Lost Odyssey Walkthrough

4. Disc 2 Walkthrough

Disc Two Walkthrough

Crimson Forest

Map of the area (lower zoom here)

Altar of the Abyss - 2.8.5

A new character will add to the party. His/her stats are an average for everything, but this isn't really a good thing because it means this character doesn't have a strong point. The game sets him/her in the front row by default, but it's not a good idea (use the Formation menu in your game options to send him/her back to the second line). The skills this character carries are quite good though, and skill-linking will be useful for Kaim and Seth.

As you can see from the map there are two ways out. Take the platform west.

Maze of Gloom - 2.8.1
A - Seed # 43/99 (stone pillar)
B - [Monster fight] (stone pillar)
C - Demon Warrior's Blade + Demon Warrior Ring (stone pillar)

As you arrive, touch the glowing "thing" nearby the platform you just used. This will turn on four other platforms (two here and two more in Near Swamp).

Use the two platforms here to reach the new stone pillars, equip the Demon Warrior's Blade on Kaim/Seth (it's better on Kaim), then exit northwest.

Near Swamp - 2.8.2
D - Refresh (stone pillar)
E - Healing Potion
F - [Monster fight] (stone pillar)

Same as before. When it's all done, go back to the Maze of Gloom.

Maze of Gloom - 2.8.1

Backtrack to the World Map. On the way a dream will unlock.

Dream # 14/31 - Elegy Island - 14th
Triggers automatically as you proceed.

World Map

Choose the City of Numara as your next destination. DO NOT APPROACH THE FOUNTAIN in the White Square though. Not yet.


White Square - 2.7.3

Again, do not approach the fountain yet. You have a couple of things to do before triggering events nearby the fountain which will lead you away from here for quite a lot of time.

The first thing to do is playing Cubic Music Score 2. This time the sequence is DAAD and the reward is Dodger.

Next, exit to the Main Street using the southern-most exit leading east (the one just east where Lato is). In the Main Street exit west to Canal Street. In Canal Street enter the first house north.

Meia Family Art Studio - 2.7.11

Lend the 19 Crystal Fragments you got in the Crimson Forest and Meia will give you the Life Brooch in return.

That's all: approach the fountain in the White Square where some scenes will anticipate an easy event fight (nothing to say about it, it's really like an easy random encounter).

Corridor Garden - 2.7.18 - 1F - A
A - 3 Junk Parts (grey pot)
B - Seed # 44/99 (grey pot)
C - Cubic Music Score 3 (chest)
D - 100 G (grey pot)

Map of the area

There are enemies in this place, and they are all seen on screen. I suggest getting away without fighting, it's not an optimal place where to grind.

This "Corridor Garden" has two floors (1F and 2F) linked with each other by means of elevators. On both the floors there are some barriers on the way, which will compel you to go up and down a couple of times to reach every chest and the exit. There are also rooms in this place, but they are "false" exits like the ones you found in a certain "Guest Area" on disc one. In short, ignore them.

On the 1F - A (where you start) get the above listed chests and take the elevator east to go up.

Corridor Garden - 2.7.18 - 2F - A
E - 100 G (grey pot)
F - 3 Mysterious Perfumes (grey pot)
G - Power Drink (chest)
H - Slot Seed # 10/48 (grey pot)
I - Mana Capsule (grey pot)
J - Seed # 45/99 (grey pot)

Get everything here and take the elevator north.

Corridor Garden - 2.7.18 - 1F - B
K - 6 Generators (grey pot)
L - Seed # 46/99 (grey pot)
M - 6 Black Pearl Powders (grey pot)
N - 100 G (grey pot)
O - 2 Whetstones (grey pot)
P - Adept Earrings (chest)

Get everything here, especially the Adept Earrings, and take the elevator west.

Corridor Garden - 2.7.18 - 2F - B
Q - Healing Potion (grey pot)
R - Seed # 47/99 (grey pot)
S - Angel’s Plume (grey pot)
T - 3 Magic-Sealing Feathers (grey pot)

Finish grabbing the goodies and make sure to pass by the healing spot near the Save Point: you want full MP on your magicians for an upcoming boss fight. I didn't tell you about this earlier because you don't need a particular preparation except the Adept Earrings (which you just got) which will be equipped by Mack and the Apprentice Earrings which will be equipped by Cooke.

Scenes will trigger when you finally exit the Corridor Garden - 2F - B south.

Facade - 2.7.2

Follow the events south to White Square and the south of it. The boss fight will trigger as you approach the fountain.

Boss Fight # 5 - Heavy Magic Tank, Cannon, Tank Unit and Cannon Unit
It's key to act quickly in this fight.
Enemy attacks: the Heavy Magic Tank and Cannon are the enemies dealing the real damage (the former has a zone attack, the latter is more specific on one character and can lower your GC easily). The Tank Unit and Cannon Unit can absorb your MP by 20-25 units (they do this on a single target) and have a gauge which can fill in the upper-left corner of the screen. The gauge can fill by several means, one of which is taking damage from your spells. If the gauges fill (either), its correspondent part (Tank or Cannon) will unleash a more powerful attack than the ordinary. We're not going to make this happen.
Strategy: Jansen and Mack will cast Force on the same Unit (Tank Unit or Cannon Unit, it doesn't matter), Cooke will cast Flare on the same Unit, Kaim and Seth will attack the same Unit. The gauges will fill as you cast your spells, but don't worry: the Heavy Magic Tank and Cannon will always attack after your turns, and before their turn you will have destroyed one Unit (they only have 740 HP each and can't resist such a charge); when this happens, the gauge simply disappears, so they won't be able to benefit from the magical damage you caused. On the second turn you'll destroy the other Unit enemy. Two down, two more to go. At this point the fight will be very easy and you can win it by yourself: heal with Cooke when you need, keep using Force with Jansen and Mack and keep attacking with Kaim and Seth. Of course you want to focus on either the Cannon or the Heavy Magic Tank first -- the Cannon has 1,490 HP which are less than the 1,580 of the Heavy Magic Tank, and is also more annoying: going for it first is a good idea.

