• Kona

    Travel 3 Kilometers

    17th November 2020 at 17:00 until 24th November 2020 at 17:00 UTC

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  • KONA
Posted by TrueAchievement on 17 Nov 2020
How did you complete the Kona Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Ryphyz on 17 Nov 2020
I am not sure whether you would trigger the first story achievement ("Reach the General Store") before completing the distance when playing straightforward, but you might as well just start a second savegame after playing up to the scene where you crash the car, and you should be done with the quest about 1 minute into your second game.
Posted by smoli83 on 17 Nov 2020
Just follow the game introduction, where you end up driving a pickup truck. You can also get out and explore at certain points, but I'm not sure if the walking counts too? I played the game properly, following the quests, and exploring - I don't think you can skip much of it though, as you need to collect certain things to progress. I got the 3km quest completed just before I got to 'the general store' - and very soon afterwards, you arrive, and get an immediate achievement for getting there - so if you don't want an achievement, stop as soon as you get the quest pop up.
Posted by vegansound on 17 Nov 2020
Your method, Ryphyz, worked perfectly without any achievement unlocked. I just deleted my save and start a new one instead on starting on a second slot.

smoli, walking does count as for me the quest popped when I was on my way back to my car, down the watchtower, after picking the items in the chest upthere.
Posted by Zygomatick on 17 Nov 2020
While in the car at the begining, I just kept driving forward, turning back, and driving the opposite way.
The game stopped me from going too far away, but it worked. No need to get off his car.
Posted by s8nlovesyou on 17 Nov 2020
For those no wanting to chance popping an achievement. Once you get control of the truck at the RR crossing, just reverse (Or turn around) and drive until it says its too late to change your mind, then drive back to the tracks. Do this about 3-4 times, and you will finish the quest, with no chance of popping the ch33v0.
Posted by FireDrake007 on 17 Nov 2020
Kona sounds like the type of detective adventure game I like playing that wouldn't take too long to finish so I won't mind getting an achievement this time while trying to finish the quest.
Posted by dymagate on 17 Nov 2020
It's worth a shot, I really enjoyed playing through it.
Posted by xUNCLET0UCHYx on 18 Nov 2020
There's an easy ach when the game makes you get out of the car to open the gate. The gate house has a rock on the window sill click on it and a Canadian EH. unlocks. Good for daily ach.
Posted by LostSphear on 19 Nov 2020
No achievement way
The way I did this was when you get to.the rest stop grab the bolt cutters from the tower, unlock the gate and drive through u till you get to the point where the road dips down into a right turn, brake and turn around go all the way back to the rest stop until the game stops you from going any further, reverse back and repeat till done

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