Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Walkthrough

4. Collectibles

i wrote the collectibles based on how they show up in the game itself. The bonus areas are quite easy to find so i don't write them down separately. However, there are 2 which I rather had some issues finding so I point those specific two out. The first one is in Egypt during the sandstorm and it's near the start. Just explore thoroughly (I didn't find it because the stone for it is near the end of the level, so you have to backtrack) and the second one is in the mansion, hidden in a corridor to your right (the camera doesn't show it, so hug the right wall each time you are in a corridor which leads upwards).

DNA and Keystones

Industrial Plant

Helix (1/4): As soon as you have to activate a console, you lift a platform which allows you to reach it.

Helix (2/4): When the bridge extends, it's right in the center of it

Helix (3/4): When you activate the two consoles it will raise a platform which allows you to reach it.

Helix (4/4): Defeat the giant phantom and afterwards it will be floating in mid-air between the two doors

Keystone (1/1): At the bottom of the ramp that leads to the 2 doors mentioned above

Secret Lab

Helix (1/3): It's in the center of the first room

Helix (2/3): In a metal crate to the left in the next room

Helix (3/3): High in the center of the room before the boss fight.


Keystone (1/1): At the foot of the ramp after the first fight on the roof

Helix (1/4): After first battle jump to next roof and run up the ramp. jump to the high rise of the current rooftop

Helix (2/4): Ledge before reaching the transmitter

Helix (3/4): After the transmitter, in the next room push the button to extend a bridge to the next one, after the fight

Helix (4/4): There is a balloon with a hat in the background. As soon as this is in the center of the screen it's at the satellite dish

Oscorp Japan

Helix (1/2): After beating the giant phantom it's in the middle of the platform

Helix (2/2): In the area before the boss fight, it's behind some boxes in a room to the left


Helix (1/3): After the first group of enemies, after the opening in the rocks it's on the far left in the open

Helix (2/3): Above a broken bridge after the big phantom

Helix (3/3): When you have to raise a rock platform it's on top of some grassy rocks, after a bridge (careful, you cant see this one before you jump on the rock, this is the best hidden item in the whole game)

Keystone (1/1): When encountering some enemies above you on some rocky terrain head up there and to the right and find some hidden beach

Sea Caves

Helix (1/2): After the 2 bridges with the buttons, you should see it when the camera pans to the door you have to open

Helix (2/2): After fighting a big phantom, press the 2 buttons to open the door that leads to it

The Cliffs

Helix (1/4): At the first encounter with enemies, there are 2 buttons in the background which will raise a bridge.

Helix (2/4): After the door which was shown in the beginning in front of the following stone door, it's left of the door at the docks above the water

Keystone (1/1): After obtaining helix 2, simply use the buttons to raise a rock formation which you have to jump

Helix (3/4): On a ledge after the keystone door, simply stay on it and head on to the left to find it

Helix (4/4): In the cliffs to the left when you can see the transmitter in the distance

Ancient Ruins

Helix (1/2): After the first flight of stairs in a grassy area, turn and drop down to find some buttons to press again

Helix (2/2): Area where 1 bridge rises and another one lowers, cross the first one and look to your left for a button to raise a platform

Sun Drenched City

Helix (1/3): After raising the first bridge, it's in a metal box next to the closed door

Helix (2/3): Right on a bridge that gets raised after a battle, can't be missed

Helix (3/3): After the transmitter and a fight against big phantoms, it's to the left after crossing a wooden plank that raises with buttons

Keystone (1/1): Through the doorway on the rooftops after helix number 3

The Oasis

Helix (1/2): After the first door move to the left, it's after using the 2 buttons on the floor

Helix (2/2): After passing the keystone doors you will see another 2 buttons to open a door

Keystone (1/1): Halfway across a bridge there is a section which goes dark signifying a new section. There are 2 buttons to open a door

Unearthed catacombs

Helix (1/3): In the first room step on the 2 buttons on the floor to open the door

Helix (2/3): After passing past the keystone door you will see 2 columns with eyes on them next to a door. Shoot these to get the helix

Keystone (1/1): Same region as above helix

Helix (3/3): Towards the end of the level you will fight a big enemy, it's at the end of the hall after beating him

Excavation Site

Helix (1/2): Cross the first risen platform, destroy the eye design crates and it's up the end of the ramp

Helix (2/2): After beating the 2 giant phantoms there are again 2 buttons to push and open a door

Oldworld Village

Helix (1/3): After passing the keystone door behind a crate

Helix (2/3): After exiting the keystone area it's in a small crack in the floor

Helix (3/3): Jump to the top of some rocks ordered like stairs and at the top there are again 2 buttons to push

Keystone (1/1): Where several large phantoms are fought, by the center well towards the screen on a small ledge

The Manor House

Helix (1/2): First side room in the manor, opened by two buttons

Keystone (1/1): Hall after the first room, again opened with 2 buttons. It's behind the bed

Helix (2/2): Will see it in a cutscene and can get it after you beat the spawning enemies

Graveyard Path

Helix (1/3): After destroying the transmitter and beating the phantoms guarding a gate you can jump up to a ledge to the left, it's behind a fallen column

Keystone (1/1): After destroying the transmitter and crossing a wooden bridge, on the other side is a gap to the left

Helix (2/3): Behind/underneath the stone block to the left of the keystone gate (either lift or destroy it)

Helix (3/3): Area with a fountain in the distance, it's after some stairs to the right and across a bridge. Destroy the stone block there

Ancient Church

Helix (1/2): Long room with carpet on the stairs, push the buttons to the left of the large circular window

Helix (2/2): Hall after the first spiral staircase contains again 2 floor buttons

Lower Village

Keystone (1/1): Across the second bridge of the level, other side of the bridge next to the keystone door

Helix (1/3): After bridge after the keystone door, leave the dirt path and drop down to a grassy ledge on the bottom of the screen

Helix (2/3): After the phantom transmitter and beating the big phantoms, instead of entering the opened wooden door climb higher up and use the 2 buttons

Helix (3/3): After beating the giant phantom a door will open and another one will close. Destroy the phantoms in front of the now closed one to open it again, helix is inside

Dark Caverns

Helix (1/2): To the left of the exit in the room with the keystone door

Keystone (1/1): When opening the door some bats will emerge and it's to the left on a small ledge

Helix (2/2): You will see the helix on the other side, shortly before you end the level

Upper Village

Helix (1/3): At the cliff edge at the phantom transmitter

Keystone (1/1): On a roof top near the waterfall which you have to enter to continue through the level

Helix (2/3): After the transmitter, at the end of the curved road you should see it

Helix (3/3): At the point where Spidey points out that this is the temple, you can see it in the camera sequence to the left


Helix (1/3): After the first battle in the temple, it's to the right in a hidden room after the diamond pattern on the carpet

Helix (2/3): Large room with diamond pattern has a hidden room to the right as well

Helix (3/3): In between some stairs is a diamond pattern on the floor, it's hidden in a secret room to the left, just before reaching the boss

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