Silent Hill: Downpour Walkthrough

4. Story walkthrough - Part II

Silent Hill - Pleasent River and Port District

At this point you can complete all the side quests of the game on your way to the next location, which will ultimately end your adventure in the Town of Silent Hill. Since it's a point of no return, you want to do everything before leaving.

You start on a street somewhere in the Northwestern area of the town, not far from the small nameless park where you previously should have retrieved a First Aid Kit and some bullets.

Start by going left, following the route of Rice St. from Southwest to the North. Watch out for Weeping Bats on your way, and don't miss the chance to collect kills for them if you're after the achievement for incapacitating/killing 10+ of them. If you fought all those found in the story so far, this should be Weeping Bat # 10/10 for you. If that's the case, you will unlock:

Piñata Party in Silent Hill: Downpour
Kill or incapacitate 10 Weeping Bats.
  • Unlocked by 4,304 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.03) 17,764

When you go under a bridge, check on the left side to find a small white shelf on the street, from which you can retrieve a First Aid Kit.
Continue farther North on the street, and stick to the left (West) side to find a blue van.

The Art Collector - Part I - Painting # 06/06
Open the rear doors of the blue van to find Painting # 06/06 (Freedom). This is the last painting you have to pick up, but we have other business here before backtracking to Pearl Creek, so let's proceed on our way for now.

There might also be a Shotgun in bundle with the Painting.

Keep sticking with the left side of the street. In correspondence with the spot where Rice St. turns from going Southwest-Northeast to going West-East, you will find Mystery # 38/54 on a small wooden porch. It's the porch of the first house on the left after the van.
Proceed a few steps East from the last Mystery, and enter the second house (still on your left/North side) (first one available).

"Ashes to Ashes" Apartment

In this house, proceed forward from the hall. You will find a staircase on the right, and two doors on the left. Ignore the first door on the left, and enter the second room instead. On a small table near the TV you will find Mystery # 39/54, which is a hint for a quest (it's supposed to show you a particular bench).

Ashes to Ashes - Part I
Now go upstairs to find two more rooms. Enter in the first one, which is a wedding bedroom, and check the right corner to find the Urn key item.

Pick up Mystery # 40/54 from the bed as well, and then proceed to the other room upstairs.
In this last room you will find a safe. You're not supposed to know the code yet (you should complete the local quest first), but I'll save you a later trip by telling you now: 16814.
On Easy you need to rotate in this order: #1 Right three times (from 4 to 1); # 2 Left four times (from 2 to 6); # 3 Left four times (from 4 to 8); # 4 Left twice (from 5 to 1); # 5 Right twice (from 6 to 4).
On Normal you need to rotate: #1 Right three times (from 4 to 1); #2 Left four times (from 2 to 6); #4 Left twice (from 5 to 1); #5 Right twice (from 6 to 4).
On Hard you need to rotate: #1 Right once (from 4 to 3); #2 Left four times (from 2 to 6); #3 Right once (from 2 to 8); #5 Right twice (from 6 to 4).
The reward is a mere Colt anyway.
With nothing else to do here, leave this house.

End of "Ashes to Ashes" Apartment

Continue going East on the left (North) side of Rice St., and you will soon come across an open fence, located between the third house (East of where you've just been) and the fourth one.
Enter the fenced area and proceed from South to North.

Homeless - Part III
As you continue, you will see a Fishing Rod key item just in front of you. This is the third and last item requested by the Homeless guy, but he has to wait another bit before being given the goods you've collected for him. For now, proceed on your way.
Note that on Normal difficulty the Fishing Rod will be located in the subways entrance of Pleasent River, not far from the ladder that we previously mentioned.
On Hard difficulty the Fishing Rod will be located on a small wooden platform behind a fence, East of where you would find it on Easy.

From there, you can proceed East or West. Go East first of all (you can find a First Aid Kit in a white shelf on the ground, Northeast).

Ribbons - Part III
On the ground you will probably start spotting ribbons. Follow the way tracked by them, and go down some wooden stairs to reach the pier. Check its West end to find the Key key item and grab it. The house where you have to use it belongs to our "backtrack pack", so nevermind it for now. There's also a hook in the nearby pier, but we don't need them anymore (in case you wondered whether to pick it up or not).

Now go West from the spot where the Fishing Rod is found on Easy, and you will find a larger platform (located North, and a bit East, of the "Ashes to Ashes" Apartment).

Ashes to Ashes - Part II
Look for the bench represented in the picture of the previous Mystery, and use the Urn on it. By doing so, you will reveal a code (16814) and unlock:

Dust to Dust in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 6,309 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.67) 17,764

Return on Rice St., and finally cross the street to its South side.
Almost directly South of the open fence which led you to the last piers, but slightly more West of it, there is another open fence.
Go through that fence, check your right to find a First Aid Kit, then turn immediately left to find a few stairs which lead you to a ladder. The ladder lets you reach the subways of this region (they aren't marked with the usual light-blue segment this time), just so you know that. In this region is also located the Fishing Rod item for the Homeless quest, if you're playing on Normal difficulty. There is also a shovel before the ladder, but you will find more of them closer to the next (and last) digging spot.
Return on the street, and proceed East from this last fence. Not far from it, you will soon come across an alley on your right (it leads South): go there to find a blue door on the South side of the house where you will go next.

