Gears of War 3 Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

All of the story related achievements are pretty self explanatory.
I'll explain some of the harder parts if you're going through the Campaign on Insane.


Marcus, It's Your Father in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Prologue (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 222,911 tracked gamers (94% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 238,306

Act 1

Swimmin' in Glowie Gravy in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 211,970 tracked gamers (89% - TA Ratio = 1.05) 238,306

We Struck Gold, Son! in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 204,112 tracked gamers (86% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 238,306

My Turf! Cougars Territory! in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 198,330 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 238,306

Putting it Scientifically… in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 195,686 tracked gamers (82% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 238,306

Chapter 2: You will first encounter a new enemy type called Polyps. Be careful with these guys, they're like tickers because they explode when you kill them. Take too many hits and you'll die. You'll encounter them again when the tentacle of the Leviathan attacks you on the ship the second time.
The real battle happens when you gain the Silverbacks. This is when the Leviathan attacks. The Silverbacks don't take too much damage. What you should do is as soon as you kick down the gate, go to the area in the immediate right of you behind some barrels. It's a great place for cover. You will first have to hit it's eye to damage it. Once its eye pops, jump out of the silverback so no enemy tries to damage you in it. A wave of enemies will charge you ranging from Polyps to Lambent Drones. Once you clear them, the Leviathan will come back. Keep shooting at the eye that's already damaged. Another wave of enemies will spawn. Jump out of the Silverback again and kill them and then the Leviathan comes back a third time. Shoot the damaged area a couple more times and you'll finish the chapter.
Be warned that if you don't damage the Leviathan enough in time at any point while it's attacking, you will get a cutscene of the Leviathan eating the ship and you will fail the mission.

Chapter 3: This chapter you'll see Lambent stalks. These are like the Grub pits in the previous Gears of War games. To stop enemies from spawning, you have to shoot the pods on the stalks. Be careful of Lambent Wretches as they are just as annoying as the Locust ones. Also, Drudges that sprout arms after a certain amount of damage are now present. They can easily one shot kill you if you aren't careful.
For the part where you're using the Loader, keep it back when you're fighting enemies so you don't damage the cargo.

Chapter 4: You will be introduced to Gunkers here. These enemies throw cannon shots of emulsion at you and will use their other arm to melee you if you're close enough. These guys can be very tricky. The goal is to hit them in the yellow center where it's stomach bulges out.
There will be a part in the chapter where you will have to face 1 or 2 Gunkers at a bridge to the stadium. It varies depending on how fast you kill the pods on the stalks. Do your best to aim at the weak spots of the Gunkers and if you're playing alone, stay back and let the AI take them down. Just spot them by clicking your left stick at the enemy. This will tell the AI to attack that enemy. As long as you don't shoot the enemy, the AI will make this easy for you. It can be even easier if you give each of your AI teammates Boomshots as they have infinte ammo.

Chapter 5: Decision: Do you choose the upper level or lower level? The upper level has less enemies and more cover, especially from the gunker you'll have to face.

Chapter 6: The first part is hard because as soon as you touch down from the zipline, you have to fight a gunker right away. If you use the strategy that you used in the previous chapter, it'll be easy.
Afterwards, there's a wall in the road that is guarded by Locust snipers and turrets. One of the enemies has a OneShot. Don't pop your head out if you hear a loud buzzing noise. That noise means that enemy is trying to target you. Once you get rid of them, there will be another wave of Grinders and Boomers. Use the turret to kill them.
You'll also see tickers here at one point. They can be quite annoying.
Decision: Do you choose the catwalk or the lower deck? The catwalk doesn't have as many enemies so choose that.
After that, you'll have to avoid mortar shots by hiding from shipping container to shipping container. Take out the mortar crew at the end of the road. Then, use the mortar to take out the gas barge that comes in.

Act 2

Okay, Now We Find Hoffman in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 1 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 191,658 tracked gamers (80% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 238,306

Oh Yeah, It's Pirate Time in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 185,454 tracked gamers (78% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 238,306

Thanks For Flying GasBag Airways in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 7 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 184,526 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 238,306

Chapter 1: After the inital firefight, there will be a section with snipers and a Savage Boomer. These guys can hurt you hard as they have weapons that can kill you even when you're behind cover. You face some more after you take out the first few enemies and push forward. Eventually, you'll get to a section where you'll have to defeat a Siege Beast Crew. Then, you will use that Siege Beast to take out two other ones and then a Brumak. Towards the end of the chapter, you'll face another Brumak. First, take cover and shoot out the two machine guns on the arms of the Brumak. Then take aim at the rocket launcher on it's back. When all three are destroyed, the Brumak will die.

Chapter 2: You'll face a Corpser. Be careful of its first attack when it sticks out one of its legs out to try and slash at you. No real strategy here otherwise.

Chapter 3: This section requires some speed. There are horns on this level and if any of the Locust sound the horn, lots and lots of enemies will rush towards you. Run in and shoot the first guy and then take the sniper rifles nearby. Snipe the guy walking and then the guy in the tower near the second horn. There will be one more set of guys to snipe at the last horn. If you get all of them, the side door will open with some enemies. After taking down a Siege Beast crew, this chapter ends rather quickly.

