Beyond Good & Evil HD

Hi and welcome to the Beyond Good & Evil HD walkthrough. In this game there are many missable achievements because of a point of no return that, near the end of the game, permanently sets you away from the main world where the story takes place ("Hillys"). In order to achieve 200 G in this game you will need to go after four different collectibles, namely:

- PA 1: you need 8 of them out of the 13 available in the game
- Animal photos (film reels): you need 48 photos of animals out of the 56 available. Every 8 photos you complete a film reel, so you need to complete 6 film reels out of 7 available in the game
- MDisks: you need 11 of them out of the 14 available in the game
- Pearls: you need 80 of them out of the 88 available in the game

Keep in mind that although most of the collectibles are missable only because there is a point of no return (you can't go back to Hillys at the end of the game), some of them are also missable because you get only a chance to get them. For example, some animal pictures (such as those of monsters that appear in boss fights) are one-time-only and can be missed since you don't get a second chance to acquire them.

In addition to these four collectible-related achievements there are also achievements for winning two minigames in the "Akuda Bar", a story-related location that you will visit during the story, a total of three times each (victories in "Training" mode don't count). These achievements (Gamble King 1 and Gamble King 2) are also missable since you can't return to the Akuda Bar (in Hillys) at the end of the game.

Three more missable achievements are related to killing 10 "Alpha Guards" (a particular type of enemy which looks like the guy in the achievement picture for Kicking ***), winning the four "Races" available in the game, suceeding in the Looters' Cavern chases. You will hardly miss the former, since the Alpha Guards are found widely in two of the story-related dungeons (in Hillys) and you will probably kill at least 20-30 of them without thinking about it. Races 1 and 2 are accessed from a passage West in the "Main Canal" area, while Races 3 and 4 are accessed from the "Slaughterhouse" area; you will visit both of these locations of Hillys during the normal story progression. The Looters' Caverns (1, 2, 3, 4) are optional locations hidden here and there on Hillys, and consist of a simple chasing minigame; the first one is available since the first time you exit in the open world with the hovercraft; the second one becomes available after getting the "Neutralizing Cannon" upgrade (which is story-related); the third and fourth one are available after getting the "Jump Kit" upgrade (also story-related).

There are no online achievements in the game, and the remaining three achievements are story-related.

In the Story Walkthrough page you will find a complete and spoiler-free guide to the game's completion, which is advisable to follow to avoid missing the collectibles in the game.

General info and suggestions

The gameplay mechanics are very simple, and you will learn everything you need to know as you play the game. Just remember the few basic commands: hold RT to run, hold LT to crouch, press X to interact with objects and advance in the dialogues, press D-Pad_Up/Down (sometimes only D-Pad_Up will work) to access your game inventory, press Back to open your in-game map (it's occasionally unavailable in some special optional areas). By pressing the B button you can use the common objects of your quick inventory, such as the Starkos and Box of K-Bups (both are healing items). You can scroll between the items in your quick inventory by pressing the D-Pad_Left/Right. In your quick inventory there are also key items, such as keys to open locked doors; you don't have to manually select them in your inventory, since the game will automatically select the correct key item once you approach a lock that requires it. The D-Pad_Left/Right command, to scroll in the quick inventory, is really only useful if you want to manually select the healing items.

While in battle, press X to attack and A to dodge. LB is the button related to "Aiming Mode", a first-person view that will be used to take pictures with your camera by pressing RB in aiming mode, and also to shoot a ranged weapon called "gyrodiscs" by pressing RT. The camera is acquired early in the game, while the gyrodiscs are obtained only later on (both items are story-related).

Jade is the main character of the game. Her health gauge is represented by "Hearts" (made of two halves). Her health will increase by +1 Heart every time you collect a "PA 1". You can heal one Heart of health by eating (using) a "Starkos"; you can heal all the Hearts of health by eating a "Box of K-Bups". The game offers a large amount of checkpoints (you're not notified when you hit one, but they are extremely frequent), so it's not a big deal if you happen to die.

Through most of the game you'll be accompanied by an AI-controlled (AI = Artificial Intelligence) character; all the actions of your comrade are automatic, and you usually don't have to think about him. Sometimes it will be necessary to request a co-op action by pressing the Y button (for example, when you have to ask your mate to press a button for you). Your comrades have only 2 Hearts of health, but they usually don't take much damage anyway, and although they may request you to give them some of your healing items (approach them and press B; the command will change from "Eat/Use" the healing item for yourself to "Give" the healing item to them) you can usually ignore their requests and save them for Jade.

There are also vehicles available in the game, namely an hovercraft and an airship. The latter is acquired only in the latest phases of the game, just before the point of no return; its name is "Belunga". The "health" of your vehicle is represented by "Wrenches" (also made of two halves), and is increased by +1 Wrench every time you collect a "Meca-Impulser". You can repair the vehicle state by one Wrench by using a "Repair POD"; you can fully repair a vehicle by using a "Set of PODs". The "Boosts" items can be used to temporarily triple the speed of your vehicle.

In order to save the game you need to access the so-called "MDisk readers" (I will refer to them as MDisk readers/MDisk terminals, just to be clear) and "play" the MDisk named "Save Game" (it's the first one of the list, which you own by default). You can see the position of the MDisk readers on your map.

The in-game map provides you with information about your main target and the position of MDisk readers, new Animals and Pearls. Before you can see the Animals and Pearls marked on your map you'll have to purchase the "Animal Detector" and the "Pearl Detector" items from the Ming-Tzu's Shop, located somewhere in the Pedestrian District (a side-area accessed from Main Canal, a story-related location). In any case it will be much easier to follow the Story Walkthrough page, which also contains pictures of the collectibles and a screenshot of their position on the in-game map.

You can't skip the cutscenes.

The game uses some acronyms to indicate some "things". If you wonder, these are their meaning: S-A-C (Synthetical-Atomic-Compressor), P-O-D (Pocket-Optimizer-Drone), PA (Physiological Accelerator).

As for the terminology, the "DomZ" are a sort of alien species that is giving problems to our heroes. "Hillys" is the name of the home world where the story takes place. The "Alpha Team" is a specialized police force, the alignment of which is ambiguous. The "Pearls" are not only a collectible, but also one of the two currencies of the game. The other currency is the "Units", accumulated easily by taking pictures of animals. Later in the game, Units become available also from defeated monsters under the form of "Materia Crystals" (big purple crystals), each worth +5 Units. The Pearls are used to purchase upgrades for your vehicles at the shop "Mammago Garage", and all the upgrades at Mammago's are story-related. The Units are used at the common vending machines to purchase healing items and, more rarely, also some PA 1 and Meca-Impulser. Units are also used to shop at the two shops in the Pedestrian District, a street shop (Nouri's) and Ming-Tzu's Shop; these shops will sell also more interesting items, such as Pearls (Pearl 14 and Pearl 46 from Nouri's, Pearl 15, Pearl 47, Pearl 66 from Ming-Tzu's) and special items (Animal Detector, Pearl Detector at Ming-Tzu's; also the "Super-Attack Strengthened", an upgrade for Jade's charged attack, at Ming-Tzu's).

As you should know from the previous page, you can afford to skip some of the collectibles in this game since you don't need 100% of them for the achievements. In particular, if you really don't feel like completing everything, the collectibles you should deliberately avoid (because they are harder/more time consuming than others) are:

- MDisk 08, MDisk 13, MDisk 14, awarded respectively for taking pictures of all the 56 Animals (MDisk 08 - Animal Species), playing a particular mission game online (more info in the next page) (MDisk 13 - Disk Game), collecting all the 88 Pearls (MDisk 14 - Pearl Game)
- Pearl 05, Pearl 45 ("Victory in the Disc Game"), both awarded for winning the Disk Game (in the Akuda Bar). It's true that you have to win the Disk Game a total of three times for an achievement, but it also seems that the difficulty is higher if you decide to bet 1,000 Units (lost if you lose) for these two Pearls (won if you win). The minigame can be quite frustrating, so if you have to skip something I'd choose these two. The rest of the Pearls are not particularly hard to get (they require more or less the same small effort)
- PA 1 and Animals: none of them are any more difficult than the others, and even the boss animals are easy to photograph, so you should have no problems collecting them all. If you want, simply stop collecting them after getting the correspondent achievements (Big Heart and Wildlife Photographer).

In-game lists of Animals, MDisks and Pearls

Below will follow the lists of the Animals, MDisks and Pearls in their in-game "official order", i.e. the order in which they appear. The chronological order in which you can acquire these collectibles is mostly different from the official order; for example, the fourth Pearl you can acquire is the eighth of the in-game official order. These lists are meant as a summary that can help you find more easily the collectibles that you might be missing. If you notice (in-game) that you are missing a specific MDisk or Pearl off the official list, say the fifth MDisk or the sixth Pearl, you can check the list below to know which one it is. The lists can be accessed and checked in-game in your inventory for the MDisks and Pearls. As for the Animals, unfortunately it's only possible to check the official list by playing MDisk 08, which is given as reward for taking a picture of all the Animals.

The Story Walkthrough page already covers all the collectibles, and a reference to their position in the official list is also made (it's the "ID" part of a collectible entry; check the introduction of the next page for more information), so the following lists are literally just a more compact summary that you don't really need to read if you follow the walkthrough.

A01 - Canis Canis -- Found in the Lighthouse, inside the building
A02 - Aedes Raymanis -- Found in the Laboratory area of the Factory dungeon
A03 - Rattus Giganteus -- Found in the Elevator Room area of the Factory dungeon
A04 - Amoeba Polypodia -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon
A05 - Anemonia Mutabilis -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon
A06 - Timonea Saponifera -- Found in the Trolley Entrance area of the Slaughterhouse dungeon
A07 - Cyclopeus Palustris -- Found in the Elevator Room of the Factory dungeon (boss fight)
A08 - Priodontes Campestris -- Found in the Lighthouse, outside the building
A09 - Adalia Octopunctata -- Found in the Lighthouse, inside the building
A10 - Rhinoceros Sapiens -- Found in the Mammago Garage area
A11 - Megaptera Anaerobia -- Found in the open space
A12 - Palinurus Rupestris -- Found in the Main Shaft area of the Black Isle dungeon
A13 - Cyanea Urtica -- Found in the Secondary Shaft area of the Black Isle dungeon
A14 - Larus Albus -- Found in the Lighthouse, on the top of the building
A15 - Koi Kumonryu -- Found in Ming-Tzu's Shop
A16 - Lampyris Campestris -- Found in the Lighthouse, outside the building (night time only)
A17 - Helix Rupestris -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon
A18 - Anguilla Bifida -- Found in the Slaughterhouse Quarter area of the Slaughterhouse dungeon
A19 - Megaptera Borealis -- Found in the ocean of Hillys, outside the red barriers, Southwest of the Hangar
A20 - Pelagia Pachydermis -- Found in the Secondary Shaft area of the Black Isle dungeon
A21 - Nautilus Fluoreus -- Found in the Main Shaft area of the Black Isle dungeon
A22 - Crochax Velox -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon
A23 - Vorax Nocturnus -- Found in the Factory Entrance area of the Factory dungeon
A24 - Blabera Gregaria -- Found in the Closet area of the Factory dungeon
A25 - Ignis Ignifera -- Found in the Ventilation area of the Slaughterhouse dungeon
A26 - Teratosaurus Imperator -- Found in a hidden cave in Hillys, Northwest of the Black Isle
A27 - Aurelia Magnificens -- Found in the Volcano's Treasure optional location
A28 - Trilobites Saltans -- Found in the Slaughterhouse Entrance area of the Slaughterhouse
A29 - Arachnis Viridis -- Found in the Nutriplis Vat area of the Factory dungeon
A30 - Pterolimax Gigantea -- Found in the Main Shaft area of the Black Isle dungeon (boss fight)
A31 - Rascax Caeruleus -- Found in the ocean of Hillys, inside the red barrier limits, West of Mammago Garage
A32 - Dipneustes Trilineatus -- Found in the Hangar
A33 - Musca Saprophagia -- Found in the Lighthouse, inside the building (kick a barrel to spawn it)
A34 - Planaria Rupestris -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon
A35 - Lycoperdon Fugiferus -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon
A36 - Sarcophagus DomZII -- Found in the Upper Hall area of the Factory dungeon
A37 - Taurus Sapiens -- Found in the Akuda Bar
A38 - Astacus Erectus -- Found in the Black Isle area of the Black Isle dungeon
A39 - Amoeba Saltans -- Found in the Central Hall area of the Slaughterhouse dungeon
A40 - Carcharodon Sapiens -- Found in the Akuda Bar
A41 - Rattus Albus -- Found in the X-Ray Verification area of the Factory dungeon
A42 - Bufo Erectus -- Found in the Vorax's Lair optional dungeon
A43 - Papilio Pilosus -- Found in the Black Isle area of the Black Isle dungeon
A44 - Lutra Erecta -- Found in the Lighthouse, at the top of the Lighthouse (available only after completing at least one film reel)
A45 - Macropodia Omnivora -- Found in the Alpha Sections Und. Quarters optional area of Hillys
A46 - Homo Sapiens -- Found in the Lighthouse, inside the building
A47 - Megaptera Purpurea -- Found in the ocean of Hillys, outside the red barrier, East of the Black Isle
A48 - Manta Cyanea -- Found in the sky of Hillys, floating before the Factory
A49 - Sus Sapiens -- Found in the Hangar
A50 - Alicia Splendens -- Found in the Secondary Shaft area of the Black Isle
A51 - Manta Magnificens -- Found in the sky of Hillys, floating North/Northwest of the Hangar
A52 - Felis Sapiens -- Found in the IRIS Den
A53 - Walrus Sapiens -- Found in the Pedestrian District
A54 - Aquilus Sapiens -- Found in the Pedestrian District
A55 - Capra Sapiens -- Found in the Lighthouse, inside the building
A56 - Spongus Gluanteus -- Found in the Ancient Mine area of the Black Isle dungeon

M01 - Save Game -- Owned by default
M02 - Mr. De Castellac -- Story-related (found in the Hangar)
M03 - The Pearl and the Currents -- Found in the IRIS Den
M04 - For Jade -- Story-related (acquired in the Upper Hall)
M05 - Surveillance Camera -- Found in the Nutriplis Vat area of the Factory dungeon
M06 - Hillyan Army Databank -- Found in the Computer Room area of the Factory dungeon
M07 - Beluga Check-Up -- Found in the Hangar after purchasing the Flight Stabilizer (after the events in the Slaughterhouse)
M08 - Animal Species -- Obtained after completing the seventh film reel (56/56 Animals). Allows you to see an album with the pictures of all the animals at any MDisk reader
M09 - IRIS 511 -- See M10
M10 - IRIS 512 -- Found in Ming-Tzu's Shop
M11 - IRIS 513 -- Found in Ming-Tzu's Shop after the events in the Factory
M12 - IRIS 514 -- Found in Ming-Tzu's Shop after the events in the Slaughterhouse
M13 - Disk Game -- Found in a code-locked cabinet in Akuda Bar. Allows you to play the Disk Game minigame at any MDisk reader
M14 - Pearl Game -- Obtained after collecting 88/88 Pearls. Allows you to play the "Yo Pearl" minigame at any MDisk reader