"Dead Man's Hand" Apartment

Enter the first room on the left and examine the cards on the table if you want to know why this quest has this name.
Proceed to the other room, opposite the card table, and you will enter the room where your next quest officially starts.
Now this quest can be quite annoying, due to the many forks you can come across and due to the massive amount of enemies you will find where you need to go. So try to read in advance what's going to happen and avoid detours, aiming for your goal only. Defeat the enemies on your way too, if you see that you can't outrun them or they will easily stack up (especially on Hard), presenting a serious problem.

- First of all, from the room where your quest starts, find the only other door which leads you downstairs to the basement
- In the basement (no enemies here), there are three possible paths you can take on your left. Two of them are lit by yellowish light, but you want to head towards the path without any light in it (the middle of the three possible paths). Follow it to a more lit area, and you will find a hole in the ground that, by means of a ladder on its left, allows you to reach the sewers below
- The sewers are a place where the maze and the enemies reach their highest levels in this game. Nothing complicated if you don't get lost, though
- From the ladder, go left (on the right there is just a dead end) and follow the way left again until you go through an open gate
- At your first real fork, just past the gate, you can go left and detour if you want, but your destination is right. If you go left, you will reach a dead end with a Colt
- Shortly after the first fork (when you go right), you will come to another fork: left or forward. Left is a dead end, so go forward
- After a few steps, there will be another fork ahead of you, you should clearly see a gate blocking the way; on the left side there is a dead end with a Screamer, so go right
- As you continue, on your left there will be a yellow lit room but it's empty, so don't bother going inside
- Proceed past the room you ignored and you will come to another apparent fork, but if you take a look at the left/right paths you will see that they are actually blocked. So, simply proceed forward and follow the only possible way until you reach a small lit passage with a gate that is apparently locked
- After trying to open it once, a Weeping Bat on the opposite side will help you open it. Go past this gate and run immediately right to finally find the Human Heart
- Many enemies will spawn now, everywhere on your way. DO NOT fight them, they are just too many
- You want to backtrack right to the ladder you took to reach the sewers, so you can be safe again in the basement. From the Human Heart, go back through the previous gate and continue on the only possible way forward, until you reach the small yellow lit room which will be on your right as you backtrack
- Past the yellow lit room when you see a junction, go left. Proceed for just a few moments and then locate the broken door-gate which will be on your left: go there
- Follow the way past this second gate again, going right when necessary and the ladder will be on your right

Safe in the basement once again, put the Human Heart where it belongs and you will complete this quest. You will unlock:

Telltale Heart in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Dead Man's Hand" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 6,379 tracked gamers (36% - TA Ratio = 1.66) 17,764

There will be a First Aid Kit on the ground, where your "quest giver" was. Pick it up and leave this place.

End of "Dead Man's Hand" Apartment

On Rice St. again, now go East as far as you can and pay attention to the right (South) side of the street.

Bird Cage # 04/05
Just before its East end, on the South side of Rice St. you will find another bird cage.

You can leave Rice St. and continue North, on King Ave.
Stick on the East side of King Ave. and look for Pistol Bullets on the sidewalk near its Northeastern [current] end.
Then cross the street from East to West, and you will find a small shack where you can enter through a door, just before the point where the bridge is interrupted.
Enter the shack and go up a ladder immediately on your right to find a lever: pull it to lower the bridge, so you can proceed farther North. Before going North though, we have some business to do.

Shadow Play - Part I - Symbol # 05/05 - Harmony, 2nd Part
On a box on the same platform you reached with the previous ladder (the one with the lever you just used), there will be the Harmony, 2nd Part Symbol (upper half). The Harmony Symbol is a particular Symbol which requires two halves before being "complete". We'll get the other one soon.

Inside the former shack, go down the ladder and proceed South towards another door which leads downwards, on some wooden stairs/piers and stuff.
From the bottom of the stairs, you can go right or left. There's nothing on the right, so proceed left.
You will find a building with two doors on your left (On the side of this building is also the shadow of the Harmony Symbol; disregard for now). Enter either of the doors.
There's nothing to grab in this building. You will find two more doors though, which both lead outside. Since the only thing to collect outside is closer to the Eastern door, go through that one.

Shadow Play - Part I - Symbol # 05/05 - Harmony, 1st Part
You will find the Harmony, 1st Part Symbol just on the right, on a box (lower half).

Shadow Play - Part II - Token # 03/05 - Harmony
Return on the other side of this building, and check its wall to find the shadow. Opposite the wall, on the usual trash can, there will be the golden base of the Symbol.
First of all, put in the Harmony, 1st Part Symbol, rotate it once, and cast its shadow on the wall.
Then you can add the Harmony, 2nd Part Symbol. Rotate it once and cast its shadow on the wall. Then rotate it two more times and cast its shadow on the wall again. Don't forget to grab the Harmony Token afterwards.

Now it's finally time to backtrack and complete all the sidequests we left behind.
Start by backtracking to the West end of Rice St. and locate some stairs on the left before the bridge to find some stairs which give you a quick shortcut to Brite St. (or just reach it directly from Rice St., it doesn't matter).
In the first horizontal (West-to-East) part of Brite St. locate an alley on its South side and follow it South, then East, so you reach its vertical (North-to-South) portion, South of the block on the street.
From there, you should easily find the way through more alleys South of the Movie Theater, which will let you reach Lamon St. (East of the Movie Theater itself).

Ribbons - Part IV
On the West side of Lamon St., near its Northern end, there's a door where you can enter.
In this house (if you remember, I told you to ignore it when we first passed by these parts) you want to go upstairs and use the Key item, retrieved from Part III of this quest, in order to unlock the door on the right.
Go left and you will find Mystery # 41/54, which completes this quest. You will unlock:

Long Walk, Short Pier in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Ribbons" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 5,125 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.86) 17,764

Before exiting, check the room (now available) on your left. It was the room immediately on your right after entering the room which required the Key. In any case, you will find 2x First Aid Kit on the ground.
Exit this house, and now cross Logan's Park from West to East, so you reach Laymond Ave. again.

