• Dishonored 2

    Acquire 50 Coins

    19th May 2020 at 17:00 until 26th May 2020 at 17:00 UTC

    Dishonored 2Ended
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  • Dishonored 2
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Posted by TrueAchievement on 19 May 2020
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Posted by xWSx Logan on 19 May 2020
Hey everyone,

Today we have a guide for the weekly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Quest in Dishonored 2 for “Acquiring 50 coins.” This quest should only take you about 1 minute from the beginning of the game. You will not unlock any achievements using this method.

1) Load up Mission 1 (on any difficulty).
2) Skip the tutorial and hold X to skip all of the cutscenes that come up. Choose either character you want.
3) Immediately turn around from the starting area, go out the window (X to open, A to jump out), turn right and walk towards the next window. Climb in this room (A).
4) Go to the first cupboard on your right and open it (X) to reveal the first set of coins (10).
5) Continue across the room in the direction of the incapacitated person. Open the cabinet that sits below the painting to get another set of coins (10).
6) Speak with the person and help them up (unavoidable). Hold X to skip.
7) Just past the lady on the ground, open the door on the left wall. Enter and grab the bathing salts on the shelf (15).
8) Exit the closet and turn left to enter the bathroom. In the righthand corner, you’ll see a dresser with a mannequin head on top. There will be more bathing salts in the dresser (15). That’s it!
9) If your quest doesn’t pop immediately (mine didn’t), you can grab another 15 coins in the room by opening the cupboard on the opposite wall and grabbing the bathing salts out of there. Unnecessary, but in case you need it.

A video guide can be found here, if you need it: https://youtu.be/v1Vhl337-Bg

-You should be able to complete this quest when it becomes "Ready to Start" while downloading, if you're downloading for the first time. Thanks to u/cWamp over on Reddit
-This quest does not unlock on the PC version of the game according to PooTooFast
-If you're having trouble getting this one to unlock, do a hard reset on your Xbox (Hold down the power button for 10 seconds), and then try the above method again. A couple users have reported success using this method, including u/mikkerrs on Reddit.

Hope this helps!
Posted by xCENAxMOD on 19 May 2020
Any achievements unlock from this?
Posted by xWSx Logan on 19 May 2020
xCENAxMOD said:
Any achievements unlock from this?
Not using my method posted above.
Posted by TheRealJoeSchmo on 19 May 2020
Thanks for the rundown!
Posted by PooTooFast on 19 May 2020
Does not work on Gamepass for PC version. Getting screwed yet again.
Posted by shwhite86 on 19 May 2020
There is always a quest that is only available to Game Pass Ultimate members.
Posted by DarqStalker on 19 May 2020
Posted by I2xINCHxTONGUE on 20 May 2020
Posted by Braindeed on 20 May 2020
Thanks, worked perfectly

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