Chapter 4: Be careful of the mortars at the beginning. This is like the mortar level in Act 1. Just run and hide. You'll have to face another Corpser after going through the Ticker Factory. After you fight the ticker, you will have a wave of Diggers and Butchers. The end of the chapter has a boss battle against a Big Corpser. Initially, you'll have to fight mini Corpsers before the big one comes out. The goal is to kill all four of its eyes. Each time you shoot an eye out, the big one hides and a mixture of mini and medium sized Corpsers come out. Defeat each wave until you take out all four of its eyes. Then, run into the opening before the timer runs out and you'll finish.

Chapter 5: The hard part in this chapter is when you go up the Gas Barge tower. Break all the wood boxes so it's easier for you to see the enemies. Then, when the barge comes around, move around the tower so the barge can't see you. There are boomshot turrets on the barge and they can one-hit kill you. Occasionally, there will be 2 theron guards coming down from the barge. Throw your grenades or shoot torque bow rounds at them to get rid of them quickly. You'll need to if you don't want the barge to get you. Eventually, the barge will dock itself and the remaining guards will come to the tower. Be careful of their torque bow shots.

Chapter 6: When you're rescuing Dizzy, there will be a ton of Reavers. Take advantage of the OneShot and the ammo supply that's there and give everyone on your team Boomshots. This will make things go more smoothly.

Act 3

Anvil Gate's Last Resort in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 1 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 182,588 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 238,306

Was it Good For You? in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 180,423 tracked gamers (76% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 238,306

Lost Your Good Driver Discount in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 179,600 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.14) 238,306

Brothers to the End in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 178,541 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 238,306

Chapter 1: It is possible to stop the waves of enemies from reaching through the second gate if you kill the enemies fast enough. Otherwise, be ready for the Boomers after they break through the second gate.

Chapter 2: You'll have a choice of either being on the ground or staying up top with sniper rifles. You'll have an easier time doing the latter. There will be one or two enemies that will climb up the walls but they shouldn't be much of a problem. The second half of this level is the boss battle against a Lambent Beserker. Whenever it's charging or jumping, it's chest cavity opens up. Shoot there. Eventually, the enemy will start leaking emulsion. Avoid boxing yourself in a corner when it's charging you. If you touch the emulsion, you die.

Chapter 4: This chapter is where you run into new enemies called Formers. They can be quite annoying on Insane. 3 hits from them and you're dead. Whenever you see them, put your back against a wall so they don't get you from behind and STAY BACK. Towards the end of the chapter, there will be waves and waves of Formers coming at you. They first come from the right and then from the left. Then there will be one more wave coming from the right and then the left again. Use the vulcan machine gun! It's very powerful.

Chapter 5: More Formers here. For the first part, stay back in the church and let them come to you. Afterwards just follow the same strategy that you did in the previous chapter. Towards the end, you'll have 3 waves of enemies. The first is all Locust Boomers and Diggers along with other assorted Locust. They'll grapple up onto the roof after a while. You can shoot their hooks to avoid having to shoot them. The next wave is short but it's full of more Formers! They will come from the back of the roof. The final wave is full of Lambent. The stalks will come up and surround you. Shoot the pods quickly! Survive long enough to get to the cutscene.

Act 4

Think You Can Handle That? in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 175,554 tracked gamers (74% - TA Ratio = 1.16) 238,306

Baird's Favorite Kind of Toy in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 173,645 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.16) 238,306

Welcome To -redacted- in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 173,011 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 238,306

Chapter 1: This is where you can get the "Respect for the Dead" secret achievement!

Secret Achievement in Gears of War 3
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 88,783 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.63) 238,306

Just avoid all the ash people. If you touch or shoot one, you can't get the achievement.
There are instances where you can't save the ash people. That won't count against you.
For example, the Polyps that come out or the shopping cart with an explosive.
I don't think the shopping cart that runs down the hill will count against you if it hits an ash person.
After you go up the elevator and into the office, stop by a door to the right.
If the lady says "Not all COG are bad" or something of that nature, you'll get the achievement.

Chapter 2: Be wary of the Lambent Wretches on this level. If they get to close and/or explode, you're dead. The hard part of this chapter is when you have to turn on the power for the elevators. 4 elevators of Formers will be coming out. They'll also crawl out of vents. Grenade tag spots where they will come out. There are also 2 rooms. One room will turn on the power for the elevators. The other has a Mulcher. Sit in one of those rooms and just shoot the ones coming out of the vent across from the room and the ones coming at you. That way, they funnel towards you each time. You will have to face a Gunker at the end of the level. Keep shooting it's weak point!

Chapter 3: Once again, more formers.... Other than that, no real hard parts here.

Chapter 4: Hard part here is when you're introduced to the Serapede. The way to defeat them is to shoot their tail til they die. If they're chasing you, go around and over an obstacle so you have time to escape. You'll face 2 Serapedes. Also, watch out for the 2 snipers in that area.