Homeless - Part IV
Enter the Eastern of the two subways entrances of Laymond Ave., and you will find Homer, the "homeless" quest giver. Hand over the three items collected so far (if you didn't already bring something to him) (see Part I to Part III of this quest), that is to say Candy Bar, Old Coat and Fishing Rod which will complete this quest. You will unlock the subway entrances of Silent Hill, as well as this achievement:

Will Work For Food in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Homeless" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 4,940 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 17,764

Shadow Play - Part II - Token #04/05 - Enlightenment
In the same subway entrance as the homeless guy, you most likely noticed the shadow of this other Symbol, on the wall opposite Homer himself.
Place the corrispondent Symbol, rotate it once, and cast its shadow on the wall. Pick up the Enlightenment Token and exit the subways entrance.

Go to the South end of Laymond Ave. and locate the passage through the fenced area on the West. Reach the Art Museum from there (you should have a question mark indicating it on your in-game map).

The Art Collector - Part II
Now that you have all the six Paintings, you can go downstairs in the museum solve the puzzle related to this quest. You'll have to place the paintings on a table and then (using the UV Light) position them in the correct order. If you have problems, just use the previous image to see which picture goes where.

Before completing this quest, let's get the final Token. Return on Laymond Ave. and go directly South through another fence. Follow the alleys South/East to reach the Southern half of Lansdale Ave. and go straight East from where you reached Lansdale Ave. to find another fenced area.

Shadow Play - Part II - Token # 05/05 - Healing
Enter this small yard, located about South of the letters "Coo" of the "Cook St." words. Find the Symbol base on a trash can, place the Symbol, rotate it once, and cast its shadow on the opposite wall. Then rotate it two more times, cast its shadow again and complete the shadow. Grab the Healing Token afterwards.

Now you want to reach the Monroe Cemetery in Chastain Heights: backtrack to Laymond Ave. and either use the subways to Chastain Heights, or go through Logan's Park. Proceed through the alley South of the Movie Theater to reach the vertical (South-to-North) part of Brite St. once again. From there, simply go West on the side street and follow the path as if you were going to St. Maria's. Then go Southeast from there.

The Art Collector - Part III
Locate the only crypt with a ladder, about in the middle of the cemetery and climb down it.
Proceed in the crypt and on the left you will find a wall with some symbols on it. You need to press those which were on some of the Paintings, earlier. They will be: the upper-left one, the one at the center, the lower-left one and the lower-right one. As soon as you succeed, you will unlock:

Art Appreciation in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete "The Art Collector" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 4,957 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 17,764

A gate has been opened too and a Weeping Bat will crawl from the ceiling beyond it. You can either fight it, or ignore it; either proceed in the crypt, or make a run for it and return outside. Inside the crypt, you'll find three sarcophagi and you can push the cover of the middle one away to reveal a special axe inside of it. Nothing great, to be honest. Moreover, on the ground in the corners of the room with the sarcophagi, you can find First Aid Kit (on the left as you access this room) and Shotgun Shells (upper right corner).

At this point we will head to the building where we will complete the Shadow Play quest, it's also the one where it started. To get there (it's the Northwestern part of the building complex North of the Movie Theater and should be the last big question mark on your map) from the cemetery return on the vertical portion of Brite St. go as North as you can, then proceed West through a fence when the street is blocked. In the alleys behind the fence, go North first, then East when you can, to return to Brite St. past the block.

Shadow Play - Part III
The final part of this quest is short, but can be a bit tricky. You simply have to put the five Tokens in correspondence with their symbol (revealed with UV Light/the light of the candles nearby), doing something like this. Some of them won't match exactly, so you have to move them around a bit and see the closest-to-perfect match you can get. A special throwable powerful weapon (nothing that great again though) will spawn on the table and you will unlock:

What's Your Sign? in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Shadow Play" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 4,556 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.97) 17,764

At this point we can proceed North along King Ave. thus reaching Ketchum St. (make sure you grab the shovel near the pole on the West side of the intersection between Rice St. and King Ave. if you're on your Ending E run). You can go East on Ketchum St. to find a First Aid Kit, in a white shelf on the ground just before its block. Then go West and enter the very first house on the left side.

Mirror, Mirror
Inside this house, ignore the stairs (there's nothing on the upper floor), as well as the first door on the left (there's just a Lighter on a table on the left). Enter the only other room instead (second one on the left) to find a mirror.
This mirror will reflect the room regularly except from one among these five particular objects: the painting on the left as you entered, the drawer near the painting, the TV, the lamp on the right side and the blue candle on the right side. You can interact with each of these objects, but you want to interact only with the one which isn't mirrored correctly (the painting can be turned upside-down, the drawer can be open, the other three elements can be turned on/lit).
The mirror will shatter once you complete this simple puzzle, and you will unlock:

Spot the Difference in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Mirror, Mirror" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 6,814 tracked gamers (38% - TA Ratio = 1.61) 17,764

Behind the mirror, you can also find 2x First Aid Kit and 2x Pistol Bullets. Moreover, on the floor of the previous room at the center you will find Mystery # 42/54. Note that on Hard difficulty a Screamer may spawn too.

