• F1 2019

    Complete 15 laps

    October 6th 2020 at 17:00 until November 2nd 2020 at 17:00 UTC

    F1 2019Ended
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Posted by TrueAchievement on 06 Oct 2020
How did you complete the F1 2019 Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Groudon199 on 06 Oct 2020
Do a 50% distance Grand Prix race at the short Japan track with Qualifying set to "None" (car, driver, and other settings don't matter). The quest will complete before you finish the race.

If you don't want to unlock an achievement, make sure you don't adjust your car's setup with the MFD, use a flashback, or tell your race engineer to be quiet (basically don't press cn_B, cn_back, or cn_LB during the race), and don't finish the race.
If you don't mind getting achievements or already have some in the game, finish a lap, use a flashback and resume just before the start/finish line, finish the lap again, and repeat. It's much quicker than doing full laps.
Posted by tip1up on 06 Oct 2020
Just do 15 laps in time trial on the track of your choice.
Posted by IamDallas00 on 06 Oct 2020
Does this work for pc?
Posted by Groudon199 on 06 Oct 2020
IamDallas00 said:
Does this work for pc?
If it's like the previous quest, it'll only work on the Xbox One version.
Posted by YourFinalExcuse on 06 Oct 2020
Gamepass Mobile Streaming Unlock Confirmed. (Controls a bit
slow/unresponsive but passable for this Quest!)

SOLO,TIMETRIAL, Suzuka Circuit Japan (Lowest Mileage).
Complete the laps in any car dosent matter if you fly off the course just finish!

Pro tip have your console on and you will see the Quest Pop immediately while streaming on mobile.
Posted by Kendog52404 on 06 Oct 2020
You don't even need to wait for it to finish downloading. As soon as it hits "Ready to Start", open, and it offers you to run a "short race" of 5 laps in Australia, with one qualifying lap. While the qualifier lap doesn't count, you can run the race, "click through" the animations, and then after them, slide the selector down to "Restart Session", to rerun the race. While I had to do the race 4 times, I also got lapped every race and only ran 4 laps each race, but it's a 5 lap race. Each "grouping" of 4 or 5 laps counts towards the 15 lap Quest Requirement.
Posted by the techydude on 07 Oct 2020
Man, 15 laps is painful. Another cheevo you might get is finishing a lap in the rain - I did lol; note: you do still get the quest even if you go off the track, so your laps don't need to be perfect...
Posted by Juju on 07 Oct 2020
Yeah, the biggest enemy in this quest is how goddamn boring this game is. I almost slept at the wheel.
Posted by Excalibur0126 on 07 Oct 2020
Definitely what Fluttershy there said. Finish a lap, rewind to just before finishing, rinse and repeat, profit.

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