Follow the events going south, and on the World Map choose Numara Port.
Another character will have joined your party meanwhile, and that makes 6 of them while you can only keep 5 in your party at the same time. I know you're looking forward to replacing Mack, but it's best if you let the newcomer out for now. Potentially this new character will be stronger, but right now you need someone able to learn "new" abilities (Mack) more than someone who is only able to "copy" them from others.
The Composite Magic will also be introduced to you thanks to the Magic Research Report accessory: these spells are very good, but most take a lot of time before casting. They will have a better and wider use when your casting time will be shortened by some skills. You can only learn "Lv X Composite Magic" by means of accessories, and your spell set depends on which spells you already have to combine them into a new composite spell.

Port of Numara - 2.7.14
Head north through the now-open gate and proceed northeast. It's impossible to get lost, so keep following the events until you eventually end on the World Map again.

World Map

You can have a big overview of the map using the " Back " button. You have two possible destinations which are white-glowing spots in-game and red here. Since your story destination is Tosca Village, let's make a quick stop at Numara Atoll.

Numara Atoll

Numara Atoll - 2.9.1
- Bronze Spirit Band (chest)
- Regenerate (chest)


The enemies here are very powerful. The Hell-Shaker is out of question, and the Silver Kelolon is a quick enemy who will flee almost all the times. You can't defeat it right now anyway, he has a too high defense. When you trigger either the fights, run away with Turn-Tail.

Your goal here is to get the two chests and leave (one is east, the other northwest). This will also "save" this location in your World Map's list of locations, so you'll be able to warp back here quickly another time. This place will be a good spot where to grind, but you need the Gamble spell (Spirit Magic Lv2) which will be found very soon.

World Map

Now head to Tosca Village. As you land a dream will trigger.

Dream # 15/31 - Seth's Dream Part 1 - 15th
Triggers automatically as you land.

Tosca Village

Map of the area

Mountain Village Tosca - 2.10.1
A - Seed # 48/99 (pot)
B - 500 G (pot)
C - Healing Tank (pot)
D - 500 G (chest)

In this game there are some special "treasures" which will be introduced here. These treasure have a "hint" which is given by some characters (or is obtained after an event, such as a dream), and a place where you have to look to find the treasure itself decoding the hint (nothing very hard actually). When you approach the right place there'll be a flashing orange icon on your in-game map marking the position of the treasure, and your controller will vibrate when you're in the right place. It's a quite simple system and will often be a rewarding hunt. As with the dreams, there's a list of them in-game and sometimes you will not get them in the right order. Here you start with the first one and then your second hint is the 21st of the list, just to say one. Treasures don't have a name (they actually do, but it's not important), so I'll write if it's only a hint, only the treasure, or both (you won't always find the hint and the treasures nearby like these "tutorial" treasures). These treasures count for the Treasure Trove achievement.

Treasure Hint # 01/24 - 1st - Hint and Treasure
The hint is given automatically as you try to go past the small bridge. The treasure is located up a ladder (check the map) and will net you Dark Crystal Staff + Dark Crystal Ring.

Treasure Hint # 02/24 - 21st - Hint and Treasure
The hint is given after triggering an optional dream (below here) just past the bridge, on the right. The treasure is behind the small waterfall and will net you the precious Medusa's Head. This item takes priority in your skills-to-learn queue for Kaim and Seth because not the next, but the boss after the next, will add Petrify which is very dangerous. Some random enemies in the next dungeon are also able to petrify, just for a little anticipation.

Dream # 16/31 - The Hero - 16th
Speak with the man on the right just past the little bridge.

Before entering the inn/shop (the shop will be available after some other events here), clear the other two houses of the place.

Old Man Bosso's House - 2.10.2
a - 4 Seed of Terrors (pot)

There's also a Pipot here but you need too many seeds before the next reward (60 total is his request). He'll exchange the usual items if you want to trade them.

Deeno Family House - 2.10.3
b - Seed # 49/99 (pot)
c - Flara Bomb (closet)

Nothing interesting here either. Exit and decide to enter Tolty's Inn to continue with the story.

Tolty's Inn - 2.10.4
d - Aquara Bomb (closet in east room)
e - Seed # 50/99 (closet in east room)
f - 2 Magic-Sealing Feathers (picture in east room)
g - Slot Seed # 11/48 (chest in west room)
h - Cure-All (closet in west room)
i - Seed # 51/99 (closet in west room)
j - 2 Mysterious Perfumes (picture upstairs)

After some scenes you'll take control of Kaim starting upstairs. Get all the possible items in the inn, then go downstairs and speak with Tolty to trigger more scenes.