Digging up the Past # 07/07 (also Artifact # 10/10)
The final digging spot is located in the small yard West of the house where the previous quest took place. Grab the Aglaphotis Artifact to complete this side quest (which again, is not necessary for the Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement) and unlock:

Useless Trinkets in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the "Digging up the Past" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 2,888 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.47) 17,764

Follow the street Northwest, past the subways entrance. Ignore the wooden stairs on the left side (West) which lead to the pier for now, and proceed farther North.

Bird Cage # 05/05
At the Northwestern end of the explorable area of Silent Hill you will find the final bird cage. Open it to unlock:

Birdman in Silent Hill: Downpour
Birdman9 (5)
Complete the "Bird Cage" side quest.
  • Unlocked by 5,622 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 17,764

If you completed all the other quests too (except Digging Up The Past, which isn't necessary, as I already mentioned), before the last quest-achievement pops up you will also unlock:

Silent Hill Tour Guide in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete all side quests.
  • Unlocked by 4,119 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 17,764

Before proceeding with the story, you want to know that your inventory is going to be reset after the next story event. For this reason, if you haven't already unlocked the following achievements, it's advisable to do what you can to progress through them by using all the items you have:

Hypochondriac in Silent Hill: Downpour
Use 20 First Aid Kits.
  • Unlocked by 8,958 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.40) 17,764

Remember that you need to be hurt in order to use a First Aid Kit (you can't do so with full health).

Gun Control in Silent Hill: Downpour
Kill 25 monsters with the Pistol or Shotgun.
  • Unlocked by 4,361 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.01) 17,764

By now you should have a hundred bullets on your Colt and twenty or more on your Shotgun (if you have it), if you didn't already shoot enemies before now. Simply walk up and down in the streets shooting enemies.
You should easily unlock the achievements for incapacitating/killing 10+ Screamers and 10+ Brawlers/Stabbers (alias Prisoner Minions):

Silence is Golden in Silent Hill: Downpour
Kill or incapacitate 10 Screamers.
  • Unlocked by 12,614 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 17,764

Lockdown in Silent Hill: Downpour
Lockdown28 (20)
Kill or incapacitate 10 Prisoner Minions.
  • Unlocked by 9,316 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 17,764

When you're ready, proceed and watch the following scenes. You will unlock:

Secret Achievement in Silent Hill: Downpour
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 8,392 tracked gamers (47% - TA Ratio = 1.45) 17,764

Highlight the text below to reveal the name of the final dungeon:
Overlook Penitentiary

This place is more complicated than it may look at first, so try to follow the indications carefully.

Exit the current "room", and go all the way right. Although not visible at first, at the end of the hallway you will be able to locate Mystery # 43/54 on the ground (you have to go past the spot where it's supposed to be, then turn around to find it; it will fall from your pocket around that point, and that's when it becomes visible).

There will be a fork now: either left, or right to some stairs. Take the stairs down first, so you reach the A3 level. Ignore more stairs which would lead you nowhere below (there is a locked gate before reaching A2; it will be opened later), and continue on the hallways of A3. There are two possible ways to go now: on your left there's a gate with a lock, and a pipe nearby (which you can use to smash the lock), while forward/on the right there is a "Checkout Zone" door, currently unavailable. Since it's the only thing you can do, smash the lock.

As you proceed through the previously-locked gate, "something" will happen, and you'll be chased after by the first Juggernaut Prisoner of the game. For now, just keep running down the hallway, past an electric wire, and he will get killed from the wire itself as he chases you. Note that there will be more than 10 easy-to-kill Prisoner Juggernauts later, so don't work on the achievement for incapacitating/killing 10+ of them just yet. Crouch under some metal structures, and reach a grey control panel near the "Caution" yellow sign: operate it to remove the electricity from the previous wire. At this point, you can't proceed any further: the door ahead from here requires an access card, and we already mentioned the locked Checkout Zone. Although you could have ignored this detour now, it was a good idea to show you these two doors, so you can get a bit familiar with the environment, since we're going to go around these parts again soon. Anyway, for now return back upstairs to the A4 level.

From A4, proceed down the hallway opposite the stairs, and a cutscene will show you a large metal pillar ready to fall after your pushes with A. Once it's down, use it as a beam to reach the middle of A4: it will collapse once you're past it, preventing you from backtracking. From the central area, find a ladder to descend. At the bottom of the ladder, grab a First Aid Kit from a nearby shelf, and make sure you also get the Map of this area from the wall-shelf located on the right before some stairs. Take the stairs down afterwards (if you want, there's an axe on the right of a door upstairs; that specific door requires an access card to open). At the bottom of a first set of stairs you will find a Shotgun which isn't available right now. On the wall there is also a barricaded poster; if you want to uncover it, I remind you of the axe upstairs (there's nothing special to see anyway). Then, on a desk you will find Mystery # 44/54.

On the left of this last Mystery there is a safe. For some "serial" reasons, the code is 11752.

On Easy difficulty, proceed as follows: #1 Right three times (from 4 to 1); #2 Right once (from 2 to 1); #3 Left three times (from 4 to 7); #4 Left twice (from 2 to 5); #5 Right four times (from 6 to 2).

On Normal: #1 Right three times (from 4 to 1); #3 Right twice (from 4 to 8); #2 Right once (from 2 to 1; this also sets #3 on 7); #4 Left twice (from 2 to 5); #5 Left four times (from 6 to 2).

On Hard: #1 Left once (from 4 to 5); #3 Right twice (from 4 to 8); #2 Right once (from 2 to 1; this also sets #3 on 7); #4 Right once (from 3 to 1); #5 Right four times (from 6 to 2).

