “You were Mary's stepsister?”, “Why were you surprised Mary stepped in as acting CEO?”, “The auto accident is the reason she was in this condition?”, “How did you feel when you heard Mary wasn't going to last the night?”, “Who else was here when you found Mary's body?”, “Your brother John was here that early on a Sunday morning?”, “You and your brother weren't close?”, “Where is John now?”, “Thank you for your time.” That's everything for now, off to the lab.

---Main Lab---

Do your thoroughness checklist. The Lab, Interrogation Room, Morgue, Brass's Office.

65% T, 0% S, 0% C

First, go to the reconstruction table and put the three blue and white pieces into the machine where they fit. Some of the pieces need to be rotated so click to select them, the cluck the spin button down below. Then, do a search on the fingerprint to find out its the step-sisters. Also run a medical search on the serial number.

Now do a macroscopic comparison of both shoe prints. Positive match.

Then at the microscope, examine the bronze bust against the metal shavings at x10. Then a chemical analysis on the metal shavings. (3,5,6,7)

65% T, 81% S, 0% C

---Brass's Office—-

We need a warrant for Jayne Barrett.” based on the fingerprint evidence.

---Interrogation Room---

What do you think of Nurse Liu?”, “Did you handle Mary's morphine drip before she died?”, “The evidence says you're lying.” backed up with the fingerprint. “What's your stand on euthanasia, Ms. Barrett?”, “The evidence contradicts your statement.” with the fingerprint again. A cutscene might take you to Brass's Office. If it does, head back to the Interrogation Room and continue to interrogate her. “Why was this visit so much earlier than previous visits?”, “Goodbye.” Now head to the morgue.


Before talking to Doc, zoom in on the body for thoroughness. Then, “What's the cause of death?”, “What's the time of death?”, “Was death voluntary?”, “Could Mary speak?”, “Can we get her fingerprints?”, “Thanks for your help, Doc.” After the questioning, look at her left hand and collect the unknown shard. Back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

First do a document analysis on the security records.

Then a chemical search on the unknown shard. (1,4,5,7)

70% T, 86% S, 100% C

---Brass's Office---

We need a warrant for Nurse Pauline Liu.” with the fingernail as proof.

---Interrogation Room---

Are those your real nails?”, “The evidence contradicts your statement.” with the fingernail. “Do you know where we could find John Barrett? It's important.”, “How do you know about this boat and lake.”, “What is your relationship with Jan Barrett?”, “What is your opinion of Jayne Barrett?”, “Goodbye.” New crime scene.

---Lakeside Docks, Marst Family Chalet---

Look to the right and collect the motor oil on the blue tarp. Then back up, turn to the left and head down to the shoreline. Before you go all the way down, collect a casting of the shoe prints in the mud. Then go to the boat to collect thoroughness points. Now talk to the man off to the right side. “It's about your stepsister, Mary Marst.”, “So you think Mary Marst wanted to live?”, “Where were you last night around eleven p.m.?”, “What's your opinion of Nurse Liu?”, “What's your opinion of your sister, Jayne?”, “Thanks for your time. We'll be in touch.” Lab time!

---Main Lab---

Run a macroscopic comparison of all three muddy footprints each other. Match, match, and match. Now we have enough information for a warrant.

---Brass's Office—-

We need a warrant for John Barrett.” with the footprint to back it up.

---Main Lab---

Yay...this guy again. After the cutscene, check your new evidence. Find a blood sample on the base of the statue with fluids. Now go to DNA, compare the blood from the statue to the reference sample of Beatriz Salazar. After matching it, and a BS cutscene, “It's not my fault is it?”, “But I didn't do anything wrong!”, “That's all for now.” Head to the new crime scene.