You'll be in the previous room again, and now the shop will be available in the room opposite yours. Between the rooms there's also Trace, and nearby (on the right of the giant Kelolon statue) there's a kid, Tenka. We'll deal with her soon after the shopping list.


Mana Capsule - 180 G
Brave Fruit - 40 G
Seal Clear - 40 G
Stone Beast's Thorn - 50 G
Healing Medicine, Healing Herb, Mana Herb, Eye Drops, Smelling Salts, Angel's Plume, Flare Bomb, Aqua Bomb, Wind Bomb, Ground Bomb

Beast's Horn - 35 G
Junk Parts - 50 G
Sharp Beak - 40 G
Hard Skin - 20 G
Easter Red Ore - 50 G
Poison Oil - 80 G
Paraweed Thorn - 75 G
Blood Sucking Needle - 50 G
Magma Fragment, Cold Water Stone, Wind Seal Leaf, Quality Iron Sand, Insect Innards, Magic-Luring Stone, Sticky Tape, Whestone

Combat Teachings (Counter) - 700 G
Adept Earrings (Lv 3 Black-White Magic) - 750 G
Kelolon Earrings (Anti-Kelolon) - 550 G
Stabilizer (Anti-Dizzy) - 520 G
Eastern Spirit Band (Lv 1 Spirit Magic) - 300 G
Light Lens

Killing Cutlass (ATK + 44; Kaim and Seth) - 1,200 G
Black Pole (ATK + 17; Jansen) - 1,400 G
Quarter Staff (ATK + 17; Ming, Jansen, Cooke) - 1,270 G
Battle Discus (ATK + 26; Mack) - 1,380 G

Purchase the new accessories as usual (Stabilizer is the most important; Combat Teachings and Eastern Spirit Band have abilities you can learn via skill-linking too) and the Killing Cutlass for Seth (the Demon Warrior's Blade you got in the Crimson Forest for Kaim is better).

Now speak with Tenka. The mini-game of the 16 kelolon statues will begin. You have 5 minutes to "touch" them all, but besides remembering them you'll also have to take into account that some people will stay in your way according to how much time has passed. Follow this and you'll find nobody on your way (you should finish with 2 minutes left, it's not hard). Your rich reward will be 3 Kelolon Hearts, Slot Seed # 12/48, Seal Blocker and Gamble.

At this point you can either proceed with the story or go to Numara Atoll and grind SP and levels. Honestly, there's no reason to overgrind levels now, so I will assume you're at the typical "normal" level one has at this point of the game (somewhere around 23-25). Later in the game there will be more reasons to do so. Anyway, that's your choice.

If you decide to grind in Numara Atoll, you want to have Kaim and Seth with the ability Casting Support, Mack in your team and Jansen/Cooke wearing the Bronze Spirit Band to access Spirit Magic Lv 2. Cooke is the one who can learn some cast-quickening skills, so you probably want to keep her in the party and use her instead of Jansen. The Gamble spell is also required.
Your enemy in Numara Atoll will be the Silver Kelolons and NOT the Hell-Shakers. The latter are just out of question again. The Silver Kelolons still have high defense and a strong tendency to flee, but if you use Casting Support on your Gamble-casting characters they should manage to cast before the Kelolon's turn. Gamble deals random damage and is a spell ignoring GC (just for your information, not like the GC has anything to do with this grinding) and defense. It can therefore instant-kill a Kelolon if you're lucky enough. Trying this with both Mack and Jansen/Cooke will allow you to have more chances to kill them before they can flee.
Every Silver Kelolon will level you up until the early 40s, and each of them will net you the huge amount of 8 SP. You can even find two of them in the same fight (it's not much common though) and if you're lucky enough this means 16 SP and level up limit increased past the 40s.
That's how it works: I'll just tell you that it's possible to finish this second disc without fighting a single not-necessary monster from now onwards, so it's really not necessary to spend time grinding now. Later in the game you'll also have a skill which will double the Exp and SP you earn in every battle, and at that point of the game it will be time to grind. That's your choice, again.

Mountain Village Tosca - 2.10.1

Dream # 17/31 - The Bread of Grandma Coto - 17th
Speak with some characters on the right side of the village, a bit north of the save point, before crossing the bridge heading north.

When you're ready, exit Tosca Village north.


- Enter the inn and speak with Tolty when you take control of Kaim again
- Exit the inn and exit the village north

World Map

You have three possible destinations here. The Black Cave is blocked at the moment, the Old Sorceress' Mansion is your next destination for the story, and Northern Cape is an optional area. Head here first.

Northern Cape

Northern Cape - 2.11.5
- Cubic Music Score 4 (pick from the ground)
- Lion Heart (chest)

Go forward and at the fork go right. Not far from the fork you'll find a sparkling object on the ground, and that's the Cubic Music Score 4. If you head all the way to this path a couple of lines by Kaim will trigger. Back at the fork, take the left path and stick on the left side: before the wider area which ends this path (some more scenes trigger here) you'll find a chest behind some bushes: it contains the Lion Heart. That's all for now.

World Map

Choose the Old Sorceress' Mansion next.

Old Sorceress' Mansion

Map of the area (lower zoom here)
Note: I know it looks messy at first, but it's really simple if you check the side notes. I'll guide you more closely with the text. I've omitted the name of the sub-areas because they're (very far) related to the plot. I will use the names of the sub-areas in the text description though, but don't worry about real spoilers.