Inside the safe you will find: Quarter Dollar (key item), Small Key (key item), Pistol. Use the Small Key on the locked-Shotgun, and you'll be able to get it. Equip it, and keep your Pistol as second weapon. Now go farther downstairs to find and get the Flashlight and the Access Card key item. Go back upstairs, to the floor where you retrieved the map, and use the Access Card on the door near the axe to unlock it.

You could go left or right, but the path on the left leads nowhere. Therefore, go right after going through the access card door, and enter the first room in front of you ("Cloak Room") after going down some stairs. You will be inside a room with several lockers, and inside them you will find Pistol Bullets + Shotgun Shells (locker on the right) and a Walkie-talkie (locker on the left). Then proceed down the hallway and there will be another fork (either right to more hallways, or downstairs). First, continue to the hallway, and follow it all the way towards the Southwest. In the last cell available, you will find Mystery # 45/54 on a desk. Now go back to the previous fork, and continue downstairs to reach A2.

As soon as you're at the bottom of the stairs, there will be a Brawler: if you want to fight, try to do so in a bullet-free way (use the shotgun as a melee weapon, for instance), or use the bullets in your Pistol. You can go West or North: go North first. On the East side of the area, check the well-lit cell on your right to spot a suspicious locker: push it away to reveal a poster, behind which you will find Mystery # 46/54. Proceed farther North from this cell, and watch out for a Stabber in the next cell on your right: if you don't go after him, he probably won't notice you. Feel free to shoot him with the Pistol's default 7 bullets if you want (you'll replace it with a Colt soon). Once you've reached the Northeast corner, go left a bit and enter the only other room of this area to find a Colt. Now go back to the Southeast corner of the area, and go West from there, and then continue North. A scene will "lock" you before a cell. Enter that cell, and some environmental changes will occur -- follow the only possible way, watching the scenes in the process. Once you reach the opposite end of the cell, you will clearly spot Mystery # 47/54 on the small table near the bed. Grab it, then backtrack to the hallway of A2. Prepare your shotgun (remember, you can switch between your firearms with D-Pad_Left) and proceed to the Northwest corner of A2. A cutscene will show a Juggernaut Prisoner breaking the gate, opening the way for you. Take him down with your shotgun (aim for the head!), then proceed upstairs to A3.

If you remember, when you came down the stairs from A4 to A3, I told you to ignore the other stairs leading to A2, because there was a locked gate. Well, that locked gate is the same one that the Juggernaut Prisoner just smashed. So now you're just where you were earlier on, but with the Access Card. From the stairs of A3 (Northwest), go East to reach the East side, and use the Access Card there to enter a dark room with some control panels. In this room, check the Northwest region to find a First Aid Kit on a shelf. On the right of the First Aid Kit there is a drawer: open it to find Mystery # 48/54. In the same drawer there are also Pistol Bullets. Now check the North side of this room to find another First Aid Kit on the usual shelf. On its right there is a Shotgun you can unlock with the Small Key retrieved earlier, and another one which is available without the Small Key. Finally, approach the control panel to the Southeast, and walk by it until a short cutscene shows you that the red button on it has become available. Press it, and this will open the Checkout Zone. Head towards the Checkout Zone, located on the West side of this floor (go Northeast/Northwest to reach it).

The Checkout Zone is a safe area, so chill out and relax while you're here. As you can see, in front of you (on the right) there is a check-in scanner which will lock the door on the other side of the room if you have anything in your inventory. You want to proceed as follows: "Unequip" your items by pressing A near the second window (the one past - West of - the scanner). You will remain with the Access Card and the First Aid Kits, which are ok. Then use the Access Card on the dark door on the left, as you entered. It will barely open, but it'll be a large enough passage for you to slip through. After this door, open the two lockers in front of you to find Mystery # 49/54 and a First Aid Kit. Before going right into the room with control panels and switches, check the cell ahead of these lockers to find a dark drawer near the wall: it has another Map of this area. Operate the button on one of the control panels to open the door out. Return from where you came (slip through the narrow door) and proceed past the scanner, towards the exit you just opened. If you dropped your items where suggested, the door won't close. You can get your items back from the window after going through the scanner: do so, and exit.

You will reach the Main Hall now. In this place, a fight against two Juggernaut Minions (Brawler + Stabber) and a Juggernaut Prisoner will trigger. Your ultimate goal is South, towards the Southeastern room (the Southern half of the Workshop). Before that though, you want to grab Mystery # 50/54 inside the cell directly West of the hallway which leads you South to the Workshop. Since you have some shotgun shells with you, it's a good idea to shoot the three of them down (use the shotgun first and then, if they are still alive, finish the job with the Colt). You may want to skip this fight on Hard though, especially if you don't need to get the Mystery and you can run to the Workshop right away. They will follow you there though (especially the Minions).