P01 - DomZ Lighthouse Monster -- Story-related; defeat the first boss of the game
P02 - DomZ Sea Serpent -- Story-related; defeat the sea serpent boss in Hillys
P03 - Looters' Booty -- Reward for clearing Looters' Cavern 1
P04 - Science Center: Film of Animals 2 -- Reward for completing the second film reel (16/56 Animals)
P05 - Victory in the Disk Game -- Reward for beating Francis at the Disk Game (first visit)
P06 - Rufus' Booty -- Found in a code-locked room in Akuda Bar
P07 - Science Center: Film of Animals 3 -- Reward for completing the third film reel (24/56 Animals)
P08 - Race 1 Victory -- Reward for winning Race 1
P09 - Race 2 Victory -- Reward for winning Race 2
P10 - DomZ Pterolimax -- Story-related; defeat the boss in Black Isle
P11 - Science Center: Film of Animals 4 -- Reward for completing the fourth film reel (32/56 Animals)
P12 - Pearl Crochax -- Dropped by a Crochax Velox in the Vorax's Lair optional area
P13 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Shed side area of the Pedestrian District
P14 - Bought from Nouri -- Buy at Nouri's shop in Pedestrian District (first visit)
P15 - Bought from Ming-Tzu -- Buy at Ming-Tzu's Shop (first visit)
P16 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Transit side area of the Pedestrian District
P17 - Science Center: Film of Animals 5 -- Reward for completing the fifth film reel (40/56 Animals)
P18 - Looters' Booty -- Reward for clearing Looters' Cavern 2
P19 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Laboratory area of the Factory dungeon
P20 - DomZ Robot at the Factory -- Story-related; dropped by the second boss of the Factory, in the Landing Dock area
P21 - DomZ Torture Machine -- Dropped by a story-related enemy in the West Wing area of the Factory dungeon
P22 - Reaper -- Found in the Elevator Room area of the Factory dungeon (in the water; only before leaving the Factory)
P23 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P27
P24 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P27
P25 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P27
P26 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P27
P27 - Hillyans' Donations -- Found in the side room of IRIS Den (after the events in the Factory)
P28 - Science Center: Film of Animals 6 -- Reward for completing the sixth film reel (48/56 Animals)
P29 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P30 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P31 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P32 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P33 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P34 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P35 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P36 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P37 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P38
P38 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Alpha Sections HQ side area of Pedestrian District
P39 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P41
P40 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P41
P41 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Dropped by three Crochax Veloxes in the Alpha Sections Und. Quarter, optional location of Hillys
P42 - Alpha Sections HQ -- See P44
P43 - Alpha Sections HQ -- See P44
P44 - Alpha Sections HQ -- Found in the Alpha Section Warehouse side area of the Pedestrian District
P45 - Victory in the Disk Game -- Reward for beating Francis at the Disk Game (after the events in the Slaughterhouse)
P46 - Bought from Nouri -- Buy at Nouri's shop in Pedestrian District (after the events in the Factory)
P47 - Bought from Ming-Tzu -- Buy at Ming-Tzu's Shop (after the events in the Factory)
P48 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the East Wing area of the Factory dungeon
P49 - Looters' Booty -- Reward for clearing Looters' Cavern 3
P50 - DomZ Sea Serpent -- Story-related; defeat the sea serpent boss in Hillys (after the events in the Slaughterhouse)
P51 - Looters' Booty -- Reward for clearing Looters' Cavern 4
P52 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Central Hall area of the Slaughterhouse dungen
P53 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P54 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P55 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P56 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P57 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P58 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P59 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P60 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P61 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P62 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P63 - Hillyans' Donations -- See P64
P64 - Hillyans' Donations -- Found in the side room of IRIS Den (after the events in the Slaughterhouse)
P65 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Main Canal (requires the Jump Kit)
P66 - Bought from Ming-Tzu -- Buy at Ming-Tzu's Shop (after the events in the Slaughterhouse)
P67 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P69
P68 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- See P69
P69 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the Alpha Sections Und. Quarters side area of Pedestrian District
P70 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections -- Found in the North Wing area of the Slaughterhouse dungeon
P71 - Race 3 Victory -- Reward for winning Race 3
P72 - Race 4 Victory -- Reward for winning Race 4
P73 - DomZ Sea Serpent -- Story-related; defeat the boss in Hillys (after purchasing the Flight Stabilizer; after the events in the Slaughterhouse)
P74 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P75 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P76 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P77 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P78 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P79 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P80 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P81 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P82 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P83 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P84 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P85 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P86 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P87 - Volcano Crochax -- See P88
P88 - Volcano Crochax -- Dropped by fifteen Crochax Veloxes in the Volcano's Treasure optional location of Hillys


In this page you will find an extended walkthrough of the game which will lead you to the completion of the game. For achievement-related reasons you'll need to collect most of the collectibles available, which you will find in hyper-linked text in the following guide (click on the links to open a picture of the collectible). Each of the collectible entries will be put in a format like this: [Type of collectible] # XX/YY (ID - [Name of the collectible]). You should just ignore the details of the entries and collect the items right away, but you can use said details to keep track of your progression more easily.

[Type of collectible] will be one of the following: "PA 1", "Animal", "MDisk", "Pearl". The XX/YY is the counter of how many items of this specific collectible you have collected up to that point: the fourth Pearl for example will appear in the guide as "Pearl # 04/88 (...)" since there is a total of 88 Pearls and that one is the fourth one described in the guide. The [Name of the collectible] (only for Animals, MDisks and Pearls) is a characteristic name given to that specific item; for example, the first MDisk is called "Save Game", each Animal has a scientific name (such as "Homo Sapiens"), and each Pearl has a name that recalls how you got it (such as "Taken Back from the Alpha Team"; keep in mind that the Pearls' names are not always unique).

The ID is the official in-game order (the PA 1 don't have an official order, so this part of their entry is missing like the [Name of the collectible]), and will be a letter followed by a number. The ID is important to you only if you want to know which specific collectible you might be missing (for example if you see that you're missing a certain Pearl and want to know where to get it). The letter stands for the type of collectible (A for Animals, M for MDisks, P for Pearls), while the number is the actual position of that particular collectible in the in-game list. For example, the fourth Pearl that you will acquire by following this walkthrough is actually the eighth one in the official game list of Pearls, and therefore you will read "Pearl # 04/88 (P08 - ...)". If you wanted to know which is, say, the fifth MDisk of the in-game list of MDisks, you should look for "M05" in this page. The official in-game list of the Animals is not revealed until you get them all, so it's hard to track which ones you may miss. If you need it, help yourself with the CTRL+F function of your browser, typing the ID of the item you are missing to immediately find its description and position in the walkthrough. The in-game lists (official orders) of Animals, MDisks and Pearls can be found in the previous page of this walkthrough.

Remember that for the achievements you don't need all, but only most of the collectibles (for example, only 80 Pearls are required for the Moneybags achievement), so you can afford to miss a few of them.

The game's world is divided in many areas, and each of them has an in-game name which will be used in the walkthrough for reference. You can see the name of the area where you are as soon as you enter it; use these references to make sure you are in the correct location.

There won't be spoilers related to the story, so feel free to read ahead in the page.

Story Walkthrough


After the first cutscenes the game will begin with a fight. There are just a couple of commands to learn: X to attack, A+LS to dodge in a specific direction. Keep it simple: just spam X, occasionally defending with A to dodge the slow and predictable attacks of the enemies. After taking a bunch of them down, kill the last few in slow-motion.

More cutscenes will follow, and you'll be put against a new and bigger enemy. The game now introduces the charged attack (hold X, then release when it's ready): use it to set you free from the "cage" where you start, then use it near the main enemy in the middle of the room to break the vines protecting it. Then, once the vines-barrier is down, strike with simple X attacks to damage it. Repeat the process until you win (don't worry about dodging the enemy's attacks, keep attacking and it won't have time to damage you).

At the end of the fight, approach and pick up your first Pearl # 01/88 (P01 - DomZ Lighthouse Monster) to advance with the story. A tractor beam will appear; speak with the other characters if you want, then ride the beam up to trigger more scenes.


During the next cutscenes with Secundo you'll be told about the importance of taking pictures of the animals in the game. Pick up the camera (press X near it to take it) and get familiar with its commands: LB to "unsheath" it by entering Aiming Mode, RS to move the target around, LS to zoom in/out, RB to take a picture.

The game will naturally ask you to take some pictures to continue with the story, starting with the Animal # 01/56 (A09 - Adalia Octopunctata), the small bug flying here on Floor 2 of the house. After taking the picture, press A to "send to science center", thus getting an income of +150 Units ("Units" is one of the currencies of the game, and you need a total of 350 to continue with the story). After taking the picture you will see how there is a 8-pictures film reel to fill, each with a different animal species. There's no limit of how many pictures of animals you can take, but those that matter and will be accounted (added to the film reels) are only those involving a "new" animal species. If you want you could take multiple pictures of the same animal species, but all that matters is taking at least one shot for every species in the game, and therefore the same animal species will not be added to the film reel and you will just get a "species already taken" message.

It's also possible to take pictures of random stuff, which will go to your personal "Photo Album". This has no practical purpose, and you have a limited amount of personal photos that you can stock.

You can check the photos you've taken by entering your inventory (press D-Pad_Up/Down), then select the camera option and check the film reels from there (this could be useful to double-check if you got a certain species or not): the "Photo Album" is for the random photos, while the "Animals" album is the one that matters for the achievements.

After taking your first picture of an animal turn around and get some Starkos (food) from the nearby counter. Starkos is the item used to refill your health (it heals one "Heart"; the Hearts are your health gauge), and you can use it at any time by pressing the B button after selecting it in your quick inventory with the D-Pad_Left/Right. If you try to do so you will see how you can scroll between different items in the quick inventory: the MDisks, the Pearls, the Units, and of course the Starkos themselves. A couple of more commands to learn (if you haven't yet) are RT (hold it to run around) and LT (hold it to crouch; not necessary during the regular exploration, but useful in stealthy situations).

Locate one of your friends sitting on the floor and take a picture of him (from West to East) to get Animal # 02/56 (A46 - Homo Sapiens) and +200 Units for the photo. This is already enough to proceed with the story, but there is more stuff to do before continuing.

You can find more Starkos (four more) in the shelves/fridge (3x) and oven (1x; kick it by pressing X to open its door) behind the counter. Kick the large barrel between the fridge and the oven to spawn Animal # 03/56 (A33 - Musca Saprophagia) and get +150 Units. Find the goat-looking friend of yours (he might be sitting near where the other friend was; otherwise look for him somewhere in the house) and take a picture of him to acquire Animal # 04/56 (A55 - Capra Sapiens) and get +350 Units.

Go upstairs to the third floor to find a big whitish dog sleeping on the floor; take a picture of him to get Animal # 05/56 (A01 - Canis Canis) and +100 Units. Further up a ramp on this floor there is another Starkos if you want.

Also on Floor 3 (you can see on which floor you are by opening your map with Back) you can find a couple of buttons to push in order to open a door. One of the doors will reveal the path to Floor 4, while the other one leads to the bathroom. On the sinks of the bathroom you will find an item to pick up: it's PA 1 # 01/13. PA stands for "Physiological Accelerator", and collecting one of them will increase your health by one "Heart".

Go up the ramp to the fourth floor afterwards. You'll find yourself outside, on the top of the lighthouse, and from this position you can take a picture of Animal # 06/56 (A14 - Larus Albus), the seagulls flying around, worth +400 Units. You will probably notice also a sort of seal running on the top of the lighthouse: never mind it, you can't zoom-in much enough to take its picture yet.

Go back inside to Floor 3 and then down to Floor 2; then exit the building. As you are outside, hug the right wall of rocks to easily spot Animal # 07/56 (A08 - Priodontes Campestris), a sort of armadillo which will earn you +150 Units. Note that if you approach it too closely it will hide away -- just move away from its position to respawn it. Not far from this last animal there is a button that you could push: don't do so, since it's the one that activates the "shield" of the lighthouse, and it was already turned on during a cutscene earlier.

In this outside area you will start noticing that there is a real-time day/night cycle. Wait until it's night time, then head all the way North to reach a cliff where some fireflies will spawn: take their picture to get Animal # 08/56 (A16 - Lampyris Campestris), +300 Units, and also complete your first reel of film. As reward for doing this you will get a power-up for the camera (a stronger zoom level), and a new film reel to fill with eight more photos.

The new zoom level allows you to take a picture of the seal on the top of the lighthouse: go back inside, reach Floor 4, position yourself with a good angle to catch the seal running on the top of the lighthouse and be ready to press RB to acquire Animal # 09/56 (A44 - Lutra Erecta) and get +1,000 Units.

Now that it's all done, go back to Floor 2 and proceed West (there is another button that you could push; it just opens/closes the door of the hangar where you're heading, so just ignore it) to follow the flying robot and reach the next area.


Ignore the robot at first, and go down the wooden ramps first. You will find some tables with some stuff on them: 2x Boost (an item used to speed up the hovercraft) and 2x Repair P-O-D (Pocket-Optimizer-Drone), items to repair the vehicles (the equivalent of Starkos for the machines) by one "Wrench" (the state of the vehicles is measured in Wrenches like Jade's health is measured in hearts).
In the water there are some fishes swimming: take their picture to get Animal # 10/56 (A32 - Dipneustes Trilineatus) and +400 Units.

Now go back up the ramp and follow the robot to the next area.

Pey'J's Workshop

Take a picture of sexy Pey'J to get Animal # 11/56 (A49 - Sus Sapiens) and +600 Units. Then approach Pey to trigger a scene which will introduce the MDisks system. It's a very simple system: there are MDisk readers/decrypters here and there in the world (one is just near Pey'J), and you can access them to read the MDisks you own. Reading the MDisks leads to different consequences, depending on the MDisk you choose. By default you already have MDisk # 01/14 (M01 - Save Game), which allows you to save the game -- do so after accessing the terminal.

To continue with the story you need to acquire MDisk # 02/14 (M02 - Mr. De Castellac) in the workshop, then operate the MDisk reading terminal to read it and receive the message from Mr. De Castellac.


After more scenes, return to the Hangar area and push a large generator (which is on some sort of binaries; you can open your map with Back and scroll among the Objectives with LS_Up/Down to spawn a marker on your in-game map in correspondence of the generator) forward; Pey'J will come and help you out, so you can manage to push it in position. By doing this you will unlock:


Power up the hovercraft

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now that it's operational, approach the nearby hovercraft and jump on it; then drive it through a cave to continue.


In this open area you will start to really drive the hovercraft. This vehicle allows you to shoot by pressing X, and you can get shot in your turn by some enemies. If you shoot the wrong targets (such as non-enemy ships) the police will come and fine you for -250 Units. Right now there are no enemies around, so simply don't shoot at all.

You will notice how the hovercraft is not stable though, and will continuously give signs of damage. Head for the building in the middle of the water, and after a short while you'll experience engine failure. When this happens, a cut scene will trigger and you will be automatically taken to the next destination.

Mammago Garage

Take a picture of either of the two rhino-looking characters to get Animal # 12/56 (A10 - Rhinoceros Sapiens), worth +300 Units. There is a MDisk reader here too if you want.

Speak with Issam, one of the two rhinos (the one behind the counter). A multi-choice dialogue will start; pick all the options to receive the various different answers. Then head inside the shop (on the right of Issam, past the MDisk reader). There are various items for sale at different prices in the three rooms of the garage:
- Speedcraft Motor (1 Pearls)
- Neutralizing Cannon (5 Pearls)
- Jump Kit (15 Pearls)
- Flight Stabilizer (20 Pearls)
- Space Engine (30 Pearls)

There are also two vending machines that sell:
- Meca-Impulser (1,500 Units)
- Starkos (150 Units)
- K Bups Box (300 Units)
- Meca-Impulser (1,500 Units)

The Meca-Impulser is the equivalent of PA 1 for the vehicles (increases max "health" by +1 Wrench) -- buy it if you want. The K Bups Box is an item that refills all your health (all the "hearts"). You should have enough Units to purchase the 2x Meca-Impulser and also the Starkos and the K-Bups Box if you want.