---John Barrett's Bedroom---

83% T, 94% S, 100% C

On the right, open the closet and collect the greyish boots on the floor. Then zoom on the bed and pick up the purple underwear. Then back up and zoom in to the trash can on the left. Collect the fingernail inside. Then head back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

First lets look at our evidence. On the purple underwear collect a male and female sample. Then on the fake nail, collect the piece of skin. Compare John's shoes with both sets of muddy footprints. On the microscope at x10 compare both nail fragments.

Next do a chemical search and compare both nails. It's a match. Then run DNA on the fake nail. (4)

Compare that fingerprint with the female sample from the underwear. Then search for the male sample. (4)

  • A Tough Job

    Identified both samples of DNA on the garment from John Barrett's room.

    A Tough Job
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

---Brass's Office—-

We need a warrant for Nurse Pauline Liu.” with the underwear to back it up.

---Interrogation Room---

“Tell us again about your fake nail.”, “Maybe this will make you reconsider your story.” with the fake nail as proof. “Are you romantically involved with John Barrett?”, “This evidence might have you singing a different tune.” with her DNA from the underwear. “That's all for now.”

---Lakeside Docks, Marst Family Chalet---

Go down to the boat and collect the reddish finger puppet.

---Marst Family Chalet---

Talk to John again. After the cut-scene head back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

Run a medical search on the ID number again.

---Marst Family Chalet---

Talk to John once more. “Can you tell us more about Mary Marst?”, “Did Mary know about Nurse Liu?”, “Did Mary know you and Nurse Liu were romantically involved?”, “What about Nurse Liu?”, “Do you think Nurse Liu helped Mary kill herself?”, “Where were you last night?”, “Did you kill Mary?”, “Could Jayne have killed Mary?”, “Did Jayne visit the chalet last night?”, “Thanks for your help.

---Lakeside Docks, Marst Family Chalet---

Go to the boat and unlock the cabinet then take the boots.

---Main Lab---

First check the boots you just collected. On the right shoe, near the top laces you'll find a hair. Now run a DNA search on the hair. (1)

---Brass's Office—-

We need a warrant for Jayne Barrett.” with the hair as proof.

---Interrogation Room---

Where were you last night?”, “You're lying to us!” contradicted with the hair evidence.

---Main Lab---

Swap the cell phone for a piece of evidence on the back. Now run a chemical search on the motor oil sample. (1,3,6,7) Now compare that sample with the smudge. Match confirmed.

---Brass's Office—-

Do we still have the ultrasound from the arson case?”, with the smudge as evidence.

---Lakeside Docks, Marst Family Chalet---

97% T, 100% S, 100% C

In front of the oil zoom in and use the ultrasound. Move around until you find the head of a hammer.

---Main Lab---

Check your evidence. Look at the hammer and get some metal pieces from the hammer head and near the bottom of the hammer a fingerprint. Now run a chemical comparison on the bronze shavings from the debris and the pieces from the hammer. It's a match. Finally, do a fingerprint search on the print from the hammer. Its a match to Jayne.

---Interrogation Room---

100% T, 100% S, 100% C

Where were you last night?”, “You are lying.” contradicted with the fingerprint from the hammer.

Case Closed!

Episode 4 : All Washed Up

---Sun 'n' Moon Carwash---

Move to the right and zoom in on the security TV. Then back to the left and approach the vehicle. If you move to the left you can zoom in on the car wash brushes for thoroughness. Zoom in on the body to notice shes missing an earring. Collect the syringe from the passenger seat. Also collect the GPS unit from the floor. Zoom in to the GPS cradle. There is a fingerprint on the front of the cradle.

Now back out of the car and talk to the woman on the right near the security TV. “What do you do?”, “Do you know if Jessy took drugs?”, “Did you know of her ever using drugs in her car?”, “What was your relationship to Ms. Marnier?”, “Does anyone else live with you?”, “We'll be going now.

---Main Lab, Brass's Office, Morgue, Interrogation Room---

Thoroughness time. Go to all the spots then head back to the Main Lab.