As you went South, you certainly noticed the door with the code on your right (West side). That's our next destination, and I could already tell you the code; however, there are some goodies to collect in the Workshop first. You may also notice a room South of the one locked with the code: it's barricaded, but it contains only a First Aid Kit, so if you don't have an axe just forget about it. Now, the Workshop. In case you walk by some machines and they turn on automatically, turn them off, or you will lure more enemies. Of course you also don't want to turn them on manually. Once you're inside, go left and proceed towards its Northern half; before reaching it, on the right of the "door" which links the two halves, grab the usual First Aid Kit from the shelf. In its Northern half, check on the right of the next door to find another First Aid Kit. Then look somewhere Southeast of this Northern half and you will easily spot Mystery # 51/54 on a table. Proceed to the room North of this one, and look to your right: on the ground you will find the Forensic Flashlight and Mystery # 52/54. You're supposed to follow the footprints and the hints left with the UV Light, but they are just there to reveal the code for the door on the West side. The numbers you will find are: 22345. On Easy mode you will only find 2345 instead. Use them to enter the new room (insert 2345 if you're on Easy; 22345 if you are on other difficulty settings). In this other room, go right to find another Quarter Dollar on a shelf. It's a key item you need to use very soon, so the game gives you another copy in case you missed it earlier. Then go left, and pick up the Shotgun Shells from a shelf. Drag and move a crate to place it under a vent. Jump on the crate, and use the Quarter Dollar on the vent's door, so you can open it and run away from the upcoming danger. Tap A when prompted, and then watch the next scene.

You will restart in the Day Room, accompanied by the usual trio: Juggernaut Minions (Stabber + Brawler) and Juggernaut Prisoner. It's not a bad idea to try to avoid the fight and save your ammo, if you can (run around the tables, and you shouldn't get hit too much). Either way (run or fight), you want to use the Access Card on the two white panels on the West side of the area in order to open the door on the West side. Unfortunately, it will take a while to open, and you'll have to slip through a narrow passage. That's actually a good thing, since the enemies can't follow you through the narrow passage, so if you can run away from them until the doors are opened enough (they stop making noise when they've opened as much as they can, and the light above the gate will remain green), you will be safe on the opposite side of the gate. Outside the gate there are two staircases: they both lead to the same spot on the upper level. On the upper level, proceed to the left (the right the path is blocked) to reach a room. As you step in, on your left there will be a Shotgun. On the opposite wall of the Shotgun you will find a First Aid Kit. On a table in the middle of the room you will find Mystery # 53/54, and near a locker on the right you will finally find also Mystery # 54/54. If these are your last Mysteries, you will unlock:

Silent Hill Historic Society in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete Murphy's Journal with all Mysteries.
  • Unlocked by 2,971 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.44) 17,764

Lastly, there are some stairs leading downwards on the West side: follow them, and they'll lead you to Shotgun Shells (inside a locker). Now you can proceed by going downstairs via the stairs on the East side, and finally reach the Showers.

In the Showers there are some items to collect, near yellow cards: examine yellow card # 1 on the floor on the left, then grab the three items from yellow card # 2 (Prison Shank, in the sink), # 3 (Mourning Badge, on the floor on the right), and # 4 (Crime Evidence, in the locker). Return to the room South of the showers, examine "something" on the ground, and get ready to run. Here is a video of the chase.

Run forward and you will come across a three-way junction. The gate on the way forward will close, forcing you to go left or right. Go right. After a while, you will see some "guillotine doors", and another fork: stay on the right, and follow the way right. You will come across a Juggernaut Prisoner behind a cage. Past this harmless guy, the path will roughly turn left: follow it. After this turn, continue a bit and you will come to another turn: stay on the right side again, and proceed towards another area.

The second half of this chase takes place in a "red" area with blood-throwing enemies. From the beginning of this portion, you want to turn right and left alternatively, starting by turning right. Keep alternating your turns, and you will soon come to the exit. The Otherworld here continues with some spikes, and they have a fixed pattern as the previous ones you met in another Otherworld. First spikes: 2x attack, rest. Second spikes: attack, rest. Third spikes: 2x attack, rest. Fourth spikes: 5x attack, rest. Fifth spikes: idle.

Call an elevator after the spike portion. Now, be aware that you're going to face several enemies consecutively, and therefore you want to prepare your Shotgun. If you're out of shells, use the pistol (Colt) instead. If you're out of bullets with the pistol too (I thought I told you to be conservative!), you'll have to survive with the Shotgun and a melee weapon (a pipe) found on the elevator. Be aware that the last save point was before the spikes, so try to not get killed. You need to incapacitate or kill the enemies in order to continue. Incapacitated enemies will automatically be killed by the game (this doesn't count as a kill by you, so you're safe for Good Behaviour - as usual - as long as you're not the one performing a finishing hit on them). Give all you've got, since there will be a partial reset of your inventory soon (the reset involves your flashlight and weapons).

We will refer to the direction from where you get on the elevator as "North", since you'll be facing it as you descend. The enemies can come from "North", "West" or "East". First stop: two Screamers from North. Second stop: a Screamer from North, a Screamer and a Brawler from West. After defeating the second group of enemies, you need to go East, since the elevator won't descend any further. As you do so, you will reach a small room with a Shotgun and a First Aid Kit, as well as a control panel which you need to operate to shed light in this room and restore the power to the elevator. When it's done, return to the elevator to continue. Third stop: a Screamer from East, a Screamer from West, a Screamer and a Stabber from North (if you have problems shooting this last one because he moves too much, just beat him up in melee range). The fourth stop is the last one, without enemies around. Go left at the end of the ride, and follow the only possible path on the walkway, grabbing a First Aid Kit as you go. Go up a ladder, follow the path, descend another ladder. Continue and go downstairs to proceed and find another ladder to descend. Proceed to the bottom of this area after a longer staircase, and then continue up on a bridge for a short scene.

After the inventory reset, continue on your way to enter a strange room with a blood container in the middle. Look for a valve behind it, and rotate it to turn the room upside down. You're now in the "blue" world, and you can proceed to the next room on the right. Go right after entering the new room, and you should spot some enemies "under" the floor below your feet (they can't reach you). On the far right end of this room there is a control panel: operate it, and two spotlights will be turned on. The enemies will back off because of the light, and they will go into some cages that, in "their" world, are above their heads. In order to trap them in these cages, you need to operate the other two control panels on the other sides of the room (left/right of the spotlight control panel).