The important item to purchase is the Speedcraft Motor; you can't afford anything else at the moment. Note that spending Pearls doesn't remove them from your collection: you will spend (eventually) 71x Pearls to purchase all the stuff available for sale (all the items that require Pearls to be bought are story-related), but they will still all count towards the total of 80 Pearls required for the achievement. In short, don't worry about saving Pearls, it's enough to get them in the first place and you don't have to hold 80 at once for Moneybags.

Exit the garage and save the game if you want. Your hovercraft has been repaired, and thanks to the boost that you just purchased you can now hold RT to sprint while driving it. Note that you don't have to push LS_Forward while holding down RT: pressing RT is enough to automatically sprint forward without having to control LS too (you still need to use LS to steer of course, but you can avoid touching it if you're heading straight forward). Exit back to Hillys.


There will be a boss fight against a large "DomZ sea serpent". This enemy will run away from you, but you can perfectly keep up with it by boosting your speed with RT. Keep firing at the enemy with X (button-mash it), but be careful not to hit the friendly ships here and there in the water. You can also ignore the various "pieces" of the enemy that will fall occasionally in the water, since your main target is the moving sea-snake. As you shoot it down, it will get smaller and smaller, until it's finally defeated. After the fight, collect the Pearl # 02/88 (P02 - DomZ Sea Serpent) that it drops in the water.

At this point you need to head for the "Black Isle". To reach the destinations more easily you can use the "compass view" (press Y while driving the hovercraft) to display the locations where you're headed right on the screen. This simplifies the navigation a bit if you're not familiar with Hillys yet.

There are some optional things that you can do before continuing with the story: let's see them. Here is a map of the currently-available areas on Hillys.

First of all, beware that if you try to cross the red laser barriers around the water you'll take some damage (half a Wrench) and get pushed back: keep away from them. Later, with the "Jump Kit" upgrade (for sale at Mammago's), you'll be able to skip over these barriers and explore the whole world.

Somewhere in the water is possible to find some blue fishes; they don't have a fixed spawning position, so it's kinda random to find them. If you do find them, be ready to take a picture of them with your camera (which can be used while driving the hovercraft just as when you walk with Jade on the screen) to get Animal # 13/56 (A31 - Rascax Caeruleus) and +300 Units. You should have luck finding them near the West shores.

Looters' Cavern 1
There are four semi-hidden locations where a chasing mini-game will play. These are known as "Looters' Caverns", and one of the achievements requires you to clear the four of them. The chases are really simple, and you only have to drive through a bunch of obstacles while chasing down an enemy that starts by stealing some Units from you. You'll get them back with the interests when, at the end of the chase, you will eventually find your opponent in a closed area where he can't run away anymore. At that point you'll shoot it down to earn a bunch of Units and a Pearl. It's possible to "lose" in these mini-games if you fail to chase the target, but you should have no problems following them; should that happen, don't worry: you'll be able to restart the chase from scratch (you will lose the few Units stolen by the looter, but that's no big deal). You can shoot the fleeing looter during the chase too, and this will slow it down (never to the point of stopping it though).

Right now you can deal only with the first Looters' Cavern. From Mammago Garage, head North and stick to the West side. You will soon see a sort of sandy shore. Somewhere on this shore (which you can access with the hovercraft) there is a metallic door, partially closed, under which you can go. Do so to enter the cavern. Inside the cavern, go through a tunnel to trigger the chase. On the way you will also notice some crates: shoot them for extra goodies ("Materia Crystals") if you want, but it's not really necessary (Materia Crystals are worth +5 Units each). After cornering and shooting down the enemy you will also receive Pearl # 03/88 (P03 - Looters' Booty).


At this point you can visit an optional locations somewhere East of Mammago Garage (reach the shore and look for a semi-open door). You will need to revisit this location later too, but you might as well pay it a visit now to get a couple of collectibles.

Vorax's Lair

Dock near the wooden pier (approach it and press X) and go up the ramps to find some frogs -- take their picture to get Animal # 14/56 (A42 - Bufo Erectus) and +450 Units. Also in this area you can press a button to reveal a shelf where you will find PA 1 # 02/13 and 2x Boost.

There is also a MDisk reader terminal here. A fence blocks the way forward right now, so this is all you can do for now -- drive back to Hillys.


As you go Northeast to continue you will see two possible paths. One, more West, leads to Main Canal, which leads to the City area. The other one, more East, leads to an area that you can't access right now (a robot will stop you), so ignore it for now.

Main Canal

If you open your map (click here for a rough scheme) you will notice that on the West side there is an area blocked by red lasers; it can't be explored yet (you need the "Jump Kit" like the barriers in Hillys), but we'll go there later to acquire the sixtyfifth Pearl. Further North past this area there are paths going North, West and East. The path leading East takes you to the Pedestrian District. On the opposite side of the canal (West) there is a path leading to the races. Let's go here before proceeding North to the other half of Hillys.

Races 1 and 2

The races are just what you would expect from a race: a competitive race against other hovercrafts. They are very simple and enjoyable 3-laps tracks, and it's enough to drive around with the boost activated all the time (hold RT) to have an easy win. It's possible to shoot the opponents to slow them down, and it's important to drive on the "speed-up" ramps (those with some arrows painted on them) to gain an extra speed boost. There are also some "shortcuts" that you can take sometimes, typically turns that can be taken with a sharper angle rather than a wider angle (the other hovercrafts will usually take the wider turn, thus wasting some fractions of seconds). Other than this there are no tricks or secrets to share. Once you complete the race you don't have to wait for everyone to continue: press X to skip the results and get your prizes.

Win Race 1 first to unlock Race 2, and then win Race 2 as well. You will receive also a pearl for each of your victories: Pearl # 04/88 (P08 - Race 1 Victory) and Pearl # 05/88 (P09 - Race 2 Victory). You also get +1,000 Units by winning the races. After getting both the prizes, exit to Main Canal.

Main Canal

There is nothing else to do, so take the exit to the North to reach the Northern half of Hillys.


You can't proceed North/Northwest due to another robot blocking the path, so simply follow your in-game map to reach the Black Isle.

Black Isle

Dock the hovercraft and proceed to trigger a cut scene. Save the game at the MDisk terminal, then move on through the cave. There will be a fork: go right to reach a waterfall. Near this waterfall there is a machinery of some sort; you can jump inside of it from its left side. Do so, then follow a tunnel to reach a secondary area where you will find 1x Starkos on the ground as well as Animal # 15/56 (A38 - Astacus Erectus), worth +400 Units. On the ground near a fence (you can't destroy the fence yet by the way) you will also find 1x Boost.

Go back to the waterfall, and this time take the other path of the cavern to reach a room with a couple of animals that you should have already added to your collection on the first film reel. You will find two arrows painted on the ground near a closed gate; get on the left arrow, then press Y to ask Pey'J to step on the right one. When both your characters are on the arrows the gate will open, giving you access to the next area. You may notice a PA 1 up a ramp on the right, but you'll be able to get it only later on; the same goes for a large pink worm up a ledge on the left, which you can't photograph from your current position.

Ancient Mine

Move forward and then speak with Pey'J to trigger a scene. Then step on either of the pressured platforms and press Y to ask Pey'J's cooperation -- he will jump on the other platform and send you up to the higher floor. Follow the way around to reach a gear; interact with it to lower two bridges. One of the bridges allows Pey'J to reach you, while the other one allows you both to continue.

Move on; just past the bridge, rotate the camera to the right to find an "Evacuaton Map" -- take a picture of it to insert the details of this map to your in-game map (the one you prompt with Back), thus expanding and completing it.

Before continuing, use your camera again to locate a couple of animals before and after some explosive crates. The one on the right is a sort of orange "thing" stuck in the ground; it's Animal # 16/56 (A35 - Lycoperdon Fugiferus), worth +400 Units. This should be your 16th photo of animal, and therefore the second film reel should now be complete. If this is the case you will also be rewarded with Pearl # 06/88 (P04 - Science Center: Film of Animals 2).
The animal on the left is Animal # 17/56 (A05 - Anemonia Mutabilis), a big purple thing with tentacles coming out the walls. It's worth +500 Units.

Approach the "Lycoperdon Fugiferens" and press Y to ask Pey'J to stomp on the ground. This will make it come out of its hole, and you can attack with X to strike it in mid-air and launch the poor thing into the explosive crates (to actually hit the animal you need to press X twice; the first time it will start a slow-motion "aim mode" that allows you to aim; the second time Jade will strike the animal in the direction of where you were aiming). Do so to open the way through a wall, revealing a hidden cave where you can pick up 2x Starkos and 1x Boost.

Then open the way to the Anemonia Mutabilis if you want, and then attack the Anemonia itself to receive some "Materia Crystals" (you probably saw these things earlier during the Looters' Cavern 1 chase), an item which is worth +5 Units. Keep smashing the beast until its tentacles retreat, then proceed past it. You will find another Lycoperdon to strike towards more explosives; in the same room as this Lycoperdon there are also some purple crystals on the right walls. One of these crystals can be smashed directly to receive even more Materia Crystals; the bigger one is too high on the wall to be hit directly, but you can still destroy it by launching the usual Lycoperdon towards it.

After hitting the next explosives, a ramp will appear, allowing you to continue. You may notice a fence on the right of the ramp, but you can't get through it yet.

Move on and an enemy will attack you; before defeating it make sure to take its picture to collect Animal # 18/56 (A22 - Crochax Velox), worth +1,000 Units (hit it with some attacks if you need to push it back to get a good angle/zoom for the picture). You'll find more of these enemies later, so don't worry if you accidentally killed it before being able to take a picture.

After the fight locate another gear to operate near a wall, past a cart; interact with it, then push the cart (along with Pey'J, who will automatically come and help you) as forward as you can. Use the cart as stepping stone to continue on the upper floor, to a new area.

Secondary Shaft

Some enemies will attack you here; make sure to take a picture of the transparent jellyfishes, the more solid (clawed turtles? Whatever those things are), and also the tentacles coming out of the walls on either side of the area. There are some more Crochax Veloxes too if you need their picture. The jellyfishes are Animal # 19/56 (A13 - Cyanea Urtica), worth +700 Units; the "turtles" are Animal # 20/56 (A20 - Pelagia Pachydermis), worth +800 Units; the tentacles on the walls are Animal # 21/56 (A50 - Alicia Splendens), worth +300 Units.

Defeat the enemies on the bridge to clear the path, then co-op step on the arrows on the ground to continue to the next area.

Ancient Mine

In this new portion of the mines you can find a vending machine with 3x Starkos for sale (150 Units each), as well as a MDisk reader in front of it (save the game while you're here). Furthermore, there are three cabinets that you can kick-open to find 1x Boost, 1x Box of K-Bups, and most importantly also the "Barraco D53" key item, a cutting hammer that can be used to break through the fences like the ones found earlier in this stage. There is a fence that you need to open to exit this room -- locate it and press Y near it (move away from it, otherwise Pey'J can't cut it down) to have Pey'J open the way for you.

Go down the newly-uncovered path; you will find another Evacuation Map as you go, but it's the same one as earlier, so you can ignore it. On the right of the map board there is an alcove where you can climb up to return to the Secondary Shaft, but don't do so yet and proceed further down the tunnel. At one point you will see a giant green-glowing thing on the ground: it's an animal that you can add to your collection, Animal # 22/56 (A56 - Spongus Gluanteus), worth +500 Units. Get on the "Spongus" itself and look on the left to see a giant snail shell; wait a few instants and a red animal will come out of the shell -- take its picture to get Animal # 23/56 (A17 - Helix Rupestris), worth +500 Units as well.

Now backtrack a bit and jump up the alcove near the Evacuation Map board, thus returning to the Secondary Shaft.

Secondary Shaft

Backtrack to the Ancient Mine (the section where you fought the first Crochax Velox).

Ancient Mine

Go down the first ramp you come across, then turn left to find the fence that you might have noticed earlier. Have Pey'J open it to reach a vending machine with PA 1 # 03/13 for sale at the price of 1,500 Units. There is also a couple of Starkos for sale, at the usual price of 150 Units each.

Continue past the vending machine, and hug the wall to cross to the other side of the area. You will find a Lycoperdon; although Pey'J is left behind, you can still use his cooperation to spawn the Lycoperdon and use the animal to strike down a Materia Crystal on the wall. Up the ramp past the Lycoperdon there is a cart with explosives; push the cart forward first, and then use the Lycoperdon (strike it into the cart) to blow it up, thus spawning a ramp for Pey'J, who will join you.

Before continuing onwards, reach the ramp that you just spawned, and use it as a bridge to reach a secret alcove where a skull sign is. Just past the sign you will find Animal # 24/56 (A04 - Amoeba Polypodia), worth +750 Units. This should complete the third film reel, earning you another Pearl # 07/88 (P07 - Science Center: Film of Animals 3).

Move on and co-op jump on the pressure platforms on the ground to reach the upper level. Jump down on the other side of the wall, and locate a button to push in order to open a gate for Pey'J.

In this area there is also a MDisk reader. Facing the reader, turn left and reach a small generator where Jade will automatically jump on (it's near a wall). Press X while standing on the generator to interact with it and spawn Animal # 25/56 (A34 - Planaria Rupestris), worth +500 Units. This animal will fly near the ceiling for a short period; if you're not fast enough it will fly away, but you can re-spawn it by interacting with the generator again.

After doing everything here open another fence to continue.

Main Shaft

Jump down the platform where you begin to trigger a short scene. Some enemies will spawn; take their picture before defeating Animal # 26/56 (A12 - Palinurus Rupestris); their photo is worth +900 Units. These enemies are quite dangerous, and they are best dealt with by asking Pey'J to stomp on the ground (press Y) and then striking them in mid-air to send them off the cliff. Using them as a "baseball ball" is also the way to acquire more Materia Crystals from the crystals attached to the walls in this area.

After clearing two waves of these enemies, a short cut scene will trigger. Now that the situation is clear, look around in the air to find Animal # 27/56 (A21 - Nautilus Fluoreus), a snail floating in the air; its picture is worth +500 Units.

Locate a gear near a wall and operate it to lower a platform. Jump on it to reach the upper level, where a vending machine is (it sells 2x K Bups Box and 1x Starkos). Follow the only possible way past the vending machine, jumping on some rocks and destroying some Anemonia plants on the way. At one point you will find an Anemonia coming from the ground instead of the walls: to get past this one you need to destroy its tentacles first (attack it with Jade) and then stomp it to the ground level by asking Pey'J to attack it (press Y). Once it's destroyed, go past it.

You will come to a large open room, and Pey'J will tell you that the animals that you need to picture are here; indeed they are, somewhere on the right side. After taking the picture of these animals, some scenes will follow and you'll be put against a new "boss" enemy. Before defeating it, make sure to take a picture of it, thus collecting Animal # 28/56 (A30 - Pterolimax Gigantea), worth +3,000 Units. That's half the animals of the game! Defeat the boss afterwards, by chaining co-op assaults of Pey'J to stun the enemy and Jade to deal damage when the enemy is stunned. Some minions will spawn as you take the boss's enemy down -- deal with each of them and then focus on the main target again. The boss also has an attack where it floats around the arena, tossing poisonous gas at you: if you time it right you can stop it with a charged attack (hold X and release).

Get Pearl # 08/88 (P10 - DomZ Pterolimax) when the fight is over, then watch the following cut scenes. You'll be back to the Black Isle, with an extra +3,000 Units credit for the completion of your mission.

