Posted by TrueAchievement on 14 Sep 2021
How did you complete the Microsoft Flight Simulator Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by ThrilingHeroics on 14 Sep 2021
Does this work on PC?
Posted by Leadfoot2010 on 14 Sep 2021
Yes, quest popped as soon as I load up MSFS on my PC.
Posted by Mysterio400 on 14 Sep 2021
Yes, worked on PC for me. It's also only about 1gb to download on PC so that was nice.
Posted by YODA12320 on 14 Sep 2021
yes worked on pc
Posted by YODA12320 on 14 Sep 2021
fyi that 1 gb is an installer only the actual game is over 100 gbs
Posted by Mysterio400 on 14 Sep 2021
Right. But that's all that was needed for the quest to complete for me.
Posted by FireDrake007 on 14 Sep 2021
Standard Edition is 147 GB.

I had to install the full game on PC because I need the MS Rewards for an achievement as well.
Posted by V3ntilator on 14 Sep 2021
I can confirm it works on PC. 50 points unlocked instantly.
Posted by Born Knight 74 on 14 Sep 2021
Can confirm on PC too. Just download the installer and then run it, only 1.1Gb needed on PC. :D

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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