39% T, 0% S, 0% C

Start with your evidence. There is a fingerprint on the syringe from the car. Then run a search on the fingerprint from the GPS unit. Next, run a chemical search on the syringe. (2,5,6,8) Turns out to be morphine and cocaine. You should have gotten a call from Doc Robbins saying the autopsy is done, so head to the Morgue.

39% T, 100% S, 0% C


Before you talk with Doc, zoom in on the body for thoroughness, then talk to Doc. “Anything else?”, “Where did those bruises come from?”, “What did the tox report show?”, “So she was a drug user?”, “Is that the injection site?”, “Do you think there was someone else in the car with her?” You will automatically go back to the carwash.

---Sun 'n' Moon Carwash—-

Head to the brush on the left. There is a red fiber hidden on the right side of it. Back out and search the trash can under the TV. Collect Veronica's DNA from the coffee cup. To the lab.

---Main Lab---

Compare Jessica's fingerprints to the syringe. Positive Match.

Compare both fibers on the microscope at x10. Not a match.

Compare Veronica's DNA to the DNA under victim's fingernails. Positive Match.

---Garage Lab---

Open both doors for thoroughness. Enter from the passenger side to find reside on the back on the drivers seat. Then zoom in on the front seat and collect a bag of drugs. Back to the main lab.

---Main Lab---

First check your evidence. You will find a fingerprint on the bag of drugs. Next, examine the CCTV footage. Then do a fingerprint search on the print from the bag of drugs. Next, do a chemical search on the bag of drugs.(1,4,5,6) Finally, do a chemical comparison of the syringe to the residue from the headrest.

53% T, 100% S, 0% C


We found a small tear in the back of the driver's headrest in Jessy's car.”, “Do you think it could have been cause by the syringe?”, “Have you found any other evidence on the vic's body?”, “Thanks, Doc!

---Brass's Office—-

I'd like to bring in Guillermo Rice for questioning.” with the fingerprint as evidence.

---Interrogation Room---

What's your line of work, Will?”, “Tell us about your relationship with Jessy.”, “Do you know anyone who might have wanted Jessy dead?”, “Tell us about the relationship between Jessy and Veronica.”, “Where were you between eight and ten this evening?”, “Why was your print found at the crime scene?”, “Ever dabbled in speedballs?”, “Did Jessy like speedballs?”, “Jessy kept secrets... like her visits to the carwash?”, “Where did you get that sweater?”, “We're done here.

---Main Lab---

With the microscope, examine the fiber from the crimescene and the fiber from the “communal” sweater at x200. Positive match. Lets head over to the new location.

53% T, 100% S, 100% C

---Will, Jessy, and Veronica's Apartment---

Zoom in on the small table in front of you and collect the cell phone. Back out and zoom in on the TV to the right. Zoom in on the book and open it. Collect the newspaper clipping. Back out and turn to the right to head towards the bedroom. Open the door and head inside. Zoom in on the pillow and collect a hair. Back out and head to the sink on the right. Open the cabinet on the right and collect the bottle. Head back to the Main Lab and after a cutscene you'll end up at the Interrogation Room.

---Interrogation Room---

Did you ever sell Jessy any drugs?”, “What were you doing at Guillermo Rice's apartment?”, “So you and Will Rice are friends?”, “How well did you know Jessy?”, “We found your print on Jessy's GPS holder at the crime scene.”, “That's all for now.

---Main Lab---

Start with your evidence. On the top right of the newspaper clipping you'll find a fingerprint. You will find another on the left in the middle. One more fingerprint on the medicine bottle. Now take another sample from the base of the statue. Now lets do our first audio sample on the cell phone. Play the sample. Run a search on the fingerprint called “Fingerprint found on Beatriz Salazar newspaper clipping” not the one that starts “A fingerprint...” It's Will Rice's print. Compare the one called “A fingerprint...” to Jessica's. Positive match. Do a final print search on the print from the medicine bottle. This guys prints are everywhere!

