Alpha Protocol Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

  • Five ranks in stealth gets you Master Awareness, which lets you see an enemy's relative location, which direction he's facing, and his alertness level. If you're a stealth character, you'll naturally get this through skill progression, but you may want to look into it for a combat or tech character as well.
  • Two ranks in sabotage makes the hacking, lockpicking, and circuit breaking minigames easier to pass. I consider this a must.
  • Pistols are overpowered due to two things - a critical headshot does enough damage to be an instant kill on virtually everything, and their combat ability Chain Shot allows for more headshots at once, be it clearing a room with critical headshots or focusing several on a boss at once. Get a critical headshot on your opponent to drop his Endurance, then immediately activate Chain Shot to pump every available shot into his head. Naturally, the further you develop the pistol tree, the more devastating this becomes.
  • Search around! Keep an eye out for extra intel, ammo, money, items, safes, computers... even if a locked door leads to an area you already cleared out, pick it anyway for the experience. Every little bit counts.

As for some more specific tips on how to get the weapons achievements and stealth tips...

SMG Havoc

You'll want at least one point in SMGs to extend the time between shots. Don't shut off alarms, as they brings more enemies in. Aim for the torso, you're looking to string together hits, not kills. Don't empty the clip, squeeze the trigger and spread out your shots. The best weapon mods expand the magazine at the expense of anything else. If you have it, use Bullet Storm before you have to reload to give yourself a few more seconds. Finally, when you hit your 1.7x multiplier, immediately reload and try to do it again. You'll get the perk SMG Fury after you've done it four times.

Shotgun Crowd Control

Aim until the internal red circle is completely filled to get a critical hit. If the enemy is knocked down but not killed, ready another critical and wait for him to start getting back up - shooting him on the ground is useless. Using the ability Room Sweep turns every shot into a critical hit. You'll get the perk Shotgun Rampage after 50 criticals.

Assault Rifle Marksmanship

Aim until the crosshairs zoom in and stop moving. Adjusting your aim will cause them to zoom out. This guarantees a straight shot. Aim in the general direction of an enemy, wait for the crosshairs to stop moving, then adjust your aim. While you don't need a critical hit to score a headshot, it's much easier to do. You'll get the perk Assault Rifle Precision after 50 headshots.

Pistol Mastery

Keep your aim on an enemy within range and the crosshair will turn from orange to red while crosshairs zoom in on the target. A headshot from here is an instant kill. After five ranks in Pistols, you can line up a critical hit and fire from cover, making this much easier. Automatic turrets are a good way to rack up the criticals if you can critical from cover. You'll get the perk Pistol Proficiency after 50 criticals.

Black Belt / Lurker

Awareness or Master Awareness is a huge bonus here. If you don't have very quiet armor, use casual attire. Always try to approach from behind instead of from the sides and use B to do a takedown instead of a kill. To avoid alerting other enemies, takedown one enemy, then turn around and backtrack if possible, keeping the camera looking away from the body. When you return, the body should disappear. Black Belt will unlock after 50 takedowns, and Lurker will unlock after a total combination of 75 takedowns and evasions (leaving an enemy while proceeding to the next area.)

One With The Shadows

  • You are always crouching. If you are not crouching, you are using Silent Running. No exceptions. Always wear casual attire, with the exception being if you have Advanced Stealth Armor with higher noise reduction.
  • You have three weapons. Your hands (takedowns), a silenced pistol with tranquilizers, and an assault rifle with subsonic ammo. The assault rifle is only to be used if you can't find a way around it.
  • Reload a save if any enemy's awareness turns yellow, as it means he is alerted to your presence. There are a few exceptions (the first G22 soldier in Investigate Warehouse Data Trail is always yellow) but generally speaking, yellow means they are suspicious and more than likely alerted to your presence.
  • Shadow Operative and Chain Shot are your best friends. Use and abuse them.
  • When possible, after a takedown, turn the camera away from the body and leave the area. With some luck, the body will disappear, meaning guards will not be alerted.
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