Black Isle

Before backtracking to Hillys, return to the waterfall of the first area of the Black Isle, and hop inside the machinery as you did earlier to reach Floor 3. Have Pey'J open the fence in this area, then continue through the tunnel and drop down on the platform where PA 1 # 04/13 is (it's the one you probably saw earlier, but you couldn't open fences when you first were here). From here you can also take a picture of a big pink worm crawling up a ledge on the other side of the room (it appears and disappears periodically, be patient); it's Animal # 29/56 (A43 - Papilio Pilosus), worth +300 Units.

It's all done here -- backtrack to Hillys with your hovercraft.

Hillys and Main Canal

Return to the Main Canal ("City", on your compass). From the Main Canal, take the path leading East (where a marker is, on your in-game map) to reach the Pedestrian District.

Pedestrian District

As you walk down the district you will come across a bunch of people. One of them is a fat walrus-man wearing an orange coat; if you come across him, make sure to take its picture to get Animal # 30/56 (A53 - Walrus Sapiens), worth +300 Units. Should you miss him, and should he manage to walk all the way past the robot guards that are currently blocking some of the areas, you can exit and re-enter the Pedestrian District to reset him to his default spawning position (see picture).

If you explore the area you'll be able to find a newspaper seller somewhere on the East side; you can subscribe to a couple of newspapers for the cost of 50 Units, but this won't do anything that matters other than sending you periodical emails about the events of the game (emails can be seen in your inventory; you receive a notify in the bottom-right corner when you get one). You can take a picture of the newspaper seller to acquire Animal # 31/56 (A54 - Aquilus Sapiens), worth another +300 Units.
Opposite the newspaper seller there is a door where you can enter; it's the Alpha Sections Und. Quarters building, but it's currently empty for you since a red laser barrier blocks the way. In fact, this will be the exit of the Alpha Sections Und. Quarters when, much later on, you will enter this optional location from elsewhere.

Past the newspaper shop there is a path going upwards, on the right, and another that continues downwards. Ignore the former (it leads to the Akuma Bar, your main destination) and take the other path to reach a shop in the middle of the street, Nouri's, which is selling Pearl # 09/88 (P14 - Bought From Nouri) for 3,000 Units and PA 1 # 05/13 for 1,500 Units. It also sells unlimited Starkos and Box of K-Bups for 150 and 300 Units each respectively.

You can't explore the rest of the city because two robot-guards are blocking the path -- backtrack on Floor 2, then reach Floor 3 to find the Akuda Bar and enter inside (you may notice a small door opposite the Akuda Bar, on Floor 3, but it's currently locked).

Akuda Bar

You will find a MDisk terminal here. Take a picture of the barkeeper to get Animal # 32/56 (A37 - Taurus Sapiens), worth +350 Units. Do the same with the shark-looking customer sitting at a table to acquire Animal # 33/56 (A40 - Carcharodon Sapiens), worth another +400 Units. The former should be the last of the fourth film reel, so you will also earn Pearl # 10/88 (P11 - Science Center: Film of Animals 4).

Before continuing with the story upstairs, check the left side of this floor to find two more interesting things. One is a "disc game" table, and you can play a mini-game with the Carcharodon Sapiens near the game table. The other important thing here is the small machine in a corner near the game table. This machine will earn you a MDisk (the thirteenth) if you put a code into it, but right now you are not able to get it. We'll see about it in due time, near the end of the game.

On the contrary, you can already challenge the Carcharodon called Francis at the "Disk Game". Your ultimate goal here is to win his pearl, and to do this you need to bet 1,000 Units. The disk game is quite simple (simple, not easy), but it's a good idea to save the game at the nearby MDisk reader, just in case something goes wrong. The goal of the game is to "shoot" all the discs in the opponent's half of the table. You can't choose which disc to move, but you have assisted aim on your side. It may take a few attempts to learn how to play properly, but the simple mechanics should make it easy enough to earn Pearl # 11/88 (P05 - Victory in the Disk Game), eventually. The key to victory is being as quick as possible when shooting your discs. The lack of a full-360° free aim is a terrible handicap, but you will eventually overcome it and win this tricky mini-game's highest prize. You need to win two rounds to win a game.

In addition to winning a game match for the Pearl, you also want to win two more matches (training mode does not count) to rack up a total of three won games. Note that you will be able to win another pearl later on by winning at the Disk Game, so if you really hate this minigame and want to keep your activity on it to the minimum you should win just another match (bet 100 Units) now, and then get your third victory for the other Pearl and the following achievement later (I'll tell you when it's time to play again for the other Pearl):

Gamble King 2

Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis

Gamble King 2
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Go upstairs now, and push a button to find a goat-man in a room. Speak with him to receive the Alpha Section's Ticket, which contains a code, randomly generated every time. You will use this code later to get a Pearl (you can view it again at any time in the "S-A-C" section of your inventory).

Return in the previous hallway and continue to find two locked doors with password codes required to open them. Ignore them and speak with the old guy behind the counter at the end of the hallway. He will challenge you to an easy "Coconut Shell" mini-game where you have to guess where a small ball is. The game is simple and intuitive, and if you choose the "Safe and sound in its shell, the precious pearl is the slave of the currents" option when deciding what to bet, by winning you will receive a ticket with a code written on it (again, it's randomly generated). You can review this code in your S-A-C (in your inventory) if you need. Make sure to win this mini-game (replay it) a total of three times, so you unlock:

Gamble King 1

Win 3 times in the coconut shell game against Peepers

Gamble King 1
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Use the code you just acquired to open Room 03; enter inside the room and press X near the closet on the left to access a secret den.


Continue to trigger a cut scene at the end of which you will receive the City-Pass, a key item required to gain full access to the Pedestrian District. Then take a picture of the cat-woman to get Animal # 34/56 (A52 - Felis Sapiens), worth +400 Units. Then also look for MDisk # 03/14 (M03 - The Pearl and the Currents). Play it in the nearby MDisk reader if you want.

Pedestrian District

Exit the den and the bar, and return to the Pedestrian District. Reach Floor 1 and proceed past the robot-guards to access the remaining portion of this area. Past the guards you can find a small door, on the right side, which is locked with a special key that you currently don't have. Moreover there is a blocked path past some red lasers which can be turned off by pressing a button which also requires a special key. Therefore the only thing you can do is to go through the passage on the left side to reach the next location.

Ming-Tzu's Shop

This shop has a lot of interesting things for sale, but you probably can't afford everything at the moment. Before shopping, take a picture at the fish in the fish tank near the shopkeeper; it's Animal # 35/56 (A15 - Koi Kumonryu), worth +300 Units. There is a MDisk terminal in a side room on the right side. Here's the inventory of the items for sale:
- Meca-Impulser (1,500 Units)
- PA 1 (1,500 Units)
- Animal detector (1,000 Units)
- Pearl (3,999 Units)
- Pearl detector (3,000 Units)
- Super-attack strengthened (2,000 Units)

The Animal and Pearl detectors are items that will automatically add the icon of the new animals/pearls on your in-game map. Of course you are following a guide right now, so they are kinda pointless since I'll tell you where, when and how to get them. The item you should purchase with max priority of course are PA 1 # 06/13 and Pearl # 12/88 (P15 - Bought From Ming-Tzu). The Super-attack strengthened is a useful power-up that allows you to add some extra hits when you are airborne after launching the charged attacks with Jade. You should have enough money left to purchase the Animal detector, but probably not enough to purchase the Pearl detector too. Then again, they are just for collection if you're already following a guide, and you'll have other chances to come back here and buy them in the future, so it's no big deal to leave them behind for now.

Speak with the shopkeeper and choose the first option to "unlock" the items for sale in the shop. Then choose the second dialogue option, the usual "Safe and sound [...]" password, to unlock a door to the storage room. Here you will find MDisk # 04/14 (M09 - IRIS 511) and MDisk # 05/14 (M10 - IRIS 112). You can speak with Ming Tzu here if you want to subscribe to the newsletter "IRIS-flash", but this is another pointless feature like the newspaper subscription earlier.

Check the new MDisks at the MDisk reader terminal here in the shop, then save the game if you want.

Hillys and Mammago Garage

Exit the shop and then the Pedestrian District; in Main Canal take the South exit to return to Hillys. From here, return to Mammago Garage.

At this point you can afford to purchase the next upgrade with the pearls you have. You can only afford the Neutralizing Cannon (-5 Pearls), but it's just what you need now -- buy it by putting the required Pearls in the slot on the left of the Neutralizing Cannon showcase. Thanks to this upgrade you can make "charged attacks" with the hovercraft, and this allows you to proceed with the story.

If you want there are new goodies for sale too at the vending machines, but it's the usual common stuff (Starkos, Repair PODs and Boosts for 150 Units each, K Bups Box and Set of PODs for 300 Units each; the Set of PODs is an item that fully repairs the vehicle, just like the K Bups Box fully heals Jade/Pey'J). You probably already have a surplus of this stuff, so save your Units and exit back to Hillys.

As you exit to Hillys a short cut scene will warn you about a meteor shower that is hitting all over the place. Simply dodge the falling rocks to avoid taking damage, and sprint North towards Main Canal. You will, however, notice how the Main Canal has been closed: to proceed you must take the other path (more East than Main Canal), the one where there was a robot guarding the way, which previously prevented you from continuing. Now the robot is still there, but you can eliminate it by firing a charged attack (hold X and release) of your hovercraft (you can somehow aim with LS).

After destroying the robot-guard, shoot the crates in the water if you want some extra Materia Crystals. The meteor shower now is over, Main Canal is available again, and you can do some optional things before advancing with the story. Here is a scheme of the things that we're going to do now.

Land on the East shore to find a semi-open metal door: it's another Looters' Cavern.

Looters' Cavern 2
There is nothing special here that wasn't already in the first cavern: chase down the enemy and then shoot it to death once it's cornered in a closed area (unlike the Looters' Cavern 1, you won't be told when you are in the closed area, but it should be quite intuitive since the enemy will slow down a lot and just run in circles). Your reward will be Pearl # 13/88 (P18 - Looters' Booty). If you have problems, remember that you can use the Boosts (select them with D-Pad_Left/Right and press B to use them) to sprint up an extra bit.

Back to Hillys, now head to the Vorax's Lair, the optional location found in the cavern accessed from the shore East of Mammago Garage.

Vorax's Lair

During your first visit here you should already have looted the PA 1 from the cabinet near the MDisk reader and took a picture of the frogs jumping on the grass. Now you can open the fence with Pey'J's help and explore the remaining part of this place.

As you move on you will notice a "Crochax Velox" floating around with a Pearl! Continue through the cave and fight a bunch of other monsters (Palinurus Rupestris), striking them on the Materia Crystals on the walls if you want some extra Units. These monsters will keep respawning until you use one of them to strike down the ramps ahead on your path, thus lowering the ramps themselves to create bridges to proceed.

In the next room there will be some different enemies (defeat them and they will soon stop re-spawning), as well as a Lycoperdon Fugiferus stuck on the ground -- use it to strike down two more ramps. Take the path on the left first, so you can find another Lycoperdon to use to strike down a ramp past a gap. Then take the other path to smash a Materia Crystal and eventually reach, by means of the last ramp that you stroke down, the Crochax Velox with the Pearl. Defeat the foe, so it drops the Pearl: go grab it (press X near it) to get Pearl # 14/88 (P12 - Pearl Crochax). This is all about this optional location -- exit back to Hillys.


Approach the island where the Hangar is (the West-most one near the red laser barrier) and look Southwest towards the ocean that you can't access due to the red barrier. You'll be able to eventually spot a giant whale. You can take a picture of it when it jumps out of the water for a few instants, thus getting Animal # 36/56 (A19 - Megaptera Borealis), worth +2,000 Units.

Now look North of the Hangar island, towards the large continent that has high hills with windmills on their top. If you wait a bit (it might take a minute, be patient), from the West side of this continent you will be able to spot a flying manta. Take its picture to get Animal # 37/56 (A51 - Manta Magnificens), worth + 850 Units.

Next drive the hovercraft North, towards and past the Looters' Cavern 2. Look on the West side and you will find an opening in the rocks; access this cave.

Alpha Sections Und. Quarters (Hillys)
This optional area doesn't hold much for you right now. There is a MDisk reader near the docking point, and a new animal to take a picture of: Animal # 38/56 (A45 - Macropodia Omnivora), worth +400 Units. The door to the rest of the areas of this place is currently locked (it requires the usual "special key" that you don't have yet), so this is all you can do here now. Exit back to Hillys.


Head towards the Black Isle, and approach the red laser barrier East of it. If you wait a few seconds you will be able to see something moving in the water past the barrier: it's a giant whale, and you can take a picture of it when it jumps out of the water for a few instants. Do so to add Animal # 39/56 (A47 - Megaptera Purpurea), the picture of which is worth +2,200 Units, to your collection.

Head North from the Black Isle to find some more crates in the water. Beyond them there is a secret cave where you can find Animal # 40/56 (A26 - Teratosaurus Imperator), worth +2,000 Units. At this point you should have completed another film reel, and therefore you will receive Pearl # 15/88 (P17 - Science Center: Film of Animals 5).

Now proceed with the story (see in-game marker), to the Factory. Before entering the area, stay South of it a bit and look at the sky to eventually spot another flying manta. Take a picture of Animal # 41/56 (A48 - Manta Cyanea), worth +700 Units. That's all you can do now -- reach the Factory Entrance.

Factory Entrance

Dock by some steel pipes, then take you camera. There are some "Crochax" enemies flying around, and one of them is different from the old ones (it's the blue one) -- take a picture of it to get Animal # 42/56 (A23 - Vorax Nocturnus), worth +500 Units.

Climb up the pipes and platforms, then go on a bridge to defeat a few enemies. Past the bridge there is a closed gate with solid bars, but you can't go through it yet.

Backtrack before the bridge and look for a small alcove where you can jump up (it will be on your left as you backtrack). In the alcove there is a machinery with a red monitor. You will receive a mail as you are approaching it, suggesting you to take a picture of the code on the red monitor. Do so, then send it to the governor (press A after taking the picture). After a few seconds you will receive another mail; open it to read the code (radomly generated). Put the code in the machinery, so you unlock a secret passage -- go through it.

Elevator Room

Cut the fence with Pey'J, then kick it with Jade to get past it. On the other side of the open fence there are some rats on the ground; take a picture of them to get Animal # 43/56 (A03 - Rattus Giganteus), worth +200 Units.

After taking the picture, go right to find some red lasers. Here you'll need to move around by rolling forward with A to skip over low-height lasers and by crouching with LT to pass beneath higher laser beams. It's nothing complicated, so just get through the laser beams. Push a button on the left wall past the last beams to turn the lasers off, so Pey'J can reach you. Then locate a crate to push (push it from North to South); the crate is under a large steel pipe. After pushing it South, push it from West to East towards the electricity (blue) beams. This will allow you to proceed further East past the electricity trap.

After a cut scene you'll be able to access a MDisk reader. Save the game, then push a wall-button on the left of the MDisk terminal to open a door that leads to an area (the Electrical Closet) that you don't want to visit now. Proceed Northeast instead, and check on your left to find a broken wall-button (nothing will happen if you try to push it). Past this broken button there is a purple door with a working button; press it to open the purple door itself. This door leads to West Wing; go there.

West Wing

Ignore the Service Elevator door (there is a wall-button to push on its left to open it) and turn right around a column, so you can reach another exit (it's Southeast). Take it after pushing a wall-button on the left.


In order to proceed you need to push the glass pillars on the sides of the electricity generators (like this) to deviate the electricity to the pillars, thus opening the way.

In the next room you will find a cow-skeleton immediately on the left. On the skull of the cow there is a small living form; it's Animal # 44/56 (A02 - Aedes Raymanis), worth +800 Units.

Further on there is a sort of oven; open its door by pushing the usual button. Inside you will find Pearl # 16/88 (P19 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections). Return to the West Wing.