After trapping the two enemies, another control panel will emerge from the ground, but it actually spawned in the "other" world. Therefore you need to rotate the room again, and return to the "red" world: from the control panel for the spotlights, go to the opposite end of the room to find the valve to do so. In the "red" world, now operate the control panel you spawned, and you will open a door in the "blue" world. Reverse the previous valve again to return to the "blue" world. In the "blue" world again, now locate the door you opened (it's in the other room, the one you originally came from).

There will be four large spinning cylinders in this new room, and three panels on the floor. For convenience, let's call "Southeast" the corner where the first panel is. Step on the first panel (Southeast) to stop the blades on the East side. When they're idle, run Northeast to reach the second panel. The second panel will stop the blades on the South side. To reach the next panel, located in the Southwest (the opposite corner of the room from where you are), you have to sprint carefully between the blades of the East/North cylinders. Help yourself with the orange circles on the floor to locate the "safe" passage more easily. The third and final panel (Southwest) will stop the blades on the West side, allowing you to continue to the next room (before that, you may want to grab a First Aid Kit on the right, just before the next room). In the next room, simply rotate another valve to go back in the "red" world and find the exit (if you want, you can also return to the previous room, which will have another First Aid Kit in its current "red" version). Follow the only possible way in the hallway (there's an empty room on the left which you should ignore) by falling through a hole in the ground. After the short fall, go right up some stairs to continue.

The next room is invaded by Brawlers, and you need to force your way through somehow. Without making this more complicated than it actually is, start by moving the spotlight so it's shedding light on the gate with the lock on the opposite side of the room (see here). Moving it all the way left should do it. Then go back from where you came, and go right this time. You will enter a small shack where you will find a lever: pull it to close a gate. Then make sure you grab the fire extinguisher in this same shack, and exit through its other door to continue on to another walkway. Follow this other walkway downstairs, ignoring the Brawlers that might be on it, and sprint to reach the gate with the lock. Since there's light on this gate, the enemies can't bother you while you smash it with the fire extinguisher. After the lock is gone, sprint forward and turn right when you can, so you find a ladder (there's also another path, on the right, but just ignore it). On this new walkway there is another spotlight, which is half broken and will work only periodically. That's enough for you though: move it so it sheds light on the big door-gate at the end of the room, but make sure it also sheds some light on the door of the currently-locked gate on the left (see here). Still on the walkway, head to another shack and pull another lever: this will close a gate somewhere nearby, and open the previously-locked gate (the one on the left). Now you can go down the previous ladder, and head towards the area which is lit when this second spotlight works. In order to proceed, you need to operate a crank for a while to eventually open the big door-gate. You will be disturbed by the several Brawlers in the process, though, so you can do various things here: one option is to lure them away. Another, and better option, is to use the light as a temporary "safe" spot to hit and run continuously until you kill them all. So basically, hit them with a combo of any weapon (there's an infinite supply somewhere on the ground, on the right), and then run away, taking cover in the lit area (when it's available) to break the chase at your advantage. It'll take a few hits, but you'll defeat them all (throwing the fire extinguisher with RT is particularly effective). The reason why I told you to include the "previously-locked gate" in the lit spot is that this might prevent eventual enemies from reaching you from that same gate. It's also possible to avoid this fight entirely, if you have the patience to use the spotlights to push the enemies back in the area which you can open/close with the levers... but it's not worth the effort. Anyway, just get through one way or another.

The next room you reach will have a passage on the left. Follow the only possible way, until a gate shuts before you. At this point, turn around to find some stairs: time to run again. This last chase is very simple, actually, since there's basically only one way to go, other than a shortcut. Start by going up the stairs (the ones before the chase starts), and then turn immediately right to find a passage on the left side (left as you turn around; it was on the right, when you were going upstairs). Follow this passage for a few steps, and turn immediately right when you can. After this turn, you can pretty much just go in one direction: do so, avoiding the blood-throwing enemies and the guillotines here and there (other than the Juggernaut Prisoners in the cells, of course), and you won't have problems reaching the elevator which will take you to a safe area. You will automatically take the elevator down, thus landing in a room with a Shotgun and a First Aid Kit. In this same room there is also a giant scale. You have to put the three key items obtained back in the Showers on either of its plates. It doesn't matter which one you choose: I have always put them all on the right scale, and was able to get all the Endings, so the plate you choose won't affect anything. By putting the items on the same plate, the door ahead will open. This gives you access to the final boss of the game. Here is a video of the fight, if you want.

Final Boss
In order to defeat this boss, you need to pull away the four giant tubes that are feeding him. He can attack you in two ways: either by creating a vortex of items that he will throw at you, or by punching you directly. You can attack him with your shotgun to stun him for a moment (and interrupt his attack), but other than this stun effect, all the damage will come from the tubes you pull. As pulling the tubes takes a few seconds, you need to buy some time by pointing spotlights at the boss. There are four spotlights, all near the tubes you have to pull away (the spotlights are located on upper platforms which you can reach by means of some blue respirator-looking platforms which will go up and down continuously), and they will stun the boss for quite a long period. Long enough as to pull away the tube, but not much longer than that, so make sure you don't waste your time. Moreover, after being used, the spotlights will break for a few moments, and lightning will be created in the environment around you (the lightning can also hit you, so watch out).

