Posted by TrueAchievement on 04 Oct 2022
How did you complete the Dead By Daylight Console Version Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by TestRewards on 05 Oct 2022
A video guide for this quest is available here: 😊🏅
Posted by mcnichoj on 05 Oct 2022
Just heal two people a full health state.
Posted by Cheezatino on 05 Oct 2022
Posted by mcnichoj on 06 Oct 2022
^ This game has so many miscellaneous achievements that you could accidentally unlock one, honestly not worth the risk for the seven and half pennies of points you'll get from this if you like completions but have no intention of playing DBD ever again. DBD is an insanely long grind even with boosting and while I love the game, I understand it's not for everyone.
Posted by Cheezatino on 06 Oct 2022
^ I have zero interest in this completion. Not worth the risk. Thx for the reply. Cheers
Posted by j shorty2 on 08 Oct 2022
But is it at all easy to heal others if you're band new to the game?
Posted by RichLov on 10 Oct 2022
Completely random chances to heal anyone. Unless you have four friends playing and one is the killer, you have to rely on the killer being distracted by the other two players while one is down to heal. Also, healing yourself doesn't count.
Posted by Prattalmighty on 12 Oct 2022
It's fairly easy to heal people, but that comes along with understanding the flow of the game. Be stealth when someone is about to be hooked, follow them over there and hide. Wait until the killer hooks and leaves the area, best if the enter chase with another survivor. Pull down the hooked survivor and immediately heal them there. Any perks and items you can bring to aid in healing time are beneficial.
Posted by Foxarts78 on 12 Oct 2022
wow... hard mission... especially if you don't like the game like me ^_^''

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