West Wing

Push the button near the Elevator Service; as soon as the doors will open you'll have to fight some mechanical enemies (don't bother taking their pictures, they are not animals). Get inside the elevator after defeating the enemies, then press Y to have Pey'J send you up.

On the upper floor, go left towards an electricity obstacle. A robot enemy will spawn; hit it to push it towards the electricity beams, so it explodes. The explosion will also break the electricity generators, turning off the beams and allowing you to proceed.

In the next room you will find the "Report" target: take a picture of the trapped man and send it to IRIS. Then take a picture of the green monitor on the right side of the same room and send it to the governor. You will now receive a mail with the password code (randomly generated, as usual) required to open the door -- put it in the machinery on the right side of the room. This will let you pick up a small purple object, the Gyrodisk Launcher.

The Gyrodisk Launcher is a new ranged weapon for Jade. Press LB to enter "aim mode" (the same as the camera view), and press RT to shoot small discs. You can still press RB to take pictures of course. You have an unlimited supply of discs to throw. To continue you need to shoot a few discs against the "thing" above the trapped man. This will trigger a cutscene; after that you'll be able to pick up Pearl # 17/88 (P21 - DomZ Torture Machine) from the ground.

When it's done, approach the gate-door on the South side of the room and press Y to have your new friend ("Double H" is his name) smash it open. Proceed, hugging the right walls to walk on some pipes and eventually reach a MDisk terminal. Save the game, then proceed on some more pipes to walk back into the Elevator Room.

Elevator Room

A monster will attack you here. Take a picture of it to get Animal # 45/56 (A07 - Cyclopeus Palustris), worth +3,500 Units, then start attacking it. The enemy can jump away from your melee range, but you can hit it with the gyrodiscs when this happens. Alternate ranged and melee attacks (use melee attacks when the enemy uses Pey'J as shield) according to the situation; the enemy will eventually fall. You will see a Pearl near the fallen enemy, but you can't get it yet.

Now it's time to reach the Electrical Closet, located on the left of the MDisk reader of the Elevator Room.

Electrical Closet

Get past the hanging wires. You will find a map board on the wall right in front of you; take a picture of it to complete your in-game map. In this room there is also a vending machine with a couple of Starkos and K Bups Box for sale.

In order to continue you need to throw a gyrodisc at that sort of "fan" hanging from the ceiling. By default it makes electrical contact with the West wall, and you want to spin it by 180° to make contact with the East wall, thus giving power to the button near the door where you're headed. Push the now-available button to open the door and continue to the next room.

In front of you there will be a button-door and also a tool on the right of the door. You can't grab the tool yet, so go around the room to find a sort of metallic ball somewhere near a wall. Interact with it to spawn a robot enemy (it's not an animal, don't bother taking a picture of it). Lure this enemy towards the electricity barrier on the North side of the room, and push it in the electricity as you did earlier with another robot. This will blow up the robot and the barrier.

The robot will drop the "Triangular Key", thanks to which you can finally open a bunch of doors. Past the electricity barrier you will also notice PA 1 # 07/13 on a table.

Approach the center of the room and more robots will spawn; you can defeat them with regular attacks (also with the old stomp+strike combo with Pey'J). After defeating them use the Triangular key on the button-door in the middle of the room, so you temporarily turn off the electricity. This allows you to grab the object on the right of the button itself. On the other side of the room there is another similar object to pick up. They are 2x Fuse; get them both, then exit the room and backtrack to the Elevator Room.

Elevator Room

Remember the button that wasn't working? It's located midway between the MDisk reader and the door to the Laboratory area. You can put a Fuse in the panel on the right of the non-working button. You also need to shoot a gyrodisc at the hanging cable above the fuse that you just put in position (shoot it from Northeast to Southwest), so it breaks down even more and makes contact with the electricity barrier on the ground. The result should be something like this. Now the button has power: push it to trigger a small cutscene. Approach the gears shown in the cutscene (on the left of the elevator) and ask Pey'J to fix the gear. Finally push the button again and get on the elevator; push another button to ride it up.

Upper Hall

During a cutscene you'll be automatically given MDisk # 06/14 (M04 - For Jade). Co-op push the two buttons on the big door ahead to continue. Some new enemies will attack you: they are Animal # 46/56 (A36 - Sarcophagus DomZII), worth +900 Units. Defeat two waves of these enemies, then climb up on some platforms on the East side. Kick-open a door and continue to the next area.

X-Ray Verification

Walk on the only possible path. At one point you should notice a white rat in a duct; stop by to take a picture of Animal # 47/56 (A41 - Rattus Albus), worth +750 Units.

There is another exit further on the right side, but don't go there yet (it's the Loading Dock area, currently blocked). Instead, backtrack to the left to trigger a cutscene. You'll be back in the Upper Hall.

Upper Hall

There is a crate here now. Push it all the way North, so it's near the wooden gate. Jump up the crate when it's in position, then enter aiming mode (LB): you can shoot a gyrodisc through the small opening in the wooden gate. Do so to hit a button located on the right wall; when you succeed, the gate will open.

You will find a MDisk reader on the left; watch "For Jade" (the MDisk you got earlier), then save the game. Kick-open the fence near the MDisk terminal, then crawl through the passage to reach the next area.

Shipping Room

Crawl through the tunnels (you can roll forward by pressing A to speed up a little). A short conversation with Double H will trigger; keep crawling afterwards. You'll be suggested to be quiet to avoid alerting the guards. This won't be an issue until the crawling section ends.

Once you're out of the tunnel, hug the wall to continue to the right. After walking on a ledge you will see two guards on the left side of the screen. On the right you should also notice a couple of holes in the ground; these are useless passages that lead nowhere, and their purpose is to give you cover in case the guards are alerted and attack you (they can't follow you in the holes). Then there is another passage near one of the two guards, and that's where you have to go. Simply keep Jade crouched (hold LT) to sneak between the two guards. They normally don't move from their default position, so as long as you move slowly and crouched you'll get through without problems.

After going through a door (which opens automatically as you approach it) you'll find yourself in a new hallway. There will be two more cover-holes in the ground in front of you and on your right; ignore them, and go downstairs on your left instead. This time you need to pay attention to patrolling guards, so make sure to time your movements so you don't get spotted by the guards that move around. Stay crouched all the time and move on.

You will come to another hallway with two more useless underground passages. Move on, and you will notice a single guard moving up and down a narrow hallway. You need to wait until it turns around and walks back; when this happens, crouch behind the patrolling guard itself and sneak through the passage on the right.

This was the last one. Continue through more hallways; you will notice a figure far ahead from your position -- don't worry about it, it's actually Double H. In order to allow him to continue you'll need to shoot the three buttons near the cauldrons with the gyrodiscs to extinguish the flames on his way; be quick, since the flames will be back after a short while. Continue and you will also find another MDisk reader to save the game.

Press Y near the laser barriers to ask Double H to push a button to lower them. Past the barrier, use your special key to operate a button which removes the laser barriers behind you entirely. Then proceed down the hallway. Ignore the usual underground passages and keep moving on. At one point you will see a guard standing still on your way. You can climb up the metallic structure on your left to walk above and past the guard itself. Then, once you're behind the guard, drop down and kick its rear a couple of times to eliminate it. At this point it doesn't really matter if you're stealth or not, since you can simply engage open conflicts to defeat the enemies. In fact, there is also one achievement for defeating a total of 10 of these guards, called "Alpha Section Guards". There's plenty of chances to kill the required amount, but it's better to work on this achievement as soon as now, just to be safe.

Continue through more hallways and defeat a couple of more enemies on your right to gain access to a storage room where there is a cabinet. Push a button to open the cabinet and reveal some goodies: PA 1 # 08/13, 1x Set of PODs, 1x Box of K-Bups. If this is your 8th PA 1 you will unlock:

Big Heart

Get 10 hearts for Jade's HP

Big Heart
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

After this detour for collectibles, return on the main track and continue down the hallways.

X-Ray Verification

Use your special key to remove the laser barriers on your right. If you want you can go through the removed barrier to return to the Upper Hall, near the MDisk reader, and save the game. Either way, to continue you need to take cover behind the boxes that are constantly moving on a conveyor belt. They will shield you from more lasers and also from the sight of the guard patrolling on the other side of the conveyor belt. If done correctly, you'll be able to continue; if you trigger the alarm, a laser barrier will be activated on your way, preventing you to proceeding any further.

Instead of following the way forward, once you are past the switched-off laser barrier, stick to the right to enter an optional area hidden between and beyond a bunch of boxes.


This small area is full of rats, so be careful. As you move on there will be a fork: either forward (then left) or right. Go right first, so you access an area with a vending machine (nothing special for sale) and another button-cabinet. Press the button of the cabinet (it's in the corner of the room opposite the vending machine), then press X to put a Starkos inside the cabinet. This will attract some small insects: be quick and take a picture of Animal # 48/56 (A24 - Blabera Gregaria) before they eat your Starkos and leave for good (you'll need to place another Starkos to summon them again); their picture is worth +700 Units and the completion of another film reel. This will earn you Pearl # 18/88 (P28 - Science Center: Film of Animals 6). If this was your 6th completed film reel, that is to say your 48th picture of animal, you will unlock:

Wildlife Photographer

Take 6 film rolls of animal photos

Wildlife Photographer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

This is the only achievement related to taking photos, so you may ignore the next and last eight animals. The last reward (for completing the seventh film reel) will be an MDisk. Other than this, and the satisfaction of a well-done completion, there is nothing else to gain from taking the last pictures of animals.

Now take the other path (on the right, as you come out of the previous room) and jump up the boxes to reach a new area.

Nutriplis Vat

There is a guard on the other side of the room, so be careful. Press a button near the large container in the middle of the room, then go past the guard (fight it if you want). You will reach another room with some new enemies on the ground: take a picture of Animal # 49/56 (A29 - Arachnis Viridis), worth +350 Units.

The green spiders you just caught in your film reel are harmless and will run away as you approach them. In the room where they were there is a cabinet to open with your special key; inside of it you will find 1x Starkos and the Jet-Boots key item. Get them both, then press the button on the left of the cabinet to make MDisk # 07/14 (M05 - Surveillance Camera) come out of a disc tray -- make sure to take it.

Continue onwards and two robots will spawn. You want to hit them into the two electricity barriers. The one closest to the point where the robots spawned is the barrier that makes you proceed with the story. However, before this one (more West, just about in front of where you got the last MDisk) there is also another barrier that can be stopped by pushing the usual robot into the electricity generators. Do so, and you will gain access to an optional area, the Computer Room.

Computer Room

Here you will find MDisk # 08/14 (M06 - Hillyan Army Databank) on the left of a MDisk terminal. Play MDisk 05 and 06 if you want, save the game, then head back to the previous area.

Nutriplis Vat

Continue East after destroying the second electricity barrier with another robot, and exit to the next area.


In this place there is a hallway on the right which is blocked by some red laser barriers. Opposite this hallway there is also a door, but you can't open it yet.

Proceed East/Northeast to go through a few blue lasers (crouching and rolling forward is required to pass), then push a button to spawn some red lasers and open a door ahead -- avoid the lasers and roll in the next room before the door shuts down again.

Roll under some blue lasers and stay crouched: you need to sneak under a bridge where a guard is (if you trigger the alarm, a laser barrier will block your way). Feel free to shoot a gyrodisc at the guard's weak spot (the green tank on his back, as usual) to tilt him and be safe. Get on the other side of the room, and then climb up where the tilted guard is; eliminate it, then go in the middle of the blue tractor beam to lift up in the air and reach the next room.

Continue and dispatch of two more guards. Follow the only possible way (a door will open as you approach it) to enter a room with another three of enemies. For these guys it's better if you sneak in the underground tunnel on the right side; follow the tunnel a bit and climb back up at the first exit to come out just behind the guard that is on your side of the room. Quickly defeat it, then hide in the underground passage again until the situation is calm again (you probably alerted the other two guards while killing the guy). Then take cover behind the boxes on the conveyor belt and shoot the gyrodiscs at the remaining two guards' gas tanks (shoot one first, then wait until the other one goes helping him to get an easy shot at him too). Alternatively you can sneak past the guards by taking cover with the boxes on the conveyor belt. If you've chosen to fight the guards up to this point, you should already have killed 10 of them, and therefore you should have unlocked:

Kicking ***

Kill 10 Alpha Section guards

Kicking ***
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableCumulative +

If that's not the case, don't worry since you'll find many more guards later on too.

Either way, to continue you need to jump and hang from the edge of one of the boxes and wait until the factory machineries automatically lift and move around the box, taking you to the other side of the room. Un-hook at the end of the ride, then proceed to the next area.

Control Room

Roll forward and crouch to avoid a couple of obstacles, then go left to find a MDisk reader. Save the game and proceed past it. When you can't seem to be able to go any further, locate a button near the ceiling in front of you and push it with a gyrodisc to spawn a platform; get on the platform, then shoot the same button again to proceed (stay crouched to avoid some electricity on the way).

Continue and get rid of a single guard on your way. Then make your way through some blue lasers: be careful since they will move up and down instead of staying always in the same position. After the lasers a short conversation with Double H will trigger. Once it's over, take a picture of the mutant guy on the other side of the room (it's the "Report" target) and send it to IRIS. Then follow the tunnel on the left to enter a room with two guards.

Go past them to find another lonely guard; nothing out of the ordinary. Follow the only possible way to go down a ramp and reach another room with two more guards. After defeating them both, open a cabinet in a corner of the room to find and get the Square Key item. Thanks to this item you can turn off the red laser barrier in this very room: do so and proceed to return to the Routing area.


The only path unexplored of this place is the door just in front of you -- open it with your new key and continue.

X-Ray Verification

There is a MDisk terminal on your left as you enter. Deactivate the next red laser barrier in front of you and you'll find yourself in a more open area. In front of you there is a large black monitor where a skeleton is displayed (it appears and disappears periodically, just be patient if you only see a black monitor); take a picture of it and send it to IRIS. On your right there is also a red monitor; take a picture of it and send it to the governor. At this point you will receive a code via mail (it may take a few seconds to receive it, as usual; it's another of those randomly generated). Put the code in the control panel where the red monitor is to open a door, then go through it to continue.

Landing Dock

Use the camera to take a picture of a figure standing on the top of some platforms on the East side of the room. As you zoom-in to take the picture some scenes will trigger. At the end of them you'll have to fight a boss. Smash the legs of the giant enemy a few times and Double H will come and help you out. Now that you have a partner, co-op attack the legs of the enemy by asking Double H to attack (press Y) a leg while you attack the other one. If done correctly the boss will fall on its back, leaving its core (the pearl inside of it) open for your gyrodisc ranged attacks. Rinse and repeat this until it's over.

After more scenes, get Pearl # 19/88 (P20 - DomZ Robot at the Factory) from the ground. Then enter the area where there was previously an electricity barrier (deactivated after the boss fight) to find, on your right as you go, a cabinet with PA 1 # 09/13.

Proceed past the PA 1 and use your key to operate a button on the left wall. Save the game, then ride the elevator that you called by pressing the last button.

West Wing

Get off the elevator and operate another couple of buttons on the walls to open a door ahead. Step on the walkways and drop off the ledges when Double H suggests to jump. After jumping down, backtrack to the Elevator Room.

Elevator Room

Backtrack to the Factory Entrance. If you don't know the way, simply follow Double H to a crate/box, then climb up the box and follow the only possible way through. A cutscene will trigger as you're exiting.

Factory Entrance

You can now ask the cooperation of Double H to smash down the steel gate on the bridge on the left side (where three "Crochax" enemies are, by the way). Past the gate you will find a vending machine (nothing important for sale) and a control panel. Put your second Fuse in the control panel to trigger a scene.