Compare the DNA hair sample with Veronica's. It's a match. Next do a chemical search on the sample from the statue. (2,4,6,8) Cutscene in Brass's Office. Head back to the lab. Run a final chemical search on the medicine bottle. (1,2,3,7) It's just what the bottle says...morphine. Lets go talk to Mr. Rice again.

---Brass's Office---

I want to talk to Will Rice again.

---Interrogation Room---

69% T, 100% S, 100% C

We found a fiber sample from that sweater at the crime scene.”, “Where was the sweater before you put it on?”, “Why do you keep liquid morphine in your room, Will?”, “The evidence says you're lying.” with the fingerprint from the bottle. “How did Veronica's hair get into yours and Jessy's bed?”, “Tell us about Manny Molinez.”, “We found Manny in your apartment this evening.”, “Did Manny install Jessy's GPS?”, “What do you know about a fight between Jessy and Veronica on the night of her death?”, “What do you know about this newspaper clipping?”, “The evidence indicates otherwise.” with his fingerprint from the clipping. “We're done here.

---Brass's Office---

I need to have Veronica Carver brought in for questioning.” with the fiber as evidence.

---Interrogation Room---

What can you tell us about the red communal sweater?”, “Did you and Jessy get along with each other?”, “The evidence casts doubt on your statement.” with the cellphone to back it up. “You mentioned Jessy “messing around” with Manny.”, “Did things get violent?”, “The evidence tells a different story,” with the DNA from under the victims nails. “Can you explain why we found your hair in Jessy and Will's bed?”, “What do you know about this newspaper clipping?”, “Did you know that Will was taking morphine?”, “That's all, for now.” After a cutscene you'll be at Manny Molinez's Trailer.

---Manny Molinez's Trailer---

Zoom in on the couch outside, then once more on the left of it for thoroughness. On the couch, find a cellphone behind the orange jacket on the right. Go to the door and knock, then go inside. Go towards the sink for points, then to the right zoom in on the laptop, but you cant take it yet, then further right to the bathroom and look at the toilet for more points. Now back out and talk to Manny.

We know that Jessy visited you on the evening of her death.”, “Have you ever sold speedballs, Manny?”, “I see you haven't sorted your plumbing issues.”, “We saw an interesting photo on your phone.”, “How's the community service work going?”, “Is that your laptop?”, “Take a look at this newspaper clipping.”, “We'll be back, Manny.” Lets get another warrant.

---Brass's Office—-

I need a warrant to search Veronica's room.” with the cell phone as evidence.

---Will, Jessy, and Veronica's Apartment---

Head towards the bedroom, but before you enter, turn all the way to the right and open the closed door. Go inside and pick up the earring off the bed. Back out and turn to the left. Take the laptop power cord from the table.

---Main Lab---

98% T, 100% S, 100% C

Look at the earring to collect a brown fiber. Now look at the power cable. On the end near the plug-in, you'll find a fingerprint. Search the fingerprint on the power cable.

---Interrogation Room---

Were you and Will closer than you let on?”, “That's not what the evidence is telling us.” with Manny's cellphone to back it up. “Were you at the car wash with Jessy?”, “Then how do you explain this?” with the earring to back it up. “Tell us about the power cable we found.”, “That's all, for now.

---Brass's Office—-

I want to talk to Will Rice again.

---Integration Room---

Veronica told us that she gave you the morphine.”, “We know you and Veronica were more than just friends.”, “Does this change your answer?” with Manny's cellphone to back it up. “Veronica says you two were in bed together when Jessy died.”, “Did you ask Manny to take Jessy's laptop back to his trailer?”, “We're done here.”

---Manny Molinez's Trailer---

Go back inside and talk to Manny again. “Why was the cable belonging to that laptop in Veronica's room?”, “Veronica says that the laptop is Jessy's.”, “We'll be back, Manny.

