• Absolver

    Kill 6 players

    6th October 2020 at 17:00 until 2nd November 2020 at 17:00 UTC

  • Complete this Quest in:
  • Absolver
Posted by TrueAchievement on 06 Oct 2020
How did you complete the Absolver Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Moscowvicent on 06 Oct 2020
I don't understand where do I find other players can someone help me?
Posted by InstantGhetto on 06 Oct 2020
By players they def mean other xbox players. I had to advance a bit in the story but ran into a bunch of players. It will usually say in the bottom corner when you're near other players.
Posted by Moscowvicent on 06 Oct 2020
Okay thanks
Posted by Moscowvicent on 06 Oct 2020
Hey it says we can invite players maybe we can invite invite each other and just keep killing each other until we get to the limit just look for my gamertag Moscow Vincent invite me and I'll try to join I just got to walk the dog real quick
Posted by digitaldaigor on 07 Oct 2020
You can do just killing e res the same player, just find someone to do with!
Posted by Juju on 07 Oct 2020
You have to get past the tutorial to find players. First place they show up, from what I can tell, is in the harbor area, after you beat the door guardian.
If you see a player there and get killed, don't respawn just yet; see if they will respawn you so you can fight again. If you're lucky, you'll run into someone just looking for the quest and boost it straight away.
While I wasn't so lucky, I found someone who was AFK and just killed them a bunch of times, then waited for a bit to return the favor.
Posted by Ace Chewie on 07 Oct 2020
does it unlock any achievements?
Posted by ChickenPossible on 07 Oct 2020
A video guide for this monthly quest is here:

Posted by Moscowvicent on 07 Oct 2020
Never mind everyone sorry about that but my game is not like letting me take invites for this or invite people to do the match so I can't do it with people invited so I got to do it random people in the game itself and it sucks because I want to help people but I can't

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