A countdown of 4 minutes and 30 seconds will start; don't worry about Double H, he's slow but will catch up with you regardless of how fast you run. Climb down the pipes to return to your hovercraft. There are two tunnels you can take: one on the left and one in front of the docking point. Go forward, through the tunnel in front of you.

Elevator Room

Now that you're here with the hovercraft you can collect the old pearl dropped by a boss earlier; it's Pearl # 20/88 (P22 - Reaper). After getting this item, return to the Factory Entrance, and then take the left tunnel to exit back to Hillys.

Hillys and Main Canal

Drive to the "City" (Main Canal); you need to shoot down the robot guard to proceed. In Main Canal take the exit East to reach the Pedestrian District.

Pedestrian District and Akuda Bar

Reach the Akuda Bar (feel free to leave Double H behind you; he'll respawn just next to you if you access a new area, so you don't really have to wait for him) and enter inside.

In the bar, go upstairs to reach the IRIS Den (go through the closet in Room 03).


A scene will trigger. After the scenes a door will open, giving you access to a room with a bunch of pearls. Take one of them to collect the following at once: Pearl # 21/88, Pearl # 22/88, Pearl # 23/88, Pearl # 24/88, Pearl # 25/88 (P23/P24/P25/P26/P27 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected From IRIS).

Once it's done, return to Akuda Bar and exit to the Pedestrian District.

Pedestrian District

Now that you have some "special keys" you can explore the rest of the city. Start by entering the building just in front of the Akuda Bar (see picture of the next three Pearls if you can't find it).

Alpha Sections Und. Quarters (City)

Smash the Materia Crystal box in a corner, then co-op push a box forward to reveal a crack in the wall. Crouch and roll through the cracked wall to get on the other side of this area. Follow the only possible path, avoiding many lasers as you continue. Drop down to the lower floors when necessary, and you will eventually reach an area with two guards.

You can't defeat the two guards, so be careful and time your crouch-rolling to sneak behind a crate first, and then time your movements to sneak behind the patrolling guards. Follow them around until you reach the other side of the room, where an air duct is. Climb up inside the air duct, then crawl forward inside of it. On the right as you crawl you will see two openings in an area full of red lasers; each of the two openings is just in correspondence with a button that you can push by throwing your gyrodisc. Do so with both the buttons to completely deactivate the red lasers, and then drop in the area where the lasers were to find a column with three Pearls inside: they are Pearl # 26/88, Pearl # 27/88, Pearl # 28/88 (P67/P68/P69 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections).

Use the other special key you have to open another door and find yourself in a room with a patrolling guard which this time can (and should) be defeated. Crawl under the blue lasers after defeating the guard, and look for a button near one of the laser sources. Push it to open a timed door, and continue through the hallways.

At one point, when the hallway ends, you will see a couple of boxes; crouch and get behind the box on your left to avoid being spotted by the guards somewhere around you. The platform will automatically take you all the way up and out of this place, and you need to crouch behind either of the two boxes according to the position of the guards. After the first guard on your right, the next guards will be: left, right, right, in front of you (get behind the box on the left, since this guard will also ride up the platform along with you), right. At the end of the ride, wait until the guard that got on the platform is in a convenient position to be rear-kicked, then defeat it and make your way through this place.

You will meet up with Double H again; pick up a couple of healing items from the ground, then press a button on a wall to turn off the red lasers nearby. Then finally exit back to the Pedestrian District.

Pedestrian District

Take the path that leads to Ming Tzu's Shop, and stop by the shop that sold you a Pearl earlier in the game. Now it has another Pearl for sale at the price of 3,000 Units. Purchase Pearl # 29/88 (P46 - Bought From Nouri).

Head further down the district and enter Ming Tzu's Shop.

Ming Tzu's Shop

Inside you can purchase Pearl # 30/88 (P47 - Bought From Ming-Tzu) for 3,999 Units. Speak with Ming Tzu's and say the secret phrase (second options) to open the storage room; inside of it you will find MDisk # 09/14 (M11 - IRIS 513). Play the disc at the local MDisk terminal if you want, then exit the shop.

Pedestrian District

There are three areas left unvisited. One is a door on the East side of the square near Ming Tzu's Shop; it leads to the "Transit" optional area. The other is a passage blocked by red lasers, and you can't do anything about it yet (you need another special key). The other location is a key-requiring door on the West side of the square. Go here first.


Here you will find a cabined locked with a secret combination. The combination is written on the "Alpha Section Ticket" item that you should have received from a goat-looking guy on the second floor of the Akuda Bar. You can check the combination back in your inventory (check the S-A-C to find the ticket). This will earn you Pearl # 31/88 (P13 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections). Exit this place when it's done, and enter the Transit area on the opposite side of the square.


Push away a cabinet to reveal a hole in the wall, and crawl through it. Then make your way to the bottom of this place by jumping down off some conveyor belts. Keep jumping down the conveyor belts; your ultimate goal is to reach a conveyor belt where a bunch of barrels are constantly dropped. Once you reach it, make your way upwards (upstream), avoiding the barrels by stepping on the "balconies" on the sides of the conveyor belt. Once you're at the top of the ramp, jump off the conveyor belt to reach another barrel-filled conveyor belt which will take you (go upstream, avoiding more lasers in addition to the barrels) to Pearl # 32/88 (P16 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections). Ride the nearby conveyor belt to return to the beginning of this area and exit.

Pedestrian District

Make your way out of this place, but don't exit yet. Instead, check the West side of the first open area (on Floor 1) to find a gate up some stairs. Have Double H smash it down (press Y to ask him to do so), so you can access an optional area (check the next picture if you need to see the location).

Alpha Sections Warehouse

Enter the elevator and press Y to have Double H press the button to send you down. Then get off the elevator and follow the only possible way to reach an area with a guard. Defeat it and proceed down some hallways to find another guard in a larger room. Defeat it too (watch out for the hovering robots; those that shoot a green beam of light on the ground can detect you if you fall under the green beam) and continue.

You will reach a room with a large red laser spinning around, and there will be also an arrow drawn on a button on the ground. Step on the arrow-button to open a timed door, then sprint towards the door before it closes again. Once you're through you will be in a room full of Material Crystals; in the same room there is also Pearl # 33/88 (P42 - Alpha Sections HQ).

Continue in this dungeon and get through another timed door to retrieve also Pearl # 34/88 and Pearl # 35/88 (P43/P44 - Alpha Sections HQ).

Get in another elevator and ride it up. Push a button to turn off a red laser barrier, then go right to automatically trigger a chase. Escape from the guards, avoiding the hovering robots when they are present. At one point there will be a fork, but both the paths take to the same destination anyways, so take whatever direction you want. Once you reach a dead end, climb up some boxes to make your way out of this place.

Pedestrian District, Main Canal, Hillys

Exit back to Hillys, then reach Mammago Garage.

Mammago Garage

Now you have more than enough pearls to purchase the Jump Kit (15 Pearls required), thanks to which you'll be able to explore the rest of Hillys. Jumping is simple, just press A while driving the hovercraft. Return to Hillys.


Head South and jump over the red laser barrier to reach a new part of Hillys. In this region there is a very large continent and two smaller islands. The former is your main destination, the slaughterhouse; the latter are the last two Looters' Caverns. Let's head for them first.

Looter's Cavern 3 and Looters' Cavern 4
Simply win the usual chases to retrieve Pearl # 36/88 (P49 - Looters' Booty) and Pearl # 37/88 (P51 - Looters' Booty). By completing all the four chases (Looters' Cavern 1, 2, 3, 4) you will unlock:

Bounty Hunter

Chase down all 4 looters

Bounty Hunter
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

Back to Hillys, now reach the slaughterhouse (see in-game marker to find the way).

Races 3 and 4 Slaughterhouse

In order to enter the Slaughterhouse itself you need to join Race 3 and find a secret passage. While you're here you might as well join and win both Race 3 and Race 4 though, so you can collect Pearl # 38/88 (P71 - Race 3 Victory) and Pearl # 39/88 (P72 - Race 4 Victory). Once you're done with all the four races you will unlock:

Racing Champion

Score 1st in all 4 hovercraft races

Racing Champion
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

The secret passage to the Slaughterhouse is on your left as you compete during Race 3; you will see three tiny red lasers just past one of the speed-up ramps, and the passage is just beyond them.

Slaughterhouse Road

Drive all the way to the end of the road.

Slaughterhouse Quarter

Drive on and drop down in the water when the bridge ends. In the water, pay attention to the patrolling robots (hovering above the water) and try to locate the sea-snake animals in the water to take a picture of them to get Animal # 50/56 (A18 - Anguilla Bifida), worth +600 Units.

In order to proceed you need to "push" the crates floating in the water towards the robots in the water (those with red lights). To push a crate you can either drive into it with the hovercraft, or you can shoot it to move it forward. Either way is fine, since the crates won't break by doing either way. Pushing a crate towards the robots in the water will blow up the crate and the robots. You can spare the first two robots you find, while the third one will be just on your way and therefore you need to blow it up with a crate. Move on and use another crate on another robot; then continue and dodge/shoot some red mines floating on the water to ultimately reach the docking point.

Note: as DaShAg suggests, you can also take advantage of the mines that the patrolling enemies (those with the searchlights, hovering above the water) will drop in the water if you happen to be in their light. As a matter of fact, the mines will follow you around, so you can deliberately make them drop a mine and then speed up towards the robots on your way, so that the mines dropped by the patrolling enemies will blow up the obstacles for you instead of having to push the crates all the way forward.

After docking you can get some common goods from a vending machine. There will be some Materia Crystals and a MDisk terminal a bit further up a ramp. Save the game and continue to defeat a few DomZ. After the fight, push the large wooden doors of the gate in front of you to the far left and right. Once it's done, get back on the hovercraft and jump over the docking point to get through the gate that you just opened, thus reaching the next area.

Exterior Moats

There is only one way to go, but the path is full of danger. First some lasers; then you'll be in some water full of mines and some fans will automatically move the hovercraft, interfering with the navigation commands. Do your best and use the PODs repair kits to survive and get through the hazards.

At one point you will be in a circular area with a box and several tunnels around you. Your goal here is to use two boxes to blow up the two red robots blocking one of the tunnels. One of the boxes is in the water, and it's not a problem to push it into the robots. The other box is a bit more tricky, since it's on a higher platform. It's possible to push it down and off that platform by firing a bunch of charged shots at it from the water level. Once it falls in the water, simply push it towards the second red robot to clear the way and continue to the next area. If you can't take it down the ledge, take the optional tunnels in the water to ride up a ramp that will take you directly on the ledge, then push the crate from there.

Slaughterhouse Entrance

Look on your left to find some dirt with a small manta floating on it. Take its picture to get Animal # 51/56 (A28 - Trilobites Saltans), worth +1,100 Units.

Find the docking point and get off the hovercraft. On the docking point, turn around and face Northwest to notice a turret with a button on its walls. Use the usual gyrodisc to hit it and open a gate. Get back in the hovercraft and go through the gate, which will automatically close behind you.

If you dock again (this time on the West side of the gate) you can use the camera to take a picture of the nearby red monitor, but you still need three other "Report" pictures before being able to receive a code from the governor. Proceed down the canal with the hovercraft to reach the next area.

Surveillance Room

Follow the only possible way and dock when necessary. Continue up a ramp and stick to the left side to squeeze through a narrow passage, then climb up to reach the upper level. Here you will find a hovering robot with two gas tanks; fire at them with your gyrodisc to tilt the enemy. It's a good idea to dodge his load of attacks first and then counter when it's reloading.

There is also a vending machine with common items for sale. On the opposite side of the room there is a MDisk terminal and a button (it's behind a slowly-rotating gear, on the right of the MDisk reader). You can shoot the button with the gyrodisc from the East side of the room (where the vending machine is), thus opening a gate in the water; immediately jump back down to the hovercraft and go through the gate before it closes again.

Dock the hovercraft past the gate, and climb up to be on the upper floor, on the West side (near the button you just pressed). Double H can follow you now, and you can ask him to destroy the lasers on the ground (press Y to call for his special action). Either way, climb up the pipes and containers on the left of the MDisk. When you can't go any further you will be standing on the top of the gate that you previously opened; at this point you want to press Y to ask Double H to press the previous button to raise the gate (with you on its top), thus taking you to higher pipes. Follow the way to reach an air duct, then enter inside.

Trolley Entrance

Drop to the bottom level and push the robot in the electricity beam nearby. Go past the electricity beam to reach a cabinet (on your left) where a Meca-Impulser is. Grab it, then jump up the passage near the cabinet to end up in a room with a box and a map board on a wall. Take a picture of the map to complete your in-game map, then take the nearby exit to the Surveillance Room. After exiting, return immediately inside the Trolley Entrance: now you'll have Double H along with you, and you can push the box to the left; then you can jump on the box itself to return where you fought the last robot.

From here, have Double H smash the gate to proceed in a hallway with a guard. Defeat the guard, then take a look around you to notice some light-blue bubbles coming out of a very small animal. This elusive animal can hide behind the boxes in the corners of the room; if this happens, shoot a gyrodisc at the boxes to lure it out, then quickly take a picture of it before it can take cover behind more boxes. This is Animal # 52/56 (A06 - Timorea Saponifera), worth +800 Units.

Open the door with a button and then operate another button to ride a cart.

Central Hall

There is a vending machine (nothing special) here. In front of the vending machine there is a button that you can press to spawn another animal for just an instant. Since you don't have enough time to take the camera, press Y to have Double H press the button for you, and be ready with your camera to catch Animal # 53/56 (A39 - Amoeba Saltans), worth +500 Units.

Continue to the next room and three robots will spawn in front of you. There are three electricity barriers to turn off, and two of them are on the right (East) side of the room. Make sure to send two robots to their deaths in these barriers first, so you gain access to Pearl # 40/88 (P52 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections) (and also a MDisk terminal). If you fail to destroy the barriers you can respawn the robots by pushing the pink button on the left wall of the room.

The first three robots will also drop a Triangular Key. You already have this item, but you want to give a copy of it to Double H (select it in your quick inventory with D-Pad_Left/Right, then press B to gift it), so you can co-op open the door to the next hallways. At one point there will be a laser barrier; press Y to send Double H through it to push a button that turns some of them off, allowing Jade to proceed too. Repeat this a couple of more times with the next barriers to reach an area with two guards.

Defeat the two guards and kick the cabinet on the left to reveal 2x Boost and 2x Repair P-O-D. Then take a picture of the "Report" target, through the glass.

Backtrack to the Trolley Entrance and then to the Surveillance Room (you don't have to go through the lasers again, since there is a pink button that opens a door for a shortcut).

Surveillance Room

Save the game while you're here, then climb up the previous pipes to get on the top of the gate again. Ask Double H to press the button to raise you up along with the gate. This time you want to land on the alcove on the opposite side of the gate, so you can reach a new area.


Kick the rats on the pipe, then use the gyrodisc to push a button on the left wall in this room. This will turn off the flames in the room. Now you can also take a picture of a red "thing" in the upper-left corner of this room; it's Animal # 54/56 (A25 - Ignis Ignifera), the picture of which is worth +700 Units. This is all about this room; exit back.

Surveillance Room

Return to the hovercraft and drive it onwards to the next area.

Interior Moats

The fork at the beginning of this area is apparent; take either way and continue all the way down. At one point you will find two red robots blocking a tunnel and some boxes floating in the water. Use one of the boxes to destroy at least one of the robots, then make your way through a mine-field to reach the next docking point.

After docking you can purchase the usual supplies at a vending machine; then continue to the next area.