---Brass's Office—-

I need a warrant to search Manny's trailer.” based on the cable as evidence.

---Manny Molinez's Trailer---

On the left of the door frame you should see a red fiber. Collect it. Enter the trailer and collect the previously mentioned laptop. Then check the toilet again and find a brown glove. Back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

100% T, 100% S, 100% C

Do a computer analysis on the laptop. Now go to the microscope and compare the brown fiber to the work glove at x200. Positive match. Next compare the red fiber from the door frame to the sweater at x200. Positive match. Last, compare Will and Beatriz's DNA. Also a familial match. You'll be taken to interrogation.

---Interrogation Room---

Beatriz Salazar is your birth mother.

---Brass's Office—-

I need a warrant to arrest Manny Molinez.” with the glove to back it up.

---Interrogation Room---

Did you know Jessica was researching Beatriz Salazar?”, “We know you've had links to Salazar.”, “Will told us that he never told you to take the laptop.”, “You killed Jessica Marnier.”, “The evidence says you're lying.” with the glove fiber to back it up. After the cutscene, head back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

Compare the DNA under his fingernails to Beatriz Salazar's. Positive match. Bet you can guess who the next case will involve.

Episode 5 : Boss Fight

On the left, collect the pistol. Then to the left of the gun, collect a sample of the yellow substance. Back out and open the cell door. Look at the body, then back out and look past the body. Back out and look at the file cabinets on the right of the water container. Zoom in on the computers next to the guard. Collect the smashed Digital Recorder.

Now talk to the guard. “You want to get that looked at?”, “Did you see what hit you?”, “Can you tell me what happened?”, “What happened when you cam to?”, “Do you remember the name on the credentials the assailant used?”, “You were alone here?”, “Where's the Pendleton sheriff?”, “Did you get a good look at your assailant?”, “Was the cell door open when you discovered the body?”, “If I have any more questions I'll let you know.” After your done talking, collect the bloody rag.

---Main Lab, Brass's Office, Morgue, Interrogation Room---

Thoroughness check. Hit all the spots.

50% T, 0% S, 0% C

Lets examine our evidence. Collect a blood sample from the gun. Then a shard of the DVR. Swab the rag to collect a sample. Go to the reconstruction table and reassemble the DVR. Compare the blood on the pistol to Sergeant Lipp's. Positive match. Next run a chemical search on the yellow powder. (4,6,7,8)


First zoom in on the body. Then “Any surprises with our C.O.D.?”, “Were you able to recover any slugs?”, “Can I get some D.N.A. from the victim?”, “Was there anything unusual or noteworthy?”, “Thanks, Doc; I've got to run.” Back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

50% T, 100% S, 0% C

Run a DNA search on the spit. (2) Next go to the microscope and at x10 compare the bullet taken from the gun to both bullets pulled from the victim. They all match.

---Brass's Office—-

We want to question Sergeant Lipp.” backed up with the DVR.

---Interrogation Room---

Did you see anyone else approach you at the detention center?”, “I believe you are mistaken.” with the spit. “Any interest in changing your story?”, “Your assailant knocked you out right away?”, “I believe you are mistaken.” backed up with the shard as evidence. “We'll need to examine your wound again.” Take a photograph of the bruising. Back to the lab again.

---Main Lab---

At the reconstruction table, compare the photo with the gun.

---Interrogation Room---

Your assailant struck you from behind?”, “The evidence contradicts your story” with the photo to contradict him. “Tell us what happened.”, “Tell us exactly how the murder took place.

---Main Lab---

Do an audio analysis on the phone. Play it once, then just play the second part. Onward.

---Gleason's Family Self-Storage---

52% T, 100% S, 100% C

Enter the storage container. Zoom in on the first container on the right. Open it and its empty. Go to the left, the white box in font of the shelves. Inside you'll find a photograph. To the left open the one that is on top to find boots. Open the one in front of that to find blank papers. That's everything, so head back to the lab.