Introduction note: the boss at the end of this dungeon isn't troublesome and you won't need anything special. You can start preparing your skills for the boss after this one though: Anti-Petrify (Medusa's Head accessory) and Anti-Terror (Lion Heart accessory) are good skills to have for later.
An even better idea is probably to skip most/all the fights of this place. The encounter ratio is high, and it will frustrate you to fight and spend time for medium-hard fights which will soon become useless for level up purposes. If you want to fight, watch out for negative statuses (Petrify, Terror and Blind most of all) by the Unidentified Life Form enemies (they are also immune to elemental attacks) and keep in mind that the Soul Armor enemies are immune to physical attacks.

Exterior - 2.12.1
A - Soul Medicine (chest)

Easy start: get the chest and proceed.

Entrance Hall - 2.12.2
B - Poem Fragment A (pick from the ground)
C - Cure-All (chest)

Pick the two items here. Ignore the door leading north for now. The door east is locked from the inside and we'll have to make quite a way to get there. Exit west.

Hallway - 2.12.3 - West
D - Poem Fragment B (pick from the desk)
E - Large Mirror Jewel (middle door; after a monster fight)

You can't pick the H treasure yet. Open the doors for a couple of forced monster fights and the Large Mirror Jewel. When you have this item exit this place straight west from where you entered it by putting the jewel above the large mirror (which becomes a passage as you do so).

The Past Within the Mirror - Hallway - 2.12.4 - West

Here you have to pull the statue towards east. Pull it all the way east. When it's done, exit north through the mirror.

The Past Within the Mirror - Hallway - 2.12.4 - East
a - Mana Capsule (pot)
b - Winda Bomb (pot)

Get the two items and ignore the mirror-passage southeast (it leads east), which is the way back to the "present" -- you need to collect more key items to proceed (and also to work on Treasure Trove of course). Therefore, exit this room west (unlocking the door marked in blue in the map in the process).

The Past Within the Mirror - Entrance - 2.12.5
c - Grounda Bomb (chest)
d - Red-Copper Band (point the clock on "Pot"; this unlocks the doors too)

You can't access the "Courtyard" and the "Exterior" areas of the "past version" of this place. You can use the stairs though: head up them and get the Grounda Bomb, then examine the clock in front of this chest and point the hand on "Pot". When it's done, you'll get the Red-Copper Band and you'll also unlock the two light-blue-marked doors nearby. Enter the one on the left.

The Past Within the Mirror - Upstairs - 2.12.6 - West
e - Wheat Plate (chest)

Get the item, triggering some scenes, then exit and enter the other room.

The Past Within the Mirror - Upstairs - 2.12.6 - East
f - Soul Medicine (chest)

Get the item and exit.

The Past Within the Mirror - Entrance - 2.12.5

Time to go back: exit east from here to reach the Hallway - East (in the past of course), then exit the Hallway - East east (sorry about the pun).

Hallway - 2.12.3 - East
F - 4 Black Pearl Powders (chest)
G - Poem Fragment C (pick from the ground)

Get these two items and exit west to return to the Entrance Hall. From the Entrance Hall go west.

Hallway - 2.12.3 - West
H - Celestial Plate (chest)

If you pulled the statue in The Past Within the Mirror - Hallway - West the chest will now be available. Open it, then exit to the Entrance Hall again and this time head to the Courtyard.

Courtyard - 2.12.7
I - Cure-All (chest)
J - Bow Plate (chest)
K - Poem Fragmend D (pick from the ground)

Items here are easy, so I'll let you go with the map (two of them are available right as you enter). To remove the purple-line-marked "gate" and proceed you will need to place the plates on the ground before it in the correct order: the Bow Plate must be put west, the Celestial Plate south, the Wheat Plate east. When it's done, the last item of this area will be available too and you'll also be able to proceed.

Old Sorceress' Hermitage - 2.12.8
L - Goddess Medicine (chest)
M - Lost (chest)

This area is monster-free and is less a mess than it seems at first. With the map it shouldn't take you much to realize what to do -- make sure to pull a lever after going through the first mirror on the right (in the same room where the third platform is), so you can raise up an optional platform that will allow you to reach the two chests.

When you've done everything, you may want to head back and save at the Entrance Hall before facing the next boss. It's not hard at all, but you never know.

Boss Fight # 6 - Body of Thoughts x 4 and Old Sorceress
You know what the HP gauge on the upper-left corner means, so you know what to do.
Strategy: just attack, there's no reason why you should defend. There's only one thing to say other than that: the Old Sorceress will change the elements of the Body of Thoughts, so pay attention to it.

Scenes will follow (side note: "Kaette, Kuru, Kitto" is the original version of the theme you'll hear). Exit this place afterwards.


- Collect the key items E, e, H, J and make your way to the Courtyard
- Go on the platforms in the right order in the Old Sorceress' Hermitage, then fight the boss and exit when it's all over

World Map

You can now proceed to the Black Cave, but head back to Tosca Village first.

Tosca Village

Enter Deeno Family House.

Deeno Family House - 2.10.3

Treasure Hint # 03/24 - 3rd - Hint
Speak with Deeno. Treasure located in the Black Cave.

Tolty's Inn - 2.10.4

Dream # 18/31 - So Long, Friend - 18th
Approach some people sitting at a table upstairs.

Treasure Hint # 04/24 - 22nd - Hint
Obtained as you get the dream above. Treasure located in Northern Cape.