Chapter 5: 2 choices: Dockyard or Maintenance Bay
Doesn't matter which way you go. You go to both places eventually.
Dockyard: First few parts are easy. Watch out for Tickers. You'll get to the part where you're in the Dockyard and you'll have access to a Silverback. Be careful as 1 Torque Bow shot will hurt the Silverback's health dramatically. Also be careful at the end where there's a barge shooting Boomshots at you.

Maintenance Bay: For the first part of enemies, hide out in the room before the crates. It'll make taking out enemies much easier. When you get to the part with the loader, keep it back so you don't get it damaged.

The last part of this chapter sucks. You have 4 Armored Kantuses which can only be killed by explosive headshots or grenade tags. You also have to deal with the Serapedes. Oh yeah, and there's no Checkpoints. All I can say is be accurate with your shots and do your best to outrun the Serapedes.

Chapter 6: Only tips here are shoot early and shoot often. This level is not too bad if you're accurate.

Act 5

Look at That, Instant Summer. in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 170,927 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 238,306

Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got It. in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 169,695 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 238,306

You're Dead! Now Stay Dead! in Gears of War 3
Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 168,891 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 238,306

Chapter 1: Halfway through, you get a Silverback. Watch out for Reavers because they can one hit kill you with their shots. When the path splits up, stay towards the right. If you do that, a Reaver will come down and you can hit it from behind making it easier for you to kill it.

Chapter 2: You can get another Silverback by searching for a button behind some crates. Some Armored Kantuses are in this chapter. Might be a good idea to use those Boomshots on them.

Chapter 4: The first part is pretty hard. You have a lot of enemies coming at you and a mortar that's constantly shooting at you. Take out the enemies first. Then move up and get to the bridge to trigger the next wave of enemies. Kill those enemies and then kill the mortar guy. The latter half has lots of Lambent, including some Gunkers. Take cover and aim your shots carefully. Not a lot of ammo here.

Chapter 5: The difficult part here is when you are running away from the Tempest/Locust Queen. If you are in the way when the Tempest shines its light on you, you die. Keep going from cover to cover and stay in cover when it's firing. When it blocks your path, wait a few seconds in cover before continuing. When you have to cut the cables, wait right until after its finished firing to cut each cable.

Chapter 6:

This is it. This is the end game of the Gears franchise.
This is also EPIC Games' response to people saying how Gears of War 2's final boss was not a boss at all.
After disposing of a couple of Theron Guards and Lambent Drudges, the Tempest/Locust Queen comes back and they're pissed.
The goal of the rest of this boss battle is to keep shooting it in the mouth when it's firing.
Obviously, hide when the Tempest does fire.
When you've done enough damage, a cutscene occurs and you'll have access to the Hammer of Dawn.
Shoot it with the Hammer of Dawn and you'll have taken it down for the first time.
Unfortunately, it's the first of many. After you take it down, it does a peek-a-boo sequence.
The Tempest peeks out and fires its light attack. Just stay in cover for that.
You have to take out the Tempest a few times before it starts attacking the tower.
The annoying part of this boss battle are the enemies that accompany the Tempest.
The Theron Guards and Shriekers are a pain to deal with. If you down the Tempest, work on the Guards and Shriekers.
Don't take out the Tempest with the Hammer of Dawn. Getting rid of them will make this boss battle much easier.
Once the Tempest starts attacking the tower, you have to hit its open spots on the back.
Don't take too much time though as it can damage the tower enough that you fail the objective.
Once its off the tower, follow the same approach you've been doing in shooting the Tempest in its mouth.
After a few more downs and a number of Hammer of Dawn shots, you'll kill it and you will have finished the campaign!!

Here are the difficulty related achievements:

Ready for More in Gears of War 3
Complete all campaign Acts on Casual or Normal Difficulty (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 165,024 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 238,306

Ain't My First Rodeo in Gears of War 3
Complete all campaign Acts on Hardcore Difficulty (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 90,672 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.61) 238,306

That's Just Crazy in Gears of War 3
Complete all campaign Acts on Insane Difficulty (Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 47,473 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.23) 238,306

If you play with a friend on Co-Op, you'll get this achievement:

My Fellow Gears in Gears of War 3
Complete all Campaign Acts in Co-op (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 81,415 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.70) 238,306

If you play on Arcade Co-Op, you'll get this achievement eventually:

Welcome to Arcade Mode in Gears of War 3
Complete 5 Arcade Campaign chapters in co-op (any difficulty).
  • Unlocked by 92,919 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 1.59) 238,306

If you play with 3 other friends, you'll get this achievement:

We Few, We Happy Few... in Gears of War 3
Complete all Campaign Acts in 4 player Co-op (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
  • Unlocked by 35,871 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.57) 238,306

If you wanna get all of these above achievements in one go, get a team of 4 players (you and 3 others) and play on Insane difficulty in Arcade mode! One of the four people involved, needs to have the Insane difficulty unlocked.

Some things to note for the 4-player Co-Op achievement:
-- You can join a group who has 3 people playing co-op and as long as you FINISH the chapter together, you all will get credit for completing each chapter with 4-players. (i.e. You can join very close to the end of a chapter and get credit.)

-- If you get split up into 2 2-person teams, if 1 2-person team dies, you fail the objective and must reload from checkpoint.

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