Posted by TrueAchievement on 01 Jun 2021
How did you complete the Fifa 21 Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Wyyvern on 01 Jun 2021
A note that the quest explicitly says this is for the Xbox One version, so don't download the X/S version as it won't work with that one. You can get this quest as soon as the game is ready to start mid-install.

If you're like me and terrible at ballkick game, quit out of the match it puts you in when you launch the game, select Kick Off > UEFA Champions League > Group Stage > Liverpool for you (highest stats) > Select uniform > then go to Game Settings and over to the last two tabs. Increase your sprint/acceleration/shot & pass speed to max and the CPU's to 0, and their goalkeeper ability to 0. Finally go to the 'Rules' tab and turn offside off because it's the stupidest rule added to anything ever and you'll be running into it otherwise.

Press cn_B to keep those settings, select play match, and enjoy a much easier time ;)

Remember to hold cn_RT while moving to sprint and cn_B to shoot.
Posted by nerjamartin on 01 Jun 2021
Any archievement popup doing this ? Can we do this in any mode ?
Thx in advance
Posted by DragyneSlayre on 01 Jun 2021
I am going to start playing this in 2 minutes 28 seconds. Going to see if different modes count. Will let you know if there are any achievements
Posted by MadMosh666 on 01 Jun 2021
Has to be in a match, no goals scored in training exercises count
Posted by MadMosh666 on 01 Jun 2021
Just don’t score from a free kick and you should be cheevo free. I went for a friendly, Newcastle vs Sunderland, and was 5-0 up before half time. Points popped when the fifth goal went in, no need to finish the game.
Posted by DragyneSlayre on 01 Jun 2021
OK when the Game first loads it will immediately begin a match on a full-size field and if you finish that match I believe you will get an achievement. After the game begins hit the menu button and and the match. From here I would recommend going into game settings and increasing your squads abilities and decreasing the ai abilities. I started playing in Volta which is three on three in a smaller arena. I scored three out of five goals in the first match and they are tracking for the quest.
Posted by DragyneSlayre on 01 Jun 2021
I scored my Fourth and fifth goals while playing my second match in Volta and the quest popped almost immediately.
Posted by Mkmichael001 on 01 Jun 2021
I managed to do this when the game was "ready to start" I didn't have to finish installing and it put me in a match with PSG vs Liverpool, scored 5 goals boom done and no achievements earned.
Posted by TheGillesMuller on 01 Jun 2021
Kick off match, any 2 men's teams, beginner difficulty and don't score a free kick if you somehow get one.

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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