Treasure Hint # 05/24 - 2nd - Hint
Speak with Tolty downstairs afterward. Treasure located in the Old Sorceress' Mansion.

When it's all done exit and from the world map go to the Northern Cape.

Northern Cape

Treasure Hint # 04/24 - 22nd - Treasure
You'll find it at the end of the left path. The treasure is Ailment Void.

Then go to the Old Sorceress' Mansion.

Old Sorceress' Mansion

Treasure Hint # 05/24 - 2nd - Treasure
It's located in the first area (Exterior), on the left, behind the chest you opened your first time here. The treasure is Virus.

Now you can head to the Black Cave.

Black Cave

Map of the area (lower zoom here)

Introduction note: as largely anticipated, Anti-Terror and Anti-Petrify are your goal. To be honest you actually need Anti-Curse, but since the accessory giving this status will be found only when it's time for the main fight you'd better be protected against the most dangerous possible effect of Curse (Petrify). Being protected isn't fundamental, but it will definitely help.

Sealed Gate - 2.13.0

You can now proceed north thanks to the new member of the group. By the way, the same thing I mentioned for the character that joined you in your escape from Numara is true here too: if you can, please don't remove Mack and Cooke from the party. This last character is really a good magician, but if you can hold on another bit without deploying him/her, it'll pay off with more skills later.

Maze of Darkness - 2.13.1
A - Goddess Medicine (pick from the ground)
B - Stone Beast's Thorn (chest)
C - 3 Giant Feelers (chest)
D - Seed # 52/99 (chest)

After few steps an event fight will trigger: it's a random encounter, therefore it will result easy. The Dark Sorcerer will counter-magic your spells, but if you cast Prism and he gets hit, his counter-magic will only hit the spellcaster (although Prism should hit everyone). I wouldn't recommend spending too much time fighting in this place: speed things up and feel free to turn-tail.

Dream # 19/31 - The Tragedy of the Butcher General - 19th
Check where the pink "D" is on the map to find a skeleton: go nearby and the dream will trigger.

Get the items and proceed to the next area.

Foul Swamp - 2.13.2
E - 500 G (pick from the ground)
F - Power Drink (chest)

A short scene will trigger as you go, introducing the fireflies. You can ignore this thing, it's not much important. You'll also spot a chest you can't reach right now (it's K). Proceed avoiding the poison swamp when possible.

The Great Hall of Foul Creatures - 2.13.3 A
G - Scroll of Dissection (chest)

Proceed east after getting the item.

Helltrap - 2.13.4
H - Refresha (chest)
I - Blinding Powder (pick from the ground)
J - Seed # 53/99 (chest)

This place has holes on the ground, and the fireflies will allow you to see them not from a great distance. Proceed carefully, and don't rely "too much" on the map rather than what you see in the game. After getting H your priority is to exit south-west to break down the rock wall in the Foul Swamp. All the holes lead you back in the swamp, so it's wise to create this shortcut.

Now you have the shortcut you want to fall in this hole.

Foul Swamp - 2.13.2
K - Soul Medicine (chest)

You'll end just where the chest is. After opening it, return to the Helltrap.

Helltrap - 2.13.4

Collect all the remaining chests, save and go on.

The Great Hall of Foul Creatures - 2.13.3 B
L - Cure-All (pick from the ground)

Treasure Hint # 03/24 - 3rd - Treasure
As you enter you should easily spot the treasure (as long as you got the hint first of course): Curse Blocker.

Ahead there will be some enemies. You have to fight three groups of these "green" enemies, then you'll be able to reach the "red" enemy.

You can go back and save-quit-reload if you need a backup or a boost to your MP. It's a good idea to do so after fighting the three green enemies, since you will probably spam Winda with Jansen during the fights and you'll run out of your MP by the end of them.


You can get one extra Slot Seed here. The main enemy here (the "red" enemy) will flee from the fight if you damage it much enough (it can only have a few more HP than his critical value; bring it down to critical and you'll be fine). If you steal a Slot Seed during one fight against it, then you let it flee, then you engage it again, in the next fight the Slot Seed will be steal-able again. If you don't steal it in this second fight it will be automatically dropped, so you can just steal it in the first fight, let the red enemy flee bringing its HP to critical levels, and then kill the red enemy in the second fight without bothering with a second theft since you'll receive the second Slot Seed as drop by default.

The red enemy fleeing will not recover its health (but the second fight will start over with recovered GC because of more minions spawning). You can end the fight quickly the second time, regardless of the GC, using the spell Gamble. You need to kill all the enemies of the fight anyway, the red one isn't enough.
These fights aren't troublesome, except for the continuous status ailments that Curse will cause on you. The "red" enemy can use the skill "Pheromone" on the "blue" enemies, making one of them more powerful (the chosen one will use Rush, a very powerful hit) but also causing the other ones not to bother you until the enhanced one is still alive. Take out first the one which gets turned on, since it's the most dangerous. The "red" enemy can also call more "blue" ones in the fight: if that happens, kill the original enemies first to lower the GC (the ones summoned in the fight won't count for the GC).

When it's over you'll receive Slot Seed # 13/48 (14 if you got the extra one) and you can finally exit north to the World Map again.


