Posted by TrueAchievement on 04 May 2022
How did you complete the Disneyland Adventures Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Ultramarine360 on 04 May 2022
Find any character, mine were queen of hearts, white rabbit and beast. Press x to interact then left on d pad to hug. Then went and found stitch for a laugh
Posted by LUDO VLD NL on 04 May 2022
Simple quest, no achievements

Just look out for tutorial at Mickey. Don't finish it! And don't hug all the villains.

The Queen of Hearts in Fantasyland near Small World
Captain Hook in Fantasyland between Castle and Carousel
and finally both Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox are found near the entrance of Critter Country
Posted by LSF Overdrive on 04 May 2022
When Mickey gave me the book for Donald's autograph, I hugged him for the quest and pressed B to exit. Somehow, it counted as tutorial completed and I got the achievement so if anyone can be more accurate than my upper commenter and actually tell us what exactly is the tutorial,it would be nice
Posted by LSF Overdrive on 04 May 2022
Also don't interact with Donald or you'll unlock 'Steamboat Willie" (complete your first task) and don't go through all the d-pad interactions on one character for "Pleased to meet you"
Posted by Ms Dudette on 04 May 2022
Achievement with first interaction with Mickey (unavoidable as far as I know)....and I didn't do anything but stand there.
Posted by DesiXS on 04 May 2022
Easy and fast. Start new game, create your character and once it’s in front of Mickey, hug him 3 times (left arrow). No achievements.
Posted by paramoreRyan on 04 May 2022
Can confirm it doesn't need to be different characters. I've already played the game and just found the closest character I could, hugged 3 times in a row and it popped instantly.
Posted by prakkero on 05 May 2022
Yep, no cheevos unlocked. Just clicked left on the d-pad 3 times when first talking to Mickey, quest popped and I dashboarded just in case.
Posted by DukeVonLeo on 05 May 2022
Next time I will make sure to read all comments beforehand. Pressed B and achievement poped. I didn't know an achievement sound could bring so much pain laugh.

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