• Black Desert

    Earn 2,000 Gifted Sellswords

    3rd March 2020 at 17:00 until 6th April 2020 at 17:00 UTC

    Black Desert
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  • Black Desert
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Posted by TrueAchievement on 03 Mar 2020
How did you complete the Black Desert Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by SouperH2O on 04 Mar 2020
Just did it in the beginning area of the game, still no idea what this measures but don't care. Game doesn't seem that good only giving it a bit of time but managed the quest without an achievement pop :). Just finished 1 maybe 2 quests and then killed gray foxes and gathered herbs in the area and watched the counter go up for sellswords. *shrug* may be able to do it without even doing those 1-2 quests. Not sure.
Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 04 Mar 2020
I believe it to be a measure of EXP but not 100% sure
Posted by Darklurkr23 on 06 Mar 2020
O i was so pissed when I got that terraria 1st nite acheivo before I completed the quest. The game looks like 2d minecraft garbage and now i got that junk on my history sigh
Posted by Amethystine on 07 Mar 2020
About my deleted posts:

I was warning about XP boost events, but as it turns out, even with XP boosts doubling your levelling-up, you'll still get 2000 sellswords before you hit level 10. [And people who don't want to start the game's achievements will want to avoid hitting level 10, which is the first one people are likely to get.]
Posted by GoatND on 07 Mar 2020
I got two rare achievements the second I booted the game, just so you guys know. No clue why. They were for reaching level 10 and level 40 in gathering, whatever that means. Still have no clue what a sellsword is or how to get one lmao
Posted by Shinnizle on 09 Mar 2020
So... is it safe to try for this without unlocking an achievement?
Posted by MatadorBID on 09 Mar 2020
Gifted sellswords is the name of your experience earned, for some reason. I plan on creating a character on an xp+ server, and restarting a new one when I get close to level 10.
Posted by WebChimp UK on 10 Mar 2020
I went on an XP + server and finished this with my character level around 8.5 and without unlocking any achievements.
Posted by BUZZARDBAIT1974 on 15 Mar 2020
Can anyone tell me how to get a sellsword? I have killed 1000 grey foxes and still at 0.

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