- Proceed through the several areas, being careful not to fall down in the Helltrap (sticking to the walls will avoid you falling into traps), then exit the Helltrap nearby the savepoint to reach the area where many fights will take place
- Dispatch of three "green" enemies, then go find the "red" enemy and beat it too

World Map

Ignore the Ice Canyon for now and head to the City of Saman. You will go through the Canyon for story related reasons early in disc three anyway.

City of Saman

Map of the area

Main Street - 2.14.1
A - Pixie Flower (pot)
B - Seed # 54/99 (pot)
C - Seed # 55/99 (pot)

The pots are quite hidden in this place, so look carefully for them. A is located on the right of the stand where a Crow is (marked with the dark-red " C ") which will give you random items for 50G. He can give you: Healing Medicine, Mana Herb, Soul Medicine, Cure-All and most important the Awakening Bracelet. This item is the first of the three items giving you the skills "Slot + n". This is also the less powerful of them, and will give you "Slot + 3": since you need to equip this skill to actually make it work (unless you're wearing the accessory) it actually gives you +3-1 = +2 skill slots. That's more than enough to improve the strategies. It goes without saying that you should equip it right on Kaim and Seth.

Go towards the Port of Saman: you'll be told not to proceed. There isn't anything special to do in this town now other than raiding them.

Erlio Family House - 2.14.2
a - Seed # 56/99 (pot)
b - Antidote (pot)
c - 500 G (closet)

You'll have the 60 Seeds for the Pipot very soon. He doesn't trade new items. Get the items and exit.

Kersen's Inn - 2.14.3
d - Seed # 57/99 (pot)
e - 6 Generators (closet upstairs)
f - 5 Sticky Tapes (pot in west room upstairs)
g - Seed # 58/99 (pot in east room upstairs)

Speak with the man before the door leading to the bathroom to trigger some dialogues (available after trying to reach Port of Saman). This will make it possible for you to reach the Port of Saman itself. Get the items and exit.

Emelo's Tavern - 2.14.4
h - Seed # 59/99 (pot)

Get the item and exit.

House of Riordan the Merchant - 2.14.5
i - Slot Seed # 14/48 (pot)
j - 1,000 G (closet)
k - 3 Whetstones (pot)
l - Secret Ledger (safe)

After a quick scene, plunder the house and exit (another short scene will trigger as you open the safe, but nevermind).

Audun's Item Shop - 2.14.6
m - Seed # 60/99 (pot)

Dream # 20/31 - The Story of Old Man Greo - 20th
Approach the man on the left here.

There are two shops, and these are their goodies:


Healing Tank - 360 G
Anti-Paralysis Herb - 20 G
Blazing Ruby - 45 G
Bind Healer - 45 G
Flara Bomb - 500 G
Aquara Bomb - 500 G
Winda Bomb - 500 G
Grounda Bomb - 500 G
Healing Medicine, Healing Herb, Mana Herb, Mana Capsule, Antidote, Angel's Plume, Flare Bomb, Aqua Bomb, Wind Bomb, Ground Bomb

Mysterious Perfume - 125 G
Blinding Powder - 150 G
Sandman's Seal - 25 G
Black Pearl Powder - 25 G
Magma Fragment, Cold Water Stone, Wind Seal Leaf, Quality Iron Sand, Beast's Horn, Junk Parts, Insect Innards, Sharp Beak, Hard Skin, Eastern Red Ore, Poison Oil, Paraweed Thorn, Magic-Luring Stone, Sticky Tape, Blood Sucking Needle, Whestone

Sword Teachings (Weapon Guard) - 1,100 G
Sorcerer Earrings (Lv 4 Black-White Magic) - 1,200 G
Magic Trial Record (Lv 2 Composite Magic) - 2,500 G
Lion Heart (Anti-Terror) - 1,000 G
Seal Blocker (Anti-Seal) - 1,000 G
Gold Spirit Band (Lv 4 Spirit Magic) - 1,200 G
Antidote Brooch, Yellow Band

Hard Spatha (ATK + 60; Kaim and Seth) - 2,000 G
Elder Baton (ATK + 20; Jansen) - 2,200 G
Bright Ankh (ATK + 20; Ming, Sarah, Jansen and Cooke) - 2,080 G
Power Shell (ATK + 40; Mack) - 2,190 G

A couple of Hard Spathas for Kaim and Seth are a relevant upgrade, and you also want the new accessories: Sword Teachings, Sorcerer Earrings, Gold Spirit Band. It might be worth buying a couple of Sorcerer Earrings, especially if you're keeping Jansen, Cooke and Mack still in the party (which is good).

When you're ready, go back to the Pipot.

Erlio Family House - 2.14.2

Give the Pipot a total of 60 Seeds to get the Power Bangle, a good accessory which carries an ATK boost: both Kaim and Seth want it, so give it to the one who isn't learning Slot + 3.

Exit to the Main Street and reach the Port of Saman.

Port of Saman - 2.14.7
D - 3 Beast Hide Rasps (pot)
E - 4 Pendulums (pot)
F - 500 G (pot)

The black " A " marks a locked door: it will be the Auction House, but only after completing this disc.

Approach the ship to trigger some scenes. You'll be asked if you want to leave: if you accept, some events will force you in the last dungeon of disc two. Moreover, a boss fight will trigger on the way. It doesn't require any particular preparation, but Anti-Paralysis is welcome.

