Posted by TrueAchievement on 03 Nov 2020
How did you complete the Black Desert Online Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by xUNCLET0UCHYx on 03 Nov 2020
Ugg not this one again
This game is ass

Last time I created a character and fought tree things and goblins outside the town.
It took maybe half an hour.

Awful boring
Posted by Dusk X2 on 03 Nov 2020
I really wish they would stop pushing this garbage game with a quest. again.
Posted by BrassyLobster on 03 Nov 2020
Keep killing and you'll eventually complete this.
Posted by vegansound on 03 Nov 2020
Achievement hunters, be careful. As it was said above, this quest was already given a few months ago. Even if last time you succeeded not getting any ach, this second time you will if I'm correct, because the tracking of the very first achievement of the game ('reach level 10') stayed in memory, and you won't restart from 0%. I just downloaded and launched the game, and the tracking says I'm already at 80% from my first try back in time.

Maybe there's a way to avoid that, but I'm pretty sure gamers who want the quest for the second time without unlocking any achievement won't be able to. Keep this in mind if you want to try anyway. Or wait for other users to confirm I'm right or if there's another way that I'd be happy to follow too.
Posted by igorjl on 04 Nov 2020
You can start a new character
Posted by Zygomatick on 04 Nov 2020
Yup, same old same old :
Kill everything in your sight, level up from level one to level 8, and you'll get all of them.
(Level 7 to 8 is going to take you more time than the 6 previous levels)
It's not tied to your level, but it's an in game indicator on how long it will take... boring!
If you already did this quest before and want to avoid achievements, as igorjl said, you can start with a fresh new character.
Removed Gamer
A video guide for this quest is available here:
Posted by vegansound on 05 Nov 2020
F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Two achievements unlocked for me as soon as I gained control of my freshly level 1 character. My fault was to take the girl named Shai as a class/character. 'Achieve Gathering Level 10' and 'Achieve Gathering Level 31' popped right away, I wasn't aware of it! angry

Now I have to do this game, damn! 200hrs+. facepalm
Posted by Sky Pony on 05 Nov 2020
Or you could just... not do that.

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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