---Main Lab---

Open your inventory. Examine the blank papers to discover it was written in lemon juice. Collect plant matter from the bottom of the right boot.

66% T, 100% S, 100% S

Now run a chemical search on the plant matter. (1,2,5,7)

---Interrogation Room---

We found some fresh skunk cabbage stuck to Huntby's boots at his storage locker.”, “Does your brother-in-law have a cabin? Someplace close he might hide out?”, “How about a favorite place to visit? Go on vacation?”, “Do you have any idea where this photo was taken?

---Morgue Hallway---

Check the body and swap his chest for DNA. Back out and zoom in on the morgue doors for thoroughness. Check the cart to the right and on the side find an unknown substance. Then do a casting on the serial number.

---Main Lab---

Do a chemical search on the unknown substance. (1,3,7)

Now do a document analysis on the blank papers. Adjust the sliders until you can read everything. You may have noticed Doc. Robbins in the lab so talk to him.

You found Huntby's body in he hall?”, “Any idea how Huntby's body ended up there without your knowledge?”, “Got any C.O.S. on Huntby?”, “The flatbed cart in the hall, is that yours?”, “Did the police find your vehicle?”, “Can you perform an autopsy on Huntby?”, “That's all for right now. We'll get you back to work as soon as we can.

---Brass's Office---

I have a specific composition of auto paint. I'm wondering if you can look it up for me?”, “We lifted a serial number off of a flatbed pushcart we found in the morgue.”, “Dr. Robbins owns a Zeus XT. Can you have it brought to the CSI garage?”, “Thanks, Jim.

---Garage Lab---

Look to the right and find a paint scratch on the rear drivers-side bumper. Enter the back and collect a blood sample from the carpet. You need to spray it first. Then, enter through the drivers-side door and collect a fingerprint from the right side of the steering wheel. Scroll up and try to collect the credentials hanging from the rear-view mirror. Unfortunately, you cant.

---Main Lab---

Run a fingerprint search on the print from the steering wheel. Compare the blood from the back with Agent Huntby's DNA.


Examine the table on the right. Collect a sample from the stomach. Then talk to Doc.

What's the official cause of death?”, “Anything about the body hidden by all those bee stings?”, “Thanks, Doc!

---Main Lab---

83% T, 100% S, 100% C

Run a chemical search on the stomach contents. (1,2,6,7)

Compare the DNA from the Southwestern Wood Lily to the DNA from his stomach. Positive match.

---Brass's Office---

We've got a lead on Salazar.”

---Apiary, Beatriz Salazar's Hideout---

Approach the light to the right of Brass. Then left to the pile of rubble. Collect the hard drive. Now back out and approach the light to the right of the screen. Zoom in on the chair. Back out and look left to the trail of bees. Collect a sample with the spray bottle. Follow the footprints to find a locked door. We'll come back to this later. For now head to the lab.

---Main Lab---

Run a computer analysis on the hard drive.

  • Smoke the Hive

    Found enough evidence to destroy Beatriz Salazar's drug empire.

    Smoke the Hive
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

100% T, 100% S, 100% C

Lets finish her off!

---Aviary, Beatriz Salazar's Hideout---

Go back to the number pad. Fingerprint it. To find the sequence, look at your case notes. Look at Beatriz Salazar's suspect case note. The sequence is (9,5,8,2) but you don't need to enter it. Open the door. Talk to her now.

You're going to prison for life, Ms. Salazar.”, “We found the list of public officials on your hard drive. It won't be long before they're in jail with you.”, “I won't have anything to do with your blood money.”, “It will be my pleasure to testify at your trial, Ms. Salazar.”, “I can't believe you killed your own son.”, “You're out of the drug business, Salazar. Your network is finished.”, “We found Huntby's bargaining chip.”, “Jim! Get her out of here. We're done with our little chat.” And.....the story continues.....

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