The best thing to do, therefore, is to focus on this: reaching a spotlight, pulling a tube, and running to the next spotlight. Of course things will be a bit more complicated than that, because the third and fourth tubes are a bit far from the previous two, and to reach them you will encounter some enemies (most of which should be ignored). Moreover, especially as you run from one tube to the next, the boss will punch you repeatedly, possibly causing a game over if you don't stop his attacks with the shotgun. At the top of the platforms with the spotlights you can find more First Aid Kit/Shotgun.

Let's see the route you should take now:

- Run forward and go right to find the first blue "elevator". Reach the first spotlight, point it against the enemy to stun him, grab the First Aid Kit (optional) and Shotgun from the upper platform, and return to the lower level. Pull off the first tube.
- Run right on the walkway to reach the next "elevator". On your way, shoot the boss once to stop his punch. Then use the spotlight, grab the other Shotgun for more shells, and go back to the lower level to pull the second tube.
- Back on the walkway again, now you want to proceed to the left side (left as you go) to reach the external walkway. As you go, some lightning will be shot here and there; do what you can to avoid it.
- On the external walkway, proceed all the way left. There will be several enemies on the way, but you should ignore them all. Some special blood-throwing enemies will spawn before you, and will try to stop you: use the shotgun to shoot them when they are in your line of sight. In particular, the first two blood-throwing enemies will come from the green-lit cells on the right side. The third green-lit cell contains a First Aid Kit, but you should ignore it and run past it. The cell immediately after the one with the First Aid Kit is where the third and last blood-throwing enemy will spawn. Once again, just shotgun them as they spawn, and you'll run through safely (shooting them won't affect Good Behaviour).
- At the end of the walkway, turn left and stick to the left side of some metal platforms. A cage will fall from the ceiling, smashing the barrier on the left side. This allows you to proceed and return to the internal walkway, on the side where the last two tubes are located.
- Shoot the boss once, then proceed on the third "elevator", repeating what you already did so far. Feel free to ignore the First Aid Kit up on the third platform, reload your Shotgun manually (use the Shotgun Shells in your Inventory), use the spotlight and run to pull the third tube.
- Shoot the boss repeatedly to reach the final "elevator" safely, and then end the fight by pulling away the last tube (after using the fourth spotlight, of course).

After some more scenes, you will wear some "special" clothes. At this point (when you take control of your character again), the achievement Good Behaviour will unlock if your kill counter (check it among the "Enemies killed" Statistic) is at 0:

Good Behavior in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the game on any difficulty without killing any monsters.
  • Unlocked by 2,844 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.49) 17,764

This last portion of the game is where you can and should grind the achievement for incapacitating/killing 10+ Juggernaut Prisoners: the character you're chasing after will release many of them, and taking 10 of them out will be simple. You will unlock:

The Bigger They Are… in Silent Hill: Downpour
Kill or incapacitate 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.
  • Unlocked by 6,842 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 1.61) 17,764

You can trigger a special ending, if you let the opponents kill you (this special ending doesn't earn you any achievements though). To complete the game, you need to hit your main opponent (the best moment is when this opponent goes near a lever to release more Juggernaut Prisoners). Once you hit your opponent, a short cutscene will trigger, and a final decision will prompt.

Pressing A leads you to a different ending (A/B) than pressing B (C/D). Since you want to get them both, pick either of them at first, watch the ending, skip the credits with B if you want, and unlock the first "Ending" achievement. Then reload your last save, hit your main opponent again, and choose the other option to watch the other ending and get the other "Ending" achievement.

After the credits, you will unlock one of the five possible Ending achievements (the fifth one is available only if you completed the special Digging up the Past quest, and prevents you to getting the other ones:

Secret Achievement in Silent Hill: Downpour
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,128 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 17,764

Secret Achievement in Silent Hill: Downpour
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,863 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.14) 17,764

The two Endings above (A and C) are awarded if you made "good" choices during your playthrough. Ending A is awarded if you press A after hitting the final opponent, Ending C if you press B.

Secret Achievement in Silent Hill: Downpour
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,631 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 17,764

Secret Achievement in Silent Hill: Downpour
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,977 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.88) 17,764

The two Endings above (B and D) are awarded if you made "bad" choices during your playthrough. Ending B is awarded if you press A after hitting the final opponent, Ending D if you press B.

Secret Achievement in Silent Hill: Downpour
Continue playing to unlock this achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,776 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.52) 17,764

Ending E is earned regardless of your choices, if you completed the Digging up the Past special quest (second/third/... playthroughs only).

You can trigger a special ending, if you let the opponents kill you (this special ending doesn't earn you any achievements though). You can watch it here. I called it "Ending F", 'though it's not an official name.

And of course there are also the achievements for completing the game on Hard gameplay difficulty... :

Capital Punishment in Silent Hill: Downpour
Complete the game on the hard game difficulty setting, any ending.
  • Unlocked by 3,317 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.31) 17,764

...and Hard puzzle difficulty:

Puzzle Master in Silent Hill: Downpour
Puzzle Master207 (100)
Complete the game on the hard puzzle difficulty setting, any ending.
  • Unlocked by 4,134 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.07) 17,764

Just a few of these will come with every playthrough. Just restart the game and do the minimum necessary to speedrun to the end without too many problems. Now that you know what to do and where to go, without the sidequests to complete, it won't take that long at all (everything should be done within 3 hours per playthrough or so, including the numerous cutscenes that you can't skip).

Well done, cupcake! Congratulations on your 1,000 G, and thanks for reading!

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