Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide: Here are all the top tips from the TA community

By Sean Carey,
A fresh batch of Xbox Game Pass Quests are now live, and we've rounded up all of the top tips and tricks from the TA community from our various forums to help you complete those challenges and earn yourself some sweet Microsoft Rewards Points.

Xbox Game Pass Quests

Xbox Game Pass Weekly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between April 13th and April 20th, 2021.
NameObjectivesReward Points
Earn an Achievement in Game PassEarn an achievement in any Game Pass game10
Complete 4 Daily QuestsComplete 4 daily quests this week10
Earn Your WayUnlock 3 achievements or play 3 different Game Pass games10
Madden NFL 21 Xbox One *Play 1 Online Game. Requires the Xbox One version50
Jurassic World EvolutionBioengineer dinosaurs that think, feel, and react25
* These quests require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

How to complete the Madden NFL 21 Xbox One Xbox Game Pass Quest

Our first game-specific quest of the week is the Madden NFL 21 Xbox One Quest, which is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Completing this quest is relatively simple, though you will need to download the Xbox One version of the game and not the Xbox Series X|S version, and sadly, Madden NFL 21 isn't available through xCloud, so you will need to download this one. Users in our forum are reporting that simply starting an online exhibition match and quitting out after the ball starts moving unlocks the quest worth 50 Microsoft Rewards Points.

How to complete the Jurassic World Evolution Xbox Game Pass Quest

Next, we have the Jurrassic World Evolution Quest for 50 Microsoft Rewards Points. The quest asks you to "Bioengineer dinosaurs that think, feel, and react," which sounds pretty complicated, but in reality, all you need to do is launch the game. To save time, storage space, and your broadband allowance, this quest can be completed using xCloud.

Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quests

These Xbox Game Pass Quests can be earned between April 6th, 2021 and May 3rd ,2021.
NameObjectivesReward Points
Game Pass AdventurerPlay 10 different Game Pass games25
Quest RookieComplete 4 weekly quests this month10
Quest ApprenticeComplete 8 weekly quests this month25
Quest DedicationComplete 12 daily and 12 weekly quests:
- Complete 12 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 6 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 12 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Quest CompletionistComplete 45 daily and 15 weekly quests:
- Complete 45 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 20 daily quests this month to earn Rewards points
- Complete 15 weekly quests this month to earn Rewards points
Game Pass Games On the GoInstall 5 games using the Game Pass mobile app25
Game Pass ExplorerPlay 4 different Game Pass games10
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited[2x75 points] Complete one Objective below150
Forza Horizon 4[2x75 points] Earn 7,000 Influence150
Alien: Isolation[2x75 points] Spend 5 mins successfully avoiding Alien detection150
PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS[2x75 points] Play 2 Matches150

How to complete the Elder Scrolls Online Xbox Game Pass Quest

The first monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest is the Elders Scrolls Online Quest which asks you to either find two Skyshards or have three alliance vs alliance kills for 150 Microsoft Rewards Points. TheRyanGillam's solution posted in the forum suggests starting a new character for the Daggerfall Covenant without having the Morrowind DLC installed. After completing the tutorial for the base game, you will receive one Skyshard. You will now be in Daggerfall in Glenumbra. From here, run out of the main gate and head right to a cliff overlooking the river. You'll find a second Skyshard here. This method won't take longer than 20 minutes, and TheRyanGillam says you shouldn't unlock an achievement. Some players are reporting that they aren't being presented with the tutorial, or are having different outcomes. If that's the case for you, check out these maps via The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki, which details locations of Skyshards throughout the various regions.

Forza Horizon 4 Review

How to complete the Forza Horizon 4 Xbox Game Pass Quest

For the Forza Horizon 4 Quest you'll need to earn 7,000 influence for another 150 Microsoft Rewards Points. This one can be unlocked in a number of different ways (smashing influence boards, completing races, buying specific cars), but an easy way of earning influence is by earning three stars on any Forza Horizon story (thanks, Smoky Brenneth). You should earn 7,500 influence or 2,500 influence per star. Sadly, if you haven't played Forza Horizon 4 before, you will unlock the Welcome to Britain achievement, which is unavoidable as it's awarded after completing the game's introductory race.

How to complete the Alien: Isolation Xbox Game Pass Quest

Next up we have the Alien: Isolation Quest, which asks you to spend five minutes successfully avoiding Alien detection for 150 Microsoft Rewards Points. To complete this one, we recommend following derektwopointoh's guide from the forums. Load into Survivor mode and pick all of the default options. You'll then spawn in a small nook in a room full of items. Open the door at the opposite end of the room and hide back in the nook you started in. After five minutes of idling, you should pop the quest. You also won't unlock an achievement using this method.

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How to complete the PUBG Xbox Game Pass Quest

Finally, the PUBG Quest asks you to play two matches for another 150 Microsoft Rewards Points. As UplandParasite8 notes in the forum, if you start a solo match, land in the water and drown twice, you should unlock the quest. As long as you don't kill anyone you shouldn't unlock an achievement.

Got any more tips or tricks for the quests above? Let us and the community know in the comments below!
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