• Forza Horizon 5

    [2x75 points] Earn 3 achievements

    November 2nd 2021 at 17:00 until December 6th 2021 at 17:00 UTC

    Forza Horizon 5Ended
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Posted by lucylu1983 on 05 Nov 2021
Unlocked 5 achievements and the punch card hasn't registered it so be warned
Posted by Gamewatcher on 05 Nov 2021
Same here. It would be a crime if we paid for early access and they penalized us for it. Technically I guess the game isn't in Game Pass yet but... really?! I will play through the weekend and no doubt unlock plenty more but will be really annoyed if they don't count anything earned before Tuesday.
Posted by Gamewatcher on 05 Nov 2021
For the record, here is what I unlocked:

Just play the intro for this:
10g - Welcome to México
Arrive at the Horizon Festival Mexico site

Next after the intro - not skippable:
10g - Adaptable
Complete the On a Wing and a Prayer Showcase Event

I got this with the loyalty bonuses I earned automatically for playing every other Forza game:
10g- Manufacturer Affinity
Earn a Manufacturer Bonus

So Forzathon Live is now Horizon Arcade, and it's kinda wacky. Also every 30 minutes I think:
10g - Icebreaker
Participate in a Horizon Arcade event

I had two super wheelspins in my message center (probably for having VIP) and the first one won me this:
10g - A Forza Edition to my Collection
Earn a Forza Edition car from a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin
Posted by BrassyLobster on 05 Nov 2021
Got 9 cheevos and the Quest hasn't completed.

Forzathon is now called "Forza Arcade" and seems to be every 15 mins. Could be because it just launched and we need points to redeem some cars. My experience in one is the cars of the other players didn't show but the group total was going up. Another car did show up when it was over. Could this be because I'm still playing on my X1 and it can't handle the data?

I got to the weekly Forzathon but haven't figured out how complete them since I stopped playing. This became available after I opened another location. I chose the Volcano challenge.
Posted by LumonRefiner on 05 Nov 2021
the quest won't complete because the game officially joins Game Pass on the 9th of November. Yes, we have all paid for the early access, VIP, but don't forget the game officially won't join Game Pass until the 9th.
Posted by UsCanAdam on 05 Nov 2021
Hoping I wont beat it by the time its on GamePass. Seems like all easy chievos are already unlocked for me
Posted by Tamr91 on 05 Nov 2021
Got 4 achievements last night on early access not popped yet. Guessing it doesn't start to count them until official release so the 9th Nov.

Also if you haven't paid for early access good on you as you aren't missing much it's feeling pretty meh to be honest even the thumbnails of cars in your garage just look copy and pasted from a windows paint programme, that's not my only hang up but its definitely dampened the game a bit for myself. You don't want to feel like your looking through a sticker book from the 90s to select a car, or maybe you do but it feels like a step back from 4 and maybe closer to fh3.
The time to take a photo is ridiculous too on series X... the game is feeling bland as hell this time around, the start felt like a throwback to motorstorm, which when remembering it is sadly missed 😔. (Reposted with edits #2)

Highly reccomend trying before you buy this title unless cash is no worries.
Posted by AthleticMist759 on 06 Nov 2021
Just a reminder everyone, this is a game pass quest so of course any achievements you unlock before it officially joins game pass will not count towards the quest until the 9th of November, once it becomes that date then they will count. Sorry if you got tricked into thinking the premium edition will get this done early but, the premium edition won't work for this quest until the 9th of November, (or 8th of November depending on time zone).
Posted by BrassyLobster on 06 Nov 2021
FYI - It seems the Skill Level before a race can be deceptive.

I'd been trying to get the Mercedes E63S and even though I won the championship twice it still didn't award it to me. I checked my Skill Level before the race and it was Highly Skilled but outside of the race it was Above Average. I thought the game automatically updated the Skill Level to Highly Skilled for the championship as that's what it showed. I changed the Skill Level to Highly Skilled outside of the race and redid the championship and got the car.

This did not happen with the regular races just the Seasonal Championship.
Posted by BrassyLobster on 07 Nov 2021
Still working through the Spring Playlist and found something else that's changed. The Trial is now called Horizon Tour Co-Op Championship and the car restrictions can change. I took a look at what car and class I needed and was in my garage upgrading a car but when I joined I didn't know it changed the requirements. Luckily, I owned a car that was eligible to still race.

The daily play a GP game didn't complete for me. I did try a game that was not FH5.

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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