Posted by TrueAchievement on 17 Aug 2021
How did you complete the Farming Simulator 19 Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Removed Gamer
No achievements, only drop the game and enter in one tractor.
Posted by Sandy the Hippy on 17 Aug 2021
Doesn't ping for me
Posted by Optimus Bower on 17 Aug 2021
Can confirm - No achievements.

Load up on xCloud, choose career, then beginner (left hand side). Continue at character screen and spawn on a hill.

I walked to the left, found a tractor and drove it around for a few minutes.

Quest popped.
Posted by LRD SOTH on 17 Aug 2021
I just jumped into the nearest tractor and drove on the dirt roads for 5-7mins and it unlocked.....and NO achievement unlocked. ***When I got into the tractor it asked if I wanted to attach some devices, so make sure you say NO b/c i didnt want to accidentally harvest or sow anything.
Posted by darkrealmslord on 17 Aug 2021
Does this still pop if you've already completed the game?
Posted by Cabral on 17 Aug 2021
There is a relatively short straight road into a village behind where you find the tractor. Just drive along the road to the village and that is about the "1" distance
Posted by RomBurner on 17 Aug 2021
I just started the tutorial, attached a plough and ploughed 3 lines of dirt. I then sowed seed. Not sure when it popped as I was on xcloud but that was enough. No achievements were harmed in the making of this comment.
Posted by Master Lucky on 17 Aug 2021
Been driving around for 15 minutes but no quest popped. Whole game seemed buggy to be honest whenever I played it in the past month
Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 17 Aug 2021
Sane drive half hour no pop every thing else quest wise working , daily weekly theme rewards not working lost over,2k rewards past few months complete joke tbh

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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