East Wing

Ask Double H to smash a gate, then go around the laser barriers and finish off the guard that Double H damaged in his previous charge attack. Near a wall there is a fuse box that you can kick to temporarily turn off the electricity barrier before a MDisk terminal; be quick if you want to access it to save the game, since the electricity will be back in a few instants (you can ask Double H to kick the fuse box for you too).

On the East side of the room there is a button that can call a platform, but a red barrier prevents you from getting on the platform and you'll need to find a way around this. On the opposite side of the room from the MDisk terminal (on the North side) there is a box that you can use to climb up and reach a fence to kick in order to reveal a tunnel. Take this route and follow the tunnel to reach an area with a single guard.

Defeat the guard and then push the button behind him; this will open a timed door -- go through it. Continue and look on your left to find a cabinet that you can open to find 2x Boost. Then continue up a ramp and walk on the following bridge. When you can, drop off the bridge (drop on the left side), paying attention to your movements since there are three guards (which can, but shouldn't, be defeated) below. If you get caught by them you will be instantly eliminated, so be careful. The best thing to do here is to time your movements to sneak around the room until you reach the guard blocking a door. At this point, wait until the guard rotates his body to his right, then quickly kick his gas tank to incapacitate him. Immediately afterwards sprint through the passage behind him to make your escape to a safe zone.

Once you are through the room with the guards you will end up in a multi-path hallway. On your left there is a blue tractor beam; start by riding it up. You will end up in a room with two guards; a third one is in the next room. Either sneak past the enemies or defeat them. Past them you will find Pearl # 41/88 (P48 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections), as well as a MDisk terminal. Continue through the next room and push a button to remove a red barrier from your way; you are now back to the previous multi-path hallway.

On your left now there is a blue barrier, and nearby there is a button that can't be used because there is no power. Go right and follow the path downwards to return where the blue beam is. This time take the path opposite the blue beam (the blue beam will be on your right; go left). You will come across a wooden box and a triangular-shaped button. Push the box all the way left, and then press the button to lower the platform below your feet and reach the lower floor. Here you will find a fuse box and a Fuse. To grab the latter you need to kick the former to temporarily turn off the power. Once you have the Fuse the platform won't have power anymore, but you can climb up the wooden box to return on the upper level.

Make your way back to the door with a powerless button; place the Fuse in the correspondent spot near the button, so it can work again. Push the button to open a small door, then crawl through the tunnel. You will reach a room with some boxes that are periodically dropped and lifted by a magnet. There is also a door that leads East, but you want to ignore it for now. Climb up the box when it's dropped, then wait until a magnet comes and lifts up the box and Jade along with it. Un-hook from the box when this command becomes available, so you drop in the portion of this area where you can reach a triangle-button. Operate it to lower a red barrier. If you proceed past the barrier that you just removed you will go through another tunnel that will take you back to the portion of this area where the box that is lifted with the magnet is (this will be your way back, later). Therefore ignore this tunnel and turn around instead; backtrack and you will find a passage on your right (it leads East). Follow this passage all the way East to reach another room with some Materia Crystals and a cabinet on the left. Open it to find PA 1 # 10/13 along with 2x Boost. You can't proceed any further -- backtrack through the tunnel past the previous red barrier.

Once you are back where the box that gets dropped and lifted by the magnet is, go East through a door and continue until you reach an electricity barrier. Kick the fuse box near it to turn it off temporarily, then continue and drop down to the lower level. Here you will meet up with Double H again. There is also a MDisk terminal here.

Avoid the mines on the ground and continue through the next hallways. You'll be attacked by a few Trilobites Saltans (small mantas); these enemies will dodge your attacks by leaping over your head, but if you make a long combo (i.e. button-mash X) they'll get hit eventually. In order to proceed you need to hit a fuse box somewhere in the room and then immediately climb up on its right to continue past an electricity barrier (which is temporarily turned off when you hit the fuse box). You need to co-op this operation, since you don't have enough time to climb up after hitting the fuse box. You can attempt this without necessarily defeating the enemies: start climbing up as far as you can; then press Y to ask Double H to smash the fuse box, and quickly make your way to the top. The problem is that Double H is not exactly a smart partner, and will often attack the enemies forever instead of hitting the fuse box. If you don't feel like wasting time with failed attempts, continue the carnage until the enemies stop spawning (Double H will say something when the last enemy falls), so Double H has no choice but to cooperate to allow you to proceed (thanks to DaShAg for this info).

After (eventually) succeeding, continue to find a room with three guards. The best thing to do here is to simply sneak behind them on the far left side of the room. Continue through another hallway to finally get out of this area.

Central Hall

Save the game at the MDisk terminal here, then continue to the right. There will be a guard standing still; you can shoot a gyrodisc at its gas tank to tilt him to death. Once the way is cleared, press the button on the right wall to remove the barriers on your way and continue. Proceed, stop by the vending machine (nothing special for sale) if you want, and defeat another guard to advance.

You will find a wall with an empty spot for a Fuse on your right; continue and a short cutscene will trigger. There are two guards to eliminate in the next area; simply shoot the gyrodisc at the gas tank of either of them to start, then eliminate the other one before finishing him off. Take a picture of the DomZ monsters (they are the second "Report" picture) far in the background, then send it to IRIS. Grab the Fuse from the central column, then go back and put it where it fits. Follow the only possible way through a few barriers until you operate a last button that makes your ride a horizontal platform. This will take you back to the East Wing.

East Wing and Interior Moats

Return to the hovercraft. Get back through the water-mine field and proceed Southeast. You want to approach the large central building from Southeast, and then ride up a ramp of dirt on its East side to reach the top of the structure. Dock when you can, then proceed to enter the North Wing.

North Wing

Save the game at the MDisk reader on the right if you want, then squeeze through a narrow passage and continue until you come to a gap. On the opposite side of the gap there is a guard (one of those you can't defeat since he doesn't have a weak spot - gas tank - on his back), and on his left there is, on a wall, a button. Throw a gyrodisc at the button, so you eliminate the enemy and call a platform. Get on the platform and shoot another gyrodisc at the same button to move the platform back to where it came from, thus taking you to the other side of the room.

Continue and you will reach a room patrolled by a lot of guards. Thankfully there is also some smoke in this area, and therefore you'll be able to blend in the fog (stay crouched unless you need to jump over an obstacle) and avoid the patrols.

In the next room you'll need to retrieve a Fuse and then put it in position to proceed; as usual, kick the electricity box near the wall before going after the Fuse, so you don't get hurt by the electricity. Ride up the elevator once the power is restored.

On the next floor there are two electricity barriers that can be destroyed by pushing an enemy into them. Behind one of them there is a cabinet that contains some common objects. Before going Southeast past the other removed barrier, go Northwest to access a secondary area where a couple of guards are. Sneak past them (or just defeat them) and then go through a hole in the wall to reach a room with PA 1 # 11/13 and 1x Boost on the ground.

Go back to the previous room and go Southeast. Follow the way and sneak past the guards patrolling the room; crawl through another passage in the wall to reach a room with Pearl # 42/88 (P70 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections). In the same room there is also a cabinet with 1x Starkos, and you can push a button to remove a barrier and create a shortcut to backtrack. You don't need to backtrack though: from the room with the pearl, shoot the gyrodiscs at the gas tanks of the enemies in the previous room. You can tilt them all easily while staying crouched in cover in the passage between the two rooms, since the enemies will come looking for you and then, unable to locate you, they will turn around, exposing their gas tank weak spot. Once they are all tilted, enter the room where they are and eliminate them. Then proceed Northeast to continue.

In the next room there is a blocked path ahead (due to some electricity barriers) and a room with a MDisk terminal on the left. Enter this room and save the game if you want; then push a crate away from a wall to reveal a passage in the wall. Kick an electricity box to temporarily short-circuit the power, then go through the hole in the wall and quickly remove the Fuse (you will use it only later) from its position. Backtrack to the previous room/hallway and proceed past the electricity barrier, now disabled. Use your special key to ride down an elevator.

In the next room there is a single guard that you can easily take out. Proceed past it to reach a room with a bunch of Materia Crystals and a cabinet that contains PA 1 # 12/13 and 1x Boost.

Return to the previous room and go down the ramp full of mines; on your left there is another door that will open as you approach it. Follow this other path to come to a room with a guard (one of those you can't defeat); stay crouched and wait until the guard moves to the far left side, stepping on a platform. When he's in position, shoot a gyrodisc at the button on the wall to move the platform (with the guard on it) towards you; this will fry the guard in an electricity barrier. Step on the platform and activate the button again to get to the other side (crouch to avoid the electricity barrier).

Continue on the only possible way to reach a room with three guards; take them down or sneak past them to continue. Put the Fuse in position and move on to finally get back to Double H. Save the game, then continue to the Central Hall.

Central Hall

After a short cutscene you'll have to deal with three more guards. Defeat them, then take a picture of the barrels far in the background (the last "Report" you need). Send the picture to IRIS as usual to get the next randomly-generated code via mail.

North Wing, Interior Moats, Surveillance Room and Slaughterhouse Entrance

Backtrack all the way to the entrance. In the Surveillance Room you can backtrack more easily by taking a path North of the gate that you previously had to raise with a button.

Once you are in the Slaughterhoues Entrance, dock the hovercraft and put the code that you received to re-open the gate that originally closed behind you. You can finally get out of this place.

Exterior Moats, Races 3 and 4 Slaughterhouse

In the Exterior Moats the correct tunnel to take in order to backtrack is the first one on the left (it's the one leading South). Keep backtracking to return to Hillys.


As soon as you're out you will receive an email from Francis, the shark-looking guy of Akuda Bar who plays the disk minigame. He's up for another challenge and has another pearl for you! Not quite yet though. As soon as you close the email you'll be attacked by another sea serpent; this time you'll need charged attacks to defeat it. After winning you will receive Pearl # 43/88 (P50 - DomZ Sea Serpent).

Head to Main Canal and reach the Pedestrian District. From there, enter the Akuda Bar.

Akuda Bar

Save the game and defeat Francis at the disk minigame to win Pearl # 44/88 (P45 - Victory in the Disk Game).

Approach the shark-looking guy sitting at a table (he's called Rufus) to notice how there is a code written on the papers on the table. Quickly take note of this randomly-generated code before he puts his "hand" on it. If he does and you need to review the code, walk away and approach him again to see the code again. With this code you can unlock the door of "Room 02" upstairs in the Akuda Bar. Do so to access a room with 3x Boost and a cabinet; inside the cabinet there is Pearl # 45/88 (P06 - Rufus' Booty).

Enter Room 03 and access the den from there.


After some scenes you'll be gifted the Star Key item, the last of the special keys. You are also given access to a full dozen of pearls in a side-room of the den: Pearl # 46/88, Pearl # 47/88, Pearl # 48/88, Pearl # 49/88, Pearl # 50/88, Pearl # 51/88, Pearl # 52/88, Pearl # 53/88, Pearl # 54/88, Pearl # 55/88, Pearl # 56/88, Pearl # 57/88 (P53/P54/P55/P56/P57/P58/P59/P60/P61/P62/P63/P64 - Hillyans' Donations (Collected From IRIS)). There is also a new item for sale at Mammago's, as you're told via email. Exit to the Pedestrian District and reach Ming Tzu's shop.

Ming Tzu's Shop

Here you can purchase Pearl # 58/88 (P66 - Bought From Ming-Tzu) for the usual price of 3,999 Units. Access the storage room (as usual, you need to say the code phrase, the second option of the dialogue, to open the door) to find also MDisk # 10/14 (M12 - IRIS 514).

Pedestrian District

It's time to use the Star Key to remove the red laser barrier South, thus gaining access to a new area.

Alpha Sections HQ

This is another of those optional areas that reward you with pearls if you get through a handful of guards. There is only one way to proceed, so I'll leave it up to you. You need to avoid open conflict and sneak past the guards undetected, or else you will fail. If you need help, watch this video.

Once you manage to complete the "track" you will reach the East District; in particular, you will be in a room with ten Pearls: Pearl # 59/88, Pearl # 60/88, Pearl # 61/88, Pearl # 62/88, Pearl # 63/88, Pearl # 64/88, Pearl # 65/88, Pearl # 66/88, Pearl # 67/88, Pearl # 68/88 (P29/P30/P31/P32/P33/P34/P35/P36/P37/P38 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections).

Save the game if you want, then continue in the next room to trigger a chase; escape the enemies to return to the Pedestrian District.

Pedestrian District and Main Canal

There is nothing else left to do in Pedestrian District, so exit back to Main Canal.

In the Main Canal, use the "jump" feature of the hovercraft to reach the area on the West side placed beyond a red laser. You will find a crate floating somewhere in the water to the far West; smash it to get Pearl # 69/88 (P65 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections). Exit the Main Canal afterwards, and head to Hillys.


Reach the Alpha Sections Und. Quarters area.

Alpha Section Und. Quarter (Hillys)

Now that you have the key (you actually had it earlier too) you can explore this area. There is nothing special to point out, so make your way through the dungeon to defeat a bunch of enemies, pushing robots in electricity barriers to blow them up (some buttons in the rooms can respawn the robots to use to break the electricity barriers). Three "Crochax" enemies hold (and will drop once defeated) a Pearl each; grab them all to collect Pearl # 70/88, Pearl # 71/88, Pearl # 72/88 (P39/P40/P41 - Taken Back From the Alpha Sections). On the way you will also find (first room on the right) a cabinet with a Meca-Impulser.

Exit the place then, and finally head to Mammago Garage.

Mammago Garage and Hillys

Purchase the Flight Stabilizer for the price of 20 Pearls (you should have 51 right now). This upgrade is not enough on its own (it doesn't add anything new to your hovercraft functions), and we need to get something else too to see the changes.

Exit to Hillys and head towards the lighthouse to trigger a short scene. Now backtrack to the Hangar (below the lighthouse).

Hangar and The Lighthouse

Dock the hovercraft and head up the ramps. On the upper floor, locate a billboard with some papers attached to it (it's on the right wooden wall); push it to reveal a secret monitor. Now open your inventory (D-Pad_Up/Down) and select the S-A-C. Press Y after selecting Pey'J's shoes, so you can view them more closely. Rotate them so you can read their soles, where two codes are written. Take note of them both (they are randomly generated, as usual), then insert the code on the left shoe in the monitor of the Hangar.

Backtrack to the Lightouse and go upstairs to trigger a cutscene. After the scenes you will be in front of a monitor (which was hidden behind another billboard); put the code on the right shoe of Pey'J's. Now that both the codes have been put in place, in the Hangar there will be a surprise. Before heading there you may want to go "upstairs" to find a Box of K-Bups on a table. Either way, return to the Hangar; you'll have to defeat four flying robots to re-open the door to continue (remember to dodge their attacks first and counter afterwards; don't just go for a full assault).

In the Hangar return to where the previous monitor/billboard was; now there is a red button. Push it to trigger a scene and open a secret passage. Head through the new area, and get MDisk # 11/14 (M07 - Beluga Check-Up) from the desk on the left. If this is your 11th MDisk you will unlock:

Data Manager

Collect 11 Mdisks

Data Manager
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

Make also sure to get a second Flight Stabilizer (second because you already bought one at Mammago's) from the same desk. Next, approach the "Beluga" vehicle's "legs" and manually put (press X when in position) a Flight Stabilizer in each of the two legs, similarly to how you used to do with the Fuses in the previous dungeons of the game. Once it's done, get on board!

Hillys and Mammago Garage

Just as you're out you'll be able to test your new airship. The commands are simple: use LS to change direction and move forward with RT. You can still shoot with X, and indeed you need to shoot down a boss: it's a flying DomZ serpent! Take it down with charged attacks, then collect Pearl # 73/88 (P73 - DomZ Sea Serpent).