Boss Fight # 7 - Mantalas
The main enemy Mantalas is accompanied by 3 (respawning) Manta. All the enemies are weak against Earth attacks and they can occasionally inflict Paralysis with their regular attacks.
Strategy: the goal of the fight is killing Mantalas, but you can also win if Mantalas flees.
On the first turn Kaim and Seth will Defend, Jansen and Cooke will cast Grounda on two different Mantas and Mack will cast Minda. It's not really important that Mack casts Minda on Jansen and Cooke, but it is important that he doesn't attack (like for Kaim and Seth).
On the second turn Kaim and Seth will attack the last Manta, Jansen and Cooke cast Grounda on Manta and Mack casts another Minda: Kaim and Seth will kill Manta, then one Grounda will land on Mantalas (who will now flee and summon three more Mantas) and another Grounda will kill one of the newly-respawned Mantas.
On the third turn you will do the same: Kaim and Seth will attack the same of the two Mantas still alive, killing it, Jansen and Cooke will land one Grounda on the other Mantas and then the other Grounda will land on Mantalas who will come back as soon as the Mantas are all defeated again. Mack can cast Powera on Kaim if he wants, or just whatever.
On the fourth turn you will now face three Mantas: attack with Kaim and Seth one of them, cast Grounda with Jansen and Cooke on the other two and don't attack with Mack: they'll all be dead and Mantalas will be there for the fifth and last turn.
On the fifth turn Defend with everyone except Jansen and Cooke who will cast Grounda: Mantalas will attack someone but at least one of the two Groundas will land, ending the fight.

Dream # 21/31 - Seth's Dream Part 2 - 21st
Triggers after the fight.


- Head towards the Port of Saman
- Enter the inn and speak with the man before two doors on the basement floor, on the right
- Head to the Port and be ready for a boss fight if you decide to leave

Experimental Staff

Map of the area (lower zoom here)
Note: this is a one-time-only area

Introduction note: Anti-Poison and Anti-Petrify are good support skills for the regular fights of this area, and you should also equip Steal on Seth and Kaim. You don't need a particular preparation for the boss at the end.

Marine Division - 2.15.2

Before doing anything, head back into the ship.

Samanese Merchant Ship - 2.15.1
A - Seed # 61/99 (closet)

This is the first (out of two) chance you have to purchase the spells Shieldus and Barricadus. Buy them now to take care of missables once and for all in this game.

Inside the ship there's an inn function which I advise you to use, as well as a shop. The shop sells about the same things as the shop in Saman, and most important it also sells those two new MISSABLE spells. There's also Trace if you want.


Healing Medicine, Healing Herb, Healing Tank, Mana Herb, Mana Capsule, Antidote, Anti-Paralysis Herb, Angel's Plume, Flare Bomb, Flara Bomb, Aqua Bomb, Aquara Bomb, Wind Bomb, Winda Bomb, Ground Bomb, Grounda Bomb

Magma Fragment, Cold Water Stone, Wind Seal Leaf, Quality Iron Sand, Beast's Horn, Junk Parts, Insect Innards, Sharp Beak, Hard Skin, Eastern Red Ore, Poison Oil, Paraweed Thorn, Blinding Powder, Sandman's Seal, Magic-Luring Stone, Sticky Tape, Blood Sucking Needle, Whestone, Black Pearl Powder

White Magic Lv 5 - Shieldus - 1,500 G
White Magic Lv 5 - Barricadus - 1,500 G

Sorcerer Earring, Antidote Brooch, Seal Blocker, Yellow Band, Gold Spirit Band

Hard Spatha, Elder Baton, Bright Ankh, Power Shell

Purchase the two spells!

When it's done, exit.

Marine Division - 2.15.2 A
B - Slot Seed # 15/48 (chest)
C - 6 Generators (chest)

Get the items and proceed north.

Power Division - 2.15.3
D - Cure-All (chest)

The black " E " is a ladder which doesn't interest you much right now. You may spot a chest on the right if you place yourself about where that ladder is: we'll get it later. Get D instead and proceed.

In this area you'll start fighting enemies. You can steal Gate Passes from the humanoid enemies which will populate this area. You will need five Gate Passes in total to get all the items, and this first sub-area is the best where to get them all. Engage fights, attempt to steal with Kaim and Seth (attempt on two different humanoids) while casting Flara (or any other black magic spell like that) with Jansen and Cooke on two different humanoids, and if you get the pass finish the robbed-humanoid with Seth/Kaim. Since you'll use your MPs a lot to attempt getting the passes, it's best done here since you can backtrack quickly to the Samanese Merchant Ship to rest at the inn again if you need.

Operation Division - 2.15.4
E - 4 Pendulums (chest)
F - Knight Earrings (chest)
G - 3 Bug's Stomachs (chest)
H - Aqua Mine (chest)

In this area there will be some switches: some are marked with a green " S " and will move useless platforms, while others are numbered and will raise/lower useful boxes. There will also be some control panels, marked with orange numbers, which you can activate using a Gate Pass to turn off the lasers nearby. At last there are some moving platforms which can go up and down on their path when you ride them (they're the light-blue rectangles).
Feel free to decide to Turn-Tail all the encounters from here to the end of this dungeon which will drain your MP very quickly.

Climb down a ladder to reach E. To get G you have to raise its platform using a switch which is hidden from the camera (yet it's there). One control panel (# 5) is out of reach right now.

Get all the goodies and ride the western elevator.