If you want to the hovercraft you need to land in the water with the Beluga, then press A to release the hovercraft with Jade on it. The Beluga will float away somewhere, typically near where you release the hovercraft (you can check its position on the in-game map), and you can get back on it by pressing A when you are nearby the airship.

At this point you could also purchase the last upgrade from Mammago's, but it' better if you don't do so yet: the last upgrade allows you to leave Hillys for good and reach the point of no-return for this game, meaning that you won't be able to return here in this playthrough! Therefore it's better to take care of everything before purchasing the last upgrade to leave.

The first thing to do is to fly over the Black Isle to find out that it's possible to land on the mouth of the giant volcano on the island itself. Release the hovercraft in the volcano's water and enter this secret area.

Volcano's Treasure

Dock the hovercraft and open a cabinet just on your right to get a Meca-Impulser and a couple of Boosts. Proceed on the piers and you will see a large light-blue animal coming out of a wall; it's Animal # 55/56 (A27 - Aurelia Magnificens), worth +500 Units. Save the game at the nearby MDisk reader (play the Beluga's Check-Up disc too while you're here maybe).

Adventure through the cave. There is nothing fancy to point out. You will find many Croach Veloxes holding pearls (two groups of three, a group of four, a group of five), for a total of 15x Pearls by the time you mop up this place for good! It's Pearl # 74/88, Pearl # 75/88, Pearl # 76/88, Pearl # 77/88, Pearl # 78/88, Pearl # 79/88, Pearl # 80/88, Pearl # 81/88, Pearl # 82/88, Pearl # 83/88, Pearl # 84/88, Pearl # 85/88, Pearl # 86/88, Pearl # 87/88, Pearl # 88/88 (P74/P75/P76/77/P78/P79/P80/P81/P82/P83/P84/P85/P86/P87/P88 - Volcano Crochax). After getting the 80th pearl you will unlock:


Discover 80 pearls

3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableMissable

If you also collected all the 88 pearls you will receive a bonus MDisk: it's MDisk # 12/14 (M14 - Pearl Game). It's possible to play a mini-game if you play this MDisk at the MDisk readers. There is nothing else left to do in this area, so backtrack to the exit (check the Pearl Game MDisk when you pass by the MDisk terminal if you want), get back on the Beluga and head to Mammago Garage.

Mammago Garage

Remain on the Beluga and land on the top of Mammago Garage with it (an "X - Land" button will prompt on the screen if you are in the correct position). Now that you've landed with the Beluga you can purchase the last upgrade: it's the Stellar Motor, which costs 30 Pearls (you should have 32, more than enough). Thanks to it you can press B while flying with the Beluga to fly away in the open space! Keep in mind that, as anticipated, this will make you leave Hillys permanently, and you won't be able to return for the rest of the game.

The only things left to do at this point are the picture of the last animal (which will become available in the open space) and the last two MDisks. One of the two MDisks will be awarded upon completing the last film reel of photos, so it also has to wait for your final journey. The other MDisk, the thirteenth of the list, is more tricky to get. If you want to get your hands on it (it's purely optional, since you should already have the achievement related to collecting 11 MDisks), head for the Akuda Bar and read the following paragraph.

Akuda Bar

Save the game at the MDisk reader. In the save screen menu you can read an "Internet Code" (it's written in green at the bottom-center of the screen). Take note of your code, then use your computer to visit this link. Sign up with a real email address, then put your internet code (each internet code can be used only by one account, so I can't share mine with you since it would give you an error message) in the correspondent box to view your score, based on the collectibles, deaths and game time. If you score is high enough (at this point it should be) you will be able to press on the "Mission" button of the score page to gain access to an online minigame.

Insert your email address, then click on "Start mission". A pop-up window should now open, and you will see a sort of log-in screen with a fake username (Fehn may remember this name from the beginning of the game) and an unknown password. Your goal is to guess the password, which is made only of letters (it's not case-sensitive). The game is a sort of "The Hangman" game, and if you type (with your keyboard) a letter that is present in the password word, then it will appear on the screen. If you choose a letter that is not part of the password, a timer will start and at the end of a countdown you'll be "eliminated". If you keep making mistakes the countdown will go down much more quickly. All the passwords are somehow related to the world of this game (see list below).

If you are "eliminated", don't worry: you can retry by generating another login screen with a new different password. The minigame is quite simple once you get how it works. Once you get the password correctly, the screen will change and will display the "Akuda Error Code", a four-digit code (letter-number-letter-number, like every other in-game code) that you can use to get the second-to-last MDisk in the actual game on your x360.

So, to recap:
- Visit
- Enter the "Internet Code" that you read in the save screen menu while playing Beyond Good & Evil HD
- Click on the "Mission" button on the bottom-right corner of your score page
- If your score is high enough you will be able to play an online mission with your internet browser. A pop-up window will open and you will see a fake log-in screen
- Try to guess the password by typing random keys of your keyboard; help yourself with the list below
- Once you have the code, put it in the cabinet in a corner of the Akuda Bar (first floor) just near the disk game table, so you gain access to MDisk # 13/14 (M13 - Disk Game). Note that sometimes, for some reason, the code you get online might not work. If that happens, try playing the missions again to get a different code. The first one you get usually works anyway

The thirteenth MDisk is another minigame that you can play at the MDisk readers. Guess what it is? That's right, it's a copy of the Disk Game with Francis, so you can play it anywhere in the world. Ain't you excited now? Here's a list of the possible passwords that you need to guess in the "darkroom" website to get the code to open the cabinet:

Four letters:

Five letters:

Six letters:

Seven letters:

Eight letters:

Nine letters:

Ten letters:
(None? Never came across one)

Eleven letters:

Twelve letters:

For your information, the "Yo Pearl", which you can see as part of your game score online, is the reward for the "Pearl Game" (play MDisk 14) optional minigame. It serves no practical purposes other than completion.


All right, this is all you can do in this game before leaving Hillys. Just to be safe, make a double save on a different slot before leaving. Then, once you're ready, purchase the Stellar Motor at Mammago's (it costs 30 Pearls) if you haven't done so yet, and fly around in Hillys. Just for your information, the crates floating in the water here and there in the open world (those that previously earned you Material Crystals when destroyed) now will earn you Boosts (one for every crate your destroy).

Anyway, fly as high as possible, then press B when it's prompted on the screen to use the Stellar Motor and leave for the space.

Open Space

Immediately in front of you there will be the last animal: it's that light-blue thing that is floating away from you. To take its picture you need to chase it and shoot it (non-charged shots work better here), so you can break its ice-like barrier. Then, once the barrier is completely gone, it will appear as a floating whale. At this point you can take the picture of the last Animal # 56/56 (A11 - Megaptera Anaerobia), worth +800 Units. Make sure to keep some distance from the Moon, otherwise you will land and miss the chance to take this last picture. If you complete this last (seventh) film reel you will receive MDisk # 14/14 (M08 - Animal Species). This MDisk is not a minigame like the last two you got, but a simple collection of pictures of the animals in their "official" in-game order.

If you want, you are still in time to land back on Hillys. When you're ready, approach the Moon and land on its surface to ultimately leave Hillys behind.


As you arrive you will unlock:

Project Apollo

Pilot the spaceship to the moon

Project Apollo
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Now you are past the point of no-return. Reach the structure in the middle of the space, and enter through the large duct on the back of the blue-lit structure at its top.

Transmitter Entrance

Near the South wall there is PA 1 # 13/13 for sale, along with other common stuff. This is the very last collectible available in the game. What's left is just story-related events. If you want, go ahead and finish the game on your own; otherwise keep reading until the end.

There is a MDisk reader on the East/Southeast side of the room. Past the vending machine, about Southwest, there is also a semi-hidden map board that you can shoot with your camera to complete your in-game map. On the North side there is a button, and another button can be found far West, past a gap. First of all use the gyrodiscs to push this second button (the one more West, past the gap), so you move a crate towards your region of the area. Then climb up the scaffoldings on the North side of the area and ask Double H to push the other button (press Y) to hitch a ride by hanging on another crate, which will move towards South as Double H pushes the button. This will take you a bit more South; get off the crate, so you land on the Belunga. From here, shoot another gyrodisc at the previous button (the one past the gap) and climb up the other box (the one you called when you pushed the button on the other side of the gap for the first time): the box will be sent back East, and Jade along with it. Now that you are on the other side of the area (West), find a gear near a wall to lower a bridge for Double H.

You will notice three buttons on the ground; they need to be pushed at once in order to open the door ahead. With two characters only this is not possible -- head far East to find another small circular room with two buttons on the ground; step on one of them and wait until Double H steps on the other one, so you both ride a platform down to another area.

DomZ Base

Walk down the hallway; before the end, look for a shiny "thing" on a table on the left side and pick it up -- it's a Mirror. Put the mirror in the pedestal on the opposite side of the hallway, so a column erects from the ground. Now approach the column at the end of the corridor; you will notice that some light comes from the ceiling above the column, and a mirror on the top of this column reflects the beam of light forward. You want to rotate the column to the right (towards South, counterclockwise), so the light hits the column that came out of the ground when you placed the previous Mirror on the pedestal. Next, reach the column South itself and rotate it too until it reflects the light towards Northwest. Once the light hits a sort of purple crystal (located just North of the platform that took you into this area), it will trigger a mechanism that will lower a gate. Behind the gate you can pick up another Mirror.

After getting the second Mirror, rotate the previous column (the one on the South side of the hallway) until it reflects the light on the crystal-gate just in front (North) of it, thus lowering another set of gates. Follow the beam of light, which is currently hitting a wall further North. About where the light hits the wall there is another pedestal on the ground; place the second Mirror here, so another column erects from the ground. Rotate this new column so the light is reflected towards West, thus opening the nearby gate behind which is a giant purple Materia Crystal. Smash it, then rotate the last column again to make it reflect the light towards East. It's a bit hard to see, but there is another column down the hallway on the East side, and it's possible to direct the light to it. That's your goal: keep rotating the last column you erected until you manage to send the light on the column down the hallway East.

Follow the light to the hallways East. You will reach a room with three columns provided with three mirrors each. It's obvious that you want to reflect the light all the way down the hallway further East, into the next area. In order to rotate these three-mirrors columns you need to shoot your gyrodiscs at them. The final result should be something like this. Once it's done, continue to the next area (East), where the light has been projected.


Cross a bridge to reach another circular area where some old acquaintance of yours is located. In order to set him free you need to solve another sort of puzzle with the light and columns, until you turn on all the lights around him. There are three concentric barricades; by shading light on all the purple crystals of a barricade you will remove it, exposing the more internal barricades. The first barrier is easy to remove: simply rotate the columns to send the light from a column to the next one in clockwise order, like this. For the second barrier it will be enough to rotate the first column (calling "first" the one that originally receives the light from the bridge West) clockwise once, thus obtaining this situation. Rotate the first column clockwise one more time to remove the third barrier as well.

When it's done, approach Pey'J and press Y to break the shell where he's trapped. After some scenes, proceed East to find a MDisk reader. Save the game if you want, then squeeze through the narrow passage on the left side, so you can get past the glass and reach a blue tractor beam that will give you a ride up to the next floor.

Once you arrive, you'll be on some glass platforms. There are two defeatable guards somewhere, so watch out for them/be ready to fight. You come from West. In the middle of this floor there are three buttons on the ground, but you can't press them with Jade alone of course. There is another blue tractor beam somewhere South; reach it and ride it to reach the lower floor.

After landing you will be in front of a strange building with green/yellow lights all around it. Go around this building to find a tunnel on one of its walls; go through it to reach another area.

The Great Crypt

In this area there are many levels and tractor beams. From where you start, ride the only possible tractor beam to descend. On the next walkway, ignore the first tractor beam on the right and ride the next one ahead of you, so you raise upwards. After landing, go left to descend through another tractor beam. At this point you will be on a walkway where, by turning left, you can reach a green tractor beam that descends; ride it down, then follow the walkway to trigger a scene. After the scene, take a picture of the characters behind the glass, then send it to IRIS.

Turn back and backtrack: ride the green tractor beam; ride the first blue tractor beam on your right to go up; walk on and take the next tractor beam to descend; follow the walkway to reach the dark-blue tractor beam that goes up and brings you back to the previous area.

Cloister, DomZ Base and Transmitter Entrance

Backtrack to the DomZ Base area. A cutscene will trigger and you'll be back to the Cloister, with some unexpected good news. Now return to the Transmitter Entrance area.

Once you arrive, head East and stand on the buttons on the floor; now that there's three of you it's possible to open the gate ahead. Go through the hallway, taking cover on either side to avoid the periodical fire of a machinegun. Once you are past it, get on a small cart on the right to move to the next area.

Radio Transmitter Room

There is a vending machine an a MDisk reader here. Save the game, then take a picture of the red monitor on the nearby console and send it to the governor. Open the mail that you will receive shortly afterwards, so you can read the code (randomly generated, like the rest of the codes) and use it to operate the computer near the red monitor.

After a bunch of scenes you'll need to return to the Beluga within 1:30.


A boss fight will trigger, while you're on board of the Beluga. The weak spot of the ship in front of you are the red cores. Avoid its attacks and counter with your own charged attacks; it's not a hard fight. Keep in mind that you don't have to press RT to move forward, since you automatically follow the enemy.

Once the enemy crashes, land in the water and release the hovercraft to get inside where you see an opening (there's some fire coming out of it). Dock the hovercraft and save the game if you want, then brute-force your way through this place by defeating some guards to ride a blue tractor beam. You will then reach a button; after a cutscene, push it to set the Belunga free. Return to the hovercraft and then to the Belunga.

Fly to trigger a scene where you will see that you need to land directly in the "crypt" area. Before being able to land there you need to clear the area from some of the flying enemies. Defeat a bunch of them, so some reinforcements arrive; land once you're covered.

The Great Crypt

Here you obviously have to step on the three buttons on the ground to descend down a platform and continue -- do so. After the scenes you will trigger another boss fight, the last one of the game. First you need to defeat a bunch of DomZ enemies; they all die with a single hit, so no problems here. Then the boss will come out of his shell, and you can hit him a few times with the gyrodisc.

At this point the boss will spawn some copies of Pey'J; have Double H smash the ground (press Y), so you can strike the Pey'J's in mid-air to send them into the large purple Materia Crystal that the boss summoned to defend himself. After Double H is sent away from the battlefield, the platform will raise up and the boss will come at you directly; follow him around and quickly hit him with your rod. If he manages to hit you and knock you down, tap A even before you get up, so you can dodge his next attack (which usually lands as soon as you get up) and avoid entering a series of knock-downs. In fact, the best thing to do is to always dodge when the enemy teleports (he does so after every attack taken/inflicted), and then chain your next attack only after he has spawned. It's important to damage him consecutively without getting hit to continue with the battle, so a streak of hits is what really counts, and not the total of hits you land.

You'll have to defeat some clones of Double H next; dodge their attacks and counter. At this point the directional controls will be reversed and you will fight in slow-motion. This means that you have more time to think your moves, which is a nice thing since you have to remember to push LS_Left if you want to go right, and viceversa. Another tricky 1vs1 fight against the main boss will trigger afterwards, still with the reversed controls but without any concrete help from the slow-motion. I personally found it easier to put the controller upside down to control Jade more "naturally". Once you manage to land a series of consecutive attacks on the boss, the fight will be over. You will unlock:

Beyond Good and Evil

Complete the game

Beyond Good and Evil
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Enjoy the final scenes that will trigger afterwards, ending the adventure of Beyond Good & Evil HD. There is also a little extra scene after the credits, so if you cared about the story make sure to keep your eyes on the TV until you read the "The End" message.

Congratulations on your 200g and thanks for reading!

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