Upper Division - 2.15.5 A
I - White Lotus + Lotus Ring (chest)
J - 5 Gutsy Cloths (chest)
K - 4 Beast Hide Rasps (chest)

This area is a bit more complicated, but nothing hard. Take the ladder down to reach J, operate switch # 4 and panel control # 3 to get I and proceed. Switch # 5 raises a box standing on the way of the moving platform: if the box is raised the platform will go from the one side to the opposite, as far as it can; if the box is not raised and you ride the platform on the left then you'll access the left path (which eventually gets you to switch # 6); if the box is not raised and you ride the platform on the right then you'll access the right path (leading to K). The same thing will happen with switch # 6 and the moving platform there.

If it sounds confusing, here's what you want to do. First operate switch # 5 to raise the box, then ride the platform on the left to go all the way right; then operate switch # 5 again to lower the box and then ride the platform on the right. At this point, proceed, ride another platform and reach K; then come back, riding the platform nearby switch # 5 and landing on the right. Now operate switch # 5 again to raise the box, ride the platform on the right to land it on the left; operate switch # 5 once more to lower it, then ride the platform on the left to access the left path.
When it's done follow the path and operate switch # 6 to lower the box (I've marked this box with a green 6 inside the square).
Then come back all the way to switch # 5 (landing the nearby moving platform on the left): operate the switch to raise the box, ride the platform landing it on the right, operate the switch again to lower the box and ride the platform to access the right path again.
Proceed to reach switch # 7 (activate it to quickly link the two sides) and turn off the laser of control panel # 4 too.

Ignore Outer Division C and chest L for now.

Ride the eastern elevator.

Operation Division - 2.15.4

You can now turn off the laser of control panel # 5. Do so, then exit to Outer Division A.

Outer Division - 2.15.6 A

I've omitted the map for this part of the area since it'll easier to just read what to do. In the outer division areas you won't encounter enemies.

There's only one way to go, so keep descending ladders until you find a character: speak with him (his name is "Yarlon") and he'll tell you to pull down stuff on your way to deliver a message.

Now proceed down the ladders until you find a switch to raise/lower a bridge and a box before the bridge itself. Operate the switch to raise the bridge, then push the box to make it fall down. Operate the switch to lower the bridge, cross it to find another box. Pull this box all the way back (back being "right" of course). Then raise the bridge again so you can push this box down too and finally operate the switch again to lower the bridge once and for all. Speak with "Morenis" past the bridge -- he'll tell you to deliver the message to somebody else.

Exit the Outer Division A climbing back up to the Operation Division.

Operation Division - 2.15.4

Ride the eastern elevator again to go back to the Upper Division.

Upper Division - 2.15.5 A

Exit south-east (past where the control panel # 4 was) to the Outer Division B.

Outer Division - 2.15.6 B

Before proceeding upstairs go left to reach the optional side of Upper Division.

Upper Division - 2.15.5 B
L - Fire Charm (chest)

Get the chest and exit.

Outer Division - 2.15.6 B
M - 4 Paraweed Needles (chest)

Go all the way up several staircases to reach a savepoint with the chest nearby. Proceed up again but before going north-west to meet the boss take the ladder in the south-east corner to eventually reach the last operator who will give you 11 Beat Stones.

Climb up, save, and then go after the boss. You don't need a particular preparation, but Stand Ready and Guard Heal on Kaim and Seth are welcome.

Glass Chamber - 2.15.7

Boss Fight # 8 - ???
Defend with Kaim and Seth while healing with the other characters (Mack can use the skill Wall or just defend). The boss will alternate Forceus and Prisma a couple of times, and on the fifth turn something will happen netting you an easy victory (kinda). The strategy in short is: defend, heal and don't attack until the sixth turn.

After the fight you'll have to backtrack. Since if all those numbers in the upper left corner become 0 it will be game over, it's advisable to equip Turn-Tail on somebody and use it to flee from the fights on your way back.

Exit the Glass Chamber.

Outer Division - 2.15.6 B

Go all the way down and exit to Upper Division A.

Upper Division - 2.15.5 A

Exit to the Outer Division C.

Outer Division - 2.15.6 C

Proceed to exit, reaching the Operation Division.

Operation Division - 2.15.4

Exit north-east to the Power Division.

Power Division - 2.15.3
- Power Drink (chest)
- Red Snake + Snake Ring (chest)

Time to take the ladder marked with the black " E ". Use it to reach the chest with Power Drink inside, climb down the ladder on the right and open the other chest with Red Snake and Snake Ring inside before taking another long ladder down. At the bottom of it, exit east.

Marine Division - 2.15.2 B

Go north to end disc two.


- Go back from where you start to enter the Samanese Merchant Ship and buy Shieldus and Barricadus, the only two missable items of the game
- Proceed to the Power Division and steal some (1 to proceed, 5 to get everything) Gate Passes from the humanoid enemies
- Use one Gate Pass to ride the elevator of the Power Division, then make your way through the Operation Division and Upper Division
- Reach the Outer Division B and head all the way to the top, then enter the Glass Chamber and fight the boss
- Backtrack to the Power Division and take the ladder (east) going down, then follow the only way out

After more scenes you'll get the achievement for completing disc two:

Out to Sea in Lost Odyssey
Out to Sea171 (125)
Complete Disc 2.
  • Unlocked by 33,354 tracked gamers (53% - TA Ratio = 1.37) 62,801

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